Men's dressing room

I do not even know where to begin my story. I `m A virgin. Rather, it was until recently. The girls at the university laugh at me and made fun, and sometimes I did not know where to go. Why are they all so beautiful, cool and self-confident, and I like who the hell knows? Never really painted, his opinion had no beautiful clothes and even more so was not, therefore, an outcast, I was almost the first class.

One little girl brought me to hysterics, and I ran to the bathroom to cry. The whole break between pairs sobbed, sitting on the toilet, and echoed their taunt "You no one wants" in my head, "Do not be sex," "terrible, even the package will not help", "All my life with cats spend." Naplakal, I finally decided that sex must be addressed in the near future. Sex - it's not tricky. Like. Listen to these, so almost every day fuck. I probably just need to somehow make up brightly and select Man. Yes, I will.

Coming out of the bathroom I was nearly knocked down by 3-foot ambal course older. I often saw him, and a stupid look on his face, I imagined that the brains of his head knock basketballs on his faculty of physical education and sport. In general, stupid. I do not pay attention to me, but not this time. Most likely, not the fact that he still blew me off my feet made him look at me. Puffy eyes from crying eyes, too, rushed into account. What a pity that I can not look in the mirror! He helped me up and gave the bag, at the same time asking why I was so swollen. His version about the beer / vodka / alcohol I rejected immediately and as a matter of I blurted out to him about bullying girls, simultaneously remembering again about it, and almost burst into tears again buried in his chest. Powerful a chest. He hugged me and told to calm down. Twice I had to ask no, I looked into his blue-gray eyes, and finally came to her senses. Pulled away from him, I said thank you and walked into the room was, but he grabbed my arm and asked a final question about what I do now. He offered every squeal on the head. I am, of course, this version is tempted, but they would like to answer with the same weapon. Once the need for this to have sex, then sex. He was, I just said that I would do the same.

The next moment he was stronger grabbed my hand and dragged to the window in the corner to specify if I want to fuck. I was shocked at once on two things: first, the pain in his hand from his grasp, and secondly, by his stupidity. Even I would not have guessed to ask again about this. Pulling his hand, I confirmed to him his intentions. From clung to my face and told me to come impressively through two pairs in the men's locker room of his body on the fourth floor.

I still do not understand what guided. He's such an idiot that I'd rather sleep with a monkey and it will go and smarter. But just at that moment I agreed.

The remaining pair I spent somewhere in my head, imagining that it would be so beautiful to do with me. Well, yes, stupid, but also beautiful! And tall and muscular, and where I am now someone will take more. Determined, I had more than enough. At the same time I could not imagine how it is in the locker room. What you need to do, how to behave? So tempted to ask the girls about this, that they shock poperedohli! But hampered as she could, therefore, not stopping fantasized.

At the appointed place at the appointed time, I shyly looked into the men's locker room. At first I did not see anyone, but then I could see the looming figure of the far booth. Coming closer I saw that it was he and quietly coughed. Because the door peeked his head, and then he came in some batches. Such a high and strong! Ghost caught on its type.

He smiled disarmingly and kissed me. He kissed me passionately, not such a terrible and heavily made-up. After a deep and gentle kiss said to me today will be very good if I will not disturb him, and arise. How can you stop him ?! Let it wants, and does! Following he took my hand bag and threw it on the bench. Again, he kissed his hand grasping the neck from behind, and by opening the lips force forced down below the waist. To my shocked look he said, if I wanted to be well with me or is it the hard way. Of course, in the good, but I was somewhat confused by his proposal.

He lowered my head to the tubercle on the trunks and ordered to take it into his mouth through the fabric. So I did, and even start to suck so that the fabric will soon become wet and bump all the less placed in the mouth. He said that I have not lost that have the potential, followed grabbed by the hair and pulled slightly away, bared his cock with eggs, which confidently stood and swung planted it in my throat. I gasped, but quickly realized that not choke, and I like it.

Member in my life is almost never seen, and worth the stake, and yet in my throat! .. Emotions flooded over the edge of nowhere pouring lust swept over the other senses, and I was hugging her arms around his trunk and buttocks, began diligently nasasyvayut his head with which already deliver the first drops of semen. Cum in my mouth make me some kind of whore. I'm so loud sucking and squelching that not even heard behind me began to gather some support group that handsome. They have something whooped appreciatively, while I swallowed and swallowed his dick, but it was so far in my head that seemed inconsequential. In a sense I returned thunder outside. Tearing himself away from his penis, I clarified anyone to us and heard wild laughter did not look into the number of votes. Frightened turned toward the sound source, I uvila three more two-meter, athletic guys. He turned his hands my face to him and again told not to worry, I just want an amicable, and the guys said that I was ready for a good time. To say I was shocked - to say nothing. I was just ahue. Guys already tied up shirts and pants lower a little. I think I have managed to regret his decision as the three more dick poke my lips. Suddenly, I realized that there is no place to go and have other eyes look at their poluvstavshie personal belongings. Guys have a voice, so that I did not break, and I finally decided to just two and swallowed head, gently fingering their tongue. Just think how oblyseyut girls when I tell them right away about four. I bet they have this just was not! The sighs of pleasure suddenly burst from their mouths, and it gave me confidence. I was ready for anything.

Two dick in your mouth perfectly placed, and I started stroking their thighs, do not forget about the base of the trunk and buttocks. Boys, too, time is not lost - those who I sucked pushing pelvis movements tried to plant me deeply, and those that were left unattended, already completely naked, take off my skirt and blouse bullied to grope my breasts. For some reason, at that moment I felt like a woman. I have a hole between his legs and chest, among them - members that we still need. Powerful palm covered my ass and began kneading it, then closing, then opening the anal hole, and fourth fingers lightly stroking pussy lips, occasionally entering a little deeper and touching my hymen. Now we are moaning, not only guys that I sucked, but I myself.

Spittle smeared my hole in the ass and I felt how hard and demanding to go long fingers of one of them, and then they began to discuss who would deprive me of virginity. The options were many and everyone wanted me rastsedit itself, but agreed on the opinion that the virgin I'm everywhere and two of them have already updated my mouth, and the remaining two were pussy and ass. By the end of these discussions has three fingers placed in the anal hole, but suddenly changed tactics. They agreed that the two will drop right in the ass, and two in the pussy. Hearing this, I started to suck even more actively, smeared with saliva and wanker.

First lay back on the bench, I was, stripped, put it, the second fell in behind, and the other two I began to lick the testicles, biting and swallowing them. I was amused by the fact that the first, that under me looking directly at it, as I do, and decided to bend to his face and kiss. Brackish saliva did not serve him a nuisance, rather it even more strongly excite and followed this thought I felt a sharp pain between the legs. They still went! It was very painful and ugly, I moaned, but the guys immediately gagged my mouth huyami. I had to be patient and suck. It is worth noting that to hurt me no one wanted and the guys penetrated inside stopped and gave me time to get used to the pain. Just two powerful member of steel in me - I have it still does not fit. I had no idea that this is possible at all and will only very exciting. My breasts crushed all who reached for her before, buttocks were already red from the spanking. Finding a single clock cycle, the two gave me an unreal fun, which I flew into shards and cracked into pieces, but no one was going to stop. Members of all just poked into my hole, and I first thought that it was created for such sex.

The first I finished very violently and stopped, the second was close to completion, and more actively inserted me tёrshis on his head and wiping cum inside me blood. More movement and its trunk vibrated inside me, spewing semen. I've lost count of orgasms and, exhausted, fell to the floor, when they pulled me out of my stick. Intermedia feet flowed alovataya sperm, a lot of sperm, and I was grateful for all the present day. Feet and hands were shaking, I myself all wet and then shoots in the shoulder, another jet of sperm. It turns out, one still managed to finish, not for nothing that I sucked. There was even a fourth, he host gait walked me around and knelt behind me. I remembered with horror anal. Ass and so the fire was burning, and here and this will be stuck.

I am prepared to shouts and screams, but it went extremely easy. I remembered the three long fingers that ass stimulated and mentally thanked. If I thought that nakonchal, then there it was. In my ass was 18 centimeters of his penis and rhythmically pecked me eggs on the clitoris, so I did not stop to stop. It was so good that I started screaming with pleasure. Opened his eyes, I saw the three of them just stand and watch as it pyalit me. This wildly exciting.

Once again, when he had finished, I saw that one again started to rise, and called him by himself, so he still fucked me. He chose pussy and deftly crawled under me and entered the full-length. Feel members in the ass and pussy at the same time was impossible. I like flew into space, where it ends every second and every cell of the body. The two started to encourage my ёbarey such try faster interpose resche and they instantly listen to their advice. Members squished, eggs slapped, moans escaped from our mouths and I wanted it to be so always.

But that could not afford their particular organisms - finish / recharge. The first ended guy in the ass. He quickly pulled out a member and got to his feet, shlёpnuv on the buttocks with his hand, causing a sudden rapidly and emotions finished second in the pussy. He did not pull out immediately, soon put me over and continued to crush his chest.

For the whole affair it took half an hour, and it was time to gather. At barely bent legs, I got up and found the panties, but the guys just pulled them out of the hands and ordered them not to wear longer. I was surprised and heard their demands for that now I come 3 times a week at the end of couples to fuck with them, otherwise I will lower all of the university, and I will fuck anyone who wishes. I liked this rough sex with them, so now I was not wearing panties, and 3 times a week ran fuck with them in the locker room, in the toilet, the shower and cute bending provided the opportunity to fuck me without undressing, only slightly raised the dress, while I suck another.

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My first time, or simply Vania

Briefly about myself: My name is Kira. I am 15 years, 3 breast size, brown hair, brown eyes. In tummy piercing.

It was a cloudy day. My guy Vanya, 17 he called me at the cafe. We sat there, and then they went to him. 30 minutes later I was drinking coffee in his kitchen. Ivan called me into the room and offered to watch TV. I went to turn it on and started watching. We have included a romantic movie. Then I felt his hand stroking my knee. Vanya rose higher and higher. Then I could not resist and started to kiss him on the lips. He held my chest. My nipples hardened and pisya wet. Vanya is very excited, it was clear from his pants. He began to take off my clothes. He began to lick my chest, and his hands massaged my pussy. Vanya was biting my hard nipples. His tongue went down below and began to lick her pussy. Language was part of me and it's very exciting! Then I took off his pants and saw the wonders of science. His penis was 23 cm. At first I was a little scared, but he reassured me, and I gave him completely. Vanya began to enter into me. It was painful! When he was inside, let me get used to. Vanya began smoothly enter and exit, and then quickened his pace. It was so wonderful that I began to moan. That it even more exciting. Then he stopped, put me on my knees, and I very humbly took his penis in her mouth. I gave him a blowjob. He came at me right in the mouth and I swallowed his sperm. It was very hot, not clear taste. I stood up to him and bent down, and he fucked me in the ass. I asked Vanya to suck me, he agreed with pleasure. It was blissful. I moaned and soon finished his mouth.
After all, I went to the shower. Then we just kissed and chatted. Soon we came to his parents and we all drank tea with cake.

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I was a child my mother always said that touching pussy good. Even in kindergarten I watched the other girls touched their recording through panties or thrust into the hands of her panties, and I thought, what are they bad. But once, when I was already eleven years old, I was punished for what I have without permission opened jar of condensed milk, and locked in a closet.
Of course, I was mad at the whole village, and in retaliation decided to become a witch. But witches fly on brooms! Brooms in the closet was not, but turned up to hand mop. I straddled her and involuntarily pressed to stalk Picea. I suddenly felt so happy that I began to cuddle more, rubbed on the stalk until then, until my eyes went dark and from one point in the uppermost corner of my cunt like ran electrical discharges throughout the body.
Later, I learned that at the moment got her first orgasm. It was nice and scary. Terribly nice. And the scary realization that I am doing something indecent and harmful, because you can not touch the pussy! Then I found an excuse for myself - hands can not touch, and handle of a mop as possible. After that, I began to frequent to ride on the mop, bringing herself to orgasm, and almost feared to be punished for it. After all, if Mom catches me, you can always explain that I play horse.
Then I discovered another way: if the panty fabric between the legs to twist in the flagellum and pull to bowed his lips, and then let go, you can enjoy not worse than the touch of a mop. I began to do this every night, lying in bed. In a clever book I read that scientifically it is called masturbation or masturbation, and it's very, very bad and harmful. I knew it was bad, but continued to work, because it was very nice. I must say that during these sessions no fantasy on the theme of relations between men and women I did not have, I just like the feeling of themselves. I knew that the boys are arranged differently - where should be recording their little cords hanging out, but I have not puzzled, what role it plays in sex.
Despite the sense of guilt, the awareness of their inferiority and fear of being detected, I continued to masturbate. But one morning, I noticed that from my precious cunt is bleeding and thought it was due to masturbation. I got scared and ran to my mother, but my mother reassured me and told me that the girls it happens and is repeated every month, I just matured. Good thing I did not have time to tell her that engaged in masturbation.
A year later my mother married. His own father, I do not remember, but here in our house there was Uncle Kolya. It appeared not once, with him we have settled his daughter Lena. I was at that time already was thirteen, and Lena was a year younger. But though she was younger than me, shorter and very skinny, it was a very lively girl, and immediately took the lead among the two of us.
And once I get back from school, and Lenka was already at home. Hear - TV in the lobby works. I go there and found a shocking scene: Lena is sitting in a chair completely naked, her legs curled on the armrests, as the doctor at survey, with one hand she pulls her pussy and the other - that when something turns into the chest. She stared at it on the screen, where the naked man and woman huddled together, made gestures are the same as I did when masturbate. I was just taken aback.
- You ... what are you doing?
- Masturbate - calmly said Lenka. - Do you want to - join.
- I?
- Just do not tell me you do not do it.
- I do not ... - I mumbled, knowing that I get to lie unnatural.
- Come on, all involved. And girls and boys. Especially boys.
- True? Oh, and how? - I was ashamed, and developed an interest.
- Never is that it has not seen? Right now I'll show you. Only there are not boys, and adult uncles. But it is even more interesting.
Lenka stopped the film and began to rewind the tape.
- And where is it? - I nodded at the video recorder.
- Films? Yes, my father is full of these. He jerked at porn until Aunt Nadia married. I saw.
Aunt Nadia - this is my mother. I sat down on the couch and Lenka stopped rewind and play it. On the screen appeared naked aunt. She turned her back, bent over, shook her ass, then turned Pereda, spread her legs and spread her fingers sponge, revealing all that is inside, and brought the camera. She everything was clean-shaven, I even felt ashamed of his overgrown: I was so young, and all hairy. Then the camera pulled away and turned around. It was found in the room the aunt was not alone, there were seven or eight naked men. I used to be seen only in boys pisyulki kindergarten age, and these uncles were not the cords. From books, I know that this thing they called a penis. In some, they stuck out ahead as police batons, others curled up like an umbrella handle, the third hung like trunks. My aunt lay on a mat in the middle of the room and rubbing her pussy palm, while the men stood around her in a circle and began as Lenka said masturbate. Clutching each his penis in his hand, they moved his fist back and forth, helping himself to counter the movement of the pelvis. And members of those who are first hung like trunks, too, have become a solid thick sticks. One man moved his fist quickly, crouching slightly and began releasing a member of pulsating white jet directly to the stomach, and his aunt on his chest.
- It was he who wrote it? - I was surprised.
- He finished - explained Lenka. - The men end up so. Sperm.
Following the first man had finished second, then a third ... aunt on the mat was too close to orgasm, she was rubbing her pussy palm in a circular motion, quickly, and even sit up on the bridge. One man, when she stood up, lifted his penis to her chest and began to finish it. Lenka often breathed and also masturbated very quickly. And I did not even notice, as she lifted her skirt, panties twisted habitual movement in the flagellum and tried to turn into an orgasm gripped me excited.
- Phew! - Lenka relaxed and stretched out in his chair, thrusting his feet. - I also want to be so obkonchalsya. And you?
I nodded. I was still masturbating, but it did not come. Lenka noticed it.
- Let me help you.
- How?
- Panties shoot!
I took off, Lena came up to me, and I involuntarily clenched her knees.
- Yes, relax you, fool!
Lenka spread my legs and knelt between them. I was a little ashamed, when she put her face close to my genital slit from which the stream flowed moisture. But I looked at the TV, and there is a plot with wankers over, and the screen is just two aunts do what we Lenka. I order it was more convenient, as in the movie, pursed her knees and lay down on the sofa. It was very nice to feel Lenkin language that licked all the folds of my cunt and the magical mound, touching which gives so much pleasure and bliss. I finished.
- I'll shave you - Lenka said, spitting out the hair.
- Yes, you have ...
Then I also wanted to try to lick Lenka pussy. It turned out very nice. Since then, we have often be fun at each other, with masturbating and making Cooney. And then in our company appeared earrings. But that is another story.

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Dreams sometimes come true

We played catch-up with Natasha. We ran through the garden, I tried osalit her, and she dodges every possible way. Natasha was agile me, I could not manage to catch it, and I was beginning to get angry. When she crossed the track, I did goalie throw and grabbed her ankle. Natasha escaped, but lost her balance and fell, ragged knees. But he roared, but bit her lip.
- I'm sorry, I did not want - I tried to explain.
The girl stood up and swallowing the approaches to the throat lump, almost without a quiver in his voice said:
- Well, everything! In that now you're my slave! Fall prostrate before her mistress!
I went down on all fours. Before my face were her thin shins with poorly developed calf muscles and knees sticking out ahead, which usually have thirteen neskladёh. A fresh abrasion on one of her knees bled.
- I will heal - I assured her.
- How?
I licked a drop of blood from her knees and lick the wound.
- Do not hurt?
- No.
Here the breeze (or perhaps she) raised the hem of her light cotton dress and threw it on my head. I was under the dome, as if in a house. I looked up. There, up, rushed girlish tanned thighs, which were hidden in white panties and shorts stood on the same brown sunken belly with knotty sticking pupochke, and above it a dome dress was pulled belt.
I got up and my face was right on panties level. Somehow, Natasha was in no hurry to release me from this captivity. Then I pulled down the elastic pants and bared white with sparse pubic fuzz hair. This red-haired bush curl up in a little curl on a very piquant dimple, dimples and from left bottom section of the genital slit, which is divided in half convex triangle bounded by the folds near the feet.
I found it hard to focus on the vision so close, but I still admired the opened view. I was smelled sweet-tart smell of whether sea grass, or wet poplar buds, or linden blossoms. And soon - the whole conglomerate. I pressed his lips to the juicy dimple and tried to push through the tongue between the labia, feeling their softness and elasticity of soft. I felt in response to oncoming traffic, and the top to me came a Natashkiny approving sniff ...
I opened my eyes. Alas, it's only a dream. My pants were full of sticky moisture - I came in a dream. Mokret cooled, became disgusted, it was urgent to be washed away and change. Well, that has not yet dawned, everything in the house was asleep, I quietly sneaked into the bathroom.
All day I was under the impression that sleep and longingly looked at Natasha, and she probably had no idea what my fantasy is filled with anxious mind. Natasha - the adopted daughter of my uncle. And my uncle - my mother's brother, he married Natashkiny mother last year. They live out of town, and I was sent to stay with him while mom and dad work in the expedition, they have me archaeologists.
Natshkina Mom, Aunt Lyuba, was a young woman, and very beautiful. Natasha compared to it - the ugly duckling, angular and flat, but with age, perhaps the situation improve. However, something attractive in this immature girl already, some inner sexuality, which attract the eye and beckoning to enter into this awkward creature's arms.
From the first days Natasha ignored me. As I tried to get closer, we were not common interests. But erotic dreams involving Natasha visited me every night.
I suspect that Natasha masturbating. To verify this, I decided to establish a "bug." Modern technology allows you to arrange monitoring of anyone easily. I took the opportunity, when left alone in the house (the adults were at work, and Natasha in the sports section), strengthened in Natashkiny room under the computer desk portable wireless IP-camera. Once the evening Natasha wished everyone good night and went to bed, I also hurried to their laptop. I saw under the table, her legs tightly shifted to his knees covered dress. At first nothing happened, Natasha just scratched my knee, I even thought that my suspicions were not justified. But it took some time, and Natasha ran her hand along the inside of the thigh, and then she held her palm between her legs through dress. So she sat a few minutes, clenching and unclenching his hips, and then spread her legs wide and slid his hand under her dress.
This was interesting, my cock stiffened, I pulled him out of the panties and began stroking. Natasha wider spreads her legs, I put one of them, apparently, in the system unit, and ridden her dress, revealing to me the sight of her panties. She rubbed her pussy through her panties, watching, apparently on the screen something erotic. And then, just getting up, she took off her dress over her head, remained in his shorts. She slipped into her panties two fingers under the elastic side and quietly moved them up and down, obviously stroking sponge.
This spectacle greatly excited me. Clinging to the screen, I was impatiently jerked off his dick. In porn films, I often saw the girl masturbate, but then I watched a particular girl, with whom we talked an hour ago, and which behave as touchy and if it does not interest the sexual theme. Suddenly she stopped and leaned forward, as if seen in the monitor something interesting. All the same, leaning forward, she raised her ass and pulled off her panties, and I finally saw the look in her this place. Yes, that's the way I imagined him. Crest rare red pubic hair, slightly curled in a curl, a dimple, which runs down two charming plump lips, swollen with excitement and letting out a forked tongue labia minora, shiny moisture.
Natasha is widely spread her legs, covered his beautiful palm and rubbed, then vigorously and often in a circular motion, then pausing for a few seconds. I also play with incredible speed his dick, and finished in a minute, but, nevertheless, continued to watch the Natasha. She leaned back and rubbed only the middle finger in the upper corner of the gap very quickly. Following the finger moving large and small lips, and a trickle of water flowed into the perineum, buttocks in the crease where began ass. And suddenly all shook girl jerked her ass and relaxed. A little after sitting, she got up, turned off the light, and after a few minutes goes off the screen, and her room was plunged into darkness. I also turned off the computer and went to bed.

The next morning I was burning with impatience waiting for a new session and urged nightfall. There was a day off, Aunt Lyuba went to town for shopping, both women say - go shopping. Uncle watched football, and I, to pass the time, Natasha suggested to go by bicycle to the river. Natasha said that she had a headache, and that I was traveling alone. was six kilometers to the river, I sat on the bike and drove off, but not having passed the half way, was forced to return - at a bicycle tire burst. Somehow I stumbled up to the house, I put the bike and wanted to ask his uncle, where to get the patch and rubber cement. But it was not there in the lobby of his uncle, and the TV was turned off. And Natasha is also nowhere to be seen. I went upstairs and passed Natashkiny room, heard wafting out groans and some sucking sounds. Through the open door I saw Natashkiny bed. Natasha was lying crosswise, legs dangling. She had no panties and breasts lifted her dress up, covering his face. Uncle was kneeling between her legs and licking her pussy. He had lowered trousers, his white ass was facing me. His hand was moving, hiding under the belly, obviously, he squeezed his cock. Natasha moaned, swayed, moved booty, and uncle, pressing his face to her crotch, published sucking sounds.
Not confusion, not frightened at first embraced me, I would quietly slip away, but curiosity and excitement arose suddenly took over. I'm not breathing, I kept watching the scene. Natasha moaned louder. Then she paused, as if choking on its own sounds, all twisted in a tense posture and immediately relaxed by issuing a deep lite moan.
- End? - Uncle asked, looking up from her.
- Yeah, - drawling said Natasha.
The uncle rose from his knees. Pants with shorts rested his ankles from under the T-shirt was sticking folded up arousal, under which hung the scrotum with huge eggs.
- Come on, now you.
Natasha sat down on the bed, her face close to Dyadkin member and grabbed the head with his lips. One palm is placed on the trunk, the other from below grabbed the scrotum. Uncle grabbed her hands on the spit, and sit down Natashkiny head on his cock and ass doing "trahatelnye" movement. Natasha podrachivala hand barrel member, preventing it to penetrate deep into her mouth. Uncle groaned and moved his hips faster, then suddenly pulled back, releasing member, took his hand, a couple of times "dickhead" head and released a pulsating jet molofi Natasha on her stomach, uttering at the same time is truly a lion's roar.
I'm not breathing, she stepped away from the door and tiptoed down to the first floor. From what my own cock sticking out like an arrow tower crane. I went into the bathroom, turned on the water, and he stood in front of the sink and drochnuv only a few times, poured out to an incredible amount of sperm. Then he climbed into the shower, rinsed and wiped already heard in the lobby earned TV. Coming out of the bathroom, I met down the stairs Natasha. Her freckled face was still red with excitement, and tousled tresses.
- And why are you not on the river? - She asked and seems to blush even more.
- With the bike I fell. I had to go back. Here are all the dirty, sweaty, instead of the river bathed in the shower.
- Ah. ... And long have you been here?
- Yes, just came in. And right in the shower.
- Clear. Yes, it's hot today. I, too, all sweaty, go and wash.
I was very angry at Natasha, because I myself longed to make her Cooney. But why? Guys because it allows and what have I done? Envy and desire overwhelms me, but it seems that as a sexual partner Natasha I had not considered. But Aunt Ljuba looked at this issue a little differently ...

Aunt Lyuba worked as a nurse at a private clinic. Once we were home alone with her - uncle took Natasha to classes in the sports section. I complained about the second day of his stomach and refused to dine. I retired to my room for a laptop, trying to find a porn site interesting and had a good work out in masturbation. Aunt Ljuba came to me. I quickly turned to the computer screen, well, what else did not have time to remove his pants.
- Well, show me your belly!
She felt and said that I urgently need an enema. I resisted for a long time, but Aunt Ljuba insisted, saying that the stomach is very hard, and if you do not do an enema, I will tear the intestines.
She brought warm water syringe and a towel.
- Take off your clothes!
I took off my pants, lowered his pants, exposing the back and lay down on the couch on his stomach on a towel podstelennoe.
- Take off your panties, too.
- What for?
- It is necessary.
I lifted my ass, gum pushed to his knees, then pursed his legs under him, pulled the panties completely and shoved under the pillow. I tried to do all this in such a way so as not to demonstrate a causal place. Aunt Ljuba chuckled.
- My God, is shy. You might think I'm your household have never seen.
Somehow, the fact that I'm naked in front of a woman, became excite me. I was lying on his stomach, and a member of the under me growing up, trying to stretch out to the navel. My aunt took a syringe water.
- Be in Bozeman's position!
- What is it like?
- Pancake! On all fours!
I got up on my knees and rested his elbows in a sofa, sticking out his ass and pressed her hips to the abdomen shame. But the eggs while still sticking out, it is very embarrassing to me. Aunt Ljuba one hand spread my buttocks, the finger of the other hand smeared with cream and put it into the anus. Feeling the penetration, I felt shame and dislike, making my point involuntarily clenched.
- Relax! Well!
I tried to relax. Aunt Ljuba wiggled a finger. Gradually unpleasant feeling passed, I even liked it. At the same time I felt a touch on his balls. My aunt took a finger and put me in the ass tip syringe. I felt like the intestine is filled with warm water. At first, too, it was uncomfortable, but I endured, and at the end of sensation became more tolerant. I even wanted to poterebit member, but I held back. Aunt Lyuba pulled out a syringe and squeezed my buttocks. Warm water is poured through the intestines.
- Get up, run to the toilet!
I stood up, trying to turn his back to her aunt and afraid to show his excitement. She seemed to have guessed it.
- Do not worry. During the enema, many men have an erection. On, I put my robe if embarrassed - she added, seeing that I reached for cowards. - As fast as the crap one's pants.
She put on her robe on my shoulders, and I ran to the toilet. When I returned I saw Aunt Lyuba sitting on my couch. It was not lace black bra and tight pants, it seems, they are called strings. Hips covered thin gum, pubic almost transparent mesh, only the most dense fabric covered crotch. Did I mention that Aunt Ljuba very beautiful. She would never give the thirty-two years. It looked almost like odinnadtsatiklassnitsa. My already limp member treacherously stretched upward ottopyrivaya bathrobe.
- Well, how? - Aunt Lyuba view, it seemed to me, was fixed to the growing mound. - Successfully?
- Yes, - I was confused and it seems red.
- Everything happened?
- Look like that's it.
A bump grew all against my will, I had to cover it with his hands.
- Repeat will?
- No, I do not.
- Well, then, lend my robe.
I went to the head, closer to his underpants and turned his back, threw a dressing gown. I've reached out to the underpants, but Aunt Lyuba took my hand.
- You know, me and you will be sensitive to the request.
- What?
- Yes, I also have stomach problems. And I do an enema? And I myself uncomfortable.
- Yes, I do not know - I'm terribly embarrassed, but did not know how to politely refuse an adult.
- Here at the same time to learn. In life, all useful
I'm confused. On the one hand I was seized shame. Only I am allowed to mature beautiful woman perform such an intimate procedure, and now she asks to do the same with her. But on the other hand, now I see a naked woman's ass, and perhaps ... the fact that the front ...
- Well, - I answered.
I would like once again to put on a dressing gown, but Aunt Ljuba threw it on the other side of the sofa, so I stayed naked.
- Yes, you turn your, do not be shy. You might think there is something new to me.
I turned, still ashamed of his hard dick. But she was not looking at him. She turned back to me and bent down and took off her panties. And I discovered the naked female buttocks. Aunt Ljuba stood in the knee-elbow position on my couch, knees on the towel. Her lithe body was like a cat, seemed really touched by it is ready to purr.
- Come on - she began to instruct me, - all very simple. Squeeze the cream on her finger and smazh my anus.
- What to grease?
- Popa. And the very hole. Can you stick your finger, if not disdain.
I squeezed the cream on the index finger, walked over to her and held them in the hollow between the buttocks. A member of my was ready to burst from the strain. I really wanted to masturbate, but I held back. Nothing, right now she goes to the toilet, then I'll take care of this matter.
- Well? But not there, below. Spread the buttocks and look, you're not seen.
Indeed, I was standing on the side and still shy to look at a naked woman. But the interest gradually conquered shyness. I went back. Arched back passed in two delicious muffins. Between them clearly stand out tail rudiment - pronounced tailbone. And under it - a dark ring round, hole priests. Spreads did not have to. And below ... It's labia! Yes, between the thighs, as if they squeezed burger could be seen complete and rounded big lips, from which protruded small. How many times I looked at the woman in a similar position on the display screen, and now she is living in front of me, but still I can touch it and insert your finger in the ass!
I smeared the cream around the holes, and then sent to the index finger, and then Aunt Ljuba slightly leaned back, as if she nasazhivayas him. My finger went in the ass. Ring tightly wrapped around him, and the whole finger was trapped, like a fist. Looks like Auntie Lyuba lost self-control, she grabbed my wrist and hand, holding it a few times swung back and forth, nasazhivayas on my finger.
"My God, she fucks herself in there ... my finger!" - Flashed through my head.
- To draw water into the syringe - Aunt Lyuba, panting, let go of my wrist.
I heroically overcame the desire to take up member. It is not enough to show my aunt that I was engaged in masturbation. I pulled his finger out of her priests, took a syringe and filled it with water.
- Now I paste in the tip and pump water.
I stuck the tip to where it was only my finger and with both hands began to squeeze the bulb, pumping water into her rectum. Suddenly in my head there was a kind of association, if the tip - it's my cock, and the water in the pear - semen and I pump up her ass aunt Luba. In my crotch began spasmodic contraction member convulsively twitching and without my participation began spraying semen - on his back on the priest, at the thigh and calf Lyuba aunt.
- I could not resist, poor - laughed Aunt Ljuba. - Nothing happens. Well, everything? I ran to the bathroom.

And the next day there was an accident. Natasha almost killed me. I was still asleep, and she decided to put things in order in his room. She rushed up to me, all crimson, shaking my IP-based cameras.
- What is it?!! What does it mean, huh? !!! I am spying on me? Goat! Beast!
She hurled the camera into a wall, and she shattered into pieces.
- I'm sorry ... I ... I ...
I could not think of anything in his defense.
- Well, what do you see there? !! Well, tell me? !! Are you jerking off to me?
The best remedy - an attack, that's for sure.
- And I, by the way, something else has seen. How did you and Uncle ...
- What?!!!
Her face anger was not crimson and black. She searched his eyes, than to run into me. Under his hand caught computer chair. If I had not ducked, it would not have written these lines. Releasing steam, Natasha burst into tears and ran away. All day long she stayed in her room.
- What with her? - He asked his uncle for dinner.
- A bit unwell - calmly replied Aunt Ljuba.
I wonder if she told Natasha because of what she was disheveled feelings?
In the evening I sat at the computer and searched in the internet something cheerful. Porn did not want to watch, masturbate, too. Around midnight Natasha knocked and entered.
- Still not sleeping?
- As you see.
Judging by the expression on his face, she was cool.
- Why he is spying on me?
- You already answered itself - masturbate on you.
- A long time ago ... you masturbate?
- Since last year.
- And I ... stepfather once fired me. I was frightened, and he said that he did not tell my mother, if I give him a lick. And then his cock sucking made. And I liked it. We do not really fuck. He just licks, and I suck.
- Do you like?
- What?
- When you lick.
Natasha blushed and lowered her eyes.
- Highly…
- Can I?
- Would you?
- And then!
Natasha hesitated. Then he got up, locked the door on the latch, turned to me and slowly slid his hands under her dress, intending to remove the pants.
- Wait, - I stopped her. - Wait, I did.
I knelt in front of the girl on his knees, his head covered her dress and looked up. Upwards, rushed girlish tanned thighs, which were hidden in white panties and panties on, I saw a hollow belly sticking with knotty pupochke. I pulled down the elastic pants and bared white pubic bush with red hair, which was braided into a small curl of spicy dimple, dimples and from left bottom section of the genital slit.
I pressed his lips to the dimple and stuck his tongue between the labia, feeling their softness and elasticity of soft. I felt in response to oncoming traffic, and the top I heard a quiet moan Natashkin. The language I felt a solid bump and began to lick around it and click on it. Then he stuck his tongue to the entrance of the vagina, pushing the tip into the opening of the hymen. my panties were filled with warm and sticky sperm ...

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He gave an enema as a gift to a friend

I had a good friend. It was because now it has become my lover and did not dare to wear this old boring name. He was a man shy, closed in itself. With girls his attitude is also not glued. There were girlfriends, but not one, but just the same, none of them, and he did not give. Just not lucky with women. As he told me later - well, do not get up his body on these persons. They met, everything seems to have been fine, he seemed on the dates they courteous, attentive, very nice and caring, but as soon as the cause to reach sex as all sorts of castles collapsed, and he remained alone. Again. And again. And again. I, on the contrary, has always belonged to the life freely, wanting a taste of your short life all that was available to me. I was grateful to his bisexuality and that dared to meet with the girls and men. With men I liked to meet more honest. Just because I was a liability, and dominated by powerful men felt better than when I had to offer one single woman. Again, the women I loved, too. Just different ... and less.
And so I decided to seduce her boyfriend. Someone might say that this is wrong, and even if my girlfriend had one, sex between two friends, and a closer relationship can not be. Perhaps this person will be right - but I restrain myself and my hormones were not able to. On February 23, I came to visit him. He knew that no one will give him nothing, and I am the only guest in his home. He warmly welcomed me, we sat down and opened a rather expensive bottle of whiskey. They drank, but only slightly, as both were not huge supporters of alcohol. The friend did not cooked for me as a gift, but I decided to surprise him - I prepodnёs him an enema. When he saw her in a bright golden gift box, he was stunned and did not know what to say. I am sure it was the first time when he really wanted to kill me. But in spite of this is just something after some ten or twenty minutes, we were very different: I was sitting in his tight ass and enjoy how my gift, enema, penetrating into the depths of his body. He groaned and said it was fine. When the water began to fill it from the inside, he groaned even louder, more rampant. I was happy that my gift brought him so much pleasure.
When he came back from the toilet, we were engaged in anal sex, which he liked less. Now, where was the story. Several years passed, and we still love each other, we are still together and still not dispersed.

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Spoiled daughter

I have a wonderful daughter, twelve years old. Masha name. She played, as usual, in his room. I went into the kitchen and began to eat the soup at lunch. EMEM and suddenly begin to realize that something is wrong. Only a minute later it dawned on me.

- Oh, blyayaaa! .. - I jumped up from the table and ran into the hall. I remembered that I forgot to turn off the porn on the video recorder. And if this is seen my daughter ...

- Masha! - I ran into the room and froze.

- It's late, Dad ... - said Masha - I ... everything.

She sat on the couch in her light dress, legs apart and put his hand under her panties. And I realized that I really have EVERYTHING. Children's psyche is broken.

- You did not have time to clean, Dad ... - again repeated my daughter - I noticed.

She noticed. And I was involved. I could not stop masturbating under his shorts.

- Dad, I can not have ...

With his free hand she pulled down her panties, revealing to me his baby bosom ... I shook his feet and began to climb a member. Tubercle became evident through tights. Masha pulled the pants to the knee level and continued to stroke her pussy. On the television went porn and she kept turning her head back.

I realized that something in me opened up, a psychological barrier ... It was a shame, but I pulled the tights with shorts and began to drive his hand over already risen a member. Standing like this, in the room, right in front of her daughter. Even the porn was not interested in me as this little child on the couch with an open pussy.

Masha moaned and jerked her hips. Her hand was moving faster. Perhaps now she will experience her very first orgasm. And then I went over to her. He held out his hands. The girl removed her hand from the clitoris and spread her legs. I put his palm beneath her bare ass. He began to stroke and compress it. Legs daughter wrapped around my hand. My fingers began to stroke everything she ...

The psyche of the girl was already broken. What to do ... Everything is.

- Dad! Dad!!! - Masha twitched - what is it? With me is the first time .. !!

- Hush-hush, my daughter ... - I whispered, still caressing hand on her ass - this is normal and all the girls there. And sometimes men ... Look, that ...

At this point, a member of the erupted under the caresses of my hands. Cum stained couch on which sat Masha. She herself stared at the white liquid and leaned back on the couch from just received an orgasm.

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No chance

I think I need to tell your story. My family: father (45 years), mother (37 years old), I (19 years old) and sister Vick (18). It all started about 5 years ago. I was almost 14 years old and 2 years, I worked hard to masturbate, because I had no exit their desires. For me, running different girls, but they were so ugly and dumb, I just could not deal with them physically. One girl I liked, although I rarely saw her, but to establish a closer relationship somehow embarrassed, but not timid guy.

So, when I had not yet turned 14 years old, he was a member continuously. When the parents were not home, I stripped naked and engaged in physical exercise to exhaustion. Several times I noticed that sister spying on me. It did not bother me, and amused. In one year, it has grown from a teenager to an attractive girl to determine the shape. But interest in it, as a woman, I did not feel up to a point.

One day, when the parents were at work, I came home and heard sounds familiar to me in porn films. At first I thought it was - the parents, but listened, understood my sister Vick.

"-Parnya Itself has got led fuck" - I thought, and decided to throw him out. But then the sound stopped, someone mumbled something, and of our common room looked well dressed Wick.

- Hi, - he said ona.- We are here with faith in the game played ...

I was set up very aggressively, but hearing this, very surprised. Immediately out of the room unknown to me girl - very beautiful. She looked at me in some odd, even appraising, eyes and silently went into the hallway to wear garments.

-I'm home, Wiki, - she said sestre.- After 9pm contact.

And she was gone.

I did not ask anything from the sisters, but from that moment I saw it quite differently, and I wanted her just as a woman. This idea stuck in my head so much that sometimes I could not sleep, hearing or breathing Vick tossed near, in the next bed.

One day I returned late from his friends tired but could not sleep because of the headaches. Vick also lay down already, but did not sleep. She ёrzala, and then I heard some heavy breathing either, whether postanyvanie. Doubts could be - she masturbated. I was not surprised, but my cock immediately took a vertical position.

- Do you sleep? - Suddenly she asked.

- No, - said I. 'I can not ... And you have long masturbate?

- 2 years already - and I sighed ona.- watching you like you too ...

- And his girlfriend fuckin? - I asked.

- Not often, - he replied ona.- We guys do not trust.

- And me?

- You're my brother. We are not allowed.

- Who told you?

- all say ...

- I think otherwise. Come on, for starters, at least suck each other.

- Come to me, - she said quietly, throwing a blanket.

- No, better you - to me - I almost ordered.

She got out of bed, being completely naked, and in one motion jumped into my bed.

- I've always wanted to be with you - admitted ona.- When I saw you naked, I finished a few times ...

I touched the bottom of her belly covered with low vegetation: the way it is, it's all already wet. As soon as I stroked her clitoris, she moaned and arched. And he grabbed my shoulders. We intertwined legs and first kiss - passionately.

And then we took the position 69 and for a long time licking and sucking each other. Vic swallowed much of my sperm. But on a more serious that night, we did not dare, for fear that the parents heard.

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What happened between me and my sister (part 1)

One evening, after returning from school, I had a great mood 11 class yet, I came home with the thoughts about the institute, about student about sex. I'm excited and siknuv order off the school clothes, dressed in the home went to his room. There I turned on the computer typed into a search engine: "porn with red" (I really like the red girls) and started watching porn from different sites.

I should say that I have lived with her older sister without a father. My mother threw us when I was a small child. I grew up in a beautiful, well-built guy in his 16 years had a penis length of about 20 cm. But my weakness was porn, and I often watched him until the sister was at work.

Now I will describe his sister: she was a beauty. Tall, leggy busty reddish devushka.U it was a smart ass, waist, face. She was just unusual. And in 14 years I began to look at it not only as a sister, but as a girl. She began to notice it, too, and somehow drifted away from me, but we had an excellent relationship of brother and sister.

And sitting in the designated day in front of computer watching porn I have not heard how my sister came home and quietly walked up to my door, because of which were heard cries of a whore, 'singing' in the video. When she was about to leave on my door (without saying a word to me) under her foot treacherously floorboard creaked and I heard it. I turned around and blushed with shame: I saw my sister quietly moving away from the door. I pulled the computer from the outlet and hid his standing in the firing position in the trunk of his pants. Mood masturbate once lost. It took 2 minutes before my cock finally returned to normal, and went out into the corridor. I went into the kitchen and saw Nastya she was turning her back on me and bent over a bag of trash something pure. Again, I was excited by the form of this round ass staring directly at me, but my penis is fortunately did not get up.

"Hello Sister!" I said, going to the refrigerator. "How are you, chtoo for dinner?" Nastya stood up and greeted me with a nod. And then it began: "Andrew, I'll see you masturbate and I do not like it is clear to you, brother?" I hung my head. She continued her speech, but I think it is not necessary to describe it in detail. In general, she punished me for a month daily washing up, and said that the more I never masturbate. I swore to her health.

On the evening of the same day I was watching TV. The time was late and I decided to go to sleep. My sister is already full spala.Ya shut the drawer and went to the bathroom to wash. After washing, I went into the bedroom and went to sleep.

I woke up at 2 am on the riser that felt under his blanket, that this dream I was so excited I could not remember. I got up and went popit.Noch was the moon and all was seen without light. I accidentally walked back and looked stunned by Nasty room: my sister was lying on the bed was uncovered and lay completely in the lunar ray. Her panties translucent and I could see the object of my dreams that I dreamed of for so long: I saw her pussy, surrounded by light hair regrowth (looks like they have been cut). My chchlen simply mad: He suddenly began to swell again and even got out of his head because shkurki.Ego whole trunk was covered hillocks swollen veins.

Unable to resist his desires, I entered the room and approached the bed: Nastya chest rhythmically rose and fell, and her nipples were horoshoya visible through the translucent fabric bra. I just bit his lips to himself somehow divert but I could not: my hand to right itself to this wonderful breasts. When I touched Nastya's right nipple, I have completely lost control of himself and began the second hand lightly stroking his penis is, the left nipple Nasty.

And my fingers are already full drove over her chest and then started to fall lower and lower ... When I reached them she was someone else tummy I was on top of bliss and began gently stroking the belly of his sister. Right hand down on her panties (by the time I noticed bother nye twitching and postanyvaniya my sisters) but I thought she was just a dream, and when my hand touched her panties, I realized it was me her so excited: her pussy flowed juice. I knelt beside the bed and began to sniff the smells emanating from the wet panties. The fingers have started to pull her panties with my sister ...

When my fingers touched the swelling pussy Nasty I felt like she was someone else on the body passed a shiver ... She opened her eyes ... I thought it was the end and now they kill me but I was wrong ... Nastya zaspanym m trembling voice said: "just started to go on ". Having received the "official permission" I ran his fingers between her sex lips, she zastonala.Kogda 2 minutes passed from the beginning of my playing with her lips she moaned more and went into convulsions orgazma.Ona grabbed my shoulders: I was very excited. I grew bolder and moved up into her tight so that my cock poked in her hand. She jerked her. I looked at her in surprise, but she herself realized her mistake and her warm hand grabbed my trunk. At this time, I shuddered. She began rhythmically to drive his hand on my cock and I finished after a while my sperm shot out of the penis like a cannon and hit the Nasty legs. She released my trunk out of his hands and shoved me out of the room. I was happy...

The next day I woke up late. In our school there was some checking and we were given a day off. I remembered the night adventure, and thought that I dreamed it.

All day I sat at the computer and telecom. In the evening, I washed the dishes and went to bed. Sister came late. At about 11 pm. I was already asleep.

At 3 am I woke again, for the same reason as yesterday: my cock stood like a soldier on duty. I did not dare get up and started to fall asleep. But then he came into the room Nastya. She was smartly dressed: a tight black dress, high-heeled shoes ... Oh! She was an angel! Sleep is gone. Nastya went to the bed, "Hey, are not you asleep?" I said no. She went to close the door to my room. And then I saw how much it was a short dress, I saw the lower part of her ass ... my penis began to rise again, and her daughter, closing the door without further preamble came up to me and pulled the blanket: my boxers strongly bulging. She knelt down and began to drive his lips and hands on my swollen trunk ... She grabbed my pants teeth and began to pull them. My penis throbbed and was ready for anything ...

Nastyona finally pulled off my pants and grabbed my lips riser ... I trembled. Her lips and tongue began to get up is with me, that I said pleadingly: "hush hush ... I'll finish ..." She slowed down and took my hand. She took her to his chest, I grabbed her and began to knead: black dress so sexy bowed her breasts, I was ecstatic. But then I got tired of feeling chest girl through a cloth and I first got up and put his hand over the cut-out dresses, and then completely pulled it ...

Nastia moaning, my hands kneaded her lovely breasts and at that moment I finally threw off the fear and uncertainty, grabbed my sister's ass (she cried), and dragged her to the bed. Himself down on the floor and took off her panties (already wet) with hip Nasty. My mouth fell at her labia and my tongue full guyal on her crotch. She moaned and I still did not stop, and now it's over ... It took a minute or two, and she told me to sit down on the bed, I sat down. She stood against the wall and began to twist her hips so in front of me, I could not resist again, jumped up and grabbed his hands to her hips and ass. She pressed her chest against the wall and grabbed my penis. I picked her up and laid on the bed, spread her legs and lying on top drove his istrument ready to fight in her hot vagina and expiring. She gasped, then gasped with noise and everything started ...

I moved her hips, slid my penis inside her until the very end of her vagina, I felt that the approaching wave of orgasm for both of us but I just started to push deeper into his penis ... At the end, I suddenly got the pace and furiously hammering his sister's pussy cumshot just inside her ... She also finished, and writhed in convulsions, screaming and besnuyas on the bed ...

Two weeks later she flew into my room not something joyful, not a furious and showed me a pregnancy test, in which a positive result was shown ...

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What happened between me and my sister (part 2)

And so my sister flew from me ... After that, we have absolutely ceased to communicate with her. Abortion did not do it, she decided to leave him. After the news of the pregnancy she stopped talking to me. I was very upset.

As time went on. Tummy my sister more I stood out, her breasts pouring milk and became a 5 month zamechatelnymi.Na happened was that I was at home, and her daughter just came home from work. She habitually went to the kitchen and then I heard her scream. At first I thought she was scalded, but then I went to look and saw her lying on the floor unconscious. I called an ambulance. She was taken to the hospital, but 2 hours later she came home again utavshaya, and some sad. I met her in the kitchen, and she threw herself on my neck and said, "Thank you Andrew, if you are not then maybe my child would now be dead, and from that day our relationship back to normal..

After the times when she saw me for masturbation has been more than 5 months and I could not hold on. I began to masturbate again. And my sister seems to know about it but said nothing. Only once she asked why I did not find a girlfriend. The problem was that I seem to fall in love with your sister ... That it was ... kapets

Once on the sixth month of pregnancy Nastya, we were watching some family film. Honestly, I sat and watched a movie then it is not because she was a girl, and for a reason. And at one point, I looked at Nastya and my dick started to rise: she got up from the couch and stretched straight, the lower part of it is no longer a small tummy exposed, that led me to the incredible delight. I remember that night, and going to Nastya put his hands on her hips. She answered sharply turned around and gave me a slap in the face. Then she said: "Do not think I'm pregnant Andrei Are you bothering me And in general, those 2 times in my head that something was not okay!.!" But I only became greater mechtatt about his sister ...

The sixth month of her pregnancy was unremarkable, but 7 was for me one of the best in my whole is not yet long life.

Nastia was already in such form, that it is not a blind tee shirt, and half of the abdomen, and swelling nipples protruded treacherously. I began to shamelessly masturbate on my sister. When she was in the bathroom I took the camera and carefully opened the door fotkala her naked in the bathroom. She had not noticed. After that, I went into my bedroom and there to bring themselves to orgasm. And then I could hold out for at least a day without thinking about Naste.Na next day the story repeated.

But one day, that's what happened. As is well known in pregnant women often are mood swings. And some girls ber6emennye terribly want to fuck at different stages of pregnancy ... And then one day, Nastya came from a gynecologist evil, and when I accidentally broke the cup yelled at me. But in the evening she quietly went to my room and began to apologize for what she yelled at me. After that I went to bed.

At night I woke up and went to have a drink. Passing the bath, I saw the light from behind the door there and looked. What I saw there completely dispelled my thirst for water, and at times enhance sexual thirst: my sister masturbating in the bathroom large rubber cock and moaning. I peeped behind her and returned to the room finished, a little masturbate.

The next evening Nastia had a birthday and I gave her a gift: a super pram and wheeled her into the room to the ice crust in the morning with a note attached: for our with you child. In the evening we had a gala dinner at which it started.

The time was 10 pm and I was badly drunk, cheered and began to joke, my Nastya laughed at the jokes of the soul. But suddenly I noticed the change in her mood: she began once restless fidget in his chair. I thought that she was ill and came to support.

"Nastya how are you feeling? You look like you're not important." With these words, I put his arm around her neck and began to stroke the belly to soothe the baby may zavorochivshegos. I looked into the eyes of Nastya, they were burning strange fire. Running a hand reared at the navel of the pregnant sister, I felt the excitement. My cock began to sit up and I postarals somehow bend to Nastya saw riser. But even so, she said.

"Andrew, well you can kiss me in the stomach and poglatit my ass and nothing else, okay?" I am by this turn of events ofigel again as 7 months ago. However, not taken aback, my hands slipped briskly to the pope and the belly of my sister and her lips close to the already bared belly and kissed her navel ... Member remembered events ssemimesyachnoy ago and all reared up like a mountain, covered the back of his head and tubercles veins she got out at the flesh ...

I Iron-on transfer and waist Nasty ass and massaged his lips navel, kissing her round belly. She began to be excited, too, and his eyes closed enjoying succumbed. Finally she said, is enough. But I did not listen and tried to pull the tights, DOE has not given it to her. I do not disengaged from her and put his hand between her legs straight. "Andrew ... Do not ... Hwa ... ah .." I felt as it creeps over her body, and a special smell coming from her crotch. Then I got up from the couch and took off his pants, then underwear, and he came to his sister, who did not expect, put St. th member in her mouth. She opened her eyes and tried to push me, but it was already nevozmozhno.A began to move her hips and feel finally that Nastya took herself to suck my dick.

And my hands are pulling off her shirt, bra and touched bloodshot, swollen nipples excited. They begin to furiously mashing them, and at the tip of the nipple appears white liquid - milk my sister. Sister, too, had reached into his pants and began to massage her clit. I pulled out a member of the lightning of her throat and bent over, holding up Nastya from the couch, snnyal with her tights and panties. Then it all happened by itself: my dick famously stuck in the pussy of my sister, who twitched and wanted to say something, but it was too late, I started my business. Member slid back and forth heard squishing sound, and sister standing FROM began to scream and moan.

I quickened the pace. Then he came out of it and put it back on the sofa. I got up on my knees and I began to lick the hole-speed of his sister. She had not cried, she cried. I stood up again and went into his sister lying on his back. Again it started, and after 20 seconds I came again in ... But my sister is not yet finished, and I continued to drive member in th e vagina and fingers groped the clitoris and began to massage it through mgonovenie she twitched in convulsions, rolled over on his side and I screamed with delight ...

The next morning we Nastia agreed on the next time ...

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Vicissitudes of life

Names have been changed city does not indicate there is no sense to lie to a real city, such things are not pooschraet, this is not the mentality.

She went into the bathroom, I went for it, no one paid attention to it. At the table they sat and drank. Yeah holiday a success. I went into the bath she bent down, soap, face she turned. I saw that she was barely standing on his feet - Kalima my aunt to her forty-five, but she does not look bad beautiful ass, small tummy, slightly sagging after childbirth, breast. It was light in the pants and a red shirt sleeveless top three buttons were undone and saw her breasts. She smiled and wanted to say something, but I did not give, and decided to seize the moment, who was waiting for a long time. She was a very moral, and I was afraid of the consequences, it is not one of those who will carefully treat calmly to this. If she was not drunk, I would never have dared not. Pressing her against the wall and kissed her on the lips, she began to repel me, but I would not let her. With your right hand, I began to stroke her groin rastyagnuv pants, put his hand back and began stroking through the pants.

She pushed me weaker and weaker, I stroked her pussy, and his left hand crushed his chest. I put his hand under the underwear and felt her hairs, they were wet. I began to pull them she was still slightly repelled me, I began to knead her pussy felt it bump and push it, it flowed abundantly. I rayastyagnul pants and my penis fell out. I was very excited stuck it in her pants and it cost me a bit of rubbing them on her panties as I finished. The first blow doused her panties, I quickly stuck it in her panties and poured out there. Sperm were many, I do not masturbate for many days. My sperm mixed with her juice, someone began to pull the door. Away from her stuck cock back, she stood motionless at a wall. I shoved his hand into her pants, pulled her panties to her groin, zastyagnul pants, opened the door. It was her daughter, they ran up to his mother and became something to talk she answered them sluggish. I left, went into the room, sat down at the table. After a while, she came and sat down at the table. I moved toward her, but she pulled away. I said that we need to talk. She did not answer, then toasted, all raised their glasses, she also picked up and drank. I put my hand on her knee, she looked at my hand, took it, but I do not let her pick it up. Tell her that I shall come to the toilet and let it go down, too, in a minute, he left the room.

I went to the toilet was three five minutes, when the door opened. I moved aside the toilet was cramped and if the two were hardly anyone could open the door, but I pushed the lock. Again, I pressed her against the wall, it has become a step back, but I held on tight. I began to say that I'll go through it with the mind unbuttoning her pants but she did not want to listen to as I expected, it was not such a person. Then I kissed her again, pulling off her pants resistance was less affected drunk and excited. I pulled away from her knelt her panties were still wet, I pulled their hair matted on her pussy. I touched with a cooled mixture on them, but flowed from the crotch and hot, I pulled her foot out of shorts and trousers made them increasingly touched tongue to her crotch, licking her she stopped struggling. I stuck her tongue in there it was hot and nice nose, I could smell his sperm and her juices, I introduced the language on deeper into her hands, I rastyagnul pants my cock was. She began to moan softly panting, I'm not looking up from her holes rastyagnul shirt pulling their breasts kneaded it stood moaning. I pulled her tongue began to lick the hole is not thrusting it into her hands plucking at my hair.

Slipping his tongue into it continued the work, she staggered more began to drive toward the pelvis. Thrusting his tongue until the end of the upper lip pressed against her crotch and began to suck in the language by playing inside it. She pressed my head more and flowed uttering soft moans, I wearily pulled her fluid flowed along the inner part of the thigh and leg. I framed tongue and licked it. My penis has long been willing to put her on her knees closer dick to her face she began to say something, but I listened to e, and stuck it in there.

I asked could she wants another hole she calmed down, that's the most important thing to correct alternative nevertheless she did not suck just stood quietly. I decided that for the first time enough to push through and become a member of her mouth. She gasped when I stuck it to the end, it was clear that she was not accustomed to cocksucking. Slightly pulling member began to make reciprocating motion pelvis thrusting is not deep, but trying to head was inside. I was very excited and was trying to delay the end time I both hands holding her head against the wall exposing the hand that was not hurt. Quickly vtalkivaya in her mouth I felt the proximity of the end of the reduced pace she suddenly zmahala hands, I realized she did not want me to finish in her mouth. Pulling a member closer to her breasts squeezed them but when push once I had finished. Sperm was again much I hit the flow on her chest when he had finished, I leaned over to pour out, knelt down and kissed her. She told me why I kissed her passionately licking her tongue, he was wet. We knelt and kissed, not pulling away from her, I sat down, clinging to the door made her sit on his lap.

Felt a member of her crotch, it was hot, I embraced her, we kissed, it was the little rubs on me. Slipping his hand into her crotch, I began to stroke her, she hugged me tightly behind her head. I pulled the cock from under her, and now it was between us. I continued to stroke her with his other hand he took her hand resting on the penis, it is understood and began to masturbate him, he again found solid form. He was still wet, so she did it with success. I, meanwhile, was stroking her crotch, poking a finger inside. When I slipped two fingers inside her, she changed the pace and began to masturbate faster and beat the balls hurt. I felt that everything inside her hotter and hotter, too, quickened the pace, heard voices in the hallway suddenly she came. Feeling the hot moisture ran down my arm and I had finished the sperm was already a lot less and it hit her stomach.

We embraced and calmed down. After a few minutes we got up, took more than twenty minutes we left and it might have noticed, so we got dressed so nothing to say to each other. At first she and then me. The conversation was a few days later by

The phone they did not, so I went to see him a couple of days. She was at home and the children, too, my husband was at work. She began to speak, as if nothing, had happened, but I moved the topic on the evening she began to say that it was a mistake, and, thank God, we do not have done anything major. I will not transmit the entire conversation, but I insisted that there was nothing wrong with the little pranks. Long or short, but I managed to persuade her she stopped arguing said that children should be taken to the school. Ask to leave me there was a mistake. I just asked whether I go with them, and then she said no when her husband will return to leave early, it would be strange that the children will say that I went out with them it is better to wait, they are gone. I turned on the porn and sat undressed in twenty minutes she came. I opened the door naked she was shocked, but I took her into the bedroom and sat on the bed in front of a monitor with porn. Undress her, I kissed her pussy, then laid her down on the pillows to see the screen.

Clasping a pillow under your pelvis spread her legs again kissed her pussy, then opened his mouth wider began to lick her tongue as deeply as possible. She began to moan, I stuck his tongue into her she moaned louder. I slid it inside her as if he wanted to clean out the hand began to masturbate member. I moved to the side and was sitting or rather lying on her leg, I rubbed more particularly the head and finished very quickly. I finished it on the leg I had her tongue and she has already begun to flow, I tried as best I could my dick was soft. Rising told her to suck it up a bit she objected saying that did not make it, I never said that she was doing and stuck it in his mouth. Having said that if she does not give in pussy then we must somehow in her mouth was a bit dry, I began to fuck her tongue as she sucked only awkwardly. I squeezed her hole deeper than she began to move her hips my dick grew stronger again. I took it out of her mouth stood face to pussy licking again and then stood up, I held her hand and inserted into it. At first she did not understand, but then began to resist. I strongly held and vtalkival faster it never ceased to resist, I said that the world did not turn over and realized that words here will not help.

It is only necessary thing, and became stronger than the good I just finished that I beat it on the screen actress she moaned loudly, too, she began to moan. I let go of her hand, she tried, it was to push me, but I stopped and said that has still not correct and if it is to regret, it is better to let regrets after the fact does not return back. I asked whether the cum in her she said no I prodolzhil- that's what it is right to give an alternative, I pushed harder and then she hugged me feet. I leaned over and kissed her she put her arms around my head. We never left each other she held me tightly suddenly she ran down and squeezed my head more. I continued to beat her and beat stronger and stronger, I realized that it is put on a quick pace to finish I did not think and hit at her own kissing on the lips. I pulled back a little bent down to kiss her breasts grabbed his left nipple with his lips and began to play their language. She stroked my head, I moved her hips all rabid down her chest, I lifted it allowed me to increase the pace she unclenched her legs and soon finished.

I kept it ended a long time it seemed about to stop already flowed like still with a bang orgasm after orgasm. I felt the closeness of the end as promised pulled member sat on her stomach clenched his chest began to push them Intermedia more trying to rub the head and soon finished. And this time the sperm was not enough she ran down between her breasts to her throat, and strong jet hit her in the chin and jaw. I got out of it she got up and went into the bathroom included a shower wanted to close the door, but I went. She told me to leave, this is a very terrible mistake and this will be no more. I told her to stop a tantrum asked whether she liked it because we have already done it and did not change. Important if she liked it, she began to say no. As there is, and when I licked her when she pressed my head, kissed his chest, kissed her, had she came over and over again. She said that she liked, but it's impossible, I said that it was time to live happily and do what she wants.

After all, she was not a girl but once we did it is better to do not forget to return and do more to enjoy it. I approached her pushed her index finger to the hole they had a slightly scooped thrusting into her moisture. This also brought his finger to her neck, grabbed him his sperm so that they are mixed, and said it to come to me or I'll be gone and there will be nothing. Licked finger keeping the mixture on the language was extended with a second language has passed the second third I took a step back a second and third chance she approached, opened her mouth and took her lips mixture, and I its upper lip. Pressing his tongue against her tongue rubbed a mixture of our language and we kissed for the first time a full kiss.

We stood and kissed passionately as it was then in the toilet we were bare her breasts and neck were covered with my cum in her mouth at us ... to be continued

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