My first teacher

Here is my story ...
It all happened when I was 14 years old ...
I am 8 years studying at a music school, a year later I have to finish it ... My main teacher was a beautiful teacher, her name was Oksana V., she was 30-35 years old, though I did not know. I like it very much ... and in my dreams I even wanted otimet it !!! But I knew that this idea is unrealistic ... And that's just my childhood dream, like the student love the teacher. . About her I knew only that she had a husband and a daughter, the daughter already goes to school in the second grade ... In our "muzykalke" It was still a guitar teacher all called him Nikolaitch ... absurd and ridiculous ...
Over time, began to notice that they are to each other as in a strange way they behave ... Oksana V. and Nikolaitch ... I even thought that this little betrayal of my beloved teacher to her husband ... Her husband was fat and stupid from this myeon impression that Oksana Vasilyevna is not enough male affection, this idea for some time brought closer to my dream changed since I knew that the woman needs the peasant is ready for everything ...
It took half a year, I noticed that Oksana V. very aged ... I do not even understand what happened to her ... ... One day when I should be a lesson I came to the office and saw that ... it is closed ... I did not try harder to pull the door, then it closed, I saw the castle ... it does not matter in other ... I'm a little moved away from the office and sat down on the chair ... I heard a little noise which was published in cabinet in which I need to get there ... and we have to "muzykalke" the wall between the rooms on the second floor are very thin and they are made of corrugated glass covered with some sort of old wallpaper ... and outside the door, do not know why there was no glass fluted and torn piece of wallpaper ... Like the second keyhole ... I looked in and was very surprised ... My favorite teacher fucked Nikolayevich !!! I was excited, and was outraged ... He's not handsome !!! It is only a very charming man ... He fucked her on the teacher's desk ... she could hardly contain his delight ... I even wondered why she did not virischit from such pleasure ... for a moment forget about everything from ... I fucked her with privilikim pleasure !!! She was very sexy chest! I would like to join their merry company. But they were not up to outsiders ... Nikolaitch stopped and turned down belly teacher ... He twitched a couple of times a unit ... he he was not great. . and slowly began to thrust his Oksana Vasilyevna and ass ... this process I was very excited that I even noticed that I had dripped from the end of pants ... Nikolaitch by all appearances is also very much excited that he began to approach the peak of his work. . perdolit he stopped her in the ass ... she got all tired and took a large ration of sperm in her mouth. This was evident in her inflated cheeks ... He pulled out a member, he swallowed. Then she started again hard to take in his mouth nectar, squeezing his penis ... and that seems to be all they have to dress ... ... I walked away ... Knowing that my dream even closer as it really needs affection !! ! The door opened and I pretended that he had just come ... I said hello ... Went to the office of the teacher's desk there sat my teacher ... she was in her blouse, which was a bit dekoltirovanna and it was evident that she was all red .. . from this kind of sticky in her eyes I got a stake ... But the lesson we all still had a ...
It took another six months ... and I noticed that the relationship between the teacher finished miracle !!! I do not much upset and a little happy ... I noticed that Oksana V. has grown old, and I felt sorry for her ... She stopped so beautiful dress is no longer painted ... Her body was not a lot of decrepit, and it even liked me !!! But her figure and her ass Myung always excited! From her ass I've always loved it! And I like that come to class to it and was pleasantly surprised !!! She was wearing her short skirt, she looked beautiful. We started the lesson ... she gave the job ... I started to fulfill it ... all done, she said that would come up, I went back not many types of look in a notebook, but I have admired her breasts! She then told me that, and I wanted ... then she started to turn her head, I strongly hesitated and then blurted out that she turned her head to look "Che is persecuting you buddy" When she turned her head back in a notebook she stopped look at my jeans in the field of lightning ... then she looked me in the eye in November pretended not to see that she was looking into my eyes, and continued with a clever look fizey in a notebook ... And then something clicked inside me that we must act if you want to fuck this beauty !!! I slowly reached his hand into her blouse ... she noticed it a little faster and started to lead his hand to his chest, our hands met on the left boobs, I thought she would tell me a couple of gentle and send me, but instead gently He took my hand and slid on his miracle grudm! I realized that my dream depends on my actions, it is good that I even mentioned it ... I carefully picked it up and put on the table, closed his eyes in shame a little longer and it slowly began to kiss, but fuck it !!! She grabbed ... What am there almost finished ... Chrazu visible was her experience ... seen it more than once changed her husband !!! I started kissing her neck and heard her excited breath, which gave me confidence, and I started to go down further ... I nachil lick her breasts, even stop ... but I realized that daleshe more interesting !!! I abruptly pulled off her her red fishnet panties, she realized that now I finish, and she said that she wants to do everything, I was surprised ... She took my penis in his hand and gave me a compliment that he was already quite big! I smiled and realized that she was just flattering me ... so it was not difficult to guess that it is not such a hat in her mouth took !! She zaglatila all 16 cm ... I felt her sweet tongue caresses my end ... I once finished, she even choked, but not stuck my dick, I finished in her mouth five minutes !!! It was the surprise of this, and said that I was glib malchik ... I stood for a moment ... My dick did not even weakened ... And she hinted that she wanted to end ... I look forward to continuing soy favorite things ... I'm so Lizunov it was nice to lick ... I shoved a language completely ... She clenched her vagina ... and I got a big soldering Snog sshibaitelnoy mixture into his mouth, and I liked sglatnul !!! She revstela and povirnulas back to me and asked what I would do what she wants, I licked her pussy again and slowly began to enter her ... this protsessse I particularly liked !!!! She was able to work the muscles of the vagina!
For five minutes I perdolit her pussy, and then I decided to fuck her for a full ... I hit her clitoris member and began to put pressure on the anus, she growled passionately, letting me know that the entrance is open ... I went a bit hard .. . And I realized that it does not give all to fuck yourself in the ass! This she did, and then said .... I felt that it ends like a machine gun ... Right hand I began to pull her klitorok that would really drive her to heaven ... ... She turned to me and smiled ... I wanted to kiss her and she said let's move type. .. Nothing smooch ... I added the pace and she began to squirm ... Oh yes! I finished it right in the tank !!! Yes, such a stream that she looked at me and shook her head and told me ... "Yes ... you ... precocious".
After that we did not what was not ... When I came to her lesson, I just remembered everything that was done to her compliments on her appearance ...

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My sexual experience

It was two years ago. In the country. I had just turned 17 and I loved 18yu Alina. We have already had sex.
Once she stopped me for the night, she lived far enough, and it was already past midnight, I slept in the guest house and we were left alone, of course, that we slept in the same bed.
We had a great night and in the morning, when we were already asleep in the house burst father tore us a blanket, with a cry of:
- What is it?
- Dad, - I said - decent people knocking!
- What? - Angrily he hissed.
- Valery Karlovich, Valentin is not a child, - Alina said.
- That we now have a look ... - said the father.
He brought me out into the garden and led to the barn.
- Be a man, because in the bed, it was you! - Said the father.
With a straight face on it all looked Alina, and then she rushed to me, but my father pushed her with force, she fell.
- Well, get ready! - He said - take your pants off!
- I do not take off! - I said proudly.
- Ah well! Well, hold on!
He grabbed a pile of freshly cut nettle and paved with her bench in the barn, he ripped off my pants and tied me to the bench. In the barn we had a whip for horses. He grabbed the whip and began to whip them to me. With words:
- Be a man, son, receive for their actions!
He made me a blow, all attempts to save me Alina ended with the fact that he hit her whip! He struck with force with force, saying:
- Take that!
On my back and buttocks with a trickle of scarlet blood flowed, he unleashed on me 50 strokes.
After the flogging, I could barely stand on his feet, Alina went with me to the river, but there in the icy water, I have come to his senses!
Mom has developed with his father, and took me to an apartment, this was the price to pay for flogging my first sex. Scars from the whip did not heal for a long time.

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Fishing!!! It's always a great ...

Fishing!!! It is always great. And when the fishermen are lucky ... no soup for rybalochka that ... but the fish have to prepare ... it has to do man ...
The first part of the ... let's call it "PREPARATION"...
I walk into the room and sits on the bed beautiful and sexy girl ... she ... kiss her sweet lips, running a hand through his hair curly ... they are like a sea wave in my hands ... their pleasant smell and simply enchanting intoxicating ... She lies down, lifting legs slowly stretching like a goddess on my bed ... I start stroking motion to remove her stockings ... Such lovely legs ... gently drawing them by hand, raise my head ... her breasts pressed to my face ... I gently unbutton her blouse, and kiss her neck, stroking his chest girls, the beauty that god gave her ... take off bra, breast tickle like a baby taking his mother's mouth breasts ... I stroked her tummy and the whole stomach ... She turns in bed ... and I'm starting to pull her panties, gently touching the buttocks and caressing Mjaken'kaja ... She lies naked in bed, full of all that woman's love and charms ... and her eyes. .. I see them kindness and warmth of happiness !!!
The first part is over. Now you have to prepare ...
We enjoyed preparing fish ... And now we begin to cook the fish ...
The second part of the ... let's call it "ready"...
but without the help of a woman, it is impossible to do ... because only it can determine Ushytsya tasting, cooking over a campfire, how to throw salt and other seasonings ... and only she can determine when Ushytsya will be ready ...
... naked ... she sat up in the pose of a lioness, stretching his arms and pulling off my coat, kisses ... what a pleasure ... her lips grant me sweet kisses and hand stroking my body, like a sea wave rolled on me .. . her emotions ... She raises her lying next to the pad, presses it to his chest, as if a big heart ... I kiss her feet ... ... kolenochki stroking thighs, kissing her damp sponge, gently playing tongue kiss ... beautiful belly bellybutton ... ... tender breasts, cupping her mouth swollen nipples ... arms ... neck ... ... cheeks bright lips. I spend a hand through his hair and caressing lush ...
And the woman says, voice, like a gurgling brook, that the ear is ready and it's time to feast on it ... Then comes the third part of the ... let's call it "PLEASURE"...
...and the moment that God gives us ... that's crazy me and the girl comes ... we get the satisfaction of love and intimacy ... our intimacy, physical and spiritual ... and everything around us becomes magically golden. .. it all goes through a moment in fantastic speeds. Trying to keep this moment, I hug and kiss her ... cuddle ... but ... ... I can see it in the gold room ... how beautiful it is! ... All in white, her sweet lips, magic curls and eyes that are full satisfaction of wild love ...
Ear ends. It is time we collect the gear and go home. All fine finishes over time, but only to start again !!!

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Stormy party

She was completely unconscious, in a position which left her friends. Without panties and bra in a silk combination. This time she was lucky - she wakes up at home ...
Evening meeting with the graduates was as always - stormy, riotous and drunken. Natasha remembered that her first all hugged, then vaguely remember that someone kissed passionately, then danced completely naked. Individual episodes pop up in memory and dug into sharp splinters tattered soul. That was then and as it turned out the house she did not remember ... But I could guess about this, gently fingering pussy with swollen red petals of the labia. Inside it was raw and sore. But more painful was the soul - ...
Sergei watched on TV when the apartment with the noise burst into a drunken company - a mother and four men in leather jackets, about the same age. Mother looked into the room and irritably ordered his son to go to bed - son growled, but did not argue, dutifully undressed, turned out the lights and went to bed. He listened. Away from the noise moved from the cramped hallway in the same tight kitchen. More to go, they were nowhere - in a single room he slept, Sergei. But he was not going to sleep - in shorts standing member of the stake, with the wet swollen head. The guy already knew what was going to be more interesting than these stupid. He quietly got up from his couch and barefoot, on tip-toe, went to the door. The kitchen was unfolding orgy. Loud voices, laughter exclude the possibility that it're caught. He carefully opened the door and slipped into a dark corridor from where through the glass door of the kitchen was very well seen the action unfolds. Mother, already quite drunk, sitting at the kitchen table, spreading his legs apart, set on two stool. It was no longer anything but a black silk combination that did not close even white round belly woman. Pussy, covered with black curly hair, defiant Alella red maw disclosed meet wiry, hard dick. Men in turn took place between divorced women and their feet after a series of powerful aftershocks die down with the strong feeling of vaginal pleasure spasms ...
Mistress does razvezlo. She collapsed on the table, and so lay giving guests the opportunity to dispose of its by a pussy. Friends began to gather home Satisfied than once. Sergei mouse slipped into place. Men moved the woman into the room, hit on something in the dark and knocking some items, laid her on the couch, covered with a blanket and left the apartment swearing fun classmates.
He waited until the noise dies down in the stairwell, the guy got up gingerly and turned on a night light. The mother lay on her back and her mouth open snoring loudly. Sergei walked over to her and leaned over the sleeping. He touched on the shoulder. Then she shook her quietly, checking how tightly she sleeps. The mother was completely sedated. He began shaking her as if to shake out of her insides, but other than incoherent mutterings with obscene phrases heard nothing. Satisfied with the test, he stood over her and excited long-awaited opportunity to realize their fantasies began to turn away from her blanket. Now she was lying in front of him in the same combination. What's spying! What's nocturnal fantasies! Now he could do whatever he wants with it. In any case, he did once again shook her by the shoulders. Zero! She was like one dead, and only the heavy breathing and fume talked about that before it is fully alive person. Female! Young libertine down to business. He carefully picked up one foot and pulled her aside. Then another. Straight was pussy mature woman in front of him. Red petals fleshy labia minora hanging out, exuding some exciting spicy flavor. The boy brought his face to the open crotch and gently touched his lips to wet fleshy folds. Then he licked their language. Woman snoring loudly. Man emboldened more. He spread his fingers intimate folds and with pleasure began to lick soft vaginal wall from which oozed onto the sheet of clear liquid, forming a large wet spot buttocks. After enjoying this, he put a wet licked their petals languishing on waiting cock and began to drive head on a big swollen pussy folds. Then, no longer able to contain himself, he took a comfortable position, having rested his hands on the bed, so that you could see the whole process, and gently introduced into the vagina a member of the mother ...

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Do not shoot. Part 1 (2 of 4). Alex and Kate

Resting, I opened my eyes and saw the door ajar ours, it is Andrew, pulling his dick, and makes me signs on the way out. I immediately imagined that Natasha may not like what he had seen her in such a state. So, I quietly got up and walked into the hallway, and do not care to look cowards! - Where are you going? - Very sleepy, as if sedated asked Nata.- I seychas.- Come, wake me wash - added ona.Ya went into the kitchen. Andrew was also naked, smiled, acted like nothing had byvalo.- Drink, smoke, - proposed on.- Yes, I do not know what I want? Already like and got drunk, and Nakuru, and ...- And naeblis, - he added and continued. - I'm telling you, come on, vzbodrit.Ya not give up and we immediately began drinking, smoked. Once warmed in the stomach. We began to talk with him about anything, and gradually began to return to the past evening, remembered how good it was noted dancing, striptease girls, to compliment their wives: - And you fucking cool! - Suddenly she said on.- Yes, you, too, did not lag behind, it was not seen slyshno.- A - Natasha is not, and I was a little posmotrel.- What did you see? Tell me interesno.- I found when Katya was sverhu.- you all? Liked - Yes, even by.- Well would have taken and joined ?! - Apparently, he wanted to hear my reaktsiyu.- And you long watching us? - I wanted to know what he saw and slyshal.Da, the most interesting thing is not missed, was just on the most final cool you on the ass walked, I was very wound up, if you have not finished, I would have run down. Cool was a little by.Lesha smutilsya.- And Sergey Ira sleep? - The conversation on.- I do not know, or sleep, or trahayutsya.- Come on, let's see? - Slyly he said on.- Yes uncomfortable somehow, they door zakryta.- But why here uncomfortable, it is time to do something more interesting to think of just a booze gone, we do not sleep enough? We're on vacation, let's all raise again and will continue to - Andrew went to him and vernulsya.- I called Sergei, do not respond or do not hotyat.- Yes, probably, have a drink, no one can - as if provoking Andrew said Lesha.- no drink is not important, but to have sex even hunting. You by the way, as the set - Yes like normalno.A Andrew glittered glaza.- you yesterday nothing left, we started at the sight of one another, Kate also went through yesterday, can not seem to make her, she is my type - he himself, I myself am no !, - I call them, do not have to persuade Sergey Ira though the bathroom door closed and hard to see, they'd go, Katyusha started up, glances at them, I realized it, put shrimp, Sergei kisses her, continuing to fuck Il , then she Ira vytselovyvaet, she answers, Katja moves her lips, kissing her breasts, then tum, Sergei saw her face close, pulls out and gives it to suck, I'm on the edge, I think to finish or even draw. Sergey again included in Ira and starts, so hotly her fight, she legs it sends, and they rapidly commit, Katka glared at Irina's lips, and we had the same finish, rest, I proposed further continue, but Ira stole Sergei - and immediately he added. - How do you like Il? You fucked her in the car? Liked - No not fuck. You prevented - And then I'll prevent - Well, she saw you, notorious, even said he does not like to fuck in the car! - That's right, what we like children, hiding from each other, it's sex, and should be able to receive from him as much fun! Unless I'm wrong - probably right! - That's right, do not you want with feeling, gently, at ease to have fun with my Ira and Katya -? Of course yes! And, by the way, Kate is asleep - wake Without it I have an easy-going, Natasha and how? I would love to fuck her .... unless of course you do not protiv.Posle three glasses of vodka with juice, we will order again zahmeleli.- And you're fucked her! - I did not give this idea pokoya.On looked at me: - Who said that? No - I said Natasha herself. What are you in the bathroom fucked her! - I put it in front of faktom.- I do not understand it! Or is it you acted out or she really does not remember. Yes! I could probably fuck her, but I do not love, I love the open, with the feeling, do not hesitate to keep what does not hurt, and she was very drunk, not interesting, now, of all, I want it up. We can now come to you, Katya. So you do not mind - Yes, I do not mind, but Nat is unlikely, it is all somehow did not dare when mne.- And without you -? Probably not mind, but I can not decide for her. Are you with Kate, so tried - Yes a little bit, we like it. I love to see how my Katya gets in that moment of satisfaction. By the way with Sergey, we often together, this practice, I did it for a long time know a couple of times fucked, and together with their wives, first each his own, in the same bed, and then we Katya Sergei and Irina looked and itself brought to orgasm, she also vary not open want it and like it, and want to, but at the last minute is not solved, but in another way, she did not hesitate, Sergei says that they want a child and she's afraid of getting pregnant by another, - he smiled So I can in a condom, you can think of a lot of things. In general, a little complex, - barely uttered Andrey.Ya digested and imagined all he said Andreem.Mozhet pribrehal bit, can not you? - Thought I. So what if you do not get together, come apart, I'm yours and you are mine? - Looking straight into my eyes and resolutely said slyly on.- I do not know, probably not poluchitsya.- Why do not you get? Received! If you do not want to say so - No, I want to, but without Natasha, I can not decide, but because without her consent, I do not know. You do not know Natasha, she can hit the ceiling, and what it all end? I will try it tomorrow ugovorit.- Tomorrow will be tomorrow, as there is desire, there is attitude, come on now, I'm 100% sure everything will turn out. We drink for courage and quietly lie down, I in your place, and you're on mine, as if nothing had happened, and gradually raises, good thing to have, but when you realize that it's not you, it's too late to be. Well, the plan - I'm sure it will not work - this young man hypnotized her pryamotoy.- ... Come on, do not ssy, - said Andrei Yes drinking what I kid you ssat.Ya presented awkwardness of it all He presented his sleeping wife, remembered that she fell asleep, all of my semen that Andrei will be convenient to molest her, until she realized he definitely has its vyebet, on the other hand Natulya joked that the principle does not give Andrew, it may angry, but she said she wanted me to fuck Kate that it is exciting, it will be to hear that, in the end, she was told that Andrew has got it. The idea excited and attracted. No! I was sure that this time Andrew will succeed. Yes, and very much like to Katya. I made a decision: - Let's try We drank for courage nemnogo.- all, forward, good luck to you - already out of the kitchen said Andrei And you too - great agitation and wished I. Do not close the door tightly, can see? will hunt, and then, after all, unite, - she said Andrei whispered and went to our room by turning off svet.Ya followed his example and the first thing off the lights. On tiptoe, terribly excited, I went to bed. I felt some kind of delinquent schoolboy. Carefully, I lay on the bed, pressed against Kate and froze. It's hard to describe what I felt at that moment. I felt from Katie alien, alluring scent. She was sound asleep on his stomach. From the words of Andrew could see that if it is to wake Katya answer me that it is not against such an open relationship. I walked hand on her back, and began to feel her body from sunburn goryachuschee it was, I decided not to hurry and to proceed with caution, arousing her. The holes beckoned her, and, emboldened, held him gently on his fingers. The perineum was slippery and hot. They recently completed and probably also too lazy to be washed away. I brought his face, he sniffed. From this spirit head spin. I put a finger in the crack, and slowly began to drive them. Instinctively, she spread her legs a little. I watched her reaction. Then, he grunted, rolled over on his back. I tried at the same time, what would her legs were parted wide. I felt more comfortable to fondle her pussy, helping pleasant feeling filled her body. I even thought that she was not sleeping, and prepared to respond to me, I decided to caress her pussy tongue, bending down, I felt how wonderful smell between her legs. The language held on the clitoris, gently biting his lips, and then began to lick her pussy every corner, helping his finger. After a while, Kate began to show signs of life, something muttered under his breath, shrugged his hand, then he turned abruptly, and turned back to me lying on its side. Breath she was even. I realized that it was not yet awake. Knees were pursed her, and I was comfortable to get into it. After a short while, I decided to insert it. I started to drive a member of more and more boldly on pussy when I felt that the member gets it halfway, carefully stepped translational motion. The vagina was opened, and as if enticed me, but Andrei its well-developed, I thought, I wonder, and anus should also be prepared, I touched another hole Katie finger, it was narrow, but I knew, I heard that Andryushin dick here I visited. I have already tuned and fuck in the ass Katya, no, it's necessary, but then I remembered that Andrew is now my zhenoy.- Here, I fuck sleeping Katya, interesting, and how they have them? - Ya.Prislushalsya thought, but behind the wall all was quiet, although it was quite a long time. No, Natasha, will not let Andrew, I thought, it is necessary to rapidly fuck her, and then Andrew comes back and there will be some neudobnyak. Why neudobnyak? I think Andrei will be even easier. I have become a member of the rhythmically shove. So it can finish - no, not so interesting - to wake up? And what will happen when she wakes up? It seemed to me that Katka awake (one hand she transferred to the perineum) and begins to start. It is necessary to strengthen its excitement - I decided. Emboldened and agitated, I became sniff and kiss the side Katina back. What a seductive little in her ass. Another would have been lighter, that would be seen as a dick enters it. Warmth spreads throughout the body. Kaif. And then like a bolt from the blue. Kate pushes me, a member of vypal.- Alex, leave me alone, let me sleep, head bolit.Takogo its wake, I could not imagine predstavit.- How did you know that ..... I, and not Andrei ?? - Surprise whispered I. Still, sopish like a locomotive in the ear, a pancake like a headache, but here you sleeping still trying to fuck! - Maybe you need something? - I was very smuschen.- But not what you did, I would drink anything from golovy.Ona stood up, took out a pill in her purse and washed down them. I admired, against the window was clearly visible, Katin naked silhouette. Yes! Her figure was that it is necessary! She quickly became the postel.- Prytula to me, and then I sausage, just please do not me pristavat.- And you think I can, just lie quietly next to you? I want the same - Alex, I beg you! Dont touch me! I did not realize anything, let's head to pass. Let's sleep, huh? You are welcome! - She whispered reluctantly and then added, as if coming back to reality. - Where's Andrew, by the way - he ... have Natashi.- That he invented - What? - What did he have it, and you with me - two - trying to gently caress her Lesch said I well, not excite me, or go to them, to have sex Natasha, I need a little sleep, even il is - going to the sleepy, irritated voice she added ona.- and when the head is held? You'll be ready for sex - Though with the universe, but in the meantime let's sleep, and if you do not want to listen, they fuck, then the wall such that all can hear. All! Now I have to sleep. What I went through - Sleep I kissed her tenderly, I really felt sorry for her right now!. Her last words brought me back to reality. What is there, they have going on? As Natasha behaved if Andrew has taken? I listened, I could not understand whether it seems to me, or behind the wall is scuffling, and heard groans, sighs. This time, he did exactly the fuck. I began to realize that if it does not see or hear, it is not so, and it is interesting! I already began to depart from Katie, and easy jealousy prevented me from sleeping. At one time I wanted to get up and go look, but I thought that they, too dark. Not yet listen, but I have not heard anything but smooth breathing Katie. And, perhaps, I went to sleep ................ I do not know, I slept or not, but I woke up because I feel good, I'm excited, someone caressing my cock. The thought flashed all at once, my Natasha, no, it's just, she's mine, strict sexy Ira, but class! Energetic, impetuous, beautiful Kate, that's great! I finally woke up. Yes, me and Kate was caressed my dick hand, glad I'd like to say something, but she closed my mouth long potseluem.- Quiet, quiet! - Conspiratorially and excitedly she whispered. - Hush, listen! And we do not sleep! I woke up from what is now upisyayus, you put me on the knee ... urinary bladder, barely up to the toilet ran, fell, at first it seemed that somewhere in porn is included, listened and remembered that it is behind the wall, my beloved spouse, fucks your beloved wife, listened to them, and so they have this great work! I became jealous and excitatory, I began to pester you! Do you mind -? Of course not! I think, too, fell asleep I listened, it was perfectly audible, creaking krovati.- Khaidarkan mercury plant Khaidarkan mercury plant ... ... .. Khaidarkan mercury plant - quiet conversation, and occasional sighs with postanyvaniem.Skolko I wanted! I doubt it, especially today, will or not? But I had to accept, right now exactly happened! ....., Behind the wall Andryuha fuck my wife. Still, it turned out as he wanted. Yes! And that he a nice guy, with a young, healthy, potency and you're wanted. And now I want him to fuck her to Natulya was good. But she's always excuses, saying that you and I have enough, and will not give in principle to Andrey. None gave! I saw this and realized that it was still going to happen, I felt - she wants it! Rights he was, but it is not properly say that the women are all the same, the main skill and desire. No, Andrei done! He got his! - Admiringly I thought I. Do you hear how they fuck? Yeah ... great! - Dreamily he led me out of her thoughts Katya.My caressed each other. In her pussy was wet in the swamp, she was ready, with the power of my hand clutching at his crotch, nozzles and sighing, moaning. She looked into my eyes and resolutely, without objection, added: - I'm very excited! Alex, you wanted to fuck me? Well, I'm all yours, and I want it! - Moaning, whispering ona.- Your head has passed? - For some reason I asked I. 'Yes! Has passed, and the dream has passed, I feel good. And you yourself - Yes, okay - I want sex! Fuck me! Do you want to -? Of course Katya But strangely, I did as I could not tune it, the member does not react, all the thoughts I was behind the wall!. Before, I always imagined that fucking Natasha strange men, should lead me into complete ecstasy, and when I heard this really confused and thought I was lost. Fucking there was in full swing, and most importantly I was surprised that Natasha badly controlled, knowing audibility partitions. As she well? - I was surprised. Hearing her moans, I imagined picture of what is happening there, in their beds, and maybe not in bed. 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I want to see you! - Wow invented Switching on the light, she did not for a second, not distracted, but she really wanted to stand, eagerly sniffing and smacking his lips, he continued sosat.- You like to suck dick! - I asked her rassmatrivaya.- Yes, very! Especially when he had been in the pussy when it is hard, wet, slippery! - Looking up, said Katya.- And when you her excited, wet lick - I like very much! Vylezhu it to me carefully, and then exchange the kiss in sokami.Da, this girl does not need to be taught! She who want to teach! We settled in position 69. Kate was on top, I fucked her pussy tongue, mucus were many, mix with semen Andreeva presented as it merges into it, and then moves slightly above the dick and inserts it in the ass. How to help yourself in the presentation, I naslyunyavil finger and introduced it in the ass. Kate immediately followed my example, and abruptly put mne.- like - Yes! And you - I! - Barely pronouncing ona.Chlen has been greatly excited, I even wondered how she had not tired of his mouth, it's time to thank her for it, poebat her pussy, but then behind the wall (I figured it out from the characteristic sound) loudly dragged a chair and they all time something is said, he tried to understand the meaning of the conversation, but was distracted and member immediately reacted negatively. Kate realized this and quickly tried to sit on it, but it did not work, but it began to sit down on it and make a reciprocating motion as it is blown away and jumped out of it. She immediately sucked, poddrachivala it, and as soon as it is fixed, again sat down. Алексей ни как не мог настроиться, он все время отвлекался, то Наташа за стенкой сильно стонет, то Андрей, уже можно было разбирать их слова, проскакивали грязные словечки. Теперь и Катя прислушивалась, может даже завидовала:- Они сейчас, по-моему, кровать сломают? Вот будет потеха! - со смехом в голосе сказала она.- А чего, они кресло перетаскивали? По-моему они его ломают!- Ну и пусть! Лишь бы им хорошо было! - добавила Катя.Было интересно их слышать, а мне еще и удивительно.- Слушай, Наташка так редко кричит! Видно, что им хорошо!- Я не удивлена, зная моего мужа. Он хорошо ебет и очень ненасытен! Наташе понравиться, вот увидишь! – и, посмотрев на меня, добавила. - Тебе не понравилось, что я сказала? Ты смутился!- Ты знаешь? Меня почему-то, это отвлекает. Что-то мешает. Все-таки первый раз слышу как ебут жену.- А что, тебе не нравится? Ты главное представь, как ей сейчас хорошо!- Ты знаешь, не могу объяснить, но ты права! Главное сейчас, что ей хорошо!- Правильнее будет сказать: им хорошо! Я тоже хочу, чтобы моему Андрюшеньке было хорошо, - и тут же добавила. - А я подумала, что я тебя плохо возбуждаю!- Ты что! Как ты можешь не возбуждать? You are a beauty! This sexy! - я вспомнил, что еще не разу не сказал Кате, что-нибудь приятное и мысленно себя отругал.- Давай немножко отвлечемся от них , настроимся на нас, и ты трахнешь меня! Хорошо?- Да! Конечно, Катенька! Я тебя очень хочу!- Может тебе выпить немного?- Да, чуть-чуть можно.Разговаривая, мы продолжали ласкать друг друга. Катя уже не знала, как в меня ввинтиться. Да, она очень возбудима. Выпивая, я смотрел на нее. Она сидела, согнув под себя ноги, волосы распущены, пальцами одной руки она покручивала ...себе сосок, пальцы другой она постепенно стала вводить в себя. Глазами она смотрела то на себя вниз, то мне в глаза, пытаясь прочесть в них мою реакцию.- Я тебе нравлюсь такая?- Да, очень! Тебе доставляет удовольствие себя ласкать?- Конечно! Особенно когда Андрей за мной наблюдает.- А когда сама, ты удовлетворяешь себя?- Да, довольно часто, я люблю заниматься мастурбацией, я сразу быстро кончаю, а вот потом, я уже не спешу, от второго оргазма я получаю удовольствие не хуже, чем от мужчины.- А кончи сейчас, я хочу посмотреть!Катя томно посмотрела на меня.- Легко! - и лукаво добавила. - Смотри!Она сосредоточенно продолжила ласкать соски и влагалище, пальчики из него, периодически отправляла в рот, обсасывала их, облизывала, терла клитор и опять вводила в себя. Я завораживающее смотрел на Катю, она это видела, постанывала, с шипением втягивала в себя воздух, потом стала приподниматься и садиться на коленях, создавалось впечатление, что она опускается на член, другую руку она завела себе назад, под попку и теперь двумя руками заработала у себя в промежности с двух сторон. Глаза закрылись, голова откинулась немного назад, часто стала дышать через открытый рот.- Ха, ха, ха, ха, - ее затрясло, заколбасило, судорожно свела сильно бедра, придавив свои руки к промежности. – Ааааааааааааааааааа, - глаза лениво приоткрылись. - Oh! Как сладенько я кончила. Тебе понравилось?- Еще бы! Ты секси - прелесть! - ответил я, поддрачивая свой член.Я увидел, что она себе ввела, все пальцы руки.- Ой! - громко вскрикнула она, глаза расширились, чуть не лопнув.- Что зайчик? Что ты там обнаружила? - возбужденно спросил я.Отпив у меня с бокала, она сказала:- Мне стыдно, но я скажу честно. Я у себя обнаружила, жадную, мокрую, скользкую, хотючую, ненормальную..... пизду. Вот!Мне стало смешно от ее откровенности, и я стал ее целовать. Она затягиваясь моей сигаретой продолжила:- Ты только не подумай, что я помешана на сексе, это просто минутный отрыв, а так дома я порядочная жена и мать, доченьки год и три месяца, и я ее обожаю, я даже не курила и не пила в беременности...., это меня Андрей развратил, до него у меня и мыслей похожих не было, но, кстати, я ему была верна и до свадьбы, и после, а потом мы решили, все это делать вместе, и не очень часто, чтобы не приедалось. Ты понимаешь меня?- Да, продолжай! - я понял, что она хочет выговориться, как бы в свободные уши.- Вообще, Андрюха у меня любит оторваться на полную, это всегда его идеи (Я это сегодня понял во всех отношениях) у него в этот момент, наверное, спермы больше чем мозгов, но я его за это люблю. Мы недавно со знакомыми были в бане, хорошо отдыхали, потом сами не заметили, как стали заниматься сексом, натрахались от души.- А вы партнерами менялись?- В бане нет! А потом когда продолжили у них...., знаешь? Это невозможно передать словами, ну было так здорово, в общем такая карусель пошла, что перемешалось все: ну ты понимаешь о чем я? Было классно, нам понравилось, где-то это больше суток продолжалось, когда вернулись домой, я в ванную отмокать, он мыл меня, а потом все таки опять трахнул, я думала, что уже дырками ничего не почувствую, ну нет я еще получила самый сильный оргазм! - отдыхая, прислушиваясь (там было тихо) говорила Катя.- А это не Ира с Сергеем были? - спросил я.- Нет! Это Таня с Борей, классные ребята, мы им ваш номер держали, но у них не получилось. Обещали все-таки подъехать.- А с Ирой и Сергеем вы разве так не отдыхали?- Меняясь?- Нет! Правда, на глазах друг у друга сексом занимались, даже вчера, я немного отключилась, а потом прихожу в себя, чувствую, трахаюсь с Андрюхой, огляделась, где народ? Вас уже нет, Ирка в кресле постанывает, голова в нашу сторону смотрит, ноги на спине Сергея, а руки у нее внизу, наверное, письку себе трет, а он ей вылизывает, одна рука у нее в области грудей, а вторая видимо себе член дрочит, подергивается, мне из-за его спины, плохо видно, да и свет с ванны в глаза бьет, настроилась посмотреть, чувствую вот-вот он сейчас ей вставит, но тут меня Андрюха поворачивает, я ему - мне не видно, хочу посмотреть, а он мне - еще увидишь, но когда мне стало видно, их уже не было, наверное, кончили и ушли (я не мог понять, кто из них врет, и сам себе добавил, да какая тебе разница!)- А мне Андрей сказал, что вы вчера менялись.- С Ирой и Сергеем? No! - уверенно сказала Катя и добавила. - Это он тебя заводил!Я мысленно с ней был согласен, и спросил:- А тебя что больше возбуждает, смотреть как Андрей трахает другую? Или, что он смотрит когда тебя?- Не знаю? Все по-своему заводит, конечно, приятно, когда это происходит одновременно, в этот момент просто хочется получить как можно больше ощущений, я себя плохо контролирую, мне хочется всего и побольше, и когда сильно завелась, то уже концентрируешься на себе.В этот момент стало слышно, что наши кончают, причем именно от анального секса. Наташа просила ее туда трахнать, Андрей ей вторил, что кончает именно туда.- Слушай, ну они дают, вот это у них приход! Вообще Андрей очень любит анальный секс, он уже сегодня мою попку жахнул, теперь Наташину и видимо ей это тоже понравилось, - лукаво произнесла Катя. - А вы практикуете анал? - тут же спохватившись, добавила Катя.- Да нравится, но это не всегда бывает, сегодня, кстати, мы уже это попробовали.- Так, так! Так вы мальчики разработали наши дырочки друг для друга, вы, наверное, раньше обо всем договорились, если так, то пока впереди Наташа 2-1, - шутила Катя.- Да нет! Ни о чем мы специально не договаривались, мы решили попробовать, когда потрахавшись с вами, отдыхали на кухне, Андрей предлагал вчетвером, но Наташа думать об этом может, фантазировать, возбуждается при этом, а в действительности, ни как не решится, даже сегодня, мы с ней обсуждали это, она стесняется меня! А так без меня, видишь? Как ее распалило. Я теперь думаю, что барьер или комплекс стеснения сломлен, и она согласится пара на пару. И все благодаря Андрею, он умница у тебя, завел ее!- Ты меня тоже завел, только довести осталось, - и лукаво добавила. - Да, а жаль, что Наташа сразу вместе не согласилась, я представила, вы очень симпатичные, я бы не отказалась.Я ее понял, мне очень нравилась ее откровенность, она меня возбуждала, и спросил:- А, что ты представила, и отчего бы не отказалась?- Хотела бы вместе вчетвером потрахаться, а после их криков, сейчас представила, что она так от меня кончает, в общем, захотела твою жену! Может наберемся наглости и пойдем к ним? - она все время улыбалась, но сейчас ее глазки заблестели как-то особенно.- Нет! Давай оставим все как есть, - и чтобы ...отвести тему спросил. - А ты любишь женщин?- Ты знаешь? No! Я точно не лесбиянка!- Бисексуальна?- Да! Вот так вместе с Андреем групповушкой, заводит, вообще я еще ребенок и не определилась со своей ориентацией, - опять смеялась Катя.- Ну ничего, еще все впереди. У нас еще несколько дней отдыха, я думаю все получится, во всяком случае большинство - за!- Слушай, а вы изменяете друг другу? Вот мы с Андреем решили, это делать вместе, Сергей точно от Иры гуляет, да, по-моему, и она от него не отстает, я видела подарки, какие ей ее директор дарит. And you? - спросила Катя, сосредоточенно опять лаская мой член.Меня это рассмешило.- Давай не будем об этом сейчас. Ты же сейчас только, что слышала, как она мне изменила.- А может они нарочно кричали, мы же это глазами не видели, - пошутила Катя, отправив член себе в рот.- А минет, это измена?- Минет? Конечно!- Ну тогда я сейчас, точно ей изменяю, и видим это, и свидетель есть.- Нет! Я сейчас не свидетель, а соучастник, я понимаю, что изменять не хорошо, но я ничего не могу с собой поделать, мне очень нравиться сейчас сосать твой член, меня можно остановить, если скотчем заклеить все мои дырочки, а руки связать, - то, посасывая, то поддрачивая его, смотря то в глаза, то на член шутила Катя.Я с ней окончательно отвлекся, за стеной была тишина, член был очень возбужден. Мы пошутили от души.- Нет, это не измена, во всяком случае, я так не считаю. Измена это когда в тайне друг от друга, - оторвалась от него Катя.- Да, по-моему, ты права, я так тоже думаю, - я почувствовал сильную эрекцию и приближения оргазма. - Все оторвись, а то кончу, давай я тебя теперь поебу?- Давай!- Как ты хочешь?- Я так сильно возбуждена, что все равно быстро кончу, начни сзади! - говорила Катя становясь в коленно-локтевую позу, затем она выгнулась как кошка, оттопырив попку как можно выше, повернув голову назад, в мою сторону.Я уверенно занял сзади позицию, поцеловал ее дырочки.- Ах какая хотючая, аппетитная попка! - сказал я и подумал, что от ее вида можно просто так кончить, если долго смотреть.- Трахай меня в киску, только пока в попку не надо, я, когда захочу, скажу.....ууу аа, - мой хуй уже здорово наяривал у нее в пизде. - Ой, как сладенько ты меня ебешь, когда буду кончать, крепче держи меня за бедра и не останавливайся. Ааааах - даже сильнее еби, я люблю, чтобы сначала два раза подряд кончить, когда меня терзает хуйййй... ой как здорово, ой как хорошо, какой у тебя крепкий хуй, как я его чуствую.... ааа ойеей....!Я набрал хороший темп, видно было, когда я высовывал, влагалище Кати выходило за мной наружу, я стал рассматривать ее очко, точно плюнув, пальцем стал массировать ее анус... Нет! Пусть пока кончает только она! Если я кончу, то я буду долго восстанавливаться, ведь уже который раз.. Мысли мои разогнала Катя. Она стала бурно кончать, зубами вцепившись в подушку, я испугался, что она задохнется, немножко ослабил движения...- Нет! Do not pull! Сильнееее!!!.... ко... ко.. нч.... аааю...!Я со всей силы вбивал в нее член.- Аааай.... аааййй... оо... шии.. шшшшааа!Звуки походили на смесь плача ребенка и шипение змеи, ее трясло, оргазмы следовали один за другим. Еле дождавшись, когда она стала немного успокаиваться, я вытащил член и продолжил трахать ее пальцами. Я остался доволен, что мне не удалось кончить, значит будет продолжение. Она перевернулась на спину, глаза были закрыты, тело еще подрагивало.- Дай водички!Она присела, и жадно пила минералку. Я обнял ее сзади, целуя спинку и лаская затвердевшие бусинки сосков.- Фух! Чуть не умерла. It was great! - она возвращалась к жизни.- Я рад, что тебе было хорошо! Тебе же было хорошо? - она закурила сигарету и пальцами попробовала свою промежность.- Еще бы! You know? Я могу два, ну три раза подряд кончить, а сейчас я сбилась со счета. А ты не кончил?- Пока нет! Мы же еще будем?- Ты знаешь? Да, я, наверное, еще хочу.Докурив, мы продолжили ласкать друг друга, я был сильно возбужден, да и Катя уже восстановилась. Она сильно, жадно сжимала пальцами мой член.- Не больно? - спросила она.- Нет приятно! - она продолжила.- Ты знаешь? Мне нравиться, когда его сильно сжимаешь, он становится очень твердый, так чтобы головка синела и наливалась кровью, а потом он в меня входит! Kaif! - я понял, что Катя готова к соитию.- Как ты хочешь, чтобы я теперь тебя поебал?- Да так и начни! - она лежала на спине подо мной.Я переместился на нее. Вошел, влагалище опять у нее сузилось, было тесно и приятно. Стал ее трахать в классической позе, она руками обняла меня сзади, ноги развела широко в стороны, руками я взял ее голову и жадно впился ей в рот губами, языком. Наши рты размыкались, только для того, чтобы отдышаться и набрать воздуха. Катя пальчики одной руки переместила себе в пах, я чувствовал, что она ласкает себя, потом она поймала мой член, подрачила его, сильно опять сжав, держала пока не почувствовала, что он налился кровью, и ввела его себе. Я понимал ее и сильно вгонял, Катя выкрикивала что-то, руками она обхватила мою попу и помогала мне входить в нее глубже.- Аааа.... аааа.. ооймамочки.... ААААААА!!!!Ее затрясло, влагалище судорожно сжимало мой член (я помнил, что ее в это время надо ебать еще жестче), она кончала, вцепившись губами мне в рот, я продолжал таранить ее.- Ты скоро кончишь? - еле выговорила она.- Могу сейчас ,а.. а... а. могу..... потом, - она выскользнула с члена.- Подожди, я хочу теперь по-другому.Я приподнялся с нее, сидя на коленях, дал ей воды, попил сам. Немного отдышались.- Так, хочу теперь так!Катя осталась лежать на спине, подняла ноги, согнула в коленях руками, подтянула к груди и свела их вместе. Я притулил член к пизде, стал входить (видимо в этой позе ее и без того тесное влагалище сжалось) но почувствовал, что не могу всунуть.- Тебе неудобно? Подложи под попу мне подушку.Она сама не могла этого сделать, руками она держала свои ноги под коленями, зафиксировав себя в позе. Подложив подушку, стало удобней, промежность поднялась вверх, член с большим усилием ходил в ней. Мы из-за ее ног пытались дотянуться ртами. Катя вытянула язычок, и я его сосал, еле дотягиваясь до него. Было здорово, я опять начинал улетать.- Тебе хорошо? Like? - каким-то гипнотическим голосом выдавила она.- Да, ...очень! Просто Кайф!- Как я люблю! Когда меня вот так ебут! - она убрала язычок и дала мне в рот пальчики.- Пососи их, так с чуством! Представ, что это мужской член, - растягивая слова, шептала она мне с тяжелым дыханием.. - Ничего, что я болтаю? Тебя это заводит?- Да! Good! - слушать ее было приятно, но самому говорить лень.- Хааа.. аааты не сосал член?- Нет!- Это здорово! Сосать твердый, аааа.. ха.. хаач. ч...лен. You'll like it! Признайся, что ты хоо.. о.. чешь..., сейчас отсосать... А? Мне это сейчас представляется интересным!- В мыслях, сейчас наверное да! - тайные желание в фантазиях, меня посещали на этот счет, именно пососать член, который трахает мою жену, только, конечно, они и оставались, мыслями, желаниями.- Ну почему же в мыслях? Можно и натурально.. ооо..., ай хорошооо!Я думал, как долго я еще смогу протянуть.- Сейчас, подожди, вытащи, ноги затекли! - Катя переместила ноги мне на плечи, умостилась. - Фух, здорово как! Ну давай же вставляй хуй! - чуть отдышавшись я опять стал ее ебать. - Дай мне губочки! Ротик хочу! - она рукой тянула меня за шею к себе.Насосавшись, она опять продолжила мне шептать:- А ты бы смог сейчас при мне, заниматься сексом с мужчиной? Мне бы было очень интересно наблюдать за вами!- И кого ты представляешь им, Андрея?- Да, конечно! Хотел бы с ним, сейчас попробовать?- А ты его видела в такой ситуации?- Орально да!- А анально..., ну полный секс?- Нет! Но хотела бы это увидеть!- А что? Орально не понравилось, как он сосал?- Ты что! Я даже бросила ласкать подружку, мы смотрели как завороженные! Потом я приблизилась, и он дал мне тоже! You know? Как кайфово было, с Андрюхой по очереди сосать чужой член. Потом я опустилась и стала сосать Андрею, а Танюшка трахала меня язычком и пальчиками. Мальчики поменялись, Андрей не долго продержался и кончил Борьке в рот, тот не ожидал, а я ему: - Дай мне, дай мне! - Он склонился и мне все передал в рот. Kaaayf! - я уже фигел от Кати, я иногда затихал и просто держал в ней свой член не двигаясь.- А потом, что?- А, потом? Боря быстро пристроился к своей Тани сзади, сначала в письку, а потом в попку. Сначала я кончила, а потом и они, причем Танька раньше и сразу упала, а Боря расположился над нами и додрачив, стал кончать на меня сверху, причем попадал в основном на лицо...... Ааа-ааааа .... Коооончилааааа! - в который уже раз я ощущал, как ее влагалище, сокращаясь, сжимает мой хуй.Мысли путались, я уже не мог сдерживаться, но и соблазн выебать ее в жопку, останавливал меня. Я вытащил из нее хуй, передохнуть.- Ну как? Я тебя завела? - постанывая, спросила Катя.- Не то слово! Fucking as well! - это мягко я сказал.Видя мои безумные глаза, она ласково шептала:- Ты мой сладенький, ебливенький! Мой хороший, бедненький, ты же столько терпишь не кончая! Would you? Cum in me! Where do you want? - она смотрела мне в глаза, погружая свои пальцы в только что, кончившую пизду. И игриво добавила: - Ну что? Хочешь сосать?- В попу хочу тебя выебать! - я рукой подрачивал член.- Да, моя попка в полном твоем распоряжении! А ты сосать при этом будишь!? - в дополнение к своим словам, Катя собрала пальцами у себя, как можно больше своего коктейля и отправила их мне в рот. - Like? Вкусно?Я уже не знал, что я хочу? Я находился в какой-то прострации, как в наркотическом опьянении, хотелось сказать: - Да Катя! Сейчас хочу попробовать! - и тут как гром среди ясного неба, ее слова:- Андрюшенька! Ну иди же к нам! Мы тебя хотим!Обернувшись, я увидел рядом Андрея. I ofigel! Сколько он был с нами, что он слышал, видел? Он спокойно лег рядом с Катей, они стали целоваться, ласкать друг друга, спрашивали хорошо ли им.- А что у нас с писюном? - Катя пыталась рукой его поднять.- Катюша, он недавно кончил!- В Наташу?- Да, конечно! - и тут же добавил, посмотрев на меня. - Леха, давай вставь ей! Хорошо у тебя получается! - увидев мой поникший член, он подвинулся ко мне. - Дай, я тебе помогу! - не успел я и слова вымолвить, как почувствовал в первый раз, свой хуй в чужой мужской руке.Одной рукой он поддерживал его под яйца, а второй, смачно плюнув, стал мне его драчить, я перевел глаза на Катю. Она лежала все также передо мной, раскинув ноги, под попой еще была подушка, только приподнялась на локтях, стараясь быть ближе к месту действий. Пальцами она ласкала себе сосок и клитор.- Андрюш, пососи его! - выдавила она из себя.Я уже не знал, чего сегодня еще можно ожидать. Но когда Андрей взял мой хуй в рот и стал аккуратно сосать, стало приятно, представил, что мне ему придется отвечать. Катя сильнее стала трахать свою плоть пальцами:- Леша кончи ему в рот! Кончи, пожалуйста! - у нее уже хлюпало, смешиваясь с причмокиванием Андрея.Член у меня стоял полностью, но до кончины было далеко. Андрей, почувствовав это, отстранился. Я сразу подумал, ну вот настала твоя очередь! В принципе сейчас, я наверное был готов! Но он в очередной раз сегодня, удивил меня.- Котеночек! Леша хотел трахнуть твою попку. Дай, ему! Разве ты можешь отказать, такому хую?Катя облизывала слюной пересохшие губы.- И как ты хочешь, чтобы он выебал меня в нее?Андрей посмотрел на меня.- В какой позе ты начнешь?Мне было все равно, но я чувствовал какой-то дискомфорт, его присутствия, лучше было если он сейчас нас оставил, тогда я был бы сосредоточенней. И тут опять от него удивление.- Подождите я совсем забыл. Наташа захотела, чтобы мы трахнули ее, вдвоем с... В общем, сюрприз, хотите посмотреть?Катя сразу отреагировала:- Да очень!- Пошли, только тихо!

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Country house

I have long wanted to try to have sex with a man. Back in high school when I get an irresistible urge. At such moments, I wore stockings garters, panties and a short skirt, ass greased with vegetable oil and introduced into it any thing, usually it was the roll-on deodorant. So I went through the apartment and took great pleasure because in my ass is solid object. aroused enough, I imagined myself alone with a man who lifts up my skirt, removes her panties and slowly enters me. Then I took a big carrot, pushes striped panties and sat down at her deeper and deeper, dreaming that someday I'll suck a real cock and me will stick man - to climb under her skirt, to enter in my own fingers, then put on his knees and carefully ottrahaet.I here in the first year of college, I decided, and advertised on the Internet with descriptions of their stories. And selecting one letter, I called. Contrary to my expectations, we quickly agreed to meet with him and his friends. And then he came for me, and we went to dachu.V waiting three coveted of all the members of my tryaslo.Bylo the beginning of September, and we arrived at Sasha's cottage. It was quite large with a large veranda and a sauna with a small pool in the basement. When we arrived, we were together. He said that his friends will approach later. Because at that moment my thoughts were only about sex, I did not depart from him with questions: how he loves to fuck, what clothes they prepared me, as will his friends ... When I asked what his member, he just laughed and I said I was too fast, and soon all he uvizhu.I so I washed, and stood before him naked, hoping that he is now developing nagnёt me and I begin to fuck her ass. But he was in no hurry. I asked Sasha to wipe my back with a towel and he started very slowly and gently rub me when he reached the bottom of the back, I took his hand and held it in its hole. Sasha smiled - Neugomonnyy.Ya licked his finger and put into itself, while experiencing great pleasure. I knelt down, undid his jeans and greedily suck his hundred medium-sized member. But here in the street I heard a car horn, and I had to be interrupted. It came two Sasha's friends: Edward and Nikolay.I so we got together and I banged shiver with anticipation just three chlenov.Oni prepared me stockings with garters, thong white short black skirt. When I have all this waiting for me a pleasant surprise - anal toy, which gave me Edik with grease. I rubbed her ass and brought to this thing, odёrnul skirt and said that now they can do with me whatever zahotyat.I so we settled in the room with a sofa, a few chairs, a table and a TV. Sasha said that I can play hostess. So I imposed salads and pouring liquor, feeling with every movement Butt plug in me gives me a lot of fun. My cock sandwiched between his legs was becoming harder and harder. It was warm, and all who will fuck me, stripped to his underpants. And I'm at every opportunity they stroked between her legs, feeling them become members of this tvёrzhe.Ryadom with me sat Sasha and Nicholas and I saw that their tools are ready for battle. So I leaned over to Kohl, pulled his penis out of the underpants and started sucking it. He was a little shorter than Sasha - 15 centimeters, but much thicker. For a moment I even felt terrible that such a thick cock hurt me, when the time comes to fuck me. Then I stood on the floor, on his knees, and all three members began at my disposal. Member Edik was very large, but I was so excited that he agreed to take his ass in two takih.I here Sasha tore me from his penis and said it was time and try something else. I leaned over the table and lifted her skirt. Sasha took me into the cork, a little smeared ass and gradually began to enter. My excitement grew. And now I fucked Nick and Eddie, a member of me until the very end of his huge cock. Then I sat down on the two members at a time and sucked Edik. I finished third twice and was also on the way. My partners are finished on time to me in the ass, and fell out of his sperm between two members, to which I fell all over again. I finally fucked the way I wanted. Tired but happy we came back to the table. Again, I put a probku.Cherez a while I wanted to eschё.Uzhe posizhivaya in the sauna, I again began to suck their members. Again, all in turn fucked me. By the end of our gatherings we have only to Edik. He put the blue porn and pulled and loosened the towel, which was wrapped in. I sat down to his knees and pushing the strip panties began rubbing against his cock, feeling like he is growing and growing. He entered me easily, and I began to jump on it. And so I felt like it jerked, and my ass again resulted portion spermy.Spal I'm with him. And in the morning he gave me in the mouth and ending with cum splashed all over his face.
Here's a story here. Since then, with me nothing like that happened, though like .. E-mail to communicate with the author: [email protected]

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So I wanted to feel close to a woman. Touch it, hug. I do not support the corrupt sex, but he did have to think about "campaign money". And in the summer, as it was then, in the subway ride it was just hard - there are so many girls, slender legs, hair, smell when they are standing next to ... is a lot of control, as did everything else in life :). I have not seen her until she stalaprobiratsya to the exit - blonde, with a good figure, nearly full, but not even that: it was not just thin. I stood in front of her on the road with his backpack and moved a little to give her a pass and squeezing it past me somehow sbivchivo began to explain that goes not now but in the next, but just in case ... closer to the exit. ..
- On the next? As bad as I had hoped to spend the rest of the way with you - I was joking.
She smiled.
- If not for the work, I would -otshutilas she went with you.
- And I would go out with you.
- But .. Head strict, then do not let on the doorstep - verses answered the stranger.
- Hmm ... - I thought. We were silent, it seemed only a few seconds.
And then the door opened. She nodded at me, pursing his lips, raised her eyebrows, as if apologizing eyes and came out, immediately hiding in the flow of people, and as soon as she disappeared out of sight, I immediately sensed the anger at himself."Well, you, hell, and well, let's Move," - I said to myself and kerf in the stream of people. I have not seen it on the platform, did not see the escalators, but pushing the crowd and climbed to the exit. Breaking out into the street, I looked around. Vaughn bright head of hair - if you're lucky, it was lucky ... :)
I caught up with her and just went next glancing in her direction. Seeing me, she's funny smorshilas and closed her eyes, then opened them carefully one by one, as if checking - whether she thought.
- Do not disappear, not even ask - I grinned.
- But who do you allow.
- Yeah, even so? It seems I was more fortunate than the owner of a lottery ticket in a million.
- Million? If I'm so expensive, can I get out of this amount, a little cash to buy a kitten? - She said, mimicking the Kid from Carlson.
- Though the two, only the call to work, warn, and then fired, and even one is not enough.
I rang work and said that to feel like the road is so bad that even the back and in general in the coming week is not exactly show up, even if lucky enough to stay alive :). Turning to her he saw that she, too, with someone talking on the phone, I heard only "..da yes Anh yet."
She turned and looked me straight in the eye - "I also decided to walk, but somehow not fair".
I remember that in my mind raced: "Otherwise as a miracle, it is not called".
We met, and wandered around the park for half a day, then dined at some pizza, and then he walked.
In the evening, when I brought it to the house and asked for the phone, she said:
- So you need my phone?
- No, I do not need a hundred years ....
- And why .. - she began.
- I need you, and even if you do not give the phone - I will still come here and hang around on the street, unless you obratisch attention to me.
- You mania to hang around under the windows? And you do not come into the house?
- Are you inviting?
- And what you will pay for the roof over your head? - In her eyes darted sparks.
- I cooked you dinner - I smiled.
- And you're done, I thought immediately begin to offer your body.
- This is optional - I smiled again.
- Let's go, the chef, try your cooking.
But dinner is not reached.
When she took off her shoes, I held the waist:
- In order not to fall - I explained, in answer to her raised eyebrows.
She turned to face me, and I kissed her gently, almost pulling his lips to her lower lip. She closed her eyes and we kissed as if we were kissing except Forbidden to everything else, it lasted until I became a little bite her tongue. She grabbed me by the neck and pressed my lips to his, she pulled that we both nearly collapsed. I pressed her against the wall, her fingers digging into my back, my hands are like a drug addict wandered over her body, I enjoyed her skin, gently kneading her and stroked again. One button, zipper - skirt slid down. Rose pressed her hands with one hand at the top and raised his other hand on chin kissing her neck. I was like a fever, I could not tear myself away from her neck, almost touched his lips, biting and held his tongue. Took off her T-shirt up and immediately opened it, continuing to caress her neck took off her bra and began kissing the back going down, kissing thighs pulled her panties. When I began to gently knead the thigh hands she softly moaned, I continued to knead them and kissed legs, back, she began to moan more and more, while I kiss up and again kissed her neck, at the same time took a condom out of his pocket, rassteglul pants without removing pants not to break away from her and pulling member put a condom on it. She has got his hands back and put her arms around my neck. Unfolding I picked her up - she hugged me with her shapely legs and put his hands on her shoulders. I lifted her higher and began to kiss his chest, enjoying the little slonovatym flavor and softness, the fingers of the right hand, I gently stroked her lips, rubbing the moisture from her pussy. Her head was thrown back so that rested against the wall, occasionally she shook her head, as in a trance, and groaned. Kitty was already very wet and I penetrated her finger inside her making a circular motion, she immediately pressed me to her breast, hard, even breathing became difficult, I wanted her madly, but I tried not to lose control. He pressed her against the wall and the fingers parted her lips as much as possible I slowly lowered her onto his cock. She tried to move it myself, but I'm hard pressed to her lips caressing the wall of her ear.
- Ummmmm - zhaalusta .... please - she breathed.
Continuing to press it against the wall, I slowly put the member and then again gently into her, again gently, but quickly, even more quickly, as I accelerated it ceased to moan, only breathing heavily and clung to me, I pulled it from the wall girl immediately began to help lifting his body with his hands and feet, which she did twine. It is placed on a member at a pace that she needed, like dancing the dance, more and more, she finally cried, I felt like reduced her vagina, but she did not stop, but now it has ceased to rise, but only fidgeted on it trying to sit deeper and moaned. Her weak hands and I pulled her back to the wall. Making a few members of the movement, I leaned toward her and stopped listening to her breathing, and feeling both her and me trickles of sweat trickle. Then I sat down carefully, put it on the floor, holding, and came out of it.
My girl wrapped my hands and wanted to say something, but it seems perdumala or just could not.
- Where's the bed? - I asked.
It is slightly ... gestured toward one of the open doors in the hallway. I raised my hands on his precious burden, and carefully carried into the room, laying on the bed. Sitting beside her, stroking her hair, her eyes were closed, his mouth was slightly open and she periodically licked droplets, who spoke on the upper lip. Just a fairy tale. According to her body ran echoes lights Pass somewhere machines, like her skin flashed and played, it attracted more than hypnosis. I reached for her again, but she stopped me.
- Wait a minute.
With a sigh, he pulled off the condom and went to wash. The splash of water in a person thought that the lottery a million, perhaps turned into a five :) When I came back she was sitting in the dark on the bed cross-legged and smiling.
- Do not waste far away from me, - she said, and patted the bed beside him.
- I'm not going.
She began to undress me dodging my kisses, unbuttoned his shirt, pants and pulled them along with shorts, and then threw me on the bed and pulled all with me, then I sat on my hip. Throwing off his shirt, I finally caught her.
Kissing her lips began to stroke her breasts running his fingers through her nipples, she dug into my mouth and tried to move closer, to cuddle me. Running his hands through her hair, I kissed the face of sometimes returning to his lips, then back down to her chest and became the right hand stroking the nipple, pulling the left from his trouser pocket condom.
- Wait with him - she looked up from my lips.
It took me a condom and put on a veil, and she kissed my chest and stomach dropped to her knees beside the bed. Gently, with your fingertips of both hands she dropped member who was standing almost vertically and also holding sent it into his mouth. This was done so gently that took my breath before her lips wrapped around dick. She slid her lips forward - back, then took out a member of his mouth licked the head, gently at first, then her tongue stiffen and become acute, he touched the tip of the member, I like all the blood out of the body pulled back, I had a feeling that the term has become a stone . She fingers again sent it into his mouth, I watched her lips slide over the penis and could not look away from her lips. She put her head tongue and began to suck harder head, I could no longer stand just like that, I slowly began to descend leaning a hand on the floor and she fell with mo me not letting a member out of his mouth, until I lay down on the head side to her feet. Tepr she just lay there, and I'm a shallow entered her mouth and hand kneaded her ass after a while I lifted her leg and placed it on his forearm, opening access to the tender pussy. At first, I barely touching kissed her lips, then began to pull their tongue, and then began to hold his tongue over the entire pussy, she pressed my head to her the hole and when I took his hand squeezed my legs down. She began to suck intermittently, and then released the cock and moaned. I lifted her leg again and apart, stretching her lips began to lick the clitoris and his tongue around and sometimes penetrating vlagasche. A minute passed, she was already moving towards my tongue continued to press my head to him. She moaned incessantly, and whispered something. Two minutes later she pulled my hand by the hair and pulled him to her.
- I want to - she breathed - I want your cock, I want it.
I turned around, kissed her neck, then leaning on his hands sharply into her, my girl skhatila my hands and barely audibly gasped. Her vagina was wet I just began to enter rapidly and deeply.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes .. - she burst prikazhdom jerk, I began to push after each stay there a few times and pushing member, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible, we have not made love, I fucked her so much and quickly as he could, she did not move, just moved apart legs wider and wider, opening to meet my cock, gasping for air and the soft moans, interrupted my movements, excited me crazy, I continued to fuck her hole with long movements, so it went until it not reached out his arms and pressed my ass to him groaned, her stomach muscles clenched, and my cock squeezed her vagina. I kissed her breasts, until she opened her eyes.
- M-mmmmmmm - she licked her lips.
- So you want more?
She did not have time to answer. I lifted her hands and placed them on the bed into her from behind. She lowered her head between hands, her body is tired, but the vagina was wet and very hot. I grabbed her ass and pushed onto the penis, moving to a meeting, enjoying her moans became deeply and began to make a circular motion member. She pulled herself with one hand on his chest, pulling the nipple, then I decided to add a sensation and became bent to massage her clit, she moaned.
- Stronger, stronger same - she demanded.
I began to go to its full length, continuing to massage her clit with the thumb of the other hand began to caress her other hole. She bent and releasing the chest with both hands put her to bed.
- Stronger ... stronger ... well ... more
I grabbed her hips and began to literally pull on his penis, then one arm on the buttock perdvinul and squeezing it and pulling intesivnost continued to rush into it.
- Uh, yeah, stronger, I proshuu ...
She began to rise slightly on tiptoes to penetrate the bottom member in the up, I sat down a little bit and became a member of the rub on the clitoris with every movement, and I massaged her anus with a finger gently hung it. She moaned loudly, I just could not fucking her faster, but she asked:
- Faster ... silneee-ah-ah-ah ...
Then I began to straighten slightly pulling it upwards with a finger in her ass, it got to be her on tiptoes as high as she could, continuing to enter it from the bottom up, I was one foot on the bed, and quickened the pace, she barely stayed but the tension only closer her orgasm, she fell on the bed, slipping from my penis, I sat down behind her, pressing her body, made some strong moves and finished in her vagina contracting.
- It was unusual - I do not remember who said it - me or her.
The next evening, I called at her door. When she opened it, I was happy, because she was happy.
I gave her a kitten.

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ICQ: true story

PUSHINKA (12:56 AM): where are you gone greeting GORA (12:57 AM):? Yes Us something knocks ... now here the picture is not loaded, your eyes are not pretty vizhuPUSHINKA (12:58 AM): what a pancake should be the do you save a guy nadoGORA (12:58 AM): please save me! I implore! ;-) PUSHINKA (12:59 AM): so where to start ?? perhaps with artificial dyhaniyaGORA (01:00 AM): Well, of course, mouth-to-mouth? : -PPUSHINKA (01:01 AM): So the patient something to hurt you talkative. So breath * pressing his lips to the lips of the dying * GORA (01:02 AM): dying feels a new surge of forces but not in a hurry vyzdoravlivatGORA (01:03 AM): tuk tuk tuk ... heart rhythmically knock .... PUSHINKA (01: 03 AM): We're losing him frantically * rastegivaya pugavitsi on his robe * Here is a pancake with excitement all pereputalaGORA (01:04 AM): from bonogo heartbeat quickens, he quietly opens one eye and peeking in halataPUSHINKA slot (01:05 AM): the nurse begins to make a direct massage serdtsaGORA (01:06 AM): yeah .... direct cardiac massage beautiful breasts elastic 0 is that it is necessary to bolnomuPUSHINKA (01:06 AM): And again eagerly bites into the patient's mouth. Since the patient is not dvigaytesGORA (01:08 AM): Of course not ... move ... why only one small hand cramp and she is a cute ass medsestryPUSHINKA (01:09 AM): pancake do not like me this game. I'm working a funeral agent ;-) GORA (01:09 AM): so what? oposhalit not hurt a bit ... We have not detiGORA (01:10 AM): and the patient - is more alive than dead, and is ready to proceed to a more active deystviyamGORA (01:10 AM):: - [PUSHINKA (01:12 AM) : Wow, well, that's our patient doing ;-) GORA (01:14 AM):? the patient opens his eyes, pulls a sister closer, kissing her tenderly and passionately, his lips do not find a place for himself and leave traces everywhere. his strong hands fall to her hips and n slightly pushing down pressed to his zhivotuPUSHINKA (01:15 AM): at the same time the nurse slips out strong hands and dropping slightly below rastegivat dzhinsyGORA (01:16 AM): ooo .... interesting course .... the patient does not keep sozhet passion, he took a deep breath and leaning on otkidyvatsya nazat rukiPUSHINKA (01:17 AM): nurse rastegnuv slowly pulls the zipper jeans ... and his tongue around pupka..GORA (01:19 AM) : El! Your nurse hot girl. I already have all the shaking, not that of the patient ... Nevertheless - the patient puts his right hand on her head and pawing beautiful red volosyGORA (01:21 AM): a hot tongue !!! PUSHINKA (01:21 AM): reed then down below ... and the nurse pulls prevent it melting .. and she is holding tongue excited flesh ... GORA (01:24 AM): I second that, and I want to say - I ... you .. ., you're so exciting .... his breathing quickens, he leans forward and puts his hand on her gorgeous ass. He squeezes his buttocks and spreads to the sides. view of a beautiful red head on his penis excites neveroyatnoPUSHINKA (01:27 AM): It covers much dick .. lips and begins to gently caress him .. her movements are smooth but at the same time they have a lot of passion .. it releases member and throws her head with mop of long red hair nazadGORA (01:29 AM): he lets her ass. takes two hands lice attracts and kissing passionately. one hand it down Nida - on the chest, stomach, according to the navel, and a small hole. OOOO !!!!! WHAT IT IS WET! My girl PUSHINKA (01:31 AM):! Yeah .... from her breasts moan escapes bliss ... she turns her back on him and gets on koleni..GORA (01:35 AM): Oh, you're my little bitch pohotdiva ... Her ass vypayatilas to meet me, back arched, lips blossomed to meet me. He missed her legs between his hand and stroked zhiaotik, and then began medloenno as if oblivious to the wet and inviting holes Lasa inside her legs. he was like a dog - shaking all over and was ready to leap to it at any time, but the fun is still stretched moment vozyuuzhdalo bolshePUSHINKA (01:36 AM): she could not wait any longer and closer pressed against the erection "Come into me" He said quietly onaGORA (01:39 AM): He put one hand on her back, bent down low to her bed, and the other hand on her beautiful ass. member himself has found his favorite hole .... He did not need outside help. He slid into her pussy softly and gently, moved the second hand on my ass and started to fuck her deeply zachazhivaya dick in her lustful dyrkuPUSHINKA (01:42 AM): she felt a powerful force inside .. felt that is about to explode, he naporaGORA (01 : 44 AM): mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm ........ he planted it at the most .... froze ..... issued a muffled groan ..... finished strongly and violently ... it ass blushed matter how hard he squeezed her ... PUSHINKA (01:45 AM): and she felt such an orgasm if she pierced a number of small needles and her brain just ripped from kayfaGORA (01:46 AM): @} --- * THUMBS UP * ;-) here and so little pampered: -PPUSHINKA (01:46 AM): are you alive ?? GORA (01:47 AM): alive alive !!! and how are you?
: .. Cut (personal communication) ::
GORA (02:12 AM): Patient Ally kissed on the lips, stroked her head, turned and slowly moved away towards the light of the doorway .... PUSHINKA (02:13 AM): I will you all night not to be missed. Nurse kissing client below pupochkaGORA (02:14 AM): At the door he turned and said - you are the most sexy, sweet, seductive and affectionate girl in the world, I will miss you ... it Dorothy povrnulsya door closed THE END

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Maybe someday

I read your story "In the marital bed". Briefly ... and just in "bull's-eye".
My wife and I have been married for 10 years. It is difficult to say exactly when I had fantasies in which my wife fuck with other men. Probably about 3 years ago. I tell her about my dream came about six years ago. Dreams we have with you almost completely coincide. I very much want to make my wife having sex with another man, and even better - men. I, my wife, was the first man, and yet, to my great regret, the only one.
I do not even have to see how my wife cheating on me (although, of course, would not mind), just enough to know. Know that at this moment, his lips, which registry office swore allegiance, and last night in bed talking about love, and that you are only an hour ago, kiss, kiss the lips of another man. What is native to your body, caressing the wrong hands. I want to her lips bowed thick embossed member of another man, and tongue caressed the crimson, tense head of his penis, his testicles. Would not mind if she kissed him on the ass, caress the tongue anus hole itself. I want to see his wife lying at the other men. Her legs slightly pursed and divorced in hand, and all of it is shaken by its aftershocks. She moans feeling pleasant fullness at the bottom of his stomach and sobbed when he comes out of it. It is at this time kissing her chest, neck and face. Fingers caressed nipple. I want a man ends up in her, a home for me, pussy. See how it follows from the sperm of other males and dripping onto the white sheet brook flowing between its halves popochki. Sheets impregnated with their juices in our room will stand the smell of sex. Her sex with another man. My dream is to see her lips shiny from a foreign sperm. I want to kiss them. Feel unknown to me, and this exciting new taste (although I'm not gay) My dream is to see the sperm splashing on her breasts. I want it rubbed their hands. Her breast will be shiny and skolzenkoy. And I'll kiss and suck on her nipples, licking breasts. I dream that someday, she would come to work unusually late for her. The child will have to sleep, and no one will stop us. All my questions about the reasons for its late arrival so it will meet a silent enigmatic smile. And then it just will press me hard all over and kiss me ... and I all will become clear. I think that inside me all cut short, and then take off. Ups unimaginably high. Then she tells me to lie on the floor. Put their beautiful legs, shod in shoes with high heels, on either side of my head, zaderёt skirt, and he says: - "Brush your me". Then slowly sit her neatly shaved pussy on my face. Her sex lips come close to my lips and they frustrate viscous drop its juice and mix with the sperm of her lover ... I am sure that at this moment I'm happy. I would love and desire his wife as probably no one man, the whole of our sinful world, I did not like his woman. When it will be neat pisechka we will have great sex, time she tells me about her first sex with another man, and promised me that now it will always be. Falling asleep, embracing together, she whispers in my ear that I was her only and beloved man.
This is my dream. And unfortunately, I doubt very much that it is destined ever to incarnate. My favorite is aware of my desires, but on imaginary stories during our sex with her, did not get. Although, no wonder they say that hope dies last. Maybe someday you will hear later the doorbell rang and she crosses the threshold to ...

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I want to tell of her own life. The story does not claim the prize for literature, but, on the other hand, it took place at the dele.Ya live with his mother, sister and a dog of medium size. My name, nickname, and the dog breed is not important, but I'll call my sister, for example, Lena (name I have changed). I then bylo15 sister one year older. We went to the same shkole.Teper a few words about the dog. His character is distinguished by the fact that he was some sort, constantly horny. Very often, he jumped on my leg, placing foot on my chest, his penis is slightly protruded, and he began poёbyvat my nogu.Vot so it was at that time. I ran away from the last two lessons, because the subject of ignorance and fear of the control work. Came home, got undressed. My doggie came up to me, and stood in a favorite pose. I looked at him leaning member, felt some tension in his thought: "But I'm still a virgin! How would I ever fucked you, whether you're a bitch". And then in the head flashed a strange, but increasingly gaining momentum thought: "And can substitute him my ass, can I get a new experience, than from the simple drocheniya"? These thoughts became a member of the scary pants bursting."Mother at work late, my sister is still in school for two hours"- Ya.Ya thought away from him dog pants flew to the floor, followed by socks, shirt, pants. Left in a t-shirt, I got up on all fours, caved in, sticking out the ass to the top. Doggie without changing their habit, jumped on me from behind, a member of his former leaned even more and began to poke in yagoditsy.Odno gesture - I helped him find the entrance - and the first time his cock rested not firm leg and slipped into the right to fucking hole. Several strong aftershocks, and I felt it in himself at full length! Head continued. And then I felt the hot jet, followed by my ass raspёrlo inside something incredibly thick. My cock just torn, and I wonder how I have not konchil.Potyanuvshis forward a little, I discovered that the dog moves me. His dick stuck in the ass, swollen just below the base. Here it is kicking in, and turned 180 degrees. I realized that I had to wait, and have already started to try to get his hand his penis, to finish as there was a click of the lock input dveri.Peredo me was my own sister, who was also washed off from the last lesson. Then followed the silent scene. I did not know what was supposed to fall in shame. His face was burning, the member is still torn by desire. The dog, as if nothing had happened, stood back to me, barely poёrzyvaya member inside me. Lena left the room and returned a moment later. I was blown away: she was completely naked Not saying a word, sister gently podlezla under me and took in his mouth! Needless to say, I immediately discharged in her glotku.- And now, - she said, me stretched out every last drop of getting out and getting cancer, right in front of my nose, - deliver and I udovolstvie.Malo that wondering, I glared his lips and tongue in a wonderful pink bud, salty taste. The tongue slid over her clit, then upward, on sexual lips to the anus and back. My lips merged with it in a passionate sexual potselue.I then I felt movement in the rectum. Yes, you read that right, the dog let go of me. Unsuspecting Lenka, moaning softly. I repeated the route of his tongue, licked anus, went further, spine, moved closer, his left hand directing its movement again jumped member. A second sister gasped lightly, and my phallus burst into razdrochennuyu flesh."All! I am no longer a virgin!" - Flashed through my mind, and then I saw the swaying rhythmically to the beat of our movements breasts second size. "But I had never fingered nipples" - I thought opirayuchis elbows and taking two melons in his hands. Instantly orgasm came. I felt like shoots in native elder sister a huge amount of semen. I konchil.K Unfortunately, Lena had to bring herself to orgasm. I could not even lick: of white pussy flowed a trickle turning into a small puddle on the floor. I noticed that my legs, too, flows and then remembered I was stunned about psa.I even more: Lenka said she also wants to try a member of the dog inside! I could only guess when and where she could bring down yourself hymen, learned to take by mouth and all ostalnoe.Na next day we ran away from school together. Yes, yes, the next, but not in this one, and do not believe the silly tales that the male can fuck bitch in all holes in a few hours. After the dog over, he loses interest in sex for at least a day. We went into the apartment, and she started kissing me furiously. I replied with the same thinking that was already fucking gave into his mouth, licking, fucked but not yet kissed. Interesting posledovatelnost.Prervalis us from what my doggie, as was his habit jumped on me. Remembering that we had, the sister undressed and stood in my position yesterday. The dog jumped on her and I helped him find the way of the flesh. The cave has become a hot sister. The spectacle was magnificent. What am I supposed to do? Jerk off course. I took out a member and began to drive on his hand, but then noticed the Lenkin invitingly opened his mouth, uttering not very soft moans. Naturally, I plugged it his phallus as a stopper. Sister moaned, groaned, I made a couple of frictions, member jumped out of his mouth and pour over her face and hair thick sticky semen. It has brought her even more, and Helen burst chic orgazmom.Nu here perhaps and all. Since then, we often fucked threesome, and together with the sister, almost every day. Even when she was menstruating, she easily gave in the ass, and took in his mouth. But my very favorite pose posture was "rider"When her clean-shaven pussy directly imprinted in my crotch and head of the penis can reach the uterus itself. But dog I'm more his ass I never substituted a, but he missed and my sisters.

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