How I Spent My Vacation Home (Part 3)

Waking up on Saturday morning, Natasha stretched in his bed.

- Damn, mom the day off! So no sex with Max - she thought.

Rolling over on the other side, she buried her face in the pillow. She smelled Catherine. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.
For the current revival of Max turned hard as stone riser in his underpants. He looked at him lying next to a naked woman. It was Natasha's mother. She slept peacefully and snoring during sleep, after a night shift yesterday. The time was eight.

- Probably not worth it to wake up to have sex. Most likely, angry weariness - Maxim thought.

- And what do I do with my riser? And what if you look to his stepdaughter? And suddenly wake up her mother? There was, there was not, it is necessary to take risks!

He quietly got out of bed and went into the corridor, carefully closing the door behind him. Quiet little steps Max went to Natasha's bedroom.
The girl was asleep. She lay on her side, almost half in the stomach and moaning softly in his sleep. Her naked body was covered with a sheet slightly. Maxim quietly crept up to her and pulled the sheet. He stood there and admired her luscious hips and large breasts. Stroking his cock, he felt that he could so easily come, not even touching it.
Glancing at the door, afraid that Natasha's mother still can come here and catch him in the act. Determined to act with caution, she opened the closet door and looked in his mirror. Reflection from it just fell on the front door.

- Now you can control the situation - he said quietly hid behind Natasha's back in bed.

He lay on his side behind her, between her and the wall in front of mirror doors.
Natasha stirred and pressed her breasts against the body of Max, sighing and smiling in his sleep. Then he stretched out his hand and pinched her nipple, trying to wake her so. When her eyes opened, and she wanted to say something, Maxim's lips pressed to her lips.

- Max, you're crazy descended - she whispered. Mom is at home, it is now the output!

- Sh-sh-sh, keep quiet and do not say anything. She is still sleeping. And most likely, will sleep more until dinner.

- Are you sure about this?

- Yes I am sure. When I left her, she slept like a baby. We just need to be quiet.

Natasha looked at Max and smiled, agreeing with him. The man held his hand on her breast, and then lifted her leg and began stroking Natasha's pussy, which was already quite wet.

- What did you dream, little whore? - He whispered.

She opened her mouth to answer, but Max whispered in her ear.

- Shut up and remember, you do what I say!

Natasha arched back when she felt his fingers on her clitoris.

- Look in the mirror. We're so sexy in it watching. You've all mokrenkaya. Do you want me to you came?

She nodded, biting her lip to keep from screaming. Electric wave passed over her body. It was very hot in the chest and clitoris strongly tingling. She wanted to scream with excitement. Head thrown back, eyes closed. Natasha begged Max to fuck her.
He was lying behind her and pressed his cock in her pussy. Another moment and dickhead has gradually entered her womb. She only hid her face in the pillow, so as not to have heard her screams and moans.

- What he will have thick and hot - she whispered in his ear. Do you want to cum in my little girl?

Max felt that at this rate he will not last long. And after a few minutes, filled with his sperm Natasha's vagina. She also finished, stepfather clamped over her mouth, the girl did not scream. In a fit of passion she bit his hand. Her internal mouse clutching his rod. It seemed that the cramps have gone through the whole body. Their bodies collapsed on the bed. Maxim whispered in her ear.

- I want to see how you fuck with another man.
Natasha just smiled in response.
Day came to her Kate.

- And where are your parents? - She asked.

- In the movie, we left, her mother since the day off.

- Maybe we'll go for a walk? - Kate asked.

- I do not want - Natasha said. The yard is so hot, and there is bliss for air conditioning. And brother called from the station, he comes to leave.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

- And here he is, I guess. Katya open the door, please.

The girl got up from the couch and went to the front door. She looked through the peephole and saw an older brother of Natalia Eugene.

- Zhenya !!!! - Natasha screamed and ran into a guy's arms.

- Hi sister!!! How long since you and I have not seen! I missed you!

- I missed you too!

- And I - Kate cried. Can I hug you?

Eugene went to Kate, embraced her and kissed her on the cheek. Then they took a bag and a suitcase, and went to the guest room, located next to Natasha's bedroom.

- Girls, and you're on vacation? And what do you do all day?

Natasha and Katya looked at one another and smiled.

- Here sunbathe and swim in the pool. We catch every ray of sunshine to the institution.

- I would also now happy to swim - the guy said.

- Then we went to change clothes. We will wait for you at the pool.

The girls went into the bedroom to Natasha to wear swimsuits.

- Kate, I'm so happy that my brother has arrived!

- I, too, to be honest, I have long wanted to have sex with him.

- Well, well, I'll be glad for you friend!

The girls grabbed towels and ran to the pool. They lay in the sun and waiting for Zhenya. Twenty minutes later, Natasha said:

- Come on, let's see why he does not go so long? !!

- Jack, are you where gone?

- I can not find my trunks!

The girls went into the room. Eugene was back on them completely naked. He turned and saw them. The guy is not particularly embarrassed of their nakedness, he was stunned swimwear girls. Pieces of cloth barely covered any chest or their pussies.

- Vauu! Wow! - He cried.

His cock instantly took a vertical position. He did not expect such a turn, just stared at her sister, panting.
First come round Katya, she went to Eugene and covered it with his palms standing member. Her nipples stood at attention and tore meager scrap of bra. She looked at the boy and smiled. Jack opened his mouth and sucked his tongue Catherine's lips.

- Mmm girls, and you really have become quite an adult.

Kate dropped to her knees and took the dick in your mouth. Jack closed his eyes and groaned, he even forgot that standing next to his sister and looks at them.
Natasha watched as her friend sucking a thick dick of her brother. She came close to them. Jack opened his eyes and took a deep breath, putting his dick in deeper Katin mouth. He felt a huge rush of excitement due to the fact that his sister was watching him. Natasha, too, was excited and surprised at the same time.
Jack looked at his sister and hugged her waist. Then their lips have merged in a kiss. Katya, on her knees, continued to suck his dick. Cum splashed into her mouth when the front door slam.

- We're home! - Natasha's mother cried.

All three froze, not knowing what to do next.

- The girls go to the pool, and I will go to my mother, because she still does not know that I have arrived!

Eugene caught Kate's hand and put his arm around her. His lips pressed against her wet lips, he tasted his sperm on her tongue.

- Thank you Katusha, you were wonderful!

Eugene got dressed and went to his mother.

- Hi, Mom !!!

- Son?!!! My love, you come !!!!

- Have you seen my sister?

- Yes they Mommy Katya went to the pool.

- I'm so glad to see you! Maxim come here! - She cried. Jack arrived.

- I offer to arrange a gala dinner today !!! - The woman said with tears in his eyes.

- I only - the guy said. Go, I call girls.

He walked over to him, the girl lying in the sun and sunbathing.

- Well, as my mother did not suspect anything?

- No, Natasha, everything is in order. She wants to arrange a dinner in honor of my arrival.

- Hello, you stay? - Natasha asked her friend.

- I can not. I promised my mom I'd be early today.

In the evening the whole family gathered for the holiday table. Eugene somehow seemed to really oddly Max looks at his sister. He even could not imagine how far they have all gone.
Most of all angry Maxim. While Eugene will stay at home, he can forget about having sex with Natasha. He could just quietly to behave and stay away from his stepdaughter.

After dinner, everyone went on holiday. Natasha tired these days, she simply stripped naked and climbed into bed. She wanted a quick finish and go to bed. The girl took a vibrator and put his head vibrating to your clitoris. Her body shuddered through his veins ran the blood. A few minutes later it covered the orgasm, she turned on her side and fell exhausted into a deep sleep.

Eugene went to sleep too. But as fast asleep as his sister could not. He replayed their meeting today in his head. Does he want to fuck her?
- I think she wants it too! Be sure to have to talk to her. We can not allow this, we're brother and sister. Now I'll go and talk to her.

Eugene in shorts quietly crept up to Natasha's bedroom. He opened her door and slipped into her room. When he turned back toward the bed, stood still.
His sister was lying completely naked. He could not believe his eyes, her hair spread on the pillow. Chest slowly rising up every time her breath. His cock immediately stood up, causing him pain and discomfort.

- Here is the answer to my question. I really want to fuck your sister!

He quickly took off his shorts and carefully climbed into her bed. His cock rested against her buttocks. Natasha's legs were bent at the knees, which are almost touching her boobs. Jack stroked her pussy from behind, she was wet from a recent orgasm. The head of his penis gently pressed on her lips sex.
Natasha woke up, feeling the warmth of the body lying behind her and a thick cock in her pussy. She thought it was Max and turned her head to kiss him.

- Zhenya?!!! What are you doing here?

Ooooh, lift your feet up! - Said her brother.

- Are you crazy?! We can not do it !!!

But Eugene did not listen to her. He grabbed her legs and held them up. Then more he pushed his penis into her vagina.

- It hurts me, did you get so fat! Stop immediately !!! Please, I beg you!

Although she screamed at her brother, but did nothing to pull his dick out of her pussy. She just arched back and moaned. She felt his thick trunk at the inside, and it was good. Natasha turned her head and kissed his brother passionately. He slowly began to move inside her.

- But it is wrong Genia! We can not do it! - She moaned, and she continued to enjoy the forbidden fruit of sensuality.

Her brother felt the muscles of her vagina began to decline, holding his cock in his grip.

- If you do not want it, so why should your pussy is flowing like Niagara Falls? I feel that you have already finished more than once!

- Yes, I have repeatedly had an orgasm, and nothing I can do about it !!!! I feel good when I am with you! Insert deep into me his dick !!!! Ohhh ... to what all great !!!

- You're so sexy sister, I love you !!! You excite me so much !!!

- Genia Deeper and deeper !!!! Fuck me harder! Ahhhh, I'm coming !!!!

- You, too, had finished? - She asked. I can feel your cum fills me inside !!!

Jack collapsed on her sister, panting, kissing her neck.

- Vauu, it was just great !!! Natasha

- I can not believe what we just did to you brother. I liked everything!

- I also enjoyed it. But we must be very careful. God forbid, my mother know!

- I do not want to hide anything from you Genia - Natasha became frank with his brother. I want to tell you my secret. Just Bring peace to my words, I beg you!

Jack lay beside him and looked into the face of her sister. He caressed her body:

- You're driving me crazy sister! Tell me your secret.

- Kate, Max and I, the three of us were having sex!

- Wow!!!! A mother knows?

- You're a fool, of course, he does not know. She's working at night.

- Old bastard !!! - Yelled the guy. This asshole seduced you?

- No, it was not so. Calm down please. We are with Kate wanted him to fuck us. We are seduced by his pool when he went out to smoke.

- Well, you and swirls - Eugene said, suddenly jerked his cock again.

- It is only on vacation. In the fall, I'm going to college.

Max good lives with our mother. And I have with it is just sex and nothing more. Between us all over when I leave.

- By the way, Kate is very much wants you. She told me that she wanted to have sex with you!

- I also thought this when she sucked my dick. By the way, in your presence sister!

- We need to talk to her to have sex threesome she said.

- You're driving me crazy !!! Natasha

To be continued ….

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As my brother and I

Today, I came home late. Slowly she snuck into his room in the hope that my brother was asleep. Parents were not home, they left for a week on a visit to Grandma, but we stayed because of the study. Slowly, I sat down at the computer and came to the site with interesting stories. How difficult to guess the stories were erotic in nature. Interesting articles about incest, swingers and lesbians excited me so much that I wanted to feel something whose dick in my pussy. The desire was so strong that I went to the bathroom and comfortable ulegshis began to fondle himself.
I pinched his chest and caressed her clit. It felt nice and I began to moan softly. The sound of water drowned out all sounds and I have not noticed in the bath became my brother. He stood and looked in my brazen pretty good shape and clean-shaven pubis. I hesitate to say what I felt then. Confusion and a strange excitement overwhelmed me. In fact, my brother was a handsome young man and the girl ran after him in droves. He was a tall, athletic man with regular features. A little after standing in silence he went.
I returned to the bedroom and flopped down on the bed naked. Thoughts swirled about his brother I did not sleep at giving head. I remembered his eyes keen and seemed waiting for something. Finally fatigue took its toll, and I fell asleep. But in the dream I was not calm. I dreamed solid erotica, I was someone stroking, caressing his chest, kissing the clitoris ... I woke up from a wild desire to see beside her brother. He patted me on the head and gently kissed. From happiness overwhelms me, I smiled. Finally then, my brother, whom I had long secretly love to be near.
We lay there and kissed his erection, rested on me. I passionately wanted to feel it in myself and began to try to spread on it. But my brother was teasing me, he then rubbed it on the clitoris and labia, then gently shoved and pulled. Finally, he took pity on me and went to the full. I grabbed his ass, trying to hold a longer and just a couple of minutes had finished, but he continued his movement. Gradually accelerating it with the force of hitting his instrument in me. Orgasms covered us one by one. We moaned and cried. His warm cum filled me, bringing new enjoyment.
Finally tired, he got off me and lay down beside hugged tightly. "I love you more than anyone else in the world like" my brother whispered.
And in the morning we fool around in the bathroom while taking a shower. Thoughts of incest and that it is not very well not even visited us.

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Boy-girl, or how I was light

- Sveta, but as you have been for the first time? Well, I mean, with a man?
I glanced to the side, where next to me on the couch collapsed baggy Kostik: blue-eyed blonde with an athletic figure, twenty-eight years old. We were lovers for a year, and perhaps it is best of all who I was. The son of wealthy parents, he was a successful businessman, thanks to which I had in my eighteen are spending money, which never dreamed of any of my classmates, and admission to a prestigious university was for me the question is solved. Anyway I liked Kostya although, at times, been too inconsiderate. But, "the girl who dines, that it and dancing," even if this girl - boy.
- Well, tell me, are you not born male davalkoy!
Continued examination of my annoying partner.
Yeah, Svetik, my precious friend, "Men davalka" definition quite appropriate for you. In the mirror opposite the bed reflected the elegant young man, almost a boy, dark-eyed, with dark silky skin, a cap of black hair curly, delicate features and bright scarlet lips from nature. Long slim legs, captured at the ankles wide loops attached to a wall, with his up and spread wide, showing small and pink, like a child or a girl, feet. Hands can not see - they are tied behind his back, but on display exhibited strong hemisphere buttocks and anus ajar rosette, from which on a satin pillow drain thick white droplets. All smoothly shaved crotch and tightly constricted at the base member with the relief swollen veins sticking up proudly, showing half-bared crimson head and intercepted gum balls hanging over rastrahannym ochkom heavy purple ball.
One of the weaknesses of Kostik was addicted to all sorts of bondage and sex toys, so he always rigidly tied me before you to fuck. In addition, Kostya would not let me finish before feigned himself. Often, dangling my ass or in the mouth a couple of times, he took up the balls and dildo thicker and began to fuck me firmly by them until they brought to the sweetly painful orgasm. Thank God to whips, needles and other sadistic inventory we have not yet reached.
I sighed heavily. Not only him that raped me twice already this evening, so now he wants to fuck more and morally. On the other hand, why not tell us? In the end the humiliation to which I am subjected, gives me no less pleasure than the actual fucking.
- If you tell, let me finish?
- Of course the ladies. Come too, confess.
It is easy to agree my lover and loudly slapped me on the behind, triggering a wave of dull pain in a tapered member.
- Then my feet FREE - numb.
- Just a second.
Kostya took a dresser oval pacemaker and abruptly shoved it to me in the ass to include in the average power. Then released my ankle, so I was able to lie down on her side, curled up comfortably on cushions and began to talk. Electric toy in the anus continued to support member in predorgazmennogo state, so my voice shaking at times, stumbling on the sighs and languorous pauses.
And why, actually it all began? Yes, perhaps, from the very Svetka, my older sister. In fact, my name is Oleg. That summer I was fifteen, and she, respectively, seventeen. My sister and I are very similar, almost twins, and both went to the mother - Moldavanka of Dubossary, has given us a bright southern beauty. I must admit that Svetsik was good as a little devil and it is quite natural for her buzz about all the boys in the suburban housing estate where we lived. One of her boyfriends was Sergei: her same age, muscular, strong with a sports figure, red hair, bright blue eyes and the whole bulk konopushek on upturned nose. I think he started to be friends with me to visit often in our house and see Svetka, but just nothing to him was shining, and then she asks, and all went into town for whatever their business. We stayed with Sergei and kept in touch.
I was precocious sexual development lad: visible southern blood made itself felt. Suffice it to say that I have started to stand in the decade. But sex with men do not fall within the scope of my sexual dreams until one remarkable event, which has become a complete surprise for me, and for Sergei.
We often went together to the river. They had a nice little cove with a sandy bottom and a green lawn, enclosed on all sides by bushes. To go there was pretty far away and everything in the forest so overgrown with reeds river bank, but there never was anybody but us and we are happy to enjoy the solitude, sunbathing and swimming without shorts. On the day we with Sergei came to the beach by noon. It was hot. Throwing off his clothes, we rushed into the water, naplavatsya enough, and then started a fun romp, floundering and splashing each other. Running away from Sergei, I jumped out of the water, he ran track and was able to catch me across the torso, pinning his hands to his sides. I struggled hard, turning the hips, which were pressed to Sergei's groin. So we struggled for a while, naked and wet, yet I fell forward, knocking over and his friend, flopped straight at me. Finally I managed to get free. Laughing, I got on my knees and found Serge sitting on the grass in front of me, a little zaprokinuvshis ago, and his dick, framed with wet red hair, standing like a rock, and wide-open eyes looking at me with an expression of absolute madness.
I do not know what to do with me at that moment. Perhaps, I was struck by this intense muscular body with snow white skin and shamelessly sticking member, or touched by this wild look, full of pain and confusion, but I have not stepped back and did not feel any resentment over the fact that my (is mine, no doubt there It could not be) the body caused sexual arousal at the other boy. On the contrary, it was suddenly strangely pleasant, and yet, I felt compassion for this languishing on the willingness of the merits. Therefore, instead of rebel or run away, I reached out and gently held her fingertips upright trunk. Sergei moaned softly through his teeth and leaned her hips forward to meet my hand. Then I gently grabbed his penis in the middle and gently moved his hand up and then down, revealing a crimson head, on which a tiny transparent drop of grease made. Sergei bit his lip and strongly tilted back, showing what I can do with him as a member, I want. And then I also felt very excited. Of course, I myself have a lot of time doing ananizmom, but there was nothing but forbidden: I held for a member of another boy and drove his body as he wanted. It was both scary and sweet.
On impulse, I leaned forward and touched his lips to the hard flesh, and then licked the language of the rough surface of the head. She had a taste of river water and salt, in the place where the opened mouth. Alien hand fell on my head and pressed gently. Responding to this demand prosbu- I completely took the cock in her mouth and began to suck on it, as did the girls from secretly viewed porn. Tightly clutching a member of the lips, I rhythmically moved his head, sliding up and down on the surface and massaging the tongue bore and the bridle, then grabbed his hand at the base and walked several times around the head of the language, and then he swallowed almost the entire length. Sergei only groaned through clenched teeth, stroking his hand and ruffling my hair. Suddenly he grabbed them painfully and leaned forward; his cock shuddered and threw me into the mouth of a powerful jet of salty sperm. Several times frantically pulling booty, Sergei went limp and let me go, fell back on the grass. I let his dick out of his mouth and stood up, standing in front of him on his knees wide apart, smeared with sperm lips. My peg also stood. Unable to hold back then I grabbed him and began to masturbate, almost instantly peaked and izlivshis on the ground right between the legs spread wide Serezhkina. Then I got up and ran into the river. After a few seconds behind me there was a heavy splash - Sergei followed my example.
After a swim, we got dressed in silence and went home. Along the way, I did not speak: one was too busy with his own feelings. I was in some disarray, but on the other hand, everything that happened I liked. The heart sang some dashing string, for some reason I had fun, like a fresh wind blew in his face. The village was not far away, when we came to a clearing in the middle of it with rosshey old pine. Then I called Sergei.
- Oleg, wait.
I turned around. My friend was standing with crimson cheeks and a shy shifted from foot to foot. He was clearly not at ease.
- What?
I asked and smiled encouragingly, saying "do not drift, nothing terrible has happened."
- Listen, and you could not ... well ... again?
- What "again"?
Slightly stunned me.
- Well, you, too, liked it, I've seen. What are you worth?
Hot and haltingly said Sergei.
Probably, if I had said 'no' to anything more was not, perhaps, my life took a different, but I would like to say quite different words. That naughty feeling that fills the soul all the way back, pushed to continue the risky sexual experiments.
- You want me to you again sucked?
I asked, looking honestly Sergei eyes and shaken by internal laughter and sweet rolls horror. He blushed even more and nodded.
- Only this is strictly between us, mind.
I pushed his hand into his chest, so he leaned against the trunk of an old pine tree, and he dropped to his knees, groping fingers of the buttons on his jeans, vzhiknuv lightning, pulled them up to his knees and then pulled off and melting, revealing again strained economy . At that moment I felt kind little slut, making blowjob in the alley, and it's fucking feeling to impotence even more. I carefully took Seryozhin penis in his hand and for a while it podrachival, and then began to tease tongue, while working hand and forcing my friend squirm and crawl back on the pine. During the blowjob, I kept glancing up at his cramped enjoyment face with eyes closed. Finally, when he was almost ready to cum, I swallowed deeply cock and began to suck hard, forcing him to be discharged. At the same time Sergei firmly pressed my head to his groin, scoring my dick on the tonsils, splashed sperm right into my throat and so paused for several long seconds.
Freed, I tipped back and watched as my friend, panting, pulls his pants.
- So how did you like it?
I asked, licking his lips involuntarily. He did not answer. After managing somehow to fly, he turned and walked quickly to the village. Soon I went after him.

On this night, on the roof of the loft, where I spent the night, drumming rain. I was in a T-shirt, sprawled on a mattress, and unseeing eyes staring into the darkness. Memory helpfully replayed in front of me one picture zaboristee other. I felt hot and strong body of Sergei, his muscular arms, pressed me to her, I saw the pain and request in his eyes and a great member of the insurgent, and felt the warmth of delicate skin, quivering beneath my lips. I again and again knelt down to take in mouth and enjoyed the fact that the picture the girl. No, not the girl, and juvenile pacifier, climbing to fly to a random guy.
My breathing was ragged, his hands slid along the body, stroking the thighs, stomach, with his shirt and began to twist the nipples. Then, the right rushed to the perineum, testicles squeezed and went on for a long time already fervently standing peg member, starting to play with him at first lightly, and then all the harder, goading inflamed flesh. Meanwhile the left, releasing the nipple, plunged into the mouth and then shifted to the buttocks. Wet fingers found the entrance to the cave and began her anus oglazhivaet, then massaging the elastic ring entrance, the penetrating inside. Throughout the body disperse heat wave. I moaned and bit his lips, tossing on the crumpled wet sheets, and in his mind was turning moment of my highest profound triumph and humiliation, when a man grabbed me by the head and spread on a member of the most eggs, poured down my throat his love nectar. My body arched in ecstasy, standing on a perfect gymnastic bridge, and penis, which I continued to masturbate furiously, Monster powerful jet, the Gulf my stomach and thighs.
Then I sprawled exhausted on the bed, throwing off the floor wet with sweat and semen shirt. On the cheeks dry out the track with tears. Orgasm is not brought relief. I owned some delirium. Finally I got up, opened the window and, in the buff, went down the ladder to the courtyard. Hardly drizzling rain pleasantly cooled sweaty skin. I went through the gate and walked along the forest path, eagerly inhaling moist air, full of the smell of pine needles and wet earth. The fallen leaves rustled under her bare feet, and I myself seemed the first person in this strange forest at night. I do not know where delirium, until he stumbled on an old pine tree, near which Seryozhin sucking dick for the second time and has quite deliberately. Smiling, I touched his hand to the trunk, and then pressed his body against the rough bark, as if trying to feel the warmth of the skin standing here today, boy. I instantly excited. The bark scratched the tender skin of the penis risen. Then I turned back to the pine, slowly knelt down, leaned against the trunk of the blades again and began to masturbate while striking out a member of the seed stream not unto the earth, as if bringing a sacrifice to the god of lust dominates here.
For a while I sat at the roots of a mighty tree, enjoying the peace and quiet of the descended, and then got up and went home. In my heart I have finally become easy, because I knew exactly what I want. Reaching the bed, I fell asleep quickly, slept without dreaming and woke up with a smile on his face.
The next day, in the morning Sergei did not show, but I was sure that he will appear for sure: we did not have time to dine as the fence flashed the familiar red curls. I ran from the porch to meet him, throwing on the move:
- Mom, we went to the river.
Headed we really to our beach, but before reaching it, Sergei stopped and sat down on the thick trunk of a fallen tree.
-Olezhek, it is necessary to talk.
He said, casting a sideways glance at me, and looked at the ground. I cautiously sat down next to him. Sergei is clearly toiled.
-Listen, - he managed finally, - the fact that we had yesterday ... do you think this is normal?
I smiled to myself. Sergei knew the answer, and knew what he wanted, but he was afraid to admit it themselves and now needed the support. Smehota: usually the adult and independent, he is now asking for advice from the boys, who the day before twice taking in his mouth. I gently put my hand on his shoulder and Sergei did not pull away, which was no doubt a good sign.
- Listen, - I said softly - do you like the fact that we had yesterday?
Sergei nodded.
- You would like to repeat it?
Again the nod, but not so confident.
- I just do not know ...
Not giving the finish, I hugged his neck and pressed it to his lips. Kiss me a lot Sveta, saying that it takes practice, and now I floated her tricks. Gently he kissed Seryozha's lips, as if trying to taste them, then became more aggressive, slid into his mouth tongue. For a moment he was taken aback, then he said to me. Our tongues caressed each other, strong hands covered my shoulders, but I gently freed himself and stood up on his feet, shrugged off his shirt, and then quickly took off his pants, remaining in the same sandals. Sergei looked at my naked body glistening with lust eyes, anticipating that now is. I was too much excited, but do not hurry. Slow down on my knees, I pulled off his short-cropped jeans, walked his fingers on the rapidly swellable member, and then began to cover him with kisses, trying to be as gentle as possible. Member Seryozha was pretty serious, fifteen centimeters, and I walked tongue along its length, and then licked his testicles and, alternately sucking them into his mouth. My hands gently stroking the thighs and abdomen partner and lips carefully treated his manhood, then absorbing almost entirely, then sucking the head, teasing the tongue. Finally, when Sergei was ready, I let his cock out of his mouth and a few finger movements made rapidly finished right on my face and chest.
- Wow, how many you have it.
I smiled, wiping the cum from her cheeks.
- Sorry.
-Well you. It's okay. You were okay?
- Yes very.
Serge finally smiled to me.
- You know, I want to finish. Help me please. -soft I said. - Just caressed my hands.
I knew that he could not refuse and he was right. Sergei nodded, and I lay down on a log, his legs dangling on either side and his hands behind his head, and Sergei sat down opposite me. What a thrilling moment: I was lying completely naked, apart hips and a pretty boy takes my hand in the hard dick and starts to fondle, skillfully manipulating the fingers. He showed no small experience such pleasures, so soon I was languidly moaned and writhed all over, and then violently ended by calling my lover (yes, now lover) smile legitimate pride. Reaching out, I kissed him on the cheek, then kissed his hand, which he jerked me and whispered in my ear, "Thank you!", I jumped with flexible timber.
Picking up from the earth thrown clothes I shouted: Now let's go for a swim. Catch up with - and as he was not dressed, sprinted down the path.
The ensuing three days we spent together a lot. We went to the river, kissing, caressing each other, and at night in the attic, I was given the fantasies and pleasures alone, and not only masturbate but tore his anus using the finder in the sideboard of thick candles. Kisses and blowjob I was little, I wanted more had a plan how to achieve this.
On the fourth day we went on a hike with an overnight stay. Half day walking with backpacks, crossed the river at the ford, then camped on a secluded clearing near the yellow sandy reach, they bite. Sergei spread a cloth and placed sunbathe, and I climbed into the tent. The chips are down. To this minute, I've been preparing for. Even before I carefully washed her ass using stolen in a home medicine cabinet enema and now generously smeared with vaseline stuck in the same place. Then she puts a bright polish nails of hands and feet as she loved to do my little sister. After a few minutes of the tent came a slender girl, dark and curly, bright yellow sundress very brief, with the hairpin, decorated with artificial flower chrysanthemum in her hair and walk toward the mannequin lying on a bed young man. He lazily turned and stared dumbfounded at his eyes yavivsheesya perfect vision.
- She asks?
He gasped.
I silently smiled, dropping beside him. He slid his hand over the relief of the abdominal muscles.
- Sveta!
He moaned, grabbing me by the shoulders and glaring kiss on my sunburned neck.
-Yes, darling, yes, I am your Sveta.
I whispered when he had poured on my back, pulling from his shoulders sundress and kissing lips, neck, shoulders, digging greedy lips to the nipples.
- Take me! Take more!
Sergei parted and pulled up my feet, ignoring the sticking between a member of a gently remove hair. He was blown away and he wanted to fuck, and I wanted the same thing. Frantically grabbing his dick, he put his head to a ringlet of my anus and pushed, forcing eldu into my tight pussy. Butt ached. I muffled moan, biting her lips and her eyes closed, and Sergei stuck to its full length, pulled and drove again, fucking me like a real whore. He fucked me selflessly, ignoring the cries and moans, and I could only endure, trembling and jerking throw on the shoulders of men's legs, feeling somewhere inside emerges a wave of painful pleasure and self-loathing. Yes, it happened: I fuck your ass like the last whore. I - just a dirty wench, whore, litter.
- Yes, come on, fuck me harder! Fuck your little whore!
I whispered.
- Yes! Yet! Oh-ooo !!!
From these lustful moans Sergei further inflame. Turning on my belly, he leaned on, continuing to hammer away at me like a jackhammer, all increasing the speed and amplitude. Finally, the last time he threw me on the whole length and jerked, spewing sperm in my anal. And almost at the same time my body shook the strongest orgasm, sweeping away the last vestiges of reason.
Then we were resting. Then again, kissing and fucking. At dawn, I crawled out of the tent. The whole body ached and especially exhausted, rastrahanny anus. Some how to get to the water, I dived into its cool depths swam until out of breath, then popped up and lay on his back. In the sky, illuminated by the rising sun among the clouds, circling bird. The world breathed beauty and tranquility. Slowly I went to the bank and stopped: in front of me stood Sergei. His athletic figure in the rays of dawn appeared the body of the young god. Mighty member, shiny with grease, proudly upright.
- Sveta, I want to fuck!
He declared in a tone that brooked no argument. My poor sick ass - mentally I howled, - he tear me! But his lips obediently whispered:
- Of course, darling. As you want?
- Then Sergei fucked me almost every day, sometimes several times. And then the summer was over, we went home and did not see. I recently learned that he has a constant girl. Well, I - as you can see ...
I finished my confession.
- Yeah - handed Kostya, businesslike stroking my thigh, - what a touching story. I from it riser started again!
Indeed, Costin member again surged in full combat readiness.
- Hey, you promised to let me finish.
He reminded me.
- Of course, you cum, sweetie, - smiled my lord and master - only a little later. And now I will once more otymeyu.
Provrkoval he put me cancer and utykaya obkonchalsya face in the pillow. Sharp jerk, causing a muffled scream, pulled out of the anus vibrator and loudly slapped his hand on the buttock.
- Well, she asks, cup your point. Your goddamned ass because wants it thoroughly otebal?
I vzohnula, accept the inevitable and said quietly:
- Yes honey. Fuck my little slut.
I felt the man's palm oglazhivaet my skin slide over the hips, and then a strong thick cock broke into my body, sharp jerk entered in the ass to its full length.

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Ramp (9 part)

Infrequently they visited Maxim, even occasionally staying overnight. It is was one joke that is looking for a suitable girl-sitter for themselves. They have developed a Lada straight friendly relations, it seemed he did not take offense at them with his father. The treatment worked to his advantage: he was almost discreet lifestyle without major disruptions, although all sorts of entertainment does not deny.

It was a hot evening, the beginning of autumn; poolside father, son, Lada with a toddler in a stroller were emotional talking about just completed a tour of southern BM to which RM did not let a Woman, making it clear that it is not to his liking. And she eagerly questioned that the "pure entertainment", as it came out with the words trip. Maxim, teasing the former take his group, pains of fascinating pastime of children under the hot sun on a hot reception of the public. Skeptical listen to their conversation father soon Lada reminded of the need to lay the baby. Zaiknuvshis was a nurse, said the girl was a stern look businessman. Vexed, she brought the baby into the house, knowing that RM unpleasant memories of her joint and Maxim. He thought, now she had only respectable present and the future with him and their children. And her frivolous past was taboo. When Maxim could afford to be young and frivolous, she relied maturity and sanity. Concluding the evening beauty treatments, sadly looking at his face and really matured in the mirror dressing table, Lada is no longer there either carelessness or negligence. And so I longed for the 20-year-old Lada, which was nothing, and at the same time it was. Entered RM kissed her on the top of his head and went into the bathroom: advancing the next session of conception.

Glancing out the window and seeing take a quick look at this side of the street remaining son, thoughtful man turned his eyes fixed on the girl in front of a mirror and called her. Embracing approached, he pulled her to him and noticed that it seemed to him, she felt sad about the tour. Lada nodded. He said patronizingly, which, of course, it will go on tour in the future, when the children grow up and let him go business so that the whole family to stay in a comfortable cottage and enjoy your vacation. It sounded so authoritative and authoritarian, that she almost burst into tears, remembering his past assurances of their own independence. Continuing to develop his thoughts on the future well-being of the family, he pulled off her shoulders thin lace straps shirt and ran his hands over tanned back. Seeing that his son stares at their window, he clung to her supple lips and ran his fingers in the hollow between the buttocks. Damage done to her tongue, he turned away from the girl herself, and again stared into her mouth, his hands covered with plumper breasts. First, gently stroking, then trampling sensitive hemisphere filled milk Lada brought to the point of exhaustion, so that as soon as he lightly touched her lower jaw, they immediately pulsing under his sensitive fingers. She impulsively clutched in his hands and let out a low moan. His skillful fingers slowly rubbing their swollen upper point of the vagina, she clutched it frantically kicked his hand, then relaxes tense muscles, impatiently fumbling in his groin. Covering fingers flaccid penis, she calmed down and began to masturbate him, so he was soon appeased her excitement. The man looked up from her swollen lips, and she looked out the window: still sitting at the Maxim pool, sipping a drink, looked at their bedroom window. Breaking out, she lay down on the bed and spread her arms. Carefully shot a bathrobe RM comfortably lay down on it and not in a hurry, thoroughly immersed in her prepared opening.

Later Lada believed that she was pregnant on that day. At least, so I have the test. Vacation in a family they had a respectable Indian summer at the expensive resort: no follies and excesses but extensive shopping. Shortly after the first day of the birth of his son Lada gave birth to a daughter in the same hospital with the same personnel during childbirth. RM was genuinely happy. She was pleased with the fact that it is not plagued by complex feelings: she was waiting for the baby and took her with love. Now Lada has received all dreamed about at one time in a small rented apartment. In addition to women's happiness. During those two months, until it was resting on the second, more difficult delivery, it has turned into a typical crazy mom, take care of children from morning to evening. As a creative person, and to the education of children she approached creatively, tirelessly developing a beginner talk son and lovingly fussing with her daughter.

After completing before the end of the contract conditions and, finally, considering himself free of the obligations Lada painted in his mind a perfect picture of his future life dedicated to the work of children. It was no place for a bed to become unpleasant duties to her father children. She believed that all fully paid for, and earned his friendly disposition and the long-awaited freedom. It seemed that he was not opposed to fulfill their promises about it. The beginning was successful: Lada slowly started to work in a club where the young mother happily greeted by staff. RM only expressed concern, not whether kids hung entirely on the nanny; she reassure him in such fear. And believe in the noble thoughts of a businessman and the ability to meet even their happiness, inspired Lada, full of creative enthusiasm and with no financial problems, returned under the spotlight. Prettier young mother has never been so good, rich in ideas and in demand. She tried herself appeared on the scene and the audience enthusiastically took former dancers take the rapper. She began again to call the choreographer in the youth teams, RM propihnul it on TV dance director in the transmission, in the series, she even starred in episodes. Intoxicated provide the opportunities of artistic life, with generous sponsor support, Lada after a couple of years of absence in almost show-together again acquired fame and overgrown with friends. And with pleasure on catching yourself full of admiration and compliments the views of men, gradually getting accustomed to let them go. Lada missed without warmth.

For me, the girls did does not have the stop for someone specific BM did not remain a mystery thoughts of the former, the best lover: Lada they understood each other. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise to most girls casually dropped his proposal for a meeting: observing some simple precautions will soon get bored lovers entwined in a close embrace in his apartment. - I knew you'd come back. Where are you going without me! - Maxim laughed. - And you?! - Podraznivala And still, and still coming after work is to her, to him, quickly throwing on the run clothes, voraciously clings to the groin each other to suck up to drop their love juice and a bit of both quench burning desire. Taste forbidden pleasures warmed their mutual lustful cravings, although both knew that the excitement of the past are no longer too much separates them. BM, as before, podraznival Lada her insatiability men, refusing to believe that she was not sleeping with his father. Such mockery touched the girl, and his factory, making sex in exciting fights, which fascinated and her. Experience some embarrassment to the RM and vague guilt before waiting for her kids, exhausted, back in Lada and do not become her family house, trying not to notice the suspicious looks and a host hastily exchanged a pair of mills, run by children. So that, after putting them to retire to the guest room.

A delightful view of a young mother of his children intrigued businessman, does not remain in ignorance of its success in the field of glamor and showbiz. With the growing displeasure he watched primp before going to work woman in expensive clothes, smartly leaves the gate at the luxury car and waving a friendly hand guards. Incredulously I watched the evening in high spirits, smiling charmingly all domestic, loving her for her good nature, they are playing with a nanny with the kids, mum smiling confidently. It annoys him and emphasized its friendly attitude to it, which gave her so much. And received in return only not satisfied with his sympathy, not more. He rightly saw her steps on the device of their own young life. And these they guessed her actions were contrary to his plans for a seductive mother of his children.
Maxim was going on tour. I asked if she would go. The temptation to plunge into the atmosphere of creative youth and for a moment to leave, though fascinating, but pressing on her house with unsmiling host was great. Children, of course, are still small, but good care of them, with them - caring father. At Lada giddy in anticipation of an exciting trip, where you can completely surrender to the work and performances, a taste of the scene, just a change of scenery in the uninhibited. And smoothly enough of a skilled lover hot body, which is also important. Confident that this side is not interference, it came out of the child, placing rebyatnyu, and went into the living room to the TV viewer businessman. Sitting down to him on the sofa and taking his hand, she led the conversation from afar, thanking for regular gifts. And I tried to carefully explain why she go with Maxim. Stroking his hand and looking into the face of disbelief, she spoke about the creative and professional growth, artistic atmosphere, the interest to travel around the country, and so on. D.

- No, - he said shortly, - I am against. Undeterred Lada continued to persuade him, causing all the new arguments about the necessity of its own departure, ending a reminder of the subject items of the contract. Condescending man staring at her haughtily explained that it disappears, then there is the mother, leading a questionable way of life, can not educate his children and serve them an example. Mother, coming at night almost unknown by whom and gazing around in search of adventure - even more bad example. And he does not want his children to the mother, not to respect their father.

Lada choked with indignation: almost everything said was not true. Guess what she deserved such injustice, try to stay calm, she tried to dissuade a man in grave suspicions on her account. She insists that work and achieve success in business, the mother is the best example for children, and for the rest of his absurd accusations, they are all wrong and ridiculous. While continuing to squeeze his hand, his eyes downcast, Lada reminded the man that under the contract it is free to dispose of his life and nothing is connected. To which the businessman said he did not hold it for a second, just think it worthwhile to keep away her children after returning from a tour. Where is she, what he is sure will certainly behave immorally. From struggling to hold back the tears and disbelief, she assured RM in its infinite respect for what he, interrupting her, said that he was not satisfied with this relationship. Afraid not relive arranging its dependence on unwanted men, she tried to convince the RM in their eternal friendship feelings, admitting that yes, she would like to arrange his personal life with her popular with the man when she greeted this, and asks a man to understand her. Not good chuckling, RM brutally directly announced that organize personal life she is away from his children, who immediately cease to be HER. Awesome added that the parents of his children should be together, in the full sense of these words, or he will find another mother to her children.

He hugged smug face in his hands and silently weeping Lada and feigned a sympathetic voice said that he already gave her enough time for follies, indulging her around until she felt the queen of high society. What in his view, it is sufficient to fool around in my life and it's time to settle down and become a respectable family of mother, having given birth, for example, another child and make him happy, so loving and pampering her. What she saw, he did not pull it forcibly married, seeing as this thought is unpleasant to her, and waits until it is ripe for marriage; he is willing to wait for frivolous mother of his beloved children. For the sake of her happiness, even though it sickened him, allowing her to work, if it does not prevent her to perform the duties of wife and mother. And what he is sure, because that does so for the common good of their family, despite these offends his tears.

Afraid to tear his hands from his face, I listened to this whole nightmare heartbroken Lada, childishly trusting that now it will clean your hands, and the forces of evil as waking disappear, to drive out the morning light. And reasonable, sane, generally respected her man rassmeёtsya as in games with the kids and tell that joke and they - friends. - You're upset, let's go into the bedroom, I'll give you a sedative or pour anything - he suggested climbing. The word "sleeper" sobered girl, she tried to inconspicuously wipe away the tears and stood up. - Now I'll go to her (she had a nice apartment in a prestigious area). I need to think. I also ask you to think about what was said: all that you offer me, not in line with our agreement, a part of which I honestly fulfilled. You know it, and insult me. We will discuss your proposal tomorrow, for me they are unexpected. Quickly turning away from darkly smiling RM, Lada came.

Arriving in the evening of the next day met the girl tightly closed gate. On the phone she tried to call the father of their children, but her response was silence; later, he hung up. Standing in front of a peephole video camera, Lada realized that she was trapped, which drove itself. And no one is to blame, and no one will help. She went to Maxim. - Fuck me properly! - Not often she asked him so usually all turned out without the requests itself. Having started to kiss her, he stopped: - I can not do that, you're some kind of stone. What happened? Are you crying going? - Then, first in bed! - Are you sure? Sex has turned somehow chaotically, without bringing pleasure to anyone, but are tired of the two. Lighting a cigarette, he carefully looked at her: - Try to guess: the father does not let go on tour. Is that right? She nodded, wondering whether or not to initiate a guy in their problems, whether it is to help prevent or only be able to. And he suggested: - Why are you so bad it persuaded? I have tried! What it ceased to operate your charms? So soon? - How conspired, all of the same! Enchantment ... If only it were that simple !? - Painfully thinking back tears girl listening hints guy has no idea that her guessing the problem. Lada got out of bed. Dressed, she still asked Maxim: - You could talk to her father about me? And children? Protect us from it ...? Up on his elbows man was silent: - Value guess ... So, that's it ... I recognize the Pope ... And it is only about the tour, or even talking about? Lada nodded. - Has got you, debugging! Yes, but ... Maxim was silent, and she went to the door; there already overtaken her rapper answer: - I can not, Lala, I really can not. You have there the case ... Do not mess, but more to lose ... the contract better. I knew that this is over ...

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Ramp (part 10)

Lada cried all night. She remembered all these big stories oligarchs take away children from their disenfranchised women, were not able to defend themselves. Some of them even saw it at parties. Chic unfortunate women, carefully concealing his unhappiness. If she knew that would be one of them. But she understands exactly what it the flour. Does she ... She again won RM, and he responded. Lada has not seen the children for 2 days and therefore said into the phone - I miss you and the kids. Can I come? - Tomorrow with me after work - was her answer.

They sat in the nursery: Lada ride a rocker begins to sit her daughter, the man fumbled with his son. She never left the face of a smile as if glued, masking tears ready to spill. He looked around quite his family. Yet I asked about the tour. - There will manage without me ... - he smiled. - And we need a mom, we did without it, right? - Fun for children. They called the nurse. He gave the girl raised her hand and whispered that have not been in the sauna and he was waiting for her there.

- Stronger, More! - He commanded the gushing of his Lada. - Come on properly! She was afraid to hit harder, so as not to give repressed emotions. Then she lay down, and he whipped it properly, without restraint, so that it hurt her. He sat down beside her, lying, stroked her wet face neck, pulled her hand to his chest and squeezed her. - Are you bored? She nodded and smiled at him. Then he pulled her closer to his groin and his legs; She sighed, got up, turned on her side, her arms around his hips and plunged his head between them. He was holding her hair, smugly watched as she enthusiastically licks his penis poluvstavshy trying to swallow deeply. Thoughtfully smiling, he ran his hand over her back, and stroked the thigh and arranged on compressed thighs. It quickly spread her legs, and he squeezed her businesslike pubis, dipped his finger into the slot. She had long kept a member of the mouth, sucking, that laugh, he lifted her and led out of the steam room.

- Show how you missed - he sat on the couch and spread his arms on the back. She sat down in front of him and took his hands gentle touches up his wet feet. I masturbate erect penis, pressed against him and rubbed her breasts. He slid his lips in kisses from the groin to the chest, pulled into his mouth nipples bitten. Straightened up, he took a hard cock and directed by myself; tight up to the stop of the village at him, he squeezed the muscles and internal mouth clung to his smiling lips. It was something tender, something outrageous: it barely touched the tip of his tongue, biting aloud, then presses it tightly to the sofa, flattening her full breasts of his milk, then held on to his shoulders arms outstretched, rotating tempting nipples. That pressed his hands to his chest, then lowered them to the thigh, then kissed his fingers, prompting then lower them wet in the lower abdomen and her point stimulating pleasure. And then hot pressed against him, and was tormented by insatiable kisses his laughing mouth. After its eruption, it slipped from his thighs and greedily sucked in the mouth with a member of diminished sperm droplets at the tip, so as not to spill a single. Exhausted she went to bed, he sat down beside her. - You know where I've seen it all? - Kissing her. - I know, the same place where I was: in the cinema, - panting and answering kisses. - I like it. Pobaluesh me more? - At any time, at your request! Then he rolled her laughing wearily at the water on the hands, and she hugged him. At night in bed, he is closely pressed against her warm back and snoring, and she, without sleep, studied the wall in front of his eyes and wiped the tears do not stop.

In the morning she snuggled into his chest and put her hand on helplessly lying dignity. - You have become insatiable. What happened to you in these few days, as long as you thought? - I realized how wrong. I just want to make you well with me ... - hiding her eyes and turned away. - I promise you will not regret that chose family. We need you ... me ... go on ... that's so good ... yes ... In the eyes of the children and the nanny in the door to leave for work Dad kissed tenderly hugs his mother; son clapped his hands and something squealed, my daughter tried to imitate him. Upset face and bloodshot eyes turned Lada saw only babysitter.

Lada made friends with a balanced woman with a smooth character. Laughing, she thought as she looked at her suspiciously, young, then, after the first birth, and was afraid to leave her with the baby. Although she was almost twice as old - the same age as a businessman - they were talking confidentially. On the casual remark dropped by one of the common cheerless girl Lada suddenly he told the story of their men and their children. She exhausted all keep to myself, hate myself and suffer alone. She marveled at the unusual incident, called Ladin TV Shows and regretted it. I noticed that the girl's sadness evident and advised to hide it deep, so as not to cause too many questions from the businessman. - He did not treat you? Strikes? It needs something unconventional? - Asked a woman walking with her and the children. The girl shook her head negatively. - Then nothing can be done, will have to be patient and wait. Like all those who with their husbands, not for love, but because of other considerations. You just do not lose hope, it can still formed. Or maybe you are so accustomed that do not want to change anything, what to look for ... Lada incredulously smiled and shook her head from the good deed.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of RM was that demonstrate to business partners and friends: a successful singer - the eldest son, two wonderful kids and young beautiful wife, he represented all charmingly smiling Lada at the banquet. Son sang, danced wife - away envied as successful projects RM Dancing with wonderfully looking Lada, a man handed her a total delight guests, thanked for successfully played the role of hostess. She was not surprised compliments; For the first time in the midst of serious people in the role of wife, RM, it just felt like the scene where she has long been easier.

At night, sprawled on her rumpled bed, the man said that he was happy to see her next to him, and hoped that she, too. Looking him straight in the eye, smiling girl replied in the affirmative. Later she erotically writhing and moaning under a hail of blows him in it, under the touch of his hand of power, even feared, if not replay. It seems that he did not notice, being a prisoner of positive emotions and her gentle hands.

It was spring, Lada child in a wheelchair walking in the arena, waiting for the nurse, had never been to the Armory and gone there. After a couple of hours, she was supposed to meet with Maxim and figure out how much will be able to stay in it. At some point, she noticed that for some time comes to Andrey, almost treading on the heels of that. She immediately recognized him. She would have recognized him even in the dark, even after many years. Trying not to be outdone, she hesitated to call him, do not count on a friendly meeting. And desperately afraid he was going to go down in the subway, sit in the car and even disappear. Now forever. As she felt all these years without him. And she asked mentally. And he turned around. He stopped immediately. And she still stumbled at him. Carriages. With mixed, not negative emotions he translated the affected eye with Frets on children. Say hello. - Your children? She nodded. - From him? She shook her head. - Are you married? Long? After a moment, the negative movement of her head. - Oh ... How are you? Dancing? - Yes. More I put other dances. - I saw your ad. And billboards. You're a celebrity. It seems that something is on TV ... It's you?

At Lada throat was a lump, she could only nod; eyes quickly filled with tears, and she looked up, that they should not have resulted. She stopped smiling, knowing that he's gone, and she had nothing to hold him. I call the nurse came up and took a carriage. Having exhausted the topics of conversation they hesitantly stamped beside her. He said that he met and began to leave. He shook her hand, smiled and walked away. She rushed after him and stopped, shutting her mouth, looked at his retreating back. - That he's, well, the one you ... So run after him soon, talk to him ... And then he disappears again for a long time. Lada ran, her back screams of children. She stopped and looked at them in confusion. - Run for it. Do not worry, I'll call the driver, we get. They have nothing to worry about them, you always come back ... Lada ran for recessive Andrew as a young man on a date with him, as if there was the nearly 7 years of separation. Having caught up with him, who was walking slowly as if on purpose, she grabbed his hand and, without saying a word, pulled into the parking lot. Silently, he ran after her, pulling his hands. She opened the car door in front of him and pushed him back. - You abduct me ?! - He joked. Fighting the urge to cry, she did not answer him and quickly started the engine.
In his doorway, purchased long ago, on the outskirts of flats she hugged him. I was afraid that he did not embrace it, not hanging lifting arms. He hugged and stroked her trembling from crying back. Leaning against the wall in the hallway, she went over and kissed her hair, and began to speak. Several years ago, one year after their split, the company he met the administrator BM. He found it and got drunk, sat. He told the whole story of persecution Lada rapper as he urged all to help him, as a whole group knew about this, some regretted Lada as seen throwing her for the sake of peace of mind of her boyfriend - him Andrew. As BM specifically Framed Woman in front of him, so they broke up, and she would have got that. How Lada suffered, and it is also all noticed, though she hid. Finally I called Andrew fool. He told me how to find it, the next day also came to the club BM, to talk to the "unfortunate" Lada. As they waited and watched as they are happy and cheerful, embrace, goes to the door. Then he saw through the glass doors, like, kiss diverge to the locker rooms. He did not seek a meeting. - Have pity on me, I'm ... - Lada whispered, unbuttoning his pants belt and pulling his shirt out of his pants. He lifted her face and looked desperate, like the last time and kissed her eyes.

Hugged her hands and feet of Andrei, she did not let him, even when he had finished. He has changed. Beneath it is no longer the young princess was lying, and he was not afraid to hurt or offend lovely young woman. He came out of it, but she pressed his head to his chest. - You'll break my neck - he joked. - One time in six years as possible. For six and a half, even more - she specified. A little calmer, she asked him. He was unmarried and lived with a girl a little older Lada, lived well. She briefly told about himself, almost without concealing anything.

Hugged his head on his chest, not feeling his weight, no more crying, she painfully regretted that she had lost. In the endless pursuit to ramp lights. To comfort. For pleasure. By the fame. Almost all of this she had, and he was not. And it is unlikely there will be. She knew that she could not invite him to live as it has long been used to: deceiving, and all without feeling remorse. Knowing the viciousness of their traditional way of life, she was afraid to give a hint about it now, not wishing to pass for a hypocrite in his eyes. And he was silent, not offering anything. - I'm sorry, Lada, that all so stupid ... - I stayed there ... - she said thoughtfully, longing for him to understand it, without being able to pass differently, it is still dear to her. - Where is Harmony? Where? - There, in front of the doors of the club in the fall ... ... with you ... on the pavement - the mantra she repeated. Lifting his head, he looked at her. - And I stayed there, Lada, you and I ... And she began to cry again. - You-why? So many years have passed - she chided. - This is what happens, Lada. Have not met anyone better ... Scheherazade! - Suddenly he remembered. Once bitter happy, but happy, she reached out to him And he said to her.

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I make love with my dad

Hello dear readers. My name is Irina. I recently turned 18 years old. If I may, I will share with you the history of ...

On my birthday came friends, I was a dad, but my mother was not. She went on a business trip to Los Angeles. Fun to "fall", drank champagne, laughing all evening. Then girlfriends are gone and we are left alone at home with my dad. I do not understand what happened to me, please forgive me, but I wanted to make love with Dad. I defeated an inexplicable passion, passion for sex.
I do not know how I act. I love and respect the Pope. In my head that it was probably because of the champagne, or the fact that I was 18, I do not know, but I decided to seduce the father.

I undressed in his room to his underwear and went into the room where my dad was watching the news. I approached him and said:
- Dad, that's the string I gave mama.Oni do you like?
Dad was surprised to see half-naked me and said:
- Yes, good pants, and you have me krasavitsa.Ya moved to take decisive deystviyam.Ya said:
- There tag, whose production can not understand Italy or China. And with these words I, prispustila Thong
to the knees, what would Dad saw my pussy.
- It says Made in Italy. Modestly father said. I saw his eyes, he looked at
me as a woman. Then I took off her bra and giving his dad asked:
- And this is not China?
Dad took and looked, and said:
- It also Italiya.A himself staring at my chest.
I felt "it's time" .I said:
- Dad you know what incest is not waiting for an answer, I continued:
- This is when close relatives are engaged lyubovyu.Naprimer father and daughter.
Herself blushing, uncomfortable as that, but it takes passion verh.Otets said:
- I know that this incest, but you're my daughter, I do not sleep mogu.Idi.
Then I said:
- Dad, I wish that you would trahnul.Mne me 18 years, you are not given a gift, I want you to be my gift.
Dad took off my thong knees, put the cancer and put my dick in pussy.
Enjoyment was no limit.
I felt strong hands on my father's hips. His cock was moving like crazy. I came, and my father yet. Then Dad put me in popku.Ya member said:
- Dad do not need me, he did not listen to the priest bolno.No, he strongly and quickly began to fuck me in the ass.
I never understood why men anal sex with a woman, because there is a natural opening for the member.
That will not do for a loved father. I suffered, but I was priyatno.Zatem dad took a member of my priests and I put it into his mouth with the words suck my daughter ...
I sucked until he finished in my mouth. It's so nice. For me it was the first time I really was not a virgin already with 14 years, but that's another story. Once I myself accidentally broke the hymen in the bathroom, masturbating. Now we often make love with Dad.

But one day, Dad came home from work drunk and drunk with friends. There were five. Mum still was on a business trip.
My dad said,
- Ira undressed, now we're all going to fuck you!
- Dad what are you doing? I asked.
I told them everything, but they do not believe me. The Pope said.
- I'm not a whore Dad, I'm not going to fuck all! I answered.

The men began to razdevatsya.Ya saw them standing members and vyderzhala.Ya approached them and knelt in turn began to take their dick in your mouth and suck.

Dad with the words:
- She's still in the ass gives, lifted me, I put the cancer, raised his old robe, pushed aside thong straps, put his cock in my ass and began to peck like sumasshedshiy.Mne hurt.

When my father had finished and pulled out a member of my priests in it immediately put in his unit, and each pope continued anal seks.Ostalnye friends I also had in zadnitsu.V this evening, I received an orgasm, but they did not want to fuck pussy unfortunately. I realized that men like anal sex with a woman! The next day, the pope apologized and I did not prostila.Kogda mother is at home with my dad, we make love.

All the while, yet. Irishka.

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Adventure in the toilet

Hello! My name is Igor, or simply - Igorek. To me 22 years, I live in Moscow. I, like all my peers - young guys show off love, fun, in general, "off in full" - as is customary with us to talk about. We Fridays with friends go to the same nightclub. Place, I tell you, just gorgeous. There is everything for the separation of blazing. The club plays cool music, we love to distraction, and most importantly, to come hang out awesome girls, which we periodically remove. From time to time, someone of us manage to have sex with someone from a particularly debauched beauties. Such cases in our company are considered riding skill, and the one who fucked a girl wearing the proud name of "handsome." But how handsome I began, after another trip to the club! Such of our company has not been able to do to anyone. I'll tell you about the case ...
That evening, as always, we lay down to the club. The mood was excellent, in the pocket of every one of us rustled a few large bills, and the evening promised to be anything but boring. Me and two of my friends - Dima and Anton sat behind a table booked in advance. Sexy waitress brought us drinks and we drank the first. Cheerful conversation ensued, we listened to music, having fun and joking. Emptied the first bottle we ordered another. Time flew by. From the amount of Anton razvezlo drinking alcohol is not a joke, he could hardly stand on his feet and could no longer speak normally. We Dima decided to take him home and get back to the club. Despite all the protests Tohi, we dragged him into the street and have almost called a taxi, I desperately wanted to go to the toilet and pee.
After passing through the smoke-filled room of the club, I found myself in a dark corridor, at the end of which there were two doors, male and female toilets. I abruptly pushed open the door to the men, "the office" and was stunned by what he saw pictures. On the toilet cool girl was sitting and peacefully wrote panties dangling below his knees. I examined her thighs, beautiful thong panties, stockings with delicate rims. The girl was very pretty. The long, straight black hair, slim figure, handsome face, chest, I thought the size of the third, and maybe even 4th. I'm stunned by what he saw pictures, alcohol warmed up in me a wild desire for sex, I could barely contain himself.
Naturally, I apologized and closed the door. Lighting a cigarette, I stood and waited for the stranger to vacate the premises, I do not go to me in the women's room! After a minute or two she came out of the closet. "Excuse me, please, in the women's employment" - said she told me, smiling enigmatically. "Yes, nothing happens!" - I said, pulling on his face like a friendly smile can be. "You have one here?" - Asked the stranger. I said that the club is not one, and with friends, but they had left a short while, so that, say, while I'm alone. We met. A girl named Christine, and I knew it came to a club with her older sister. The conversation, we gradually switched to "you."
After several minutes of conversation, Christina suddenly asked me: "Hey, Igor, could you please help me a little?" "Yes, of course, everything in my power!" - I answered readily. "Do not laugh and do not misunderstand me" - little girl sheepishly said. "Oh come on Christina, of course, I promise!" - I replied solemnly, like a pioneer of giving the oath of allegiance to communist ideals. "Well thank you. Only we need to retire "- somehow a little playfully said Christina. "Let's go here?" - And the girl pointed to the men's room door. I completely stunned and confused. "What she needs ravings of some" - spinning in my head. "Yes, of course" - I just managed to squeeze out.
We went into the club toilet room. It was quite clean and smelled of some flavors. Administration followed the order and did her best to maintain the reputation of the club. "Listen, Tёmka, such a thing ... I had two months did not have sex ... and I want that already just can not. Fuck me! Fuck immediately! Right here! "- Christine said, and her last words were spoken with increased tone and in some fiat tone. I almost fell on the floor of such a declaration. I have even a little legs began to shake. I was in complete shock. "Fuck you? Yes, bitch, now I fuck you so that you'll be glad she does not! "- Quickly rushed in my head thoughts like this.
Christina turned back to me, leaned forward and rested her hands on the toilet lid closed. The girl lifted her short skirt and I opened her chic look stunningly beautiful, firm ass, split in half narrow polosochkoj super exciting G-string panties. I like a madman fell to its peach and began desperately to kiss her buttocks, stroking them and knead by hand. Christina moaned with pleasure. "Yeah, yeah baby!" - She whispered forgetting about everything. I kept showering kisses on her magical ass. I inhaled the aroma emanating from her excited cunt felt like it hot. Slightly slamming Christina palm on the pope, I abruptly pulled the strip of its strings and pushed them to the side, catching for the right buttock.
In front of me wore her excited pussy in all its glory. She was excited to the limit, was wet and bled profusely juice desires. I pressed his lips to the hole this exciting and eagerly began to lick her. Trying to deliver maximum enjoyment Christine, I gently played with her tongue clitoris, biting his lip and small. The girl moaned, writhed all over, sometimes abruptly drew his hand my head. After three or four minutes Christina screamed, her body shook, his legs buckled slightly, and she came straight into my mouth. I felt the taste of her salty - bitter nectar. The girl released much fluid that I even had to spit it. Christina writhing in ecstasy, she voluptuously moaned and whispered, "Thank you, thank you cat!"
A little departure from the stormy orgasm, Christina turned to face me. I stood up, eagerly undid the belt, the buttons on his fly and pulled his pants down. My small penis is not sticking out and was ready for any exploits and achievements. She took his hand, a little masturbate and widely opening his mouth gentle deep stuffed it into his throat. Now came the groan me. My pal was extremely cozy and warm in the mouth of Christina. I began to fuck her in the mouth, at first gently and tenderly, and then, forgetting everything became hard and fast stick and remove his club, increasing the tempo. We moaned like wild beasts. Christina liked to suck me, she made me a blowjob, constantly spat his saliva on the floor and one pen was massaging her clit and pussy. The girl even finished by this.
After enjoying plenty of oral sex Christina, I decided that it was time to fuck it follows the mischievous girl. And now, Kristina is crustaceans, again with his hands in the toilet seat. I enter her pussy mokrenkuyu its end and I begin slowly, gently to develop it. A minute later pussy girl lets me completely, and I fuck Christina, will drive his horse into her slit for the most eggs. Christina has not screaming controlling herself, she asks: "More, more! Fuck me! Fuck stronger! "My occasional lover, a few minutes later finished jet, her pussy pushed himself out of my pent-up cock and spurted, flooding the floor toilet.
"Oh my God! How can I feel good! "- Christina whispered in utter exhaustion. The girl sat down on the closed toilet lid. She was exhausted. My lust, heated fair dose of alcohol. Require continued. Suddenly I had an idea, try something that had never with any girl I have not tried. I turned back to Christine, leaned forward and literally buried their ass in her face. "Lick my ass!" - I ordered the girl. Christina obediently took me by both hands to his waist and held her hot tongue on my anal fissure. It was a true bliss. I moaned like a wild beast. Such a buzz I have not experienced. A little girl, meanwhile, came to talk to me and licked the point struggling. With one hand, she took me for my pod and began to masturbate him, trying to make movements of the tongue and hand movements simultaneously.
I suddenly felt that going to explode any minute. I abruptly turned to Christine, grabbed her by the hair with one hand, and the other began to furiously masturbate her boyfriend. After a few seconds, in the face of the girls, under pressure, flew the first jet of scalding my sperm. Christine opened her mouth wide and I pulled her to his entire liquid without residue. The girl took my end in the mouth, sucked it up a bit, the reason the tongue on the head. It was a heavenly pleasure, my legs were shaking, I groaned and rolled his eyes with pleasure.
Christina stood up, straightened her skirt and went to the tap. The girl washed away the remains of my sperm from her face with water, straightened hair, rinsed his lustful mouth. She came to me and kissed me on the lips and whispered, "Thank you, my dear!" Then Christine jumped out of the closet and I did never seen before. Most likely she was coming to visit his sister, or even to someone, but it does not matter. Coming out of the closet, I saw a man sitting near the bar racks Dimona. He took home the Shred. Dima rigidly obmateril me, but knowing what I was busy, I ordered a drink and we were transferred for a free table. Naturally, I told him about my adventure in the bathroom in every detail ...

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The smell of virgin

Meeting website - Like a drug. One hundred times say to yourself: I am here no longer a single mouse click! But every time the longing and loneliness return violates his "oath" as you once again need a certain dose of online communication with all the consequences, because the hormone to overcome this "break-up" is almost impossible.
On the other hand - what's wrong? Outdoor winter, decent girl sitting at home, and your pisya requires its not dependent on the time of year!
There was another dreary gray Petersburg Saturday of December. Expose your search: seeking a woman from 21 to 25, with photos now online. Go! The mood was below the plinth and the soul demanded a holiday. "This is too pretentious; This is too ugly; This is clearly sitting here for days without the right to a meeting; . All this village ... "On dating sites are essentially the same" pickup rules ", as in the real acquaintance: originality, unobtrusive, not manic - something that all girls peck for centuries (most of them).
And here it is! The potential victim! "The most intelligent, most beautiful, the most-most (well, and other such nonsense female) ... and most important of its graph profiles: Homosexual experience: No" Oh girl! With this information, you put an end to his innocence. Although, maybe she wanted ...
Nor any "hello, how are you" or "Why is such a good girl sits on such a bad site" or "Saturday, and you sit at home" ... All this nonsense that immediately falls into the black list. Having carefully considered her profile, nothing special, standard; photos clearly not in Paris or Madrid, just suburban gatherings. We conclude (only rebate is not necessary, this is not done within hours and 2 minutes, until the beauty online.): A short message with a test of courage: "Hi (Smiley). What night are you doing? "All. Look at your profile, and if looks like it, be sure to respond (+/- correction on her mood). If not - "back to search results."
After 5 minutes, "Hi) is not yet determined." This means that the girl is clearly bored and waiting for the original proposal, or just a bold proposal. But I will not delve into the details of the correspondence, and that is not the story turns out, and a manual on online communication. The main purpose of all this "swotting on the keys": a simple formula of 11 digits type 7 XXX XX-XX-XX. And then live chat and destination and the time svidanki.
And now, an intriguing and exciting time! How justified your expectations? Is Same photo, edited in Photoshop so that you will see in reality? Quiet. Go! ABOUT! She did her best to combat you at first sight! She put on her coat and brief skinny jeans to highlight their own, perhaps, the main advantage - circular elastic ass! Stop! We look at the person and smile. Pretty, rosy cheeks, eyes burning, smiling. In general, the identification of 100%.
"Well hello! How to reach "- the first word to be sure of the man. After 20 minutes we were sitting in a cafe, warmed by hot coffee and Galya (as her name) told me about his studies, work, hard life in general, well, I, too, all to deceive her hanging. After I received from a reasonable proposal, "And neither do we go to a disco ?!" After some hesitation and did not find the result a strong case to refuse, Galya Subscribe to this fornication.
Galya was modest until the second glass of martini. After the third - she clung to me during a slow dance, as if I was the only male on the planet! I tasted the fragrance of her innocence, tightly pressed to her excited sisyam. Frankly, I myself already so badly signature that I would take her directly to the dance floor. Galya trusted me entirely, I do not know whether a drunken, or in your diary today she made a note: losing virginity, HZ But during the dance I explored her ass thoroughly and did not meet a single resistance.
Hardly Gal remembers how we got into a taxi that sped us through the night Peter to my lair. But she kissed so passionately, could not get enough of me. And this passion excited me most is not childish. Strangely, she was already 24 years old, and a girl she looked, and reasoned in adults (sober), but had only run her pen in her panties, felt there fluffy warm innocent pussy, and she just trembled and melted in my hands.
House, of course, it was all set: bed spread out, the wine in the refrigerator, because the preparations for the sacrifice when the victim can scare last.
In order not to hamper a Woman, I dimmed the lights, and we began to kiss again, like spring rabbits. Without looking up from the process, I carefully undid her blouse Gali and began to gently stroke the wet elastic hot tits third the size. My other hand had snuck into his pants, and then the little furry pussy all flowed already from the new sensations. And now, a slight movement of the hands blouse and lace bra set free the two unconquered peaks!
Galya came to talk! She leaned back on the couch, giving his body for further experiments. And I began to lick her breasts, slowly down the tummy to our main travel destination. Pants, we no longer need. Panties, just sticking to the wet pussy, if he did not want to expose it to the end intact womb.
And so, it happened! Naked Gal lying on my bed, shyly squeezing feet, one handle covering a virgin pussy, the second - erect nipples. Here I am on the military took off his clothes and without any preliminaries already spread her legs began to develop her finger hole.
Gritting his teeth Gal moaned softly while I slowly introduced its 20-inch dick in her tight pussy. She clutched her hands in the back of the couch and arched like a cat, when I went very deep. Still, women's physiology is just made for love and quickly adapts to all movements. I looked up, there was no blood, so you can safely carry on with making sure that she was feeling well.
I put on all fours and Galya have more confidence in it drove his penis. Hugged her with one arm around the waist, and the other to his chest, I let her feel the most affinity. Yeah, this is clearly steeper in online correspondence, and even more so when placing rukobludstva TOP-100 on a dating site.
Galya was a tough nut to her orgasm through sexual finish I could not. But as if to teach this girl as much as possible, I spread her legs and began to lick her wet CIMS. Her body already smelled very different, it was the smell of a real woman, not a girl, and it's normal sense of pride flashed in my head, or somewhere else ...
Well, now that we have moved to licking our intimate places, I suggested Gale as a taste of my dick.
Galya first well could see that she offered to blow, shook a little, and making sure that it does not bite, gently licked the head of the language of the member. My cock it came to taste and a girl at first once his nap, and then went to work thoroughly. It's like a kitten for the first time give the meat: the information that is delicious embedded in his genes. So she can easily cope with the task, but the first time it is obtained awkward.
The next day I drove Galya in the movie, then to a restaurant, and a week later we started dating.
Meeting website - this is dope. Overdose is fraught with habituation to atrophy and a natural desire to meet with a girl on the street or in the subway or at the disco. Personally, I prefer the real to the virtual acquaintance. But, as they say, God works in mysterious ways ...

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Border is locked tight

Unlike his friends, that any legal and illegal ways sought to "hang" from the army, I, as a true patriot, went to serve. Not to say that afterwards I was not disappointed in the decision, but still its advantages present in military life. On one of these advantages, and I will tell you.
In the recruiting office they told me bluntly: "You're the guy initiative, sent to protect the eastern approaches to our border." In short, as a small border village Bychikha Khabarovsk Territory has been my home for the next two years. The first month was difficult, as any "spirit", there was no time to get bored: all the free time of the statutory duties held by non-statutory orders "grandfathers". But - I was lucky. A month later, I was transferred to another company, which was zamkomvzvoda Sergeant Eaters - my neighbor, a friend of my older brother nicknamed Pelmen (as he was called for his complexion and appropriate eating habits).
Pelmen told me bluntly: "You are no more spirit! And tonight intercede with me to watch. " It was the first, as it were a baptism of fire. Although the business is there: standing, check the documents in the manual, trying to distinguish between law-abiding migrants against illegal immigrants. Dreary routine activity with an endless stream before the eyes of the Chinese odnolikih with trunks, children, women, animals, etc. etc.
Toward the end of the duty I was approached by a young Chinese woman, apparently without documents. He muttered something to his "Sun-dick-in-tea", then: "I go to college in Hbaravsk" and became hard to show himself as his finger in his mouth. At first I did not understand, hungry or what? Then I went to the aid of Sergeant Ivan Goloveshkin: "What have you, soldiers," "Why, Comrade Sergeant, I can not figure out what this girl wants. to pass resolutions it does not have. " "Yes, all she's got, soldier. Bring her to me. " I started this bracing beauty in the Russian border control room (a small shed 2.5 to 3 meters). Goloveshkin Sergeant Chinese woman put on his knees and said: "Look, a fighter, and learn! In this cross-eyed 30 minutes. " And he pulled out of his pants his sergeants 20 inch shell. After Goloveshkin said some magic words in the language of the enemy, this Asian took his big cock with her small hands and carefully placed it in her mouth. And promptly smacking, began to work out their future illegal presence in the sovereign territory of the Russian state.
Mouth Chinese woman was also very small. It is not clear at all how she managed her lips completely cover such a dick! A Firebrand deliberately tried as far as possible to insert, thus showing their all known in the company of racial intolerance. "Come on, bitch, work well, it's not you any short arm of your suicide, but a real member of the peasant!" - Sentenced Vanya.
After 10 minutes, the sergeant got tired and he decided to change his international position. Bent cancer girl, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties boldly with her tiny Asian ass. And with the words: "And now the heavy artillery" - drove his faustpatron in the bosom of the enemy. To the feeling was even more extreme, Kalash Goloveshkin took and put the barrel to the back of the girl. "Here, I think, crazy!" All the while, Chinese woman with frightened eyes looked at me, and I silently watched her moans and humiliation. Frankly, such a spectacle of my member stood up. A Goloveshkin had already shaking with orgasm and descends Chinese woman in tight ass ...
"And remember the soldiers - if you do not end, and there is nothing to do in such a slut in the Russian Federation" - the last instruction Sergeant Goloveshkin on the way to the part after the heavy duty on the border. After hanging up I needed urgently "to distort the shutter." And I earnestly began to masturbate, imagining how fucked this Chinese woman on a rice field, soiling her "groove" fertile sperm.
A week later we got dumplings dismissal and went to Khabarovsk, which recruits for the stories of grandfathers was a local Las Vegas. After 5 hours of binge drinking in some tavern, we pulled to walk down the street Muraviev-Amur - the city's main attractions. And suddenly I see: my daveshny Applicant stands on the sidelines and "learns math", considering their honestly earned whorish bills. "ABOUT! It's your old friend! "- Gleefully proclaimed dumplings -" If you want it? ". "That-a-ak sure!" - Barely moving his tongue, I said. Chinese woman, to know me, right lit up with happiness, "Plivet-plivet! Soldier Holos! Soldier discount! "" Aw you he does not just offer you his full free service! You can say thanks to him tread on Russian soil! "- Ran dumplings. "Halas, Halas! Soldier Holos. Soldier besplyatno! "
Behind the glittering lights of the Chinese woman of some interesting places to lure. "You like to call it?" - I asked. "Ksiuiing ..." (Translated this means - elegant flower). "Well, lead us, girl Kun, in this realm of debauchery!" - Rudely interrupted her dumplings. It was stupid and dangerous offense dumplings, and she still did not understand the joke. Ksiuiing took us by the hand and led him to a place that promises heavenly pleasure. As everywhere in this institution fragrance incense girl dressed in geisha paraded barefoot worship every new visitor logged.
By Pelmen immediately stuck some young Japanese is sisyastaya (just his razmerchik), with which he disappeared in an unknown direction. Ksiuiing something again to his "stick your dick," she whispered the control and led me to the second floor, in the numbering. Locking the brother-in-law on the clasp, she whispered in my ear: "How do you want a soldier?" I could not help thinking: "It's a pity there is no Kalash". But, quickly killing in mind that perverse thought, replied, "Go ahead across the pricelist!" She pulled off my pants and sat on the bed. Then he lifted her own skirt, pulled down her panties and I saw the familiar round my ass. Then she began to rub his popochkoy about my dick, so I was ready obkonchatsya! I gently stroked her thighs, running her hands in her warm wet crotch. From the heady smell of incense and oriental music, I did not even notice how my dick already plowed the depths of the Asian gorge, I closed my eyes and imagined himself and her on the wide rice field, and the faster and deeper into it. Ksiuiing moaning softly, holding her little hands over my hips, and as soon as I felt that I want to finish this quickly umnichka held up his mouth to swallow everything that I offer her. Completely licked my dick, she lay down on the bed, with his ass up. I realized that the way in tight chinese anal open!
Slowly and tight anal occurred this "friendship of peoples". The mind is not understandable how this small agile aziatochka managed to spin on my almost static member! And each time the orgasm she hurried to substitute his mouth, like a small child opens her mouth for semolina porridge.
So we tumbled almost until dawn. Then I took a shower and went downstairs in search of his sidekick. Pelmen meanwhile, sat at the bar and licked cream with bare boobs two yaponochek. "It is good to have a snack, it's time to the location!" - I sobered Basil. "E! You cho, soldiers !? Subordination forgot something there !? "- came to dumplings. An hour later we were already in the barracks.
Then began the standard army weekdays. At the border, all is quiet and calm. Pelmen a week demobilize. Sergeant Goloveshkin sent to dizbat for abuse of office with another nelegalkoy. I bet the same time having fun with other Chinese women, but the pleasure is not received. And then I thought, that certainly should once more to see ... Ksiuiing

After 4 months of service I was given the rank of junior sergeant. And in addition I have received a leave for the weekend in Khabarovsk. How I will spend this weekend, and what I would do, I even question arose: Ksiuiing, cunnilingus girl, I dreamed only of her and her small round ass!
For a company with me went bright and Sergeant Sergeant Vulchich, famous in the detention of particularly dangerous illegal immigrants last year. In fact, they have committed misconduct: while two "bait" in the form of two young girls aspirated them already known room, several illegal almost transported across the border 20 cars of the Russian forest! And if it had not been an ordinary Grobovsky, which they are now almost no wear on his hands for silence - be it a tribunal luminaries. But - it is far from our subject ...
And here we are in the center of Khabarovsk, bypassing all known dens in search of my Ksiuiing. The Chinese in the city - that mosquitoes in the swamp, and most of them are here illegally. After 2 hours, our search were unsuccessful and we parked in one cozy place called "Shelter". Quietly and sadly, I poured a pile one by one sake, until he heard a familiar voice behind him: "Zdlyastvuy, soldier!" I turned around, and - my happiness knew no bounds! That was it! The black skin-tight short dress, with cheerful naive clapping eyes, their little hands tugging posharpanoy handbag.
"Hi. As the study goes? "- The first thing I got it into my head. "Halas plyahodit. My remember about saldata. My miss! "She came close and began to whisper something in his ear to his" Sun-dick-in-tea "so gently that I did not even notice her little hand quickly unzipped my pants and already felt there Therefore thriftily! I could not resist, and did not want. It happened what I had so long dreamed of sitting in the cold barracks for months without layoffs. I was completely indifferent to who and how many times it fucked, for me it was like a child who wanted to hug and protect. I saw the tears began to flow down the droplets on her rosy cheeks, and it was enough to understand how hard she had here. All I wanted to - to give her this evening affection and care. Normal human desire.
Five minutes later we were speeding in a taxi through the city. The driver, of course Chinese, all expensive humming some strange songs that reminded me of movies with Jackie Chan. And all the way Ksiuiing sucked my cock, licked balls and swallowed my sperm so eagerly, as if ate his favorite rice soup after a month of hunger strike!
I do not perceive it as a whore. And she was so warm and gently treated me like she loved me. After 30 minutes, we were on board the ship casinos, from her words, I realized the only one that works here her sister. The elegant cabin on a huge bed and silk linens, I collapsed like an oriental Sheikh. Mesmerizing music and heady hookah claimed my mind far, far away from where I did not want to go back!
Ksiuiing donned sexy geisha kimono and began dancing for me some ritual dance, playfully teasing me, showing his naked charms. Then I could not resist! He went to her, ripped off her these rags and mastered it on the floor on a soft oriental rug! Ksiuiing clearly liked this turn of events and she trusted me completely. I spread her legs and slowly, at first once licked her little pussy. She shivered with excitement and threw her head back, as if to say to me: "I want more!"
Pussy of my cute asian was so sweet and delicious that I did not want to break away from this exquisite delicacy! I dipped my tongue into her hole deeper and deeper, making moan and squirm Ksiuiing all his young body. Holding her hips, I felt that all of it belongs to me, let alone today, even for one night, but it - mine! After 40 minutes Ksiuiing said Myung reciprocated: it long and tenderly licked my dick tongue, like a small child licking ice cream, bought him for good behavior.
Then I put the girl to bed sideways and settled down to her ass began to slowly enter into her tight pussy his cock. While I fucked her, she sucked my thumb as pacifier, and I kept one hand on her chest and tugged at the elastic nipples. Our legs and body are intertwined in such a way that it seemed - we are a single entity, and there is no one on earth except us! After 15 minutes the first time I brought her to orgasm. Apparently, it was her first orgasm at all, because then she cried from happiness!
Reassured her, we tried at least another 10 and postures, natrahalsya enough, get drunk each other to almost complete physical exhaustion, we lay down to eat grapes, chocolate, all washed down with wine from the expensive restaurants. Chocolate, as is known, has the property of toning. Therefore, having regained strength, we headed to the bathroom. And there! Smeared her body shower gel, again began a feast where the main dishes were her pisya and ass! "Rock the soldier to me! I'm all yours! "- Whispered not Ksiuiing and I again took possession of her! Slippery, sticky, fragile in my hands for the first time she felt happy, at least - on this side of the border.
Then we have for a long time were in the bathroom and just kissing, fingering each other pussy. Her thin delicate sponge so eager to please my, that feeling overwhelmed my heart and I wanted to cry with happiness! For an hour I namyvali her charms, as neatly as his own little daughter, focusing on tender parts of her body. Her body moved to meet my hands, nezhilos in the sweet languor of my gentle touches and strokes. Later Ksiuiing sang to me the role of the "good mother", carefully lathering all my personal belongings, which brought her so much pleasure ...
They leave us so dearly and so long that I was late for the building. What subsequently I received three outfit out of turn at the border. On the first tour of duty on our part arrived the bus with another batch of deported illegal immigrants. I opened the gate. The bus stopped for an identity check. And suddenly I saw the inside of his Ksiuiing. Wept, she looked at me and whispered something in his thin lips. Then she began to show her his finger in the mouth, like when we first met. But then the Soviet motor "keyway" growled the bus and moved heavily towards the DPRK. In my eyes filled with tears.
Then I remember I was approached by Captain Sluzhivtsev (which like everything else in part was aware of my adventures) and said, "Soldier, put aside the tears! Guide: keep the Motherland! "

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As one day we went to the village "Kirzhach" with the family. By the way, I Sonia. My chest was small though, but privelekala every second boy;) And from what I athlete, my ass was wonderful and resilient. So we came to our little house and I immediately met with three boys - Vadim, Dima and Sasha. They were older than me, at all three, but the offer Dima play in his attic in the house I did not stop the card, and vice versa!
We went to play, my sister did not go. We climbed to the top - are sitting on the desire to play. Soon, the boy grew into a desire to strip mine and soon I was sitting in the laundry, and even Dima sat with bare torso. He is so beautiful. I wanted him. Strongly I wanted. But I offered to play spin the bottle on the kisses and so on ... all agreed, we got off and went into a small room of the house and sat on the floor to play. A few parks torsion I suck Dima and Vadim. They are cool) Here Dima replaced bet - "Playing for sex!
"I was so hoping that this will not happen, and not a little frightened, but he gave no sign, and I was all exactly calculated Dima and made sure that the bottle pointed at me and his .. Ooh! This phrase I remember it for a lifetime ! In komnote a bed rail, spring Obsalyutno without all - bare metal He lay down on the bed, I jumped on it and skvzal.!: "Come to me! The horse wants to fuck, "I could not believe my ears, but Dima affirmative vzgyad showed me on the bed I got up and said:." I am not a whore, what would our sex watched strangers !!
"Dima gesture brought the guys and we stayed for a single I sat on the bed and in the hope of its leniency asked."?. Or maybe it is not necessary, but "but he's gone somewhere instead of answering, I sighed with relief, but in vain .. He returned with the sheets and the mattress. I was scared. He locked the door and the bed spread. My eyes were square! "What? True vyebet me? Now ?! "went through my head, and then he took my hand, zazanavesil curtain and put me on the bed. I warned," Dim, you are aware that I am virgin ??
"" Virgin? So much the better! "His grin scared me, and I wanted to get away, but he left the force hsien on the bed and whispered," lost, perform .. "and he passionately kissed me on the lips. I leaned nvzad. He took the hint and began to take off with I have all that I could wear, when she left the attic. Soon I stayed in Odiham shorts and covered all of what could breast and panties "is not necessary, please .." I stammered, but "do not be afraid baby, you'll love" his smile demolished me away. He took me in his arms and carried her into the other room.
I still prayed for him not to touch me suck offered (at the time I saw the film as it is done), "and you otsosesh and have sex now," he said, and I realized - not wriggle. He laid me on the bed in a bright room and undressed. I saw his penis. He was huge and Dima grinned seeing as I spent on this look at me and Mohini zagarelis eyes. He sprochil "want?" the answer was clear and he gave me his dick fully prepared. I took hold of the head, and kissed him.
My prekosnoveniya were soft and gentle that Dima just sat back and enjoyed the view on my ass sticking out. Soon he began to fuck me in the mouth, I felt an orgasm. He finished. I did not know what to do. "Slugs, try it!" I licked his dick in semen and I liked it! I did not expect all the dick get out. "Well, now you enjoy! Only the first will be a little hurt." I was ready to do anything for this. He took me and put it on the back, lay on top and put his dick in me.
I almost painlessly survived this stage. Well here it is sold is not a joke! Fuck I wanted! And the cancer and on the floor and in the bathroom, then took nemya in the bath, put and began to wash me. Then he carried me prostrate on the bed, and put a number of lay himself. We lay side by side. He tugged at my nipples. I smiled. I was okay with it.

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