We have been married for about 6 years. We were 30 at that time, as expected for this year, the ardor of our passions became gradually fade. I was not a supporter of links on the side (I mean sex) and preferred to get all that from what I enjoy in the immediate neighborhood. We tried a lot with her, anal, a variety of toys, making love in unconventional places - all this has become commonplace for us, it was our nightmare, that we are on to throughout our life together obydennosti.Koroche tried to avoid saying.. we started up in bed talking on the 3rd party in our games. It is still on for a while decorate our intimate partner. Later, seriously engaged in the search, but it was not such a simple matter, something she did not like, I do. With the help of the Internet we have held several meetings, but they are also not led to nothing, although these meetings were not lost, under strong excitement exciting, after we had with sshibatelny seks.No feet here once we have decided to go on nature, we decided to leave the child with her grandmother. We got in the car and drove aimlessly, not negotiating the advance of our trip. Already getting dark, and we noticed the dirt track leading to the house is not frail enough. This house was like Gest-House, we are pretty tired and were glad of such a find in this wilderness. On reaching the house, we saw that a couple of the windows are illuminated on the first floor and was heading in our direction coca a man aged 45-50. Coming to us, he greeted me and asked how he could help. Having learned from him that this house is a cottage of one of the members of the ruling party, we're a little depressed, but when we found out that the nearest hotel is 50 km from here, we do a bloody. Boris also was the name of a man without hesitation, invited us to stay for the night, my wife and I looked at each other and readily agreed. The house looked like inside and robust design, as well as from the outside, there was everything to come off the whole hog. Pool table standing in the middle of the living rooms, a bar with a bar and a 10-mi kinds of drinks, a sauna, and so on. D.My sat in the chair for a coffee table Boris brought a bottle of rum and a bottle with Amoretti zakuson. In general, it does not look bad for the Provincial in 45 years. He began to talk about what is here all winter bezvylazno and not see a soul except for his neighbor, who works as a watchman in the neighboring country. After an hour we were a pleasant hops, but still the weather was cool and Boris proposed to continue the evening in the already-heated bath, we followed him. In the sauna, we drank more beer bottle. We have not been to a bath and wardrobe, we wrapped the sheets, followed by the steam room. Lena sat on the topmost shelf, and we are located right under it, her knees were right behind our necks and we are talking about something turning heads, detained view of the virtues of the Lena. We raised Bory sheet in the belt, which we noticed with Lena. Lena began to increasingly push the legs, and Boris is already stroking her eyes, lips sex. A few minutes later Boris stood up and, without covering his penis came out, I think cool. Member was a huge 22-25 cm and very tolstyy.- Well. - I asked in neё.- Well, a fig yourself chlen.- him to realize nalshu imagination - he's Serge tear changing turned to her and she climbed under the sheet. When he reached it completely wet vagina, I began to lick her tongue penetrating ever deeper. I heard behind me the door creaked, and my wife's legs closed clutching my head, but I did not stop, even after a couple of minutes, I again heard the creak of the door. I lowered fragrant bosom of my wife and obernulsya.- He stood podrachil his penis and left. - Said Lena.Ya looked at her, her breasts were bare. Coming out of the steam room I went into the dressing room and see how Boris, sitting in a chair, fingering his huge dick. I went back to my wife and said that when he saw. She was very excited and asked me to stay here, and she will help him. I agreed. But for a long time I could not endure, and went after her, coming closer, I stood behind the screen. I saw how he pulled her head to his dick, otherwise this unit or does not call, so he came, filling her entire mouth with his sperm, the sperm was not only in the mouth, but also on the entire face. I wanted to go, but I saw how he grabbed her again and put on his nesodivshiysya member yet she hesitated. He entered into it as soon as it is already the most eggs vskriknula.Zatem after putting it on his stomach he began to introduce it in her ass, she began to scream in pain but he did not stop, and I did not approach realizing that the feeling she liked. He finished with a shout in her ass for a long time. When I still was able to join them, and we fucked my wife until the morning, but together, and a little later the three of them have already joined the watchman neighboring cottages. But more about that next time.

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My beautiful girl

One summer Crimean warm evenings I Kul along the shore, and then I saw it on the background of the sea and neba.Kak she was beautiful, small stature not more 155cm with a small elastic breasts and a round ass. I walked closer to her and started a conversation about kakihto trivia, sea, sky and weather. Then I asked her to come with me to my room, and then the beginning of the colder and I was on the current swimsuit and a light skirt. She soglasilas.Skazhu little about myself I am 19 years, growth 187 engaged in football go to the rocking chair so that forces a lot longer and the figure for men than women. Having come to me, I invited her to drink some water while I change clothes. She agreed, she would know that she will be, not that they should not drink. I slipped back a little portsyyu sleeping pills. He waited until she falls asleep, I began to undress her. Then prenesla wet towel and wiped her beautiful body. Dastan from the cabinet two pairs of stockings and prevyazala her arms and legs to the headboard. And just in case, I tied her mouth.
After about half an hour, my dear ochnuas and started with fright to look around. Seeing me, she tried to say something but it turned out the current moo. I walked over to her and held nother between her legs, to my surprise there was all wet. I started kissing her breasts, gently biting and as deeply as possible sucking nipples. At first she tried to throw me from myself but then realized that resisting useless. Then I began to stroke her hands to her belly gradually sinking lower and lower, she froze in anticipation ... I did not bother her too long torturing expectation and dramatically drove into her just three fingers, she bent over in pain, and a muffled groan. I dug his teeth into his mouth and her clitoris and began his Sasana and bite. As she writhed beneath me, my sweet. And then I changed tactics, I began to kiss her very tenderly touching lightly. Five minutes later she had already burned all forgetting about the pain that I gave her, and wanted more. I became more actively her caress, palming off her hands under the buttocks became as deep as possible to enter a reed in her vagina periodically falling to the bottom of its hole. Then completely moved into her anus. I kissed him passionately thrust her back reed.
She did not resist and current wriggled with pleasure. I began to enter her ass in his fingers, first one, as there were narrow, he could hardly overcome the narrow entrance but less than a minute began to walk freely there, then I added a second and then a third. And they began to make rapid reciprocating motion without forgetting the other hand caressing her clitoris. And then she began drazhat and her body covered strongest orgasm. And she passed out. I untied her and opened her mouth and waited when she wakes up gently kissing her pretty face.
A minute later she came to herself, and not a word kissed me a long kiss on the lips. After the kiss was interrupted, she said, but what about you because you do not got nothing you caressed me forget about myself. and I began to cover my neck, shoulders and chest with kisses. I was udevlyus, I was expecting some kind of reaction but not really so, but I really liked this response. My girl was so tiny that I fit on to his full height, and even left me a lot of space. Samozobvenno She was kissing my hand kissing and sucking moipaltsy. Then he switched to the navel and ran her tongue around it periodically diving into his tongue. Then her little head moved to my crotch where there was no hair. it is literally stuck to the clitoris, and her pen began to stroke my lower jaw and then to me, penetrated first one tiny finger then another then another two and then to put me all her pen, and then I realized that I will always depend on it and the initiative never will not return to my hands, the current if it will allow and then for a brief moment. She enjoyed my condition and then she invited me to bind, I meekly obeyed and teper already I was completely defenseless in front of her, I was in front of my sweet girl willing to do anything for her. It is my piglets Leche on his stomach with his pillow under my belly she firmly tied me with the same stockings that just nadavno kept it small and beautiful body. She moved away from me to a closet with things and got out of it, my belt, I realized that I have now punished for my behavior. but she was in no hurry, and came to the table took two bananas with it. and hand cream. and I came up with all this BR.
She gently began to stroke between the buttocks, there is already in all my tech juice, and she began to rub it in the ring of my anus. Then she took a banana and spread it with cream began to introduce him to me in the ass. Then the second followed in my pussy. She toyed lightly then they moved away from me and said that she would smack me now and I vsypet 10 strokes and my every moan, it will add another one-quarter kick. Tying my mouth she privtupila the case. After 7 strike I could not restrain a groan and in addition received another three hits. Her face appeared triumphant smile. She podshla my burning BIN ass and began to kiss her and lick abruptly pulling out of me bananas she began to enter into my poku their lovely fingers and pussy introduced all at once a pen and began to frantically move me handle me start to shake shiver and I rapidly finished .
She untied me and I fell down at her hands in a kiss for prezhitye moments but she took his hand and kissed him on the lips podtyanuvshis, whispering that we baa got exactly what hoteli.My continued our dialogue, and we were equal in everything except height. And my daughter turned 29 years old, but she was so tiny that it seemed a teenager.

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Sex is the most beautiful thing that can be in adult life. You can not have it a lot. This is a cure-all, the elixir of youth and health. Discover previously unexplored - the meaning of each sexual encounter. Search yourself new sensations motivates me.
Sex with two men at the same time - that's what I would like to try. I began searching for candidates. It was not so easy, some were too zakompleksovanny, some selfish, and when I had already lost hope to realize his dream, to my close friends came to visit a twin brother. I invited them to tea. Tea changed over spirits. Communication was easy and relaxed. One of the brothers started a phrase, the second picking, continued, and I gnaw thought, the same can be coordinated their union in bed?
We listened to music, I danced in turn with both gentlemen. They seemed so to me the same, but what are they really? My desire grew with each passing minute, strained and male organs from very close dance. With one of the brothers have previously been intimate experience, I do not hesitate dancing, he unbuttoned his jeans, and began to caress his hand already the strained member. Easy moan escaped from his lips, he offered to retire, but I went on, beautiful, squatted down, took his boy in the mouth. And then I caught sight of bro. His eyes sparkled, tongue licking his lips parted, hands unbuckling the belt pants. Oh, he pulls out his unit, exciting! With even greater pleasure I suck dick, but the one I have enough, I invite brother to join, and here are their tools for the pleasure in my power, I in turn lick of comparing the taste, size, elasticity and can not determine what to me more pleasant. Meanwhile, two pairs of hands caressing my body, none uchastochek was not left without attention. Hair, breasts, buttocks, ass ... I languished with excitement. My girl was not just wet, it flowed. My twins are finished in my mouth somehow very quickly and at the same time. After drinking a double dose of love nectar, I longed to continue.
The boys took off himself and me the remains of clothes, and laid me on the bed. I gave into their hands like a rubber doll, from which all fantasy can be realized. The widely parted my slender legs, one of the brothers pressed his lips to the clitoris. Instantly I felt the strongest orgasm, but the excitement was growing stronger. Then the second, turning my stomach, buttocks apart began to lick ass. Eagerly, humid, deeply penetrating the language, and then inserting a finger and tongue caressing the lips, he skillfully brought me to the top of bliss.
Closing my eyes, I stayed where -That the clouds and descended to "ground"And I saw that the boys, looking at me again ready to continue. Putting one on his back, sat down on his cock deep, I did not move fast, push-fit on all depth, at the same time felt the language of another boy who caressed my ass, I have not experienced ever .tak buzz. There were only one wish - what would it never ends! And then in my wet ass I walked very carefully the second wizard. It was wonderful! I felt the two members are separated only by thin barriers according. We turned into a lump of pleasure. Groans could not deter anyone, and this time we have an orgasm at the same time the three of us.
Waking up in the morning before the little brothers, as if I fell through the looking glass. On both sides of me were in the same poses two beautiful boys. Yes, it was the best sex of my life ... at the time.
The children woke at the same time, the same sly lustful smile played at the corners of their lips, but their wonderful hands, how many of them ...... !!!

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My love

The lesbian club I brought my friend Sveta. While I'm still going through a break with her ex-boyfriend, whom I found in a bad moment with snub-nosed girl.
Sveta somehow always sitting in my kitchen, smoking one cigarette after another and randomly questioned everything happened with my ex. I sat in front of her with a lowered nose, a cigarette in his hand and a semi-coffee mug. Sveta was delayed, dreamy puffed smoke at the ceiling and podhripovatym voice hissed through his teeth - "All men - kozzzly". She sipped her candle in the ashtray, and with a playful look on her face suggested:
-And now let's go with me to the club?
-What the fuck club, light, I'll slaughter - I looked at the expression of a kitchen knife on the table.
-What, what ... lesbian! - She said recently done with a clever kind and lifted up a finger - there hde devushek hachyut.
-Hachyut? Or hochut?
-Watching hde ....
I was delayed.
-Let's go! It's not just ... well, I mean, there are in fact normal people - potantsuesh beer popesh.
Once again, I dragged loudly sipped warm coffee.
-She asks, I'm not-coh-so I will not go to a lesbian club ...
After 3 an hour we were standing in line at the club. "As for the sausage in the USSR", I said angrily. She asks encouragingly danced. I must say, we looked strange. She - 27 year-old adult, dancing as a child at the zoo, and I, 17-year-old The girl in a man's shirt and jeans, seriously looking to the asphalt.
-Who knew that today only the VIP-persons.
-And you are there, you think?
-Yeah. The owner - my former classmate, I am often here. It seems to me called and prepudprezhdala - Sveta tried to hush up the last phrase ...
-Well ... Well you give. And me-t be allowed or will be taken to the parking lot, so I was waiting for you?
-Empty. And do not start up, climb out the window ...
-...toilet window ...
-...and grohnu on tiled floor ...
-...and feet, fuck, broken ...
-...sad ...
We laughed, but then it came to us. The guard checked Svetka - she was on the list, but the bait "Type we lesbians with her and love each other all zhist" not caught. She asks, as a person and penetrating hardened, called vladeilitsu.
A few minutes later we stood beside giddy woman Svetkin age. "There are women in Russia," - I thought, and looked with interest at the passing by men, to look at all at this beauty. The owner and her name was Lena, I looked around and said vzlyad Svetke: "I miss you, but on one condition: today it will be my night". Frozen lump in my throat and I could not immediately objected. And Lena just told Svetka about with whom I will spend tonight ... I opened my mouth to say something, but she asks pushed me and made a sign that I was silent. A moment later, we went to the club. The owner Svetku kissed on the cheek, and said that she had a lot to do and evaporated. If I had until then been with his mouth open, it would be the coolest time to close it. Light turned to me and winked:
-Not ssy, prorvёmsya..ona aunt cool - forget ... a lot of cases, and drinking.
-I'm sure?
-No. But all the same, do not be afraid.
The next 15 minutes, I did not know what to do. Probably, it was necessary to get away, close to the apartment and somehow start masturbating furiously - all this I was a little excited. On the other hand, the situation is interesting, all the more, and suddenly I did not have sex with that Lena? Suddenly it was a joke.
The next hour razomlyayuschim under the influence of alcohol and dancing, I was calm like a boa constrictor. Sometimes I notice the curious glances of girls on itself, often to me on the dance floor to dance approached and offered what I was shaking her head in surprise and my girls back away Sveta. During the ballad I sat at the table and sipped Martini - everything went on as usual, so by midnight, I saw with some bisexual and in detail told her about my ex-boyfriend. He nodded, smoking, laughing ... we exchanged phone numbers.
At the end of the holiday I was sitting at the bar with a completely drunk Svetka.
-How are we going to get home?
-Pehom - she said heroically. Not that heroically because that was not afraid to walk, but because it was really hard after drinking.
I decided not to ask more than her and sipping a cocktail. There appeared Lena looked at us with a smile and offered:
-A ride?
I froze. All around it stood. She had not forgotten ... but maybe she just wants to throw us home an old friend Svetka. My friend nodded again heroically and in a few moments we were at the rear exit to the machine.
Lena and I helped Svetka Pick up at the back seat, and I have the same Lena gently sat in the front. Excitement more and more grew in me.
Lena drove quietly, humming to itself something under his breath. She asks quietly cursing himself for a drink in the backseat and I, frankly, awful drift. Seemed Svetkin house - we threw her in her apartment, laid on the bed. "I'll stay here Svetka," - Flashed through my head. When she asks peacefully snoring in his bedroom, I told Lena that probably will stay. Lena smiled Satan smile (oh, my friend, I got serious) did not say anything, took my hand and led her to his car. Again, the front seat and I nervously ёrzayu on it. Lena is silent. She obviously carries me to fuck myself, otherwise, she would have asked me. "If only I fainted".
Her apartment has been stylishly furnished - four spacious rooms with comfortable furnishings and nice decor. Perhaps designers are panting for a long time. But I do not see it all. As soon as Lena pulled me to her, she furiously dug into my mouth and began to torment me tongue. A minute or two, my lips on her driving maneuvers, her hands found the buttons on my shirt and starting to unbutton her. For a second I in a stupor, but then horror and paint on his face know that I want it. I undertake the bottom of her blouse and pull up, she turns the hands and standing in front of me in her bra and skirt. Her slender fingers mop buttons, hands slide up the gap between the sexes shirt and bred around the neck, exposing my shoulders and part of the breast in a bra. She looks at me, caressing hands collarbone, while I stroked her back. Her next kiss bolzhe similar to amusements - she fervently dotragovaetsya to IIR lips, but then disappears, dragging me with him to the bedroom. Then she emphatically easily pushes me on the shoulder and forcing lie. Lena was standing before me, one knee down on the bed next to me. I raise and spend a hand on her leg in a stocking, from the knees. She smiles and reaches into my short hair. I applied for it, missing his hands on his back and slowly opsukayu them down. She eagerly she takes my hands in his and puts on a clasp skirt, but ... I'm not in a hurry to expose it. Circular motion and stroking her, from which she looks at me fiercely, but does nothing. I get up, my hand falls on her leg just above the knee and I kiss her neck. One hand unbuttons buckle on the skirt and pull together her with it is not to late. Lena breaks away from me, he puts his foot on the floor and completely removes her skirt.
-My good girl, - I whisper it - you can even wear underwear.
-Sorry, I did not know that you would come - she says, and puts her panties. My hand slides down her back, on the thigh wraps and falls on the pubis. My fingers feel her velvet skin and moistened pussy. I decide to provoke a bit of it and immediately run a finger in it, from which it is losing control, and with a deep breath almost falls on me. I smile, I catch the moment and liberate her from her bra. Her beautiful breasts with bright contrasting protruding nipples are pulled out and quickly grab one nipple. My finger slips out of Lena and I feel her hand on the reflex level, strives to bring me back to the place, but I do not give it to her, holding her hand to her hip. I'm biting her nipple and ptakticheski hold her in her arms, she lowers her head thrown back closer to me and biting my shoulder. I smile to myself and suddenly run into her three fingers and begin to slowly introduce them to the full length of the inside and completely pull them. It is placed on me, she nods her head, lips randomly touch my neck and shoulders. I am working hard on her nipple, it is quite hardened and a stone strike sharply on my tongue. I keep on Visu Lena, run in her fourth finger and accelerate. A minute or two, it begins to breathe loudly, and I hear her heart beating fast. She stops, her hand rests on the back of my head, the vaginal muscles grip my fingers ... more moment and it completely loses his balance and hangs on me. I hold her and kiss on the forehead. Lena's out, apparently, that all happened almost on weight very excited her. I lay down on the bed and placed it beside him. Her forehead was covered with cold sweat, I wipe it and the whole, leans back strands of hair from her face. On my fingers her juice, I'm the foot of them to face and lick, noting that I like. Lena seems to wake up tomorrow. I gently take off with her stockings, I undressed herself and lay down on the bed. Falling asleep under her quiet purr.
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The first orgasm onanist

Lived - was a kid 17ti years. His name was Igor. I grew up in a typical Russian family. He finished school, went to college, no matter what.
By nature was shy, even timid, and apparently this when communicating, sometimes seemed inadequate insolent and tactless. for it girls did not complain and vtihorya fun of him.
Sexual life before that age there was no way. Of course, at age 16, during a regular drinking, it was possible "prisunut" girl from the class of younger, but felts from overstimulation, or omitted from alcohol, finished, barely touched dickhead entrance to the vagina. Orgasm practically experienced. It was more like a nocturnal emissions. Later, it was not possible on the laziness and timidity to find the girl.
Onanism in the classical sense is not engaged than ever. Of course, he stroked and fondled his penis, sometimes even improvised means such as a toothbrush or a pen for writing, but never finished this ejaculation exercises like - do not even think about it. Perhaps because he did not see porn, but his boyish company was not customary to talk about masturbation (it was considered a disgrace). More boasted "victories" most of the girls, of course, fictitious.
Igor was another feature - narcissism. He liked to stand naked in front of full-length mirror. In full face, in profile - all his suit! Member with rose, and he flipped them pulling dick hand down and hold. The hard flesh with a whistle flew up and flapped in the stomach. That was great! And the sound, and touch sensation, and reflection in a mirror excited incredible! He sat down on a chair, stood up, arching backward, leaning forward, while not forgetting to play with her "baby".
Occasionally manifested mazohizskie inclinations ... and took the lace tight overtighten member at the base. Looked like the swells, the veins swell and the head seems about to burst from the strain. At this time, gently stroked the trunk of your fingertips, waiting for the pain intensified so much that can not be tolerated. Then quickly untied lace and ... a-buzz !!! Tension rolled down a pleasant wave of genitals, cover your head and flows down to the tips of the toes. All it relaxed as after a good sauna. A pleasant languor was spreading throughout the body. Of course this is not brought satisfaction.
So he could turn around an hour before the mirror - two, until the house was empty.
Once, after the next party with friends, where someone is picturesque and in detail described his next "fuck"Igor came home. I took a shower and as there was no one went to the mirror and decided, as usual, to play with her "boyfriend".In The meantime head floated bright buddy story about what is "mokroschelki" has a narrow pussy as she tightly crimped member and how "Soul Plane" He therefore finished. From such thoughts "boyfriend" quickly took a fighting stance. He began, as usual, to stroke, squeeze, etc. Everything as usual. But today it seemed small. Just as in reality there were fantasies about how beautiful women pleasuring him, caress and kiss on the lips, and right in the dick. Then one of them (the most beautiful!) With mind-boggling figure, lush and resilient bust, lies on the bed, spreads her legs and is calling ... "Take me! I can no more! I want you!" The feel of kissing and touching presented easy - he had this experience, but as soon as it came to what would "insert" - The fantasy faded. I could not imagine what feelings it causes! Then he put his dick all the fist and began to move along the trunk, mimicking frictions, but after a moment stopped. He was hurt! Here we want to explain a little dick feature of our friend. Size Medium - 15 cm in length and 4 in diameter, but the foreskin is very short, so that the head is fully opened at the slightest swelling of the penis. In addition, very sensitive. Thus, when "kid" up under the clothes, Igor was unpleasant, even painful. Partly because of this, he still remained "virgin" in masturbation (one drop of grease, which stood out, certainly not enough).
We continue. Suddenly the eyes fell on the mirror and saw a tube of Vaseline, apparently left by parents. "Need to try"- Once he thought. Took the tube, he squeezed his fingers nezhaleya and became abundantly lubricated standing member. Occupation was very enjoyable. Thoughts again filled with erotic fantasies and presentiment that this hour must be that - that to happen. Tightly clenched fist slippery head, and waved his hand along the member ... What happened! Breathing suddenly caught. Unexplained razilos bliss throughout the body ... even sat down in surprise. Wow! I did not know that this is sooo nice. In total it was necessary to simply lubricate prick cream! How had not guessed! Meanwhile frictions continued. With each thrust excitement grew. Gradually, all the senses sharpened and focused on the same sweet feeling coming from a busy term. Hand up - down, up - down ... Cam - the highly compressed, then relax ... At the head of any thoughts.
Now from all over the world there is only He - a huge dick and balls. There - here, there - here ... Breathing shallow, breathy ... "Ah's, ah's" - Heard faintly from the depths of his chest. His face reddened, her lips dry. My God! So glad! Always it has lasted so blissful! But not all! Excitation grows. I want more and more! Suddenly a spasm reduces the stomach ... "Eh!" - A sharp exhalation. The body is slightly bent in half and release. "Not so fast!" - Thinking mind and the hand slows down the pace ... But this is useless! The body does not listen to reason more will be paralyzed instincts. Despite the slow movement of the hand, he feels the desire to finish as soon as possible! Again sweet cramp in my stomach ... " Come on in, now ..." - Toli thought Tolley said, almost aloud. But no, let go. "Hurry, hurry!" - Knocks on the head and the hand again accelerates the movement ...
Vaseline is hot and dripping to the floor. Member became hot and red, swollen head. It appears and disappears again in his fist. "When ..." - Eating just impatient ..!
So something is not clear, it appears in eggs. There is a growing tension throughout the body. Finally, clearly defined sense of warmth in the testes, and they soon become very hot. A spasm tightens them almost in the stomach, scrotum shrinks. Throughout the body pours itchy voltage. Chest binds. And as you exhale, with what - something deep and dull roar, breathing stops. Something tickling - hot formed in the abdomen flows into the penis and quickly, it seems incredible force moves through the urethra. The head is empty, before the eyes of all spreads ... yikes! Ecstasy insane force covers Igor legs give way ... shoots the first portion of sperm, a second second, third ... At the push of a sixth liquid is already thick and just gravity flows along the bottom surface of the dick, on the fingers and dripping. A wave of bliss, from the peak of ecstasy, gradually, in the same jerky, spreads on every cell, is gradually dropping. After a huge muscle tension relaxed, and it's so sweet! Igor sits. At the heart so calm. So sleepy. Feeling "of deep satisfaction".
A minute jumps, as if stung. It is necessary to wipe obspuschennoe mirror, dressing table and floor, to wash and dress, so parents do not notice anything. While engaged in these affairs was ashamed. "Am I - masturbator? I will not do this anymore, I'm - I can not find a woman. All tied up!" - Igor tried to convince himself. How he wanted to believe it! But well understood at heart - or a "ties" will not be. After this the buzz!
Experience has shown ... the shower was right; -) ...

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You ring a door to the apartment and asked the woman to let her call from your phone you let her into the apartment and while she calls you that I saw on TV and turned away.
At this point, the woman closes the door of the castle.
Here she opens his coat and rushes toward you with handcuffs at the same time closing your mouth with his mouth in a moment your hands behind your back in bracelets and at the mouth already pasted adhesive tape.
Under the coat was a man of his penis was not great but dry, he came at you with the power and love manaka of these mixed feelings for your vagina has become very narrow on many woman-man is not able to flick it to keep the vaginal trap but your orgasm slow to come from the depths of the uterus ripple flowed together with a stunning heat from which you led in the ax.

Orgasm lasted about three minutes and you want more and more ...

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I hate myself

I am 33 years old, divorced and the son of 11 years. There is a girl that I like love and she loves me, but I hate myself for the case that happened to me 8 years ago ... To you it was easier to understand what happened to need a little introduction.
With me sometimes strange things happen, I call it my &quotPRET&quot. Here are 2 examples: in the 10th grade I was walking home from school by taxi and raced time seems stopped and I saw myself from the outside - I raised my hand, the taxi stopped, I sat proudly and it is important to him and called the taxi driver the address. He indignantly asked me: &quotA the money you have?&quot To which I proudly replied: &quotKonechno there! Spin the wheel&quot (the money of course there was no where in 16 years milksop money for a taxi). I shook my head, and the vision disappeared .. "It looks like riding the attic" - I thought, crossing a road. On the other side of the road lay a package I kicked him and he suddenly rang ... I picked up the package and saw in him the purse and in it 130 rubles (a considerable sum for 1982) ...... Example 2 The same 10 class on a whale Code of Criminal Procedure taken away from us blogs shut in his closet and told to come with their parents and himself furiously dumped. And some power here lifts me and leads to the door of his closet. Hand I feel for the key in the pocket of his jacket and the school know that I am the door open with his key at the same time understand that this is complete nonsense. And what, go up, take out the key and open the door, the whole class groans, breaks from their seats and snapped up by blogs. Close the door, I could not, and at the next session could not open (specifically checked himself) at a whale castle did not change (paint on the screws was old) .Vot so I was rushing though with age it happens rarely. Well, in general turn to the substance.
One day my friend and we went to a restaurant on the Anchor ul.Gorkogo from Belorussky railway station, entering the restaurant I was dumbfounded literally, buddy shmyaknulsya nose on my neck and cried. And I was stunned because I saw a girl of my dreams. She was sitting with a friend in the lobby, restaurant and smoking. They turned in surprise at his friend cry ... and then I realized that this girl I'll be happy all my life, and it can make happy .... eyes, lips, nose, hair, everything is so beckoning me. I approached her and said that went with it in kindergarten and since then in love, looking for her all my life and finally found it. She laughed the laugh that sometimes I just fancied a dream and said that of course I lied that she was younger than me and nothing I remember I can not. And here I was flooded !!!
I'm guessing her name that she had recently married, and when the hall flew what that type furiously glared and took, I said that she had a second wedding day and her husband boots (military) and he not be able to make happy, in short I was carrying a lot of things, and then all the bull's eye ... girlfriend goggles and constantly repeated &quotty you know him? do you know each other?&quot My friend, too, I was shocked by what is happening. Then I told the waiter to give us a table so to see it:
All evening we could not take their eyes from each other, I realized that if you do not get her from her husband, we shall be unhappy all my life here, I really ohamel and invited her to dance weird but nobody stuffed me face (after I paid the musicians so that they longer playing ballads). I hugged her and got drunk on the smell of her hair, drowning in her eyes, gloh from her laughter and said, said he loved her and was looking for all my life that I have to get her out of here, that make her happy. My friend also was not bored and began to care for her friend who was a witness. We danced and danced all guests hateful eyes were looking at us, and the bride looks like a very high opinion of himself probably considered it beneath their dignity to be jealous and to make a scene (I'm in his place would have killed all of it), but it was on my hand .. . in general, during a break between dances I told a friend that get her out of here right now, he emphatically shook his finger to his temple, but I had heard vaguely how he eagerly tried to persuade his new girlfriend to run away with us. I went crazy in love and she seems to had bewitched me. In short, we agreed that after 15 minutes they come out of the restaurant and we are urging the taxi.
We were sitting in a taxi at the entrance to the restaurant and here comes my happiness and pulling his girlfriend's hand, and that's still 10 meters to the taxi I go out to open the door, and then takes off the angry crowd and a friend of mine says: &quotShef went&quot. I fall into the backseat, and we leave: I fell into a stupor (I think I chickened out) I hate myself terribly since she was a dream to me at night ... Let me be beaten, but I would have been happy with it .. . and maybe would not be ... What do you think, and ???

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Deputy Director

Slender leggy brown hair was down the hall beautifully tastefully furnished office, a friendly greeting to all ... her radiant smile gave courage to all employees of the company ..
But let's order, to get acquainted with the hero of our story.
My heroine 23 years old, she worked as deputy general director for a large travel company of the city.
Some God gives nice legs, the other a pretty attractive face, the third luxury hair, and someone, and nothing at all ... But here God surpassed all - the woman got all ....
Long brown hair, gentle waves fell on her thin waist ...
Grey-green, slanting eyes framed by dark lashes shadows ... oh, how many men drove them crazy ...
Leather light ivory ... bright juicy berry of her lips, pearly white teeth, which appeared charmingly when she gave the world his marvelous smile .....
Figure it was worthy of the brush of great artists ... ... High tempting firm breasts, topped with beads dark pink nipples, which defiantly stuck out from under the thin material of her bra ... they seemed to throw the world challenge ... thin waist, blending smoothly oval hips, long legs in white nylon stockings, oh, how many would have given its chief executive, to at least for a fraction of a second to be in place laced gum stocking, be covered by this shapely legs ... to be near the place where the men all over the world are coming up affectionate nicknames ...- pussy cave passion bosom ....
Today was a warm summer day in July, going to work, it took a cool shower, and wrapped in a warm towel captured, went to the balcony to drink morning fresh coffee .. Christina S. Maximova - so call our heroine, she could afford to come a little later all staff work, but she never imagined this would not allow, as valued and respected his subordinates, and loved his job.
And today, finishing his morning coffee, she turned on the cheerful music and began to gather to work. After removing the towel and lightly soak up the morning sun, she went to the closet, opened it began to decide what to wear today, after an important meeting with foreign partners.
She began to dress their favorite clothes - the color of ripe cherries, thin panties string- frankly emphasized her curvy ass, dividing it into two halves of ripe .. harmony and refined hip line. Chut caved in a little before the mirror she felt like a thin strip of panties nestled between the warm pink lips of her baby, gentle pressure on the clitoris a pea ...
This pleasure she could not afford to refuse ... Pussy immediately responded to a morning greeting and started to wake up, enveloping warmth of the inside of the thighs ... she could not resist a little finger - just fingered her finger is wet and Christine made a small groan. ..ona suddenly felt that he wanted to place her fingers inside her cunt proved resilient male member ... that takes her pleasure ... Slightly tongue licking dry lips .. she forced herself to continue to dress.
Pristignuv belt for stockings, she slowly began to pull flesh-colored nylon on their slender legs, finished with this procedure .. she again looked at herself in the mirror- gave her reflection most charming smile.
Look meticulously glance at the collection of costumes, she still chose a dark blue suit.
Finished with dressing, it is slightly let down by dark ink fluffy lashes, brush pearlescent lips, she grabbed her purse and car keys.
Descending from the underground garage ..
At the same time at the other end of the city, Nikolai V. Ivanov, too, was going to go to the office.
Nikolai stood at the open window and tried to bring their thoughts in order, yesterday he and his friends celebrate the birthday of one of the metropolitan clubs, and friends decided to make a joke on him and gave him striptizerku Katya, who was just a copy of his assistant manager Christina.
Sergey his childhood friend, with whom he shared dreams of the most outspoken, decided that a striptease performed by this pretty girl is that just need to Nicholas.
Now Nikolai recalled the events of last night, turning over in elegant shape memory of Catherine, her form .... beautiful mouth, which gave him a gorgeous blowjob ... her sweet ass, who worked with him wonderful things ...
..... "Kohl, today is your birthday, I decided to give you a lovely creation, which I think you'll have to taste, because you are so fond of beautiful women ... This is Kate ... for tonight it is completely yours, you can do with it everything you want, all what you dream for a long time ...."
..... Nicholas could not help but admit that in the performance of a tall brunette with brown eyes strip looks very tempting.
She was beautiful ... round face with chubby lips, just made for juicy cocksucking, big wet eyes, straight black hair just below her shoulders, pretty legs, firm breasts and plump ass.
Slowly a very sexy music Katya unbuttoned red bra and pulling gracefully, she winked at him. Belt with elastic bands, stockings, high-heeled shoes - that's all that was left to her ...
Nicholas looked without looking like this beautiful cheeky fairy dancing on the pylon as grabs his legs, rubbing her pussy on a cool sleek metal ..
His imagination carried him far ....
In this own office .. in a neighboring room, where he sat his beautiful ....
Christie-and-in .... he wanted her, but he was afraid to discover his desire to frighten her ..... how often masturbating under the table, looking at her legs in thin stockings ... on her lace panties, which sometimes flashed for a split second on the table .... Ltd. ... what a pleasure .... his cock was already on alert .... How he wished that its jaws grip it .. sucked, licked ... ..
Suddenly, he felt someone undid his pants .... He took a member of the ...
Kate .. pulled the foreskin and licked the head - a member twitched, then she licked all members - and then licked the eggs and then licked the head ....
I felt her gentle tongue under the head, she began to slowly move your head forward, nasazhivayas my number more. Unable to endure, I grabbed her head, plunging his fingers into her hair and began to lead the process.
I would like to have that whore, and so hold it, and quickly became brutally fucked in the mouth, my cock went in her her mouth like a piston, constantly increasing pace. She did not resist, but rather helped me, time swallowing and releasing my trunk ...
CRUMB-AA, suck it, run faster, my girl-I-I-I !!! I felt the onset of orgasm and growled like a wild beast. Her movement has accelerated, and she clutched her nails into my ass. It increased my ecstasy, I rapidly finished in her mouth ....
Sliznuv pink tongue sperm with his plump lips, she smiled ... ... and slowly rose from his knees, letting me examine her breasts ... I slightly pulled her nipple between his fingers twisted .... .... Suuuka. Slut ... ....... (member stood up again ...) You deliberately teasing me .....
I turned to take a glass from the table .... took a sip of wine ... and caught a glimpse of her ass ... she was a cancer without bending the legs .. picking clothes off the floor .... Lord, it is good ...... .Well why not Cristina ....
I took out my long been standing member, summed up the head to the anus and, leaning over the body, immediately drove him into the whole. Kate gasped in surprise.
The thought that her fucked in the ass through her mind, I was unceremoniously thrust member to its full length, with both hands caressing her breasts. The hole was crowded and warm. Unable to hold back any longer, he flooded her with his sperm, having experienced a fabulous orgasm .......
All these thoughts raced through my head swirl Nicholas ... he tried to fasten trousers, but again risen member would not let me ... I wanted to insert his sweet hole Christi ...
"God - enough - I said to myself ..... tucked member currently pants, abruptly turned and left the apartment.
At exactly ten o'clock, they went together to the office. Christine blushed slightly, Nicholas, too embarrassed by this unexpected encounter .. After all, she was with him in the elevator of closely so close .... Her chest heaving, she licked her suddenly dry lips ..
That was the last straw .. Nicholas groaned and pulled her to him ... and stared at her sweet juicy lips ... event last night moved onto him again and he could not help himself, he continued to torment her ... it language vengeance hosted in her mouth .... he felt that it is unlocked, trying to say something ... he closed his eyes ... his lips calmed down .. he would have put it, but suddenly felt her tongue at mouth .... MY GOD !! .... she kisses ... her tongue like a butterfly flutters in his mouth ... her hand, stroked her beautiful handle it ... she puts her hand down .. .. In his groin ...
Christie ... ah .... my dear .. I can not help ..... help me ... she sat down .. unzipped his pants and gasped ... ... so big and beautiful cock, with a scarlet head .. strongly throbbing right in her mouth .... It was just what she wanted in the morning ...
Lightly touching his lips to the head, licking her .... Then again ... and put her lips ... ... Nicholas cried like a wounded animal .... His sperm sprinkled a flood in her mouth ... and she hardly had time to swallow it ... and at this point ... it's over ... It was a real strong orgasm .....
Reassured she looked up at his boss ... he pulled her close and kissed her ... he licked the remnants of sperm from her lips ...
Everything happened so fast that no one else did not immediately realize what had happened ...
The elevator stopped ... and together they entered the doors of their offices ... on the faces of both shone with a smile ...
Stopping at the secretary, they greeted each other .. and Nicholas said (to soothe) ..
- "Christine S., I ask you to come to my office this afternoon, it is necessary to prepare for a meeting with our partners"
- "Well Nikolay Vladimirovich, I'll go for about 3 hours ..
- "I will YOU wait .."....

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Lucinschi sitting comfortably in a chair in front of the TV in anticipation of the beginning of the basketball match CSKA - "Taugres". On the coffee table was a steaming cup of coffee, prepared in the Eastern ... Suddenly the doorbell rang."Heck! Who else is brought in as the wrong hour!" - I cursed Lucinschi and walked to the front dveri.Posmotrel in the eye and was surprised: Alina Shmelev person. Alina was proud to college and round student."That she needed me to wonder!"Continuing swear, the teacher let the young lady in his apartment. Alina proud and important marched into the room, looked at Lucinschi as it seemed irresistible, but it turned arrogant. Cold smile flitted across her gubam.Chto say, nice to look at this girl! Fashionable hairstyle, beautiful oval face, big beautiful eyes emerald green, though, impartial and cold brilliance, magnificent long eyelashes, beautifully arched eyebrows, sexy bright red lips. Not a bad figure, beautiful thighs, ass thing! From under the short snow-white t-shirts with the English flag peeking neat sexy tummy. The SILVER navel ring. It is evident that it is without a bra, her nipples standing literally tear through the fabric. The girl blue Denim Jeans, and from under the jeans looks a narrow strip of white panties with pink flowers. Purposeful, strong, beautiful but haughty girl. Lucinschi tried to hit on her, but she cut off at the root of his proclivities. It was said that her cool boyfriend, son of a well-known Duma bonzy.U Lucinschi at the sight of her panties stirred chlen.- Something happened, Shmelev - Good evening, Andrey Mikhailovich! - Greeted the girl. - No, nothing happened, just that I urgently need to pass the exam on your predmetu.- So there is nothing easier Shmelev. Come back in three days to the college, where I would appreciate your znaniya.Alina flashed angry eyes and pouted. Irritating said: - I can not on Saturday. Tomorrow morning I have to go to Paris with my friend. Deliver me, please, exam, I passed the rest of the machine. Here you go, - she held the king's gesture teacher gradebook. It stuck out three notes at 100 dollarov.Uchitel wound. Eli would not arrogance Alina, her condescending gesture, he would take the money - and that's that! But there is another matter. Some snotty girl wipes it on the feet! Suddenly Lucinschi somehow wildly wanted her, this inaccessible, serious, lomlivuyu swell. would fuck her with cruelty! In all conceivable opening. The teacher took a strict view and returned to her zachetku.- Shmelev! I do not need money. My answer: "No".ee Green icicles sparkled beshenstvom.- enough for you? As you want? Now I'll call a friend, and he uladit.- not have anywhere to call, no need and money. There is only one solution to your problem: you pay me ... kind ...- You're crazy, Andrew M., offer me that! Are you sure you crazy! No, no, I do not agree! And I can call a friend and then ... Furious Shmelev went to vyhodu.- Wait, ALINA, listen ... Shmelev momentarily paused. - Why do you think I'm an abnormal man. After all, I am offering you an ordinary deal, and this is absolutely normal. Business we are engaged in many of the country and there is nothing in this shameful or abnormal. Look, Shmelev, everything is simple. You get a benefit from the transaction, namely: saving three hundred bucks, you get five for the exam, you go on tour, and I get my, I just clear and desired benefits. You win a lot more from the deal than I am. That's for sure. Moreover, I do not want sex from you directly, but only cunnilingus. I hope you know what it is. It only takes ten minutes. That's all. I'm glad you're happy. You get what you need, and in its katishsya France, besides, I guarantee that whatever happens in this apartment will remain in complete secrecy, I promise. So, think about it, Shmelev. If my offer does not suit you, then good-bye. This is my final otvet.Alina seething with indignation, her eyes flashed green violent lightning in the teacher, but the choice she did not. Either accept or walk away empty-handed. And in Paris, she was so anxious! It is there never was. In addition, if the teacher asked her to do a blowjob, to do with genital or anal sex, she would certainly have refused. But then cunnilingus ... Once Alina cream smeared my crack and forced to lick her cat Vaska. Pet doing is not good enough and skillfully, and discharge does not occur, Aline had to bring themselves to orgasm by hand ... And it cool one considers perversion of cunnilingus and therefore never indulges Alina orally, but it forces us to make him a blowjob. What if ... Alina will close their eyes and imagine a cat in place Lucinschi, that's all. Ten minutes of shame - and Paris in your pocket! Shmelev minute thought, then emphatically asked: - Where are you here en Master happily nodded toward the hallway?. Yes, it took! Lucinschi manhood hardened and eager to fight .... She went in shorts and t-shirt, lay down on the sofa. Arrogant looked, looked away, closed her eyes and froze like a mannequin, even legs squeezed together - only faster, I spotted while."Well, hold on, baby! In the arena there are masters of their craft!"Lucinschi without haste down to business ... He spread his legs Aline, although she resisted a little, and began to kiss the belly and the inside of the thighs. Kissing, it narrows the range of exposure, approaching his goal. He felt at involuntary twitching and sighs Alina, that that was beginning to like this procedure. The mannequin comes to life. It's only the beginning! Lucinschi became through the thin material of kissing her pubis, sinking lower and lower. He pulled the edge material, and thrust into a blazing tongue and pharynx moist love. A sigh of relief escaped from the breast unwittingly Szmielew. She has spread her legs wide, eager to caress her pussy, even for a second without stopping! It turns out, cunnilingus - this is so cool! Lucinschi expertly fiddling flaming lips and hardened clitoris, caressing the tip of his tongue, sucking, licking, taken with the same zeal for the vagina. At the same time two teachers fingers deftly dived into her hot vagina and emerges back, covered with sticky moisture. Alina often breathed, her cheeks flushed. From the soft, warm, wet, and most importantly good feeling it was so good that she forgot everything. Shmelev became sweet pokrikivat.Uchitel pulled off her treasured, wet with secretions panties. Now Lucinschi eyes appeared pussy Alina in all its glory. The lush bush of blond hair, the disclosure of swollen leaf shell itself pink pearl and aleyuschy narrow entrance to the underwater cave. Virtuoso proceeded to completion Svoge oral hairy pink solo on the flute. Fingers teachers divided their duties. Now one finger freely dive into the grotto scarlet, and the other, less freely - in brown and ... more narrow grotto. Alina tightened - and the teacher redoubled his efforts. Here it is stretched like a string, froze ... and shook convulsively in delightful orgazme.- A-ah! .. - Her triumphant cry filled all prostranstvo.Alina fell into happy oblivion. Spear teacher for a long time was running juices, flushed and wished with all his sweet stick in the target."Here we use the favorable moment".Luchinsky Playfully pulled the pants along with melting. His thirsty spear flew and became like clockwork in a hot, expiring moisture, elasticity and entrancing vagina. Overexcitation done its job: a few movements - and the teacher felt the approach of orgasm. He stopped, squeezed the muscles of the perineum. So the reception he delayed orgasm ... Lucinschi again rapidly moved his pelvis. But his plans interfered Shmelev. She became well supplied to meet him as their ancestor. Zaohala, she wailed. Lucinschi felt nice start to tickle the tip of his spear. Hell, anyway, but the finish is inevitable as well as the sunrise in the ...- you can finish? - Gasped, panting, uchitel.- No, you can not, please - half-closed eyes in the sweet bliss, whispered Alina.On pulled off her T-shirt. They jumped towards him suffused with ripe breasts of beautiful, exquisite forms. He rubbed his club between her breasts and began to simple dvizheniya.- Squeeze his arms. Help me - ordered Szmielew teacher, she implicitly obeyed emu.Vskore teacher violently ended, shooting bursts of pearl face and chest Szmielew .... go home happy Alina chided uchitelya.- Still, you have deceived me, Andrei Mikhailovich. About genital sex, we did not agree. I'm a hundred percent, you knew in advance that it happened, I soften, and you use me in their carnal purposes. So, you have deceived me, Andrei Mikhailovich? But ... I have to be honest, I do not regret it ... Lucinschi did not reply, but only smiled, his eyes jumped satisfied ogonki.Radostnaya cheerful smile lit up her pretty face. Miracles! From the haughty, lomlivoy swell that had invaded his home an hour ago, not a trace remains. Before a teacher now so normal, nice girl without any traces nadmennosti.- money I'll leave you to it for examination, you honestly earned them. And for the pleasure that you brought me, I am ready to pay another a certain number of dollars if you do not mind. Sderu grandmother with my friend, I will say that for the exam. He fork: he's rich. So what's so ... She paused. He took the doorknob and opened the door. Turned and threw a pleading look on the teacher ...- Can I to you I will come again, huh? .. Lucinschi grinned and nodded.

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School Theatre

ATTENTION !!! ATTENTION! THIS WORK is based on fictional events and to write in the genre of teenage sex (LOLITA SEX) Everyone who rejection of teenage sex, please do not read the works. All matches by chance.
Thick and heavy-set man of 45 walked down the corridor of high school N134. He had small dark eyes. His face, especially the forehead, was almost crimson. Grimace expressed explicit curiosity and pleasure in darting past the school. In general, a cheerful sort of fat. A sudden movement he opened the door to direktoru.- And here I am, - he said, like some actor tsirka.- And, Yes, Yes, go, - said the Soviet type headmistress, without lifting the face from the papers - it's you seems Arkady L., directed by a young theater actor. Let's get to the point, we can not identify you auditorium for rehearsals, but there is a perfectly renovated attic - our small assembly zal.- It is quite enough - said sulkily our geroy.- As I recall, the children will rehearse three times a week? - Yes, yes, all agreed with the parents. Today the third floor you can spend the first rehearsal. By the way, that will put the - you know, it is necessary to inculcate the children a good taste, something from Greek mythology. And the children of the right age? I said to reveal talent ideal age 10-12 years.- I remember everything, I listen to a lot of things, after half an hour the children will rehearse. You need to climb to the 4th floor and walk down the hallway to the end. And most importantly - let us, as I warned in a Parent Meeting in two weeks that would have been ready predstavlenie.- Konechno.Vse clear. Vsego.Na fact, Helena - headmistress, not like the bulky, bohemian kind of style, but it has long been accused of kondovoj shovels, and the complete absence of art in school. And then I turned up the director, also agreed to a paltry money.
* * * * *
Expanding their belongings Arkady L. was sitting on the bench the unpleasant dusty attic. Belatedly, Children - 5g disciples began to go. The class was small - only 17 people. Most of the boys. However, for the undertaking that he was going to take place in parallel with the rehearsals it was not important. When they met, he divided all into two groups, male and female. Boys did not interest him, they will be assigned on Friday. He has already agreed that they will put some stupid battles-ing scene of Hercules, with toy swords. But these juvenile popsy ... Today was just Monday, wishing good luck to the guys Ark Lion closed the door behind them. Girls have got to be extremely tasty and there were five: petite, tanned blonde, very beautiful attractive face - Julia 10-11 years; Brunette-Anne, taller, with dark eyes and well the outlined very young tubercles breasts, popsy Christina, whose hair colored strands, light make-up on her face, manicure, jewelry and very brief miniyubochka. She had the most simpotichnyh face, - a sort of model -nimfetka. Usually in such Krivlyak I love all the boys in the class. Then another blonde above the rest, very slim girl, very young, only 11 years, and the growth of pulling all 14. On behalf of the IRA. Closes the series of little Kate with two braids, she was barely give 10 years.- Mother! - I began to tutor gentle creatures - we are going to put zamechatelny performance - the ancient Greek myth of zhenschinoy wars kalduni and the poor girl. Entitled "Antide" Now, let's not waste time, It is for this shirmochka, he pointed to the pathetic faded curtain you need to change into a suit naryady.Tut three warriors, they probably will Anya, Ira and Christina. He pulled out his big red bohemian sacks Korotenko semi-dress tunic-half and three pairs of small and red boots. Three lessons from other bags, repainted in red plastic dagger, symbolizing the fiery swords of fearless warriors. Blue tunic prenadlezhat witches, as well as whimsically painted pointer. The latter was a long dress beggar korichnivogo tsveta.- general way, Julia, you're a magician, and the poor girl Katya. No objection - It's not fair - made small Katya, - why I beggar. I will not ...- Do not chew, his play at the end you find yourself a princess - Arkady L. wriggled. All right, he slapped lodoshi, march to change clothes, so a lot of time lost, by the way, because you want to be the heroine of the myths - provocatively asked on.Pochti all the girls said in unison da.- Here sings obyazaelno put clothes on the naked telo.- How and shorts can leave ?, scared Anya.- Panties course leave, the word -trusiki- he felt terrible excitement vnizu.Devochki went behind the curtain and there was a sweet heart of our tolstyachka clothes rustling and whispering stupid. Quietly, he got up from his director's "throne" And tsipochkah approached the curtains. Barely noticeable, he pulled the cloth and watched: Oh! Many would like to be there and see what he saw. Three of them have already been completed, and before the spinning-showing outfits at each other, and two yet. Julia just took off his jeans revealing a beautiful zagarelye legs. She stood back to our nablyudatelyu.Zatem bent down to take the floor with his tunic, exposing a round ass fitted by snow-white panties with pink hearts. Red Dress For nearly put Anya, but left to remove the t-shirt. She pulled up the edge and seemed milky-white skin, beautiful white tummy and finally jumped two gentle, young sisechki with pale pink nipples. Very small - each with a half orange. The girl finally donned his costume. Slightly sweaty seen from the director, carefully he returned to his seat. Actresses reached the dusty podmostki.- Well, then today we put a little scene. You, - he pointed to wars girls - come in a rundown Greek village. And you, Katyusha - the poor girl. You stripped before his house and plachesh.- Where is my home - asked bednyazhka.- scenery then now fulfill the role. You, - he said to the three daggers, - come to the village. And wonder why such zapustenie.- Voobshche in his play all distribute the text. Said Kristina.- Yes my child all the way, but our performance - a feature we find come up with the dialogue. Well, let's be surprised - why no one in the village? Where is everybody? What happened? Why Some houses have been destroyed? And you answer them, - he says, - Grief has come to our village, we lived well and happily until we are not attacked by a terrible monster Zorus, this thing has killed men who tried to protect the village, and kidnapped women and children, It is a great and terrible much more you fire the war, I was saved, ukryvshes in a haystack. Can you summarize your words Katya - the main point. And so the warrior come to the ruined village. Poehali.Nash Stanislavsky sat comfortably. Three girls came on stage and quite artistically began to look around him. Kate carried out all right. However, the attention of the brilliant director ... was not chained to the babble of youngsters, and to the beautiful legs girls. If Christina and Anna tunics were getting half the thighs, the bashful blonde Ira due to its growth outfit barely covered panties. She kept trying to pull down the tunic, but it turned out badly. When, during the conversations she was fascinated by and let the bottom of the Suit, the material to spring back slightly and opened eyes, slim hips, then flashed almost bare pinkish strong ass, O my God! Her panties were in the form of a bikini! Arkady L. feverishly blotted the sweat from his forehead. Finally, the poor girl in a long dress told her sad istoriyu.- So you played well, and now the monster !! Wearing a hat on the head with horns, depicting animal roar thick Maestro climbed onto the stage, girls zaulybalis.- Now this story, - he began directing remark , I'm trying to catch someone of the soldiers, peasant hidden side of the stage, and you froze in horror. Then I'll tell you what to do. Nachali.On terrible voice began: - I, the great Zorus, Oh, you warriors of fire, I catch and eat you !! He crouched began to catch the girls on what they became hihikat.Snachala he grabbed Christina's waist, making her pout slightly. I tried to push him away, but a new actor in a playful manner, pushed her and began fighting, biting pen beautiful girl: - You do not will consult with me! Bloodthirsty he muttered, going down the mouth below and now a little bit-kissed nezhnuyuLyazhechku but vybrazhale Christine not like the game, krehtya, it is lying on his back, began to push two legs Arkady L. and then looked down, he saw a very sexy picture - Christina's legs strained trying push it and exactly at the bottom of his face was visibly soaked with the effort pisya girl covered with black panties, in the second he could smell the young koketki.Ponyav that girl can cry, our actor fell behind her, with terrible words - no, it I can not do it, but you RRRRRRRuuuaa !! Zorus growled and grabbed Anya gently, struggling, he dumped her a little farther away from her friends, the girls giggled, watching them, but the director put it so that he was sitting on his knees between the legs divorced smeyuschaysya girls and the others could not see the details because monster was back to them. "This suchechku I remember more"- Teacher thought aktris.- I will destroy you !! scary he said, and having rested for a floor with one hand began to kiss the girl into the inner part of the thigh, brunette Anya just shook her head and laughing said she was tickled at this time he top groped hand belly and then started to squeeze through a red tunic young sisechki, head he completely got under podol.O YES! These white panties kids. With murderous growl, he began to lick pussy Ani through a narrow white stripes, the girl began to quickly breathe, catching the moment, he quickly moved the panties on Picea, and he opened a young pubis, with barely hatched black hair and pink razrezik against the backdrop of snow-white skin, licking tongue and on Picea little clit he pochuvsvoval seizures girl, realizing that it is necessary to interrupt, unnecessarily. his dick in his pants already swollen to the limit and will soon simply bursting, he took himself in hand, he broke away from devochki.- And what you stand, he defused the situation, I am suffering here and you do not save her friend-warrior - And you did not tell ! Ira.- argue you should try to stab me with your fiery swords - he said, getting up and moving to devochkam.- Here you! Here! They began to poke his sabelkami.- But the worst! He said he had as a director - at Zorusa no effect your weapon! And then shall appear you Julia, come on! Do not be afraid of the warrior, I have magic, I will stop him! - Say it to me prikosatsya magic wand Julia all vypolnila.- AAAAAA any pain - he said growling voice. So for nearly four. We lingered. You played well, but there is an important condition, you want to surprise everyone with a perfect performance - Yes! Yes! - Responded oni.- Then do not tell the parents - a great pessa should be a surprise. Otherwise, one of you will not produce is a current actress. All clear - Da.Konechno it was weak guarantee, however, the game that started Arkady L. was risky. Girls dressed back and started popraschavshes uhodit.- Good luck! By the way, Anya, you have to stay. You have to really get into rol.- But I have to go ...- Wait! I do not otnemu lot of time from you. Total 20 minutok.- Well we have a good result? Asked another devochki.- Yes, you are free to follow-ing zanyatiy.- Well .. What should I do to change clothes again - No, no. Arkady L. girls closed the door and locked it shvabroy.- It is that no one would interfere with rehearsals. Come on, I'm all you obyasnyu.Pokladistaya Anya went for the director. Here, behind the scenes they were back in the cubbyhole cherdaka.- Well, what do I do - You see Annie, the main thing is to be able to relax, these actresses are able to truly relax. Then the role vygljadet estestvennoy.- How is it -? You know, when I was playing today with you the role, then you could a little rasslabitsya.- Well, I do not know ... shy girl remembering how then, imperceptibly from the trampling-girlfriends lyala trusiki.- I will explain everything to you now - quietly went on stage master, with these words he drew the brunette to her, and gently sat on koleno.Devochka not resist. Holding her by the waist, he began to bear some nonsense about a Hollywood actress, a large theater, downloading brains girls. And he became one arm to climb under her blouse. She sat there and did not react. At the same time he began boltavney slightly compress the breast through the shirt. Anya began to breathe more deeply, he realized that she liked. Then seducer moved his hands under the shirt, feeling the gentle tummy, he raised his hands thrusting them into small breasts and began to kiss a girl in the head. The delicate skin on her chest drove him crazy. Already a hoarse voice with lust, he said: - Let's drugomu.S these words, he proipodnyal girl and turned to face him again, sat on his knees You relax - Da.Ona she was excited?. Arkady L. began to gently lift the T-shirt. And finally, the dream of his day - two milky young sisechki in front of his mouth. He began sucking on his left hand holding the other. Then he put his hands on his hips and began to caress the beauty of them. This went on for ten minutes. Member rushed out like a mad bull. All. it was above an experienced male strength. Lifting the girl he got excited he gently placed it back on the table and began to kiss passionately .... Small boobs, tummy - the girl moaned closing her eyes. Lifting her legs on his shoulders, he was holding a white gum panties began to pull them. Gum was already on the thighs, when Anya if ochnulas.- Do not! I really can not! The truth is - And we do wrong will not do, do not be afraid! I promise you! Whispered affected in istupleniya rezhisser.Navernoe excitement girl wanted so much repetition of the recent sensations at the rehearsal, she still took her hands would remove the last barrier. He again pulled the rubber band on the hips and gently removed the white panties. Well, the picture! In front of him with raised long legs lying nymphet in a tee shirt Zadranoy navrh. Delicate white skin milk sisenki with transparent pink nipples, navel and a little young virgin pisya between the legs. He bent down and happily started to lick her treasure, absorbing the gentle smell. The girl shook her head with passion."It seems that the time has come - he decided. - I caressing a young bitch enough." He unbuttoned and lowered his pants, underwear, and now in his hand a powerful pulsating veins Tols member. Slipping one hand under the ass under the other, he began to attach his hero to crack. When most Bogrov head touched the young girl Picea opened his eyes and raised his head begged: - Oh! Arkady L.! Pretty! I'm afraid! It hurts to be! I can not! - A little hurt, then nicely. Well, fear not! - Oh, no! I'm afraid - not afraid And with a heavy sigh, clutched in one hand and half our ass hypocrite Stuck powerful member of the pussy girl was very narrowly passed only half of the head, the girls began to shake his head and a muffled whine, biting her lip in pain!. Exhausted natenut a young brunette on your agrigat he made a powerful movement of his hips forward sticking petrified member of the middle. The girl screamed, and the mad man began powerfully batter Anya. Even when the virgin burst Anya continued to shout. The director continued strongly to fuck the girl subdued. Recording cave was narrow, and the sight of long, slender legs, feeling schelkovistoy half ass in his hands and the kind of flinches sisichek made their busi- he not have lasted five minutes. With groans and cries had her, he began to shoot powerful jets of semen in pussy schoolgirl. After sex, he took out a squishing sound member, brushed it from virgin blood and standing in front of a girl on her knees began to lick reimburse uscherb- protrahanuyu slot girly. Then he raised his head, he kissed her newly made woman. Anna calmed down in tears, and even now you uybalas.- vsovsem adult. - Teatral.- said I know - smiled ona.- Listen, about what happened do not tell anyone this week. After this time, you can tell. Otherwise, parents are sure to lead you to opiratsiyu. There will be terribly hurt! And if you will not tell anyone, not lead. It is clear - Well da.Anya was obviously the most good from these girls. Gently he took her farewell. Thus ended the first day of rehearsal.
Returning to a removable 1-room apartment, our priest love first thing in rasslablyuschuyu took a bath, he laundered tchatelno member of the girl's blood. The head krutilos- will give not give a man ... then discharged tightly supper. Sitting in a comfortable chair, he turned on the news, in which the announcer told tedious extradition of some tycoon. Turn down the sound it comfortably lit a fat cigar. In this large, we can say smug cigar in mitaforicheskom sense, the meaning of his life the last 12 years. Our hero was not always nymphomania, accompanied by a look of young girls. His favorite age 11-13 years - the girl is no longer puffy child but not an adult. Unexpectedly, he pondered over the question of morality. Is he smart and kind person, the most monstrous maniac pedophile trap children in the candy? No, it's definitely not about me. He thought. After all, those raped children, and I seduce nymphets and very successfully. Let's think logically, he began an internal monologue with an imaginary appanentom. Girls aged 12 years in today's society neprekosnovenny child, so by law, but in fact there were the old days, when the 13 years old girls already could be someone else's wives, in a society that was not immoral. And now? After all, if you give the old and impotent hypocrites write laws, even 18 is too early ?! That is, it all depends on the moral attitudes of society. Well, if I love the young ass, pussy, sex with them, then now, on trial for me? No Sir, I - not a pedophile. These nasty bastards raped, bullied, and often killed these children - 5 and 7 years. No Sympathy and understanding to them I do not feel. And if the 11-12 year old flirt already has quite feminine form, all but full breasts? Yes, I am absolutely prav.Odnako, self-hypnosis still did not give him complete peace of mind. Hell, I'm in the race for a long time, until one major misfire. But the theory of probability does not come up with fools! Yes, this is another school, a maximum of two times ... He remembered the time of entry into Anya ... yes, for the sake of those moments I live. But how many of them were ... Veronica, Tanya Lera, Sasha, Masha All ... and I do not remember. He suddenly remembered my first time, not the one showing off in front of boys in 16 years: "And I fucked chick"And the other - a real first time, turning - in 32. It was in a small provincial town, where he is a PhD on batanike destistepenny arrived at the seminar of experts on sel.hoz problems. in Soviet Union. Who knew that after this trip trivial to the people, it will change your life. After the meeting, at dusk, he went to his shack, which zdaval 3 days old one. He remembered the girl, brown-haired woman in a summer sundress and sparkling young legs, kaku-the outskirts of the nearby village, haystack, moaning nymphet, ladnost young pdrostkovoy figures. He dozed off. So I passed the first day.
* * * * * *
On Wednesday, 13 hours a cheerful and already shaved Arkady L. dialed headmistress shkoly.- Denmark This is your director, Arch L. you have everything in order - Yes, yes - of course, come today. How is the dress rehearsal - All right parents do not razacharuyutsya.- It - Yes yes it is, I just wanted to find out whether not izmeniles plany.- No come and work. Before Vse.- svidaniya.Raschet was simple, if the parents have already raised Ani scandal because vyebanoy girls that headmistress gave to understand that. Of course she could pretend and if the school made a police ambush. But it was not very likely. The director was a wonderful mood. The man was about to leave, I almost forgot something very important. It was a jar, store in the refrigerator, inside the super cocktail. Alcohol, sweet syrup, strong exciter and harmless, very rare Indian extracts. This powerful tool has been used in complex situations. "Perhaps in handy." He went to school. Opened assembly zal.- pylischa Well, there seems to be no ubiraetsya.Poka girl has not yet come, he decided to look for a memorable place, ascended to the pathetic scene, he went backstage. Here she is. Commemorative worktop ... and a pile of school stuff. Arkady L. approached her, looked at divorce zamyty they last traces of joy. One can not help remembering quivering with each thrust dairy sisechki Ani he blushed. Yes. That day passed correctly. "Oh, it's time to go back to the entrance"He thought he heard the voices of schoolgirls. Girls poprevetstvovali pedogoga and started settling in the attic, there was a change, they talked some nonsense about pop music and some games. Going to Ana, he quietly asked: - It's okay - Da.Devochka slightly smiled and blushed?. Directed friendly wink Ey.- way my colleagues, and where is our fairy Julia? She segdnya important part of the statement, there will be many fairy segdnya uchastvovat.- Oh and you know, the beginning of Natasha, she is now in the classroom, on the 2nd floor. She now ubiraetsya.- What rehearsal? - You know we have a very cleaning strogo.- Well, I'll find her and think of something, and you do not get bored, and rehearse and costs. I linger and come. Costumes in the bag. Take sami.- well. The girls were obviously happy to give himself an air of importance sebe.S man went to the second floor looking into a couple of rooms, he finally opened the door to 5g. Girl standing on a stepladder wiped top stilazha. It was in a beautiful dress and elegant thin pantyhose. She had to be sure to support! - Oh, hello, I'm here ubirayus.- See upadi.On not approached carefully and gently held her by the hips, hands on her dress. Seeing that Julia continues to carefully wipe stilazh, he slipped his hands took her just under the buttocks. When he prekosnulsya to it, it struck like a current: the director was holding and gripping round a strong ass, covered with opaque tights. Oh, the day has just begun, and he was about to unceremoniously master blondinochkoy.- Arkady L. Incidentally, the boy ran away and I still have 3 chairs from the warehouse to drag! Here they are goats, though - Listen and let me help you Yulia - You are so kind. Come on. They are light and Boghos vyshli.- Listen, in a warehouse keeper there yes - No. I have a key, warehouse here on vtorom.- It prekrasno.Nash hero could hardly hide his joy, because it is in an empty closet at least a good pomnetsya girl. She unlocked the door and they entered the warehouse a little semi-dark pomeschenie- These chairs we need - it showed, taking odin.- Wait - stopped her uchitel.On closed the door locked from the inside, then sat down on a chair. The girl looked at him with her blue eyes ispuganno.- But we have to carry chairs ..- Yes, but first I have to explain to you something. He took the girl by the hand and gently pulled her to him. - You're a magician, you should have nothing to fear. You know - you want to be cool Da.- actress or a singer - Yes! Highly! I want to be like Madonna! She's so cool! - But Madonna brightened ona.- nothing boitsya.- Me too! - A little you remove the tights or slaughter -? Nah! But why -? Just here it is very stuffy. And I want to show you the special rol.- okay. Only you close your eyes - Horosho.Poslyshalos rustling. Opening his eyes he saw a blonde in a dress to get it to mid-thigh and lower Kripen'ka slender tanned legs in sandals. He took the girl by the toliyu and priblizil.- You have to relax, which would be ready to volshebnitsy.On Rolet took one by the leg and started kissing istuplenno zagareluyu tender knee. The result was such a picture: an overweight man sitting on a chair with his legs apart, and between them there is a fair-haired nymphet, substituting the raised leg to potseluev.- tickles! She giggled flushed devochka.- will be more pleasant - he pulled the girl under the ass to him and lifted the hem climbed to litsom.V dusk under the hem of her dress on the background of tanned thighs were white girls panties. He began eagerly to kiss thigh and Pip Julia through her panties. The girl breathed gromche.- you like - Aga.Prosunuv hand under her panties on her ass, he felt a gentle touch on the strong half. Mash them while kissing her, he decided to steal her panties. This time, he abruptly pulled down and white little obstacle was already schikolotkah.- Oh do not -! Quiet quiet! It will be nice to put his fallen hem and examined the girl down to the navel was stunned: slender tanned legs, hips Kripen'ka, tanned tummy with pupochke and gentle little pisya. The girl was less mature than Anya - pubic there was no hint of the hairs, and silk was even smaller. Crafty seducer began furiously licking pussy little girl, holding her by the naked ass-she obviously does not stand on her feet. Julia started strongly stonat.- Hush! With these words, he lifted the hem of her dress and began to shoot him through the head. She pyadnyala hands pomagite him. Now excited blonde girl standing in front of him in a blue T-shirt and sandals. Because breasts she was not, he decided to leave brief futbolku.- And now look! He said, unbuttoning the pants of which are PETON, swinging in the air jumped powerful standing chlen.- Wow! This offer large! Malchik have much less, I saw my brother! - Do you like! Touch! Excited Julia little hand began to touch the powerful pulsating agrigat.- Now sit down on my knees. He sat her down on his knees to face him, then he lifted one hand on the ass, and the other led swollen penis to a small pisi.- That do not need to! Agitated girl looked down, there was something to be frightened: the head of the powerful instruments of hairy male cook in a small log devtvennuyu pisyu.- You want me to fuck! Do not! My mother does not allow! Oh, it is not necessary, but the contract ooooooo !!! objections it did not have time, it prirvalos lingering squeal, not vyderzhevshey longer fondling the male grabbed her by the waist and buttocks tight, jerk Yulia planted on a powerful piston. Having a strong jerk, he saw as a powerful head, trunk, and then disappear into the Expanded Picea beauty. This is the first jerk, he ripped hymen and member climbed halfway. Girl sit down on the trunk still screaming. In the eyes of the tears were the first time. His hips began to pour warm virgin blood. He continued in the animal istupleniya stick Julia. The Picea was so narrow that the hard cock was as if trapped in tiski.Cherez some time ... Julia, through the pain, it was nice. She moaned and uperevshis handles his shoulders began to bounce on the penis itself. Finally, with terrible hoarse sighs He began powerfully to inject sperm deep into pisyu.Oni, both exploded in orgasm. With strong smacking sound he took the girl from her trunk. Both were sweating heavily. The director began to gently kiss her on the lips neck, gently whispering: - I'm sorry, my dear, I'm sorry - he was lowered gently kissing pupochek ate standing on their feet girly, then became vylizovat schelku.On gladly licked from her schoolgirl juices, and warm krovku remnants of spilled spermy.- You do not take offense at me! Just you are so beautiful that I could not resist. He spoke vskhlipovayuschey devochke.- Why you! Mum would kill me! I was very sick !! - I'm sorry dear! And do not tell my mother, and that's all. He helped her to dress. Well you it was nice, and then - But it is very painful! I now it hurts! - Honey, tomorrow all will begin to live, do not worry! Well, all played and enough discharged environment director. - Now, go take a walk, home is not necessary right away, and then narugayut. Well - they Ladno.Vyydya from the warehouse, as if nothing had happened walked on koridoru.Do the end of the lesson was 15 minutes. She had rubbed his face and looked fine in principle, but the gait she had protrahanoy kids: barely crossed the legs, and places them wider than usual. Looking out the window he saw the teacher gentle shower in front of the building miletseyskuyu car. One cop was standing nearby, apparently others have already entered the school! Oh no! It is very dangerous! It seems they have found me! Frantically remembering that gym on the ground floor opens for ventilation and a door out to the back yard of the school, our James Bond ran there. The rest of the kids are canceled! -I think it is. Heck! Maybe it blows over! Spustivshes to the first floor, he immediately changed his haste to respectable behavior. Then he came out of the school through the gym, leaving a rehearsal with costumes bag. I must say that was a false alarm. Police came to the school about bullies broken the window of the neighboring house. However, thick Epicurean, to play it safe, I was sitting at home. He thought that the day was not in vain. Yes, perhaps I will miss these girls and N134 school. Member ached slightly from the close Julia's recording. He dozed off. He remembered one of his friend - Oleg Loginov. For friends Oleg-pantuha. Yes. Unusual man. Indeed. Oleg was a young guy 27 years younger-looking. The complete opposite of Arkady Lvovich. Rezhisser- old, thick, not attractive and not rich, and Oleg young, muscular, tall, beautiful brunette with light blue eyes of the oligarchic families. However, they were General- their passion for youngsters.
* * * *
Share it necessary to detail. Father Oleg, Alex Loginov, a former prominent Soviet official who worked in the field of oil production. Since the beginning of modern times, he managed to create a powerful partner benzakolonok extensive network in Moscow and several other cities. Having control of gasoline production business run like clockwork. And it was the very beginning of the 90s. Major players in the oil business have not vydelelis. At the time of privatization the capital had already Loginov, then he and his partners bought undervalued their control petro-nomic enterprise. By the mid-90s sotoyanii Loginova estimated at more than 1 billion. $ Not really believing in Russia, he preobrel two promising American bank and went abroad. Pick up with a young wife and little Sasha, second son. And the first son from his first marriage, and was Oleg. Father and son maintained an excellent relationship. Oleg is always raised as a prince, he was all pozvolino. However, he quickly gluttoned usual idleness, in the middle of the 80s became a lot obschatsya in golden youth circles, in general, at the time of the story, he tried everything in life: 16 years, he was an inveterate philanderer, crashed many Devchy hearts, then sated with all possible beauties, became drinking lots of water, then I tried a new for himself - homosexuality. However, bysro lost interest in it, leaving it incredibly vleblennogo boy. Again, all complete satiety. Dipressii. Again, drunkenness, then, "smart" people are offered a new thrill - cocaine, but not normal, to get a lot of money, even for hard - White Chinese purest variety, only for the very wealthy. Then forced crease in the best clinics in the world, the cries of his father, and torzhesvennye oath pope: - All I zavyazalOdnazhdy he, in Moscow, by chance met a beautiful 12 year old kid, it was on one Bykovskaya disco, where he rolled on his posh coupe Mercedes-lurinser. As usual, the club of his guard. Then he took her to a restaurant, then was a luxury apartment with a view of the President-hotel. Girl, never in my life not even sitting in a simple foreign cars, homes slyshevshaya constant complaints neschitu mother, was shocked. The evening ended with a powerful sex with a young virgin squeals. Something clicked in my head with the rich nothingness! He found a new, huge craze. But more about that in the next chapter.

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