With older brother

That day I was home alone. I lay down on the sofa, relaxed. I decided to get some sleep. But my head started to come different ideas of an erotic nature, and as you may have realized, I was completely not sleep. I ran a hand myself in panties and began gently stroking the clitoris, but I wanted more, I wanted to me someone - a hard-fucked. But it did not want to call, look, I decided to take self-gratification. She took the notebook, turned the porn film, set on the very large volume, and start playing with the clitoris. First, move it from side to side, then stroked back and forth in a circular motion. Clitoral orgasm was close, and soon I had finished, but it was not something I wanted more, I wanted to feel in my pussy real man's cock, but as this was not possible, I continued to satisfy herself, introduced into the vagina one finger, then a second, a third, and then began to crack in Suva yourself the whole hand, at this point in the film she received a powerful orgasm with much moaning and screaming. This atmosphere I did not weakly excited. I did not hear anything or anyone around. I Dolby itself hand and getting a buzz, soon I had finished, and not once.
Suddenly, I began to notice that the volume in the film is getting smaller and smaller and at the same time I heard the creaking of the floor. I looked up and saw his older brother.
- hello, shalunishka. - he said.
- this is not what you thought.
- Well, yes, yes, this is your homework on the history, or physical education, right? And I could not imagine that my little sister loves to satisfy itself.
-Yes, I was engaged in masturbation, masturbating, but tell me again that you never himself so not spoiled, especially in those moments when badly want sex?
- what are you, little sister, of course, and for me there are sins, do you want, I can even help you?
With these words he approached me, gently kissed her lips and began to touch my breasts, I did not resist. Ten minutes later, he pulled out his unit and began to shove it in me. Five minutes later, he had already pecked me like a real beast, I moaned softly, so that the neighbors did not hear and did not think of anything ..
My brother and I had a good time. Because he helped me, I gave him a blowjob cute, and we went about their business.

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Girl Dasha

Daria walked down the street, the sun was shining and the snow around is almost melted. The mood was excellent, birds happily singing her thoughts. Going up to his porch, she began to search for the keys in his pocket.
- Girl, I'm sorry!
Daria looked back. In front of her stood a tall, blond man and smiled.
-A? - Silly smiling Daria said.
The boy held out his hand.
- My name is Pasha. And you?
Daria slightly embarrassed, well, why kakomu- the outsider to know her name.
- Dasha - hesitantly handed it to the stranger's hand.
Paul smiled her beautiful white teeth.
- And you can get to know you? I just could not pass such a beautiful girl!
Daria looked at his feet. Leather boots, tights, knee-length school skirt, colorful jacket, color ugly tail.
It is surprising that such a handsome drew attention to a plain girl.
Well, okay ... - I handed Daria - My name is Dasha.
Paul laughed merrily.
- I already knew! And give your number?
Darya and Pavel agreed to a meeting tonight. He will call her in a car, and they go rolling on the evening city.
The girl thought it kakoy- the rally. There have been not familiar with it this way, on the street, and even such beauties. But, to be sure, Dasha it was very nice. Only one thing bothered, Paul was by as much as 7 years older than her. However, she did not admit it to a stranger. She was afraid to frighten off potential suitor, she very much wanted to know what it feels like when you like pretty big boy. She added to her age is 3 years old, who from this will be worse? After all, it is a big girl, is all that needs to be present at the woman she is.
All evening Dasha was going out on a date, put on her mother's blouse, made of straight hair unruly curls. The good mother is now working all night, so it's not about her blouse, not about the fact that her 14 year old daughter went for a walk late at night with a strange man, she did not know.
Daria perfumed spirits, made her make-up and waited for the call.
Paul arrived exactly at the time, which they agreed.

Dasha was going to school and recalled the previous evening. It was fantastic! Pasha gave her a small bouquet of roses and lilies, which she then hid in a closet to my mother did not raise questions. They rode all night drive around the city, listening to music, chatting about something. After all, Paul drove to the house and Dasha goodbye gallantly kissed her hand.
The girl thought he was prince charming, she could not wait to go to school and tell her friends about first love.
Boring algebra, but Daria was still at just received the two, she was in love.
Strange, but friends were skeptical of the prince, they said he was too old for Dasha. But the girl did not care just friends envied her.
Suddenly, there was a phone in the pocket of the vibration. It was a SMS. From Paul.
-"Hi, babe! :) I miss you! Do you want to pick you up after school? "
Daria smiled happily. Yes! Of course she wants!

After school fun Dasha ran out of the school and learned the car for her prince. He was sitting in and for some reason, like yesterday, the door did not open it.

-Hello, Dasha - oh how nice he was smiling.
They are again a little ride around the city, ate ice cream. Suddenly they stopped near one of the houses.
- Listen, do you understand about computers? I've got something broken, can you look?
Darya remembered that yesterday naplela his prince about his outstanding knowledge in almost any subject.

The guys on the elevator reached the 11th floor, and Paul opened the gray door with the key. They entered the apartment.
-Undress, come into the kitchen, - the guy threw Darya, and he slowly closed the door to the far room.
Daria passed on does not hurt the kitchen, on the table stood the champagne, and was cut watermelon. She sat down on the stool and looked out the window. The sun blinded for a second girl.
- Will shampoo - he asked suddenly appeared in the door of the Prince.
- No, I do not want ... - something troubled devushku.- Where's the computer?
Paul shrugged his shoulders, took a sip of champagne from the bottle, and Dasha led into a large room.
There was a large bed, wardrobe, are any boxes and an old computer.
- Here it is, look for now, I'll be right back. - The guy out of the room.
Dasha shrugged and began to turn on the computer. Nothing happened. It may have been switched off from the network. She crawled under the table to check.
Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain and lost consciousness.

Daria opened her eyes and found herself chained to the bed with handcuffs. She was completely naked. At the head of the girl swept horrible thought, surely the prince conceived something vile?
She turned her head, there was no one, only from somewhere with a kitchen laughter. As tears rolled down her cheeks Darya.
There were footsteps in the doorway appeared a strange guy.
- Guys, she woke up - he cried, could hear the concern in his voice.
Behind him came two more. Also guys, totally unfamiliar.
- Where Pasha - crying asked Dasha guys.
Strangers laughed together.
- Nope it here, Pupsik. And that we are not to your taste - cheerfully said one of the boys.
All three of them went into the room and closed the door behind him.
- Look, you just do not cry, okay? And that we would not like to use our toy.
In the hands of one of the boys had a knife, the knife Dasha saw on a table next to the watermelon. If she knew then ...
- Guys, I'm only 14 years old, please do not ... - pitifully handed girl.
The boys looked at each other.
- You said 17 - outraged one of the guys.
Daria swallowed air.
- I lied ...
One of the guys, obviously older than the others guffawed.
- I lied? Well, now you'll get for his lies in full!
The boys came from different sides of the bed, gogotun shoots Woman's face.
- Do you understand how to behave? - Angrily he asked.
Daria was crying, she was very sorry for himself.
- Yes - with a sob she managed from itself.
Click. Handcuffs released the girl's hands out of his grasp, they are now tightly squeezed two guys on either side.
Third went to Dasha and took off his jeans. In the face of the girl he was standing, smelly penis.
- Suck let what looked - a commanding voice said guy.
She had never had never sucked, only seen on the internet in the video, the girls do it.
She took in his mouth cock and slowly began to suck him.
- Hey, we're here to night are not going to hang around, suck actively whore!
Man Woman slapped across the face.
Dasha began to suck faster, trying to accommodate as much as possible. The stranger grabbed her head and started to drive a member of the girl in the throat deeper and deeper.
- Damn, but this sucks Malyavka well, despite the fact that the newcomer - with enthusiasm dropped the guy.
A couple of pushes, and the girl's mouth filled with sperm, the guy pulled.
Daria spat sperm directly on the bed, her sick.
- You Th, ohuel - man struck again by Dasha litsu.- Come lick Now!
She gave Man hating sight.
- What are you, deaf - man swung to slap new, but Daria quickly bowed his head toward the bedspread and began to lick the spit that.
She was terribly disgusting it all, tears filled her eyes again.
- So, now I - somehow childish exclaimed another man in the face and Dasha appeared already another member less than the previous one, but also excited.
Daria has already started to suck, but suddenly felt the back of someone touching her ass.
-Do not stop sucking, what are you ... - somehow even said kindly man whose penis was the face of Dasha.
She continued to suck and felt that her virgin pussy someone is trying to break. Daria closed her eyes and tried about anything not to think, suddenly experienced a wild pain, the guy who was behind, still managed to enter inside the girl's vagina.
Tears flowed from the eyes of Dasha River, when the guy became a member of the move inside pussy until it hurt.
Darya suddenly swept the numbness and indifference. She began sucking furiously and after the pain became podmahivat back to the one who was behind.
-Smotrite- on, and she likes - enthusiastically said someone.
Whoever fucking girl pussy began to peck her even more, slapping his hand on the ass.
- Good girl ... - I came the rear, and Dasha felt that someone's finger penetrates into the anus girls.
To be continued…

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Treason - the first time with a neighbor

So .. For about a week I was subconsciously thinking about changes to the guy. Before, I was afraid to do it, because I was innocent, but now everything has changed, I am no longer a virgin and no coitus I was not afraid of ..
Anyway, I decided to pick up his young neighbor. He was 25 years old, working in a large company businessman, he has a Woman 18 years. In her appearance, we can say that it is with him had nothing to do with my sosedushkoy in terms of sex. It was in my hand. Since his attention to me is quite simple.

Now move on to my next steps. I decided to pretend to be a fool. Discharge your laptop to the maximum and decided to come to the neighbor to say that something is wrong and to ask to come to me. For more drawing attention I wore a skirt shorter, thongs, T-shirt with a large cut on his chest and not pododevala bra to the breast (third size) well was illuminated. Looking at herself in the mirror, I was satisfied with their appearance. Therefore my nipples became hard and lifted her from what I began to look even more sexy.

And so the plan was conceived, and I went to a neighbor. First I rang the bell, he opened the door almost immediately, he offered to go and drunk a cup of tea. I certainly otkazalals and told about the trouble, he agreed to help, took a re-installation CD with Windows, I just smiled his naivety. The first part of the plan has been implemented. We went to my apartment. I brought the laptop beech, put it on the table. Andrew (let so called neighbor) took him, and began to incorporate, to open the drive, and did not understand what was happening, then that I decided to go to the beginning of action for seduction. I sat down next to Andryushenka, and accidentally put his hand on his knee, and began to raise it higher and higher. Meanwhile, I noticed a stir in his pants, looked into his eyes, took a new laptop, put it on the floor, and eagerly dug his lips in his mouth. He reciprocated, we kissed for about five minutes, then he started to touch my breasts and took me a T-shirt, apparently he was very surprised. When I found under her bra. But I continued to touch on, climbed rkoy under her skirt, pulled the rope panties and started to rub my clit. In the meantime, I have all flowed. Without becoming teryat. time for nothing, I pulled away from my lips sosedushki, and sank to his knees on the floor. unbuttoned jeans and a belt on his pants, I took his cock and began gently nadrachivat. He moaned a little. Then I took his buddy's mouth, neatly licked, kissed, head, testicles, and started sucking like a real whore in porn movies. That swallowing cock completely, then licked the head only, nadrachivat, delayed the testicles, soon my Andryushenka took me by the neck and began to rigidly stick to your dick, he had actually fucked me in the mouth. Then I felt a surge, it's - that's over ... Pulling his cock out of my mouth, my partner sent it to me on the face and richly finished right stream. I like it.

Then I told him that I wanted him to fuck me in all holes, he did not stand on ceremony with me, put me cancer, took off her panties, spread my labia and put his dignity. Startled, I screamed. At first he did everything gently, but soon fucked me as the last thing, and I loved it. I finished twice, or even three as long as pochuvstovat pulsation at the vagina. Andrew finished with me. And would collapse exhausted. But in me, if not strange, it was still a lot of energy and I wanted more and more. Andrew spent without power for about 15 minutes, then walked away, I told him that I want more, she took a pose of cancer, while Andrew began to insert dick in my ass. First oscheschenie was not very pleasant, I screamed in pain, but vsore accustomed and started getting buzz, anal orgasm was much steeper than vaginal. This I have not experienced once in my life.

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The daughter of my boss

She always liked me. I will say even more - I sometimes masturbate to thoughts of her. I did not know how old she was, but I think 20 years exactly. She has been dancing and sports figure and she was good. With what pleasure I would like to fuck her in the ass, I have licked her pussy. She always looked at me slightly down, as if I was not worthy of her. And because of this I wanted to prove that I'm a man. I was determined that one day she will moan with my caresses.
On that day, I had to stay in the office, because the work was too much. I did not notice that she - the daughter of my boss came into the office and sat down on the edge of the table. Seeing that I did not notice, she came to me and bent down so that I could see all the details of her underwear. I decided to stay a little "macho" and to show that I was not so easy and interest and excite. She went to the stereo and turned on the light music.
- What are you doing? - I asked - I have a lot of work, and you are a little distracting me.
- Maybe I want you to pay attention to me, - she smiled.
- I always pay attention to you, and now I can not because I'm busy.
She considered it a challenge and slowly began to dance to the music. Easy movement of her hips, and I realized that I was missing. I wanted to tear off her clothes, bend her over the sofa and show what happens to those who offend. But I sat and pretended to be me, it will not start. She slowly walked up to me and took off her blouse. She had perfect breasts. I waited in anticipation of what she will do next? She began to slowly take off jeans. I held my breath - it was without underwear. I had 2 choices: sit and pretend that I was gay and I'm all does not excite or go to the bath, take oil and fuck her on the eggs.
I stood up, walked past her, went into the bath and took oil. Approaching her, I turned her face to the wall and said:
- Do you have the courage to seduce me, knowing that I'm crazy about you. Now I fuck you in your lovely ass and I do not care whether you like it or not. She tried to turn around to face me, but I poured a little oil on his cock and dripped lightly on her that she was not hurt so much if it was the first time.
- It is not necessary, but not in the ass.
- And why not there? - I was surprised.
- Because I have it small and resilient and I do not want to stretch it.
When thinking about the elastic ass inside, I was even more excited.
- All once there the first time. I bent her and spread her legs. Slowly I began to enter into it. She was very resilient. She moaned and I gently licked her finger and began to caress her clitoris easily. She arched her ass at me, allowing me to enter more deeply. I tried to move gently, one hand caressing her pussy. She moaned harder and put her hands on the wall.
- Come into me deeper, I want to feel you completely. I put her on all fours and started pounding his cock in her ass. She quickly caught the rhythm and began to moan more. I continued to fuck her while stroking her clitoris. I felt that she was close to orgasm. A couple of strong aftershocks, and together we came to the finish line.
I held her close and whispered in his ear:
- Next time, do not try to seduce me because I lick you till the last drop.
She smiled playfully.

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My summer fantasy

Summer ocean breeze lazily blew through the open window. The air was wet and sticky. The night was hot and the night promised to be no less hot. Two cold shower brought only temporary relief. Open windows, light drafts everywhere and my hot body that required coolness.
I went to the window. In the sky, here and there, we view the stars. On the contrary, I saw a man who lived in the house only a week ago. At a meeting with him, I immediately became wet. My body is very much echoed even smell it. His full lips causes the brain to think about all the places where his tongue could walk. I felt a drop of moisture dripping down my inner thigh. My hand went down.
The man on the other hand went to the window and closed it - it had air conditioning. Looking at me, he slowly licked the condensation droplets on his glass. It seemed to me that the heater is included in the room. I went to the sink to somehow cool.
The knock on the door. I opened the door - he was standing on the threshold - a man from the apartment across the street.
- Hot night, do not you? - His eyes slid over my body.
- I agree, the night did not sleep. - I can easily licked her lips.
- I thought maybe you could keep me company in eating ice cream?
I imagined how cold ice will slide on my hot body and my nipples harden.
- Come on, try your ice cream.
I took a spoon and easy otkovyrnula piece of ice cream.
- You tighten nipples. Are you cold? - A man, apparently, decided to seduce me long and hard.
- I eat ice cream - I smiled - but for a moment, I imagined that a drop of cream on my nipple.
- Like this? - He put a small piece of ice cream on my chest and started to see how quickly it melts. A second later, the tip of his tongue, slowly licking ice cream with my nipple, tracing the circles on it.
I pulled out a moan of pleasure. He looked at me and smiled lazily:
- And you sweet.
A second later I felt his tongue playing with my second nipple. Cold ice cream and hot tongue drove me crazy. I hardly stood on his knees gave way caresses. He placed rosettes with ice cream on the table and put me next to the ice cream.
- I want to try ice cream with you.
- Yes, but you already eat ice cream with me.
- Not really, I want to try with your "girls" to be my plate. You're wet enough?
I had no time to answer, felt the tip of his finger, slowly encircles the vagina. Lusk was so exquisite that I grabbed his arm and moaned.
- Hush, honey, I just started. He quickly bent down, he licked his thumb, and slowly began to massage my clit, teasing my vagina. I arched from a sharp pleasure. A moment later he felt he Palchikov drain my juices and sat down with ice cream. I froze in anticipation. He put a little bit of ice cream just above my clit, and waited until it melts. A second later, I felt a cold trickle of ice cream and its language. Feelings were so amazing that I strongly spread her legs to give him the maximum space. Cool, slightly sticky liquid, it slightly rough reed and warm breath ... I was close to orgasm, but could not reach it. He seemed to read my thoughts, gently entered a finger into the vagina and found my point G. I screamed and arched. He began to suck my clit while stroking my erogenous point. My hips went up to the beat of his affection, and his hand clutching my head to the "girl." The orgasm was so strong that for a moment I lost consciousness. When he awoke, I found that my finger is still in me. I smiled. How do I love ice cream.

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Who was that?!

"Do you want to play ? Do you want to? "- He repeated in a trembling voice Igor, lifting my legs over his shoulders and tying the headboard.
I positively mooing - gag prevented him to answer clearly. His reaction, I could only guess - blindfold tightly closed review, without missing the light and shade just flashed before my eyes. From this shadow I was well known for over 10 years.

My husband Igor has once again decided to play. He frantically fumbled with the ropes, trying to fix my legs behind his head. I played up to him, but fun with ropes and gagged I have already started to bother. You do not think anything bad. I love my husband, even though he is not perfect. One of its weaknesses - a limited imagination.
I learned a good map of all such games. Now I play the role of "recalcitrant whore" who is forced to submit to the will of the lord. He is so great that soon I should passionately moan when her husband run their slippery tongue in my pussy and violently moving backwards when it is, puffing and grunting, fuck me, stopping periodically, which would prolong the process as long as possible. In the end, he would not survive. And I feel his hot cum fills me, and a member of the wildly pulsing, advanced shiver my vagina. Then he would give me a napkin, and I will remove traces his passion to his body. Under a shower of my last drops will emerge unsatisfied lust, and again I'm an housewife, a decent hard working wife and manager on the job. And something passionate, vulgar, terrifying continue to languish in the corners of my enslaved, mutilated personality complexes.

But this time everything was different scenario. When Igor has finished fussing with cords, and proceeded to set the standard pronunciation of phrases: "slut", "I'll fuck you", "Do you want to? Slut, do you want? "- The doorbell rang, which interrupted our game.
"Well, who else pinned? - I voiced my thoughts Igor.- I'll go find out. "
His hands released my ass. As if left out of the clutches of the predator prey, she collapsed on the bed. Shadow, shorts and rustling dissatisfied wheezing, moved toward the door. There was a creak, the room was plunged into silence. Surprisingly, it was so quiet that I could hear his breathing. It grew louder and louder. The thought flashed vague desires and obscene images. Acrobatic posture in which I left Igor, I disclose all my charms. But I admired and used them only a husband, but now someone unknown wandering two meters away from me. Let the door, but I hear it, I feel it and smell lay helpless and defenseless. Thoughts were confused, the images merged, but the excitement grew.
Somewhere in the hallway footsteps, rustling. There was a pungent smell of tobacco and some cheap cologne. Men's voices, something argued. The intensity of the sound indicated that the dispute escalate. My heart was beating furiously. Com went up to her throat. Never have I felt so unprotected.

The door creaked. Steps. Closer and closer. "Uh, the familiar rustle of short - husband," flashed in my head. A heart that was ready to jump out of my chest, calmed down. I exhaled.
"I asked you to put the car on the handbrake, - releasing my mouth and shouted Igor - that is not clear? Lever between the seats? ".
From an unexpected role reversal, I was confused and did not find a decent answer whispered apologetically, "Sorry!".
"Sorry, what? - More aggressively continued Igor - For the third time, but how long can you? How do you teach? Making the most work? Maybe if you fuck the crowd, you remember? "- She continued to fill my husband insults.
I gradually came to and tried to object. "Untie me, now I will talk to them and decide everything" - trying to defuse the situation, I suggested. But the man continued to pour on me reproaches and accusations. I tried to escape, but this time the ropes were tightened tight.
"Quickly untie me - I demanded a threatening tone.
But the answer was unusual - the husband returned the gag in place and slapped me on the ass so hard that the buttocks are drained. I have something else calling the kettle black, nozzles, I tried to resist, but to no avail. Igor left the room, slamming the door.
Again silence. Behind the door, some noises, whispers and draft. "Oh, no," - flashed through my mind - "draft, then the door was not closed, and I was right in front of the door, to show off their charms." Heart pounding again. The blood rushed to his head. The blush of shame broke over his face, slid over his chest to the abdomen, then the thighs made it to the clitoris and forced him to swell. Sounds close, and it seemed right next to me someone is a stranger said, "Well, Igor, go look at yourself, why would I lie to you!".

Next steps and noises again. I snapped the lock our front door. "Uh, gone" - I thought and tried to smile, but the gag was cutting my lips, not allowing open his mouth.
Everything was quiet, except for unfamiliar smells continues to excite my heart, returning to the banal fantasies. My solace was interrupted a sharp sound that came from the corridor. Something is broken and debris, scraping tiles scattered on the kitchen.
"Oh, Lord, I am not alone in the apartment - all spun in my head - Igor has left me with a stranger?". My thoughts were interrupted by the creaking of the door. Linoleum rustling - "means that someone is heavier than her husband entered the room," I thought.
The room was filled with the smell of tobacco. A large shadow hanging over me. I'm lurking, trying not to breathe or move. The sound of the belt and unzips his fly made me perk up. I mumbled, almost legible: "Who's there?" But there was no answer, just the burning breath burned my thighs and ran through the vagina, the solution between the buttocks.
Heat and awe took possession of my body. I tried to move my ass and legs to close, but the thigh slid against each other and parted helplessly toward wider. Some vulgar and depraved in the depths of my being started up its slippery saliva and now they trickled out of my vagina. So they ran a drop on the lips and slipped on the buttocks.
Again I felt the stranger's breath between her legs. He was barely touching me with his mouth, I examined my holes. I inhale my scent. I enjoyed my helplessness and looked where he wanted, without asking permission. Wherever not allowed even to approach my husband.
I felt the heat and pressure between the buttocks. The head of his throbbing cock easily broke through the defense of my two halves and intruded inside, but only looked back, stopping at the entrance.

"Oh no, do not go there - I whispered to no avail - that anything but that." The stranger could not hear, much less make out my requests, but obviously caught the general mood. penis freed virgin anus and sharply accompanied by juicy sound entered into the vagina. I did not have time to understand and prepare for new sensations. Everything is in motion - I, he, and all around. His penis safely and without intelligence penetrated into such distant corners of my feminine nature, which had not previously been no one whose existence I had not suspected. He did not spare me. Each time invaded deeper and deeper, and was moving faster and faster. His balls as the core, with a long siege, violently beaten on my buttocks. The head of a ruthless male periodically flew out of the vagina, but quickly found a way back, filling it with its power and warmth. I tried to compress the lips to leave a member of a longer and enjoy his passion. But it is fully owned by the situation and chose to break out into the open, and then under the "singing" of the vagina and my moans come back. Hands of a stranger, like a tiger's claws dug into my ass and guided her toward his fangs. And he tore my flesh, scratching and biting labia, roared somewhere inside, and again breaks out enjoying my juices ...
Oh, how I was groaning, his teeth tearing gag choked with saliva, nozzles, growling, praying that he would have continued. And he did not stop not for a moment, for a moment. It seemed, his penis became larger and larger. And it fills me full. Everything inside me was filled with its heat. It has penetrated into every corner of me, every cell, every atom. All trembled. All spun: shadows, thoughts, sounds, smells ...
While I was wandering in the maze of bliss, the stranger, panting, slid off the bed and quickly left the room. In the corridor, something thundered and then clanged the front door. I managed to get rid of their shackles. When I took off the bandage has nothing to remind one of the recent madness. Only a drop of sperm which dripped profusely from my vagina, argued that it was a reality, not fantasy.

By the time my husband, I removed all traces of their crimes, and met him, coming out of the bath. He was in a good mood.
"Imagine, we agreed with those guys! - Igor, stunned me. - It's okay, and the traffic will not cause and forgive us all. Well, you have me happy "- smiling, he concluded.
"Or maybe it was her husband - flashed through my mind and I blurted out:
"So it was you?".
"What? Where I am? "- Igor interrupted me.
I did not continue the conversation, fearing its results and consequences. Now, when we remember that day, the husband, somehow smiling, but also the man who parked next to, somehow lascivious looks at me. Since then, it took almost two years and I did not know who it was.

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The clock on the wall ticked away in silence. I sat at the head table and thought. The first major meeting. Soon there will be a bunch of foreign colleagues. At stake is a lot of contracts and big money. The knock on the door.
- Come in.
- Mr. Smith, begin to converge our foreign colleagues. I invite them?
- Yes, of course, Beth, let them go. I did not like the name of his secretary. Fortunately, it was only there that I did not like. It haunted me all my sexual fantasies every night. I took her in all positions and all ... but now I need to calm down and think about things. I turned to the window and looked at the horizon. I turned and smiled at the men, who began to sit down at the table.
Sitting at the table, I pulled a chair close to the table and started to say his welcome speech, as here, I felt that my undo his pants. For a moment, I flashed a surprise on my face. All around the table were occupied by people who value their time and I could not just stand up, apologize and leave. I decided to continue the meeting.
- Colleagues, I have called you here in order to talk about the problems that we have gathered for the last time. But first, let me turn on relaxing music. I hope no one is against?
All expressed their agreement, and I slightly feel better. I was hoping that they would not hear some sounds that will be heard from under the table. Someone warm fingers gently removed my cock out of his trousers and began stroking it. I was not a virgin and I had sex, but this situation is very excited me. I had sex, but I do not remember when I had a blowjob.
- Our company has opened several new offices in New York. God ..., - the last word I slipped suddenly as warm mouth under the table covered my cock. The tongue began circling over my head. - I'm sorry, I love my job, so it is always very emotionally perceive any progress on this front. I barely closed his eyes, enjoying the movements of the tongue up and down his cock. I decided that I needed to give the floor to someone else, and to enjoy the blowjob.
- Lord, tell me about the success of your company?
One of the men began to talk, and I relaxed a little. I felt a light movement of the hand on his penis and his teeth with pleasure. Saliva was enough and I felt as if I fuck someone's wet pussy. The tongue caressed me mixed up with light biting teeth. I almost groaned as my cock began to gently suck. The situation is complicated by the fact that I have something to ask, and I do not even heard the question. I had to answer, but the mouth under the table became more and more insistent.
- I think ... we should ... hold off on selling. I felt I have 2 hands, tongue and deep kissing. - At this point ... the market is not very good. I stopped to catch the meaning of what I say, but I felt very good deep throating, which I did. I was on the limit, but tried to extend this "flour" to the end.
- I hope to God ... - I felt that will soon be over, and the mouth under the table knew it, because deep kissing switched to sucking. Several powerful movements of the mouth, and I exploded.
I did not care what they thought about me, my foreign colleagues. I leaned back in his seat, and after a few seconds I saw the smiling face of his secretary Beth.

  • 80

Pitsunda, or Serge, Grey, Seryozhenka

How short human life ... What a 70 years ... The last years (old age) - a - infirmity, illness, slow death ...
Active, active life - even shorter on average - 60 years. A full sex life and even less ...
As complex and contradictory human nature. I mean, first of all, men. As complex and contradictory human sexuality ... I mean men and, above all, we have, gay ...
I am - Bisexual. He was twice married, raised a son. But the older I got, the more life experience gained, so I no longer become "pure" gay.
Sex - one of the pillars that constitute the essence of man. In my life - he is one of the main priorities. I did not chose a sex as the main dominant. Nature herself has determined it to me. I'm obsessed, horny and insatiable. That just was not in my sexual practice, almost all (except gimp and dressing in lingerie) - from the dirty toilet sex and unbridled Group, dedicated to the most unconditional love.
This does not mean that except for sex in my life did not have other priorities. I am a sportsman. Master of Sport. A little bit, so to speak, in this case, a poet, musician, singer. I prepared and published several books, written lyrical cycle of poems about love (love of blue), released a music album of the 4 CDs with songs (including copyright) and musical compositions ...
He was engaged in serious photography. He traveled a lot, and in the former Union and abroad (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, France, Croatia).
Kak-to, at their leisure, "flipping" pages in memory lived life and love affairs (and there were a lot of me, even scared to call the approximate number of contacts), I suddenly remembered a long history, rocked me now again so that I lost peace ... The memories began to persecute me, do not let go for a minute. And I realized that they do not cease to torment me until I have poured out soul, do not share with you.

* * *

I once again came to rest in Sochi. Even then, I've heard many good things about Pitsunda, but never to not choose. At this time, he persuaded his lover Sochi "to bring their" me Pitsundu to ensure its virtues. And I do not regret. Fabulous place - the pearl of the Black Sea coast: endless pebbly and sandy beaches, relatively small numbers of tourists (compared to Sochi), the extraordinary beauty of landscapes, relict pine forest, special, blessed climate, crystal clear waters, and the ability to swim and sunbathe naked (the dream of my life), silence (no railroad or highways) - captivated me immediately.
My lover Sochi offered to go on a short journey from the Cape - in the third gorge (more precisely, for the 3rd gorge) - absolutely wild remote places.
"The Road" took the hour and a half ...
After the last village at the fish factory, thirty minutes stomping, way - virtually none. High rocky plumb lines come close to the sea. Small waves cover a narrow sandy strip below the wall with a heap of stones, on which it is necessary to run at the time of withdrawal of the wave meter 10 - 15 before the next wave nezalivaemogo "Piglet". And so, many times. Even in a small storm in the 2 - 3 points, to go - it is impossible.
Long road with such adventures was my joy.
Finally, it came to the first gorge - here mountains receded, revealing a small space - a clearing with a small rivulet, which pitched its camp tourists. We went on ... Again, from time to time, vertical rocks overlap path ... In some places, have to go for the knee or waist deep in water, holding luggage above head.
Here and second valley that is similar to the first. And again - tented tourist camp.
Without stopping, we continued our way. After overcoming several similar water obstacles, we go out to the spacious sandy beach (for the third ravine), a length of 200 meters - 300 here - not a single person. Feeling - Lost Island ... fabulous: a high steep rock walls, abutting base
in the sand, some stubborn saplings, fixed on the small shelves in the cliffs, the emerald clear sea!
We dump the melting and sold themselves, why they came here ...
But it's not about that ...
Back in Sochi, I have no compunction, gathering their belongings, said goodbye to her lover, with Sochi, with its bustling life, with crowds of people to, in canteens beaches and kafushkah, with bathing in dirty water - a mixture of sweat and urine of hundreds and thousands of tourists with their sexual adventures, which, as I knew, would not be in Pitsunda.
In any case, the chances immeasurably less. However, in this, I made a mistake ...
I got a job very well have a granny next to the main avenue. Small well appointed room in a shed with separate entrance leading out to the garden ... The nearest beach - 10 minutes, next to tennis courts and dining room - cafe.
Having examined the clothes and dressed, I went to the beach. Left - behind the pines - the lighthouse, and behind it the tallest tower hotels on the Cape Pitsunda. Right - endless beach and the adjacent forest.
What a lazy vacationers. All huddled at the outlet mall in the main beach area. Just some kind of breeding ground of human bodies.
On the right - the farther away, the less light.
My path - the right to a nudist beach. It's kind of about a kilometer, but for me this trip - a pleasure. The beach was not far from recreation filmmakers. On the way a lot of the vast uninhabited areas.
And here is "my" beach ... Usual bare ass, tits and pipiski different sizes.
Motley audience ... I spread litter, undressed and - in the sea ...
What a bliss - to swim and sunbathe naked .. Water - a miracle! What a thrill - to swim in the sea and sunbathing naked! What a feeling of freedom, unity with nature, getting rid of complexes!
Nakupavshis is placed on the mat. I look around the surrounding bare and not quite bare audience ... And there are so many temptations ...
Then I began to walk along the beach and take pictures of interesting stories.
Soon he saw approaching three girls with tennis rackets. An excellent opportunity to explore. We talked. I offered my services as a coach and sparring partner. Of course, free of charge. Girls gladly agreed. One of them was called Marina, which is clearly laid eyes on me. I was consistency.
In the morning we met at the courts, hour and a half to play. My partner went to the beach, and I went home to change clothes and take a portable tape recorder. And then suddenly came the idea to fool around, to arrange a demonstration on a bare beach strip to the music. In those years, in our country of no striptease and out of the question. I pinned the pile of clothes, to have something to shoot: thongs, trunks, sports pants, shorts, sweatpants, and on top - T-shirt, and the shirt from the suit.
Arriving at the beach, I spread a rug and turned on the recorder. Under the incendiary lyrics of my favorite Tom Jones, I started to undress, dancing.
The first sounds of music made with displeasure neighbors turn on my person, they say, that blockhead, dude came and broke our peace ... But, realizing that all is waiting for some erotic spectacle, began to look closely.
I'm remembering "pa" of American film "Striptease about - la - la", which a year earlier looked in the Austrian capital, he tried to reproduce something similar ... Finally, it came down to his underpants. I then lower a little pants, exposing the upper part of the buttocks, the front bared his lower abdomen with the pubic hair, the back was covered ...
I infected the audience. Someone cheered, she cried out: "Come on, more boldly, do not be shy!".
Decisive motion I lowered panties under your buttocks, where they "hang". There was a sigh of disappointment: underneath the audience saw thong ... Lightly pushing and squeezing my knees, I made the pants slowly slide down. When they fell to the feet, I have an elegant movement pushed them aside and took up thong. After some teasing manipulation, the audience brought my not so modest in size genitals, swaying movements of the dance.
Applause and cheers, like, "Oh - oh - oh!" or "Bravo!" ...
Freed from the last cover, I have done a handstand, splay and legs, then back flips and the splits, what led the audience in raptures.
I had a unique ability - the power of imagination and the ultimate concentration of the mind without the aid of hands I could "make" a member of the rise ... Now for me, and the hour of the "X".
Physiologically, erection mechanism is simple enough: mental and emotional excitement of the visual perception of real images (images seen sex, porn photos and videos), sexual sounds or sexual thoughts, leads to a rapid rush of blood to the penis. As a result - erection.
Applause and cheers replica spectators who accompanied my striptease, strip herself naked treatment for boys and girls, they gave me the adrenaline needed for the final part of the presentation. After a few erotic gestures to dangle from side to side slightly to institute member, I turned off the tape recorder, took a towel, looked around the crowd of onlookers gathered and spoke:
- Death Defying ... Nervous and pregnant ... Please ask to move 2 minutes of silence ...
Towel stretched across, I closed my "farm" and closed his eyes, giving up the surrounding reality ... All my will, mental emotional and sexy - everything was very mobilized. I submitted one picture (which - I will not say this is my secret), which has always led me to the desired result ... Soon I felt very excited and emerged reaction. Then, I let go of the edge of towels, which is on the hanger, hung on my standing member.
Probably, many were shocked by what they saw on the one hand - except towels can not see anything. On the other - it is the same for hanging something? Someone, probably considered this for a clever trick. The more experienced and far-sighted understand what was going on.
In dead silence, I turned away from the audience and to the sea, throwing a towel, a running dive into the clear depths of the sea ...
I slowly drifted forward ... I had to calm down, reset limit mental stress that is required to demonstrate the "numbers".
Staying meters in 50 from the beach, I turned to the beach and saw a strange sight - sunbathing on the beach in turmoil pulled the trunks and swimsuits, and on both sides of the nude beach were approaching a row of eight guys in identical white shirts: four - one and four side - on the other.
I was trying to understand what is happening ... Amid this turmoil, I see two little girls in bathing suits went into the sea and swim in my direction. Approaching one of the girls (it was the Marina), without stopping, he gave me something in the water.
- Keep ... This is - your swimming trunks. There vigilantes. To deal with those who did not have to hide behind. Those two, that the water - probably waiting for you ...
- Thank you, sweetheart. You are my savior. I - owe you.
The girls turned and swam to shore. I somehow pulled melting for some time kept afloat in one place, and then moved slowly towards the shore.
I think to myself, what a blessing that I was able to complete his striptease before the arrival of these young men. What would happen if ... However, "We all walk under God, with God beneath the side." This line from a poem remarkable poet Boris Slutsky.
While I do not hurry, I swam to the shore, one of the "guardians of order" not left waiting. "Well, I think, to play with you" druzhinichek. "He began to scroll through the script of his exit to the beach. At first, I decided that posing as a moron, a semi-invalid, but then realized that my physical invoice enters the glaring contradiction with the invented" way "and it will be easily exposed.
I swam in the shallow water and stood, leaning his hands into the bottom.
- Well, that naplavatsya? - "Combatant" maliciously grinning.
- In ... in ... you ... ... mmmme MME nnnya ... ... LJ ... first of those? ..
- Yes, yes ... you ... Get out!
- Nnnooo I nnne sssovvvvs eeem deeet oooo ...
- Do not worry, we will put you - pointedly summarized combatant.
- Mmm-aa-Riina! Bbbbros mmmne is in lotttentse!
- No towels! - He snapped the hunter for nudists and deftly caught the flying to me a towel.
His face reappeared victorious smile.
- Nnnuu, lllaaaddno Vvvy ... ... ... ppoobbedddili
I stood up to his full height, with pleasure watching with face peace officer slipped a smug smile at the sight of my heats.
Enraged by the fact that it held my counterpart after several rude remarks, retired under the friendly laughter sunbathing ...
When he was out of sight, I, with hoots, like the cry of the American Indian, took off his swimming trunks and waving them above his head, said:
- Long live freedom! Hurrah-ah! ..
Under the laughter and applause (all realized that my stuttering - the purest lottery) I bowed theatrically before a friendly audience and completed the whole picture handstand.
The victory - a victory, but there were "victims": 9 people who did not have time to get dressed, the bonehead taken to the police. You can imagine how many humiliations he had to endure ... Then there was talk that the local authorities sent in the workplace "guilty" letter with acknowledgment of past immoral behavior at the resort ... So in those years, the "power" fought with supporters of nudism. Today it seems to be just wild, but then it was a matter of course. "Oh the times, oh, like."
Needless to say that after this story, I became everyone's favorite permanent inhabitants of the beach. Many at the event approached, expressing his admiration for the way I "had" retainers and my striptease ... And not all disinterested. Some have tried to have "acquaintance" with clear goals for me. But the girls I was quite indifferent, although with Marina - my savior - converged: I played with her on the morning of tennis, and in the middle of the day, we went to the beach, in the woods, where I fucked her, thinking about the guy ...
On the men's part of my fans, I have been actively developed relations. His "victims", the fact that I was very interested (straights), I offered to take part in an erotic photo shoot ... I had a cool camera, "the Polaroid", which I bought abroad. He gave a photographic print immediately after the shooting, and had a timer that can "hold" shooting for a minute and twice within 30 seconds to give the next pictures. During this time, you can take this or that position (including sex with a partner or partner). I did the photos and "hidden camera", suddenly the object, and in some cases, naughty moments. Then he gave the photo to my interest in the subject. Tie a conversation, then, should offer pofotkatsya. We went into the woods ... There I found the perfect place: a tiny clearing surrounded by tall thick bushes, someone once pritaschennoy bench and sunbed.
I did shoot from different angles. We searched for pictures, making repeated. Then, I offered my chosen one to play in an excited state. And after that, the problems of sexual advances was left ...
As an example, I will tell about his first "victim" ... She "became" Igor, a very nice guy. It lights up next to me. Skater, strong, with a cool ass. I sfotkal his lying ass up. The noise of the camera, which issued an imprint, a guy turned around. I showed him the picture. We met. Igor gladly accepted the erotic photo shoot. I dragged him into the forest. In the end, I managed to get away from it all, I would like that we fucked each other. However, in his ass, I realized I was not the first ...
One more example. Peter - 100 percent, "middle", which is very much, as I noticed after my striptease "staring" at me. Good, courageous male species with a large member. While he was standing knee-deep in the sea, "staring" I sfotkal it. We met.
By this time, Marina and her friends left the beach, and I decided to bring up the desired "condition" of Peter. I asked him how to do my erotic images. Very much it has fallen to me to taste. I suggested to Peter to step aside away from the public. There he sfotkal me in very provocative poses, and that it "has brought." Then Peter talked to continuing erotic "photo shoot" in the forest. She led him to the "point." I felt like Peter after my public "strip", the victory over the raid "vigilantes" and erotic filming can take your bare hands. He's ready. I had nothing to lose. I asked him to take a picture in my more than outspoken views. First of all, I once again demonstrated its "focus" with an erection without the aid of hands that made a lasting impression on Peter.
In Peter from what he saw, too, a member of the rose without battering. I finished the "session" with a demonstration of super-flexible samootsosom (without orgasm), which he ohuel (another word I can not pick up). After that, I sfotkal Peter with an excited member under heat. It was very impressive photo. But this was only the beginning ... And then - I did Peter chic blowjob ... he finally ohuel.
It ended after a short rest by the fact that Peter I fucked cool. Fuck three times. Stud, it is necessary ... And no philosophical or moral (mental) problems arose Peter, despite the fact that he is a true "middle". He's just doing his man's business, what he wanted and liked.
I should add that a few more times with Peter for a week, we went to such "photo shoot", performing "program" 150 percent.
On the same day, by the evening, looking vacationers crossed my mind to a close and careful eye of another nice guy, sunbathing surrounded by three naked girls. The girls were dozing, and the guy was lying, leaning on his elbow, and looked at me with obvious interest. I brazenly stared at him in the eye, why is my "tail" suddenly came to life and began to rise and rise ... and I famously winked guy, and, continuing to look him in the eye, rather symbolically "covering" their risen "economy" hand defiantly and widely licked his lips tongue. Gesture - a very significant and it is clear to you and me. This is a direct allusion to the desire oral intimacy.
The guy (we later learned his name was Victor) is also realized. He blushed and hurried to look away. But his "sausage" all too well understood, and quickly began to rise ... Victor was forced to sit cross-legged, and to conceal his excitement. In his misfortune, to the side, where he fixed his gaze withdrawn, his eyes came upon a very erotic scene: a few meters away from him, legs wide apart and bent over the letter "G" was a guy trying to straighten the rug. His point of posture with legs wide apart "looked" directly to Victor. And between the legs, under the cool pursed scrotum dangled a very decent length and volume of the member ...
Had fallen "tail" Victor was again put on weight and get up.
I took out a camera and took a picture, which depicted his erection. Victor turned. Once again, I winked at him, waved a photograph, they say, here in my hands an interesting photo-document relating to his person. Do you wanna take a look? Here, take it...
After a while, he got up and went. We met. I invited him to sit down, held out a photo, saying that he is very photogenic, and invited him to make an erotic photo shoot in the woods. After a brief hesitation, he agreed and began to question me about my "Focus" with towel, all inquiring, as I got ...
I replied that if he wanted to see it "live", I'll show him, and will reveal the "secret" in the forest. In short, I was intrigued by Man. We agreed that for conspiracy, I am one sent to the forest, and he, after 10 minutes, will "walk." We thus make a reservation, where he met specifically.
Victor returned to his seat, and I, having taken the necessary accessories for a photo shoot and sex (litter, camera, condoms and lubricant), making a detour to the side, to cover their "footprints", he ducked into the woods.
Soon, the guy appeared at the appointed place, dressed in swimming trunks (I left naked).
I brought a new friend on the "my" place and asked to strip.
- What for?
- Well, we - at a disadvantage, I - naked, and you - in the trunks ... Or are you afraid of? Although, well, look so ...
I stared into his swimming trunks under which Bouguereau that soon I will be a pleasure to suck, bringing the guy to such condition, when he "will go to the roof," and then ... persuade him to ensure that he fucked me ...
He did not have to wait. My "best friend" knew what was required of him, and began to climb steeply. Sulkily foreskin of my penis it has become closely under the skin on the foreskin. She shamelessly climbed out.
I've seen in a bathing suit Victor began to occur metamorphosis. Man, embarrassed, trying to cover up their violent reaction to his hand.
I laughed softly.
- Well, what are you hiding ITS? This is a normal reaction of a healthy person.
And while Victor was thinking what to do, I squatted in front of the guy cheekily pulled melting with protruding member.
- What a handsome man ...
I am not without some, though not very intelligible resistance, clasped fingers member Igor, squeezing it slightly. Then, firmly he removed his hands, who tried to hinder my further actions, and my hot plowshare swallowed a strong trunk ...
Trying to escape from the clutches of my mouth were stopped, and after 10-15 seconds of the lips and tongue were forgotten completely. Sweet moans and startle the whole body counter the hips, hands, clutching my head, everything pointed to the fact that the guy with his "natural" beliefs capitulated.
Fifteen minutes later, I terrorized Victor, not letting him finish. I sucked, licked his balls again swallowed a member to let him in the throat, turns his back to the guy and caressed his point, and again sucked. And the "roof" the guy went ... After the next point of licking and swallowing a member, without much resistance, I introduced my finger in his point, reached the prostate and began massaging her ... There was a bestial roar, and convulsively twitching all over, man It began spewing hot jet of my throat ...
Then, when we came to, I asked, did you, his maid blowjob.
- Heaven and earth, nothing like I have not felt - the answer was that I was quite satisfied.
I had to "recruit" enlightening conversation regarding the diversity of sexual pleasure. Man liberated, we even kissed each other passionately.
And then - a photo session, which ended in a cool trachoma. He tore me by the upper class.
Practically every day I sucked or was given to "straights" and some and fucked. The funny thing is that many of them on the beach waiting for them close girlfriends or mistresses ...
I have accumulated a considerable photo archive these photo shoots, completes know what. In the original version of my story is illustrated by a large number of stunned photos with candid comments. Some of them I placed on relevant sites, in particular, to "cruising areas".
My vacation was coming to an end ...
Once again, I "took off" naturalization (Cyril), went with him into the forest to the "photo shoot". I was, as always, naked, Cyril - in batches. On the approach chosen by a "pronoun" me, I saw two lads behind the bushes, wanker its members. I was wildly excited. My cock instantly rose. We have not seen the kid.
Referring to the need to pee, I asked Cyril to go forward along the path to a small clearing with a powerful stump. I'll catch up with him. Sam decided to talk with the boys. Kirill went ahead, unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, under his foot cracked broken branch. The boys immediately hid their "toys" and anxiously looked at me and my risen member. I'm making a few movements and masturbating proimitirovav hips and pelvis frictions, gave them a sign, they say, go for us and you will see a lot of interesting ...
Having caught up with, departed ahead of Cyril, I led him to the "point." After a few erotic pictures that "brought" Man, I was engaged in for what has come here ...
I saw boys, hiding behind the nearest bushes, and demonstrated his art for their "love." I Oral Man slowly (about 15 minutes), with pauses, when he felt that the approaching "finish", and tried to bring my partner to a state where he will go to the "roof". And I got it. Cyril shook convulsively in an insane orgasm, making some growling animal noises ...
After the procedure, Cyril, barely keeping his balance, left ...
The boys continued to be buried in his hideout.
I walked over to him. I see that the boys in shorts "revolution."
- Hello ... Well, it was interesting?
Eyes guys were on my not quite opavshee "economy".
- Like? - I asked, toying with her "boyfriend."
Not waiting for an answer, he continued:
- Look closely, not looking at my cock, and order him to himself - "Stand up, stand up, stand up" ... and he gets up.
I knew what will happen. And he did not rise from teenage spell, but because guys excite me alone, that look at my "wealth" and then what I'll do to them what he likes ...
I looked at the boy's tense face, his eyes stared at my cock, and it is under this view, he began to move, quickly he began to climb, and finally looked at the sky, swaying rhythmically.
I was cynical and impudent to ugliness. Sitting side by side, he continued:
- Well, guys, want a sweet finish? I am pleased you suck. Fucking buzz word.
In response - bewildered silence.
I squeeze the hand count of boy sticking out under the shorts, then, opening his zipper and pulling them completely, releasing tremendous freedom mighty cudgel. Without further ado and ado, I start to suck this prick powerful superledentsa. Then, perching on the grass Man tipping back so that you can easily get to his point, and greedily sucks his powerful trunk.
I was burning with excitement - so long ago I do not suck dick innocent guy. My lips gently glided over the elastic elastic trunk member, and two fingers of his left hand, smeared with cream, pierced his anus, causing man howled, began massaging the prostate ...
It would be desirable to extend as long as possible is fantastic fun, but after 15 - 20 slides guy jerked by issuing a series of short sweet moans: Hot fresh young semen hit by a series of shots in my throat. I greedily drank the thick salty cum, and all in awe of unquenched passion ...
My further attempts to caress member, the boy stopped his hands. He quickly recovered and said, "I went," disappeared behind the trees ...
I understood his daze and confusion. And yet, looking vosled departed, asked sitting next:
- What is it? Anyway. Come on, Let us now your "farm".
Even without looking at the boy, I frantically began to release a cover of something no less impressive.
- That is, yes-ah ...
Before my eyes, rhythmically pulsing, twitching a great big handsome for his age.
- Well, the thing you grew. Super ... Any man would envy.
The first time I really looked into the boy's face, saw his eyes. And ... "floated", or rather, drowned ...
What a nice guy! And his eyes! Sight! My God! I am lost ... I ... fell in love. At a glance. According to the ears ...
- What's your name?
- Sergei.
- Serge ... Grey ... Seryozhenka ... - I'm with some special tenderness repeated the name in different ways, caressing Man. My whole being exulted with delight and awe of proximity and touch to this miracle.
- And you?
- Forgive me ... - Jura.
I carefully and gently touched his lips, one, two, three times ... Gently suck the supple lips, tongue penetrated into his mouth again aspirated easy ... It was the sweetest and most coveted kiss of my life ...
Kissing earrings in the neck, shoulders, strong nipples, belly, I knelt in front of Gray, and brought the case to its logical conclusion ...
I'm not in a hurry, trying to give him maximum pleasure. And it was not a demonstration of my minetnogo skills, as has happened with other ... No. I put it all in himself, his soul, all his tenderness and passion. I knew that such an insane lust stunning Gray never from anyone not get that memory of that Serge will keep for a lifetime ...
His moans, his fingers wandering frantically through my hair and shoulders, convulsive body shudder, all talk about it.
- Yu ... ure ... I ... more ... I can not ... I ... now ... Ah-ah-ah-ah ...
His fingers dug painfully into my shoulders, and his body began to beat in agony on the fantastic power of orgasm ...
Here it is - a delightful moment, the apex of happiness - powerful muscle contractions and hot jets of sweet young cum spurting throat ...
Glaring fingers on my shoulders sagged ...
I continued to caress and kiss the guy until he came to himself.
Finally, I looked in his eyes, still fogged languishing experienced.
- Are you alive? - I asked.
- I do not know.
- You feel bad?
- Fabulously.
- You have such was the case with anyone before?
- No...
- You want to say that I'm the first?
- Yes...
His hands gently stroked my hair, and enlightened opinion expressed absolute bliss.
I remembered his things, left behind on the beach.
- Gray, I'm sorry ... It is possible to call you? I need you to talk about many things. It is very necessary ... necessary ... to chat? - And get consent, continued, - Sit here three minutes, I'll get my things from the beach ... you wait? Do not run away? I beg you. You are welcome...
- I'll wait. But do not for a long time.
- I instantly.
I rushed headlong to the beach, frantically packed up and ran back into the forest ...
Serge sat, already dressed.
I spread a rug, inviting the boy to lie down beside him.
- Serge, take off your pants.
- What for?
- And you no longer want ... And then, do not honestly? I'm naked, and you ...
Gray laughed, pulling off his clothes.
- Come closer to me.
I am a passionate guy squeezed, pressed into him, leaning over him. Our members sticking to the pain abut against each other. I kissed her earrings on the lips, eyes, neck ...
Oh, what it is all fragrant, some delicious, crazy ... you can go to get to his powerful, menacing standing and swinging member, clung to his posh scrotum. Then, the boy turned his back and pressed his hot body, kissing his neck, shoulders ... My lips sank lower and lower, caressing velvet soft skin. Finally, I got to the strong buttocks. I licked and kissed them gently and passionately, his hands trying to push the rolls and reach the cherished goal.
- Sergei, please kneel. I want to kiss you there ...
The guy stood up, sticking out the ass ...
I parted buns, my tongue touched the youth of the anus, which is vibrated by touching ... I licked his tongue trying to get inside. The boy shuddered and moaned from the new and sweet sensations ...
My excitement reached its peak ...
After a few slides head of the penis up and down mezhyagodichnoy furrow, I put a buzzing your lust member to obslyunyavlennomu point each Sergei, leaning into the anus, and began to gently press ...
- Ure, please ... Do not ...
One short push clear - and my penis pierced ... to the virgin anus ... Seregi
I do not know what stopped me, please ... This boy, uttered quietly, without any strain, which continues to be available in such a position for penetration? (Grey not straightened, not pulled back). I'm sure I would not have any difficulty, or ignoring his request, either by persuasion, to achieve his ... I have repeatedly been in similar situations and have always come out of them a winner. I was able to dazzling kindness and persuasion to break the will of the partner.
But here, in millimeters, of the desired goal, I was disarmed disarm ... the fact that the guy staying in the pose, which I call "Take me," Do not pull, threw a tantrum, or scandal. So he trusted me, trust!
I spun earrings to face him, stared at his beautiful gray eyes ... and again drowned in their humble peace ...
"The sun is my dear ... you're my boy!" - Flashed in the brain. Hot wave of quivering tenderness washed over me. I looked and looked into these bottomless eyes, cupped his head of gray. I had no words, and did not want to say anything banal, but I think that my gaze back all he said, the most important thing - "! Serge .. I fell in love with you, Gray ... .. I'm in love!".
Happiness and horror came over me ... I closed my eyes, uttering a painful groan. My forehead touched his forehead ...
- Grey ... Serge ... Seryozha ... What did you do to me ...
I squeezed the boy's body in his arms so that his bones cracked ...
So we lay for a while. I came to ... carefully and gently, once a new saw, studied his face, all his dash: high steep forehead and a small scar above the left eyebrow, stunning expressive eyes framed by fluffy eyelashes, thin nose with sensual wings, down on her upper lip, lips. Beautiful juicy red lips, lips that are not able to really kiss ...
- Take me, Gray. In the ass ... Please ... I want to be with you first, who you are ...
I feverishly, as if in a fit, smeared his ass cream and with his feet, looking forward to the painful bliss ...
- Jur ... - Hesitantly said Sergei, - You will also be hurt ...
- I need it, Gray ... And you, too. Come on, darling, take me. I really want it ... with you ...
With some insane greed and impatience I waited Seregina penetration.
Here it is, a strong emphasis in the anus ... I clench the muscles by blocking the penetration ... I want a little gray man worked. I'm afraid that I even overdone, because the delicate attempts to penetrate the gray me to no avail.
- Come on, Gray. Go ahead ... Do not worry, my good ... please me ...
Grey erupted and froze, for I winced in pain ...
Oh, how painful and the pain is sweet penetrating the anus resistant! I, biting her lower lip, staring at the face of my earrings, suffering the pain and observing all the changes look in his eyes, lips ...
It is with some dismay looked at me.
I smiled at him.
- Well done ... It's all right, my good. Come on, my home ... I want you to become a man ... Give me your lips ...
Grey sucked my lips, staying real.
I groaned with happiness. I pushed his hands ass, forcing Gray to act.
- Sun ... gray ... Come on, bolder ...
Gray earned ...
Yet never in all my big anal practice, I did not reach orgasm with the release of sperm. However, in a few cases, I felt that I was on the verge of orgasm, but it was complete without it. And with Sergei, I suddenly felt that lust overwhelms my whole being, and it will come soon. I twitched, growling like an animal, from which Gray froze with fright ...
- No no! Come on, even ... More! Se-ryyy-yyy. I'll finish-at-y ... Come on! ..
I curled up on a wild orgasm shook both the current ... Under strong sperm and reduce emissions of all the muscles, providing ejaculation, including anal, under my wild op, yelled and Gray: his orgasm followed my ...
Gray fell on me exhausted. I continued pounding.
Serge tried to get out of me, but I held him in the ass.
- Do not rush. Stay in me ... you feel? .. - My anus spasmodically contracted, squeezing another strong member of the Grey.
- Yes-ah ...
- Did you like it? (Absolutely stupid question in this state).
- I almost died...
- Native ... From this do not die ...
- Jur ... And you? ..
- I, too, nearly died ... of happiness. I finished first in my life so ...
Our lips have merged in a kiss ...
Then we talked a lot. I told him about himself, asked about the earrings of his life and times. I learned that he lives with his mother and younger sister ... Father, no.
I told Gray about the nature of human sexuality and its diversity, homosexuality as a phenomenon of the outstanding (blue) figures of art, culture and science. About sex and love, and their various manifestations, on his way to having sex with women and men ... I taught Grey kiss. We tried all the options - from the gentle caresses of labial and language to hickey. He told about the erogenous zones of the man we found them at Serega. I pointed to the variety of practice oral sex in all parts of the body revealed the subtleties minetnogo art, ending the conversation consideration of the problem - anal sex ... I pointed to myself using naturally gray basic positions for anal sex. He liked best posture - "cancer" because in this position can be seen as part of the ass and is a member of, and "on-officer" (with feet on the shoulders); in this position is the deepest possible penetration and you can see the face of the stalls and kissing ...
Then, persuaded earrings photographed nude in an erection. His proposal confused, but in the end, I persuaded him.
Time has flown by. Serge hurried ...
We agreed to meet tomorrow. Come to the 3rd gorge. On a day ... It turned out that Serge - Native Pitsunda - it was not.
I vividly described the fabulousness of those places. And, most importantly, that there is - solitude ... We will be able to rest there, sunbathe and swim naked, worn on the sand with protruding members, to touch each other, fool around, and when we are overwhelmed by passion, we love each other, without ... looking back. We can not hurt anybody ...
However, I killed that day after Serge with her mother and sister leaving for a week in Sukhumi, relatives ... I - Pitsundu leave four days later ...
We stayed only one day ...
The question that I asked Grey before parting, not only did not hurt me, and led to even greater respect and affection to treat him.
- Jur ... you promise that tomorrow you will not be ... ...
He did not finish, but I realized that his care.
I hugged the boy and looking into his eyes, said:
- I will not lie. I am madly want it, Grey ... But I have nothing against your will not do. You are very dear to me. Endlessly ... Believe me, my dear. I can not lose you ... What I tell you now, I'm nobody never said ... This is not just ... Gray ... But I have to say this ... I - damn ... I'm insatiable and horny. I have been here and peresosalsya fucked with so many guys that say shame. It just so I arranged that I want to fuck. But, believe me ... It was an insatiable lust ... It passed by my heart and soul ... And then I met you ... YOU! GRAY! And this meeting turned me most. We are all familiar with - nothing ... And I think I've known for a long time ... In my life, there is no one more ... I'm in love with you. According to the ears ... I ... I love you ... Sergei ... I can not give you words how happy I am and how awful I feel what you're leaving the day after tomorrow ...
I covered his face with his hands, so that Serge did not see the oncoming tears.
Grey gently fell to me. His lips clung to my ear.
- Jur ... You're ... good. You are ... very good. I've never had a real friend ...
Gray wanted to say something else, but I grabbed him in my arms and covered his mouth with his. I could not break away from his lips.
He left.
I sat there, stunned all occurred. Roy thought and feeling agitated my mind. My God! How can I alone! How do I need a soul mate, a loved one. Grey, Grey ... You are my true happiness! ..
On the beach, I did not come back ... I hurried to the market, bought a good lamb, rice and other ingredients for pilaf. At home with the help of the hostess prepared a cool pilaf and other snacks that tomorrow'll carry in a backpack.
The night passed with little or no sleep ... All thoughts of Grey ... This was a wonderful kid who just turned to me. About our day in the 3rd valley ...
Serge appeared in time. My heart pounded with joy when I saw him from a distance ...
We moved towards the fish factory. In the backpack I was carrying, it had everything: Austrian Phoebus (primus), kitchen utensils, rice and other gear. It was not just alcohol. Firstly, I am a principled teetotaler. But most importantly, I had in mind was not under whatever plausible excuse ( "During the meeting, for friendship, for love" and so on) podpoit kid to use this to their advantage ...
I do not just achieve their goals, even when the meetings with the straight. For me it was always not only sexy, but above all, a psychological victory. It was the kind of game: to overcome the contrived "naturalism" in a guy, show that blue sex delights far more than in the straight ... A driving force of my game with straights (I hate femininity or a particular affectation so often found in blue) in addition to the reasons indicated, was searing sizzling insatiable lust, rips off the "roof", but as a rule, does not leave behind nothing but emptiness and ashes ...
And here, with Sergey - the same burning sizzling and also demolishing the "roof" feeling - uplifting to the skies and tormented soul.
I dreamed I was thirsty anal intimacy with gray, but vowed - "No". I will not allow myself any kind of violence, I will not try to persuade and convince my only and dear person.
The road to the 3rd gorge I broadly described above.
In the first Gorge tourists had gone. However, we ran into a couple of love, which is preparing to have sex. We are from the "ambush" spying for the action unfolds, and I took a few pictures. Fooling around, I pulled off his swimming trunks, and began to simulate masturbation, with oohs and ahami and orgasm. Serge at first blush, and then burst into quiet laughter ...
I jokingly asked:
- You, when spying on naked on the beach with her boyfriend, also so amusing?
Grey effaced.
- Yes, do not be shy. All boys and men, even married, from time to time engaged in this. When you really want, and no one to do that? And for the children of your age, when women are still not readily available, other solutions do not. I love to masturbate. Can masturbate to this couple? .. Joke ... we tolerate because we were waiting in front of a much more interesting fun. True? GRAY!...
We carefully walked a couple, which is already full fucked, with groans and roars ...
But in less than 100 meters as yet stumbled on the fucking cancer. Again, the camera recorded these very exciting images. Here we stayed a little longer, watching the fucking enough.
At some point, I suddenly gray, he pressed his hand to his swimming trunks and came across a strong riser.
- Wow! Are you alert? .. Be patient a little longer, soon I'll be standing in the pose of a woman, and you'll be me ...
Finally, we have the goal of our journey.
Throwing bored backpack, I quickly pulled the gray smelting, and, kneeling, swallowed his "sleeping" member embracing bare ass with his hands.
Gray was taken aback by such efficiency, but quickly recovered. Clasping my head in my hands, Sergei began to actively "to fuck" I was quickly getting up member.
I relaxed and miscalculated ...
The boy escaped from my arms and laughing, with a protruding member, bounced about ten meters, stopped in the calling position: grasping a standing member at the root, it became their waggle, obviously teasing me.
- Jur ... Do you want to? .. Catch!
I accepted with pleasure this game.
- Ah well? Well, hare, wait a minute!
With this cry, I set off after him.
We ran around the empty beach, falling, grabbing each other by sticking our sausages, escaped, running away again ... Grey
Finally, it is quite unexpected for me to takeoff jumped into the sea and swam. Kroll. How crawl! I was dumbfounded. This refined, sophisticated technology, I never expected from him. A professional would envy.
I knelt at the edge of the beach and fascinated looking at my miracle.
Gray stopped and turned snorting.
I, raising his hands to heaven, theatrical loudly exclaimed:
- Gods! This is - a future champion. Stop it. He is mine! I can not live without it! I'll die without it!
I started beating the bows, then tychas forehead in wet sand, then, again raising her face to the sky, pretending to not pay any attention to the guy. Meanwhile, I quietly watched the prankster. Gray for a while kept in place, but not to endure my long "prayer", slowly began to swim ...
I went frantic bows until, until I realized that the distance separates us is that my sudden cast into the sea with a powerful spurt, allow me to catch a "fugitive". Behind the scenes, earrings, I dug the fingers of feet deep into the wet sand, and his stamp down (get a kind of the starting blocks, as the runners), prepared for the unexpected jump in the ocean.
And suddenly ... I saw a dolphin ... ... I stood and stretched pointing finger and shouted:
- Dolphin! Dolphin!..
While Serge looked around and observed the maneuvers of marine animal, I quietly got up, went into the sea, and dived through the distance separating us, suddenly emerged, clutching the guy behind the causal space.
Gray even startled.
But we were not up to mischief. We admiringly watched the animals. Dolphin, then plunging into the abyss, then, surfacing, for some time to twist us around and soon went about their business.
I pressed the earrings to her. In response - Gray hugged my neck, gently pulled and wrapped legs around my waist. We kissed, I jerked legs to stay afloat.
Swam to shore ... On the Beach, I crawled out first and stretched around rocky outcrops.
Gray quietly crept up and covered me with his body. Its fast-curing sausage rubbed my mezhyagodichnoy furrow.
- I do not quite understand, young man, what do you want from me? - Feigned incomprehension I asked.
Grey covered suddenly surging passion with force pressed against my ass and gently kissed her neck.
- Ure, I ... I want to ...
- Highly?
- Oh-oh-ry ...
- And I want it very, very ... Bring cream ...
Gray jumped from sticking member, skipping rushed to our things and returned with a tube. All this time I delightedly admiring my favorite.
- I smear myself.
I was thrilled by the upcoming pleasure. I felt the touch of his hands. His manipulation gave me a sweet treat.
Sergei, smeared cream eve, all did not dare to get inside.
I had to give him valuable advice.
- And inside, too.
His finger gently penetrated the anus cuff that sharply squeezed his finger (I did it specifically), Gray paused, thinking that caused me pain.
- Come on, deeper ... massage the prostate.
Finger boy dived into the deep, and stared at the mound of the prostate. From massage delicious languor spread throughout the body.
- Uh-uh ... Also, my mother ... Well. Well, now let's ...
In the position of lying on his stomach, I could not see the penetration face Serega. And I so wanted to. But I decided not to change the disposition. Endured the invasion of sweet pain, I completely surrendered to his senses. This time, I did not say anything, did not advise, just quietly moaning with pleasure ...
Gray experimented himself: he is completely laid down on me, literally pushing into my back, then, "worked" rising and hovering over me, probably to see how his cock gets into my loins, then sitting, slightly rising and sinking ... He changed the pace and depth of invasion, coming from different angles ... It was something! In the course of the action itself Gray asked me to get up and stand by the letter "G", which I did.
I am glad that Serge has matured to ensure that not just as the rabbit quickly - quickly do their job, but with a sense of mature lover get the most pleasure from intimacy ... And I, from time to time, then clenched and relaxed anus, giving Grey extra sweet impulses.
Gray enough for fifteen minutes. His orgasm was crazy for power, and the latter merely pushes on with animal fury. I was scared if he will tear me something there ...
The whole process, as I said, took place in silence. And just before the "finish" I've heard so sweet to me:
- Ure Ure ... ... ure-ah-ah-ah !.
I was burning, experiencing his orgasm as his own.
- Yes, yes ... My sun, you are my dear ... ... Serezhik
I was infinitely happy.
Grey teeth bit into my shoulder. He was shaking and shivering, he groaned and moaned.
We collapsed on the sand wet with sweat. Serge and lay on me, breathing hard, sometimes, not moaning, not whining from the experience, kissing my salty sweat from the skin on the neck bitten ...
After another swim, we moved into the shade of the trees, perched at the cliff, where settled down for lunch. At dinner I "hunted" jokes on various topics. As has been happily hear him open contagious laughter.
Then he took a few shots: Grey sfotkal my erection, and I - big riser Serega.
Sated, lay down to rest ... I was lying on his back, and Gray - close to his side, his head resting on my shoulder. His fingers easily wandered around my chest, playing with my papilla. Needless to say, I'm half asleep baldel his touch and, of course, my penis was sticking.
- Jur ... And why did you get it all the time ... worth it? ..
I burst out laughing, waking from straightening.
- Gray! You - a miracle! Lord, how can I explain? ... Well .. It "sleeps" when, or fed up, having spent a "resource", or, when it is nothing or no one cares, does not excite you ... And me wildly excited your presence beside itself. And if you look at me, or caress, as of now, only the dead do not react to it. I'm clearly explained?
- I see ... So he wants me?
I sighed.
- Never mind. Over the hour and minute that we're together, I'm ready to give my life.
Serge said nothing, continuing to travel with your fingers on my stomach, descending lower.
- And did you get it ... beautiful ...
- Do you - or worse.
Seregin fingers got to my penis and began to caress it, to limit pulling the foreskin, then, closing her head, then, covering the fist solid trunk, squeezing it. Then, bastard, it was the delay of his belly and let go. My cock, like a taut string, returning to its original position, noisy belly flopping about. Gray liked this game, and he continues to play ...
I was in seventh heaven buzz.
Suddenly, he was freed from my hand, hugged him, and sat down, and I felt the touch of his tongue to the head of the penis, causing the latter jerked ... I even sat down, I passionately wanted to see (!) As Grey caressing my cock.
A few modest passages and tongue ... my cock plunged into stunningly hot wet mouth gray space. Serge started to make me a blowjob! I almost went crazy ... His first cautious and not very confident movements, gradually became more and more certain. I moaned with delight. Gray, entering into the taste, tightly clasping his lips my trunk, I glided with increasing amplitude.
- Grey ... - I groaned - I'll finish ... That you can be unpleasant ... Do you hear?
But Gray went all the active job. I'm shakin ...
- Se..ryyyyy! - I grabbed his hands in his back.
Wild sweetness orgasm blew my whole being. The powerful jet of sperm shoots into the mouth of the Grey. Serge, choking and coughing, trying to enjoy the jet ejected semen. Half poured on my stomach ...
I looked with gratitude to my beloved. His chin and lips were smeared my (!) Cum!
He looked at me apologetically.
I quietly and happily laughed.
- If you now saw himself, Serge! That's hilarious! Come to me...
I pulled the boy to him and began to lick his sperm from his face and kiss.
- Oh, Sergei, what do you wonder!
- You like it, Ure? ..
- Muddlehead! .. It was a fairy tale ...
I hugged hot earrings, eagerly kissing lips that just took my sperm.
Kiss enough enough, I thanked the Grey, stunned his classy blowjob. Under his moans and cries of the final "... Ure Ure-ah-ah-ah", which reduce me crazy, I greedily drank every drop.
After a swim, lay down on the mat.
I offered to massage his Serega. I so wanted to caress his body.
Gray agreed with pleasure and lay down on his stomach.
I love to massage boys in the bath, to feel strong muscles under velvety skin, crush them and knowing the sensitive (erogenous) space and the passage of the vagus nerve, without touching the scrotum or penis, only with the help of massage to bring guys to erections and see them embarrassed. It always gave me an incredible adrenaline rush ...
But, perhaps, for the first time, I was with pleasure stroking and massaging the body is so dear to me man ... Oh, what a tender, elastic skin young and elastic muscles. I enjoyed every touch of the infinite coveted body, no, not just the body, and to my dear creature. And like a magnet, I was drawn to the elegant gray ass, which was right before my eyes ... So beautiful, elastic, with a deep groove and mezhyagodichnoy small crack in the very depths of her ...
My cock was buzzing with excitement, and his head was spinning. Serega I massaged her back, waist, leg muscles kneaded and awesome "buns" beautiful ass ... Gray legs were slightly apart, and I think he could see his magic crack ...
I kneaded buns earrings, crushed and was shaking, spread them apart to see his little rosettes ... and ... could not resist: my lips and tongue clung to the secret place. I greedily licked earrings, trying to penetrate into the depth of the language ...
- Jur ... You promised ... - Gray, removing the neck, looked at me.
I recoiled sharply from the ass. Our eyes met. My - feverish and - quiet but penetrating through ...
- What I promised? .. - I spoke ominously. - Yes, I do not need your ass! Dick on her dirty? ..
I was horrified that said ... I could not understand why and where it came from?
I saw his eyes widened Serega. In them was a horror, confusion, shock ...
What have I done ?! What to do? How to get out of the shit, in which I myself got into? Ingratiatingly ask petitions accuse Gray is that he did not understand the rough jokes? .. No. It is not convincing ... improvisation needed to mitigate inexcusable and nothing unnecessary blow my dear Serege ...
Intuitively, I felt that we should "play performance", but so that Gray knew it.
- People ..! - I shouted in a loud voice, turning off into space. - People .. Look! Gray thinks I am encroaching on his ass! Here on this ... - I have to kind of theater. Adding to his tone clear paint acting, raspy voice and abominable continued:
- Yes, I have not seen in my entire life more obnoxious assholes! Do you think it is - ass .. you - look! It's - some pathetic, some small, some tidy, some Kripen'ka - (here I poked forefingers in Seregin buttocks, why, glutes zasokraschalis) - zhopka ... Moreover - cut deep crack on not two identical halves! ..
I ran his fingers through mezhyagodichnoy cavity from the scrotum to the sacrum.
- Here ... Left - twice more than the right ... No ... Right - two times less than the left. And if they push - (I pulled the power halves in hand) - and there we will see another crack or crack ... And there's probably a worm-eaten apple in the lives of some worm ... Ugh ..! - (I relish spat) - It's disgusting what!
I turned away from earrings, with horror and confusion waiting for the reaction ...
It turned out or not? I prayed to God to himself and himself earrings forgive my idiotic escapade, because of which could collapse ALL.
The prolonged silence was torture for me. The blood rushed to face ... The temples pounded jackhammers ... Heart seemed to pierce the chest ... I was covered in a cold sweat ... Finally, I caught behind her some stir ... I stiffened. .. As before being shot ... What's next? ..
- Jur ...
And pause for a few seconds ... I found a nightmarish eternity ...
- You're probably (pause), just (pause) poor (such a long pause that I, her eyes closed, inwardly cried - Oh, kill Cut .. .. Come on!!!) Reviewed my ass ...
I did not immediately delving into what Grey said. What did he say?
- Poorly considered for your ...
I spun around to Sergei, and the words stuck in my throat: Grey was on her knees in doggy pose, with protruding ass facing me and almost removing the neck, staring at me. In his eyes there was so much wickedness and mischief ...
"Oh my God! .. Simple! .. Do not obsessed! .. What you're clever, Gray!" - These words full of happiness beaten with a sledgehammer in my stupid head. Nervous tension eased, and I suddenly felt very weak ...
Gray continued to stand in the calling pose ...
I stared blankly for a while in his eyes, then exposed as to show, cool ass, not knowing what to do ... Then, barely standing on all fours, for a long time "staring" in the ass earrings, which was very close, and intense thought, what reaction, no action is waiting for me, Gray? Maybe it thrown over his ass, zatseluyu and encroach on her virginity? Or he "matured" to belong to me? Or a check on my "lice"? Oh, how I wanted to know what he thinks! ..
I growled beast crawled on all fours close to the ass gray (Serge still standing in its original position), a dog noisily sniff the ass from different sides, polufyrknul, poluchihnul, as do dogs, as on all fours walked earrings, found himself face to face, eye to eye. Imitating the voice Dzhigarkhanyan, spoken:
- It is a vile provocation ... ... I - a wise and strong Dzherhan, and you - the weak and the little Mowgli ... You can not fool me. Your attempt to seduce me, to seduce and be seduced by its most beautiful ass in the world, I laugh.
- Yes, no ... no ... you Dzherhan .. You ... you ... ... a cross between a cat Basilio ... and ... foxes - Alice ...
- What-oh?
We rushed at each other, interwoven into a ball, laughing and squeezing each other.
I swallow our earrings. We suddenly froze, staring eye to eye, barely taking a breath.
"Gray! .. What are you a miracle!" - I thought, drowning in his eyes.
- Sweetheart! - I clung to his lips Gray ...
We kissed passionately. Passion covered us bursting with ardor.
- Jur ... I want to ... - Serge whispered passionately.
- Yes, my dear ... I - your whole ...
I rolled over on his back, his legs opened.
Gray kissed me passionately. Oh, how sweet his lips ... And the language ... Emboldened and diving deep into my mouth.
His mighty dick rammed my stomach. But I was so anxious that he rammed me in a completely different place, I broke our never-ending kiss, more bending and pulling legs, facilitating the penetration of Grey ...
I'm passionate and hot echoed Gray, feeling absolutely fantastic delight in strength, encouraging his speech at the powerful active steps, and then, having experienced his orgasm with him, I caressed his enthusiasm ...
My voluptuous moans podmahivaniya, violent hand squeeze his buttocks, my enthusiastic cheers of his men's "work" - it was completely sincere. I was really in seventh heaven ... close
But what happened next shocked and stunned me ...
We were hugging each other, tired and incinerated passion ... I dozed off. Through the half-sleep, I felt like Serge started kissing my nipple and his hand gently massaged my penis. His tender and hot lips, kissing, going down on his stomach and lower, got to my cock, gently wrapped around it and slid down the barrel ... I through poludremu, thrilled by Seregina caresses. Suddenly, petting stopped. Serge moved, his fingers wrapped around my trunk again, at the root, and I felt that my penis head rested on something elastic and close. And that something was insistently put pressure on my riser.
I shuddered, immediately opened his eyes and saw earrings, tried to set up on my dick ...
Sharp movement of hands, I "pulled" from the member earrings, sat him down on his stomach.
- Stop! .. Grey! .. You, what is this? Crazy?!
- Jur ...
Gray fell to my face and softly in his ear (as if someone could hear him), he said:
- Jur ... ... I want to try ...
- Wanting is not harmful ... You're too hot in the sun. Come on, swim.
I tried to sit up, but Gray kept me.
- You're out, Grey crazy. Why do you? .. It can turn your whole life. In addition, it is initially very painful, terribly hurt ... Do you think that the buzz word which I received from you? Sun ... Paw ... It's my fault ... I seduced you, astray. Forgive me, dear ...
Grey covered my mouth with his hand, interrupting my soliloquy. Then, tightly pressed her cheek against my cheek again quietly whispered in my ear:
- Jur ... Do not be angry ... You ... I was not the first ...
I tried to tear off from the gray cheeks to look into his eyes, but he clung to me for dear life.
- No ... ure ... You're the first one I want to be ...
- Go on, Serge ... says it all.
I felt in some emptiness.
- Last month, there, at the beach, in the woods, one man ... I sucked and I was trying to ... I do not ... Ure was given ... I do not know what will happen next ... Suddenly I have this happen with someone else ... I want you to be the first to .. you were good to me ... I know that you need it ...
- I'm already very happy with you, Gray ...
I finally tore the earrings from his cheeks. I looked into his clear eyes, full of a strange light waves.
- I want you to be my first. Do you know why?..
- Why? - I asked in bewilderment.
- Because I love you ... ... ... ure.
Gray pressed himself into me with such force that I have something snapped in the spine ...
I gently hugged Man, barely holding back tears.
- O Lord! .. If you are ... Thank you for this miracle! ..
We have long discussed the situation ...
Needless to say, what a bitter struggle raged inside my soul. Yes, I dreamed wildly wanted to love, to enjoy fully the Grey. And terribly afraid of it ... I was afraid that the pain Serge experience in my arms, turn away from me, leave the heavy sediment frustration, negativity. And most importantly, how it will affect his entire future life ...
- Grey ... After all, I'm leaving soon ... In the whole year ... You're not in a hurry? .. Maybe postpone for a year all this? ..
But Gray stared like a bull ... I could not resist his persistent persuasion. In the end, I gave up with the confusion in the soul ... a long time preparing the ass gray for this important step ... I have an incredible passion and tenderness licking crack Man, now completely available, my ass ... Long oiled threshold, cautiously introduced finger, responsive to the slightest flinch lad and reduction of muscles of the anus ... My finger slowly Toril stride, reached the prostate and began massaging it gently.
Gray shuddered, groaning ...
I have disabled the finger, giving him rest, and then slowly penetrated into the depths of the intestine ...
Finally, Polly Gray took two of my fingers ...
I'm all sweating from the tension and emotions ... I have come a crucial moment. I was very careful, but my attempts to "enter" in a pose on her knees were very disease ...
I suggested to Gray planted on me. We changed position.
I whispered endearments, kissing Serega back, begging him to stop this execution. But, Gray, planted on my penis, with a flash of pain was freed from the instruments of torture and endured the

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First time

This story happened to me when I was 17 years old. I thought a lot about how I lose my virginity and I was very frightened. Many sites girls discuss this problem, and all with one voice insist that it hurts and dumb.
But still, this day has come. I met a guy about for about six months. I went to his house. First, we had a chat about this and that. Then he kissed me, in principle as ever. We lay down on the bed and he began to take off my jacket. I helped him with this, flew in trail and bra. He often did so, but in this time I am very much excited, I wanted him to fuck me, and already did not care that I'm a girl, and soon to be a hike to the gynecologist ...

In the meantime, he had removed his shirt and began to unbutton his belt on my jeans, I did not forbid him to do so, but also did not help that he had not realized how much I want it.

But my pussy was already wet to the limit, and white liquid oozing from it as from a bucket .. My boyfriend took off my panties and began stroking between her legs. These touches were fucking, but I still was terrible. He looked me in the eye and said, Fear not, Zai, I will not do anything about what you'll be sorry. First will be hurt, but then you get such a thrill, what has not yet been experienced once in my life. And after these words, I trusted him. I helped him to unfasten the belt on his pants, take off their panties and together with them. When he pulled out his penis, he was not, and was a bit saggy. At that moment I remembered how the girls were doing in such cases, our partners and became nadrachivat his boyfriend, he soon received the desired shape, then I spread her legs apart as she could and felt that something is about to penetrate my fool. And it happened, it was not too painful, but I screamed as he made unexpectedly. His first three movements were full meal for me was bolnovato, but then became kayfovo, he first had me gently, but soon began to moan very loudly and pulling me like a whore. At that moment I felt like a whore in my pussy hlyupolo, I groaned, and m00ne was great. A few minutes later, I pochuvstovat as something began to throb in my hole, and a member of the sperm starts to run out. He finished. Exhausted, he fell on the bed and said it was very much like me, told me to go back and spoofing back without clothes. I did so, through mminut 10 I was in the room, completely naked, even a towel not obmatalas.

When I came in, my gentleman sitting on the crust of the bed and asked me to come closer to him, I obeyed. He said that I sat down, I complied with his team, then he gently took me by the chin, opened my mouth and put him in his dignity. I have never in my life, no one took into his mouth, and did not know what to do with this attraction, kotoroya was in my mouth. But I started to remember passages from porn films, the girls did have sucked their guys or just passers-by. I began to gently lick the head of the penis while pushing the skin, then licked the entire trunk is already down to the eggs, start to suck eggs. Then my boyfriend said you were a child? This is not a Chupa Chups, from such I did not even finish it, I took one arm around my neck and the other hand himself for a member and began to stick my dick. It stupidly fucked me in the mouth, but I liked it and my pussy still flowed. But this time he stupidly fucked me in the mouth. SPUS it in about 5 minutes. Then he traznul a couple of times in my pussy and we went to sleep exhausted.

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My new secretary

I sat in the office, when suddenly there was a knock at the door.
- Yes, please.
In the doorway appeared a pretty, young face.
- Hello! I'm on the job the secretary. Can?
I immediately liked the tender and how to say it ... something feminine voice.
- Ahh, yes, yes come in, sit down.
- Thank you.
According to the office was a young, pretty girl, dressed in a black formal suit. Natasha thought about how she needed this job, it is already a few months looking for a job as an economist, but to no avail. Now she was willing to work as a secretary, if only to pay enough to live on. She would sit on the edge of the chair.
- Mena name is Sergey, I'm the director of the shopping center.
- Very nice. I am Natasha, I'm 22 years old, I have a degree in economics.
It was felt that it shackled, he said once a studied, apparently very worried, I thought.
- Soooo, why then decided to work with your secretary of economic?
- I very much need a job and can not find the specialty. But you do not think that I have left at the first opportunity. Maybe with time and you will have a vacancy economist, and until then I'm happy to be working so someone tell.
- It's nice to have a deal with a smart girl. Of course, anything is possible. But as long as I need you as a secretary. You have insight into the work of the Secretary?
- In general yes, but I will deal.
- Great. But I still call tomorrow Marina, this is my former secretary, she will bring you up to speed.
- So, I have come to work tomorrow? You have taken me?
During the conversation, I watched Natasha. It was a modest young lady, and most likely from an educated family. She sat on the edge of his chair, nervously rubbing her palms. Probably have to try to drag this humble girl in bed, I thought. I was already 38 years old and for the past 10 years, I fucked all of their secretaries. But they were not a lady, and knots, yes, lustful and depraved bitches and bitches. I fucked them cancer, standing on the table ... in the mouth, in the ass, anytime, anywhere from the first day. And those who did not want to push the legs or suck my dick, dismissed for a second day. Thoughts of the past, a little distracted me.
- Yes. But I love you more familiar with the small, but important rule. My secretary has to dress as I want. And I want to see you in a white transparent blouse on top of a black jacket without buttons, in a short black skirt, in black lingerie including stockings with garters belt. Yes, yes it is stockings. All this you are now you will choose in our women's clothing department. Agreed?
- Oh, Sergey, I never wore short skirts, transparent blouses and belts with stockings. It is necessary?
Embarrassment and blushing, Natasha said.
- Yes, Natasha, is necessary. My secretary has to look spectacular. You get used to it, do not worry. And most importantly you have a good incentive, your salary will be ... thousands per month.
- Oh, I do not know ... but of course a good salary ... umm ... well ...
Natasha did not know what to do. She guessed what she would have to dress. But she needed this job.
- Well Sergey Vladimirovich, I agree, since those are the rules.
- That's wonderful. Come on, I'll take you to our girls, and they will show what and where, and will choose to measure all the size.
Natasha got up and headed for the door. I slowly stood up, watching her. She was a tall, large woman, but it is a big but not fat, well, at least she looked under her strict suit. It is collected in the tail jet-black hair, smooth straight back and straightened his shoulders were added to her elegance. I was about to climb up to her between the legs, there was something in it that I did not know and did not see.
We left the office and headed for the women's clothing department. When we arrived, I called one of the officers.
- Olya, come here, please.
- I am running, running Sergey Vladimirovich.
Towards us ran busty Olga, her breasts swayed to the beat of her movements, thereby arousing me. This girl we worked the first week, and I have not had time to hit on her. But when it ... maybe later ... She was blond, tall, with a large protruding ass and probably not less than 5-th size breasts.
- Olya, help Natasha select all that she needs. If she does not know how to dress to be my secretary, ask Natalia Valentinovna.
- Sergey, I know everything, I Natalia V. instructed on this matter on the first day. All pick up as it should, you will be satisfied.
This Olechka smiled and flirted with me, because that's a bitch, I thought.
- Well, Natasha, go with Olga, and tomorrow at 8 am you have to be at work. Till tomorrow.
- Goodbye, Sergei Vladimirovich.
I walked into the room, which I only knew and no longer very young head of the women's clothing department Natalia V.. I stopped, turned on the light and closed on the lock. In the middle of the small room stood a chair, and it was aimed directly at one of the booths fitting. From inside the cabin all the walls were mirrors, one mirror but it was not easy. On the other hand, and it is from this very little room it was like a normal glass and I could see everything that happens there.
I sat in a chair, stood next to a table with drinks, poured himself a glass of whiskey and sat in the pleasant anticipation.
I waited for perhaps an hour, and finally the door opened and in the booth seemed my new secretary, Natasha. I was watching.
Natasha certainly did not realize that she was being watched. She put her clothes on the bench and began to undress. She took off her jacket ... ... shirt. Oh-oh-oh, oh you're my ... Natasha was wearing pants and a white bra, then that closes the entire breast. That's daaaaa on bra ... it is clear that her breasts are large. Then she began to take off her bra and lush, and as you can see natural breasts spilled out. Daaaaa Ohhh, it was beautiful and large breasts, nipples were large and bright pink ... mmm ... so it is not a natural brunette, I thought. I'm insanely was excited by what he saw, and alcohol only egged me. Here she pulled off her pants and left in shorts. I sat stupefied with a glass of whiskey in his hand. What chic form it has for his age ... Member stood like a stake, and in my head a thousand hammers banging.
Here she took off the last thing she was wearing panties. Mmm ... what a thin waist in such a big tits and ass hell ... ... her clothes to hide everything that could hide. She for some reason, her hair down and began to spin in front of a mirror naked ... mmm ... kakzhe it is good ... In front of me stood a tall brunette with long beautiful hair, which lay on a white back straight. Her long, yes, yes, a very long beautiful legs drove me crazy, it was cool and hip big ass, so that I want to caress, to crush and to fuck. She turned back to me and leaned forward to try that black panties - thongs. Mmmm, what kind of ... I opened her pussy completely shaved and was too large, her pussy matched her body ... mmm what it is juicy and delicious.
Natasha twirled in front of a mirror in a thong panties and thinking that they still will not be visible under the skirt, Smer. Then she wore stockings and garter belt. Her breasts swayed from side to side with every movement, and large pink nipples looked like two ripe cherries. Then she put on her bra. It was not that what she wears a bra, he opened half of its beautiful and large breasts still had a round, 5-6 cm in diameter, cut-nipples with areola. She was standing in black lingerie and looking at myself ... oh my god ... who I look like this, thought Natasha. Her large chest was in a very sexy black bra, big pink nipples with areoles erotic climbed out into a round neckline.
I watched and thought, under any pretext as to call her office. I could not stand up tomorrow, I wanted to fuck her today, right now. He wanted to bend her cancer and drove it all their 20 centimeters on the eggs and to fuck this girl to fuck and to fuck as long as there is strength. I've already imagined how kolyshatsya her luscious huge tits in my movements and so it podmahivaet me nasazhivayas on my dick. Mmm, we should call it, and then how it goes, I thought.
I left the room, and went to his office.
- Hello, Natalia V.?
- Yes, listen to you Sergey.
- Urgent to my office, waiting.
I hung up and waited for the directress. We started with her career, but I am now the director of a major shopping center, and it is head of the department. We are linked by 13 years of work, of which I am the director of 10 years, and we had a lot of interesting things to do and continue to do together. Natalia V. is the only one I trust 100 percent.
-You can enter?
-Yes, come in Natalia.
Alone, we called each other by their first names.
- Serge, I have a lot of work that you like?
- I want you to my new secretary hinted that it would be necessary before the first working day seem bare, well let to appreciate how it looks like, and then suddenly it is not like ... well, like that in general. Understood?
- What are you up to? She's very young, and on it is clear that a prude. Since it can not be like with your bitch ... Marinko Spugnesh because this girl, then he will regret. She needed attention, affection and tenderness, but then take it ready and cushy.
- Do not worry Natalia, I gently and tenderly, but today. I do not want to stretch in the courtship, attention, etc. And you che do not see I had a stake worth it, after I visited while she was changing in our secret room.
- Sergei Well, it's your business. Although I could handle myself with your handsome boss ... but you, you decide. I have it now to send to you. But with you night of debauchery in the same month.
Natalya grabbed me by the balls, and continued:
- I want a threesome, me, you and this Natasha. There is?
-Well, Natalie, let's go already.
I slapped her on the ass, and added:
- Get ready, you will soon oprobuesh this juicy girl.
Natalia V. came to the dressing room and called Natasha.
- Natasha, would you have gone to Sergei Vladimirovich, let see if it suits you, whether you all to face. He's your boss and he will like it.
- I do not know ... he's already said goodbye kind of like ...
- Come on girl, go, to earn a bonus.
- Good.
Natasha went into the boss's office and wondered what would happen ... it seemed to her that she looks like a damn office. She even embarrassed because of his thoughts. She could feel her nipples rubbing against her blouse and stand ... Oh, my God and if it is asked to remove his jacket .... I thought Natasha.
A knock at the door.
- You can enter, Sergey?
- Natasha Yes, come in.
- That's decided to appear to you in your office shape ... if I may say so ... embarrassed and stammering said Natasha.
Her cheeks began to turn pink, and I madly loved. She behaved like a schoolgirl in the principal's office.
This skirt was evident that her big ass and appetizing.
- Good for you that has gone. You really are, you look like ... mmmm ... very good look Natalya.
He said I tried as gently as possible and friendlier.
- The working day is over, we davayka you mention your device safe on the job.
- No, no thank you, Sergei Vladimirovich, I do not drink alcoholic beverages.
- Well, then pour the juice itself, and I drink. All this is over there, on the bottom shelf.
I pointed to the closet.
- Okay, now I make.
Natasha brought drinks, and we drank.
I stood up and walked closer to her. Natasha was sitting in the soft leather chair and wanted to get up.
- Sit down, sit down, do not get up.
I put my hand on her head and began to stroke her hair. Natasha shuddered, but did not pull away. She raised her head and looked into my eyes questioningly.
- Yes, Natasha, yes. Let me do my sweet nice girl.
Her head was in front of my penis. I undid the belt and pulled standing dick. Dickhead was poured and maroon, larger in diameter than the bore.
- Come on baby take a dick in the handle and the boss how to masturbate.
Natasha took the dick with a trembling hand and began to masturbate me.
Hmmm ... well done Natasha, mmmm, yeah.
I stroked her hair and looked into her eyes. In the eyes was a plea not to do it, but I could not stop, this girl is madly excited me, and I wanted her.
-Let's now take your mouth and suck.
- No Sergey Vladimirovich, do not ... please ...
Natasha pleaded tearfully. But I did not rape her, she continued to do it, though she could stop and go, then none of this would not have been.
- It must be my dear, it is necessary.
I took a dick hand, and the other took her by the neck and brought to term. I spent prick down her cheeks, her lips, then slapped her in the face all the long dick. Natasha did not resist, but the tears were rolling down his cheeks.
- My girl do not cry, you're an adult, all will be well ...
Natasha looked and it was clear that it agrees to all the ...
I put a prick to her lips and her mouth opened. I gently began to fuck her in the mouth.
- Mmm ... what's your hot mouth ... oh-oh-oh.
We looked into each other's eyes. I fucked her in her mouth deeper and deeper. I was very excited, my heart pounding. Minutes 5-Th I fucked her in her mouth gently and slowly, and then pulled out a dick from her sweet mouth and said:
-Get up ...
I took off her jacket and saw her standing nipples through a transparent blouse ... um what is it sexy ... I unbuttoned his shirt and flung it open. My eyes opened her big tits in black bra. I passed my hand between her breasts, caressed them open part ... mmm ... and then took a right hand one breast and began to lick and suck the nipple, he began to fill with even more ... mmmm ...
-Natasha, take his dick and podrachivat slowly.
Natasha silently obeyed. She took my thick and excited member in her palm and began to gently podrachivat, sometimes down to the eggs and fingered caressing them ... mmmm ... how I liked it. I started to nibble on her nipple, I really enjoyed playing with her breasts ... and then I heard the soft moans of pleasure ... she was excited and wanted to continue, I was pleased. I pulled away from her breasts. Natasha was standing in an unbuttoned blouse with protruding nipples and swollen. I clung to her lips, she responded and we merged in a passionate kiss. I kneaded and stroked her ass through her skirt, and she with one hand caressing my neck and head, and the other podrachivala my dick. Her tongue was brave and sweet ... mmmm ... I sucked her lips, tongue, I could feel her excitement, it was a passionate woman ... mmmm ... I moaned without having to hold back forces.
I lifted up her skirt to her waist and pulled away from her sweet lips.
-Baby, otodvin aside her panties, show her pussy.
- Yes, yes, Sergey now.
Her tears have not gone. Natasha said excited, trembling voice. A view was clouded ... it was a very sexy girl. She pushed her panties as I asked, exposing his crotch and crack. I stroked her pubis, and then ran a finger over her lips, they were swollen and wet and pussy ajar ... umm .. my girl already flowed with excitement, she was ready to take my thick and big dick ...
I took a member of the hand and pointed it at her pussy and began rubbing against her wet pussy ... mmmm ... I stonyal ...
-What are you wet Natasha.
I took her panties drawn in his hand and continued to rub against her cunt. My cock swelled even more, and seemed about to finish. But I did not want to so quickly and stopped in time.
-I want you to Sergey. Take me. I was drunk with excitement and desire.
- Get in on the table, lie on your back and spread your legs wider for my sweet.
I was waiting. Natasha bezprekoslovno obeyed. She lay down on the table, raised his dissolute and legs spread. I saw her legs in stockings and panties ... mmm what a sweet girl ... I thought getting between her legs. I pulled the edge of her panties and stuffed them under the dick and started rubbing on her pubis and clitoris. I rubbed his thick and big dick on her pussy, which is poured and darkened. Natasha began to moan.
- Mmm, yes, yes ... Sergei Vladimirovich do not torment me .... Insert ebite me, I want it. I want to feel your thick dick in me.
- Good Natshenka.
I slapped a couple of times by a dick on the pussy and then drove it for the most eggs odinm impetus.
- Oh-oh-oh ... Sergey ... ebite, ebite ....
I started to move it. Her pussy all flowed, it was wet and hot. I stepped up the pace ...
- Stronger, stronger ... daaaaa, yeah ... ebite, ebite me as the last bitch, yeah, I want it. I am your whore ... mmmm ....

To be continued.

Mitya Vdulin.

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