A successful vacation

I went on vacation in one of the town in the south. One. I love to go on trips. And on one tour of my place it was next to a man 40 years old tall, strong, athletic. We chatted all the way nice and sightseeing, he kept a low profile and gallantly. The man was also resting. After the trip, he invited me to a cafe and we had a nice chat, then held up a removable cabin. So went a couple of days. We met, walked, talked, had dinner in the cafe. My house stood apart from the rest, almost at the edge.

And then one evening we had dinner broke up and I decided to spend the evening in the house, watching television and reading a book. About 20 hours there was a soft knock at the door. I came home and bathed as it was not going anywhere panties and bust did not wear, I was wearing a shirt tucked sleeves and long, covering only the ass. In the bathroom I had just shaved pussy and left pubic narrow strip of light curly hair. I am a bit surprised, I walked to the door and asked,

- Who?

Behind the door, there was a familiar voice Andrei

- Unlock please me for a moment.

I completely forgot about his shirt opened the door. He was standing with a bottle of wine and flowers. I was going to change, and asked him to wait in the kitchen. He agreed, and I went into the room. And when I went to the closet (with his back to the door) behind me breasts cupped hand. I jerked to the side and said,

- Wait for me in the kitchen.

But Andrew was not paying attention to it, he continued to crush his chest. I tried to pull away, but he suddenly pulled his shirt so that the buttons fell. I screamed, jerked harder and slipped out of his hands. I tried to smell the shirt, but no buttons on my movements swung open, then the chest, then on hips. Andrew darkened eyes slid over me from the chest to the hips. I cried

- Go away.

But he was not paying attention, began to slowly come up to me. I grabbed the glass on the table and ran to him - he ducked, and then I started to miss everything that came at him and throw herself trying to get to the door. And then he made a leap and grabbed the collar of his shirt and a single motion tore it in half. Scraps fell to the floor, I screamed and tried to hit his hand, but he easily caught my hand, and cocked her back turned to his back.

I tried to kick him, hoping to get there in the groin, but again failed. He just opened the case and barred the hip, but still I got it (it hissed in pain), but instead of letting go even more twisted arm, so I groaned and ceased to beat (feared that hand break). My body was bent forward. Second Hand Andrew stroked my ass and penetrated between my legs. He started saying:

- Well, what you resist, you fool, you'll like. Relax! Spread your legs wider.

- Get away from me a freak. Let go now!

Once but slightly weakened arm again, I tried his knock and Andrew stepped up pressure, my body is still heavily tilted forward and his legs for balance had to put a little wider than Andrew and took advantage, having put a finger between the jaws, but I was dry and he posherudiv there said finger

- That will not do, you're in my way.

- Well, get out of here.

Andrew chuckle out his hand (almost dragged me to the closet) took the belt from my dress. Caught second hand (because of pain wrapped hand, the second hand I could only repel it lightly), and tied back with both hands, he let me go. I turned to him

- What do you allow yourself, now untie me and get out of here!

But it somehow did not seem to hear, and looked at my heavy breast and pubic hair on the strip.

- I see you following her pussy, then you want to be fucked.

- None of your business what I do and what I want!

- Now, my. Well, you're kicking, look what my handsome. - He came closer began to undress, revealing a hairy chest, strong muscles in her arms and with bundles of muscles. I quietly backed away.

- Where are you? - Andrew reached out and caught me pushed up to the table. I put her ass on the table - then had nowhere to retreat. He took off his pants (he turned out to be long, muscular legs) and I saw the ridge melting, slightly lowered gum he released into the wild have already risen a member. I stared at him in horror (such seen only in a porno movie) is not very long, but terribly thick.

- Well, what you like? Look how handsome and now he is in you!

- NO! he will tear me!

- Well, the baby is not broken. You said you had a son. Okay, enough talk, and that he had been waiting for - and if a member of agreeing with him and jerked it seems swelled even more. Andrew took my cream from the table

- And then you happiness so taken aback that she forgot to get wet.

He abruptly turned to me his back and pressing on his back bent over the table. I yelp kicked leg and squeezed his legs trying to turn sideways.

- Well, what are you so stubborn, have to teach you to be polyubeznee.

He left me and went back to the closet. I stood up and tore out of the room (with their hands tied to run inconvenient, and I did not think the door will open). When he reached the door, I looked at her and then Andrew went out of the room.

- Oncoming? What do you twitch I still fuck you, I dreamed about it as soon as I saw. So let's go back.

With that, he grabbed me by the arm and dragged him into the room.

- You're a lush. So, we proceed as follows.

On every hand made a loop (hands still tied) and fell back on his stomach on the table, he pressed a way that it became difficult to breathe. (Popa, I could feel his hot cock), lending a hand, he pulled the first one arm and grabbed the rope to a table leg, then the other. Then he got off me and beating the table pulled up and fastened the rope. It was like hugging a table with his hands. On the edge of the table he placed a pillow.

- That I care about you, and you do not want me. Ungrateful!

- Go to hell moron!

Again he went to the cupboard and took something (door creaked). I was lying on his stomach on the table, feet flat on the floor free. Suddenly there was a whistle and the priest burned something. I screamed. It dawned on me that it was my own belt. He waited a bit and hit again. The pain burned even more. I shrieked and bent her legs, covering his ass. He waited until I omit them, and struck again. Beats was about 10. I screamed, pulled his feet and almost crept to the table he was waiting for when I return them to the floor and beat again. When he threw the belt I just stood (or reclining on a table), he came up and parted my legs began to lubricate the entrance to the hole cream. Two fingers plunged deep into his and everything lubricating. I stood quietly.

- See how easy it is to be treated female stubbornness - belt.

- Freak! - But I stand quietly. And then it began: Andrew put his head to the door and began to press inside. Member of the cream even walked with difficulty, raspiraya so I broke down and began to twitch and squeal. Andrew stopped and much slapping his hand over the priest shouted flog

- Shut up fool, better to relax, it is still all go down!

- You're hurting me, you make me tear. - I whined plaintively

- Everybody hurts at first, then normal, and some even like it. so just relax and do not bother me.

Finally, I felt sick ass his coarse hair, and he stood clenching and unclenching my halves. It was as if he stirs, I still burst. Eyes probably bulged, breathless. Then he moved back, then forward, and started trying to shake a member in the party. After 5 minutes, the vagina has adapted and there was grease. He (slapping his hand on the pope)

- Well, I said that you enjoy.

I can not say anything, just moaning and finally pokryahtyvayu was not painful. Frictions become more sweeping, I relaxed, and oh, horror felt his finger holes around the priests and he abruptly screw in there for the entire length. I screamed and pulled booty to get off it.

- Well, that's good, but then I thought, what are you calmed down.

And he began to beat members of the movement to move a finger. It took about 10 minutes and, all of a sudden I felt the heat rising rapidly in the vagina and the anus. It would be desirable that he did not stop issuing prolonged loud groan booty I leaned toward him and over! Relaxed limp I felt like Andrew removing finger and grabbed my hips, pulling harder on yourself stronger. He went even further and his cock pulsed in me by pouring hot cum. Then he took out a cock and cum ran down her thighs.

Andrew untied his hands and I have no strength slipped to the floor. Popa burned even warm. The wind blew her pussy seems. I reached down and gently fingered the hole (Wow!) Lifted a hand to her eyes, she saw a little pinkish sperm (after all-tore). Andrew stood over me and saw me, then he said,

- Well, tomorrow will continue -sobral their belongings and left, and I trudged holding wall on wobbly legs in the bath.

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Prose Life (Part 2)

Come whine. You know the saying. Do not be afraid of pee @ girl but has properties to expand. Have you given birth adult aunt. Now a couple of minutes of your pussy gets used. And thou shalt catches orgasm after orgasm.
Again it - UUUUYYY. Do not be so, is not necessary, tisheeee, quieter do not rush. AAAAYYY mamochkiiii kuuudaaa he walked all. Stop. Stop. Let me get used to it. It is not necessary to end bolnooo, bolnooo.
He lay motionless on it by logging into it until the end of a few minutes, simply by twisting them in it. Here's his ass began to move faster and faster between her legs. Yalda came out half twisting something red and sinking in the inside in an unknown destination. She softly cried whenever he entered fully into it. Here she began to shake his head in different directions. He clutched his nails back so that he cried out. He clenched his hips, tugging at him all over. Wailed loudly YYYYYYYY.
- What are you deeeelaaaesh with me. Stop. Stop. Again YYYYYYYY. And I froze.
Couch started all more treacherous creaking under their bodies. Enough, the last straw she whispered. Get up, get up. I can not do more. Sofa squeaks woke everyone in the house. Come to the floor.
He got up. - Wait a bed blanket and top sheet.
While he stele blanket, she disappeared into the bedroom.
He opened the door - and Len Well you bitch. What's wrong with me doing what you're doing. I now have the eggs burst of tension with the prick.
- Fool, go to vvanu podrachit, feel better - and quietly giggled.
He quietly cursing, went to the bath.
When I got up in the morning, the three of them lunched. His father joked. Yuri's mother hitched, saying it yesterday with great taste was dressed and sexy look. All the men forgot about their wives and danced Lenul only you. - See Sergei her eye so the eye is needed. And that will lead your Kral.
Mother - Too late to withdraw. Lenulechka was ten years ago. The young bird has flown. And now sorokovnik soon knock. Son in December eighteen. Girls in the bushes drags. That and look grandmother would make.
- You underestimate yourself. Though Balzac and sang thirty years, and I have a woman in his late thirties. As the poet says - she shines krasoyu summer, and look in the fall zorok.
Thy aged aunt lived with the spring flood of feelings and hot summer. They gain experience. And entering into a golden early autumn, a sober look at all the vicissitudes of life. In an effort to obtain from it everything that was not enough for those years. And for men your age is valuable because you're so sensual in bed, and if more and love, then you do not have prices.
Mother - You son when things too shy to speak.
- And here there is neither a mystery to him. He soon eighteen adult peasant. He was with his chums so many aunts with the girls fucked in the garden, which we could only dream of in his years. Another generation grew up. As they say in the wake of the sexual revolution. He has the whole alphabet of porn, you see, I had learned by heart.
- Father so he's a quiet one. Shy guy. You see, he calls from your ears reddened.
I ate and went to him to deal with. I hear from the kitchen father - Len, and we no longer vodyary. And the head is splitting after yesterday.
- Yes, where all drink to the last drop.
- Okay, I'll run right now. In the garage. There I Ense.
- Enough to drink to work tomorrow. Drink some coffee and let it be.
- Yeah, no, I instantly - and slammed the door.
- Len you threw me yesterday so as a kid. Sama finished a couple of times, and I came empty. Let's fix your kidok.
The fallen chair. Mother - Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Fool. Her husband is now come running. Son can enter.
- Oh, oh I whined. Do you think it will be for the son the news. I saw him yesterday, spying on us. You're so podomnoy screaming in a voice that only your drunken husband did not hear you I fucked @ l.
- Stop it, I beg you. Otpustiiii. OOOOOYYYY. Why so gruboooo. Fool smazh oil hurt me.
I broke down and went into the corridor. Mother holding hands on the window sill, twisted head and ass, not allowing him to enter. She begged him not to insert as deep as the night.
- Decayed Durra. And he put his hand to her, on her back. Here and ass sticking out his legs wider, and he slapped her on the ass with his hand. Now, in the daylight could be seen clearly as parted labia, as blue dickhead exactly a goose egg for lubrication has moved down to the entrance of the vagina, delayed squeezing it with difficulty parted muscles ... .. and sex lip with hlyuponem closed swallowing it. Mother felt hot male organ to squeeze into her stretching her flesh, suddenly wailed like a girl whose hymen tear. Realizing that her back fucked @ t.
Here he abruptly shoved it all the x @ nd the most eggs, she wheezed, stopped, but suddenly screamed, sobbed, and then:
- Oh, Mommy! Oh ... ma-ka-MON. Oh, ma-ka-MON. OOOOYYY, chtoo, chtoo, Eto'o in mnee. Ltd. mommy dear, what he was doing. Do not, do so nadooo pozhaluyyystaaa. UUUUYYYYYYY maaaamochkiii.
- Stop whining. It's not with all the guys fucked @ tsya. Now you get used to it.
His ass rhythmically began to peck her womb. Less than three minutes
and this one her cry terribly familiar, but as always, and the guttural rattle -AAAUUUYUYUYUYY maaaamochkiii what etoooo YYYYYYYY.
Closed eyes prokusannye blood on the lips, fingers, frantically grabbed the sill, dangling head in different directions. Wet the face with tears. But the body is beating in ekstaznom orgasm. Tighten the ass, arching his back. He shook his head from side to side throwing wet hair. Her milky
white boobs, nipples swinging, jumping, swaying on his thrusts. She calmed down a little, then began again to turn the ass, moaning and screaming.
Feeling it even stronger, prick swollen and stiff dick she wailed
- Not to me. Not to me. Proshuuu
But he is not a member of the pulled and squirmed a terrible grimace, he began to finish twisting ass. Mother yet more twitched nasazhivayas his yaldu, screaming.
- What zheeeeeety dlaaaeshshsh cattle. I asked zheee.
He took out a member. He pulsing in his hand shoots the remnants of sperm, the jet over a jet. Large clumps of muddy patches slapped her on the back and ran down to the buttocks. She fell silent for a moment.
- All Thrust fool. Her husband is now coming.
And just at the door bell rang. I took and deliberately released. Mother standing with disheveled hair, tear-stained eyes, in an unbuttoned robe, her breasts were filled, cure, hair pi @ dy were large sperm snot, labia pout red roller on the flow of blood from the vagina have been disclosed already dripping liquid semen .. I from one of its kind has become a member of the stake.
- Ma, what's with you - pretending, idiot I asked.
Silently, she threw herself into the tub.
Yuri - Do not rush to open. Do not you dare tell my father that I did, you b @. So everything will be better. And next time, I'll put you on it. That will whine ... Or do it pob @ vayeshev. AAA.
- What are you speaking about? Uncle Ure. How can I his mother.
- What do you memorize like a parrot's mother, mother. Look at it as a heifer, which can be disposed of hormones every day. In vain you do not come at night. Then she would not have twitching. And now we have it on a pair capitalized on your bed.
- Go to your Arrange chess and play music. I'll get my father and I will come.
Father - Damn forgot the keys to the garage. Now I'm in a trice. Passing the open doors in my room, he saw chess. Correctly entertain until Yura. We sat down to play. He slammed the front door he was gone again.
Yuri, I probably will go. I go home, get some rest.
- Offbeat go to her in the bath. It is heated by naked. Vmazh her again cancer. It is so exciting to shiver, the best porno movie I have not seen.
- But what if the door is not closed, why not. If synulya requests. He dug the door. She was naked, toweling. Seeing us, she covered herself with a towel.
- Skip, I'll get dressed. He took her in his arms. I put on my bed.
- What are you doing what you are doing. The son is not looking. Do not look. Shut the door. He quickly took off his pants, and already stood on his knees between her legs. Her pussies @ nka seen already accustomed to his cock. As he put it, it is only slightly gasped. - The son go away. Uydiii. Shut the door. Proshuuu come out. Not smoootrriii ...
Yuri - It's true, my son go away, go away do not embarrass her. She grabbed his hands, his feet high, and a minute later thrashed beneath him, podmahivaya to the beat of his occurrence. I am stunned by her ecstasy, in which she was rushing, as in delirium, several times already finished, pausing for a few moments. Again in a hurry to get this ultraboundary orgasm tearing the soul and closes minds. Her howling YYYYYYY changed suddenly - Come on, come more. Esch. Silneee. Silneee. Beeey, beeey in neee. She writhed beneath him in hysteria, often moving often pelvis toward his cock
- AAAA Mom rozhayuyuyuyu, rozhaaayuyuyu and disconnected. It is also often frequently moved his ass by sliding it on the egg. Infusing it with a half-minute childbearing material. He rose, clumps of sperm trickle flowed from the mangled vagina. She lay with her eyes closed, holding his stomach and groaning. He - Baba dhurra do not realize that the beauty is fucked @ e, when you start to pour it into the vagina. It so begins to decline, embracing member, and your mother also begins to shout out loud. He scares me. Dura. But coitus interruptus. Do not do not sho. One disorder. Simply masturbate myself without a woman later .... Perhaps I will go.
I - Take her to the bedroom and covered with a blanket. I'll tell her father that she had a headache, and she begged her not to bother.
Five minutes later, the father came. - Where are the people.
- Yuri left. He remembered that he had a meeting with the chick. The mother is in the bedroom she had a headache. She stood for a long time for supper washed in a bath. Father watched hockey. She came into my room. He sat next to me. Hug. Forgive me, my son. God knows I did not want him. He's such a big guy. I could not do anything. He took me by force. He's such a, immediately comes under the tonsils. He sits down on his club and is not to not get to. You did not tell anyone. True. And she kissed me on the soulful kiss loving woman.
Again flowed gray days. Yuri does not manifest itself. On November holidays fell four-day weekend.
Father was going on a fishing trip on the first freeze up. On the street a week was frosty weather to mine ten at night.
They decided to go to Six on two machines. We sat and had a long argument much better ride. They drank two liters vodyary.
At eleven o'clock we decide where to go and leave at six in the morning. By Pashkina father had gone to sleep two and have remained brisk with Basil. Vaska was thirty years old, healthy man to match Yuri.
His mother was already asleep when they finally subsided. The father immediately began to snore. He always slept dead sleep up to five hours.
In the dining room could be heard the quiet conversation. I opened the door. Yurkin voice - You liked his chick.
- Yes prominent woman. With this live is not boring her eye so the eye is needed. On such a beautiful woman with a zhopku feet and there will a lot of wishing.
Yuri - Let's fuck her for a couple. You do not mind?
He - Yes uncomfortable as that. vsyo other wife did. And how, when she was with him in the same bed sleeping.
- It's very simple let's wait she can get up to piss. She does not know that we are not sleeping. Goes by, in the buff. We have it on the way back and the carotid oprihoduem.
- You can run up to the scandal. If it wakes up a man or a son.
- Yes nebzdi. Who does not risk, does not drink champagne.
I fell asleep, woke up in the dining room from the fuss and materennogo excited quiet voice with pridyhom.
- Guys. Guys. You chtoo. Chtoo. Zacheeem. Otpustiiite. Proshuuu. And silence.
I stood on the floor in the dining room on the sheet spread her strong hands of men. Vaska kneaded her breasts and kissed her passionately. Yuri was standing between her legs pushing fingers lips of her vagina and she moaned iiii twisting his head twitched. Vaska barely restrained her.
Yuri leaned over her and his ass is measured slowly began to shag her vagina. I fucked her for a week, as it was not up to it. Then, when I was impatient, she went into Mensa. It took four days. If you run out of something and not quite.
Vaska already tack on her lips and kissed her in the chest.
- You're a fool Yuri I have not run out of Mensa. Who is stained, nasty will.
- Yes, I realized, because my slipped immediately into your fire vaganinu. Do you compensate us this discomfort .... His ecstasy. Now we check. They say women in this period of sensuality several times. Ends without stopping.
It is from the first minute started moaning. And suddenly clasping his hands began to roll under it is not trying to figure anything. Screaming, his feet - chtoo, chtoo Eto'o of God is about to stop. Stop. Cerda. A heart. Now stop.
He paused for half a minute twirling in her term. She came to herself - and began again often often fed against his yalde.
- Daaavay. Yeah Vaaa. You bitch. Bitch. YYYYYYY what are you doing in mneee OOOYYYY it is reduced, it reduces. God YYYYYYY Rozhayuyuyuyuyu. Maaamochka Native ....
Vaska anxiously watched as she tossed beneath him wailing and Yuri @ l fucked her without stopping. Finally, he shook his often-often ass, and began to cum in her. By shooting boiling volleys of sperm. It is even more twitched beneath him and calmed down.
Yuri - True dirties bitch. But I have no idea what the buzz caught. As it vaganina declined as declining, hugging my dick. And finish gave into it. Dickhead just burst into her lake of fire.
Go, pomoyus. Then I'll take it undercut, if she would not get up. They substitution of one by one. The mother wanted to go to him. She dropped to the floor again and Vaska stood between her legs.
She whimpered. Are not you ashamed. Are not you ashamed. Two men at the old woman. Come whine. You're in the juice and miss three times five. They have fucked her for the third time
- Boys, I'm tired. I am uncomfortable in the back - low, breaking from deep breathing voice she stammered. They immediately turned her on her stomach. Vaska knee parted her legs, put his hand down between her legs and in the crotch uprshis hand, hauled her cancer. and abruptly entered her.
- Oh-oh-oh! -vydohnuv with a groan, she fell on her elbows. Vaska like zavednny quickly began to move quickly, clinging to her buttocks.
- Oh! -Oh! -opyat she moaned, writhed all over. Pushes his hips, backing away and trying to push as himself on his cock. And he was moving faster and faster. She was torn from side to side. Her boobs dangling haphazardly, splashing each other. Vaska was not going to soothe. She already had finished several times because her throat had heard neskanchaemoe YYYYYYY. Finally, he twitched, pouring into it his sperm. Out of it
- Well, just super. Not a woman and machine fucked @ and. About a pi @ de can only dream of.
She is recovering - Are not you ashamed to say this. Are not you ashamed, panting she said, continuing to stand with cancer with legs wide apart and burst into tears. From her vagina leaking sperm disclosed.
Yuri began to calm her kissing and caressing her body. - Do not listen to this fool. I love you so much. He lay down beside her. He raised it and put it on yourself. She threw her hips and she knelt between his legs. His Yalda with hlyupnem entered into it. She writhed, arching his back. He shook his head from side to side throwing wet hair. Her milky white breasts, nipples swinging, jumping. She calmed down a little, then began to rush back, moaning and screaming. Then he just sat on his yaldu and began to jump on it, each time screaming. She jumped on it like a downtrodden horse at a furious gait. All wet, sweat dripping from her forehead, matted hair, swinging bells breasts bitten in blood swollen lips. The orgasm was seen as the waves of the sea waves and the saturation and discharge did not occur. Forces left its lasting and loud cry she fell on his chest deprived of feelings.
Father arrived the next day in the evening and asked me: - Yuri has long gone?
But when I woke up at nine o'clock, he slept on the couch. He did not go with you?
Yes, he said that the heart of grab and go home. I gave him the keys. He did not want to take them says that without me uncomfortable in my home with my wife to spend the night. I must lie up to eight and leave. Where are you in the cold so early trample.
He did not stick to her mother, has not seen?
- I do not hear, I slept.
I certainly did not say that in the bedroom on the floor when I got up, lay a sheet covered in smudges of blood, the other was in the tank for dirty laundry. I've seen this crazy mother slept sex with him for two hours.
Yuri went at ten o'clock. Easier to say: - You did not tell his father about it. If that is not so sorry. She wanted this. Believe me. She did not have enough sex with a big guy like me, that fucked @ whether to tears, until he lost consciousness. That sex is not forgotten or not baba man. Now she will herself to run after me, you'll see.
She slept curled up, sobbing in his sleep shivering and clutching his stomach.
Mother and the truth began to disappear on Saturday, saying that went to Moscow to the mother, who is ill, then to her friends.
I came tired. All battered something. With unnatural luster in the eyes of well-ot @ bathhouse knots. Then he slept half, jumping up in a dream and clutching his stomach.
She was talking to someone on the phone. I picked up the phone paralleynogo. She - Yes I Durra, Durra. But I can not do anything with them. He humiliates me. Leaving him all wrinkled like a doormat. In tears ... I think everything, everything is no longer come to him than ever. But Saturday and suited my legs themselves are to him. I can not abandon this crazy feeling of tearing my soul. You have no idea what he was doing with me in bed. I go then a week eating moving the legs. Everything hurts in nutria. But mazahistka again lie down under it.
- You fool you, he will make of thee invalidkoy. Gouging you everything inside. You're not a girl.
- I decided to have an abortion here and will not go to him.
- Call in tomorrow night for a prescription. You will need to do three injections with an interval of an hour between them. To fully guaranteed effect, it is desirable that these intervals you well fucked. You have someone to make shots and the rest ... Vaughn heard my cock, she says even if your friend arrives. He arranged everything in the best possible way.
- You good joke.
- Yes, what a joke. For the best friend, nothing will sacrifice.
- Yes, it is not convenient. When you have it I will. I'm not ready for this so immediately.
- Come complexes. You're a long time he likes. You will drink with pleasure in one. Let's see you tomorrow. And take plenty of wool, and pads. And that will pour out of you ... .sama understand.
I approached the new year. Parents celebrated its neighbors. I went to the guys. When morning came at five o'clock. Stunned. The living mother slept with Pashkina father. His bare feet peeking out - under the blanket, and his mother's naked ass so tempting attracted their genitals in the dried semen. My father always snored in the bedroom.
The phone rang six. He called his wife Aunt Olya. We congratulate each other since 1995 new year. She asked how - in a strange voice with pridyhom. As if running the stairs: - There's my guy is not sober. How to sleep it off chase him home. Yesterday, drunk on his feet and he remained standing not have to spend the night.
- No sleep like a log. Well, well let a couple chasochkov podryhnet in the sweet embrace of Helena. In the tube could hear the man's quiet laughter. She also laughed and hung up.
It looks like not only our girls we fucked. But our parents are not behind us. I wonder who she is now in bed. And just knows that her faithful sleeping with Lena. So they swapped wives. Father you @ b Olenka - plump, brown-haired woman zhopastuyu and fell asleep. And her husband fell asleep on his mother.
I went to him. In the living room could be heard scuffling. - Maturin annoyed voice. - Leave me alone, leave me alone. Get off me, you fool. Privstan, crushed. How much can you get fucked has got. Look how long. Husband next. Fool. hear
- and its easy AAAAYYY and creaking of the sofa to the beat of their fucked @ and.
That gives a man. I wonder where it ends below it, jerking in ecstasy - sees his son or father. Or he thinks with his father in the arms of his son ...
He left at eight o'clock. Mother dish soap. The father was still asleep. I held her in the kitchen, kissing, congratulating the new year. Hands dipped into her crotch. - Leave me alone, Father might wake up. I'm not listening to her turned backwards. - Rotted mummy and drove it for the most eggs in the squish vaganinu. Under its regular YYYYYY merged the accumulated sperm per week charge. Feeling as semen pours her womb tightened, twisted, ass, and out of her throat escaped a loud groan.
On March 8 we went skiing to Protva. The two families. Grilled kebabs, drank well. Sang songs. He drove man greeted. I recognized him immediately. Olga - get to know this is our surgeon with the medical unit. His father poured him a glass of Pervatsch. We continue the fun. He casually put his mother. She told him quietly - Suma came down with her husband.
At about three went home. The chain stretches from the ravine of the river. At the top of the slope stopped. Olga - Where's Lena? We stood, waiting. Pasha says parents - You Ride home, and we go down with Nicky, look down. Can ski I broke ....
We go down one. We extinguished the fire, too, no one. We hear in five meters of the Christmas trees mother's voice - blank, blank. Enough. How can. Tyy drunk. Pyanyyy. She sat on his lap, legs spread wide. He just was holding her by the bare buttocks, spitted on my dick.
- Empty, they can return. Husband pribt you. Empty. Fool. He lifted her off his lap and put her on her knees bent her head to his penis. She twisted her head
- Neet, Nooo. Mnee disgusting.
His fingers pressed to her cheeks, and a member entered her mouth. Squishing, I began to move in it. A few minutes later, he drove it to her at the root of the throat and only twisted ass. She's calling the kettle black, twisting his head. So he got out of it. She coughed cum spitting, choking her. And burying his face in the snow began to vomit. He lifted his face full of tears and wiping his mouth with snow.
I Drove Pasha, lifted her close to him. Mother quietly - Pash is not necessary, it is not necessary here I feel bad. We hitched her stick to her and dragged up the hill home.
Spring came. At the May holidays fell four days a week. Father again with friends going on a fishing trip. And his friends as I understood at ebalku. Everything was repeated but stochnostyu versa.
- Mother said to Pashkin father (Michael) took Yuri to stay the night and Vaska. Dmitry and his son shall remain here. Dawns early, and they were going to leave at five in the morning for three days.
In the morning at nine o'clock rang Aunt Olya. I overheard their conversation. - You got the last time you remember the winter Yuri slept with a friend. They did not stick to you? I did not expect such revelations from the mother. - To stick the wrong word. I pull out together at night under my snoring man, as the last whore.
Olga - Yes, they are more males are especially brisk. I screamed at him like a girl. Just now the most ashamed.
Gena brought porn movie. He pounded home grandmother. There was no Vydac Anatol and they have stuck to me - Let's go after school for an hour one day you will not. The tape was three films on the first beautiful aunt thirty years fucked by turns with the men on the boat and then swim in the sea. On the second of three boy pressed the teacher in his office. She struggled weakly against them. She pushed and pulled half tights one student put it. Another - led by a member of her lips, but she would not let him in the mouth.
At that moment the front door slam. I shuddered. The boys looked at each other. From the kitchen annoyed her voice - Kohl once bought in a store or feature. Let's take the list and ran into the store and looked into the living room. - Fu which you see the abomination. The main thing after the same thing as you get bored. When you grow up. And again her voice from the bedroom already Col come faster. They then tell you, it will all come to an end.
I arrived forty minutes later. Towards the stairs, almost knocking me off my feet ran red as a beet Genk him only. When I entered the mother came out of the living room with tearful eyes, smeared makeup. Handkerchief, wiping his mouth. On a black blouse unbuttoned visible white traces of semen. On her bare breasts excitedly sticking nipples. Stockings were lowered. On Lyashkov hair and snot hanging crotch white sperm. She ran into the bath.
Genk with only the next day when they came home from school - I never would have thought that just because you can fuck your mother.
Do not believe me at once I gave all, and then me. Only tears. Twice he finished underneath. You us yesterday arranged a holiday. .... Silently I hit him the key under the fourth button, as taught by the father. He bent down, frantically gulping air. Then, in the groin in the balls. Once again come near to her father or razinesh mouth hang you by the balls on a branch on your shoelaces. Tolka backing - What are you, that you.
I tapped his knuckle of his right hand to the temple. The left jaw and right again. He fell to his knees, and getting kicked in the head fell to the side. Mimo and aunt were shouted - Hooligan.
- Fuck you bitch .... And left. The more we were not friends. They shunned me.

  • 80

Horizon features (Part 2)

Larissa and Marina had already left the shower and wrapped in a towel, we sat in the living room and sipped champagne.

- And where the boys? - Said Zoia.

- Bathe, - said Larissa.

- What, all at once? - I was surprised.

- What's wrong with that? - Repeated Larissa. - We bathe together.

- Did you see how I wash you, - I quipped.

- Well, how about something like this, and they are. We can look, if you like - suggest taking Marina.

- We will not disturb them, remains to be seen. - Larissa said calmly, sipping sparkling wine.

- Agree. - Zoe said. - Well, here's to the birthday girl? - I suggested that she followed.

- Let's - agreed to Larissa. - For you, my dear. We are glad that it all turned out and we met in closer.

We hit glasses and glasses and drank.

- I propose the following program, - said Larissa. - Now the boys come out of the shower and we have yet to find out how close they met. Who wants to speak stool pigeon?

- On the Rights of the birthday girl, please give me this honor. - I said, seeing the desire Marina.

- I agree, - said Larissa.

- I agree, - said Zoe.

- I, too, - a moment's thought, said Marina.

- Tanya, and you've got something to surprise our boys? - Larisa again asked, stroking his crotch with his right hand.

- What do you mean? - I did not understand.

- Well, there dildo or strap-on strap, - explained Larissa.

I was confused and did not say anything.

- Tanya, what are you doing? We're here all his! Come on tell me. - Now I joined Marina.

- Yes, there's something ... - I answered shortly.

- How interesting ... - as a child clapped Marina.

- Tisha, you! - Larissa hissed at her. - Do not spoil the surprise for the boys.

- I propose to remove from the table and is already preparing for the "night" of the party. Tanya, you're kicking us yet? - With a twinkle in her eyes, Zoe suggested.

- Oh, well, you, girls! Of course, I urge all of you to spend the night here with me. No one, and will not let go until the morning. - I responded quickly, I fear that all this can end quickly.

However, we did not know what was going on in boys. For the first time they met here. Previously, none of them were familiar with each other.

Zoya and Marina began to carry plates to the kitchen. I sat down and said to the Larissa ear.

- Lar and how your boys? - I plucked up courage.

Larissa looked into my already fairly tipsy eyes and smiled.

- He's still the walker - as confidently said Larisa. - I think your Vitenka he was prevailed upon. By the way, how's your?

- I do not know. In fact of the matter. I just when you came and talked with him in the kitchen, what he wants. - I said.

- Well, what does he want?

- I understand that he wants to try for a long time with a man, but all my life I was afraid to say so. And rightly so. Because, 5 years ago I would have had called him a fagot and kicked. - Seriously, I said.

- Hey, why are you whispering there? - Zoe asked, passing not even walk past a pile of plates with the next.

- Zoe, we will soon join. Make everything in the sink, I wash my - I hurried to answer. Somehow it was not convenient that guests do the cleaning.

- Do not worry. Marinka has all washes. You're the Queen today. Relax. By the way, where you have coffee?

- On the right, the top drawer. Turk there.

- Okay, do everything myself. - Zoya said leaving the room.

- What has changed in the last five years? - Suddenly he asked me, Lara.

- I do not know. I began to start a scene with women. And the scene where some boys. - I said timidly.

- And Victor knows about it?

- No. I was afraid. I think that I'm an old pervert. He throws me and go to another.

- Fool. We had to talk to him before on this subject.

- I told you, afraid.

- Okay. What now? What a deal?

- We agreed that today everyone will do what he wants. And we will not be jealous of each other. I agreed that he could, if he wanted to try a man. And I can make love with a woman or another man. You should see his happy and frightened face. He was afraid that I change my mind once and for all agreed.

- So that's great. - Summed up the Lara. - Now, perhaps, your Vitenka does blow my Lena and Andrew.

- It would be nice if he liked it. He probably would have become a free and rasskovannym. I feel tirranom, which did not give the child a favorite Cake. - With guilt in his voice I said.

- Do not mind it. Do not worry. If your Vitenka wanted to try my Leonid him help you. It is my BI asset, as well as I do - Larissa smiled. - He will teach him everything. By the way, I suggest, somehow exchange Weekend partners. I have long wanted to offer you a day to spend a holiday together and get to know each other better. But you're always so impregnable. Sometimes it seems that you are an avid heterosexual and only with the lights off, I'm not even talking with a woman. Now I realize that was not right. We lost a lot of time. Although I fantasized how to caress you many times. - It opens up, always so strict and unapproachable Larissa.

- Do you think they will succeed? - I asked hesitantly.

- Do you want, that would have happened? - Mysteriously he replied with a question.

- Of course I want! - I said more confidently, posing as Victor is now kneeling in front of Leonid and his lips caressed his head. - Well ... I would really like.

- Well, then do not worry. Everything gonna be alright. Let's go to the girls, coffee popem - suggested Larissa.

Taking Larissa arm, I helped her to get up, even though she is not sure to keep on his feet. We neatly, along the wall, reached the kitchen. Marina domyvala dishes, making it in the dryer, Zoe already cooked two cups of coffee and cooked again.

I planted Larissa for a corner sofa. Then he came back and hugged Marina.

- Well, that girl came to our lesbian shelf? - Said Zoia.

- Yes, well, you, fool, - he said Larisa otvelekayas from me. - Tanya just came into our world and you ... Oh, you!

- Come to shame us, tell better how you became involved in it - waved Zoe.

Larisa continued stroking my smooth and wet cunt, kissing the lobe of my right ear. Looking up, she looked into my eyes and you will see them consent to continue and fell to the neck, and then sliding the robe, took up my chest.

- All clear, our demure fell under the spell of the temptress - summarized Zoe hugging Marina. - Come on, dear, we will not disturb them.

Women stood up and left the kitchen. Larissa continued to fondle my breasts. I hugged her neck and hugged her, enjoying the caress of her lips and fingers.

- Let's go to the bedroom - I suggested, moving spirit.

- Lead, - Larissa agreed shortly.

We went up and tying robes marched into our bedroom. I did not turn on the lights. At the touch of reaching the bed, I took off her robe and sat down on the edge. Larisa's body in the moonlight, seemed divine. She took off her robe.

- Stop messy. Come march in the shower. Once you fuck Andrew, and your Victor we have not tempted me, - said Larisa and pulled me out of bed.

- Oooo - I became restive.

- Well, you're like a little. I'll wash you, caress. Let's go to. - Bending over me whispered Larissa.

Larisa led me by the hand like a little girl. Going into the shower, we discovered that someone here pretty povesililsya. On the bedside table lay my pink dildo in a condom. Nearby lay an open tube of lubricant. On the floor lay towels.

- Oh, yes, our boys are annealed! - Said Larissa fun helping me to get into the bathroom.

I wanted to sit down, but I did not let Larisa. She stood behind me and pressed me against the wall. I turn on the shower. Adjust the water. Then I rinsed my body. She took a shower gel and vylilv it on his palm, he began to slide down my body. Nice sliding her palms and fingers, excited me more and more. I caved in under their pressure. Her fingers go everywhere. She has long mylila my breasts, squeezing her nipples, I put them off. She caressed the back, and then went down to the buttocks. He sat down with me and made me bend. Her fingers slowly and gently penetrated into my holes. I was surprised but my rear hole, she was able to enter three fingers. Gently and carefully twisted them there. Other hand fuck my vagina. A thumb teased the clitoris. As I was preparing to take tonight husband in the back hole, it was all clean.
- Oh, bad girl, you ready? I wanted to Victor tore your ass today? Bad girl - with these words, she slapped me on the soapy buttocks, and then a few more times.

I jerked involuntarily, but again put down his ass under her caress.

- Oh, you minx! Do you like! Like when you spank little razratnitsa! - Larisa kept saying, slapping me on the ass.

Then her hands on my hips shifted, and then lower to the calves, feet. I was covered in foam. Instinctively reached for her pussy.

- Not shawl, dear, put your fingers. Today I will caress you and you are me, - said Larisa, noticing the movement of my hand and gently pushed him back it from my crotch.

- What are you doing to me! Why torture ... - I moaned, and moved his hands to her nipples.

- Tanya, why are you so not obedient ...- noticed Larissa. - Girth of his buttocks with his hands and keep them so. - Almost ordered Larissa.

I obeyed. I like to obey this woman. Her imperious tone, and gentle, but demanding fingers just svob me crazy. I was ready to give this woman the whole, without reserve, around the clock. It's certainly not fair, but I think I might even forget Victor, just to be with her.

Larisa, pressing his chest, drawing her nipples patterns on my ass open to her, began to rise higher until her arms around me and began to kiss her neck. Then she took a washcloth and began gently rubbing my body, forbidding me to take your hands from the ass. She could use a jet shower to caress my body with water. Thoroughly wash the foam from the hollows among my buttocks, she gently began to lick my hole.

Even my husband did not touch my tongue to the hole so gently and tenderly. My anus was reduced in an attempt to drag a tab, this beautiful, warm hug him, hold him for longer. I spread her legs wider in the hope that Larissa will go down below, and I feel her lips and tongue on her pussy lips. But she ignored, my crotch a gently walking up to her vehotkoy and water. But it was enough for me. I was shaking like a leaf in the wind. Legs give way, but Larissa, realizing what it was, pressed my chest against the wall, not allowing to fall, embracing hands for the chest.

Oddly enough, but my hands and left to push my buttocks. Maybe I subconsciously waiting for her order.

Larisa, leaned toward me and whispered.

- Do not be surprised or anything. Do as I ask you. Do not ask, just do it. Agree? - Larisa whispered, still clutching my chest and twisting her nipples between his fingers.

- Of course. I'll do as you wish. What do you want? Do you want to lick you ... Do you want to become your bitch ... Just tell me ... - I whispered haltingly.

- No. It's later. I'll go now, and you're a blank jet on me. - Larissa said.

She slowly, so as not to fall under me lay down on the bottom of the tub. I stepped through it.

- The following is omitted. I want to on the chest. - Larissa said, pulling me over.

I oblakotilas hands over her against the wall and sat down on her chest on his haunches. Larissa poked my finger the open slit and began caressing my urethra. I was schikotno and wanted to help.

- Do not hold back. Relax. I want this. Give it to me. - Larissa insisted.

- I can not. Lara, I never before did not do so. - Tears of shame welled up in my eyes.

But Larissa continued to fondle my urethra has two fingers, causing my insides to the animal instinct. I could not hold back a long time there was a little heaviness in the lower abdomen, and then I relaxed. Closing his eyes and his head thrown back, I felt as a trickle at first small drops, and then faster and zhesche poured on the body of my lover. Spray drifted to my stomach and thighs.

Larissa has not removed his fingers, but only pushed them aside, directing the jet towards yourself. Fingers moved ahead and changed the direction of the jet. I opened my eyes and looked down. Larisa has sent a stream of his open mouth. I do not know what happened, but at that moment I had finished. My vagina was squeeze fingers Larissa and she began to move them inside of me, which reinforced the feeling. I could not stay longer and fell over Larissa.

- Umnichka. My girl. My darling. Beauty - Larisa whispered, pulling me to him and patting my back. Two fingers and continued to be inside of me, but it did not move.

I was grateful to her. Heavy breathing, gradually recovered, and I got up on his feet, allowed to Larissa, sit down.

- Why did you do that? - Without looking into her eyes, I asked. - I am ashamed. It's so ... I do not know ...

- Calm down. I love the golden rain. So you gave me great pleasure. I hope that is not the last time. Not now, of course, but we will repeat. - Stroking my hair Larisa said.

- I do not know ... - I said distractedly.

- I know, - Larissa said confidently. - Okay, and wash in a crib. I still want you.

- You just fuck me like ... like ... like a bitch ... - I finally managed to say.

- Well, you do not mind, I hope - said with a smile Larisa, palm slapping me on the ass.

I flinched in surprise.

- Bitch! - I cried and wanted to answer, but Larissa already jumped out of the shower.

- Let's wash up. Or should I help you? - For more than a calm voice said Larisa.

- Itself somehow manage. From you wait, as the same. You fucked me again and again I'm no. - I wore a shower cap and began to rinse his body from the remaining gel.

Vspolosnuvshis Well, I picked up, I stretched Larissa towel and leaning on her hand out of the shower, stepping over the side of the bath.

- It's my turn, - said Larisa, stepping into the shower.

- Can I help you? - I asked sarcastically, wiping his body.

- Yeah, somehow itself - as said Larisa, rubbing his fine form with a soft sponge.

I sat on the washing machine, and leaning on the wall, watching as the Larissa gently drove his hands over the body curves, caressing the breasts, nipples, erotic belly, delicious ass. Prognuvshis ass in my direction, she became for me rub your lips sex and anal ring. My hand instinctively reached for the crotch. Lars looked at me with a predatory smile.

- Honey, do not shawls. Leave it to me. Be patient.

I took her hand away from the crotch and began to caress her nipples.

Larisa vspolosnulas, washed off the foam and held out her hand. I gave her a towel and helped to get out of the shower. Obterevshis and wrapped in a towel, we got out of the shower.

- Can have a cigarette - suggested Larissa.

- Come on - I agreed.

Opening the door to the room in which there was a balcony, we froze. On the bed was a tangle of human bodies. Since it was dark and the light spilled only from the street, I could only distinguish Victor. Who was with him, I could not make out. Larissa hissed and pulled my hand back. Closing the door, Larissa pulled me into the kitchen.

Closing the door to the kitchen, I went to the window and opened it for ventilation.

- Let's do it here. Then I ventilate - I said, pulling out of the closet saucer as an ashtray.

On the table stood half-finished brandy and coffee.

Larisa uncorked the bottle and poured two glasses.

- For you, my dear. I do not think that I will be with you as well. I'm glad that you found not only as a friend, - said Larissa and we bumped glasses.

- Thank you. She did not expect, that is capable of such a thing. - I answered frankly.

- Well, well, - he summed up Larisa and we kissed the glass.

- What do you think, who is there in the bedroom? - Larissa said.

- Victor with someone to.- I said confidently.

- Are you sure?

- Yes. His Vitya, I always know.

- Well, who else ... - thoughtfully he asked rhetorically Larissa.

- I do not even know. So it does not matter. They were good together. Let the fun, I do not mind. - I said calmly, sipping brandy.

- How did you changed, Tanya, in a few hours - Larissa nodded approvingly.

- And happy about it.

I smoke a cigarette, we went back to the bedroom. Larissa still on the verge of slipped off her towel and Laglio on his back, stretched his hips in front of me. The moonlight illuminated her beautiful big breasts, erect nipples, a small tummy. Face was in the shade.

- Come to me, honey. I want you, - whispered Larissa and handed me his hands.

I walked over to the bed, took off her towel on the floor. He knelt down and began to caress her legs. Kissing your feet, licking fingers toes. Then he rose up. He began to caress the calf hands. Then he climbed onto the bed. Larissa bent knees and spread them apart, to give me the opportunity to get close to her treasure. I kissed the inside of her thighs, climbing higher until my lips touched her soft, silky skadkam sexual slits. Having a finger between her buttocks, I discovered that the juice from its slot has slipped and smeared her second hole. The index finger began to massage degradability anus, while I was kissing and licking pussy lips, making his way to her delicious clit. When they reached the head of the clitoris, I gently licked it. Groans Larisa suggested to me that I am in the right direction, so I sat up higher, leaving the clitoris alone for a while and began to kiss the tummy without removing ukzatelny finger out of her ass. When he reached her breasts, I began to take turns to lick, suck and nibble on her soschki. Larisa hugged me and threw his legs around my waist. Moving along my hands that caressed her ass, she rubbed her crotch on my wrist.

- Honey, I love you ... I want you madly ... Love me ... Take me ... Take it all ... Just do not stop. Ufff ... Yes ... Still ... Oh, what's your cool finger! I love your finger in my ass! Plug it deeper! - Larissa moaned, nasazhivayas finger and stronger clinging to the brush labia.

- Ltd! What's your hot ... - I hesitated, not knowing how to Larissa belongs to the mats in sex.

- You want to tell me what my hot pussy? - Said Larissa for me.

- Yes ... And such a tight ass ... I love licking your nipples! They are solid and long!

- Ooh, class! Come on, fuck me in the ass with his long finger! Fuck your bitch! - Larissa moaned pressing and squirming beneath me.

I continued to fondle her breasts, and finger fuck in the ass.

- Honey, lick my pussy ... Lick my juice. I'm all CURRENT like a bitch ... - I do not hesitate to foul language Larisa, still very excited I'm me.

- With pleasure otlizhu you - I said, and by reaching her lips kissed.

Larissa pulled me with force and passion dug into my mouth. Then he looked up sharply.

- Come on, get in there. Otlizhi in your knots! I want your tongue in my pussy and ass! - Larissa moaned until I went down to her crotch.

Going down to her lips sex, I licked a damp hollow between jaw right up her anus. After a few movements of her tongue ring, I got up and parted lips tongue, began to lick the clitoris. Her frank matershiny words have brought me very much. Despite the fact that Larissa was already over fifty, her pussy lips were its attractive firmness and taste of its juice fascinated and aroused the thirst that only the taste can quench and no other.

Clutching her buttocks and hands, then I spread them apart, then brought together. Sometimes, my middle finger, then one arm then the other free to slip into her anus. I'm not looking to suck her pussy lips, licking clit sucking it, teasing his tongue. Larisa herself fiercely tormented her breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples, with a groan, cursing, calling me vulgar and obscene words. According to her, I was a bitch, Lizunov, slut, nipples, etc. My hands were busy and I could not do my clicking, which just flowed.

Suddenly Larissa abruptly pushed my head shook and curled. A loud moan escaped from her breast. She began to ride on his back on the bed, holding the femur and vehemently pinching myself for nipples. I recoiled tried to hug her, but Larissa prishipela:

- Leave me alone ...

I decided not to touch her. Quietly slipped out of bed and sat in a chair across from her. Watching the Larissa gradually comes to life, breathing heavily and over gently stroking her breasts and crotch, I reached for my cunt. Putting fingers on her pussy I started to gently stroke the clitoris, smearing their moisture, which has already become a drain on the second hole. Reaching a finger to the anus, I relaxed and put to the phalanx of the index finger.

Even through closed eyelids, I noticed how Larissa went to the bed and sat on the floor in front of the chair where I was located. She gently took my hand and shifted them to my chest. I began to compress the chest and nipples poschipyvat. Larisa also kissed the inside of my thighs. She helped me throw a hip on the arms, opened in front of her face all my crotch. Now she could do with me whatever he wants. Both her holes, the clitoris is in her room. I'm not even going to resist. I wanted that she took me. She took as their own. Vzal as she wants. Feeling my degradability, Larissa became poschlepyvat me on the buttocks and inner thighs, calling me a bitch bestyzhie with thighs spread apart, by a pussy wet. A wave of excitement all rose. And Larissa prikosatsya not all my holes.

Suddenly she became tender. Lifted higher. He kissed the abdomen, chest, neck and ears.

- My girl, my sweet, my sweet ... - Larisa whispered.

She did not Spit me, but her breathing and the words did the trick. I fell into the abyss. My hands went to the perineum, but Larissa intercepted and returned them to my nipples.

- No, sweetheart. Do not touch her ... You do so well ... - he continued to whisper Larisa, kissing my neck and ears.

Orgasm continued to roll. A huge ball of energy down from the chest to the crotch. Gradually down this energy cluster grew. Having reached my thighs, energy, tending downwards turned into billions of nerve endings. Took one breath of wind, and this energy is the speed of light darted into my brain. Explosion. Darkness. A fall.

I woke up on what someone kisses me. Opening my eyes, I saw beside him Victor. He gently kissed me on the cheek.

- Good morning darling.

- Hello, my sweet. What happened? - I was trying to remember.

- Overexcitation. Remember a couple of years ago, this has been. You scared me then strongly. Today scared Larissa.

I turned around and saw a number of Larissa, kolachikom folded and covered with a blanket.

- For a long time I'm out?

- Four hours. You need a rest. I think on this we will end while our experiments, love. You do not mind? - Victor thoughtfully offered.

- I feel pretty. - I tried to prpodnyatsya but weakness and Bolney head would not let me do it.

Larissa began to move.

- Tanya ... Why are you scaring me like that? I almost died myself from fear. You trembled so ... and then ... then ... you trailed - confusedly said Larisa. - I had to tear off Victor of interesting classes - Larissa smiled shyly, looking at my husband.

Victor lowered his gaze.

- It's okay, honey. We're with you yesterday agreed on everything. Then we'll talk.

Go on, I need to talk Larochka. - I said. - I did not brew a strong sweet tea.
- Well, darling, - he said and walked away.

We lay there for a while in silence. Larisa stroked my hair.

- What do you want me to say? - Tho she said, kissing me in the eye.

- Lahr, do not misunderstand me. I did not mean to scare you. That is what happened. It happened to me a couple of times. This is a consequence of a very strong orgasm. The nervous system is probably not stand up, that fails. Thank God that everything is fine with the heart. I've already checked by a cardiologist, he says that everything is normal for my age.

- Tanya, yes pekrati excuses. I'm just scared for you. How can I lose you, only when found. Now you anywhere on his own will not let go. - Larisa hugged me and kissed on the lips.

- And what about the Leonid? - I was surprised.

- What Leonid? Leonid, my husband, my lover. The father of my children and my grandchildren grandfather - patting me on the head, Larisa said.

- And ... I ... Who am I to you - looking eyes in Larissa, I forced a.

- And you are my favorite! It happens. Maybe it's not right, but I know it I know that I love you. I love like no other. All my life I was looking for you. Only you. I am happy to have found you. I do not care, as long as you can not answer me in return, I'll still love you. You're better not to say anything. You can not even think about it. Do not think about anything right now. Just know. Now you apart from Victor, I am. There are and will be. I would be up to his death. Now rest. There's girls wanted to talk to you before you leave. I'll call them.

- Larissa ... - I responded to it.

- Do not have to - I broke off a woman, putting a finger to my lips, and then replaced it with his lips. The kiss was soft and deep. Her tongue met mine, and then licked my lips. - Everything else on the weekend at the cottage. At work come out on Wednesday. Otlezhus. Take care of household chores. Distract in general. Well all for now. We were just leaving, Leonid. And ... remember what I told you. - Larisa winked.

Throwing robe over his naked body, she went out and closed the door.

A few minutes later the door opened quietly and komnatuzashli Zoe Marina. Zoe was carrying a tray with tea, which brewed Vkitor. Marina, closed the door behind her.

- What are you, my dear, we are so frightened! We are a little crazy not poshodili! - Zoe wailed, putting the tray on the nightstand.

- We brought you some tea. Victor brewed, as you requested, - Marina said, handing me a cup, and Zoe helped me sit up higher.

- Do not worry you so. All fine with me. Well I fainted. It happens. - I am reassured women. - You tell us how you did it go? Satisfied with the party?

- And how! While you are here with Larochka tumbled, we became a member of the magnificent show. Our boys, finally met in closer. Andrew Victor played with your scene, an adult uncle and little girl ... - with genuine pleasure and rapid recitative said Zoe.

- I.e? - I did not understand.

- Well, that's not understandable? Apparently, you gave Vitenka card Blanzh? - Zoe suggested.

I nodded, trying to figure out what was going on.

- Well ... We Marinko went to the balcony to smoke and are thinking about something. Then we found that in this room, on the bed has some fun. Well we Marinochka, decided to join. As it turned out, my Andrew taught your Victor do blowjob. And apparently he was very pleased. Then joined Leonid. But as a place on the bed it was not enough, he led Marinka in another room - told Zoe, glancing at the girlfriend. Marina nodded to confirm her words.

- I stayed. I was terribly interesting to watch the boys. - Zoe continued.

- Well, what you saw there? - I would sproisla.

- Ltd! What I saw there ... In short .. At first, Victor was kneeling over Andrea and he was licking his cock. They then turned over and lay down a jack. I started up, that began to fondle your ass Vitenka. As it turned out, he did not mind, and even parted his hands muffin. Then I do the tower demolished and began to caress his hole language. We often knocked together heads together with Andrew, as he sucked in Victor, and I caressed her ass and testicles. Victor could not resist a long time and finished in the mouth my Andryusha. He shared with me. And your husband's tasty sperm. I like it. Knowing his Andryusha, I switched to it. While there was cancer, and he had me in the ass, I tried to pick up Victor. But it was impossible. Then he switched to his ass, and his end immediately began to revive. So I realized that he was not opposed to it fucked in the ass. I suggested Andrey to change posture. I lay under Victor and put his dick already revived his crack. He threw his legs hips, and hands began to caress his hole. His cock crepe with each thrust. Then I waved Andrew that he pristaivalsya. Andrew pulled a condom and began to lubricate the ring of your husband. Victor pristanovilsya. First, Andrew introduced him fingers, and then introduced into it head. At that time I kissed him. Initially, he wanted to get off, but I held him tight and whispered in your ear gentle platitudes. Then he relaxed and Andrew entered completely. I once again felt like my Andryushenka fucks me through another man. This is so cool, you can not imagine! - Zoe closed her eyes, a smile on his lips.

I was jealous that I was not able to experience the same, but the most insulting, that I was not one of the first woman who opened new horizons sex of my husband. "But nothing will make up" - I thought, wondering in his head, as much as possible to talk about it with Victor, so as not to offend or insult.

- And then what? - With interest I asked.

- And then ... then ... What Andryushenka pumped Vitenka your own juices. Vitya, of course, could not cum in me, as the peasants decreases rapidly when they are fucked in the ass. Well there, prostate hurt or something, I do not know. I know that the effect is the same for all. - Said Zoia.

- Well, do not tell me - protested Marina. - We have recently with Andrew tried a new toy that you zakazli with him on the Internet. So he was all the time while I was fucking him.

- Oh, you wretch! No I already indulged in? - With a smile she has criticized Zoe his mistress. - We agreed on by the first try.

- Well, I'm sorry, I could not resist. You're his mother was, and I was bored. And Andrew just got out of the shower. I just reviewed a new dildo on the straps. So it was got so started up! In short, to prevail upon Andryushenka substitute his ass, promising then to give his. And so it happened. At first, it was impossible. I mean, he had not got up. And then he asked me to lie down and he straddled me. While he was riding on me, I masturbate him. So I poured it all. Even in the eye hit. - Marinka uhahatyvas laughed with laughter.

I, too, was fun as I imagined the picture.

- Well, you get caught ... Both my ass dildo fuck this. He will know how to indulge without me - again picturesquely offended Zoe.

- All right, Tanya, we will go. Larisa said that you will not be until Wednesday. Relax. Gain strength. Then tear off. - Said Marina and pulled Zoe's hand to the door.

Women are gone. I heard Victor said goodbye to them. I heard the door slam. Victor entered the room and closed the door, as if afraid of being overheard. I looked at him with a smile.

- Did you like it? - In short, I asked.

- Yes, - so he said shortly.

- You got what wanted for so long?

- Yes, I received. Thank you, darling. Thank you allowed that did not swear that you understand - thanks to Viktor me, kissing my hand.

- But not for that. I myself have now become another night. - I said, stroking his hair.

- I.e? Do you leave me? - Anxiously, Victor asked.

- No, what are you, stupid! Where am I without you ... It's just ... There was another man, to whom I became very expensive. Yes, she told me, too, became very close. - I replied. - Between you and me, nothing has changed. You were there and you will be my husband. I love you, I want to, worship ... But today I realized that women love me also needed as well as men. I experienced something that had never experienced. She's ... She's ... I do not know whether you will understand ...
- Tanya, can I say? Then you probably will not need anything explains, - Victor interrupted me.

I nodded.

- Zoe you probably all told? - The husband asked.

I nodded again.

- I see ... Well ... try it with ... with Andrew ... I ... I ... - Victor paused to find the appropriate words.

- Did you like it? - I decided to help.

- Yes...

- You like to caress member Andrew hands?

- Yes.

- I liked to caress his tongue and lips?

- Yes Yes...

- You want me again that he brought his head you in the hole? - More than sexy voice I asked.

- Yes. - A little thought Victor said.

- You want that he planted your ass all your trunk? - More than zavarazhivayuschim voice asked me and running his hand under his coat, felt for quite standing member.

- Yes. Want. - Intermittent breathing Victor replied, closing his eyes.

- You want me to Andrew again and again fucked you as a last whore? - Whisper in your ear, I said.

- Yes.

- Do you want that he came to you in the mouth? He fed his sperm? - Kissing her husband, and pulling his testicles with one hand, and the thumb of the other hand, getting into his hole, - I asked.

- Yes ... - panted Victor.

- Well. I want it too. - Broke away from him, looking into his eyes, I said.

- What is this? - Victor did not understand.

- I want to see it all as Andrew will perform with you. - Licking her left nipple husband, I said, and more squeezed his scrotum.

- Are you serious? - A trembling voice asked her husband.

- More like ... But I think what you need is a closer look. Therefore, at the weekend with the girls, we're leaving the country, and the apartment is at your disposal. You can have fun with Andrew as you like. - I said, and went down below the mouth covered his already standing member.

The head was hidden under the foreskin. I deliberately do not shift her fingers, as I like to introduce this language between the skin and head and caressing it as if from within. Still pulling szhiaya and testicles, I have introduced two fingers in the ass and Victor continued to enjoy his member. I assumed that he did not finish quickly, but I wanted to play with him. Relaxed throat muscles, I tried to enter his trunk all down his throat, but the first time did not work. Knowing that you need some vnem, I continued to caress his head occasionally licking the entire trunk.

Victor was lying in front of me with thighs spread apart. Butt it hung on the edge of the bed. I gently groped his prostate, and once discovered, has become affect the point faster. As shown, the man making blowjob and fucking in the ass it is easy to achieve the opposite result.

- You do not like it? - I asked.

- Very much, - said Victor.

- Then why did it fall?

- It's different. Go on. I really like the way you caress my ass.

I did not hurt him and fully poglatila myaguyu flesh that easily fit in my mouth. Not stopping the movement of his fingers on the prostate, I moved a little deeper into the member and immediately responded. Realizing how to act, I quickly put his penis on alert and have already prepared to receive a portion of sperm in her mouth, she heard screaming Victor.

Before, during orgasm, Victor never cried, moaning. And then cry my ears popped, and then by the throat struck such a powerful jet of sperm, I choked and pulled the trunk. The rest of the sperm splashed on my face, neck and chest.

I was surprised to look at a member of her husband, who seemed to have grown in size. The trunk still standing and pulsate. I cautiously licked him all over the barrel length, expecting it soon sniknet as is usually the case. However, all member Victor was also on alert.

- Honey, you take Viagra? - With a smile I asked her husband.

- You what? I do not take any rubbish, you know - my husband said sharply.

- Then what is it? - I took a look at the trunk of standing still.

- I do not know. But I like it. I want more. - Getting the husband said to his knees.

- And what you want - I asked.

- I want to fuck you in the ass. I remember you said yesterday that he was ready for this surprise. Is not it?

- Well, if so ... Brush the I and his "hero." - Briefly I said, handing him a tube of lubricant from the bedside table.

Instead, Victor leaned behind me and started licking my anus and fingers pull at the clitoris.

- Honey, do not touch my pussy. It is so sensitive that I can finish, I want to come with you. - I said removing his hand from the labia and clitoris and pressed his head to the cleft of my buttocks. His tongue quickly smeared my hole, sometimes trying to get inside. I relaxed and tried to pass it as deeply as possible. I love when Victor fondles my ass tongue. And after that I learned today of the Zoe, I realized that my husband would not mind such caresses on my part.

I looked around, that would look at the standing member of my husband and to my surprise, he was still standing.

- Honey, come on ... plug it ... - I groaned, exhausted from driving.

- Where? - Pretending to be her husband asked.

- Plug Hugo me in the ass ... - I moaned again.

- Where? I do not hear ... - extorted husband.

- Vitya, fuck me in the ass! - I said in a loud voice, and gave hips back.

- With pleasure. - Said Victor, and rubbed the barrel lubricant.

Put his head to my anus, he pressed. The head began to push the ring anus and I felt like she was into me. Nice pain shot through my crotch, back.

- Aahhh ... - I moaned.

Victor stopped. But I stuck her hand between her legs and grabbed his testicles.

- Do not ostonavlivaysya ... More ... More ... - I asked, pulling his scrotum.

- Well, she asked for it! - Routine Victor grabbed my buttocks and parted them sharply pressed.

I could not stand the pressure and fell on the bed. Victor continued to press until all of its trunk has not appeared in me. My mouth was plugged with a pillow. All muffled moans. After lying to me for some time, Victor got up on his elbows and started to fuck my ass. Slowly at first, then more vigorously. With each push, I rubbed her pubis on the sheet. My clit became so sensitive to that after a while I could not hold back and I covered the orgasm. I could not get to the fingers of the clitoris, but it is not needed. Member of the husband in my anus was the best stimulant. And when a few seconds after the onset of my orgasm, Victor began to cum in my ass, I covered another orgasm.

This time I did not lose consciousness, but I felt so good that I wanted to fly high in the clouds and fall asleep in the sun.

The fact that I went to sleep I can remember, but as Victor pulled his penis out of me, and then another, and licked my ass, I have learned from him.

Falling asleep, I realized that life has just begun. I found friends, loving woman found me, made my husband happy. And what lay ahead of us?

On this later ...

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Prose Life (Part 1)

With age, more and more often in my mind persistently swim event of the distant past. Analyzing them, and an example to his wife, and others are increasingly convinced that this can happen with every middle-aged woman. To whom the word sex, and compliments from handsome men ... not an empty phrase.
This sultry July evening, the hot summer of 1993 turned my mind. Internal foundations of moral decency, morality and decency lay in the subcortical my parents shaken. In my subconscious with the evening there was a compulsive syndrome fuck my mother. It was after what happened this evening. I began to look at it, as available, sexy woman. With that I can satisfy his youthful hypersexuality need for sex. Especially when you wake up in the morning with a stake standing member and mixed with eggs to ache I had to relieve stress, doing masturbation. I became ill at the thought that I could go in the morning to her bed still sleepy, languid from the morning bliss lush female. Extend its slender legs, and how much does not care about her wishes

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Son binds mother and rapes (continued)

I am a busty girl Svetlana - mother of Andrew, everything about us Andrei I told, not quite true.
First, he stripped, tied up and raped me in the ass in the car ... and then dragged by the hair to a country house, where we were waiting for friends ... I have long soprotivlyalyas, but they tied me to the bed and began to rape in the ass. .. in the ass it is very painful, and if the two girls put them at the same time, in general, "Kick".
The main thing that interessno, they do not treat me as a mother of Andrei, even more than that, as a woman. His friends treated me like a whore, living, trahalnomu meat. Do you want in your mouth, you want in the ass by two members ... humiliated, did the throat and sex more than once. As I was in pain, I feel the two members in the throat and in the ass ... but I liked it. I had never experienced such an orgasm ... about the wine's true.
They poured it into my mouth, then began to fuck there ... But I do not mind them, because among them was my son ...

After this event, we often have sex with her son and his druzyami.Mne it very much. And once I had sex with my own father, now I tell more:
One time my son and I and the boys organized gruppovushnik. Since I liked the humiliation and pain, I said:
Sonny bring more friends, at least 12, 15 men and several cameras. All Remove and lay out in the Internet.
I was tempted, and great anticipation. When they came, I immediately said:
- I want you to be me hard and rough fucked like a whore as a street girl, if I will be able to agree on a triple anal. The children were delighted and began to undress me. They tore off my clothes, underwear, etc.
Everything is filmed multiple cameras. Just started with a triple anal sex: My son and two guys just tore up my ass. The pain I struggled in hysterics ... The rest of the members that popped into my pussy, then in the mouth, the throat ... to whip my ass, breasts, cheeks. The camera shoots hard group sex. Then, the three of us who fucked
I have three of them in the ass began to fuck into the vagina, and then again in the ass. But they were finishing me always in his mouth, who, together, one by one, in general orgy failed. I then ass 2 weeks sick. Video posted on the Internet. And then my dad called and invited on a date to a restaurant. I wore a slight lace lingerie, red, long dress with a slit to the thigh and went to a restaurant on a date with her father.

We sat for about an hour at the table, and he invited me to the room. We went there and he was pestering me. He began to touch my ass, put me grud.Zatem cancer, lifted my beautiful her dress, pulled the strings ... and put his cock in my ass. He held me by the neck and fucked, fucked my aching from orgies ass.
- Dad, what are you doing: I asked him and he replied:
- Like that, I pull on his cock your ass daughter.
- Why: I moaned.
- I've seen in porn like you fuck in all the cracks, and I will be the same: my answer papa.Mne breaking comedy was not smyssla and I said: Okay dad fuck, but for more !!! He said that put me on the bed on his back and his hair down to the floor with my head and swing began to pull my throat.

I could not believe it - my dad fucks gorlo.Cherez moment he had finished and began to call his peasants to come podnyalis.Kogda, then they began to undress me.
- Wait: Dad shouted.
- Let striptease show !!!
I do not argue with my father began to undress.
First, having lifted the hem of red elegant dress, I took it over the top.
Then unbuttoned livchik, took it the same. Then, millimeter by millimeter began to pull from their thighs thong.
Avatsy was no limit !!! And then Dad ruined the romance saying:
- And now the bitch suck all. Father and 8 of its working mechanics began to unbutton his pants ...
- I began to take in his mouth one by one their chleny.Bozhe, they podmytuyu, dirty and smelled strongly mochy, I thought, but
sucked and sucked, barely zderzhivaya emetic effect.
-I want you to relate, as I told your son: and with that, my father pulled the straps.
So painful, I thought, but desperately terpela.V this time it turned out that I was shook belts "cancer" and his hands were back, knees bent to the abdomen. He is moving his head only! In this position, friends of his father and began one by one to rape me-one in the ass, the other's throat, until everyone on fucked. Then they started to beat on my hips straps ... I could not scream, because through the mouth and passed the belt is not one !!! I wanted to become uproarious pain, but could not, and his father's friends thought I was a moan of pleasure, and continued even more strongly to beat my butt and thigh straps ... I flowed ink, tears snot, but then they stopped. I came offitsiant and they offered him my body. He happily put me in the ass and began furiously sadomirovat my ass.
Then the friends of his father led more waiters, who also needed my ass. How many of them were not znayu.ne schitala.Ya I just lay there and suffered anal sex rough and hard.

Now we often with his son, the son of friends, with my father and his friends grandiose gruppovushniki where a woman only me !!!

With the consent of his son Andrew! Sincerely, Svetlana.

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History X

I often think of those days when my dick was the size of a penlight batteries, sperm is the notion of a purely speculative, as any touch to his own crotch gave joy, comparable only with fruit ice cream.

It all started by accident when I was about nine or ten, in the early eighties. Who can say that at that age was not obsessed with questions of practical use of their own anatomy, let him cast the first stone at me. In those days I did not sleep, except with a hand in their children's shorts (while I was still asleep in shorts), often hiding in the street in a secluded place, to strip naked head, causing a member instantly got up, and had to sit down and wait for him fall, and not be ashamed to go to the people. Or the morning sessions in theaters, when the hall is almost empty, the light extinguished, and lowered his pants, the entire film can be messing with his own prick. What was a glorious time! My personal sex shops located on almost every corner and called for some reason "Sojuzpechat". If only these cute grandmother knew what I buy pencils, then immediately would cause the district. Also, there were naive pharmacist who supplied me with petroleum jelly in small metal cans. (I still wonder how I thought of myself not to use dry). I do not know how I first had the idea to stick a pencil in the ass, because I put the thermometer only armpit. Although sometimes dimly remembered standing at home in a corner radiogram, in my opinion, "Accord", with a plastic lid, decorated with protruding middle spire resembling a small icicle, and I, a five-year, trying to sit on her butt. I am now very strange that I represent is not the male sex dick, and a smoking behind the school hooligan seventh-grader Larisa in worn shoes and skillful obscenities at her painted lips.

I still have not forgotten about it. In memory of those times and I masturbate periodically to supply its means for permanent hangover, once again met outside a local convenience store. Of course, much has changed. Worn shoes have become a kind of incomprehensible boots, faded cosmetics, mat became more virtuosity, and masturbate I am now exclusively on men.

Oh, how many pencils I'm spoiled by introducing them into himself and disgust immediately after ejecting. I almost did not eat ice cream as a child, as given to him the money spent exclusively on their makeshift dildos. Lying under a blanket with a pencil in the pope, I clamped in his fist pipisku until the head does not become purple. Alternately, it strained buttocks is completely relaxed, I felt down to the smallest details of a thin wooden rod narrow your anus, and it could last for hours. After that all required also firmly clamped zhopku run to the bathroom to get smeared feces stick and hide in advance pripasnny bag, then to quietly throw it in the garbage disposal.

Then still I was not wise older comrades. In other words, simply no one was lucidly explained to me that, in fact, supposed to do with requiring constant attention by a dick. Soviet television at the time and did not bother to inform me the truth about pedophiles that pushed my unripe charms from the inevitable familiarity with the harsh reality for several years. I have a lot of time in the shower basin "Moscow", which went on loan, saw adult naked men, as if in passing, unobtrusively, considering my genitals, and once even felt in your own ass someone's hand, but I just did not know then, what does it all mean. Now, sitting in white stockings and lingerie in front of a computer, in response to the chat rooms on the name of "wafers", and casually picking up the confused text, I swear to you that, did not hesitate to framed then your mouth (at the time only mouth) under the terms of these perverts washed if only speculate about the possibility of such contact. In my child's mind could not dock cloudy pornographic photos with a thick black woman, taking in her mouth something huge, proud owner of which I am, and around me huyastye real characters. Alas, youth, and especially childhood have their drawbacks. The expression "sucking dick" I knew, of course, but to apply this knowledge in practice, was simply incomprehensible.

A few years later, when I was twelve, and I began to understand this issue, in the Moscow zoo, a small stampede around the enclosure with an elephant, I felt on his crotch hand man standing next to a dark-brown trousers (somehow remembered it pants). His hand timidly at first, and then, a little emboldened, squeezed my personal belongings, but his gaze absently fumbled around, on top of other people's heads, as if looking for someone in the crowd. It did not last long, for a moment, but that moment I still remember. If he just looked at me! Do you want to - believe it or - no, at that moment I was ready to nod to him or to understand any other way, and I want to let do with a lot more than what he was doing and what counted. Why, I would go to him, where he will tell and I am sure that neither before nor after, he was not as close to the implementation of his most secret hopes. But he still watched by, and then I embarked his by a dick began to aggressively rub against his hand, trying to convey to him the truth about his condition. It was my mistake. He was scared! It really scared and immediately disappeared from my sight. I walked for a long time then the zoo, looking among the large crowd of his brown pants, but to no avail. One look, just one look at me and a bit of courage - and that would be the most memorable moment of my, and it is probably life. Man, you probably now seventy years old, and if you accidentally prochtsh these words, know what you have lost yourself, why not let me, and I'm sorry if it all happened. I hope you often masturbate then, remembering what had happened.

A few times I accidentally paw in public transport. Interestingly, it was all, or I somehow attracted people with such ambiguous inclinations? I remember the rush hour on Zamoskvoretskaya line and low young guy for three or four stops to hold my dick. I also remember the bearded cheerful old man shyly showed me his secret on the sidelines of a public toilet in Tsaritsyno park. Growing up on a couple of years, I have often then was hanging in the vicinity of the toilet, hoping for the best, but the best has not come yet. However, it should be said that at that time I was interested in the life of both male and female genitalia, but the women I somehow no one showed.

Here it is worth considering whether only perverts themselves are guilty of their crimes? Of course, corruption of minors - a crime terrible, and for the rape of a child shot by hanging mildest punishment, but the fucking will, that if I have a twelve - thirteen, then it would be so much information about this aspect of life that kids have today I would certainly set off in search of adventure on his ass. God bless you, may not cross the line molesters from these kids like me.

So I was eleven, life rolled forward, and your own genitals is not enough. By the time I was fast friends with the kid in her class, the same as it turned out, possessed, like myself. In the absence of present-day entertainment, we spent whole days on the streets or let airplanes from the balcony, good day his apartment was absolutely free. Actually, with this all started. Once again, after covering the entire court paper fighters and fearing retribution local janitor uncle Petit, we prudently stayed home, not really knowing what to do. Then he uttered a phrase to define our relationship in the years ahead.

- And let're like horny - sounded absolutely incomprehensible to me a proposal.

- What?

- Well, horny, naked, bare, - he explained lucidly. He generally was a dubious gift to invent words, few understandable.

As I said, baby hypersexuality firmly held me in his hands, and his proposal had to fit like a glove. Since then, we have seen the street only at a time when his parents and sister were at home. It was the first time I touched someone else's dick. His cock was a bit smaller than mine, but I liked it much more than its own. He was a nice, defiantly sticking up children's dick thick as an adult index finger and about the same size, the foreskin is completely covered head and stood forth some slightly wrinkled flagellum. By the way, I learned later, his penis has grown enough to get me to squeeze in teeth angle pillows, muffling my moans.

And then it was almost innocent. At first we just played the usual childhood games, occasionally touching the genitals of naked each other. Then the game became more serious - we have to play the "family", where one of us took on the role of "wife", and the other became "husband." For some reason, most "wife" turned out to be exactly what I though and growth, and character was the lead in our friendship. Perhaps it was because "the wife" wore panties belonging to my friend's sister, and my mother's gown. For some reason, I was pleased to feel in women's clothing. I'm even going into the role, her lips painted bright red lipstick, and his mother put on her own clips. Under the terms of this simple game I've ever met "husband" from work, fed him, and then we went to bed. Then the fun begins. We lay on the bed, hugging each other out, and began to kiss, and to do it in an adult way, albeit awkwardly, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. He stroked my whole body, and I firmly holding his dick. Yes, it is "held" since the game was serious, and I could only talk about himself in the feminine gender. After hugs and kisses, he lay down on top of me and we simulated sexual intercourse, during which he poked her pussy somewhere in the region of my thigh. However, we are not just trying to make him an imitation female pussy, then wool, then cut the apple with a hole in it that I had to pinch between the legs. But in the end, it was over the fact that he just popped his dick somewhere under my eggs, I shifted the thighs and so he fucked me ten minutes - fifteen. You see how it is useful in the sense of developing games small apartment in which children often sleep in the same room with their parents. During the "fucked", we have always looked in each other's faces, sometimes kissing, and without feeling any awkwardness or embarrassment. I still believe that it was my very first real kisses that I had a chance to experience at such a young age, but still a man. Maybe it's my memory of something and embellishes, but, in my opinion, in those moments, I felt a kind girl, and I was glad that I have such a beautiful "husband". Thank you for that, Dima, and good luck to you with your TB and diabetes in a hospital somewhere near Solnechnogorsk.

After the "copulation" He climbed down with me, and we "fall asleep" while I put his head on her stomach, and took in his mouth a member, it took as a sucking cocks we had had no idea. I just kept it in my mouth, sometimes tongue touching the tip of the skin that covered the small zalupku.

By the way, this story will not be any of his older sister, caught us during the crime and take our antics active part. Also, there will be no parents, two youngsters learning the subtleties of intimate family life. There are no members of the size of the breasts and unfinished Pinocchio first teacher. None of this happened to us, and I even scary to imagine what it would be really, if someone from the adults learned about our "tricks".

Gradually this game with some variations has become mainstream in our repertoire, we had fun about two years, however, by the end of this period, picked up the foundations of sexology, I truly became (or became) caress his mouth organ. Now the role of the decomposed completely, and "wife" has always been me. But for all that I sucked him only during the game, that was both like fun, but I is not suited for us. The fact is that during the summer holidays, which I spent in a village near Moscow, I got another "friend", this time over. Although the difference was just one year, he knew many things about which I do not even know.

To be honest, I do not remember which of us is first and how it proposed to take our friendship to a new level. Most likely, it was because he bossed in our couple. Although here, too, was not without role-playing family games, much more attention is paid to, how shall I say, the games just with each other's bodies. On an equal footing and without any role we are thrust into each other's behinds so loved by me pencils and any other suitable items for this, though not very thick, fingered members between your hands in the manner of sticks for making fire and kissing passionately. I am in the summer for the first time, so to speak, "out of the game", and took in his mouth for the first time felt the same inside the opponent's finger. But it was not just sex in the literal sense of the word. Some convention happening still present. After oral sex as if we demonstratively showed each other that this is the case, just try, not really, and certainly long otplvyvalis. Although, I think he liked it as well as I do.

However, it is demonstrative rejection of the passive role I had on hand. Since he was older when it comes to playing in the "family" (do not forget, we were still children, and could make a game out of anything) the role of "wife" always got me.

I then realized that, in fact, the role of the wife I always liked more than the role of the husband. Still, the stereotype of sexual conduct is laid in childhood, and even then I'm willing to take on this somewhat insulting to my friends role. So the question is what to be, active or passive, does not even arise for me. I am pleased to take dick in your mouth, and do not require either one or another similar action on their part. And although I am also very pleased when I caressed in this way, I still "sucking" more often. Although there are probably quotation is already discarded - the summer I began to suck in earnest.

And though we both knew that "to fuck in the ass can be" further mutual anal masturbation thing we have not progressed. I was ready for it, but the offer is open and does not dare. Probably, he was ready, but because of false modesty hesitate. Still, we know at thirteen that "fuck motherfuckers" and be "motherfuckers" in each other's eyes did not want to. (Interestingly, it turns out that someone else's dick in her mouth as if in the standings did not go, was, so to say, shameful opportunistic and Fucking would have the final fall). But I think, if the summer was a month longer, everything would come to its logical conclusion. And I'm ninety-nine percent sure if he still would have offered me this, "hosted by" it would be me.

By the way, in the village, I managed to enter into the everyday life of our game elements of women's apparel, namely, stolen from local gardeners girlish dress, discreetly shot with a rope in the garden during dry. And it was my first own clothing as well as the role of "wife" in our tandem was only my prerogative. Then it a secret from their parents were transported me in Moscow, and was hidden in the attic.

If you think about it, I had a happy childhood. I did exactly what I wanted and now, namely, disguised as a woman, sucking cocks at his comrades. The difference lies in the fact that when I was a cute kid, and now has become a healthy old mare, dreaming of permanent members. It is "dreaming of a permanent" rather than "always dreaming about."

So, after returning from a vacation in Moscow, I was determined to translate our "family" lives in a different, more in-depth course. It so happened that this time we in the absence of the parents stuck to my apartment. By the time I was the proud owner of steal in different places of the female toilet items - pantyhose, panties, bra and big for me, of course, the most important thing - a short white dresses. Gone away into the bath, I changed quickly, completing the picture of my mother's lipstick, her own beads and high heels.

So, without asking his desire to play our games, I appeared before the Dima in full dress, or rather "appeared". For the first time we met, without saying a conditional phrase, "Let's are like horny", passing all preliminary "domestic" steps, I silently put him on a chair, knelt down, and let down his sweat pants with shorts and began boldly sucking already standing member. Judging by the reaction, my appearance made an impression on him. I am sure that he, too, understood that this is not a game, but made no attempt to stop this disgrace. I sucked long and selflessly, completely swallowing his cock and licking balls, good size allows me to do all this without much strain. I do not know whether he had imagined at this time in my place any classmate, but a companion at the time I was obviously was not - I was the one he gave in his mouth! He just did not take me then, as a person of the same sex. And what was happening to me at this time! I was shaking in the truest sense of the word, was shaking with shame and excitement (I was shaking now, as I write these lines). If I wanted to stand up, it is unlikely to do so. But I do not for a moment ceased to caress it with his mouth, but broke away for a moment to give a long time already harvested phrase you want to say more than anything else:

- Call me now Tanya.

I was very embarrassed to say it to him, I felt like my ears are burning, and was afraid that he would alienate me and obzovt some offensive word. After all, I have clearly let him know who I really am, by the rules of court, I sank so low that further nowhere was. I vaflrsha! What I did was far worse than even obgadit front of the class, answering at the blackboard in the classroom, worse than being caught stealing. It was the lower limit, after which only had to move to another district, or even the city. It was a stigma for life.

He immediately realized it. The thing is that during the summer we had greatly matured. He realized that I want to be the girl that suck dick for me is not just an innocent child's play. Now I was completely in his power, despite his physical superiority. Game over. It was enough for him to tell me in the yard, and my future fate could not be envied. I was still shaking when I finished doing a blowjob with a burning shame person huddled in a corner of the sofa, not daring to look at him. To his credit - he, too, was troubled, but still too obviously had a desire to get a permanent vaflrshu, with its power. Where do you even at thirteen find the opportunity to attach his dick in his mouth to another person?

- I will not tell anyone if you suck me, when I want - he finally gave his decision.

- You really can not say? - I was really scared.

- Well, you do what I tell you, then no one will know.

Naturally, I was ready for anything. Despite the possibility of exposure, I realized that I had made her, even so. The only drawback in the current circumstances was that he never once called me Tanya.

We sat with him on the same couch, not touching each other. Saying it was also about. What does all it can be said when your best friend was by a fag? Return to the old was gone, and we both knew it. I was afraid to offer him something, but he still not understand how he behave in this situation. The silence lengthened.

- Maybe go to the street? - I squeezed out of myself last.

Hmm, the delicacy of my former one, as it turned out, did not suffer.

- And you fucked in the ass? - He asked, ignoring my suggestion.

- Yes - I lied to him.

What? Fall so fall. Why delay the inevitable? In fact, I really wanted to own it. I felt that my hole already stretched pencils in the past. Yes, I really grew up this summer.

- Then take off your clothes.

- Can I leave the dress? - I asked. I did not want to take it, because what, in that case, I will be different from the guy? Perhaps he, too, wanted to see the difference, so I quickly pulled off her shorts with tights and stood in the middle of the room, not knowing what to do next.

- Arise cancer.

I sank to the floor on all fours and lifted the hem of the already short dresses and froze otklyachila ass. I hope that at that moment I looked sexy.

I never thought it would be so painful. Although small penis size, it seemed that I swung and stuck, at least stick to the game in the banks, which we then carried away. This idiot just put his own dick to my anus and pushing with all the dope, one movement drove it to the very root. I and now there is not a hole, and then it was just a nightmare!

Cute boys! Being fucked in the ass it is not so simple. Do not ignore the experience of partner and anal lubricant! Why do you spoil your fun?

Before anything enter into myself, I always used Vaseline, and here in my rectum appeared a piece of foreign body is not enough that the thickness of conventional size for me, and even without proper training. Very drnuvshis forward, I fell face down on the carpet.

- Well, what are you doing? - He asked irritably.

- It hurts, - I told him, still feeling a burning sensation in my ass.

- So you say you fucked already.

Because he called me in the feminine gender, he said "fucked", not "ebalsya" I instantly forgave him his inexperience and rudeness. And where, in fact, I had to go?

- We must first lubricated with petroleum jelly, and then slowly thrust - the word "enter" in my vocabulary yet absent. - I will bring it now.

- Let me then you smazhesh itself sit on it - he turned back to me as a girl, and it was delicious! For me, this treatment was even more important than sex. I recognized the way I wanted to be.

Liberally smeared his cock, I got up to the starting position and taking it in his hand, to attach to his hole. And gently, slowly nasazhivayas him, I finally got something that was all these years - living male member in her ass. No dildo not give the feeling of fullness, consciousness inside of you screaming "fuck me! I am a woman! "That intonation movement, even if it is an inexperienced boy, made their first real frictions.

I have a few more years, then sucked him, resorting on demand, more than once he had me in a woman's appearance, but never again and kissed me on the lips. Some stereotypes are too strong, and step over them can not everyone. Then followed a long break, after which, already thirty years, the last time he raped me, before finally become a drunkard and lost the apartment, picked up tuberculosis, finally dissolve into the hospital for the homeless. Sometimes I see him, his first man, a couple of weeks of the selected hospital wards and waiting for someone's handouts from the metro.

I am absolutely sure that almost half of teenagers at least once, but kept in the mouth a foreign member (eg, who managed to do this trick with its own - one), but how many of them are able to admit it, even in absentia, and before strangers? Unlike them, I declare to you in a loud voice: yes, I vaflrsha, and I'm happy!

In my later life, too, lacked adventure - the first sex with a woman in the next year after the events described above, adult male of my own home with a little sadistic, a complete departure from the same-sex love, marriage, divorce, and then again thrust to women's clothing and men's genitals . For me, crying in the bathroom, urinated Armenians, I fell in love, again remained alone, I was forced to suck the huge dogs. Maybe someday I will describe it all, but I still did not give up hope to meet someone who will accept me for who I am, and will be ironed hair long winter evenings.

Sincerely, Your wafers.

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Youth Day

Honestly, every time he came to me I wanted to kiss him and kiss so that it never ended ... Calm, steady, good manners, so all spoke about him. And I even knew his scent. It was magical. Twice a week, he played football, and I'm on the rights of his right hand to control the flight. All are used to seeing us together to work, and then he picked up me home. But no one even knew how the city was to me this man.

Of course flirting took place to be. Next to it is simply impossible to remain indifferent. And so we worked a whole year. While again not begun the summer! Shirts with a neckline is not forbidden, so my breasts are enjoying full freedom, benefit 4 size can not hide anything. He looked. I saw how he scans my hips and legs to their tenacious, shrewd eyes. But never said anything about my appearance. And I went over it with the mind.

The day of the youth. We met at a concert in the square, completely by accident. Accidentally met his eyes, shook hands and parted. I thought that he was not alone and did not go after him. He thought the same thing. But that was only the beginning of the evening, and by 11 o'clock the people who are pretty plucking began to behave quite Unleashed! What a strange man he grabbed me by the arm and pulled her to dance. Suddenly, from somewhere in the crowd there was my boss! I pulled my hand, hugged her, and so we stood arm in arm, like a statue tender friendship!

And actually for the time we really became friends. He knew a lot about me, I'm on it. We talked about everything, especially killing half an hour the way to my house almost every day. We even drank champagne with him on Saturdays until I felt ready to have everything. And that means it's time to stop. Because it is a taboo! The most coveted and most forbidden.

And now he hugged me! My heart exulted! I've been dreaming about it! He asked if all is well. He said he was watching me the whole evening, that nothing happened. It was so touching. He offered to take me home. And all this time he had me pressed to his, but I could not utter a word. I nodded in agreement, and he took me by the hand and led to the taxi.

I do not Zrazy realized that he called not addressed to me, with me sitting in the back seat. Then the driver announced that we needed to call for champagne, because today is our day! More wondering what he had in mind, I felt like he was stroking my hand, then gently squeezed my fingers and kissed on the cheek!

We drove in silence. I could not believe the miracle. He was next to me, so close! He smelled so familiar smell. I do not even notice how quickly we arrived because it was occupied by the object of my sweet dreams.

He pushed open the door to the house and told him to get a camp site with ease. He closed the door, looked down on the floor with a shopping bag and headed in my direction. I froze. He sprosil- you afraid of me? It is me! That's exactly what it was! I've been waiting for him, and now stood like a stone and stupid smile. He said that we will go to swim, outdoor heat, and we are still dry. I was funny, I've already had some very wet), but it's my boss and he can not be touched! He's just drunk and sober tomorrow. That's stupid! Scarecrow myself while filming dress. Okay, bathing nobody would be worse, I reassured myself.

The water was as fresh milk! We both swam for a long time and with pleasure. I have to take the stress, he just seemed to enjoy a swim. I first came to the shore, and there was Fitted with a blanket and stood champagne with chocolates! As before, I thought we were just colleagues. In addition, a holiday today and once it so happened, you have to rest. I told myself, trying to divert his thoughts from the sports body. He came and sat beside him, stretched out the champagne he winked at me. Drink water and go to the boss commanded, I smiled. Finally! -vydohnul On- and when you come in you? !! Champagne worked) I just relaxed) Moreover, because no one has touched me. It was already dark and the only light was saving lamps from the tourist center.

Nakupavshis we went into the house. And then he took me into the bedroom and told him to sleep. Just like at work, I thought) Eternal commander!)

He undressed and flopped down on the bed. That's all, now sleep. The disappointment did not allow me to sleep and I lay in the dark, and at arm's length slept the man of my dreams.

And then he pressed his whole body towards me and I felt his cock rests on my hip. You do not hochesh- he asked in a whisper? No! No! That is, yes! I want you, but we can not be the same. I allow, he said. I want you for a whole year! And that, he said, and I did not. It's like a blast! He wants me ?! I wanted to turn to him, but I could not! My other hand was handcuffed and both legs! It turns out that I'm still asleep! He did it while I was sleeping!

That is the number I thought at the time he started playing with me. I was scared. Oh, what I did not expect this so precisely. Forced sex, even adored by men makes us think, and this time frankly scared. But he is not worried, he licked the nipple right breast while purring like a cat. I tensed, waiting, well, not a maniac as he tried to persuade myself! He, meanwhile, tore my chest. The nipple hardened, answering his tongue and does not listen to my thoughts. I felt that the body was thrown into the heat of his touch. Suddenly, between the legs, I felt something, it was not his fingers, it was what that thing !!! Imagine my surprise! It was already a dildo lubricated with gel and he gently introduced it in my pussy, and then they began to move back and forth, and then switched to the high speed and left him there, holding his hand. The whole situation Haskalah my nerves to the limit, and to my surprise I came with a moan !!! He undid the bracelet on my arm and sat on the bed facing away from me. Then he got up and lit a cigarette.

I woke up! I woke up from the smell of cigarette smoke. Surprised meeting the morning comes and her lover, smoking a window. Move, I did not feel any shackles and quietly dispersed. He turned and smiled shyly. I seem to you yesterday ukral- he said, and sat down. Sorry.

And here I finally woke up! What I'm still waiting !!! I kissed him! More precisely, I reached for him, and he was at that moment lay on the bed. Kiss fell on his shoulder. Wow! - That's all he had to say, because the next minute I was sitting on him and kissed his lips! Light touch, I was teasing him, then he licked her tongue and he opened his mouth and returned the kiss! He was such a long and skilful that I have buzzing in my head !!! This is da blew it! Are you just going to keep quiet - he asked me? I want you! I said, and he strongly pressed me to her.

And, suddenly, I had to act! I kissed his penis, lips one head, then caressed the bridle and swallowed so deeply that he trembled! Now it was my man and I enjoyed it! Jumping on him as a horse, I was moving at a furious pace, and my man and my man raised hips to meet me! Then he turned me around, and I felt it very deeply inside several strong aftershocks and he finished. We rested their arms around five minutes. Now, in the shower, he said, dragging me along. What's he got up there! My boss became literally balanced beast, he tormented my body in the shower, then back to bed. In the evening very tired we were going home and kissing whenever confronted in the room, collecting his things) Happy young people - I said, and leaned on the belt of the dress, which was lying on the floor. For a moment I froze ... Under the bed were handcuffed ...

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Elder sister

Now I am 18 years old and I'm in 11th grade. I live with my mother and sister, she is 19 years old. When I was little, my parents divorced. And my mother decided to bring in austerity, for my every sin I'm supposed to strapping on her bare ass.
I'll tell you all about it.
Before mom comes home from work, checking my grades, and if among them was three, she ordered me to undress before the goal, to bring her belt and lie down naked booty up on the sofa and began to flog me even in the presence of the sisters. After the spanking, I was naked zo minutes to stand in the corner. Sister necessarily passed and hurt clapped me on the bare ass. If I got a deuce, the next day before going to school I still further relied flogging. This has happened so my mother would sit on the couch, and I was naked booty went to her knees and she did otshlepyvala for prevention.
When I was in fifth grade, my mother raised in a post and she was on the day the two became business trips. Once, when my mother was on a business trip, I got a bad mark in school. The sister immediately on the phone all told my mother and received instructions from me flogged. Naturally sister flog myself not given. In the evening, my mother came to me and painfully whipped. After I stood up in a corner of my mother again he told me to lie down naked booty up on the sofa, and this time I have flogged sister. After whipping mom said sister after school will check my assessment to flog me. Several years passed, my sister came up to me and punishment system looks like now. Despite the fact that I was now 18 years old mother and sister continued to flog me. Sister holding my child and do not hesitate to me. If the house is hot, she walks around the house in shorts are not paying any attention to me. Now punishment system.
My sister is now studying at the university and come after me. If the school I got three, then I have to meet my sister naked with a belt in his hand. Sister tells me to lie on the sofa and starts to flog me, and I must say that it smacks me hurt more than my mother. If I got a bad mark in school, after whipping sister forbids me to wear shorts, and I'm naked booty go until the next morning. Mom comes home from work saw me without panties understands that I have received the two, he takes the belt and smacks me again, but not as painful as a sister. One evening I was after whipping mom, I decided to ask her, so she often flogged me, not my sister. I told my mother that I like better than when she smacks me, and even better when she slaps his palm on the bare ass.
Mom was very pleased to hear it. She stroked my bare ass hand, sat on the sofa, and ordered me to lie down on her knee and spanked me. After that, she said that if I am pleased she slaps me on the pope, then every day before going to bed with a bare ass I should come to my mother and she would slap me in the night. So I accidentally begged daily spanking at night. On Sundays, my mother and sister summed up the week. And usually I strongly battered belt by the pope. And now I want to tell you about the latest events that happened before the new year. Mom went on a business trip. At school, I got two. Naturally, I met a sister naked with a belt. Sister came evil and right at the entrance of palm spanked me, very painful, and ordered me to lie down on the sofa. Under the rules of the sisters, if I received a bad mark, then the next morning I go with a bare ass. Since my mother was on a business trip, in the morning before going to school I had to spank sister. In the day of my sister's classes started later and she was asleep.
I knocked on the door to her room and asked her to me, spanked. My sister slept in shorts. She sat on the bed and I lay down on her knees, and then something happened that had never happened. My cock stood up, and immediately there was ejaculation. Sister pushed me with her knees, her legs and her panties were in the semen. I stood in front of her on his knees and begged forgiveness. It is with anger grabbed me by the hair and began to poke me in the face of their feet smeared with semen. calm down a bit, my sister sent me to school, saying that the punishment I will receive after school. When he came home from school, I immediately stripped to the goal. However, the sister first told me to wash their panties on sperm. Then I lay down on the sofa, and I smacked my sister is very painful and long. After I stood up in a corner, my sister again ordered to lie down on the sofa.
I lay down naked booty up, but my sister told me to lie down booty. Then she said that now would be a real punishment. She took the belt and began to smack me on Picea. I was very hurt, I cried, cried, begged her sister, but she whipped me anyway. After I stood up again in the corner, my sister gave me a T-shirt to wear, and said that I would go for a week without panties. In the evening my sister was going to a disco. She put on her new short dress and beautiful tights. Before the ear sister decided to spank me.
I lay down on her knees, this time in the semen was her new dress and tights. Again, she grabbed me by the hair and began to poke face in sperm. Then he quickly dressed, my sister went to the disco. I wash out a dress and tights. From discos sister I came late, I was already asleep. In the morning she had already plan how to punish me. she got in some transparent panties and sat on the sofa of her room. I'd already lays down on her knees, but she told me to be front and masturbate. After ejaculation sister forced me to be washed away and lie down on her knees. Here too she looked up at me, I got very sick on the bare ass. In the evening came my mother, my sister told her everything in detail.
Mom took the belt and I unconditionally lay down on the sofa and my mother whipped me, but there is so painful as a sister. After I stood up in a corner, my sister told me that as a punishment it every day for a week would smack me on Picea. And told me to lie down on the sofa pisey up. On spanking mom came to watch. I begged my mother, so she spanked by the pope not only at night, and more often, if only sister smacked my pussy. Mom said that I very much insulted his sister and so my sister has the right to punish me. And then he added, that now began the New Year holidays, so my request to slap me on the pope often it can perform, besides I have not even shoot cowards since I booked for a week to go without panties.
And my sister started to flog on Picea. There was December 31 mother and sister dressed up for the festive table. I went with a bare ass and he could not believe that this will meet the New Year. And I told my mother that I also need to dress festively. Mom smiled, patted me on the bare ass and sat on the sofa. I realized that my mother wants me to spank on the ass, and I lay down on her knees. After mom spanked me, she told me that now give me the festive clothing. And got a new T-shirt out of the closet. When I wore a T-shirt, I asked, do all to the next leg below the belt I will bare. Then he laughed sister, and said that now give me clothes "below the belt". And he brought me a nylon stockings and ordered them to wear. That's a T-shirt, I met a new year and stockings with a bare ass.

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The essence of a woman (Part 2)

All the dinner Vera worried about the upcoming walk with a friend. Worried, scared beforehand, he has wound himself with all sorts of horror stories about a fictitious encounter with wild animals, or robbers by the same boys. The boys she feared most, and somehow was sure that they do not understand how, but be sure to understand that brand new girl walks without panties. However, Vera dressed, took proposed aunt Antonina wicker basket and daring, he has gone beyond the threshold.

The reality ... was disappointingly boring and uninteresting - her friend's parents in the form of an order to oversee the younger brother, and because Helen had no choice as to drag Maxim with him into the woods. Small boy is constantly spinning alongside - rather than collecting mushrooms as get underfoot and not let the girls talk. Seizing the moment, when Max ran away with a bang to knock down another dry tree trunk, Faith told her friend that her wish fulfilled.

- What now with that ... - absently and sadly waved Lenka, pointed to already returning brother. - Only the desire to have wasted ...

Half an hour later all the baskets were brim full of mushrooms - mainly podberzovikami and butter mushrooms, although there were also white. But wonderful trophies, which could not even dream of scanty forest near her house, could not lift the mood of the Faith. She was terribly disappointed that her preparations were in vain. Besides the rain, and I had to return to the village. Antonina Aunt and Uncle Misha delighted brought by fungi and promised to cook dinner dumplings in the Ural - part of the meat, of the mushroom.

It turned out really delicious, especially with sour cream. The guests were invited to dinner with my brother and Lenka. Then the children played together in the yard - teased the bees in the hive, feeding chickens and ducks, remove the jammed under the porch of a kitten. However, at seven pm New Faith acquaintances called home. Rural families also have to make the bed, intending to bedtime. For a city girl it was unusually early, but had to get used to the local orders.

- And come tomorrow morning's go back in the forest, - he invited the Faith, when it's goodbye to his girlfriend.

- Come on. Just go early in the morning, - she nodded rustic girlfriend, barely stifling a yawn, yet eight o'clock on local orders was considered already almost dead of night.

"Early morning" was half past four. Faith opened her eyelids with difficulty, trying to understand what wants from her shaking her shoulder Lenka. It turned out that her friend for a long time did not sleep and did not wake the neighbors - aunt Antonina already preparing breakfast, Uncle Misha shaved to work before leaving. Quick breakfast, girlfriend pohvatali basket and ran toward the woods.

- To Maxim are not linked to us, - he explained the reason for such haste Lenka. - And how the trailer, until the evening do not fall behind.

The cool morning air and the cold dew on the grass was an unpleasant surprise for urban girls. Feet in sandals immediately soaked. It was also unusual to feel the cold from underneath her skirt - Vera again not wearing panties, considering the last time will not count - because the friend did not even check the performance of his desire. Lenka was smarter and better prepared - rubber boots on his feet, sports "sweat pants", light jacket. However, even in such clothes Lenka mrzla.

- Come on, is it, higher up the slope, - she said. - There are fewer mushrooms, but already the sun is shining, it should be warmer. I like it here, even in chilly jacket. And you do easily dressed. Not mrznesh?

- Mrznu - he admitted Vera. - I've got teeth were chattering. And his feet were soaked.

- And what did you say something? - Lena pulled her friend up the hill.

At the top is really already the sun was shining, although the morning was yet very, very cool. Vera dutifully picking mushrooms and occasionally looked at the village girlfriend - when she finally stops to fill a basket and offer any entertainment. But Lenka like zavednnaya, ran from bush to bush, collecting numerous podberzoviki. Faith had to take the initiative in their own hands:

- I, by the way, again, was not wearing panties ... - said a girl friend.

Lenka instantly stopped, slowly turned and stared in surprise at the municipal friend:

- What for? You still fulfilled my wish yesterday.

- But yesterday came dishonestly - your brother get in the way, - Vera recalled.

Lenka cleverly narrowed and clarified:

- And if today he had come with us, and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow ... so you would go all summer without panties while I would not say to you that desire fulfilled?

Vera thought, nodded - they say that it was necessary to fulfill the promise. Lenka smiled:

- I think my brother has got nothing to do with it. Just you like to feel vulnerable ... or something. Yesterday, tell me you are not excited that someone can see you like this? You might even like it to find?

- Excites, - Vera agreed. - But you're wrong, I do not want to see me like this. Just me

Instead of continuing Vera suddenly wrinkled her nose and sneezed loudly. Then podrnula chilly shoulders, looked at appeared finally the sun and invited her friend to climb even higher, or go to some clearing to finally warm up. But Lenka suddenly offered a completely different way:

- On the contrary, undress completely naked. You'll see, you very quickly get warm. Now the woods no one but us, so no one will notice. But even knowing that, you still will you worry, worry that someone will notice you. From this blood flow is enhanced with excitement and experience, and you get warm.

The idea was ridiculous, and Faith of course refused. But Lena gave an example from his own life:

- We last winter with the girls playing cards on a desire in our secret place in an abandoned house. And I fell so desire - to go naked to the river, to collect and bring a bucket of water. There's enough to go far, she herself saw. But I have this desire fulfilled. While went, he almost died of fear that I have someone to notice. But I do not even notice - it was cold in the street or not. Personally, I was hot.

The argument has been strong, and a frozen Vera began to take off clothes obediently. A moment later she was standing in front of his girlfriend completely naked. Like last time, she experienced a strange feeling described by hard - shaking, shame, fear and wild excitement, and all this at the same time. And if the last time Faith has not yet sorted out their feelings, but now the question remained - she really liked to stand completely naked in front of his girlfriend dressed. And if more Lenka suddenly hide her clothes and make every thing work out ... from this terrible and at the same time sweet thoughts urban girl felt in the abdomen becomes hot.

- Come on you ponessh my clothes - she suggested. - That I could not immediately put on the appearance of extraneous matter and even more worried.

Lena shrugged and tossed a pile of clothes itself in a basket with mushrooms. Vera was like there and realized that really warmed.

- You was right! - She was delighted. - Really not cold!

- And what I said! - Lenka fairly snorted. - And you're brave. As a reward for your courage, I'll show you guys a secret location. I once stole his brother and spied where the guys treated themselves to the headquarters. It is not far from here.

Faith was scared. She did not want to go where the guys can appear. But Lena had already climbed up the hill, and nothing to do but to follow her. We sprinkle the hillside began to appear rocks and fragments of rock. But it turned out really go far. For the bulk of large boulders was winding path that led the girls to the shallow cave at the site has fallen a huge stone. Sam fallen boulder was visible far down at the foot of the slope. The cave entrance was once camouflaged with branches, but now torn leaves on the branches withered and were given rather than concealed hideout.

Inside the cave it turned out to be dry, although somewhat dirty. Boys dragged here discarded mattress and rolled several chocks as seats. On a flat stone was improvised ashtray made of tin, it was full of cigarette butts. Lenka busily searched the walls, looked under performs the role of a stone table with a joyous exclamation pulled prey - zatrty magazine in an unknown foreign language, but full of pictures of naked aunts.

- So what they're doing! - A fun girl laughed, and then went to the far wall and pushed back leaning against a stone.

Behind a stone in a deep recess was a deck of cards with pornographic pictures and drinking half a bottle of port. Lenka posted discovered trophies on the table next to the magazine. And if Faith magazine hardly interested (she, naked female bodies did not see that right?), You are interested in a deck of cards to shiver. In principle, the girl she was old enough to understand how the sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. Yet her knowledge in this matter were quite scarce and purely intuitive. And here at pornographic pictures Vera first saw all the details of how this happens. Much like in these pictures in detail to consider and ponder, but Lenka began to rush girlfriend to go on.

- Come zaberm card with you? - Proposed to girlfriend Vera village.

- What for? - Genuinely surprised Lenka. - It's theft is obtained.

- Not stealing, but rather a war trophy - corrected Faith. - We found them a secret camp and quite rightly as a reward can pick up some trophies. To the guys were not rotozeev and did not leave their belongings anywhere.

Lenka uncertainly looked at naked girlfriend, she clearly did not want to take someone else's. Still hunting passion won cautious.

- Well, then, at the same time and let them drink wine! - Invited the village girl. - There's glass glasses hidden away in a corner.

Wine drinking Faith did not want to, but she nodded, thinking that refuses to pick up another friend and maps. Lenka deftly pulled loosely inserted into the cork and poured the contents of the bottle in two faceted glass. It turned out just to the brim.

- Well, for our acquaintance and our luck! - Said Vera toast, raising one of the glasses.

- And let's brotherhood! - I suggested that in response to Lena and her friend explained uncomprehending. - This is when the hand twist, drink everything down to the bottom and then they kiss for good luck.

- Come on! - Vera agreed.

The girls stood side by side, stranded hands and sip wine. Lenka drank everything in one fell swoop. Faith because she could not, she had to make a few sips before she was able to drain the glass. Once Vera finished her wine, Lenka embraced his new girlfriend left hand around the waist, and the palm of his right hand placed on the chest of urban girls. Faith involuntarily twitched and tried to pull away.

- If you're afraid, close your eyes, - offered Lenka.

Faith and entered, she closed her eyes. Lenka lips smelled of wine, and they aggressively kissing girlfriend's face - cheeks, nose, eyelids closed eyes, lips ... Vera had the courage and she kissed back. Lips girls quickly found each other and have stuck in a passionate kiss. Faith felt her hand Lenka crept down the back to the bare buttocks. Second hand began stroking quickly swelling breasts. Vera stopped, with a mixture of fear and curiosity, waiting. But ... Lena, playing a little nipples girlfriend, soon pulled away and removed his hands. City girl barely kept frustrated sigh and opened her eyes.

- Time to go, - said Lenka. - And it really someone of the guys want to c early in the morning to come here to drink wine. - You're going to dress up?

Vera longingly into the eyes looked at her clothes. Literally just that when they kissed, it seemed to her that Lena is ready to continue yesterday's game. But the friend did not seem to notice the excited state of the city girl. And then Faith hesitated, took courage and ventured to ask:

- Lenka, maybe ... you caress me again, like yesterday? You said yourself that it is dangerous to leave the excitement.

Country girl grimaced and asked:

- What I am now, every time I will caress you as soon as you began to flow? I What a joy with this?

- Well ... I want to answer to caress you, too? - Invited the Faith, was surprised his straightness.

Lenka thought for a moment and then smiled slyly:

- It's not fair. You no longer need it, than me. And the pleasure you get more than I - after all, you have no experience. My suggestion - my one time in your two-fold.

Faith then quickly nodded, while girlfriend is not changed her mind. This variant of its more than satisfied.

- It looks like I'm a bad bargain - a village girl laughed. - You had one to three, or at least a couple desires to require the appendage. But okay. Persuasion has persuaded. Come here. I am very pleased with you kissing. Let's kiss and fondle each other simultaneously. Come this way - who finish first, that the village will suffer all the baskets of mushrooms. There is?

Faith nodded, walked over to her friend and closed her eyes. Again I felt close smelling wine lips and playful hands crawling on the back and chest. Faith, too, did not stand there and held his hands forward. The right hand has launched a T-shirt girlfriend left the blind began to untie the knot at the waist sweatpants. Node for a long time did not give in, but all the same a few minutes later the girl managed to pull the desired piece of string and run his hand inside. Trusov, much to the surprise of the Faith, was not under the thin sweatpants. And yet, Lenka THERE was hot and wet. It seems that all the words of the village friend about what fun she gets to have been a lie. Vera smiled to myself - well, friend, hold on, you will have to carry the very heavy bags with mushrooms!

But Lena is also felt that the dispute can suddenly lose. Her hand moved down quickly, leaving the chest excited city girls. Faith felt like someone else's deft fingers rested on her delicate sensitive spot. At the same time continuously Lenka kissing lips came down - the neck, to the tense nipples. It's not fair! Agreed the kiss! Faith indignation opened her eyes and saw her from the bottom up considering crafty eyes friend. Lenka winked one eye, with the tip of his tongue continued to tease her nipples friend and all active fingers to rub her sensitive erogenous zone between the legs.

Faith could no longer hold back. She gasped, twitched all over and bent sharply backward, trying to free himself from the embrace of friends. But Lenka like sadistic executioner, not let go of her and did not stop their actions. Vera had finished a long and stormy, she cried and moaned, the body did not heard the hostess. When Lenka her, finally released, she sank to the ground, and for a long time could not recover.

When she still came back to reality, in the eyes of friends standing next to read only anger and resentment:

- I almost-almost finished! - Reproachfully said Lenka. - Just a couple of seconds is not enough, but you're ahead of me. If you do not selfishly took her hands, I would have finished with you. Now the excitement has passed, we will have to start from the beginning. I am terribly unhappy with your selfishness, so you have me now exhaust the full! On your knees, bitch! Hands behind your back!

Vera was suppressed and even frightened by such pressure his girlfriend and did not even try to argue, when she served as Lenka stretched belt casual trousers lace and tied them behind with mixed by the wrist.

- That's better! No hand will only lick!

Lena moved slightly to the side, admiring the results of their actions. "Sweat pants" fell in with her, and Helen had to constantly correct them. Nude girlfriend stood meekly before her, and without thinking to complain or resent. Country girl walked circle submissive victim, then someone else took the shirt from the basket with mushrooms and somewhere departed. Faith decided that a friend wanted to hide her clothes, but Lenka soon returned, holding in his hands wrapped in a T-shirt cut stalk stinging nettle.

- This is the case if you try to bad - threatened rural girlfriend, showing his impromptu whip. - Crawl to me and get to work!

Lena lay on a flat stone, and someone else's clothes, lowered his sweatpants down to the boots, sat down on a stone, his legs wide apart. Faith, not getting up from his knees, crawled closer and does not keep his balance, awkward buried her face right in the crotch girlfriend. Immediately she felt not strong, but unpleasant biting leaves slap on the ass.

- Caution is needed! - Commented Lenka happened.

From village girl vagina smelled sharp and then a little urine. Faith overcame disgust tongue and licked the soft labia girlfriend. Then again. I lifted up my eyes and looked at the reaction of "housewives".

- Do not stop, lick continuously. You can sometimes slightly biting lips folds of the labia and the clitoris, I like it a lot. But only do it slightly and very gently, still a very sensitive spot.

Faith nodded and continued to please a girlfriend. It was impossible to say that it was unpleasant, quite the contrary. Several humiliating, of course, but also very interesting. Once, when she inadvertently touched much of the clitoris girlfriend, Lena slapped her on the back nettles. But in general it was ok, it was felt that Lenka gradually excited. Faith felt her get better and better. Finally, Lena tossed to the side branch of nettle, grabbed his head with both hands and firmly friend drew him to her, whispering:

- Do not stop until I tell you!

Almost immediately after that Lena had finished. She leaned back against the stone, twitched a few times, much clenching while their feet girlfriend's head, and then calmed down and opened her hands. But Vera did not stop licking tongue wet cunt of her friend, yet it did not stop Lenka.

Lenka got only two minutes later. Silently he unleashed girlfriend wrist and began to insert lace back to their "sweat pants". Faith in this time dressed.

- Well, let's go back? - She said, picking up just two baskets of mushrooms.

- Yes, let's go, - I have agreed Lenka finally cope with trousers. - We must get out of here, is there really guys are not there.

They have already moved away from the shelter a hundred meters, when Vera realized that they had forgotten a pack of cards. She put the basket on the ground and ran back for his trophy.

- You were given these cards - Lenka grumbled, but then changed her tone: - By the way, it was fun, girlfriend. I really liked it. Sorry, I shout at you.

Faith shrugged, his hand:

- Nothing is normal. The main thing you felt satisfied. When the second time you have to caress?

Lenka, thinking a little, said:

- While I do not want to. Back in the village, will hand over the mushrooms, and just after lunch climbed into our secret hideaway. Here there when no one will disturb us, I really come off on the full!


The first person met the girls in the village, was Maxim. Lenka's brother appeared much dissatisfied with her sister ran away from him in the morning, and sulk with resentment. He even refused to go home with her older sister and ran off to play with other kids. Lena went to her home. Faith unload mushrooms heard thanks from aunt Antonina, helped her a little housework. Seizing spare moment, he hid behind the chicken coop and began to consider a deck of pornographic cards. ... It was informative and instructive, but unfortunately, it was soon called to dinner. With difficulty breaking away from the contemplation of the image, where a cute smiling lad put the three fingers of his right hand into the vagina of his girlfriend apparently satisfied, Vera hid cards and ran into the house. Quickly and eaten immediately after lunch ran out into the street.

Lena was waiting for her near the abandoned house. The girls went into the yard overgrown with weeds, placed a ladder to the attic window, and climbed to the top. Lena pulled the ladder up to the attic and closed from inside the attic window on the latch. All now nobody had to stop them. The girls jumped into the empty house and listened. Everything was quiet.

- Take off your clothes! - Strictly ordered girlfriend Lenka.

Faith did not argue, though like and not necessarily had to be naked. She laid out his pornographic cards and laid on the table in the room. Then he stripped and piled his clothes on the couch. As before, she felt strongly excited by what is naked in front of his girlfriend dressed.

Lenka But something was not in the mood. She looked like a number, I look at obediently standing in the middle of the room and friend confessed:

- Something I do not want to get me someone caressed. Not accumulated more excitement. By the way, I have long wanted to ask you - why do you do it?

- What? - I did not understand the faith.

- All. Obey my commands, although not obliged to do so. In the woods, or just now. You're stripped naked, although I do not look ahead this desire. You might well not undress. Why do you share?

- Because you said so - admitted Vera. - I decided that it would be nicer to you, and fulfill your command.

Lena walked her around, looking at the naked girlfriend. Long silence. Then she asked:

- And how far it extends your submission? For example, if I wanted to see how you're going to hand herself masturbate. You would do that for me?

Vera thought a few seconds and said:

- It just is not. But if I lost you desire, and you would have guessed to do it, I would perform it. Oh, and if you told it to do to perform some other of your desire. For example, you said you caress, until you cum, and in the process have said to myself, too, caressed herself, as without it you are not excited. I would also in this case complied with your request.

Lena thought, and then her face lit up with understanding:

- I think I understand. You're a real woman, and you like to submit. But at the same time you do not want to consider themselves depraved and submissive for no reason, so you need some kind of excuse you start to perform other people's orders. For example, a lost desire or some other necessity. If you there is a reason for submission, it immediately removes inhibitions, and you're not holding back. So?

Faith paused. It was hard to understand myself. Why is it like to stand naked in front of his girlfriend? Why is the day she wanted her clothes to hide and forced to buy? Why did she even went into the woods without panties?

- Hard to tell. But probably because - in the end, she said.

- Then I got a great idea! - Lenka revived. - I think I figured out how to till the evening to make you perform any of my desires! Wait until then, do not go for me!

With these words, Lena took in his arms lying on the couch girlfriend thing and went into the kitchen with them. Faith suggested that the village girl would try to hide her clothes. I wonder just where? Vera was in another room and listened. From the kitchen came a creak and then a thud, as if the cabinet door is closed. Almost immediately returned Lenka, rather rubbing their hands. The look, she looked at her friend, read superiority and power. It was a full view of the hostess, which considers its thing.

- There in the kitchen there is a hatch in the cellar - willingly explained the rural girlfriend. - I took off all your clothes there. The cellar is very deep and dark, with no stairs to not go down. A staircase is currently in the attic, where you can not get without my help. So now you have nowhere you can not get out of the house and can not get back his clothes, while I will not let you. You are completely in my power, my friend!

Vera emotion and excitement incomprehensible even trembled his knees. She still finished badly, fell into complete dependence on the barely familiar village girls! Argue with that it was useless to resist, too. It is not clear, it was good or bad, but now it will have to fulfill all the orders of his mistress. Faith saw lit in anticipation of interesting entertainment Lenka eyes. It was the cat's eyes, whose legs got careless mouse. The lack of imagination Lenka did not suffer and it seems already hard to make plans for the next few hours.

Suddenly Lena stiffened and listened. And then I ran over to the boarded-up window and peered through the cracks between the boards.

- Damn it! - She said softly. - Here come the boys!

Faith almost died on the spot with fear. Lenka's eyes ran, she looked from his naked girlfriend on the room in which there was no place to hide.

- Climb to the attic, I'm podsazheny! - I decided Lenka and ran under the open hatch.

Faith excitement did not immediately hit foot on the substituted hands rustic girlfriend. But fear has given strength, she pushed away from the crossed hands, Helen came to her shoulders, and podtyanuvshis, has passed the body on the dusty dirt floor of the attic. And the door has Dolby feet, heard muffled curses.

- Close the hatch cover! - Ordered Lenka.

- And how are you? - Faith whispered fearfully.

- For me not to worry. Close the door and shut up, no matter what happens at the bottom.

Faith had barely cover the hole down to the hard square cap as he heard the creak of a door opening. The girl, fearing once again move, froze on his haunches. Bottom heard voices:

- Where's your new girl friend? - I asked smoky husky voice.

- Itself forward. We agreed to meet here in the afternoon, but something does not go, - lied Lenka.

- Mitya, watch through the window on the road! Whistle if the city will - ordered the same hoarse voice, and then turned to Helen. - You can guess why we're here? Someone stole my morning hid wine. Your brother said that you're the girl with the city in the morning went to the forest.

- You never know who in the forest today, I could walk! - Indignant girl. - I do not know anything about your wine.

- Well Dykhne! - He ordered the man and hissed. - Wine smells, bitch!

- This nurse I poured some wine, as I froze in the morning in the forest. To avoid ill.

There was a silence, when suddenly there was a third voice, very young guy:

- Paschke, look! Our cards on the table!

Almost immediately after that there was the sound of heavy slap, the sound of the fallen body and painful cry Lenka. Then Pasha swore a long time entirely unprintable words, then proposed to the guys:

- It is necessary that a thief should be punished in order to teach it to take someone else next time. Hold her hands!

There was the noise of the struggle, fell a fallen chair, but very quickly it was over. Lenka tried to scream, but it came out dull - some of the guys clamped her mouth with his hand.

- Sanka, pulled off her panties and stuffed into the mouth, so as not yelling! - Suggested that Pasha, who commanded the process.

Lenka began to struggle again, but soon published it sounds become very deaf. Boys also went into the taste and just bellow over futile attempts prisoner resistance.

- What are you struggling and build of a hymen !? - Sarcastically asked Sanka. - After all, we remember you for a year not a girl. Oh, how are you screaming while in the garden when we Pasha caught you for stealing apples! The very fact then asked not to tell my parents and had chosen this method of punishment. I thought that you have since realized that taking someone else's good. But you probably like it!

This remark caused a new wave of laughter from the boys and the echoing sounds of Lenka through the gag.

- Well time to draw, giving away all who for whom? - Suggested Paschke, and fun guys agreed.

They poshelesteli something, probably, maps, and Sanka said:

- I am the first, second Mitya, Paschke last.

The next ten minutes Vera heard only panting men and muffled moans girlfriend. Vera was afraid that the perpetrators can detect it, and because she was sitting quietly, like a mouse.

- Remove her gag, I want to hear her beg me not to cum in her! - I ordered the Pasha.

Lenka when she released her mouth stubbornly silent. This angered Pasha, and he began to threaten the girl:

- I do not like those two. I still can, I have a certificate from a doctor. So I finished right at you! Just imagine, Lenka, nine months later give birth to my children! Beauty! And if you yourself then gently lead me, I may even be later on you even get married ...

- Do not do this! - Lena said quietly.

- What? I can not hear! Speak louder! - Openly mocked man raped a girl over.

- I ask you, Pashenka, do not do it! ... I'll give you money for a bottle of wine or a new fetch. Only ... ... ah ... do not do this. Do not!!!

The last words Lenka shouted in a loud voice, this was a genuine cry of fright. Faith squeezed in a corner of the attic, frightened even more, if that was at all possible. But even shouting did not help the girl.

- Too late, you could not be persuaded, - evil Pasha laughed, and then began to utter the sobbing girl. - Now listen carefully, bitch! For theft you had paid, nor the police, nor your parents, we will not tell. But the wine you compensate with me. Full bottle. Or Treshnikov so I can buy myself. From this very moment you put on the counter. And as long as there will not return the debt, I will you to fuck every day on this very couch. In the morning in her pussy and mouth in the evening. And you yourself will come here and wait for me. And if you ever do not come, I swear to you that you shove stalk shovel in her pussy, and stick a shovel stuck in the ground. Will I have to portray a stuffed kitchen garden. Do you understand everything?

Lenka something muttered, but the guy is not satisfied, he demanded again louder.

- Yes, I knew it! - Angrily shouted Lenka.

- That is great. Now you have me otsossh this evening in advance, and I'll leave you alone until tomorrow. I do not care where Will you take money or wine. I'll wait for you here in the morning. Remember, or wine, or Fucking. And now choose - or you otsossh I have one voluntarily, or we'll make you the power, but the three of us. Your decision?

- I willingly suck! - Almost immediately I decided Lenka.

There was laughter of boys. It looks like they did not expect anything else. Then heard only team Pasha: "Kneel down," "deeper swallow", "deeper", "your mother again zadenesh teeth, and I'll knock those teeth!", "Oh yeah!" ...

Then there was a lull. Lena gently asked:

- All? I can go?

- No! - I decided to Pasha. - You're not trying, Lenka. You know my requirements - should be the language first lick eggs, then lick cock swallowing deep to the throat. And you do not really tried. This time does not count!

Lenka howled with disappointment, the boys laughed wickedly. Then Pasha, otsmeyavshis, and apparently quite satisfied, the victim offered choice - or the girl again sucks, guys, or rods to punish her for poor performance and release. Lenka, hesitation, chose the latter.

Mitya gutted found in the house of the broom, and the execution continued. Faith heard a whistling and cries of twigs friend, Pasha felt the blows. In the long run, "twenty", he stopped the punishment. After that, the guys began to gather.

- I'll see you here tomorrow morning - finally called Pasha, and the door slammed shut.

There was a silence. Vera sat for a few minutes, and ventured to lift the manhole cover. Lenka lying on the couch, face down, shaking with silent sobs. All her back and ass were riddled with red stripes traces of blows. Vera gently jumped down and walked over to her friend. She sat on the edge of the couch beside him. Lenka did not notice it. Or notice, but pointedly did not react. Faith put her hand on the shoulder and a friend said:

- Lenka, excuse me. It's all because of what happened to me. You were right - it was not worth to take these cards. And especially not worth it here to bring me. I blame in front of you! But they were able to come here ?!

- How, how ... - without turning his head, snapped Lenka. - The board tore the bottom, where the door was jammed, and climbed. The door itself into something open and not locked, the lock is broken out long ago. We do so with the girls before they climbed, and then re-boarded the board and began to walk through the attic. We thought so reliable.

- I was afraid even to move, so they did not hear. But I am very worried about you, - continued Vera.

- You have no idea how insulting to receive punishment for someone else's fault! Frankly, I scratched to give you my simple language - said Lenka crouched down on the couch again grayed girlfriend. - To tell the guys where you sit, and tell what you stole the card. Then they just forgot about me and moved on to you. I think you fully deserve such a fate!

Faith was scared again. Lenka's voice was not even a hint of a joke. Country girl looked at her friend with fury, and almost hatred in his eyes. But the belief still stood that look and asked directly:

- And why not issued?

- Because you're an inexperienced fool, and you would have to be much more difficult than me. And much more painful. Besides you, after all, still my girlfriend. But, by the mother, for all the humiliation inflicted on me, as well as all the future, too, you exhaust me in full! You do agree that this is fair? I fulfilled your guilt. That is why you will now perform all my orders, as long as I say. All summer! Swear to the health of their loved ones!

- Yes, it's true, I swear the whole summer to perform your orders, - said Vera and proposed. - I have the money, you can immediately pay three rubles guys to you from behind.

- Excellent! - Happy Lena. - But oath that money is not overturned. I have them then you'll take. But only later in the evening. Because now I have very different plans for you - in the view of the village girls, whom she considered her friend standing next to naked, again appeared predatory gleam.

Vera suddenly felt herself blushing. No one had ever looked at her as ... leering. But she did not look away or hide.

- Look, guys forgotten on the table a pack of cards! - She noticed the couch embarked Lenka.

Lenka took a deck in his hands, became fluent flip through pictures, but her opinion gradually became more attentive. She took one of the pictures and showed Faith. There's a naked girl sitting on the vagina directly face the other, carefully licks pussy girlfriend.

- That you today is the first dish to warm up. So mentally prepared, but not too encouraging - just at a time the language of your clothes I will not give up, and do not dream. By the way, I have an idea. If it really turns out that I worked this deck, leave it myself. ... There are many informative. How many guests will you have in the country?

- Prior to the twenty-fifth of August, - Vera replied, not realizing yet, what tends to her friend.

- So, even fifty-five days - quickly counted Lenka. - It is very good. Here the full deck with deuces and fifty-four cards. And every day I will be with you to repeat what is depicted on one of the pictures.

Vera remembered some of the cards and viewed her shudder with horror. Not all cards have been a lesbian. Most of them are a man or even a few girls roasted men in all kinds of holes. She looked into Helen's eyes, she smiled and answered the unspoken question:

- Yes, I'm not the guy for plausibility need some tools. At home I have stashed away two cutting thick cable in the plastic shell. I reeled duct tape on them, to give the desired shape. It even seems to happen in shape and feel to know that myself, believe me. Although you can use cucumber and fat, if you want. Or do you prefer that I invited these guys?

- No! - Immediately blurted out in horror Faith. - Cable or cucumber me quite satisfied. But ... I'm still a girl. You can do almost anything from those depicted in the pictures!

- Oh, about that, do not worry, dear friend! - Lena laughed merrily, as if she heard something very funny. - It corrected this annoying obstacles you and I are going to do today. I have a million ideas how this can be done most interesting. You are now belong to me. So that I can do all these pictures, even as I can!


Aunt Vera finished her story and sighed, smiling at the memory. According to her, Lenka fulfilled his promise, and there was not a posture that would not have tried village girl over urban girlfriend.

- Such a memorable summer in my life had never been! Of course, except as described in the two months were a lot of interesting events. I met with local girls and boys. By the way, it turned out to be quite even normal guys, I did not expect. We went into the woods, swam, climbed the abandoned workings, fished, played in all that you can think of, and in the desire to play, too. I've just come off the whole hog. There have been very ... naughty moments - for example, once caught Mitka I without panties went into the woods. I had to then pay for his silence, there was a story. Or are we with the girls caught the guys spy on us in the bath. Or once a week before my departure Pasha caught us with Lenka for "a repetition of one of the pictures" ... We, there is generally just had a erotic thriller, still sometimes remember with a smile. In short, it was the best summer of my life! If your readers are interested I can even tell you the details, there is no event that is another story, the whole affair will be enough.

Aunt Vera thought again, with a sad smile, remembering his youth. Even when we returned to the house, she said:

- No one, not my parents or even my sister I never talked about my adventures in the countryside. So they could not understand - why I ask to send me back to the village in the summer. Sorry, but I never again went to the Urals, however begged my parents about it. They preferred to rest while on vacation on a boring monotonous sea. There's certainly too personal, but after an outstanding summer in the village of any other type of holiday has become dull to me. It was there that I became so - passionate, skillful, seductive, obedient or capricious contrary, able to overwhelm and fascinate. In general, a real woman.


If the dear reader will enjoy this story, or he would like to read the sequel, please do not hesitate to express its appreciation to the author's purse webmoney R368320757062 or Z361076405772

Sincerely, N.Kemer

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beds and which by the way, I tied the hands of mothers. So he pulled it through my mother's throat. Mom Mykal, croaked like a frog, and the stronger and faster vtalkival his cock mom's throat. Then he finished deep in the mother's throat press down fully, all groin on woman's mouth.

Others simply turns inserted into the vagina a member of my mother and fucked her. At that time I still shoot at the camera. Zatem.kogda all alternately walked on Picea my mother, I said:

- Take somebody the camera and remove, I'll pull my mother's ass. Volunteers found and began smka.

I bandaged my mother and put the cancer, and then inserted into her soft ass his hard cock and began to pull her ass mom!

I held my mother's bared thighs and add pace. It's so nice. Then, one drugan offered double anal. He crawled under the standing cancer mother and put his dick in the ass, too, mom. Mom vzyla pain, and again began to cry scream and moan at the same time.

I said :

- Pour wine to her, but my mother refused. She suffered two members in his ass, only lamenting:

- It hurts, it hurts. Boys, do not be one in the ass ... Son, I will tear you ... Soon I had finished, but drugan still tormented my mother's ass. So he poured out in point woman.

The rest of the guys "at the request of the mother" enjoyed one ass lovely creature. Mom fucked all, and in all the cracks, but she was satisfied. I untied her, she took a shower and I took her home. After this incident, we rarely played role-playing games. Mom was still "that" mischievous child.

To be continued.

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