My first time with a guy

Hi, my name is Maxim, I'm 16 years old. It took quite a few times since that moment I realized that I was not attracted to women. In public transport, I always stare at the ass of young boys standing in front of me or next. When, in the locker room before fizre I remained alone with the half-naked guys always found it difficult to hide my standing member. It's good that no one has not yet seen.
Jerking in the bathroom in the morning, I always imagined my neighbor's party Sasha. As I thought, it was straight people, and already half a year met a girl from a parallel class. He had a slim figure and curvy ass. In the locker room, I stare at his pants and saw that they cover a fairly good sized penis. Sometimes he caught my look at their trunks. I was afraid that proslyvu fagot across the school.
One time we went to the class to St. Petersburg for the expedition, we as an evil lodged in one room. Tele stood on the table so that my bed is almost nothing to be seen. Sasha proposed to go up to him and we started together smoret what that series. Returning from the trip, we came to the hotel. Sasha ran to wash immediately, because we are all a lot of walking around the city. He forgot a towel and asked me to bring it. I shiver at the knees bore him a towel. He took it and smiled.
Coming out of the bathroom all red with shame and embarrassment, I noticed that his penis was, apparently, he jerked off to my arrival. Approaching the door Sasha okriknul me and asked if I wanted to join. At first I thought to give up, but then I decided, come what may. I undressed and got him into the shower. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me on the lips. I lowered my eyes and began to examine his penis. From this whole situation, emotions and thoughts I stood up too. He took my penis in his hand and began to masturbate me. After a few seconds I was so excited that he could not stand on his feet. Sasha was holding me with one hand around the waist, while the other continued to masturbate me.
Then he paused for a moment, knelt down and took my head in his mouth. Without any movement, after about twenty seconds, he sharply his tongue and I finished with a groan into his mouth. His eyes darkened and I passed out. I woke up in his bed and lay next to Sasha and smiled. I asked him why he did it and he said that he, too, like to look at me when I'm in a bathing suit or without them. I even could not think that he is also gay.
At night we fucked three times. Basically he fucked me. When I tried to change places with him, he expressed his displeasure and slapped me on the ass. He came to me at first in the ass, then forced to suck dick, cumshot in her mouth, then in the chest. It was great, I'm really at a very much. We slept on the floor only three in the morning and after school in Moscow we always ran to him then it to my house and he fucked me, filling my body and gut his sperm.
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Erotic etude 22

"Hello, my dear ...
Well, I took a thousand years after your last letter. The world must have been numerous events during this time. Someone's child, born on the day when you put a point on a piece of paper, already running around the floor, knocking his heels toy. But I do not really care. My love for you is closed from the rest of the world amber haze, in which it is difficult to breathe, but life is long.
I became another thousand years closer to the day when I can hold you to my breast. And we will be together again - this time for good.
You're asking to tell about themselves. This is - a sad story. Days executioner scary and sleepless nights. Just the thought that I comrades cleanse this world of filth, helps me to stay on my feet. Screaming, blood, interrogations - that some simple decoration of my present existence. And this scum of the human race, with which we nyankatsya from morning till night, depriving me of the opportunity to see you, pressed her cheek to your blond head, sit with you on the bench, watching the setting sun ...
I hate them for it, I'm doing my duty with great zeal. The captain promised me to increase the rank of special services. For you and me it means that you can soon get, finally, his own house. You've already figured out what color we are the wallpaper in the bedroom? Not pink, I beg, not pink ...
For some time I began to hate all shades of red.
Yesterday to me for questioning led one of the most dangerous spies. If I did not know who she was, I would have succumbed to the charms of her country. It is difficult to say how it looked before. Little remains of its former appearance now, but she kept surprising, this is doomed to heel snake.
We questioned her alone, and my partner, whom I have already quietly starting to hate overdone to begin with. I will not describe to you the horrors, they get up, I can only say that there is no pain and this humiliation, which he would not have made her experience in these long two hours. We were led, though torn, but the man carried the same wheezing bloody rubbish ... And my colleague, I will not name him, washed his hands in a dirty rusty sink. As if the state-owned cheap soap is able to cope with these spots!
My companion - a true master of his craft ... In the work, he uses ancient tools made them a receipt from the museum. I'll tell you a secret, that one form of these creatures of someone's madness can cause fear. And use them to their destination and do not be described.
I looked at what was left of that ... creature, and could not believe my eyes. What a perfect shell capable of receiving the evil! Crumpled and downtrodden, she managed to keep the grace of movement, a quiet power in his eyes. Even his humiliating nudity, this ... this witch presented in such a way that I wanted to turn away, not to cry with pity ... However, brute beasts with which I have to work, it made quite a different impression ...
One strange thing bothers me ... But, well ...
Sometimes I dream our house. It is also not in the world, but for me it has opened its doors. My feeling exhausted resting there, disembodied in a rocking chair, overlooking the sunset ... No, better at dawn. Sunsets are too red ... and you're still awake, in a silk cocoon sheets without five minutes a moth ... I turned away from the window, I look amuse your face, touch the mole on his cheek ...
Imagine, our ward also has a birthmark! But where, and you - in the middle "great tear way"As you and I jokingly dubbed him ... And in fact someone was kissing her, this mole, and more than once ... Now it does not see under the blood, but a tear sometimes washes her as a gold grain of sand out of the mud ... although it would be better she did not ...
I can not say that I'm sorry ... this woman. We are only too well taught to hate them, to avoid doubt today. But her uncanny resemblance to you makes me constantly remember you our secret world, which we always hid, first - from adults, then - from children ... Save only her eyes. They do not look like yours - the wide-open as a window towards the sun ... She they are loopholes, dangerous and predatory narrowed. One, however, is quite swollen ... I do not think he had a chance to see the light again. He winked as if someone, and stayed closed. The second was in focus is aimed at me as if it was I and not my odious companion, was the cause of her suffering.
It is strange that the good and evil forces are able to choose for themselves as similar vessels ... Your angelic purity and its diabolical dirt lodged in the bodies that could pass for a specular reflection, being placed next to ...
It is a pity that I did not hear her voice. It's important for me. Very important. For me it is more important than anything in the world ... I have to make sure that this voice is not ...
(Three lines crossed out)
What a stupid letter goes. Of course, I would never send him. As with the previous ten. Forgive me, dear man, but my barking from the cave should not be heard by anyone except other dogs and their terrible production. And the fact that I can not remain silent and izvozhu sheet by sheet of official paper - let's consider this my voluntary confession ...
And now I have to go back to work. Lunch break is over, hear the cries of the cameras again. We are here to serve zealously adopted, and a five-minute delay can be perceived as criminal negligence ...
And I have, besides, there is an important thing ... I need to hear her voice. Now. Immediately. As long as my partner is not disfigured her vocal cords. There is still a chance to make sure that ... (crossed out)
And you have to wait quite a bit. My answer will come to you when the imaginary boy, born simultaneously with your letter, the first time that be say.
(Crossed-out line)
After all, he says? Stand Up? Well, at least one word ..."
Extract from case # 007724376.
"... The name of the letter recipient could not be established. Name # 008014445 concluded, first recorded with her testimony, was also unable to confirm or deny. Lieutenant N did not leave the other entries for judging the reasons for his suicide ...

Inmate # 008014445 was taken to hospital, where she died from gunshot wounds, not saying a word. Special signs were found not her body. We should also point out that the birthmark is described in a letter to the prisoner's face never existed ..."
© Mr. Kiss, one hundred fragments of feelings, 1998-1999

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Spring kiss

One day, sitting in the evening, I thought - why do not I write a story, why not tell the world the story of what happened not so long ago. But while I would very surprised if any of my friends or acquaintances have told me that I would write this story. And now I am happy to tell her. But we will not keep you in anticipation, and I open the page of his diary.
Where are you?
In the neighboring house in the village across the river, in another country, on another planet?
How do I know you? I dont know...
Who are you?
A student of my faculty, work, the singer - the idol from the TV screen, the star of the sport?
How do I know you? I dont know...
But I know exactly what you are looking for me and that we will be together, when and where - it does not matter, but close, happy and loved
Find me, then a miracle happens.
Winter 1999
Girls nineteen already married, have children - adults - this strange word is spinning in his mind. And I - a girl, a student, dreams, romance and children's stories in my head. So I wrote in my blog a couple of days ago. Every day at the institute, in the street, in the dream, I see the image - the image of your boyfriend, husband, lover, whom yet. But in fairy tales and dream it alive and real as in the real world ...
Spring 1999
That spring has come. Outside the bright sun, the birds are singing, all the walking couples, but I'm single again, but this is not important, I remember his dream, I'm waiting for him - only. That is approaching in May, and one day a letter arrived - his letter. I knew it as soon as my computer is written "letter for you". The heart beats of his name, his lips whispered - I love you. Every day at the computer every day new messages each day of the meeting at the institute every day double life. From the morning to the computer - a new letter in the afternoon - Institute and we are just friends again. And so for nearly a month of waiting, dreams that are about to come true:
In St. Petersburg, a lot of places for lovers, but it is better Peterhof in summer, when work fountains, when the Gulf of small waves, the code in the water reflects the sun's rays when you loved one - to find exactly what happened to me, what happened in the May. All doubts were forgotten in that moment, when I saw him at the station, the station walls, the crowds moved far, everything seemed free and just for us, for our love:
The wind blows my hair, with the Gulf of flying droplets of water, turning his head to the right you can see a large oak tree on the field. He is one, and the two of us. I feel his eyes, lift my head a little, and that's the first kiss - a shy and timid, but the best, gentle, giving love?"
Spring 2000
Since that time, almost a year, but I still remember the Peterhof and fountains, and a warm breeze from the Gulf. I meet with my favorite and I still dream, believe in fairy tales, and I know exactly what they are executed. I know what happened to us a miracle - we are together, and a small accident disagreements - is nothing compared to our love. I wanted to tell everyone. I just want everyone to know - dreams come true, there is a love in this world. I love it and I'm happy.

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On the morning after the wedding

Morning came. Yesterday, I got married. Looked at the newly-wife, Luda sweetly asleep. I'm careful not to disturb the sleeping favorite, I sat down on the bed. Looked around the room look right before bed on the floor lay a wedding dress, I immediately remembered my hands yesterday, dragged him Lyudochka, freeing her lithe body to my caresses. My cock immediately got up from such memories. Once again, I looked at his wife already is now. I wanted to wake her up now and quench their sexual thirst, but I suppressed this desire, let her sleep, because she had a very rough night. Instead I silently admired wake sleeping Lyudochka. On the one hand quilt ridden by opening my eyes one half appetizing ass and shapely legs, covered in white stockings, yesterday I did not shoot her with no stockings, no belt, in which she looked simply divine sexy.
We met with Lyudmila three years ago. And the last two it was considered my girlfriend. We walked together, went to relax on vacation, went to parties and trips. Luda is very active girl friends and she was much more than I have, but very quickly on all parties and festivities, I met with many of them and very organically joined in their big campaign. We've got to come together with Ludmila as a very smooth and easy, we had a lot of common interests, it was easy and fun together. Somewhere about a year ago, I met with her parents presented her Luda in turn. In general, the issue of our wedding has long been brewing for almost all of our relatives and friends. And so, it happened yesterday. Redemption, the registry office, riding in cars to the sights of the city, then a restaurant with a luxurious feast, lots of competitions, dances, after the restaurant all went to our cottage, where all the fun continued in the end everything went from room to room. We also retired, where indulge in amorous pleasures. Tumbles almost all night. And now I habitually wake up early in the morning enjoying the sight of his sweet sleeping wife.
A little more admiring I slowly got out of bed, dressed, and headed toward the kitchen. I wanted to eat and drink. Besides me still asleep and the house was quiet. When they reached the kitchen and the refrigerator I'm a little mixed satisfy your hunger with thirst and went to the hall where all settled last night, coming from the restaurant. Our wedding filmed, or rather even two. With one camera was invited Sergei me, and on the other - Alex, from among the invited my Luda. And I would like now while everyone is asleep, to see without the interference that was shot yesterday. A little searching I found in the corner of the bag with the camera Alexei. One cassette was inserted into the camera, I quickly looked up there, but it was empty, probably at her yesterday did not have time to write. In a central pocket of the bag were two tapes, one - redemption and registry office, on the second - giving. And where is the restaurant, because most of the fun contests was just there: So, in the side pocket there was one more tape. Making sure that this is the tape that I need, I put the camera back into the bag, and the cassette went into the kitchen, where there was a TV and VCR.
Outside, the sun had already risen, but it was still very, very early. All were still asleep, and I'll be the first to look that was filmed yesterday. And I'm no one will interfere. Insert the cassette, I poured himself a tea and pressed a button "play".
At first everything was fine, everything was as usual at all weddings. True, I noticed that my Luda quickly drunk, in the general, then there was nothing strange in the morning nothing to eat, and then on an empty stomach to drink, albeit slowly, but quite often: in front of the registrar, in registry office, plus is riding around the city. And so it happened that the restaurant Luda was already not weak on the fun. Yesterday, I did not notice, yesterday I possessed so excited that concentrate on the details there was no way, but now I have this fact a little guarded.
The fact that Lyudochka was one feature that I found quite by accident, and not so long ago, and I still hope that I am mistaken. Mistaken in his conjecture that Luda when vypet can not refuse anyone, gives everything. It is something like the heat.
The first time I saw it at a party a year and a half ago. We were at a party at someone's birthday party, the people were many, chetyrёhkomntatnaya apartment. Many drank then danced. Luda good plucked up, began to behave unleashed, beginning to let go of the sebaceous jokes, and even openly flirting with some guys. At first I did not pay attention, I think - flirting in good company it is sometimes nice to flirt. Then one guy Lyudmila, Kirill invited to dance. For a while they were dancing, I noticed that they were about something whispered, and after the dance Luda went to the toilet.
Pyatnadtsat minutes passed, I'm not worried, just in my estimation the toilet could go several times. I decided to go look for Luda, suggesting that it zatusit in the next room. However, in the other rooms it was not, the toilet was busy, maybe she's still out there, I thought. Maybe in the long grab. I went into the kitchen and rummaged in the fridge, took out a new bottle of wine. At this point, the toilet went Cyril on the go zastёgivaya fly. The door to the toilet was visible from the kitchen. But what was my surprise when a minute later from the same toilet got my Lyudochka. I'm just speechless, until the end of the party Luda even two or three times disappeared from my field of vision with different guys, I do not want to think why. But when we got home, I noticed that there are no shorts and blouse and skirt in a couple of places stained with semen on it, I realized pretty strong odor.
And about a year ago, we were on the march. Most of the company, a large fire, the car, a lot of tents. Food, drink. It was dark. In the course went songs. The amount of alcohol consumed tend to start me in a dream. Lyudka also plucked. I suggest taking it to the side, she agreed. We went to our tent. I lay down to sleep, but sleep as an evil disappeared, had only to lie down. Get up back did not want to and I just lay there and listened to the next song played by the campfire. At the time of our departure from the fire had five people, all the rest as well as we have already spread to the tents. After the third or fourth song, the dream still took pity on me. However, in the moment when I almost fell asleep, I was pushed significantly, in the tent turned over, it was chosen out Liudmila. She did not notice that I do not sleep. I do not know what is and what it was thinking. But that night, I saw how she gave herself three or even four.
So I started to make sure that we at parties with Luda, and especially she did not drink a lot. And it seems to work, at least I am more never noticed such incidents.
Watching the tape further. Feast in the restaurant. Send competitions drinking at speed, jumping over the rope, search blindfolded pegs on clothes girlfriends. Yes, there is good we came off.
Yeah, that bride kidnapping. I was distracted by a phone call, but in the meantime I went to the phone and vice versa, the bride hid. This time it was especially fun to watch. I have thirty minutes could not find her, obbegat all around, and in the end, agreed to pay the ransom, after which the bride was returned to me. Sergey times during all this running around with my camera for me, taking my throwing. But Alex has disappeared along with the bride, to film what is happening on the other side.
The kidnapping took part: Luda girlfriend Lena, and she's a witness, our mutual friend Vladimir, well, Alex with a video camera. It turned out that my Lyudmila hid in a pre-stay hotel, which is on the floor above the restaurant. Find her I did not have a chance.
The kidnappers went into the room. Alex with a camera in their hands sat in a chair in the corner of the room so that the whole room is in the frame. Lena Vitali sent down with the instructions, watch for my actions ... and when it comes time to return the bride to call them. Luda was in the middle of the room:
- The boys, - she said, smiling, - I want to use the toilet.
- Go, please, - Vitaly waved - just look at the balcony do not accidentally come out.
A minute later, Luda went back into the room and said that she needed help. It turned out that Lyudmila simply can not go to the toilet. The hotel toilet room was just tiny, and Luda had luxurious domed dress, supported by hoops that just would not fit inside.
- Invent something, - said Luda, laughing - and not what I have described - being drunk, Luda did not shy about their situation and their expressions.
- Pot - suddenly Vitali said.
- It's like this? - Luda surprised by surprises.
- As in kindergarten! Alex, look in the kitchen pan some.
Alex with a camera in hand ran into the kitchen, I saw it as in any three-de-shooter. On a small stove stood a small saucepan.
- There is! - Said Alexey
Vitali put the pan on the middle of the kitchen, and asked Luda to go into it in a pot for children, while they wait for her with Alex in the room. Luda agreed. The boys went into the room. Alex sat back in his chair, he does not turn off the camera for a second. However, three minutes later I came into the room, my Lyudochka, in one hand she held the pan. This time Luda complained that her dress prevents the dome, and she asked the children to hold the hoops dresses shed. I am at this moment just dumbfounded, though my penis too dumbfounded, in the truest sense of the word, so unexpected and exciting was the suggestion of my betrothed. Alex initially did not believe in the reality of such a proposal by Lyudmila, dressed in a wedding dress with a veil, but Vitali apparently realized immediately what it's going. He took Alexei camera and put it on the window sill so that the entire room is well in the frame. Then I put the pan in the center of the room. "All is ready", - He said Luda, and added Alexey: "Come on, help!".
Luda got over a saucepan of guys stood her pobokam, they got down to the hem of her dress and began to pick it up. My eyes slowly opened my bride slender legs, covered in white stockings. When the skirt was raised completely, I saw a translucent white panties which hid most intimate, as well as belt, to which were attached stockings.
- Do not pry - cheerfully said Luda and pulled down her panties to the floor, then sat down over a saucepan. Vitaly with Alexei too fell to the hoops do not interfere with Lyudmila. Zazhurchal trickle. I saw guys looking towards a dress, or rather Vitali just stared, and Alex is clearly embarrassed, but also glances. The first time I saw how to write my Lyudochka, yellow elastic ring jet beat in a pan. I pulled out of his pants his cock and began languishing his podrachiavat, while experiencing an unprecedented pleasure.
When the urine stream dried up, Luda got guys lowered the hem of her dress, and she went away to a chair and turning to him, said: "Have you seen my pussy, now I want to see your cocks!". My jaw dropped, I did not even realize that the finished, cum shot across the kitchen. Men, too, were confused, but the bride waved his hands, as if encouraging them. Vitaly started rastёgivat belt for trousers. Alex did not move, he was as fascinated as I watched the scene.
- Wow! - Said Lyudmila, when a member Vitaly jumped out, a member of his, really, was that it is necessary, much longer and thicker than mine, a real club.
- What a lovely, - playfully said my bride. She went quickly to Vitali, one palm gripped his unit and began to stroke-podrachivat. Then he dropped to his knees, with her dress picturesquely blurred all over the floor. He lifted the veil that covers the face, and looking straight into the eyes Vitaly slowly walked his sharp tongue on the lower side of its members from the scrotum to the head. Vitaly issued a moan of pleasure, my cock nalilsya new force. Luda did mouth letter "about" and a sharp movement of his head planted on a member Vitaly immediately swallowed almost half. Luda has earned the tongue, she sucked and licked. I watched as my bride in her wedding dress on her knees in front of another man and made him a blow job, I could not tear myself away from this spectacle seemed unreal, my hand automatically moved purely on my cock.
Luda suddenly broke away from the body of Vitaly and turned to Alex, still sitting motionless in a chair.
- Well, what about you? - She asked, rising to his feet, - Where is your cock?
Alex stood up, he was still in a stupor. Luda went to him, deftly rastegnula buttons and zipper on the trousers, he has launched to the hand. Alex shuddered when the bride groped his cock and yanked it out. Body Alexei stood upright; he was not very large, the trunk was thin, but long enough. Kneeling now before Alexei, Luda bared head of his cock and licked it. At this point, Alex suddenly twitching, and his phallus began intense bursts of semen splashes whitish clots in the face of my bride. Some of them fell into a half-open mouth, and the rest was flooded her cheeks, chin and neck. Large drops of thick sperm began to fall on the shoulders open with my fiancee zalyapanogo face.
- Perevozbudilsya boy - Luda said, swallowing sperm got into her mouth, she turned, looked up from the floor, her panties and began to wipe them, and Alex had stopped with protruding wet with sperm member. Here Vitali recovered, he stood in front of Ludmila and poked his phallus in her mouth. Double ask Lyudochku did not have to, she covered her mouth penis, Vitaly rocked her hips forward, his trunk moved inland. When he rested against her throat, my bride began to make reciprocating movements of the head. Her mouth stretched thick phallus Vitali, without stopping sliding on his trunk back and forth, like a polishing surface. From time to time Luda squeezed sponge, more tightly clasping their member, and sometimes moonlighted palm. Vitaly moaned, I have almost the same. After five minutes of intense blow job, Vitaly grabbed hands behind my head, and the bride, holding her still, made a few powerful thrusts her hips, with full force will drive a stake into her mouth. I thought it was so he could penetrate the skull Luda, but Vitaly just propihnul its almost dvadtsatisantimetrovuyu edifice her the throat and uttering a savage growl, he began to finish. Lyudmila tried to pull away for air, but Vitali gripped her, keeping her right in the throat. Finally shoot, he pulled out his penis, Luda sighed, coughed, otharknula sperm several times.
At that moment I had finished, once again splashing kitchen floor with his sperm. I picked up a chair tea towel and threw it on the floor, on the TV screen, meanwhile, was seen as Lyudmila, breath, beckoned to Alexei finger and began to suck him. Now she is sucking dick like it was candy, Luda then swallowing it, then released, caressing tongue slightly podrachivala his hand, and drove head on his lips, swallowing again hid it in one cheek, translated for another juicy sucking. Alex threw his head from the received fabulous fun.
Vitaly watched the couple from the side, he jerked, trying to quickly bring your unit in combat-ready status. When he did, he came back to Luda and holding the edge of the dress, threw it together with hoops on her back, thus opening a beautiful view of her elastic ass, juicy thighs. Vitaly knelt pristraivayas behind my fiancee, he ran his hand over her crotch. "M-uh!"- Luda said it, just swallow a member of Alexis. Vitaly licked his hand, only that last for a long time already wet my bosom Lyudochka, then put both hands on her buttocks and began to slowly and gently enter his penis into her vagina ....
While Vitali trunk immersed in it, Lyudmila released from the mouth member Alexei and continuing podrachivat his hand, emit a continuous moan, she almost screamed. But pubis Vitali met ass Luda, and Vitaly began with measured movements quietly fuck my bride. Continuous crushing rhythmic groan pokrikivaniyami that Luda was making when Vitali slapped her ass her pubis, stringing on a long pole. Luda finally remembered the Aleksey member in his hand and swallowed it one fell swoop, continued to suck. Of course it is now replaced by groans inarticulate grunt.
Just magic picture: the bride in her wedding dress sucks one and the other fuck her from behind. However, it is better not to think that this is your bride is a sort nanizanoy carcass on a spit of two phalluses. Otherwise, you may lose the tower. I would not change anything, I could not, it was a video recording of yesterday's events, so I jerked off, imagining that watch porn, porn with my fiancee in the title role.
Vitali pushes her almost made Luda sit down on the penis head Alexei, however, it seems was not against, the truth Alexei soon broke down and poured out into the mouth Lyudmila, very careful to keep his dick in his mouth and swallowed all the sperm to the last drop. Alex slumped into a chair. Vitaly, he saw that the bride's head is free, hand movement threw on her veil and now fucked my bride, whose face was hidden by a veil. Luda now no longer mumbling and moaning, she howled and whined from the resulting buzz, and Vitaly all pumped up and pumped her with his piston, I saw that he was very sweaty, it was not unexpected, given the pace with which it hovered my Lyudochku.
It is a long time to come, but finally threw back his head back, and a member of the contrary is impossible to sticking to the bride, clutching her hips, Vitaly started discharge. Luda paused, biting her lip, she has been a hot semen flows, shoots powerful jets of Vitaly gun. When he finished, Vitaly fell off from my fiancee, his phallus glistened with sperm mixed with secretions of women, he picked up the panties Luda and began to wipe them his unit. Lyudmila has continued to stand on all fours with a veil on his face and zadranym dress, it seems that she is now nothing to think, and she needed time to recover from such a fucked.
Wiping and tucking into the penis pants, Vitaly approached the camera, took her in his arms and began to shoot close-ups of my ottrahanoy bride: her face behind a veil, eyes closed, mouth open, the camera slowly makes a circle around Luda now Rear view: wide-set legs in white stockings, bare ass limits zone, clearly visible reddened lips sex, smeared in sperm abundantly flowing out has not closed down the entrance of the vagina, the sperm is a lot of glass on the floor has a small puddle. Vitali, hold the camera with one hand, aimed at the ass Luda, the second starts to push her vagina her crumpled panties.
It looks like it has returned Luda into reality. She wagged her hips and turned to Vitali, but he still managed to push in the hole razёbannoe panties.
- Instead of a tampon, - said Vitaly.
Ludmila wanted to say something, but at that moment the phone rang, it's Lena reported that it is time to return the bride. Luda got up, too, Alex stood up, tucking his farm in his pants.
By putting the camera back on the windowsill, Vitaly jumped to the bride:
- Give me at least kiss you, - he grinned.
Luda raised her veil and they have merged in a kiss. Then Vitaly asked her when it will be possible popolzovavshis her back door, and then, as he said, it still has not been used and he would not mind being the first Lyudochka said that tomorrow be sure to make time for it, especially if the company they will be Alexey.
Next record ended abruptly, apparently Alex turned off the camera more on the tape was not recorded anything. So, I take the tape itself, let them think that they have lost. And now it is necessary to go fuck my dissolute little wife in the back door until it is done by someone else. With this in mind and with a phallus at the ready, I hurried back to the bedroom to his sleeping wife.

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Head - 2

continuation of the story headmistress - 5
- Come to me. Fast. Do not keep waiting. - Tom, not waiting for an answer subordinate Katherine dropped the phone. - You'll see, you'll like it. - Now he turned to Marilyn, who was in the office.
- We will see. - Marilyn mannered released a ball of smoke.
When she entered the room, he closed the door, Tom. Catherine stood in the middle of the cabinet, his arms down. Marilyn walked around her, watching. Standing with his back to her, she turned to Tom:
- A good bitch. And she knows how?
- All. All that you ask. You want it lick you now?
- Let's try.
Tom pointed glance to Marilyn got her knees on the couch, and lifting her skirt, lifted her ass up.
- On knees. - He ordered Catherine.
She dutifully obeyed, becoming the knees on the floor and put his hand on the buttocks Marilyn.
- Act. - Tom nodded to Kathryn Marilyn ass.
Catherine, face close to the ass, Marilyn sniffed it. She kissed her thighs and buttocks, closed his eyes and rests in the back of the sofa girl. Then she gently licked the tip of the back of the hip language, gradually rising to the perineum. When a person Katherine was already in the vicinity of pussy Marilyn and she could see how moist her panties, she licked her through the fabric. Light tremor swept through standing "shrimp." Realizing that she was on the right track, Katherine pushed the thin panties and kissed pussy Marilyn felt a pleasant taste and feeling the sweet smell of excreta. Her tongue penetrated between the genital lips and began to lick their inner sides.
Marilyn, is completely losing control and succumbing to the enjoyment, eyes closed, mouth slightly open, moaning softly. She even slightly swaying, moving towards pussy tongue Katherine, who is already pushing it deep into the vagina Marilyn, played them with the muscles of her vagina. Hands Kathryn stroked the outer sides of the thighs Marilyn.
Feeling his lips clitoris Marilyn Catherine enveloped him and gently sucked. When he rose, and almost cured, Catherine fingered his tongue. Licking clit, Catherine put her nose to the tip of the anal hole Marilyn. Having started to caress her lips sex fingers, lips caress Catherine switched to ass hole. Walking rough tongue between the buttocks Marilyn and thereby causing her an easy shaking, it is applied to the hole and sucked her lips, enjoying the ensuing therefrom juices.
The pussy Marilyn already deeply entered two fingers Catherine and fucked her.
Enough to enjoy kissing and licking ass, mouth Katherine again switched to the pussy. Becoming a lick and kiss her, she put in a wet and softened Marilyn ass finger and slid it deep. From all the fondling girl Marilyn sank in stormy orgasm, shaking and splashing out in the wide open mouth Kathryn their allocation.
While the girls were engaged in lesbian sex, Tom did not waste time. He happily watching them, he lowered his pants and underpants. Booty leaning on the table, he jerked off his dick. Painting with lesbian sex was so captivating that his penis was like a string. His head was wet with sperm preyakulyanta and was ready to explode. Tom and masturbate with a grin looked like Katherine indulges Marilyn.
After Marilyn had finished, she turned and sat down on the couch ass and caught her breath. He lit a cigarette and releasing smoke, Marilyn watched as sitting between her legs Catherine continued to cover her legs with kisses. She kissed her knees and shins, she also caressed her hands. Seeing as Tom fingering herself, Marilyn with a twinkle in his eyes, nod invited to join them. Tom approached.
- Suck it. - Marilyn commanded Kathryn, showing her finger at member Tom.
When she stood up, and took in her mouth a member of the men began to suck at the same time caressing the eggs by hand, Marilyn put her shoulder his leg, dressed in a black shoe with stiletto heels. First shoes just lay on his shoulder, but then Marilyn put her sharp heel to shoulder the girl and began to apply pressure, feeling that causes her pain. But she endured, and how even seemed to enjoy a little of the pain. She closed her eyes and moved his head on the penis Tom, clasping his lips.
The man, too, was greatly excited. He pulled out a member of his mouth and took the shoes in the second Marilyn and lifting it finished right at him, splashing lacquer surface.
Cum on shoe introduced Marilyn to the wild delight, and she pointed to the sparkling eyes Katherine sperm:
- Slizhov it. Only slowly. I want to see everything.
Catherine gently removed her shoe with Marilyn legs, and deliberately, so that it is clearly visible to all, he began to lick the sperm Tom overspread tip shoes. Her tongue polished smooth surface, collecting the semen clots and sending them into his mouth. She swallows it, and again taken a lick. When semen was all lapped, Katherine was just a kiss and lick the shoes of Marilyn. She switched to the second shoe is not removed, kissing her. Taking sharp heels lips, Katherine sucked it as if it was a member.
The picture that unfolded before the eyes of Tom and Marilyn opened them again. Tom pushed himself between Catherine and Marilyn legs. After inserting his cock in her pussy, the man began to fuck her hard. He put his feet up and Marilyn put her shoes on his shoulders. Holding her hips in stockings fuck he bit her in the pussy, then he stopped and pulled out a member, drove it in the ass girls.
- Lick her clit. - He ordered Catherine himself while actively Marilyn fucking in the ass.
Tom. Claws dug her fingers into a bun ass Katherine. Unconsciously, Marilyn stronger and stronger squeezing his hand, bringing a sharp pain piercing skin and Catherine buttocks. But Catherine liked it, and she just wagged her ass with satisfaction, even when it stood out drops of blood.
Feral Marilyn, she became a member of her ass to sit down on Tom, causing their swinging ball, looked pretty energetic. Marilyn became violently thrash palm ass Catherine, leaving a bright red marks from blows. She was in constant twitching orgasm, not realizing what he was doing. Second hand she grabbed Katherine's hair and strongly pressed to his crotch. It seemed that she was about to come off her hair. A fucking ass Marilyn Tom already poured directly into it, which added to her orgasm even more passion.
When he had finished, Tom leaned back, Catherine bullet flew off the couch and sat down under the feet of Merlin as subservient servant began to lick ass housewife arising from sperm, slightly brown. She kept extending from orgasm Catherine's hips, lifting them up and carefully licking Marilyn ass hole.
When it gradually silenced Marilyn asked:
- You then even finished?
- And she does not finish. - Tom interjected. - She likes the pain.
- Pain? And how does it doest thou?
- Now you see.
Tom, no dressing and wandering around the room naked, opened the cupboard. He took out a few pieces of thick rope, stick, whip and a few artificial members, collars and leather handcuffs, thrown on the floor next to Catherine. Sitting side by side, he started the moment the girl lying on his stomach hands behind his back and bound them to the elbows. Legs Katherine he tightly bound at the feet and tied them to the palm of the girl's hands. Knees Catherine Tom tied to the ends of the sticks, which were spread on the seventy centimeters. Hair girl he also twisted in a knot and tied with a rope. Tom missed the rope between the legs Catherine, putting to her crotch, so that it lay between the labia. Then, putting the rope between her breasts, she passed through the ring on the collar women, and led in the opposite direction. As can be pulled, the rope made another knot in the hair Catherine. Curled up in a ball, she could not move.
Taking the thickest piece of rope, Tom did it a few turns around the intertwining palms and soles Catherine ... pulled them strong knot. The free end of the rope he missed through the large ring on the ceiling and pulling for him, made up his hands and legs up girl, even though she still belly lying on the floor. The end of the rope gave Tom sitting on the couch Marilyn, who watched with interest what is happening, and smoked. She pulled the rope and removing the slack, pinned Catherine movement.
- Painfully! - Katherine moaned.
- Really? - Tom sat down next to her and took the hand under the chin brought her face to his. Second hand, he quietly took the couch fat dildo.
Tom kissed Catherine's lips. When she yielded to his tricks and melted away from the kiss, he asked her to put out her tongue. Once the language of the girls leaned out to its full length, Tom abruptly shoved into his mouth Katherine dildo, inserting it as deeply as possible into his throat. Tries have resisted girl twitched, but the rope tightly restrict its movement. She was wide-eyed, mumbling with a protruding mouth dildo.
- Shut up! - A strong slap on the cheek lay Katherine.
Tom slapped slap, took from the hands of Marilyn rope and pulling for her, Katherine lifted from the floor. Raised hands and feet of the girl is now dangling from the floor at seventy centimeters. She rocked slightly from side to side, trying to break free from the shackles, but, realizing that her futile attempts to limp.
Tom, winding the rope by the leg of the sofa, and now could easily come to Katherine. He noticed that his dick is already standing, inserted it into the vagina of the girl and began to fuck her. But fuck it simple is not enough, and he began to slap his hand on the ass and thighs Catherine pleasure watching the skin defenseless girls appear traces of his hands.
From the sofa stood Marilyn, who also wanted to participate in the torture, and took the whip with all his might hit it back at Catherine, from which she strongly shook and howled. But that Marilyn was a little, by the fact that it follows the movement slapped a powerful slap on the cheek, the second Catherine, twitching on the rope.
- In the bitch. See how flows. - Tom took out a member of the current recording Katherine River.
Isolation Catherine was so much that they are draining a member, and between the labia, stringy saliva dragged down.
- Get away. - Tom asked Catherine.
She rinsed her fingers clit and pussy girls, then put in her two fingers and slid them deeply. Katherine fuck with two fingers, she first added to them a third, then a fourth. When her whole hand was already in the lubricant, because she fucks her, Marilyn tried to insert pussy Kathryn entire palm. Lingered at the entrance, the cam Marilyn tried to squeeze into Katherine. Marilyn all presses and Catherine pisya not let her hand.
Helped Tom standing near. A kick in the stomach, he shifted attention to Katherine from recording, and at that moment Marilyn palm penetrated the girl.
- we'll otimeem bitch now. - Tom, becoming the front Katherine, pulled out of her mouth dildo and then drove into her mouth his cock.
Grabbing the girl's hair, he began furiously fuck her in the mouth. And Marilyn turning inside Katherine hand, began to fuck her vagina. Traffic volumes were sharp and quick. He was breathing hard and spewing saliva. When the flow of sperm gushed into her throat Catherine, the girl shook in orgasm. Her seizures were so severe long that Marilyn and Tom, fearing untied the rope and lowered the girl on the floor.
When she ceased to twitch, they untied all the ropes. Karin limp body lay on the floor. Her hands and feet, with traces of a rope, were scattered in different directions. The whole body was a red spot, but sex lips and clitoris were particularly burgundy. From the half-open mouth on the floor dripping sperm. Catherine seemed lifeless.
- Do you think she ochuhaetsya? - I asked the wearer and is pressed against the body of Tom Marilyn.
- This is not the first time. Checked. She's just a strong ecstasy.
He turned to her friend and merged with it in a passionate kiss. They kissed for a long time. Marilyn put her neck Tom's hands, and he squeezed her ass hands. As soon as their lips parted, and eyes fell on the face of Catherine, they heard her whisper:
- Thank you!
- What did I tell you. - Tom smiling, he turned to Marilyn.
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]

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Between the devil and the deep sea

My name is Maxim, I'm 18 years old, live in Moscow. This story happened to me a month ago.
Dima and Masha, I met one December day, on his way home from the institute. It all started with some very minor issues with which we started talking and became fast friends - people they were sociable and quite lovely.
Dima was 25, tall guy with pleasant features, Masha slightly lower, too cute. She then had tight jeans and a short jacket, opening her eyes biting the ass, it was another argument in favor of love. Bazaar nothing, when suddenly my cell phone rang. I had just read the name of the caller, as my tube squeaked and passed out. Cursing himself for forgetting, I asked his new friends to lend me the phone. However, no one he was not, which is quite strange for our time. Maria Dima took a moment to one side and threw him a couple of sentences. He came to me and offered to drop them home for a call, the benefit they are not far lived, I, without hesitation, agreed.
House them quite clean, well maintained, the concierge at the entrance of harmful met. Up the elevator for long, Masha with Dima took off cloak and I decided to follow their example. Finally, the jacket did not hesitate to familiar her body and opened my eyes not weak chest third the size, pent-thin jacket. Dima caught my eye, but his face was not visible jealousy rather proud.
Upon entering the apartment, the owners dropped the jacket on the floor. Then, paying no attention to me, took off jeans and a sweater. Seeing my confusion, Masha playfully threw "At our house too hot, so we used to walk. I hope you have not embarrassed? "What is there. As I expected, she went topless, wearing only silk shorts, tight her ass. Involuntarily and I looked at Dima. He was quite well-developed musculature, wearing the same tight pants shorts. I hesitated a little, too undressed. At the sight of my pretty slim body Man, both looked at each other strangely, winking at each other. Maria showed me where the phone, she went into another room, where Dima disappeared. I quickly made the call, as expected, nothing serious. He went behind the masters, thank and get out of here - I was quite embarrassing.
They both sat on the leather couch and watched some filmets. Dima suggested to postpone care and to join them. Basically, I'm not in a hurry, so he agreed. I was about to sit down on the empty chair standing in the corner, but Masha suddenly said that there I would look rather awkward and invited to sit on the couch next to Dima. I obediently plopped down on the specified location, it was pretty crowded and I had to pull over to a friend.
Meanwhile, the on-screen sex scene started, and not a standard Hollywood with two or three kisses and the subsequent dimming and frank Gang bang. Only then did I notice the absence of the screen logo - the owners have put a cassette, well, or DVD. Pay attention to it, I could not, because it was involuntarily drawn to the genitalia Dima, his penis is rapidly gaining volume, and soon Crimson head appeared out of cowards. His cock in my estimation has already reached 15 centimeters, but not going to stop. Masha jokes are about my interest. Dima, allegedly continued invited me to hold him, and hold there, believe me, there was, in the end of 20 centimeters, not less. Well, I urged on them by gently pulled his pants, put his penis and bit vzdrachnul, exposing the head.
-Go on - Dima asked, pulling the panties completely. I'm starting himself terribly excited by the groans in the TV set and the realization that guy masturbate. To make it more convenient, I sat down in front of him on his haunches, intercepting member and continued to caress him. Dima, with a satisfied smile, only to spread his legs and offered a free hand to caress his balls, which I also agree. His cock smelled exciting, painfully, not disgusting, gnilosno seems, he paid due attention to hygiene. Masha, meanwhile, she pulled off her panties and began to fondle her pussy, watching us.
- Lick it, - she said.
I braked sharply.
- What are you afraid of? Lick - she said emphatically.
Dima looked at me with interest, expecting that I will take. Masha is finally tired, she sat down beside him and gently kissed me on the lips.
- You do nice? - She asked. Of course, I nodded. Then she wrapped her lips a member of her boyfriend and a couple of times swallowed it. Releasing a member, she kissed me again, trying to keep her tongue penetrated as deep as possible into my mouth, bringing in addition to taste the taste of her saliva Dima member. I was pulled back, but I suddenly liked.
- Come on, taste it, - she nodded at the head.
I shrugged and took a member of Dima in the mouth. Taste it I really liked. I closed his eyes and moved his head slightly back and forth.
- You cool it turns out - the owner of a handsome praised me.
I tried to make Dima blowjob just like he makes the girl, caressing tongue and lips head, sometimes going to the eggs. It is quite groaned and put his hand on my head, well, go on. Masha joined me and together we wrapped around his cock, sometimes touching tongues. Sometimes Dima member produced tasteless grease that we Masha instantly swallowed.
Suddenly, the girl walked away, leaving me to fully enjoy the member of her boyfriend. For a while I continued to suck Dima, until he heard a languid voice Masha:
- Maxim, lick me too.
I looked around. She sat on the couch, masturbating on my blowjob Dime. He asked me not to force the girl to wait and I, releasing the same from his mouth his cock went to the vagina Masha. Dima was out when I brought down on the clitoris girl petting the sea. He tried to deliver the greatest possible pleasure to her, she, his feet, grabbed my head, pulling him. Corner of my eye I noticed Dima, was already a condom on his penis. Somehow I thought belatedly, why is it he can come in handy. Familiar pulled off my pants and looked with a smile on my 14-inch dick.
- Now that you have a little, you will have to serve a large, - he said. - It looks like you are not in the first, - he said, massaging my shaved ass. No sex with a guy I did not, but his anus, I did not hesitate to caress and even shaved his hair to make it easier. At the same time, and after using the toilet much more comfortable.
I decided not to disturb him, I wanted to feel the wild cock in the ass. And Masha strongly pressed her head to him, perhaps hoping that can hold me.
Dima spat and smeared saliva on my hole. With each thrust his fingers went deeper and deeper, extending passage. Finally, when he decided that the hole is wide enough, he firmly grasped my hands, that I do not pulled out and began to enter. I at one point even looked up from the vagina, being in euphoria as a member for the first time got into me. Having reached a certain length, Dima stopped, slightly moved his member back and forth, and then slowly pulled it out. Then he went again. And again and again. Each time, moving faster and faster. At this point, Mary, wildly moaned and came, her juices drained into my mouth, Dima is kept plowing my ass. Each stroke of his pelvis on my ass was accompanied by a loud slap and then flash a sweet pain. All this went on for a long time, Mary had finished again and they decided to change the position.
I lay back on the chair, put his head on the pillow. Dima threw my legs over his shoulders and once again stuck in my not yet came an ass. Masha just settled in front of my face, again offering me otlizat her than I do. I fucked in the ass a guy with a huge cock in my mouth juices to start up his girlfriend while they sucked each other somewhere above. When he had finished two more times, Masha got off me, Dima just pulling my cock out of ass and pulling a condom ... she approached me and asked to open his mouth. I obeyed and closed his eyes, anticipating the taste of semen. He came straight into my mouth spray seed struck me on the cheek, and the first time I tasted the sperm.
- That's right, a member of the small, drink someone else finish - satisfaction moaned Dima.
She was not so little, if guys should abstain from sex for three days. I swallowed all released Dima good and caressed member of the exhaust end.
I left them in an hour somewhere, we exchanged phone numbers and promised that necessarily all repeat. It all happened because of the rather banal reasons. Dima wanted to try anal sex, but Masha in any did not agree. The fact that Dima will fuck her too strange girl does not like it, then she invited him to fuck a guy and he decided to try. As a result, all liked. I have not once met with this pair, and each time I was waiting for a wild two to three-hour fuck followed by hot portion of sperm. I was lucky, I think. It has long wanted to try something unusual, and it was just what you need. And now I live in the hope that a couple seeking a similar meeting and such participation.
Comments, and everything else to send them [email protected] will be glad.

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Boss Bitch

This happened five years ago. I then worked for a commercial company, selling all sorts of things. The owner Mahmood was a local crime boss, and thanks to this and relations with the authorities in the case of the company were bad. Money flowed and I could not resist and organized a small stream, flowing away in the direction of my pocket. I thought I did everything smoothly, what was the shock when one morning the chief of my department tabled copies of documents showing my machinations. "Visit me" - He said briefly.
With trembling legs I walked into his office.
- Lock the door with the key - the conversation was going to be serious - you realize what you've done and what you will do? - The move he started.
- Do not tell anyone, I'll give you half ... do anything! - I was really scared, Mahmoud was steep for punishment to those who crossed his path.
- No, if I touch this money, you'll be an accomplice, and I live hunting.
- Then what do you want?
- Suck me - he said, lounging in a chair.
Sergey was a short bit fat man of about forty-five, married and I am in my life would not have thought him such inclinations.
- Are you joking?
- I am not kidding. Or you suck or Mahmoud unscrews your balls - he leaned back and unzipped his fly.
He obviously was not joking and choice I did not have - or humiliation or death.
- Fast!
I stood in front of him on his knees. I was so shocked by the change of the situation - 5 minutes ago I was pleased with himself came to work and now I'm on my knees to the head and has to suck his dick. Running his hand in his pants, I pulled out was not the smallest member. The first time I was holding someone else's hairy balls and I will not say that I was pleased. Uncertainly took in his mouth a head, it was warm and velvety, sucked into his mouth the whole sausage. Sergei closed his eyes. From hair in the groin smelled of staleness, and I continued to suck and let go of his cock, which suddenly began to swell in my mouth. Now he did not fit there and I slid down the barrel mouth. I wanted this nightmare was over quickly, and I frantically remembered how I did blow a woman. I tried not to touch a member of the teeth, and squeezed his hand swollen hairy balls. Chief put his hand on my neck and began to guide my movements, planting dick deeper. He rested against me in the sky and climbed into his throat, I was sick and suddenly the boss groaned, sagged and began to finish. Sperm thrusts filled my mouth, flowed down his chin. I did not know what to do, she did not and I ended up swallowing semen.
After about 15 minutes after I proudly walked into the office, I stood in front of the boss on his knees in front of me fall off his dick in his mouth was the taste of semen, which trickle dripping down his chin - oil painting. "I've been better ... well .... Linger after work ... we will work on quarterly report" - Mockingly said Sergei Ivanovich. And I realized that this is just the beginning of my new life.
The whole time I sat on pins and needles, many times wrong, but the chief did not scold me. I fear waited six hours, knowing that this was not the last blow in my life. After the end of the day the people began to disperse, and here there was none. After a while, the boss opened the door of his office, and I waved dejectedly trudged out for more humiliation.
He locked the door behind me and put his hand on my ass. "Are you in the morning was well done, I tried, but it was felt that the experience is not enough, we train" - With these words he dropped me to my knees. Already familiar to fly was before my eyes, and I knew what to do. Unbuttoned his trousers took cock in her mouth. "Familiar feeling" - I realized with horror and wanted to fall in place. I have always despised the blue sincerely hated them and that's how I'll suck dick fag. After a few minutes of his cock he was standing like a glove. "Good girl, good work" - For some reason he turned to me as a woman. Suddenly the chief grabbed my hair and put on his feet, one hand he grabbed my ass and the other began to unbutton my pants. I began to fight back, but he pulled me: "Yes you ohrenela, bitch, or what? I forgot who you are and that you can be !?".
I went limp and lost the will - come what may. He turned my face to the table and leaned on him, then pulled off my pants and underpants. Poslyunyavil finger, introduced him to me in the ass, it was unpleasant. Reins them there, he introduced a second - it hurt. Move them to the pope boss took his fingers and put them in my mouth: "suck". It smelled of feces, but nothing to do, and I began to lick them. With his other hand, he continued to lubricate my ass with saliva, then something more massive boils down to my ass. "Relax, girl, will be painful". Member pressed harder and gradually penetrated inside. I felt like the head has passed the sphincter and short, but decisive thrusts penetrated deeper and deeper. I tried once to curve, find a position that was not so painful, but it did not help - everything inside burned. His movements became more widely, amplitude increased - grabbed by the waist, he skewer me on his trunk. And now he has penetrated the entire length of the penis - eggs splashed on my buttocks. It seemed to me that everything burns inside. I looked sideways and saw the reflection in the window - I was lying on the table, pulled down his pants, and behind me a hammer in a man's ass for the whole length of its piston - I was crushed. I had hoped that after some time will be easier, but it does not get so moaning in pain in rhythm frictions, and Sergei moaned with pleasure.
After a while he had accelerated the movement became more sweeping, and then he screamed, fell on me and something scorching was filling my ass. Every cell in your anus I felt gouging member tremors, spits in my semen. Boss pinning me to the table wet and panting in my ear. After some time, he pulled back and with a member of the champ came out of my broken-ass, something warm trickled down the thigh. The chief turned me over and pointed at your dick, I knew without a word that has to do, fell to his knees and began to lick the penis. When I finished, he loudly slapped me on the ass and sent to the output. "Go home bitch, repeat tomorrow. Remember - now you are my bitch and do according to all that I'll have you, okay?". "clear" - I mumbled. He slapped me on the cheek: "Yes my Lord!". "Yes my Lord" - I said, and made his way to the door, buttoning his pants. I walked vraskoryaku as ass badly hurt, in his underpants was sticky and damp. I went to the bathroom, locked himself in a cubicle and began to wipe his ass. At the touch point it turned into a hole, oozing out the sperm, but there was no blood. She was oozing and dripping, not stopping, I sat on the toilet and cried from humiliation and powerlessness.
Advancing the weekend two days of respite. I thought about his position - it was hopeless, dismissal or transfer to another city would have saved me from the boss of harassment, but to life, head probably would not have saved my frauds reported to Mahmoud, and he would find me anywhere. However, quiet weekend failed. On Saturday morning the chief called on a cell and ordered to go down quickly. It was his car, I got into it, and we started right hand boss instantly found myself in my pants and started to knead member who suddenly to my surprise began to rise. "Uh, you're a hot girl and you like it! What, then scrap?" - Said the head with a laugh. We drove to a vacant lot. "How's your ass - ache?" - He asked. "Aching". "Then the job today mouth, my papilla" - He leaned back in the seat and unbuttoned his pants. I bent over his cock and began to suck. This time he did not finish for a long time, so I had to work pretty tired neck. But he groaned and filled my mouth with cum, I swallowed it all without saying a drop. "Good girl, you're able to, you each time it turns out better" ...- Praised me happy host, again running my hand in his pants. "Only I do not like these your hair there, I love girls Gorny that by Monday it was all clear, you can only leave a narrow strip of pubic".
In the evening I locked myself in the bathroom and carefully shaved pubis, eggs, ass, thinking how to explain these changes to his girlfriend.
On Monday morning, the chief called me to his office, put his back to the door and stared at the lips, tongue thrusting into my mouth. With one hand he squeezed my ass and the other unbuttoned his pants and grabbed his balls. "Oh how gladenko as well, which you're done! Whether it is now always so sentimental, my Lala, so I am now calling you. And this is a gift for you". He took from the table the package and shook out the contents - a few lacy panties, fishnet tights in different colors. "Now is Always wear a suit to work" - He ordered. Then he locked the door and forced to do blowjob. In the evening, of course, I had to stay for "Work on the report".
Now, almost every morning began for me with a portion of sperm in the mouth, and at night he fucked me in his office, pre-stripped to their underwear. I was hoping that once he pall this game, but he was tireless of invention. One day prior to the meeting drove me under the table and I spent two hours there and quietly sucking dick podrachival him until he propesochival subordinates. The truth was that all of some use to justify my frequent visits to his office the boss made me his deputy - so his ass I made a career. Before the new year to decide who will play the role of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Sergei offered for originality to his grandfather played the girl, and Snow White man ... of course, it turned out that I was the Snow Maiden. The girls in the department sincerely tried to me to be a very sexy Snow Maiden - a white dress with a short full skirt, fishnet stockings, a belt, wig, make-up - in the mirror looked at me, if not a beautiful woman, it is successfully arranged a transvestite. At the corporate celebration chef tore me a few times.
I gradually got used to the role, doing blowjob like I never did, and my ass is designed and anal sex was no longer painful, and even pleasant when the boss to reward my podrachival smoothly embossed member. Of course, all the trips we flew together. . because I was his deputy, as colleagues thought, but in fact I was his whore, as it was in reality.
But somewhere in a year Sergei Ivanovich went to another job in an international corporation in Moscow, and I took his office. My life has become calmer without a morning blowjob, rubber members in the ass (sometimes it makes me so go the whole day), handcuffs and whipping in hotel rooms, sex "by bystrenkomu" in the back seat of his car when he suddenly impatient, and he stopped at my house, pulling out "Lialechka her for half an hour". From sex slave, I became a whore Housewife, t. To. Periodically arriving in our city Sergei certainly found time to again disturb my ass begins to settle down.
Several years passed, Mahmoud sold the company to the Germans, are someone else, I found a new job, married, had a child, but my former boss when here arrives necessarily calls me, reminds about the documents that he has and brings to his room hotels. I dutifully shave pubis and eggs, wearing erotic lingerie and food in the hotel to serve his master. I did not tell him that the documents that he is blackmailing me, do not play any role, why? After all, I love being a slut!

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Sevastopol - the city of stray dogs. It is known to all. Over-hearted residents of the city-hero and an abundance of food waste in underdeveloped street cleaning system have created an excellent environment for homeless dogs.
Voiced night barking and howling dogs dozen securely entrenched in every yard, became a familiar reality of life and no longer anyone to disturb or annoy. In the end, people get used to everything. A four-legged invasion, dirty, but incredibly charming when soliciting food occupiers, not too excited about the city, remembered the invasion of two-legged animals in Nazi uniform.
...Silence of the night quiet, deserted streets on the coastal edge of the city, bordering the military part, penetrated the car growl. The car stopped, pulling out of the darkness by the headlights of a pack of dogs, is located in a quiet little square. Disturbed animals dissatisfied grumbled, and disappeared in the darkness of the night streets.
He slammed the door. Out of the car came out a slender girl.
- Anya! Wait! - I leaned out the door short-haired head. - Well, where are you, eh?
- Fuck you ...
She did not look back, only added step.
- Idiot.
The car roared again, took off and disappeared. Anya paused and looked plaintively after her. Having provoked the quarrel, she did not count on such an outcome.
- Okay…
On the palate, fortunately, a full moon, silvery light that beautifully lighted road. The house is old and the apartment was close to the parents here. After standing a moment in the hope that the machine will return, Anne sighed and went through the familiar since childhood, deserted streets. Somewhere just hanging out a young company. Were heard cries of children under strum guitars, loud cries and laughter of girls. She belatedly wondered what happened to her anything now - hardly the residents of neighboring houses, accustomed to the excesses of the night young, come to the aid of the police, or even cause ...
And she had a strong feeling that she was being followed. As if someone snuck in the surrounding thick bush, peering closely to the lonely girl. Anne shivered and quickened his pace. Strong young breasts bouncing with every step - as luck would have under the white blouse she's not wearing a bra. Long blond hair evolved and glistened in the moonlight ...
The last phase of the road she almost ran. But - street near her home, a small park at a distance and direct path right through it to the dark (no windows glowing at midnight!) Home. Anya sighed with relief and walked under the canopy of trees ...
... At this point, a strong blow knocked her down. She screamed and tried to crawl away and to get up, but was worth it to climb on all fours as she pulled hard on top of something warm and heavy. Strong, hairy legs tightly wrapped around the sides of Ani and lock curled on the soft breasts, glaring nails into the soft white skin. Blood pounded with breakneck speed Ani in the head, she took a deep breath and tried to escape. Stronger claws scraped skin and ear sounded menacing growl. Anya rushed struggling - torn blouse buttons sprayed in all directions, pounding on the pavement.
The girl managed to escape from the strong grip and run a few steps to the door before the dog caught up grabbed her leg. The fall knocked the air from her lungs and almost make a girl to lose consciousness. The teeth of the animal, leaving the ankle bleeding furrows, closed on the pant leg. The dog is not going so easy to retreat from his victim, he dragged the unfortunate girl to the bushes.
Anya tried to scream, but his throat burst only a thin wheeze. Hands powerless zaskrebli the warm asphalt. Feeling that the victim resists again, the dog growled and shook his head, not letting leg. When he dragged the dazed girl to the bushes, a few dogs came to the sounds of a struggle. Anna saw their dark shadows, glided to her from the depths of the grove. With trembling hands, she found the waist belt, somehow loosened and slipped out of his jeans, to escape from this pack. This was her last mistake.
Strong canine teeth closed on her waist, leaving a bruise, we picked up the gum panties and jerk flayed them. In the next moment Anna put her hands on the ground, and came over the top once again a heavy dog's body. This time she felt each of his hairs belly of his naked back. Under his weight she almost fell, but the firm grip of the front paws of a dog fixed position bitches ready for mating. Anya twitched again trying to break free, even at the cost of his own skin.
Being raped by a dog! This could not have dreamed it, even in the most terrible nightmare.
Tired of trying to girls is free - dog sank his teeth into her neck. He previously had to take recalcitrant females. He clenched his jaw, until the girl fell silent. She just fine sobbed, while the three other dog sniffed her hips, touching the cold wet noses to the silky skin.
Feeling the hardness of their position, the dog decided to proceed with the long-awaited process for him.
Anya in horror felt something warm and solid rests on her leg.
- No ... - she managed to whisper before a member of the dog found its way into her womb.
More than ten centimeters feverish crimson flesh dug into it, from the mouth of the girl istorgnuv deep groan. The dog continued to dent his cock until he put his groin in her juicy buttocks. Anya cried again. One of the dogs scurrying around saw brilliant streams of water on her face and licked the girl's face. His breath it almost puked. At this time he saddled her leader of the pack began to make rhythmic thrusts, forcing delicate, young body shake from each impact. Her breasts lifted by tempting, and hips, clenched mighty seizure paws swelled by heavy, irregular breathing.
Nude girl of sixteen, raped large black dog with shining in the moonlight, thick hair, was a spectacle as obscene, grotesque as it is beautiful.
Anya regained the strength to scream, but worth it to open his mouth as it slid rough tongue to lick her dog. From horror and disgust she froze, and the dog tongue, feeling the sweet taste of a girl's mouth, he continued to explore it from the inside. dog eyes appeared in front of her. They burned lustful fire of anticipation.
"He is waiting for their turn - rather felt than understood Anya, below which the stomach pushes against the pack leader has poured a pleasant warmth. - Wait, like all the other dogs gathered here ... "
Contrary to the disgust and pain that brought the whole belly scratched claws, she began to receive strange pleasure from fucking furious, which gave her a black dog. He felt his strong legs, curled her tender body weight, fell on his back and powerful aftershocks of his penis inside her. Heard squish with which his cock moving in her and panting in his ear. Animal instinct began to take up over her mind. Before tense and frozen, it slowly melted and excited, prognuv thin back and sticking out above the sacrum to allow her lover the most convenient angle of penetration. The leader felt that bitch succumbed to his onslaught, enthusiastically growled and began to move harder, while its gray counterpart continued to lick the face lustfully moaning girl. The third dog came and began to gently nibble on my ear but demanded the girl.
- Take me, - he whispered the girl. - Fuck! Deeper! I'm your bitch, take me!
When the leader trembled, ready to throw in the prepared bitch reserve your seed face and blonde hair matted with Ani dog saliva. The leader jerked the last time, leaning forward, and his tongue, saliva dripped from which to Ani ankle. She felt the heat fills it from the inside, she took a deep breath ... and gives a strong orgasm. Finished spewing his seed, male deftly turned, resting his hairy ass in dairy buttocks girls. Anya was relieved of her rape, finally came to an end, when suddenly the dog, with such zeal to lick her face, I saw that the back bitches freed. Prompted by a blind instinct rather than the desires of the other, he jumped onto the front Anya, and his keen member poked her closed lips.
Anya's eyes widened in amazement, wondering how the dog could think up such a sophisticated way of violence. At this point, her black lover eagerly moved, and his bloated body was still pinned down with his bitch, she made Anna opened her mouth and moan. Next gray jump laid his long term in the curve adorable, sweet sixteen two-legged bitch mouth. Anna tried to spit member, gray is already firmly grabbed her back and ready to fuck the unfortunate girl in the mouth. She moaned, but it was too late. Hot dog dick slid between the lips, and a dirty, matted hair on the dog's groin got into his eyes and nose. Anja nearly choked until her mouth is not the first jet hit the dog sperm. At that moment the gray abruptly leaned back, his cock slipped out of Anya's mouth, and the flow of thick white liquid poured on the face.
At the same time he released the leader of the pack deciduous member of the girl's womb. Deprived of support, she almost fell. Heart pounding in his chest from the experienced stress. Anya tried to crawl away, but her dog leaped again. It was the third dog, the existence of which she had already forgotten. Look experienced breeder would have recognized a huge freak bastard Newfoundland and yard mongrel.
Waiting for his turn, the bastard decided to fully exercise its right to complete the rape of a girl opening the last of her holes.
A big, fat cock dog stared at the wrinkled ring anus of Ani.
- Do not! - Shouted the girl, vainly breaking out cuddle her rapist. - Please do not! Aah ...
Pathetic resistance offered bitch even more provoke the already longing for love "Neuf". Sitting back, he squeezed even tighter legs of the victim side and had begun to push in a thick dick in her anus. The girl's eyes widened in pain, and she stifled scream. Hands Ani weakened, and she fell with her face in the autumn grass. Dog to the limit imposed his spear in its narrow rectum, enjoying the way his cock tightly covers the body of the girl. Lascivious tongue hanging out, he began to take his bitch sharp, violent jerks each of which tore a painful moan of wet lips raped the girl. He continued to maintain the weakened body skillfully girl hugging her legs around her chest. Two supple soft mound tickled reddish hair.
It seemed that this torture never end. In the end, hoping to quickly appease his demanding lover Anya start podmahivat him ass, dog trembled and soon erupting into her stream of hot semen. Fortunately, she was able to avoid painful anal lock with the dog, and slip out of its grip weakened, the whole body collapsed on the warm earth. Disappointed "Neuf" brutally bitten his mistress's shoulder and walked away, giving way to the last place of the dog in the pack.
Close-eared yard dog tried to raise the power of lying on the ground unconscious body, but not having the power and the bastard black leader, was only able to turn back to Anya. Standing over her, he barked a few times, and again began to tear claws girl's body, trying in vain to lift it. Without wishing to be mutilated brazen of dog, and gave a strange madness of the night the girl herself lifted from the ground and wrapped her thin arms dog's neck, clinging to him. The dog was not going to miss such a good opportunity, and immediately got into her vagina. Unusual position prevented him somewhat, but delivered Anya genuine pleasure. After the brutal "Neuf" Fold seemed like the perfect lover. She gently drove her hands down his back, stuck out her tongue and touched the cold wet nose.
- I'm yours, doggie. - I whispered in the ear of the tyrant girl. - Take me gently.
Who stood, tense nipples of her breasts rubbing on his hard wool, knees bent slender legs and then touch the hind legs and a long tail, which excited male waving from side to side. The dog did not waste time, his tongue slid across the face of Ani, and then falling into her open mouth. From engulfed her ecstasy she rolled Discard cloudy blue eyes and gave herself completely to his feelings. The world has shrunk to the size of it for a pleasant, languid gravity demanding the perpetrator, which she now belonged. She frantically worked his hips, trying to get at a furious pace to fuck her dog. White skin, covered with bruises and bleeding scratches, gleamed from the beads of sweat oozed. Anne caught her mouth dog tongue, kissing his face and caressed the back of strong slender fingers.
Madness of the full moon began to make it.
Tired of unusual items, Anna released the dog and rolled over on his stomach, substituting him her seductive ass. Completely crazed animal gladly accepted the position shift and saddled ready for fucking bitch. His elbows into the ground, Anya free hand to send members of your dog in the developed anus.
- Make me! - She demanded. - Come on!
And deep moan, strong dog podmahivaya booty. The dog growled and twitched, hammering second hole gave him a girl.
When he finished, Anne caught her breath and looked at the black leader, has had time to rest after the first act. He saw her eyes, got up and slowly approached and jumped on suppressed subordinate pack bitch started to take it slowly, almost lazily, but carefully ...
The sky was beginning to lighten when Anna finally climbed back into his torn jeans. Limping (pain in a torn anus made itself felt), she headed toward the door. Black dog followed her. She did not chase him. Together, they climbed to the fifth floor, she opened the door to his apartment and went - dog came after him.
As soon closed the front door, he pushed the girl demanded in the back paws. Anya exhausted leaned back against the wall and slid to the floor. Dog paws grabbed her head and pressed it to his furry stomach. Anna opened her mouth, letting member covered secretions into it ...
Her life as a bitch had just begun.

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DuckTales. Part 2

School Saint Konar. 16.55. Dead silence. 16.57. Silence. 16.59. Silence. 17.00. Call. 17.01. The door swings open well-aimed kick. From school bullet imposed Goosen skateboarding. Behind her, behind five meters (fifteen seconds) flies Goga.- Come quickly! - Shouts Goosen, picking up speed and making a wild spurt on the garden bench, and alternately on both sides dorozhki.Goga clearly wants to answer, but he was not out of breath he could barely keep up with Goosen in a straight line. Suddenly Goosen brakes with such force that it knocks the board with stones sparkle track. Gogh, respectively, by inertia flies past another ten meters. Goosen carefully sneaks into the bushes, gently pushing them. Behind the bushes, a small lawn, Zigzag, lifted up her skirt and exposing her ass fucked a young girl, without even taking off his pants. He quickly moved his hips, hands on hidden under light blouse young duck breast, with the usual silly expression on his face. She stood polusognuvshis with information knees, open-mouthed a silent scream. Zigzag Movement slowed, and he finished, repeatedly drove his cock so deep in the vagina close girl that made her moan. Goosen on their bellies crawled out of the bushes. Joined her Gogh said: - What did you see, Goosen - Zigzag - handed Goosen, snatched from the hands of Gogi your board?. - Let's go, Herbert drove past the house, Goosen throws an instant view of the window, and then dives for the bench, catching the collar with Gog and zataskivaya it too!. Pulling from his briefcase a huge pair of binoculars, apply to the eyes. She presses a few buttons, and binoculars produces peak sounds, automatically adjusting to the distance to obekta.- Papin binoculars - Yeah. He now it is still not necessary, it has a date with his lover - Goosen says with undisguised longing, not looking up from the binoculars and inducing it on the window doma.Iz sound-amplifying devices start came the groans, sighs and shouts of familiar voices: - Herbert, faster ! - Honey, do you remember what happened last time - Oh, what a difference! - what happened last time? - Gusena.Goga asked responds adjusting his glasses: - Mama Do not sit two dnya.- Cool - Goosen removed the binoculars back into the bag. - Okay, let's go to my house domoy.Podehav, Goosen opens the door and, without reducing speed, takes off the ladder and dives into his room. Gogh, losing sight of it, too, comes into the room. The door slams shut behind him with such force that he jumps. Goosen with a bang and slam latch catches on krovat.- Come on, get, - says she trebovatelno.Goga opens his briefcase and pulls out a worn voluminous book in red cover with the title "Sex Guide". They sit side by side, Goosen selects the book from Gogi, opens her somewhere, reads: - Phase excitation - a gentle mutual training. At this time, the main significance of touch. In men, the penis is increased and ...- Gogh rectified, and there you have - Sometimes Gusena.A Now you can - Well ... probably net.Gusena browses several pages, viewing images, and, catching the book left hand, right hand holding his stomach, down to the bottom. Under her fingers there is a small red stick. Gogh krasneet.- Well, as you said - not looking up from the book, Goosen said removing ruku.- Look Goosen - Gogh takes the book, opening it in the diagram genitals zhenschiny.- Nothing interesting - Goosen slams the book, prischemlyaya palets.Tut his voice is heard at the bottom of the Black Cloak: - Goosen, you're home Goosen instantly grasps the beak Goge.- probably went for a walk with Goga after school - he says someone to.Dvoe pass from the hallway into the living room, close the door. Goosen made a sign Gogh, and both go down on his toes. Goosen leans to the keyhole. She sees Marisha, beloved black cloak, the great black magician. To her surprise, she was standing in the same pose as the young girl with zigzag. She did not dress, blouse covered only her small breasts. And behind her was a black raincoat, completely naked, and, judging by the vibrations of her body, making love to her. Goosen looked without looking. It seemed that Lady Makabr knows that she spies on her. Suddenly her eyes flashed two stars, and Goosen felt affectionate teplotu.- Gogh - quietly said Goosen, suddenly hoarse voice. - You want me Gogh stopped?. Goosen felt his silent then the reply Zaderey me sviter.Goga slowly performed it, revealing the two hemispheres of her beautiful ass, covered with short soft feathers, and, on its own initiative, began to stroke them gently. Eyes Lady Makabr razgoralis.- now enter into menya.Goga took his segment in the hand and brought him into the pussy Guseny, slowly began to move back and forth faster and faster. Finally, when Goosen felt that he no longer stand the torture hot heat inside, white flame burst from Marisha eye, and the world for Guseny flared and died. When she came to, Marisha already dressed, and a black cloak with a beatific smile lying on divanchike.Gusena approached the Gog and quietly, but audibly, said: - No one slova.- As you say, Goosen, - said Goga.

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Moonlight fantasy

Night quietly sat down on the city, spread out, rustling, their black wings, flooded lanes obsidian, a cowardly retreat before the electric light flooded the streets ... It is gentle, almost motherly touch hot blood, casts true night, Epicurean thought. The desire of the flesh became almost unbearable - instead of having to go to bed, I began to pace the room back and forth. No, sleep does not turn positive, accumulated lust and passion required output, the sooner the better. Night, Mother, why Your time makes people so bold and reckless, hot and passionate, that you such that even an inveterate bigot turns into a passionate lover? .. No answer.
Reared flesh strongly interrupts unwanted thoughts right now - like the thinnest thread of common sense cut the merciless scissors desires. Dark, secret, depraved, secret ...
You sleep, my happiness, sweet snuffle in the spacious lodge, which still conspicuous traces of our morning pleasures. Smiling, I walk up to the head, unable to tear his eyes - it seems a sacrilege to wake you, and because I'm speechless, motionless ... However, you and so somehow disturbing rushed about, short groan (from delight or fear of pain? Who knows what you showed to Morfeevo kingdom, a country of dreams ...) and open your eyes. As for your lips smile, strangely similar to the one that froze on my own.
- Night is haunted and you, darling? - I ask, easily touching your hair, caressing her cheek with his fingertips ...
- I do not give my boy - hear your response through the haze of tenderness. You izvernuvshis playful cat, you touch my lips, palms, making me smile even wider and kinder.
- Let us find it together, m? - Laughing, I asked counsel. And I know that you will answer "Yes". However, because I want to hear it for real ...
Contrary to expectations, you are silent, only discarded blanket and moves up invitingly. This eloquent thousand words, and never have to beg me ... I gently pounce on you, rejoicing - because you allow to be near him, to love, to give joy and delight ... As much as I can give, you accept, and generously reciprocated. Is this not happiness? Yes. You - my happiness ... And so, I want to make you happy.
And starts petting - a dagger-sharp, searing passion and tenderness, a sensual dance of lips and hands by your calling, I wish the body. Track greedy kisses winds from the tip of your ear to the lower abdomen, inmost of the sites ... and why they are so often called "shameful"? Oh, goody, you do not see all their charms, do not know how delightful it - caressing the tiny lips and tongue, with the pea, the clitoris, smartly warping finger in the wet warm bosom, while gently massaging the brown ring anus. You do not know what is woven into an ecstasy of love to be crumpled sheets, caress, giving pleasure, without asking anything in return - just to make you feel good, sweetheart. And for this - all for your lovely legs: awe, affection, admiration, love ... Everything.
You squirm under my caresses, moaning loudly, without fear that they hear; your fingers plunged into the strands of my hair, which is closely pressed my head to your juices flowing flesh. Do not be afraid that pulled away - and all the treasures of the world will not be such only after ... Yes, yes, it is! - You convulsively bent, moan becomes a cry, mecheshsya on the bed, almost breaking my fingers; in my temples pounding blood, and you also compress their hips ... My girl ... Fingers are reluctant to leave the damp heat - one of mokrenkaya womb, the second - from the anus to relax. Cuddle goodbye long tongue movement, I climb up the stairs kisses and caresses: tickling the hollow tip of your tongue navel, his hands stroking thighs and waist, criss-crossing his fingers teasingly elastic chest. Lips arrived to help a little later, and with affection enveloped neat nipple, tongue brisk snake began to pull it, if not get enough down there ...
Gently pulling back and panting, you yourself with a sly smile begin to torment me, falcon dropping down to the hard, juicy flesh with lead. Chain quick kiss, caress the tongue along the barrel, forcing growl like an animal; finally your lips fully take it in hot mouth ... And the torture begins - a sweet, intoxicating, maddening. Ye gods, how good! On the lips, one after another bursting groans endless string "I love ... ", Hips moving to the beat, ruthless toward your lips and tongue yurkomu. Catharsis, the supreme moment of pleasure, shining whiteness of the snow mountain. The outbreak of a new sun for screwed-up eyelids, warm liquid flow spewing from me; sweet convulsions, beautiful agony of life itself ...
- Thank you ... I love you ... My Happiness ... - whisper barely audible. But you know perfectly well, feel their heart, and our lips merge in a kiss, I feel the salty taste of its own, puts her arms your waist ... It is strange, but it is in no way an opal, still stands a strange, wondrous monument inflexibility of our passion, our Tenderness feelings ... our.
And I do not hesitate, take this, merging smoothly with you together ...
And it starts Sacrament, the greatest under this sky and under the sun. The sacrament of new life, the mystery of love, when two lovers entwined bodies on the bed, and the soul soar in transcendental heights, enjoying the greatest unity and harmony and happiness to be together ...
Alas, like all happiness, it is transient. It seemed only a moment ago, huddled in unison with the heart, conjoint tocsin, only recently we have cried with happiness, forgetting about all the prisoners in the cage of love and tenderness, inseparable, happy - and now, it is all ... peak pleasure, joined-loving shout .
The flash, blinding-white ...
Maddening pleasure, sweet convulsions ...
Soft arms, you exhausted collapsed on my chest, we ukryvshee blanket ...
And quiet, barely audible: "I love ..." Simultaneously. And after that - laughter.
"Thank you..."
You're welcome. You know.
My happiness...

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