Jeanne or insomnia A Midsummer Night

It was the first month of summer. I, as usual, lived in his private house with roditelyami.Byl my 19th year, and of course, I was constantly thinking about sex .. virginity by the time I lost, I had three girls with whom he was, but the moment I was free .. left the owner of one SP lived from me. I can not say that he was a rich wild, but he moolah vodilis.U he had a new passion named Jeanne
From the very beginning, I do not that like, neet .. I willed her wildly. She had looked about twenty-five, dark long hair, sweet face, beautiful legs, which she moved in mini skirts and beautiful, standing out popa.Ona was not just beautiful, for me it was very special. One of just mira.Eto could be called love, I do not know. Zhannochka me so hooked that all paled into insignificance. As she no longer excited. I thought about it constantly, especially when engaged in onanizmom..Blagodarya the second floor in the house, I could watch her through the window, when it was not shuttered. Visibility was, what we need. Somewhere about three weeks of its relocation to I was lucky to see her most important beauty. She came home from the street, began to dress the window, took off her tight jeans and I saw her ass. She was in black, minimal thong and I could see the outline of her full tattoo on his right buttock. It was a rose petal down, black and quite nicely stuffed. Beauty and went in shorts 20 minutes and diamonds, and I meanwhile, stood kolom..Ya could finish from one touch to the penis, but he did not delat.V That night I dreamed that I am engaged in sex with her and that made me wild ejaculation in sne.Ya wanted to make her Cooney and presented it back to me sucks .. Although a woman, I was ready and easy to maintain, including to carry out its perverse desire and be humiliated so badly humiliated krasotkoy..Dazhe . I loved the female domination, from the moment that I had a sexual desire. And although the girl next door, not at all like a domineering mistress, rather, Glory (the name of the neighbor), roughly took her ass a few times when I saw them together. It was evident that it behaves as a host, as if she were his personal slut .. Though perhaps she simply allowed himself to this attitude. no more than the vice versa togo.Ya represented with Jeannette itself lower, that would be impossible to thank a lady, simply for the fact that she deigned to give him his otlizat juicy, moist lepestochki.Ili even toes or heels ..
And after 5 days, I was lucky to see even more cool sight .. Glory gave her mouth, right in front of the window, where she was changing. Jeanne deep, juicy, and very skillfully sucked. Such a blow, I've seen this except that in porn .. Its still a man and his deep thrusts, and quite dramatically. Great sight, I tell you .. No wonder I kept the binoculars from my favorite teper..Vid windows have been as if she's raped and she resignedly complies nasilnika.Povezlo same neighbor, I thought, it is again bursting shorts in the groin area. .Only would not sleep I just would not sleep. You never know, a lot can neighbor, it is not the easiest guy ...
Normal summer Tuesday, vecher.Slavy no, most parents are away on business as the three days back in two days .. I drink beer, sit on the Internet. And then comes to me Jeanne. We had long been on you, but I especially did not communicate with her, so that hi-bye.
-Igor, help open the house for half an hour, I can not open, become tired already ..
Cast, I lock, conjured as my passion was back, nothing happened. Apparently, the lock is broken and it's a great reason to finally be invited, black-haired, tattooed sex bomb to his house to spend the night .. The clock was already 11, kstati..Chto I did.
-Castle, a campaign has broken, it is necessary to change .. Here a split screen, or suggest I wait until tomorrow. Thank where, by the way?
-It's up to the weekend in Manchzhurke, in cases .. Tomorrow, go behind the castle, it is necessary, ay..Nu go to you then.

Manchu is a city of Manzhouli People's Republic of China, so we can not fear that he suddenly comes back .. At that time, I could not even imagine that I could sleep with her. But like a magnet drawn to the idea that I will have to spend the night so devushka..Da even she on the bed in my house will sleep, I have plants. This pleasant night, she was dressed in red, very sexy shorts that not every guy a girl wearing allow too open below the buttocks, at the very minimum length. Yes, and whether they cover zdorov.Vprochem Jeanne particularly I never was wrapped. She danced before go-go club, and all about it was rumored that she starred in porn. With it the data, it could even become a porn star, featuring the figure, a wild appeal, and judging by what he saw binoculars in blowjob she's just a goddess.
I offered her a place in the far from the entrance of the room, by the window, and he is located in the neighboring komnate.Ona was in a black tank top, under which could be seen a black bodice and straps here in these shorts., And went to bed, because the clothing was all in dome..Nu and I went to smoke on the second floor .. The second floor of the house was wide, but not very lived-in .. Here are mainly stored, so that there was no place on pervom..Bylo a small hole in the floor where it was clear the first floor. . just the place where sweet and slept .. Well, at least I thought I was asleep .. a night owl who even before the three nights I did not sleep for a piece of cake. Since childhood is. There was a time two o'clock .. I decided to quietly look like Jeanne there. A hole in the floor was located about ten inches from the headboard, if quietly watching-not zametyat..Chto I did. Now, where was a shock, mixed with excitement .. under a blanket actively moving a hand .. Joan rolled her eyes and quietly, sometimes creaking bed slid between his legs. She undid her bra and lifted her T-shirt. Second hand she neatly plucking the nipple, then stroked, the quickening movement .. Papillae her hardened robust design, it has been wound up .. Hand began to slow down somewhere in a minute, and then speed up opyat..Zatem Jeanne pulled his hand from under the blanket and began to massage Statement chest with both his fingers through his pen. The index and middle gently plucked buds. So much went on for twenty minutes. Zhannochka tormented myself not giving yourself to finish .. But it was ready to explode at any moment of orgasm. Naughty fingers caressed the nipples, then again back under the blanket to her lustful pussy .. Suddenly voluptuously closed little eyes opened, Joan reluctantly. -So where a minute and a half pulled shorts, I saw they were naked body, panties she nadela..I confidently stamped somewhere on this day. Where? In the second, to me. For the stairs and steps are heard. Plainly even pants standing on the penis is not pulled and she was here ..
-Hello, masturbator!
her clothes only a bra and shorts. Looking as if pierced. Offensive this view, you know ..
-Hi, honey. What's so late not sleep?
I was on humor and oddly enough at the moment is not strained and FSUs .. Well, that with the riser, in life anything can happen. And it is not out of the monastery, he came to me, and from my bed, where she had just masturbated and I saw it ..
- I at this hour boring (smiling mischievously).
Licking his lips and looking at me as a booty, funny, I'll tell you ..
Coming closer indecent gait Jeanne start though and it is necessary to touch me in paha..Kak. I ohuel. Jeanne I look too, not without humor, though her smile when she touched me there looked like something humiliating for me.
-What's up. masturbator? How it looks from the ambush, m?
-Lady, it is not proper, clean hands.
-Nope. does not take away, I can afford ..
I begin to stroke her shoulder, as if by chance. She was bare dickhead start to drive with his playful in its trusy.Potom start their styagivat.Ya quietly as if timidly start unbuttoning her bodice.
-uh, no, it is I myself, when considered necessary
-Lady, but you do not let a lot of yourself
- And your binoculars, a young man, not much lets not?
She had noticed, I thought .. Well Well .. It is ironic glanced toward my unit, which was lying by the window, which allowed me to see the hot oral sex with Slavik .. In detail see, huh .. but at this moment, where I It was nicer than with binoculars. Here I was with did not hesitate to view stroking pussy, the heroine of my dreams the last few months, uhh.)
- All will remain between us, okay?
-Of course.!)
still would)!
She started a hot French kiss .. Even for me the ass holding. I finally picked up and her buns. Long time have I wanted, oh, a long time ..
Will you lick me?
-No problem)
And he began to grope her fingers already is the place to which she hinted licking .. there was already wet, strongly. She wants me, Klaassen ..
A Zhannusya already begun its top so to speak, dress shoot .. But so playfully, not immediately. Used chest covering their ladoshkami..Milo so ulybayas..Nu Well. And then, after a minute or two still opened .. Super.
my dream is playing with me in childish games on the second floor of my house.
-Send vniiiz. Forward).
-Well down so down. There will be more comfortable
Jeanne smiled only ..
Then, putting on the couch bodice Jeanne went to bed, where she was that night and squeezed myself stroking, not in the most convenient place, I must say.)
There, she suddenly began to undress me. However, why all of a sudden? Here and as you can guess was that not praying for the repose of the soul will be read ..
And pulling his pants start in the codpiece on shot lead, it's interesting why? Then it was the turn of underwear .. then she pretended that she wanted to lick the head of the penis, but laughingly dodged, licking his lips, so to speak in the former work, eyepieces binoculars when the ..
-Lie down, come on!
I lay down. Then she got rid of her scarlet trousers and pudendal ..
And then as it started. Jeanne sat on my face and said the following
-You know what to do it is necessary, proceed ..
At first I just licked her lips .. The ones that genital ..
Lick their little moved already to the clitoris .. He did it languidly, quietly, without letting it finish ahead of time. Jeanne also impatiently fidgeting and feeling like in tualet..Nu and continued nalizyvat ..
After some time, it covered an orgasm .. She moaned and leaned against the headboard of the bed ..
She quietly got off my wet face, while I swallowed her release, she released many of which ..
- A preziki cha got?
- Yes.
I said without thinking .. But not mistaken. In the bag, I kept dzhinsovki, vsegda..Posledny just used them to their destination a couple of months ago .. What is not so bad. And from there, I got them .. I then motioned to Joan lie on your bed taturovannoy ass up .. What she did ..
How interesting it is nabivala..Na site master, I would navernoe..Hotya I already is. right now, I will do)
I gently took her by the back of the chest, and began to gently knead them .. Member and so continued to stand as the post ..
Well, then I pulled on it, the latex sheath and began to perform the sexual act in the style of doggistayl .. To not finish immediately after the administration did reciprocating motion to -syuda. very, very slowly .. While Jeanne is not the beginning and podmahivat stonat..Togda I finally accelerated .. She finished starting to scratch pad with excitement and going to the peak .. Then we had embraced and kissed .. I'm not one of those who his lady throws in a moment turned away to the wall. So I was sixteen years old when I first carnal love with a girl and liking.
Jeanne also continued to flow between her slender nozhek..Togda I entered again that night, we fell asleep in an embrace.
The next morning I went to do my passionate brunette another service, but not sexual, and household .. Looking ahead, we can say that our sex with her after the night went on and on, so to speak live with boyfriend, but it It is another story ..

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Ramp (Part 1)

Lada always wanted fame and glory. At the worst, only famous. That is to say, the stage lights beckoned her and did not allow sleep. Although Andrew has worked diligently over her soundly and it was the best sleeping pills, to the full satisfaction of mind was still far away. She was almost 20, and she will not step advanced to the cherished dream - to become a star of the dance. Her hard work to promote the professional scene is not brought tangible results. All she has made - meaningless trivia. Received a good metropolitan university, choose from the province - not bad. He worked in a mediocre club, warming up the audience dancing in frank dresses, showing a trained ass and lingerie - it is not difficult, many students were doing. I agree for the sake of earning the same practice to perform frank dances from the eastern to the pseudo strip at parties, hoping more and random attention needed to promote people. While this was a dead-end road - no useful people with ties to the artistic environment did not come across it, apart from the usual semi sober men concerned with money. Knocking legs, together with her friends-dancers was wound through the endless casting, trying to get to the dancers to any star, not the first holder. It recognized the singers did not squeeze, there were recruited from the dancers have become familiar faces or steep patronage, which Lada was not. She made it to the hip-hop group with a large entertainment center, but bringing joy from the dance process, ambitions this occupation is not satisfied. Lada wanted admiration and recognition, which it was, in her opinion, is worthy. Her beloved Andrei hotly disagreed with it in terms of admiration, generously giving her this feeling, but laughed about her irrepressible star of requests, believing that she has so many.
Lada was happy in his life in the capital is only one point that it was a success in every way, - Andrey. It is appreciated and considered his greatest love. A chance meeting in the metro has grown at present the mutual feeling that young people are cherished and tried not to let anyone go. Quite different in everything, love can live together for several months in a rented apartment that local Andrei specifically took to live with Lada separately without disturbing their parents. Low salary Man - office employee - provided the possibility of a modest couple in love, but the co-existence has been granted far more reciprocal joys, and Harmony in good faith invested in common stock with their jobs. Familiar surprised by their strong relationships, not making big bets on their future together; and Andrew and Lada together spit on these sad predictions, tied to each other tighter.
-! My oriental beauty ... How fortunate that I have you ... I love you ... - intermittent breathing and distraction kisses, happily feeling the trembling wet hot body girlfriend, repeating Andrew. Lada liked his speech in the process of making love, it does not skimp on the sweet words that never ended for her. She was everything to him: love, happiness, sun, stars, moon, Scheherazade (only east name from the fairy tales, which knew the guy and gave her). Woman seated at his hip, hot, hugging her slender waist and graceful back, the guy threw her temperamentally easy trained body ready to explode on the penis. A little pause, giving a slight convulsions end of the flexible body of a girl Andrew looked contented favorite approving glance, and, picking up his mind which reduce its elastic buttocks, continued exciting activity, confidently approaching orgasm own unfailing. They are amazingly fit together in bed, as if they were specially selected for this size, temperament, desires. Morning lovemaking both thought their mascot and thought it would be a good day.
Looking in the mirror at one hasty brushing teeth (they both went to work and study), both in satisfaction could see it approximate to the ideal picture of their trained young bodies: it - a dancer, his - an amateur sport. Memories of the recent joint sex made them weary smile at each other and make fun. New happy day began. - See you! - Until the evening! Kiss goodbye to dark, with non-Slavic, a little reminiscent of eastern, slit eyes beloved, breathing the fresh aroma of dark brown wavy hair, looking round her with regret, okay, fine figure, Andrew went down to the subway, Lada walked to the bus stop.
In the evening, the hip-hop group Frets corporate parties participated in some large companies: not the fishermen, not the hunter, not the divers, not the manufacturers of accessories for them. The congregation was crowded, pretentious and expensive: in addition to obscure just making their way creative teams were small stars and stage stars, somewhere already flashed. If the group Lada, holding hands in costumes, arrived by minibus, then a rising star of hip hop Big Max rolled limousine retinue. Performing artists alternated with some ceremony, advertising, sponsors speeches, and had to wait for the time of its release. Dancers, singers gradually acquainted, colloquy in the corridors near the makeshift dressing rooms, gossiping about each other. Protuberances Lada as always under the approving applause, the guys were slozhnotehnichnye incendiary dances. The last played star - Big Max with a group, expressive recitatives tore ovation, Lada happily listened to him for the first time live. Then the actors were photographed, the rapper signed autographs. Late came home tired woman fell asleep next to Andrew and immediately fell asleep.
She dreamed that someone big and heavy first strangling her and then caresses, and she from this well. At this she awoke and found herself in the arms gently kissing her boyfriend. Kissing, he brushed his lips to the lower abdomen, not wanting to embarrass her, she got up and gently took her by the ankles and lifted her legs, spread and thrown over his shoulders. He stroked her thighs and the pubis and introduced ready to work in the swollen veins of the penis. Sleeping woman languidly stretches and bends finally waking up under a wonderful feeling. The boy looked around again, satisfied flexible thin treasure, so trustingly gave him awake. Lada mischievously raised legs tickled his ears, neck and put her feet in Andrew's chest. He lifted her buttocks and sit down on different angles, Lada erotic flexes the lower back and know that it is very good and so it is like a friend.
Incredibly wound up these thoughts and very young girl. It has long been thought how to do related to her as a child, more relaxed guy and promote it to other, more intimate caresses. She knew that he believes it is very young for, for example, a blowjob and cunnilingus and does not allow them to her, for fear of embarrassing. Lada itself will certainly be tried and that, and another, wanting to deliver more vibrant favorite pleasure. She was not sure about anal sex, prejudice was not allowed it so far; I had to wait until the arrival of the corresponding desire to Andrew. And to him, and it was very wonderful with his beloved, and the other without daring experiments. He held out her hands, and she jumped up on his thigh; couple love so love to finish the session, holding each other's arms and kissing passionately. In the last mutual debilitating cramps rang. She jumped off the blowers penis and grabbed the phone. Choreographer her group reported that today in such and such an hour of waiting to the casting in the company Big Max: they liked its director yesterday. Lada shared promising news a man, and the young have risen to breakfast.
Casting for the rapper's almost no different from many others, passed Lada earlier: perhaps place more abruptly, but people potolpee. Repeating for choreographer unfamiliar movements and improvising a rhythmic mix Lada get out of his pants and in zeal was rewarded: she was selected together with a couple of female friends from her team. They had a preliminary conversation and reported rehearsal schedule: group preparing the new program. Now Lada has become even less free time: rehearsal in a serious team robbed him. She went out of her, she has become run-up group, reduced time and part-time work has focused on the successful completion of the probationary period, which they, beginners identified. Familiar with the basic structure of the dancers, took over they have a high level of skill. Gradually I watched the star group - rapper Big Max, with interest listened to gossip about it.
It is, of course, was called Maxim, was a few years older Lada, healthy and high, hence the nickname. As a representative of the golden youth, and someone's wealthy son, received a good education overseas, he was a typical party-goer, obsessed with hip-hop and rap. With a generous infusion of sponsors, he confidently pushed his way into the artistic crowd of the capital for a couple of years. On it worked literate PR, spinning image of tough, guy in his board. His songs are constantly on radio stations ratirovalis, liked tusovka youth, he made his way aggressively on TV. By the way, it is nice to sing and dance. Ambitious, he was missing only parental money, I wanted recognition, he felt that he has something to surprise the audience.
Anxiously Lada learned that the dancer in high turnover and it depends on the whims of the big stars. From his momentary mood and current preferences. Those who suddenly began to annoy BM or something is not pleased, ruthlessly expelled. Dancers and musicians tried once again does not annoy the star and perform their duties in good faith. What could not positively be reflected in a high level of musical and dance performances. All did their best, along with BM, workable, and not devoid of talent. Whispering gossip dancer on the intimate needs of their soloist, preferring flexible trained body and handsome face. They said some legends of abandoned and thrown out of the girls of the troupe, the annoying rapper. Also be transmitted on some daring, did not want to give him, and about him as if they revenge. But that was inaccurate and, in the opinion of the Lada to listen - not true.
Out of the probationary period, and crawls out of his Lada remained in the company. The same can not be said about all the newcomers. Began performances at clubs and collections, she personally closely watched artists familiar to her on TV and radio, discs and the Internet. They received more applause, and their equipment, including backing vocals and dancers, was even higher. At this stage, the Lada was more than satisfied with their situation. For a brand new, pretty, slightly similar to asian eye shape and tan dancer tried to stick musicians and dancers of the group, but she was trying to stay with them on friendly terms, not to offend anyone, hinting that she is not free. Sometimes Andrew came to the performance of MB when Lada managed to drag it out for free, to exhort the team administrator. The guy on the whole liked the song the rapper, and as usual, he admired the art of Lada. She started to move better, expanded the boundaries of excellence. But glamorous hip hopovskaya get-together guy left indifferent, he outgrew it and did not try to spin often drunk, warmed not understand anything, 'singing crowd. Being at work and watching the performances of the competitors of these groups, Lada is almost never refused to sit with the group after a cocktail and pozazhigat on the dance floor. Andrei listened more chatter artists and looked at her, dancing like mad in the roaring crowd. Then he proudly embraced and kissed his beloved and sweaty, glad for her, which reached the desired, temperamentally loved the night. And in the morning, gently, like a hothouse flower, completely unaware of her secret longing. Never they were not so happy with their lives.
Properly built BM fame grew. Temporarily decided to suspend the concert, he thought about the videos. And the next tour after their promotion to the TV. The clip was filmed with a guest star - a woman model. After rapper express novel it is, what they talked about in the group, the next movie conceived and cheaper to manage on their own, without the overpayment. The staff in the incomplete structure went to the sea, and in the southern interior of boiled shooting with one of the dancers in a video character. Lada was the first time at sea on work. For the first time in a year I broke up with Andrew. They were bored and desperately SMSilis. The Group has already habitually watched another novel by Max with a new favorite-dancer-soloist, and is betting on its duration. Musicians, close to the body of the stars, gossip at the rehearsals of the orgies that took place in the cottage BM. Rapper relaxed at sea, often he tore shooting sunsets with the musicians and the mistress of the tavern, to the mountains, to the yacht. The director and group manager angry, constantly called up the producers and tried to influence spree star. Dancers tirelessly rehearsed, choreographed chase, gradually mastered a new future program; for them no sudden gulyanok not exist. Finally slightly inhibited by abundant libations hip-hopper, with traces of frills on the face, back to life and started the main rehearsals and recording. Lada from behind the corps de ballet soloists watched his capricious nitpicking to dancers and musicians, as well as emphasized erotic on public relations with the soloist-mistress: opinions, jokes, hugs and kisses. And then how this game of love went into decline: this is already gleefully admiring all tired troupe; BM view became more boring for as video shooting approaching the expected finale. Please only producers.
Lada was not going to interfere in someone else's life than she has never worked, but suddenly became an unwitting witness unsightly developments. They were one of a group of girls walked in the evening in the station area somehow accidentally left, bypassing the shops. A few meters away from them stopped a taxi and got out of his lead singer - a momentary mistress BM. Surprised friend observed as shakily standing on his feet, with a battered face, the girl from the car unloads bags: one, two, three ... - Where is it with them and how to drag !? - They looked at each other. Seeing them, she waved invitingly. Lada stepped to her friend kept her: - Where are you? Probably next BM! Do not interfere! Wiggle she continued to call up friends, and, not seeing anyone near her, a friend mischievously Lada said: - Let she gets out. I do not go up. Let's go go! - I think she needs help, and it looks like something not very much. We're not in a hurry, let us know what it is, - Continue to her Lada. - I - I pass, it helps if you're so kind. Who will help you, if anything !? - Friend hurried to go away, and hesitantly approached the Lada.
- What stood up, help to drag everything to the waiting room! - Not too politely met a girl friend on a recent group. To refuse was already somehow uncomfortable, and the girls took 4 hands 3 heavy bags, trudged to the train station. Dancer was banal drunk and leaving Lada watch things neklyuzhe scandalously tried to climb through the window to the ticket office, bypassing the queue. Cursing his misplaced sympathy, Harmony tried to quickly get rid of the former girlfriend, but a banal curiosity of why something stopped her, and she asked her little pobyla with it, and that it is so bad. Go to the toilet as far as possible and bringing himself up, the dancer has intelligently looked at Lada and almost normal voice thanked. Checking bought a ticket and sat down on the hard chair, looked at it quizzically involuntary assistant: - You probably bursting with curiosity, why is it so fast BM girlfriend runs away from the shooting and why kick? Lada shrugged, not wanting to start questioning. That, eager to speak out and heated vapors of alcohol, demanding the release, spoke.

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Ramp (Part 2)

Not too surprised, but still confused abundance suddenly fell down on her information, Lada learned that their star - a goat and a complete asshole, stoned, bent on fucking, freak. It was a small part of the compliments, the weighed former lover have recently received the resignation of "sweetheart". On careful probing questions maiden non-stop swearing, he replied that an argument like that of the former was not just erupted long ago kopivsheesya each other discontent and resulted today in a terrible scandal to fight. BM beat her and told to get out, she immediately and done, fear of retaliation, "fuck this asshole on his head." Surprisingly frets about revenge, she graciously clarified that according to rumors, is very similar to the truth, BM is able and likes to take revenge not please him at least something, whether it's business partners (from BM business - first learned Lada) or who left his troupe disgruntled or former lover - no matter who should be punished immediately. She, for example, do not pay any per diem or salary, and she is afraid that will not find a similar job in showbiz. BM and its surroundings will try, even though she ditched him a month of personal time. On the conservative assumption frets about their mutual tender feelings, she has educated her evil that any "feelings" in the vicinity of the rapper and can not be: she slept with him under duress and hoping for future bonuses. And now, everything is lost, due to the whim of hip-hopera it with nothing back home. Where it will have to start all over from scratch.. Work, money, etc. When asked where he got that so many things, the girl smugly replied that she was able to properly porastryasti lyubovnichka during their romance and hide clothes and gifts, so that he is not robbed . Adding that got drunk on self-pity, she advised Lada have brains and a cannon shot did not approach the papa son, so as not to be "worn-out to the death." She talked a lot more then drunk before it, after all, almost sobered, Lara can not shoved into the train. Wishing finally BM "die from overdose" and Lada -blagopoluchno survive the south, she has left her. Puzzled girl returned to the hotel, reflecting on the way, how much truth in this rumor bag.
Filming of the clip ended successfully, some dancers were released and even sent home. Selecting released remained a mystery to the Lada, t. To. On request it prudent to leave it bluntly, it was stated by the administrator, it will leave when you want, not when "Her Majesty" wished. Began holiday season, it became filled with beaches, quays and, accordingly, restaurants. The producers agreed on several speeches rapper in a pair of triple seats. Check out the home was postponed indefinitely. Most members of the group were happy features for free, while at work, rest on the sea, but the rest was very conventional. Lada, is now dancing on the front of the stage in the company of thinned, with redoubled diligence performed her and hastily taught others' movements, trying to justify the trust of leadership, not send it in more cool and gave the capital the opportunity to earn. Now, in front of her, she was close hip-hopper, it is not similar in appearance to the "stoned womanizer", represented by his ex-girlfriend. He faithfully practiced the program and gained the interest of public resort. Being complacent, peaceful mood, enjoying the river current earnings, he praised diligently working group, and almost did not bother whims. Temporary loneliness went star benefit - decided Lada, not noticing the attentive gaze toward BM dancers. After the concerts the group led by the rapper often hung in the club, which has just fulfilled a program leader gratefully entertained his entourage. Dancers showed class on the dance floor, as once in the capital, confusing the locals and tourists. He went out with them, and Maxim, unprofessional, but good dancing. A couple of times they Lada hooligan recklessly lit in the center of the dance floor in front of each other, after a friendly embrace.
One day acted in a children's camp, where they were received "with a bang", was released in the afternoon group, and dancers from the beach, went to ride on a banana. The boat drove up to their BM yacht, drifting away from the shore, and the boys jumped into the water to swim. With beautiful vessel threw a large mattress and dropped himself a rapper. Swam to the swimmers, he began to tease the girls. Releasing all the compliments, he rolled the girls on the mattress, then they ride it, and then he proposed to sail a race yacht: a pair of swimmers, including Lada, supported the appeal and, overtaking each other, rushed to the ship. They dive for a while holding his breath under water, who is longer, and at some point noticed Lada hastily boarding the banana and sail group swimmers. - Hey, where the wait! - She jerked them under the cheerful laughter of Maxim. Otsmeyavshis he deliberately indifferent said: - Well, I think I'll go home. How are you? Getting at herself?
Wicked Lada, without answering, swam to the ladder. Rapper contentedly admiring open tight buttocks in white thong leotard just above his head as they climbed on board. Cordially invited to be a guest, he showed her yacht, met a young captain, and pointed to the table with drinks and fruit. Having promised to soon deliver it to the shore, or asked to send her boat, rapper reassured her, and they lay down on the deck chairs. He behaved very kindly man, and Lada calmed down a bit, no longer think of disturbing picture. Sunbathing and sipping drinks, the first time they spoke not as a visually familiar, and who have been so far. To the surprise of the Lada, a long time, they are not breaking off, and without any apparent tension, find new topics of conversation. It was interesting to listen to him to see the world, familiar with media persons. People from all walks of life here, including sea, they are equally shared their impressions about the work, the public, the work scene. From the head of the girl did not leave angry rapper characteristics, tempered his ex-girlfriend, and quietly looking at him, his eyes half closed on a sun lounger, she did not know what to think. Now in front of her was a charming, friendly, intelligent guy. It was late afternoon, the sun was no longer hot, and the guy decided to take a nap. He proposed to her to go down to the cabin and lie down, too; Lada, of course, refused, t. To. There she saw only one, though, and a large bed. A knowing grin, he did not insist, and went downstairs. Having decided that the evening sun is the most useful for sunburn, Lada found a place where it could not be seen from the master cabin and feeling safe, is spread on a sun lounger topless.
Favorite Andrew gently, barely touching, kissing her face, then down the sheё to the chest and the cold language of incredibly nice nipples licked habitats. Then his lips hardened themselves pink cones and began stroking the thigh. She felt some unpleasant slip there and stirred in his chair, wanting to get rid of the discomfort. Warm lips clung to her lips, the voice of a loved one whispered something and asked; She opened her mouth, and his tongue penetrated there, filling out a strange smell. - What is it smells like what he ate? - Flashed through my head at the Lada, and she began to slowly get out of a wonderful dream. Someone stroked her legs, lower and lower, finally, something slipped off her bottom, and she finally woke up. Smiling a strange smile, bouncy hip-hopper went through in the hands of some kind of cloth; postponing them, and held out his hand girl with the words: - It is time to wake up, and then nothing will not have time! - I helped her to her feet. Sleepy from the heavy sleep at sunset, rising, Lada felt coolness: a breeze blew her naked body. With difficulty moving his tongue, hiding behind her hands, she pulled away from the guy and looked around for a swimsuit. - It has to be washed, it is petrified by salt, you yourself took it, - said the rapper. - Let's go to the cabin, shower and accept'll dress robe. Fears for the girl returned with the unpleasant memories of the habits of Man. - Bring it here, please, - she said. - You'd better come down very, shower downstairs - stopped smiling, Maxim said. He looked and behaved differently, in contrast to the daily conversations with her. Hugged, he led her to the stairs. In the cabin, standing in the doorway of the bathroom, he pushed her into the shower, and I promise not to look, drew the curtains. Pondering dubious situation under the water jets, Harmony recruited courage and pretend to deal for itself. Scary words of the former girlfriend threatened BM is about to come true, and the next target was to become none other like it.
Carnivorous licking, Maxim from head to toe looked fragile wet girl closes her hands, which appeared out of the shower for a towel. Which he prudently hid, however, as the gown. Slightly east of the eyes, making her look like a asian, dark wavy hair (she took off her gum before a shower), a pretty face with regular features, excellent Trained figure with narrow hips, between which is so nice to squeeze inside. Its type: flexible dancer with an elastic ass, small breasts and long legs strong. He is waiting for a pleasant night, the world is full of all positive! He was forced to lead the life of a week ascetic, so sick of just work - it's leisure time. As he undressed her on deck and photographed sleeping, his scrotum almost torn from the accumulated semen. Now he immediately lost all in her tight hole; No, of course not all in one, she will not refuse to give him the idol of the masses, all of its holes. Or refuse? Accepted stimulants: booze and pills - demanded immediate discharge.
What was said about her musicians and administrators? The newcomer, trying very hard, trying to get into his group, friendly, nekapriznaya, not from Moscow. Student-choreographer. With no one I have not fucked, although the proposals received. Are there problems with it? In any case, the night was a success today. He held out his hands to her: - Go - pogrom. Hoping for a miracle, Harmony tried to negotiate with the rapper in a good - I would not want ... Maybe another time ... somehow ... The guy tickled groin. He's got all burst now, and she think up to chat. - And at other times, and the third - all will be with us ... Come on! Tired of waiting, he walked up to her and hugged the trembling girl cool night. She put her hands on his chest and gently resisting, naively said: - No, I have a boyfriend .... Not moving his hands, rapper pretended looking around, laughing, asked: - The guy !? Where is he? Hey where are you? Dragging slightly more opposed to the bed, he added: - He is silent. So - I do not mind. We will not tell him. Enough talking! - And he pushed the girl on the bed, to interpret it as a micro counter unconditional consent. Caught lying on the bed, Lada forgot prudence: she did not want hip-hopera not wanted sex, did not want to be raped. While the guy was shooting shorts, releasing a strong back and an impressive, only begins to harden dignity, she immediately rolled to the edge of the bed, jumped from her, closing bag and grabbed a plastic bottle, prepared to fight. Her resolute view Maxim delighted: he did not remember that someone has ever resisted his advances; seek sex somehow he did not have to. Before the eyes surfaced numerous, visible in the web pornoroliki simulating rape. His envy of the actors, who are lucky enough to portray maniacs; his erection indispensable for viewing. He raised his eyes to heaven: he had a chance to realize a dream in real life. Thank you, who is there at the top of this hot little thing! He wondered where to start?
Imagination Lada swept the potential consequences of its behavior: it is the end, the end of dreams! And like all successfully started! What is it naive, thinking to slip, and all have free! I do not care, it is not a primitive piece of meat, dutifully spreads her legs! Well, let the end! She will decide with whom to her bed and sleep there anyway! She has Andrew, and this is important! Do not disappear without a scene! The next moment she was with a pillow, but without the bottle again, lying on the bed, on his back, pressed down hard, a large body of rapper. Lada struggled as best she could, causing a satisfied laugh and hot promotion pulls out her pillow Man - You're done! Come on, Fight! How cool do you know how! Great! They twisted a few times on the bed, and the Lada was again under it. Unhealthy excitement swept Maximus, who took over the resistance of the erotic games he was biting her lip, tongue sucked so that almost bit off. In her answer strikes sensitive slaps on the body. Clutching her arms above her head, she bit the nipple, squeezing all patients and patients, releasing, done like the other. Leaping on her stomach and still holding hands, he tapped his long hard member of the breast; rising up on it - drove them on the neck and lips. Lada Force ended, and we flushed and provoke rapper - no.
Suddenly, releasing her hand and sat on her foot, Maxim shook her thighs and pushed into the part of the brush. The pain Lada screamed and arched, and he almost said quietly: - Do you have techёsh there. Do you want a: lying down, standing or on all fours. Maybe you're on top? - I do not want you ... - she called it one of the epithets of his former, now it has been completely agree with that. He just grinned and pushed deeper into the brush. The girl screamed, it was so painful that she could not move my legs and sit down. - Do you want it to be over now for you? Do not start? I can arrange! But not before we fuck you with Paul (the name of the captain). And remove the camera. And posted on the Web. And send your boyfriend, whom you mention is not the place. We can pull more kids, if needed. As? He stared into her eyes, she tried to close. More impetus to hand: - Open alive! Well! Disclosure of dry eyes, biting her arm, she watched as he spread her trembling thighs and then slowly, then faster and faster, her masturbating himself. Spreading his fingers in her vagina, he expanded wet hole until the pain is almost gone. Long abstinence and longing for the beloved body made Lada unusually sensitive. She could feel the hot rush of heat to his groin: an unhealthy excitement unwanted partner acted strangely at her. Below trembled so, his fingers so cleverly pushes all her weaknesses, as though he had long studied them. She was breathing heavily and moaning, and wished a speedy end to this sweet torture, and discharge all did not come. - More or enough? - He sarcastically reminded himself. Lada nodded and wiped her tears.
He stood up, pulling her by the legs and ducking them to her chest, lifted her ass up and propped it on his shoulders, pushed into wet cunt fat cock. He squelching freely slipped in the hole developed. The rapper, with his legs apart near Ladino head, sat down, sank deeper and, as it seemed the girl leaned into the inner barrier. Now he slowly but with great pressure spiked her trunk as long as acute pain does not become dull and long tight scrotum are not pressed against her crotch. Lade seemed he fully entered into the uterus, and she closed around the hot piston. Bottom girl watched as he rhythmically squatted over her, squeezing her thighs hurt hands. Suspend for a moment, the rapper replaced posture seen statutes: he dropped to one knee, laid the girl on the back and telling my legs to cover the thigh, continued screwed into it more convenient way. Put your fingers on the top point of its lower jaw, he began a shallow stimulation of the clitoris and the painful longing for a time to let go of the Lada, returned to her. Noticing her restless throwing at him, the guy accelerated rhythm and depth of penetration, not taking insistent finger on the vibrating tubercle. Lada gasped from beating her seizures; Finally heavy excitement left her tired body. Now she's clear eyes watching happy hip-hopers, the person who took the predatory expression. Heavily, as if with difficulty pulling on her hips several times he almost sobbed and fell on it, shaking.
Arms outstretched, lay silent under the heavy body Lada hated partner and analyze their feelings. The fact that sex was almost mechanically for both of them, she realized. What she experienced a desire and orgasm, it was surprised, but not too much: she missed Andrew, and her body responded readily to the skillful agitation. Lada One confused: aggressive, both in pornorolikah, the method of copulation did not frighten her, not pushed. But, apparently, it must experience sorrow from rough rape - it was not. Just imagine Lada could admit that such a sexy style intrigued her, not frightening. Also, just imagine the girl said that whether intercourse is even more expressive, her emotions could be brighter. And paint it just added some coercion and threats, well, just as a kind of aphrodisiac. - No, you can not think like that! Something is wrong with me! I commend Andrew. And closed his eyes, that transforms the breath rapper did not read anything in them - only once. Nobody will know. He would not know.

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Hello everyone, my name is Lena. I want to tell my story. In short I then bylo16 years. Petite, slender, with small breasts and booty. I have an older brother, his name is Sasha, he was 17 years old he is tall, strong, athlete. So that's what history has happened to me and my brother.
Once parents on Friday after work piled up to the cottage, planting and other dregs. Brother was not at home. I zashilas in his room to climb into the computer. Randomly ran into porn, with porn movies folder is hidden, whether it is healthy. Films were many, but in a separate folder that was something that I could not watch. I looked through a couple of movies, so turbidity imported. And then snapped into the restricted folder, there was one film, or rather a record from the camera. In short the recording was taken as Sasha and two friends fucked the girl from their class right on the desk. I eagerly began to look. To put it bluntly, I'm still a virgin, because of his brother, none of the guys do not want me to meet. So, I look the video, and then Sasha and Dima fuck Olga. Olya, this well-known for that, no one denies. In short Sasha gives her mouth, and Dimka resting on the shoulders of Olina feet, wildly sticks his dick in her. Removes all Victor. I'm on such a spectacle very excited. Panties soaked. I began to masturbate, that I have long since learned. I was so absorbed that are not noticed, he came Sasha. When he burst into the room, I did not have time to turn them off porn. Sasha saw that I was looking (and so he forbade me to touch the computer), all flushed with rage, then he considered that I masturbate, my panties were hanging near the knees. All he understood and sat down on the bed said. What did you like? You've got to tell you what our relationship with him. Yes, in general, that no. Like a cat with a dog, he practiced his tricks on me.
So he is not waiting for an answer from me, he came up to me and said, you climbed to where it is impossible, and now will be punished for this weekend you become my slave. I said that you would go away. I do not know why, maybe because of the fact that I was still very excited, and not finished. But I really wanted to be on the site Oli. Sasha did not let up. He said that, to tell parents how I tyrila money. Funny, he thought, I'm afraid. I just wanted to see his penis is not on the screen and in person, to touch. I pretended that frightened his threats and agreed. So until Sunday evening I was in bondage. In order to check if I'm not kidding. Sasha told me to undress completely. I complied with his request. And here I am in front of a flock brother naked. Figure I still have not quite took shape, not something that Oli. Brother quietly told me to approach him. I approached, and he began to touch my breasts and ass. Suddenly his finger was on my cunt. I felt very good, I took a deep breath. Like? I asked Sasha. Yes - I replied. He sat me down on my knees in front of him and I understood that he wanted me to suck him. Basically, I did not mind, he pulled the pants and threw out his dick from them. On the computer it was not as healthy as they are now. His dick swinging stood in front of my face. I looked at it as if hypnotized. Sasha was very excited, strange voice, he told me - lick it. Suddenly I was frightened, and jumped rushed to escape. He caught up with me already in my room, grabbed her hair and put back on his knees in front of him.
I cried out in pain, he said that the scream. He said - let's cry, no one will hear. It was true. No one will hear. He held me by the hair, and his dick a little fallen dangled in front of my face. Come on bitch suck, he began to poke me in the face member head, I fought back as best she could, but the forces were not equal. Sasha was not in a rush just to poke a member in a tightly compressed lips. He stopped and said - well vaflistka now I will tell everyone that you are lowered, how? This perspective was horrible, in our town, at least. I imagined for a moment of their peers, and remembered as the grass girl with a parallel class. Sasha you do not do this - I whimpered pathetically. And how do bitch, Alex was beside himself, Sasha is not necessary, - I cried bitterly. He said good - you have to suck me, he pointed to the member, and I did not tell anyone. I just nodded as he sat down in a chair and his legs wide apart. I crawled on my knees to him, and he held his tongue on the head of the penis. Sasha leaned back and groaned, his hands clasped behind his head, his eyes he closed in anticipation of pleasure, I ventured, nothing wrong, in principle, I have long wanted to try the blow, began diligently to lick his penis from the egg to the head.
For a while it suited her brother, but then he told me to take cock in her mouth. I was well aroused he agreed stuffed head his mouth became podrachivat jaws as seen in porn. Sasha asked hoarsely, - deeper deeper I tried to shove his dick but almost puked. I looked at Sasha and noticed how flushed his face, he trembled, I cope with a bout of nausea, continued to suck his dick. Suddenly my throat jet of sperm hit, I did not think Sasha would end so quickly. I wanted to spit it out but Sasha grabbed my head and planted deep in the penis, had to swallow, although some of poured and flowed down his beard. Sasha discharge, momentarily froze, I wiped the remnants of sperm from his chin, and looked at his brother, he saw it and said five minutes of break and continue. He rose from his chair and lay down on my bed. Come here, you deserve the promotion, he patted the bed next to him, I lay down he turned to me and started stroking me, breasts and ass again touched me there. I felt good, I felt for his dick and squeezed in his hand. Member became stronger, I started it slightly podrachivat, Sasha took up my pussy, he gently his finger on the lips and around the holes. Then he groped klitorok, and began to touch me feel very good, I started to moan, suddenly Sasha lifted me and turned, I nearly touched her pussy on his face, and his cock was in my face, posture 69, I already knew, and that I guessed to be done too. Sasha fumbled my clitoris and with the other hand began to massage my ass, or rather hole priests. It turned out nice. I sucked his cock a little, and suddenly it slipped my finger, I licked it, and then he put his wet saliva on my finger in my ass. The second hand was massaging the clitoris, it was very good and I start to finish.
At this time, I stopped sucking his dick. Sasha lifted his hips and a member got into my mouth. I am a little come to himself, this orgasm I have not experienced yet began to suck. This time had to try harder, and Sasha finally stiffened and finished in my mouth, this time I swallowed it all. I got off the brother lay down and began to stroke it. He said that it is certainly a class, but he was a little blowjob. What Malaya do not want to part with Tselkov? I thought about it and said that might be, but at other times. I went into the bath, get some water, climbed. In a head spinning scene as I sucked his brother, remembered how he put his finger in the ass, quietly began to masturbate, clit with one hand, and the other hole of the anus. Sasha began to ponder the words, "What you do not want to Small Tselkov part?", And why not. This idea has excited and I'm finished. Coming out of the bath, wrapped in a towel, I went into Sasha's room, but there was not even in the apartment. The clock was already in 2300. Well tomorrow will please the brother that she decided to give up her virginity. I have dry hair, and went to bed, go to sleep at once did not work, again before the eyes of his brother stood dick, pussy again wanted to caress and I again began to pull at her, quickly had finished, I fell asleep already firmly knowing that tomorrow lose my virginity.
In the morning I woke up, not fully realizing the dream or not a dream. In the room the bed, I did not find anything from clothes, except for bath towels. So do not sleep. Pulling out of the closet gown I wore it on his naked body. Then I went into the kitchen, made tea and sandwiches. Sasha does not reveal its presence, snoozing probably crept into his room and found that it is not, he did not sleep at home, this rarely happened with him. That kid - I thought, decided to fuck, but it is not. Bastard in one word. After breakfast, I sat in the room watching the telly. At about 11, was Sasha. From it smelled stale. Undressed in the hallway, he went to the kitchen, I heard from the audience as it guzzles cans of brine from cucumbers. Quench their thirst, he burst into the room and fell on the sofa next to me said, - Well defined? I said - Maybe. For some time he realizes that I agree when he kerf, then moving away from me began to look at my feet, which shamelessly sticking out from under his short robe. I thought he nakinetsya at me once, but he said - then, in the late afternoon from you I will make a woman. Then he went to his room and lay down to sleep. We'll have to wait - I thought. He slept until 16 o'clock, when he woke up, he looked not important, he told me to make him eat, and he went into the shower. 20 minutes later, he got out of the shower and as he himself said, a different person. I warmed him soup, and made an omelet. He took his father started a bottle of brandy and poured himself a glass, and then he looked at me said, you will be? I have never tried alcohol stronger ji tonic, but I was flattered and I nodded. Sasha poured me a glass, and clinked their glasses knocked gulp, grimacing, he said - a rare muck, and so expensive. I also decided to have a drink, but a little bit. He ate with the brutal appetite. Then he said, let's drink up, and for another, I finished her his glass, he poured again.
And with the food is finished, he looked at me appreciatively, and said, - you have to change clothes, solemn moment, worthless in a bathrobe. I told him - and what to wear, help to choose. Here's another, chooses only one condition, you must be seksi.u you twenty minutes, the time has gone - my brother said. I rushed into the room at a run. What to wear, I knew in advance. I am engaged in dances, one outfit was recently purchased for Latin dance, and wear it. Pulling dress decided to still wear panties, bra will not wear, cutout on the back up to the priests, and even stockings, I looked in the mirror, class, plus a bit of makeup, glitter on the lips, but from this not refuse. And of course sandals with heels, shorter I in good standing. I go to the gym, watch the reaction of the brother, his eyes popped climbed. He was speechless for a moment, but coped she said that was the bitch, come here and nodded at the floor in front of him. I walked over and knelt in front of him, looked at him, he nodded at his penis, which is viewed through the jeans. I slowly began to unbutton his pants, then run, hand in pants and groped a member of the dumped his underpants.
What froze Fuck, come on, take it in your mouth, the tone Sasha me excited. I began to tongue lick, head, and then took it into his mouth. I started to move my head up and down, podrachivaya his penis with his lips, occasionally licking the head of the language. Sasha untied lace at the neck and the dress slid down her bra I wore and I stayed on the bare waist. He began to stroke his arms back and chest. After some time he had finished. Carefully suck all the sperm to the last drop, I looked at his brother. Then Sasha took me in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. There he took off my dress and panties, I was left in stockings and sandals, laid on the bed and started kissing my neck and chest, it was very nice. The hand he began to caress the pussy and clitoris. His thumb parted lips caressed the vagina and clitoris massaged. It was very good. He then became distracted and worn prezik when he put his dick, he slipped to my lips, lick he ordered. I dutifully took his dick in her mouth and began to suck, enough, enough, he whispered, ready? I just nodded. Sasha spread my legs wide, I lay on the bed and started to drive a member of my cunt, it was nice, very nice, then he rather abruptly introduced him to the hole, I pierced a sharp pain, I screamed and tried to escape, but Sasha firmly I am holding my hips. I cried and begged to let me go. In response to my tears Sasha again became rough, and you thought the bitch certainly hurt, and he stuck his dick even deeper when it all came, Sasha began to fuck me all accelerating pace, I was very hurt, I cried, it is only to impotence sometimes he would stop, and then fucked again, the pain subsided a little, and I began to moan, Sasha turned and put me on my knees, introduced the term in the pussy and fingers began to massage ring priests. At one point he put his finger in the ass and he started to fuck me with the other hand began to massage the clitoris, all of a sudden I felt very good, to a little more and I would have finished ....
But Sasha had finished earlier, he groaned, moved a couple of times a member and left. He sat in a chair, and I was left standing booty to him, annoyed that the orgasm was so close. He said, well, how? I did not say anything. Then he said to go to him, I turned around, got off the bed and crawled on his knees to him, his cock hanging between his legs. All condom was brown mucus. He took it off and said, now in a bath. We climbed into the bath together as a child. Between the legs I have, too, everything was brown mucus. Sasha rain began to pour me a pussy and a hand massage the clitoris, from the warm water jets and hand me prettier again, after some time I had finished. Pour over we walked out of the bathroom, and a member of Sasha again bristled under the towel, he tore me my towel and forced to suck his dick. When I sucked a little, he turned me back to him and began to knead the breast, then with one hand began to stroke pussy. I began to moan and when zahlyupalo pussy, Sasha cocked me and began to enter my dick in pussy. This time it was not painful. Sasha ever-increasing pace, I was close to what would come, and when Sasha put his finger in my ass, I had finished. Orgasm was very strong and long, Sasha without ceasing to fuck my pussy introduced another finger in the ass. It was a little frustrating, but on the other hand was cool to feel through the thin partition movement of his cock in her pussy and a finger in the ass. I finished again, the second time in a few minutes, and the orgasm was again strong and long. Sasha cum in no hurry, he came out of me and sat in a chair, go here, he nodded to the member, I approached Sasha I turned and started to sit down on the penis.
Come to work, and I scream, I put her hands on the arms of the chair and began to move his dick, up and down. Sasha haunted hole behind, he again began massaging my ass. Then he lifted me up and said, and now the last bastion of virginity, and brought me a dick in the ass. It was very painful, under the weight of the body, I slowly strung on his penis, I made an attempt to jump, but Sasha gripped me. From such a pain in my eyes shed tears, I began to cry and beg him to let me go. Sania, dear, let me, fuck me in the pussy, let me in the mouth, Sasha let go. The brother did not respond to my requests. He grabbed me with one hand to his chest, and fingers of the other hand introduced into the pussy. I sat, and his dick went down to the most eggs in my butt, delivered infernal pain. Sasha began to move me. And roared with all the forces of the pain. Brother began to whisper in my ear, a little patience is now well, I'm a little subsided. Then he put me cancer, and holding tight, slowly began to drive member back and forth with one hand, he furiously tugging at my clit. The pain is not passed, I screamed again and he fucked and fucked my ass, he suddenly groaned and discharged me in the ass. Mechanically he moved several times by a dick and pulled away from me. I remained standing cancer and crying. Sasha sat in a chair and looked at me, a little breathless, he went to the bath, and I quietly lay on her stomach, afraid to move sharply, ass burned with fire. Sasha came out of the bathroom and told me to go and wash in cold water, they say, it becomes easier. I quietly went into the bath and cold water really helped. Burning slowly subsided. I left the bathroom, turning the towel and numb (I stayed in the bathroom for about forty minutes, no more), in the hall could hear voices, Sasha with someone talking. I would sneak into his room but Sasha is seen waiting for me, he left the room and beckoned me, I said that is not dressed, he said that the dress is optional.
I entered the room, sat on the couch and Victor Dima. Sasha was behind me, I wanted to back out, but Sasha blocked the path of retreat. Come sister, guys want a blowjob. I froze in confusion, Sasha, standing in the doorway, leaning up behind me and began to whisper in your ear. Do not be afraid of small, because then you hooked our video, now it's your turn to take a seat Olka, this damn us nastapizdela. To be honest, yes, I wanted to try group sex, but just three? And then in the hands of Viti I had a video camera, Sasha continued to whisper in my ear, at the same time, he rubbed a member of my ass. It excited me, well, I said, I agree, but I have a few conditions. If you promise to fulfill them, then I will try? The boys looked at each other, what? First to about me, did not say that I sucked you, you also must each I lick (that I've seen in porn, and I liked it), I will not give in second in the ass, and the third video, can take pictures, but it will remain in our computer. Progress? Dima replied, after a pause, yes there is. Sasha behind me, continued to cling to my ass with one hand he stroked his stomach and sometimes ran on the pussy, the other breast. Victor turned on the camera and bring evil upon us, Sasha threw a towel with me, and I was naked in front of his brother and his friends.
Sasha lifted me up and carried on the coffee table, neatly laid and ordered to dissolve her legs wide, stretch me from dancing is not bad, so I spread her legs widely guys jumped off the couch and began around me. Victor took off and Sasha Dima could not decide who first lick my pussy - give you, said Sanya Dima. Let the boys, I whispered, who was the first lick, in fact, I first take in the mouth. Dima sat down in front of my pussy and carefully, somewhere between the knees lips and tongue began to move up, when he reached it pussy carefully licked my cunt, a little deeper into her arms spread, and began as a dog licking my pussy . At first it was a bit tickled, and then came at me, more, more - I asked Sasha not stand a log, go here, Sasha leaned over me and began to lick and kiss my breasts, and abdomen. I began to finish, stunned two adult guy, one of them is my brother, caress me, just like in porn movies. Dima began to breathe heavily, moving away from me, he said, in principle, nothing, I beckoned him to her, and Sasha said, go on, Sasha took Dima's place, and Dima came up to me on the side, I said, let him in, and nodded toward the hill in trousers. Dima, slowly took off his jeans and dumped his eldu, roughly the same size such as Sasha. Member stuck right in front of my face, Sasha began to lick my pussy again, and I felt good.
I began to suck Dima, take by mouth was not easy, but I tried as best I could, guys offered to change the attitude, now I was on all fours, Sasha licking pussy and ass, and I took the dick in your mouth Dima. So it was much easier, and Dima soon began to finish in my mouth. I caresses brother also started to finish. Then we changed the position again. I started to suck Sasha and Vitya caressed me. Sasha could not finish so quickly and so I decided to interrupt Vitya, then finished, he said to him, put me cancer, he began to fuck me with a flourish, I tried to catch his mouth slipped to the very lips dick Viti. By the way all of us a member of Viti deserves a few words separately. At the video Viti was not, he shot what he I have not seen dick. And he's just a giant, so to me, and in my mouth it was difficult to take. I will not give him that's for sure, I thought to myself. Sasha inflated rate, and after I finished, he quickly turned and I finished on my face and chest. Brother fell close to Dima and watched as I began to serve mouth giant dick Victor. Suck such a club was not easy, and the experience I've had enough. Victor put his hand on my head and began to guide me, I could hardly put the head of his penis in my mouth, two palms not fit even a fairly large piece member.
Victor made me masturbate with both hands, while the sucking licking the dick from the most eggs. I tried but he could not come, so he just got himself masturbate and told me to open my mouth and stick his tongue to help him. After a while he shoved the dick in my mouth and violently ended, the sperm was very much a part I swallowed, and some resulted in my chest. Victor joined the guys sitting on the couch, and I'm all in the semen remained kneeling. The guys on the couch sat silently and watched as I got up and went into the bath to wash off the sperm. Thoughts swirled in my head disorderly swarm, is that I, even in the morning, the former Tselkov, aspirated brother and his friends. Plainly obmytsya I was not given. Sasha shouted from the audience, Malaya come here. I quickly rinsed, dried herself, and wrapped in a towel entered the hall. Sasha and Vitya connect the camera to a TV set and started watching a new porn film with me in the lead role. On the screen was seen as Sasha took off my towel, took it on the table, and began to lick pussy Dima, in short, I am a porn star. The children watched without stopping, and I confess, too, is very excited the whole company. Dima and Sasha began podrachivat the cones. Sasha asked, small continue? I nodded in agreement. The boys sat me between himself and began to paw, Victor turned off the camera from the TV set and started shooting. In short, I between brother and Dima, they pat me and then Sasha tilts me and sticks his dick in my mouth, I was on all fours on the couch sucking brother. At this time Dima sticks his dick in me.
My pussy viewing video has long been wet. Dima member enters cautiously, and reached the end starts to move all increasing the tempo. I was rolled in wave after wave, I can not suck my brother, I start to scream, moan, mumble, Sasha disagree and trying to fuck me in the mouth like a pussy in Dima. Dima says Sasha, I'll finish, let's change. Brother just that and waited, they change quickly. Dima sticks in my mouth his cock in my entire lubrication and Sasha without ceremony to the most eggs drives his dick in my pussy. Sasha starts to fuck me sharply, and Dima at this point ends up in my mouth. He leaves and takes the camera Victor, Victor takes his place in my mouth, I am ready to come, but ends before Sasha. He fills my whole sperm back. And fall on the sofa, little Victor allows me to suck his dick, and then deploys me sing to him. I am ready to accept his huge dick, though used to think that it will not give. Victor neatly strung on his club me, the head of his penis rests, all he can no longer move forward, dick in me dies, gives back up. My fears of a huge penis size Vitina dispelled my pussy took it. Victor member begins to move back and forth a few moves and I'm coming. Victor does not cease to fuck me, I have almost no strength left, a very stiff back, Vitek without removing a member from me, sits down on the couch, I'm back to him, he slips his hands under me and starts to be raised and lowered me on his penis. Cool!!! I'm coming back.
Dima is ready to continue again, it is with the camera in front of me, taking the close-up of my face, then moves away taking the general plan, then again it takes a close-up, but my pussy with her by a dick move in Viti. Member of Dima bristling. When he once again approaching us with Victor, his cock is in front of my face. He drives a head on my lips, cheeks. I open my mouth and he immediately comes back. A few moments Dima still operated the camera, and then gives it to his brother. Victor tired to lift me up, it's time to change the posture - he said. Sasha commands to release all the sofa, his second and he was disintegrating. I do not care what they do with me, I like obedient doll, Victor lies on her back on the couch, I was seated at him again his cock enters my overworked hole. I do not care, I do not even care that Dima slipped dick in my mouth, I humbly accept it suck, Victor furiously hammer me, I'm coming again and again, an orgasm almost does not stop. As if from a distance, came the voice of Dima, Lena, can I have your ass? I do not care, Viti body works wonders, do whatever you want, I say strange voice. Sanya Vaseline is, Sasha quickly brings a tube of something cold lubricate my anus. I understand that it is attached Dima behind me. I do not care…. For a moment, Victor stops to fuck me, allowing Dima penetrate my ass. Strange .... But I did not hurt ... even nice? !!! A member in the ass comes easily, Dima starts to move, while they with Victor can not catch the pace, and then .... Orgasm, more, more AAAA.
I think I've turned off or not, I did not see Sasha added a camera on the table, I just slipped dutifully took my mouth a member, not even knowing whose it was. Somewhere heard a voice - I can not, I'm coming, it was Dima, hot jet flowed into my ass. Again orgasm.
In place of Sasha Dima came again in the ass something comes in, I almost did not react to it, the main thing that Vitina monsters CUTE monster in me. What he done, he never ceases to fuck me, he SUPER MACHINE much time has passed, I do not know, that's Sasha groaned discharged me in the ass. Lena is the voice of Viti, Lena, I also want in the ass. Oh sure. Him I am ready to give everything. He gently lifts me, takes off with his penis, put on all fours, a small hitch, it lubricates dick with Vaseline, and here. A huge dickhead prolazit in my ass, it hurts, but I'm ready to endure for the sake of that experienced. Victor put his dick, until near the end begins to me faster and faster to fuck. I hurt, I could barely hold back not to scream, tears rolling down from his eyes. I still endure. Finally, Victor and shoots me in the ass. All, all are happy. The end of the film.
That's the story, if you do not believe that it is true to you. It took three months. I regularly fuck brother and his friends. If the ancestors are not at home, rest assured, I fuck with Sasha, Dima, Vitya. When the ancestors of the house, I can suck my brother in his room, or even in the stairwell on the top floor. Ancestors can not understand where we come from such a friendship.

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Beware of desire, sometimes fulfilled (Part 1: The Beginning)

As I remember, there was a warm autumn weather. It was Friday evening. The foliage of the trees completely fallen nature expected cold weather. I gently leaned his head on the seat of his car and enjoyed until the heat of compression in the ring Ninel lip slides on my "Druzhok" upside down. Sometimes letting go, she licked him from the base and the head, then again its deep gulp ... .She often and willingly talked to him as a man it amused me and said all the time: "And I, that there is no ??? Talk to me, not to him))))) "on that Ninel used to say:" You pay me, so I did pleased him (pointing at my "best man"), not to be your personal psychologist to listen to your nonsense on about the construction and what you better book panel "Ninel 23 year-old call girl I used to call it. I treated her well, did her gifts, and pay extra for the amount that has to be a plus to her pocket, she also served as my non-standard requests. Yes'll blame me, I got mixed up with a whore, believe me, there are also good girl, just so their fate was. Once again, when I'm relaxed, I heard sobs women's and men's strident voice, my car sound - insulated. Stopped Ninel head and he began to listen, rolled down the window of the machine, saw a young, slender girl standing on her knees clutching at the coat men:
- Do not go, please! - She grabbed the edge of the coat was trying to squeeze a piece of self
- Well, enough of me wearing this! You're kidding right? Stand up alive, we can see !!! - He snatched his coat man lifted the girl with her knees
- Please do not go, I love you! - Said the girl with tears
- Look, Marin, it happened, understand it, finally, find yourself another, better!
- Better!!!
- Yes, better to be you, love who you will be on hand, you're a beautiful girl, well-groomed, intelligent, Nuu stop crying! - In this case the man was trying to look into the girl's tear-stained eyes.
- Say, it's better than me, huh?
- Uhhhhhhh Marina, it is not better or worse than you, it just happened, understand it, finally, I would like to talk to you normally, and you start to fit.
- Do you want I'll be your mistress or toy, but to be close to you, huh?
- You're a fool, a lover, a toy !!!! You really flew off the rails ??? !!! All tired, I'm in front of you crucified, trying to settle everything peacefully, and you?
- What am I?
- Here's the money call the taxi yourself, and do not walk behind me, understand? - Recently said threateningly
- I do not need your money, I earn well!
- Well, well, goodbye!
The man sat up your Audio - left. The girl was still standing and crying. I decided to follow the girl, I thought in mind: "Praise to the creator, find the one with which I can realize all their fantasies"
- Well, I continue or what? - I interrupted my thoughts by Ninel pressed against my groin
- Yes, continue! - He spent the edge of sight girl across the street to the bar, where, incidentally, worked for my good friend.
Ninel continued to do his trademark blowjob. She took his hand licked, beginning from the bottom to the head, tongue pushed to wipe away, it slightly, widening, ran her tongue around the head on the crease and adopted it in the comfort of your sensual mouth. Take action on it to slide up and down. I took the back of the head is slightly pressed, and she sank deep to the pubic area, had heard how she began to sniff, let go. Again he rose unbent my dick started to play my swollen testicles sucking each, then licked the scrotum and raised tongue along the barrel head covered tongue and mouth swallowed my cock. Her mouth so easily and gently slid my "cronies," I'm on it lightly growled, his hand pressed against her neck. My cock stiffened and throbbing, and all the seed of a monster in her mouth Ninel.
- Vylezhu all to dry as it was to you - I told her at the same moment she sang
- I wait for you tomorrow? - Wiping the corners of her mouth with sperm, said Ninel
- Probably not, and that no customers? - Laughing, I said,
- Customers will always be. I have the day off tomorrow!
- That sly fox decided to earn extra money, huh?
- Well ... money is never superfluous, and even more, why I can not do something nice for my regular customers, as well? - I buttoned my pants and tightened the belt
-Oh, do not pull so tight! So something like this! Keep the usual plus pocket money!
- Thank you! Do you take me?
-I'll call a taxi I still doing here! - I called her a taxi on for sledok still slapped her chic elastic ass.
In the meantime, he went out of his car went into a bar my friend "Wild Coyote" and saw his stranger sitting at the bar, just threw a glass of vodka in her mouth. I sat down across from her chair stranger and watched her through the mirror, which was at a bar cabinet.
- Great! - Slapping me, one hand his name was Mike.
- Great! Something you today "crowded" at the bar?
- Duck does not want to probably what you want to drink?
- Whiskey! And this for a long time sitting - winked strontium stranger
- Not really! And that like? - Laughing, said Misha
- And maybe like! By it, no one rolled up?
-No- pours viskar
- Good for your health - I swung
Watching stranger suddenly I caught her eye she smiled picked up for her whiskey. I decided to act. Crouched close.
- What is sad is such a beautiful woman?
- About nothing! Leave me! - turned
I think: "Come to the other end"
- You know I'm not a doctor, but she is dangerous to drink a lot of alcohol!
- I do not care, I may want to get drunk!
- Hmmm vodka not drink much, offer a very good cocktail, just drunken!
- You want me to make a drunkard, huh?
- What do you! No no. I just suggest you to have a good time without tears.
- Thank you for your concern, but I myself have ordered a sobering drink!
- Hmmm, and what kind?
- Coffee! - Misha brought her coffee
- Well, well - I thought this was my chance ....
Then my phone rang and a stranger in time is turned to answer it, I sypanul sleeping pills, and then as it turned out too far. She sipped it.
- Here is my sobering drink! - With emotion said to me by my stranger and drank a whole cup of coffee, I'm from the readout times when it would be in my "den" and will sit on the knees with wide open legs and both between the legs will shine it certainly juicy pussy, and my trademark on the priest, there is already one goes with my stamp, but, alas, our relationship was not durable, but for my stigma remains. Here my stranger dizzy and direct it collapsed to my hands, all present in the hall rushed to help her, but I had to weed out the people:
- She went through slightly - said they were all seated again in its place
- What did you do, Stas? I do not want any trouble from you! - I ran up to me Misha
- Nothing, I slipped her a bit of sleeping pills!
- Chtooooooooooooo? You want her horses threw at me here, animate it, fast!
- Come quietly, do not betray me, better help me carry her to the car.
Soon, we pulled her out of the bar. I opened the back door of my car, and we were loaded on to the back seat.
- You're crazy - Misha nervously lit a cigarette. You understand that you are kidnapped her in fact, and it is you're supposed to (finger built tails) prison, and I was your accomplice, and if she dies, even for manslaughter.
- Let's not panic, and do not exaggerate, I liked it, in general, I do it from my kamfetu
- And you could not normally go to meet you, eh? You know how I know you, and it turns out I'm not fucking know, so let's scram out of here - waved his hand at me.
- Okay, calm down Mish I know what I'm doing.
- Hope
- Come to the meeting - giving a hand for a handshake
- See - slapped me back.
I started the engine and drove off. My thing was asleep in the backseat of a sound sleep. I immediately brought it to the tattoo parlor to have made it my stamp of a tiger intertwined with the dragon. I went to the salon is already there waiting for me my old friend:
- Here's the money, I brought you a canvas for tattoo, do it right, so that no soul is not seen, and if it falls to at least one hair with you, I'll be down 7 skins, you okay? - He stuck a wad of money
- Yes, much more clearly, do not worry - perelesnul wad of money.
And after a few minutes, I like something dragged his sleeping prisoner to him in the parlor. He laid on the couch, turned her on her stomach, I lifted her skirt, lowered her panties, ass, and the truth was supple and silky, from the touch of her skin I immediately got up my penis, but it was impossible to relax:
- Here if her tattoo, here on this sketch that certainly looked neat and not too gromostko!
-I can work her know not to worry, and that to her?
- She was asleep, so I went through, how many will be ready?
- Work laborious, thin, come in the morning, and if you wake up?
- Seal her mouth! - I gave him scotch
And I went, but then what happened I did not expect, then the words with his captive, I learned what had happened.
- Where I am? - I woke my prisoner when viewing a dark room.
- Ahhhh you woke up, you were asleep for a long time, your campaign is well cut down - went to her master tattoo patted on the head.
- Why am I handcuffed? What do you need? Get me? - The strength of the handcuffs.
- Do not shout, you fool! This is so you do not run away! - Hand started firmer behind.
- It hurts that you have done to me? What you need? Money? I can pay you! - I tried to turn felt a sharp pain impaled by a tattoo on the buttocks.
- Do not yank! Lie still! The money for you for a fee! - I put her back and tied her trunk around the couch with a rope.
- Who paid you?
- What a difference, eh? You talk a lot! - Unfolded tape, lifted it to his mouth and stuck his captive - Now exactly silence, I do not like shrill women, and you are nothing, slim! - Ran a finger along the back and finger stopped on the buttock.
- You know what I did to you, is your Master, no, I slightly bent you like to be in your pussy! - I laughed and walked her
He grabbed her hips rope rolled up blades, hands in handcuffs taut as a string. Legs down on the floor.
- Buuu - were not clearly audible screams through the Scotch girl
- Shut up and relax - pulled her hips to his groin and gently slapped on the right buttock. He undid his pants. Lifted her skirt to her waist, his fingers found the slit of the vagina, the reason to get here without going inside. Two fingers naslyunil, introduced his fingers into the slot. He began to walk, lubricating slit my Captive penetrating deeply. Then he pulled out of his pants member who gets the floor started to drive head on the gap and with a sweep came inside, was the impetus fuck my Captive penetrating his cock deeper and deeper exploring a wet cave of the vagina. My Captive nothing at this point would not do it just silently crying. Soon frequent movement rapist pulled out a member came to the captives, to unstick an adhesive tape and grabbed her neck and pulled her head to his cock, hot jet of sperm shot into her mouth and flowed down his chin.
- That too - wiped the remnants of sperm and taped her mouth with duct tape again.
Soon after I arrived in anticipation of the receipt of their prize. Entered I see his captive on the couch with zakleinym mouth, and rummaged in the closet wizard tattoo
- I see my little girl make a noise? - Came closer and saw the frightened eyes, and seen that her eyes red from crying
- Yes, make a noise, I had to stick to her mouth!
I walked her
- Well, look, tattoo
- I stuck a plaster - noticeably nervous master
- Share tattoo, fast! - The voice of steel I said
- Okay, okay - that lifts up her skirt and see the expansion and pussy all flowed
- What's this?
- Bitch probably excited!
- Maybe! - I began to attack your enemy
- Yes - recedes like a young one, clinging to the floor
- I'm in my clearly said that if even with her hair upadana I you 7 skins deflated, said?
- Yes say, well, I could do, so she was lying, that could not resist, well, you understand me like a man!
- You touched, what is not yours - I swung a fist hit the master fell to the floor like a sack, he tried to hide my face from blows, but it does not beat schyadno.
I untied his captive unhooked the handcuffs chained behind his back, his feet tied with a rope. But my mouth still did not dare to peel, put it on his shoulder like a sack and carried her to his car, I put it in the back seat and gave on gases. After 1 hour, we were in my country house. Yes, I forgot to pass away, and all I tell about myself nothing more than telling. My name is Stanislav, friends call me Stas, at that time I was 26 years I have my own construction company, engaged in the construction of private homes, offices, and more, in general, I extended business profile.
I pulled his thing out and also as a bag dragged into the house, she tried to wriggle like a worm on my shoulder, hit her on the ass on the spot where was my brand, she screamed and fell silent.
We went into the house. I threw her to the floor, turned on his stomach, sat on top of her began to unpack your gift. Unbuckled her hands, feet, mouth unstick
- Help! Somebody! - I cried my Captive in hysterics
- Shout you still here no one can hear - stood with her, she got up quickly and ran to the table grabbed the vase, waved at me
- Who are you? What do you want from me, huh? What I did to whom? I was raped and now I'm here, another step and I will throw at you in a vase!
- Throw a pity I did not even buy it! - Calm and size of said, continued to hang around slowly at her.
- I'm not joking, I'm kin
-Well, let's throw that stand - I laughed and took another step toward her.
- You yourself asked for - throwing a vase at me, and dodged, and my production has decided to run away, I jumped like a predator and threw her to the floor and straddled my wild horse.
- Where are you running? You have nowhere to run, okay? - Hands clasped behind the back, his strong hand and lifted her up.
- Let me go!!!!!! Search me be clear?
- I'll take care of! I am here decide when to let you go - led to the pantry
- Where are you leading me, freak, let me alive!
- For the monster get 5 hits strap, and commands I have given here, you understand? To get started you'll bitch! And there will be seen in what status you enter! - I opened the closet and threw her inside and closed with a key.
- After sitting long here, calm down, and I think that to do with you!
She began knocking break into the closet:
- Kozel, let me out, what are you doing, you bastard!
- It is not 5, 15 strokes for insulting answer, okay?
- Fuck you!
- That you now go naked into the forest, and there, you know where I'll send you bitch, I'll drive you to the port to the movers and let them all in unison to fuck you, and I'll see which one of us who, you, okay?
- I'm with you to the police, I'll write!
-Write to me, even now write! I so still connected! - I smiled - Stop pounding on the door, the bruises do, then you treat, I need not dented commodity.
So I left it in the closet for 2 weeks, in the shower I was sorry for her, but could not show weakness, but otherwise my plan will end. Under the door giving a bowl of food, a drink, use the toilet, when she wanted to, and released again locked in a closet, and every day more and more quietly were her cries. I think: "act". I went to the door listening:
- Can you finally open the door to me, eh? I want to live in normal conditions! Let me out! - Pleading voice began to ask my prisoner
- And you're not going to fight?
- No, I will not
- A shout as if you are raped here, you will not?
-No, I will not
-What to ask?
-Ask me about it polite!
- Polite, and you stole me politely? Not even asked my opinion, I want it or not, that I was kidnapped!
-You do want to be a toy!
-............... ..
- That quieted down, huh?
-How do you know?
-I know, I'm pretty much know about you, as long as your men do not know about you! And I had to spend on your study of the whole two weeks, Marina!
-How do you know my name! You do who is? What do you want from me?
- I'll let you on one condition, and no! You will sit in the closet until you refuse to speak properly! How do I know - it does not matter! Who am I? For you I'll be your host! I am a persistent guy! Well, what we say, or you will sit here, eh?
- Under what conditions?
-Will you be my toy, my property, of course, I'll give the right choice!
- This is ridiculous and is not possible, we are living in the 21st century, slavery abolished in 1861.
-And I'm offering slavery?
- Well, it's like slavery!
- Answer clearly! I offered you a bondage?
- No!
-You want me to let you?
- Yes I want to!
-ask politely
-Let me out, please!
-Not correct answer, call me to you and I am your master
-Let me out, please, Master!
-So at once. - I open the door
From out of the closet vzlohmochennaya Marina, slightly covering the hand from sunlight.
- Come, I'll show you something!
I took Marina's hand led to the living room, decorated in pastel colors, the room, the floor was a large Persian carpet, it was well placed, not large glass table with two chairs on each side. On the table lay a thick folder. I sat down on a chair. Marina is also going to sit down but ...
-I allowed you to sit on the chair?
-No, I can sit down?
- No, you're in my house will sit on the floor, you still do not deserve! - With a smile, I said to her. - Let's begin our choice. You see, this folder?
- Yes I see
- Well, in this folder all collected about you - start to spread Paper Here is your passport, a passport, a birth certificate, documents for your apartment, cottage, from the car keys, so there are documents in it, and personal information about you. You see what I have done great work.
-What do you want from me?
-I told you, I want you to be ministered to me, as I understand you you wanted to be a toy for his former now men, he does not understand, but you know we can combine our desire is not quite standard. I do not want to hurt, well, if only a little bit it will also let the blood I'm not going to spoil the body howling, too, will not, and turn it decorated. And if you do not agree, that these documents will be in the fire, and you will go to the homeless on the street and nobody will remember, will be looking for, I will make sure that no one will find. And yet, would not you have a name you'll remember it as part of my house! So what?
I saw in his eyes Marina, anger, her fists so strongly compressed that it is ready now I pounce like a tigress with nails, but how else I curb obstinate horse, the only way, and her mouth and compressed to give me everything I am thinking about my plan.
- Well, that silent, swallowed tongue? - I asked her smile
- I agree.
- Well, that's chudnenko! It would not be wasting time, let's start. Why nachnem..ya know where, take off your clothes, I want to look at your body!
-Not that, but listen to the boss! Repeat!
-Very good owner! - Said through his teeth
-Getting Started!
Marina slowly began to undress, his face flushed with shame. On the floor just dropped her clothes: a blue jacket, the same color skirt narrow, bra, white panties and stockings. Marina appeared before me naked, her white smooth skin and glowing from the morning rays of the sun, her second breast size so seductively staring at me, and wanted to squeeze it a little, but poured nipples and hear her sweet moans and clean shaven pussy and begged to play with it ... Marina mechanically closed its private parts hand. I stood up, walked over to her, bypassing it from all sides, staring at her silky ass, with my stamp, I squeezed it gently, Marina started from my compression. I took her by the waist with one hand and with the other hand take the neck and arched her back, Marina only surprise vkrisknula.
- Arrange legs widely! - Hit it on one half of the priests.
Marina obediently spread her legs. I let go of his neck, my hand passed along her back and sat down at the waist. I in turn by halves priests hit lightly hand - pop suffused glow. Parted buttocks wide, middle finger into her sweet slit started there to drive, removing and re-penetrating deeply. There was a groan of Marina, I hit harder with the other hand on the pope, My Concubine cried, her slit zahlyupala loudly under my middle finger. I took a finger, held by its strong compression of the anus, it is clear that no one came to her ring, lightly pressed with your finger, again rubbed grease pressed again, only stronger, my Paley penetrated, Marina twitched, wanted to wriggle out, from my intrusion, I grabbed her hips and pulled on his finger.
- Stand!! - I ordered
- It hurts, does not it! - Pleaded, begged
- It must be a bitch, even how to ... anything soon your ass will only crave my penetration.
I continued to introduce a finger into the anus and slowly pressed deeper into her narrow space. I took out. He spat copiously on the anus, smeared on anusnomu ring. Already I began to drive around with two fingers. Nadab. My fingers penetrated deeply not tried to push the fingers, at the same time, to expand the walls of the anus, again joined fingers - held and again expanded the red wall of the anus. I took out. Held around the anus, and pressed two fingers pressed to gradually narrow space - began to introduce forward and back gradually accelerating pace. Marina moaned and began podmahivat my finger movements. I stopped.
- Not so fast, my bitch! Now look at that Godin your mouth!
Marina wanted to straighten up, I grabbed her by the neck and held
-Please, let go!
- Nope - I unbuttoned his jeans, meanwhile, he pulled his erection and slipped on the nose Marina. - Suck! - He ordered it. She took it at the bottom and started to suck.
- Not so, take away the teeth!
-Not good, and I obey!
-Very good!
-Excellent! Now do it right!
She took it began to lick the head, the sides exploring your tongue tip folds head, then slid to the bridle held by his tongue. Turning lips tight ring wrapped around head slowly began to suck, sliding her lips down and down, I put a hand on his head and gently pressed her nose was in my pubis, I succumbed to the Marina ...
-It relaxes the muscles of the mouth, or they onemeyut I - I ordered it. Gently stroking her chin like a pussy. She relaxed, my cock was in her throat. Removed his hand from his head, she got up, pulled his tongue licked again at the bottom of the head, again took it into his mouth, covering lips caress his head went the full length of my "best man." Movement lips Marina on my cock sped up, I felt like my "Pal" tense and pulsed I grabbed the captive's head and pressed it to his groin - a thick stream of semen persuasions poured down his throat, filling the space of the mouth, through the corner of my Prelesnosti poured seed, I threw it head back I ordered:
- Swallow, alive! - She swallowed. - Now everything is up to lick dry. Marina licked my cock to the last drop. - Now stand on your knees bitch! Marina knelt down, I took the collar off the table, put it on a long neck Marina. - Well, I'm dedicated to my bitch!
Marina tears, and large hail flowed from his eyes
- No, not all that bad! - I wiped her tears, and the ring collar buttoned leash. - Well, let's go to the shower, my bitch! You should always be on all fours, you understand me?
- Yes, Master!
I pulled on the leash in the hand, and we went to my bitch bath ......

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Revenge, or my new secretary (part 3)


With each passing day it became increasingly clear that my communication with Victoria grows in relations between the two partners, where everyone catches a buzz gets the pleasure and experiencing their sexual satisfaction ...

I still did not give up and tried his best to make all of this at least some semblance of revenge ...

Saved me what accustomed to bathe in the worship of men, Victoria, despite getting sexual satisfaction, continued to openly ashamed of his new role.

If her body enjoyed, then tormented mind, and led a constant struggle, not accepting the fact that it is not in their early years, all of a sudden, from the illustrious Baroness evolved into easily the girl ...

My arms became public humiliation secretary ...

I like sliding on thin ice, knowing that if I somewhat too far, and Victoria will leave, disappear from my life forever, so had to act slowly, gradually, step by step ...

Each ordinary routine day at the office, I filled for new women, offensive to her dignity and pride, emotions.

A strict, business atmosphere, set me on the company are distributed to all employees, except for Victoria.

From the fact that this, the only exception was far from a young lady with aristocratic manners, moral suffering compounded by my secretary.

- Vika, me!

- That's all understood what to do, but our Wiki! No more dull clap eyes Vikulya! Raise your gorgeous ass, and start to work!

- Vic, free!

- Victoria, at your age it is time to learn how to brew coffee, and not just ogle her breasts and pump as ... I will not tell anyone! Out of respect for your younger colleagues.

- Vikusik, run!

- Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all. Wick, this does not apply to you. Scintillating thighs, not only your duty in our office!

I tried and views, and actions eloquently to make it clear to all employees that my new secretary, not the privileged mistress of the boss, but only his concubine disenfranchised ...

Value Victoria appear in my field of vision, I immediately, in front of everyone, the most vulgar way, as if the farm foreman at a meeting with a milkmaid, weighing out the woman, savory slap right on her round ass so seductively waving, though delicious, tightly knit jelly...

Livid with shame and anger, she tried to escape, and as soon as I noticed that crossed the line, and Victoria on the verge of collapse, then it would start immediately to his office ...

There I heartily enjoyed a sumptuous, mellow, female body, as if specially created for him to squeeze, crush, tear. I took it standing up, lifted her skirt to the waist, pulling a woman's panties, and getting to bend, exposing his magnificent tail of. I enjoyed it, planting, or put on the table, being spaced between her lascivious long legs, covered with a thin nylon stocking. I had her on the floor, setting themselves on all fours, and enjoying this animal pose of original sin. And every time my secretary very quickly lose touch with reality, writhing in pleasure from intercourse, how lustful mare, forgetting about shame, screaming and whining for the whole office. Then, as a rule, followed by a cold, callous phrase:

- Available! Quoting myself up and get to work!

She came out of my office, with wild wandering eyes, disheveled, huddling in the clothes still in a semiconscious state posleorgazmennye, barely keeping balance in high heels ...

In order to get to the toilet, where Victoria led myself up, she had to go through the office, densely cluttered desk with sitting people behind them. This it the way I mentally dubbed the "path of shame", due to the fact that anyone can understand and imagine what happened in the office of the head to run past them a woman. Scornful laughter, mocking chuckle, half-whisper, from colleagues, flew after her, each time accompanied to the door of the toilet. The role of the victim did not satisfy Victoria, and I increasingly notice that the eyes appear skittish blonde defiant challenge to his colleagues ...

- What look, losers?

- Yes, your precious boss wants me!

- Silently, envy, and I spit on you all "...!

Then I increased my head, exposing a woman new challenges ...

When we are faced with it somewhere in the corridor when I spoke with the staff of Victoria sought busily tapping heels, as quickly as possible to sneak past the ...

I caught her by the elbow, keeping near him, while continuing to talk with colleagues ...

- Well, well, do not be distracted guys, what happened next?

Outgoing from standing next to Victoria fragrance light odor of perfume with a dash of healthy female body immediately began to haunt my nature. Since stroking her ass, sliding his hand over the surface of the matter, I reached down to her waist, and put your hand under the skirt secretary, enjoying the way she stiffened and froze in horror from such public liberties. My conversation with companions, meanwhile, went on as usual, as if nothing happened ...

- I wonder, I wonder, go, gentlemen. What's over?

Languishing near Victoria also portrayed the attention and focus on communication, frozen and unable to resist just as my hand already being squeezed her bare, fleshy buttocks, hiding under clothes. Poor thing in this situation had to demonstrate the availability of its own surrounding, so shamelessly expressed my opportunity in front of everyone, lazily, in my own way, "matzo" her ass. Teasing her, I still further promoted hand, between the hot hemisphere and fleetingly touched pussy, feeling the body at Victoria begin to undergo light fluctuations. Shifting from one foot to the other, nervously biting her plump lips, the woman began to flow, and then I sank into her schёlku finger, satisfied, she let him into her, instantly hugging wet petals ...

- And then we signed the contract, Stepan.

- Curious, very curious colleagues.

All in ostentatious attention, so I was a little ruffled nestled in a woman's vagina with your finger, making crimson with shame, beauty, awe, and involuntarily swaying on his heels, to vibrate the entire body, from our vicious bullying. In moments of coffee breaks with their staff, I made it a rule to put Vick in his lap. Providing in this frivolous, "pioneer" status, surrounded by grave colleagues, dressed in business clothes, mature-aged lady was beginning to fidget awkwardly, unwittingly causing my erection offensive. Sipping kofeёk, I calmly tapped his fingers on its slender legs, tight provocative stockings, and then, overcoming the resistance of the timid, slightly moved apart her thick thighs ...

Located opposite, boys and girls, sneak, but fascinated, watched as their eyes shamelessly lifts the crotch of a woman covered with transparent panties, crashing into an intimate hill. Gulf blush, Victoria froze on my lap, but I could hear her breathing changed, becoming, in spite of the desperate efforts to hide it, more difficult. I kept his little performance, enjoying the embarrassment office plankton, watched as I touch a woman's breast, and revived my fingers climb under her blouse secretary. Finding getting stronger by touching the nipples, I played with them, gently squeezing, stroking, eloquently indicating that the woman sitting on the lap of my property is located in ...

The idea that Victoria at any time can stain me with their juices, stand out against her will, through leaky panties, I only get excited. And every time I admired the contrast in the behavior of Vicky, when on the one hand, she was shy and blushed like a first grader, and on the other, is allowed to be treated in whatever has not suffered and the prostitute. Several times more Victoria tried to reason with me and bring to a frank conversation to end their humiliation. Her moist, velvety eyes, soulful, quavering voice, inescapable plea in speeches, paintings Fine wringing of hands, and the behavior of the queen in exile, were able to break the ice. So I did not give the talk of Victoria, attracting, taking possession of her body, and quickly taking off her clothes ...
She rolls her eyes involuntarily, his lips began to tremble, and I, developing the offensive, and not giving her time to recover, violently played with the bare flesh of the bitch, until she began to trickle moisture. It was enough that she forgot all about it. She prepared it was incorrect, crumbled and turned into a shameless recognition is not the person, and the current pussy that if magically regained the ability to speak and to wring from himself lingering cries:

- I, I ... I ... damn bitch ... I'm ashamed ... I ... Damn, damn, damn ... promiscuous chlenososka ... Slut Slut ... Ahhhh ... .. . JAJAJA ...


At the expense of the social package, I paid their employees training in a fitness center. Once I found there Victoria, having the opportunity to watch her stealthily from the ... As is the case with hypocrites, I saw a completely different, unfamiliar to me a woman. Without me, and office colleagues, which was known for its status as Victoria from whore-sekretutka at the time of re-transformed into a luxury fashionable lady ...

Sports trousers sitting on it so tightly that it describes elastic, wide hips in all its glory, and unbuttoned the top button on the jacket emphasized the woman's breast, the most exciting way, ending just above the waist, and provocative revealing a flat tanned belly ...

As is often usual with beautiful women, Victoria is not so much involved in sports, much bathed in the rays of male attention. Twenty personal trainer Anton did not depart from it even a step, enjoying the opportunity to contemplate the ripe female form. It was clear that Victoria is well aware of what impression on the youngsters, like Anton, her grooming and mature sexuality. She enjoyed it in full, with the grace of an experienced cougar, taking a seductive pose after another, inevitably causing arousal in the male audience hall ...

Apparently, bitch strongly gravitated to young athletes, because any woman poostereglas flirt with trainers, bearing in mind previous experience, because of which so fatally broke her marriage. A few minutes later, I continued to follow this flirtation, accumulating a rage, and enabling and Victoria, and her admirer passionate about the game that I was destined to destroy ...

- Hello Anton. I see that you train my staff. Well done.

Unsuspecting Anton radiated kindness and benevolence, but Victoria, noticing me, tensed like a string, already knowing that it can expect another surprise ...

I had no right to deceive the waiting ladies ...

- I did not know that Victoria Pavlovna you work. It is in a great physical shape!

- I do not give her to relax. Victoria Pavlovna the firm operates in a literal sense, a sweat, with all parts of the body. However, Vikusya?

Vic blushed, clapped her long lashes, looking down at the floor, and recalling at this point the innocent Little Red Riding Hood, hitting for lunch to the gray wolf ...

- Yes ... Stepan ...

- Tell me, Anton, as a professional, if you do not find that our Victoria Pavlovna too raskormila your ass?

By asking this question, I pulled two fingers much gum panties Victoria, as if assessing her ass ...

Waiting to my gesture became noticeable, and attracted the attention not only of Anton, but also other men, sweating in the simulators, I let go of gum removing this biting, savory click ...

Now blush and Anton ...

- No, Stepan ... Everything is normal ... I think ...

- I do not know, Anton ... See for yourself, and I'm not sure ...

Now I again turned to Vick, trembling, agitated, and clearly wants to sink into the ground with shame.

Vulgar, folksy manner in which I spoke to Victoria, even a minute ago pretend to be a queen of blood, strengthens the absurdity and the piquancy of the situation ...

- Vikusik, turn to Anton backwards, and neatly dropped his trousers. Show him zhopku, let him look. We need to know exactly whether you have cellulite. Come on, kisulya not zli, daddy!

Accustomed to humiliation in the office, in their own way have to adapt to them, the woman was totally unprepared for such other territory. However, the revolt did not happen, and she slowly turned to Anton back to escape from my gaze in that gold, long hair fell over her breast, covering his face, and hiding his trembling lips, soft eyes and crimson with shame, cheeks . Putting his hands on her waist, she was hesitating, took a deep breath, and then, rushing headlong into the maelstrom, prispustila sweat pants, showing the coach, and all those who were behind her, his big, elastic ass fitted by pink swimming trunks ...

- Anton, you do not lose touch. Try to touch your ass, Victoria Pavlovna.

- Come on, Stepan ... I'm so ... I see it all ... well ...

- Vikusik quickly ask Anton, touch you for zhopku! You love when young coach is doing! Do not make me wait, kitty !!!

Swallowing nervously, and apparently hoping that through her obedience, the procedure is finished, Victoria immediately obediently faltered a trembling voice:

- Anton ... Anton ... Yes ... Look ... touch ... please ...

Huge, hidebound palm Anton timidly reached for the woman's buttocks, which in bright day light, looked like ripe melons today, and touched her, slipped on a thin cloth panties ...

Touching it was barely noticeable, but Vic jumped so much that by this easy fat on her bum was moved, trembling invitingly. I enjoyed the fact that it is now behind us watching the whole room. Well-groomed, style and mannerisms of Victoria, did not allow a woman suspected of ordinary, vulgar prostitute, which would be just such unexpected behavior. So, the young woman willingly hold public erotic show, looked into the eyes of others, corrupted, perverted nymphomaniac whore-from among those who so condemned in society, although never passing away a good fuck. I saw that the action is time to finish, or Vick will start to cry and hysterical at the fitness center was now superfluous.

- Anton, give me the keys to coaching, for ten minutes. We Victoria Pavlovna matured frank conversation.

Pushing the trembling woman in a small room, I was clutching in her luxury, golden mane, Victoria made to stand on all fours. I lowered with her pants and panties, leaving them to hang out in the area ripe hips, and fully revealing the subject of our recent inspection. Timidly looking up at me, Victoria still lost, dumbfounded blinking, and to withdraw it from the prostration, I kicked a little beauty leg. She stirred, reminding dog, which is about to wag a tail of zeal to please his master, crept close to me and pressed her lips to the release of a member of the ...

Less than two minutes later, it became clear how Victoria herself fascinated by the process, caressing, sucking in and licking my cock like a tasty treat ...

Perhaps it was due to the effort of remembering past sins, when, due to its association with a man like Anton, she lost all that she had, turned from an elitist, a married lady in the powerless, lonely slut. This idea has caused fury in me. Vic was a great pacifier, and her blow job, I am always happy, but right now I want to fuck the woman in the mouth in the most unceremonious and hard way, designed to punish rather presumptuous women, and not give pleasure to their weak, the fairer sex. Accustomed gently, gently work the language, and forced today at a furious pace entirely swallow cock Vic panicked, but I held her by the hair, wielding in her throat so that her eyes welled tears, and from the wide open mouth poured streams of saliva. ..
She moaned and tried to pull your lips, but it failed, and Victoria let out a groan of despair ...

Every member of the movement, sliding down her throat, I remembered, like a bitch destroyed my parents' marriage, then to shamelessly run to the left, and from that I would like to have this beautiful, mature woman is now looked miserable, humiliated and punished for their own floss. Giving her a brief respite, during which she, like a fish out of water, frantically swallow air, I called Anton, asking to come in coaching, to open the safe with water. In the next attack of shame, Vic twitched, but after I, with effort, with both hands, pulled her head on a member, resigned and continued to work with his lips, mouth, throat, as quickly as possible to get rid of a pulsating object, completely fill the female's mouth ...

I was friends with the owner of a fitness center, always paid well, so he could afford a lot, and Antonio had to endure what his trainer's room at the time turned into a place for oral sex ...

The rich have their quirks, and he certainly had long known about it, but was visibly shaken, that is far from being young, luxury lady, crawling on his knees on the floor with his pants and bare ass, diligently doing blowjob like Vokzal'na nipple earn a bottle ...

- Oh!

- Nothing, nothing, Anton, it's okay. Let the water. And I'm sorry, just Victoria Pavlovna urgently itch to suck, and I could not refuse her. I'll pay for your inconvenience.

I do not know if my meaning to Victoria reached, because she did not resist, and only published a juicy, guttural sounds, as if confirming them, that really just loves to suck in unusual, public places ...

- Come on ... I'm just so only in porn can be seen ... Ohrenet, damn ...

- As you can see, Anton, good nipples are not just porn, but in life.

When the coach retired, I'm still waiting for that suffocating member Vic asks for mercy, and he was about to let her go, feeling a moral satisfaction, but my secretary never ceased to amaze me ...

Against all odds, Victoria has voluntarily and without pressure, she clung to me, clasping one hand on the leg, and the other furiously rubbing the clitoris itself, twitching all over, not only of zeal, but from sheer excitement, once again, turning for themselves humiliating flogging in the way of pleasure ...

Using the fact that controlled her head was not necessary, I reached for his hands to his chest Victoria, fingering her nipples sticking out, and enjoying his power over this sexual woman. She strung mouth on my dick, each time making it better and better, quickly mastering a new technique, and I noticed that the floor beneath it formed a wet spot on the shameless secretions flowing out of her womb ...

I even tried to prevent the eruption. But the sight of a woman selflessly tried to give me and the pleasure itself, this did not have, and I shot her abundant semen portion. Almost choking, loud gasp, Victoria pulled away from me, and then, without removing his hands from his bud, slumped on the bare ass, shaking like crazy in the strongest attack of epilepsy ...

Her sweat pants and panties sorry dangling somewhere at the ankles, muscle naked belly has been stretched, thighs spread wide and wet, pink pussy is extremely exposed. The sight of this woman, at that time, for a long time in my memory. It is not for me, she once again stunned by his own shamelessness, confused, turning off into the void, she whispered again and again, repeating:

- I finished ... ... ... finished finished finished ... ...


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Revenge, or my new secretary (part 2)


Arriving in the morning in the office, I found Victoria in the workplace. The lady acted as if nothing had happened, his whole appearance portraying a violent, business activities. I confess that, looking at it, save indifference was not easy ... Victoria Neat mop of golden hair resembled the mane framed a chiseled face with languid eyes, and lips, so plump that inadvertently have imposed any of the men in the most indecent thoughts. It seems to be strict, snow-white shirt was stretched so tightly holёnoe body, which seemed a little more and a woman's breasts will inevitably jump out for everyone to see ...

Her business is quite mini skirt clung so spectacularly rounded ass, it seemed as if this part of the body lives its own life, ruthlessly fermenting masculine look by rolling lush buttocks, occurs at the slightest movement ...

Her black stockings with Gothic arrows and elegant shoes with heels, so stressed feet long, it seemed as if the legs extend to infinity ... Victoria, bitch, just breathing in sex ... I could not help admiring glances, and this experimental stuff seems to be caught it satisfied smile ... The situation is urgently needed to correct, I did not want to fall into her snares ... The best way to remedy lay in the fact that immediately to fuck her callous and hard, so that the woman will not have any illusions as to who for me it is really ...

Close Vika in his office, I drew her to him ... She reached for the kiss, hoping to achieve tenderness, but I pulled away and grabbed her firm buttocks, roughly squeezed them hoisted a woman at her desk ... I freed it from the shoes, so they do not interfere with the Victoria stay on the table, sitting on his ass with wide apart, legs bent at the knees, shamelessly offering themselves around the world ...

Pulling off her panties, I defiantly threw them on the floor to show his contempt for the tissue lumps, originally created in order to excite the imagination of man.

Located in an obscene pose Victoria has realized that it again expects an animal intercourse, and tried to use a new tactic.

Unable to resist the men will not be able to achieve the desired emotions, it is to hurt me, I tried to portray the cold, indifferent humility.

Vicki plan, no doubt, was not bad, and I really disliked fuck a woman, against her will, but this bitch could not calculate what her own body can betray his mistress the most insidious way. From my fingers sliding across the smooth-shaven intimate area beauty, her womb instantly start humidified, a woman's body tensed, and his breathing quickened ... coped with the buttons on her blouse, I slid his hand along the dark halos of her excited nipples, making her involuntarily arched to meet me arc, and threw back his head, moaned even wider pushing your hips ... facing her, so in fucking sits on the edge of the table, I quietly, without encountering any obstacles, easily pushed the cock into the wet slit, began to make reciprocating motion pelvis ... As already mentioned, in addition to their lust, this time I wanted to make a kind of educational act, therefore, acted in a low pace, quietly, over and over again, pulling the woman. With each smooth penetration, I looked into her eyes, kept repeating, as if engaged in a lesson with a naughty pupil:

- Lustful bitch ... Technaya blyadushka ... Little ... Dirty slut slut ...

In response, the woman began to moan loudly, to be heard at the risk of the cabinet walls, and was obviously not thinking about our fun may be relegated to the surrounding ...

- No ... No ... nooo !!!

Each time, hlyupayuschee, wet cunt Victoria make such juicy and heartfelt sounds, that all it negates the negation of time, the act giving it slut, languishing on Nakata desires ...

Finally, when her long tresses fell on the face, and his eyes rolled back, she screamed and shook his whole body, like electric shock, exciting me with his orgasm so much that I followed her, pouring directly between affordable, wide thighs ...

The working day is just beginning ...


Before lunch, I thought only about business matters, not scoring himself intrigues head with his secretary, until she is unwittingly reminded of itself ...

The restaurant, where lunches were our company, I found Victoria was sitting at a table with my CFO, which we jokingly called the nickname Svyatosha. It was shestidesyatitrehletny widower, who, thanks to his talents in the financial sector for a long time already amassed a good fortune, and my company has worked more for his own pleasure. One look was enough for me to assess the situation and understand that Victoria came out on the hunt, and, in the face of her sacrifice hypocrites very much in danger of falling into the trap vented. Now with the Hypocrites sat not secretary Vick and old dame of Victoria, carefully depicting universal wisdom and understanding, gently caressing a man his feline eyes, regally laughing over it is not the most successful jokes ... Devouring eyes Victoria playfully shakes his shoe, enticing slip from her delicate feet, Holy Man, like a moth flew towards the destructive fire, and his temptress was obviously keen to have this opportunity to improve their shaky position.

Listening to their conversation, I caught what we are talking about a possible date that could not bother me ...

I felt jealous ...

Most importantly, to intervene directly, I could not, because, ordering, Victoria does not communicate with the Hypocrites, risked to spoil relations with him, and deprived of the CFO, I could not ...

Or I was afraid of losing Vick?

It was necessary to do otherwise, and I already knew about how ...

Nicknamed the "Holy Man" was fixed for my deputy because of the fact that he was a terrible moralist, irreconcilable to the female sensuality, and so I needed to discredit him in the eyes of his lustful secretary ...

In 17 hours we held an extended meeting, which I had brought Victoria, justifying it by the necessity of its potential, future, career.

Usually the big oval table in the meeting room, to the right of me sat Svyatosha, but this time I have placed between us, Vic ...

After only five minutes from the start of the meeting, I started to act ...

Lowering his hand under the table, I found Victoria machined foot, and slowly slid on her fingertips, enjoying the way immediately stopped, stiffened, trembled my secretary.

Not risking to fight with me in the open, a little devil pushes the elastic hip to my hand slipped herself, though without her, but I was persistent ...

Already in a businesslike way, I gripped the leg of Victoria so that she was constrained, and now has been forced to sit with thighs spread wide, unable to let me in an erotic game started ...

Our wiggling and secret struggle under the table, could not completely hide from the man sitting next to hypocrites, who also started to get nervous, and to suspect something ...

After reaching the lungs, thin panties Victoria, I realized once again how really hot this lady, feeling that with all the piquancy of the situation, she had managed to soak his clothes most obscene manner ...

We had to increase the pace of the offensive, however, leaned toward Vick, I angrily hissed into her ear:

- Immediately take off your pants! Immediately, you hear !!!

My secretary, to make every effort to conceal from others what is happening under the table, I still tried to pray:

- Please, do not, not here, please, and then I will do everything myself, please, please, please ...

As it was naive of her hand ...

- Immediately, do you hear, or I'll drive you home from work, after a public disgrace !!! Take off, now !!!
The poor Victoria more and more aggravated due to the fact that our whispering and fussing has openly attracted the attention of those present, with interest looked at his boss and sitting next to him, his secretary.

Victoria once again capitulated, and, lowering his hands under the table, fidgeted and twitched her ass, trying to quietly remove her panties ... Anyone who is able to provide such a process, can easily understand what to do it without attracting the attention of the people sitting at the same table , is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to what was built and all my crafty calculation ... on top of that getting rid of panties, she unwittingly set in motion a delicious bust, which shamelessly jumped further riveting prying eyes. Corner of my eye, I noticed that all the staff, without exception, were now occupied not so much the meeting how many observations of our games, and sitting next to Vika Svyatosha just do not stay in one place, constantly adjusting slipping from his nose, glasses ...

Having seized panties Victoria, I tucked them in one hand, and the other made it to her pubis, and if smoothing out wrinkles, began to stroke lip petals, gradually pushing the fingers into the wet slit ... The lady of my manipulated sat Crimson with shame, with half-open mouth, heaving breasts and absolutely wild, wandering eyes, green cat eyes ... for convenience, the index and middle finger, a tool in the pussy of my secretaries have developed a hook, and she began to move so elusive to others, but perceptibly for itself, stick your current flesh, just me at hand ...

Referring to her clitoris, it seemed to me that I feel his tension and pulsation, and then I realized that Victoria juices flowed as abundantly, as if it juicy, fleshy bud completely worn out and gave a leak ...

An unpleasant, harsh rattle uncomfortable chair Victoria moved away, right in mid-sentence interrupted by the report of one of our managers, completely stunned all those present ...

Victoria soared upward, as if on a spring, having to pull up her skirt to hide the lack of panties, but demonstrating the presence of a very frivolous to forty women, stockings ...

Seized with panic, with clouded eyes and humid, trembling mouth, it was very picturesque ...

- I ... I ... I'm sorry, I have to go ... I'm sorry, I'm ...

Escaping from the table, Victoria hesitated just for a second, but it was more than enough for my casting stroke.

- Victoria, you forgot, take.

In the eyes of hypocrites, and eight more employees, I am lazy, crooked grin, handed Victoria her panties, holding his hand, so that all were able to observe and appreciate the piquancy of this subject ...

The color of her face at that moment was almost identical to the color of red cloth pants, grasping that she ran out of the negotiation ...

Now I could continue meeting ...


Everyone has the right to choose, and Victoria chose the remaining work in my company ... After the story at the meeting, it was in the exclusion zone for all of my colleagues ... My employee, a young girl with whom anything like that, I never imagined not allowed, began to treat her cold, contempt and condemnation, though, perhaps, in their behavior, sometimes betrayed a simple Babskii jealousy ... staff - men now openly leering rock, looking at the Vic, but the climb to the boss's mistress did not venture to justify such cowardice, unwillingness to communicate with such a dirty whore, although I'm sure that in mind, each of them would not mind, how to fuck this mature, luxury bitch ...

Svyatosha after the incident, shied away from Victoria, the cat of the vacuum cleaner, and sometimes looked at her as if he'd wanted to burn a woman at the inquisitorial fire ...

The next day, after the story with the panties, I called Victoria to her ...

She walked with her head held high, and stopped in the middle of the office ...

- Causes, Stepan? Would you like me to use? So?

She turned back to me, lifted her skirt and bent over, showing his heavy, feminine ass ...

- Or is it?

Now, standing facing me without dropping the hem, she arched her back, put on display triangle outlined weightless transparent panties ...

Her voice was aggressive, laced with sarcasm and contempt, his eyes burning with anger, and in his behavior, it shows that the antics, throwing me a new challenge ...

I tried to talk to her quietly and calmly stressed.

- Now look ... Take off all ... Leave stockings and shoes ...

Like a fractious mare, shaking his mop of hair, stamping her foot, she was on the floor took off all my clothes, and do not hesitate to their nakedness, stood, hands on hips, continuing to destroy me sarcastic look ...

- Show me how to fondle himself. How excited when alone. I want to see it…

In the eyes of my secretary I flashed confusion, but she was not going to give up ...

- And I, Stepan, do not know how. You really, sorry. I do not pornographic actress. If you want to use me ... ...

- Fucked, Vic, about people like you, right to say fuck ...

Victoria started, this word gave her a hard time, it was unusual for him, and the woman had to make an effort ...

- Yes ... fuck ... Stepan ... So ... ebite ... And I do not hold the show trained ...

I heavily and stared at Victoria, and every skin cell could feel her ostentatious arrogance and dissident spirit of contradiction, are beginning to dissipate, giving way to confusion ...

- I'm not going to indulge you in a discussion, Vic. Come closer to me. That's ... And start already, bitch !!!

We met the eyes of ...

How many contradictions are mixed was this woman ...

Holёnaya, mincing, aristocratic queen, worth on it to press against his will turned into a hot, dissolute, and ..., obedient old woman who likes to obey, to give and execute orders for men ...

Using the fact that now she was standing a few inches away from me, I'm bringing her out of his stupor, he stretched out his hand and loudly slapped on the bare ass ...

Victoria reached out his hands to his heavy, tight breasts, and cupped their hands, as if trying to lift up, and then walked his fingers over her nipples ...

By the bewilderment that appeared in her eyes, and slight body trembling, I realized that a woman's breasts, despite the artificiality of the situation, are beginning to respond to her excitement, turning peace-dormant nipples tight, tensed sources of pleasure ...

Embarrassed, she tried to draw back the hand, but her palms, as if not wanting to listen to the hostess immediately went back to the pink tips of her breasts, caressing them manicured finger pads ...

I saw that the woman is already running some hidden mechanism, yet warmed up, but surely gaining momentum ...

Victoria slowly, subtly rocking his whole body, as if heard driven only her, viscous, erotic melody, and her hands, sliding on the sides, walked down until you dropped on clean-shaven, like a young, innocent girl, pubis ... Pussy my secretary, unlike her own, to rebel was not about forcing Victoria hog, plant wide hips, and disclosed, facilitating my view ... finding fingers clit, a woman for a moment stopped, crushing him, but then came to life again, voluntarily surrendering prisoner own lust ... Seeing her trembling finger, tearing the clitoris, I had no doubt that she has already forgotten about his recent rebellion, but the success I wanted to fix in words ...

To this nonsensical female do not try to buck, and constantly felt the master's hand, I continued to sit in the chair, tightly gripping her hand lush, hot buttock ...

- So, well done, bitch ... Now you've forgotten that you are not able to fondle himself, right? You like to masturbate himself, however, slut ?? Answer me!

Tilting her head up, eyes closed, continuing to torment her clitoris, she moaned ...

- Yeah ...

Hand I increased the pressure on her buttocks ...

- What "yes"?? Answer deployed, rubbish !!!

- Yeah ... I love to masturbate myself ...

- And often you do it, merzavka ?!

In order to achieve a moment of truth, I introduced two fingers in her slit, which is gratefully accepted them, open and enveloping me sticky juices ...

Victoria spoke rattled, cleaning, changing from a voice of passion ...

- Yeah ... ... Most often masturbate ... No, masturbate ... Every night ... Masturbate ... Myself ... House ... Sometimes in the morning ... ... Masturbate in the bathroom ...

- Because you are lustful bitch, right? Admit it! Repeat me loudly that you bitch and a whore! Fast!

Victoria swayed in front of me on his heels now, if vyplyasyvaya the Brazilian carnival, in quick succession performing belly dance, the purpose of which was strung her by a pussy on my fingers ...

Without releasing the clitoris with your fingers, it is as if in a trance rend itself from the words that I did not know to hear from this middle-aged, well-groomed lady.

- Yayayaya ... Bitch ... I .... Damn…. Pizdaaa ... Yes ... Slut ... jajaja ... Zadrochka ... I'm a whore ... ... Mokroschelkaaa huesoska ... Yeah ...

Her moans turned into a cry, hips opened, and then again tightened, enclosing my hand in a vise, she began to shake, and a few minutes later, calmed down, pulled away from me and out of breath, fell to his knees ... Himself pretty stunned occurred scene I demanded nothing from her, when Victoria, on his knees, crawled, and then lying on the wet palm, abruptly began to shower her with kisses ... The words she whispered, put my whole place under the big question ... Crawling in my feet, looking up with gratitude, like a dog, the woman uttered, repeating again and again:

- Thank you ... thank you ... thank you ... thank you ... !!!

  • 60

Revenge of the telepath. The first victim, the second day.

The morning passed in preparations, buying new toys, machines and products. At lunch, I decided to visit his captive. Entering and waking her, ordered to eat, bathe, go to the toilet, and wash the intestine.

When she came back, she laid her down on his stomach and hooked his arms and legs spread wide, securing pollen. Removing obsession, again I heard swearing flow in my direction. Not paying attention, fingers began to prepare her ass for intercourse when it included just three fingers on the ear slashed nasty howl. Quickly moving your fingers in the back hole, I heard her howling, thinking that it is ready, put a member to cut a hole. I knew that the ass still rather Tuga, so I decided to torment his captive. Slowly inserting member, I watched winding head with a frozen expression of crying in pain. When he reached the middle of the member, sharply drove up to the very end, and again, I heard a cry of pain and despair. Having quickly fuck her ass, enjoying tugostyu her holes and cries prisoner. Not stopping movements, he began to thrash his palm on the pope. Watching in and out between the member halves of red from the blows, and more and more agitated. Fully lay down on it, continuing the rapid and sharp movements, he began to bite her shoulders, leaving bloody marks on the skin. At one point, she managed to hit my head on the nose. I was annoyed, put his hands on the body, one grabbed her nipple piercings and pulled to the bottom, and the other squeezed clit. The room was even more stunned scream. Sensing the approach of orgasm, let go of piercing, having pressed her head into the pillow, still tightened clitoris and poured out her ass. Deciding to take a shower, she left a prisoner in the same position.

While taking a shower, he heard the call went out, and saw a familiar lesbians. After seeing them in the house, he gave them orders not to ignore the cries of the victims and resistance. Their behavior remains unchanged. Entering the basement, they evaluated the body and the condition of the prisoner. Just loosening winches, they raised her ass, leaving his legs wide apart. Having previously made whips, began to whip the prisoner's back, buttocks, often falling on the perineum. From related heard requests to stop, but the girls were not pokolebimy. After twenty minutes of whipping, they decided to move on. One, wearing a large strap, was attached to the vagina of the victim. Starting slowly come in, it was obvious that the vagina has not tasted this size by inserting before the end, she stopped, took a rubber glove on his elbow, and liberally coat it with gel, began to advance hand in her ass. Related wildly jerked from such feelings. Second, beating the prisoner in front, he sat down in front of her face and grabbed by the hair, poked her face into the vagina, hitting a couple times on the cheeks and forcing stick tongue beginning to drive her face on his crotch. The one that was behind the beginning of the synchronous move his arm and thighs, snoshu girl in both holes, he heard the plaintive bellowing that even more exciting lesbians. Once finished the one that was in front, and the second took her hand strap. Turning the prisoner on his back, one dressed in its mouth dildo, I went and lay down under a prisoner, by inserting it in the ass, which was strongly developed, giving the strap a second, the first village on the member who was on the face so that her ass at full descent rested against the girl's nose. The second came and abruptly put the strap into the vagina captive, from what her ass was pretty narrow again. We have about an hour to fuck just rip the cry of the prisoner. I abruptly moved to her ass, feeling the rapid movement into the vagina, the one that was on his face, very playfully jumped, often dipping well, that would be in her ass rested against the nose of the victim when we were done, they were exhausted, our toy was unconscious .

Tying the prisoner, he shoved lesbians, these scrub them before the memory of this event. Back in the room, he returned to the captive feeling, made her wash and dress. I brought her to the city, quite a deserted place. He ordered her to forget a person and a place of violence, firmly commanded to remember what happened to her. And I go home

  • 80

Revenge, or my new secretary (part 1)

Seated lady in front of me, did not even know how much I know about her, and what role it played in my life ...

Actually, it is because of her twenty years ago, my parents divorced.

Then it was all quite banal.

To my dad came first big money, business went up the hill, and at the same to him, at the time of forty peasant came accompanying the joy of life.

I think he would have gone mad, have walked, and as a result, yet returned to the home, as the sincere, loved me and mom, but arrived in Moscow from the remote province, a young secretary named Vika, this option is absolutely not arranged ...

She was beautiful, clever and ambitious, she wanted all at once, so had the chance, she used one hundred percent.

Vick acted delicately and subtly so that he was able not only to seduce her married boss, Kojima was for her father, but to destroy his marriage and then marry me ...

I will not describe how many tears has cost the story of my mother, never managed to find a woman's happiness more, and all of their childhood experiences that have arisen due to the divorce of their parents.

The father's new family, I have never been well received, though eventually managed to come to terms with his father, understand it, and even to forgive.

Despite the fact that children in Victoria was not, she was able to gain a foothold for twenty years in the life of my father as a broken, indulge in beauty-wife, to maintain a high social status of its aging, respectable husband.

But nothing lasts forever on earth ...

Over time, Victoria began pogulivat left ...

Apparently, the father of her much loved, because several times to forgive, but finding once again her husband in his bed with a young fitness trainer, his cup of patience overflowed ...

My father knew how to act tough ...

Within a month of his marriage to Victoria was canceled, and thanks to cunning lawyers, the woman was literally thrown out into the street, without a car, without money, without any property, and other usual attributes of her luxurious life.

Almost never works, not having the necessary knowledge and education, and in fact, is not able to anything except how to be a socialite, Victoria faced with the harsh reality.

The elderly, a woman forty years, only to master the art of spending her husband's money was absolutely not popular in modern, Moscow, capitalist life ...

Just then, the case and brought it with me, the general director, successfully developing company in the state, which needed a new secretary ...

I, like many other potential employers, the thresholds of which are upholstered Victoria, pointed it at the door, if it did not recognize the woman.

But I found it ...

His incognito Victoria before I could save, since a long time already bore the name of his mother, and it's easier, conceived intrigue me ...

Taste my dad, it should be noted, was that we should ...

The natural beauty, carefree life and long-term care is expensive, Victoria allowed even forty years, to be a hell of a delicious ...

Looking at Victoria, I tried in vain to find the face of the tall, natural blonde, any serious signs of decay.

Deprived model thinness and excess fat, her figure just breathed a mature, healthy, well-groomed, smooth guitar proportions, where there was a place and long legs, and released "Brazilian" ass and perfectly contoured waist and rounded hemispheres breasts ...

When I offered her a salary three times superior to the standard, it is still trying to portray the ease, but I already knew in her eyes, the woman grabbed the hook, and perceive what is happening, as a second chance of salvation, which throws her fate.

- I will not hide, Victoria, which is rigid, is not always correct and not always polite leader. I see that you are an employee perspective, I am willing to pay you a lot, but it is not going to play in democracy. Any my word - it's an order, not involving disobedience, sentimentality, or reflections. Only in such circumstances, you can work with us. It suits you?

Victoria was not a fool, salary, my words and tone alarmed her, I saw it ...

But it was the best that she could count on.

And she was willing to take a chance, though well aware that you have to pay for everything ...

From the day of her working life began.

For two weeks I gave Victoria's time to get used to her new position and status.

I drove it in their assignments and to highlight the cold, rough and the familiar manner.

- Victoria, quickly bring me a coffee!

- Victoria, forced to wait for me, you should be punished? !!

- Victoria, and long are you going to sit around ?!

It was a test of the fact whether it will take an elderly lady, she was accustomed to command, my rules, where from socialite she turned into an ordinary secretary Vick ...

And Victoria was involved in the game.

Already in the first week she stopped nervously biting lips tremble and blush with resentment because of what I told her "poke", or straining at times more than her young colleagues ...

Victoria suffered ...

Moreover, I noticed that she gradually begins to flirt with me, subtly, gently, like a woman, as probably I flirted once with my father in order to tighten it in their networks.

And I have a new behavior it was fine ...


One day, I asked her to stay on the job, and in the evening, called to the office.

From the way she came, it was clear that the lady is not going to break out of himself touchy.

her hair was loose, the top buttons undone playfully business blouses and big green eyes sparkled in them jumping imps.

It is directed at me it is not business as usual gait, as if floating, slowly and seductively shaking her wide hips, her heels tapping loudly ...

Getting up from the table, without unnecessary transitions, I made it into the arms of ...

We kissed…

Supple, soft lips, naughty tongue, her feminine, body trembling, everything is incredibly excited and excited me ...

A few minutes later, I was given to romantic passion, kissing her, caressing, hugging her ...

Victoria Chest heaving with heavy, deep breathing, it is obviously thrilled, enjoying the moment, and I was more and more filled with desire, resting on the woman immediately got stronger member of ...

When I got tired of kissing, and caressing her back, I reached under her skirt to Victoria brazenly climbing palms under the thin, tight stockings ...

Then Victoria apparently remembered that sometimes excessive availability can be to the detriment, and began gently push off from my hands, passionately whispering something like, "oh, well, you do not need to, oh, well, not here, my dear, please, I can not ... "...

Everything that happens, it is clearly included in the script, so it was necessary to break down, which I did not fail to do, leaving the role of the gentle lover, and becoming harsh, rough ёbyrem ...

I turned her back to him, like a toy - toddler top, clenched his hands on the second breast, and then strongly pushed in the back, giving an additional acceleration.

In order not to fall on their high heels, Victoria was forced prosemenit a few small steps to my desk and lean on your hands, involuntarily thrusting her ass unmatched.

Without giving Vick move, I leaned on her back, pressing her breasts to the table, and then in one motion lifted her skirt woman.

She twitched, all vibrated, or excitement, or protest against such an abrupt transition, and then hold her next move, I pulled the woman down to the slender ankles, and pantyhose and panties.

While pushing with one hand on her back, so she could not escape, the other I pulled his pants and underwear, making it deliberately slowly to this mature lady imbued with the idea that I'm not going to make love to her, and I want to fuck her, taking advantage of free access to the already heavy bare ass.
Now, when Victoria was in a half-bent position, I could see in all its glory juicy, plump bud of her pussy, framed by neat labia on each side, and inviting entrance slit of the vagina in the middle.

I put my hand on this intimate rose, and felt that it burns and oozing juices excitement, completely ready to use ...

Victoria just flowed, so that I went into it easily, sliding member in the wet hole woman like to his home ...

Fucking Vick, hard, violently, furiously, in an animal, according to its groans and sounds of female dripping womb, I knew that my head is received by it, and that it can not control yourself, podmahivaya and gently wagging his ass, my beat ...

Coming out of it almost to the maximum, and then again, will drive a member of the full-length, I reached for her breasts, and unceremoniously stir blouse, tearing bra, tormented the exposed breasts gratefully respond to this intense excitement, the nipples ...

Every member of my attack, Victoria is now accompanied by a deep pectoral "aaaaaaaahhhhhh" sounding loudly in the quiet of the office space.

Finally, I poured out right into it, and I shuddered with pleasure, then I let go of her.

Breathing heavily, and still standing in a shameless posture at the table, with the protruding, trembling from the strain ass stunned Victoria turned her head.

I was well, I fucked her nice, so it needs to promote the ...

Everyday wiping member of the cloth, I put on my pants, recovered and sat in the chair:

- Not bad. Only here pantyhose more at work do not wear. Let us stockings. And further. I will not torment you, so that you go without panties, cystitis and other crap, we do not need, but if you please, not to carry more with me this stupid underwear with flowers. It seems not a girl already. Now I pay you enough to buy you sexy belishko. Avail!


Arriving at work the next day, I was mentally ready, that they no longer see his secretary.

I knew that my behavior would offend any woman at all, and only the mature messing matron, the more ...

Victoria was in place, though threw at me angry looks.

I sat in his office, engaged in business, but in less than half an hour, she rushed up to me.

Without invitation.

Configured it was militant.

- Stepan, yesterday there was a misunderstanding between us. I do not want you to think that I frivolous sekretutka that will suffer from a similar treatment. I hope that nothing like this will not happen again!

I wonder what she expected to hear back.

The fact that I start to apologize, and again everything is correct in the business relationship between superiors and subordinates?

Or that I'll start to smooth down his rudeness, let the gallant in courting a beautiful woman-secretary?

- Firstly, Vic, I do not you, Stepan! And Stepan. Such familiarity I forgive first and last time! And secondly, can you do a blowjob?

Victoria nearly choked with indignation.

- What I can do ??????

- Oral, Wick, blowjob ... You look amazing tupish ... I want you to suck me right now. And let's hurry, I have a meeting in half an hour.

Victoria's face, full of righteous anger, you should have seen.

For this one, it was necessary to venture all this intrigue.

- How dare you ??? I ... I ... Yes What do you take me !!! I ... I ... dismiss !!! Do you hear? !!! I dismiss !!! Immediately!!!

Turning on his heels, in tears, the woman ran out of my office, slamming the door ... I was a bit sorry that everything ended so fast, but behave differently with this lady, I'm not going to. Victoria dismissed from my office half a day. Everything can be done in 20-five minutes, but it is clearly pulling persistently getting caught my eye, throwing lightning eyes, and otherwise demonstrating that I have still have a chance, her return ...

It looked quite funny ... In the evening, I left the office and got into his car. I do not have time to start the engine, as Victoria came to me. View she was like a little dog beaten. I rolled down the window.

- What did you want, Vic?

- Stepan! Stepan! I…

- Stepan, Vic!

- Well ... Stepan ... I wanted to talk ...

I opened the door, and she sat down beside him. I had no desire to listen to her monologue, and to avoid this, I spoke first.

- Vic, there was a misunderstanding between us yesterday. It happened today.

I put my hand on her knee. She flinched, but my hand is not thrown off. My hand slipped reassuringly on her leg, gradually rising higher. After reaching the inner surface of the female thigh, I once again appreciate the taste daddy. Lush, elastic thigh of the woman were delicious.

- And this is a misunderstanding, Vick, it was that you, today, fell, and allowed himself too much.

The hand continued smooth movements describe a circular motion on its hips surface, I felt that a woman begins to tremble.

- I am ready to forgive you, if you continue, you will never allow yourself to be forgotten!

I reached up to her pussy, stroking the clitoris in the area, pressing down lightly with your fingers on the fabric of panties, not forgetting about women's slit ...

Even through the fabric, I felt like this lady all moistened.

Quickening breathing, she had very little to dissolve their long legs.

- So tomorrow I will wait for you at work. Go!

I took his hand, and it was a surprise for Victoria, because she let out an involuntary, weak, barely audible, but distinct groan of disappointment.

Impulsively out of the car.

Before you go, I shouted after her:

- And do not forget the stockings! I really did not like the fact that today, again you priperlas in pantyhose!

I pushed the gas pedal ...


The next day, Victoria went to work, as if never had any layoffs ...

Persistent lady ...

I called her to his office. It was noticeable that there were changes with Vika.

When I first saw her in the form of a playful flirt, which is not averse to tighten beautiful affair with his boss, then, in the image of offended women who want to regain a sense of self-worth, now in Victoria's eyes, that she tried to take through the beginnings of obedience and humility ...

- Causes, Stepan ...

- You fulfilled my indication about stocking?

How She shot eyes ...

They like to read what I freak and a weirdo who dared to treat with her, beautiful, sophisticated lady, who until recently was shining brilliantly in the light of the highest ...

- Yes ... Stepan ... Run ...

- Raise your skirt and show!

Victoria blushed, and began to carry out the order.

Interestingly, twenty years ago, when she seduced my father, if her beauty was so sexy ...

This tall woman, standing a little apart long legs shod in elegant shoes, centimeter by centimeter lifting up her skirt and exposing the thin, black stockings, just breathed sex ...

I barely restrained so as not to show her my admiration ...

- And now ... Come to me, and suck ...

For a moment it seemed to me that now again yesterday and it again will run out of the office ... Victoria struggled with herself ... But not for long ...

He sat down beside me on his heels, teetering on her high heels, she undid my pants, freed member, and began to do blowjob ...

How fascinated, I watched as this mature slut gently slides his lips in my trunk, and then begins to immerse himself a member in his wide open mouth ... Watched as it is placed on it, smacking his lips, and helping himself with his hands, gently playing with your fingers with my eggs ... I saw the fabric of her white panties, tightrope between bent legs betrayed darkens, giving her excitement spreads over matter ... I shot her in the mouth, and Victoria, as an experienced nipple, knowing how it is psychologically nice men began to swallow my sperm ...

- Well ... go to work, Vic ... Go, I say ...

In the evening, I again called her into his office and handed two five thousandth denomination.

- Here, take it. I deserved.

Basically, I foresaw the consequences. I am aware that I can encourage his secretary much more elegant way ... but did not want to ...

He threw the money on the floor, Victoria burst into tears in front of my eyes.

- I'm not a slut !!! I'm not a slut !!! I'm not a slut !!!

"Interestingly, this" is not a whore "after suction brushed my teeth in the morning, or not", - maliciously, I thought to himself ...

However, women's tears touched me, I went to the weeping woman tenderly put his arm around her shoulders, and seated on his lap. In these tears it was something sweet, so sincere, I stroked Victoria's hair, trying to calm ... But the proximity of her hot, juicy body shuddering with sobs on my knees, I felt like a member of awakening ...

With one hand still passes through her hair as Dobrenky uncle, the other, I began to lift up her skirt, like a lustful male, why she fumbled in my lap, even more, setting the stage for my movements lush buttocks ... Finally got, I hurriedly pulling off her broad thighs panties and freed his cock ... More sniffling, Victoria breathed, twitched, and was on my dick, in a pose rider, I immediately sent in the jump ... herself jumping on me, bitch kept repeating that "no bitch "and then spent a hand over her wet lips, I plunged into her mouth index finger, which she took without complaint, starting to lick it, as in the morning, licking my cock ...

- Fucking slut! Lustful bitch! Do you hear me, Wick, you hear me, bitch!

She shook, vibrated, and I realized that a woman covered the orgasm ... I also finished, and before my sperm flowed out of it, from top to bottom, to me on his pants, took off his woman ...

After tantrums, sex and orgasm, Victoria was clearly still not entirely confident, her gaze wandering senselessly, skirt kuda-to got off to the side, her panties were scattered who knows where ... grabbed her by the shoulders, I like zombie, pushed out of the secretary's office in the disheveled form, leaving her no chance to tender, and do not forget to stick to the neck unfortunate money ... the intrigue of the next day continued to live, and I still did not know whether my endure secretary of the new portion of rudeness, or, finally, it patience will snap ...

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Horizon features (Part 3)

On the same day I had with Victor had a frank conversation, which was not, probably never. We opened a bottle of red wine, and sip it while sitting on the couch, quietly discussing their feelings and experiences, fantasies and plans. As it turned out, Viktor has long cherished dream to try a man. No, he is not gay, bisexual soon. His story about how he once saw in the film only a hint of how one man fondled another and very excited by this. Then looking for films with similar fragments, and after watching fantasized in the shower. I was afraid to say it, because I could find him a pervert and throw or ridicule. I never thought that I spend an impression.

When we came home a laptop with Internet connection, Victor often would sit up late, referring to being busy at work. But now I remember that very often he would come out of the shower is strongly excited and rubbed his hard cock against my bare ass or thighs. I was greatly excited and I thought that it was my body so it was exciting, happy. There was a period when we had sex almost every night, and if I was very tired, that morning. Everyday sex procedures lifted me up and I went to work and charged satisfied, especially since Victor never leave me without orgasm. If you can not make it a member, he always skilfully handled the language, do not hesitate to caress both holes.

Employees at work often ask me the question: why am I so happy. To which I always answered: I have a wonderful husband.

But it turned out that Victor snoshu me, was like fuck it. Honestly, I heard a year ago, I would have roared, and would most likely be gone by Victor. Now, hearing these words, I became excited and I wanted to learn more. But Victor, invited me to just watch those videos that he downloaded from the Internet.

Victor took the laptop and we went into the bedroom, where we have a large TV on the wall hanging. I lay on the bed, leaned back against the pillows and prepared to see that all the time excited my husband and encouraged him to engage in sex with me.

Victor Connect the cable from the laptop to the TV and took the remote, located beside me.
Examining name to talinitse files, Victor went into the directory with the name of BI. Inside the folder was a lot of files. Victor picked first and pressed on the remote control play button. The spot was foreign. Voiceover belonged to a woman, but he was quite low. After a while there was a picture. The room, bed. On the bed lay a brunette with long hair in leather corset, stockings and boots on the belt. Makeup was dark aggressive. a woman said something in a cell, according to the pronunciation, in German. She then someone motioned with a finger. The shot came a man of about forty in a leather thong. The woman turns to him sharply sometimes patting his hand on the bare buttocks. Then, on the other hand went into the frame of another man over the first fifty years. He was dressed in trousers and a white shirt. Woman fins to him, rubbing his thighs on the hill in the pants. Then the woman something commanded the first man and he stood in front of a grown man to his knees and began to unbutton his pants.
Judging by the quality of the recording was Domashov video captured still naplenku as periodically the image twitching and smeared color. At the time when these episodes were filmed, probably has not been invented name, but now it is called kukold. That is, when the husband voluntarily got into sex addiction from his wife. By understanding the meaning of this movie, I looked at Victor.
- You really want it that? - I asked, unable to believe that Victor wanted exactly that.
- No ... not really ... That is, there are times that I like and I wanted to try them, but without violence. - Calmly explained her husband, rubbing his penis rising up.
- Okay, let's see what's next. - I agreed.
Letting the pants, the man drew a big enough dick. The woman sat down next to a naked man and took a member of another man with two fingers, lifted it. With the other hand she gently pushed the young forward. A member of the senior men buried his lips partner. Large enclosed head foreskin, began to pour blood. Wink veins. While the trunk was still soft, the head increases in size. Junior lips parted and a woman put head between them. She was joyfully kept saying. Senior man just stood there doing nothing, allowing the woman to lead the process.

Junior partner began licking the head, she began to shine from his saliva. The woman raised her hand to his testicles and older as if weighing them became very gently knead, saying something younger. Then the younger man began to swallow already got stronger barrel deeper. All trunk could not swallow, but half of the members, including the head ended up in his mouth. The woman said something, and the younger man, lifting two fingers trunk, licking the scrotum became older, and then take turns sucking each testicle.

What he saw on the screen made my lips get wet. I deliberately did not push the legs otherwise, all moisture would have flowed onto the bed. Meanwhile, a woman something again and said senior turned his back and put his foot on the bed, leaning forward. Junior, crawled on his knees to the back of the elder. The woman grabbed the buttocks older and spread them apart. Junior reached down and sticking his tongue out, licking the anus older. The woman grabbed a solid trunk of the older and slowly mastrubirovala him, clutching a junior head to the buttocks of another man, something is silently saying in his ear. After some time the younger began to descend below the tongue, caressing the bridle connecting the ring anus and scrotum older.

Lasky Jr. and matrubatsiya older women helped achieve orgasm. The sharp voice of women and younger BESTROM turned over to lay back under the senior. The woman continued to masturbate older, pulling the scrotum with the other hand it down, as if milking it.

Tight jet of sperm gushed down. First came the hair and cheek, Jr., the second to hit the open mouth a man lying at the bottom, the third hit in the eye and nose. Otsalnye drops have dripped more sluggish in the mouth to the lower man.

This scene is over. I was so excited that some vryamya could not say anything. Victor hesitated to include the other roller. I waited for my reaction.
- What do you think about this? - He asked me timidly.
- What ... what ... so I'm excited to the limit. - I said, realizing that if now the throne of his crotch, then finish.
- You do not think it's a bust? - I asked the husband.
- No, dear. I do not think it's a bust. If you want it, we can agree with Leonid and Andrei and occasionally indulge in so - with a smile, I said.
- But that is not all...
- Yes!? - I was surprised, thinking that he has invented. - So show.

The husband quickly found another directory BI-STRAP and enter it chose any particular file for it.
On the right there was a naked middle-aged couple. She was 45. The age of 50. He was then replaced by a frame, and there was another couple. She was 30, he was 35. According to the captions, couples from Eastern Europe.

Young couple on the couch put the bag. Zhenischna of top pair, and opened it with a smile on his face pulled out a two artificial member on the straps. One pink, the other skin color. Pink she handed her friend. The camera began to show as the senior man helping a young woman to wear a strap. She sat down and spread her legs apart. The man licked the short end, and in the meantime the woman smeared her crotch any grease. Then she spread her fingers her pussy lips, exposing her clitoris and the man entered her vagina short end of the strap. The woman grabbed a long barrel and a little shook him, as if sitting on it.

The camera then showed a second pair. The woman already wore a strap. The man wore a condom on it. Then the woman squeezed in the trunk of lubricant and began to masturbate, along the trunk. Participants shooting laughed talking. Then the older woman slapped a young man on the ass, and pointed to the couch. The boy stood quietly on the sofa in the knee-elbow position, sticking out the ass towards women. A woman sat behind him. Somewhere in her hands took the rubber ring. She deftly slipped it on the barrel, clasping it with eggs at the base.
All that is happening on the screen has brought me so that I do not hesitate rubbed his fingers her pussy lips, trying not to touch the clitoris, otherwise would have ended in an instant. An adult woman got up from his knees and took the grease squeezed out on his fingers. Lightly she began to apply grease to the back hole of the young man. Judging by how he podmahivat he clearly enjoyed. Forcing another batch of grease on his hand woman struck lubricant GUSTs trunk, as if imitate masturbation became rasstirat grease along the entire length of the barrel.

Then the woman schlepnula several times on the buttocks of a young man standing in front of her and said something to him. He caved in the back and gave her ass back. The woman took up the base of the trunk and put his head to a man puckered hole. Slightly rising on tiptoes, the woman hung over him, and then began to fall head entering the drop-down under the pressure of a hole. The camera image is increased and the head was immersed in the bosom of man shows very clearly. The grease squeezed out around the edges. The head disappeared behind the flesh muzhchkoy priests. The flesh around the hole is tight. Woman zemerla and some time.
At this time, the camera over to the other pair. The man lay on his back. Young woman standing in front of him on his knees between his divorced and thighs pressed against his chest. Pink trunk strap slowly entered his ass hole. Hairless penis and scrotum, as well as the young guys were dragged and dropped from the base of a leather strap on the rivet and twitching to the beat of her movements. The man held his hands hips. A woman was holding his hips, as if pulling on his ass with every movement.

After a few minutes of monotonous sex, the camera went back to the second pair. Woman lying on her back, and the boy, pushing his feet into the bed jumped on it, having rested a hand in the back of the sofa, and another crushed her completely flaccid penis. I thought it was strange.
- Honey, why did not he worth it? - I asked in surprise.
- The pose is not correct. It's for a movie. - Briefly Victor said.
- And what should be, that the man enjoyed? - I asked with interest.
- You really want to know? - Delighted Victor asked.
- Of course. You're not just me it shows. I guess that you ask me as well fuck you in the ass. Or am I wrong?.

Victor was silent.

- Why are you silent, my dear? I'm not going to scold you or chastise. We will do so, if to you it is fun. I just need to know how, so that you could come. - I said, and scooted to her husband with her hand on his crotch.

His cock was already hard and peeking out from under his robe.
- I can see how you like it. I see the way you want it. I want you so ... I've started up the whole. - I began to squeeze his testicles, licking his lips.

Reaching into his head, I covered her mouth and licked a drop of grease. Then he dropped to the scrotum and in turn sucked each testicle. Then again he returned to the head and began to suck, dipping its trunk almost entirely. The finger of the right hand, I touched his anus.
- I think you need to lubricate it - I said pulling out of the mouth of his trunk. - Go for the grease, while I get ready.
Victor quickly ran to the bathroom and came back a minute later. At that time I took a dildo crotch and has already introduced a short part of it.

Victor without words helped me to fasten the straps. I took a condom and tearing it pulled the artificial trunk. I shook my hips and trunk became raskchivat in time with the movements.

Victor sat in front of me on the bed. Movie still went on, and at this point, senior man fuck a young woman with cancer, and his adult companion introduced his trunk into his ass. The result was a train. Young man lying under his young companion, and fondled her crotch language. This tangle of mating bodies added heat in my body and I'm taking a bit of grease squeezed his fingers.

- Well, honey, get up into the pose. Based on this roller you have to fuck from behind. - I said, pointing to the bed.
Victor took off his robe and climbed onto the bed, her ass to me. Its curvy ass with a little fuzz, stronger than me excited.

- Honey, razvin hands his ass, - I said. Victor pressed his breast in a blanket and spread her buttocks with both hands. I carefully and gentle movements began to spread the lubricant on his anus. Sometimes my finger penetrated his tight hole. I spared no lubrication. When the whole area around the anus was glistening with grease, I smeared the trunk of his penis and removing grease moved right up to his thighs.

- How are you love? Fast and rough or slow and gentle? - I asked, not wanting to cause unnecessary harm.
- Slowly ... Come slowly at first - asked Victor.
- Okay, honey. Relax and then you will be pleased. - I said, put in charge of his head to the anus.

Victor stood still, waiting for when I enter it in the head. I did not disappoint him, and began to gently introduce head into his hole, one hand holding his thigh and the other directing head into his hole. Head slowly became rasstyagivat his anus, gradually disappearing in it. A minute later, the head disappeared and flesh grabbed my trunk. It's so exciting look from the outside. I've never seen so close, as the head enters the muzhsskuyu ass. I stopped and patted lodoshkoy on the buttocks.

- Umnichka. Like this. Relax. you will be well soon. I, too, sometimes in the beginning, it is unpleasant. But then it will be fine. - I kept saying to me, patting, stroking the buttocks of her husband.
Stooping, I reached out with his hand to his penis. He was quite sluggish. I began to slug it compress, pulling down, like milking. He gradually began to respond and grow stronger in the palm of your hand.
- Oh, yes you already like. So ready to continue? - Victor nodded. I grabbed it with both hands by the hips and began to draw to sebe.Postepenno trunk began to penetrate deeper. The grease going down the barrel, but I smeared it back. Absorbed by half, I stopped, because Victor was arched and tried to pull away. I decided to let him get used to the size of my trunk.

- Darling, but before he tried his hand in the ass? - I asked, stroking his buttocks.
- Yes, - I breathed husband and moved her ass to meet my friend silicone.
- How long have you been doing this?
- About seven years ...
- Wow! It's time! And the last time I tried it? - I have not appeased.
- Half a year ago.
- Why?
- It was not the case.

I replayed in my head, and when he could crank it. She remembered. Six months ago, I went to a friend for a week. I was still left her her favorite nightgown. Sorry, you must be new to buy the same.
- Why are you silent all this time? - I repeated the question.
- I was afraid. I did not want to lose you.

My trunk is gradually penetrated the entire length of his rectum. I pressed my hips to his buttocks and a little shook. The trunk is spinning to the beat of my thighs.
- Well, nothing ... To be honest, I have long noticed that you have changed, but did not know what happened. I thought it seemed to me. What other surprises await me? - I decided to find out.
I became vytaksivat trunk. Pulling half, I stalao wiggle and enter it again.
Then he pulled out almost completely, leaving only the head inside his ass.
- I like lingerie ...
- Well, I know that. Do you have a taste. All that you gave all to me, and very very much. Especially that lecherous set that you gave me for the New Year. Remember how you did not want what I would have filmed it and fuck just like that, just moving her panties? - I went in his memoirs.
- I remember. But I wore it himself. - Victor said quietly.
I stopped.
- What for? - I was surprised.
- I like to feel the material. As he hugs the skin. As my head rubs against her panties. As pressed testicular tissue. - Razotkrovennichelsya husband.
I pictured it in my underwear and began to start.
- So why did you shave? - I guessed.
- Yes.

I began to increase the tempo and Viktor actively podmahivat me. My slot was already all wet. Short dildo irritated walls of my vagina and excitement grew. Juice dripped on the genital lips, flowing down to the hips. As much as I wanted was Larissa and her nimble tongue between them. I felt that a little more and finish. Streminitelno abdominal muscles contracted. The vagina is ready to refract the basis of the short strap that was put inside me.

Closing my eyes, I imagine that in front of me is in this position Larisa and I hold her hips and fuck. I hear her moans. I hear she asks him not to stop. I accelerated and the last time pressed to her hips buttocks finish. An explosion inside the brain. Rapid wave rushed up to my hips. The volcano, burning my insides, and then shot in the head. Billions of stars and splashing. Instant cold in the crotch and again the volcano ....

I woke up lying on the back of Victor. He also obediently stood in front of me in a pose, horny girls and a hand caressing his soft member. I carefully pulled out his own trunk, looked around. I expected to see in it the contents of the colon, but was pleasantly surprised.
- Darling, I see you're prepared and sdela enema - slapped on the buttocks, I lodging nearby.
- Yes ... - moaned husband, unsuccessfully pulling his small pouch.
- Let me help you, my love, - I suggested, by removing the strap and lay down under him, so that his penis was hanging over me.
- Come on, baby, fuck your mom in her mouth. Give me your seed. - I cheered him.

Victor turned his head in my mouth and slightly lowered. Then he began to make frictions. Its flesh is soft, has a velvety, soft, almost silky. I closed my eyes and pulling his lips actually allowed him to fuck me in the mouth. So it was got from it. Lying beneath him, and he fuck me in the mouth in the vagina or in the ass. Again I felt the excitement narostaet and reached out to caress his crotch became wet with the clitoris juices, sometimes poking fingers inside. I imagined that this Larissa fingers and her tongue.

He did not have to wait. After a while my mouth was full of his sperm, which served as the impetus for my subsequent orgasm. Beside myself, I devoured extradite Viktor sperm while rubbing her clit. When I was again faced a wave, I could not think.
She came from the fact that Viktor covered me.
- Where are you going, dear? - I caught on. - Stay with me.
- I'm in the shower, and then come back, - he said, getting up from the bed slightly behind your back.
I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

On Wednesday I came into work. Zoya and Marina quickly surrounded me and began rasprashivat as my health, as Victor. I am sure that everything is fine, I have moved to their workplace. The bell rang.
- Tatiana, Larisa S. causes you to 10 hours, - I heard the voice of Natalia secretary.
- Thank you Natasha. Tell Larisa Sergeyevna, I'll be sure. - I said, almost in a trembling voice.

Catching his duties, I just do not be late to the reception to Larissa. Run ran to her office, stopped his breath and went.
- The door shut with a key, my dear, - a serious voice, not looking up from the papers said Larisa.
I silently turned the key in the lock.
- Come, sit down. I'll - all the same strict and flatly said Larisa, not looking up from signing documents.

I went and sat on a chair in the corner of the room. Soon, Larissa looked up from the papers. I remove them in the safe. Silently walked up to me.

- Well, hello, my dear, - said Larisa and put his knee between my thighs to sidushku chair, leaned over and gently kissed my lips parted.
I kissed him back. Her warmth and smell already had turned my head.
- How do you feel?
- Everything is fine. I'm fine.
- I'm sure?
- Yes.
- So we all weekend in force?
- Of course! You ... You ... - I stammered.
- Do not worry. One by one I for you Larissa, but the only other Larisa Sergeevna. Remember Me? We have a problem with it is not? You do not need to know someone. Well Zoe Marina understandable, but they keep silent or they will not find it. - She said Larissa smiled and leaned back and her arms around my neck fell down to my lips.
- Good. Can I call you Lara? - I asked cautiously.
- Of course, if you like, I do not mind.
- I need to talk to you - I said.
- Interestingly, I have caused you, do you want to talk with me. Well, come on, you're the first. - I agreed to Larissa and sat on the sofa to my left.
- Lar, in short, I've been thinking a lot ... I realized that I can not live without you ... I like you already dream of ... Having sex with my husband, I present to you ... My heart is broken ... I do not know what to do ... it's just ... If you just want to have fun and no more, then let's not ... Let's leave it at that ... you're the boss, I am the slave. No more ... - I blurted out lamely.
- Did you say all? - Raised eyebrows, Lara asked.
- Yes...
- Well, now listen to me, honey. What happened in your house, it's just ripe for a long time discharge situation. I have been gazed upon you. Every time you walk into the office, or at a meeting in the toilet, I would like to hug you, to kiss and not let go nowhere ... You have long been in my heart ... If you only knew what I should restrain myself and not to climb on you in the toilet last week ... I myself have not been pleased that so attracted to you, but there was your birthday, which helped me to understand that I was not mistaken in you ...

Therefore your question about my intentions can be considered closed. I'm serious. No you will not give up. - Smooth and calm voice said Lara.
- And what about Victor? - I'm scared of what Lara asks me to leave him.
- And that Victor? your husband, Victor. He loves you, you love him. I'm not against. You will live as they lived, but if you accept my conditions, I will do everything for you, and neither you nor your Victor will not think of financial or other problems. Sorry, emotional problems are not my profile. They are the most you will have to decide.
- What conditions? - I asked.
- No women, without my permission. I do not want you to share with anyone. Do you hear?
- Lar, you're it! What are the women? I have in mind all thoughts of you! Yesterday sucked, I'm sorry, does blowjob to her husband and caressed herself fingers, it seems that it's your fingers ...
- I'm flattered. But again, not any women ... agreed? Yes or no?
- Yes, Larochka agreed.
Then Solve the issue with her husband, that next week you will live with me. How, I do not care. If you want, I'll ask Leonid this week to move to your home. As far as I know, your Victor would not mind seeing him more often? - With a grin wink Larisa.
- How do you ... Well, you and intuition! Yes, I myself would like to ask you the same question, but are not endowed, but at least a day or two. - Not sure I answered.
- What little things ... - said Larisa smiling. - On Friday, you come to work with the things that you need, and in the evening just to me. Agreed?
- Of course. I'll talk to Victor.
- That is great. All I need to work. Come on, go. - Said Larissa and leaned tenderly kissed passionately.
I am under the impression kiss, like in a dream, I stood up and headed for the door.

All the rest of Wednesday and Thursday, I did not go to Larissa, and did not even see it. The excitement in me narostalo waves. On Thursday evening, I gathered all the necessary things in a bag and several packages. I cook dinner. Lighted candles. I brought myself up, and wearing erotic lingerie, waiting for Victor to work, sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in hand. Victor came home after eight. I sent him into the bath, advising him thoroughly washed away, because I want it all. These words were enough to Victor retired. Pochasa later, he appeared in the hall, dressed only in a bathrobe. I sat down beside him. Took prepared for him a glass from the table and sat down next to me, put his hand on my knee.
- Is there something you wanted to tell me, my love? - Victor asked quietly.
- Yes. I would like to say that on Wednesday spoke with Larissa. She invited me to stay with her for a week ...
- But ... - I tried to kill Victor.
- Do not interrupt me! - Harsh, but not loud, I broke it.
- Sorry.
- I accepted her offer. Today we have the last night of this week, so I want to have sex with you. But what you want to have sex, because you will not have such an opportunity this week. However, we are not against Larissa, if this time Leonid will live with you, if you yourself want it. I'm not asking your permission, because this week I have to rethink our relationship with you and all the things that happened over the weekend, and realized that love only one man ... This is a favorite. But, there is another person who became very dear to me. Larissa. She knows everything. I told her everything. She accepted and understood. I plan to go back the following Sunday morning. So do not worry. I will not leave you. All your stuff ironed. I do not erase, fold into the basket. The only thing you have to do is hold a general cleaning before my arrival. I hope it's not hard.
I paused. The room fell silent. Victor sat quietly, slowly sipping wine.
- Why are you silent? - I asked, looking at her husband.
- Why say anything? You Larisa decided everything for everyone. - All as my husband said calmly.
- Honey, I do not take offense. You know that I love you and will love you alone, of the men. But do not forbid me to love and women. I just recently had known these feelings. I want to know it, how to know you. I want to drown in its rays of tenderness and affection. Be clay in her hands. Do not take it from me. - Almost in tears, I pleaded.

Viktor felt that my voice trembled and looked at me. He put the glass down and put his arm around her shoulders, kissed her cheek, then her neck. His lips were soft and easy. His hot breath was as the family and friends that I gave up.

Without looking I put the glass on the floor and allowed Victor to be on top. He slowly, ravyazal robe and parted floors. Outside, it was already dark, and the lights in the room did not burn. Only a faint light came into the hall from the kitchen.
- Honey, you're probably hungry! - I caught on.
- I'm not going to waste time on food when I have only one night. - With these words, Victor abruptly tore off my robe, which simultaneously issued a mournful crash and broke in several places. But I do not care right now. I realized that Victor took my rules of the game and this is the game has already begun. I was prepared for the fact that Victor wants to start a tough and pre-made sure that he, in a fit of passion did not break me. Pre-brushing his back hole lubricant. The vagina was wet for a long time, so I was excited at the stage of preparations for the evening.

Victor lightning turned me and put them in the knee-elbow position, making it clear that today I am for it just a bitch. Its hard but not rough, movements do not cause pain, but I was in a vise. Crooking me so that I put her breast into the surface of the couch, the husband knees parted my thighs. Leaving me for a while, he began to wear prizervativ.
- Spread your arms buttocks, - said Victor commanding manner.

I dutifully started the hands behind her back and spread her buttocks apart. In just a few seconds, I felt as Victor put his head to my anus. The next moment I felt a sharp pain. Burying his face in sidushku couch, I kept shouting, only moan. All member again, came to its full length and Victor fell on me. But after a few seconds he was completely pulled my penis and anus outdoor breathed in the cool air. A little burned, but I'm prepared to re-attack. Victor hesitated. It took more than a minute, but Victor and stood over me, pinning my body from the couch, but making no attempt to re-enter my ass.

I tried to turn, but Victor did not give. Then he stood up and left. I stayed in the same position clueless. After lying for a while I went to the side and slowly ran her fingers along the anus. Light pinching pain responded flesh, but at the same time, increased arousal. Thumb through lubricants easily entered in the ass. Sfeker phalanx grabbed and squeezed several times. It was nice. However, what happened a few minutes ago, it did not give me rest. I got out of bed, she threw on a robe and went to look for Victor.

I found it on the balcony. He stood and nervously smoked.
- Honey what happened? - Embracing him by the shoulders, I said.
The husband said nothing. I lowered my hands on his hips and began to drive them on the lower abdomen, without touching the penis. Victor did not move. Only occasionally blew smoke. I walked in front of his and sank to her knees. His fallen member still in the condom, rested between her thighs. I raised it in the palm, looking into the eyes of her husband. But Victor was not looking at me, staring into the distance, as if I'm not around. I approached plunged his head with a condom in her mouth. Soft and slippery latex, lubricant tasteful, excited me, but I wanted to feel his hot living flesh. I pressed my lips and pulled the latex condom. Spitting it again I swallowed her head and began to suck lightly squeezing the testicles in the palm. Even if Victor did not want it, then my affection have left him indifferent. This I informed him got stronger member. Gradually got stronger and matured, he was not placed in my mouth. I'm still looking into his eyes. Victor put out a cigarette and closed his eyes. I continued with variable rates to suck his cock, occasionally lifting and licking his balls while trying to get a finger in his ass.

Victor opened his eyes and looked at me.
- Sorry ... - he whispered softly.
I closed my eyes as a sign of forgiveness and continued to suck, so dear and delicious cock.
Favorite put his hands on my head and began to move her hips, spitted deeper my mouth on his penis.
- Let's go to the bedroom. I want to continue, - said Victor quietly.
The last time I licked his cock and submissively followed him.
Victor missed me in the bedroom.
- Cancer on the bed - all as he calmly ordered.
I wanted to throw off the robe, but he stopped.
- No, this way.

I obeyed. Kneeling, I oblakotilas elbows. Victor put a new condom and stood behind me, with his robe on his back, put his head in my anus. Then, very slowly I began to enter. With every movement of excitement grew. rectal walls parted head Victor. I stood motionless, taking this pokorono native member. Just typing it all, Victor stopped and hugged my hips began to pull cock slowly. Pulling it all, he reached out to the bedside table and took a bottle of lubricant, squeezed to a member. Rubbed his hand over his cock, he again put his head to the anus and grabbed me by the hips again began to enter the barrel, but this time faster. This time he did not pull out a member, at the exit, and with renewed vigor drove him back, clinging pubis to my buttocks and scrotum udyaryayas of my labia.

I dutifully took all the blows, feeling that excitement has grown so that even a blow and I finish.
And so it happened. I did not hold back and cry burst from my throat. I began to shake and I could no longer stand on his knees and hands. But Viktor has supported me, and I hung on his hands. He stopped for a while, and then walked slowly out of me. Gently rolled over, I parted my thighs began to gently kiss my crack. I was slowly moving away from orgasm, again excited. His tongue began to lick my lips, then went below and began to gently lick my still not fully closed as the anus. Every touch of his tongue caused me a wave of electrical discharge, but at the same time I wanted it. Soon, he again moved up and went to my clit. Licking my wet slit finger he caressed her ass. But at some point he shifted his weight and abruptly entered the vagina. His hard cock came to the end, and fill me again bringing pleasure. Then he leaned over and kissed me tenderly and gently, as it previously did when we first met. In my memories came flooding back. I felt so good. I relaxed, nogim wrapped around his waist and leaned forward, nasazhivayas on his cock farther. Victor did not move. Only I myself committed frictions, then clutching his trunk muscles of the vagina, then releasing, and then squeezing, then to let go.
- Darling, I'm so good ... - I moaned.
Victor stared into my eyes and did not answer. He kk dumb rock, just gave me his penis, so that I could enjoy it. I felt ashamed for his behavior, his own selfishness. I stopped and turned. Tears welled up in the eyes themselves. Victor looked at me for a while, and then began to kiss and lick my face with tears. He whispered in my ear sweet words, urging to stop crying, but I could not. I was ashamed.

- I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I'm selfish. Dura. It was impossible to do that with you, - I whispered.
Victor sat up in her arms and went out of me. At some point, it seemed to me that he will not return.
- Honey, do not ... do not go ... .. please stay .. I will do everything ... everything ... - I tried to stop Victor, clasping his hands.
- What are you, stupid. All perfectly. I am here and not going anywhere. - I reassured my husband, stroking his hand over his head.
- You really do not go away? - I did not believe.
- True. I love you. I'll do whatever you want for you. And if you want to be with Larisa and love it, I agree. I will not limit you in any way. Only two conditions.
- What?
- First. You always tell me where you are.
I nodded.
- Second. If you still want me to leave, I must be the first or even the second, who do you say about it. I think it's fair.
I nodded again and broke off.
- I will not leave you. I never leave. You are the best. - Victor, I hugged and kissed his cheeks, breasts, nipples.
- Well, - he said Victor quietly and sat down beside me.
- You do not want me anymore? - I asked in dismay.
- I'm a little perevozbudilsya, - said Victor and nodded toward the drooping members, wrinkled condom.

I leaned over to him and pulled his lips latex. Otplyunuv I again approached him and began to lick his penis. The head, the trunk. Taking the head with two fingers, I lifted it up and began to lick the testicles. Gradually, the trunk began to harden and twitch. I gently pushed Victor's chest and he leaned on his elbows, looking down at me. I continued to play with his balls, looking into his eyes. My tongue shamelessly caressing his penis and testicles and fingers his hole laskli rear entrance. Every time I Spit fingers his anus, Victor closed his eyes and his mouth would open. Knowing that this weasel gives him pleasure, I parted his thighs and rested on his shoulders, and she, extending her arms around his buttocks and touched his tongue anus.

From the lips of Viktor broke groan. I realized that on the right track and continued. His cock was strengthened even more and I knew what to do. Izvernuvshis, I reached out to the bedside table and pulled out a long anal plug. Licking her I began to tip podit on the anus and push through a little inside. Cork was level.The of hard rubber and I had to spread it lyubriantom make it easier to input. Several times I introduced the tip and pulled out, watching the anus rasstyagivaetsya pressure plugs. But here I am stuck in one long movement of the plug to the end and push the anus closed around cork tightly clutching her ring sfinkera. Victor slightly tensed, but shifted a little ass on the bed, relaxed, but his cock was still standing.

- Well, my dear, - stroking his hard trunk, I said, and licked the head. - How do you want me? Do you want to continue what you started? Do you want my ass? - I asked, glancing at her husband's predatory gaze and fondling the breast of his trunk.
- I think yes. I'm ready to fuck your bitch. - Victor said, rising to his knees.
- A bitch, ready to take his Master! - I said, and began tearing the condom to stretch it to a member of Victor, looking up at him.

Wearing a condom, Victor pushed me on my back and pulled my legs to his chest. Bending down, he began to lick my asshole, which otdavadas cuts at the touch of his tongue.

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