The essence of a woman (part 1)


We sat in the large living room at the table and drank tea with cake, bought specially for the occasion of the arrival of younger sister of my mother. Aunt Vera has always distinguished glibness nature, his words did not climb and was generally fun and gambling woman that was never boring. Mother excused myself to the kitchen for some cases, and sitting on the couch next to me aunt suddenly leaned over to me and asked quietly whisper:

- Natasha, are you writing erotic stories ?!

- Well, there is - after a few seconds of silence honestly surprised me, frantically thinking about where she could face with my works.

In my head somehow it did not fit the idea that his own aunt, a very successful and provocatively beautiful for his forty years of business woman, climb to the Internet for reading erotic texts.

- A mother knows? - Quietly clarified Aunt Vera.

- Of course not. She approached to the computer even afraid, not that difficult to incorporate this unit and it is something to do it - I smiled.

- Well, I thought so, - aunt smiled and quietly said. - I have finished the story of my distant childhood for you. Then my sister, your own mother, ill with "pig." Well, me, lest I be caught by her, for two months his parents sent to the Urals in the village. I was young and naive girl urban and rural customs of the time I simply shocked. How many years have passed, but those two months in the village Kochnevo I can not forget. This mystery well, just itching in my heart, like a splinter. I would like to talk and share with anyone the secret. After dinner, let's go outside, I'll tell you everything. And you, if you see fit, you write about it to his readers.

July 1987, Chelyabinsk region, Miass district, village Kochnevo.

Vera looked wistfully out the window of an old "Moskvich", riding on a bumpy country road. The girl was irritated all, without exception. And the hot July weather. And blinding sun straight in the eye. And the rough road on which unused to shake the city Woman seasick. Also in the car was very hot, sweat oozed from subtle light dress disgusting stuck to the neck and back. She shook the handle on the door, almost dropping the side window, but only became worse - road dust penetrated into the interior, creak teeth and blind eyes. Faith raised her glass again and leaned wearily on the front seat.

- Nothing, my dear niece, little is left to suffer. We're almost there - tried to cheer her leading car Uncle Misha, the brother of his father. - It is for the hillock road turns, and you can already see our village.

Faith did not reply, grimly considering covering the slopes of this hill birch forest. Wherever the eye fell, could not see any house, no one clearing, only the monotonous white-striped trees. That is because it has managed to also get into the wilderness instead of the promised trip his parents in Gelendzhik on the Black Sea! And than it should then be engaged for two months? It's all my sister's fault - fell ill a week before the trip to the sea. Well, why should not she get sick after returning ?!

Sister-it's good - she stayed home all worn around her - the ice cream shop, the "Pepsi-Cola". And Vera due to illness sisters were sent to the Urals, as if the offending Decembrists in exile.
"Moskvich" strained climbed the hill, and the eyes of faith opened view of another wooded hill at the foot of which lay the village Kochnevo in which the girl had to languish until August the end. All the last days Faith mentally imagine this unfortunate village - will probably be only a few miserable huts (maximum of five), around which the sad plucked chickens will roam the mandatory rural dirt. So when a sudden large settlements girl brightened visibly.

- And here is our village! - With obvious pride in his voice said the driver. - Let not the biggest, but not the boondocks. Two parallel streets and one transverse. Nearly a hundred houses in which four hundred people live. Children in the village have a lot, so you will be with whom to while away the time. And if you need a civilization, then out along the road can be in Larino hour walk, there is a real center with a thousand inhabitants. Here and there a cinema and a disco club.

"Moskvich" in clubs dust famously swept through the village and stopped at one of the most extreme homes - the wooden log and fairly well-kept, surrounded by dense lilac bushes. On a bench near the house Vera noticed the girl sitting about his age and a boy about eight years old.

- And here you meet our neighbors - Lenka with his younger brother Maxim, - Misha smiled, pointing to the children. - How do you know Lenk two days ago, will soon come to the village of her same age from a big city, so just tortured me with questions.


Lenka popped incessantly, trying to enter the city the visitor directly in the course of village affairs.

- And yet here very close to the river, just need to go down the steep slope. Well, as soon as the river ... stream, to step in some places can be. Although there is a bend mountain she poured, and even there you can swim!

- There the girls bathe naked! - I put in his word lad. - A village lads go to look at them from the mountain.

- Maksim! - Strictly he called to his brother Lenka, but his brother is not effaced.

- What? As if you did not know that spying on you. Especially because you have to undress Irkoy to tease guys! And they pulled off your clothes! Say, there was no such ?!

- Well, it was ... a time - Lena blushed.

- Twice it was! The second time you went swimming in the dredge where gold is mined. I heard the guys talked about it! - Again put refinement harmful kid, what Lenka offended at him and drove home.

By the river, and beyond it a forest, they did not go - soon Faith had to call for lunch. The girls walked down the deserted street. Suddenly Lena turned off the road, opened the gate and entered the overgrown weeds plot. It shows on the wall lying abandoned house staircase. Making sure that no one nearby, put a ladder to the roof and quickly climbed up on it. Vera followed his new girlfriend and was on a low dusty attic. There were empty boxes and covered with a thick layer of dust from the cushions of the couch. Lenka, stooping, squatting moved forward. Faith could do nothing but to follow his companion.

- Here look. Here you can jump through the hatch into the empty house - explained village girl. - This is our secret place with the girls, we're sometimes play cards or secretive without witnesses. The door from the outside boarded, shutters too. So the house can only be reached from the attic, as if to draw a ladder into the attic, then general here nobody else can enter. Well, to jump?

Without waiting for the response of Faith, a village girl jumped into the hatch. Vera came to the edge of the hatch and peered down. High, more than two meters. And as it turned back to climb? But Lenka claimed that they have walked here ...

Sitting on the edge and legs dangling, Faith clutched fingers of the opposite edge and jumped off, hanging on his hands. Then she opened her fingers and landed on the floor.

- Good, not afraid - praised her friend. - I thought that all city timid and indecisive. And you do not like that.

Vera looked. Through the gaps in the windows nailed boards penetrated light, so there is enough light in an abandoned house. The room was not at all dusty, and even had a cozy ... or something. She walked around the house. Kitchen utensils were on the spot, on the kitchen wall hanging staying cuckoo clock. On the big Russian oven was a pile of felt blankets and pillows. In a large room is a sofa and an empty closet in the bedroom empty bed, a mattress it was for some reason shot and lying on the floor. Next on the windowsill I lay greasy deck of cards and filled with cigarette butts ashtray.

- Well here - acknowledged the Faith. - Comfortably. Quietly. No one interferes, you can relax or play in anything. A long time in the house no one lives?

Lena shrugged:

- Long. Five years, I guess. Previously, the family lived there, but the young people moved in Zlatoust, and grandmother left her house. My grandmother then died and the house was left useless. Yes it is not the only one in our village, at the other end Kochnevo three more empty homes are worth - who want to live! Only in the village no one really does not want to go in the city because life easier. Here are these houses empty. I even spent the night here a couple of times when Dad came home very drunk, but usually we are going with the girls when wet street. This secret place about which village boys do not know.

- Is it true that your brother said? What are you naked in the river bathed? - Suddenly I decided to clarify the Faith.

Lenka did not deny. She smiled, took off her sandals and climbed to his feet on the sofa.

- Yes its true. We then had three of them - Julia Zorina Irkoy with his sister and me. Of course, we saw that the guys climb on Stone Polat (so called large protrusion of the mountain, where the mica layer sticking straight out of the slope). But even more fun ... it was exciting, you know. When you know that the guys behind you peep, even to bathe more interesting. Julia first offered to tease guys. We stripped naked and bathed in a shallow river. A Bear Steklov, it turns out, crept through the woods, grabbed our clothes and ran away with it to the other guys ...

- And then what happened? - I asked Faith, vividly presenting himself described the picture.

- Well ... ... it is clear that we are redeemed, and then went back to claim our clothes. And the guys at first pretended to know do not know anything. Then, when they realized that we have seen with our clothes Mishka began calling us to go with them directly in this form on an abandoned quartz production is about five kilometers from the village. They said that if we agree to go naked, then there will give us clothes. But we do not want to go - in the first place is far, and secondly it was clear that just because we do not return. So Ira suggested not pull the cat's tail, and immediately say how we can buy back our clothes. The boys agreed to pay only for each item had to do something. I had to return the sandals to dance naked. For a T-shirt I kissed each of them on the lips. Well ... and so on - suddenly crumpled awkwardly ending story village girl.

However, Vera such a short version of the story is not satisfied, it is somehow very much wanted to learn from a new friend all the details. But Lenka suddenly became restive. Then Vera deliberately casually said:

- Well I do not want what you want, I'll ask your brother ...

Then Lenka smiled slyly and said:

- Are you curious turns. Do you really wondered? Or do you want to own the next time we go to swim?

Vera was confused and said that she was just curious to know the morals of local youth, as she would have to live there for two months. Lenka, after these explanations, said that in fact that's not fair - it reveals its secrets, and her friend himself does not say anything like that. Lenka has proposed an exchange - his secret about the guys on another mystery about the boys.

Vera quickly scrolled in mind his life and was surprised not to find absolutely nothing that could be of interest to the interlocutor. She even began to hurt - really it's so boring spent fourteen and a half years ?! Vera was forced to admit to a friend that apart from a few kisses and tell her there is nothing. Lenka disappointed sigh (urban life charms only explicitly that plummeted in her eyes), I thought a few seconds, and proposed a new game:

- Here on the windowsill a deck of cards. Let's divide the deck into two parts, and then we will play - you take one of his card, and I am one of his. If your card is older, I will tell a secret. And if I have larger, then you will remove yourself from one thing to wear. There is?

Belief in any case clarified - whether it will be back again after the game to pick up and put on the clothes removed? After receiving an affirmative answer, she waved her hand vigorously:

- Oh, it was not was! Let's play!

Faith sat down on the sofa, himself quickly shuffled deck of cards (you never know, suddenly there cards were laid out in advance in some cunning way), and then divided into two halves of a deck and invited her friend any stack. Then Vera flipped top - Eight of Spades against Lenka.

- Well, I will discuss the redemption of other things. But just I want to warn you that at that time, together with the guys was my small brother, Maxim, and everyone in our village knows what he yap. About any secrets when it is impossible to speak - immediately blabbed to everyone. So that all men desire to be quite decent. Jump and shaking boobs, kiss someone shout to the entire forest some obscene words ... well, nothing. We soon returned clothes. But to be honest, we all liked it - and the guys and girls. We agreed the next time all go together to bathe naked, but somewhere far away from the village, so that no one spied on. And that is no small fry do not get underfoot. But the story about it - is the next mystery. Play again?


Ten minutes later, Faith was sitting on the couch in his shorts. Previous clothes were neatly hung on the back of a chair, and the girl herself with a sinking heart listened to a story about her friend nudist bathing.

- ... The guys were already there. We suggested that it was fair, the guys get naked first. When they stripped naked, we too took off his clothes. It was cool ... ... We strongly excites the whole day playing "Indians" - went naked or were making clothes from the leaves, running, swimming, sunbathing. Then we played "cops and robbers." When all the players in the nude, in this simple children's game appear quite unexpected moments. For example Jirka when elicit password from Mitki Tuleneva, with their sharp nails dug straight into his excited member. The unexpectedness of the guy finished - a long white jet leg Irki flooded. They all laughed embarrass the guy, and he told us to shame correct password. So the girls have won this game.

Lenka made a short pause, shifting more convenient zatёkshuyu leg, and then continued:

- Then we swam for a long time. And then the guys offered to play "cops and robbers" again, but this time that they were "Cossacks" and the robbers girls. Guys like us very clearly "torture." I do not know what they thought torture us experience, but all the guys were members of a stake in advance. We noticed it and refused, saying that it was time to return home. But then we found out that the guys again hid our clothes! Just imagine my condition when I realized how fast we were stuck - away from home in the deep woods of three naked girls, and around four guys excited. I was scared ... Well, we continue to play cards?

Faith nodded - it wildly like to know the continuation of the story. And even the fact that of all the clothes she had left only her panties, the girl did not stop. She turned the card. Hearts dozen. Lena opened the ten of clubs. Two dozens. Draw? Or some kind of suit is considered the elder? Vera looked at her friend - this option they are not discussed in advance before the game. Lenka commented:

- We usually with the girls thought so - if the roll is the same, then open the next card. And even if someone wins, he gets just two wins. But ... you have only one thing from the clothes remained. Will you continue to play at will? Or ends?

- Come on desire - dare Vera, himself deciding that must always win, and immediately after the drawing, it will stop the game.

- But just so you do not give up! - I warned her friend. - Play fair, or I am not friends with you. Swear to the health of their parents, which comply with any of my desire, if you lose.

- I swear! - Faith and solemnly turned the card.

Queen of six. Bummer! The smallest card. But Lenka also opened six. Faith exhaled and opened the next card. The king of diamonds. A good bet. But she was glad not for long - the ace of clubs pulled Lenka.

- Take off your clothes! - With a predatory smile said rural girlfriend. - And you owe me two wishes.

Vera pulled off her panties and stood in the middle of the room, waiting. Standing naked in front of barely familiar girl who can make you do anything ... it was very unusual. The whole situation is very Vera plant. Lenka same-farming collapsed on the couch, carefully considering standing in front of her naked girl like a new toy. She pointed to the protruding nipples strained naked girlfriend:

- You seem to like to submit. Admit it, the factory?

- Yes, there is - did not deny the obvious belief.

- And this is very good. The very essence of a woman - to obey. It is the nature, there is nothing we can do about it. That is why girls like strong strong self-confident guys who are much stronger than them and can win by force, if desired. Women tend to obey, they can not without a master. Now I am your lord and master, so you want to obey me. Oh, you're really flowed!

Lena jumped up from the couch and came quite close. He stretched out his hand and touched two fingers to the hot labia. Faith like an electric shock, so she jerked by a simple touch. Village friend showed her wet fingers.

- I never saw that one of my girlfriends were so excited! Cool! I envy you, you're just a real woman! You get a real pleasure from the fact that obey me! By the way, did you know that the girls can not leave the excitement - it leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvis?

Faith nodded. Yes, it is something overheard once in conversation the mother girlfriends. Those who do not pay attention to a teenage girl, did not anticipate that she hears and understands the more their speech. Lenka confirmed:

- It is believed that a girl can not masturbate herself - this then leads to the birth of a dead child. Therefore, to remove the drive necessary to get a boyfriend or ask your relatives to help her friends. Okay so, since I only your friend here and help you. Lay back on the couch and spread your legs wide!

Faith terribly confused and began to refuse. But Lenka strictly looked her straight in the eye and ordered to perform, saying it is her first wish. Nude Vera lay on her back on the couch and spread her legs. But from a friend to touch so tender and intimate place immediately cringed and closed my knees.

- Close your eyes and relax, - advised her village girlfriend.

Faith honestly tried to do that, but still shuddered every touch. Then Lenka has changed tactics - she started very far away, from the tips of the toes. She kissed and sucked finger by finger, arm at this time stroking his girlfriend foot. That gradually became Lenka lips slowly move up the leg. A hand between the lips ahead and climbed higher and higher, as if preparing the body of the Faith for an early touch of the lips and kisses. Vera lay trembling with unknown feelings. She was ashamed and tickled, but stop this torture, it is no longer wanted. On the contrary, she thought - how far it will go up lips girlfriend? Did she and the truth comes to the most ... but then his fingers Lenka, in advance of his lips thirty centimeters, touched the labia majora, and Vera immediately finished.

Lenka already confident and tough enough to put two fingers to his girlfriend clit and began to rub. Orgasm wave after wave rolled on Faith, she could not stop. Finally completely exhausted she pulled away and stopped. Only a couple of minutes she whispered almost inaudibly:
- Thank you, Lena. I never in my life was not so good.
Sequels are not followed - from the street donёssya cry aunt Antonina calling Faith to dinner. Vera looked at her friend and asked permission to dress.

- Get dressed, of course, all to be honest. And after dinner, let's go to the forest? Not far from here - go across the stream. Will you tell the relatives that you want to go, they released me for mushrooms.

The voice of a new urban girl girlfriend clearly heard sly tone. Vera hesitated - whether to go it is not clear where the new girlfriend, but curiosity and thirst for adventure overpowered indecision and fear. She agreed to go into the forest to pick mushrooms, and even accepted the terms of a friend:

- You only changed his shorts on a short skirt without panties and you will go. This is my second wish.


If the dear reader will enjoy this story, or he would like to read the sequel, please do not hesitate to express its appreciation to the author's purse webmoney R368320757062 or Z361076405772

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A failure lab

Today is Saturday. Last time, to go to university do not want to, but what to do - Today the lab, will again have to grind it far from freshman physics formulas, formulas, Newton's laws. The day passed surprisingly quickly, the last couple of laboratory. The start was encouraging, all tried. Again it alone! Was late as usual to the lecture and swam past me majestic gait of the Queen, as usual teasing their appetizing forms, their breasts, which she never puts on the bust. He passed and sat down at his last party. As usual, of course not ready for classes, and after a workshop today. Laboratory work. Again she did not cope with it. She always violated discipline. To provoke me to ambiguous questions in the in-line lectures. For example, on the theme of sliding friction force is asking provocative questions. Say please and the presence of abundant lubrication reduces friction? At the same time slyly licking her plump red lips, as if shyly undid a button on her blouse so that could be seen of her delicious breasts.

Yes, it is obviously humiliated me! My patience at this time was over and I left her after class to correct errors in the work. She was sitting in his place, nice looking at me from behind the fluffy eyelashes, it clearly angered me. Who would have known how this girl got me. She was angry and excited at the same time. Every time it appeared in the audience, I was forced to sit at the table so as not to give sebya.Ne show students I strongly excited. In his fantasies, many times I caressed her. In them we have been wild passionate love. But it is only in dreams. Approaching her, I realized that the laboratory it has successfully failed. Written only one job, and even then with errors. Quietly he approached her from behind. He looked into her tetrad.Sverhu was surprisingly fresh plump her chest clearly visible. These dark circles nipples. God, what she does to me! Over her shoulder she pointed a finger at fault in a notebook, and when the arm is returned back, as if by accident touched her nipple, it lingered on fingertips. He stroked gently and sensually, and felt that she paused in trembling anticipation. Not removed, do not misbehaved, he was not surprised, and frozen in anticipation of the continuation.

He asked, "Why did you provoke me?" Look in her violet glaz.ChTO fell in response to me? You turn me on! Do not you understand what are you doing to me ?! She knew she was doing it deliberately. And I felt it. I felt that she longs for me. Caress my hands became more insistent. I stroked the soft white breast, tugged at the papilla through the light transparent tkan.Stony it was timid, it was obvious that she was a little shy of me. "Do not be afraid of a kitten, we will be fine ..." Only I could tell. Girl relax and trust my experienced hands. Two large men's palm fell on the girl's breasts elastic. They have already violently crushed caressing them and they clearly want to break out of the tight silk fabric. I turned to her chair and sat down in front of her on his haunches. Yes, the confusion has not gone from her face. She was excited and shocked at the same time. I urgently needed to reassure a beautiful lovely creation. Stroked her cheek, slid on the earlobe, caress the stupid like a little kitten, hand rested on his chest. Quietly unleashed two swollen with excitement treasure.

She caressed them slowly, skillfully. My hands became like two fluffy feather. Cupping his hand and lifting the breast, I clung to the papilla mouth. The language was gentle, he was agreeable to her. Quietly moaning. She began to trust me with relish taking affection. Continuing slightly compress the nipple, the other hand slid under the brief pleated skirt, stroked her slender legs, moving deeper and higher. And froze. This little parshivka was without panties. Looking up at me with innocent eyes, full of girlish happiness promolvila.Eto because I go to you! Yes, I have blown away by this recognition.

Realizing that she was waiting, my fingers have already decided what to do next, they boldly and simultaneously began to caress her tenderly flower, touching each of its delicate petals smoothing all wrinkles by penetrating into the serdtsevinochku.Po my fingers already flowed her warm fragrant nectar. I was wildly excited. But I could not flush out my bird its powerful weapon (about which the university is legendary) And the girl knew. Moaning and whispering words of love and tenderness she begged him not to stop. All the more deeply I ran into her and she kisonku fingers at this time I unbuttoned his pants and took out my penis safely from became close to his trousers. Surprised she was chemu.Ona gasped on its size. I began to calm her again, my fear prigovarivaya.Ne kotenok.On great, but he is gentle!

It seemed any small manipulation of her fingers with my cock and I explode fountain splashes. So great was my excitement. So I did not give her to fondle himself, and he had a head on her kisonke. As the hot, sweet, mokrenkaya! I stood over her, sitting on his knees, teasing her with his powerful weapon and waited when she asks herself close. And she said on the exhale. Come, come to me please! And he did not wait. Reveal delicate flower bud let my boyfriend excited powerful stress-free, with a passionate desire to let tightly clasped his warmly embracing. It all flowed girl, oozing, so my character without problems penetrate into the most secret corners of the cave tesnenkoy. I gently stroked her clitoris. And my baby liberated caressed her breasts, squeezing the nipples pinched. I burn and went crazy, more and more. She smelela. I pulled my head, kissed agonizing long, passionate kiss.

Her playful tongue penetrated deep and interwoven with mine. On the day my baby dispersed in earnest. In this fierce passion and tenderness in the spontaneous impulse of the senses we have not noticed how our bodies intertwined in a variety of poses. What we have just not worked on that day! My baby has visited all her secret villages. We did so without ustali.I are our body shuddered and trembled in the waves of the brightest orgasm that we have covered virtually the same time! I have long gently stroked the back of my freshman shalunishku-, humbly bowed his head on my shoulder. Laboratory work has been successfully failed.

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Well, the snow piled. Just Kick some. In the yard is off limits - not razgrebesh, now gone again. Nick sat in his car, and spread to all accounts, to which you can put in the car: reporting forms lay on the dashboard, on his knees in the passenger seat. Somewhere babahnulo petard, "The kids amuse themselves." Ba-boom! Another one. "Pancake. Idiots, the Chinese do not understand ... which explode, and the weather is wet, soak can. " He reached out and made the music louder. So, you need to find where to put there stamp and signature. He parked on the street in front of his home buhgaltershi Lyudochka. Promises to be performed - three days of the end of term deposit accounts, but he does not will deliver her documents. But there were some nuances. Nikolay postponed this occupation, because he did not want her to call in the morning, and call pre-said it would be in the afternoon, so that her husband was at home, and today this is the case. Otherwise, it will, since it was more than once. Although ... .. But no, you do not want ...

Then babahnulo !! It was the usual explosion of firecrackers, but afterwards Nicholas heard a scream. "Before the play." There was nothing Through the misted windows visible, he turned on the wipers: - it is not visible, opened the passenger door window and saw that the front of the machine, on the sidewalk, in the snow man writhes in pain, and beside him on his knees frightened girl sitting. The shock was both. Looking for something to do. He looked around - nobody around, any grandmother slowly crossing the road about fifty meters away - empty. Nick grabbed the paper on the front seat, and jumped out of the car. Man clamped one hand on the other. Both were in the blood. She sat in front of him on his knees in a stupor. Glass eyes, silent, and only one had the strength to shriek.

- What happened? - Silence. Silent oboe. He moans, she turned her head to him and too silent. "Cute."

- Telephone his family know? - Dull.

Nicholas tried to get into the pocket of the guy, and then he loosened the clamp on his arm, and Nicholas realized that something was wrong - fast in this weather hell knows how many will go to relatives, too, need to be taken to the hospital. Blood on the snow was decent.

First aid kit in the car on the spot - he knew exactly. Teeth tore the wrapper on the sterile bandages and tried to tie, but the guy is still writhing in pain. Detach clamping arm is not decided, and just a little more winding bandage and severing it, and gave the guy a swab soaked in the blood,

- Let's take you to the hospital.

He picked up a guy on his feet - "? Heavy, how old he is," and literally dragged into the back seat, "girl where?".

- Are you with us?

- Yes, yes, I am with you, always.

"Maybe it will stay with him, wait for the relatives."

She sat next to a guy in the back seat. It took thirty minutes. Snow, of course, no one thought to clean up, and all who were in the streets, cars, pedestrians, actively trampled him - cars, in order to then slide, pedestrians, in order then to fall and break a bone. And what to do if life goes, and no one takes away? It is understandable - the spring everything will melt itself.

- Patients are taking, - had garknut uncle at the entrance to the hospital is not the territory, when he tried to bring down the money.

Man has walked away from the shock and started to howl. "Hell, in the wrong place, at the wrong time." I parked. Who to look for? Where is the emergency room or the doctor on duty here? I ran into the room - it took 10 minutes out to look into the situation. Ran three aunt in white coats, according to their quality - one worker and two nurses.

- Call the Doctor! I need a doctor!

- And where you can sit down? - Nicholas turned around and saw that the girl holds the guy and literally drags it out for yourself, "That umnichka".

- There's the car, it should be closed. "Molodchinka".

Popped into the street, I hit the remote.

A girl in the hall already tried to ask. What Nicholas knew named name, gave otkserit right, left a cell phone number.

For some reason, I wanted to protect the girl from all those aunts: she does what is to blame.

- We have not lost anything! - "Yeah, right now !!!".

He took the guy, purse, "cool skin!" - Said to myself, CellPhones, trifle left. "It seems to have understood." Nicholas looked back - the girl headway.

- You know, it is better to call? Dad or Mom?

For some reason she lowered her eyes, straightened hair with his right hand, trying to tuck them behind the ear, but they are untidy and did not want to refuel. "Damn nice, a little pity." Blond hair disheveled, eye color Kohl did not see, but slightly elongated face, ears are small, some catkins - the two little dots, puhovichёk clearly modnyachy, dark leggings and boots. Pupa.

- You call relatives? - Another woman in a bathrobe, but obviously the doctor. direct gaze, watching without taking his eyes.

- Now, wait a minute, we will understand.

"A guy that is richer." It sheepskin.

Nicholas began leafing through a notebook in CellPhones, everything is as usual: Pasha - tanks, mother, father (not Dad, do not, or otherwise), Tanyuha, sister, Nata (this name is written with great!).

- What's your name? - The girl looked up.

- Natasha.

- Nick, Nikolai, - submissions were short.

- Who better to call?

- Mom, I guess. "Perhaps, then I do not know."

Nicholas picked up the spirit, and dialed the number.

They were traveling in a car in silence. Comedown. Talk with family members was heavy, his hands were shaking Nicholas still. Still, good that he did not listen to her and called her father a Man, men think better in these situations. He called his phone number and he immediately called back. Gave record your address, winter night is chosen quickly - and still going. They decided that Nicholas left the purse and mobilku Man at. Hospital all the same. Agreed - will approach, he will give all the relatives. But to stay longer in the hospital before their arrival he did not want: it is still at least an hour - laments, questions.

Snow slowly poured and poured. Already on the knee, nothing winter tires - "PRODERE".

Silence, not even a hand stretches to include music, warm and quiet, the engine is almost inaudible.

- Where are you? - Silence, silent.

He looked at his watch - five !! And in the dark! Damn, baby and time, and after "this" will not want to.

- Come to me, I have to sign the paper, move away, and then I'll throw in.

"All the same, they are somewhere near Lyudochka live, and can still have time."

She just nodded again and unruly hair did not want to fill up the ear.

Third floor. The apartment is removable, an acquaintance took off. For nearly native. How then, memories.

She began to undress herself immediately. Usually, women in his apartment he stripped, and they liked it. Coats helped remove, pull the boots. But this girl-a girl he once feared to approach. He took off his boots - wet, in snow, in the stairwell did not want to shake off, even the neighbors are watching, whom he brought back to yourself.

Under the down jacket was fluffy sweater that came down from the waist down twenty centimeters, under the sweater - taxable leggings or pants, and nothing more.

"She trusts me." "Well, after what happened."

- What are you going? Tea coffee? - And then he saw it: a girl who is just beginning to understand its beauty, begins to feel its power.

She looked around, straightened hair, and shifted from foot to foot. Leggings, tights - that he did not understand, were on tiptoes pureed but without holes, makeup on her face was not, little eyes summed up, that's all.

Nick sat down, took out a "guest" slippers, and smiled ...

- Everything is fine, everything is fine.

Gone to the kitchen, he left all the lights on, so it is even more relaxed.

- And let me make you a mulled wine!

- What is it?

- Warm wine with spices, you can have? - Her eyes were brown, deep as a whirlpool.

- Yes, just a little.

What's so difficult - a cup of wine to pour into a bowl, put on fire, throw a few pieces of sugar, two or three pieces, cloves, vanilla and cinnamon, even a few peas black pepper, five minutes and you're done.
- What will you?

- Tea currently do.

Wooden spoon dirty, had no time to wash the dishes. We had to urgently do so, and to interfere with, disturb - do not let boil. Start bubble - everything. I turned off. And cover with a lid, insists freezes.

He looked at her at point blank range - a beautiful she-devil, the boys probably fall down shoals.

They began to drink their drinks, took about fifteen minutes, and it burst. "Classmates came to him at home (afternoon while the parents are not!), Learn together (again repeated), 2-I school study well, he's the best in mathematics, it is easier literature is given. In general, in-depth study of foreign languages. His name is Artyom. "

- He's your boyfriend?

- Oh ... we learn, walk.

For your 27-Nikolai women learned to read. And quietly, drinking tea, he began to understand the situation: a cool guy knocked out the wedges to the girl, and slowly drove her to him, of course, when parents were not home. They walked today, and he decided to show off - set fire and threw firecrackers, is another miracle of Chinese pyrotechnic industry has not exploded in his hand. Now will treat a long time ... What else is there left of it?

Natasha flushed and Nick realized that it is hot. "Do not undress ... she does not offer."

- Do you live alone?

He smiled indulgently -. Have to "you"

- Yes, it is terrible?

- No. "No" was solid.

- I was there in the room will be, I still need to stamp the paper.

He sat on the floor, it took about five minutes to decompose the forms around, and another ten minutes to once again re-sort them. Then he heard water gurgled in the toilet, and:

- Let me help you.

She was without a sweater. Is T-shirt do not need to fill in tights? Then he pulled out, yet it is just warm tights, and her hair let down and not try to have the ear of their hide. No pins. Why? So as not to lose? So were the same for sex. Shkolnichki.

He sat down on a chair. She's on the floor. "Damn, it can manage to escape." She was not a girl, passed teenage angularity and roundness of the body is in the right places, the chest - "The size of the second, at the most. Damn, what I think, where is the place for a signature? As a sitting! Feet shifted. " But my knees only emphasized the roundness of her hips.

She filed a package of documents the floor, and Nicholas began to frantically search: where there need to spank print? "These half-yearly reports, to them ..". To get up from the chair right now is dangerous. She filed papers, and her hand was in his hand ... She invested. She wants to touch it. Three of documents and everything. Natasha kept the paper and looked into his eyes. Cheeks simply burned. She looked into his eyes and held out his hand. Nicholas looked down at her - she did not look away. The fluids can be collected in buckets. His experience showed who is who. Trust each other - the car and the truck.

"She want".

- I'm not drunk - from somewhere took the empty cup - not drunk. "Of course, this amount of adrenaline."

She got up and again started to correct hair. "Waves". Chest heaving like a runner. He handed it to her, and put on perilo chair. Knees touching.

"How old is she, what class? Horseradish understand these women, with their age. "

- When's your birthday?

- In March, will, - "It is clear, the fish, do not know what they want."

He reached out and touched her back, shirt could not hide anything - she stiffened, but he did not take his hand, and a warm hand muscles relaxed, she put her knees on it.

Then he tilted her head on his shoulder.

- You are welcome.

Nicholas turned his head and kissed her on the forehead. Hand on the back felt like she stiffened again. Natasha raised her head and held up her lips. They were dry and hot. It is necessary to correct: his tongue went through her lips, and she reached immediately, the language even further, and it is even more succumbed to meet them, her left hand fell back on his neck. "Uncomfortable". She sat there on the arm of the chair, either on his lap, and his right hand he stroked her back. To his right hand was a humiliating occupation, it is necessary to transplant. And to sit it exactly uncomfortable - Jeans just exploded.

He put his right hand under his ass and wanted to raise her, but she raised her two hands up. "Early in the shoot, there was suffering enough."

- Come on.

He stood up and pulled her with him into the bedroom. His pride - bed with custom mattress, now will hold one more exam. The bedroom was dark.

- Are not included.

The hand under his head and placed it on the bed upright. T-shirt crept up. "Damn, what skin, solid velvet." Now he had no time to feel how it is responding to his kisses. Nicholas himself was enjoying the sensations, going over every centimeter of her lips, the navel, and then furrow up then right side, only have time to wet the lips ... What a thrill to kiss a skin !! He woke up with pleasure. Natasha is already moaning. A T-shirt is also not removed! He lifted her up, and she was lying down, tried, his arms folded, removed.

- I did.

I lifted her higher - bra. I do not began to unbutton, and simply slipped his hand and realized that you can not do that, old lovers can afford it - removed from the cups of the bra breasts, but because, here, there is no can not be. He carefully undid the clasp with one hand - and bang - all they are free. And then with a T-shirt - a chair. It's just a thrill. He looked, and I could not stop looking. She brushed her hair from her face - eyes closed, his lips parched, or wine, or whether he groans, in one motion pulled off his pullover shirt. Triggering reflex - "In the shower! Yes, a shower here! ". Softly touched his lips to her cheek. The answer immediately - as a root to the water, turned and pressed, and stopped - the man clung to his chest. She opened her eyes and smiled. He wanted to kiss her. There are so many places to get high.

Barely looked up - lips, then neck, then the shoulders, she again zazhurchal moans. Where no kiss, she was in charge. He was afraid to touch her breast, but because without them. Lips found themselves nipples and pressed them. As she moaned! What a thrill, from kissing! He stretched his knee and pressed it went down between her legs. Then tightly pressed a knee to her treasure, and he returned to his breasts. She could not switch from one feeling to another, too much booty, she began to nestle tightly to his knee, and at the same time to open eyes, intelligent eyes were not in her eyes.

His head swayed to the beat whether kissing, or tact pressing the knee.

He removed his knee, lay down beside and extended his right hand in the gum. Inhale and hand already there. Hair almost does not feel they are tender. Knees apart, hand covers the entrance and he realizes that she's going to explode, you only need to pick up the rhythm. Middle finger held down between the jaws, a kiss on the left breast, then her lips absorb deep - thumbs-up, and so up - down. Juice was for three. "The neighbors will kill me." It was not a groan - roar. Natasha squeezed cheeks, opened her eyes, arched and tried to wriggle out of his hands. Pulled to the right, toward him, her knees pressed together like a vise with the hand, and she spun around to the opposite side. Her hands found the pillow, and pulling her, she began to bite, to drown out their moans.

"The hand is now broken. No cost, sgryzet pillow ... feel better. " For five minutes there is nothing to do, Nicholas stretched out his hand softly. "As there are so wet." And he pressed against her back. Class .. How he loved those moments when a little more gentle creature in convulsions shaking around you. The highest high. I kiss on the neck, shoulder. Class. He quietly moved away, hid it, and went into the kitchen. It is necessary to bring water. Captured on the road clean towel.

- Where did you go? Go ...

- On - have a drink some water.

Blanket pulled up to her, pulled at her throat and sat down: naked back, but covered with his chest. these girls Smeshnyuchie. He stretched out side by side, naked torso, but the jeans in place. Just strap undone, otherwise tomorrow would have to go to the traumatologist, peening member.

I drank a cup, and lay down beside him.

- What was it? That's what I think? - She asked.
- Probably, I'll do not know what you're thinking.

- You're feeling so fine, my head is spinning, there is no thought - plopped down beside him.

- Lie down, rest, - Nicholas leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

She answered, and pressed. But his knees pushed. Yeah priest rose - wants to remove, you need help. Tights with content, but under the covers. Everything - released. "And I?!". But she pulled him to her. "In jeans? right? "Sam that. It turns out that yes, himself. Nikolay right, then the left hand, pulled the jeans with shorts to the knees, then lower your heels and dropped them on the floor. Everything - naked. Under the blanket knees opened and Nicholas moved cautiously through her foot on the most pleasant for any man in the world. He looked into her eyes, but in the darkness of her half-brown eyes expressed nothing, and ... - Nothing happened. "Me again".

Then he realized that she was just still can not do anything, could and ended up for the first time. Stress, adrenaline, then mulled wine, sex. Nothing he can do. The main thing is to Lyudochku, tomorrow, to leave, and that without his "apology", it does not suffer submit reports. He began to re-initiate her kisses, neck, chest, but she pulled it on itself - between the spaced legs froze. "Fears? What? With a guy, it did. "

- Carefully, with me, and then I will be hurt.

"Nothing, stretch, I slowly and gently." "PAINFULLY??! Well, I do not drink !! Here soobrazhalka oak! ".

- Painfully?.

- Yes.

- I?

- Yes, - I interrupted the question.

Everything fell into place. That's why her boyfriend to show off in front of her - would appear even greater man, dokidalsya, gadёnysh young, and now I must be there for him all the bloody work to do. That character - tuned, so the mood.

"Maybe once otmazatsya, finished and that's enough."

- It is necessary to dress.

- No, I can.

"And the days of pick up, a real woman !!".

And her "Please" was in place. Everything must be on time.

"But this much is already sharpened?". His cock was living my life. Yeah, it's the two of them agreed to everything: he glides on the lips, and she yells. Too hard. It will hurt. He kissed her on the lips, in the neck, below Dotyanutsya could not - it was hard to bend, as a member of stroking the bottom of it penetrates through the mouth just a little bit, they moved apart and slid up, then along with it - down. Natasha again the factory, but now only by touching the bottom. The rhythm itself caught, he did not resist, and here again, rolled on her, but now will not go away. "Do not twist the ladies." Because it pushes it to the sheet. Oral in the ear, like the first time. Derg left, right - he was everywhere, then went limp and pressed her hands. Release.

Now is the time - he took his left hand, hurray - became a little softer, and found the bottom groove, a small passage. "Damn, twenty-seven, and no experience !! Never! "And pushed. She realized, bit her lip.

- Oh, ah.

But he pressed his shoulders, and went in. It was very cramped. "Very close, I can not so long." Back - and a member of tverdyuschy again, like a stone, every movement torture - an attempt to prolong the buzz. How many times did the movements, he did not know. Many could not - when a woman is hurt, some of this buzz? "Everything can not go on." Even more inflated - Natasha knocked her head, her eyes could not see, and Nicholas could not stand, took out a member and began to finish on her tummy. Sperm was so much that the first portion has flown through it, the second plopped on his chest, then she bent her head in an attempt to see a member of the third and subsequent, flopped on the pubis. "A member of hurts." Probably when stuck, something broke myself too.

- How do you?

- Do not know yet - and smiled.

Nicholas reached for the towel and tried to softly wipe all its tracks. Then he took a clean edge and wiped her feet Mezhuyev. There was blood. Yet once found a clean edge - mopped again, and again, and left there, she looked at him and pressed.

- How well do you, so attentive.

- In the shower?

- Oh, and how much time?

- I think seven hours will be.

- A mother .. I said that I would later ....... Women always like this?

Tsёmnul her cheek.

- Himself already ask.

- Well, - and lips pursed.

- My head is spinning and my knees are shaking, turn away, I need to shower.

- Me too, I'm the first.

Nikolai it took about three minutes. Member of ill exactly something tore, it can by the bridle, but there was no blood, and nothing could be seen was. Nothing will take place. Jeans with panties in the bedroom! He walked naked and began to dress. Natasha sat up on his elbows, lay and looked at him with wide eyes. He went to the left of it, and pulled the blanket - looked at her chest, then kissed each stroked them. Then he put his hand under her, lifted off the bed and carried her into the bathroom.

- Oh, a towel.

Included bulbs beat in her eyes, she clung to his neck man, and he carried her into the bathroom. Romantic picture. Bare feet slapped the floor.

- That foam, that's a fresh towel. Wash up, bring clothes.

The bedroom had to turn on the light. On the sheet was a pink spot, he jerked her - on the mattress was almost nothing. "Martial bloodstains" - he chuckled about yourself. The towel was not the same in the spots, in the "scars". The pillowcase on the pillow, all battered, bitten - also in washing. Yeah, that's T-shirt, with a cutout. "This is not a t-shirt!". That's tights, panties, he pulled, twisted everything and carried to the bathroom. "Close!".

Nick does not remember, that this castle was once closed. "He's that close?".

- Clothing here, on the handle, - cried and went to put the kettle.

It took her half an hour, the clothes disappeared from the bathroom handle, while he drank tea, cup it has cooled. He has already collected all the papers rechecked all the signatures and seals. I put them pile, and then left her.

Kolya smiled:

- How do you?

Natasha hugged her shoulders to her neck:

- Fine.

He looked at her and smiled, his first "first woman".

- Let's go have tea.

He stood and watched her as she chose pechenyushki, drank a cup, and then to blame:

- I want to eat.

He smiled even more broadly: "It's always them after this, you need to feed."

The refrigerator was sausage, cheese, and smoked sausage. After half an hour of spaghetti with cheese and sausage were both cleaned shows alarms as a condiment served memories of today's adventure on the streets. The events in the bedroom is not remembered - a taboo. Nicholas could not resist - bent down and kissed her, she replied with a smile and sense. Embarrassed smiled.

- All gone, then tidy. The car still need to dig out from the snow.

He gave her a jacket, and helped to put boots.

- Can I call you?

- You do not know the number.

And then she finally struck Nicholas dictated all the number of his mobile phone.

- I remember the hospital.

"So even if all agreed."

We have Lyudochka tomorrow "work."

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Gray days of one student (Part 1: Tyre)

I present to you, dear readers, a new series of short stories. Accepted suggestions and ideas for further consideration of how intriguing pieces of the puzzle called "gray days of one student." Each piece will be written on behalf of another girl. Enjoy reading!

- Lord, all sick of it! - I hit a folder with a crash on the table.

Bert turned in surprise. In her eyes I was read fear and dumb question:

- What happened?

- Can you imagine that ... - I paused, choosing epithets - this unbearable girl infuriated me again!

- About? - Bert raised his eyebrow.

- "Oh, look what I'm wonderful!", "Oh, and I set off a gun, ah, aha, chi-xux" - I mimicked my classmate, trying to pass it absolutely disgusting, too loud goloss hysterical notes.

Berta burst out laughing. She leaned back in her chair, and began to laugh uncontrollably. I'm offended silence, looking at her, but by her laughing at me very originated smeshinki abdomen. Soon, we were both laughing like crazy in the office until the door creaked, and on the threshold appeared the very odnogruppnitsa.

Ariana Hopkings. 19-year-old girl who annoyed everyone in the group. Absolutely. Her disliked because of her obnoxious character - it is no reason, no reason could after unrestrained laughter yell at him, he loved to substitute and assign any achievements themselves. With the teachers she was such a sweet, fluffy, that sick of this sugary-sweet civility. Asking for any help it was impossible - once it turned out that she was no hands-down, and in general are not able to think. Each person in the group, and even more at the Faculty, she has managed to spoil things, but at the same time, as if nothing had happened was looking for friends among classmates.

- Oh, hello, girls! - She waved her hand to us, we're with Bertha answered only nodded. - I was just looking for you - she shook her head at me.

- I would like to know why? - I smiled a venomous smile, to which she could muster.

- You looking for Miss Wilfred, I requested that you came to her quickly.

- Okay, I'll stop.

Ariana shifted from one foot to the other, and looked down at the floor.

- Something else? - I eagerly bit her lip, trying to control myself and not to roll his eyes at her. I like this lady has already managed to annoy most. From the very first year we go to her race as "who is better". In the first year she even turned against me customize my group. However, as long as the classmates did not understand who she really is when she got drunk at a party, and admitted that she stole a Man in our beloved elder - Bertha. They say there was a brilliant fight. It is a pity that the other night I was out of town, I would be even greater nakostylyat Arians.

- YA..U my birthday soon. Specifically, over the weekend. And I would like you to call him.

- You know perfectly well that we will not come to you, for what this carnival? - Bert stood next to me, and crossed her arms. - Then why are we to you on your birthday? You - a suicide?

- No, no, I just ... The Simple I want to apologize to all, especially to you ... .and in front of you, Tyre.

- We'll think about your proposal, Ariana, - I replied dryly.

She was still standing in the doorway, staring at us. We looked at each other with Bertha. I raised an eyebrow and turned to Ari, hurrying her gaze.

- I hope that you will come - she whispered, and withdrew from the study.

I pursed her lips in annoyance, and turned to Bertha. That, too, was with an air of displeasure.

- What do we do? - She asked.

- We go to a party to it, - I smiled, smiling to himself - and show her who's boss.


- Dear, oh please! Really you do not have a friend who may have sex with a drunken woman? Well mi-mi-mi! - I assumed a pretty attractive face and made a big, big eyes.

- Why do you, kid? Well, let it live and rejoice! - Alex gently rubbed my hair. - I do not want you to revenge.

- And it's not revenge! I'm just worried that such a sweet girl, Ariana still without a guy, and still a virgin!

- You know, I'm not surprised - Alex chuckled and reached out to me with his lips, but I just turned away from him, hiding a smile:

- I will not kiss you until you agree to help me!

- Oh, you wretch! Come on, come here! - He tried to pull me to him, but I dodged his grasp and ran squealing out of bed.

- I'll catch you anyway!

- No, you will not catch, no catch! - I showed my boyfriend language. We ran with it around the kitchen island, completely naked.

- No catch - Alex lunged to the left, I ran away to a safe distance to the right. She rested her hands on the cool countertop:

- Nah, you will not catch - I specifically start to squirm. My bare breasts invitingly swayed from side to side, and went on to wave through the body, calling for a dance waist, hips, legs.

- Who said? - Alex suddenly found himself near, and pulled me back to the table top. I quietly screamed - more surprise than fright. - Who is now in a trap?

- I do not know - I looked at him from beneath her lashes and ran a finger down his chest. I could feel his tension below. His eyes darkened, and from gray-blue to become dark blue with dilated pupils. His mouth was slightly open, and I could feel his hot breath on her face. - Just I do not know ...

I wrapped his neck with one hand while the other pulled his head. Our lips met, language entwined, breathing quickened, and embrace became even hotter.

He gently put me on the table. His hands began to slide down my body. Tearing himself away from the kiss, Alex went down below. His lips gently touched the skin on my neck. Dropping to his nipples, he gently around a circle around one of these terms, and the other fingering. From my chest I broke a soft moan of pleasure. Nice waves condescended from the chest down, heavier abdomen and teaching the breathing.

Without looking up from his chest, he lowered his favorite one hand and stroked my clitoris:

- You're so wet ... I love when you fast plant. Love you.

- And I love you, the sun - I tried to jump off the table, but he pulled my legs hands:

- Now it's my turn, - he licked his lips greedily and sank to his knees.

I gasped and ran her fingers through his hard, straight hair. His tongue explored every cell of my girlfriend, forcing tremble every movement. I felt CURRENT his touch.

I shivered when he touched his tongue to the anus. Ring involuntarily jerked, but then relaxed. He knew the touch, and not only ...

Alex rose again slightly higher. Now his goal to become a torture clitoris. He gently pulled his lips to himself, prompting another loud moan from me. Then gently and slowly around his tongue and gently sucked it. I could not restrain myself, so as not to disturb the neighbors - I was moaning like bitch, dreaming already about to experience in itself something more fingers ...

Another moan. Alex has got his fingers in me, immediately and in the pussy and ass, while continuing to lick the clitoris, sometimes holding it for kissing my thighs.

I could not hold back:

- Alex, dear, dear, come to me, I beg! Pro..A-ah! Yes Yes Yes! Yes! Yet!

He entered me. I came in sharply, passionately. It took me so roughly and quickly, after several frictions, I shuddered in shattering orgasm. My back arched in this moment, and Alex grabbed my lips sharply protruding nipple and drew it into itself, causing another wave of orgasm. Then he pulled me to him and continued to hammer away until until it brought me to another orgasm caused by jet that struck me in the womb. I felt him push, then a member of the pulsation. I'm not moaning, I'm screaming at full throat, experiencing pleasure mixed with pain, scratching the back of my beloved. In response, I heard a loud growl Alex. He has so much heart beat, I think it will pop out of my chest, and broken on the tiled floor ... But no. Alex just crushed me with its weight to the table top, panting in my ear:

- I love you, baby…

- I, too, my dear, - I gently fingered his hair. - If you are currently not slezesh with me instead of your beloved will remain wet spot here. Even very pleased and prostrate ...

- Yes, of course, forgive me - he smiled apologetically. Damn, I love that smile. You can not be offended by it.

- I'm going to get dressed, but somehow cool - I said, getting up from the table top, which was slippery with grease and sperm.

- Do you make coffee?

- It would be nice - I rubbed her eyes sleepily.

When I left the room in a warm bathrobe, my dear, too dressed up. He was wearing only pajama pants that hung from his sexy hips. He fumbled near the coffee machine, making my favorite latte.

I leaned on the jamb, and smiled dreamily. Alex turned around:

- Lotte I cooked as you like.

- Thank you, dear, - I kissed him on the shoulder, took a cup and went to the window.

- Coffee and cigarettes? When you close up the "vanilkoy"? - I laughed my dear.

- Oh, look who's talking - I smiled, podkurivaya cigarette. I gave lighter Alex - he also took out a cigarette and waiting for Flint. His cup was standing on the windowsill. Fragrant smoke twisted, climbing higher.

- So you'll find me a man? - I asked, looking at the gathering dusk.

- Only if you tell me your plan - Alex's eyes narrowed. Again they were quiet, gray-blue color.

- A plan of this ...

To be continued.

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Maxim, well, do not, I beg you!

Good afternoon. My name is Rita. Brunette hair up to priests, long lashes, beautiful figure. I lived with my parents and we lived well until my dad did not like the other woman. He confessed to my mother, and then they got divorced ... a house, a car and an apartment he left us. My mother suffered terribly plunged headlong into the work.
Coming home from school, my mother said that today it is necessary to have a serious talk with me.
- Mom, I'm home.
- Rit, speed, take off your clothes and go to the kitchen I eat cooked.
And here I have in the kitchen.
- What is the topic of conversation, and mothers?
- My daughter, understand correctly only. I'm a grown woman, and your dad is gone, and uh ... hmm ..
- Mom, is not Tommy! Mention.
Mom sat down next to me.

- When I was in school, I liked much one guy, but then he was transferred to another school, and I never saw him again. And then there was your dad.

- A month ago, I met Ruslana, Ruslana order. My feelings have become the same. We spoke to him about our life, about children. Family, work. He is divorced, his son, adult, business. He has all the honey. The house, the car, a good job. We will be happy.

Shock ... all life is change.

- Mom, what about my school? my friends? my skating?

- Ritun, there is a great school, you will find a lot of friends. We live in a big house, not in a two-room apartment, and in the house ,. large and spacious. And I promise, I'll buy you a puppy.

- Tomorrow morning, I will take the documents from the school. And we're going to get acquainted with our men.

Mom was happy, her eyes glistening.

- Oh, Mom, not shopping. I say this with so miserably, but this is my mother: D

Shopping center. I hate shopping, I was terribly nervous, I get tired, always try to do business there faster. But my mother is something with something, there was an opportunity to live in this mall: D

She bought up everything. I tried myself and I was trying to pull something. We bought a lot of clothes, panties. shirts. bodices ...

They took documents, I said goodbye to her friends. I was very surprised, but the clothes and all accessories out of the apartment we did not take anything. Furniture and stood.

The car came to us. it was Ruslan. Beautiful, brown eyes, black hair, beautifully dressed as a brand. He kissed my mother on the cheek. He held out his hand. I greeted

- Hey, you're Rita, huh? - Ruslan

- Uh ... yeah, nice to meet you. - I

- And my sun, you're so much like your mother. You both are beautiful to me. - Ruslan

- Thank you. - I blushed.

We got into the car and drove off. Headphones in the ears, orange juice in hand and ahead.

We went 2-3 hours. All the music I listened to, finished her juice an hour ago. Then Mom turns trying to draw me into the conversation.

- Well as you can! You're sleeping with headphones and too? Well, take out take out of their ears. - Mom and frowned. I took the headphones.

- You will live on the second floor, a large room. And we will buy a week a dog. OK? - Ruslan, turned to me.

I nodded. Aeeee dog.

- And who want a girl or a boy? - Ruslan again smiled sweetly

- I am a boy. To name Baksika.

The silence lasted for 10-15 minutes. She broke Ruslan.

So, girls, we're almost there.

The house was gorgeous, two garages, a beautiful fence. I just fell in love with it !!

- My son is now coming from other 3 days. Still have time to get acquainted. You make friends. - Ruslan.

- Yeah, all that I could say.

We went into the living room.

Large, bright room with high ceilings and large six-lancet windows. In the center is a large round dining table - light wood, on bent legs. Around him - eight soft seats, upholstered in blue velvet. Against the wall is a large glazed cupboard, also made of light wood. This house is bewitched.

We climbed the stairs to the second floor, Ruslan showed me my room.

It was really big and spacious. King-size bed, a table near the window with white laptop for carrying dogs, huge plasma on the wall. On the mantelpiece is a souvenir model of the Eiffel Tower, on the walls - large black and white photographs with views of Paris ... Wow, I praise Ruslan. While I was disintegrating clothes, shoes, mom cook to eat, and Ruslan helped her.

In the evening, I take time off to go to a manicure. Just got into a taxi, but forgot the money returned to climb on tiptoe to his room, but took the bag she heard a moan. My curiosity ruin me. I go to my mother's bedroom, the door was ajar. This is a picture I was shocked. My mother was on her knees and doing blowjob. Ruslan groaned, but he was very good.

- So I have nothing to do here. - I thought.

We quickly went downstairs, threw a beige jacket and ran to the taxi driver ...

To be continued, your comments, I am also waiting. Your Rita.

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This teacher at a summer camp

As mentoring one of the orphanages, we were sent to summer camp. Well the camp - a few buildings as barracks, 30 adolescents aged 16 years and four teachers. As you may have guessed, the teachers were I and my hosts. Direct trains to the south was not from our town. Ought to get long-distance bus to the capital, and from there by train to the south. Last I served early in the morning, so we had to go on the first bus.

It was then that my misfortunes began. Somewhere in the middle of the road, sitting beside Trudovik me whisper told me to undress. I watched dumbfounded look, hoping it was a joke! But he was adamant. No choice. Slightly getting up, I looked around - all the passengers, except for us, we were sleeping. Thoughts swirled in my head, replacing one another hurricane, "How to undress? For I the only woman in the bus! "" What will happen if someone wakes up ???? "" OTSNOSHAYUT ME OR JUST WILL Glum? "Slightly comforted thought of sleeping passengers. As soon finish this degrading act, I decided not to resist, and began to unbutton her sundress. His clasp (with two prongs to unbutton the top and bottom) makes it easy to remove this, as it turned out, "the excess cloth." Freed from sundress, she handed remove any clothing Trudoviks he have eyes on the laundry. Soon it was also in his hands. Panties he gave fizruk, bodice - the head teacher. So I was the first time naked in full public transport people. Somewhere from far away, through the shock, I heard a voice: "You want to be dressed for the arrival of - work. As always minetik of thing! "I was going to start to work hard on his cock, but he waved me. Trudovik slowly pulled out of the purses thick permanent marker and slowly brought to my chest the word "FUCK".

- That's better, - he said - can begin.

I started sucking hard, but a shameful situation awareness gave me to concentrate fully on the course, and I could not get him to come. Just before the entrance to the city, I felt his semen in his mouth and began to pull hastily returned sundress. It goes about practicing her bra and panties speech could not be - the driver loudly announced that we are coming, and the people began to slowly wake up. For the comfort of the bus, I saw on the ground and head teacher fizruka left my underwear and a note: "The gift from the whore!". It was so humiliating! I am a single woman in the passenger compartment and the driver is required to think on me! He will know not only about my humiliation, but also that I am now roam around the city without underwear !!! For a moment I even presented his carnivorous smile!

The head teacher of the metro without a word even more unbuttoned the top of my sundress castle. As a result, it became visible furrow between the breasts and the top of the beeches "Ladi" shouting the world - in front of you "FUCK!" Breasts that are not supported bodice, freely moving in time with the steps. From the friction of matter nipples began to swell, and I repeatedly caught myself on the views of interested passengers-men.

At the station, we arrived on time. Perron was practically empty - the train was passing and most of the passengers have long been on the ground, fearing to miss the time of departure. We easily got to our car. There Hosts told me to wait while they themselves went to the conductor. They talked for about three minutes, occasionally throwing glances in my direction. Then he beckoned me.

- Let your ticket girl, - said the conductor with a slight grin.

I silently handed him the ticket.

- Prohibited items, liquids, weapons carrying? - Official tone he asked.

- No, - I answered.

- Sorry, but I need you to search - he continued as officially - undo sundress.

Then I realized they were talking about me - he was aware of my situation and is likely to be happy to take part in my humiliation.

The hosts were so I was a little covered from prying eyes, but 100% sure it was not. I had no choice but to undo the lock with trembling hands and show themselves conductor. Seeing that I was without clothes, and the inscription on my body as much as he whistled in amazement. What attracted us to the attention of passengers rare. Trudovik got your gun and handed it to the conductor. Anyone with a smug smile has added the word "FUCK" - "Tested 100%." And no change of expression, he said, "Come in, glad to see you and your witness FUCK!"

The coupe head teacher ordered to undress and be naked coupe. "Even if we go out and will crack in the door you can not hide behind. To throw something you can only if you go out. Neher scare normal people their views. "

I dutifully complied. His head flashed the thought: "If someone finds out? Or really catches me in this way? In conjunction stirrup peasants, completely naked with spray-painted body. "

The paint is poured over the face.

The train started moving. Outside the window flashed telegraph poles.

- I think we left out - asked the head teacher to fizruk, unbuttoning his pants. He nodded and followed his example. Within a minute, I was on my knees and made a blowjob, and, meanwhile, they quietly sipped beer. There was a light knock on the door and it swung open. On the threshold stood a conductor. His face and smile ran harvested phrase "let's tickets" stuck in his throat.

- Well slut unbearable? Just walked into the compartment and directly to dick sucked? - He said, smiling, - Come on guys have fun, I look in on the way back.

The door closed, and I also stress continued to play their owners.

Having finished my face, they made me turn back and turn the marker painted on my back on the stick, "What would not stray from the account."

On the way back, as promised, we looked to the conductor. I ordered him to suck. blow job technique was not satisfied - he set the pace for holding my ears. Its considerable size dick plunged deep in his throat. I periodically choked. Soon, he took his hands away, and I, too, had worn his mouth on his rod. But my humiliation it was not enough and the conductor, catching the right moment, and began to clap me tickets collected diarrhea and cheeks - it is not only amused him. He finished well in the face and went away satisfied. As a result, my "attractive face" approximately withered semen of three men, and on the back there is another stick.

We drove for about an hour. Fizruk with Trudovik decided to smoke. I accompanied them. While they were going, I was wearing sundress, and the three of us went into the vestibule. During the break I was put in a dirty vestibule to his knees and told alternately sucking their members have not yet recovered. They smoked and slowly come up to my team.


1. "OP" team I have to bare breasts.

2. "ASO" team - the lower part of the body.

3. "oplya" - to undress completely.

4. "OPACHKI" - to become cancer baring ass.

All this I listened, looking up, sucking their languid limbs. Fizruk wanted to spit - he ordered me to open my mouth. I took a waiting position - on his knees looking up with mouth open and tongue hanging out. Leaning outwork, he slowly began to drool in my mouth. But the train lurched, and he missed. Saliva hit me on the cheek and started gradually sliding below. It is provoke and together they staged a Trudovik compete metche who, in turn, spitting in my mouth. Nobody never once missed. But as the gym teacher said: "My make-up was supplemented." With the words "final touch" they began to furiously masturbate their members already had risen, and finished on my face. After that we moved into the compartment. The only thing I was praying in the moment - no one would have left only in the corridor!

Imagine how I looked - disheveled, red from fidgeting on the metal floor knees, his face in saliva and semen my companions.

Suddenly, I heard that someone opened the door for a moment, I tensed, but thank God heard the voice unseat.

We went into the compartment.

Head teacher laughed: "I see you did not lose time in vain! Dorisovyvat sticks. " Their (sticks) was five.
An hour later, on the first long parking lot. I was given a mask with slits for eyes and mouth (like burglars in American films) and ordered to lie on your back on a dining table by the window with open curtains. The vagina toward the station. Widely spread out legs and masturbate herself an empty bottle of beer. Because I'm "stupid pussy, I did not think about her pleasure. And now it's worth it to take care. "

Near the windows were walking on the platform released passengers to stretch their legs. The window looked into the boy that offered ice cream, water and beer. And as a result in front of our window a few minutes later a crowd of spectators. Some watched in silence, some were recorded on phones and commented:

- That woman gives! - laugh.

- That's blyadina! - laugh.

- Nihuya yourself! Yes it is a bottle of beer pyalit. Interestingly, while the bottle is closed at least? - Cackle again.

At that moment I was very grateful to their owners because they gave me a mask. If anyone saw my face, I probably would have died of shame!

Although the fact that my non-standard masturbation remained imprinted dozens of strangers, it was sufficient that all my hidden under the mask of the face was crimson. Surprisingly, but shame it's exciting! And ... Orgasm !!! I arched and lost his balance, almost slumped off the table. But the strong hand supported me, and my solo performance ended to thunderous applause. Before sending was still a few minutes and I was ordered to remain so - to lie is not announced departure. People began to come closer, trying sfotkatsya in the background lying on the table with pussy sticking out of a beer bottle heifers. Soothing that these attempts failed slightly.

Following administration, the head teacher praised me and patted his cheek.

For there will glance conductor said that already heard from colleagues about the incredible wonders in his car, he offered to go into the lobby for a smoke. Before leaving, he handed me a glass and said: "This is for the ladies, the word gives, for the cream ...". - From words to merge - continued the head teacher and all but my neighing. Smoke break was almost the same as the previous one. I sucked members rehearse rules and commands. In the course of the conductor offered a new game with me. On the command "TIME" I Stavan on his knees, she opened her mouth and stuck out his tongue, and male smokers sedately and nobly shook off the ashes there. For them it was a smoke break and rest, and I spun in a muddy vestibule like a top. That flaunting her body and holes, then taking in her mouth the ashes from cigarettes. In the end it was all over in my glass. On the way back, in the hallway, we met a woman with a little girl about five years old. When he saw me in the hands of a glass of white turbid liquid, the girl asked her mother: "Where's aunt took the yogurt, I want to." Mom understood everything, and casting a glance at me evil stole the girl in the compartment. I nearly fell through the floor is not - yet one man learned of my humiliation.

After returning to the compartment The hosts added on my back four sticks and whatever bored on the road, we decided to play cards. I was told: "OPACHKI". I became a cancer on the bottom shelf sticking out and so bare ass. The head teacher came again praised, and corrected my position, pressing his head to the mattress. If someone opened the door to the compartment, he would have seen - three men playing cards and aimed at his lower openings naked and painted women. According to their contract won pyalil me in the ass. Within 45 minutes of the game, there were four new sticks on my back, and a red, do not close, anal leaking white turbid liquid.

Newbie guide and was not slow to take advantage of it so clearly proposed "machine." Plus, a new humiliation, when he came, one of the men passing along the corridor, "he remarked looking at the point" and fun to tell your companion. Adding to my ass more sperm, and another stick on the back, the guide offered to continue the fun, to move in the compartment where the 4 ridden oilman.

- Fun and shebutnoy guys, - he said - and have fun with a woman not mind. Even the money are willing to pay!

The offer shocked me - I had a pimp, and amused by my hosts, "What would not come to good people!"

Stepping into the hall, I felt in my mangled ass wind walks, and on foot, towards the gums specially dressed in stockings, sperm follows. "If someone said earlier that I would walk around the train, in shorts and sundresses WITHOUT sprays from RAZDROCHENOY ass sperm - KILLED WOULD attack furious anger and resentment."

The guys were nice and sociable. 4 bottles of cognac went incredibly fast and soon no one is embarrassed or in-jokes or expressions.

During a call The hosts managed to tell us that we teachers several times to praise me for what I am, "an activist and member of the Komsomol," but let him not think that I am a "gray mouse in me is the highlight!" Followed by "ASO" team. Before I had time, on command, to bare bottom one of the guys had a joke: "Naked Ass" When their first shock was the second said, "looks really bare ass! Kolyan yes you magician! ".

- And it is precisely the teacher ... - replied the third.

He could not continue. There were "oplya" command and "OPACHKI". The silence was broken the voice of the fourth compartment oilman: "Oh, and who is it so razdrochil point? Shit, yes it is still sperm dripped on my shelf! "

It was terribly ashamed of his resignation and drop. But especially humiliating to hear harsh words from men who a few minutes ago sprinkled me compliments!

Whatever hurt guys I had to lick the sperm drip off the shelf and the floor.

Then, referring to the fatigue, the owners are gone, and I was left as a gift to the oil industry.

For three hours on my back there were still 11 sticks (leaving, the owners left their mark). They fought me all the holes, but ended up only on the face. We stopped just fuck me for the next station. The conductor announced the parking lot 15 minutes. The guys decided to go out and dragged me along. Sperm wipe and did not give and I proceeded through the whole car with the face of a great "spuschёnki". This time I'm not so afraid. Tolley from drinking brandy, or omitted from the fact that it was 2am.

The platform was empty. They smoked and openly mocked me, releasing sebaceous jokes.

Suddenly, two raised my hands and my legs parted. The lucky winner of the marker started artistic painting of my body. They decided that my lower body somehow offended inscriptions. And literally within 2 minutes to eliminate this drawback. Around the vagina was painted circle with rays in different directions. Halos and nipples are just sketched in black. Around the navel is now adorned with two half-arches broadcasts: the top - "teacher", the bottom - "Whore." Just above the pubis inscription - "LOCATION DRAIN" and fat induced an arrow pointing to a circle around the vagina. On the inside of the thighs adorned with two bristling with sperm of the male member.

After that, they let me go. To my question: "Boys for that," they replied absently, "Just so!"

Then someone said he wanted coffee and I unbuttoned dress sent to even a night stall at the other end pyrone! I was, and tears rolled down grievances themselves in the face, blurring began to dry up the sperm.

When I asked three coffee sleepy seller asked mechanically with cream, but when he saw my face in the window obspuskanoe, guffawed: "No, cream with you enough for today !!!"

Crushed and humiliated, taking coffee, I hurried back. The sense of humiliation was supplemented by the fact that in the case of an outside observer, I have not even had the opportunity to cover izrisoval exhibited to show the naked body!

After drinking coffee boys trudged to the side. And I sent to him.

In the morning, the owners appreciated endurance (sticks on the back), creativity and artistic talents of my "users". They told me, for the guys entertained me most of the night, leave them in their panties and gift thank-you note. Pants should be wound on the arm of their compartment and attach to the same note: "In gratitude to my stud from simple davalki-teacher."

Before the arrival, I made a farewell blowjob conductor. He, incidentally, is also very amused I acquired per night pictures.

After 15 minutes, the train arrived at the central station of the spa town.

Misadventures of a train over, but what does the future hold for me ???

Send us tips, share experiences, stimulate the development of the plot. Who liked it, write: [email protected]

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The Maze Runner. The story (part 2)

It's been half a year since the former Gleydery and their friends have settled in the Valley. Many of them are married, and married to his "colleagues" of parallel mazes. Yes, how many of them it was actually labyrinths of something? No one could answer this question. Apparently, at least ten so accurately. The abundance of wedding it was quite natural that when people of the opposite sex together spend a lot of time, sooner or later they will be friends and bodies too, and if this man - a real man, not a big baby or a rag, then it will not hurt his chosen and this pleasant friendship for both end no less pleasant married life. WICKED, we must pay tribute to him, his trials and traps educated men real men. All cloths and more babies were left in the city, has long lacerated bloodthirsty shizami.

Thomas was sitting in an embrace with Brenda and stroking her already quite rounded tummy. That night after the wedding did not pass without the pleasant effects of intensively developing another man, which is what's inside a girl. Soon, very soon, he or she will see the valley, the sea, the sun, which is nice to caress the skin girl, and did not burn it in the city ... These cozy hut, which WICKED gave each couple that was celebrating a wedding ... It would seem that sent you are all in the "free floating" and that's it, but no, all-seeing and all-powerful (and whether or not the all-powerful?) organization was still somewhere near. It is because of the young men and women (and girls were all lovely as the selection, and it was sometimes difficult to decide whom to give their hand, heart, stomach and everything below it) all the time does not leave a feeling of the presence of someone invisible. Yes, that really there, some young men and women? They were already adult, mature men and women. After all, experience has not come of age, and from the event. And they somehow was enough, believe me. But neither beetles informers or any other spawn post-apocalyptic organization no one ever in the Valley have not seen.

From these reflections and memories about the first sex, Thomas, did not even notice how and when it happened, very excited. Stroking belly Brands, he kept up to her chest and gently caressed nipple girl. Beloved strongly clung to him, too, since excited. Very soon the young man threw the girl on the grass and began pulling off her clothes. It was not against the already far not the first time to strip in front of her lover, helping him in every way to rid yourself of already uncomfortable pieces of fabric.

A few minutes later she was on her knees, leaning his elbows on the green juicy grass, lifting up even more juicy ass. Thomas inched his rod into her vagina. Very soon they had finished almost simultaneously, and pleasantly tired lying on his back and looked at the peacefully drifting clouds above them. "How cool here so lie and nothing to worry" - Brenda thought. "How nice to finish in a pregnant woman," - thought Thomas. "Men are men Even WICKED is powerless." - Thought Advisor Ava Paige closed the laptop, where the Valley of the tracking program has been installed.

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Experiments with water

Hello. I'm a guy, I'm 23 and my name .. so no matter. 1.80 height, 80 weight, athletic physique, hair dark brown, a member of 17 centimeters. Married. Wife 1.65, 90-60-90 or so, probably a little less beautiful face, long straight black hair, 42 kg weight, 2 breast size. Externally, we are absolutely ordinary couple. And we all really good. So why do I write?

I love sex. Since childhood I was not indifferent to this topic. Opening appear in 12 years, the wonders of masturbation, I selflessly gave himself to this task. I was interested in pornography, and it seems that any revised. However, I'm interested in the unusual, unknown before. But in terms of porn it is hard to surprise me. I was looking for anything that is not seen before, and found. Classic? Anal / oral? Lesbian? Group? Fetishes? BDSM? Shifting roles? Gays? Boys? Not to mention tons of other nasty stuff, or even prohibited, which are those who are looking for. Thanks, of course, the Internet. With the exception of outright trash, which disgusted even completely move on sex, impossible things for me there. I will not even enumerate themselves next'll see. And I love the different experiments.

I am opposed to the wife. She loves classical music, blowjob. Kun is not much, and believe me, not because I have bad working language is checked. From sex, she is not particularly dependent on, or rather I climb the wall, if you have half a day there was no contact, but it satisfied once or twice a week. Guess what I'm doing? That's right, as in the "good old days", handmade. Other women I do not need.

Of course, she sees everything. Only yesterday, we were arguing about sex. She asked me not to masturbate, it's something disgusting, unpleasant for her. I agreed. I submit it, it excites me. Even here I find the sexual theme.

.....The next evening she went to sleep to the parents.

After returning from work, I slumped wearily on the sofa and began to reflect. Of course, I promised not to masturbate. But there are many other great ways to enjoy yourself, and it is not necessary to pull the foreskin on the penis, looking some vidyashku with another guy fucks threesome maid. Of course, it was not a bad option, but since I promised not to finish ..

While I was thinking how to please herself, bladder spulsiroval in the penis and forced to tighten. I got up and walked to the untazu, but stopped. I've experimented a few times since, and it was interesting. Is constrained as long as possible, interesting experience. I returned to the couch. The circumstances were appropriate. I have not eaten since last night, and it was good. For those of you who do not know, I will tell about some features of this activity. Firstly, your intestines must be empty. This is necessary because it is longer fit, and, most importantly, be sure to relax the sphincter and in a moment of relaxation. This is not to mention the fact that cramps will push the content of your anus outside. Therefore, I recommend to do an enema prior to this event, as if in front of anal sex. By the way, fans of anal masturbation full bladder also enjoy an incredible feeling. But I digress.

So, I found the entertainment for the evening. Although I did not eat a day, but still made a cleaning enema bowel. Now you're ready.

I stripped to his underpants, and began to drink the water. I emptied the bladder, when emptied intestines. But the curious will, I can see how much that will be my limit. The volume of my mug is 0.33 liters. Thus liter - three circles. The first call I drank four cups, and sat down at the laptop. It was necessary to wait until the water is gone from the stomach.

It took 20 minutes. I think it is necessary to add some water. I drank another 2 cups. Well, two liters already in me. Past experience shows that I stood a little less than three liters. Water begins to be felt in the bladder, but so far it slightly.

It took another half an hour. I added 3 cups. During my three liters. The bladder begins to be felt. However, until the water in the stomach.

An hour and 15 minutes, and I felt a sharp push the abdomen volume of liquid you drink. Time began to slow. My cock tense. I caress the balls themselves, and through them a little squeeze. I am very excited, but I can not reach orgasm, yet. I gently squeeze his already rasduvshiysya stomach. I want to use the toilet, but for now I can safely terper. I caress the nipples with light tweaks, they are tense. Member is a stake, and now I know that the maximum that can be - small drops of urine in the pants, erect phallus will no longer relieve me. Or a little trickle of a volume as a jet of sperm, can get out.

Suddenly, I was released. I realized that I could get up and do things, not paying attention to the desires of the body. I decided to drink more water. I drank a glass, he was given hard. When you drink a liter of water more than once - for a while you start to shake, as if shivering. My cock began to fall. Allow this was impossible, and I light slaps on the eggs stirred themselves again. I drank another glass, which went easier. In the stomach, a lot of water, I feel. It swelled like a pregnant woman. 3.6 liters. I feel a strong urge. Nevertheless, I am not a bit lost yet. I keep excited member. If you pull it out of the underpants, then we can see the moisture on the surface. I pull. At the tip of the head appears droplet. The strong urge to empty the bowel. I get down pants down a little, omitting the middle finger of his right hand on the phalanx of the anus. Everything is clean, just a natural mechanism. Pulls pants, I sit down. Strange, but the urge again recede. I drink another glass. For 4 liters. This I had not done. I found it hard to stay, a sharp throbbing pain. 1 hour and 45 minutes from the start. Release. Underbelly stone. A few drops are shown on a gray pant fabric. And further. I get up, I go. Again pulled a few drops. Bendable cancer, it becomes easier not.

2 hours. Droplets are increasingly lost. It took another 10 minutes for the fermentation room. I am flowing drop by drop every second. Panties wet. I'm excited to the limit. I pull out the penis, begin to masturbate. With his left hand caress the nipple. While holding on.

5 more minutes. I can not hold on. I crawl to the bathroom, falling on his back. I strikes female orgasm. Hot jet hits me in the face, he fills the eyes and mouth. I lay on my back and just finish. When you wait so long - the steeper relief orgasm. As a first time to urinate after sex, men will understand. I already finish a minute more. I'm staying for another 5 minutes to lie in a ridiculous pose in the back, turning the hips to the left side and bending your knees ....

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Slave involuntarily (Part 1: Caught)


This story would never have been written, if in Vick since childhood did not fight two very antithesis beginning. On the one hand was the education, has pledged in the deep childhood. A clear code of ethics - an excellent knowledge of what is good and what is bad. And the desire to live happily with the other hand. The desire to do exactly what you like and then when I want to, that most often fall into the category of "bad."

So it was a life of Victoria, it soon imposed the role of a good parent daughters than she has chosen for himself this way. And now the girl with extreme clarity and rose again fought two principles - good and bad.

- Come on, Vic, - between two kisses continued to beg Oleg.- Here there is no one! We're already half an hour sitting and did not see anyone!

But she continued to be obstinate. Yes, Oleg told the truth - for the last half an hour in the area did not seem to appear a single person. Still engaged in any improper conduct in the park in broad daylight - it was overkill for Vicki.

And Oleg and never thought to give up so quickly. With Victoria, he met two months and has long understood - alone, this girl turned into a kind of sex goddess that you can sell on virtually anything - let just a little bit of time. But Vick turned on the people in a typical "gray mouse". She even kisses almost did not answer, so gently slid his lips and nothing more.

And because man, seeing that his girlfriend already fairly "thawed", decided to throw in the wood stove. The sharp movement, indignant cry Vicki, deep kiss, which somewhere in the depths of the girls came lustful moan, and that Victoria was sitting astride Oleg.

She was wearing a summer dress, even though, according to the calendar, the street was still spring. Easy dress went down just below the knees. The girl was so keen bold kiss that did not even notice that the hands of Oleg slid down her legs and pulled the hem.

The guy is so often lifted up her dress alone that now Victoria did not even realized what was happening until it was too late. Language Oleg completely knocked it out of the rut, made a few minutes to forget that they are not at home. And now, when I came back street, the rustling of the trees and the hum of passing in the distance cars, Vick clearly felt like the hands of Oleg shamelessly quite freely walk on her bottom.

He cleverly gave her pleasure - gently squeezed, causing the girl's slight tremor in the knees, stroking boldly because he wanted to - completely ignoring the slight disturbance. Oleg saw nascent lust in the eyes of the girl, and he knew that he was on the right track.

Just a couple of minutes and protest Victoria disappeared, she had already started up considerably from Oleg hands. For once "bad" girls are, all these years to push deeper into the subconscious, crawled out. And the idea is not to fool around a little bit on the street seem so frightening. In the end, because there was nobody around.

Wick little wider spread her legs and gently rubbed his crotch on standing in full readiness Oleg member. The guy immediately took the hint, and with one hand, gently lifting the edge of her panties and began to fondle hot and wet pussy girl. And the second - gently stroking her anus through the thin fabric.

Victoria felt her lose her head. Today Oleg did everything exactly as she likes - gently, gently, but forcefully, without giving the girl to roll, fold in the last minute. Oleg fingers scurrying up and down the labia, bringing enjoyment girl and stroking anus gave happening strange poignancy, coloring everything around in a sexy color.

Oleg almost kissed her - she just enjoyed the sensation, and did not want any extraneous factors, did not want to simply spray your feelings. Instead, he looked at her face, and all the time wondering in your mind - and it is not necessary any more to push a little bit?

Oleg did not know what had come over him - just in the way they walk caught my cubby, and it soon became clear that there is also deserted. And now he was determined to get away from Victoria's at least something before you leave.

- Come on, dear, - he whispered in her ear, - no one will see, and I will not tell anyone.

And Vick, for the first time in his life, gave up. Around there were only trees and bushes, so little trodden area with two benches. And she sent all to hell.

- But if someone will go - immediately tell - carefully enunciating the words, she muttered, dismounting from Oleg.

- Of course - he nodded, smiling gently.

Victoria pulled him over, forcing up, kissed, and by expanding the guy back to the top of the path, sat down on the very edge of the bench.

A few deft movements and Vick already was holding his swollen member. He was not about to say

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Three days of Olga (Part 2)

With Oleg she talked in a week. And before that ... and how she wanted to - she easily found a boy in the same day and pokuvyrkatsya with him as it should. But ... he was full of energy, desire, but it is not experienced by Oli opinion. For the first time in her life, the girl felt that her sexual experience, to put it mildly, is low. For the first time she did not have a half-dozen key.

And that seemed to her the strangest, each time having fun with others, Oli thought back to his mysterious friend. She wanted it to be his touch. For this he was part of her that it was he, embarrassed and blushing shyly asked Olga to make blowjob. Perhaps the boy felt it, and, after a couple of days, just do not answer the call.

Olga did not understand what was happening to her. Just a couple of hours turned everything upside down. Wherever she was, whatever it worked - her thoughts back to sex. Inside every now and then for no apparent reason it flared desire. Let not so strong and impetuous, as it was then, but enough to knock Olga confused that she had an idea somewhere to retire for a few minutes.

After the first boy she immediately found a second and then a third. But they quickly merged to her. She did not see any difference between them. Yes, they have different body, different habits, eye color, length of the penis. But at the same time, they were all the same. Quickly perepihnulis and went to smoke. Yes, they were forced Olga to experience orgasm, but did not have the fierce wildness of daring desires tested it.

Yes, it was humiliating. Yes, Olga risked his honest name every minute. But what is exciting it was! Falling asleep or lying in the bath, Olga regularly mentally returned to his memories. Negative elements more smoothed in memory and no longer seemed quite so frightening. There remained only the feeling of excitation, looseness. It was as if something inside always wanted it, strive for it.

In addition to walking without underwear, to show to all that live! Live by having sex in the alley. To live, for when your sexual activities spies who knows himself and enjoy a sense of it! Never mind that there is someone or not - it is enough just imagine ... and Olga began to flow.

Regularly, before going to bed she put her hand to her pussy, fingers, and runs inside wildly, furiously masturbating like never before. And with every second sinking deeper into memories, turning into dreams. I remove the hand from the pussy and caressing her breasts, thighs, neck, all arched like caresses of a lover. Recoat all the body juices, and only then, having experienced two or three orgasm, inhaling the heady aroma, she was able to sleep.

To fall asleep, only to fall into another dream, with gushing over the edge of sexual energy.

But the shame of returning each morning. After the morning coffee mugs arousal from sleep and retreated repeatedly mind easily and confidently gave the same thought - it can not be so. At stake is more than just a desire to Olga's. One wrong look and it will expel from work. Not to mention the fact that the entire city can learn about the slutty Oli and it was scary to imagine how it will then go out.

She risked so much in recent years, with their not very legible bonds. Any one of these boys could declare, for example, at Oli in the store and say that he - a new employee. Or the boss, to make matters worse. This idea is regularly visited her, tormented by guilt. But…

Olga still repeatedly found a partner. Sometimes at night, sometimes for a month, but rarely longer. Because I could not live like everyone else. I could not be satisfied with life without sex. And I could not, like everyone else, turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of the partner, repeatedly interrupting the relationship anyway.

And because Olga continued to have sex. Later in the afternoon, and it is better at night, and without going fine line. Continuing to do everything as accustomed. Do not complain if it something is not liked. Do not cross the border, what distinguishes an ordinary girl, just wanting to fuck, from the cheeky little girl who is ready to do anything and with anyone.

Olga has not managed to find a new dimension of balance, when she called Oleg.

- Hello, Olga, - came in the tube of his voice, he immediately instituted a Woman. Excite no intonation, no. She just knew that follow this call. And at the same time afraid of it and wanted it. I wanted to once again take part in something insane. And afraid of what is "madness" can result.

- Hey, - she said, trying to keep calm.

- Tell me, do you sometimes abbreviated day at work? And five o'clock is too late ...

- Yes, I'm on Thursday to three.

- That is the day after tomorrow ... well, then the day after tomorrow - handed Oleg.- Be ready. And I would advise you strongly this time not to wear underwear ... if you do not want to shoot him again in front of everyone - he added at the last moment and hung up.

At this time, Olga decided not to get caught. Do not give yourself extra cause for shame. Very carefully chosen outfit, trying to mentally prepare for a repetition of the past times, or something similar. But what there is. One thing it predsonnye dream and quite another to plunge back into all of this. Again, before the mind's eye all the sharper and sharper face loomed bystanders and feelings experienced it then.

Olya wore a black pleated skirt from her "dance" set. The skirt does not prevent a little bit to push the legs while dancing. However, it is fairly easy could screw up that some of the boys tried to do on a regular basis. Top Olya wore a white turtleneck, low collar. A little too hot, but generally decent enough for the job.

Underwear Olga decided not to wear. No bra, no panties on it was not the whole day. And all the time the girl regularly pulls her skirt. She now and then it seemed that the lower part of her wardrobe trying to batten down. The closer to the end of the day, the excitation becomes Olya. The last few hours of her nipples stood in readiness and no cloth could not hide it, and reigned pleasant languor between the legs.

Olga did not know that it is scheduled today. But to assume that it will be Oleg and his mysterious friend. All day in the club head indistinct images with their participation. And because Olga was totally unprepared for what happened.

- I'm looking for the owner of this! - Came back soft female voice.

Olga turned and froze in horror light. Before her stood a beautiful young woman, holding in his hand panties, very familiar Ole. She quickly glanced around, checking to see if it somebody sees.

- This is my ... - almost blushing, Olga said.

- I thought, - the stranger smiled and hid the panties into the little sumochku.- I'll wait for you behind the house.

Olga always remember his stranger at the very, very first time. Eyes aqua were neatly summed up, tinted eyelashes mascara. Pretty face, neat mouth. Thick black hair fell in waves to her waist. Cushioning white dress with a plunging neckline ended just below the hips. Dazzling-white shoes on a high platform. And the little flesh-colored panties in his outstretched hand.

Here's a Ole remembered this girl for many, many days.

The working day ended just a few minutes. Witnesses random scenes, like, it was not, but Olga still stormed out into the street.

The store was one of the central streets of the city, there were always people, whether it is morning or night. Just a day here was especially crowded, and that's all the difference. The ground floor of the building occupied by stores, but all that above - normal dwelling house which thousands in all cities.

Olga found a stranger sitting on a bench in the shade of trees. There was not the soul, just next to the sandbox playing cat.

Stranger waved and barely Olga came and said, "Sit down," and patted beside him. She sat half-turned to his interlocutor and barely opened his mouth to ask something, as the stranger took matters into their own hands.
Slowly, she clung to Ole, put his hand on her waist and leaning forward a little bit more slowly and languidly kissed a girl on the lips. Olga was taken aback at first, but quickly took her confusion.

It was an unusual kiss. This, of which want to remember. Stranger kissed her slowly, slowly. Barely touching the tip of his sharp tongue of her lips, causing a storm of emotions. Olga felt a slight breath of spicy girl. She felt a faint taste of wild berries on her lips.

stranger's hand slowly slid behind her, closing the ring and slightly caressed the base of the neck, crept up and hid her hair, causing each flick of a cascade of good feeling.

Olga lost in that kiss. Nobody still has not kissed her like this. I do not kiss her as though ... as if she were the only one in this world. As if it is the most-most. Olga felt desirable. And with each successive moment it deeper and deeper buried in this sense, reveled in them.

And even almost did not notice when a girl's hand slowly slid down to the waist, slowly, pressing and rubbing here and there, he walked around the edge of the chest, causing a rush of excitement, just a little fingered swollen nipple through the cloth, and gently flew off down once on the thigh Oli. With the power squeezed, he walked around the outside of the leg and slid to the inside. And, without stopping, he went directly to the crotch of the girl.

Olya, almost without thinking, caught the hand of a stranger, and she pulled away, breaking that magical kiss.

- I still see everything, - she whispered, staring at his lips Oli.

And Olga, throwing out a white flag, let go of her hand, which immediately has movement, hitting directly into the wet pussy. Thumb girl walked up and down, plunged into almost on polkogotka. Detained on the clitoris, barely noticeable dancing on the edge of it, causing Oli low moan. And left. Stranger again touched his lips and pulled Olga, resettled little further away.

- I Nastya, - she said, continuing to look at Olga.

- Interesting you familiar manner, - she could not help remarking, triggering a wave leaping laughter at his new friend.

- Maybe, maybe - evasively he said ta.- Before we go, you need to prepare.

- For what? - Olga blurted out the first thing that came to golovu.- And how?

- Turn around.

There was nothing. In the voice of Anastasia, it turns out, the metal was hidden, which is the time from

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