Erotic dish

- Heck! Heck! Heck!

Cursing, I nervously drummed his fingers on the embroidered tablecloth, covering an elegant carved table. The tablecloth was covered with intricate designs: the horsemen with bows Receding pursuing deer, black hunters with spears for diverging antelopes. Here are my thoughts are just as scattered in different directions, being confused by such a promising evening mercilessly crumpled at the very beginning.

And it seemed to me that today will be provided and a sumptuous dinner at a fancy restaurant, and full of passion night in a secluded room, and in the morning - and expensive gift. At least, that all this will happen, my new boyfriend hinted: thirty handsome, muscular, trim where necessary gallant where necessary - witty. In general, the most suitable match for the stunning beauty like me. For a whole week the top manager egged me wedges - flowers, gifts, trips to restaurants. And now he has decided to fork out serious, inviting me to "Hangomeyu" - known for its high cost of restaurant. And when I made the order of the office slush when someone is calling and he excused bullet flies out the door before he could mumble to justify that it urgently calls is not the boss or the client - from frustration, I did not understand exactly who . Order it, however, paid for, but I'm counting on more. And now I'm sitting at a table, I pick sluggish fork salad served intricate and exasperation I look around.

See there is something - the restaurant is decorated in a strange mixture of Oriental and African style. Carved masks attached to each column, and the figures of ebony black women are combined with copper idols of Buddha and even some oriental gods. Murmuring fountains emit pleasant aromas Smoky incense somewhere pleasant music - not the east, not the African motifs. And I am among all this splendor, one sitting like a fool!

he is an asshole, but not a manager, that's what I'll tell you!

I began to examine the room again. We can not say that it was packed, but people missing. As expected, there were many non-Russians. There were smiling Asians - Chinese and Japanese, and can and Kazakhs - Nichrome I do not understand these narrow-eyed. And there were negros - young and not so pretty noisy. Poor African students, yeah. And Caucasians of course, where do without them. Pure Slavic pairs were few - the bulk of the Russian clientele were young companion Negroes or "children of the mountains." Looking at it, I started to figure out how to fix the situation. Not at first, in the end, to start the evening with a boyfriend, and finish with another. There enough single men, some of whom threw interested glances at me. And they can be understood - I slender with light-brown hair, big blue eyes and plump lips scarlet, immediately conjures up thoughts vulgar. Today I wore a very short dress, fully opening my long legs, a little something to hide and deep cleavage between full breasts. Ideal Slavic girl tidbit for "hot men from the south." With Caucasians, I really did not want to have affairs, but with exotic like a Negro, would not mind to become better acquainted. They say they are not greedy and funny, and they say that no one can be compared with the present black member. The Action Plan has not had time to mature in my head, and I already casts Hall appraising look socialite, picking a black hunter, who will be allowed to impose me on his spear.

- I'm sorry - said a voice in my ear. I turned around - the waiter, a young boy of eighteen, respectfully stood next to me.

- I listen to you? - I raised her left eyebrow.

- You are invited to the VIP booth for dinner - he said in a respectful tone - if you agree, I'll take you.

I barely managed to keep the winning smile - everything just happens. Well, time to invite someone from the local "VIPs" to give up sin.

- Spend! - I kindly waiter nodded and got up from the table. Tsokaya heels, I followed his guide, felt that the views of all the men are chained to wag my ass. No, comrades niggers, the chance you missed. Today, the Slavic doll will get most worthy.

- Here please - with these words the waiter stopped in front of another arch and stood in obeisance, showing exactly where is "here." Above the arch hung a regular mask with me the familiar combination of styles - full lips, eye-slits, curly hair at the crown. Over the arch was found ajar door through which I stepped boldly, arrogantly throwing shoulder.

- Thank you!

Stepping over the threshold, I paused in confusion. At first it seemed to me that there are three people - only two standing and one sitting at the covered table. Only then I realized that the two "standing" in fact - elaborate and dressed mannequins. On the right - a black girl in a leopard-skin slung over his shoulder and left open a chest full with a dark nipple. Another piece of leopard skin wraps around her hips. The right arm thrown back - in her black woman holding a spear, as if getting ready to throw it. On the face of an unknown sculptor so vividly depicted bloodthirsty hunter joy that I anxiously looked to the other statue. And then he put her eye to the tip of an arrow - this time the narrow-eyed girl in a fur hat and some national costume draw the bow. Her lips and curves rather grin predator, overtaken finally sacrificed.

And then I looked at the table. And when, finally, the living prototype of the two sculptures, with interest examining me and my reaction to the unusual situation.

- Sit down, please - sang "prototype", head cocked quizzically and arched black eyebrows, - do not be afraid, I do not bite.

- I'm not afraid - I shrugged his shoulders, slightly annoyed that showed her fear. Especially because my companion was younger than me by ten years - a girl of sixteen or seventeen. The dark soft skin, full lips, small neat nose, high cheekbones, slightly curly black hair. And narrow black eyes, looking at me with quizzical amusement. This girl is so well mixed Asian and African features that turned real exotic flower, worthy of a greenhouse as "Hangomeya". That's just the girl was dressed quite differently, as befits such a refined restaurant - black T-shirt and shorts casual cropped jeans. However, reading the brand and having estimated how much cost the jeans until they were crippled, I just whistled enviously. Mike was also, to put it mildly, is not cheap - like me to dress up like this, we would have a lot of work for its sweet lips. Besides all that went terribly girl - T-shirt was stretched tight round firm breasts, and shorts opened slightly seductive long legs.

- Do you want to ask something? - Politely asked the girl.

- No, - I sat down at the table, not wanting to show how I disheartened by this turn. No, I had, of course, experience with women, but not so young. Well, then all my previous partner was Russian, and what to expect from this ... I wonder, by the way, who is she?

- Want to know what my nationality? - Suddenly she asked, and I flinched in surprise, from what my companion laughed - just read your thoughts on your face. My name Bayrta. Bayrta Yakubu, to be exact. My father was the son of a Nigerian diplomat, and his mother - the daughter of the deputy of the State Duma from Kalmykia. After his father took Russian citizenship, they were married, but five years have opened your business and ...

- And this is their restaurant? - I finished the question.

- Aha, - nodded Bayrta - oh, and here our order. You will not be offended that I did it for two?

I shook my head, gradually gaining confidence. Youngsters I have not seduced, but on the other hand - sitting in front of me is definitely not a child. A young woman, hardly a virgin, and even a kind of beauty. As show narrow-eyed slut is able to love the Russian beauty. This evening promises to be much more interesting than expected.
- I hope you are not offended and that I invited you so suddenly - Bayrta continued until the waitress came arranging glasses and plates - just my heart broke when I saw this beautiful woman was left alone. So I said to the waiter that he called you at my table. Maybe it was tactless, but ...

- All right, Bayrta - I graciously waved again entering into the role of socialite - such trifles. On the contrary, I am very pleased.

Little afroaziatka leaned back in his chair and smiled at me, but her eyes seemed to me, flashed a joke. Meanwhile, the wine bottle was put on the table, and another - with mineral water.

- I do not drink, - said apologetically Bayrta - you hope, excuse me.

- Of course, - I nodded, looking like a dark red stream poured on the bottom of the glass - what the conversation?

Bayrta she poured herself a glass of mineral water and raised.

- For acquaintance, - she smiled. We clinked glasses, and the girl leaned forward and I felt her hand under the table fell on my knee. I almost choked on the wine until the hand afrokalmychki cautiously moved up the inside of the thigh. My panties were wet again, but when my fingers touched Bayrta Venus tubercle, I involuntarily shifted his feet. She understood that I was not ready withdrew her hand to such a rapid development of relations and continued to talk as if nothing had happened. On the table there were all new dishes: something tasty meat emits odors, unusual dishes of fish and birds, exotic fruits. The food was delicious, wine flowed, without ceasing, so I quickly drunk. Bayrta again launched my hand between my legs and this time I have not was declining, allowing cheeky little hands to climb into my panties. She immediately took a moment to drive just three fingers into my squelching slit from moisture. I groaned lewdly wriggling, but Bayrta took her hand and raised it to my lips his fingers.

- Delicious! - Drunken and lewd I smiled, licking the salty juice from dark-skinned fingers. Bayrta smiled and splashed me back in the glass. Somehow unnoticed, I was kneeling at afroaziatki, and she fed me with it pieces of fruit. Then I drank another glass, I swam before my eyes, and I fell into oblivion.

Return of into being was not the most enjoyable experience - horrible headache, my mouth felt lousy taste, in addition, something painful pulls together the hands and feet. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a small room in front of a crackling fireplace coals. Next to him stood an easy chair, which sat comfortably Bayrta, throwing his leg over the other and sipping something from a crystal glass - clearly not mineral water. As for me, I was hanging from the wall tied hands and feet to a few steel rings driven into the granite wall. And - here's the surprise - totally naked.

- What the - in my throat was dry, so I had to wait until the accumulated saliva - what it all means, Bayrta ?!

Dark-skinned parshivka slowly finished her glass and set it on a nearby nightstand.

- I just occurred to me that we are with you, by the way, have not met before the end - she purred, pulling her hand and admiring his long and sharp nails.

- So, what's your name? - She asked.

- Alain ... Lena, that is, - I mumbled - but that is all ...

- I like Allen - Bayrta looked at me and smiled sweetly - it is so cute. Well, Alenka, all this means that you are now my slave.

- Rab ... what? - I repeated, and laughed nervously - you really ebnulas? Untie me nozzles or I'll scream.

- Shout - stervochka narrow-eyed, yawning, - in this room, such insulation, the outside even a nuclear explosion will not hear. I forgot to tell you - my parents broke up two years ago in a plane crash in Lagos. So I am the sole owner of the restaurant - and much more. And when a young spoiled girl like me, it is also so rich - Bayrta throaty laugh, - she appear strange quirks. For example, look out for the pretty Slavic sluts and make them slaves. I have a harem of ... alenushek, you will be the fifteenth. No way, had not complained about his fate - and you stay happy, no doubt. When I take off the rope you will have a choice - either to stand in front of me on my knees and kiss the feet or one of the two.

- Fuck you, - I looked up defiantly. Inside I still seething in anger - yet I was crawling on his belly in front of narrow-eyed soplyushkoy I who was destined only to confuse and fascinate - let out your boys kiss your feet.

- I do not want boys, I want you, - coldly Bayrta - what are you, you refuse?

- I repeat once again for the descendants of apes and unwashed chumps - go fuck a bitch Cobra!

The narrow eyes flashed anger afrokalmychki however, immediately change of cold nonchalance. She smiled - but from the smile that I badly stabbed in the sacrum.

- Well, if so, - Bayrta shrugged and reached for the small cabinet above his head. Taking out a small bottle, she moistened her a piece of cotton wool and stepped toward me. The acrid smell of ammonia hit my nostrils, and I instinctively turned her head away. The strong little hand hurts grabbed my hair and at that point sharply smelling wool clung to my face.

As I came to consciousness at a new location - lying on something hard, unpleasant COLD bare nipples. I tried to sit up and then gasped at the pain in his hands splayed. I was on my knees, leaning the chest and face to the metal surface, and putting up the ass. My hands were opened for the knees and stuck to them, the ankles were also strapped tightly together. I tried to look around, but in this situation it was difficult. It is clear only that I got somewhere like the kitchen - cabinets with doors wide open, the tables on which were different products, a large hob with a pan boiling. Baking on which I was lying, too, he rested on a long narrow table against a wall which was visible large iron door, like a furnace valve.

Before I could think what that means as to my left I heard a rustle and saw Bayrta. In one hand she had a knife in the other large carrot, which she enthusiastically cleaned. Now on top of her usual dress was draped over a white apron.

- You know, when zaveduesh restaurant, willy-nilly, you start to understand the cooking - confidentially told me it is - even when it comes to special dishes from our kitchen.

- Hos ... much - I held out - what is it?

- Well, I told you how my father, - shrugged Bayrta - thence some dishes come to the table here. It is not customary to talk, but the most proven VIPs know where to try the special caruncle. Pleasure is not cheap, but they believe that it is worth it.

Saying all this, it is clean and carrots, cutting off the tip, I raised it to my lips.

- Eat - she pushed it between my lips and forced me to swallow. While I mechanically chewed a carrot with all what has been said, unable to believe they have heard horror, afroaziatka came up behind me. At the same moment I felt in my anus Bound and was slowly forced into something big and solid.

- Ahhhh !!! - I screamed - not nadoooo !!!

- Such large cocks have not been? - I smiled because of my shoulder Bayrta - patience, will soon get used to it.

- Bayrta - I whimpered, - no need to Bayrtaaaa! I'm ponyalaaaa!

Not paying attention to my cries, afroaziatka continued to push through a carrot in my ass. It went tight - all that before this came through in my ass was much narrower in diameter. For a moment like Bayrta it suspended its action, but before I could catch my breath as she pushed with force, sharply drove me to the very carrot hat. From the terrible pain the tears gushed from my eyes and I tore a voice from the terrible pain, but Bayrta not paying attention to it taking off the table two apples.
- Bayrta - I whined again, - please do not. I'll do whatever you say.

- Open your mouth, - she said coldly. I gritted her teeth and shook her head. Then Bayrta squeezed my nose, preventing breathing. When I opened my mouth, she deftly shoved to the apple. She immediately grabbed a rope from the table and deftly tied it around my head and the apple at the same time.

- So you do not try to bite off, - explained Bayrta slicing apple slices second - you can choke and talk still can not. So lie still. You will be a real decoration of the table. It is a pity, of course, as a slave, you'd be more useful. But no Russian slut does not dare call me Cobra, do not pay for it.

It seemed incredible that so cute fragile girl can say such terrible things. The thought that with me will soon punched me cold sweat and nasty throat shrank on the back large goose fled. Anything I could expect, but the fate of festive dishes on the table of some rich perverts led me into a mad terror. How I cursed my vyebony Now - after Bayrta offered me a good yield. I seem to give anything to turn back time.

Meanwhile Bayrta been cut apple and again came to me behind my back. I immediately felt the touch of her fingers on my delicate petals, then in my cunt pushed something hard - then another and another. Bayrta stuffed me apple slices as a festive goose! When finished with this, she took a small bowl and began to lubricate my body trembling with fear in some oil. She did it very gently, saying all sorts of affectionate stupidity rubbed oil on her stomach, rubbed his chest, paying special attention to the nipples, liberally smeared crotch and buttocks. She did it so skillfully that in spite of the horror of his situation, I felt the excitement. Finished lubricant Bayrta took a few jars with spices and thickly sprinkled me with them.

- Well, now the beauty, - she said, proudly surveying his creation - perhaps it is time.

With that, she pushed something under the table. Somewhere hum motor and to my horror baking drove forward directly to the damper. A blind, unreasoning terror seized me, I huddled in his bonds and moaned through the gag out of the apple.

- Do you want me to say something in farewell? - Grinned Bayrta - say okay.

She stopped the movement of the table and untied the rope from my neck, taking the apple.

- Bayrta, I'm sorry I called you so - I chattered - I'm stupid, stupid whore. I ask your forgiveness, I want to be your slave forever. I'll kiss your feet, I'll wear on you in the teeth of slippers, you can do with me whatever you want. Please, please do everything you say, just do not do it.

Bayrta grinned, flashed sparks of crazy fun in her narrow eyes.

- It was necessary to think earlier - she said, and flipped the switch again. I muffled howl of horror, when under me again humming motor and clanking furnace doors opened. In my face I smelled of heat and I again lost consciousness before he could only feel my bladder could not stand with me, exacerbating my suicide fate even shame.

When I woke up, my first thought was that I died and gone - where? To hell there was too cool, but paradise is unlikely to spend time lying on his stomach and in the back enjoying heavenly bliss hardly rests on something sharp.

- Listen, you're a coward, and - came top mocking and at the same time, reproachful voice, - under this head of hair have anything? - A hard object to remove from my back, and that is not much, but is sensitive to knock on the head. I realized that this toe shoes.

- Do I like the Baba Yaga to toast all ... Alenushek alive? - I continued sarcastically familiar voice - you also had before cooking at least gut. And if you had not blurted out in a swoon, she saw that for ordinary wall flap, unless warmed by the fireplace on the other side. A cool effect, right ?! You're not the first so beautifully broken.

She said something else, but I have not listened to my heart is filled with great relief. Alive! Raffle! In the whole body felt an extraordinary lightness - it is clear that I have removed all of the "stuffing" and the body washed with oil and spices. But what is the fear I have suffered! This little parshivka true Devil himself, since his slaves to train in this manner. I myself did not notice that already resigned to the fact that I am a slave Bayrta.

- More and Uss in fear - there was a fastidious voice - to admire.

Something blurted out in my ear and squinting, I saw a face near a small bowl. In it were the apple slices floating in the yellowish, sharp-smelling liquid.

- Do you recognize? - Once again I heard the voice - your native. Let's Eat Now.

I involuntarily turned her head, but the shoe fell on my head, pressing it down so that I was almost buried her nose in the smelly muck.

- Lacan, slut! - His voice sounded irritated Bayrta notes - and better not zli me. If that turned out to be lime oven, this does not mean that I can not make it a reality. Second chance you will not.

Memories of the horrors of a new force came to life in me and I eagerly seized teeth apple slice, soaked in my urine and female secretions. Chew it, I started for the second. Bayrta laughingly watched my actions, releasing snide comments. From time to time she set foot on the neck and pressed me down, when it seemed that I was not hard varnish apple uric "compote".

Then on top of heard some rustling and my ass suddenly burns but unsuccessful - I already choked, my eyes filled with tears.

- Be patient, Slav! - Bayrta seems very winds that we had were of different races - get used to whip you this very useful.

Whip repeatedly fell on my ass, making me howl with pain. With each blow Bayrta methodically explained to me where my place and how to obey Black Lady - she demanded that I call it that way. Slave can not argue with the Black Lady. Slave must bring joy to the Black Lady by all available means to her or she will be punished. The slave must ... Black Mistress need ...

With every blow, every slice eaten from the bowl, I feel like disappearing all my previous arrogance and arrogance, knocked out merciless whip. In their place came humility and obedience to the Black Lady.

Finally all the apples were eaten bowl and licked clean. Immediately a strong arm grabbed me by the hair and pulled up, forcing me to look into the impenetrable black eyes. Bayrta long gazed at me, then he grunted in satisfaction, let go.

- Ripe, rabynka - she reached out, - Come on, give me the neck!

From somewhere she got a dog collar and him - a silver chain. Buttoning the collar on my neck stood up and pulled Bayrta him.

- Come on! Where got ?! - She cried, when I tried to get to his feet. I quickly dropped back to all fours.

- In this part of the house, - said Bayrta - Slavs walk on two legs, only with my permission. Remember this, Alyonushka - at this point she slapped a backhand, but not on the ass, and bare pussy. I howled and fell on its side and clutching his crotch, but the young lady, pulling the collar made up for me. Whistling a tune fashionable Bayrta went forward, waving his whip. I playfully ran after her, could not help admiring the beautiful slender back, while walking the rolling firm buttocks, long dark legs. My pride is filled with - who else has such a beautiful lady, a strict but fair ?!
We passed a couple of corridors - House Bayrta seen was the same place where the restaurant - and went into the next room, most of which took a huge bed. Bayrta approached the bar to the wall, pulled out a couple of bottles and mix them in a glass, put "kosteyl" in front of me on the floor.

- Come on, rinse your mouth, - she said - is not enough to have you smelled the urine out of the mouth.

I obediently did what she ordered. Bayrta smirked and unbuttoned shorts.

- Pull them with me - he told Mrs. Black, and I dutifully set to work. When it was the turn of shorts panties - Bayrta told them to pull teeth. My eyes appeared clean-shaven young girl's pussy. Sexual lips had gone, and between them have already oozing moisture.

- What looked - grinned Bayrta - never seen a black pussy? Get used to it, you're going to spend a lot of time between my legs. Come lick! - She grabbed me by the hair and poked his nose. I obediently stuck out her tongue until Bayrta commanded my actions.

- Higher! Higher! Well done! The clitoris suck, just like that, even more! Work rabynka tongue, try! Still, oooohhh !!!

I diligently performed all her orders, licking slippery crotch, sucking clit, feeling the excitement grips me itself. Only fear of punishment kept me from start to masturbate. Bayrta firmly straddled my face, clenched his swarthy hips and swinging on it, filling the air with a loud groan. I'm deeply launched tongue into her crack, swallowing the salty juice. Finally Mrs. Black groaned toppled onto the bed, pulling me along, while her tart flesh convulsively clenched on my tongue. However Bayrta released me from the captivity of their hips only when she finished third time - by the time I got myself an orgasm. After my relaxed young lady lying on the bed, idly poking my hair, while I carefully cleans her tongue.

After resting Bayrta turned around and got on all fours, sticking out his round ass.

- Come Alenka! - She boldly slapped her on the buttocks - kiss my ass!

I vividly obeyed, pushing tanned buttocks and running tongue ring anus. I licked her conscience - after the terrible "stove" at the bottom, I'm nothing seemed to be a burden. Especially because Bayrta clearly monitor the cleanliness of his backside - there was no smell, the skin was soft and soon I was even nice. I licked while my Black Lady had finished again.

Then she relaxed sitting up in bed, sipping some drink, and I was lying on his stomach on the floor, kissing the tanned legs, sucking each finger and biting heels. Bayrta squinting, causing her eyes became quite narrowed - it was obvious that she was very nice to my zeal. Well, I was pleased that she was pleased.

Bayrta told me that she recently founded the club lesbian domination "Mixed-Ka - Zodiac." It accepted all the girls of mixed blood (not only Slavic) with at least five Russian slaves. Bayrta said that all young mistress no more than twenty years, and the club is considered a great achievement to have a slave older. Bayrta said that if I behave well, she would take me to the number of slaves, which will be shown at the next meeting of members of "Zodiac." I was very happy that I can be worthy of such an honor and vowed to myself to do everything to earn the trust of Bayrta.

When I finally licked her feet, Black Mistress allowed me to get up and put a special rabyu uniforms - short topic with a plunging neckline, and even more short skirt with fluttering floors. "In order to access the body was discovered," - he explained to me Bayrta. Finish this outfit in black fishnet stockings and high-heeled shoes. According to Madam I would have to spend some time with her, to get used to my new status.

- Could you let go now, - said Bayrta, lifting up her skirt and feeling the buttocks - but suddenly you're there follies wilt. Or even escape the police to address. No, not yet, Tarry here, so it will be safer.

I nodded obediently, although these precautions seemed excessive to me - well, where I run from Bayrta? But once Ms. Black says that it is necessary - who am I to disobey it?

- You are well behaved and I have a surprise for you, - said Bayrta after I got dressed in form. Beckoning me to follow, she walked out into the corridor, let me - this is amazing - still going straight. So we walked into the great hall, illuminated by several powerful lamps. In the middle of his carefully scrubbed the floor cloth the naked man: athletically built with a fashionable hairstyle. Something to me it seemed familiar.

- I have my servants-men - casually said Bayrta - sometimes from them is a good judge. This one - she nodded at the polisher does not look up - a good live bait for catching new rabynek. Let's invite to my restaurant a pretty girl, and then run away under false pretenses. The girl in the upset feelings does not know what to do, spoiled evening - and here I ready. Hey, schmuck podymi eyes - she cried.

The boy looked up and I gasped in astonishment and indignation - on all fours in front of me was Mikhail Svetlov, the one who invited me to the "Hangomeyu" sleek top manager.

- By the way it is, he helped wash you, while you lay there unconscious in the kitchen - happily nayabednichali Bayrta - And you moved upstairs and he also apples with your urine he collected.

- I told them not too pleased - continued Bayrta - so that I allow it to you a little tough. I hear you! - She turned to the Svetlov - while I'm gone, Alenka can play with you a little bit. Obey it will be just like me - understand not ?!

Light suppression nodded and flashed panic in his eyes. It is understandable - too obviously, perhaps, reflected in my eyes sadistic satisfaction. Here and there was one who I will be responsible for all of today's humiliation, for the horror - for everything in general.

Not with Lady is asking in reality.

- Well, stop staring - roughly said Bayrta - wipe better!

She aptly spat on the floor and reached Mikhail rag to spit.

- Where? - Ominously said Ms - give tongue.

- You can do with it what you want, just do not kill or maim, - she whispered in my ear - whips, handcuffs and other Soup won in the closet. I is excommunicated.

With these words she lifted my skirt, slapped me on the ass, and went out. I'm not good with a grin, he began to approach cringe top manager.

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Blue Diary

And here again, summer, sun, girls in miniskirts and short shorts. So you want someone from the girls meet, have sex, to have a relationship again. But I have to go back to it again. Now he's my man, and I am his boy for sex. Dress him with those blue short pants and gymnastic dance striptease in front of him and then give him his ass and mouth, so he fucked me with his little fat, like himself, a member of. And because he was already under 60, and I'm only 27 ... But he fucks like a young and it seems not going to finish. And I'm just bought a military card and all the roads were opened in front of me, it would seem. I was going to marry his girlfriend, ride with her on the world ... What I then agreed to go with it and Victor help him ?! At his home he could tie me up, although I have a strong figure and I'm not weak, but he leaned on me all his fat carcass and yet stifled my resistance. Tie me, he made me a cancer to the bed, pulled my shorts and panties and tucked into my mouth for a long time, first worked out my ass and then fucked me for about an hour. And, of course, we filmed it in advance cooked wonderful camera. Filthy fagot ... Then he said that if I tell you something, it will publish the video on the Internet. And now I'm his whore, and shall go to him myself. In my prayers that I have a girlfriend and I'm going to marry her, he replied that he did not need a girl a whore, and my wife even more, and put me out the door. I realized that if anything will tell you the shame I will not be the limit.

Then came his calls, I began to frequently visit him and he fucked me and had wanted. He liked how I was sporting short shorts dancing in front of him, and then he got a hold of me like your whore. After some time, I felt that I already like my cock hardened and got up when he fucked me doggy style, bottom and on the back, in general, for everyone ... With my girlfriend I almost had sex, she was indignant, I often became somewhere to disappear, what can I have another. I tried it to explain something, but felt that only I delay our parting. I still loved her. But at one point, she had enough, and she packed up and left me. I called her, tried to meet, but to no avail. And six months later I learned that she had married my former classmate, who always teased me in school, and that they already have a child. I'm not going through very strongly, as it is almost time to get used to his new role - the role of the whore of her husband Victor.

By the time my ass was already so rastrahana like the last whore ... I was able to professionally do blowjob. In general, the boy-whore, as he called me Victor, from me and solemnly held successfully. One day, I still somehow became acquainted with the girl, but the bed we did not work out as my cock stubbornly did not want to get up and lay the last traitor. But when Victor once again drives the me in the ass of his fat little kid or stroking my thighs and buttocks, my cock immediately jumped up, as if to understand what I now have. Gradually, I came to the realization that I just became blue ... gay fag ... ... it is not so important.

Victor also brought to themselves and their friends, and they are happy to fuck me in two - one in the ass, the other - in the mouth. They called me a gay boy, and I have enjoyed it. And now that summer I was walking down the street or in a food truck and see beautiful girls and women, and I want to meet them, you realize that nothing will come of nothing, and will not return. Now I'm a boy-whore for men, and I even like it!

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Adventure sisters

Kate sat at the computer, climbed on the internet as usual, when slammed the front door. Kate went out to see who came, was her older sister in the doorway.

- "Hi! Sister, what fate into my humble abode bestowed "- said irritably Vic.

- "I came to visit, and you can see I'm not glad to see me, - said Katya - that such evil?"

- "If I would not have wanted to see you; I would not have given you the keys to his apartment, "said Wick, shooting jacket with shoes.

- "And what if you so angry?". Kate let slip, with got, looking at covered turtleneck, like two melons, breast of his sister.

- "Well, as you say, the beginning of Vic, we have today the boss's birthday and all the girls are looking forward to this day, as all his secret wish and flow, as knots, only one of his eyes. I am also on the list is no exception. Coming to work today, and it was three o'clock in the day, the first thing he said, "Call him bookkeeping" and went into his office. To which I replied - "Now the challenge." I called the accounting department, and said - "What the boss wants ... bitches be on" In response, the chief accountant I said "Bitch long been waiting for this now come." Accounting we are not big only two people. Less than ten minutes after the accounting has come into the office of his boss, I heard through the wall of flip flops, moans and sighs, the phrases "Good for you, bitch, take it deeper." It is natural to work when behind a wall I could not Orgy. I nervously waited for the end-time, listening through the wall of the moans and screams of excitement and nervously tapping his fingers on the table. At this moment the study door opened, and from there out of our bookkeeper completely naked, which just yesterday took on the job, turning to me said "envy that the chief us from fucking and forgot about you?" To which I replied - "And what to envy? Well, fuck you to the boss first, then I fuck later, but the breast and pussy at me on a lot better and the boss knows it "" Well, well "- snapped buhgaltersha and sat down on the chair on against me, so that I could see her self-leveling well as two ripe apple, chest with protruding pink nipples.

Yet she pushed open the door to the director's office, before sitting down in a chair, so that I still clearly hear the groans ch. chief accountant and spanking her eggs on the bare ass. I endured as I could, well, I was in shorts and jeans, but otherwise my grease would long ago have dripped on the floor, because I ran like the last bitch hungry cable. And pussy, on the other hand it knew perfectly well why she invitingly arranged the legs and began to stroke, his smoothly shaven pussy plunging Palchikov inward and then their erotically licking while still commenting on their actions. "You already mokrenkaya and cable you want, but these fingers have his sperm and my and sent them into his mouth. Want to try it? "I could not stand it and said," I want. " By the time I sat without sweatshirt and bra chalk through his chest. I got up from his off the table and took off jeans and went to Oli, our bookkeeper. Seeing this, she said, "No, my dear, take off your panties, too, I want to see how you desire Kobelkov" I took off her panties and she saw my shiny pussy, which is so much like a dick or you can finish without him. "On your knees, bitch lustful" said Olga.

I quickly knelt down, and no longer holding back, quickly fell at her hole and began licking her baby girl on her juice and Chef sperm. I was so absorbed that came to her senses only, while Olga finished with a groan into my mouth, and heard a voice behind him ch. accountant. - "Yes, Vadim, you were right in this bitch can get great office slut look how Olya thrilled by this pizdolizki". I turned to the voice, and saw in front of his face and the chief member of the pussy Ch. accountant. And turning back saw Olya, eyes closed, lying in a chair with divorced feet and nervously breathing. "Yes, our bitch, you have to write the award. For a long time I have not seen, so Olya, getting a buzz. You can get "the chief said, referring to Vick. And he came to the table, took the badge with Vicki sweater and said, "Forty minutes later, Come to my office, I heard you say that Oli dick you want, you'll get it," and went to his office. I looked over at Hope, Ch. accountant. "What you look, you see how my daughter kicks, too, so I want therefore proceeds pizdolizka" said Hope, sinking into a chair near Oli. I knelt down and began to lick pussy Hope, more burning with desire. Then I fucked the chief, gave me Beycik with my new position and said carry to the printer tomorrow. My new position is now called Office slut and Beydzheke flaunts the inscription "Office slut Viktoria"

- "And because you're so angry - start Katya - you're now not only a whore, Vadim, but the whole office?" She said it's Kate, looking like undressing her sister, she took off her turtleneck and her bra as there We jumped into the wild two delicious melons, more like two swords than on the chest, with pink nipples protruding. Then Vick took off jeans and panties, Kate could not resist and put a hand on Vikin Mount of Venus and kissed her on the lips.

- "Yes, you said that's right, little sister, but what does this kiss and your hand on my pussy?" Blabbed Wick.

- "I am here thinking, Viktoria, since you are now officially a whore and a slut your post Office. And today I just bought myself a new stapon can be on your cave to experience it? And to be honest, I always wanted to fuck you. After all, on the type of your naked body of any man to finish, even without touching the penis.

- "Thanks for the compliment, about the conversation, my sister, of course, you can fuck me. Only your friends do not say that I'm a slut, let them know about it as late as possible or do not know. I'm in the shower, and all at your disposal, "said Vic and left. Leaving Katya contemplate whether it is properly fed by the fact that the problems of sisters and enjoys helping to make of a sexy woman, the last whore and slut. When Vick came back, somewhere in half an hour, I saw that Kate is completely naked with a whip in his hand and fastened with a strap.

- "And why do you whip" said Vic

- «And the whip so simple, if you're a whore here, I am Mrs., and Ms. without any whip" said Katia

- "It is clear, Ms. Katya" said Vic

- "Then, on his knees," said Katya. Vika knelt by crawling to Katya's feet and picked up a dildo licked it a couple of times. Then she took the head in his mouth and began to suck it; is she out badly because a member was much wider and longer than the male that she previously had to suck. Kate tired of these sufferings, and hit with a whip fell on the bare back of Vicki. Kate said, "Poor suck, whore, whore office must suck better, I agree." "Yes, madam," - said Vick, but Kate did not let her start as soon as the head of the penis disappeared into her mouth, Kate pressed on a member, and he penetrated deeper into her mouth, she has pushed it almost completely gone. Vick tried to push her sister, but it does not work, Kate has always been stronger than her older sister, but she still tried to push her round-eyed frightened and in tears that rolled hail her cheeks. lashes Vick once again, Kate pulled the strap from his Vicki's mouth. Vic eagerly began to swallow air. "Hmm, Vikulya, suck bad, bad whore will. How many members in your boss? asked Kate.

- ". Somewhere cm 25-27" still breathing heavily, Vick said.

- "It is clear, but the real whore has to swallow almost any terms to the ground understand?" Said Katya.

- "How do you know everything?" I asked Vic.

- "It's a long story, but if in a few words I know a teacher Julia and her name is a slave of his director. I knew time students from the school they say that if everything were so the teacher, the school would be a pleasure to walk by the way, these students and I became addicted to fuck tough women and men, "said Katya. While Kate spoke whore sitting on the floor and stared at the hanging dildo and thinking about how men should get the women, so they changed their minds dildo plus dildo that he does not finish in seconds, but you always do not have time, and the men do not care you had time to finish or not. These thoughts distracted her cry Katie. "A slut is bored and well quickly to the table and lay down on his ass on the nags." Vick went, lay down on it as she was told and waited for what would happen next. Katya, meanwhile, went to the kitchen? I took a candle, glamorous pink, put it in front of Vika and ignited. After asking "do you like the color?" Vic nodded. Then Katya took the mirror and put in front of Vika and asking, "What do you see?" "My ass and back," said a whore. Satisfied Katya took the candle in his hands and tilted it to the wax from the candles dripped on Vikin back. The first drop fell, Vicky winced and bit her lip after her fell the second, third, fourth, and so on. D. On the fourth drop of Vick already frowned she was quietly, fearing that neighbors hear, nozzles and crying, asking Kate to stop. Kate just moved down to the lips sex Vicki and watching behind a candle, on the body of her older sister remains pink color of wax.
That drop fell on his ass Vicki and rolled straight toward her cave, Kate picked up a candle and waited and now has come to drop the sexual sponges, and fell inside. Vic screamed loudly, without fear that it hear "Fuck the bitch I did not finish it, I want to dick, and especially do not try to pussy" What, Kate said okay. By grouping the candle back to the kitchen, and returned back, she immediately planted without preamble stapon her pussy to the ground. And so suddenly that Vic cried, Katya also continued to fuck her looking like from her slaps on the back whores fly off pieces of wax, a few minutes later she was tired of this position, she turned her face to him planted on the edge of his chair and putting his palm into her pussy began furiously to fuck on. Vick is either pleasure, whether in the voice groaning in pain and asked for more. Kate pulled out and putting on her seat stapon continue the job. Vic biting her lip looked like before her breast swaying her younger sister. Meanwhile, Kate pulled back and clung to a member of Vika pussy, but her mouth and licked a couple of times. Vick finally finished, and if it was not Katie's shoulders and would have fallen from a chair. Kate felt hands at Vicki sat on the shoulders of helping Vicki to get down from the chair and put it on the floor and rebuilt between divorced Vicki legs continued to lick pussy Vika. And so carefully licked that Vick once finished and hung up. Kate looked at her sister, that she passed out and thought yes that's because you always spend all the forces that human pleasure, and at the end he takes on and off, and who I fuck. Kate stood up, looked at her sister, that she had not woke up, kicked her leg lightly, undid stapon and putting whip and stapon on the sofa out of the room.

After standing in the hallway is not a lot. Katya went to the door and as she was naked out into the entrance, in the stairwell was empty. Rose on the floor above one, down to the floor below one. "Damn, thought Katya - I want to vdul" and recalled that on the second floor living man 18 years one and slammed the door, so they were not robbed and offended that the lock snaps went to the second floor. Calling to the right door, and when she opened the door a young man, rather average-looking, and zonked established at her and looking her up and down. Kate just said "Fuck called" the guy just nodded. Kate entered the apartment, going to the room and saw four young men and the girl thought, "Yeah right say, who are looking for adventure on his ass, he had them exactly find" all thoughts of her distracted girl who just asked, was not surprised that she naked.

- "And who are you?"

- "I'm his neighbor below, in our apartment fuck my sister, and I have them interfere with the drivers, stripped me and said, Go, look for yourself man, but we have enough and one" Kate lied.

- "Oh, you poor means for huёm came, and we have four dick and a pussy have all serve blyadina, you understand?" The girl said, "Yes, by the way - she added - our names do not ask, they do not need on your knees pussy"

She took off her skirt, under which there was nothing. Kate, realizing and without instruction, that from it want, began to lick the girl's pussy well, submerging the tongue as far as possible. She spread her legs and the width did not go much forward to Katina head was between her legs, Kate, his head thrown back, the top continued to lick pussy, which is now hanging directly above it.

- "Okay, enough," the girl said, stepping back from Katya's head. She went to the chair and sat on it, and spread her legs. Katja quickly crawled over to the girl and handed her parted lips sex put her tongue in her womb and began to wield it. Apparently Kate is well tried, as she began to moan and caress her breasts through the shirt. Then she was approached by one of the guys, and helped her take off and then kissed her on the lips, and took from the table a cup of water, it began to pour on Katie's head and getting pussy on his girlfriend. Kate continued to diligently lick, helping himself with his hands, parting the lips sex girl. Man seeing how well his girlfriend, went to Katie took her head and began to enter up down the crotch of his girlfriend "Faster bitch faster cute now finish," she said with her eyes closed. When she was ready to cum, she laid her hand on Katie's head, the guy removed his hands from his head, and push it into your pussy. Kate even his eyes opened wide in surprise, his nose buried in the crotch of a girl she is not licking girl, she has her pussy passionately kissing.

- "Yes, yes, yes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, super, yes, yes, yes," she groans, pouring and finishing in her mouth Katie their juices, then she let go of Katie's head. Kate stopped to take a moment to lick and rebuilt from the girl looked around, she saw around her four hungry guys to her body, and members of impressive size, that excitement was already ready to break pants.

"Bitch otsosesh my brother first, and then everyone else. And yet it into pussy fucked, I hear that she had finished the eggs, which allowed to finish will be very painful, everything all right? "Said the girl, panting, sitting on a chair with her legs spread with the open pussy from which continued to follow her juices chair and dripping on the floor. From the boys are separated and came to Katie pulled the pants with the words "Begin." Katya saw before her a handsome clean-shaven dick in full combat readiness with a rubber band on the eggs. "So they're not going to end quickly," she thought, taking his smooth balls in his hand and gently rolling, not a lot of tickling his balls, she took the eggs into his mouth and began to suck it gently. The guy groaned said, "Well, bitch." Kate, meanwhile, is already licking the head member, removing the skin from the head. The guy from the buzz even legs began to shake, and he removed his head Katie from its members and went to sit down on the sofa before he could move as Kate took the hair and roughly turned and her lips rested is another member, but no eraser on the eggs. Kate swallowed it immediately to the ground and began to suck at a furious pace, as though she had taken away the sweet candy.
After a while, she stopped and stared at the guy, he rather said, "Yes, bitch, candy for a long time playing. Today I Marina fucked, then she told me two more times suck, and when you tell her I'm under otlizyvala seen even masturbate. Therefore, keep a bitch, go on "with these words he sat down in the chair and closed his eyes, and Kate crawled over to him and began to lick his balls, going to the trunk. The other two guys came back to Katie, who was on her knees and began to masturbate her. The guy who sucked Katia, put his feet up on the chair. Kate is forced to stop, at which point the guys started to go down on her back, Kate realized that she wanted the guy took his penis in his hand and put it into his belly was about to try his anus to the taste, but one of the guys pulled her by the hair and pulling Katya to her head she wiped on his penis and his example was followed by the second man. When they let her head. Kate approached the anus Man.

- She spreads her arms around his buttocks and shoved to get your fucking tongue and began to carefully lick them all. But probably one of the guys who finished it, it was not enough, and one of them put his hand on her head and pushed the ass of his friend and so deeply felt that Katya language of his feces. She wanted to shove them back, but he held her tight and she did not remain no choice but to continue to lick and in a place with saliva swallowing his shit. A few seconds later, she heard, "Okay let her" boyfriend dropped her head and Kate from the anus to the eggs again. A moment later, the guy said "bitch dick in his mouth, is now over." Katja quickly stopped licking the eggs took into his hand and sent a member of his mouth. A second man finished as finished, dripped from his trunk two drops and all of her mouth, Kate gratefully licked the head of his penis, and when a member has been tweaked, man spat in her face and said "free pussy, today I no longer finish" . Katya, murmured, "You can question?". And having received an affirmative nod, she asked, "Are you by chance, do not tell me who the brother of the girl, who I am today Cooney did?"

- "And you're talking about Marina, who is over there fucking with her boyfriend?" And pointed in the direction of the marina. Kate turned her head to the side, where the man pointed, and saw that the girl, which she otlizyvala today is chest on the table, and behind it hews the guy whose eggs with a rubber band. "Yes, I'm talking about it," murmured Kate. "It's me, so everything is fine, and you became closer step zhopolizka home, like my shit?" "Very much, my lord," said Katya. "Guys, damn free," said the man and kicked her away. To her there and then approached another guy and taking her hair pulled over, and so hard that her ass went on the floor for his next member, and said, "Come face wash and mouth rinse, and that to me for the vile fuck about harkunuyu and stinking whore ". Kate crawled towards the exit from the room, halfway to the door got a kick from the marina which was sitting in a chair covered in semen that dripped from her chin to her chest, saying, "Hurry blyadina, as you wait for the demise of a bitch." From these words, Kate got to her feet and went into the bathroom. Returning from the bathroom ten minutes later, Kate saw that the number of boys left the room thinned out Marina's brother, and the other guys were waiting for her slut back.

- "And what is it that your pussy masturbator gleaming bathroom, or what?" Asked Marina.

- "No, madam, but I have already eaten and is ready to suffer without the touch finish. Can I masturbate, please, please? "Said Kate.

- "Okay, sit down on the floor for all to see what you omitted damn, that even among men forced to masturbate herself his lustful pussy." Katja obediently sat down in the middle of the room spread her legs apart and putting a hand on her pussy one finger has got his cave and began to tickle the clitoris itself, it was followed by another. And after a while Katya moaned and finished abundant stream. Continuing to caress themselves and more and more increasing puddle of his own selections. Katya so a few minutes sitting, breathing heavily and looking at his audience. Then one of the guys got up from the floor embarked member and approaching Katya said "Legs Shifted, blyadina" Kate dutifully moved the legs, the guy stood in front of her face and damn all understood without words took in his hand the eggs and sent the barrel in his mouth and began head without using their hands to suck cock and continued to knead his balls. The guy is a couple of minutes he is tired and he went away from Katie and came to a chair, climbed on a chair and got to his knees and said, "Changeling me, bitch, bath were you busy." Kate knelt silently crept up to the guy and looked around and saw the glare of Marina and hearing her words "washed-pussy, bitch is not completed yet, forswear alive." Kate, buried in a smelly ass guy began, stung, helping himself with his hands and trying, as far as you can shove his ass your fucking tongue. Lick his ass for a while Katya slipped his hand between the legs and the guy touching his dick that was already ready to take it lightly podrachivat that he did not finish. Second Hand Katie also not been idle, or rather two of her fingers, she tucked them place his tongue in the ass guy and became two fingers to fuck him back. Seeing this Marina screamed, "What are you doing stuff? My boyfriend is not a fag. "

- "I'm sorry ma'am, but are you sure," said Katya. Continuing his actions and proposals for ending the groans of a guy who whisper and moan uttered "good b-la-dddina, yet cute, bitch, faster" Kate pulled his fingers out of his ass, which were in their shit, and ceasing to masturbate. Quickly turned him to his face, so quickly that the man did not realize how ended up in a sitting position, and immediately zaglotnuv member to the ground and sosnuv couple, just got a member of his mouth and began to masturbate. Less than ten seconds, the guy began to shoot the girl in the face with his sperm, which turned out to be much more than his brother Marino. When the man finished to finish, and Katya wiping his face, crawled to the next member. Marina went to her boyfriend, who was sitting on a chair and looked at their fallen member. And suddenly Katya, who was watching the picture; while the boys decide whose dick she has to suck the next. Marina came to the boy, put his foot on the fallen member and pressed, so much so that the guy tears streamed from his eyes, and said. "Listen here fagot, fagot and you just so richly finished by fucking back, not you could not come, have a whore any finish, but you came too profusely; Now get ready, soon you will be a lot to fuck in the ass. " During the call, the guy was trying to take off his leg with his girlfriend eggs, but it did not work. Marina finished speaking his foot on his eggs, but then thought sharply lowered the heel down and the man howled in pain and all together for laughing over how he was frantically rubbing his dick with eggs.

"Look at you even laugh whore" Marina said, turning towards them. Seeing that disassembly is finished, the guys gathered around Kate. Katya obligingly opened my mouth before the man who was standing in front of her head with a standing as a member of the stake, and his friend buried his second stake in her head. Kate turned to see both guys. And stretching out his right hand, he took the eggs right into his hand. And to the left and took the left, bringing them his mouth, he began to suck them, not forgetting massage the egg in the other hand. Then she switched to the other guy, and so it is ridiculed guys until their members were not of stone like voltage. They got sick of it and stood together in front of her to their trunks rested in her mouth. Kate took the hint and walked his tongue over the head of their trunks going through two eggs a pair of hands. Then Katya, without stopping to massage the eggs one, carefully removed the skin from the head of a member and began to suck the red head, and do not forget about the hole, where Katya also thrust her tongue. When finished with this member, Kate switched to the other, and again began diligently to bring the guys into a frenzy their caresses. While she sucked one member to another guy she massaged the eggs, then she raised her hand above took in hand has its trunk and began to masturbate. Guys kayfovat, and whom she wanker member, has already started to breathe heavily and sentence "now over, over."

- With these words, he began to descend on Kathy's chin, but Katya, without stopping, continued to masturbate more. While she wanker him, the second man also began to lower her mouth. Releasing mention the cast members of the first Man, Kate began podrachivat dick and suck the sperm of the second guy to not a single drop is lost. When he had finished finish, Kate gently pulled his penis out of his mouth and licked the head and the hole, so as not one drop left. When I satisfied that a member of the pure, turned to the first guy and took his penis in his hand began to scrape it from the sperm. When the boys were left with clean litter and members they silently turned and said to Marina, "We'd better be going, the evening was super." Marina nodded.
- When the boys came out of the room and behind the front door slam Marina turned to Kate and said, "Well, all the damn, you are free, although there is probably more - and pointing to a standing dick her boyfriend continued - our queer wants to be fucked now stapon bring ". Gone for staponom. Man hopelessly turned to Katie and murmured, "Maybe it is not necessary, it is better just suck?"

- What Kate said we must "have to, you see what the woman next to you what her tits like ass and pussy generally blows the roof is better than any alcohol. And you offered to fuck yourself in the ass, and he stood up to such a position Babskii "

- "Thank you for the compliments - Katya heard the words of Marina, which is standing in the doorway and heard everything - dressing". "Lively lay on the table," said Marina, referring to the guy. He hopelessly stood up, walked to the table and went to the chest on the table. Kate wearing stapon approached the guy and saying, "Who will feel dick in the ass." I ambush him half his phallus, the guy by surprise because of the screaming that woke up the whole house probably. Katya oblivious, continued to push his stapon deeper and deeper into the guy's ass. Marina, looking at this picture, loudly laughed and kept saying "I now have a guy with Babskii hole, but not a woman. With the male member, but not a man. Guess who this is? "On laughed enough, she came to the table and glanced at him, and seeing that it is the faithful dick. She took his hand and squeezed eggs and jerked upward why a member of a painful blow on the table and the guy again howled in pain and speaking with spruce suppressing groans from Katya's tremors. "Let please, and that eggs hurts."

- "I am ready to finish a fag? Okay, stop "with these words, she opened her mouth and began to masturbate a member of her boyfriend and when he started to shoot Marina in the mouth with his sperm at this moment Katya fully put into it his phallus and the guy again cried not from pain not from a high . When the man had finished shooting the sperm Marina, releasing his dick got out from under the table. I looked at Kate in stapone and said, "All of you can go home, but first I again subject" and sitting on chair spread legs. Katya removing stapon and kneeling crawled to the Marina and running fingers in her pussy not had time to even begin, as Marina had finished. Kate immediately fell down to the cave mouth, and Marina began to lick her juices. When Kate finished, she looked up, she saw that Marina was breathing heavily and closed his eyes sat back. Marina felt that Kate stopped, said, "All blyadina, you can go. You have done well, so you can not remove from us for themselves. I now have, a woman with eggs, it will remove "

- "It is clear, my lady. "Said Kate, and left the room, and without drying, so as it was in the semen came out to the porch.

- Go down without incident, however to get to the apartment she had to call three times on the door, while Vic woke up and opened the door for her.

- "Where have you been?" He asked Vic, looking at the sperm on the face of his sister and on her naked body.

- "Sucking four guys on the second floor, another otlizal ebala girls and one guy back. "And seeing the astonished eyes of the sisters, she has added the sentence" I'm in the shower all tell tomorrow "

"Okay," Vicki agreed, and went back into the room wagging his bare bottom, which were still visible traces of candles.

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Mom in the village

We lived with my mother together. Father, I have never been. He threw his mother back in college, when she was still pregnant by me. We lived in a small provincial town. My mother worked as a therapist at a local clinic. Our city even though he was a Russian, and was in the middle of Russia, but it was inhabited by three-quarters of newcomers from the Caucasus. We also had Azerbaijanis and Armenians Dagestantsy and almost all representatives of the Caucasus. At each course had its own representatives Diaspora and their leaders, they knew everything. Maybe that's why my mom and so more and not married my husband. Russian men have been once or twice and obchelsya and they were all busy for a long time, and the representatives of the Caucasus do not really want to take a wife a woman with a child. Although uhozhorov and gentlemen was she and not a lot of dead reckoning. My mother was a beautiful woman, vrachёm prominent, respected by all Lyudmiloy Alexandrovna. In her 37 she had a charming face, was a beautiful, slim figure with a third the size of the breast, waist, nice ass and beautiful feminine slim legs. In her youth she was generally slim, but with age raspyshnela a little, but it was not noticeable at all.

We lived together in a two-bedroom apartment. I was sixteen and I was in the tenth grade, preparing for college, just like my mother to be a doctor. Well, my mother loved me very much and I devoted a lot of time. Of course she had a lot of friends from work and just neighbors, and it is time to take off and socialize. I do not know were her lovers or not, it is their home never led. Nevertheless, sometimes, once in a month or two, she was returning from her friends back home very late. Although maybe the truth with her friends to sit up nights.

So when my mother one of her sets Caucasian patients suggested to go to a small village near the sea Caucasus worked there a doctor during the holiday season, my mother immediately agreed. The salary there promised good. And it's not about the money it was, mother and youth no where did not go, and here it did not kept. Yes, and I could usefully spend the summer by the sea.

We quickly passed the apartment next visitors to our city. I studied well and easily passed the external examinations at school. And my mother packed his bags for the summer moved to the Caucasus.

On arrival at the village, we immediately isolated house on the outskirts of the village. In one of the local hotels there was a specially equipped medical. paragraph. The village itself was not great with several hotels near the sea. And each house of local residents for the summer turned into a small guest house, which was specially rebuilt summer accommodation for tourists. Local housewives were excellent cooks. And among the local youth had many great swimmers who earned money in the summer gladly rescuers. And in each house had its own special wine, the best course is nowhere to be found, and which is specially prepared for the summer season. The only thing that was not there is a permanent local honey. points. Patients usually drove for eleven kilometers in an area where there was a good district hospital. But of course with the tourists it is not acceptable, you can not carry eleven kilometers of everyone who has overheated in the sun. The only thing that struck me at once, when we just started in the city spring, there has been almost summer. Everything else was familiar to me. And the gray tones in clothing for men and women. And Caucasian demeanor. Since I grew up in a town where most residents come from the Caucasus. And so I was not difficult to quickly get acquainted with almost all the peers of the village. Mom also quickly learned everything in the village, since it is certainly not who did not refuse to help. And the beginning of the season with the fact that the first lie down almost all the inhabitants of the village. We are not always had the opportunity to go to the area. For what my mother once loved and started to respect me in the whole village. And all admired her. My mother did not even dressing up, stood out for its unusual beauty among the women of the village of gray. But nobody paid any attention to it, as in the village all lived according to local customs and culture.

Soon tourists began to arrive. And though they often were more likely than residents in the village, they have no effect on the local way of life. Villagers like to live separately from the campers, just giving them a great vacation with accommodation, fine cuisine and wine. Mom afternoon taking in the local honey. paragraph. In the evening is beautiful, with all the greeting and talking, giving them advice on health, returned home. The works she was a little, mainly sunstroke and removing hangover with holidaymakers, does not compare with our municipal health center, where from morning to evening was a queue at the office. Villagers considered her more of his than visitors. In the first three months of the beach season, it must lie down all the inhabitants of the village. With my mother certainly thought it his duty to meet all arriving males, as she was the only woman in the village with whom flirting was appropriate, and yet so beautiful. But my mother gently otshivala all gentlemen, seeing no point in dealing with them. What it in the village even more loved. Only once she came home late at night.

The village also had its leaders and elders to keep order, and most of the hotels owned by the sea. Those who have lived in a huge mansion and a large semmi ezdivshie on expensive jeeps. But all my rovestniki communicate equally well with each other, including the sons of local influential people. And I knew everything about everybody. Since about what else we had to communicate with their peers, but on about everything that is happening in the village. I sincerely respect them for what they did not smoke or drink, and mainly engaged in sports, and were honest and strong people as early as their teenage years. But sometimes I laugh at them to abdominal cramps, over their simplicity. Even despite the fact that he grew up close to the same as they are. They still are not notable for their fake identity and clearly observe all the traditions and customs that have moved to other places Caucasians significantly blunted. I am with them all the time in sports, because they did nothing except sport.

Most of them were whole days of struggle on the grass or a simple horizontal bar, sometimes football. None of alcohol or cigarettes. For it could be good to get from their parents. About local girls and speech could not be. Even flirting with a local girl was considered an insult to her. Although they were all good and modern girls and happy to communicate with us, of course, without a hint of flirtation. With vacationers also did not communicate, parents are not allowed. Of the entertainment was just sex with ishachkami. From what I once refused on the interval. And not to give up, and laughed to tears. But the local guys were not amused. The village was an ancient custom. By the way is very widely spread in the Caucasus. Upon reaching the age of majority in the day of the festivities, a candidate must be a man to break the hymen young ishachke the eyes of the men from his village, only just then he became a man. The ancient belief was that a real man to get up from the warm blast of wind, let alone everything else, and even more so. And especially young ishachek raised, to the day-age young men to break their hymen. Of course, ishachka - this is not a woman and her hymen breaks much easier and much more vagina. And, nevertheless, local male alcoholics were not some or all had slovens large family. And the wives of their love. As the man from childhood to have set up everything that can be, in spite of the feelings or there for some spiritual attitude. Just instinct, roughly have, if only it was that.

And what would perform an ancient custom of many of my peers trained regularly ishachkah, what I blabbed out regularly. Yes, and just do not have the opportunity to engage in masturbation banal, because circumcision. And the thought of his city in which I grew up, why there ishachki when local whores complete. And the local guys all with great diligence in preparing for the entry into adulthood. Speaking at the festival of age had a lot of customs, other than that, and a good shoot and fight and dance. So I, with the local boys, it was something to do. Also ishachek course, I'm over it to be honest, laughing. But rather I laughed bitterly. I saw perfectly. In each local family was from five to fifteen children. All lacked food and money. All of them were well-educated and received a good education. Then he went home to cities in Russia and settled there, both locals and lived well, prospered. I have not seen the naked eye for whom the future. (This is of course my personal opinion and I do not who do not impose or promote)
Just preparing for the entry into adulthood and another young man-Wagram. Finish Strong. He was from a local, large wealthy family of a local influential villagers - Bagram. And at the end of the month were expected large prazdnevstva in the village about it.

That finally came for him the long-awaited day. All adult men were invited to a big celebration in the courtyard Vahram family. Even though I was an adult, but did not get there, but local. Although I imagined, what's a holiday and how it all feasts and circuses. I have not reached the age of majority by local youths as always sported a local meadow. We sat and talked, sigh, the envy of those who celebrate. And with 11 hours of darkness have trudged, as always home, as well as others. Home Mom had long since come home from work and just relax, for a long time to cook dinner and do it all the household chores. I ate, and it was about to go to bed when he heard a knock at the door. Mom even already laid down, but quickly threw on a robe and went to open the door. We are not here who were not afraid. Rather, my mother thought that something someone happened and needed her help. I, too, ran to the window to see who was there.

The house was a large jeep in which I immediately recognized the car Bagram. He was a very respected person in the village. One of the mothers of employers. Mom went out to him.

- Good evening. What happened? - As always good, is interested in the doctor's, she said.

- Hello Luda - replied quietly Bagram.

- Nothing happened - he continued.

- I'm with you. Luda. My son Vahram holiday. He won in all tests. He zaborol all. He's the best and the strongest. - He went with all the sense of the Caucasus.

- I am very happy - very good mother said.

- Luda, I want to give him a gift - a very hard Bagram continued.

Mom was silent.

- He is very pleased with me, he is the most agile and strong. - I continued to Bagram have almost shaking.

- Bagram what you want to give him a gift? - I am still very interested in the good mother.

- You - only able to utter it.

- Me - not knowing my mother was surprised.

- The people I'm not asking for myself. Wagram, he did everything, he won all, he is the best, it pleased me, I will do everything for him. - I tried to explain to Bagram.

Mom just kept silent, not knowing what to say.

- The people about it no one will know and will see only Wagram, I told him, and he is waiting for you, you are the best gift for him in his life - he explained.

- Bagram But I do not thing I can not Russian with me since - for the good start explaining my mother.

- I know, but what about the Austrian, with whom you slept week - already heated debate began Bagram, as if they were in the market for trading chicken.

Those guys own a week, she once came home late, I thought to myself.

- But you can not so Bagram - Mom continued to argue quiet good tone.

- This is no one will know people, just me and Wagram. - I tried to persuade her.

- I asked him what he was dreaming, he said about you, I promised him to do everything. What do you want - again began to persuade him.

- Nothing I can not Bagram, what I said to him - had already lost my mother said.

- You're the most beautiful woman in the world, everything freezes. There is no more. You dream you are the sun. For all you die. What do you want. - He asked again.

- I have forbidden Vahram said he will come to you and I am summed up his, and he wanted to ask me for permission, he is now an adult. He is ready to die to get you. And I rebuked him. You are very respected. Now you do not want. I do not know what to do. He will not forgive me. I kidnap you now and together we leave here. - He explained further.

Mom scared just squeezed:

- Do not-

Probably imagining resonance in the village after their disappearance from the Wagram. After all, he really was not joking, and my mother knew it. The local people are so jokes are not accepted. And this brave young man Vahram such bold desires. She only said:

- I am now-

She went home, dressed dress, went out and got into the car. They left. I could not sleep. All thought, what's going on with my mother. So tormented until dawn. And when the dawn of the house heard the sound of wheels. I rushed to the window. The house is approached the jeep Bagram. From jeep wearily staggered tumbled mom and tired, barely noticeable dragging his feet, went to the fence. She went into the house and silence fell on the bed and fell asleep immediately. She was sober just very tired. At work she did not go.

I also took a nap and went as usual to the street to talk with their peers. On our meadow Vahram boasted to everyone he passed all the tests yesterday. And of course, all at once blabbed his father as a gift to him for it brought my mother Luda. All of this has greatly envied him. And he threw it for eleven night sticks. He boasted of how he fucked eshachku first, and then from twelve to five, the night my mother. And it is in his opinion there was very little. Until she begged for mercy. And he could still with ten. The news was not just hide, gossip quickly flew everywhere. This mother was the star in the village. But in regard to the inhabitants of my mother had no effect. Only everyone was a little excitement, that local men have printed such a beautiful woman, but she showed her prowess.

To be continued...

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The power of imagination or a little about men

As usual at this time, I was driving to work on the subway. Day is absolutely nothing stood out. As always packed to the limit of the car, because of the morning peak time, as always sleepy people hurrying about their business. This morning the picture sometimes makes me doubt whether we are free people? It is said that the modern pace of the big city is not very different from the one that was in the days of prosperous slavery, such as the Roman Empire.

Next to me stood a slender delicate girl with long black hair. She was dressed in a tunic air through which slightly translucent her underwear (I noticed that this summer is very fashionable way to go), and was shod sandals. On the neat fingers with a nice pedicure I automatically held his gaze for a few seconds longer than it should. She caught my eye on her legs and a little flushed. For some reason, I sometimes very excited here are gentle neat fingers on legs girls. When not excited, just deliver aesthetic pleasure. No elastic ass, nor the lack of a girl bra when her nipples are clearly visible, even some do not have such an effect. In terms of impact on my manhood with her fingers compared only the highest top in combination with jeans with a low waist so that women can be seen pubis. And if we add to this even and beautiful feet and toes, then immediately go becomes very uncomfortable :-) Men I understand. Not long ago, I read that it is called a foot-fetish, and nothing in this unnatural not. You know, it calmed me, and the thought that has gone the way of any minority.

So this time I could not keep from examining fingers, and even started a little excited. It attracted me tender, ethereal beauty of this girl. On the one hand it was not even a hint of any vulgarity, but on the other - a very large room for imagination. By the way, the laundry on it was a little different - white panties and a white bra slip. In fact, I do not like, such as a tunic dress thongs. This matter, I think. Perhaps these women (girls call them - the keyboard will burn) catastrophically lifetime is not enough sex. Well, or simply self-esteem is low, and they raised her, catching the lustful looks of men. Fu Fu Fu!

Of course, I could fantasize here is about rough sex with that girl right in the car, and as usually happens in such stories, no one and did not notice it and I finished 12 times and always at the same time, etc. But let's leave it for another occasion.

Girls, just know that the more room for imagination you leave men, the more they will love you and appreciate all the more sexy you look in the eyes of men, the more desire there a man acquainted with you closer. Too frank clothes shows us all at once, and is already no mystery, no desire to take off excess clothing girl to see, and what is there for her. I can not hide everything, why make an effort?

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In fantasy captivity

This was a little dizzy at that moment, but I would like to continue the puppet of his instincts ... if it was a dream of my dreams embodies my heart's desire, one after another, and he forced deeper and deeper, with no hope of returning to a state of wakefulness. It was my fantasy that there was no stopping ...
So dark ... but soft light seeping from - I do not understand. It would seem that I can look around to see what looked like where I am ... And still it was not possible to discern clear boundaries, but I felt like ... something soft limits me in motion ... I would not call it an unpleasant obstacle, on the contrary, it provided a suggestion to stay more than a long time ... but what glided very gently and gently touching my chest, press below ... it should be exactly that gives me goose bumps along with the boiling of the brain pleasure overflow pulse emanating from touching the skin ... It would seem, lying chained herself devil lures, letting me in the head a concentrated cocktail of emotions and feelings publishing appalling. This pleasant, carrying the rest of sensible thoughts, torture causing a shiver passing over the body to toe, would not survive God himself ...

Suddenly the light became more ... not because someone opened the curtain, the presence in this place, silhouette, slip on light rays closer to me, attracting my mind as if under hypnosis, graceful waist dazzles me stronger light beams his mad candor ...

A ray of light shone on her neck, touching upon the delicate touch of fine hair curl ... I even felt a blazing eyes filled with antique passion. That he missed a passing chill on me, which has thrown into a fever ... I feel it coming with every step harder and harder. This is reflected in a kind of strange feeling I had never felt before. Clothes seemed more chilling for each breath spreads the pleasure. As if under the influence of a magnet, all the veins boil blood falls lower and lower, touching the nerve endings that bring indescribable ecstasy ...

I broke out the candle. So beautiful and free fire at the same time it is impossible to lose sight of how to captivate his dark here ... Somewhere question floated in my head - why she tilted it over my body? As conceived these bottomless eyes? Oh God, what a pleasure to sink into them. He flashed a drop from the candle and walked towards me. Suddenly I felt her touch, took my breath away ... just wanted to make a sound as he reflected on her soft lips and facial expressions, in which there was no pain or despair, only passion which so wanted to surrender. She hissed, sucking the air with his chest, hidden under some dark and translucent matter. Millions of lit candles, the flames illuminated her body. It was so sexy that blink before he could, in a fit of passion, as if someone pushed me, if I was not, I jerked my hand to her, but then she was pressed. Then, the second ... wasp waist, wide hips, lace ... this is not seen me lived a year. Slowly legs apart, she sat on me. Everything happened so fast, I must be crazy! How so!? That can not be ... felt hot grip again ran a faint chill on the soft skin with a shiver, but it ... I realized that this is all very real ...

Chest glides over the press, and I barely touching the tongue is directed to an elastic neck. Unforgettable feeling of euphoria suddenly seized, did not think so either someone will be able to instantly start. Her tongue on my lips stopped and began to whisper in your ear awkward. I wanted to order or not, my body trembled more of each subsequent word ... Do these words were? intimate melody ... exciting, pleasant burn. More I could not stand ... all the feelings came flooding back again and tore the very handcuffs, where only power came from, I knocked it under him ... And she just smiled brazenly biting her lower lip ... it should be waited, making the power of temptation to fulfill the will of others.

Barely touching up her touched as she burned. Crumbling trembling tried to catch up with my hand on the shoulder to the neck, but soon get lost somewhere in the cheeks is all about touching my lips ... Such an exciting flavor can hardly be compared with the perfume. He dope head and incited more passion ... forced to break off her clothes on the chest ... to continue to shower her with slow kisses all over my body from the shoulders and chest to the hips and lower legs to the most ... I felt her hand guiding me and gave himself adrift his lust. Forbidden fruit is so sweet, it will not be sated me. Exquisitely meanders sharply raised breast ... soft quick breath, ah, this waist and hips swaying wave after wave, not tame. Exhale, raised neck straining press ... these intensifying moans could listen forever, though in the river of forgetfulness, forgetting everything in the world, lost track of time, try to keep your hands and then curling her feet. Beckoned to her finger licking lips ... pulling her hand from his lips pressed lace tightening knot above her head ... second to go, too, it was nowhere to ...

Burning with impatience decided to start something for which it was ... Suddenly, I felt like my cheeks warmed and the head hit even harder, like a burst of physical and psychological emotions filled me indescribable pleasure ... dimmed in his head and rolled his eyes. There was a quick breath, then exhale while her quiet voice ... it was so beautiful, like a singing siren ... a distinct vibration escorted immediately ... and flash eclipsed all around the blinding white light ...

Called "Mama". I did not answer, because so many thoughts do not understand ... is it was just a dream in the mind? Allows a little more I tried to put everything in a logical series of ... breakfast swept plan for the day. And the fact that it was night, an invention of my soul? Only emptiness !? He could not, did not work but maybe I did not want to throw out of my head ... excited retired in the late afternoon in the bathtub ... removing clothes included rain, abandoning all thoughts, and froze like a deja vu when he saw himself in the reflection of the candle burns ... ... that was nonsense ??? Standing with half an hour looking at the warm drops running down my body in the shower. Unable to explain yourself to me since when I have redness on the skin. After going into the room, glanced at the curtains those still open ... they were headed to the bed, lay down ... before going to bed after reading a few villages, closed his eyes ... or just rolled?

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Large & quot; Bounty & quot;

I took it right in the beginning of May, at the opening of any exhibition. Zoe personality is very well-known in the city, because the taxis some city public organization. During fourchette dating revealed that she is a widow, recently broke up with this colonel. That wear out its promises, but desperately wanted for her to leave the family!
In general, by the end of the evening it became clear that Zoya temporarily free of obligations. Poterevshis pubis on my knee, the lady said, without a shadow of doubt, that it is not averse to continue our acquaintance in a more intimate setting. But it can not go home. There's mom and son. My option was not considered at all, is not it, I will introduce seven as radio operator Kat.
Deciding it was necessary to move. After going through all the possible ways out of the situation, I stopped on a variant of Andryukha. My long-time friend and colleague, an artist by training and raspizdyay life sometimes rescued me in a sticky situation. So this time after a pair of triples of words on the phone, he gave the go-ahead for our arrival. Stingy in the nearby "Magnit", the word wheelbarrow we rushed to the specified address. Fifteen minutes later, not yet cooled from the hot kisses, we stood on the threshold of his bachelor lair.
The hospitable host in bathrobe met us, puffing at his pipe, "a la Stalin."

- The old man to apologize that your will find in the refrigerator. But yesterday my observations there, since yesterday, "the mouse was hung up" ...

- Do not worry, we came with her.

- Meet Zoe, and a little later I squeezed, M. ...

- Hi, muttered Andrei, we seem to be met somewhere?

- Maybe, maybe - she said, and paraded to the kitchen ...

- There was no doubt, they are familiar ...

- Zoe, go-ka in the shower, and I make dinner for three, I gave her catchphrase, impatient voice objections. Surely there after former Andryukhin passion bathrobe was ...

You should have seen the expression on the face of the boss! Since it is clearly so long ago no one was talking. But she obeyed without a word.

- The door is not shut up, I'll come back rub - I gave her pursuit.

Quickly sort the contents of the package on the table, I went to the bathroom. We must pay tribute Andryukha. The bathroom was covered in tile handmade and made in oriental style. In general, the work of art, the Kamasutra is resting. In scattered throughout the bathroom images Greek goddess amorous pleasures indulged in all possible and impossible ways.
But closer to the body as they say. My new-found polyubovnitsa stood behind the curtain in the bathroom and fiercely rubbed his chest is not small.

- Let me help.

It is without words, without turning around, he gave me soaped washcloth.

- Turn around! I want to see your beauty ...

Red as a lobster, Zoe turned. And shyly shifted her feet. Certainly not a Rembrandt, but what he saw, it made me happy. Slim body of a woman of forty. Chest, has not lost the form, complete the neat dark triangle.

- Well, - I gave grudging praise. Now turn your ass.

She complied silently and this is my requirement.

- Bend over. Good for you, girl.

After inspection, I gently deposit a woman's body from head to toe. Drawing attention to its fourth holes and breast size. My nimble fingers during the procedure have visited her in the ass and not only there ...

- Well, perhaps that's all, I slapped her on the back seat of a soap palm.

- And Throw hairs between her legs and soon come. I hope you know what to wear underwear is not necessarily enough robe with his head! - I said, opening the door ...

Andryukha carefully studied my happy face of the March Cat.

- Well, you're fucking, you give. Yes, it most often on TV shows than you shirt Me. After all, it was she?

- She is! - I said, all kind of showing that such love for me in the order of things.

- Well, Che shall we drink?

- I 'viskar ". She champagne. You choose. In the refrigerator more vodka and horsemeat.

- Well, I did, "viskar ..." - said the owner of a bachelor lair.

They drank for a meeting. And then into the kitchen, saying, "Boys, you have already started without me ...", she entered. Andryukha precipitated. Robe was obviously too small for Zoe. And barely covered ass.

- Well, let's fill it, we will have dinner ...

While the owner was busy with champagne, I decided to see how it has fulfilled my request. Make it was very simple. My hand was between divergent floors robe.

- I did everything you asked for. Now her fingers lay between my legs ...

Andryukha turned on the telly. He offered a choice of two channels. "Russian Night" or "Retro". We chose the latter. Showed concert "ABBA".

- Until you dance to, and I will refresh in the shower, I said, slipping into the bathroom ...
Water treatments have taken ten minutes. Attach to your thigh towel I went back to the kitchen. Between men and women have, that something happened ...
Zoya red smoke to the top of the ears at the table. And Andriukha eyes was genuine lust.

- Dude, it's my turn to cool down!

As soon as he disappeared behind the door. Zoya stood resolute tone and said that she must go home.

- Wait a minute, have time. What happened between you two?

- He fingered me everywhere! And then we drank brotherhood ...

- You did not like it?

- I liked the fact of the matter is that much. But I come to you, I'm not like ...

- I must disappoint you, lucky you did not jealous person in front of you, and certainly not a monopoly and not the owner. FROM

Andryukha we do not know the first year, and live as brothers dairy ...
Zoe's face expressed complete surprise. She could not believe that there may be a relationship between people.

- And you will not mind and take offense if between us that something will happen?

- Of course not. After all, you are my friend. And I want to be that today we have arranged to each other enjoying a holiday. I will be glad if you get to communicate with us a pleasure.

- With the two of?

- And you a little? Or even invite someone ... Relax, take off your robe and meet Andrew, as expected, in all its natural beauty.

Deep protracted, she slowly started to let the smoke out of his mouth ...

- Come bahnem ...

Her voice was heard hoarseness. I poured two glasses of whiskey.

- Come what may. At least, my erotic dream come true: to have sex once with two!

At this point, the kitchen burst Andryuha.

- And I'm in no hurry, thinking you are doing business ...

- You know Zoe was not long ago a man and today she wants to make love with both of us ...

- I am for. I have long standing, our baby, and as you can see cold showers did not help ...

Zoe blushed. That was before her eyes, was clearly greater average 18 sentiments. Unanimously we decided to move to the bachelor seksodrom. I was carrying glasses and whiskey, Andrei plates on a tray with a straightforward snack. He leads the process completely naked Zoe, held in his fists our standing love guns.

- It is a pity that we do not have a camera. This procession was worth sfotkat.

With a laugh, she commented that happens.

- Why not. We in Amsterdam, has everything ... in tone told her landlord.

It should be noted that before we end up going to bed again moved onto. Then we raised the damsels on the arms and hoisted onto the pillows. She relaxed and gave us the opportunity to act on their own.
I will not go into details. But we could only sleep just before dawn. It was everything! Zoe met all my expectations. It was playful and tireless. Giving us the most incredible caress your mouth, not virgin vagina and ass. We are in her words gave her a great heavenly delight.
In the morning to make breakfast and smacking our unshaven cheeks she flew out of the den, and no leaving contact details.

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Care and Klaus (part 2)

Caroline gradually came to himself. The first wish was slapped a resounding slap to Klaus, but in this situation would look like such a thing, to put it mildly, stupid. Still without opening her eyes, she tried to collect his thoughts and decide what to do next. she was free now, Klaus achieved the desired, then perhaps she can get away. But what about the clothes? Her thin linen rags lying around where - in the far corner of the room, two half dress lay on either side of the girl.

Klaus continued slowly to look at her long slim legs, which fades into the machined hips, flat stomach with attractive concave navel, tender, firm breasts with swollen nipples still ... From such a picture of a man caught his breath again.

Caroline opened her eyes and all harvested her tirade was forgotten when she saw the look: read admiration and tenderness in his eyes.

- You're absolutely crazy, huh? ... - She whispered wearily.

- I thought you liked it - the man said, touching his lips to her collarbone fine.

- This is wrong, everything has to be wrong - saying these words, Caroline realized that here - about to cry.

- What's wrong, honey? - Klaus was not disturbed seriously. - What's wrong?

- What's wrong?!! Give - me think: you kidnapped me from my own home, tied to the bed and raped - and now you ask, what is wrong? !!! - Eye of the girl gushed tears of despair.

- Think so, if it soothes your conscience. By - truth, a grain of truth in this. But I can tell you clearly: I gave herself to you on their own. A minute ago, you begged me to fill you with ...

- Shut up! - Awareness of its rightness she felt worse.

- ... And before that literally demanded that I ...

- Hvaaatit! - She tried to get out of bed. Her strangled anger and resentment, but most of all - because of the anger that he was right. She literally choked with him.

Suddenly, his hands tightly grabbed her by the shoulders and toppled onto his back. Klaus began to shower her face frantic short kisses. First, Caroline decided that if it remains indifferent, he finally tired of her torment, but cold stay was simply impossible. Its smell, persistent touch, feeling strong body, pinning her to the bed - it's crazy. When his lips once again touched her lips, CARE responded to the kiss with the same passion. Wrapping her arms man hands, she pressed even closer to him, stroking his neck, running his fingers through his hair.

Klaus groaned and pulled away for a moment from her lips. Caroline frowned and reached for a kiss. Feeling the insistent touch of her soft lips, the first kiss, that this luxury girl gave herself to him, a man completely lost his head.

Suddenly Kar pushed him, from which he fell on his back. Both were breathing heavily. Now, clinging to him from the top, the girl began to slowly learn a strong young man's body. Klaus was a little shocked by this sudden change in the behavior of the girls he did not expect such a quick surrender. However, it cost him to relax and surrender to pleasure, Caroline abruptly straightened, bit its flopping on the neck vein.

Klaus hissed more surprise than pain, but did not push the girl, and, on the other hand, gently ran his fingers through her silky hair. Tearing himself away from his neck, she put her hands on the man's chest, straddling him. His blood dripped from the corners of her mouth down the chin line, a few drops fell on his chest.

- I told you, we are like, my dear ... - Klaus whispered, sitting up and clutching Caroline to her. He kissed her lips, feeling the taste of her own blood, their tongues entwined and caressed each other, each other as if to dry. Tension became unbearable.

Caroline lowered her down with one hand and clutching a member of the men started to caress his persistent smooth movements. He was so impressive size of her long thin fingers were closing around him.

Klaus was breathing heavily. It seemed a few moves ... but willpower ruthlessly restrained himself. Pants that he never had time to take off, terribly annoyed, so in a moment began a few scraps, broken effortlessly tissue. Then Klaus hugged his strong ass blonde and began to knead it.

- Klaus ... I can not ... more ... wait ... - every word was given to Caroline with difficulty. Most of all she again wanted to feel it inside, feel as stretched her muscles, tightly clasping the flesh of men.

Klaus did not wait. Woman turning sharply so that she put her hands on the back of the bed, slowly began to enter her from behind. Caroline moaned. She wanted him to fill it all immediately, but a man in no hurry, stretching the time of the first penetration. However restrain yourself for a long time he could not, therefore, took her by the hips, one sharp movement sank completely. Her breast against the girl back, Klaus began to make quick frictions.

Caroline's moans grew into one monotonous whine. She felt the breath Claus on his neck, heard his groans - and this is even more inspired and encouraged her. It seemed that this would never end ...

Klaus felt her gentle muscles, so delightfully tightly wraps his body began to decline sharply, Cair arched to the limit and stopped, frantically gasping for air. Forces restrain himself no longer had, and, moaning her name, he again had been poured into it.

Exhausted, sweaty they lay on the crumpled sheets and tried to regain his breath. At that moment, looking into the eyes of Klaus, Caroline realized that such sensual pleasure she did not feel with anyone, ever. And it's not just that he was a terrific lover. They approached each other. To understand each other. They were similar to each other.

And behind the drawn curtains tightly, outside the window, there came a new day ...

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A visit to the gynecologist

Gynecologist Maria Nikolaevna was truly magnificent woman. She was tall and slender. Thin mill and steep thighs. High-third the size of the breast is always attracted to the male gaze itself. And the angelic and gentle brown eyes maddening most hardened Lovelace, especially at a time when they appeared a little bit of lust. She liked her men "for languages", and its attracted their masculine strength that comes out of their pants only with her eyes. Masha liked to seduce. Not only males. In this May morning, Maria Nikolaevna hosted schoolgirls who came for a visit. They chirped outside the door, like a little bird. Masha understand their excitement and fear. It's a gynecologist. And suddenly they will find. And if something is wrong. It took only three hours from the start of the day, and she already wanted to go back to bed. Masha did not get up from the table, stretched, and then looked down at his nurse. She kept her eyes with Masha and bit her lower lip.
Natasha and they worked together for two years and only half a year ago she was in a car bed. In addition there was Masha and therapist Viktor, who as usual was fucking everything that moves. Masha remembered the day when Natasha appeared in her apartment. As she slowly pulled off the linen itself, and how after she was biting her clitoris, while Victor slowly grind into her with his cock. Suddenly Masha was hot, there was a nagging lower abdominal pain, and soaked panties. She spread her legs and fingers of his right hand pushed her panties and touched himself. She caressed herself with slow circular movements, her breath quickened. She knew that Natasha is now watching her, so felt even more fun. The door leaked thin girl. She hesitantly sat down on the chair next to Masha and handed her a card. Her name was Olga and just two days ago she was eighteen. While Masha filled all the necessary sheets, Natasha sent the maid behind the screen, where there was a couch and a chair. The girl undressed quickly and climbed into it. Masha pulled on gloves and went behind the screen. The girl was not anything remarkable. Skinny, medium height, small breasts tightened in Roseau bra, dark hair on pubis.

Mary spent viewing, and could not help touched her labia and clitoris girl. She sucked in her breath and clenched even more, but Mary noticed the increased clitoris and lubrication appeared. Masha dipped his index finger in the nose and the moisture held on the clitoris upwards. The girl let out a strange sound, and Mary told her to get dressed. After four days in the office door car knocked. By the end of the day it remained only an hour, and at this time, as a rule, no one came. In walked in that little girl that she was on a school examination. Today it was different. Through the white blouse could be seen peas nipples, short skirt barely covered her ass, but it attracted the attention of white socks that are born in the mind unhealthy associations. - Is something bothering you? - The girl looked from Maria to Natasha. That, apparently, understood everything and locked the door. - I want to have sex with her boyfriend. - And what's the problem? - Mary was a little surprised. - I do not want him to be my first. After that, the girl got up and quickly pulled off her blouse revealing a strong maiden breasts with pink nipples and disappeared behind a screen. There, she took off her skirt and sat in a chair with his legs apart. Mary gasped and went after her. Natasha also entertain herself.

Girl sitting legs apart with white golf, but Masha spread them even wider. Olga gasped and fell more comfortable. Today, it no longer had those fluffy hairs. The skin on the pubic hair was white and soft. She was ready. The clitoris and lips swollen and were quite wet. Mary touched her right palm. Spent a couple of times up and down, then knelt and touched his tongue already. She moaned and arched. With one hand she fingered a nipple left breast, and the other down to the clitoris. Mary caught her palm and sucked bead clitoris in his mouth. The girl was tasty and pleasant smelling. Masha exasperated one language comprehensible to her characters and enjoy listening to your breath and moans of the girls. That already being toyed with his chest, causing her nipples become reddish and causing such that Masha and they would not be spared. Feeling that orgasm is approaching, Mary stood up and glared lips girl lips. In this case the index finger of his right hand she gently penetrated into her vagina, feeling what it is tight. The girl moaned and writhed beneath requiring continuing and whet its tongue.

Masha put into her second finger and gently pulled his hand towards the front wall of the vagina. Then she started to make rhythmic movements of the body which the girls went cramps. She threw her head back and eyes closed murmured something while Masha Dolby her virgin pussy with his fingers. Behind the screen there was a moan and hum of a large phallus. Masha would itself is not against the huge rubber member who would fill it completely. Masha introduced one by one the rest of the thumb and all her brush disappeared in the depths of prostrate on the couch already become young zhenischina Olenka. She threw back her head and rugi not twitch. She just moved to the beat of the car with his hand and was breathing so loud groaning periodically that Masha even frightened, as if Victor did not know who dragged this time are in this chair.

Olga finished simultaneously with Natalia, who drove themselves into a frenzy with a rubber member. Mary knew that Natasha did not take out it from itself as long as the desire not to flare up again, and then she would fuck herself slowly and carefully.

Masha took the palm of Olga and kissed her on the lips. The palms were traces of blood. Mary wiped her hand on the napkin that covered the chair and looked at Olga. She did not open her eyes and just relax. Now Masha discharge was needed, so she unbent screen and beckoned to Natalia. She climbed down from the table and went to her spellbound. Mary took off her robe left in stockings, corset and panties soaked through. She pulled them to his chest and pulled out of the corset, why she became even more tempting. Masha herself lay on the couch legs spread wide and watched as naked Natasha slowly approaches her with the member. She liked when Natasha took off her wet clothes lightly touching the pink folds. At the last moment Natasha accelerated and quickly inserted into the vagina of Mary phallus. She pushed at him harder and he disappeared into the deep pussy Mary.

Her bosom completely absorbed rubber toy, and Masha moaned suddenly surging pleasure. At this time, Olga was sitting in a chair with his legs dangling. She eagerly absorbed the nice view. Prostrate on the couch brunette - big breasts, that and wanted to touch, black corset, legs wide apart, covered with light-colored stockings. Loboc with a thin strip of hair and pink inside, which was now revealed itself Masha. With one hand she smoothed the sponge and the other plucking finger punctured pierced clit, clit swollen and wet earring glittered in the lamplight. Naked Natasha was sitting on the floor between the legs of Mary and slow movements drove the phallus to orgasm. Natasha's breasts swaying in time with the movements, making Olga felt wet again.

Masha moaned, throwing rugi over his head. She was moving rhythmically, his eyes were closed. Acid-pink toy is fully appeared, then disappeared in the bosom of Masha. She herself felt it gradually begins to cover a wave of orgasm, but did not want to be accelerated. A couple of slow and painful movements as vaginal wall began to fall, and walked to the body carrying away all thoughts of a shiver. Natasha only stopped for a few seconds, and then continued again. She moved quickly, while she bent over Masha and began to caress her tongue. The second time, Masha muffled whispering something in her hand and her body is curved arc. Olga does all could not bring yourself why whimpered, like a naughty child. A few minutes later, she fingered the clitoris, and then introduced into the two fingers, but it was not enough.

It took a couple of minutes until Mary came to her senses. Natasha silently dressed behind the screen, and Olga clutched his feet and looked at Masha. She rose from the couch and picked up the phallus. Then he approached the girl. She looked anxiously at her, but said nothing. Masha pulled the girl out of the chair and lifted him and then leaned on it Olga. She lay down a breast on a blue cloth, and then pulled it. Nipples burned upholstery cold chair, from which they are hardened, and abdomen was filled with pleasant languor. Masha is widely spread her legs and ran her fingers from the anus to the pubis and back, and then without delay inserted into the vagina girls the same phallus that a few minutes ago was in itself. The girl squeaked and jerked, trying to escape, but Masha crushed her body and turned his phallus. He earned with a quiet hum, and the girl calmed down. She was breathing heavily, but no longer struggled. Masha at this time stroking her clitoris, then pushing, almost taking away his fingers. The girl began to moan and tried to move.

- This high resolution. - Masha whispered it in your ear, Olga. - So right away. Even I was not immediately accepted.

Olga did not answer. She liked the feeling of fullness and pain that came with the introduction of this thing in her pussy. She liked Masha over her body. And her breasts, which clung to her back. Masha began to move the phallus. Olga felt that he was somewhere in the uterus and is about to pierce through him as long as the finished covering his mouth with palms, not to yell at the entire cabinet. Phallus came from Olga and sucking sound, which is terribly amused Masha for many years after that day. Olga is at the memory blushed and hid under the covers, but then choose to feel the piercing tongue steel.

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Care and Klaus (part 1)

Caroline Forbes was lying on the large mahogany bed. She wore a light blue dress, the most modest, which was found in her wardrobe. Blonde curls scattered in disarray on the pillow. His hands were tightly tied to the back of the bed, as though she was trying desperately not free, nothing came of it.

The last thing that could remember of Cair, that's what she was going to meet with Tyler tonight to discuss their difficult relationship. She hoped that still can be like - then fix it. And then she turned her neck - and it was in this strange, but tastefully furnished room. "At such moments, I am glad that it has become a vampire," - she thought, and sighed heavily. Heavy curtains were tightly drawn, so it was hard to say how long it is here. Cair even tried to call for help, but no one responded.

Behind the door were heard whose - the steps. A moment later the door opened and in walked Claus. He was naked from the waist up, hands holding a towel that wiped wet hair.

- What the heck?! - Caroline screamed in fury.

- I, too, am glad to see you, my dear, - smiling insolently, said the Ancient.

- What's going on here? - Anger mixed with fear, the girl started to shake.

- I remember, I was promised Hebrides hot sex? - Klaus chuckled.

- What ... I thought ... you ... you ..

- I want to take this promise ... - at this moment, Klaus went to the bed, leaned over the girl, wanting to kiss her, but turned away Cair.

- Well, I do not upryamsya, honey ... - his lips burned her neck. She frantically start to squirm, trying to escape. Claus lay on top of her, pressing his body to the bed. Not a word more to say, he cupped her face in his hands and stared greedy kiss on the lips. She even tried to escape, but every moment of these attempts were all weaker. His kiss is not just burned her, as if he lit a flame inside of her. Although opposed to the mind, body, slowly but surely he betrayed his mistress.

For a moment, looking up from her lips, Klaus proshetal:

- You're the one going to ask me about it ... You'll see ...

His hands slid down her body, then slowly return back. All the while, he stared into her eyes, enjoying the reflected in their increasing confusion and passion.

Putting his hand on her breast, he gently squeezed her why Caroline gasped. A knowing grin, he clenched his fingers begin to harden nipple. She swallowed:

- Why do you need it? It...

-... What I want ...

And he kissed her roughly, hungrily. His tongue deep in hot captured her mouth, exploring every centimeter of it. Meanwhile, not breaking the kiss, Klaus easily ripped in half dress. His naked torso touched her hot body - and she moaned. She felt the moisture beginning to seep out of the depths of her body. Now it remained only a thin lacy bra and tiny panties.

Hands of men examined her body. He put his left hand to her thigh and through her panties touched her smooth pussy.

Cair moaned louder. The heat inside her grew and attracted waves. The bodice was ripped off her dress after, Claus and his mouth moved from her lips to the nipples tortured. He then kissed her breasts, then licked beautiful pink halos around the nipples, then drew the enticing cherries in his mouth and sucked on them. His left hand, meanwhile, entered under her panties and gently stroked her pussy lips, without penetrating inside.

She bit her lip and began to move her hips, wanting little to extinguish the fire of passion. Klaus looked up from her chest:

- You're so wet there ... Cair ... cute ... you want me ...

- No! - Protists sobbed the girl, but it sounded unconvincing even to herself.

- No ... - he said, having Polzow on the clitoris, then touched the entrance to the focus of its bliss.

- Oh my God...

- What do not you ...

- Shut up! - She writhed beneath him, like a snake, was taken prisoner by the hands of others.

- Tell me what you want me ... - he demanded, getting the middle finger deep into her body.

- Oooh ...

- Say it ... - he removed his hand, tore off her panties and pressed pants expressed the hill toward her. - Tell me - and I'll help you, - his hands caressed her body so well, pussy she felt the ripple of his hard body through the thin fabric of his pants.

- Yes...

- Say more ...

- Klaus, please ... Ohhh ... I can no longer ...

- Tell me...

- I want you ... Oh, God, let me fuck you in the end or not? !!

- And how, dear ...

With that, he unzipped his pants, pulled out of their penis and held it to the entrance of her pussy.

She impatiently moaned and pushes her hips.

- So hurry ... - and he abruptly entered her. She thought that he just tear her delicate body, but covered the girl with her head in the next moment, a wave of pleasure. His big, hard, hot cock abruptly entered her, she felt like it, just breaking into her flesh, reaches the uterus - and it drove CARE mad.

She grabbed his tormentor legs and began to move with him to the beat. They were kissing, moaning and whispered to each other words, the value of which is rubbed into the avalanche of fun. Finally, his movements became frequent and sharp, and the Cair pochuvtsvovat as a member within it began peulsirovat and seemed to become even more ...

- Klaus ... oh yeah! Do it! Cum in me! Oh, please! - He repeated the girl, losing her head.

The man made another strong move, moaned loudly - and she felt her womb filled with hot cum. It was the last straw in the cup of her pleasure: this girl never experienced orgasm even once. Her body shuddered, grimaced pleasure, she arched her back and screamed. She felt that she was gone, she shattered into millions of luminous particles ...

Coming a CARE felt that someone - then untie her hands. Klaus then lay down beside admiring her flushed from his caresses the body ...

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