The story of my friend Lena

Last summer I was vacationing in the country. By the summer of my neighbors came to their niece, Lena. She was older than me for a year and is composed of well - long legs, thin waist and ample bosom. She had long blonde hair falling in waves to her shoulders and back. The face she looked like a Barbie doll - the huge blue eyes, small nose and puffy lips.
We have not seen each other for a year and we have a lot of things need to be told. She promised to tell me a secret, but I could not choose the time - close all the time someone was.
When my parents came to go into town for groceries, I asked them to stay at home, and they were allowed to. I immediately ran to Helen to call her to stay the night.

We sat in a small room on the top floor and wrapped in blankets. She quietly began her story:
"This spring in my life happened something unusual ... My boyfriend called me to watch a movie, and guess what he meant. I put on the dress, and under it - only white thong.
He came after me and we went to him. There was a warm breeze, and I was afraid that my skirt zaderetsya ... Finally we came home. We chose the movie Star Wars, and sat side by side on the sofa. I have several times seen the movie, so more thought is not about Darth Vader, but the hand that touched my thigh through the thin dress. The hand slid to one knee and gently began to stroke him. I held my breath ... I put my hand on his and held up the leg. He turned to me in surprise. The film became not interesting.

He sat me down on his lap to face him.
His hands pulled back my hair back. He gently stroked my shoulders and slowly began to unbutton buttons of a dress. I leaned forward and bit his lips met mine. He pulled the dress off my shoulders and looked up to admire my naked chest. Spellbound, he at first easily held by her fingertips, then squeezed his palm. I moaned softly. He began to strew kisses my neck, down to his chest, gently licking and biting nipples. I pulled off his shirt and unzipped his pants. He lifted me, put it on the floor, pulled off my dress, and his jeans.

Lay me down on the table, he stroked my pussy, then touched her tongue. I moaned softly. He began to enter into my pussy, first one finger, then a second. When I was quite wet, he threw my legs on his shoulders and entered me. First he moved slowly, slowly, but gradually increasing the tempo.

My soft moans became practically screams, he clutched my chest and bore down all over. I felt a growing delight at the bottom of my stomach. Bending in his hands, I had finished. At the same moment he came on my stomach.
I smeared the hot cum on his chest and stomach, licked her fingers. Is he. tired sat on the couch and I slid to the floor. Taking the hand of his already soft cock, I licked it from the bottom up. he became more and more firmly in my hands. I spent the tongue around the head, took the dick in your mouth. He touched my cheek, I took a deep, swallowed it. The boy gave a soft groan, "Oh, yes ... I'll finish ..." I pulled his dick out of his mouth, and he came into my mouth ajar ... "

Lena stopped and looked at me. I walked closer to her ...

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Confession is not repentant sinner. Part 3

I woke up by a loud and indignant voice of my mother.

- Lisa, what are you doing awake? Run to the university.

I just did not realize what was happening, but the attempt mom, pull off my blanket, quickly brought me to my senses.

- Mom, I'm the third pair, the Englishwoman was ill, - realizing, I lied.

- Well, anyway, get up and go to breakfast - more gently mother said, leaving the room.

While my mother was busy in the kitchen, I took a shower and began to dress. Here I have a problem and ...

Wearing jeans, I felt not the usual processing by a bum. I looked in the mirror. The view was terrible ... It looked as if I had a bunch of bulk in the pants ... I'm in a panic began looking through her wardrobe, but in winter, it is not much overclocking. Pants, I just said, no ... My choice has stopped on a short flared skirt and tank top. On the street minus 10, so we had to dig in warm tights and leggings. In them I just went home, so that all were either extended knees or holes. A little more digging, I came across a rather nice stockings. To my pisya zachihal not had to wear warm pants. On top shoes feet short jacket and I'm ready ... Again, looking at himself in the mirror, I was pleased with my new style. He looked somewhat defiantly, and it is unlikely it would be approved by my mother. Therefore, shouting to her that I'm late, and sing in the school, quickly ran out of the door ...

In university, I got almost no problems, just drove my stop. Therefore, I had to go back, and not to be late, I had to hurry. Due to brisk walking, I rubbed stopper between the buttocks, and by the end of the road slowed down the pace, and the whole day went a little raskoryachku.

The remaining pair of flying is not noticeable, and I went in a good mood to stop. Wait for the bus had twenty minutes, and during this time, has accumulated a lot of people. I pushed to the back door and was skipped forward gallant man, thirty, thirty-five. But when I got into the bus, I hesitated a little, it became seat next me up for the priest. I turned around and wanted to rebel, but at that moment his hand accidentally fell on the cork. The man abruptly straightened his arm, but when he saw my face burning with shame, brought her back, and started on, with the power to push through me on the bus, following me. He squeezed me to the rear window, while remaining constantly behind, and a crowd of tightly surround us on three sides. I stood transfixed face against the glass, and the man in the meantime studied the subject in my pope. I was scared that someone from the bus could see it, and I was afraid to move. My legs became cotton, and the whole body ached.

After examining the base and guessing what it is, a man lifted my skirt and grabbed the plug. He bent me over the ear and moving it, I began to whisper:

- Wow, quite a young girl, and already such a slag. Do not you hurt?

I was silent, fearing that any answer.

- And like this? - Asked the man, and began to pull the plug out of me.

I felt my anus began to stretch and open, releasing her. I did not dare move. But remembering what was in the bathroom and, fearing that after her from the priests, can pour all of my content, I said quietly:

- Do not. You are welcome.

- Good. Then can we talk?

And I felt like a cork began to come back.

- Or not?

She began again to leave me.

- I agree.

- Clever.

Cork again returned to her seat.

- What's your name?

- Lisa - why do not I lied.

- I Oleg. So you hurt her or not?

- No, I'm used to it.

- And how do you, the situation with the front part of it? - Oleg inquired, going around my arm and put his hand on my crotch.

- There, I'm still a virgin - a little embarrassed, I replied.

- A mouth?

- Also no.

- As I understand it, the pope other than cork, too, was nothing. So? - He did not let up.

- Did not have.

- A wish that you finally printed, and started fucking for real?

- Yes ... - blushing, I whispered.

- Maybe I perepadet someday - ironically said Oleg.

- ...

- I have no urgent need to fuck you ... but your mouth, I would certainly have taken advantage of ... I would not mind if you do ... I minetik, and even willing to pay for it .. . What do you think about that... ? While you can not answer ... Think about it ... - more seriously I whispered Oleg. - It does not necessarily have to be the first and only for me. I just want a beautiful and young creature like you, sometimes I enjoyed that I cheated a little, but very much in need.

What is happening ceased to frighten me, and I started to calm down a bit. Noticing this, Oleg started a hand under my panties, and without meeting resistance, made his way below. He felt a finger my clit and applying slight pressure, began to gently massage it. Light wave ran through my body. I was so pleased that I relaxed. My head leaned back and his body slightly leaned forward. These feelings are very different from those when I caressed herself. Help the other person shall be exempt from control, and thus makes them more vivid.

- Like? - Oleg whispered.

- Yes, - I barely uttered.

- I see - and he promoted a finger between my lips and moistened in an already abundantly evolved, juices.

- You're already all wet.

I ran, even though that saw the capsule.

- And so? - Oleg started his finger, gently stroking my pussy, sometimes plunging into it a little bit.

- Yes, very much, - I said in a trembling voice.

- Okay, my stop. Call me as make up your mind - he handed me a business card in his pocket and left the bus, thereby leaving me at a loss.

I went and thought about just what happened ... What was it? What's going on with me? Once, I was very shy, but now ... just like that, only with a slight shyness, I open up with a man unfamiliar to me, allowing me to climb in shorts, not even resist when he was rummaging between my legs. And I put up with this vulgarity, which is now not only ceased to frighten and embarrass me, and giving me the opportunity to get pleasure, she began to attract. And the most important thing is that it happened in a public transport, and anyone could see that. And I not only no longer have to worry about this, but even considered this some kind of appeal.

Such promiscuity and emancipation were obtained as a result of my new experiences. They were so bright and do not forget that it is easy to influence and control me, thus changing me.

And I changed ...

It changed my subconscious, controlled by lust, destroying previously existing taboos. Me, my psychology, blurring the line between decency and unworthy behavior. Change the stereotypes, what I used to be regarded as something dirty and not decent, and now looked ordinary and not so vulgar ...

- Lisa, hi. Our stop or you're somewhere on going? - Interrupted by thoughts, a voice.

- What? Vania? Oh, hi!!! No, it turns out - turning and did not recognize its neighbor, I was delighted.

We got off the bus and headed to the house.

I almost did not see Ivan summer, although he lived in my house downstairs, and we were friends. He was only a year older than me, and we talked a lot before and had little secrets. Vanya was always nizhi me and a little stout, but now stretched out and became almost a head above. His shoulders are wider, and the roundness of the lower gone, the body was podkachennym that looked very attractive. His face was covered with acne, but it became more expressive and powerful cheekbones gave a certain seriousness of his expression.

- Where have you been? Where did you disappear to?

- You had forgotten? I'm in a different city in college - not much upset, Vanya said.

- Oh, I'm sorry. Just slipped out of my head. And now, here? - I continued.

- We opened a branch and I transferred.

- I am pleased. I see you changed a lot. Engaged?

- Not much - Ivan embarrassed.

- He became so tall, beautiful. Probably all your girls? - A little ironically I asked.

- Liza, stop. Again you, as always teasing herself ... what I see, too, how things have changed over there. Prettier, with tits ass has grown. - As always in the usual manner, trying to fend off Vanka. - I suppose you guys do not give a pass?

But this time, I took it as a compliment, not an easy banter as before. Now I feel a little different attitude toward Van. He was no longer the chubby boy, with whom we can sit for hours in the stairwell on the windowsill, chatting about any nonsense, and weighing the vulgar jokes to each other.

- She found her prince? - Vanya continued.

- What about you? - I translated the question.

- No. I'm free ... I'm free like a bird in the sky ... - Ivan sang.

- Why?

- Do not destiny, I guess. I did not find another such as you.

- I Fuck you, - I'm embarrassed.

- Come on, never mind ... Take better in your mouth !!! - Again taunted Vanya.

- And let's - burst out of me.

- ...?

- Okay, relax Vanka, kidding.

- I'm sorry - with a sigh, he said ironically.

- Why are you sorry?

- It is a pity that it was just a joke ... But every joke has some truth. Right?

- All we passed - I smiled.

- You did not answer - he did not let up.

- Right, right. Get away only.

We silently came to the house. But entering into the entrance, Vanya burst out again:

- And when?

- What ?, where - I do not understand.

- ... Well, the joke becomes a reality.

Previously heard this even from Vani, I would have taken as an insult and, embarrassed, ran away. But now, these vulgar abuse, I even liked.

- And you, what you want?

- You ask. What a fool, he does not want to? - Ivan was surprised.

- Lets do it. Right now. Right here. No, over there in prams - I decided to make a joke and thinking that Vanya srobeet slightly pulled his arm, imitated his outburst.

- Come on, - said Ivan, and without giving me time to recover, catching grip led me under the stairs.

Just a couple of seconds, and I squatted in front of Ivan, yielding to the pressure of his hands on my shoulders. Once squatting, I saw already risen and fairly decent size cock sticking out of his fly Vanina, approached my mouth. I do not become arbitrarily rejected ago, but Ivan grabbed my head and abruptly pulled her to him. I adopted the pose, pulled muscles priests that reminded of the presence of traffic jams, and my attention shifted to her. At a time when the penis is buried in my mouth and began to push them, I have not had time, focus, and therefore felt the pressure mechanically parted mouth. Having passed the barrier, Vanya unceremoniously propihnul his cock deeper. And as soon as my mouth turned out to be a foreign object, I began to realize what was happening, but it was too late. Barely reaching the limit, Ivan made a deep groan, and his body began to shrink a little, and I felt like my mouth was filled with some kind of weight. Vanya pulled a little member, and again I came to them in his mouth, smearing his semen. I began to feel not familiar to me earlier tart flavor. And as soon as Ivan took out his penis, hiding it in his pants, I began to spit out the liquid, to realize what it is. But I did not try, you still have to swallow a little bit, and I finally rasprobovali its taste. It was not disgusting, although pleasant to call it difficult, but the thought that it is the taste of semen, made him some nasty ...

- Liz, I'm sorry, I just could not resist - Ivan said, giving me a handkerchief.

- Come on, - I waved her hand.

- You probably hate me right now?

- No, it's okay.

- I'm just a long time, like this ... Yes, and you, as I thought, was not against - continued Vanya.

- Yeah, just a dream. To you, just like that, right at the entrance, I put my dick in your mouth, and filled it with his sperm - I blurted out.

- I did not mean it ... You ... just ... I really like you ... and I want you for a long time ... And I thought you were too ... What I do you like me - Ivan mumbled.

- Wan, okay, enough of that ... And then you're back to swing me, and I would be otebal you in the stairwell - not knowing how to respond, I joked.

- It would not be bad - it was started again Vanya.

- All about ... until - smacking him on the cheek, I went up the stairs.

- As long as ... I hope we will repeat? - He did not let up.

- Perhaps - I coyly replied, already on top.

- I understand you do not mind ... And I would like it to be more often - shouted after me Vanya.

- Fool - I said quietly, entering the apartment.

To be continued...

Continued: Confessions of unrepentant sinners. Part 2

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The first time the two shook

I was in college in his third year. Then I was 18 years old. The figure of slender, long eyelashes, thick dark hair, but the main role played my ass. Many went from her scrip. Even given the nickname "Nastya sexy".

I had a best friend with whom we have a first class together. Her name was Kate. She searing blonde with a second breast size, slim figure, long legs and a rather pretty face. We often talk on intimate topics. This pose is like what and how we had sex with another guy. Sometimes in the evening I came to her with an overnight stay, we included the porn and masturbated lying next to each other.

One day, sitting on a pair, I looked at Kate and saw that it is that is troubling. We agreed to get out of the office. Having met in the toilet, we smoked a cigarette, and I asked:
- Katyusha, what is wrong? Why are you so uptight look?

I saw how her cheek rolled Gradina tears:
- I threw this asshole ...
- Zai do not worry. I am always with you. .. He is not the first and not the last ... dick on him. .. " - I tried to cheer her up as much as possible.

She smiled and said:
- And really, I drive Che ...

Kate looked at me:
- I love you!...

She said it as if it were a declaration of love from the heart and not of the friendly intentions.

Suddenly it came to me in a tight, ran a finger over his lips:
- shhh ... do not be afraid ...

Her soft lips sank into my .. Kate hugged me around the waist and the other hand crawled under a T-shirt. My nipples are petrified. It is a good feeling in the abdomen caused my pussy to get wet ... Suddenly we heard footsteps in the hallway and quickly ran into a booth. Fortunately it is not to us ... now I did not endure. I lifted her skirt, pushed her panties and took Katya's hand and put it on the already expiring from exhaustion pussy. She knew immediately what to do ... First Katusha held between the lips with a finger to move them apart, then put your finger on the clitoris and began to make a circular motion ... I was on so well that I did not arbitrarily start publishing groans ...

She moved his finger faster and faster ... I threw her head back and felt the approach of orgasm ... Suddenly she removed her hand, took me by the shoulders, turned her back to the toilet and put on the drain barrels. I took off my panties. Now sitting in front of her with her legs spread widely girl who wants her to distraction. Kate sat down in front of me, took the tongue leg faster and faster moving to the heart. He held a tongue on the lips. And passionately snapped ... I thought that vzlechu to the seventh heaven of bliss. I moaned, writhed and roughly finished. Katyusha licked all my juices:
- Nastya, love, come to me today, in 21. 00. I'll make you better.


When I got home I is not going out of my head ... I took a shower, shaved pussy carefully, took the most revealing outfits and went to Katya. On the way, I bought a bottle of wine.

I called at the door. Katya opens. her red transparent robe and red thong ... I felt that familiar feeling that was in kollezhde.
- Come on, then stood up ...

I came in, took off his shoes at the threshold
- Come on, I turned on the telly there in my room, table-covered rolling said cryptically.

Entering the room, I drew attention to the porn that included rolling. there was not something that we usually watched x + m and lesbians ...

We quickly drank a bottle of wine for conversation ...

I could no longer tolerate ...

I wore the suit in the mesh which has brought with it ... My nipples were like two pebbles, pisechka wet ... I put Kate on the bed, took off her robe, pulled her panties ... climbed on top and began to cover her body with kisses .. .
- Ohhh ... yeah ... how I wanted it ... nice ... niiiizheeee -prostanyvala rolling

I went down to katkinomu bud from which came the smell slodkovaty circling my head. I plunged into Katina pussy. Lick it up and down ... rolling ... writhing moaning ... finally her body convulsed ... finished ...
- Katyusha, I want to drink ...
- go down to the kitchen cute. In the refrigerator the juice is worth ...

I opened the fridge and saw on the shelf painfully reminiscent member cucumber ... I decided to take it for the cause ...

I came into the room wheeling still lying on her back ... I turned her on her tummy and put cancer ... began to lick her chocolate hole meantime shoving his peep cucumber.

Then I landed on Kate ass and spread her legs she sat down against the same ... We moved in closer and I put on a cucumber in the pussy .. we have to move fast ... I stick to it so that it has not taken off ... Katya jumped like crazy and screaming ... ... looking at it, I finished profusely ... and followed it ... then I put Katya up against the wall and bent her ... spit on her chocolate hole and began to introduce a cucumber ...
- avast! Katka shouted ... y me something to eat, I prepared ...

She went to the drawer and pulled out a strap-on.
- ohh baby. .. Come on. .. I want you. -I said

She put on her strap-on, lay on her back and started to put me on top, but the strap is not went to where I thought the ass ... but the first feeling is unbearable pain. I even wanted to jump. but then it was nice ... I held on to her boobs and she podkidyaala my ass ebya in point ...
- aaa ... yeah ... suuukaaa ... fuck me ... well ... yeah ... fuck me ... - I cried

I finished profusely and rolling on a clone of me and forced to lick their allocation to srapona ...

Then I wore a strap-on and how to vyebla Katya into the mouth .. Then I shot him, we went to Jacks and licking each other to orgasm ...

I took a bottle of wine under, climbed onto the bed. I set it and nasadida Katya and she began to lick her ass ...


After many orgasms exhausted our strength and we slept naked with her fingers in each other's pisyah

The next morning I woke up the morning of Cooney ...

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The case in the elevator. Part 1

If yesterday someone told me that today I am stuck in the elevator and I'll enjoy it as a child, I would have twisted his finger to his temple and said to him that he had it. Since my childhood I was afraid of closed spaces and, therefore, never used it. Even when he came to visit her best friend, who lived on the ninth floor. But today the circumstances are such that I was in the elevator, but not enough, he is also stuck. If I were there alone, I even scary to imagine what would have happened to me, but fortunately, fate had sent him to me, Man, of which I had dreamed for many years.

On that day my friends and I were in the center, first sat in a cafe, then walked along the promenade. About eight o'clock in the evening we decided to go home. Goodbye to them, I went to stop, and then, I forgive the banality, I wanted to use the toilet on the small. And although I did not drink beer, but only the juice and soda, particularly itch me. Forgive me, indignant residents of apartment buildings, which are fiercely fighting for the purity of their entrances! But pray tell, what I could do if I was in the heart of the city, and there were many people on the streets? Of course, you could look for a public toilet, but I was afraid that simply is not reached him drunk soda. The saving idea came by itself - locked! I looked around and saw a brand new nine-away, toward her. The house was not yet fully delivered, and intercom system is not connected, so I freely entered into. Quickly he made his case to the cubbyhole next to the garbage disposal and has fastened his pants, when suddenly ...

Hey, ohrenel all? Toilet decided to make here? Now I'll show you! - Rough male voice thundered to me, like a bolt from the blue. I turned and saw a big guy in his forties, up the stairs. Inside me all went cold.

Sorry, I just ... - I stammered.

The man swore obscenely and went to me. Like a cornered prey, I darted to the ground. If he went on, then I would simply popped out of the house, and so he would have me hardly caught on the street, but as he climbed from the bottom, an escape route was cut off. The only thing I could do - is to escape to the top. What I did, jumping over several steps and grabbing the railing to steady himself. A man in spite of his complexion, did not lag behind. I thought with horror that he was trapped. Now I run down to the ninth floor, and then ...

Taking off on the last floor, I looked around. Apart from the stairs, hence only two choices - the attic and elevator. Without hesitation, I rushed to the latter and in a trance began to press the button. Only have time to get into it, before the big man will overtake me. It has been in the shadows seemed contorted with rage face ... We shared just five meters when the door finally opened. And then to my horror I saw that the elevator is not empty - in the booth was a young Kazakh with a folder in his hands and looked at me in surprise. Startled, I screamed stupid. The boy took a step forward, apparently intending to go, but I did not let him do it - without stopping, I ran inside by pushing it into the cockpit and look for the button with the number one several times convulsively pressed on it. The doors were closed right in front of my pursuer.

Hey, what are you doing? - Apparently, the guy just now came to his senses.

I was breathing hard, he could not utter a word. Looking down, I saw him on the floor of the folder from which fell a lot of multi-colored leaves.

Sorry. - I muttered.

That guy, he chased after you or what? And why? What did you do to him?

I wanted to answer, but I suddenly felt dizzy - until I just now realized that I was in the elevator, which feared since childhood and which was last visited a decade ago, no less. I was so scared that coming right up to the throat and nausea. If only we safely reached the ground floor and do not get stuck! Booth potryasyvalo little, but somewhere upstairs heard a strange grinding, but since I did not use the elevator almost his entire adult life, I did not know whether it is normal.

Hurry to get there. - I muttered and then terrible happened - we strongly shaken and the cabin suddenly stopped. I went cold limbs, and it became difficult to breathe, and his heart beat so fast that it seemed a little more and it will pop out of my chest. To top it all lamp hanging above the door blinked a couple of times and went out. The cabin was plunged into complete darkness.

Then, when I thought of it, I felt so ashamed, I blushed and covered with sweat - I never thought I could scream so loudly and desperately. "Help!" - I shouted so that the guy jumped in surprise and the cabin came shaking. "Get me out of here! Now I choke! "- And as if to confirm his words, I began to breathe often-often, like a fish thrown on the dry hot sand.

Brother, you're what? Calm down! - Bewildered boy said. - Well, stuck, so what? Now the master will come and open the door. You just need to find the key to his cause. You have to dedicate your phone?

Phone! I can call someone! I pulled out a cell phone and frantically dialed number Sanka, his best friend.

Sanya! Hello! Can you hear me? A? I'm stuck in an elevator !!! Hello! - I yelled into the phone, when I heard the voice of a friend, but a second later the connection was lost, and glancing at the screen, I saw that there is no network. Then I dialed the number again, but this time the call is not even passed. There was a network.

Come on, do not call anyone! Come on, shine now call the master.

I handed him the phone, and he gripped the railing that runs along the wall of the cab so it hurt your fingers. I was scared and ashamed at the same time. Like a grown man, and behave worse than the fucking women. Now what I think about this boy? Just tell the patient some! For some time, the fear receded and suddenly I saw a side of the coin, looked at the situation from the other side. I'm stuck in an elevator, it is certainly terrible, but next to me stands a young man, handsome Kazakh, which are so like me!

Maybe it's fate? I'm already so much time trying to get acquainted with one of them, if only for friendship, but I did not get, or rather, did not work until today ... At that moment I caught myself thinking that sit locked up in a dark elevator not so scary, and that will be even better if the mechanic or whatever it is called, comes not once. But I will stay alone with such a nice guy and even in such a confined space.

The boy, meanwhile pressed the red button, but nothing happened.

Listen, when you press on it, someone has to be responsible? - He asked me.

I do not know. I never go to the elevator. But probably yes, otherwise how else can you call the master?

For five minutes we in turn put pressure on the treasured button, but to no avail. Either it did not work, or where a mechanic was located, there was no one. Maybe it's because the house is not yet fully delivered? And then I got the idea from which again was terrible - what if there has in general no one lives? Because then we can sit here not an hour or two. Who knows when and who will want to take the elevator and saw that he was not working, where you want to call. I immediately shared with him their concerns.

Come live here, the truth is very few. I also gave the house. - Recalling the leaves that fell from a folder, I realized that the guy working in one of the companies offering Internet connection and digital television. - Does not matter who else will, you just have to wait. What are you, really so afraid of elevators? What's your name, by the way? Me - Kairat. - Calling your name, I held out my hand, but since it was very dark, I miscalculated and ended up not quite to where going, or rather, is not there. The guy chuckled.

Oh, I'm sorry! - I drew back his hand from his pants so hastily, as if it scalded in boiling water.

Oh, nothing, immediately dark. And you're not on purpose.

After these words, I immediately asked myself, what would I do it intentionally, and came to a disappointing conclusion - the guy is certainly not pleasant. So ... However, even if a miracle happened and he was one of those who feels something for people of your gender, it is unlikely he would be here so openly and directly admitted it. Oh, so if ... I drove vulgar thoughts and distraction, I asked him about his work.

Yes, I work only a week, while only two connections made, but they say that there is always a little at the beginning, we need to continue, and then popret.

Did you learn something?

No, I came here to work. From Ozinok.

How interesting! I knew that to us in the city of the left bank, from the border with Kazakhstan regions come here a lot of guys who study, who work and I wanted so much to meet with any of them. What today seems luck is on my side. Although, that would give me all this? Well, we sit here hour, well, two and then disperse and never see each other again. No, you can not. Since I was lucky enough to run into a guy, it can not be overlooked. It is easy to say and what to do?

Kairat, meanwhile, continued to talk to himself as he graduated from high school, and then for a while he worked at the elevator, but there are few paid with a delay, so he decided to go into town.

And where do you live?

Yes, the room rented for the apartment is not earned.

Well, yes, he even no phone, what sort of apartment here! I immediately imagined how it would be fun if we had lived together in one room, and if you would sleep in the same bed ... yes, the dream is not harmful! Only he probably likes girls. What if I ask?

Do you have a girlfriend?

No, and you? - Immediately he said. A zero in my favor, though, it's does not mean anything.

I also do not.

Continue: The case in the elevator. Part 2

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Dream of an autumn night

I woke up in tears. There is nothing bad I can not dream, on the contrary, my sleep was extraordinarily beautiful. I cried, rather, out of frustration, it was just a dream. A dream in which you and I made love.

I'm not a nymphomaniac, but sex with you, I constantly want to, it seems to me self-evident. Thoughts about sex with you, do not leave me, even in my dreams. Therefore, every day I received a double dose of - in reality and in the kingdom of Morpheus. But the last two weeks I had to be content with only one, far from being the best of the two - surreal. I went down to the fact that began to fondle himself, when you left for work.

Today's dream brought me out of balance - lying next to you, naked, hot, seductive; contemplating your gorgeous body, your so attractive to me a member, the mere sight of which I'm starting to flow down my stomach sweet sips, and mouth and stretches to get it in yourself - it's all too much testing. I turn to the wall, a couple of times sobbing in my head pop up the most vivid details of what he saw and desired with all my heart (and body). Gritting his teeth, I try to pull myself together, that turns out to be completely useless. Rising from the bed, I go to the bathroom, where the climb into the shower to come down and a few cool his ardor. It would seem, what problems - to make love. However, these problems are not only at the beginning. Then there is the stress, work, and other things that do not leave neither the strength nor the time for such trifles. The last time, when I could not resist, you were angry that you and want to please me, but you're absolutely devastated that again, you do not sleep enough, you're too tired, and I do not understand it, so I decided not to repeat the incident.

Standing under the hot jet, I think our lovemaking in a shower. The hands I begin to fondle her breasts, I Tereblya and twisting her nipples which become elastic and give a sweet pain at every touch. I mus his chest, as if it did you. At the bottom of the stomach burning desire to spread the heat.

... You're standing in the warm, enveloping your body water jets. I can not see your face, but your broad back with rolls muscles under the skin looks relaxed. Narrow hips begin with a nice and elastic backside. Wrong those who believed that only men like to look at the ass. Women this part of the male body established and cares nothing less.

You throw back his head, exposing the face soothing streams. I go back and embrace you, leaning his whole body to yours. Can you feel my chest to touch your back, you feel my tummy, burning fire of desire to you, your ass feels touch my pussy, shaved, and hot. I put my hands on your chest and begin to slowly lower them below. My pen takes your firm and the willingness of member nalivshiysya and begin to caress it. I'm down I delay your flesh, exposing the head. The pads of my fingers slide up and down on it, bowing on all sides, like the bars of the cage. The second hand moves up and down along the spiral thy trunk. Then I put my thumb on the bridle you, and begin to drive on it up and down. You moan softly, and then turn around to face me. Your pupils pulsating desire, and I see the way you want me. You are strongly leans me against the wall, covering my mouth with his lips, your tongue slips inside my mouth. My tongue pulled out to meet him, and they are entwined in a bizarre dance.

You just pulls away, and I go down on my knees. Your cock in front of my mouth, I gently touch his tongue most sensitive parts - the head, and try to feel it tart taste, suck the head, and then swallow whole. I move up and down without moving his lips, creating a vacuum in his mouth. I am exposing the ball and bridle and start to pull at the tip of his tongue. You put your hand on my head, without giving too parted. I lean out the tongue and fluttered them in the head, like a butterfly. Again, taking it all in your mouth, do a couple of movements, and then, caressing the barrel with one hand, mouth treat your beautiful head member. The tip of my tongue slides into the hole at its center, which expands on everything as to excite more, highlighting the lubricant drops, whose taste on my lips inflames me and makes lick your cock with more lust.

You do not want to finish well, so imperious movement you raise me from my knees, kissing me on the lips, feeling them on your taste, and you start to caress my chest hands. Your cock rests on me, it's so big and bouncy. I moan with desire that consumes me. Pressed me against the wall of the bathroom, you have the whole palm covering my breasts, lightly crushing it, from which it starts to hurt sweet, wanting more and more to feel your touch. My nipples harden and you tease me a little, pulling their thumbs, and then twisting, holding between the thumb and index finger. My body responds to your touch and the lips is broken moan. You smile, and continued to caress one breast hand, the second you start to suck the nipple and pull tongue. My pussy is already all wet, but not from water but from the juices that make it to allocate your kisses, your touch, your view invitingly standing member.

Continuing kissing my skin, you're goin 'down below, and now your tongue, teasing, lightly touches my girls. You are doing them a couple of movements, and I arch, unable to restrain a loud groan. I run my fingers in your hair ...

Remembering us to make love in the same heart, I lose control of himself, and my hands do fall lower and lower, to the coveted corner of pleasure. I'm starting to pull at her fingers a small hillock, clean-shaven before, feeling the nerves throughout the body begin to stiffen and ache sweet, wanting to discharge voltage from rising. I introduce a single finger, make a few moves up and down, then start again with three fingers to caress the clitoris, then very quickly pulling it from side to side, running his finger along the rim. Second hand I mnu her breasts, paying close attention to the nipples, I Pull to twisting. I groan and close my eyes.

... You're his tongue leads me into a trance, he then slips gently and softly on the lips of my girl, you are strongly introduces him inside me, like a piston, then lightly batter them my clit, sucking it periodically. Your hands tightly holding my hips, because I'm starting to squirm and moan from your touch, my body seemed eager to escape from the captivity of this sweet torture, forcing the entire body to shudder and feel his every cell. But you know that the more I want only one thing - to explode orgasm that only you are able to give me.

I have already reached the point of no return, and you rise dramatically unfold back me to him and a couple of times spent by the crack of my labia head of his penis, you begin to slowly introduce his penis into my pussy, which is already burning with impatience and desire to feel you inside. I groan when you find yourself in me, feeling you with all my being. My nerves are stretched to the limit. You enter your cock in me at full length. For a couple of seconds, you stop giving me a feel for what he is solid and big, and how my girl completely envelops it, and it is perfectly fills that void inside of me, just as Yin Yang complements ...

My fingers brought me to a fever pitch. I'm coming rapidly, but I know that this is not the end but only the beginning. I pick up a shower and direct it tight a struggling under huge pressure jet to your pussy. I begin to tremble, as if my whole body is composed of some nerve endings only. Leading shower from side to side, I feel emerging in the depths of my pussy orgasm, ready to explode like an atomic bomb, capable to tear me up inside on the particles, making feel decomposed into individual cells and at the same time feel like a single entity alive than ever . I lean one hand on the wall, because my legs begin to tremble and buckle.

... I rested against the wall with both hands, with one hand you are holding my hips and stroking my pussy and the other caressing my breasts. You start to move slowly, but I am more and more customized you, holding you to him more and more. I am accelerating you, holding the ass. With every move I moan louder. I feel like the spine begins to rise and heat simultaneously run shivers. Taking me by the hips with both hands, you skewer me on his penis. You're stronger and deeper into me, though, it would seem, it is no longer possible. I'm losing my mind the feeling when you firmly and authoritatively hold me, when I feel your palm, so strong, that I feel like a fragile and a little girl. I'm on the verge. Pearl orgasm already begins in the wings of my shell, you only remove it a few more movements of your skillful member of ...

Several jet movements from side to side I bring myself to the highest point and explode inside deafening orgasm. Such severe exposure, my pussy is not felt for a long time. I scream and moan loudly, my legs podgibayutsya, but I continue to guide the jet to your girl, knowing that one deafening orgasm I have to be different, and so I can finish almost unconscious.

Suddenly I feel the touch of your penis up to my labia. You spend it slowly up and down my crack. I'm ready to explode with this one touch. You cuddle up to me all over the back, take in his hands and kiss my chest shoulders and neck. I'm burnin on your touch and waiting for their turn in the depths of my pussy new climax. You whisper in my ear:

- I dreamed that we were making love in the shower. You moaned loudly, he was ready to finish - and suddenly I woke up. My cock was standing waiting for the continuation of reality, but there was no one. And then I heard you groan ... It has never wake up from something so sexy and exciting.

You enter your cock in me to move stronger and deeper. I'm falling apart in your hands, multiple orgasms wave covers me.

... I'm falling apart, am taking space, ascend to heaven and falling into the depths. My head is spinning and your feet podgibayutsya exhausted, I go down to the floor. You're too hard to breathe and sit beside him. We kiss each other tenderly ...

We kiss each other tenderly. I gasp in your arms, my body relaxed and blissful. There is nothing better than to feel you in me, to feel the way you move, starts and ends with me. Is it only dreams about it, that become a reality ...

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Continuation of the adventures of Lisa and Oli

After Lisa summer camp came and went on to study at the school. At that time, it was exactly 16 years old and should have been thinking about enrolling in a higher education institution. Parents of our Lizonka insisted that she came to the Medical University. Lisa was a girl not obstinate, even modest, as the parents decided to let him be so. Before the exams was 5 months old and a girl decided to mom, it would be nice if Lisa prepare for future work, so it arranged a nurse in a local hospital. So she also managed to earn pocket money that she immediately spent in a sex shop on various intimate cream, panties, stockings and porn magazines "gimp" basically content with where the guys or ladies dominate and bully the weak slave.

I must say that Lisa is not one day did not forget about the days spent in the pioneer camp. When she remembered about it in the shorts immediately became wet and the girls nipples increased in size. Ring her anus relaxed immediately ready to take in all that you want, but it was large. At school no one knew about her inclinations, the girl was considered among the young virgin, and she was embarrassed to invite someone like that get up with her in the camp. Sometimes at night, when deep sleep Lisa's parents went to the kitchen I got out the biggest cucumber and hiding under blanket smeared his ass with Vaseline and gently began to insert, in the now taut anus, slowly, centimeter by centimeter cucumber. Periodically, she pulled it out and approach to his lips. Vegetable slightly smelled of feces straight girls colon, but it is even more exciting. She took it in her gentle girlish lips, tongue licking the tip of the cucumber representing that this head of young members of the Pioneer leaders had just taken out of her razdolbany pussy-ass. Further recalling how she thrust deep into the throat from the two largest member-girl does the same, and cucumber. So she fucks herself in the throat, and then again gently introduced it in the ass. When cucumber almost completely entered into the anus of a young girl, Lisa usually wore panties and tried to fall asleep with a cucumber in the ass. Cucumber pleasantly cooled back pussy Lisa and simultaneously stretched her point. Tight pants would not let him fall out of the ass night. This is all very exciting Lizonka. And so at night she dreamed erotic dreams. I must say that this native pussy Lisa interested in very little. The girls in pioneer camp for many years taught her to get an orgasm and pleasure only from penetrating into the back of the body. And conducted several experiments on both sweet holes Lizonka have long realized that the most vivid and unforgettable orgasms she gets only the games with the rectum. For its main she watched constantly-I trim for myself pussy around the ring anus, smeared her with expensive creams. In front it is also clean and shaved her slightly drooping lips sex and a small clitoris is always visible. So it is more like a teenage girl.
In the morning, before school Lisa got out smelling of Vaseline and faeces cucumber, masturbated him her mouth and throat, and then just ate it. It was as if her breakfast. After high school, she was going to work at the hospital, while secretly hoping that there is in the hospital it is still anybody fucks for the full program. So every day she prepared specially.

The white hospital gown which she was given as the clothing she cropped above the knee, almost popochki neatly stitched it as if she accidentally hit a razmerchik. Enlarge bosoms. she wore no bra on this issue specifically, and nipples breasts tinted bright lipstick, so that they stood out through the thin fabric of her dressing gown. Below on their private parts Lizonka wore special white or black lace panties but with a cut under the anus. Pussy-ass it was always open and available to anyone who would wish. Rounding out the wardrobe girl nurse Beautiful fishnet stockings. Here in this form it and worked at a local hospital, mopping the floors and the tubes after analysis. Women doctors looked puzzled but wrote off all his youth and soon ceased to pay attention to it. The men looked at her delicious protruding ass and secretly dreamed to plant it in their own terms, but simply afraid of being branded as pedophiles therefore tried to look away in the direction at a meeting with her.
Lisa, on the contrary trying to attract the attention of either the female or the male part of the hospital she did not care who and what will be included in it when the broken-down point. The main thing that it was the humiliation and submission, which Lizonka and wanted to obey orders and be submissive slut and several slave masters at once.
One day she called the head physician, it became clear to him that Lisa having worked for almost a month and have not passed the position in such cases, a medical examination. She was given a pretty impressive list of doctors that is required to pass. Fortunately travel far it was not necessary and all the doctors you could walk there in the hospital. Fluently ran through the list, Lisa has allocated himself a gynecologist and proctologist. These procedures like Lisa decided she should enjoy the most. But on the other hand it was terrible, and suddenly the doctor guess as her pussy-podruzhenki of turbulent past of their life with Lisa. Well, okay! - Liza thought. -But At least someone, but I did not touch my very favorite pizdenochku. Thoughts about what someone would climb into her ass her very excited, and the muscles of the anus involuntarily relaxed, increased clitoris and her panties were wet from the separated lubrication. Quickly grasping the table for analysis bottle thicker she hurried to the bathroom. Locked in a stall she was not taking off her robe slightly bent, moistened with saliva anal hole and gently introduced into the anus bottle. Panties also remained on her back because there was a special cut-out for just such occasions. With one hand holding the bottle Lisa moving it in the ass stretched while the other fingered his swollen nipples. Five minutes later, Lisa felt the approach of orgasm, but not wanting to end as quickly Lizonka decided to change position. By putting the bottle on the floor she sat on her ass and continued to ride on it. Hands leaned comfortably on the toilet. Remembering in Pioneer girl wrote on her face Lisa began simultaneously with frictions to lick the toilet bowl rim language. In moments of greatest movements back to the bottle just sinking in the goddamned hole but immediately jumped out back. Finally Lisa softly cried, made a few movements of the anus and finished. The bottle, she left immediately next to the toilet, pulled down her robe, straightened her panties and opened the stall door. Then she was frightened. Directly in front of her were three nurses from the therapeutic department and looked at her.
- Wow you give a girl! And I pretended virgin! Creek was that on the floor could be heard!
Lisa lowered her eyes she was very ashamed. -Please, I beg you no tell anyone, I'll do anything for you ...
- Sure you do! His infant trash! But we have not come up with that ... well go until my floors!
Meet Lisa and Oli (part 2)
As you already know from previous stories about Olya - Olga in everyday life is not an ordinary girl. She as well as all the boys have impressive size manhood. And it meant an ordinary boy. Olga has repeatedly thought about its essence, because it is not attracted to men, and she gazed only on girls and even sex with a man seemed to her than disgusting. But the anal sex with the girls, and Olya in a passive role, presented our Olechka a very, very pleasant.

After a pleasant day spent in the pioneer camp, where she was finally struck hymen anus and generally learned a lot from it came the time to study and became as it is not up to fantasy. Although memories of the girls from the camp, and especially close girlfriend Lisa did not give her a rest especially at night. Then one day she met near the city hospital to his girlfriend. Lisa was in a medical gown. Robe was very short, and in the moments when the wind lifted the edge was thin lace panties visible. In addition, the sun shone and the robe was evident that in addition to sexy panties nothing underneath there. Girls happy meeting and tenderly embraced and kissed Lisa Olu lips. From the side it was not unusual for passers - boy meets girl, all within the framework of morality and decency. If only they knew that this couple's mind is very indecent thoughts.
- Lizonka, I missed you so much! Tell me what are you doing here? And in general about themselves.
Lisa turns combined study in high school with a medical profile to the work of nurses. Moreover, it was very comfortable, school, home and the hospital were located in one area. From the conversation it became clear that she was not particularly processes, so that a few shots sick easily, so wash the floors in the rooms.
- Olga, you have no idea how often I have thought of you. I miss you all the time, and that's especially so. And Lisa quietly ran her hand between the legs Olenka.
- Oh! Yes, judging by the size you also think the same thing?
- Yes, Lisa, I want you right now, and very strong! But where we can be alone?
- Come with me to the hospital.
Lisa Olu held on the second floor of the hospital, and as they rose and walked through the corridors Olga noticed that men and boys look at Lisa and especially on her legs high in the place where it ends the edge of the mini-robe. Lisa opened the door to what they entered and immediately began to kiss and hug each other.
- Olga, I missed your member in my ass! Lisa whispered in your ear Olechka. -Come Paste it to me right now in my insatiable hole! Fuck me like the last whore! With these words, Lisa Quick unleashed girlfriend dick out of his pants, and wet it with his saliva turned to Ole her back, spread her hands his buttocks relegating to the side strip fishnet panties presenting Olin member free access to horny hole. Olya and she had long dreamed about it, and therefore did not wait long for bringing a huge prick his penis to Lisa's pussy-hole. And again like the first time in the pioneer camp I was surprised to find how easily penetrated dick in the ass girlfriend. Olga immediately plunged it into the entire length of the rectum Lisa.
-How Well, Olga! Come fill my hole lewd sperm. Olga began to rhythmically thrust his insatiable hole in the piston. Wetted with saliva member gently slid inside Lisa. When a member entered the entire length Olya head felt like it rests on the inside of Lisa's stomach. Embracing her waist she really hands felt the head of his penis near Lisa's navel. Both closed their eyes and enjoyed. -Come Quickly Olya, I'm coming! Deeper, deeper !!! At this point, Ole thought that it is not only from within the belly sticks out Lisa and felt as though his hands on his stomach and pushes shoots sperm into a torrent. Olya had finished in Lisa thirty seconds, at the same time and ending with Lisa fingering her clit. Both have calmed down for a minute, while the member remains in the ass. Catching his breath girlfriend turned to each other. -How Well that we saw the truth Olya? We're no longer part company?
- Olya, if you want to come tomorrow night, tomorrow night I watch and I'll show you how I've been having some fun.
- But I can not let go too late ...
- Say you spend the night at a girlfriend! And I confirm on the phone!
- Probably I will do so, and what is there to entertain Lisa? Is that we will be able to play slowly with each other?
- Wait for tomorrow and see everything.
With this girlfriend broke up and Olga looking waited for tomorrow night.
The next day, as agreed Olga came to ten in the evening to the hospital. There she has met and held on a floor Lisa.
- Olya, well ... between us as there are no secrets? You remember how I used the girls in the camp? I just finish when I think about it. Well, I have long thought of as here you can have fun in this way. On the floor at night there is no one on duty. I am here for the home. So do not be afraid that someone will. We have a modern hospital wards and video cameras, you sit down at the table and see how I'm going to have fun.

Olya sat down in front of monitors, and Lisa had gone somewhere. All monitors had seen only one house from different angles (as pre-configured Lisa). In the House there were ten young men who were watching television. Looking closer Olga saw that they were looking porn. Olga added sound and heard guys talk about that right now would be a good idea to fuck this beauty in all the cracks. Under the covers it was noticeable that there were members of all. Suddenly all the fuss and turn off the telly. The door to the chamber opened, and appeared on the verge of Lisa. She was carrying a tray with vitamins and injections.
- Good evening, men! How is your health? Preparing for ukolchikov. -skromno she said duty phrase. And she was dressed in an unusually short robe, not even bending all seen the bottom of her panties and delicate matter robe could not conceal the red swollen nipples.
- Hello Lizonka - smiled the whole house. -Here We lie here, bore terrible, you are no entertainment, TV set can not be viewed at night, and because health is not affected. -zaigryvali they with her, trying to talk.
- Well, I do not even know what help you and how to entertain you, I would only be happy if only you all to health. -skromno eyes lowered to the floor to utter it first came to the bed with a syringe. At the same time he bent over to put a shot and her ass sticking out lifting the robe revealing all the wonderful lace. The guy from the next bed was not kept and slapped his palm on her ass.
- Oh! How dare you! -I Complain to the head physician! She cried Lisa, although her voice was no resentment.
- And then we will tell you at night listening to music, shots, we did not and do badly behaving! Threatened her a few votes, the others eagerly dug into her eyes.
- Well, it's not true!
- And we are more and we are likely to believe!
- Oh, do not say anything to the head physician, I do anything for you to do! What do you want from me?
- Well for starters and dance, entertain us!
Men included tape, the music started, Lisa came into the middle chamber and began timidly to dance to slow music. Her ass tightly covered with the robe wagging the music setting the stage for even more men.
- Lisa, you have to dance with each of us! He suggested one of them, and then as he was in shorts jumped out of bed, he grabbed Lisa for a thin waist. - We also want! Lisa! You each deliver a fun !? Shouted the others gathered around a couple of tight ring. Meanwhile, Lisa's partner does not have a very shy girl schoolgirl put his hands on her firm buttocks and began to knead them between your fingers climbing and deeper.
Lisa went into ecstasy, her panties were wet from overexcitement, but it is up to the end to pose as a prude and touchy.
- Men, what are you doing ... not all at once ... I told you to dance with everyone ... I will do anything you say ... -sheptala She closed her eyes.
To her already stretched ten pairs of hands, each tried to mash her ass, nalivshiesya chest, someone was stroking her legs tightly covered with black stockings. Members of the young men stood stake, stood out from the shorts and in a dense ring Lisa involuntarily touched her body and arms to them, first by chance, and then specifically looking palms and groped healthy Dicks.
- What have all of you? I'm still a virgin schoolgirl! I can not ... if only as something different ... -pytalas hint Lisa, realizing that it just got excited and already overexcited males. It has been a few guys took off their pants, others gently but firmly Lisa dropped to his knees. When she opened her eyes straight ahead then I saw several solid hilly members with well filled heads.
- Lisa, this is not taught in school, and all the girls doing it ... as a perturbation of the ice cream in its jaws, then we do not say anything! Shouted someone. Although without this pair of cocks has led in the face and lips Lisa even without her consent.

Only she tried to say something in the open mouth at once to the full depth entered someone's cock. Lisa had to suck it first timidly, from overstimulation guy just finished it in his mouth. Sperm was so much that some of vyteklala mouth and lips dripping corners of the face and neck. Lisa continued kneeling men. Before she could swallow the dose as immediately planted it again in his mouth, and no longer paying any attention to it, like a doll clasped his hands behind his head just to sit down as a member of her mouth skewer the meat on a skewer. That's the second pulling dick out of his mouth poured the sticky cum on face and hair. That is how all will meet Lisa took in both hands on the penis and caressed by a dick at the same time their third ebuschego her mouth. Man has been a member of a very long and penetrated right into the throat, the beat movement dick in Lisa's mouth in her bulging throat. When he had finished she felt that the liquid from the powerful guy jerks poured directly into her esophagus. Couple guys masturbate themselves right in front of her face but when we felt that commit your fingers opened her mouth wide while two jets of warm semen poured into it. The whole breast and face in sperm. Lisa and heard as someone suggested that if she still a virgin, why not print it pretty young ass. She only felt through his orgasm like her lay down on her back the man's body with his cock immediately began to rest on the anal hole.
- Wait! Not right away! It hurts! Now ... I ... -with these words Lisa spat on her palm next portion of sperm from his mouth and began to spread on his anal hole. After that, a member has entered her gently and began to move in the rectum. Lisa wanted to in her came another, but the guys that did not have to allude. The legs were spread wide apart and everything was very well seen as one member easily penetrates into her ass. Before her lap sat down and began to push through a guy in the ass the second unit. All this time, Lisa's mouth and hands were constantly busy with something whose huyami. Lisa herself has already finished several times, but no one noticed. Finally, the second man pushed her in the ass and my penis has two pistons began methodically pecked her young anus. Now it is much that two members - just razmerchik Lisa. Guys vystrelnuli virgin ass at the same time, both from the shotgun, and with so many seminal fluid suddenly appeared in the bowels of the girl, she worked as an enema - a ring of anal sperm jet flew thick as a finger out. As already podrazebannoe and well soaked with sperm point immediately flew following Dicks. Lisa could not remember how many times had time to finish that night. Her virginity remained intact. But Polly greatly expanded and would not shrink. In a short period of time when the boys changed their position, she ran her hand over anal. Palm of her hand, clenched into a fist to pass freely into the body. -So I have not had! Reversal zadochek all my beautiful! she thought, getting enormous satisfaction. When all quietly dispersed, who sleep, who discuss the events. Lisa looked around. Around her was empty. She is one in stocking feet lying on the floor of the House in a pool of semen and mucous secretions. Lisa stood swaying on his feet. I found in the corner of his chamber robe and panties. Dressed only a bathrobe. I looked and winked at the camera. Lisa's thigh between her legs once flowed streams of sperm. anal aperture greatly hurt and squelched when walking squeezing out the remnants of the male seed. So she got to where she was waiting medposta smiling Olya. How did I envy you Lizonka! I myself had finished several times.
- Olya, let's go to bed. -predlozhila iznemozhdennaya Lisa, until the morning there is still time to rest and clean up in this chamber.


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I like ass. Part 1

In my opinion, the most attractive and important part of the female body is a priest. It must be elastic and convex, such that would like to look at it endlessly. Especially if the butt is covered in tight jeans, or leggings or a skirt, not to mention the shorts or shorts. For me, not even a very pretty girl, or a woman with a beautiful booty much more attractive beauty with a flat backside.

I do not remember exactly when I began to pay attention to the priests, but just from school. I remember in the 9th grade we had a biology teacher - Vera S., a young woman 28-30 years. Popa she was just awesome! Plus, she liked to wear tight-fitting dresses and skirts, so watch as she wrote on the board was for me a great pleasure. And sometimes through the dresses shone faintly panties Vera Sergeyevna. At night I often masturbate, imagining probe ass teacher as lift up her dress, pull together a mouth-watering muffins panties ... One day I happened to touch her ass. It was in the spring on the School cleaning cleanup. We, guys, wash desks and Vera S. girls cleaned the windows.

- Andrey Smirnov, wet rag - biologichku told me, standing on the window sill. I complied with the request, and when passed the rag back, Vera S., somehow awkwardly turned and lost her balance and started to fall. I immediately framed hands and it turned out that the teacher supported the right buttocks. Hands rested in the soft, warm buns covered sports tights. Vera S. gasped, regained her balance, and I regret removed his hands from her priests.

- Thank you, Smirnov, saved me, - he smiled biologichku while blushing considerably. My classmates giggled. At night I masturbated furiously, remembering how Vera Sergeyevna felt his ass.

After 10th grade I went to a sports camp - was engaged at the time in athletics. In addition to training, the camp was a lot of interest, especially in the evenings. We were going to in any room, about eight to ten boys and girls. We played cards, laughed. Sometimes, somewhere there is another bottle of wine. There I met Rita. Not to say that she was a beauty - so nothing special. But not for me. Whenever I see her ass in sports shorts, as I could not sleep well. Plump, swaying while walking back Rita drove me crazy. I kept staring at her, so that even my friend - Ilyukha said:

- Oh, Drulhe you seem sunk on the stick! She's ugly!

- Yeah, not so easy to watch - I waved.

One evening after the two "Cabernet" bottles decided to play spin the bottle. First they played on the kiss, but soon tired of all - to kiss the girls were only given on the cheek. They began to play on the desire. Someone forced singing rooster, someone was jumping on one leg along the corridor - kindergarten shorter, although it was fun. And here I had the bottle twist. Neck pointed to Rita.

- Well, what do I do? - She asked.

- And I'll tell you later, alone! - I replied.

- OOOO! - Rustled guys and Rita blushed a little.

- Okay! - She said - then, since then.

- Half an hour later, I again turned the bottle, and she again pointed to Rita.

- Wow! There's something not clean! - Ilyukha said.

- Also then do you say? - Rita asked.

- Aha!

Some of the guys brought more wine. Already pretty tipsy, we began to disperse. Rita came to me:

- Well, Andrew, when I hear your desires.

- And, right now! First - I want you to walk to the river bank.

- Well, okay, let's go, - Rita nodded.

We left the building and began to descend toward the river. The tracks were not covered and not to stumble, Rita took me by the hand. Suddenly, in the middle of the way, Rita stopped and turned to me and kissed me on the lips.

- You wanted it?

- Not really, but I also liked it, - I replied.

- Well, then, let's!

We began to kiss. Inept and timid at first, but then more confidently. I think in the late '80s at the age of 16 years, very few people knew how to kiss. Unconsciously I hugged Rita's waist, and then lowered his hands just below and found the starting hollow between her buttocks. Rita stopped kissing:

- Let's go to the river, - she said. We moved on. Walking was uncomfortable, as a member of my stake was in his pants. On the shore we sat on the upturned boat and began to kiss again. With one hand I hugged Rita hips and casually put his hand on her firm buttocks. She did not pull away, as if unaware of my hands on his ass.

- I like you very much ... - I said.

- And you me - Rita said. - So what's your second wish?

- Are not you offended? - I asked.

- I do not know ... But I warn you once - I am not going to undress.

I plucked up courage and said:

- I want to kiss you...

- But only? - She smiled.

- ... In the ass!

- What?! Are you a fool?

- Well ... you just have such a cool ass! I only once!

Even in the dark I could see paint poured over the girl's face:

- You really crazy!

- May be! But this is my second wish!

- Well, okay - after some hesitation agreed Rita - only once and remove the pants, I will not!

- Good! - I nodded. Rita got out of the boat, turning back to me:

- Come on, just a quick and easy!

I knelt behind her and put his hands on the delicious buttocks, kissed elastic rolls.

- Well, it's enough ... - Rita said, but I said that it is not very much in a hurry to step back. I regret rose.

- Come on, it's late, as if the coach did not notice! - Rita said, and again took me by the hand. This fact is, I was pleased, because it meant that she was not offended, and perhaps she even liked it. I escorted her to the case.

- Well, so long, - Rita said, and kissed me on the cheek.

- So far, - I said.

I've walked a few steps when he heard a loud whisper Rita:

- Andryusha!

- A? - I said.

- Come on, - she beckoned me with his finger. I went. To my surprise, Rita turned and otpyativ soy charming zhopku, said:

- Let us once more!

I readily bent down and pressed his lips to her ass. I squeezed her and kissed the treasure until Rita did not pull away. We kissed passionately. I felt like burning the girl's face.

- Well, everything is ... - Rita pushed me and added, - until tomorrow.

On the way into the room, I went to the toilet. It took me only a few motions to discharge my languishing member.

The next morning I met Rita at breakfast. She discreetly winked at me and smiled.

- Che Andrei, pomatsal yesterday her ugly? - I whispered Ilyukha.

- Not that it is not ugly! - I replied.

- No no! So just - nothing special! - Ilyukha nodded and snickered.

- Jerk!

- Well pomatsal or not?

- None of your business.

- Well, do not pout! - Conciliatory said my friend.

Another night I matured cunning plan, how to promote Rita on something more than kissing ass through his pants. Wine delivered to us watchman Semyonitch camp. At night, he guarded territory, although probably asleep in his hut, and in the afternoon drove some of the products in the village canteen camp at his "ants." The fee he was just a robbery - two bottles of wine, the third he took himself, but the other options were not. After a morning workout, I went up to him:

- ABOUT! Athlete! - She greeted me Semyonitch - Vino?

- Yes, four red, - I replied.

- Well, then with you ... - Semyonitch second thought ... - Seven twenty!

- You robber Semyonitch!

- Right now I offended! Well, let's seven rubles and hands.

I counted out the money.

- Come in the evening, after dinner, - said Semyonitch, putting money in the pocket of his pants greasy.

Two bottles I took for the company for the evening, and the two hid by the river under a bush, not far from the campsite.

At dinner I was able to quietly slip a note to Rita: "Walk in the evening to the river? If you do not mind - nod. I'll wait ten. "Rita and her friends sat at a window table, while we are in the middle of the hall. The whole dinner I glance at her, and finally, seizing a moment, she looked at me and nodded almost imperceptibly.

We usually sit in the company until midnight. Coach, of course, knew about our gatherings, but turned a blind eye. After twelve if we were late, certainly it was someone from our elders and dispersed the crowd. That night I stayed up half past nine, and then faded, referring to the sick stomach. Of course I went to the river and began to wait Rita. She appeared at the beginning of the eleventh, when it was almost dark.

- Rita! - I called her in a whisper. The girl approached.

- Hi!

- Hi! - We immediately began to kiss.

- Wines want? - I asked.

- Do you have?

- Yeah, and wine and a couple of apples, let's go - I pulled Rita to his hiding place. He took out a bottle and apples. We settled in the dense willow thickets. I spread his jacket on the sand, opened the bottle. They drank straight from the bottle and somehow laughed. Soon I felt pretty well drunk, as, indeed, and Rita.

- I'll go into the bushes, - she said.

- What for?

- Are you silly, do not you guess?

- A-ah-ah! Clear.

Soon I heard a murmur. The fact that ten meters from me sitting and pissing girl somehow terribly excited me. I looked over and saw a bush in the dark whitened ass sitting back to me girl. Soon after she returned.

- Let's have a drink! - She suggested. For half an hour we drained the bottle.

- You want more? - I asked.

- No, it is not desirable! - Rita reached out and laid down on his stomach on the jacket.

- You can pat you on the ass? - I whispered.

- Well, if you really want, you can - as she said in a whisper.

I with pleasure touched her elastic rolls and started gently stroking them, sometimes gently squeezing.

- Mmmm ... - Rita moaned softly - something today does not kiss?

- Can i?

In reply she laughed softly. I bent down and began to touch his lips to her delicious buttocks.

- You really like it to do? - Rita asked.

- Highly! And you?

- Well ... nice - modestly she remarked she suddenly raised her little ass to the top. I began to fondle her ass with great enthusiasm, and then put his hand between her thighs slightly diluted, feeling that there is wet.

- Hey! We do not agree! - Rita. Sitting up, he pushed my hand.

- Okay, I'm sorry, I will not.

- That's right - she again settled. I continued to touch and kiss her ass, not daring to offer her take off pants. Finally, it took courage:

- Many would have given that would kiss you there without tights! - I whispered.

- Sly is! - Rita giggled, and then added, - come on, only I myself wanted.

It further raised the ass and pulled the tights to his knees, leaving me to admire his zhopku, covered with white panties unpretentious.

- Oh! - I gasped involuntarily.

- What?

- You have not got, and treasure! - I said, admiringly, at Rita laughed softly. I touched his palms against the bare skin of her buttocks, and almost did not finish. Then he began to kiss her ass, trying to touch the places not covered by panties. It was a great feeling. And I felt the heady scent of her, apparently wet pussy. Plucking up courage, I pushed the edge of the panty in the hollow between the buttocks, exposing ass almost entirely. Rita did not say anything, just noisy breathing when I started showering kisses on her ass. I came up with the exciting idea to the extreme - but what if the kiss Rita "there"? Spend tongue fragrant wet cunt. I recall that in the 80s, and even in the provincial towns such as ours, about oral sex knew little. Of course, I knew that the woman suck dick, but that men can lick pussy, do not even know. So that was my opening. I suddenly wanted to do it so that I could not resist and leaned to his ear whispered to the girl:

- Riet and I want to kiss you there?

- Where? - Half opened her eyes she asked.

- Well ... pussy?

I expected her to get up, obzovёt me an idiot and leave. I was almost sure that his question ruined everything, but Rita said:

- Want! Can you?

- Yes, - I replied, shaking with excitement.

- Then let's just until I removed her panties.

- Okay, raise your ass - I said, and Rita got on all fours. I got behind her, first kissed and stroked ass, then approached her with pleasure and Picea breathed exciting aroma. Then he pressed his lips to her wet panties.

- Mmmm ... - moaned the girl. I started to drive his tongue over her pussy through the thin material, feeling the bumps her lips.

- Take them! - Briefly Rita said. I pulled off her panties to the priests, covered with hairs bared pizdochku and began to lick. Compresses his lips, kissing, tongue thrust into her hot cunt. Feeling klitorok (although I did not guess what it is), I noticed that to touch him Rita reacted most sharply. I decided to focus on this point, and soon the girl was barely holding back moans. Suddenly she trembled all over, moaned loudly. I am stronger pressed his lips to her Picea, not even realizing that I rest nose in her second hole. Rita literally writhing in convulsions and finally fell silent. She lay motionless for a long time, so I'm even a little scared. Finally, she opened her eyes, looked at me, lying side by side, and then suddenly dug into my mouth and began to furiously kiss.

- It was so good! Thank you! - She said. We lay there a bit calmer.

- Now I've got into the bushes, - I said.

- Come, - Rita smiled.

Before you pee, I repeatedly ran his hand over his penis. I finished so violently that I thought I could not stand on his feet. Cum splashed somewhere far away in the bush and so powerful and long that I even closed his eyes in pleasure and barely restrained so as not to moan. Finally a member of calmed down and I was able to pee.

- What's taking so long? - Rita asked. She was already in the pants and blouse sitting on collecting his usual ponytail hair.

- Wines lots blew! - I said - but what are you going to have?

- No, we can still stay here for an hour. You said you still have wine?

- Yeah, right now, I get it.

I opened a second bottle, and we made the long throat.

- You like doing this? - Rita asked.

- Ask! You're so tasty ... there - we kissed. A minute later, Rita said:

- Andryusha ...

- What?

- I'm too shy to ask ...

- Well, ask ...

- Can you ... well ... I've never seen a guy ...

- Did not see what?

- Are you stupid? - Rita pushed me.

- A! - I guess - if you want to see? - My voice was shaking, and my pants have all Provocation. Rita nodded. I took off my sweat pants with shorts. Heart pounding like crazy, but in my throat. My dick swayed in the darkness, like a small stick.

- Wow ... - breathed Rita, without stopping looking at my cock. - So big!

- You want to touch it!

Instead of answering, Rita hesitantly held out his palm and touched my dick. Then, more confidently she grabbed his hand and squeezed gently.

- Hot and hard! - She whispered. We began to kiss. I put my hand on the palm of Rita, the one that she held my cock and began to gently move it up and down. She understood what I wanted and she began to masturbate me. Then he looked up from my lips and began to carefully monitor their movements. A minute later I was on the verge:

- Oh, careful - I croaked.

- What? - I whispered Rita.

- Right now over!

- I want to see!

My cock swelled and began to throb throwing out into the night sky jet of sperm. Rita pulled down his hand, but on the contrary, tightened her dick and continued to masturbate while my friend did not begin to shrivel.

- You good? - She asked, running her wet and sticky palm on my stomach.

- And how!

- I am pleased!

We have sat, finishing his wine and constantly kissing. I asked Rita to show his chest and she agreed. Unbuttoned his jacket, then he pulled up her shirt and took off her bra. Her breasts were small with large nipples, which defiantly stuck out in all directions. I began to knead her breasts and kissing her nipples. She sighed loudly and whispered:

- Kiss me there once ...

I pulled off her tights and panties. Now Rita lay on her back with legs apart. I with pleasure began to lick her pussy, trying to make their caresses more diverse. The reward to the efforts of my soon became moans and new seizures. Rita hot thighs squeezed my head and often-often pushes her hips. Then he fell silent. I'm still a little caressed her wet pizdochku, and then lay down beside him.

When we finished our wine, it was already half past eleven.

- Time to go - Rita said, and sighed with regret.

- Let's go. - I agreed.

In the body we kissed for a long time before you give up and agreed to meet tomorrow at the same place.

All week before the end of the shift, we caressed with Rita on the river bank. I did not dare to offer her to take me into her mouth, afraid to hurt her. In parting, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to phone in the city.

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Close to me woman

I'm forty-eight years old, his wife of three years younger, she was a teacher, and I work in a large commercial firm. We have a large three-room apartment, where besides us lives our son and his family. Zhenya twenty-five years, and they have a son with Anna, who was a year ago. Therefore, Anya does not work, will sit with his son before his triennium. The son of a lot of work and correspondence studies in graduate school, so that the family he did not have time. In the evenings, listening as they creak bed with Anna, his wife was happy that his son was married, because when his workload is the only way to solve sexual problems.

Somehow I need a passport to work and I come home at midday. Opening the door, I heard loud moans coming from his son's room. I looked back. On the bed lay a naked Anne, and on it a strange man with his pants down. The guy quickly moved bare ass. I went into the kitchen. Young harder bed creaked, and then there was a whisper, could understand that they dress, and Anna spent a Man to the front door. When he left, she went to the kitchen and stood with his head down.
- Who was that? - I asked.
- I do not know his name, he is a student.
- How did he get here?
- Here next to the university hostel. We Igoryok walked there, I talked to one guy, he helped me to pull the wheelchair into the elevator, and then we had sex. I gave him my number and said to call a friend and passed, if they need to. Now, every day I call.
- And how much of their day is here?
- One sometimes two. Alexander, my little one Genis. He will descend on me at bedtime and all the love and I before the wedding every day before someone took off pants, but not once. I can not live without it is young, then it probably will pass. While my mother and now gives the right and left. Will you tell the wife and Valentina Petrovna? Then Igorek left without a father and without grandparents.
- No one and nothing, I'm not going to tell. The fact that you have an increased need for sex, great, you're healthy energetic woman means. That's just some bad disease has not picked up.
- Yes, I'm very young college boy with a shove, some for the first time saw a pussy. They are clean. Only the smell remains, so I ventilated.
- What do you say so before, and I'm on you like a fat cat on everything looked.
- Alexander, darling, but I'm always happy. How do you want to take, and suck, and wherever you go shove.
- Yes, you suck me now, but then I had to run to work again. I am currently a member of the rinse.

I went into the bath, washed my cock and sat in a chair in the room. Anna knelt in front of me, a little masturbate member of the hand, and he took a fighting stance. She bared prick and took it in his mouth. We felt that she experienced minetchitsa. A member moved from her mouth almost like a vagina. I pretty quickly pulled by filling her mouth with sperm.
- Anya, why did you hide such abilities? I was only in school one girl doing blowjob. The wife does not love him. Okay, I ran, now I'll stick with you.
- I love it when me stick with indecent proposals.
- To you today, someone will come?
- Yes, another boy in three hours.
- No fluff, no pen to you.
- To hell. We are with you still's fuck.

The next morning I went to the clinic, blood pressure rose slightly, his head ached, at other times I have all this would not have noticed, but here I wanted to relax. I exaggerate, drawing his fortune, and I prescribed home treatment for three days. I came home and told Anna that I had high blood pressure, and I will be sick at home for three days. She was delighted.
- With increased pressure, probably, a member will be better, - she suggested - let's check.

I undressed and got into bed. Anya checked whether the son is sleeping, and come to me. When she undressed, I admired, looking at her. Young healthy body of a beautiful woman with long dark hair, large wide-set breasts, small waist and large convex booty just fascinated. I admired her as a piece of art. It fell to me, we clung to each other and I began to caress her. She wanted to kiss everywhere. Then I lay on her, sliding his cock inside her, and she very skillfully I podmahivala. She came before me and tried to do everything so that I get maximum pleasure. I had finished and continued to caress her and admire her. She began to call me dad.
- Dad, I did not know you were ill, and appointed a date student. He in the first half to come. What do you say?
- Behave as if I'm not home. I hope your visits will not prevent us to make love with you.
- Well, how could you think that they might interfere. Yes, I'll stop them right at the first hint of it. You and Jack priority for me. Students it's just self-indulgence. Go Igorka pokormlyu, and it will soon have come my college boy.
- Do you know him?
- The fact of the matter is that not. Shoot cowards to a perfect stranger so exciting. I'm not a prostitute, in which all senses atrophied. I'm already excited.

She left, I dozed off and was awakened by the doorbell. Anne went to meet the guest.
- Hello, I am your phone number and address given Volodya. For you can be? - I heard a man's voice.
- Yes, come in, please. What you are huge. Undress, that's slippers. Come to my room, I have a small child, I have to be with him in case he wakes up.

They went to Anya's room, I could hear that they are about something talk. Then the voices fell silent, and there was a creaking bed. Apparently small was difficult, because the bed creaked as if about to fall apart. Then Anya moaned loudly.
- Quickly, I'll finish. Oh, how big, how I feel good. Deeper, cumming, damn, damn, I, ah-ah-ah ...

Then the bed creaked quite scary and soon all was quiet. A few minutes later accompanied Anya guest.
- Anya was extremely nice. I can still call you?
- Call, I'm not free, can be all sorts of circumstances. I was good to you, you are so filled me is that I have now still remains a pleasant aftertaste.
- Can I still call you today?
- Call us, but I do not promise anything.

He left, and Anna came to my room.
- Here chertushka, mountain, not man. He was eighteen years old, and it has more than a hundred kilos of weight. Such carcass, and a member, like Hercules. I thought he would tear me, but it was very nice. I'll go with Igoryok a walk, and then, if you will wish you did poebesh.

Anya is gone, and two hours it was not. Then he came, fed his son and put him to bed.
- This mountain of a man called again. I said, let him come. I'm with him now Therefore dog's fuck on the floor, and then he will break the bed.

Again came the big guy, but this time the creak of the bed was not, there were only Anya's moans. Then he called his wife, asked how health affairs, and said that he would come soon. Therefore we with Anna climbed naked into bed and made love. In the evening we all gathered, we had dinner and watched TV. The son left early for work because of traffic jams on the roads, and so went to bed early. He and Anna had gone to her bed and creaked.
- Anya was so tired with Igoryok, but the wife never fails. Cross we got in-law. And you with your sex shows pressure or better to abstain?
- I do not know, no particular desire, his head heavy.
- If you want, I have someone of his colleagues put it under you, on chuzhachka something you just react. And vitality rise. We have a lot of lovers. One Inna worth. It can not be called beautiful, but, say, terribly strongly needed or desirous of sex. Submit it to you tomorrow?
- Tomorrow is not necessary, maybe if I go on the amendment.
- Clearly, all of you guys are the same, with a living wife ready for anyone to climb.
- By the way, did you suggested, and I would not dream of anything.

For three days we have so great a guy fucked Anya, then I was released to work. Now, at every opportunity, we made love with Anna. Pack off his wife and son for a walk with Igoryok and themselves naked in bed.

In the summer we left the cottage. Cottage is a rustic house with garden and kitchen garden, bought on the cheap for a hundred and fifty kilometers from our city. His wife was living there in the summer all the time, and I came for a weekend and holiday well spent there. Now we drove to Eugene and Anna with her son. Sami is visited only on weekends and in July were going to live there for the entire vacation. In early July, my son and I arrived there in two cars for the whole month. Son scored with a book, and there was going to work on my dissertation. Near our house was built a large house with a garage, sauna, and other bells and whistles. Build a team of young visitors shabashniks. Our house was a floor, but the room was equipped in the attic. The ground floor has a large living room oblong and two small bedrooms separated by plywood partitions. Zhenya, given its workload, housed in the attic, so it does not interfere with a child, and he was well enough sleep. For sex, the wife said, you can just once and down to go down. In one bedroom are located Anja with the son, and the other my wife.

The first night we had dinner, watched TV and went to sleep. Eugene with Anna retired to her bedroom, and my wife and I in his. Soundproofing did not exist, plywood partitions in my opinion only amplifies the sound. We are pleased with all the nuances listened as Jack perform the conjugal duty.
- You could have a little longer, in my opinion, it is not finished, - whispered in my wife.

Then I performed his conjugal duty, and we fell asleep. In the morning after breakfast Eugene went up to my room, and my wife said she wanted to sunbathe in the garden. I read the newspaper, and then decided to visit his wife. Near the house there was none. I went deeper into the garden. Near the fence behind the bushes wife lying naked on a blanket, and it worked, moving the bare ass, dark-haired young man. Rang her friends groans, then ends. I quietly retreated to the house. Anya went out at the gate with a stroller, apparently gathered for a walk with the little boy. I slowly followed them. She passed under construction cottage, turned to the forest and went along the forest path. I was overtaken by two men of Asian appearance. They caught up with Anna, a little went along with it, something talking, then Anna got out of the carriage with a baby blanket and one of the men into the woods, the other man stayed with the carriage and began to roll it back and forth along the path. I also went into the woods and began to gently wade in the direction where the left Anya. Soon I saw them in the clearing. Anya was lying on a blanket with raised and bent at the knees, and on it lay a man and moved his bare ass. Anya moaned loudly, and the man has accelerated the pace of movements and then rose from Ani. He pulled on his pants and went away, and Anya paper towel wiped his crotch. Came another man. Anya took the former position, the man dropped his pants and lay down on it. I finished watching this series to end. I realized that while we were in town Zhenya my wife and Anya did not lose time in vain, met with the local shabashniki and mutually resolved with them sexual problems. I caught up with Anna near the house.
- How was your walk? - I asked.
- As usual, a walk in the woods. There the air is good, he's asleep, not waking up.
- Good sleep for a child is most important. They say that in a dream the children grow up.
- I know. We were trying to walk more.
- And there is not hooligans? Nobody does not stick?
- No, here in peace.

His wife was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. After dinner I lay down to rest, even dozed off. Then he went into the garden and went to the bushes, behind which the morning had seen his wife. She still was there, but do not lay on her back, and was standing on all fours, and behind it pumped some naked man. I looked through intercourse until the end, and went to the house. Anya again roll out the pram.
- Anya, can I take a walk with Igoryok? - I asked.
- No, he was accustomed to my movements, from the other it can wake up.

She walked the same route, and I was behind them at good distance. Again, I overtook two young men, in my opinion, not those that were in the morning. Again, one of them Anya into the forest, and another rolled the stroller. I turned into the woods and once again admired Ani intercourse with strange men.

In the evening, his wife insisted on his son to walk, get some fresh air. Anya said tired and went to his room, and his wife and his son and grandson in a carriage headed for the woods. I went to Anya, and we had a wonderful sex. I decided not to expose anyone, even our women enjoy life, because we have a son, too, they did not deprive these joys.

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The new way of the family. Part 1

Hello, my name is Vladimir, today I decided to tell his story for those who are interested. I live in the city of Tver, my family is quite secure, but, alas, did not complete. I mean by this word that we have no father in the family, I know that sounds corny, but he left when I was three. I am 19 years old, the family we have only me, my mother and my sister. My sister is older than me for three years and studying in another city, she got to Moscow. My mother is calm, fair and quiet woman, but at the same time, it also has an inner core that gives the rigor of its decisions and does not allow her to change them. Valery A., was the name of my mother forty years, she works in a mobile shop director. The work is not particularly profitable, but recently we bought a large six-room house in the suburbs, and began to prepare the transfer of small flats.

I understand that my mother took the money from old stocks. I was curious and one day, when she left for work, I climbed into her laptop on the bank's website. What I saw there I was very unsettled. Twenty-six million rubles, that's how much was on the account. At first I did not believe, and over and over again to refresh the page, but each time the result was one. I have not mentioned that my mother is very beautiful for his forty years. The growth of one hundred sixty-five centimeters, sweet face with beautiful skin, beautiful figure and a small but perfectly shaped breasts third dimension made it a dream for many, but, alas, only a dream. For I have all my life had never seen her with a man.

The bell rang, I was in a little shock, automatically went to the door. On the threshold stood my mother in a suit, that's right, today is Thursday, tomorrow it begins six months' leave. Mom went to the apartment and began to take off her shoes.
- Put a bath please, I'm very tired.
I was completely in thought and therefore did not realize what she had said. Realizing I went and turned on the water. His head began to take shape chic plan. Quickly muttering mom something unintelligible, I took his wallet and ran out the door. His head spun only one thought, all should be mine, but his mother would not indulge the whims and will not have the money, so you need to pick them up. A five minute walk from the house is a large hardware store, it is in him and I went. In the store I bought a few skeins of thin but very strong rope, dog collar, chain whip, a few pieces of rubber hose. On the way back, I went to the pharmacy m a little thinking bought a package of different birth control pills. Home I could quickly benefit of everything you need around the house. The mother has not yet emerged from the bathroom, she always likes to soak up after work.

I went to the phone, unhooked the cable from the device, the device itself is made and thrown in the garbage disposal. On the hanger hung mother bag, I tucked in her arm and pulled a cell phone. He took off his pack and took out the sim card, broke it and threw it in the trash, put the phone in place, but the battery hidden kind of shoe racks. His phone has put on the password, I shut down and put into one of the shelves in the kitchen. Something recalling quickly put on his boots and went out. In fact, I quite forgot about what you need to buy an electric shock, leave all the money on him, but it's worth it. During electroshock had to go by bus, but giving the five thousand, I became the owner of a large, powerful and fully-charged argument. Home I came when my mother already pomylas, had dinner and was now sitting in the living room in a bathrobe and watched the show.

- Where have you been? I waited for you for dinner. - She called me while I change shoes in the hallway. I said nothing, got an electric shock and silently walked into the room. She stared at me in surprise.
- I know everything.
My voice was clear and calm.
- What do you know? And what is the stick in your hands?
Surprised she asked pointing to an electric shock.
- I know all about the money that you're hiding from me.

I realized that now all if before he could stop, now there is no turning back.
- What other money?
Build yourself a fool mother, I decided to immediately open all the cards.
- I'm talking about the money that lie on thine account.
- You climbed into my laptop ?! How dare you ...
Treaty his tirade she did not have time, she tucked a powerful slap in the face to the left. She sobbed and collapsed on the sofa. I took her by the hair and lifted her head. In her eyes were confusion, misunderstanding and fear ... ... Understanding this, the fact that she is afraid of me stirred up something inside, I always used to listen to it and not argue, but now ...
- Listen to me carefully and remember. I do not care where the money, it is important that you give them to me, all to the last penny.
I told her that in person, holding roughly by the hair, and it was to give me pleasure.
- What are you doing slit ...

The contract I did not let her, putting an electric shock to the hip and did not hesitate to push the button. She shook all over, twitched convulsively, rolled her eyes and went limp. I removed the electric shock, probed her pulse, heart beating. He brought a chair with the back, seated quickly it tied his hands behind his back, legs spread wide and tied them to the legs. Brushed her hair from her face, she took out a first aid kit ammonia and brought his nose to it, nostrils flared, she grimaced and slowly raised her head. Such native eyes looked at me with pain, but I did not stop. I undid the belt, took off his pants, shorts for them, a member slapped his thigh. Mother looked wide-eyed and silent, I came close to it, so that my dick began to touch her cheek. She clenched her lips and shook her head. I did not try to persuade her, just I picked up off the couch electric shock, brought his to her face and pressed the button on the tip ran spark discharges. His mother looked at him with horror, I moved it between her divorced feet and poked through the panty fabric labia, she started all over.

- I count to three. Time. Two.
On two mother slowly opened her mouth, well, of course, I do not want to get current in the most sensitive spot. My cock entered her mouth quickly, one jerk on the eggs pulled by the hair. She wheezed and began to twitch, but I did not stop to fuck her in the throat. If you knew what a bliss unceremoniously tear in the mouth, whose guidance has always served before. I stopped to go so deep, her mother began to breathe through the nose. She was tied to a chair with an electric shock between his legs and sucked, sucked good by the way, apparently, I found the right motivation. When I finished, I forced her to swallow everything. She frowned but swallowed.
- Now what?

Her voice sounded muffled.
- And now the fun begins, you give me everything.
- What all?
- All this means an apartment, a house, all the money from the account.
- But how can I ...
- And here you are, you are now mine, you belong to me, and I will do to you all that I want.
I noticed how she turned pale at my words.

- Yes Yes. Now we all change.

I took out a folding knife and slowly untied the ropes that bound her hands behind his back, then did the same with their feet. He sat on a chair, looking at me with wide eyes and rubbed the wrist. Her beautiful wild hair fell on part of the face, eyes were frightened and submissive, it turns me on and very cock again began to rise.

- Get up.

My voice was like a whip, the mother slowly rose from his chair. The floors of her home robe closed.

- Take off your coat. Fast.

She hesitated uncertainly and looked me in the face. I lifted electroshock and pulled the trigger, she started looking at the blue level, and slowly began to take off a bathrobe.

- I said quickly !!!

I shouted and slapped her a slap, her head snapped, and she did not stay on his feet fell knees. Having risen from the low-energy kick quickly removed the hateful robe. Her humility literally maddening, was a member of a church tower. Her small breasts bra just beckoned, I reached out and squeezed the left half, she reflexively lifted her hands and cried. I did not beat her, just proshparil hand electroshock. She yell a few more minutes until the choked cry, I took her by the neck and pulled him close.

- You do something that is not clear from what he said?

She nodded her head protruding eyes. I let go of her hand and a bag she collapsed on the floor, leaning I undid her bra and pulled off his shoulders, she closed her hands a breast, I showed her an electric shock, and she slowly took her hands. Her chest was just beautiful, curve shape and smooth halos nipple. I took her nipples and began to slowly tighten them. At first she was silent, then began to wince, then completely groaned and began to cry. Releasing the nipples, I put my hand in her panties and wondered mother pussy was clean-shaven, not a single hair. It was dry, not flowed. Slipping his finger into the vagina, I began to move him, his mother began to sob again, I took her by the throat and pinned to the wall continued to tinker in her panties. Mom turned to his back and pulled her panties, her ass was also very bad. Beautiful ass, buttocks apart, I saw a dark circle of the anus, when I touched his finger, ass clenched and her mother started.

- Well, what do you dёrgaeshsya? Now you have no secrets from me, come on, relax ass.

I wrapped her hair into a fist and whispered in her ear, anus tightened and not prolazil finger. I spat on his hand, smeared saliva on her ass and sharply, one jerk stuck in the ass one finger, his mother cried and shook her head, I firmly wrapped the hair and pulled her head back up to the limit, her mouth fell open and I'm staring at her tongue. Nakovyryat in the ass, I began to undress. Fully undressed, I went to my mother and forced her to get cancer, fell in behind, I took her by the waist and slowly introduced a member of her pussy, the first few jolts were dry. But then I began to feel like a mother's vagina was allocated grease. I moved slowly, with measured shocks took out up to the uterus. It looks like the mother really did not have the men to the same for a long time. Her pussy was narrow as that of a young play the virgin, it gave indescribable thrill. Move your hands to the thighs to his chest, I leaned directly on the mother, continuing to slowly, slowly fuck her, picked up the two hemispheres of the breasts, slowly began to rotate between the fingers swollen nipples.

The mother breathed heavily and fully flowed, its grease dripping on the inner sides of the thighs and dripped onto the floor. Apparently, she began to enjoy the process, because like it or not, she is a woman who has not been long since the men. I understood that will soon be over, and began to move it sharper and harder, a few tremors erupted in her womb, I felt the sperm fills all the recesses of her vagina and leaving it starts stringy streams flow down the thighs. A few times I pushed it took a member, he was covered in semen and her secretions. I turned and took her mother by the hair poked a member of her face, she pursed her lips. I slapped her slap all as keeping the hair and reached for the electric shock, she saw movement parted lips and took in his mouth. When she sucked my cock to shine, I pushed her on the couch, picked up an electric shock and left the room.

To be continued...

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Skukota and friendship. Part 1

Hey. My name is Nargiza. I come from Central Asia. I apologize in advance for spelling mistakes, as I did not Russian. A story that I want to tell you is true, except for personal information. I am 22 years old, brunetka married here 7 months, children is not present (the culprit in this is we do not know). My husband is military, so after the wedding we went to live in another city, where he works. Probably not is an open secret that being the wife of the military in the first place is the solitude. He kept propodaet at work, even often went on missions for the service. That's all I had time to sit at home alone. So I began to frequently go to the Internet to kill time. You do not think that there is no love between us, on the contrary, we are very much in love. And I came to the Internet through your mobile phone. I was advised to download the app and register mobimit. I did so. The information in the questionnaire I filled course fictional, including a photo. The only thing that I pointed out truthfully, that's what I "married", So what "children is not present, but I would like to". That's the beginning often sit there, while her husband was in the service. They began to come informed. I answered. I have in mind was not translate into real virtual acquaintance.

Mobimit was for me a means of pastime. But I do not know what came over me, but one guy interested me greatly. He was handsome, sociable, with sense of humor ... His name was Farooq. We talked with him for a week, and he is not never asked for my phone number and did not ask to meet (in this site is very rare). We have become so close as if we know each other for ages. But he wanted to hear my golos weeks after we met. I of course refused. But he was so insistent, and I gave the number of SIM cards that I have not enjoyed, and which my husband did not know. I put a sim card in the phone is a simple man, a long time lezhavschey in the closet. Here, we have sometimes call up. Naturally, when her husband was at home, I cleaned the sim card from the phone and hid. One day, when her husband otprivili on a business trip for two weeks, I was so bored at home. It was the tenth day as I sat alone. On this day, Farooq offered to meet in the evening. I said that I'm married, I'm very fond of her husband and that I talk to him a purely friendly. He said that he had a birthday and which also invites a purely friendly. He added that in addition to me, there will be his friends and their wives and girls. All the same house was boring, and the presence of postaronnih dispelled my fear, so I agreed. Birthday took place as usual, funny and nice people. The only thing that confused me, is that I forgot about the gift. The guests began to disperse. And I wanted to poproschatsya, but Farooq asked purely friendly help with the dishes, but to collect from the table. I agreed. We stayed in dvoem. When we started to collect from the table, he put slow music and invited me to dance. I reluctantly agreed. During the dance, he pressed me to her. And then he reminded me that I gave him nothing. I blushed. He saw it, he said that it is too late to fix it, and that one wants to kiss a gift on your birthday. I do not even have time to argue, as he had stared at my lips, with one hand holding my head and the other hand pulled on my ass. I began to struggle. But he was stronger. Without looking up, he began to push me somewhere on my lips. And then he dumped me on the bed and started to lift my dress with the hand that squeezed my ass. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I was helpless. He pulled away from my lips and began to undress me diligently, with schepcha kind words.

I resisted, begged him not to do it, crying ... repulsive as I could ... but ... The strength was at his side. And my tears, and my prayer was useless. I'm lying naked beneath him with her legs spread. He furiously pecked my pussy. I did not resist, and in silence and stared at the wall crying. I do not know how long it lasted ... He came and lay down beside him. He took me by force. Somoe awful I could not even tell anyone about it. After all, at stake is my marriage. We is not forgiven, even if this violence. Those who understand from Central Asia. So I just had to put up postoratsya and forget it all. To my misfortune, Farukh okozalos not enough. While I was recovering, he stood up, took my clothes and put them away. I wanted to get dressed and go home. But he did not give my clothes, and without them certainly did. I'm still crying began to beg to give me my stuff. Even tried to threaten, although we both knew it was a bluff (because if someone finds out about it, then ...). He gave me a condition, if I want to return my things and go home, I must voluntarily and without any tears otdatsya him. I started to beg not to do it, said that it is ready to pay as he wants, but it was not helpful. I had no choice but to agree. He asked me to wash, especially wash your face, so there was no trace of my words. He wanted to in my face showed no signs of discontent ...

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