The result of lust. Part 1

Ivan has worked for a long time in Western companies and reached the post of Director of Russian branch. His duties were very broad, but they were limited to a small financial dependence and the main personnel policy. We are hiring new people and approval of employees carried out by foreigners. And in accordance with the personnel policy one of the old leaders of the department was forced to retire by age, and in its place had to take someone else. Ivan did not have to do with it except that this man he had to work. And he soon learned that the position taken quite a young woman. He did not take it seriously from time to time.
When he showed the girl, he recognized it as his old friend Catherine. And what it was familiar! 5 years ago, Ivan wanted to get her, he was head over heels in love with her. But it still did not work. Then, to cool it, he found another girl, with whom he lived, and is now married. From memories now he has nothing left but anger and hostility.
Ivan did not want to have such an employee and then he almost felt sorry for the first time seriously, that he was powerless in the personnel policy. But there was nothing, had to accept, at least for a time. And then….
But these thoughts were interrupted Ivan discomfort in the groin, he found himself on the fact that his penis swells. And whether it's only clothes Katie (as she was wearing a tight-fitting her elegant and sexy ass black skirt above the knee, white, unbuttoned two buttons blouse, through an incision which were a little seen the roundness of her beautiful and a little dark chest - then Ivan remembered Katya never liked to wear bras and caught myself thinking that I asked myself whether he's wearing now - and elegant shoes) or in out of nowhere who took memories of his dreams that he would like to do with this body - no one He knows.
- ... Good employees in the company N, today decided to go ... - against the background of thought Ivan heard the voice of the head of the personnel department. But Ivan looked at her skirt and I thought, what is now the panties adhesive qualities delicious round ass Katina. And he was sorry now that he did not have to take them off! But then he thought of his wife - Natasha, who, by the way, was very fond of. Natasha was 4 years younger than him, and she was 25, and Kate 26. He was married to Natasha for love and has not lost anything! She was a faithful and beloved spouse, and what they had sex ... Vanya did not even think about what could have imagined Natasha!
After saying some words of farewell, HR director retired, leaving Ivan alone with Kate.
- Hello, long time no see - Katya said - glad that we had to meet again! I hope we'll be good here.
- Yes, we will work well. We have so accepted - said Ivan slightly strangled voice.
Katie Attention was drawn to his hand with the ring.
- Married?
- Yes, very happy.
The next day, Ivan felt that he wanted to see Kate. He called her to him. While he was waiting for her, he felt that somehow worried. His heart was pounding and jumping. He got up from the table and went to the window. At this time came Katya. She was wearing a short black dress, with a shallow neckline, but Ivan after a while I caught myself on the fact that looking through it at her breasts, which rose and fell beneath it, apparently, Kate walked quickly. Katya was a girl of medium height, with dark curly hair and a little baby-faced. Perhaps it made such a big mouth, a straight little nose and beautiful open brown eyes. Advantages figure Kati Ivan appreciated for a long time. Her small elastic round ass especially appetizing looked in tight pants or tight skirts above the knee, chest around the second size beautiful form (as I could see it, Ivan, often looking at her) with a bit spaced bright buds - all this made sometimes his friend just to break through the pants .
- Did you want something?
-Let's all the same to you - Ivan said. What did he want? Now he knew exactly what she wants! He wanted to make up for everything, he just had to fuck this bitch for him impregnable! Most of all he is now willing to go up to her and one `s lips to her lips, while tightly gripping her elastic ass! How he wanted her? In different ways, but he thought I should take her as a rebellious female male masters. Plugged her mouth with his hand, to push it to the table, tear off her dress and handed it to caress her breasts! And then, putting on the table, tear off her excited horny pussy panties and shove it in your mouth. Teased her vagina caressing the mouth and fingers, and then, putting on his knees and pulling panties get to ask him to fuck her! Yes, that's what he wanted!
Coughed, Ivan interrupted pause, prolonged for a few seconds.
- I wanted to devote you in some aspects of the company. Sit down.
Kate sat on a chair, her short dress ridden, and while she was tossing back his legs, Vanya saw that she was wearing no tights and stockings. Member and begged out. With some difficulty overcoming the tremor in his voice, he began to carry something about the company's activities. Having said so Katya 20 minutes, he said, that it may go. She took off her leg with his legs under the watchful gaze Vanin, who this time has opened a bright triangle of her panties, but he could not see him well. Katya came to Van. Close, perhaps too close ...
- I do not want anything to interfere with our good relationship ... I'm sorry - she told him almost in his ear.
Is he ready to forgive her? Now he was ready for anything, he barely restrained so as not to realize their fantasies and ... restrained.
Arriving home, John found Natasha preparations for the exit. Today they were going to the theater. Natasha was of medium height, with long brown hair and a very nice person. Her figure is strikingly different from the figure of Katie. She had a delicious booty, perfect shape and small breasts. Now she was dressed in an evening dress. And then Ivan understood where he will carry out their fantasies!
- Change clothes, we will soon go - say wife. But Ivan had other plans. He went to her and hugged her. Natasha leaned to kiss him, but Ivan instead of answering her sharply squeezed her ass hand and then pulled up the dress. It was so popular with his lace panties, which emphasized the roundness of her beautiful buttocks. His right hand dropped lower and lower in the ass Natasha made her way between her legs and felt cherished mound. With his left hand at the time he climbed to its small but very sexy chest, then squeezing it, then stroking her nipples. Push down on the mound, the right hand pushed the fabric of panties and began to caress the labia. He took his finger on it in a circular motion, carried out between them and, finally, abruptly put back two fingers. Natasha and went limp, but Ivan did not want to please her so quickly. Expensive evening dress was torn and Natasha appeared in front of him in a black lace bra. She was taken aback and a little with the fear of looking at Ivan. But he took her by the waist, pulled her to him and with the other hand and ripped the bra, breaking the lock on the straps.
Taking her hand by the hair, he is sharp and rough movement dropped on her knees beside him, so that Natasha screamed. But it did not stop. Ivan pulled out his penis and he rudely slapped her face, cheeks, nose and held pressed to his lips. She opened her mouth, and Vanya pressed on her lips, made it to his body swallowed. But he did not want her to fondle him as usual, setting the stage for a bit of cheek and tickling, drawing, language. He again took her head sharply and planted it on his penis! Natasha's lovely big eyes widened in surprise, but Ivan did not give her time to recover. He nachel fuck her mouth so he wanted to fuck pussy Katie, rude, disrespectful, inserting a member to the stop. His Eggs dolilis on chin girl she was breathing heavily, and several times she was sure to lose consciousness. But apparently ... Natasha liked it, after a few minutes, she, too, had worked hard member in this rhythm.
Ivan looked at his wife sucking his cock up and down. She's in a torn groin to an expensive gown hanging on the shoulders and opening Ivan opinion not only on her breast, but also on her belly and black lace panties, standing in front of him on his knees and swallowing his cock as deep as never done before. She was panting, puffing, it was all red, but everything in it betrayed that she likes such treatment. Her little mouth-watering breasts with pink nipples fun flew apart during its movements on the mouth member. Their movements are excited Ivan even more. And why he had not known that his wife such a bitch? He realized that now he just has to ...
He pulled out his cock from her mouth, put his hand on his neck and lifted her. Remains of the dresses were completely torn and thrown on the floor. She stood in front of him, so defenseless in some black panties, limp filaments excitement. He felt her scent and it gets even more! He put his hand into her panties, a little tickled labia why Natasha rolled her eyes and began to moan. Then he jerked his hand for himself, grasping thin lacy fabric. Briefs cracked at the seams, fabric broke and they were in the hand of Ivan. Ivan brought his them to him, her smell ... How is he always gets it!
Ivan brought his shorts to Natasha's face.
- Do you feel? You have already begun to flow, bitch!
He brought them all back to back, Natasha wanted to pull away, but she did not give! Clutching his right hand on her head to the remains of her panties, he drove left of her face.
- Open your mouth.
Natasha dutifully complied. And he stuck to her panties in her mouth! He had never handled so with his wife. But then he felt that he could do with this current depraved female whatever he wants! He literally threw it on the dining table, knocking him prepared to return from dinner theater. He did not want to excite her, and so she ran. He parted her legs and abruptly entered her current pussy. It was the pussy, and his wife, whom he loved and cherished, was today the latest horny bitch to him. His hands moved down to her small breasts, he decided to hurt udipnut her nipples. Natasha arched her back and moaned ... He fucked her roughly and unceremoniously, without worrying about her pleasure. But she's still got it. Natasha squirmed beneath him and her moans were talking about the fact that it will soon reach its peak.
But Ivan was not enough. Once his wife last bitch, let him ask of him to fuck her. Vanya pulled briefs breath and walked out of Natasha.
- Get up on your knees and beg me to fuck you on.
Natasha got off the table and knelt down. Her blissful large open eyes were fixed on Ivan.
- Fuck me, I beg you.
- You are my bitch and I will to fuck you like a dog.
Natasha she knew everything. She leaned on the table, legs spread, prepared a path of Van rear. He entered into it, and began to move very quickly ... Natasha's body wriggled with pleasure. Vanya took it with one hand by the hair and pulled over. blissful moan escaped from her lips. And then he realized that he needs to do more ... Gathering little finger of their secretions, he smeared them her anus. Fucking her from behind in the pussy, he inserted a finger into her ass. Usually, Natasha did not like anal sex, but now it has brought her. She could not hold back the moans and screaming ... When Ivan came, he pulled out a member of it and turned to face him, filled with sperm her lips and nose. A few drops fell on the little chest. They were immediately kissed and lapped Ivan.
In the theater, they have not had time. Natasha and Ivan fell asleep in his bedroom after a better orgasm. No one knows what thought Natasha, except her own. Ivan also admired a bitch was his wife. And I thought about how good it would be just to fuck Kate. If he only knew, that will result in their current discovery and dreams ...
To be continued.

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My father has long been a hero of my most secret erotic fantasies. I always dreamed about how to take his cock in my mouth and sucked it up to the last drop, as it were, I took it into his anus flushed.
One day we came away with an overnight stay and to get a little more comfortable to place them, it was decided to put me on a bed with a parent father. The mother was not going to sleep, she had to put things in order, to wash dishes, and so on. D., And so on. N. In the night I was awakened by the fact that my bladder was full and required him to empty.
I moved and I realized that his father's embrace. And not just a hug, hand on his groin. The need to urinate immediately retreated into the background, the main feeling was my excitement. Carefully I began to stroke member list through the blanket, but it was not enough, and I put my hand under the blanket. On my happiness, he drank with the guests and did not respond to my overtures. The longer I was stroking his cock, the more excited. My pants were soaked in front of grease. At some point my father still woke up, found my hand on his penis and asked: "And what are you doing?".
A little frightened at first, I was silent for a while, but pulled himself together and said: "Do yourself a pleasure and trying to do good for you!". Dad chuckled, then turned to face me and pulled back the covers. Seeing my wet pants, he asked, "Nocturnal enuresis or you were so nice to hold on to papkinu toy." I smiled and continued to massage his instrument. The father lay on his back and spread his legs wider. Standing between his legs at the knees, I put his hand in his pants from the bottom and began to stroke his large testicles. Papkin member became quickly grow in size, so he no longer fit in his pants and looks out over the gums, and on the head of the holes began to flow lubrication. I teased finger grease drop, and sent it into his mouth, um, taste of her stunning.
Leaning against a member of his father's, I began to lick all inbound grease from his penis and the more I licked her, the more she stood. Soon, I just drank his grease. But his father that was not enough, and took me by the back of his head, he began to stick me on his penis. Dad was in a hurry too, and first began to choke on his dick cut off my access to the air. But gradually I got used to and gradually began to stick your mouth on the penis of my beloved papulki. I sucked already 10 minutes and mouth became numb already from habit, and his father still could not finish, probably suffered from alcohol, drunk earlier. Suddenly we heard footsteps approaching the room and interrupted our such a pleasant activity for both of us, we lay down a blanket and hid.
It was a mother, she entered the room, turned on the bedside lamp and began to dig into his things. We were with my father had no choice but to go to sleep. The next day I woke up alone, my father probably got up early to entertain guests again. Dressed in order not to confuse the guests, I went to the bathroom to take a shower and there remembered the incident the night of the soul masturbate. The whole day I was assailed by a thought that thinks about everything what happened during the night folder. And he seized the moment, whispered in my ear: "You have not we somehow continue begun!". I calmed down.
Once the mother early in the morning went to another city, ponyanchitsya with newborn grandson. There was a day off, and my father stayed at home. I slept and went to the bathroom to wash up. There is at this time the father was taking a shower. I finished brushing your teeth, when he noticed that his father looks at me and podrachivaet member. Putting in place a toothbrush, I pulled the curtain covering the bath and took his penis in his hand. Dad smiled and took me by the head, became pododvigat my head to the head of the penis. I opened my mouth wide and gradually swallowed dick all the way, a little used to it, I began to make reciprocating movements of the head. I jumped at the hands of his hairy buttocks and finger of one hand began to massage his anus.
Not pulling papkinogo member of his mouth, I put there finger and moistened with saliva, I began to push it deeper into the Pope. He liked it, he groaned, took me by the ears and began to actively stick my mouth on your cock. As a result, the impact on papkinu prostate, he quickly approached orgasm. Father growled, "Well, son, right now, you try papkinogo" honey "!". I'm a little pulled his penis out of his mouth, so that the semen does not hit directly into the esophagus, and to her I could rasprobovat. So, I cry and trembling all over, Dad began to cum in my mouth. The shots were so strong that I almost choked on the habit, but gradually became accustomed and swallow papkin juice, from which once I turned.
Sperm was peculiar little sweet taste, I liked it very much. It was a lot, and even though I, and tried to swallow everything, but some still flowed through the corners of my mouth. When a member has ceased to erupt, "honey," I sucked the remaining amount, licked him clean and pulling it out of his mouth, moved the spirit. His father smiled and said: "Not bad suck son. If you're going to train often, you'll soon be making it even better! Well, I'll help you to practice! "He laughed patted my hair and continued his water treatments. A little after watching it, I was reminded that he has not yet finished, and a member of me after all this simply by ringing voltage. I went into the room, turned on his favorite gay porn and masturbate for him abundantly Cum on belly.

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Interesting opening

Once, traveling on the Internet, I came across a swingers site. We can not say that I have never liked group sex. Just like he could not imagine, or say, my wife Anna, to do something similar. The maximum that we could afford in relation to others - it's a flirtation in a conversation partner the freedom to dance or even talk to a drunken company indecent themes if they do not touch our family.
But the nature of man (and as I understood recently and women) is that he always wants diversity in sexual relations, that is, to put it simply - the more women, the better. And I am not an exception. For example, I have always valued the reaction to pretty girls strolling in the summer in miniskirts or without a bra. Because of this fact, I married a second time. My first wife Natasha was terribly jealous and could not forgive even the fact that I gently patted on the ass of her friends, when I had to dance with them. Being educated (both actual and Anya) in Puritanism, Natasha once and could not forgive me harmless flirting.
Then we walked in the company of acquaintances little boys and girls, and in the evening, after returning home, I was asked to leave. I then took to it pretty lightly, and only a year later began to regret that he had lost her. Anya everything was easier. There were no scenes of jealousy nor dispute, nor suspicion ... But there was no such passion as Natasha, who went somewhere to the south, and delivered me from the torment seeing her chiseled figure and surprisingly beautiful blue eyes. But after ...
So, on this site free sex, I learned that in the South there are even hotels where specially come men and women in order to try to have sex with each other. When I read the reviews of the participants of these meetings, I do not believe that everything is so simple and so exciting. Under an assumed name I managed to get in touch with a married couple, and even learn how you can get into one of these "corner of love". I still did not realize what it's all I need, but became interested in this subject seriously, and decided to try once a holiday.
Not only wanted to implicate Anyuta. I specifically podgadat your vacation so that in the summer to leave the south without it. To my surprise, the wife did not object and now the train carries me Novorossiysk, from which to ... ti kilometers was the village ... However, I will not mention - though it is believed that all my fiction ... In a word, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the private hotel and reasonable prices. The first thing I saw in the lobby was a naked couple passionately kissing in the hallway.
Solid uncle shamelessly paw young girl, and she caressed his hand and a member at the end, dragged into one of the rooms, not even bothering to close the door before the end. And while I'm made out to settle, I listened to the music sighs and moans of the couple, and then looked to him affable guy from the next room and I heard him speak to them in the room: "Oksanka! Let today finish in you! I want to lick your "girl" after different men "Then he went out and looked knowingly at the hill, my bulging trousers:" Good uncle! You, too, will have to try my wife! Only tomorrow - today it is completely "painted"!
It is better to throw things and go to the 12th room - there's an old woman waiting for! I'm her yesterday "pyalil" - stunned! True, it is one arrived, and even in my opinion it does not have a husband, but this insatiable - five men a night "skips" between the legs "" Got it, - not a fool! I am on my way! And how it to call it? "- I blurted out, heading into his 13th number, and rejoicing that I live very close to this slut. "What's the difference! The main thing is all the "give"! At any time and in any position! Come boldly - this whore loves to let down into it! "- Said the guy again and disappeared into the room where his wife fucked.
I went to her, turned on the light and found that my little room, though small, but has two indisputable advantages that distinguishes it from similar premises in the normal private sector for holidaymakers. Firstly, it is a huge double bed, almost completely block the room, leaving only a narrow passage to the pedestal with the TV. But the most original walls of the room were, or rather the lack of them as such. From floor to ceiling were stretched pieces of translucent fabric, sometimes carefully cut along the seam, making passage in the adjacent room from the corridor through the door looked simple props.
And if the other rooms have the same wall, then any of their residents could freely go to the neighbors to visit at any time. What probably happened, because they do not have time to close the door behind me, and from the 12-th issue of a woman's voice sounded excited: "Oh-oh-oh .. new! Great! .. Come to me darling! .. Come to me! .. I'm ready ... my legs spread apart for you! .. Well ... quickly undressed! I'm waiting! .. "The voice was oddly familiar. He attracted me like a magnet, and I immediately undressed, turned out the light and went through this remarkable "wall" for the woman, unable to contain my excitement engulfed.
In the dim light of her room, I made out a silhouette of her beautiful figure and what it really lies on the bed, legs apart hospitality. As an animal for meat, I pounced on her body, and not being distracted by some foreplay, once powerfully entered her womb. We fuck in silence, leering like body absorbing other arcs. She moaned when I especially deeply penetrated dick in her womb. Finally, there was a discharge of my seed, and filled to the brim with this wonderful vagina of the female. Waiting for the last splash of my sperm, she slowly got out from under me, and turned on the light. What I saw with him, it puts me in a great shock! Before me stood naked Natasha and with no less stunned staring at her ex-husband.
We were silent - she looked at me, and I stupidly watched from the wide-open vagina my recent partner and my ex-wife follows the sperm and transparent drops down on all the same shapely legs. "You ?!" - and said only Natasha and sank helplessly nearby, his face buried in my chest. "And you ... It's you .. But ... But what ... with your views ... Why, then ... It's not fair !!!" - I muttered, suddenly realizing that, in spite of everything still I love this beautiful woman. And although it is now a completely different, has changed beyond recognition in the behavior, her body, her eyes and hair were again mine, and I stroked and kissed them dreaming only about making these moments become eternity ... We talked and caressed each other.
In her eyes, instead of a stun recent passion, I saw only tenderness and realized that my Natasha has not stopped loving her ne'er-do ex-husband. It turns out that she is very sorry that at the time left me. Problems with the men she had never been, but a meeting with them, it would meet only a body - soul like me. From these words, I felt in seventh heaven, and again began to be excited, more boldly caressing her "charms" of the hand and lips. She immediately responded to my call to the new copulation, and soon our bodies again merged into one, only now we have enjoyed each other not as a male and a female, and a gourmet restaurant in an expensive, better feeling than absorbing.
When in the room looked to us all the same guy and asked me "how I liked the bitch?", Natalia, looking at me, said, "Great!" I said: "Let her enjoy all .. But! ... leave it here just me! "the guy immediately undressed and lay down on Natasha, she threw her legs over his shoulders and thriftily" planted on the eggs. " I stood by and watched with a strange pleasure to fuck her, but after this trahalschik poured into it his sperm, he began to kiss her vagina licking good whipped cocktail of at least two kinds of sperm ...
The remaining nine days passed in a blur. All (and there have been 12 people) with all fucked. It has become so familiar ... I had no idea how he could live when the fresh sex life. When I left there, we Natasha agreed that she would return to me in any case. And as soon as I divorce Anka, I send her a telegram with just one word, "Waiting ...". All the way home I thought of Natasha and how bad do to Anna. Well at least we did not have children. Find the reason for divorce is always easy. Home I have not called even once, and the date of my arrival was Anka unknown.
I timidly hoped that "I will kindle a" her with any man, if I come home without warning. But it was only a dream, because the second and my wife, never gave me a reason to be jealous. I could only honestly confess everything to her, and on the spot to decide how we live.
When late in the evening, I went to my apartment, my nose immediately hit the smell of male sweat and on the verge I saw Sergei shoes, my long-time friend who once in 2 years came to me from Kamchatka, where he worked in a terrible secret part. Sometimes he came without warning, especially if it was a business trip. Instead of joy, this time I felt a strange tension.
I noticed that the apartment is quiet, and only from behind a closed bedroom door heard a strange noise, reminiscent of ... yes, sure! .. Creaking bed! .. In the tumult, I crept on tiptoe to the door, and slightly open it froze, the spectacle of what he saw there. In a brightly lit room, on a vast marital bed, my Annie, my friend dick riding, galloping furiously on him totally naked. They moaned with passion, and only stopped to kiss passionately. In me rose the same feeling I had in the South is a wonderful hotel. I was all eyes watched Annie intercourse with Sergei, and when he began to impregnate her with his seed, and quietly went to the kitchen.
Seeing at the festively laid table a bottle of cognac, I poured half a glass and drank it at once, and then stripped naked and went into the bedroom and said, "No, I hope not mind if I join you for a holiday ?! Annie! Enough to be embarrassed! I do not have more than one "stick," you give up, and then he can ride Serega! By the way, hello Grey! How are you? "Ofigev from such a reaction, these lovers shied away from each other, and I slowly laid his dissolute little wife and fuck her slowly added his seed in the womb fertilized. Then, with the words "Go boys! And Dad will drink cognac! "Shook the last drops of sperm on the face Anuta not devayas, I went to the kitchen.
They went behind me and now watched in silence as I sip cognac and a snack with a good appetite. Then I calmly explained what changes await us in the near future. They were silent, not trying to defend himself, and only towards the end of my story at Anyutka mischievous eyes sparkled. She forcibly earrings sat on a chair and sat down on top of him, brought him a member of a starting shamelessly fuck me. And when my friend got a taste himself, Annie grabbed my newly rebellious member, whispered: "Why should we divorce? In my opinion everything is fine! Natalia arrives and we all live together! All sex diversity! Everybody is happy! And I have not tried to be a lesbian - that your little wife and try it! Well ??? "
She sucked my "bolt" to the base and was now planted all the way to our members. I grabbed her head and just fucked her mouth, and when we began to pour sperm from two sides, gasped in ecstasy "Tomorrow I'll go to the post office! .." WAIT! .. "More specifically ... WAITING !!!

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He came to the capital

Arrived in Moscow early in the morning, I and my childhood friend Boris sitting at the station read the newspapers looking for an apartment or room, we were approached by two boys Sasha and Andrew asked money on the subway had to meet their job and no one came, they know the address.
It is also told that the firm that its employees rent accommodation 3-bedroom apartment for 6 people, and that there urgently trebuyutsya people in connection with dismissal of an entire team. It was just what you need. We went there together, street Academician Yangelya. The ofice were glad the new frames.
- Just be patient until Tuesday the team will get the money and vacate the apartment.
- Borya's lucky to 6 people in 3 rooms per apartment and even pay zarobatki decent. We were happy.
Come to the apartment call or who does not open until the third time we have opened. Sasha enters into the apartment and loud
From the room came a man 40 years
- Th you guys are here and we are waiting for you tomorrow so we 4utra at the station waiting for you in short the whole team observes the future departure of the last three days. Okay, let's Russell you somehow hold out until Tuesday.
Me and Borik have placed in the back room. With us lived Lenya and Volodya, Sanya Andrei to another, there in front of Igor with Roma lived in another room, in the hall sleeping Kirill and Oleg. On the same evening, the whole crowd went to the sauna to wash off the dirt road hath need we decided.
THERE my eyes fell on KIRILL he was covered in headdresses and between the legs of his oars are not natural shape member. This is the area he balls himself and then put vaseline zakochal explained to me SANJA I storalsya not look to look not catch. Returning home, we drank hard guys said that all the office tomorrow for the money. SANJA with Andrea go with them and with us Borik to work only Tuesday only Friday was today.
We woke up to 10hours, I walked around the house there is no one in all the ofice. We had a bite and the last finishing their brandy. Misha asked
- Borik at home is who?
- No, I replied, realizing the depth of the issue
- let's fuck you, and then have a week soon as I fucked you I will pour out of his ears [c Borik I have sex prokticheski 8 years and he is an asset to him like it]
- Come on, I'll miss you.
He sat down at the table, I unbuttoned his pants and took in his mouth Borik popular with girls for its small size is not a member of the length of 25cm and a width 21. Personally pacing. While I sucked it rubbed me the point and asked there. I solved although he would not ask. And he began to fuck me doggy style on the table lying in karidore in the hall in a room on the couch, I screamed with pleasure my spirit intercepted I asked that he did not stop to continue, I have not heard that he had asked claps on my butt nedovali I even stand in exactly an hour 2 we ended up just not proshloi 5 minutes, and the doorbell.
Well, we had time. We open the door and all the guys there with a drink from the snack clearly got paid Now booze until all propyut. Misha invited me to the hall is called Kirill. I went Che called - there was ROMA Borik and Sanya
- Says the order, and then there will be nothing to give to the word said Kirill
- I did not understand che sluchilos - I protested.
Nearby stood a novel - you tell me how you fucked half a day in all the cracks. I got up and stood, I thought it was a dream.
- Misha fucked your mother - shouted CYRIL -vobschem come here he started the tub sit on the chair he ordered.
Immediately went ROMA IGOR SANJA. I sat on a chair and said that it was a misunderstanding.
- as though he was watching the whole day because of the cabinet as a fuck you.
Let me see your point, if everything is normal apologize. I was silent, I'll show him a point I had four months is not healed, and that the five days since it broke again Borik.
- I count to three - said Kirill and then counted.
CYRIL pulled out his penis and sent me a strong stream of urine hit me in the face.
- I preduprezhdal- everyone who was there looked like it is full in my face as I tried to hide - let the shower quickly.
I undressed and got into the bath, and began obmylsya vylazit they went again.
- On your knees 0 commanded KIRILL I got up, he walked in a tight his cock was right in front of my face again obosat or otsosesh?
I lowered my head made it clear that I agree elda he did not want to fit in my mouth. I fight all the balls of the sky, he led me to the kitchen to put the cancer and tried to fuck me, I screamed in pain.
- Do not yell slut, even the whole evening ahead.
Everyone watched as he razvoratil me the ass, and the fifth attempt he has fucked me in all went without problems. I felt like he came at me.
- Go wash up 'he said.
That night I fucked all without exception. CYRIL brought two bottles of cognac.
- to drink and end in say three bundles of Java.
Toward morning hours 5 come in drunk shit Roma and Igor with them some sort of alkashka woman age 30 and two whips from the construction site.
- Misha got up - I woke greets guests as it should one of them came up and then tried to fuck me like something put. Another came from the front and began to push me your stinking cock in her mouth. They fucked me three hours but so efficiently and correctly that I could not resist and had finished with them.
Booze was in full swing. At 8 o'clock in the morning, Igor came up with that woman to me and ROMA him.
- Fold the cancer if it is painful to say.
I felt that something in me that trying to cram suddenly:
- Vidal? when you give?
This Igor Roma argued with me that bottle of vodka will get the afternoon I went over to Cyril and told him everything in detail.
- Take things and we'll move into the room soon as we usually have some girls go to mini skirts.
I did not argue silently changed.
- Now you do not Misha and Masha, come to the mouth sweet.
I began to suck KIRILL from Leni Volodya at the same time who ended up stepping aside.
- And you che Borik asked Lenya and then he also went up, I got up in the middle of the circle to Collin and everyone turns to me to stop. CYRIL kept his word no one touched me. They bought me a beer, brandy, cigarettes, all that need INE. For this, I worked my ass. When they left I called Kirill a word we otshli I silently fell to his knees unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hammer as he could become a good suck. I storalsya and I felt like it a few minutes later I heard the groan again, my mouth was filled with brackish liquid.
- MASHA me better than you no one is sucking

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My boyfriend and I have a cousin

After we celebrated with earrings birthday, and he gave me a wonderful gift depriving my virginity, I became almost a sexual maniac ..
We made love with me, with him, if it was not possible for this House that we had a special place, the roof of a neighboring house.
But is not the point, I would like to talk about a certain case, as you probably guessed it ..
It happened about 2-3 weeks after my 16th birthday. While I was visiting a cousin, her name Valley and it was a year younger than me. From our conversations it became clear that the guy she does not have and was not ..
On that day, the mother went to the day, and was supposed to return only the next morning. I badly wanted to my boy, but Valya leave home alone, I could not .. so decided as follows: call Kolyanu, send him for a walk with the Valley and let it at least be the first guy, well, tell that to me to come visit - though not prevent ..
And so it came. At about 10 pm on my door called Serge, I ran to open.
-Hey, baby
-Hey, listen, let's not only a long time, and then I walk Valya sent, no one knows when it will come back ..
-Well, then let's get to the point?
In his words I said a passionate kiss, it lasted a couple of minutes .. Not looking up from each other, we went to my room, undressed in passing. I've just ran and wanted him, and through his jeans felt excited member Sergei. Only we got to my room, he put me on the bed began to descend jeans .. I was full of anticipation: removing everything that was superfluous to me, he began to caress my schelochku. It was simply divine, after the debt is excited to receive such a gentle and passionate at the same time a portion of caresses. .
His tongue penetrated inside me, caressing my clitoris so greedy and pleasant. After a few minutes of fondling I finished with a shout, almost losing consciousness. . Slowly Serge raised his face to my lips and started kissing me until I come to the end in itself.
While we Lisa opened her eyes, I could not help notice the movement of the door, and then what happened was afraid. . We caught Val ... Seeing that I look at her she is not thinking long came to us, that I was quite impressed. .
- For you it was nice to watch, I do not want to stay Tselkov, help me? you do not mind this, Leer?
In my mind the picture of what is happening evolved vague, and my answer was yes. Sergey glancing at me and nodded silently thinking.
To start with chevoto I sat in front of Seryozha, and began to take off his pants, realizing that it is necessary to join Valya sat down .. he appeared vozbuzhёnny member before us, and we went to work. I started sucking penis, Valya - yaichiki .. then she moved over and joined me.
During those minutes, we blow job with Valka starts sucking a couple of times, it seemed so exciting passionately kissing his cousin.
A few minutes passed, and I said that perhaps should fulfill the request of the girl and her trahnuv depriving of virginity. Twice it was not necessary to repeat both of them, and on the floor, he began to enter into it. For a moment, her face depicted the pain, but gradually she relaxed. . "That's all " - I thought.
And Sergei, meanwhile, began to fuck Valya, boiled in me two different senses: a hell of jealousy and highly excited. Then, having decided not to sit around, I started to caress my nipples sisters. . In the beginning she modestly moaned about but in the end she began to moan loudly.
For all the time she had finished three times, and soon the boy abruptly went out of her and began to finish, the Gulf sperm of her pubis and abdomen. But in fact I did not have only oral sex, she wanted to feel his cock inside. To initiate a fighter my boyfriend, I slowly began to lick the sperm from tummy Wali. Especially not have to wait long, and soon Seryozhka was in full combat readiness.
Beckoning finger on his bed, I gently lay down, going to bed, he immediately went to me. Always gets frantic excitement, pleasure in it hews me. I love hard sex. At the same time, Valya woke up and crawled over to us, she started to caress my klitorok and lick my nipples. . Honestly that was on the verge of the most powerful orgasm, as my thoughts excited me to the limit. A couple of minutes was enough for me, and I had finished behind me Sergei. . it was something ...
Thinking that leave it no longer necessary today, we have three of them fell asleep on the bed ... Just remember that past my thoughts before I passed out was "How could this happen ??? tale kakayato ёpta. . "
His answer me as always write on [email protected]

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Temptation. Episode III.

On the day that I described in the episode event, Vick came to work in half the ninth. Having made the necessary arrangements, she sat down in his office and climbed into the Internet. Suddenly, the phone rang.
- Hello.
- Hello, my love, - on the other end was Julia - my afternoon goes on a business trip. Come and have some fun.
- With pleasure, - said Vick and felt a pleasant heaviness in the groin.
Julia's husband was a prominent official and often left a wife, leaving for the different trips. These absences girls enjoyed it very successfully. Their sexual encounters took place 3-5 times a week, and Victor was the name of her husband, coming home, rested and relaxed about what did not even know. The wife was satisfied and calm.
At 13.45 Vick stood in front of Julia's apartment door and pressed the call button. Behind the door the sound of footsteps, and it swung open. Julia stood there in a short robe which opened exciting view of her shapely legs.
- Come soon, my left, and I have been waiting for you, - she said and the girls merged in a kiss as soon as the door shut behind them.
- Let's go to the bedroom - excitedly whispered owner of the apartment, breaking the kiss and pulled for a guest - I want you.
In the bedroom, the girl began to impatiently pulling off each other's clothes, and when she left, rushed a huge, standing in the middle of the bed. Julia immediately grabbed the already erect penis of his girlfriend, and plunged it into his mouth.
Vick sat on the pillow and groaned. What's that, and blow her friend was doing great. Meanwhile, Julia, without removing a member from the mouth, fell on his mistress in position 69, substituting her his oozing pussy. Wick glared at her and began to lick carefully, trying not to miss a single millimeter. Both moaned, agitation covered them with his head.
- Come to me - interrupting affection, said Yuliya and lay on her back, legs spread wide.
Taking the hand of a member of Vick sweeping movements began to drive his girlfriend's vagina trickling, gradually pushing the flap. And now he was inside. Julia closed her eyes in anticipation of pleasure, and her friend slowly introduced into it his cock, teasing his mistress. And now he was completely inside the head touched the uterus, and a pleasant feeling ran all over the body of Julia. Here he began to move it gradually accelerating pace.
For three years, Julia lived these meetings. The husband could not give her any pleasure, and every time Vick gave her multiple orgasms, from which she was ready to get crazy.
Arousing more and more, Vic quick jerky movements to drive your pin in the bosom of a friend who is no longer in control, approaching orgasm. Vic knew that it is necessary to work on the first orgasm, the remaining part of the wave will be rolled on Julia, that will end without stopping.
Julia's body began to buckle in predorgazmennogo convulsions.
- More ... more ... ah-ah-ah-ah ..., - panting, she whispered, and her body pierced strong orgasm.
Vic pulled out a member, to then continue with renewed vigor started.
- Cool was - moving away from orgasm, Julia said - will continue.
But it was not possible to continue, as the doorbell rang. Jumping out of bed, as if on cue, the girls began to dress hurriedly.
- Is my back - with indignation in his voice said Julia, and ran to open the door.
That's right, it was Victor. Business trip was postponed and instead of his boss arranged a banquet on the occasion of his birthday. He and his wife were waiting to 17.00.
So it is not finished, with another member of excited Vick came from his girlfriend and went to the nearby located park. Sitting on a bench, she thought. Suddenly the past it was very beautiful blond girl with jeans covered with embossed ass and long legs. Vick seemed that she was concerned about something. The girl passed by and sat down on a nearby bench. She was very beautiful, and Vic decided to act.
- You do something wrong, - she said.
The girl turned around and, looking around the spoke with the head to the feet, apparently was satisfied by what he saw.
- No.
- Then why are you so sad?
- The husband on a business trip, and very nasty mood.
- Then let us be bored together. My mood is not better. What is your name?
- Sveta.
- And Vick me.
- Very nice.
- Me too.
Acquainted girls after a few minutes of fun chatting like old friends. On this day, they were walking, sitting in a cafe, and agreed to meet at 20.00 in the same square, and then to go to a nightclub.
Exactly at the appointed time Vic was standing at the appointed place, waiting for a new girlfriend. After 10 minutes, it appeared. Seeing her, Vic felt the excitement rising within. Light was short, much above the knee dress, opening her gorgeous legs. The deep neckline emphasized her small but very beautiful breasts. She was just delightful.
"What a fool her husband," - thought Vick. The girl wanted to keep this beauty belonged only to her and no one else.
And then there was that episode described in I.
After rough sex in the meadow girl went to Vicki giving. The most interesting thing was that the excitement of just what happened in less than even intensified. Walking through the park, girls kissing, and Vick noted with satisfaction what loving eyes looking at her Light.
"She was my" - thought Vick and wanted as quickly as possible to get home, to continue to torment the delightful body, which has just become hers.
Her friends did not know that Amy's husband Andrew followed them.
After a brief stand in the yard, the girls went into the room. Light immediately went into the bath to have a little come to himself. Vick went to disassemble the bed. Then, taking off all, she lay down under a blanket, waiting for the light. Twenty minutes later came a friend, shook her in a towel and sat on the edge of the bed.
- You think I'm a whore? - She asked.
- No.
- I want to go home - back said light and tried to get out of bed.
Without giving to do, Vick grabbed her by the arm and pulled him to her. Light fell on the bed, and towel swung open, revealing a beautiful body. Transsexual impatiently rushed at her and began to cover the face, neck and chest with kisses, gradually sinking lower and lower. First Light tried to pull away, but then gave up. Meanwhile Vikin tongue, surveying her navel, marched straight to the flower of pleasure, which was already covered with moisture. And as soon as he touched his petals as Svetlana lips broke moan.
For Vicki it was a signal.
- Now you're just mine. Only with me you will have fun. And more than anyone. Your husband will no longer be able to meet you, - she said.
Its member eager to fight. Taking his hand, Vic sent him to crack oozing and introduced to the stop. Amy's body trembled.
- Do you want me? - Introducing the term transsexual asked.
- Yes ... yes ... I want ... I love you, - a broken voice shouted Light - fuck me soon.
Back Vicki started moving up and down, pumping light. The walls of the vagina squeezed nice cock and brought both an unforgettable experience. Light, closing his eyes and taking his hands chest, moaning loudly. Vick is trying to deliver maximum enjoyment girlfriend, changed the rhythm, direction and force of the blows, bringing it to a frenzy. Light poor already knew what she was doing, her friend and then ... What is something extraordinarily keen sense began to grow somewhere in the depths, gradually filling her body. Groans merged into one zing, the girl's body up over the bed and the brightest orgasm pierced her.
At some point, consciousness left her, and when she returned, the world seemed upside down. She felt good and love the one that brought her back to life swept Light. She grabbed her friend by the neck and began to cover her face with kisses ... a token of his gratitude. Vic falling chest on his mistress, she puts her hands under her ass and squeezing the buttocks, continued his sexual torture.
Lips girls merged in a passionate kiss, body rub against each other, bringing them heavenly pleasure. Ass Wick rose and fell between the legs of light, and cock deep inside her womb caressed her uterus.
Suddenly Light felt the approach of a new orgasm. Her vagina began to decline. Sensing this, Vic pulled out a member and began to hand rub the clitoris. Light arched upward and out of the spray hit her juices, hitting at her friend. Stirred up even more of it, Vic turned his mistress on his stomach, spread her legs and in this position has introduced his penis into her. The vagina has declined and enveloping member, bringing great pleasure transsexual. She began at a furious pace to drive it in the light and in a few minutes it covered a new orgasm. Feeling new vaginal contractions, pleasant caressing member Vic start rapidly to finish inside of her friend, not caring that she can become pregnant.
Pouring his seed, Vick lay down beside the light.
- How are you, - she said.
- Hello, - said a friend.
- Stay with me. Why did your husband to you? I'll be you instead.
The next morning, Andrew woke to the sound of a door opening. Running out into the hall, he saw his wife.
- Where have you been? I saw everything, and I know.
- I'm leaving you, - said Light.
Not realizing that he was doing, Andrew grabbed his wife and dragged her into the bedroom she did not resist. Lifted her dress and tore her panties, he yanked one entered it. He came in and stopped. This was not the vagina of his wife brings him so much pleasure. It was a bottomless vagina, which is no longer enveloped his cock. He simply did not feel. It belongs to another member. Shocked, Andrei tears with his wife and sat down on a chair.
Light stood silently packed up and left, leaving Andrew alone with his thoughts.

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Their eyes met in the crowd in the subway. a flirtation between them arose.
She eyes asked him to sit down beside him and put her finger to her lips, with a request to keep quiet. She was wearing a skirt and a light jacket. One she put her hand on his knee. He understood and accepted her game. He put his hand on her knee. She went out at the last stop, he went for it. She walked in front and he was able to see her figure. "The beauty! - He thought. " She looked around with a finger at lips. "Shut up!" He was unable to resist it.
She went to the bus, he followed her. He sat in front of her eyes and moved apart her legs. I must say that she always wore stockings, and never wore panties. Thunder and lightning ran between them. Not a single word was said! She went out at the last stop and walked forward. He followed her. As before, she asked him to keep quiet. Finger near lips. He was subject to it. She walked into the woods. Silence greeted them, and only birds singing sounded in their ears. She stopped, so did he. She asked only one. Shut up! Her mouth was still closed.
She carefully rastyagnula zipper on the skirt that fell to the ground. Upskirt stockings were great, no panties. He took off in silence trousers and underpants. She asked not to remove his shirt and tie. He obeyed. She took off her blouse, beneath it was nothing ... .. On her neck was a silk scarf. Eyes asked him to raise his hands up, came up behind him, untied the scarf and tied them to his hands and tied to a tree.
She excitedly looked at their work. "It is lovely! - Said her eyes. " She ran her hands over his body, arousing her nipples, slid lower, spreading the legs apart. One hand caressed his chest, the other a clitoris. He stared and stared at his charming stranger. He began to be excited by her game. It was all there! "This is a real woman - he thought."
She began to moan softly, her pussy was wet and excited. Quiet orgasm shook her body emancipation. His eyes shone with pleasure.
She tore off a branch and began to gently touch and stroke it, without touching hands. His cock was ready to attack. But he did not know it until the end of the game! She knelt before him and opened her mouth for the first time, carefully licked his cock. Softly and gently swallowed his lips fluttered like moths up and down the penis. He understood and was ready for anything. She drank every last droplet and rather smiled at him. "Thank you! - Said her eyes. " Cry of the wild beast shook all the forest, breaking the silence. For a long time to come to his senses.
She dressed, straightened hair, approached him from behind, cut the scarf. When he opened his eyes and turned to hug her, then no one saw only a scarf and said that it was all true. He dressed, took the scarf and went to look for her ....
It did not say a single word

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Grown Ups 2

Ass, ass, ripe berry, juicy peach, apple filler, muffins, donuts! There just diminutive epithets did not come up for this one of the most attractive parts of the body. How much effort is required, which would retain the shape and sex appeal of the center of gravity.
Fitness, jogging in any weather! It is important not to overdo it with pumping muscles to balance form, elasticity and volume. And the legs, thighs! All this is very important, especially when the nature is not supposed to reward your floor like qualities. Then how to hide all these advantages from prying eyes, how to live with it?
And all this for a secret meeting with the beloved, own who were in the gray everyday life moments of our existence. Traffic jams have become, unbearable! On a rainy day off, shaking public transport and cursing forecasters for their next mistake going on a date with a nice body and my heart. Rain messed up all our plans! Skinny dipping in a secluded lake, love among the fragrant grasses on the shore. Sex in rented apartments rather tired, I want romance! Alas, nature rebelled against this.
Stasik was waiting for me for an hour, he filled my phone messages, but I could not pick her panties and stockings. Framing a beautiful figure is necessary, as the rose fragrance. Without fragrance, the flower is not a flower. Finally making his choice, leaving the store. Elevator silently lifted me up on the penultimate floor of high-rise buildings. For the past six months we shoot kopeck piece in this house. While the eyes of neighbors, not corn. Stasik opened the door as soon as my hand touched the bell.
- I've already got exhausted all waiting for you!
- I have nothing to wear, and the choice is big, so I was late!
- Coquette, you're mine, let me kiss you! His lips touched my mouth, two gentle hands firmly pressed me to her breast. A gentle kiss and hug lasted a long time.
- How I miss you, sweetie!
- And you, I have dreamed all last week my elephant!
- Come on, that's what we're standing at the door?
- Lead the Refresh - Stasik said - I, that in vain for so long been waiting for you.
- Then, take a shower first, the body is sticky. The jets of cold water refreshed my body while I was splashing, we have to throw short phrases.
- How are things at work?
- New deputy, or rather assistant manager.
- And how is she?
- Imagine, just got out from under boss is already looking for someone else to go!
- For you are not inciting wedges? What is he jealous, even to the women jealous. Inciting, of course.
- Not until we have enough cute boys!
- And they? - What are they? - Wedges not inciting?
- Well, firstly, not rank them quadrille me, and secondly, I have you, and let's finish this!
- Better say, how's your mom?
- Wait, I'm getting married.
- From you it is crazy!
- Well, finally, my son began to understand people, found himself still a decent friend - quote to you the words of my mom.
- Listen to my mother, she was right! Beautiful and sexy, like me, you will not find!
- Wait, do not jump to conclusions, she'll still ask you to find me a wife! - Think not guessed yet, it is because you have a psychologist?
- And if you guessed that? I'm not small, I want to know myself!
- Do not get excited, important not to puncture!
- Look, she is now in-law you have to, and you're my sister in-law.
- And suited to our situation such ties of kinship?
- In general, it's probably not entirely correct. Just the other names yet.
- Can they not be at all, if you do not invent!
- And whether it is necessary that the name change in our relationship? Never mind!
- You're right, I'm more like the female lead in our relationship, you are male, but you're not my husband, I'm not your wife. It is better not to go into the jungle. We're lovers!
- You know, I think of you as a wife. Oh, sorry, we're not in Holland! - Holland, Netherlands, bat country! Where do you work out, the waves surge! Okay, husband, little wife Bring a towel!
- Allow me to wipe you?
- With pleasure! I take a step forward, my covered with water drops smooth, wet body with a towel wipe soft fragrant gentle, tender hands Stasik. Every touch favorite hands brings bliss. Basking in the hands of a loved one, I forget about everything. - Do not open your eyes - whispers in my favorite voice. Something light and airy falls on my shoulders, envelops me weightless cool. I opened my eyes, on my translucent silk gown.
- You're cute charm! I kiss him on the lips, hug Stas all over, looking for some leg behind him, curled up even tighter to him. Hillock between Stasik feet turns into passion rush a little more and it is a huge pinnacle breaks all barriers and break out. Phallus in your favorite big and thick, not every vagina withstand this! I eerily like this term, I always want it! Ecstasy covers my body when I caress the huge phallus, his head, his thick barrel-shaped, lumpy body. Stasik picks me up, rushing headlong into the bedroom and laid me on the bed.
Convulsively opens a tube of grease, smears his phallus, and my ass. I am casting a foot on his back, sending him a giant between the buttocks. Stasik slowly introduces him to me. Fairy feelings and sensations captures us! - Stasik !! Stasik !! Stasik !! ABOUT! ABOUT! - Kitten! Pretty! Our first time is always short and rapid, spilling impatience, we lie and enjoy the loss of excess testosterone in our blood.
calm down a bit, we lie and wait, when our loins again poured force.
Stasik is lying on his back, his legs apart in hand, mighty sausage resting in this free space. I sit down on the top favorite. Hard hair pubis pleasantly tickles me between the legs and buttocks. Slow motion, swinging her hips to the side, moving up and down the body, be afraid of the pubis Stasik. Wetting, the boy in his mouth and nanoshu moisture on her nipples. Cute little squeezes them, then fingertips barely touching the tops of papillae, leads them. My excitement grows, the mouth of the leaf poured desire. Favorite moisturizes my nipples in my parted lips, I suck his fingers, imagining that it was his hero.
Hot phallus body for my buttocks, passion, energy awakened the sleeping giant. I climb down from Stasik, my mouth dig in a head stand tall giant. Moving his hand over his trunk, lightly clench and I delay to the base of the phallus delicate skin that covers the head. Widely open mouth is placed on the favorite member. Stasik groans, a slight tremor waves rolling through his body. My impatience takes precedence over prudence, my ass is not quite ready to let a giant.
I let go of the phallus beloved mouth, moistens with saliva ass, sit on top of him. member put her head into my mouth, I put pressure on her, she slipped and found himself a member of the back between the buttocks. I lifted my ass, trying to return to the place vyskolznuvshy member. Stasik turned colder than I do. He pushed me onto his stomach, and he began to liberally lubricated his phallus gel. Then he lifted me from the belly with his hand Intermedia my feet, causing the gel to the mouth of my priests. Picking up his thumb and his abundantly, brushing, introduces him to me in the ass, lubricating the passage inside.
I make a circular motion, buttocks extending opening between them. Then he introduces another finger, then another, and then, quite expanding passage, it is the turn tolstyachka. I arch up and down, slowly moving apart mouth popochki. Stasik Hand holding member, preventing it from slipping out of the ass, and the other hand supports the bottom of my ass, not giving her too quickly descend. After a while our joint efforts are bearing fruit, the mouth of the ass is expanded and admits a resilient phallus lover.
- Oh! ABOUT! I stop all movement, do not move for a while. Then I begin to gently rock the ass, extending passage for the phallus .... Member enters me deeper and deeper, I periodically stopped before let a few centimeters next pleasure. Not removing tolstyachka of ass, change posture. We lay on its side, making cautious Stasik friction member, his head is touching my excited prostate, massaging it. I swept my bliss of vivid sensations.
Languor feelings of completeness and fullness ass, punctuated by sudden injections contracting muscles, reacting to weak pain too much tension. This went on for a long time, but our desires are demanding a more energetic and emotional outburst. Stasik ceased to restrain impulses of passion, swooped on him, forcing his body to tremble. I always feel the vibration, they are particularly pleasing when the waves go over his cock. Inside of me a huge vibrating dildo that filled the entire space ass in contact with many nerve endings, increase the pleasure from sex.
Movement in my ass became faster, the favorite is about to finish this long marathon. Normal wood chips for buttock brings me from the state of bliss, an explosion of emotions leads to rapid orgasm. Stasik also ends. We lie down and shake the sensation engulfed us. Gradually, the emotional intensity decreases slowly. Nega and serenity! We dozed off. Awakening took us into each other's arms.
For the pleasures of the flesh, the day passed quickly. The realities of our world rushed through the open transom window, signals of automobiles, streetcars bells and other noise of the big city. It was time to leave. Tomorrow whirlwind affairs and concerns swallow us in a maelstrom of everyday life.

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Quenching sperm. "Descent 666."

How not cool, but the big penis in men - it excites. Here even say nothing. I would place the men would be engaged in the development of his body, because long been established that the penis increase in size gives in, and vice versa, if they do not use it, this body, as well as all others can atrophy.
My girlfriend Angelina '32 in one of the sunny days in August with her husband sunbathed on the beach, in one of the suburban ponds. People were not much - a man 30 The pond is not very clear, so that people more than sunbathing than swimming. The husband of Angelina fell asleep, lying on his stomach, and Angelina considered neighbors on the beach. And that's what happened ...
On the smart foreign car drove up a slender young man. He got out of the car, stripped, and views beachgoers unwittingly approached him. Tanned, inflated, simpftichny young man apparently knew that all eyes are on his body, and, therefore, slowly walked along the beach and stopped in a visible position. He took out a pack of imported cigarettes and lit it, enjoying the fact that the whole nation is considering resting his tanned athletic body.
Suddenly, the situation on the beach has changed dramatically: from a neighboring grove came a short, one might even say the diminutive little man of forty-five. He hobbled to the pond and paused, as if thinking, and whether to plunge? The emergence of the peasant produced a revival on the beach, everything is already forgotten about the slender young guys and switched his attention to stocky. Poperevorachivalis even those that are asleep.
On the beach swept sly. The fact was that the peasant was in swimming trunks something unimaginably huge - a member like a stallion!
A peasant for a few minutes plunged into a muddy pond, and went ashore. Angelina looked around the beach and noticed that many of the guests all also carefully look at this miracle of nature - a huge dick swimming trunks under ordinary citizen. Meanwhile, this citizen went straight to the slender young man who has lost his confidence and stateliness. He even began to cover his groin with a towel when a member of the owner of the giant went up to him and asked for a cigarette. Inflated tanned athlete effaced and even somehow ingratiating offered a cigarette and a lighter carrier horse penis. "That's what makes the men with their natural manhood" - thought Angelina and secretly continued to watch the muzhik inseminator.
He went to a couple of some young ladies, apparently, they were familiar with, and lay down next to them on the sand. Angelina was distracted for a while and thought about the theory of relativity, but damn do not understand it. Then he turned back toward osemenitelya. After a brief conversation with the girls, muzhichek rose, and with him went up and the girls. They were laughing and talking about something, Trinity slowly walked down the path to a nearby grove, with muzhichek walked in the middle, holding the waist of the two girls age 18-20 who were above him, at least half a head. "And they were led to the penis this idiot" - Angelina sighed and looked at her husband's ass, lying side by side. "Nothing, my ass though beautiful," - concluded the woman mentally, but something about it all the time, forced to watch the departing trio.
- I'll go buy ice cream - Angelina pushed to the side of her husband. He grunted in response and went to sleep.
Angelina came to the beach kiosk, which sold drinks, beer and ice cream. She picked up with only a mobile phone. I bought myself a portion in a waffle cup. Once in the Soviet times, the ice cream is sold for 19 cents. The very well I kept looking toward the trio hiding behind trees. Some curiosity stimulated confusing sexual feelings and tickling between the buttocks, pulling the woman after penis-stallion. Angelina slowly, like walking, went on a footpath in the grove, where the girls disappeared from the muzhik-inseminator.
Finally it disappeared behind the trees from prying eyes rest on the beach and listened. From somewhere behind the bushes came a girlish laughter and vulgar jokes in the address of the penis. Angelina ducked, crept among the bushes close to the meadow, where the main events were developed, for which it hunted. Crouching in the bushes, so that it is not to be seen, Angelina has calmed down and gently parted the branches. In a small clearing in the trees were resting two girls with their bare asses.
A peasant inseminator-fucked one of them back with enthusiasm and gusto, the other waiting for their turn, laughing at ohayuschey friend and cheered swearing stud. Here is the first and obviously zaohala zaorgazmirovala, ending pleasure of penetration of the stud into the vagina. Then the little man, big dick pulled out first and moved to the second, which had already whimpered in anticipation of pleasure and bit her lip in anticipation.
Angelina herself excited by the contemplation of this scene. He missed his hand between her legs and began to stroke himself through smelting. Suddenly before her hearing came a some strange wheezing. She looked to the side and saw the bushes on the head guy for 20 years, which also looked at the clearing, watching the mystery of the Trinity intercourse. He rhythmically rocking and moaning. "Fingering" - Angelina realized. Something mischievous maiden of the past life has played in it, and she whistled softly.
The guy stopped and cautiously turned his head toward her. Before him, it was about five meters. Angelina saw his frightened face and laughed. She beckoned Man hand and inserting a finger in the mouth itself, pushes them back and forth. The guy was quick-witted and began to break through the bushes to Angelina, squatting among the vegetation. Here he had stood in front of her and turned his penis in Angelininy sponge. "Oh, it was was not - remember the youth" - flashed through the mind of our heroine, and she began to caress the tongue and lips, the proposed instrument.
However, teasing it captures the tip of the head and gently let go of her sucking, licking tongue. The guy has gone from impatience and snorted. Then Angelina opened her mouth and put her lips a member. He began to move his head, almost swallowing the penis and nuzzling in the stomach of a new lover. She dropped her cell phone, grabbed with both hands Man's ass and felt rolls orgasm. The guy also does not lag behind, and soon began to finish Angelina directly into the mouth.
She sucked every drop and licked prick. Then the guy jabbed her in the shoulder and handed levoё: "Everything is clear ..." The left shoulder was tattooed Angelina. She's a child involved in playing the violin, I was very fond of this tool, so that has made a tattoo on his shoulder in a little-known masters of the tattoo: the violin with the bow.
Suddenly, the road Man called out: "Sasha, what are you stuck?"
Sasha, some all excited after he saw Angelininu tattoo, waved the boys from the path by hand - they say, come here. Such developments Angelina did not expect it all went limp with surprise and even tried to get up, but Sasha held her two hands. Behind him came two more guy. They stared at Angelinino shoulder, which indicated their friend, and without talking lowered his pants with shorts, stood close to Angelina. She did not understand why they reacted to a tattoo on her shoulder, she tried to break out of young guys, but they firmly put it back on his knees and was ordered to suck.
Then Angelina remembered her husband who somewhere close to sleeping on the beach, but now, gripped and lowered her nothing to do but only to open his mouth. She took two guys dicks in her hands, and podrachivaya, beginning at a time to make them a blowjob. Another guy was standing slightly to the side and pulled his dick kneaded it waiting for their turn. Boys Do not parted on the joke and trying to seize the initiative, poked their penises ... Angelina's face.
Then she opened her mouth wider and took just two dick, especially since they were not as healthy. Men began to fuck her mouth at once together. They moaned loudly and forget that they are among the bushes in the lost forest in the Moscow region of the Russian Federation. When they had finished almost simultaneously, Angelina caught the corner of my eye that Sasha, who was the first of the rapists, raised Angelinin phone and takes it everything that happens with his owner. Catching sight of women, he smiled and said: "Will you at the memory."
Just finished the two, came third. This cock was thicker and pomatёrestee, some with a hump. Angelina had no choice but to take it into their obtrahannye sponge. This lover was the most venturesome of all four. He firmly took a woman with both hands behind his head and ordered: "Headers tits!"
When Angelina prispustila bathing bra and dumped outside their breasts with pink nipples swollen with excitement, man moaned with pleasure and began to fuck her mouth Angelinin with an unusual rhythm. He once deeply vstalyal his penis in her mouth and then made two sharp reciprocating motion. On the bill: raaaz-one-two, raaz-one-two. "Like any composer sets the rhythm," - thought Angelina.
Meanwhile, the last guy completely forgot himself and raised a lot of noise, shouting at Angelina swearing, calling her bazaar names, such as "slut", "whore", "slut" and so on.
This perhaps was his fault! Behind him came a shout: "Well young! Enough to tear adult women! "
Apparently frightened by the boy sharply squirted semen in her mouth Angelina and immediately thereafter dumped somewhere to the side.
Then Angelina in front of his nose, saw the black trunks, under which housed the huge horse cock. "A peasant inseminator," - immediately realized it and looked up. She saw the face of a peasant owner of a giant penis. He looked interested her arm with a tattoo, and then added: "Well, everything is clear, mistress blowjob, then you had to chop a brass band, since you are an expert on wind instruments."
Then Angelina was waiting for a little shock, because the little man lowered melting and fell a giant tool to its nose. "Well, try as you get?" - Asked the owner of a horse's penis. Angelina all speechless according nodded. And then gradually I began to recover, and earned his mouth. In fact, in her mouth could accommodate only the head, so that the woman grabbed the trunk of his hand and began to masturbate vigorously. She did not even notice as a member of the smells the secretions of young girls, which is the only member of that tore at the nearby meadow.
"You fool, because you yourself wanted it", - says Angelina, until her unexpected lover with a giant penis enjoyed her oral sex. He was got more and more and Angelina grasping hands over his ears, began real hard deep stick it on his penis, saying thus: "This is a virtuoso violinist, so you and another and another, and another!"
Suddenly Angelina shuddered and everything inside her went cold: she poked the nose stud in the groin, which were gouged three digits "666".
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAA's" - stallion tensed his body and began splashes cum without removing a member from the mouth of Angelina. All the same three sixes looked at her at point blank range, looking out at the black curly hair.
"Why is the number of the beast" - women worried mind: "Why?"
Peasant panting and moving away from the orgasm, as if catching thought Angelina concluded: "For a member, like a beast!"
Angelina has not been able to recover zavalishis supine on a bed next to her husband at the suburban beach. The jaws ached, her husband and all continued to doze and did not react to the environment. "Oh, something I have gone too far", - matured thought in her head. But she felt the fist of his right hand her cell phone and held it to his eyes. Start video and spun - 666.
Already home Angelina got into the Internet and began to search for the answer to the riddle of his tattoos - a violin with the bow. The answer is found in the library on site and then it all became clear. In the next story I tell about the Sudanese method of penis enlargement. When I was in Sudan, where Arabs have a very warm welcome ...

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Lady and the farmer. Chapter 2

Young lady, get a good education in Paris and a few hundred souls of serfs in Kaluga, leisurely inspect your goods live.
- Who are you - young lady turned to the great big man, who was staring with a stern look on his young mistress.
- From Blacksmiths I miss, I farrier, Stepan they call, let your horse reforge the morning standing here ...
- So ...- sharply odёrnula young beauty ...- and you there, eh ... is seen not let you mon trёpu dad as a trace ...?
- Kirill Petrovich rodyas from us, lady, finger touch, all the good word when the need has been reasoned.
- And in vain, sir, oh, how vain, sir, in Europe tokmo and say that your brother flog nadot, not that one never knows Robespierres but having read all the Marathas and anu rebel ...
- Duc, lady, where we really read what rabesperov, we read that no one-not with mogem ...
- Come on silent! Vymahal oak centenary, and the mind has not acquired, how are you with your mistress say !? - Stamped in the hearts of the young Mademoiselle.
- I'm used to communicate with horses, and think with his mistress as possible !? You know that I'm with you now do, Stepan ?!
Huge, forty fellow humbly and in fear, kneels in front of the young, fragile beauty, still very little girl. I bow my head to the ground, resting his forehead to the crown of a small shoe of his mistress.
- Your will, mistress.
- Ivan! - I asked the lady to his faithful steward, - Ivan, this ham is married and has children?
- And what, sir, madam, two, with, older twenty knocked the other day-to, and the youngest Ulyana, 15 short years, good girl, blood and milk, clothes, with your laundry, but at home, and his wife-with Matron, 45 -t - berry again, the lord is busy in the kitchen ...
- It is clear, then so, older even know his name did not wish now is to give the recruits, 25 and say to rejuvenate away where there dispatched in the Orenburg steppe, and without the right to receive a holiday ... let him serve the Emperor. Ulyana, beauty say married once for Kuzma give stinking, vermin still alive this, Ali has died in all its stench? Oh, right, osmium dozen went to him?
So, if alive - Uliana married immediately and that every day his marital duties neprekoslovno reprized his filthy sucking end, will strictly ask. A Matron naked tied to a pole that rustic tavern, let him drunk people at its discretion with this "berry"-That ... and this - young beauty with disgust looked at Valya at her lovely legs and stiff with terror uslyschannogo sentence huge ditinu - this release in the stable, forgive impertinence, I need a good forged ...
- Everyone can see my kindness and mercy ?! - Shouted blond charmer with developing windward luxuriant hair, looking around his fortress servants muzheskago floor.
As if on cue, healthy men at once fell down before the feet of their young mistress, and froze ...
- That's right - said smugly seventeen fragile girl, seeing before him the mighty back, bowed in humility before her slave master's will.
- Madam, - he dared break the silence faithful servant and clerk Ivan - but Ms. son of the ignorant, that your master's will is decided to give the recruits, that ... his wedding tomorrow and marry it if you please on your humble servant, your childhood sweetheart, our Nastyushenke.
- How!? - Furious shouted, flashing blue eyes, his mistress serfs. - You have not sold it yet ?! I ordered! Where is this hussy ?!
- The pads chained, lady, as had been ordered, kneeling in the barn, hoping for your mercy ... you loved as a child before, father and thank God that I was born a slave in such a good and gracious mistress, says every whim your ready to perform, do not sell tokmo and sell and for blagodarstvovat become, so much she likes you ...
- Well, I'm really kind to his servants, serfs, and the wedding will still be, since they love each other,
- Gracious lady !!! - Heard everywhere ...
- Wait, I still did not finish, the wedding will be, - with a smile murmured the young lady, - but ... the right of the first night ... I give my favorite horse, with both the young will have to appease my horse in his wedding night, and there too, advice and love, as they say. Ublazhat refuse or bad - while it was ordered: the groom to the army, the girl on the market Tatars ...
(to be continued...)

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