My wife and dog

Not so long ago I came to work I have a headache and I was asked to go home early, where I waited for my beloved wife Julia. After unlocking the door to the apartment and went in I heard coming from behind a closed bedroom door noise. as well as any man in the shower podozrevayushy that his wife is cheating on him, I slowly crept to the door and opened slightly. My fears were partially realized, but only partially.
What I saw made me okanemet. My wife was on all fours with his face in the carpet gown was bullied on the back opening of its highly lifted her round ass. And on top of it wrapped around her waist legs I was ... Dick. Our German shepherd. The dog was fucking my wife. I saw his huge cock rammed her vlagalishe fully entering into it, only a thick red ball about the size of my fist at the end of the member remained outside. DICK visible from Exciter hoarse breathing. and the wife of the powerful shocks caving quietly reminding poskulivat real bitch. She Lyashkov emerging from the vagina flowed dog sperm. This went on for several minutes. Finally the dog jumped off her and stood side by side, while his wife remained in toyzhe pose postannyvaya and povilivaya backwards, she wanted to continue in sight. The dog stood for a moment beside her, his penis became first a huge decrease rapidly disappearing under the skin. Then DIC repeatedly licked her crotch why JULIA moaned.
I did not know what to do. drop into the room and kill them both and watch to the end. I vvybral second ... lick pussy of my wife DICK again ran into her. Member of the few times in tknuvshis Lyashkov skhlyupanem disappeared layer interior. This time the ball on the dog's penis is not slapped on the clitoris, and with chvyakanem then entered into the pussy, then pokzzyvalsya out. Julia is no longer whines, she squealed. dog stopped on it finally stood there for a moment, then jumped, pytyyas pull member, but this had not happened, prevented the ball jammed into the vagina. Dick began to twitch Julia dragging on the floor. Unable to withstand the more I jumped out of the apartment and a few hours wandering aimlessly around the city. When I returned yavsezhe vchem whatever had happened in the hallway met Dick cheerfully wagging his tail, and kissed his wife came out of the kitchen. Of course I'm not satisfied with the scandal, and not how it is shown that I know everything. Let it be her secret, INE is to ruin because of this family. It is not known what secrets will be on you in your second wife.

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Fir bouquet

There was a Saturday, and trekked around eleven Julia's eyes turned to me and started rubbing her ass on my cock. I was asleep, but sleep was already shallow, and I quickly felt the touch. However, my penis yet again managed to get ahead of me, and at the time of waking up persistently sought protruding ass. What is happiness, to wake up ready to get her ass, which itself is so challenging for it arises.
I hugged her, kissed her neck, squeezed his chest .. "Say, do you want that he slipped in your ass?" I whispered. "Yes, Zhenya, I'm quite relaxed, and my hole will not fight back, finished in my ass " - Said Julia a little embarrassed. I was excited even more blood rushed through his veins, and his hands began to fornicate her body, squeezing the chest, stomach and plucking hairs on her pubic hair. My arm hugged member and head tightly against the small hole. Lying on her side, embracing Julia under the belly, I pressed his whole body jerked sharply and drove his cock into a narrow prohodik. Easy shout stopped me, I was moving quickly and dramatically, and her ass took my penis in yourself and relaxed, and quickly moved into sobs easy postanyvanie. She stroked my arms around her and squeezed them tightly. My breath hot on her neck, I sucked his lips and a white neck under the hair remained small red print my love. Movement became faster - lust prevailed, eggs tyazhelel Shchekotov inside and pushing the sperm, which pushes the way on a swollen to the limit and are clamped in the ass favorite member. I twitched a couple of times and is deeply immersed, threw first, and then the second and third batch of his sperm. Member remained in the ass and slowly shrank. I quietly whispered sweet words, closed his eyes and almost fell into a doze.
But then Julia moved. Member slipped easily blown away and flopped on my leg, and Julia got up and left. "Probably in the bathroom" - I thought, and closed his eyes again. And then I felt the coolness descends on me. Yulchik wiped my face with a wet towel, I finally woke up, but it was a nice return on a sunny June day and I wanted to go to swim in the lake. As I made plans Yulchik wiped my penis and began to lick it gently sucking, then it is the eggs. Excitement was not only pleasure from her lustful affection for my dignity. I told about his plans to go to swim, Julia gladly agreed, and looked up from my penis went to cook breakfast, and I stumbled into the shower.
At breakfast, Julia offered to go somewhere far away from human eyes, and I enthusiastically accepted the offer.
Gathering, we got into the car and quickly as possible, pushing his way among the cars left the city. Unwind many kilometers we turned off the road into the woods and got to a small quiet lake. The sun beat down, the smell of pine needles raised from the ground and as a steam bath fills our lungs.
Julia, looking around and realizing that we are the only ones in the world, said it was a great place and asked what I would have brought her a pair of beautiful fir branches. I cut off a hunting knife a couple of branches, immediately picked some forest flowers that remained for me forever nameless, and gave her the bouquet. She laughed and began to undress.
Her naked body excited me, and I quickly took off his clothes. She knelt down and kissed my dick. I rose and I saw in her eyes all the thoughts which she carefully concealed from me since the moment when I told her about our trip. Julia strictly told me to turn around and kneel. She sat on my horse and wished to ride through the woods. I dutifully fulfilled her orders. Wood was merciless toward me, hands were pricked, his knees rubbed against the sand, needles and cones. A member of relentlessly sticking. By order of his Lady, I picked up his teeth from the ground rod and now she was running out, lashing rod on my ass. "Enough! Stop!" - She got off me, looked at my ass and began to dig the tip of the rod in the hole, undisguised by her gaze. She told me to push the legs wider and quiet, just scaring me, took me in the balls and hit the bar. I was trembling inside, afraid to get hit harder, but she took pity and put down the rod. But then he fell on my butt blows bouquet that I brought her. Needles pricked and pierced the branches hurt my skin. I have not moaned and cried out, and at some time thought that it was time to stop, but the pain excited me, and I continued to suffer this humiliation. Suddenly she stopped, I felt relieved, but at this moment it sank into my ass dildo and told him to lie on his back on the sand. "Yes, Mistress!" - I unconditionally fulfilled all that she ordered. "I love you " - Spinning the words in my head, but I did not dare to say it, not now, now I was only a slave. Julia walked over and casually stretched my legs with his own. I sat down on the protruding member and .. but no! she sat on it, just touching her intimate lips began to write to me, dousing hot and fragrant spray. Later, she moved to my face and let lick her wet pussy. I licked and enjoy this beauty, this harmony with nature and for a moment forgot about the nagging pain and itching on the back and the Priest and squashing me phallus. After that, my lady mercilessly began to whip me in the balls with fir branches and members, the pain would be bearable, but the needle was burned and cut, all scratched, and it seemed to me that the groans are heard from there. penis swollen from the injections, each hit moves me, recalling the presence of the phallus in me, I could not stand. And at this moment on his aching head irritated girl dropped my Lady, and began jumping on me! I screamed in pain, or pleasure, or joy, that my torture is over. Within a minute I had finished my Julia slowly slipped from me and kissed me.
Now I could say to her: "I love you sweet!" It is very carefully removed the dildo from my priests, and we went into the water. Cool water gave me easy, cool and soothing my itchy. We got out of the water, Julia got sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. I was ready to swallow everything! Happiness over me.
But then I began to dress, panties rubbing reddened needles eggs, I stroked them ... Then we got in the car and that's how to pull off his pants down and cover with a wet towel irritated eggs, occasionally scratching them, I drove the car.
On reaching home, I still put on his pants already on the protruding member and the fast, but his legs wide apart, went up to the apartment. She undressed and douse his bogatstvoprohladnym shower, and then, outstretched legs, lay down on the bed. Julia jumped all night around me, fed me with a spoon, doing massage, licked balls and cock, and I have a couple more times finished in her mouth.
For this I am willing to endure all! And not only for the sake of it, but because I like it.

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Female story about losing virginity

I was at that time 15 years old, I was in 10th grade, and walked with Volodka of 11 "A". However, "walking" he with me, and I was in love with him in the present, for a long time, since the 8th grade. I'm terribly jealous of him, constantly crying because of the fact that he's not looking, do not talk to me, dreaming that we are after school, get married!
And he, of course, was far from such lofty sentiments, and met with me because I was the most beautiful girl in school. I had a luxurious braid and already quite girlish figure with advanced breast. His love for Volodya, I hid, disbosom only one neighbor, Aunt Natasha. She was an adult, 35 years old, very beautiful and spiritual woman.
Meet Volodka we started in September, and by January mired in problems. Actually, the problem was one - Volodya wanted us to have sex. Most of our classmates fucking vengeance, Volodya himself lost innocence in the summer in the village, so the thought of himself as an experienced man, who had to face with a girl just walking. Until now, we only kissed Volodya, and I liked it, but I was afraid of sex crazy. I thought that would be very painful, very ashamed, besides, I was afraid that my friend will tell everyone how I behaved in bed, and the place where to retire, there was sex ... what then? But I was very afraid of losing Volodya, just to horror. We had to go to some concessions.
One of these concessions had permission to touch my breasts. Now our visits took place in a certain way: first we kissed, then he unbuttoned my jacket on and started! I do not find that word "milk" me. My breasts really liked him and he could squeeze them for hours. He cheat my nipples with your fingers, and rubbed himself against me the lower part of the body! I did not yet understand that in this way he managed to stop a couple of times a night. For me, these sessions were flour. Piles of his hands caused terrible pain, nipples ached for days afterwards, it was painful to wear a bra. Because of the constant pain in the chest, I even began to avoid meeting: to only Vova paw me every day. All this exacerbated my fear of sex: if it hurt even to touch the breasts, what can we say about the rest? It's probably all a nightmare! Girls in one voice saying that touching the breast-terribly pleasant, but they were just awful for me! conclusion? So something is wrong with my breasts!
All these concerns I shared with my roommate-sovetchitsey. She gave two good advice: be lubricated with petroleum jelly nipples, as well as cause it Vovchik that she taught him obraschastsya with women's breasts. That, I certainly did not do so was sure that Vova mortally offended, because he thought he was superman. Vaseline smeared nipples become less sick, but Vova did not like that the chest was skolzkovatoy and I stopped it lubricated. His teeth suffered agonizing affection, only not to lose the guy!
One went to a neighbor in the evening, as she sat in the kitchen a guest - an imposing man in his forties, he was introduced as Uncle Andrew. We drank tea together, suddenly Uncle Andrew asked:
- So, my child, you are still plagued by pain in the chest?
I have tears streamed from his eyes. How could Aunt Natasha to tell someone about my breasts? Traitor!
- Do not cry, laponka. Just Uncle Andrew - a doctor, it can do you have any advice!
- Yes, you should not be embarrassed. You know how much I in my life seen naked women?
I sat red as a lobster, and painfully thought. Problems with the breast by the time reached its climax. I even now to a neighbor came in soft robe, without a bra, but this is not facilitated my suffering. Can! this doctor! He is able to do something?
- You want me to examine you?
I smelled robe tighter and said hoarsely.
- I'm afraid that my breast that is not right!
- In what sense?
- Well, maybe there is some kind of tumor? Why do all the girls nice when they touch his chest, and it hurts me?
- I can not tell anything until you will search your chest. - The man smiled. He was pretty cute.
- Andrew, do you have with him is the miraculous ointment? I think in this case it just fits. - My neighbor also smiled.
- Yes, I have it in the bag. Bring her, Natasha, and we are ready. - He said, as if I had already agreed.
However, chest hurt, and there was nothing. I unbuttoned her gown, the doctor told to sit closer to the light, stood behind me and gently touched my breasts, large hands covered both hemispheres. Then he smeared his hands brought the ointment and began to gently massage my breasts noyushie!
Strange to say, but the pain was gone. Easy, gentle movements doctor rubbed ointment into the base of my breasts, fingers slowly touched gentle hollows between them.
His hands were so warm and soft, carrying such a relief that I closed my eyes. At this time, the doctor had already made it to the nipples and sliding movements rubbed ointment in them. They themselves have become tense and hard, that I was incredibly surprised: Vova sought the same effect simply pulling their fingers. The doctor went on confidently stroking my breasts another ten minutes, and I was just bliss. Finally he finished, smelled my robe and said,
- Well Well, thank God, no you do not have a tumor. Lovely, developed chest. But on the nipple, of course, there is irritation. So I would recommend you to just three such sessions as they are today. Come every night, I'll rub you the ointment. I now live with Aunt Natasha.
I quietly thanked him and left. I ran to his grandfather Andrew, who rubbed me the magic ointment in the next three days after the torment with Vovchik. And then the worst happened - Vova left parents and three days of his apartment was at our disposal. On the first evening he brought me to the master bedroom with a huge mirror and a huge bed, the type of which I trembled. Neither words nor speak. Vova began to kiss me, and then began to touch my breasts as usual. And then he took out a condom and said:
- All girlfriend's not wriggle. Or are you now give me, or we run away. Choose.
What could I choose? I loved him, and saw that he was not joking.
- Good. - Only I whispered.
- Cool! Then take off your clothes. - He told himself taking off his clothes. As in the haze, I saw his strong body, his penis gets up, which seemed huge.
Trembling with terror, I took off my clothes and stayed in shorts.
- Cowards, too. - Vova told, eyeing me appraisingly. I obeyed, took them off, all red with shame and tried to cover up his hands pubis. Vova pulled me down on the bed and I closed her eyes and prepared to endure the pain. Vova meanwhile lay down beside him and started active than usual, kneading my breasts. It was unbearable, but I suffered only once could not resist and moaned. And then he felt sorry that I did it: Vova pulled away from my breasts, leaned on my whole body.
- Spreading feet, it's time. - He hissed and forcefully pulled apart my knees.
Now his rampant penis is very close to ... my dry, fearful compressed gap. Escape was impossible. A second later, I felt like he pushed inside, and I felt so painful that I screamed. Vova clamped my mouth with his hand and angrily hissed:
- Shut up, bitch, that yelling? It hurts to be as expected, and everything! Shut up! - And again I began to shove me. I was very scared and hurt, I tried to throw it. I did not succeed, but the member is slightly shifted and slid on my stomach.
- Oh, you bitch! - I hoisted Vova - You're out of me impotent to do! Okay, so let's! - He sat down on his knees, spread my legs apart and hold them so, again began to poke a member in my bosom.
Such torture lasted at least an hour: Vovichk put me on all fours, put on the edge of the bed, endlessly trying to shove his penis. He had nothing left, he simply rest against a blank wall. It seemed, I do not have holes in which you can enter. In the end he held his penis between my breasts bruised, and released a portion of sperm.
- Well, then, listen to me, frigid bitch. - He said, putting on. - Heifer without pussy I do not need. Tomorrow ancestors not to be. Come here with petroleum jelly and let fuck yourself otherwise! otherwise you will not see me anymore.
I cried all night. The next day we Vovchik did not go to school, but instead I'm extremely humbled, I came to his home. With Vaseline.
- Lie down, spread your legs and smazh there yourself all. - He said by way of greeting. I did so, and he was watching me, playing with his swollen member. Then lay down on me and pointed a weapon at a target.
Alas. Vaseline has played a cruel joke with us. Member slipped, but not where it is necessary. Vova twice finished on my belly and ass, but take away my innocence and could not. So proclaimed that we are parting forever, since I "worthless whore ". I was close to suicide when he comes home crying for two hours. The whole body ached, washing in the shower, I noticed at a lot of bruises on the fingers grasping Vovchik. How will I live without him?
I had to talk to someone and I ran to a neighbor. Aunt Natasha was not home, so I sobbed, all told Uncle Andrew. It is comforting to pat me on the head and say all sorts of platitudes, and then asked:
- So he broke you play the virgin, or not?
- I do not know, it seems! It seems that I have at all no play the virgin, as you say, well, no, that hole, in that -!!! I did not know what to call it, and very embarrassed.
- The vagina? It can not be. This pathology is very rare.
Then I was struck by a brilliant idea:
- Can you see? ! - Vova after the torment I do not seem so terrible to spread her legs in front of the doctor. Although I am still terribly embarrassed.
- View your vagina? Of course, it should be done. Why do not you lie down here on the table.
I got a table in the living room. Uncle Andrew rubbed and washed his hands, then walked over and gently spread the sides of my knees.
- Do not strain yourself, I will not hurt you. - He said, and started inspection.
At first I felt his fingers stroking my ass. Then, very smooth movements, he began to stroke my whole bosom, slowly, gently. From stress and what else I'm all drenched and felt surprised that my cave moistened.
Uncle Andrew meanwhile, said:
- I grease the your chest, they are angry - and his fingers moved on my nipples. While he routinely massaged them, I'm just thrilled, without feeling any embarrassment from their nakedness. Then Uncle Andrew lowered one hand to my cave and became easy to move his fingers in it. A wave of pleasure came at me, I involuntarily twitched and pushed his knees.
- I have not finished, push the legs. - I said the doctor gently parted my legs.
His fingers began again to massage my wet slit, and I thought how unlike my legs parted the two men: Vova bore the pain, and Uncle Andrew - enjoy! Meanwhile, I became more pleasant, giddy with delight, not to moan, I began to nibble on her lips.
- Why are you biting lips? You're hurt - asked the doctor.
- No, I'm not hurt. - Trembling, I said.
- Then chtozhe? - He was persistent.
- I am very pleased, and I am afraid that scream with pleasure. - Honestly, I admitted, blushing.
- When you want to do it, you still can not help it. And it is not necessary. - The doctor said quietly. And he began to fondle a tiny circular motion mound between my sexual sponges! Mother dear! All my body twitched from the incredible pleasure. I groaned, and Uncle Andrew wider spread my knees bent and tightened his fingers clit! here I screamed in pleasure and roughly finished.
- Excuse me! - He whispered almost inaudibly, ashamed of his behavior.
- Do not apologize, you have quite a normal reaction. By the way, I must say that your vagina all right. And, fortunately, your friend is not broke you play the virgin. Apparently, he was aiming bad! rubbed you all around, and the target did not hit. I recommend that you be sure to pass the course of treatment, otherwise the infection can get into.
- What is the treatment? - I asked, sitting naked on a table.
- Again rubbing of the ointment. Only wound you got serious than on the chest, so you need to rub four times a day, and so at least four days. You're lucky, I'll sit at home on sick leave, I can help you.
- And how! four times a day, if I have half a day in school?
- I'll write you a certificate. And by the way, this will not you meet your boyfriend pridurochnym.
I thought that my mother put before the patient, it will not be difficult! And how well Uncle Andrew came up with this!
- Thank you! - I said sincerely.
- This is my medical debt. - He smiled. - So when do you want to start?
- Maybe right now? - I asked timidly. - Or are you tired?
- I? - He grinned. - No, I'm not tired. And you ?
- I want to quickly recover. - I lied. Actually, I just wanted to feel again his fingers in his cave!
- Then I'll bring the ointment and start. Just will not do it on the table, and there on the couch, if you do not mind.
Five minutes later we were attached on a narrow couch in front of a mirror in a bizarre position. Uncle Andrew gave me so that I was lying on his stomach knee, my knees were spread apart, and the ass was reflected in the mirror. At first it seemed to me not very comfortable, but when he began to rub my ass, I realized that this is a great, comfortable posture. Soon the doctor hand slipped between my legs and I involuntarily shrank whole again.
- Baby Do not pinch. - I told Uncle Andrew. - To relax her pussy!
When I heard this word, I felt even more ashamed, and I just curled up into a ball.
- Come on, baby, do not be shy. - Deftly worked his fingers and when he was able to touch the clitoris ... my muscles relaxed a little. - There is nothing wrong in the fact that you have a pussy. That's what it is you gentle, wonderful! pussy! pussy! Here klitorok! I let him massage !. Like this!
From his words and hands, I became terribly excited, and could not help readability bosom against his delicate fingers.
- Good for you, baby, podmahivat! like this! Now I have scoop ointment. - He took his hand away for a moment and then again touched me with cold cream. From this feeling, I immediately had finished, but he seemed not to notice and continued to massage. - No, no, do not try to move the legs. Not all. - With these words he gripped my fingers clit and nearly pulled! - ABOUT
ABOUT!. As I screamed as sudorgi huddled in orgasm! Already a third of today!
When I came home, everything that happened today with Vovchik seemed event many years ago. I could think only of tomorrow's meeting with Uncle Andrew and his magic ointment!
In the morning, barely having washed, I went to the session. Uncle Andrew met me in a robe and we almost immediately started to massage. Again on the sofa in front of a mirror, I experienced two orgasms one after the other. Prior to the second session I had stayed away from the neighbors, and we talked with Uncle Andrew, like old friends. With him I could say what no one said the other, even with Aunt Natasha.
She told him that very afraid of sex, to which he replied that when I meet a man whom I want, that sex no longer seem scary to me. But I loved Vovchik and sex did not want to! So, it's just not the same man, said Uncle Andrew and I just believed him. Then I asked him to tell me some words I heard from Vova and meaning which is not understood. His explanation I was very surprised.
- Damn - it's a normal woman who likes men. When she was like someone, she immediately gives him, it is not necessary to persuade. - he said. - A pussy - pussy is a grown woman. Here you are still not having sex, so you do not pussy only pussy. And you will become given to men - is pussy. I think you're a very passionate woman, you'll love the fucking! then I'll tell you how it is called earnest.
Back in the day there were three massages, two on the table, and one in front of the mirror. At night I slept like a log, and in the morning I realized that I could not live without his uncle Andrew. I love him, I want to have sex with him!
I ran to him joyfully held up the ass for massage and is no longer afraid, when he thrust his hand between my legs. On the contrary, I have wider spreads her legs and supplied to meet him, to succumb to the hips, and a few times with a cry came. And then he, to my horror, said more massages will not.
- How why? - I almost cried.
- You have no more wounds! - He said, lowering his eyes.
- Tell the truth! - Tearfully asked me.
- The truth? Oh well. The thing is! that I really like you. You excite me. And if you continue to push the legs in front of me! I did not keep and rape you.
- But! Uncle Andrew, I love you! I want us to do with love!
- Baby, it's impossible. You're only 15 years old. I go to jail if I sleep with you.
- But I will not tell anyone! And in the summer I will be 16! - I ran up to him and began kissing. He first then responded to my kisses. Soon he put his arm around me and we went to bed, I was naked, he was fully dressed.
- This is your friend taught you to kiss like? - he asked.
- Yes! - I was so happy.
- I want you so much. - he said. - My dick aching pain.
- You can paste it to me right now. I have it. - I said bravely. Not enough yet to lose Andrew, just as I lost Vova!
- Fool. - He laughed. - You will be pleased! Out of the light is nothing better than when a woman enters the male member. But until we do, you're not ready yet. But maybe you do not refuse him pat?
- Of course! I can pet him! - I'm glad it did not seem dangerous to me.
- Then I'll take off pants?
The doctor took off his trousers and I saw his penis. God, he was two times greater than that of Vova! The brownish, thick, very solid, he stood straight up, and hairy balls throbbed beneath. I puzzled touched their hand.
- What is it you have a huge !. - I whispered, and Uncle Andrew fairly laughed and said:
- Play with it! pat!
He was stretched on the bed, and I began to eagerly met with a member. I gently massaging the testicles, he pushes back the foreskin and head stroked. It struck me that a member of a large, and at the same time so delicate and fragile.
- Can I kiss him? - I asked timidly. Uncle Andrew nodded. Then I covered the entire trunk light kisses, licked balls, finally lips instinctively closed around the head and began to suck it! Uncle Andrew groaned. He pulled back slightly and said hoarsely:
- Baby, if you go on like this, I finish. You do not get scared if my sperm hit you in the mouth?
I said that I will not be afraid, that want him finished and leaned against a member. The next half hour Uncle Andrew has lost control of himself: he groaned loudly, cried, sometimes began to rummage through my body and strength to massage the bosom! Finally he twisted and shouted, and the seed of the jet hit me in the mouth. I swallowed, but the sperm all flowed and flowed. I had to make a few large gulps. Finally Uncle Andrew came to his senses.
- Baby, how good it was to me. My sweet, come here! - He pulled me to him and began to kiss passionately. Then his lips went down to my chest and he began to kiss and lick my nipples. It was even nicer than the hands caress, especially when it is with the power of sucking my breasts. So he licked all over my body, and then his tongue slipped between my legs! such pleasure I have not experienced ever before. When he captured his lips clitoris and began to suck him, I seemed to have skyrocketed. After a couple of seconds, I came into his mouth as rapidly as he told me, and he just gently sucked my juices. Then put on all fours and began to caress especially elegant: one arm rough crumpling my tight nipples, and the other expertly massaging the clitoris and the vagina, his sturdy legs would not let me move the knees. Neither the peak of orgasm, I felt that my gap pressed his penis already tense again. I fearfully cringed, but then he began to caress the clitoris intense and saying:
- Baby., Do not pinch. Let me stroke your pussy! - From the familiar words and finished, and leaned toward the penis. - This is how .. do not be afraid! you will not be hurt! I thoroughly stretched your hole! you will be fine! Come on, let me fuck you! - At the same time he knew how traffic squeezed my clit, I felt the approach of orgasm! and at this moment he entered with force!
For a moment it was painful, but then! blissful feeling of fullness captured me.
I realized that there was nothing more beautiful than experienced. I especially liked that Uncle
... Andrei gripped me, I could neither escape nor move his legs or jump off a member, or take some other position! I was entirely at his mercy. He silently, powerfully, even more parted my legs and literally crucified on his penis, so that I could feel his balls flattened against my bosom. Then his hand again began to caress the clitoris:
- Now I want to pat not pussy innocent girl and a real woman's pussy. - He said, and I felt proud that it has become an adult woman. From pride I finished and felt my muscles tightened embraced the male member. - And you're hot! - Uncle Andrew responded. - My girl is already finished! the first time finished on such a large member! clever! - And he was furiously fuck me, will drive member and rough fingers squeezing my nipples.
The next two days we did not get out of bed. Uncle Andrew taught me everything he knew himself, and of course, fucking in different poses. He was able to teach me to swear words, he forced me to ask "Insert dick in pussy" and other indecent things that I have, but even more excited. He loved to explain to me that in our relations there is nothing special, and I can experience the same feeling with any other man. But I was a jerk remembered Vova and I did not believe his grandfather Andrey.
One day he said to take me to a gynecologist, because it is not sure that I fit those birth control pills, which he had bought. I did not suspect anything wrong, she went to the clinic. The study had two doctors, I was asked to sit in a chair, privyazali feet and hands, and then I thought, not bad, because Uncle Andrew was there. And suddenly both of these doctors began unceremoniously to feel me! I stared in disbelief at his friend, and doctors caressed my nipples, then began to stroke between the wide-open legs, massaging the clitoris and saying:
- Pretty! boobs strong, wet pussy! Now we'll fuck you! - And taken out of the pants stronger members.
I of course, their caresses flowed strongly, but fuck them, not going so I started to protest and struggled. They continued to Iron-on transfer me, and Uncle Andrew said quietly:
- Baby, we can go now, I do not force you to fuck with them. But suddenly you like it? If we leave now, you'll never know as it could terminate their membership!
- But I do not want them!
- You wet excited pussy! she wants them! You're a real little whore and you can finish from any dick. Or are you a little girl, and now we go home?
- No, we're staying! - I said.
- Well done. Guys, she agreed.
One of the doctors immediately fell in between my legs and in one motion drove a member, and the other expertly twisted my nipples. Uncle Andrew was right, the feeling of his complete dependence on foreign men, their legs tied, from the confident movement of their fingers and members, I experienced an incredible pleasure, finished five times. Then we went out happy and Uncle Andrew made me suck it straight on a bench in Central Park. I do not know, as soon as the citizens have not called the police!
Then our relationship changed. He provoked me that I fucked with different fellows, and then told him. So I seduced idiot Vova (fuck with him turned out to be not at all interested) and our school chemistry teacher who had a small penis. Uncle Andrew, we were friends for life and continued to fuck, even when I got married. Now he has grown old order, it is always required a good blowjob to excite, but it's not a problem, because it taught me to do it very well!

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Wife `s friend

It was a rainy winter evening. My wife went on a business trip and after work I decided enough to sit at the computer. It was nine o'clock, and I was going on the side, then the doorbell. I opened, a friend of my wife Lenka.-Come - surprise I suggest ey.-I'm not disturbing you? - She looked questioningly at me.I-course net.Ya helped her undress. Now it is necessary to describe the Lena. Girl 25 years old, in the body. Round attractive face, a third the size of the breast, a little full of waist, hip and cool chubby legs. In general, the lady in the body and have to hold on. She was dressed in a blouse tightly wraps her chest and flared skirt to mid-thigh. I must say that when she wears this skirt, it does not follow for the disposition of its legs, so sometimes from under the skirt open pretty exciting vidy.Tut Lenka gets out of the bag a bottle of champagne and chocolate. I'm a little surprised, so as to visit the girl was pretty late, and even then I was this week one she knew. It turned out that the reason for my visit is rather trivial. Lenka quarreled with her boyfriend, and now that he has decided to take revenge on as late as possible to return home (they lived together in the same apartment) .Slovo for the word she began to cry into my shoulder. Nothing knocks a woman's brain, as a personal problem of half alcohol. Champagne quite hit her in the head and now she runs with tears and snot into the tub, and I wonder what I do with her and that she want from me again. Finally she comes out with tear-stained face of the tub and began to preen in front of the mirror. I go behind her and begin to weave something soothing. Our range is quite close, and sometimes she touches her buttocks my thighs. These touches are becoming more frequent. I do not know whether it inadvertently or deliberately, but a member of the I begins to rise. Still, for a whole week without zhenschiny.Ona babbles something else, do not forget to touch my buttocks. Then she turns to me, her face very close to mine, and asks a stupid question: -I beautiful -Of krasivaya.-So what you still have to something from us here, I decide that it is necessary to stop the snot and say,?: -Now prodemonstriruyu.S these words, I press my Lenka to the wall, I grab her head in her hands and dug a kiss on the lips. She tries to pull away, turns his head away, but I keep it tight. My tongue slowly caresses her pursed lips. Surprisingly, its resistance weakens, mouth ajar and my tongue falls into her mouth with her tongue intertwined. We are so kiss minute, no less. Finally, I take off from it. She looks pretty comical: eyes closed, mouth open, cheeks red, his tongue a little vysunut.Tut I decide, that has nothing to lose and it is necessary to build up the initiative. I take her by the hand and drag into the bedroom. She tries to pull her hand, but does it uncertainly. Finally, we in the bedroom and again I held her to the wall and start to kiss. Lenka again falls into prostration. It responds to my kiss, but now her hands are beginning to embrace me. So we kiss a lot of time until I feel that Lenkina legs relaxed and slightly parted to the side. A sure sign that a girl vozbuzhdena.Ya build up its onslaught. To break away from her lips and a sharp movement upwards lifted up her blouse. It automatically, without opening his eyes, raises his hands and shirt flying to the side. In the light of a street lamp I see her breasts, packaged in a bra. Immediately looking for some hands behind her back, click and bra falls at our feet. Just step back to admire her breasts. They almost drooped down, but continued to maintain its rounded shape of ripe melons. Halos rather large nipples, and pacifiers themselves are like two chasovyh.Naklonyayus and take the right nipple in his mouth. Lenka softly moaning and puffing out his chest to me. Carefully take the breast from the bottom and gently squeezes. The same is done with the second breast. Lenka moaning softly, her hand stroking my head. I at this time frantically looking as unbuttoned skirt. As a result of this, I do not find a cunning mechanism and decide that, and fuck her in a skirt can be. Nipples hardened completely and now any light touch their language, causing Lenka quiet ston.Moi hands fall below and dive under her skirt. Since she flared, then soon my fingers easily find the edge Lenkina tights and pulled them down. I get on my knees and get down to the tights for the ankle and Lenka shifting from one foot to the other gives them off completely. Tights are flying into the corner. Now turn panties and they fly to the same. Lenka now only in a skirt. It must be remembered that I almost did not stop caressing her breasts and hands soski.Moi crawl under her skirt and pressed her hips, ass. all writhing and moaning Lenka. The right hand I post between her legs. Loboc covered with fluffy vegetation and hot as a frying pan. Fingers penetrate into the crevice and stumble on the wet clit, causing shudders and groans Lenka. But then do not climb, his legs still not razvedeny.-Spread your legs wider - I command Helen and she puts down one nogu.-Shire - say - still poses as shire.Lenka "feet shoulder width apart" and now I'm nothing prevents even feel. Naturally it squeak flowed and is now a hot wet hole. My finger easily fell into her vagina and I decided to add two more. But now three of my fingers easily penetrated into its interior. He felt the roughness of the vagina on the front of the machine, I began to massage his pads index and ring fingers. The average finger I used for tangible impacts and strokes on the cervix. Needless to say, that after a while she became Lenka sit down on my hands and moan gromche.Teper my turn to have fun. I got up from his knees, quickly took off his clothes. Lenka slightly open eyes watching me. I put my hands on her shoulders and pressed down. She was quick-witted girl, knelt down and grabbed the head of my penis in her mouth. At first I gave her to lick the entire trunk, and then the head, and only then began to push through it into her mouth. Lenka tried uvernutsya.-not to twitch, bitch - I said, holding her head with both rukami.-I can not, - Lena whispered when my cock for a moment jumped out of her rta.-Open your mouth and do not twitch, and then shove you on most glandy.Nado say that the excitement I have grown so much that I could break it as a heating pad. We had a little bit cool. I twitched a member of Lenkina face, and then he put in his mouth and began trahat.Chtoby spare the girl, I first plunged gently and shallowly. But gradually I became gradually more and more deeply penetrate the mouth Helen. She had not noticed. Her head was pressed back of the head against the wall and held on both sides of my hands. So that she had nowhere to go. Be careful with each thrust I penetrated deep into her mouth. Now each of frictions, I felt her nose to her stomach and head began to fall in Lenkina throat. Frictions were unhurried, so she was when vzdohnut.Teper appeared and sounds. When my head penetrated Lenkina throat she made a sound as if swallowed my cock. From her mouth began to flow drooling and I decided it was time to stop. Having five deep penetrations, at last I got into even more Lenke throat and began to finish. She shuddered, tried to escape. I foresaw it and advance tightened his grip on her head, but come off the member who is in your throat, not so easy. As a result, she had no choice but to swallow my seed. Her throat convulsively swallows sperm, not coping with a new portion. The last two shots I made her face and smeared chlenom.Lenka convulsively breathing, swallowing air mouth open. It is time to help the girl and cum. I grabbed Lenka hair back in a fist and jerk threw her on the bed. She fell face down, skirt rode up, revealing a wide ass with full-yagoditsami. Come wider legs, bitch - I ordered Helen and she immediately podchinilas.Ya lifted her skirt higher and stuck in the vagina Lenka just three fingers. She shuddered, groaned and stuck her ass higher. Now I found it very convenient to move the fingers in her bowels. Slipping ... left hand under the girl's hips, I began to caress and pinch her clit. Fingers of the right hand I was massaging the vaginal walls, sometimes reaching up to the cervix. At such moments, Lena began to moan loudly, and even harder to file the ass towards mne.Bukvalno, a few minutes later, she finished with a loud groan. From the abundance of moisture my fingers literally collapsed into the vagina. Lenka curl in orgazmincheskih convulsions, and I continued to massage her sensitive points. Finally she relaxed and fell into a brief son.Teper I got cock and demanded continuation of the banquet. I stroked Lenka body. It was all wet and hot. I turned back to the girl and she spread her arms limply to the side. Clung to her nipples, I again put them to attention. Lena moaned with displeasure, but I did not pay attention to it. Parting her legs a little wider, I rubbed the penis to the entrance of her body. Reins head up and down, I carefully began to enter into the member. The head began to fall easily into the vagina, and soon all the member fully settled vnutri.Sharkaya oily bath covered member. The walls of the vagina was swollen and very slippery. Taking a member of almost completely, I porezche put it back. When the cock was deep, vagina issued gurgling sound, and Lena moaned. I began to rhythmically drive the member in the girls inside, and she with the same rhythm began to moan. Finally, she more or less came to me and became podmahivat backwards. Now to the moaning sound was added, and a distinct sound of dripping vlagalischa.Pora had to change position, and I turned to one side without taking Lenka member. Now the pace of frictions was sharper and deeper. Lena moaned and arched, trying to take a more advantageous position. I constantly change the direction of a member of the strike, until he found the right. Lenka immediately began to moan loudly, stopped wagging ass and tried to lift up as high as the upper leg. I told her this little help and became a member of the deeper penetrate vlagalische.Naklonivshis slightly forward, I turned on the bedside lamp over the bed and I opened an exciting spectacle. Lenka lay beneath me completely wet. Drops of sweat on her face mixed with clots of dried semen, hair tangled in a wet Koltun, whole body glistened with sweat. Just stretch out his hand, I began to massage her nipples and breasts to knead. Lenka already started to shout and I decided to put her in a pose "dog".Razvernuv Wet body in the stomach, I lifted Lenka hips. She was a smart girl and just got on all fours. Now I have become a member to push as far as possible, but the rate slightly decreased. With each thrust, Lena howled and serve ass towards me. Her full breasts drooped and now dangled back and forth from my tremors. Bending down, I clung to Lenkina back and took hold of her tits. Now, I do not stand on ceremony with them. I began to crush them coarsely and squeeze. Lenka approved my actions increasingly loud stonami.Temp intercourse increased. Since the lubrication of the vagina was very much my cock slid smoothly in the womb. The head almost did not open, so I could move more actively, keeping their level of excitement at the same level. Lenka has become almost cry when I increased the pace of her fucking, became even roughly kneading her nipples. I took her nipples between two fingers and began to twist in opposite directions, alternating it with a strong ottyagivaniem.Tak certainly could not last long. Lenka suddenly strongly arched, howled with laughter and began to finish. Surprisingly, quite a wide vagina, was strongly squeeze my cock. It is either something doilo me. compression wave ran from the base of the penis to the end. Very cool experience. Back Lenka, then bends the arc, then sagged. Breast filled with a watermelon and become dense. The second orgasm Lenka was stronger than the first, but he stepped back. Without power it collapsed chest and head on the bed, and hip remained standing as they were in my nasazhany chlen.Lenka was in full a miss. I gently stroked her buttocks wet, a little shoveling and spreading them apart. Then I opened a great opportunity to witness the anus girl. He was quite wrinkled, had brown circle the size of a five-ruble coin. With a thumb to the back of the hole, I pushed and he fell easily into the intestine. The hole was well lubricated juices and finger easily slid. We see that Lenka enjoyed this hole quite chasto.Uhmylnuvshis I pulled his penis out of the vagina and held it to ring anus. He immediately relaxed and even a little moved towards me. Pushing forward, I plunged head easily into the intestine Lenka. She mumbled something wider and has placed his knees. Now Lena was almost splits wide apart knees and bowed his head and chest on the bed. I slowly sank a member in the ass girls until my balls have not touched the lips of the vagina. Yes, ass Lenka was designed osnovatelno.Udobno catching hands on hips girl, I became actively without fucking her care and compassion. My dick warped in the ass, then taking out almost completely, plunging to the ground. Lenka was the first to moan, then howl, but in the end all to shout out loud when my dick went deep into her body. She tried to rise, but rising to a position with the legs wide apart, it has deprived himself of the opportunity to change it without my help. As you can imagine, such assistance she does not predlagal.Shiroko divorced legs gave me the opportunity to actively and deeply immersed in Lenkin ass. But I did not want to stop there. Now I wanted to play "hide and seek". Pulling a member of the anus Lenka, I immediately drove him into the vagina. Lena moaned with relief, but was glad it was not long. After a few strokes in the vagina, I pulled the penis and sent it into the anus. Again Lenka wailed. Now I'm constantly changing hole. After a few strokes in one hole, I immediately changed it to druguyu.Lenka already wheezed and her cries were already difficult to make out. But sometime around the end comes. From such an active fucking I jumped dramatically the level of excitement and I finished. My cock was at this time in the vagina. Deep stabbed him in the gut Lenka I began to pour out. She felt it, too, cried and finished. Again her vagina massaged my cock, but now he threw it in his seed. Awesome experience. Izlivshis completely, I gently pulled penis from the vagina, moved to the head Lenka and said: -At, lick, and then I'm all ispachkalsya.Lenka obediently turned her head to my cock and took it into his mouth. I watched as she licked my penis with his grease mixed with sperm. She had not forgotten even my scrotum. Here I even came up with a fun idea. While Lenka licking my cock, I plunged two fingers into her vagina. Taking them convinced me that they are completely and densely covered with our "brine". I put them under the nose of Helen and she also oblizala.Togda I ran to the kitchen and brought a glass beaker. Put it to the lips of the vagina, I helped Helen straightened and naturally that was in her bowels spilled over into the glass. As soon as I let go of it again backwards Woman fell into bed exhausted. I flipped her onto her back, dipped his finger in the glass and again brought them to his mouth Lenka. She licked it again without causing any shadow of a doubt. I began to suspect that such a large number of orgasms, Lena no longer understands what he does. Then I pulled the chin with two fingers girl and held the glass to her lips, began to pour the contents into her mouth. Lenka began to swallow cloudy liquid until it is completely drunk.

Putting aside the glass, I looked around the battlefield. Lena lay on her back, limp outstretched arms and legs. All body glistened with sweat. The hairs on the pubic hair stuck together and intertwined. Between sexual sponges could see the cloudy liquid that slowly trickled down. On the chest there were traces of my fingers and the nipple sticking out so far and were the color of strawberries. Carefully turning Lenka on the belly, I spread her buttocks and her ass looked. The anus was red, glittered and was stretched. When I strongly bred buttocks aside, he reveals a small crater of the volcano. In general, the girl was ... zatrahana.Ulozhiv Lenka comfortably on the pillow, I covered her with a blanket, and he lay down to sleep beside. In the morning I was awakened by the lapping of the water in the shower. Lenka is seen cleaning the feathers after last night. When she came out of the bath, it was quite refreshed. Of course she had not slipped on, except for towels on the hair. Needless to say that a few minutes later, she was lying on her back on the bed, and I licked her excitement soon klitor.Dovolno Lena has reached a level where she wanted to feel my cock inside. She took into their own hands. Knocking on my back, a few minutes she was sucking my cock, then climbed higher and giving head inside, sat up. Then began a mad jump. Breast Lenkina jumped up, waved in all directions. I grabbed them by the nipples and began to knead and twist, like last night. Lenka satisfaction groaned and began to sit down even more sharply on my chlen.Vzvizgnuv and sharply down on my cock, Lenka notified me that came. The vagina is again strongly doilo my penis, breast filled with even a little red. Here I have already turned Lenka on his back, lifted her legs on his shoulders and began to grind their deep trunk in this hot and humid inside. From Lenka flowed as from a tube with a gel lubricant. Slipping his hands under her buttocks, I introduced two index fingers into the anus and began massaging it heavily. Then, abruptly pulled the cock from the vagina and inserted it in the ass Lenke.Po old memory, it easily got inside and Lenka only moaned and began to serve his ass to meet me. To massage her ass in such a way, I moved the penis into the vagina. It has responded to this savory squelch. Strolling back and forth between the holes, I decided to finish this time in the anus. Intensely moving in the ass Lenka, last movement, I strongly and deeply penetrated inside. Member became choppy released from sperm, and it seemed to me that he plunged into Lenka body, almost from yaichkami.Kogda we gently disengage, Lenka immediately ran into the bath, and I relaxed lying on the bed. Now Lena got out of the bath in panties and bra. I realized that sex date is over and got out of bed. Dressed and easy breakfast, we parted with Lenka. She probably ran to his missus and I went about his business. I must say that Lenka and then a few more times resorted to me, you know that it is not for advice. As she said that she has no one fucked with the study at the institute. And one day, I invited her to the sauna to warm up in the company of two boys and two girls, but that's another story:

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My sweet-bitter mistake

We met in mid-March. First couple of days in chat "ICQ"And then we decided to meet, the more he insisted on the early meeting. Since I have with my boyfriend at the time were quite tense relationship, I decided to meet with Sergei and just see what kind of person. Moreover, that style of writing was enough educated and well-read. In the first meeting we went to play pool. Everything, of course, very good. But it all began exactly at the point where we left the club. Since time was 4 hours of the day, he offered to go to the zoo. I agreed. We went for a walk. A ride on the train on the children's railway, and went back to the door. Passing by horse and then he said that if he had more money, we would ride, and so went to the car. He drove me home, we walked around the neighborhood, I bought him dinner. So ended the first day of our acquaintance. Everything seemed fine, except that I do not really like his self-confidence and a certain elevation of oneself above all others. Then we met the next weekend. He rented an apartment and asked my dad to the perevёz his desk and computer. I think that as a decent man, he had at least something to pay, because they were completely familiar, and we only just met. Well, it all came at my expense, because I kind of gave him the money. On the same day we went to the park. For tickets to pay for everyone. So far, it is quite logical, though he invited me. After a walk, went to his "new" apartment to dinner. On the way we stopped at the store and I bought apples, which made my dinner. then he drove me home. We met again at the weekend.
We went to a little trip - on the town near Moscow. On the way back to Moscow, brought up a peasant, who was late for work. We arrived at his home, drank tea, played in a Chinese puzzle. Let's go watch TV ... And then he started .... pristovat. I do not like it of course, especially because we were absolutely strangers. He began to demand an explanation, why I do not want to join with him in the proximity of, but I just said, I do not want. Reluctantly, he took me home. But I began to demand to call the day before that, when it happens. I do not know what happened to me, probably just shocked by this behavior, and I said that tomorrow. Tomorrow - it was Monday. At work, I felt sick, and I was sent home. Dad brought because there was barely alive. And in the 18 ... 00 at the door it was already black Mercedes Sergey, with things such as the output. I packed up, hoping that everything will cost. but it did not. They came to him, drank tea. He went into the room to prepare the bed. I sat for a long time even in the kitchen. He came and rather rudely said ... "that you need a special invitation? go!". Well ... all the more so that the exit was not ... In bed he was strange ... It does not end like all men, he did not need even vaginal sex. Just rubbed his place on my stomach and finished ...) then I myself felt a little funny. well then, such as taking care of me, fuck (sorry for being rude, but this is the real name of things). In the morning, we had breakfast, and it took me a job. In parting, he said, "happily" and I left. Then everything is repeated again and again. The worst thing was at the end of the relationship, apparently already accumulated ... In the evening, talking, he hinted that his hair began to fall. My advice was to buy a massage comb. Then he and boil ... "that all buy, but to buy, here take it and buy me a comb". In my opinion, it was just arrogance. Yes, I work and normally paid in a foreign company, but to buy a comb, it is too much, especially since before I bought him almost everything. I bought a normal meal, which he was terribly sorry for the money !!!!
I bought detergent, sponges, badminton, t-shirt, which he also felt sorry for the money and I decided to just give it to him. The most annoying was in stores. They walked together, and how to pay for purchases, almost always paid me. He paid only if the amount was not more than 1500 rubles. Somehow we are going to go on the climbing tower, approximately. He offered to go to the store and buy a film for camera down. We went, I say, well, go. Fuck. It should be at the cash register and looks at me. I walked over and he said that he had no money. I had to buy again. Tu entire film I proschёlkala it. My there only 2 pictures, he said, for the record ...). Then one went in Solnechnogorsk. He wanted to I rented a room in a hotel, but a little expensive for me to spend $ 50 per person per night.
We spent the night on the lake, in a tent. Somehow I did not even think to take with food, thought to buy on the way, but he said that he has. So it happened that he was eating, and I looked ...) arrived in Moscow and decided to go to the cafe for lunch. Pay for lunch for two, of course, again, I do. On the way home, at a gas station, I gave him 1000 rubles and told him to refuel at 800. What if I need this money? But no, he has filled in as much as he needed, and brought me a few pennies delivery date. Swallowing saliva, we went home. At home, I fed him, and then he left. Somehow, we started to talk, who are willing to do that for each other. My response was something like that ..."what I can", And his - "all". So I was happy that she had found a man ready to do anything for me ...). but I drove the car to the service and thought that I did not have enough money. Decided to 4 hours for up to how to go to pick up, call Sergey and ask to borrow a couple of days, until Friday. He began to find all sorts of reasons, and I just realized that he does not want. I hung up the phone. But nothing of their money was enough for me ...)
In general, I want to say that behind the mask of the correct, proper, self-confident person, is greedy, around seeking only their own benefit. But I realized it too late, but not too late ...)
The only thing that he has done for me is take me to the feast of the city. They bought a bunch of flowers and ice cream. There was a lot of everything, but the man who did not work and had $ 3500 in the bank dared to say to me, that is some rest (it), let some roam the dump (it's about me), the benefit of the country is. Let me have a small salary, but I honestly earn and treat yourself to the money to the one who gives me work with respect. And demand that the others, especially because I respect him.
I think that the very big trouble this man is that he sees only their desires, but on the other he does not care. In May, it was his birthday and he demanded from his family as a present vacuum cleaner. Money they did not exist and they just wanted to donate money or buy something else. Since Sergei was just furious that he has not presented a vacuum cleaner. When I asked for what the highest total he made gifts to friends, it was found that no more than 500 rubles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! It's just the audacity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not making excuses for myself, but simply to express their point of view.
Thank you for your understanding, hope this will remain between us ................

P.S Not everything is gold that glitters ...

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Anal masturbation

I'm 16 years Max.
Once I was sitting near the monitor and masturbate. Accidentally touching his anus, I felt extremely pleasant sensation.
And suddenly it struck in the head crazy idea: what if you fuck yourself than or whether in the ass.
I was not gay, so he decided not to seek the active fagot (that he fucked me), and fuck yourself how or whether the subject. My ass has not yet been developed, and I took note. From the beginning, I smeared finger cream and introduced him to the inside. Next came a pen then a pencil for a nose. But I wanted more. Oil cream two fingers, I put them to him in the ass. In the rectum, I felt a piece of feces. We have to do an enema - I thought.
After washing your hands and boil water, I pulled out of the closet the green mug Esmark. After two enemas feces came out almost all. I took a syringe and made two more enemas. Bowel Clean to clean water.
After all this, I stumbled upon the case for a toothbrush. Red, oval, it consisted of two parts are connected in the middle. Just right - I thought. Taking the case and cream, I went to my room. Entering the room, I lay down on the maiden, on her back. Legs wide apart and buttocks, I started to rub his anus cream. My first hole narrowed, but then he relaxed and became general.
Taking a tube of cream I put it to myself in the ass and began to squeeze the contents into the rectum. Pulling the tube I put there first one finger, then two and finally three. After sufficient expansion anus hurt, I smeared cream case and began to slowly enter. It was a little painful. Thrusting his case before the half, I decided to wait until the pain passes. After she passed, I started to drive the subject of nutria in their priests.
The feeling was amazing. My anus was bursting. And when driving case presses against the prostate area, forcing a member to shake. I was lying on his back with his eyes closed and his left hand moved the case. Unable to withstand the strain excitement I grabbed his penis and began to masturbate. I finished three seconds (so I thought). When you orgasm, I closed my eyes and opened his mouth for some reason.
The first jet of sperm hit right there.
Swallowing semen, and she seemed to me nice, I pulled the box out of the anus, and went into the shower.

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About that, as happens in real life between mother and son

Boy 17 years: "Hi, my name is Alexander, I am writing to you from the country of the former Soviet Union, where the theme of incest is prohibited in general, and the consequences if it finds someone, may be such that it can only guess ... we are Russian, but live in a state on the other, east to the laws and customs that are difficult for you to understand ... my mother alone and I love it as probably no one ever tell me what to do in such a situation, when I see how it lacks a number of men, and I I do not want her as a mother, as a woman?"
Kazanovva: nonsense not to make after reading low-grade stories on this topic, in which the mother accidentally going to the bathroom or bedroom, and seeing how everything fell into you, almost rapes her son, calling themselves the last words, like, my son, fuck me as the last bitch ...
Or the story pohlesche son is lying in bed and whines that the mother climbed to it under the blanket, warmed ... the vast majority of mothers will not do and you do not ever attempt to do if you do not believe that she already sees you a son and a man who can love and admire ... otherwise mangled such wood ...

A: and to do what?

By: begin to take care of my mother for a woman, did not dwell on the fact that it is your mom ... forget about what you are able to cry, complain ... you - a man and its support, the defender, hope ... Give flowers turns out to be signs of attention, compliment, not as a mother, as a woman about how she is charming, beautiful, charming ... what expressive eyes that can drown and forget ... on the weekend, when she feels lonely most of all, invited her to walk with you to the park, in a cafe, go in the evening with a visit ... if tired Offer stretch your fingers, legs, make a gentle massage through the clothes first ... then, before going to bed ...
Through time, compliments can be more frank: admiring, tell me that my mother is very beautiful breasts, figure, slender legs, ask why she does not wear a mini (I guess about the mentality you have in the state, so the answer my mother you will know in advance).
Forced to hesitate and think of you as a man ...
Mother itself will affect sooner or later the topic of your relationship with the girls. Be honest, but without vulgarity, dirt ... tell me about your mom first sex as at a party with friends, meet interesting girl ... like kissing as escorted her home she was not one ...
Look how honest are questions my mother ... as frankly and try to quietly respond to them ... especially where the girl a little older than you, that you do not lose your head and drag her down the aisle will not ... and that condoms constantly with you ... so, mom, do not worry, I'm an adult and always know what to do and how to do ...
Mom always jealous of his son to his first lover, who can pick up the one your mom thinks ... dial forever, hence the very first sprouts problems daughter - in-law ... to play a very easy and laid back on those thin strings stretched and this will be your next small victory ...
Try to quietly tell me what you like older women ... let Mom will think she had an intelligent woman ... so you make people think of you as a mother to the man, jealous of another woman unknown to her, and 99% of the 100 that masturbating in once again, she was present at the place of the men with him, you ...
Write how it is and we will continue with you ...

A: You were right ... Mama converts began to follow after him, often smiling and looking at me that goose scraped my whole body ... yesterday was a party and we danced ... imagine, I danced almost exclusively with her ... it's something - in the shadows of the room hugging his mother, to feel your fingers, hair and the smell of perfume, her firm breasts so tender and erotic clung to his shirt, pull the waist of her magnificent body to him, whispering about that she was adorable and charm ... and a member bottom raved so much that I was afraid that there and finish ... I had two extra times run into the toilet ... mom probably guessed ...
And then we walked with her through the city, as the lovers holding hands ... and I read her poems ...
And before going to bed she went to my bedroom and kissed me at the very edge of his lips, whispering "good night" And I became an adult and so sweet ...
I could not sleep, so wanted to go to her bedroom and, to my shame, and could not ... do not dare ... I suddenly destroy everything as well, we are now with her ... maybe so?

K: Maybe so, if you chicken out at the last moment, like yesterday, mind you mom can start whispering: "my son, that you did so, you can not ..." and you're taking everything at face value, you say: "Mom, I'm sorry" and leave ... be gentle to the proximity and the same for a man persevering when intimacy begins ... and do not try to call my mom in the passion for the first time.
And not to expose more so my mother and myself at the same time ... at a party around you, not blind after all there were, did you think no one sees lovers? This love can not see anyone around ...
Make today the same thing that happened to you last night at a party, but as part of your home, where you will disturb nobody, I hope, will not ... Call Mom at work and offer a surprise at night: you'll prepare and nakroesh itself for two hundred candlelight ... do not forget to include a couple of bottles of wine loved her mother, soft music and seamlessly switch the phone off ...

A: I understand, perhaps, what is happiness ... my mother wore her favorite evening dark blue dress and was so cute, embarrassed, when I took care of her the whole evening, saying that I have it is the most beautiful, beautiful , dear ... if they could see how hard she was breathing, and what's going on in my pants when I told her it ...
At first I was sitting on a chair, then sat on the sofa next to her ... offered a drink for her, then for us, that we both have always been together and were happy ...
You know, she almost cried ... I embraced her, and began to ask what happened, and she was trembling, clinging to me and buried her face into my chest ... I stroked her hair and whispered that I love ... love as nobody never loved and never love never ...
And he began to kiss her ... at first timidly in the ear and neck, pinning all to itself, such a beautiful and defenseless ... and then found her lips are half-open, passionate and hot ... I almost choked on the senses, when we kissing her ... I have no one to kiss so passionately, running as efficiently and erotic into my mouth my tongue ...
And then a hand on her chest, a large, resilient, soft ... Can you imagine how I felt, especially when she clung to the hand of the breast ... and so ... moaned and began to cuddle the breast again and again, whispering:"Darling, we can not be the same with you ..." and, still kissing me on the lips randomly, cheeks and neck, climbed with one hand under his shirt ...
And his second palm put on my pants right on the excited member to the premises, which is so squeezed, unbuttoned, still kissing me, his pants and got me in the palm pants, ... whispering: " What is it strong and big you ... like my dad when he was alive" ... And I pulled it through the fly of his pants ... and groaned, leaning to his lips and taking him in his so humid, hot and amazing ... mouth before he could unbutton my pants on and together with fuse in one fell swoop pulled off them me...
Itself through the head by removing her dress ...
Oh, lips cling to such a beautiful and resting against your chest right person ... mom feel her fingers in the hair at the back and kiss and kiss her breasts, feeling my hands and removed her from her short shorts ...
And then I threw her on the sofa, she put my distraught member of his so hot and wet vagina, I vebal it is probably the most eggs, when dizzy vengeance, my mother's face pressed against the shoulder, and a member of her again and again, fucked and fucked, even more sharply, feeling as it admits itself in its whole, compressing the walls of the vagina and groans through his teeth so ...
And then I finished ... finished right in it, do not want to remove her from the womb of his going mad throbbing cock ... volley volley even when hot and thick semen flows into her again and again ... and I'm coming and finish it ... and I enter, I am already slightly limp member of the new, feeling like he wants his mother again ...
She felt it and began to help, podmahivaya bottom, the whole neck, shoulder, whispering: "Sonny ... pretty nice ... you're my best man ..." and a member for half a minute stood in her cave on the new ... and then I started to fuck her for the whole length of the penis as he felt he was pleased-pleased through my sperm to get to the very cervix ... and hear my mother whisper:
"More more..."As she again finished ahead of me, then another ...
Then there was the sex in the bathroom ... then in the bedroom, large double bed, which is already more than three years, she was sleeping alone ... We fell asleep in the morning ... together, arms around each other as the two most happy and mad man ...
When she fell asleep hot she whispered:"Promise that you will not condemn me for it never ..." and so I pressed, when I said that I love you, mom ... and thou shalt be only mine, and I am yours ... I promise this day from now until the end of ...

K: You see how close to you is happiness and how difficult it is sometimes to find it, mind you ... to keep one thing: my mother loved you and as a man and as a son ... I do not know what love can be a woman fully and more ... and if you meet a girl, fell in love, you have to change the mother quietly, as most men do in secret from their wives ... because my mother is unlikely to accept kogo-to near you, at least in the near future time...
Therefore, if this happens to you, go to study in another city, sparing the feelings of mothers ... even though I do not think any woman would give you as much happiness as a mother ... I hope, I believe you have ...

for women who are interested in this subject please contact: [email protected]

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Denis and Helen

"I do not know what to do with my Lena!", Complained about the neighbor on giving his sobesebnitse, "This is the third day did not go in the large. I tried to give marijuana, pills, but no laxative does not help!" "Like what?", He said in amazement neighbor "gave her an enema and prokaketsya how cute!" "Easy to say - put! Do you think it will help? Most already - 6 years! Not bylby husband went on a business trip together, we would have coped, and one I can not win it. Besides it, I do not have balonchika for enemas, I stayed at an apartment in the city!" "Well, it's not a problem! I've got this thing once again there! And to put Lena enema you help my grandson Denis. He is a master of this case!" "Neuzh something! He is only 10 years old!"She exclaimed the mother Lena. "So what! This summer, he has twice held the mug, when I, too, was constipated and had to do an enema! So I think he will cope with your Lena!" "Okay, so, let him come to me with "equipment"!.
Mama Lena went to her home, and her neighbor shouted: "Denis, come here, we need your help as a doctor!". The boy instantly jumped up from the couch where he lay and read a book, and ran to her grandmother: "Baba Manya, you that constipated again?"He asked happily. "This time not with me! It should help to make an enema daughter's neighbor Lena!" "Ah well!"Dennis wondered, "and her mother that she can not?" "She has no balonchika for enemas, to the same, she is afraid that her daughter will soprotivlyatsya.Poetomu and asks for your help - hold Lena if nadobudet." "Figushki!"Denis snapped, "let her hold her, and I will put an enema! Otherwise, I do not agree!" "Okay, you do agree with it, who is going to do!"Grandmother said. She opened the locker, get out balonchik for enemas and gave it to Dima: "On hold and go to Aunt Vale!". The boy quickly crossed 50 meters separating two adjacent house and knocked on the front door neighbor's garden."Come on, Dennis!"Said Aunt Val, "you must be brought to an enema Lenka?" "Yes"He replied potsan and went into the kitchen, where a neighbor on the gas stove has warmed half-liter mug of water. The room smelled of vaseline and sunflower oil, which is my mother Lena was added to water enema. "That done, and the
Helen-the poor thing is suffering, the third day can not poop, and I have nothing to her proklizmovat. Now we'll help her!"
"And it will not resisting?"Dennis asked. "It may be, therefore I besought priti you hold her when I'm gonna put her an enema!" "No, Auntie Valya!", Said Denis, "you better hold it, and I will put an enema!" "Do you know how to do it?" "What is there not to know! Stick in the ass and squeeze!"Bravo said the boy. "Well, if you're a master of this case!"He laughed neighbor. She fingered the water finger, recognized that she was warm enough, turned off the gas, then he took from the hands Deniska enema, squeezed it and plunged "nose" in a mug. Balonchike slowly filled, sucked about half of the heated water."Excellent!"Said Aunt Val, "there is enough water for one another enema!" Then she smeared tip "pears" Vaseline lightly squeezed it and as soon as a "spout" balonchika appeared water, tutzhe released. "Well, let's go to Lena!"She said, and opened the door to a large room, the boy rushed after her. He saw the daughter of a neighbor, sitting on the pot, blue girls dress was Zadran up, white panties pulled down to his knees. Lena's face was sweaty and take red lips from strong tuzheniya bitten and cracked. "Come on, Helen, do not suffer any more!"Said her mother, "Now we'll make you klizmochku pokakaesh and easily!" "No, Mom, do not, I do not want an enema!", Roared Lena jumped out of the pot and rushed to escape, but Aunt Val would not let her do it. She quickly handed balonchik Deniska, and she grabbed the daughter of his pocket and dragged onto the bed. Lena screamed terribly, and resisted, but after a brief struggle mother managed to put it on your left side and squeeze the legs to the tummy. "Getting to the point, Denis!"Aunt Valya said the boy. He hesitantly approached the girl (he was the first time he was doing someone an enema to Kn then he had to just hold the mug Esmarch, while his grandmother stood on his haunches and took an enema and a couple of times to see how an enema of balonchika other children), left hand spread her buttocks, put right into the anal hole Lena tip, shoved it all the way, then looked at his neighbor: "Compress?" "To compress faster, Denis, and then I find it hard to keep it!"The answer followed. The boy took balonchik both hands and squeezed it hard. Water gurgling entered into the intestine girls. "Ok, now, hold Balon, remove the tip and fill "pear" again! I'm afraid that one enema for it will not be enough to prokakatsya!"Valya said.
"Enough of one, Mom, I'm now much like crap!", Lena screamed, but no one would listen to her. Verulam Denis back to the kitchen, wiped with a cloth smeared with feces Lena tip, and again filled the enema water remaining in the circle. Then he ran to her aunt Vale, which has already called: "Faster, Dennis, I hold Lena last strength, she is about to break!". Boy moslenostnym movement planted the tip of a girl in the ass again and squeezed Balon. In the intestine Lena joined is the second portsyya water."Oh, Mom, I can not, I immediately Wait a crap one's pants!", Roared girl. "Good for you, Dennis, take balonchik Now to the kitchen and put it out there in the sink!"Was following orders aunt Wali, Dennis was barely izvlekshi tip. When Denis, follow him, returned to the room, Lena has again sat on the pot and noisy squeezed softened feces. The room was filled with a pungent, disgusting smell. "Thank you, Dennis!"You helped us cool!"He said his aunt Valya and gave a farewell chocolate bar.

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Genia (stories on the photos from an album)

Each person has a photo album. This whole story in photos. There is such an album and my wife Zhenya. Recently, I learned that it is a storehouse of sexual histories. Accidentally. Therefore, I tell stories, breaking history. This is a photo of the birth of the cheerful company at the banquet table I in the center.
The first story. I found someone in the photo.
22 years Zhenya noted as always fun. Guests are welcome to it. With the institute's group of friends from the old company. A lover of dance Genia was the center of attention. Since most of the reviews I knew bad, but I did not know at all, it chose to pay attention to a nice bottle of Italian wine stockpiled for this case. Some reviews I found on a photo from the album. Here Sergei from the old company, and Acne Vita with the institute's group at them it was best man at the wedding. In the midst of a party long into the night, I quietly left the bedroom and went to sleep. Therefore I hear bad when dispersed, and guests who remained, as always, on the couch in the living room. Then out of mischief pretended to be asleep when the bedroom quickly changed into a T-shirt Genia to the skin and lay side by side, but not for long povertevshis, minutes, five and making sure that I was fast "sleep" He slipped out of the bedroom. In other matters not far when in the corridor behind the glass door of the bedroom rang savory aspirated sounds, I realized that not in vain pretending. Behind the glass two silhouettes passionately squeezed each other's shirt Zhenya was raised at the throat, revealing full breasts. Who are the guests kissed passionately, Genia I did not see, sorry, the door was covered. But the idyll did not last long shadow flashed on the glass doors and angry voice he said:
- Bitch, again with her!
Skirmish ensued, which ended in a loud slamming the front door. Again there was silence, and in the bedroom there was Genia and history repeated itself. Checking how hard I "sleep" she came out of the bedroom. Only now the door has not been covered, and I saw Sergei from the old company. Genia hotly whispered panting: - Gone, well, to hell with it - and passionately he dug into his mouth!. Hastily pulling his hips melting. In the dim light of the lantern, falls out of the window was laid bare hefty rampant member, who immediately embraced the fingers and began to move quickly, rolling up with a skin head. She pulled away from his lips and slid down grabbed a member of the lips, plunging deep into her throat took out his lips almost to the thick hair on his pubes. Sergei stiffened and pressed his shoulders against the wall, moved his ass, immersing and taking out a member of up to half of the greedy lips Zhenya. Suddenly Sergei stiffened and recoiled Genia lips and cheeks slapped a thick jet of sperm flowing down to the chin. She rose from her knees and pulling through the head t-shirt wiping her face.
- Sergei wait - she whispered and looked into the bedroom touched my shoulder, I "I slept" tight.
- He sleeps go here and there Vitalik Vika - she gestured toward the living room.
Now, when they went into the bedroom, I could see Sergei in all its glory. Even the fallen member struck by its size. "Yes, this all went bad in yaldu"I thought .- .. Genia became the knees on the bed, raising his ass her clean-shaven pussy was near the mouth of Sergei, and he immediately spent on them the language and then opened them to penetrate the language .. Nearly beside me panting Genia her full breasts flattened on the bed. Sergey also stuck two fingers into the vagina, continuing to hungrily licking the clitoris. She jerked and moaned loudly. ABOUT! I realized Sergei had found in her vagina familiar point "G", But of course now it is clear to me that point showed Genia and her Seryozha with a big dick. At this time in the bedroom door appeared Acne completely naked. His rampant member protruding from a thick bush of black hair long, that they were getting, almost half the member, trembling with tension, and he immediately drove him into the wide-open mouth Zhenya. Sergei looked up from her pussy.
- Do not stop - croaked Acne moving member -Trahnem its two thrust at my wedding it ripped three of us.
- I know I have it sucked when there was Tselkov - responded Sergey - She kissed in our company all said "kissing passionately".
But Sergei member a moment ago began to rise limp and clearly he does not fucking threesome and knocked his presence Vitalik.
- Let's switch 'he said brusquely Acne and climbed over me so that his dick wet head on my chest frayed at the end of my chest fell a drop of hot sperm and pressed his hand to his lips Zhenya member who just had left Vitalik rampant member, who immediately a sucking sound came to Genia. He abruptly drives the dick in her that was heard a sound like a clap hands. She intensely moved by hand and mouth member Sergei still 5 minutes, but it was not raised.
- I can not! I've never so do not fuck, he said taking out a member of her mouth and then climbing over me. - Acne you fuck my girlfriend. I will go. I try with Vika?
- Well, now it is not yours - without stopping the rhythm answered Vitalik.- But Vic there.
Sergei came to hear what's going on in the living room, I could not have been prevented noise rhythmically twitches bed .. But then he stopped: - Genia you obvaflil Serega and pussy wet, I can not come to finish in the ass.
- Vitaly, he did not finish there did not, you came - whispered Zhenechka- I want with him, please call him.
Here's to, but I refused, saying unpleasant hurt. But Acne is not listening to her. His face flushed with excitement, breathing break on wheeze.
She playfully privernulas back rose high legs pinning them to his ass that has risen again. Standing on the floor Acne pressed member to her ass, but he slipped and again penetrated into the vagina, and he was quickly moving deep rampant flesh will drive in the wet vagina. Pulling wet cock he gently pressed it to his anus Zhenya and now abruptly drove the head there. She stiffened and gasped, but a member of the movement stopped, entering only the head. Acne bent down and found her lips hungrily dug into them. Then he hoarsely whispered:
- Well, my little I'm only with you fucked in the ass. Vic does not want, but remember you, how cool we are landing near the reservoir fucked.
Speaking Acne is deeply immersed member and began to massage the clitoris Genia fingers loudly and panting. Soon the pace became so as before, but Vitaly trembled, made a guttural sound and a hot jet of sperm filled in the rectum, forcing Genia and shudder of orgasm she called yelp like a cat and almost fell on me. Her body was hot and humid Acne lay down on her and bit her lips, but a member of his singed after orgasm, and he drove it back to the vagina, moving wildly back and forth gradually loses its elasticity flesh
- How well you cool giant Acne, but I no longer finish - wheezed Genia.
- But you also nice, yes. Yes? - I muttered Vitaly will drive member in the wide-open sex lips.
Finally member finally fell out with pussy Zhenya and breath Acne sat on the edge of the bed.
- During a long time we have not fucked.
- But you chose to Vick. Call Sergei, and he asked obiditsya.- Genia.
- Good. I've come up with something.
- Acne well, you're at the wrong time - Sergei said, coming into the bedroom .... His cock again stuck with excitement affecting its size, even Acne could not resist a comment
- Well, you and Yalda after all the pussy I bet Vick sprained.
- Well, I just put in Vick, and came tutions.
- Word imeninetsy legitimate joked Acne - It tells you it is fucked.
- You did not come in time.
He leaned on Genia podsunuv hand under her knees and threw his legs and shoulders and entered her pussy sharp push the bed creaked. He moved frantically sharply and quickly. Acne member pressed to his lips Zhenya plunging it into his mouth up to the eggs.
- Oh! - And only escaped from her lips.
- Sergei wait come I'll come to it in the ass, and you're hoarse speredi.- he suggested.
Sergei tears with Zhenya and lay on his back, sat on him Genia member Sergei went into the wet pussy. Acne grabbed her from behind, pressing his cock to her little ass and slowly brought it inside. Froze for a second, they began to move rhythmically.
- Oh! Boys you delaete.Oy! Genia groaned.
Two moving member therein. Sergei first issued a guttural groan and twitch.
- How cool I finished - legs Zhenya ran hot cum almost immediately joined him, and Acne. He jumped up and flew hot cum on her back pushing Sergey he drove a member in the wet cunt moving rapidly backwards. Now Sergei member pressed to her mouth. But a member of his fast he went down and sat on the bed, squeezing his chest Zhenya. At this moment it appeared in the doorway Vita. High slightly plump blonde with heavy breasts. She wore only tight white panties tango
- Acne you promised that more will not fuck with her - she said, looking at her husband scurried Genia - enough for you at our wedding with her fucked Boyar in the bathroom. And now, it all led Sergei.
Acne, breathing abruptly sat down on the bed. All three of stunned staring at each other. The first was found Genia:
- Vick, join us and let's go into the living room, and then he wakes up - and jabbed a finger in my direction.
They came out of the bedroom, and I touched his penis and reared by the touch sperm flooded the sheets and I fell asleep.

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Chocolate Bunny: the first time with Olga

I was always interesting to listen to stories, my friends have lost their innocence and they robbed of their innocence someone. Today I will tell you a story that happened to my brother.
I have a brother Ruslan, he ... black, or rather half-breed. My parents could not get to conceive a child. I do not know the reason for this, but it is not so important. My mother Svetlana working in the orphanage head. Then one day they received a child. Beautiful a baby - a half-breed. About him we know only that his mother was studying with his dad in the Peoples' Friendship University. My mother was Russian and lived in Moscow, and my father was a Negro-African and only studied in Moscow. The story is banal. African seduced girl, gave her the child, and not survival rates, rushed to him to Africa. Well, in general, the girl gave birth to a boy, and handed over to the orphanage - did not want to burden themselves nothing more, and even more so a little negro. The boy was named Ruslan, and he stayed in the orphanage. My mother somehow become attached to this boy, and when he first said the word "Mama", It is my mother stood before him. Svetlana decided that it was God's sign and, after consulting with his father, adopted baby. Relatives for such an eventuality treated with understanding, and friends were a little bit shocked, well, nothing, are accustomed. A year later, a miracle happened, and I was born. We Ruslan were more than brothers, we were best friends. He told me all your secrets, and I told him, too. In elementary school, we had to endure a lot of questions from classmates, like why I'm white, and it chocolate? Some of us simply exasperated, and later, when my brother and I began to visit the karate section and simultaneously swing - all the questions at once ceased. Teachers were very fond of my brother, because he was always polite and was a good student, I however, also graduated from high school without a triple, but my behavior is forced to be desired. When there was a story that I tell you, my brother Ruslan was nineteen years old. My brother was already under two meters tall with a pile of muscles, it was never as black as ebony, and he had some brownish, like strong tanned in the sun, in general, as they say chocolate, beautiful couple faces.
One day my grandmother with a neighbor - Aunt Oksana went to a sanatorium. Grandma asked to stay with her until she returns Ruslana. He agreed, all - still 24 days home in his disposal. As time was July and go to university it was not necessary. He moved to the private house to his grandmother. He has been an important reason to move there. He loved the daughter of Aunt Olga Oksana.
Olga was a brown-haired fifteen with curly hair and large, expressive brown eyes. This ball is very thin, a little girl rising darn cute in the face, on the face near the nose were a little freckles, and even she had full lips and began "fill"Like fruit chest.
She also liked Ruslan, whom she often saw the grandmother, but to deal with him as a closer ... "Hi Bye" not necessary. It seemed he by some miracle, because it is for his life, had never seen a Negro "live". Ruslan went to live with his grandmother and grandmother also gave Ole a spare key to the house because I was afraid - suddenly it Rusik forget to feed the fish (for old women were as wealth). Olenka at any time come home to her grandmother, of course, there was always Rusya. They become better acquainted. Olga brought Ruslan various goodies, which he did itself. Ruslan took various comedies at the box office and watched them with a girl. She began visiting him frequently, and what to do - best friend had gone to rest at sea, and the house lay constantly drunk father.
"God knows how I like it" - Ruslan told me, and she was behaving childishly. That will take and begin to correct their panties through dress that "climbed" between the buttocks, then he sits with legs apart, shining their panties in flower. It could be assumed that the girl is doing specifically to "make" it, but it was vryat. She probably does not know that it is almost ripe body can do with a man. Ruslan believed that matured only the body, but at heart she is still a child. He was sure that she did not know what lust, excitement, but Olga had already experienced similar feelings for him. She wanted to be standing next to him, and when she was near, it attracted the smell coming from the big, strong body of Ruslan. This smell is caused in it, not driven before feeling some - it is not clear the heat began to spread at the bottom of her stomach. She wanted to kiss him, both in the Brazilian and Argentine television series that she did not miss.
One day, Ruslan has luxuriated in bed when he heard the door open. He threw off his blanket and pretended to be asleep. Olga came in, she brought a cake that speckle. Olga was in a light, yellow, very brief sarafan, which is so cool sitting on it. By putting the cake in the kitchen, she went into the room where the phone was. She had to call her friend, find another recipe. The room is not free Olya looked into the bedroom where he slept Ruslan. Because there was no room in the room door. Olga saw that Ruslan asleep, came closer. She began to consider it. Before her lay Ruslan. She looked at his body. It was huge and it was absent scalp, only the navel was a path of black hair under the elastic of his underpants. Swim Ruslan snug something big that frightened Olga, but she continued to stare curiously at the mound. Olga, for some strange reason, she, gripped the heat in the lower abdomen. From the beginning of her virgin pussy oozing moisture directly in the panties. Olga was afraid that departed from Rusik and started trying to call friends, nervously pulling a pen in their hands. Suddenly she dropped it under the bed, standing in the hall. Ruslan meanwhile, opening his eyes, watching the girl who crawled under the bed for the handle. He saw that the girl crawled under the bed to half of his back, sarafanchik rode up, caught in the wall of the bed, and gaze guy appeared a little ass, covered with cloth panties. One side got off panties "in a heap" and I ran between the buttocks girls, thereby exposing one of the buttock of Olga and the other buttock remained covered with a cloth. On the bare buttock Ruslan saw a small birthmark spot, which was in the shape of a heart.
Just below the buttocks, he saw that the girl's panties moistened cloth. She could not get his pen, appetizing buttocks wiggling from side to side. Looking incredibly excited this picture - its chocolate body has never been such a long and thick. The skin on the head for a long time had rolled under it. The head of the flesh beginning to exude cloudy lubricant drops. In general, my friend Russ has long pushed the panty elastic and rushed outside to re-enter somewhere inside. Ruslan, lost his head and without thinking about the consequences, took off his pants, walked up to the girl, knelt down and pulled off her panties. Now Ruslan saw completely naked ass and pink folds of the vagina girl. Olga, not knowing what was happening, began moving backwards, trying to get out from under the bed, but Ruslan would not let her do it. He threw up his hand and folds her womb, putting them head began to enter the body of the girl. The vagina is incredibly widened, rather, it has expanded a powerful battering ram boys.
"What are you doing Ruslan? Do not!!!" - I cried the girl, not knowing anything of her wish.
"Be patient, Zainka !!! Soon you will be pleased" - Ruslan Woman soothed.
And a member of Russia rested on the hymen Olenka. Ruslan was incredibly proud that he will be the first man from Oli and it was his, it will remember for a lifetime, it is well known that ... his first man, a girl never forgets.
"Olenka, now I'll make you a little sick" - Said the girl Ruslan and his head touching the inside plenochki girls like to kiss her with his tip, he rushed into previously impenetrable depths.
"Ah-ah-ah-ah !!!" - Olga cried, felt pain in his body.
Ruslan continued to enter the girl while his penis is not reached the limit. Then he started to leave, and then again push into the heart of Olenka. Ruslan Gradually increase the pace of his thrusts. Olga insides literally everything burned, burning the flesh of Man. Olenka at this time for the first time felt a something big and solid, which delivered her first pain, and now gradually beginning to cause pleasant sensations. And only the inconvenience of the fact that it rested against the back wall of the bed, which she pressed a little upset girl. Soon she began to groan under the caresses of Man. A Ruslan also not restrain their moaning and groaning with every movement inside Olga.
How many girls Ruslan pereimel for their years - of different nationalities and ages, count them was impossible. Many ladies like to try the black guy, and he, a black guy, in turn, wanted to try many ladies. Rusya was sure tried everything in sex and nothing will surprise you, but this young nymphet, Olga, has turned the whole of his life with her, he felt such a sensation that felt not once in my life. She brought him to mind. And only on this he took it without permission, he never afraid to try the young flesh Olenka. Now their love making beats, Ruslan was horrified, thinking that his place could be another man.
"But before I've never been the owner" - I thought, wondering to himself Rusya.
Ruslan felt that girls vagina pulsed, Olga all shuddered and moaned. It flowed abundantly. She first experienced in the life of your orgasm. Her knees buckled and Olga almost fell to the floor, but strong hands held her guy. Ruslan realized that he held back any longer. He came out with one hand and Olenka began to furiously masturbate his penis with the other hand supporting the girl. And then the first milk-white jet flew out of the penis on the wall bed, running down on the girl's back. The second stream watered the back of a girl next jet Ruslan sent between the buttocks of the girl and the subsequent streams watered themselves buttocks Olga. The boy was breathing hard, recovering after an orgasm, a stream running down on him sweat. He kept one hand to support the girl, while the other hand rubbed my semen on the back of Olga. Olga, meanwhile, was lying and did not understand what happened, why Ruslan rubs it, and that it runs hot on the buttocks and between dampening ring anus.
Ruslan gave the girl to get out from under the bed. Olga got out there, and the young man immediately took it and sat on his lap. Ruslan sat completely naked and bare ass Oli felt on itself, but Olga was in a sundress that Ruslan has not been removed. She hugged Rusyu and rested her head on his chest. All this they did in silence, they seemed to understand each other without words. The boy felt that his legs, which sits Olya, was wet from sperm, in which the whole ass girl was smeared. Just to the womb of a girl bleeding first love. Ruslan Olga kissed and laid her on the bed. They both wanted tenderness. Rusya decided to correct his mistake that so rudely fucked virgin girl. After removing sundress, he began to kiss her all as a child. Kiss on the lips, neck, chest, belly, and even pussy.
"My little" - Whispered Olenka Ruslan.
A member of his back stood up and went to Rusik between widely spaced legs of a girl and gently entered her womb. This time, his frictions were slow and gentle, he drove Olga crazy. They finished at the same time. Ruslan watched the expression on the face of Olga in the moment of orgasm - her eyes were almost closed, and her mouth is open and vice versa published the soft moans of love. Ruslan pressed his lips to her lips and kissed the girl. Ruslan finished with a girl, because all the same it was a member in the semen from the previous stand. Olya asleep on a large body of Ruslan. There were too many feelings for a girl of fifteen years on this day. Ruslan long admired the young woman, now lay on him, and he soon fell asleep.
Olga dreamed all night lyrics of Pierre Narcisse "Star Factory 2"...
I am a chocolate bunny
I am affectionate bastard
I am a sweet one hundred-oh-oh-oh ...
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