Reckless night

In fact, short skirt, black stockings and painted lips is not a sign of sexual promiscuity, but men always understand everything on his own. That evening I went to a cafe to meet with his girlfriend, which as it turned out, did not think to come.
In the meantime, I was sitting alone at a table, smoking a long cigarette and thought about their failures at work. Bad luck, which lasted for a month, did not pass and did not think through.
A nice young man sitting in front of and something talked with his kompanenom occasionally throwing a glance at me. Apparently my legs and bust gave him no peace. I to this view have already got used and did not pay any attention to him.
It took twenty minutes, I kept looking at the clock and was nervous. I was beginning to understand what my expectations are probably in vain - the promised meeting did not take place. It seems to understand, and the guy at the next table. Whenever I zasmotretsya the picture on the wall of the cafe as suddenly he was beside me.
- Hello! My name is Sergey. - He said, and without waiting for my response to his invasion, poured into my glass of wine from the bottle, which is picked up from his table. His glass was already full. It was a kind of arrogance, but a big smile and beautiful black eyes shone not insolent aggression, and I did not make a fuss.
What to do? My, already battered latest troubles and vain nerves demanded discharge. I smiled and took the glass. Silently guarding
dignity, I lifted my glass and we checked with a slight ringing.
In the morning I had not eaten and drunk from a glass in my head buzzing quickly. I was hot and good, it seems for the first time all day I relaxed and stopped thinking about their problems. By Sergey now I felt gratitude for the opportunity to relax and forget. There was a pause.
- How beautiful is your name? - Peace and quiet, he asked me.
- Light - I said, still staring at the empty glass.
Sergei did not pester me talk, rasprosy and other nonsense, the tranquility and calmness impressed me. That is as simple and unobtrusive, he poured me wine and leisurely asked questions. I answered tersely and without details, that is telling me he is. The content of the conversation did not take me, I liked the atmosphere of the evening, I liked him and Sergey. Soon we were sitting side by side, and he held me by the shoulders. I'm not afraid of him and did not resist his touch. After another glass of his hand was on my knee. I was drunk, and his bold courtship I have liked.
The prospect of spending the night I did not frighten him. Sergei such a beautiful, strong and brave was my savior this evening. I was just neplevat to their problems. He invited me to his home and I agreed without hesitation. As it was my fault or not? I did not care...
We went to his house. It was a great apartment in the heart of the city, elegantly furnished. Sergey struck me the luxury and wealth. I thought that all his property, which I was a fool then. We continued to drink and have fun, come to his friends and it was night. It was late, I was drunk and happy. But it ended quite differently ...
I stood in the bathroom and tried to fix her makeup, her eyes all blurred considerably from the wine, came the murmur of voices and laughter from the room. Finally my head spin and I leaned against the wall. Someone went in, but neither the strength nor the desire to turn around and see who it is, I have debts. That someone came up to me with Zadie, and suddenly I felt a strong man's hands gripped my waist and lifted. I instinctively stood up and looked around - it was Sergei. He smiled broadly and something told me. Then I was not good at all and I went limp in his arms.
Sergei put me on a low chair standing beside the wall I oblokatilas and consciousness left me. I do not know how much time passed, five minutes or half an hour, but it opened my eyes I found myself lying down on the couch in the room. And only then I realized in what form am: my already short skirt was Zadran on his stomach, on his feet was stockings, but had no panties on me, legs wide apart and bent at the knees, unbuttoned jacket and chest fully open.
I sat up, covering her breasts with one hand, and the other looked down between his legs. Here is my hand felt the crotch flooded slippery moisture with a characteristic odor. It was a sperm. Sperm dripping out of my vagina on his legs and dripping on the sheet, which has already formed a wet spot. Strong and short thought flashed in my head "Bastard, he raped me". The legs were numb and I could hardly, painfully pushed them.
Then the door opened and a stranger entered the room. I looked at him with eyes full of hatred, like a bud against my will cry of "You bastard, you bastard I will answer for everything ...".I Was silent and lowered her eyes, I was at a loss. He came to me and sat down on the sofa, I looked at him and waited for what would happen next. He looked at me with a grin, and then ran his hand up my leg. I slapped him on the cheek. Then he slammed me in the face. The blow was so strong that I have sparks of an eye and I collapsed on the sofa. So silently and briefly he explained to me the seriousness of their nemerenno. I lay there afraid to move. He stood beside me on my knees and began to chat over my face to unbutton his fly jeans. I watched the thought in my mind is messed up and turned into a continuous hum, I do not believe that this is happening to me.
- Where is Sergey? - I did not recognize his voice strangled. All with the same grin replied the stranger
- "Sergei was the first, and now it's my turn. Let us cater for my girl, you're all umeesh. His voice was quiet and even affectionate. From his pants fell out of his big dick, he had not quite got up and hung like a rubber hose.
He took me by the head and pulled her to his penis. The head has touched my lips. I pressed her lips together, but he held my cheek and his strong rough hand, and I realized that one more strike me escape. What to do? He was much stronger than me. Greater choice in I did not have, or resist and be beaten and raped, either to satisfy the lust of the villain, and quickly get out of this damned place. I chose the latter. I said a resigned voice "Just let us quickly and do let me go", Exhaled air, closed her eyes and opened her mouth ...
Once, when I was seventeen, with me already had something similar. I was traveling from Moscow to the sleeping car and pretty drunk with his young and talkative friends, neighbors ... In general, taking advantage of my helpless condition, they raped me in turns. First, they let me in a circle, and then began to entertain the full program. They put me on my knees and forced to suck and jerk their limbs, and then swallow cum, raped in the anus, causing incredible pain.
It lasted half the night, and then I ran into the hallway and cried there until morning ... And now I made the same mistake. As soon as I opened my mouth, a member immediately got in and began to penetrate deeper and deeper. I felt like it swells and increases in size. Suddenly member penetrated so deeply that I choked. Dodging ... I said in a whisper, and plaintively "But please. Do not be so deep"And he took in his mouth again.
Now I did not have exit and only had to submit to this male and I decided to help him, that he would soon finished and released me. I began to suck his head, making a reciprocating motion, massaging with your fingertips testicles. The man groaned softly, became a member of the firm as a rubber truncheon, balls tightened. I began to increase the frequency of progressive movements, knowing that, how quickly will end now depends only on me. Time passed, I do not know how many minutes passed in this crazy shaking. Member of the input and output, input and output, the voltage fell ill in my neck. I got on all fours and the man lay down in front of me. After changing position, it became a little easier. I tried as best she could.
Finally testicles began to rise and the man stiffened more and more, his movements became sharper and rougher. I'm tired to keep your mouth so wide open that the teeth do not interfere with the movement of the member. Now I began to help her hands and masturbate member, holding the tip of the head in his mouth. "Come on, come on, stop"I noticed that became excited and agitated. At the tip of the head performed a liquid which I constantly licking tongue.
Excitation and I grew as if involuntarily, began to moan and whisper hoarsely "Come on though, boy, stop" and she could not believe what I'm saying is. But it was already all the same. Well, when will he finish?
The jet of sperm hit my throat suddenly. The man groaned, stiffened and went limp. My mouth filled with sperm and sperm became draining from the open mouth. I began to lick and swallow cum, swallow until she ceased to come out of the penis. Finally he finished, I licked the head and lay down on the couch. That's it, I closed my eyes. The blood pounded in his head, I'm tired and relaxed. Now he's gone and I'll go home. My God, what did I tell Andrei?
The man stood up, buttoned his jeans and patted me on the thigh. "Good girl, you just superb" I said, and left.
There is no way! At the door, three men entered. They're crazy! What's going on here? I jumped up on the bed, grabbed a pillow and pressed it close to the back of the sofa.
These guys were all healthy and strong, as the selection. One of them came up to me and took the pillow. So I sat in front of them - in stockings, panties and without open-chest. Skirt I persistently tried to pull up to the knees. My face still remained the sperm of the male, I simply have not had time to wipe.
"Nothing Devchenka" - Playfully said one of them - "Come on my dear do not be shy". He came to me and pressing on his shoulders put on the couch. I weakly resisted, rather formally. All this was too much and I was looking at what is happening kakby side. Throwing off his clothes, they sat on the couch around me and began to paw frankly hands. They grabbed me, one chest, one thigh. Finally one of them beztseremonno put me with cancer and put a member into the vagina. I closed my eyes, relaxing-fought, come what may, I do not care.
The second took my chin and lifted my head and I obediently opened her mouth. Member entered into his mouth and began to walk slowly back and forth.
It was painfully slow, and at the same time exciting. They fucked me as they wanted. It was especially hurt by a member of the anus, and I had to endure. Three members were part of me and tortured my body. I moaned and screamed, I was in pain and pleased at the same time. I felt full ssuchkoy. I suck dick and stick out the ass, licking balls, I asked them to leave me and then substitutes. I was in complete ecstasy. I was a woman, whore, slut, I was ...
Raging shaking continued, I was in some kind of unbelievable position, trying to be substituted everything. The end was approaching, I felt it in a hurried and rough movements of their strong bodies. They got into me, I'm exhausted and moaning. I had finished, I cried - "Boys, cute, let, take me to fuck". Before my face, I saw the eggs of males who fucked me in the mouth. They have already started to rise to the top member. Now he had finished, I furiously sucked his cock, and he furiously paced up and down. Finally he finished and I swallowed his sperm. When he tried to take out a member of my mouth I was a little bit of his teeth for some reason I did not want to let him go. He hit me on the cheek and I let go.
Consciousness left me and came back. Finally it ended. I lay outstretched arms and legs. Skirt I was wearing torn stockings slipped to his knees. Takla sperm from the vagina, on the thighs and face. I was exhausted ...
They left, and I kind of afterthought, leaped out of bed, found his shoes and vybezhela from the apartment into the hallway. Almost I do not remember how to get home at the brightly lit streets. The views of passers-by did not care about me, after all it was just spit on them ...

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Diary of the clitoris

January 30, 2006 How I hate these Her accrued nails. Again he touched. Everything hurts.
February 3rd. This looked lesbian porn. I saw a lot of our own. That's really good for them there ... Twice finished. Good. For the second time on jealousy.
February 5th. This gulnula. Some drunk guy with a two-day stubble long breathing fumes at me, then just scratched cheeks and forehead crushing asleep. Until the language so it never came. This cry, I too would like, but I can not.
February 6. This treated me in the bathroom mirror. She said that I was very small. Bitch.
February 10th. A neighbor from the bottom flowing again. This bought some new pads. Stink chamomile. I choke.
The 14th of February. Hoo! Wow! This girlfriend gave vibrator. I think I finally will love life. I shudder with anticipation!
February, 15. He is much better than her fingers with artificial nails, but certainly inferior language. Although maybe it's a matter of practice. In general, it is very sweet, so touching tremble .. We agreed to talk sometime when this falls asleep.
February 20th. As I was tired. Why I can not control myself? Why it is totally dependent on her insatiable libido? Tired of ending with a wave of her hand. I want independence. He spoke with a neighbor, promised to help - to work on vaginal orgasm, if possible - Take a vacation.
February 23. This again gulnula. At this time a lot more successful. MUCH !!! At first thought, that all get a neighbor. But on the second pass I nearly licked to death. Until now, my head is spinning.
25 February. I am thinking about what I actually lucky. Take for example a neighbor - it always something to shove, I would not stand ..
February 27. There were at the gynecologist. I no attention. Begin slowly hating neighbor - well, why all the attention only to her, but the fun of me anymore ???
28th of February. Still angry with a neighbor, and do not speak This stop on giving.
March 1. Ah, spring .. The mood is romantic, that while this slept finished just out of some existential delight. It thinks that's because she dreamed of Brad Pitt. You fool! Yes, I do like Sean Penn.
March, 3rd. On the morning of the soul shouts with distant neighbors. He, too, unsweetened. His life in general - shit ...
March 8. At the head of a corporate party pulled it into the corner in the bathroom, rubbed my finger, all to no avail. Maybe I'm frigid? This truth is still pretended to be finished, but I can not be hypocritical!
9th of March. A neighbor below flood again. How annoying. Really it will last a lifetime? I was started to scold her, but she called me zadrotom, and I have nothing to object. He left himself.
10th of March. Due to flood a neighbor agreed to put this to the chief only distant neighbors. How can one then indignant. He does not like this thing. But is there, she asked, selfish damn ... And the chief - asshole, do not pay attention to me.
March 13. This whole day crying because of the gap with the boss. And I'm glad. In the evening comforted by the vibrator. It feels better.
March 25. This seems to be in love. I feel it. They have so far only kiss, but I have everything inside freezes. How is it nice.
30th of March. Everything was!!! He is very attentive and sensitive, did everything as it should, I already flushed with pleasure! Said neighbor that pace cunnilingus should be renamed in klitorlingus! Envy me. Apparently vaginal orgasm does not work.
on 17 April. The progress is evident. About me not forget, neighbor too happy, says that to this could be found in her a strange point. Optimistic about the prospects of a vaginal orgasm. Somehow, I also set up positive. Apparently when this happy, I automatically good.
May 30. Dear Diary, I'm sorry that for a long time did not write. A month later, these wedding. I do not know how I will benefit from it, but rejoice in all - and the neighbor below, and a distant neighbor. I heard a rumor that there will be internal changes in this. A neighbor said that she would have a hard time. But we all hope for the best together.
And what remains? ...

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Thirty-five tall, broad-shouldered, masculine, no-nonsense dressed, smiling eyes, the look has to communicate. In the first five minutes of acquaintance Ivan managed to please me. He called me on the announcement of the meeting with a man that I recently posted in the newspaper, it was presented as a beginner, rather like showing interest, but has not yet decided on their dreams.

He asked and asked questions ...

I was interested to respond. It was the first man showed genuine interest in my secret past. That had always hide from relatives, friends and colleagues, I am pleased to tell him. He started asking questions about my homosexual experience: what I like, do not like it, as I give pleasure to men. In short, I told him a little over an hour's all about his secret past rather poor. Then he asked where I learn what I want to be. We talked for about an hour.

A long conversation completely fascinated me. I did not feel sexual interest on his part and it just drew me to him. We continued to talk, but now I behaved quite differently. I started to make advances to him. Ivan noticed this, but ignored. I definitely sexually aroused - what a man !!!

- Okay, well communicated, it's time to master. I think I came up with something. Walk, - he said.

We walked into the night in the district. Ivan has led me to some park people was no longer there. I know why we came here ... My cock stood like a pillar, the lubricant is already soaked panties, I could not wait for the desired minutes. He led me to the bench, he told to sit down, stroked my face. His impatience I expressed the fact that he began to kiss his hand - his hand was broad and strong. All it excites my impatient desire ...

Ivan once again looked around, saw that people in night park anymore:

- Undo himself, - he said at last, and walked right up to me.

Snake on the fly is easy to succumb. My fingers penetrated under the elastic of his underpants, stroked the pubic hair, touched the penis. Finally, I took it and began to caress the hand. Solid size.

I touched his lips swollen head, caressed her tongue underneath. Then saliva moistened his lips and very gently relaxed lips started to do blowjob. I enjoyed a beautiful body excited. I tried to give maximum pleasure to its owner.

It did not last long. Ivan stopped me, refueled, offered to walk again. We walked around the area again. He began to question whether I liked what happened, I felt like I did. I replied that I was very pleased that he has a beautiful and fragrant member, spoke about his lust for him.

- So, you bitch? - He stopped and looked me in the eye.

Being taller than I by ten centimeters, Ivan loomed over me.

- You can probably say that, - I replied.

- Not possible, and it is. You're my bitch - his voice ceased to be charming - you understand? You'll come to me when I tell you. Otherwise, it will be bad.

Such words are not like me, I'm confused, I did not know how to behave. The sharp change in Ivan knocked me out of the rut. He went on to say strong loud voice:

- Everything you told me today, was recorded on tape. There pedrilsky all your experience, place of study, home phone, and so I know. Can you tomorrow punished for all your floss. I will send mom kassetki listen or give the homeless the top five, so he personally give her a hand. I think it would not be funny. Then the boys and girls in college. You will continue to study there? Two years in the hell, you can let go of life. And then, with his connections, you'll find the city is always, and will surprise again. There is no way, no choice, I'm nothing not going to ask. You - a bitch. And now - you're my bitch. Let's go to.

Ivan quickly without waiting for me somewhere to go. Still it was late at night.

Damn, I was scared! It was fucked up! I realized at once that came under his power completely. Obediently, without sentiment, I trudged after him.

- What is sour, which are silent? - Ironically he said - and well, more cheerful, so I like.

- I Thought - I muttered.

Again, he stopped abruptly and looked at me again gone.

- I can make you be more fun.

Quick stops, and a severe blow to his chest. I froze, not even thinking to resist. Fear ate me completely.

- Now you have to admit that you're my bitch. Say it - Ivan stared at me.

I did not raise his eyes and said nothing.

The next blow to the neck side open hand almost knocked me off my feet. Very painful, it dimmed in the eyes, but quickly released.

- I'm your bitch - fear me nauseated.

- Now what are you gonna do?

- Go home, too late, the parents must have worried - the last hope to break even at the time of his paws.

I did not say - I mumbled barely audible and almost inaudible.

- And when you're sucking me in the morning, parents are not worried? - Ivan Ivanovich almost shouted.

The attempt failed. I'm not much hoped.

- Come, I will teach you to excite men.

We went into the stair staircase nearest high-rise building. Stank of urine and shit.

"Lousy conditions for excitation" - I thought.

They went up a couple of floors above. From the stench is not saved, but there was a little cleaner than the first floor.

- Take off your pants and shorts - he ordered - hang on the railing and turns his back to me.

Greater humiliation at the time was not yet in my life. Being naked to the waist for me is no longer a male concept. I was below the goal, like a girl! In addition, bending, standing cancer. Lean on a railing, he forbade me.

- Better to expose ass whore. Spread your legs and ass.

I obeyed. I wanted to howl from his weakness, cowardice, helplessness, humiliation and fear.

- Now tell me who are you with me? Only clearly and colorfully. - Ivan Ivanovich got excited member, and began to masturbate.

I already knew what he wanted to hear, and fear of change posture, said:

- I'm your bitch.

- Will you do what I say?

- Yes.

- Who are you?

- Bitch.

- Says "bitch" and not a "bitch."

- Bitch.

- Now, damn, you will receive.

He brought the member to my priest, found the entrance and abruptly pushed me head. The pain ... the tears gushed from my eyes, but I did not dare try to pull away, and continued to push his ass for him. It was very painful and humiliating.

- Turn imagination and tell us what you like a bitch going to do to please me?

Ivan Ivanovich, not fucking me, thoroughly enjoyed his power over me - I stood in a humiliating posture simply worn on his penis. Probably, some have begun to include the protective properties of the mind, I slowly calmed down from stress - I was disgusted at the same time I started to get small drops of pleasure from its subordination to another's will.

- All I would do. Sucking dick, licking the head, testicles. Whatever you say.

- Ass will substitute, prick sucking, tongue where work will say knew damn. I - your buck, you - my property. Rotate, tongue lick my prick.

Turning back, I tried to sit down, but he told me to stay in position and did not dare to straighten the back.

- Alone, always be right to take such a position, running after me and lick my hand.

I began to lick the language of his head. Without physical violence on his part this attitude has even excited me. I started again to try to please him.

- So, now: tongue in the mouth is not shove, you understand? Licking moving his head like a bitch. Whines, do not swallow the saliva to flow out of your mouth, okay? Calling me will Ivanovich. I am now your buck, you understand? - It is easily poked me with his fist in the side, podhlestyvaya to action.

I did as I was told - quietly whined, sticking his tongue out at the maximum length, moved his head, licking the head of his penis. Saliva flowed to his cock and dripped onto the floor. I started to excite my submission.

Several sugary fagots that were to Ivanovich, fawn fawning and get to my priests to fuck young, almost innocent body. Ivanovich was different. He forced me to obey, did not leave me no choice, really made me his bitch.

- On his knees, crawled under me. Come quickly, damn - he would still somehow show their dominance.

Clutching my knees under him, Ivanovich slipped me his thumb deep into the throat:

- Now suck it - and put his finger in my tonsils.

I sucked and licked his finger, while his other hand, he continued to masturbate over my face.

- You will not behave themselves, make, eat shit at the entrances and suck at the homeless! Got it, damn, say, who am I to you?

With a finger in his mouth, I mumbled:

- My male, and I'm your bitch.

- Get out bitch, bent over cancer!

Ivanovich abruptly introduced deep into my ass finger and pulled his hand up. The pain tears flowed again, that was just a little better, had a little bounce. He liked it very much.

- While I masturbate, lick and try to get one somewhere, damn, - again jerk your hand up and another portion of tears.

I tried to tongue licking the head with his fist under his members who are stronger and sharper received on the lips and the nose of his masturbating motions.

- Zasosesh everything and swallow now, damn, anyway you fucking understand? Come on, bitch, swallow, whore, you ...

He drove up to the throat in my mouth cock and stopped. Holding me by the neck and pushed me not to because of the gag reflex, and stopped me. A moment later, his cock began to throb, and throw in my throat cum. I could not swallow it, interfere deeply planted member.

- So I should stop self-respecting male - rather, he said, - like a bitch?

I nodded. He continued to hold my neck, until finally his body went limp. I stepped back and swallowed, finally, his sperm. It began the dawn.

The pain and the humiliation was hard to breathe.

- Vylizhesh my balls and go home - Ivanovich spoke calmly, screwing up his eyes in satisfaction.

I had to try a few more minutes before you are fully satisfied with their male instincts allowed me to get dressed and go home.

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Moonlight fantasy

Night quietly sat down on the city, spread out, rustling, their black wings, flooded lanes obsidian, a cowardly retreat before the electric light flooded the streets ... It is gentle, almost motherly touch hot blood, casts true night, Epicurean thought. The desire of the flesh became almost unbearable - instead of having to go to bed, I began to pace the room back and forth. No, sleep does not turn positive, accumulated lust and passion required output, the sooner the better. Night, Mother, why Your time makes people so bold and reckless, hot and passionate, that you such that even an inveterate bigot turns into a passionate lover? .. No answer.
Reared flesh strongly interrupts unwanted thoughts right now - like the thinnest thread of common sense cut the merciless scissors desires. Dark, secret, depraved, secret ...
You sleep, my happiness, sweet snuffle in the spacious lodge, which still conspicuous traces of our morning pleasures. Smiling, I walk up to the head, unable to tear his eyes - it seems a sacrilege to wake you, and because I'm speechless, motionless ... However, you and so somehow disturbing rushed about, short groan (from delight or fear of pain? Who knows what you showed to Morfeevo kingdom, a country of dreams ...) and open your eyes. As for your lips smile, strangely similar to the one that froze on my own.
- Night is haunted and you, darling? - I ask, easily touching your hair, caressing her cheek with his fingertips ...
- I do not give my boy - hear your response through the haze of tenderness. You izvernuvshis playful cat, you touch my lips, palms, making me smile even wider and kinder.
- Let us find it together, m? - Laughing, I asked counsel. And I know that you will answer "Yes". However, because I want to hear it for real ...
Contrary to expectations, you are silent, only discarded blanket and moves up invitingly. This eloquent thousand words, and never have to beg me ... I gently pounce on you, rejoicing - because you allow to be near him, to love, to give joy and delight ... As much as I can give, you accept, and generously reciprocated. Is this not happiness? Yes. You - my happiness ... And so, I want to make you happy.
And starts petting - a dagger-sharp, searing passion and tenderness, a sensual dance of lips and hands by your calling, I wish the body. Track greedy kisses winds from the tip of your ear to the lower abdomen, inmost of the sites ... and why they are so often called "shameful"? Oh, goody, you do not see all their charms, do not know how delightful it - caressing the tiny lips and tongue, with the pea, the clitoris, smartly warping finger in the wet warm bosom, while gently massaging the brown ring anus. You do not know what is woven into an ecstasy of love to be crumpled sheets, caress, giving pleasure, without asking anything in return - just to make you feel good, sweetheart. And for this - all for your lovely legs: awe, affection, admiration, love ... Everything.
You squirm under my caresses, moaning loudly, without fear that they hear; your fingers plunged into the strands of my hair, which is closely pressed my head to your juices flowing flesh. Do not be afraid that pulled away - and all the treasures of the world will not be such only after ... Yes, yes, it is! - You convulsively bent, moan becomes a cry, mecheshsya on the bed, almost breaking my fingers; in my temples pounding blood, and you also compress their hips ... My girl ... Fingers are reluctant to leave the damp heat - one of mokrenkaya womb, the second - from the anus to relax. Cuddle goodbye long tongue movement, I climb up the stairs kisses and caresses: tickling the hollow tip of your tongue navel, his hands stroking thighs and waist, criss-crossing his fingers teasingly elastic chest. Lips arrived to help a little later, and with affection enveloped neat nipple, tongue brisk snake began to pull it, if not get enough down there ...
Gently pulling back and panting, you yourself with a sly smile begin to torment me, falcon dropping down to the hard, juicy flesh with lead. Chain quick kiss, caress the tongue along the barrel, forcing growl like an animal; finally your lips fully take it in hot mouth ... And the torture begins - a sweet, intoxicating, maddening. Ye gods, how good! On the lips, one after another bursting groans endless string "I love ... ", Hips moving to the beat, ruthless toward your lips and tongue yurkomu. Catharsis, the supreme moment of pleasure, shining whiteness of the snow mountain. The outbreak of a new sun for screwed-up eyelids, warm liquid flow spewing from me; sweet convulsions, beautiful agony of life itself ...
- Thank you ... I love you ... My Happiness ... - whisper barely audible. But you know perfectly well, feel their heart, and our lips merge in a kiss, I feel the salty taste of its own, puts her arms your waist ... It is strange, but it is in no way an opal, still stands a strange, wondrous monument inflexibility of our passion, our Tenderness feelings ... our.
And I do not hesitate, take this, merging smoothly with you together ...
And it starts Sacrament, the greatest under this sky and under the sun. The sacrament of new life, the mystery of love, when two lovers entwined bodies on the bed, and the soul soar in transcendental heights, enjoying the greatest unity and harmony and happiness to be together ...
Alas, like all happiness, it is transient. It seemed only a moment ago, huddled in unison with the heart, conjoint tocsin, only recently we have cried with happiness, forgetting about all the prisoners in the cage of love and tenderness, inseparable, happy - and now, it is all ... peak pleasure, joined-loving shout .
The flash, blinding-white ...
Maddening pleasure, sweet convulsions ...
Soft arms, you exhausted collapsed on my chest, we ukryvshee blanket ...
And quiet, barely audible: "I love ..." Simultaneously. And after that - laughter.
"Thank you..."
You're welcome. You know.
My happiness...

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DuckTales. Part 2

School Saint Konar. 16.55. Dead silence. 16.57. Silence. 16.59. Silence. 17.00. Call. 17.01. The door swings open well-aimed kick. From school bullet imposed Goosen skateboarding. Behind her, behind five meters (fifteen seconds) flies Goga.- Come quickly! - Shouts Goosen, picking up speed and making a wild spurt on the garden bench, and alternately on both sides dorozhki.Goga clearly wants to answer, but he was not out of breath he could barely keep up with Goosen in a straight line. Suddenly Goosen brakes with such force that it knocks the board with stones sparkle track. Gogh, respectively, by inertia flies past another ten meters. Goosen carefully sneaks into the bushes, gently pushing them. Behind the bushes, a small lawn, Zigzag, lifted up her skirt and exposing her ass fucked a young girl, without even taking off his pants. He quickly moved his hips, hands on hidden under light blouse young duck breast, with the usual silly expression on his face. She stood polusognuvshis with information knees, open-mouthed a silent scream. Zigzag Movement slowed, and he finished, repeatedly drove his cock so deep in the vagina close girl that made her moan. Goosen on their bellies crawled out of the bushes. Joined her Gogh said: - What did you see, Goosen - Zigzag - handed Goosen, snatched from the hands of Gogi your board?. - Let's go, Herbert drove past the house, Goosen throws an instant view of the window, and then dives for the bench, catching the collar with Gog and zataskivaya it too!. Pulling from his briefcase a huge pair of binoculars, apply to the eyes. She presses a few buttons, and binoculars produces peak sounds, automatically adjusting to the distance to obekta.- Papin binoculars - Yeah. He now it is still not necessary, it has a date with his lover - Goosen says with undisguised longing, not looking up from the binoculars and inducing it on the window doma.Iz sound-amplifying devices start came the groans, sighs and shouts of familiar voices: - Herbert, faster ! - Honey, do you remember what happened last time - Oh, what a difference! - what happened last time? - Gusena.Goga asked responds adjusting his glasses: - Mama Do not sit two dnya.- Cool - Goosen removed the binoculars back into the bag. - Okay, let's go to my house domoy.Podehav, Goosen opens the door and, without reducing speed, takes off the ladder and dives into his room. Gogh, losing sight of it, too, comes into the room. The door slams shut behind him with such force that he jumps. Goosen with a bang and slam latch catches on krovat.- Come on, get, - says she trebovatelno.Goga opens his briefcase and pulls out a worn voluminous book in red cover with the title "Sex Guide". They sit side by side, Goosen selects the book from Gogi, opens her somewhere, reads: - Phase excitation - a gentle mutual training. At this time, the main significance of touch. In men, the penis is increased and ...- Gogh rectified, and there you have - Sometimes Gusena.A Now you can - Well ... probably net.Gusena browses several pages, viewing images, and, catching the book left hand, right hand holding his stomach, down to the bottom. Under her fingers there is a small red stick. Gogh krasneet.- Well, as you said - not looking up from the book, Goosen said removing ruku.- Look Goosen - Gogh takes the book, opening it in the diagram genitals zhenschiny.- Nothing interesting - Goosen slams the book, prischemlyaya palets.Tut his voice is heard at the bottom of the Black Cloak: - Goosen, you're home Goosen instantly grasps the beak Goge.- probably went for a walk with Goga after school - he says someone to.Dvoe pass from the hallway into the living room, close the door. Goosen made a sign Gogh, and both go down on his toes. Goosen leans to the keyhole. She sees Marisha, beloved black cloak, the great black magician. To her surprise, she was standing in the same pose as the young girl with zigzag. She did not dress, blouse covered only her small breasts. And behind her was a black raincoat, completely naked, and, judging by the vibrations of her body, making love to her. Goosen looked without looking. It seemed that Lady Makabr knows that she spies on her. Suddenly her eyes flashed two stars, and Goosen felt affectionate teplotu.- Gogh - quietly said Goosen, suddenly hoarse voice. - You want me Gogh stopped?. Goosen felt his silent then the reply Zaderey me sviter.Goga slowly performed it, revealing the two hemispheres of her beautiful ass, covered with short soft feathers, and, on its own initiative, began to stroke them gently. Eyes Lady Makabr razgoralis.- now enter into menya.Goga took his segment in the hand and brought him into the pussy Guseny, slowly began to move back and forth faster and faster. Finally, when Goosen felt that he no longer stand the torture hot heat inside, white flame burst from Marisha eye, and the world for Guseny flared and died. When she came to, Marisha already dressed, and a black cloak with a beatific smile lying on divanchike.Gusena approached the Gog and quietly, but audibly, said: - No one slova.- As you say, Goosen, - said Goga.

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Sevastopol - the city of stray dogs. It is known to all. Over-hearted residents of the city-hero and an abundance of food waste in underdeveloped street cleaning system have created an excellent environment for homeless dogs.
Voiced night barking and howling dogs dozen securely entrenched in every yard, became a familiar reality of life and no longer anyone to disturb or annoy. In the end, people get used to everything. A four-legged invasion, dirty, but incredibly charming when soliciting food occupiers, not too excited about the city, remembered the invasion of two-legged animals in Nazi uniform.
...Silence of the night quiet, deserted streets on the coastal edge of the city, bordering the military part, penetrated the car growl. The car stopped, pulling out of the darkness by the headlights of a pack of dogs, is located in a quiet little square. Disturbed animals dissatisfied grumbled, and disappeared in the darkness of the night streets.
He slammed the door. Out of the car came out a slender girl.
- Anya! Wait! - I leaned out the door short-haired head. - Well, where are you, eh?
- Fuck you ...
She did not look back, only added step.
- Idiot.
The car roared again, took off and disappeared. Anya paused and looked plaintively after her. Having provoked the quarrel, she did not count on such an outcome.
- Okay…
On the palate, fortunately, a full moon, silvery light that beautifully lighted road. The house is old and the apartment was close to the parents here. After standing a moment in the hope that the machine will return, Anne sighed and went through the familiar since childhood, deserted streets. Somewhere just hanging out a young company. Were heard cries of children under strum guitars, loud cries and laughter of girls. She belatedly wondered what happened to her anything now - hardly the residents of neighboring houses, accustomed to the excesses of the night young, come to the aid of the police, or even cause ...
And she had a strong feeling that she was being followed. As if someone snuck in the surrounding thick bush, peering closely to the lonely girl. Anne shivered and quickened his pace. Strong young breasts bouncing with every step - as luck would have under the white blouse she's not wearing a bra. Long blond hair evolved and glistened in the moonlight ...
The last phase of the road she almost ran. But - street near her home, a small park at a distance and direct path right through it to the dark (no windows glowing at midnight!) Home. Anya sighed with relief and walked under the canopy of trees ...
... At this point, a strong blow knocked her down. She screamed and tried to crawl away and to get up, but was worth it to climb on all fours as she pulled hard on top of something warm and heavy. Strong, hairy legs tightly wrapped around the sides of Ani and lock curled on the soft breasts, glaring nails into the soft white skin. Blood pounded with breakneck speed Ani in the head, she took a deep breath and tried to escape. Stronger claws scraped skin and ear sounded menacing growl. Anya rushed struggling - torn blouse buttons sprayed in all directions, pounding on the pavement.
The girl managed to escape from the strong grip and run a few steps to the door before the dog caught up grabbed her leg. The fall knocked the air from her lungs and almost make a girl to lose consciousness. The teeth of the animal, leaving the ankle bleeding furrows, closed on the pant leg. The dog is not going so easy to retreat from his victim, he dragged the unfortunate girl to the bushes.
Anya tried to scream, but his throat burst only a thin wheeze. Hands powerless zaskrebli the warm asphalt. Feeling that the victim resists again, the dog growled and shook his head, not letting leg. When he dragged the dazed girl to the bushes, a few dogs came to the sounds of a struggle. Anna saw their dark shadows, glided to her from the depths of the grove. With trembling hands, she found the waist belt, somehow loosened and slipped out of his jeans, to escape from this pack. This was her last mistake.
Strong canine teeth closed on her waist, leaving a bruise, we picked up the gum panties and jerk flayed them. In the next moment Anna put her hands on the ground, and came over the top once again a heavy dog's body. This time she felt each of his hairs belly of his naked back. Under his weight she almost fell, but the firm grip of the front paws of a dog fixed position bitches ready for mating. Anya twitched again trying to break free, even at the cost of his own skin.
Being raped by a dog! This could not have dreamed it, even in the most terrible nightmare.
Tired of trying to girls is free - dog sank his teeth into her neck. He previously had to take recalcitrant females. He clenched his jaw, until the girl fell silent. She just fine sobbed, while the three other dog sniffed her hips, touching the cold wet noses to the silky skin.
Feeling the hardness of their position, the dog decided to proceed with the long-awaited process for him.
Anya in horror felt something warm and solid rests on her leg.
- No ... - she managed to whisper before a member of the dog found its way into her womb.
More than ten centimeters feverish crimson flesh dug into it, from the mouth of the girl istorgnuv deep groan. The dog continued to dent his cock until he put his groin in her juicy buttocks. Anya cried again. One of the dogs scurrying around saw brilliant streams of water on her face and licked the girl's face. His breath it almost puked. At this time he saddled her leader of the pack began to make rhythmic thrusts, forcing delicate, young body shake from each impact. Her breasts lifted by tempting, and hips, clenched mighty seizure paws swelled by heavy, irregular breathing.
Nude girl of sixteen, raped large black dog with shining in the moonlight, thick hair, was a spectacle as obscene, grotesque as it is beautiful.
Anya regained the strength to scream, but worth it to open his mouth as it slid rough tongue to lick her dog. From horror and disgust she froze, and the dog tongue, feeling the sweet taste of a girl's mouth, he continued to explore it from the inside. dog eyes appeared in front of her. They burned lustful fire of anticipation.
"He is waiting for their turn - rather felt than understood Anya, below which the stomach pushes against the pack leader has poured a pleasant warmth. - Wait, like all the other dogs gathered here ... "
Contrary to the disgust and pain that brought the whole belly scratched claws, she began to receive strange pleasure from fucking furious, which gave her a black dog. He felt his strong legs, curled her tender body weight, fell on his back and powerful aftershocks of his penis inside her. Heard squish with which his cock moving in her and panting in his ear. Animal instinct began to take up over her mind. Before tense and frozen, it slowly melted and excited, prognuv thin back and sticking out above the sacrum to allow her lover the most convenient angle of penetration. The leader felt that bitch succumbed to his onslaught, enthusiastically growled and began to move harder, while its gray counterpart continued to lick the face lustfully moaning girl. The third dog came and began to gently nibble on my ear but demanded the girl.
- Take me, - he whispered the girl. - Fuck! Deeper! I'm your bitch, take me!
When the leader trembled, ready to throw in the prepared bitch reserve your seed face and blonde hair matted with Ani dog saliva. The leader jerked the last time, leaning forward, and his tongue, saliva dripped from which to Ani ankle. She felt the heat fills it from the inside, she took a deep breath ... and gives a strong orgasm. Finished spewing his seed, male deftly turned, resting his hairy ass in dairy buttocks girls. Anya was relieved of her rape, finally came to an end, when suddenly the dog, with such zeal to lick her face, I saw that the back bitches freed. Prompted by a blind instinct rather than the desires of the other, he jumped onto the front Anya, and his keen member poked her closed lips.
Anya's eyes widened in amazement, wondering how the dog could think up such a sophisticated way of violence. At this point, her black lover eagerly moved, and his bloated body was still pinned down with his bitch, she made Anna opened her mouth and moan. Next gray jump laid his long term in the curve adorable, sweet sixteen two-legged bitch mouth. Anna tried to spit member, gray is already firmly grabbed her back and ready to fuck the unfortunate girl in the mouth. She moaned, but it was too late. Hot dog dick slid between the lips, and a dirty, matted hair on the dog's groin got into his eyes and nose. Anja nearly choked until her mouth is not the first jet hit the dog sperm. At that moment the gray abruptly leaned back, his cock slipped out of Anya's mouth, and the flow of thick white liquid poured on the face.
At the same time he released the leader of the pack deciduous member of the girl's womb. Deprived of support, she almost fell. Heart pounding in his chest from the experienced stress. Anya tried to crawl away, but her dog leaped again. It was the third dog, the existence of which she had already forgotten. Look experienced breeder would have recognized a huge freak bastard Newfoundland and yard mongrel.
Waiting for his turn, the bastard decided to fully exercise its right to complete the rape of a girl opening the last of her holes.
A big, fat cock dog stared at the wrinkled ring anus of Ani.
- Do not! - Shouted the girl, vainly breaking out cuddle her rapist. - Please do not! Aah ...
Pathetic resistance offered bitch even more provoke the already longing for love "Neuf". Sitting back, he squeezed even tighter legs of the victim side and had begun to push in a thick dick in her anus. The girl's eyes widened in pain, and she stifled scream. Hands Ani weakened, and she fell with her face in the autumn grass. Dog to the limit imposed his spear in its narrow rectum, enjoying the way his cock tightly covers the body of the girl. Lascivious tongue hanging out, he began to take his bitch sharp, violent jerks each of which tore a painful moan of wet lips raped the girl. He continued to maintain the weakened body skillfully girl hugging her legs around her chest. Two supple soft mound tickled reddish hair.
It seemed that this torture never end. In the end, hoping to quickly appease his demanding lover Anya start podmahivat him ass, dog trembled and soon erupting into her stream of hot semen. Fortunately, she was able to avoid painful anal lock with the dog, and slip out of its grip weakened, the whole body collapsed on the warm earth. Disappointed "Neuf" brutally bitten his mistress's shoulder and walked away, giving way to the last place of the dog in the pack.
Close-eared yard dog tried to raise the power of lying on the ground unconscious body, but not having the power and the bastard black leader, was only able to turn back to Anya. Standing over her, he barked a few times, and again began to tear claws girl's body, trying in vain to lift it. Without wishing to be mutilated brazen of dog, and gave a strange madness of the night the girl herself lifted from the ground and wrapped her thin arms dog's neck, clinging to him. The dog was not going to miss such a good opportunity, and immediately got into her vagina. Unusual position prevented him somewhat, but delivered Anya genuine pleasure. After the brutal "Neuf" Fold seemed like the perfect lover. She gently drove her hands down his back, stuck out her tongue and touched the cold wet nose.
- I'm yours, doggie. - I whispered in the ear of the tyrant girl. - Take me gently.
Who stood, tense nipples of her breasts rubbing on his hard wool, knees bent slender legs and then touch the hind legs and a long tail, which excited male waving from side to side. The dog did not waste time, his tongue slid across the face of Ani, and then falling into her open mouth. From engulfed her ecstasy she rolled Discard cloudy blue eyes and gave herself completely to his feelings. The world has shrunk to the size of it for a pleasant, languid gravity demanding the perpetrator, which she now belonged. She frantically worked his hips, trying to get at a furious pace to fuck her dog. White skin, covered with bruises and bleeding scratches, gleamed from the beads of sweat oozed. Anne caught her mouth dog tongue, kissing his face and caressed the back of strong slender fingers.
Madness of the full moon began to make it.
Tired of unusual items, Anna released the dog and rolled over on his stomach, substituting him her seductive ass. Completely crazed animal gladly accepted the position shift and saddled ready for fucking bitch. His elbows into the ground, Anya free hand to send members of your dog in the developed anus.
- Make me! - She demanded. - Come on!
And deep moan, strong dog podmahivaya booty. The dog growled and twitched, hammering second hole gave him a girl.
When he finished, Anne caught her breath and looked at the black leader, has had time to rest after the first act. He saw her eyes, got up and slowly approached and jumped on suppressed subordinate pack bitch started to take it slowly, almost lazily, but carefully ...
The sky was beginning to lighten when Anna finally climbed back into his torn jeans. Limping (pain in a torn anus made itself felt), she headed toward the door. Black dog followed her. She did not chase him. Together, they climbed to the fifth floor, she opened the door to his apartment and went - dog came after him.
As soon closed the front door, he pushed the girl demanded in the back paws. Anya exhausted leaned back against the wall and slid to the floor. Dog paws grabbed her head and pressed it to his furry stomach. Anna opened her mouth, letting member covered secretions into it ...
Her life as a bitch had just begun.

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Lord of the Rings: Galadriel and the captain of the elven guards

On Lorien quiet dusk fell. Slowly the dying sun, letting the last rays on the leaves of the trees reaching for him. Wood was preparing to go to sleep, as well as all his obitateli.Koroleve Galadriel could not sleep. Dropping weightless veil, she quietly, almost without touching the ground, fluttered out. She remembered that the scouts have repeatedly denounced her that the orcs were preparing a blow at night, and so I decided to check out the advanced secrets of his men .... And here already and the border of the forest. Around the small clearing were three mighty Malorne, and only the most watchful eye could notice the three hour, cleverly hiding among vetvey.Pervym his queen saw Ernal captain three razvedchikov.- My Queen. - He gave a respectful bow. - What brings you to our office at this hour - I'm just checking the vigilance of my warriors. They say Orcs soon hit nochyu.- Our vigilance does not weaken for a moment, my queen. The idea that we can lose you, unbearable torments our hearts - Thank you, brave Ernal. I do not doubt you nor mig.Galadriel turned from warriors and quick steps out into the middle polyany.A Ernal at this time froze, spellbound beauty of the Queen. In its air silver dress, she was like a beautiful spirit, who had returned from Valinor in their world. His eyes slowly slid the figure Galadriel. He saw a beautiful slender neck, with falling on her golden strand, narrow open shoulders, her beautiful full breasts, long chained to his gaze, soft waist, which was so anxious slowly lower the arms and forget until the morning ..."How can you think about it this way, it is your Queen!" - Flashed mysl.No elf could not cope with their feelings and stood, unable to take vzor.Galadriel why was the queen of the elves of Lorien that was able to understand the soul of its every citizen. And now, feeling the thoughts of the young by the standards of the elven warrior, she involuntarily turned pink. She was aware of her beauty and has long been accustomed to the admiring gaze, but now ... There was something unusual and romantic in this lonely clearing in the mighty Malorne, in the stars, is already beginning to shine all vlyublennym.I ... Queen herself did not I noticed it was on Malorne, face to face with blushing Ernalem. Her hands lay on the shoulders of a warrior, and his lips were already intertwined in a frenzied kiss of Galadriel does not let herself even in her first night with her husband Selebrenom. Two sentries were on two levels are gone, and could return soon, and it only adds sharpness feelings Galadriel.- My queen ?! - It was said in a whisper in the ear of Galadrieli.V Ernale struggled with a sudden sense of duty gripped his flaming passion. And he felt that passion has pobezhdaet.- Give me ... - barely whispered Galadriel. - I charge ... And once again her lips stroked her lips Captain strazhi.I Ernal, realizing that resistance is meaningless, ceased to resist gripping his flow. His hands lay themselves on the breasts Galadriel began to stroke them through the thin dress neckline. It seemed to him that he is in heaven. Nothing more beautiful than he had previously experienced. His hands felt under the skin a white velvet and solid seal nipple. Gently, almost without touching, he freed one of the first dresses marble chest, then the other. Galadriel and moaned, with extraordinary agility poured warrior on his back. Her delicate fingers cool rushed down, and to cope with the belt, finally released from captivity finest male treasure. Member of the elf for a long time was hard as a rock, and Galadriel, Dark Elf Queen of Lorien, caressed him with her full soft lips. A wave of pleasure, shaking, slowly lifted and carried the young elf further and further away from the simple earth zhizni.- Oh-oh-oh, my queen !!! - And the mouth of Galadriel poured the juice of love, which she has never tried to vkus.Etot blessed fountain was so strong that it has released Galadriel member immediately splashed her face. The elf lay on his back, unconscious, his head in his queen, erupting from itself last drops spermy.No it was not the end. After a few minutes the hand Galadriel again found the weapon of his faithful warrior. At the touch of gentle fingers cool elf moaned and leaned forward. His hands quickly touched the breast of the Queen, who was chained all his attention. Initially, he gingerly touched their hands, but then eagerly clung to it with his lips, letting out and taking in the mouth elastic pink nipples. His cock was ready for new feats. And now, his hand softly slid the hem of the dress of a long night, found it charming elastic ass queen. His fingers moved slightly to the side, feeling a little round peas, from touching to which Galadriel leaned forward and moaned: - Oh! Come on soldier! Come on! And, removing the silky folds of her dress, the warrior rose sharply and struck the bosom of his korolevy.- Oh! Yes! Yes! M-uh! - Just shocked and could speak the Queen, trembling under the blows of a member, like a young tree under winter vetrami.Ee beautiful breasts very exciting jumping, thick golden hair spilled over her shoulders, the dress fluttered in the wind, his head was thrown back. Pretty tight cave closely covers its vaults member elf again and again plunges into it. Ernal could not believe what he was captain of a simple watch, at night, on the branches of Malorne, makes love to his queen. This idea is completely captured him, he was even more excited, began to move faster and more furiously. His zeal gave the results: after a few minutes the vagina tightened Galadriel, the elf stiffened member and clinging to each other, the bosom of the queen to the brim filled with life-giving vlagoy.Obessilennaya, Galadriel fell to Ernalya passionately kissed his cock, taking in her mouth the precious drops of sperm . Elf embraced his queen, and they are tired, but still passionate, otdohnut.No lie down together, they were not going to waste time in such a marvelous moonlit night. Flick Ernalya fingers slid along the thighs of the Queen, moving towards an oasis at the bottom of the black triangle. And now they have reached the goal, finding the down black hair and pink lips secret. Galadriel hugged a soldier, her hands again soon hit upon the elastic flesh of the head of a long and thin elven member. So they were frozen in a lovely position, delivering unearthly pleasure each other. Ernal stroking soft labia and sensitive tubercle Queen, just getting into them with his finger, and Galadriel vengeance moved her palm along the cool and rebellious again requiring a female member of affection. Their lips have merged, they eagerly clung to each other, the elf to feel the taut breasts Galadriel. It was the most beautiful moment of his life. And then, he was under the pressure of raging passion, slowly lifted just three fingers into the narrow hole of his queen, gradually starting to move them. Galadriel started, let it out slowly and almost got up to Ernalyu it easier to realize their dreams. The very same captain felt the heat inside her beautiful narrow cave, along with increasing pleasure ... and falling abdomen. His thoughts are captured only one thought: "I give pleasure to their queen! Is it as good as me ?! O almighty Eru, how nice it is! "- Echoed in his pounding golove.No Galadriel that night wanted more, wanted to get away from the young Ernalya all that he could give her that they both fell to the ground exhausted and never forget about this truly wonderful night. Turning slowly, she looked in the half-dark eyes in pleasure elf, and became sharply bent in the exciting position by sliding the edge of the dress to the side and shamelessly revealing his beautiful view of its pescherki.- Come on, my warrior! Show what you're really capable for his Queen! - Rapid excited whisper said ona.I Ernal really showed itself. In his thin high forehead dripped sweat from the voltage cheekbones stood out sharply. And standing as a warrior, preparing to finish the defeated enemy long spear, he got up and barely audible whisper: - For you, my queen ... And abruptly straightened, made his cock between two fine legs korolevy.- Oh-oh-oh! M-uh! Oh! - Yes, yes, YES !!! - Resounded in unison their stony.Eroticheskoe action completely engulfed them both. Galadriel, forgetting himself, not controlling themselves, basking in the rays of pleasure, unconsciously moving in rhythm with Ernalem. Her beautiful golden hair hung down falls down, rustling dress, when his insatiable hands groped Queen beautiful body, chest moving with the body, swaying like an easy lodchonka during a storm. Groans, no matter how she tried to hold them themselves flew out of her mouth. Ernal moved in an alternating pace is speeding up, then slowing down their movement. Soon, unable to bear the sight of a semi-nude erotic moaning golden queen of the forest, he felt that the approaching climax. Accelerate the beating of his penis, which he kept incessantly attacked his beautiful lady, he expected kontsa.- Aa-aa-aahh! Stone queen break free and fly to the stars. Galadriel shook, the walls of her cave tense, as if not wanting to let go of the coveted prey, and, after a few moments, seemed to her an eternity, weakened. Elf, pouring himself out of a stormy fountain, finely screamed, pulled out a member, and held it above his queen, splashing the perfect dress, thigh, waist and hair. Galadriel fell in the face of tough bark Malorne, choking her feelings overflowed. The elf raised his beautiful face to the stars, it seemed that he was listening to something very distant, inaudible to others ...... Galadriel went back to his palace. It was, she knew that she would never forget this night and will definitely try to experience something like this, although it seemed to her almost impossible ... With feedback, comments and suggestions email me at [email protected]

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In this story, it's about how I had sex with her teacher in English Anya. First, a little about myself: my name is Yuri, I am a second-year student of a certain Moscow institution. I am fond of computer, basketball (the sport I love at all), learning is not bad and not good as an ordinary modern student learns.
And in early 2005, we contracted our former Oksanka Englishwoman, though she, too, was not bad himself. But as it is not to my taste. And they gave us a new teacher Anya.
Anya, the type of 24-25 years, the average growth of the female, married (it was visible from the ring on her hand, but then, when talking on the fourth session, she told us that she was afraid to fly on airplanes, and mentioned there is her husband). Slim, ass what is called in the juice, but the main thing in my taste. And medium-sized chest, just below the palm, maybe a little more. In general, I liked it immediately, especially her mouth, I often imagined how she sucks me, her plump lips run in my pal here and there. It was just a miracle. I could look at her the whole training a couple of not taking his eyes, I fell in love with her by the ears. Looking at her, I began to imagine in their fantasies, it is given completely in my power "I put her on the bed, unbuttoning the rest on the body of the bra, and my eyes are opened for them, I begin to gradually descend from the language of the neck to the abdomen, not missing a single millimeter. Her nipples sticking up and asking for affection", Then there was her voice, my turn came to respond, it is good that we have in English not taken up during the response. And that my friend was ready to fight for a long time.
I do not stay in one place, and then decided! In that no matter what, I have to get it, possess it. Select the appropriate denёk advance bought a bottle of wine, prepared as it should, it has been steadily adjusted. On that day, the English have been the last of the fifth pair of fifth pair have rarely happens, but that's who's suffered, and English was the fifth pair. Therefore, not every student, even if he dobrosovestnym- would be the last of the fifth pair, which does not play an important role. I attended all the classes of the English language, although I scores were between 3 and 4. Well, it's English only 4 people employed went as usual, again, I did not take his eyes off her stunning figure, the perfect breast shape. That day she was wearing a blouse with a small cut under her blouse was, there was no bra, and tight jeans. When the session ended, and all came out, I decided; Anya came to and said he did not understand how to do their homework. There was a pause of a few seconds, after which she said: "Take a chair and sit down next to!", The chair I had been ready, so I did not even have to do and step. I began to question her about some issue, it took about 10 minutes, she explained to me the times I have paid no attention, and then I decided to act. I casually touched her hand, at a time when she was on the book, it took probably another 20 seconds and my arm took her palm is already much she wanted it clean, but I squeezed it with confidence, not giving her the slightest chance. Then she looked into my eyes, look at her I did not understand why. My other hand was on her hip. I tried not to act rapidly, but persistently, my hand was rising higher and higher, so she was already on her crotch, after a short strokes through the jeans, began to unbutton them, at the same time kissing her, I felt reciprocity, her warm tongue so quickly rummaged in my mouth that I did not have time for him. My fantasies coming true. I managed to lower a little with her jeans, then I entered into her panties, and felt that she was ready.
Immediately put her two fingers in the pussy, she arched her back and took a few deep breaths. At this time, I took off her blouse with a blouse and covered with kisses her breasts, protruding nipples, neck, tummy. At the same time I was preparing to entering her anus, rubbing his thumb and moving slowly inside. Then I abruptly put her thumb in the ass, is not taking two of her vagina. From this grip so she began to squirm and sharply breathe that I very nearly finished. Then I bent it on the table and put out for wider legs and began kissing her ass, a smooth transition to the thigh on the inside, I was ready to explode, he could not stand it any longer, took his friend, put it to the entrance of her juicy pussy and thrust it full-length, fixed for some time, feeling the warmth and firmness of her bosom, and began blurred motion. Anya beginning I podmahivat his popochkoy, I gradually accelerating its movement was already on the brink, she abruptly pulled away, lay on her back on the table, beckoned me to her, she took my dick and sent it to the entrance of her ass. Gradually, I began to go there, but expect resistance I felt, so she was ready for it, what caused my surprise. Thus, my body went on full-length, I stopped and began to move sharply to her, then I felt another orgasm Anichkin. Finally it was my turn, I would like to finish, I kept a last effort, and here it is, a moment of pleasure. Cum with my movements flowed from her ass, Anya looked at me with eyes satisfied, this view I was expecting from it throughout the semester.
After I helped her dry off, freshen up, we sat with her for some time, drank harvested me a bottle of wine (I had hoped that it will need before, but I have everything worked out and so). I started to kiss her again, and could not stop, so I was pleased with it. But approaching the end of the working day, on duty in the department was to start checking audience (it always happens at the end of the sixth pair). We Anya out from the institute, I kissed her again, but since it had to meet her husband, to stop we went separately.
Then she got into her car and drove away, I take the bus decided not to go, and went to take a walk, and everything was going and did not believe that my fantasies finally come true, really, that all happened a few hours ago is indeed true, I got close to his dream. Yes, I did, yes, it's true.
Everything written above is a fictional story, but I do have an English teacher, whose name is Anya, do I have a fantasy in which I am engaged in sex with her, but it is all and remains fantasies [email protected]

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Her name was Svetsik. It was a little thin blonde with beautiful blue eyes, a girl 19 years. She studied at the Pedagogical University, madly loved the English language in all its manifestations. Her mother was going to go with his father on a vacation to the Caribbean, but were afraid to leave the girl alone doma.Kak Sveta did not try to explain to them that it is no longer a little, my father insisted on her, and called her daughter to look after his trainee by the name of Michael . He was nice-looking man of about twenty shesti.Vecherom before departure, when his mother's father were about to leave, he called at the door. Sveta ran to open the door, opened the door I saw a young guy with long (at the shoulders), curly hair, black eyes and jet rather attractive figuroy.Misha entered and shook hands ottsu.- see Bear, you trust your daughter. God forbid that it will happen, blame yourself. - With a smile in his voice he said otets.- not worry Fyodor Ivanovich, it'll be fine. - Michael looked at Svetka and added. - Why did not you tell that you have it so beautiful. I would even flowers kupil.Svetka blushed and quickly washed off to his room, closed with a key, and waited, and when the parents leave. Strange, but for some reason she did not expect that it will come to a handsome young man. It is both feared and wanted to leave the room, but something obviously did not want to let her. So she sat in a room somewhere in the hour when finally plucked up courage and decided to go. When she came to the door, she seized a desire that already trotted legs. She plucked up courage and opened the door. But when she opened it, then swallowed it stifling embarrassment. Michael was standing right in front of her door with a bottle of champagne, and smiled and said: - I've thought you were there all night protorchish.Svetka again blushed. And he, in turn, said: - Yes, you have enough to blush, yet his."Oh, if it was so"- Thought Sveta.- Let's better we have some champagne with you, there will your fear. I'm not biting sobirayus.Eti words did not reassure the light, but on the contrary, it was all filled with such euphoric adrenaline that will let her, she would have to show everyone where zimuyut.Oni cancers went down into the living room and sat down on the couch right in front of TV . Misha somewhere got hold of the center console and included quiet music. He poured champagne by the glass and said: - Svetik, let's drink to znakomstvo.Svetka nodded, and they drank a full glass of champagne. Sveta generally not used to drinking, so she very quickly became fun, so Misha did not even have to make any effort to talk with her. She's chattered and chattered incessantly, and Mike continued to pour. When they finished their third bottle, Mike offered a drink brotherhood. Sveta thickly said: - Yes - and they crossed this ruki.Posle Misha clung to her lips. He thought that she now must otlynut from him, but she asks remained in the position in which Bear kissed her."Well. - Misha thought. - It's time to act".He Embraced Svetka's waist and held her close, and she is not a bit resisted. Their tongues entwined in a passionate kiss. As revealed Svetka kissed very well, so that Michael could not tear myself away from it. Sveta did not understand what makes or understand, but it was so good that she was spit on everything. They sat on the couch and kissed when she asks suddenly said she wanted to dance. Mike said that he does not like to dance, maybe he is purposely skazal.- Then, - said Sveta, - sit and smotri.Ona included his favorite slow song and began to dance. Her small figure was just adorable in this dim light. Her large breasts swayed to the beat of her movements, her hips as if taken out different figures. She was wearing a white translucent blouse, beneath which was a translucent white bra, panties, gently emphasized that all the contours of her body. She turned back to Misha and began to twist his ass, meanwhile Misha just did not sit: he quietly undid his pants, freeing the way to his friend. Light came to Misha and sat down in front of him on his knees. She gently took his hands in the direction of his dignity and began to push his legs, Misha's eyes burned with a bright flame, it is obviously lead to impotence Svetka. She stood up and sat booty on his dignity. Continuing the gentle motion of his booty, she is clearly beginning to imagine what will happen next, because she saw her body tense with excitement and anticipation. Mischa hugged her to his chest, but then he got a slap on the wrist. He had to feel her breasts and hardened nipples. Sveta got up and began to take off her blouse. She did it slowly, without ignoring every bit of his body, causing Misha to anticipate what will happen next. And now, unbuttoned buttons of the latter. Sveta turned and slipped off her blouse, she threw it in the face of Misha. He caught her and began stroking, and eat the smell Svety.Sveta already well warmed happening now saw clearly that it wants to Misha, and does not just want, but longs. She turned her back on him and began to take off her panties. Misha could not sit still, it seemed to him that the chair beneath him just burns. Sveta remained in shorts and bust. She gently start to take off her bra. She lowered her arms and Mike finally saw what I wanted for so long. Her third the size of the breast was so beautiful that any fashion model resting. Sveta went to Misha and sat down next to him. He pulled her closer to him and began to kiss her lips, her neck. He put Svetka under him and began to descend below. He kissed her beautiful breasts, her body, without ignoring any portion of her being. Finally, he got to this very, Sveta was startled by the touch of hands. Bear looked at her predatory eyes Svetka liked this look, she spread her legs and helped him remove her panties. And then he saw a small neat bush, wonderful fragrance came from this part of the body. It would have eaten him if it were possible, he dug his lips in her little clit. She moaned with pleasure and grabbed his head. First he stroked it gently with his tongue, then gently sucked, and then, finally, he began to caress her pussy. Svetka's eyes rolled back, and Bear entered the hole his tongue. He worked long and hard at it, so she asks pressed his head that he could not breathe, but he still continued to please her. And then she asks huddled in convulsions lungs - she had finished. Member Bears have long been burned with fire, and finally a chance. He went upstairs to the body Amy, kissing her belly, her breasts, her neck, her lips. He passionately kissed the Light that dizzy from some kisses. He stared at her lips and whispered in her ear: - You're a virgin I guess this is a strange question for a girl nineteen years old, but Sveta was raised in a family aristocrat, so it is quite normal vopros.- Yes, - said Svetka.- Then there will be little hurt - Misha said. - Tolerate ...- Yes, - he said ona.Misha again slowly began to enter into it his cock. Then, when he felt an obstacle, it is with the force pushed his dick in Svetke vlagalische.- Aaaaaaa - piercing issued Svetka.- patient, now the pain proydёt.I exactly the pain subsided after a few seconds, and Sveta already well feel his huge cock at in organism. When her breathing calmed, Mishka began to slowly drive his cock in the vagina. Svetka liked it, and she began to moan softly. Making sure that everything is in order, Mischa came out of it and walked the entire length. Light again issued a piercing cry, but this time not from the pain and pleasure. Misha began to move back and forth, that is urine, he could not take it anymore. Faster and faster, he stepped up the pace, but then she asks knocking him to the floor with the couch and turned on. Her posture like this anymore. She first moved slowly on his cock as if planted by the count, then faster, then again slowly, then she started wagging her hips and move quickly. Mike could no longer stand it and, turning Svetku for themselves, he began to fuck her with all his might. And then he sees how it is beating in great ecstasy of orgasm itself ends. Exhausted, he falls down next to her. A few minutes later, they were silent. Then Sveta got up and gone somewhere. After a few minutes of her perfect body appeared with a bottle of champagne in hand. She leaned against him for his hot body, and it was already relaxed, nipples again stood by order. She went to Misha and said: - Open your mouth. - Her voice sounded Now uverenno.Misha obeyed and opened his mouth. She doused his body with champagne and poured what was left in his mouth, and then said: - I want it She got on all fours, his pisey to face Misha and his face to his dignity!. Misha began to lick her pussy, she was incredibly nice and more because just drunk more champagne remained on the lips of Misha and small bubbles very well felt. Sveta never did blow, so it is first carefully examined Bears dignity and then kissed his head. Bear shuddered for a moment stopped its movement, but then recovered and continued. She licked his head, and then she wanted to lick the message to the base member. She did, and now she wanted to get it all. She settled back and at first slowly began to swallow his huge advantage. Bear took Svetka hips and planted on his fingers, Sveta trembled and somehow it turned out that the whole dick in her mouth climbed. She was really happy to be able to please him, too. She began to suck it up very slowly, playing with the head latch. Then faster and faster, then again slowly, then faster again. Then she heard the voice of Misha: - Now I can not stand. I do not mogu.I in truth his cock was ready to throw out all the accumulated semen. Sveta began to move her head faster, and then faster and faster, Misha caressed her clitoris and tongue caressed her vagina his skillful fingers. Sveta felt his cock is now cast out, raised his head, and he finished right on her face. At the same moment of ejaculation and this work Misha Light also konchila.Oni Misha lay motionless for about thirty minutes. Then he picked her up in his arms and dragged him into the shower. He turned on the cold water, and their bodies immediately napryaglis.Ona turned her ass and began to rub it on his penis. After some time, he was in full readiness. She asks herself, without further ado opёrlas handles on the bathtub edge. Misha and think it was not necessary. He grabbed her hips and hands entered her ass for the most eggs. Sveta cried, but it was a pleasure. He bent closer to her neck, thus providing an even greater penetration of his penis, put his arm around her breasts and began to fondle her nipples, then simply crushed his chest, and all fast moving his pelvis. She asks no more moaning, she just cried, she would like even faster. Bear stood up and began to drive her in his penis that there are forces and as quickly as possible. A couple more moves and everything he came straight into her anus, she did not have enough air, so he stuck two fingers in her pussy, she breathed, and they have merged in a passionate kiss. Then Bear bore her to her bedroom. There they went to bed and slept soundly sleeping child until the morning, until the father called to ask how they Svetka case. It was only the beginning roditeley..Pishite holiday, share your impressions. All answer. [email protected]

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Sweet languor

At the time of repair in our apartment, my husband and I to her parents invited him to live and we are happy to agree. Hospitable svёkry gave us a spacious room in which we are located.
My husband occasionally goes on business trips, in-law works in the hospital and in-law, with his small company is constantly lost in the office.
The day after returning from work, I felt tired, exhausted and decided to go to bed early, especially since her husband went back to work in another city, and the evening was going to be boring.
Because of covered me tired I fell asleep very quickly ... I was dreaming, as some clearing in the forest I had sex with her husband, and not controlling myself, I shoved his hand between the legs and began to fondle himself a finger, from which my girl much moistened. Through the voluptuous dream, I felt like someone's strong hands confidently pushing my feet as my hand take away from my girls and begin to lick my fingers, licking them with my wine desires. Then, gentle light showered kisses on the inside of the thighs.
Outside the window it was already late at night and in the room - the outer darkness. I decided that the trip was canceled my husband and I relaxed, still staying in a sweet half-sleep, half in reality ...
His cool wet tongue began to caress my long been wet girl polizyvat busy and suck the clitoris, tongue dive into the hole again to lick again in the hole.
Ah ... how well ... I could not keep quiet moans, hands I caressed her large breasts, rubbing and squeezing her nipples between fingers and moved toward the playful tongue. He began to cover my body with kisses, climbing higher. Kissed tummy tickled tongue navel, he began passionately licking his chest, while he wielded his finger between my legs, feeling them vaginal wall and thumb noticeably massaged my clitoris rather big. All the weight falls on me and puts a member of my wet hole. At last! I'm sick of desire and I can not help myself:
- Come to me, fuck! I finally want to feel your thick cock in itself! ...
Slowly, he held a wet thick head on the lips, pressed down, and began to enter into me and squeezed my fingers wet klitorok. I felt his thick trunk parted the narrow stenochki my vagina and this feeling start to finish, frantically clutching a girl his penis. He put his hands under my ass hoarse voice excitation whispered in my ear:
- I recently wanted to fuck you, baby ... And abruptly pushed me his friend on the eggs and aggressively moved his butt between my legs, pushing my ass to meet the language fluttered around excited nipples, sucking and biting him.
These words said, no one else like my father in law! The man, who was lying on me and vigorously fucking wet crack is not her husband, and my 56 year old father in law!
Oh my God! - I tried to push, stretch your hands on his hairy chest.
- Uncle Mike ... - I barely squeezed out of myself ... But then it even more nalёg at me, her lips clung to mine, his tongue in my mouth and began to kiss passionately, with rapid jerky movements began even faster to drive me your number, "kissing" me its end in the womb from which I started, simply leave. In-law began to make sounds similar to the male growl. Squish this wild jumps and slaps his powerful egg on my ass filled the room, and I'm loud groan start to finish, shaking and writhing beneath him. Wave after wave covered me, exploding in the abdomen, spreading throughout the body to the fingertips. My stormy orgasm sperm caused a splash and a loud groan svёkra low. From bright orgasm I lost consciousness, fell into a deep abyss of sweet.
To be continued...
His comments should be sent to: [email protected]

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