The case of the aunt

I did not think that ever happened to me. I am 20 years old. From an ordinary family. Father, mother, sister, brother and me. Third year student. It is a story not connected with my family and with my aunt. His own mother's younger sister.

She was 35 years old, recently gave birth to her third child. The oldest, well, he is two years younger than me. And the smallest of 7 months. Baby. I never thought of her as a sexual object. It is very well look after themselves. Growth below me, not thick, not thin, breast milk due to the fourth probably. And she has a great ass, but I did not think about it, but ass always noticed.

This story was recently, about a month ago. It was the end of May. It is hot outside. This did not happen in one day, and includes a couple of days.

We live in the same city, not very close, but the machine will take 30-40 minutes with traffic jams. Her husband earns well, and it did not work. They also usually full of family.

I'll start on the beginning of the story. A couple of days before this incident, I asked fleshcard her son, so it was necessary to quickly print documents. Well, I took from your computer to fill in fleshcard went home, opened, and there is not enough memory. Well, I would like to your computer to download, and then back to fleshcard. And so it did. I went, did everything. When back all I have done for the sake of interest to open the folder. And there are pictures of two years ago out of their holiday. Here they go in the car, then the pictures on the lake. I had never seen her in a bathing suit or underwear. When I saw, I was delighted. This sexy, breasts, buttocks as round, waist, not to mention the current thin and the meat to say. Well, I looked at all the pictures look, is a member. Then took fleshcard, some pictures myself threw. I according to any one does not look at the computer.

It takes a couple of days, they came to us. Without a husband. Son, daughter, and she is still very small. She was wearing a skirt, a white T-shirt. Well, it was obvious that she was in a black bra. I sit and look at it, is a member of, those pictures in my head. They sat and talked. I went to my room. Then a living mother's voice calling me.
Mom-aunt Drove home with the kids, and then later as that.

Well we went. All the way I was chatting with the little brother (her son), well, and almost reached. On the street for about 12 nights. Then the traffic police stops. Out, vehicle inspection certificate is there, but the right to forget. Heck. There have issued, the car on the parking fine. Parking was close to them. There have set. And they themselves walk. Well, and they went. I was going to leave, then call a taxi she- where you go right now. Tomorrow, the car pull out in the morning, and you go. A call Mom right now.

Well, and I stayed with them. They had 3 rooms. I bed with the little brother in the same room. It was stifling. Her husband was not. My daughter went to bed with a little brother. I sat in the kitchen, there was sitting at the window, the air breathed. Here comes my aunt, in a bathrobe, it is clear that under no bra.
It-Why are you here? Sleep does not want?
Ya do not want something. And you?
Now She-child pokormlyu. She set the water and speaks- Three minutes later, I can carry? Well, I agree.

I go to her, with the water in those pictures thoughts. I go, she pulled the robe of a melon, and feeds her daughter. The nipple is not visible, but this kind of suited me. The eyes of her breasts, he went, wanted to give, and she- now, wait a minute. I stand, staring at her chest.
It is all-let. Then she pulls the nipple out of his mouth, and a few drops flow down, and drip on a bathrobe. One hand pulls a bathrobe, the other gives his daughter the water. I stand, thinking about her, about her boobs.
She, thank you. You can go.
I went out, I go to the kitchen. I think she has not noticed. All my attention is paid to the child. Sit, drink water. Here she comes.

She uhh.eli-packed. Give at least rest, sit.
Ya and your husband come?
It is, yes, they greeted one another, drunk probably will. Now his wait, he'll put myself going to bed.
I-yeah, you is not easy.
She had grown accustomed to, yes, the third child already has experience.

And then I heard sounds of someone trying to open the door. She-that's it.
She went to open the door, he goes, there is clearly seen the corridor. He enters, takes off his shoes and tries to hug her. She almost pushed him away, but he grabbed the ass.
She-what are you doing, children wake. I quietly watched, and when she cleaned his hand, touched robe, and it has risen a little, but it was evident that her red panties and round. This ass. She looked at me, and dragged him.

They heard how he lay down on the bed, she laid it in my place, because there are sleeping child. Well, it comes.
She, you'll have to sleep in the living room. Come on I'll bed. So we went.

And then the baby cries, it is now-baby pack up again.
And I do not know why, but followed her. She did not turn on the lights. And I lay down and began to settle the child. I was standing, it was obvious everyone in the room, because of the moon. Her legs are sexy robe rode up a little bit, just a little bit and you could see the bottom of the priests. She told me in a whisper -Take pillows and blankets in the closet there. I looked, no. Then she start to look for, to be seen, and I've included a flashlight on your phone. That is the video. And there's a flash fire. She looked up, I went for it. And then she forgot, I also put the top of the cabinet. And then it ceases on the small stool, climbs, and I shoot from below the camera. Then robe rode up, the bottom can see everything. So I froze. She's looking for, turns-that you saw there? These shine nephew. And where the light showed.
I-I got there and looked. She-well, yes, it was clear where watched and points to my pants, that is, on the hill in jeans. And just a flash to the brightness. It gives me a pillow and a blanket.
I accidentally-on there looked. Not hotel.Nemnozhko blushing.
She is a chance that he (smiling), all go to sleep.

I took it and vyshel.Postavil all, and went to the kitchen. In about two hours. I turn off the light, so that the mosquitoes were not included. The window is open. Sam sit in my thoughts about it. And then someone goes to the kitchen.
The light is turned on, and then it is in those shorts and a T-shirt, under which protrude tits. Seeing me still. Worth and - are you awake?
I- I can not sleep. And you?
She, too, that came to drink water. And go and not having had a drink.
I drink water, do not wake?
She-Who bathrobe Naquin.
I-What is there to have seen it all.
She really, no (smiling) leaves.
I came back the same robe. Sela, drinking water. I stare at her chest. It is all-already otvodi.Chto eyes there interesting.
I-so much so, I wonder how milk goes from there. And it falls.
She, laughing, you just sucked my mother. If you forgot to (gives you a bottle of drinking water which her child).
I-you what, it's not tits, smiling. And taste is not the same.
It was she who want to try a taste? or suck?
I-I do both.
She takes one breast, and pours the milk from the breast, and gives mne.Ya shocked. You should have seen it.
I try a little bit, the taste is not like we usually drink.
I-and you can own? Laughing.
She is the go here. And he pulls out the same boob and speaks- well poprobuy.Tolko okkuratney.
I started to suck, did not work, and with one hand began to knead, and then it started, once the milk so much that by tit rolled down. I have not sucked and kissed the top and bottom, based on milk. And then it-all, enough to keep the baby laughing.

I, and the other? It can be the same?)
It is, okay.
And then the same thing 4-5 minutes.

Then he sat down and drank the water. My dick is. I look back on the chest. That was awesome. It-You just do not tell anyone that I gave you, smiling
I-You then, I will not tell anyone. Unless of course repeat.
She-Oh blackmailer. Not only is today. But repeat. Smiling. We started to leave. We got up.
And I like her husband in the ass, right hand held. But I stop for 2-3 seconds. She at first, after a few seconds looking at me - Why are you touching it.
I'm sorry-I on the machine, he thought, as it were with a girl.
It-Go to sleep, do not fuck on the machine again, laughing.
Ya anything can happen.
She-I was joking.
I-let's sit still, sleep is not hunting. And we went back to the kitchen. And I once again hand potragal her ass. Nothing was said.
In my pants torn. He was a member of the stake.
And there is the child crying.
It's go-see. if you do not want to sleep next to wait.

We went, she went. I start feeding.
I'm already there began to touch her ass, she lay quietly. When stuck under the robe, looked at me, said nothing. I touched there for about five minutes, squeezed.
And there she graduated. The child was sleeping. Bathrobe Zadran.
She-I want to sleep, go to sleep.
I-I can not right now.
She looked at my mound, and - go to the toilet, there is finished.
, I have to-I could not looking at or touching something to do something.
It is there-damn light. Come straight here.
I pulled out a member. She was not looking. I touched her ass, legs, breasts. Did not work.
She-what are you doing for so long.
I-one does not work. And she lifted her gown, and turned his back. I got up and began to finish. Cum right in her panties were. She-what are you doing pancake. Careful could not?
I, I'm sorry. It just so happened. Thank you)
It is the same under the robe lifted. And she went into the bathroom.
I also look hurt pants.
I went there and it is the new shorts and a T-shirt washes underwear.
I only top shirt, bare bottom. Member of standing back.
It is back-up?
I, as you can see.


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Girl with children's playground (part 2)

Early in the morning I woke up feeling, which I no longer felt in the morning. Warm soft palm crept on my hips, trying to get to her panties. Impersonate that do not sleep, I was not going, and, as if in a dream wider spread her legs. Perhaps my new lodger was glad this term and boldly directed his hand to his crotch. Having hooked fingers gum, I felt that a white silk cloth is pulled together with my thighs. From beneath her lashes, I watched Vlady. Guba zakusana, eyes shine, I smiled. As soon as a slightly trembling fingers touched my pussy, I decided it was time to reveal itself.

- What a beauty, I can not sleep? - Vlad jerked in surprise and looked up at me with frightened eyes. A smile, and his hands pulled the body paralyzed with fear over on my lips. As soon as I was able to pick up a girl on the same level with me, I turned her on her back and bend under him.

- Like someone yesterday because of lost love crying, and now to me in the pants climb? - I smiled and barely touching, touched his lips to tense the neck of a girl - the guy is no longer needed or what?

My hands tightened wrist Vlada, from what she moaned softly and shook her head, and I looked with malice in the girl's eyes.

- Well, what I wanted - you get - my eyes darted look down and found that the girl came completely naked, except for the bikini area - just not as much as at night.

On the lips appeared not ambiguous smile, one hand started to go down, at the same time look intently was sent to Vlad's eyes. It seems that before it finally reached the whole meaning of my words, because in the eyes there was panic, and his hands tried to push me away. I pressed my body to pull out all his weight, and his hand unceremoniously launched in shorts. Roughly sorting delicate petals with your fingers, I continued to stare into the eyes of the girl. They were tears of despair and shine, my eye is only radiated anger and rage.

Breaking into the narrow fold of the girls fingers, I frantically start to fuck the body bends. From the eyes streamed tears of the girl, and she became even more active escape. Another five minutes, I continued to torment the vagina Vlada with great amplitude and speed.

- Stop, it hurts. Please, stop it, - through the sobs, I heard a desperate voice. I abruptly looked up and saw that Vlad, with a pale face lying, eyes closed, and weeping softly.

Until I finally realized that I was literally rape the girl. Gently pulling the hand, I pulled away from the girl. What came over me? To me all of a sudden there was unbridled rage, captivated eyes clouded mind and ears, that I not only did not see what was happening, but did not hear the girl. I looked at Vlad she curled into a ball and sobbed softly in a blanket.

- I'm sorry, baby, I do not know what came over me - I went back and gently put his arm around her waist, touching her lips to his shoulder. Five minutes later, shivering Vlad stopped, sobs but I could still hear. We lay and until until the doorbell rang. I looked into the face of Vlad, and making sure that she was asleep went to the door. Throwing on his T-shirt, I opened the door.

Uninvited guest, or rather guests cause confusion expression on my face. On the threshold of my apartment was our valiant police. What brought them to me, and even at noon?

- May I help you?

- Yes, we're looking for a Woman. She was seen not far from your home, and we decided to interview residents. Have you seen this man last night in the interval of time from 6 pm to 8? - A man in uniform showed certificate and handed me a leaflet with the composite sketch of the girl. My eyes risen sharply surprise, and his heart began to beat twice as often. I handed the flyer back and tried not to show that she had learned to draw a girl.

- No, what she has done? - I felt a chill ran down my spine.

- Robbed an apartment in the nearby area. Well, since you have not seen anything, then we'll go. Good luck.

With a rapidly beating heart, I closed the door and leaned back against it, considering the whole situation. A few minutes later, I walked around the apartment and made sure that nothing was missing.

Sitting in the kitchen for aromatic coffee and smoking a cigarette, I summed up. So I was invited to live with myself thief, while sleeping with her, plus everything, and raped. But she is not behaving like a thief. Extinguish the cigarette, I went into the bedroom, where Vlad was asleep. Deciding not to wake the girl until I went into the living room - work.

Later in the afternoon, Vlad finally woke up. I had already finished work and decided to cook dinner. But my thoughts were scored only this girl. How am I going to carry on with her?

- I better go - behind me came a small voice hesitant.

I turned and looked into the girl's eyes.

- If you go, then you take away the cops. They were there, in the morning - blue eyes widened for a moment, but I noticed that Vlad is not weak and frightened shifted from foot to foot. I felt that the girl does not dare to ask me, so I closed it. I myself was not sure if I'm ready to do this for a stranger. A little thought, I decided.

- Means this: you will live with me, as long as you do not get better in life, but under several conditions, - I stood up and I walked around the girl and put her arm around her waist.

- What? - Fingertips I could feel her muscles convulsively compressed.

- Well, first, you'll get out of here, cook, wash, in general: to do everything that would make the housekeeper - I barely touched the girl's wet lips tense neck.

- I think something else?

- Secondly, and most importantly, will you sleep with me. I think you have guessed, I did not mean to sleep in the same bed, but the sun? - Clinging wet kiss to his shoulder, I squeezed my breasts perfect thief, - and we will begin now - Vlada chest dramatically shot up, but from the parted lips broke moan.

Pushing Woman belly on the table, I stood behind him. One of my hand like lying on his chest - and left, and the second began to unzip his jeans. I felt heavier and how hot it becomes breath. My lips biting his earlobe and his hand already was operating in the crotch of the girl. Unable to stand, I rudely entered into it, and to my ear sounded sensual moan. Pulling hair, I watched the expression on the face of Vlada until my arm had her frantically. After a few moments I felt like a vagina was reduced, and the girl herself in a back bend. This led me to add another finger and thrust them as deeply as possible. And that was the last straw in front of a bright orgasm. Vlad beat such a trembling that I had to hold her to the table and close mouth by hand.

When the orgasm slowly began to let go of the mind and the crotch of the girl, I leaned over to her ear.

- You all right? - I gently pulled his fingers from the vagina and squeezed ass Vlada, surveying all of its beautiful figure.

She nodded briefly and tried to get up, but I held it back to the table.

- I had one more condition, I promise: the last - I held his hand on his chest to rump - walk around the apartment in his underwear. It is impossible to hide such beauty.

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Night with the sister

My name is Serge, at the time of the story I was 16 years old. We lived way, I am a mother and father, brothers and sisters, relatives, and there was already a campaign is not.) The guy I was quite normal, podrachival course, watched porn. With girls, though met, but the sex has not been, up to that were willing my companion - is to touch the breasts through clothes, and even then they are not long enough.

Of course sex like, especially because many of my friends and acquaintances have time to learn all of its charms. Well, I do not like that is not luck. No luck until the next event happened.

Chapter 1

mother's phone call caught me just at recess at school. I heard it was bad, but I understand what we urgently come to what the visitors, or relatives, or friends, in general, do not get one. I especially did not bother and continued his school day.

Coming home to my surprise I found his mother, ran around the apartment with a rag.

- What is it? - I ofigel. - Why are not you at work?

- Sergei, I told you, Ira arrives six hours, and we damn house those that do. You're in my room when cleaned for the last time? Well ka come forward. And Get a cot, bed linen and gather their, you will sleep on a cot. Vacuums come on ... come on.

Having given this tirade, his mother took a breath. I was surprised even more.

- And this is Ira who do?

- God, I told you on the phone, your second cousin's sister. Daughter Aunt Vera. Remember, we have been, when my grandmother went to last time?

It is years since seven years ago, I remembered all pretty vague. Ira did not remember at all.

- And how many years it? - I decided to ask.

- 16 that's been recently, the same age as yours - mother responded actively to crawl on the floor with a rag.

I thought this quite encouraged, for some reason I thought that he would come any twenty mare will teach me morals of life. But I just remembered Aunt Vera, she is such all moralistka.

In the end, driven by the mother, I trudged to my direct marafet.

Chapter 2

Ira was quite a pretty little girl, blonde, slim. We quickly found a common language, the whole evening sitting VKontakte, YouTube, watched a movie the night before. Then it was time to go to bed. Il put me out the door, lay down on my bed, and then did the same thing and I'm somewhat embarrassed by his half-naked appearance. So I lay down on the cot of course, quite creaky.

Sleep at once of course we did not, chatted. In the end, his mother shouted at us and we were silent.

I could not sleep. Also, I really could not povertetsya, creaking was heard in the silence of the night is quite loud. That was Ira expanse in terms of movement of the bed, but I knew that she could not sleep. A couple of times she pulls the blanket and I became visible to her leg, pretty tempting. A member of my immediately stood up, and I terribly wanted to masturbate, but how to do it? Ira does not sleep, cot creaks. In my head involuntarily began to appear all sorts of pictures of how my sister and I have sex. I shivered as much from their own fantasies.

- What are you doing? - Ira just blew a whisper quiet room, and I nearly jumped in surprise.

- Not nothing - I hastened to reply. - Can not sleep ... which is

- I, too, - sighed sister and sat up in bed, looking at me. Blanket eased from her shoulders, it was my sister sleeps in light T-shirt-alcoholic. - Oh, you have a problem.

- What kind?

- You understand what - Ira giggled and ducked back under the covers. - I thought an involuntary riser in men only in the mornings.

I certainly did not realize that the moon in the window pretty well covered me and my mound sticking out quite significantly, especially under light blanket. I was confused and without thinking blurted out:

- And he is not involuntary.

- Yes? You mean ...

- Yes! - I interrupted firmly. Losing has been nothing special, it is unlikely the mother will tell you, I was able to see for the evening, which is not that her character.

- Prikooolno, you're just a maniac.

I could not think of what to say and the room fell silent again. Minutes into two.

- Show me - Ira whisper sounded a little timid and worried.

Gritting his cot, I slowly pulled off his blanket. I certainly slept in his underpants, the head got out from under their gums and tempting (as I would) protruded.

- Wow, - Ira again stood on the bed and watched with interest between my legs. - A fully take off.

She motivated by curiosity rather than a desire for something else. So it seemed to me then. And I somehow exhibitionistic pleasure pulled off his pants. Member joyfully jumped into the wild.

- Like? - Looking at the Ira embarrassed, I asked.

- Yes, - almost inaudibly she said and added. - Climbs to me here.

I could not believe my ears. But for a long time I did not keep begging myself. Spitting on the creaking of the cot, I playfully jumped from it and moved to the bed, sitting next to her sister.

A sister never ceased to amaze me. Froze for a moment, she naprygnula at me like a tigress, and stuck to his lips. I almost choked on the willingness and the buzz, all the same the first time I was with a girl in such an intimate setting, besides naked. Passionately and the way skill kissing me, Ira with one hand stroking my hair, and the second member podrachivala. I took this as an opportunity to learn more of something and pulled her T-shirt up. Ira did not resist, and she helped me to undress her. Then she pulled herself briskly pulled off her panties.

- Come on - she whispered in my ear - do it.

I carefully laid-il on the bed and perched on top. Flashed the thought that I had no condom, and to hell with it. I did not care, I was excited to the limit and was ready to break this girl that lay beneath me.

Easy to say. Experience I have not really, so I just blindly poked somewhere between Ira feet, but did not get. She moaned softly, and she sent a hand my cock in her womb. He went like clockwork, and then I waited another discovery - my 16-year-old sister was not a virgin. But those thoughts quickly slipped away, I was getting an incredible pleasure from sex, unmatched by any masturbation. Member of the enveloped was like something soft and warm, fantastically enjoyable, why want to move faster and faster. In a fit of passion I clutched lips sticking out of the nipple, kissed her sister on the lips, neck. She moaned, sighed, podmahivaya my hips and digging her nails into his back. Eventually Ira grabbed my butt and handles the participation of my pelvic movements. Such an awesome pleasant torture, I could not stand for a long time and still came, although having at the same time to remove your machine from the sisters and copiously irrigate her chest, abdomen and face.

We were breathing heavily. Remains of sperm dripping Irke stomach. I looked at her and could not believe what had happened at all.

And then suddenly he heard the sharp steps and the room lights came on. I turned around in horror.

In the doorway stood our mother with wide open eyes in astonishment. Well, the picture was of course that still. I was kneeling in front of Ira with not yet having omitted terms. And beneath me lay my second cousin as a porn star from the corresponding magazine with the sperm on the face and body.
I will not be long to tell what happened. Well, at least not screaming. Ira went to the shower, and in the end we were taken to different rooms and told to sleep. Debriefing left in the morning. Fell asleep I'm still a stupid smile on his lips and a pleasant thought, I am now a man.

And in the morning or Aunt Vera nor Ira it was gone. As it turned out later, Aunt Vera in a conversation with his mother to blame me, my education and all that. They quarreled, and as a result relatives already in the early morning left our house.

Mom said that I lascivious idiot. I yell course. But in the depths of her eyes, I could see that she understands me and is not going too harshly judged. So actually it happened.

Later, I found my sister in sinebeloy social networks, and we met again. But that is another story.

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Well we'll see? I asked Natasha.
-Yes, all the same.
The girls put in the first available drive, uncorked a bottle of wine, poured fragrant drink by the glass and sat down on the sofa.
The evening passed well, the film was interesting wine intoxicate head, parents were not home, and all disposed to an intimate setting.
Hand Natasha accidentally fell on the thigh of Julia, but she did not remove her hand but instead held it up almost touched Julia's wet pussy.
Julia did not resist and Natasha pulled her friend to her closer, she put her arms around her waist and began kissing her face ... nosik..schechki ... finally she reached the sweet, delicate sponges are so coveted kiss. Natasha kissed her tongue and playing a little tender lips biting podrugi.Natashiny hands full already wandering through the body of Julia. one hand climbed into her panties and greedily rubbing Clitheroe, second caressed grud.Dyhanie both been inconsistent, then their sighs seemed more like a moan, then generally thought that girls do not breathe. Julia grew bolder, and also decided to give pleasure to her friend, she pulled away from Natasha and put her on the sofa and she also clung to her crotch. Julia tried my best, then licking Clitheroe then gently sucking it is already two fingers she launched into her friend's and Natasha's body Pronyaev cramp but such force that Julia first frightened but then returned to their work. Natasha Julia pressed her head to his crotch and her juices flowed directly to the person devochke.Natashi calmed orgasm finally released her, but Julia all sat and looked at her not knowing what to do next. Natasha pulled her to him and kissed her so passionately that Julia again blew off the roof, and she again wanted to go down below but Natasha did not allow her to do so, on the contrary, it has become a cover body of Julia kisses, caressing his chest, sucking and licking little hardened sosochki.Zatem and went below, kissing and kissing Gorny pubis perineum, Julia had never experienced anything like it. Datura wine and turn the head, kissing girlfriend, did not allow her to understand anything .. it was good it was very good and she did not want to be that it ended, that she did not want to leave Natasha ee.Yulya stroked her friend's head, played with her hair, and even when the first convulsions of orgasm took over her body she did not cease to prekasatsya ney.Yule seemed that she is distracted even for a second, and Natasha will disappear as a wonderful son.kak glimpse. But this did not happen and could not happen for a long time because Natasha glances at JUlenka not as a friend but as a girl. she always liked to sit at her house, because there it Yulia, went without underwear, and her little nipples erotic peeped through clothes ... how long ago they were both waiting for this moment and now it finally did come, they would be together, and no one can stop them.

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Girl with children's playground (part 1)

It's hot breath in the head and neck kissing a girl, I felt her small palm hesitantly rested my shoulders, pushing.

- Jen, do not, please, - panting, she whispered in my ear.

And this girl named Vlad. Beautiful ancient rare name. I met her a couple of hours ago. The elastic second size breast covered with a bright red T-shirt and bare feet slender, growing from a small appetizing ass dressed in a dark-green shorts attracted my lustful gaze. She looked at 16-17 years, in fact, she was 20 years old, as I learned later.

I am also 22 years old, and I am a girl looking for adventure on his round ass, which madly love to fuck girls, especially if they are heterosexual.

Taking a walk through the deserted streets of his native city, I wandered into a deserted courtyard of a residential area. On the playground the girl was sitting alone and I noticed this beauty beauty, straight toward her. Sitting side by side on the bench, I lit a cigarette.

- Why are you sitting here alone in this deserted place, not afraid of maniacs rapists? - I took a deep drag on his cigarette and looked for a Woman

- Nope, not afraid - she looked at my pack of cigarettes.

- Lit?

- Yes, thank you.

- Well, can you tell why so rasprekrasnoe establishment sits alone in such a desolate place?

- I had a fight with the guy and left him.

- So what's the problem? Gone and gone, the new find themselves.

- Yes, the fact that I did not go that far, I do not have parents, and I lived with him.

And then I finally found time to look at the girl's face. Big bright blue eyes, long fluffy eyelashes, high cheekbones, soft sensual lips, auburn hair fell over her shoulders.

I smiled at the girl and dragged.

- What is direct and it really is not much?

She shook her head.

- Listen, you're incredibly lucky, I was just looking for lodger. Come on, I do you live, not expensive, you give when you can. I'm Zhenya.

- And I'm Vlad.

- What a beautiful name, get up, let's go.

And she went. I'm a girl, I can do wrong with her? She did not know that I love the girls, especially such a beautiful and tiny.

As we walked to my house, she told me about her life with the man before him. About heavy brutal life in the orphanage. I was silent and listened, occasionally asking questions and offering girl a cigarette.

Approaching the entrance, Vlad paused and shyly said:

- And I'm sure you will not give any discomfort?

- Of course, I offered myself. Do not hesitate and come with me on "you", right?

I opened the door and invited the girl to enter a gesture. Vlad hesitated, but still went.

Later, when I opened the door of his apartment, it was already dark. Going into the yawning darkness of the room, I found the switch. Bright lights illuminated the sparsely furnished room.

- Certainly not a mansion, but you can live. After inspection, but now let's go, I will feed you.

Eat, she decided to go to the bathroom. Going into the bathroom, I put a clean towel. The soul was seen vague outlines of the beautiful girl of tender forms. Few admired, I left.

When Vlad came out of the shower, I was sitting in the living room and watched TV. Seeing her, I offered to join me. Wet hair fell over her shoulders, making her seem even more youthful.

Night To summarize, Vlad long gone to bed. I still long TV watching, too, went to bed.

Sleep did not want to, for a long time tossing and turning trying to fall asleep, I listened. In the silence, the ticking of the clock, and some other not clear sound. It was like ... to cry! No, really someone crying behind the wall. Getting up, I walked to the room where Vlad slept. The sound was coming from there. Quietly knocking, I entered. Girl lying on the bed and sobbed into my pillow. Sitting side by side, I carefully tore it from the pillow and gently hugged.

Shaking Woman in her arms like a child, I occasionally kissing her neck. Finally, the sobs ceased, Vlad only occasionally sobbing. A growing excitement in me.

I kissed Vlad the temple and waited for the reaction. She seemed not to notice. Kiss on my cheek. I ceased to sob. Kiss on the neck. He is breathing heavily.

It's hot breath in the head and neck kissing a girl, I felt her small palm hesitantly rested my shoulders, pushing.

- Jen, do not, please, - panting, she whispered in my ear.

- It is necessary to Zai, you want it myself, I feel - my hand slipped into the spaced legs.

They moved sharply, holding my hand in his captivity. I lifted her head by the chin and looked into teary eyes. To cry, but incredibly beautiful. He ran a finger over his lips, and barely touched it with his lips. First Vlad I did not respond to the kiss, but as soon as I started a passionate wet kiss her and how those plump lips parted, flowing into his mouth my playful tongue.

Legs parted, and his fingers found the wet panties girls.

- Mm-m, you have mokrenkaya, I'm telling you what you want.

I felt Vlada fingers entangle in my hair, and the language will examine the oral cavity.

Without patted Vlad on the panties, I pulled away from her, pushed down on the bed and pulled off her panties. Before my eyes opened a little clean-shaven pussy, from which oozed moisture. I sat down between her legs and began stroking the inside of the thighs, then the excited lips and stuck out among them a large clitoris. Chest girl dramatically shot up, and her lips broke moan. I squeezed between two fingers and the clitoris girl fell on her whole body. She dug into her lips a passionate kiss and brazenly invaded tongue in his mouth and two fingers, index and middle, abruptly thrust into her hot bosom. I am feeling like my thighs scratching sharp nails, like a wild cat I found strangled on the sweet pain. I growled and with greater speed and aggressiveness expiring juices start to peck a small vaginal hole. I felt fingers, which is narrow and gentle she was. But the two fingers is not enough, I slowly began to push the third finger, causing the girl strangled groan and with even greater force scratched my body, only to have calves. Pushing the third finger, I slowly began to move his fingers in hot bosom, mouth muffling were straining out loud moans of pain mixed with pleasure and excitement. Second hand I stroked the girl's hair, a little later, her, I passionately pressed her bare breasts gentle girl that her knuckles turned white. That was the last straw. Taurus trembled and began to bend in an arc back, gentle close muscles contracted spasmodically, I gave freedom Vlada moans and pulled away from the girl's lips. Vlad poured on my palm, with loud moans and guttural sound deep in my loins gripping nails, leaving her bruised and scratched. She struggled to orgasm five minutes after the last time a shudder and arched, Vlad sprawled on the bed, still trembling slightly. I gently freed her fingers and licked them each in turn. Hardly opening his eyes, she was watching me from under the eyelids parted. I smiled brightly and easily Vlad kissing on the lips and stroked her cheek.

- All will be well, the sun. You'll see - Vlad blushed, and I'm on it just yet widely grinned.

- Good night, kid - I got out of bed, and covering her went to her bedroom for a room door.

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I, my sister and Wick

My sister the same age, she is about a year younger than me. The first time I saw her naked, when I was nine years old. Mom put her in the bath, and she played it before washing. The bathroom we had shared, but I was impatient for a small need, so much so that I could not take it anymore. I rushed into the bathroom, jumped into the toilet bowl and let the stream of pleasure. Nastia dropped toys, stood up and looked at me curiously. And I - it.
When she asked various questions about her mother. It turns out that before the age of eight years old, she did not know what to write about boys. Honestly, I do not expect in its nine years, Mother Nature has created both boys and girls different. But I decided not to discuss this issue with her mother, and a friend. Comrade was more versed in gender issues and something told me. A more serious lesson taught to us one-fifth grader repetition. He took us to an abandoned construction site and there, in a secluded corner, pulled out his pisyuley and began to masturbate very quickly. When he had finished the wall, he said:
- And so you can not, because even the boys.
We really could not because, although pipiski we were standing. The first time I came to thirteen, washing in the shower. Since then, the daily shower has become my favorite procedure. I hide their addiction from family and classmates, but one day, almost a year after my first orgasm, Nastya, after all, has peeped. I, apparently, bad latch shut in the bathroom, and she peeked through the open door.
The next day when I came home from school and sat down to do their homework, she spun around me. At home we were alone. Suddenly Nastya said:
- Show me what you did last night in the bathroom.
- And what did I do? - I was scared. - To take a shower.
- No. You're doing something with your recordkeeping.
- Nothing.
- It is not true, you are engaged in masturbation.
- How do you know?
- Videla. Show me how you did it, but the mother will tell all.
- And if the show, do not tell?
- No.
- Fair?
- Honest pioneer.
- Well look.
I was, of course, ashamed to masturbate in front of my little sister, but it was even more embarrassed if my "vice" mother knows. I gently lowered his pants with shorts and pulled out the tip of the segment. But from the gaze Nasty he did not want to climb.
- You see, it turns out nothing. I hesitate.
- And if I show you my, you get?
- OK, let's try.
She lifted the hem of her dress, holding his chin and pulled the gum panties. I saw a little covered with sparse fuzz pubic and crack beneath him, hiding between the legs. My pussy, throbbing, began to grow and soon acquired the necessary hardness. I started to masturbate, and her daughter let hem, squatted and looked almost point-blank, as the flashes red head in my fist. I was already do not care what she looks at me, I longed to come.
The first drop hit her in the eye. Nastya, blinking rapidly pulled away, but, nevertheless, all her face and clothes were spattered with sperm. She took off her dress, went to the bathroom and washed off.
- Mom say that kefir She drenched herself.
Present we slept in the same room, only her bed stood behind a screen. That night, falling asleep, I heard her rapid breathing and a suspicious creaking.
The next day, Nastia again swirled around me and asked to repeat what happened yesterday. Now, I did not hesitate, on the contrary, I wanted to masturbate in front of her.
- Just take off your clothes, and then I splashed him again.
- Yeah, right.
Nastya shot over the head dress, and then, to my surprise, a T-shirt and shorts and was left completely naked. Having started to masturbate, I asked:
- And the girls are engaged in masturbation?
- In any way, - she muttered.
- No, but really, I heard at night, scrape your bed.
- I sleep restlessly, - Nastya blushed.
- You do not have the same segment - excited and looking at her pussy, I tried to find out. - How do you masturbate?
Sister, nevertheless, overcome shyness and showed:
- Like this.
She put in her cunt finger slightly deepened between his lips and began to move up and down, gradually entering into ecstasy and even forgetting about me. A few minutes later she lay down on the floor, rolled her eyes, wide spread legs bent at the knees, becoming like a frog, and vigorously rubbed his palm pussy. And his hand, and thighs, and rare bush of pubic hair was wet from her. She moaned and writhed. I stood over her and just as furiously masturbate his penis with two fingers, but when Anastasia moans turned into a cry, threw her his seed.
That night my sister was sleeping like a baby, no squeaks from behind the screen could not hear.
Repeat like we decided just a week later. However, everything was not so violently. Then Nastia somehow ceased to pester me with similar requests, and I myself did not dare to suggest, as the initiative always came from her. And there was no time - after school to Nastya came Wick friend, they would be alone in the master bedroom, and Vick left after the arrival of my mother. Engage in joint masturbation at night my sister and I did not dare, so as not to attract the attention of parents.
Behind the screen Nastia all the night was quiet. I suspect that now Nastya masturbate together with Vika, as passed by the parents' bedroom, where the girls were locked, I heard a commotion and soft moans. I was excited, I walked into the bathroom and satisfying myself. On Vick I am a bit angry and jealous of her sister because of her I lost my pleasure to masturbate with my little sister.
Vick two years older than Anastasia and almost a year older than me - it will soon be fifteen. Once passed by the master bedroom, where retired Wick Nastya, I heard a voice:
- Are you fool? I hurt so much! - Vic loudly indignant.
- The very silly woman, the boys exactly the same! - Nastya replied.
- What are you, I see?
- Imagine - yes!
- And here and there, we argue, is not so!
- Bet - this.
- We had a sex shop to buy a normal phallus
- Yeah, who's there to sell it to you, youngster!
- Or take the condom and fill it with cotton wool.
- And that you will not break anything. Well I'm telling you - the size exactly the same.
- And here and there!
- And let's check! - Nastya said.
- Come on. How?
- Sasha'll call.
- Sdurela eh?
- What? I saw his pussy. And thou shalt see.
Latch clicked. I jumped back from the door and rushed into our room.
- Ca-Al! - He cried Nastia opened the door the master bedroom.
- What? - I said.
- Come to us.
I went up to the bedroom.
- Just do not be shy, anything do not be surprised - with a chuckle in his voice warned sister.
Going into the bedroom, I was surprised and embarrassed: the two girls were sitting on the parent's bed in his socks. Nastya I have many times seen naked and got used to it. Vick was larger, more rounded, steep-formed hips and breasts, a small but pronounced, with large red-brown nipples. Pubic curled reddish, but still pretty sparse hair - through which peeped separated clicking labia, yet soft and girlish swollen that lurked between the serried hips. Noticing my gaze, Vic covered hands pussy and nipples.
When passed the first stupor, I became excited, I felt cramped in a segment of the pants.
- Show us your s ... - that way, calling obscene words, demanded Nastya. She was annoyed and angry. - Vick says he's not.
In his hand was a piece of sisters rubber garden hose with a round cap on the vial at one end. It seems that it should represent the dildo.
- Come on!
Seeing my hesitation, Nastya came up and began to unbutton my pants myself.
- Here you see? - Exposing my penis, she put him to the hose with a knob. - Here. Well, the hose a little thinner, but the ball a little more, but just a little bit. And so - one to one. Come on, get down!
Wick lay on the bed, and her daughter went to her and tried to remove her hand covering the vulva. Vick struggled and advance wincing.
- Nast, wait, let Sasha go away!
- Stop the girls, but what are you actually doing? - I asked.
- Do not say! - Vic protested.
- We break the hymen Vick - Nastia briskly explained.
- What for? - I was surprised, because I knew in the examples of the present that deliver fun girl can do without vaginal insertion of some stuff.
- You know ... - Nastia start to explain.
- Do not tell me! - Interrupted Wick, heavily blushing.
- C'mon - she waved her hand sister. - In short, Vicky has a boyfriend. More precisely, the man is an adult. He wants to type not to fuck with it, says that girls can not. And Vic lied to him that she was not a girl. What many times fucked, and made an abortion, and all. So he agreed to have sex with her. Tomorrow. And if he finds out that she is virgin, he will cease to respect its type. I got it?
- I got it. Strange, of course. But your work. Why the hose?
- You suggest what?
I was burning with excitement and already podrachival hand his bare body and nervous.
- Maybe I sgozhus that?
The girls looked at each other, then burst out laughing.
- Exactly! And we are fools ...
- That is great. You, the present, come, and we are here to do everything Vika.
- I do not. I'm here too. Holding a candle.
- What candle? - I was surprised.
Vic laughed.
- Okay, Sasha, traveled, - said Anastasia.
We planted Vick ass under the old diaper, so as not to stain the parental bed. Vick spread her legs, I lay down on it and began to stick a dick in her slit, trying to find the entrance to the vagina. To get to I could not. He began to help his hand, leading member along the slits. Finally, it seems, I got. He began to press, to shove inside. Vic wrinkled her forehead.
- Oh, it hurts, mom!
I could not help but excitement and began spewing semen, irrigating Vick belly, pubis and thighs.
- Well, we come! - Vic disappointed.
She pulled herself out of the diaper and began to wipe his sperm.
- She said it was necessary to it! - Nastya shook his device.
I was embarrassed, but tried to justify himself.
- Hold on, girls, I'm recovered. I have a lot of time I can. I have been and three times ... until you occupy it ... How do you usually ...
- And how do you know how we used to? - Nastya asked sarcastically. - To eavesdrop?
I sat down on the bed and began podrachivat member, leading him on alert, and her daughter Vicki settled between the legs. She kissed her breasts, then stomach, then dropped lower and lower, to the most crack, and began to lick it carefully. And Vick writhing, moaning softly and kept saying: "More, more"
I sat down with both hands closer and stroked Vikin chest. She lay with her eyes closed, all focused on the sensations. I quietly removed Nastya and he began to lick the crack Vika, sweet and salty, sharp-smelling and expiring moisture. The language I found the place where I should stick, and tried to drive to the language. But he did not go. I spread her fingers, large and small lips and my own eyes saw the pink hymen, very tight, and with a tiny hole. Nastya meanwhile fingered hands my testicles and penis, so he quickly got up.
When a member tensed, I crawled on Vick and put a hand over his instrument to the entrance of the vagina. Vika, not opening his eyes, tensed and wrinkled her nose in anticipation of pain. I moved with all his strength member inside. Vic screamed and opened her eyes, but my penis was in her, she felt it and relaxed. A few minutes later we were not moving, feeling each other. Then I slowly brought it all back, and began thrusting. Vick just wrinkled her nose, but she relaxed, her face expressionless pain. I have boldly pulled and shoved back a little sharper. Vick was lying quietly, eyes closed. Then I began to move more often and with greater amplitude. Narrow vagina Vikin bowed my cock harder and yet softer than I'm used to with his fist. Particularly pleasing was the feeling at the entrance, where the head is stronger compressed remnants of the hymen. I even tried to stay there, completely removing and then thrusting. About two minutes later Vick revived and began to make counter-movement. In a few minutes she began to break out of the moaning, and she twitched all soon, raising her ass to meet my thrusts. The walls of the vagina contracted convulsively, squeezing and releasing my cock.
By Vicki moans began to be added moans Nasty. Inspired by the sexual act, I forgot about the time her sister, about the fact that she was there. But Nastia was lying near us, with one hand she was rubbing her clit while the other tried to stick a hose with a knob.
- Are you fool?!
Without stopping to fuck Vika, I took Nastia hose and threw it away. Vick opened her eyes and looked at me startled.
- I'm not you, - I reassured her.
Then I remembered what the girls like it when they massage the clitoris. I shoved his hand between our bellies with Vika, felt the hairs among the top corner slits and ran his thumb back. Vic stronger jerked and moaned, and pulled out my cock sperm. Right into it.
- Oh! - I was scared.
- It's nothing - reassured Vic. I have just finished the day before menstruating.
An hour to go back to work mom. We Vika went into the shower, and her daughter dressed and thrown in the garbage disposal diaper with Vika my blood and semen. When we got out of the shower, I dressed and threw to the same Nastin hose with a knob.
- Why did you? - Outraged Nastya.
- That foolishness not mayalas. You will find a boyfriend, let him break your hymen and, you understand? And then all the mom will tell.
For the first time in my life I talked so severely with his sister.

The next day, Vick came back to us.
- Wait - Nastya was surprised. - You should now see this ... your ... what is it?
- Well it! Let us yesterday. I have fun with you ...

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As I have exposed their children

I went into the children's room and noticed how my fifteen year old son saw me jerk otdёrgivaet his hand lying on the shorts before his sixteen sisters, and my daughter, in turn, quickly reduces the legs.

- What are you doing here? - As if nothing unprecedented I asked.

- Yes ... I asked Anna to help me with the lessons - unconvincingly son said, pointing to a notebook lying on the couch next to them.

- And, well, well, - I said, and went out.

Not so long ago, I began to suspect that my children are doing something that is not very common for a brother and sister. All the time they spend together and relate to each other a little too gently.

So I decided to investigate.

- Anya, can I touch it ... here, - I reached out to safely hidden in little white panties pubis sister.

- But only one finger! - She said, shyly spreading her legs.

- And where he? - I asked.

- Who! - I surprised sister.

- Well ... Clitoris - I said blushing.

- Here, - she took my finger in his hand, held it to her between her legs and gently placed it on his pea.

To be honest, I almost did not feel anything but excited brutally. I pushed a little harder, and led down a little finger.

- What are you doing! - Protested sister otdёrgivaya my hand.

- Sorry ...

The sister noticed my cock, strongly bulging trousers, and held out her hand. She began to stroke it.

- Do you like? - She asked innocently.

- Yes very.

- Let's agree. I'll let you play with him, and you let me ... you put your hand under her panties. I do it will not do. fair! Just put his hand on top of your ... ...

- Well, I do not know ... Well ... Not Vod hand! simply put, and all - the sister agreed.

I sat down next to her and put his hand on his stomach, poskolzit down and rested his fingertips in the gum panties, trying to get under it. Sister realized what was happening, and quickly pulled a little gum up. My fingers were already covered with soft hairs on the pubis, and penetrated farther and farther, and here I am touched slits Ani. I quickly that she did not have time to argue, the most advanced hand deep into the panties, so that would be my middle finger lying on the spot where clicking sister already closes. My hand is completely covered a whole rosettes Ani, and the middle finger in the most convenient lay schёlke. I tried not to breathe, that would not suspect my sister that I move the hand, and my heart pounding in my chest.

I indignantly but also with interest watched the game of their children through the keyhole. And then he knocked loudly.

Entering the room, I said I'm going to work on a business trip for a week, and they are completely alone.

I uttered them, and much more, gathered in the morning things went for tomorrow.

What I did not tell them because it is what will come back as early as possible ...

For four days my sister and I almost did not go out of the house. Doing short breaks for food, we devoted all his time to the sexual games. We got to the point that on the second day the sister agreed to sleep with me all the time in the same bed, while changing clothes in front of me.

On the third day she agreed to run our game completely nude condition ( "What would have been more comfortable and do not hurt").

On the fourth, we all abandoned clothes, went home, slept without it, take a shower with her sister. On the fourth day we started just to masturbate each other ... and each other.

And at night the same day, I broke down, and put into a sleeping sister his penis, not to the end without breaking the hymen, and then finished it. She woke up naturally, offended and went into the shower. I went after her.

- Listen, brother, - she said, directing a jet of soul between her legs, washing away my sperm - I do not want to do it with you ... After all we brother and sister. This is not right, this is incest. Promise me you'll never try to introduce me to a member, promise! Are you a little of what we do? Well if you want, you can cum on me, on my stomach, on the chest, but at least on the face, I do not mind. But I do not want this sex ... Promise! - Anna almost cried.

I hugged her and said:

- Of course, sister, of course, why do you cry, calm down. Because I love you more than anyone else in the world. I'll never do that, and this time it was an accident, half asleep. Well, calm down, Anya, sister, calm down ...

I helped her clean up, wiped and has withdrawn with a bedroom, put him to bed, and so we hugged and fell asleep.

The fifth day started like the last. We began to do his favorite thing, a bite and continued. The whole house is saturated with the aroma of juices sisters and my sperm. I could caress her an hour, two, three in a row, fingers, lips and tongue. I made her feel ten orgasms in a row. And after that it is just as long caressed me, and I ended up at her ... there was almost no sperm, no time to be developed, but it was a huge amount of liquid. I ended up at his sister, smeared clear juice, mine and her body around Anya.

Then we went into the shower and there being sprayed with water again, everything starts again.

The fifth day was the most intense.

I'm back on the fifth day, quietly went to the front door as possible quieter cranked the key and entered. The house smelled of something very exciting. From the hall could be heard rhythmic hoarse groans. I already knew everything.

I crept inside, looked into the room and saw ... On the carpet, lay on the floor, my daughter absolutely naked, all wet, with widely divorced his feet and his eyes closed.

Above it hung my son, too, completely naked, he kissed her lips, and it totally wet from the juice of my daughter's hand was busy petting the clitoris sisters. At the same time Anna masturbating slow movements palm member of his brother.

The painting was Incredible.

- Children, I am back! - Loudly said I, after watching a few moments for my children.

They were frightened as frightened probably not ever in my life ... The son jumped up, then sat back, put his arm around as if protecting her from me curled up in a ball her sister, and did not know what to do.

- Finish, then it started, and I'll go get changed. As done - talk - I told his astonished children - Do not be afraid, I will not criticize ... It still seems to have no use.

And out of the room.

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Swing husband and wife and I

I went randomly on your site. interesting ...... show off their dignity. such as stesnyayus.vozmozhno yet. then it will not until can tell a story that happened in my recently. I try to write in detail. I know there will be mistakes, do not judge strictly. everything as it was. such was the general lot. but it's a fresh read. Only advance izvinyayus.zdes not observed direct rech.ponimayu. it is rude and illiterate.

It was almost half of 10 vechera.uzhe 20 minutes as I crossed the border on Germanii.inogda suspensions car ran invisible lucky Germans from the winter of 2010. after the severe frosts in many places the roads of Germany had treschiny.seychas patched. Germans slipped. 1 vtoroe.seychas place to first place on the quality of roads. takes our Gollandiya.hotya for driving quality of the Netherlands is the last. and this is not surprising. 14y.o. lived here. I noticed it. Navigation showed. I had to go another half chasa.nichego itself quite interesting sdurel worth it togo.Sam zahotel.ochen beautiful woman waiting menya.I interestingly especially waited with muzhem.kak happened it all.

We met her on the site znakomstv.vernee she wrote mne.ey anketa.hotya like my own I do not like it. I'm there nakuralesil. after quite intesivnost our correspondence. I popras it so I opened her own albom.ona wrote. I'm pretty simpatichen.potom asked Single ya.ya told her the truth. yes I am married .and what is interesting is not it more smutilo.i seemed to me, even by correspondence through vzbodrilo.esche decided to meet her. We have chosen a day when I can get away with doma.uzhe chose a city in which will remove a room in two days before our vstrechi.ona all otmenila.navernoe inventing some reason I do not remember that imenno.zatem poprosila.moy address zlektronnoy mail [email protected] .telefon .login Skype. To at least something to see.

It was very interesting to see her on Skype at any foto.a so almost zhivuyu.o if only you saw what ona.eto something. short hairstyle bares its excellent sheyu.plechi .ja very weak in these parts of women. wants to gently nibble. tselovat.volosy. ushi.prikasatsya lips gently to the skin not to kiss and touch gently nezhno.zapah tela.u every woman his own. osobennyy.U She had beautiful lush breasts. wide hips .ele noticeable belly. very beautiful eyes. telo.My a lot of fun talking not about chem.s her words I am very tempted me with his ponravilsya.ona telom.zakidyvala his legs moved apart them in different directions. to the point that I saw her black trusiki.ona drank wine and loudly smeyalas.smotrela me languid gaze vyderzhat.u I had my pants was already a terrible riser. and I felt that I had already been a member of vydelyaetsya smazka.horosho. I was sitting in a chair and one leg to another. but at that moment when I wanted to throw nogi.ona noticed bump under trousers and asked .mozhet I show her my boy. I do not shy desyatka.i .mozhet offered initially it will show its she .skazala that great udovolstviem.ushla and after about three minutes in the village against the camera was completely goloy.eto nevynosimo.ya saw her beautiful telo.grudi her nipples halo around the nipple. several small tubercles in size beautiful belly. really I wanted to kiss him. groin belly .and its just a vertical thing you would glavnoe.videli its glaza.oni goreli.smotreli devoured me me me vyvarachivaya iznanku.i grams smuscheniya.skoree not all I was embarrassed: "Well, now it's your turn" .ja I woke up. because now I had to undress. you women easily. and how to be me. I have it stuck .kuda spryachesh.a was was not I took bryuki.a damn now I have to take off their trusy.ya took less than a second and quickly sat down in a chair hid his bandita.ona rasmeyalas.zayavila loudly. that will not work and that I should spread her legs apart like ona.ya not noticed. that while undressing. it has long been spread her legs as much as possible sitting in a chair .and it was no longer just a strip of her devochki.eto were already swollen small vaginal lips. which it was very uncomfortable and they parted large sponge spilling out. I tried to make a brazen grin spread nogi.moy bastard immediately soared vverh.golovka become bare and out of the treacherous appeared kaplya.ona brazenly looked on him this kaplyu.ya its hochu.etu droplet in her eyes there was a desire that I muka.seychas only I saw her glaza.beshenye.strastnye.muchenicheskie.ona fully clung to his screen kampa.tak I only saw her litso.ochen krasivoe.glaza.volosy.kak I wanted it all to feel their gubami.cherty its gub.ona howled. I asked her as she sat .to. that I love her videl.ya see the face. woman's eye with which I am pleased to good. to bring her pleasure and see that she returned to her chair. again I drank wine and became quite naturally treat me. which greatly embarrassed me. then she took down the hand down to the vagina spread her legs as much as possible .paltsami began stroking his lips between nog.inogda thrust her fingers into one or two all the while looking at me behind my eyes, I felt it as if I were vzglyadom.u bored with her vagina is not possible to say teklo.ona the less than once licked their fingers and their newly launched himself into the vagina .vremenami it changed hands. stroking. twisting their nipples chic grudey.vzdyhala.stonala. Now she abruptly launched both his hands to himself to the vagina. He squeezed their feet. She twitched stretched .She finished. that was clearly zametno.neuzheli possible.

And all this on my glazah.ya was afraid to touch her chlenu.tak I would have immediately ended as far as I was excited. she said. it would like to see my spermu.ya smiled, telling her that it's not really like to.ya beg you. she asked me .I pomogu.ona you down on a chair so. on my screen, I saw her very well disclosed vagina. I saw not only close-up of her vagina and open the entrance to the nego.i interestingly top of everything I saw her lying litso.glaza.ona can say their delicate rosy .mokrenkoy pisey forward .This miracle. She dropped her hands to her vagina and began to gently stroke his girl pinch vaginal sponge fingers run inside and pull gubki.davay you .I touched his bastard, and almost did not finish what I've been hotelos.tak srazu.ya tried to slow myself how could .no 20 minutes later when I uslyshal.uvidel its roar .stony its poddergivanie .ja .ya.o as nice .ne While .chto to the screen was no less polumetra.zalil. simply smeared ekran.tochno in the mad house go. nu.a it just slipped. She is lying on her polu.glaza boldeli.tak ee.obnyat wanted to kiss her. feel her body. iron volosy.sheyu.plechi. gently kiss her under the arms or back bedra.bokovuyu as nazyvayut.o my Petka zashevelilsya.opyat wants ochen.ona and rose again sat in kreslo.ya can not .I want to really want to come she asked menya.da I myself want to die Lanochka come as soon as possible.

About speedometer showing 100-110 km.v hour it is necessary to add a little. go another hour for the umpteenth time I'm going to love zhenschine.mnogie vypit.nekotorye prefer casino. I love ugly The Simple non-sexual women try to get acquainted with a modest inconspicuous .poprobuyte woman like her, and you will see it change rasskroetsya in all its glory. and how it will look. and sex if you can wake her up eh rebyata.lyubite their wives are giving her flowers parfyum.lichno good I like to give a gift to his wife. spirits. flowers. I like to see her admiring eyes .zachem. because today there is no nikoga prazdnika.i at that moment I did kayfuyu.chestno kicks on. she priyatno.a it after my gifts sees sebya.A ITS LYuBLYu.ona I SUPER VERY BEAUTIFUL. fair. We are already familiar with the institution 100 years. but it is always desirable .no one is not very happy with me. she grabs 3-5 times a mesyats.a me little enough budet.kak in cartoons.

After Skype. Two days later she called me and stunned me with his conversation. zayavila.chto during a conversation with her husband for a long time looking for a man for not ee.i he knows everything. we were on Skype and now decided to invite me to sebe.menya interested in why and how zachem.i eto.da I had meetings and MZHM MZhMZh.MZhMM.da even in his youth was a hell .voobsche chto.ya thought maybe he is impotent. but she stated. Yes 46 year old but it it's all they need a man .obyazatelno zhenatyy.eto not mean to talk budet.simpatichny. about it flattered me in my 50 .Although I is not the first time slyshal.i not to live close to them. yes 247 km.govorili themselves for sebya.obrazovannyy.i where she is. it could znat.hotya I once went to Germany .k women. I asked her to give time to think .Through day I called. I said that I would come to nim.ona offered to come overnight. I had to find that night when I can leave the house all night .On

I have podezzhal to their language gorodku.vot another 300 meters and I stopped at ukazonogo rooms .It was near the church or Kastela I do not know priporkovalsya on parkiringplaats. Here it stood a few cars .but my distinguished by their yellow nomerom.vse. ostovatsya me make a call. byt.A a call. tube took her muzh.vse he will now .minut 5-10 podehal car Audi-6 is the same color as mine black. but I BORA.da he lives not Hilo. He immediately went to my car. We greeted each other. he smelled of alcohol is seen drinking began for me explains hrabrosti.on. that why and pochemu.u him with an erection all poryadke.on have women on the side. but it does not stand zhenu.i he would like me to it in his eyes trahnul.vozmozhno he would get up and they all think it's naladitsya.on mental problems. I took the bag. which it was wine. cognac. shokalad.i flowers. we got into his car and drove .ostanovilis near a detached house is quite beautiful.

Lana.byla wearing a very beautiful short black lace which is plate.izumitelnoe neckline. her breasts .eto that to.chernye fishnet stockings. I just found out later. We are not tights with her on the sofa sat in the chair he .a .He poured the wine for Bachall .vypili for lyubov.on still drank. Lana and we chatted about .It is not oblivious to her husband insolently treated me .trogala my hands .Because the year to ruke.potom gently kissed my ladon.zatem put it to me in his scheke.u all perevarachivalas.menya drawn to ney.ona he whirled toward her husband, and said. "Anton.ved though you are not here '," to which he said: "how dogovarilis.menya no." Then she abruptly hugged me and we merged in a beautiful and passionate .guby her lips .eslib you feel what it was sensual guby.nezhnye.nezhnye. strastnye.ya his lips felt her fringe gub.kakoy I happy. I kiss her eyes. .resnitsy.moy eyebrow tongue feels every lash her glaz.ona dramatically took off my svitor Referring she did everything rezko.vozbuzhdenno.ona nervously to unbutton his shirt removing her fingers until the end of the shirt she started kissing my breasts body. very toropilas.potom I got up and began to take off her dress .Through head. she was completely golaya.ona only stayed in a beautiful black breast very beautiful bolshie.takie appetitnye.ya sitting on divane.ona legs apart sat on me so that her breasts rested against me in litso.ya kissing. soski.ya sucked her no time to comply with the order wanted sheya.ruki .I kissed her shoulders bedra.kogda I kissed her hand back of her body was covered with goose rash, and she became her zadrozhala.zastonala.ona oslabla.ya hugging .povalil on the sofa and began to kiss her zhivotik.pah. here she is. its beauty if it were Vy.videli disclosure devochku.o tekla.vsya she was vlazhnaya.skoree all. she could finish. I began to lick her crotch all her plump juicy klitorok.moy sensual tongue wrestled with him whenever my touch she shuddered .mne so pleased to feel her moans her glaza.ona sharply strongly pressed my head to her vagina and legs I wound pressed. it was like 30-50 seconds sedated. can be seen in her eyes is a izumrudy.kak I think such .in who wants utonut.ona looked at me and suddenly poured me I was under ney.ona started to take off pants with me furious. a minute ago, she was so weak and delicate and seychas.ona lay on top of me so that my cock was in her mouth .a .This girl her beautiful delicate rosy girl right in front of my mouth .I became gently immerse your tongue into her vagina I began to lick her tender stenochki klitorok.o her that I felt there .There was where my cock in her mouth .ee tongue licking the head of my penis. how tenderly she sucked ego.ona tried to swallow it all. she choked. but still I am trying to get my way .I repeatedly braked myself not to come. as it was not legko.ona I got up and sat on my cock she Referring Referring beautiful body. she bent down so I could kiss her and her grudi.chto vytvoryala.ona she cried every time when my dick rested against nee.ona put her hands on my shoulders and so vskriknula.neuzheli bystro.ona lay on my start at a furious pace to kiss my face .She was crying her eyes flowed a stream large slezy.Ya began kissing her face as it priyatno.ya gently pulled her to him as it was nice to feel her body Referring charming smell volos.ya gently lowered her to divan.vzyal in their palm of her face and we just looked at each other in the eyes .poverte said so. Sometimes the eyes can say. convey much more than yazykom.i I suddenly remembered that there is still present and Anton.on looked at us with interest. he sat deep in kresle.uzhe golyy.ves red and fumbled his chlen.kak seemed the same size as my slightly thinner. and his body was completely without volos.po me the guy must be at least some rastitelnost.da he still had no small zhivot.puzo.i so he would not hurt zhena.emu .nemnogo pobegat.kak I would like to no one it was with us.And began to cover her body potseluyami.kakaya she trembled sheya.ona eyes were closed but the lids were trembling .She hugged me to sebe.u suddenly we heard: "you could climb to the top of the bedroom said "Anton," there dush.idi there otdohni.a I will continue, "which at that time were the eyes of Lana. she looked at me begging glazami.a I could delat.ChTO .a fact I do not even konchil.karaul. Lanochka.ya kissed her lips and looked at her beautiful glazki.sobral his clothes and climbed to the second hours in the hallway was 02.50 .a accept a shower and drank poedu.hotya .ja vino.a on the road is possible kontrol.u sometimes we in the Netherlands in the cities to organize control alkogol.o how pleasant it is warm dush.moy member continued stoyat.ya squeezed her ego.predstavil .Lanu its devochku.telo.glaza. Ah. in the wall through the water jets hit not a weak jet of sperm. What I kid. Opterev body towel .I went into the bedroom. and lay down stark naked on top odeal.bylo so legko.teplo.
I heard. that someone climbed here naverh.prinimaet dush.minu 5 entered Lana.Lanochka.ona turned on the light and lay down next to looked at each other and then began kissing each druga.ona with me. as priyatno.ona rubbed into my body gently biting her me.I felt embraced and took refuge odeyalom.ona began to talk about his life.I always looked in my glaza.chto she wanted to see in know. I was just with her priyatno.komfortno .byvaet takoe.potom as she reached down and began to gently kiss my chlen.provodit tongue over the edges of the head on chlena.dut nego.bylo priyatno.nezhno biting ego.probyvala take it all in his mouth. but she did not poluchalas.ona zahlebyvalas.smeyalas and again continued to make svoego.ona got up and stood over me so that her pussy rested in my mouth .odnoy hand, she leaned against the back of the other bed has got lifted over my head so I put his nose on it klitor.ya began his tongue dipped into her Referring were vkusno.esli I could. I would have eaten it all vsyuyu It was very nice to just lie down and watch. see. I so wanted her to kiss her neck .volosy just beckoned me to her, I held her and just boldel the smell of her body hair, I kissed them greedy .I turned ee.ona lying on her stomach, I gently kissed her back .ee plump ass. what blazhenstvo.ona I felt as though I want lifted popku.kakaya kartina.ya kissed her legs she spread her hands popku.eto that inside-vagina oozed juice .ee rosy brown speck. small nezhnoe.ona HOTELA.ya held by a member of the vagina .It succumbed to meet emu.ya just pushed and the head came into vnutr.ya not want to shove she succumbed and half of the members already inside ee.ya pulled out a member and held them around the anus priostanovilas.ZhDALA.i .She said that she had not been so but she wants to try it with oschushenie mnoy.tak I really her nezhen.ya put a dick in her small holes began to press .mne seemed to her that this is not so kamfortno leg.ona and hugged me and started kissing my litso.kakoy you I would like to still try. but you also said ya.vot hurt if come up with some realties smazku.a invent it today began to rummage in the night stolike.a I just gently touched her breasts popke.vot I found a sudden podoydet.ya said that it is necessary for him and her anoint .She was delighted and started kissing my chlen.davay you do everything sama.ya lie: but thou shalt sit on nego.ona again began to kiss and suck my dick. try all immersed in rotik.potam began to caress his hands grudyami.kak horosho.ona was coated with my dick this kremom.ya advised that it was possible obilno.zatem she began to lubricate his finger popku.potom slowly began to sit down on it chlen.vidno very afraid. but also I wanted to ochen.ya it did not help because he was afraid to hurt her she has achieved. head of the penis eyes were afraid of it as if it zhdala.ona of something slowly began to sit down on my Petku.on very slowly entered the nee.i now think he went in like nee.tebe asked ya.ya until she realized she said .It start raskachivatsya.vrode nice but I do not poymu.ya no longer withstand it started me breast moya.ona she got off me and we started kissing passionately I climbed on nee.vvel it chlen.ya saw her face .vsyu ee.kogda my cock resting against her screaming .chto made even more exciting menya.ona pressed me to sebe.ona .posmotrela again screamed at me in such a terrible look, and became so violently podmahivat telom.o her that with her. She scratched my nails it did not ostanovit.ona such reciprocating motion where such sila.buduchi beneath me she fucked me literally by mutual consent of our bodies turned over so I was vnizu.kak she rode on ass was just like yulla.i these movements ass forward nazad.ya can not peredat.ya kak.tak finished and I finished very rarely .dolgo and it is not ostanavlivala.ona continued their dance of passion. my thug and was not going to continue steel together wild tanets.i it lasted quite breast vtiralis.ili we jumped to the beat of their severity glaza.svoim views drilled menya.podchinyali mnoy.ONA managed to fuck me. it had to be finished at the same time SUPER. she is five minutes later she leaned over me all so slippery completely wet hair covered my litso.ona tselovat.opyat beginning I got to become a member and it was just vylizyvat.kak priyatno.ya turned .She lay above me. her vagina was enormous and krasivoe.i from it flowed a beautiful brook .I lifted his head and entered the language nee.i licked her devochku.bylo very priyatno.vdobavok such pleasure she added me to her mouth. how nice it was in the shower with a woman under the stream of warm .tselovatsya vodopada.bylo already half devyatogo.mne is long overdue vyhodit.ona dovezla me to my mashiny.kak uezzhat.rasstavatsya not want and do not know what will dalshe.pochemu women so often cry.

I kept thinking where and how she did nashla.mozhet someone gave her navodku.ved I have been here more than one meeting with zhenschinami.i think I became dogadyvatsya.mozhet write next time.

Written and somehow easier stalo.esli someone wants to speak on etomu.vyshe set out to write. I will be glad. if you want we can talk on Skype. [email protected]

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The story happened two years ago. It was summer. I was then 23 years old, fairly athletic build, tall, blue eyes .. I do not think that there is something extraordinary in appearance, but in the opinion of many familiar girls quite nice. Especially for guests of my girl, we met a half years, but still, each meeting for the first time fills us with a storm of emotions of love and desire. But as for the sport, the only thing she admits is a walk to the shops, I on the contrary, I love hiking, nature and great. Therefore pokatushki velah passed without her. Traditionally, we gathered in subbotu.Do that day I was not even thinking about the change. I was heading for the next meeting of the sabbath, when he noticed the girl on the same bike as me. I caught up with her at a traffic light, and only then was able to appreciate the full scope of her beauty. When looked up and looked into her eyes, I was pierced as a shock. It was quite strange, because the appearance she was normal, without makeup, blonde, jeans snug slender legs, shirt that hid the third room, a smile and a pleasant voice ... I see we have a lot in common, she said, eyes pointing at our two-wheeled brethren twins. I was beginning to think of a witty answer, but she continued:

- Do you know places in the city, where you can ride interesting, but I only recently bought it, and do not know where to go ...

- Of course I know! Only it's on the outskirts of the city, to 20 minutes of pedaling need to have the time? I did not hope for a positive response, but heard the affirmative, "Let's go!"

On the road, I called a friend and said, without explaining the reasons that today would not come, and then they say tell you why.

We arrived, was a dirt path winding through the trees and bushes, all the time the remains of the fires occurred in the evening on the weekends there are many who go to barbecues. We went on it for about 15-20 minutes, then she stopped and said she was tired. I did not mind, especially since the situation in my opinion was quite intimate. Her eyes sparkled, she was panting chest, apparently out of breath, and given its size ... So I got up, and as I was in shorts, it was quite clearly seen. In appearance she was 18-19 years old, in fact, as it turned out, 17 You're a very sexy look, you know that? .. I said, and began to wait for the reaction. She's embarrassed and said that I was too. I regarded this as a signal to start the action, slowly walked over to her, put his arm around her waist, and we merged in a kiss. I hugged her even more, then slid my hands under the shirt, the movement spent undid her bra, walked around her from behind and started kissing her neck. Hands slid under her bra, which held only a T-shirt. Enjoy a massage her breasts with one hand, I undid the button on his jeans, then lightning and penetrated under her panties. She began to moan softly. Then he turned to me and said she wanted to take me in her mouth, but she has almost no experience and would like to learn it. I asked clasp lips head as tight as possible and do not forget the reed. She did, and then I asked for even tighter embrace. Apparently this whole situation and the impact of unusual situations, and I finished after 3 minutes of her zeal.

I did not bother her to prevent, even if it would start to swear, I did not lose, especially because my girlfriend is against the end of the mouth, and then a chance ... But to my surprise she was drunk and said that he wanted to, that I entered the it. I said that I needed to recuperate, to which followed a firm answer: "During restore" She again took my cock in her mouth and started to play with it .. Three minutes later, I felt again the flow of blood and a great desire to pull out this very young bitch. She leaned against a tree bunches, and I pecked her from behind. Her moans turned into screams, which further has brought me. Feeling that approaching orgasm, I took her by the shoulder, I put her on his haunches. It is all knowing, she opened her mouth, I made a few moves and finished right in it. She smiled, pulled the jeans that were lowered to her knees, buttoned bra and we went back.

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One evening

I have a girlfriend Marina, we had been friends for a long time since the institute. Our friendship is tested by fire, water and copper pipes. I was even witness at her wedding as her best friend. One day I was called Marina in the evening - the evening of Saturday, I planned to spend it with her fiance, but I had to be postponed:
- Hello!
- Allachka, hello, my dear!
-Hi Marisha!
- Listen, come to my house, eh?
-Listen, I can not, I have scheduled a meeting with Vadim
-Vadim from you will not escape, but what I want to show you can not repeat! - Recently said she like the mysterious
-And what do you want to show me?
-Come at 21:00 to visit me!
-What about your Alexey (Marina's husband)!
-And he, he would sit in his office!
-Okay, I persuaded, and was intrigued!
-I look forward to! - Marina hung up
I moved into my closet and my evening dress blue jeans was replaced, and the T-shirt with a neckline, threw a jacket on top of black leather jackets. He took to the streets of the village on their own, bike and set off in the direction of Marina House. After 40 minutes I was standing at the door of the marina, call the door, no one is responsible, in thought, "Really a bummer," the door was heard whispering, rustling, and the door opened and I appeared view I just shocked, I even embarrassment or shame did not know where to go in front of me was Alex husband Marina - it was absolutely a goal, my eyes fell on his causal place I saw related rope eggs and stomach tied already excited to the limit of 22 cm number on the neck was the most natural collar with ring for the leash on his chest it was written: "I am a slave, male obey, worship their Mistress Marina. I undertake to fulfill all her wishes, orders, if I disobey or fail to comply with its orders can punish me the most cruel way. " I look at him, opened his mouth and could not utter a word, I was in shock, I was out of this shock brought the voice of Alexei:
- Come Mrs. Alla!
- I ... no..e
- Come on! - Repeated Alexey
- This is some kind of joke? - I entered the apartment
-There is not a joke! Come into the room, Mrs. Marina is waiting for you! Let me help you undress! - Alex began to undress me
- So, but this should not be done! - I was indignant when he started to shoot me jeans
-Lady decided to be naked!
-This is not funny, what's going on here, huh? I will not undress until I explain! I do not want to take part of your orgies!
Alex disappeared into the room and then left the room Marina - was dressed in a black corset latex stockings in a large grid, patent leather shoes - a stud and without underwear, pussy was a neat gun.
- Allachka, come!
-What's going on here?
-Today, my husband lost the argument, as losing it for one night became our servant with you!
- Slave ??? I do not misheard Servant!
- Well, do not stand, come, only to start you have to get naked!
- I'm not going to undress, I'm embarrassed of your husband
-He is not my husband, you read what is written on his chest, eh?
- Rab-male, original nickname
- Well Duc
I thought to myself: "Well, why not, once lived, and especially not every day you see a naked man his girlfriend, Alex generally pretty big man. Black, gray with expressive eyes. Despite its light full, he had a wonderful sense of humor and charm male, straight away and blew the alpha - male "Alex has helped me to undress my jeans, T-shirt and underwear. I appeared before them naked, I'm terribly embarrassed, trying to cover my arms protruding parts of the body, but Alexei cleaned my hands and gave me clothes Lady, she was: a black garter belt and stockings themselves black lace.
- Look at yourself in the mirror, what do you pretty in this dress! - Marina I pulled up to the mirror, I saw a slender girl with wide hips, with a small, but high and firm breasts, brown hair, stockings and a belt.
- Well yeah not the usual kind!
Here Marina gripped much my big nipples, scrolling through them.
- Oh, that hurts, what are you doing?
-Lady should always be excited! - Insistent voice answered me Marina
- Well, is not it hurts!
-Be patient!
Marina took in his hand gently squeezed her my chest, my breasts began to pour from her pleasant touches, I ache in the lower abdomen
- Let me continue by herself!
-Well, no you do not know what to do! - Firmly I responded Marina and started for her.
Her hand went down to my pussy. I mechanically closed hand without giving it her fumble.
-Marina what are you doing?
-Remove your hands, do not make me come to extreme measures!
- This is what extreme measures?
-This binding, my dear!
-Bondage !!! Even tell you vysechesh me?
-If you need to, and carving as his slave!
-Cover mouth and do not resist!
Alex, meanwhile, looked lustful gaze on us, it was clear for him that he really wanted to be on the site of the marina, or to participate in her masturbation on my body. Marina Hands persistently fell on the clitoris. Beginning his finely pinch and slap. I'm not from these artful manipulation moaned and felt my slot is filled with a liquid that is already ready to leak thighs. Finger Marina slipped to the gap, she had spent on it does not penetrate inside, rubbed speaking lust fingers.
- Yes, you are still the same bitch!
- More ... have not stop
- Since you enough! - Marina slapped me on the pope
Marina turned to Alexei standing, looked at him with piercing eyes commanded
- On your knees quickly, Kobylin!
Alex quickly got on his knees. Marina took off his chair lying whip went to Alexis, walked up behind him:
- Get on all fours alive!
Alex prikoslovno she did not become subordinate to his knees.
- Who allowed you to look at Madame, eh? Answer me!
- No one!
- For this you get 5 strikes on the heels! Pulling the heel, quick!
Alex pulls the heel Marina with deliberation begins to beat on the soles of his feet, punch - stop, kick-ostavno again so went five times, but it was as if an eternity, the heel from bumps covered with red stripes, but Alex bravely withstood it.
- Give thanks!
-Thank You My Lady Marina, that henceforth I will not punish you I look at you, yet do not tell them about it. Punishing me for good.
- That too. Stand on your knees!
Alex was on his knees, Marina ringlet hitched to a long leather leash. He reeled tight leash on the arm and jerked him:
- Nu..shagay in the room! - Alex got up on all fours like a dog, and the hostess went into the bedroom. I was dumbfounded by what he saw as the men of this Alex became a dog to a strict Mistress. - Well, what do you stand? - I tore the thoughts commanding voice of Marina
- Ya..idu'm on my way! - I followed him into the room together and Marina.
The room we waited for a table with fruits and drinks. Marina and comfortably on the couch. Alex was on his knees beside the table, and he gave us food.
- But Alex will not be with us there?
-The course will, I'll give him food, a dog must also be good to eat! - Marina took the usual dog bowl left a little bit of everything there.
-You what? - I almost choked when I saw this bowl with food
- What? In Eat, animal, and just try obgadit carpet, punish, you understand me?
- Yes, yes, Madame!
- That, too, relies animal bowl with food, That is not in you hardness Allachka.
- Such as there is.
We sat some more drinking, eating, a little tipsy our company.
- Well, let's begin - said Marina satisfied voice.
- What do we start?
- We begin our presentation, or I you what invited.
- well yes
-You see, learn, and connect to, all of a sudden come in handy in life.
- Demonstrate a performance! - Uncertain voice, I said, do not know what to expect
- By the foot of My doggy! - Marina slapped his leg and then a moment Alexei crawled on all fours to Marinin feet.
- From thank her mistress! So, I'm waiting! - Ordered Marina Alex.
Alex sat down face to the feet of the marina, he sat on her knees. One leg of the marina took put to his knees and began to stroke her on, pinch, rub. From the foot to the pads held in a circular motion. I sat there and watched for a massage, presented his hands make me a foot massage.
- What are you sitting, put your leg and let this animal also makes you a massage!
- Is it possible?
- Not possible, but necessary!
- Hey, do me a lively animal massage my feet - I was confused ordered Alexei.
Alex gently, with all the tenderness took my foot on the other his knee and began to make me a gentle massage. I have to say, and the truth, Alex skillfully did. He gently squeezed my every finger and stroked my pillow bending back the fingers of feet. The same thing he said, and the other leg, two legs at the same time serving.
- Lie down on your back Male! - Ordered Alexei Marina
Alex lay on his back. Marina came to him, leg spread her legs, thus opening access to its associated testicles and penis.
- I see you just like that, and stick out the eggs out - Leg Marina pressured Alexei eggs. He shuddered slightly and whimpered. Taking a step her foot was on the chest of Alexei, and then the second leg. Marina caught balance and began to knead the chest Alexis, saying, You are my bedding, my mat, my water bottle ... these words were a lot I do not remember all of them. I sat and watched it excited me, sticking out his chest, nipples ached, my hand reached out to the clitoris and eagerly began to twirl it, and rub.
- Open your mouth, alive! - Alex obediently opened his mouth. Marina pulled the sock, as a dancer, and slowly began to immerse your foot in the narrow mouth, and Alex began to move down her up, depicting the movement of the friction member in the mouth.
- What relationship relaxed, go succor
- And what am I supposed to do!
-Shakes his fingers on his balls and dick
I got up and stood between his legs. Palchikov began playing with his swollen testicles, then pushing hard to weaken the pressure. Listen Alexis moans.
- And you Allachka specials by pressing the testicles, he likes it, go on!
- Good
I continued to push, play with eggs. With the head of the penis flowed plentifully grease. I touched the tip of the toe of the head, the skin is lowered and become bare red head and fingers smeared grease around the trunk. I agreed with both feet pat giant. Village between the legs, legs wide apart, stretched out socks and sent to the center, and, clasping the barrel member on both sides of a member to take his fingers stroking the legs, then firmly, then slowly, the rope fit in the trunk member from overstimulation.
- Not much, as otherwise it would end! - I warned me girlfriend.
I stopped. Marina, meanwhile, had her mouth Alexis on different angles. His mouth and bursting from Marina feet. Then Marina stood between the head of Alexei and slowly sat her fluffy pussy to his mouth.
- Make her a nice lady!
Alex was holding a little hip Marina and his tongue began to play with the clitoris Marina, spending on it in a circular motion, gently prischemlyaya his lips, then playing again, pulling it in different directions. Marina moaned, her palms and me her breasts, pulling her nipples bloodshot. Meanwhile tab Alexey switched to a large sponge, he began their loud sucking, licking, delay and whining with pleasure. Marina started by convulsions, her body walked goose, Alex stared lips of his wife's pussy and made juicy pussy passionately, drinking juices Marina. Marina otmyakla, stood, wobbly gait collapsed on the sofa.
Meanwhile, I have all my clitoris rubbed to redness. Alex sat up, I even words do not have time to insert as picked up my feet, which were smeared with the juices, a wide long tongue licked my foot from the heel to cushion sucked each of my finger, and in one motion grabbed my ankles in his big hand, bent in the knees, and I put them on my thighs on my chest. Alex clung to my pussy clean shaved pussy for her began to drive his tongue. Here is his tongue felt my clit, he clenched his lips and gently tugged, and again began to play them in a circular motion. Then his tongue slid through my lips into my already expiring slit, penetrating deeper and deeper into the interior. I felt a wave of bliss rolls approach me, I'm stronger groaned, trembled, Alex became harder to have my tongue in the gap, my juices running down her thighs ... .yazychok Alexei licked every drop, down my legs down. I have in this moment everything swam before his eyes.
-My Lady, I also want to come! - Alex said plaintively.
-Well, that friend will give our males to end, huh?
- da..da - I ate said.
- Well, let's masturbate my feet!
Alex took his penis freed him from the tight rope that is well dug into his flesh, and began to masturbate him, but he did not last long, just a couple of movements of his powerful jet of thick sperm resulted underfoot Marina.
- See what you've done, you're soiled carpet. Lively lick it all brat!
-Excuse me, my lady, all correct. - Alex fell to the floor began to lick the remnants of their juice.
I was lying on the carpet and everything looked the part. Then Marina again ordered Alexei stand on all fours, took the belt and began to whip them side by Alexei that were red streaks on his back.
- Now march, prepare a bath - Marina ordered his slave.
Alex obediently disappeared behind the door.
"Oh, how I wish I could lick his dick, just to get out, but alas, the husband of my friend Alex and I still have Vadim" - I thought to myself.
- Well, that friend thought - turned to me Marina. - You like it, huh?
- I liked the Marish, certainly not usual, but still it's not for me ... .Mne to go, and the more I Vadim still promised to come to him.
- Well, then let's get ready.
Soon I got dressed, said goodbye to Alex and Marina and went on his motitse now to Vadim. I will ask for him to be my Lord, if only for one night ...

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