Capsule Shibin

Before reading, ask people with high morality to step aside, the other is to take all that is written with a joke. Sincerely, Rubin.

Mel stopped squeaking on a blackboard.

- Here's your job to the house, guys, looked at us over his glasses Sevatova Raisa. - Record. And again last subject.

- With so much else? - Outraged Lech, healthy pimply guy with the back desks. A bully and a slacker what is necessary to look.

- You have until Thursday I did not appear, so it will have time to do everything. Classes are over.

"Oh, this russichka. "

There was a rare occasion when I'm one hundred percent agree with Lekha, jobs slapped us, that we at the Philological Faculty of the University attended. And so every time. Moreover, profiling the subject was not, what would give such a load.

- Raisa! - I went to the teacher's desk. The fragile woman, forty years old, plus or minus five, with a stern look raised her eyebrows, making a broad forehead wrinkle crossed. I was having trouble breathing.

- How can we fix the current top three?

- No, Shibin. You'll get good grades at the end of the study, the average score will show everything, good luck. - She lowered her eyes covering her thick eyelashes to magazine. This conversation is over.

I went out into the corridor of our college. And why bother to come up with this nonsense with Russian. As in school.

- Again mink of all juice presses! - Slapped me on the shoulder Dimka. He stuck under the door and dialed someone a message with the speed of sound. He and I have been friends since high school, neighbors on the landing, and both like to play football in the yard. Mink we called our russichku. Nickname went first with her initials, and then began to call it after evil predator. So it stuck.

- Yes, I stretched out-even troyban did not want to correct, and I desperately need a scholarship.

- It will cut you with her, dude, I have a third pair troechki dragging. The magic number right!

The answer was a sigh from the depths of my lungs.

- Go to the movies with Christy, you're not CHIN Toljan! - He once slapped me on the shoulder and withdrew.

I looked after fleeing Dimka, and trudged to the gym.

In the dimly lit basement of the sports club with a great name "Gladiator" stank of sweat, socks and playing rap black western stars.

Among the mirrors and inflated testosterone bulls I looked even thinner than it is. It is seen to be revived Greek statue with my inherited data is not destiny.

But there went one beautiful girl on bikes. The pink T-shirt and black leggings. When tilting her breasts fell on top of two balls of tissue captivity and leggings on the thighs stretched, so that it was visible outlines of the female genitalia. Beside her is constantly spinning the loudest and arrogant guys. They showed her the bench press with dumbbells with bare biceps, then laughed at each other, mixing jokes with a flat mat. She smiled at him condescendingly and cleaned unruly curl behind her ear.

I moved up, warmed up by all the fuss was about, then shot a glance at the local beauty, then inflated muscles mutants that flat posters hanging from the mirrors. He shook barbell, dumbbells, broken bulb.

Malice in the hole quietly replaced the pleasant fatigue, pour warm wave through the body. On the street I went out when it was dark and lit lanterns. Fresh breeze chilled still wet from the shower head. I trudged home, take the bus today, did not want to. After going a couple of blocks, I felt that pricks the foot. I raised sole and saw that she had broken a nail.

- But what now for the day something like that! - Nail reluctantly stretched rubber my favorite obuvki. Flashed a shadow, I looked up and then hit me some crazy old man. Do not resist, I fell to the ground, straight into a mud puddle. The old man had more luck, his landing softened my body.

- Hey! What ...

- Here, take it! They should not get, I can not myself! ... My life! ... Destroy !!! - A wildly spinning eyes and the stench of the poor man frightened me to the silent horror. He was forcefully pushed into my hands a plastic butylek, jumped and snoring loudly ran on.

I'm cursing this psycho to his feet. Past I ran two more. The jackets and huge, like the big man eats breakfast on the calf and pulled by a truck on public holidays.

Crazy night. We had to wait for a minibus to a stop.

Otmylsya home I told mother about the strange meeting for dinner and remembered the old man passed me the bottle. About her, I decided to remain silent until he did not know what it is. Curiosity burned, quickly having finished the soup, went into the bathroom and pulled out of the basket dirty jacket. From his pocket into my palm lay down white plastic containers in which millions of vitamins sold in the pharmacy.

On the glossy white side big blue letters adorned the inscription TX-1. Just below the small print was the dosage, the period of validity, the weight of one tablet and that this drug stimulates the emission of brain waves, and allows you to subjugate ordinary brains, that is, people do not take this the miracle of pharmacology. Straight from dietary supplements all supplements.

Unscrew the cap inside the bottle were to small gelatin capsule with raspberry powder.

"... One tablet at 48-50 hours ... tightly eats into the body infection ... effect occurs within 5-10 minutes ... had not been! ... At the very least laugh at himself, so throw. "

I swallowed the capsule and washed down with water from the tap. The feeling was the same as that of a moment ago.

- Mum! - I called loudly - there is a UFO outside is shining, you see?

- Yet what do you say, go do lessons - was heard from the audience. Mother was ironing and watching where your stupid TV shows about unrequited love and villains, in the form of in-law, neighbor or ex-girlfriends.

"Why does not it work?"

Then I remembered that the action will start in 10 minutes, and sat down to play a fighting game on your phone.

An hour later, I put the battery of the gadget, just for fun, and cried again, the first thing that came to mind:

- Mom, there Cockroach big black for you in the hall crawl somewhere ...

From there, once a shrill squeal, I dropped the phone, rushed by a bullet in the room and saw the still picture.

Clean, stroked underwear dropped to the floor, in a chair, where a second before it lay a neat pile, is my mother, shaking his foot. One sneakers lying on the floor.

It is large, frightened eyes looked at me.

- One just climbed on me! Toll! Where does this stuff povylazili?

I barely stifled a laugh, shrugged and pointed at her.

- No, he's still on his leg dangling.

Of course it was empty, only a trembling mother from the ceiling at the old Seats chair.

Yelp again cut the silence of night comfort. Mother started with all the forces shake a leg, as if dancing the Kan-Kan.

- Look, even on the neck creep ... - a smile she ran to the ears. Painfully funny side was a spectacle.

Again squealing pig and now mother shakes her head, writhing body and makes incredible passes hands shaking off the nonexistent nasty insects. Dressing gown untied, and now she selflessly jumped in front of me in transparent underwear and hang out in all directions bare tits. My jaw dropped. However, in the heat of it, even this does not seem to notice.

But my cock treacherously potyazhelel and ran into the fabric of his pants.

- All! They crawled! There is no longer anyone! - I croaked eyes walking by shaggy pubes triangle under the thin cloth panties in white, sagging breasts with large protruding nipples.

Mother stood rooted to the spot. Breathing heavy, hair vsklochennye. Her eyes were fixed on my face, slowly I followed my gaze and stared at his own chest. Instantly smelled his shame and swallowed she said:

- Tomorrow call disinfection!

I left the room and went to his room. There's a fast discharge of semen geyser I fell into a restless sleep with many breasts.

In the morning I went to school earlier than usual, I did not want to once again meet with the mother. And it was all scattered. Not every day, jumping in front of his son and tryasesh buffers.
I picked up the collar of his jacket, was cool weather, cloud, suffused with moisture, lazily crawling on the pink sky. Bustle of the city gathered momentum. Past scurried is late forever somewhere people. The windows in some places still burning yellow light bulbs. Immersed in his thoughts, I stopped by the rough asphalt strip.

I blinked red eye, growled machine. They all want to quickly pass a zebra and stand before the next traffic light.

I turned my head on the flow of cars to the left and saw that next to me, among other pedestrians is our prepodsha in Russian. In short fitted coat in burgundy skirt and fishnet stockings, in shoes with high heels. Right holiday package.

- Raisa, hello! - Ingratiating smile turned. She turned to me and nodded slightly.

- Hello, Toll! In classes going?

"Where else, the very obvious. "

- Yeah. Hmm ... Let's better for you to go home ... on a tour! - I blurted out somehow just me.

His head began to spin the same: "To you duuuraaaaak"

Raisa was still looking closely into my eyes with his trademark penetrating to the depths of the soul eyes. Only it has all changed, he snapped a mechanism of subordination and earned the beat of her heart. I could feel it.

Traffic light flashes green eyes. We were standing in their own little world, cut off from the general flow of the crowds.

- Okay, let's go Shibin. - She said absently her brightly painted mouth.

- And one more thing ... - I bent his line further, all the more convinced in a strong effect on the eve of the swallowed capsules.

- Yes?

- Listen to me now at all. - From their own insolence against women, which is two times older than me, and plus a teacher with a reputation as the gray wolf from the fairy tale, I almost fainted.

"You want to live in a different way, begin to do things differently. "

She silently digested heard at the temple stood out in her veins, her face expressionless inner struggle. Tight smile crossed her pretty face.

- I will listen, how can you say Shibin. - Brown eyes intently tried to focus through his glasses at me that Raisa was now made an effort to understand why she told me and what has changed in me.

Glee I think there was no limit.

All the way, we walked in silence by the sound of her heels-hairpins. I stole glances at the teacher. Her red hair to his shoulders, a thin shape and slim legs in black semi-transparent tights with a lace pattern. Hands stretched and stroke her calves and knees, are the type of silk and delicate.

She turned her snub nose up to me and flashed glasses.

- They came.

I stopped in front of an entrance gray apartment buildings, balconies decorated with yellow, and the same color canopies over doors. In temples pounding blood.

- Share ... ahem! Show accommodation, perhaps, ahem! ahem! - I protaratoril through coughing.

She skuksilas disgruntled face, and we went to the door.

Intercom beeped. Thundered elevator. The lock clicked.

Raisa turned on the light and took off his cloak. I watched her fluid movements as playing pleated fabric on the back and a skirt pulled over the buttocks when leans ...

- Shoes do not shoot!

She looked at me from head to head red as a lobster and protsokala the kitchen with their heels. My eyes followed her.

"Then you can and you!". I was like a drunken man. The head and body roared nalilos lead. His hands trembled.

- Come on, Tolya! - Manicured slender fingers with a wedding ring took yogurt and closed the refrigerator. They were trembling slightly, mink obviously nervous.


- Sightseeing of my apartment, for the same you are asked for in ...

Raisa's voice trailed off as a string. My hand slid slowly down the inside of her thighs up crushing the hem of her skirt. Capron at hand melted from the heat of her supple flesh.

"How I would like to touch her feet"

Raisa stood idol and holding in his hand bent plastic cup with milk dessert.

With the other hand, I got it from underneath a blouse and jacket. He groped her small warm chest, reached into her bra and pulled out the soft flesh of her nipples out. With the strength of squeezing them, I kissed a woman standing in a stupor in the neck. The skin was left a wet trail of saliva.

- Do not ... - mumbled finally she shrugged her shoulders, as if trying to shake off the intoxication of the body.

Panting, I bent her to the kitchen table and holding his neck as nashkodivshego kitten, he pressed his cheek against the cold cap. Batten down the back hem of her skirt, whose color was teasing me, and pulling down the lace tights with shorts bared her skinny white ass. Red-haired head of hair stirred up, red pomaded mouth again tried to prevent:

- Please, Anatoly ...

I fell in behind her.

- Every time I go into your pussy, you'll want it again! - I croaked her team trying to cram throbbing cock between the lips of fatty rolls in a dry vagina. Private parts of women immediately began to fill juices and become slippery and wet, a member came into the fold, to the accompaniment of her voluptuous groan.

In the following minutes the neighbors probably thought that an intelligent person is now tormented by a cat's apartment. Slim body of my russichki bent, pelvis podmahivat shaved vagina sucking juices running down the legs thin and soaked like a sponge, pants tights and shorts. She shook her head vehemently, cried out, tearing himself nipples and rubbing her crotch. To be honest, I even began to worry about her heart and mind.

At one point breakneck jumps dick jumped with splashes of dripping vagina and flew solid stick in the anus Raisa, from which she screamed and tried to get off the stake, but I held her by the hips and under the howls and groans continued furiously to tear it in anus.

- Sick-ah-ahhh !!! Ah! A!

Gut very tightly squeezed my cock and cum yet I could not have continued to drive his rhythmically healthy head deeper in the interior of swaying on his heels owed teacher. My crotch with sonorous slaps impinge on her reddened, quivering buttocks, I buried her nose in the fabric of his jacket on the back, she smelled nice perfume, slipped his hands under his arms and squeezed with all his strength was their small breasts jerks pull towards its movement. One sweaty titichek start to slip, and I pulled her hard nipples' singing hostess.

"I scored a projectile in the ass friend. And I thought: Is not it too tight? "

Finally he has rolled sweet wave of pleasure and I discharged in the hot interior of a hot flow of seed. With satiated views I held out a thick deciduous member of the pulsing of a hole and let the slender body of Raisa.

She whining, trembling kul fell down at the table and grabbed hold of the red-faced bare ass.

I maternulsya, on the penis was smeared shit got from under the hand of the anus woman, wiping the muck kitchen towel with cubs, I looked at the lying in the middle of the room prepodshu. Her ruddy face was distorted with pain and lust. All makeup flowed, and the woman's eyes became like a raccoon carcass framed by dark circles. Hair stuck to the cheeks. Fingers rubbing hard clit, she was breathing hard and twitching like a stretched string. On it was the final electric shock orgasm and she spread out on the floor limp flesh.

While she was lying I ate the salad out of the fridge.

- Get up, you know, I want to see you naked on. Undress.

Poking and was easy to talk to her, like a toy, it is silent and is in your power.

Mink awkwardly stood, swayed on his heels, almost tucked at the same ankle, pulled down her skirt and down her blouse. It looks almost like at work. Only pantyhose and panties pulled down to her knees and his face smeared. The exciting spectacle, that it would be in the audience in this way.
She looked at me, suddenly stern look. He looked ridiculous on her tear-stained face, smeared with ink and then. It can be seen on the reflex level involved, as a defense mechanism.

"Yeah, it is too late, the adult parent build. "

- Not Tommy, come on. - Trying to speak smoothly and arrogantly I continued. Inside I zaskrebli cats.

Suddenly I did not manage the situation.

Then her face relaxed, the last rush of his own will has dried up, his eyes hopelessly buried in the floor, thin fingers slowly, like a delayed time of impending nakedness, began to slide on the buttons of his jacket. His thick cloth fell off, it was followed by wrinkled blouse. Small, with his chest stuck out an apple over a white lacy bra. They were a sorry sight, red, bruised and scratched. One nipple though sadly looked down. Castle rustling skirts at the waist and she fell to the varnished cloth shoes socks.

After a few moments lying next wet panties and pantyhose.

Without heels and sexy lingerie in front of me was a thin woman with immature forms, with thin arms and legs. As reed. Such notice will not pass-on the beach. His face smeared with makeup again tense, his lips trembling. She shifted from one foot to the other.

- Turn backwards.

Behind her was a figure like a teenage girl with a flat ass. On the back of numerous moles.

- Bend over.

So kind of a better, wider hips, bottom seemed brilliant vagina cake, between the buttocks slightly opened a hole in the bowel rubbed.

A member of my blood again nalilsya. I went over and put his hands on her back. She shuddered.

- It is not necessary in the ass Tolia, I have it all hurts. - Suddenly she said quietly.

I held her tight as cherry pits, nipples.

- Aaa-th!

And then he drove the right half shaft in a pulsating anus. Holler. A second push and again her bowels are full of my flesh. She began to whine to the beat of my pubis spanked on her ass after a while I pulled the penis and entered her hot bosom. In place of the tears came the groans and sighs. Thighs her juices flowed streams again.

A couple of hours later I was sitting in the hall on the couch and conducted a conversation with sitting at my feet Raisa, in between times she sucked her fingers on my feet, carefully stretching the lips and trying to shove them all at once into his mouth. The tone of the lecturer breaks she told her life. At school she was working for nearly twenty years, and her husband have one missionary position once a month or so, and sometimes it is delayed at work, or just says so. As a youth she was five guys, one even tried to suck, so loved. There is a son, Kostya name, currently studying in school still, in the ninth grade. Soul in it worships.

- Where is he now? - I asked.

- At chess clubs - sucking the big toe answered my toy.

- Do you think he is spying on you? Sniffs your dirty laundry? - I removed the legs and leaned toward her in his arms took a soft female crotch. The hot and sticky.

- It is unlikely - she laughed in the corner of his eye fell apart a mesh of wrinkles - it is my good boy.

- Turn around and take up your case for glasses.

She turned to me his back, between the buttocks adorned the end of a hefty oval case and carefully pulled from the direct passage of the subject. The anal opening was wide open, gaping black hole like a crater after the explosion. I firmly today he borrowed it.

- Now you do not mink, and Nora! - There was a sensitive slap on her ass.

- What do you mean? - She looked back over his shoulder, raising her eyebrows up.

- What do you dyren student's record ... every day you should now fuck your ass and buy the healthiest dildo and fuck, how will a free minute. And yes, you will give her husband only in the ass. What, I wonder it rastarabanil something. - I chuckled running his finger along the edge of her red dyrischi.

She sighed.

- Not tonight, you're doing really hurt. Now I have everything burn and move even uncomfortable.

- Today and tomorrow, your ass needs to get used to.

- I can not even sit on it, wrung her hands beseechingly Nora.

- Get used to cater hole peasants, not yourself, be patient.

She sighs again.

- Good...

She did not like this idea, and yet she has fulfilled the order. Subsequently, it stretched, torn sphincter is not able to keep the fumes and the constant fart from an open ulcer vapor, it will give the nickname "Perdushka". It will take away from college students ridicule. Further its fate, I do not know.

- After how many will be your son? - I stroked her vagina from time to time in thrusting slippery, squelching slit fingers.

Twenty minutes later, aah ... - she breathed podmahivaya meet my hand.

Loud slap whacked her white buttocks.

- Ouch! Why are you so?

- Go bring myself up, slut, and ventilate the apartment by a pussy stinks everywhere.

I think she was offended. Never mind. I liked to swear on the mature woman that recently ruled my life and one could deprive me Koryavko pocket money in the form of scholarships. Speaking of money.

- I also give money for a new shirt. Thousands two will suffice.

- What is this T-shirt? - Stripped prepodsha bent down and dug in his bag.

- None of your business, give money and all.

- Hold. - She held out two green notes, however, I would like to go to the circus Bones.

I patted her on the cheek. Below the battered breasts swayed to the beat. I cuddle them as well.

- Now rinse and Naquin home clothes, my slut.

She went on pushing his feet, like a cowboy, that would be less disturbed his torn holes at the bottom.

Son came just when Raisa threw the laundry in the laundry and again looked decent. Styled hair, glasses on a snub nose, homemade pants, socks, T-shirt. Nothing in it was like the sexy lady with our classes, or wear out the litter, just a different person.

- Hi, Kostya! - She kissed stooping bespectacled the crown - how are you doing in school?

Mother of five plus.

- Normally I grunted in response teenager removing shoes with his feet.

- And who is this? - Without looking at me, he growled again pulling the free leg of the second shoe.

- This is my student, I came to learn a little ... for money ... in general, I tightens his son. - It clearly failed an examination on a lie.

I reached out.

- Hello, Anatoly.

- Yeah.

The handshake was weak, neohotlivoe.

- While heated tea, you can watch TV-clucked housewife Raisa. - Go is to set the table, and then probably hungry guys.

She cast a cautious glance at me and went to the kitchen to host.

Kostya went to my room, I was unceremoniously dropped him and closed the door.

- You're going to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth. I got it?

He looked into my eyes, there shone the same dedication to me as his mother.

- Got it.

- Are you spying on his mother?

- Chegooo? - Stunned face was fell to the floor - N ... no. Of course not.

- Sniff her dirty panties and bras?

He blushed, that seemed now his head would burst with shame.

- It has been a couple of times out of curiosity.

- And you smell it?

- Well ... he's so ... so ... alluring ...

- Now you are going to follow her, and the captured video and photos send me the soap. Fingering her food on the toothbrush, in general, whether steep terrorist dude.

He shrugged uncomfortably and very red mumbled:

- I'll do.

We drank tea, Nora seemed nervous, then she wipes crumbled, the spoon fell out of the hands. Kostya is also eros, and almost did not eat. Then I said goodbye. Raisa's face could be seen a great relief when I left. Kostya shook my hand and smiled conspiratorially corner of his lips.

I left the dilapidated entrance to the street. The weather worsened, spotting small nasty rain. I turned the corner and found himself near a small shopping center.

In a couple of meters from me from a big black jeep climbs man in his fifties wearing a black leather jacket. In the face was visible, serious, CEO or business owner. On the passenger side there was a glamorous blonde on heels, arrogant and unapproachable. In appearance she was about thirty, with an okay figure catches the eye pop, strong, covered with an expensive skirt, she and beckoned her to slap, legs in pantyhose skin color were also pleased with the development and sexy. I went for this couple, they are going train of elite perfume and success.

From gray paint street I got into the brightly lit world of trade and different-sized services. Around hung name boutiques on gromokgovoritelyu broadcast advertising seasonal actions and requests to remove the machine from the passage.

- Wait a minute! - I called the broad back of the jeep owner. He slowly turned and stared at me with a cold fish eyes.

- Give me the keys to the car - he looked at his hand outstretched to him - for yourself is take a walk for an hour or two.

His companion up eyes widened and this is already a second gift of speech lost.

- What do you mean the puppy itself here think! - It began to pour her feminine outrage. Manicured fingers clenched into fists, handsome face contorted outrage.

Here a man gives me the keys with remote control.

- Serge! What's this? Raffle? Why did you give him the keys !? - Animated Barbie was surprised flapping her eyelashes at him now.

- Let's go to the car, I abruptly interrupted her monologue. Prhodil past the onlookers already looked curiously at our scene.

Displeasure wagging ass heels she knocked me out. The gray-haired man stared sullenly us next.

In the Jeep were only behind tinted windows. I walked over to the black monster.

- So he turned to Barbie, she ran a strand of hair behind her ear with a gold earring, is now open and climbs inside.

- You're not the team greenhorn, she snorted, pressed a button on the key fob, a jeep piliknul and snapped the locks. She opened the door, the inside was hitched child car seat.

- What's that?

- It's for his son from a previous marriage, sometimes you have to endure it ...

- Unfasten and throw in the trunk.

The blonde leaned to the locks of belts and start poking around. Her ass is tilted Provocation and looked very appetizing, easy to skirt slid up, and I began to stroke the taut buttocks in transparent nylon. I flew into the left a strong slap in the face, his head snapped to the side, I bounced. Blonde corrected her wardrobe and hissed:

- Asshole! Are you absolutely beguiled ?! Serge comes, I'll tell him everything, and you cover, realized a jerk!

- You are my obedient doll, and you do what I tell you! If truncated, truncated say! - I ter pours redness on the cheek.

- Beheaded, said the robot voice of Barbie.

Inside, the car was very spacious. I unbuttoned his jacket doll. Disturbances like Nora, I had not only the sweet anticipation. By way of stylish clothes hid hefty boobs in beige silk tunic.

- Pull-ka milking their show.

The woman pulled out a giant tanned buffer. Pink nipple areola were almost to the chest russichki. With its size boobs were resilient and beautiful form.

- That's udder at you! We must try it.

I began to lick them, bite to red circles and knead like dough. Then sharply bent glamorous beauty to his fly, buffer soften its impact and opening his zipper pulled hard dick.

- Suck, bitch.

She hesitated, apparently confused her nose the smell of ass Raisa Nikolaevna, comes from my trunk. Then I pushed with force on the blond head and planted a hot mouth on a stick. Rang smacking sounds. Her wet mild language skillfully hovered over my head, hot lips caressed every millimeter of flesh. Soon, this massage I had finished, blonde swallow sperm and sucked clean my sweaty balls. Then again I squeezed her luxurious, well-groomed body, while the member has not found his fortress and an hour poking her stick between his legs. I have to say, not very comfortable to have sex in the car, but still it was unforgettable. While she was doing selfie with sucking own tits for social services. networks (in my decision), I blurted out:

- You have to come to me, is not get pregnant,

The blonde smiled, a little too gently. And unctuous voice said:

- It is unlikely that I will wear on you baby, I'm pregnant. From Sergei.

Her wet milking refueled bosom tunic, she was buttoning his jacket, when I said:

- Do not care. So call me Sergei, take me home.

I sat in his office and listened to all the pens scratching in notebooks, barely able to keep up with the dictation of Nora, it was all last week at the hospital, and today did not sit down and kept standing lessons, all took this gesture as a new caper her proud nature. If only they knew the truth.

I looked away from him. There sat the beauty of our group. Olesya. Harvested from his forehead black hair gathered into a thick ponytail at the nape. The fitted blouse and skirt in a cage. I'm on it plows from the very first moment I saw.

Here russichka she dropped her pen and bent over. Another time, I like the other boys tried to look into the neckline of her blouse that would see there roundness of small breasts in the bodice cups, but I had already lost interest in them. Then there was a sound like a woodcutter starts chainsaw "Friendship". Ready to burn with shame and tears teacher under a barrage of loud laughter and jokes ran out into the corridor. Here are your new hobbies Sex Raisa. I smiled wryly. He took the phone and looked at the gallery.

Yesterday Kostya posted on an Internet a couple of interesting files.

At first there was nothing. Member closeup dipped into a cup of tea, then head of his wet thin hand leads along the edge of the cup, which relate to the lips when drinking, then fly sperm in a cup with dumplings. In the following pictures Raisa in an unusual manner housewife eats dumplings with sperm, and thanks for taking care of his son, sipping tea, where he rinsed his genitals.

Then, the video went interesting. Apparently the son hid the camera in the bathroom in the laundry basket, or in some kind of box, the review was incomplete. Familiar spin in moles, soapy ass shining under the lamp, and slowly tried to set up a huge bottle of shampoo. One hand hard drives - between the legs, a woman is seen rubbing the clitoris itself, the person can not see, but the action is fascinating and so.

This story could go on for a long time, but once I lost my butylek capsules and gradually returned to normal.

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Hunting Hunting

Scientists have not yet been proven, but I'm sure that any DNA in the male of the human species - a gene hunter-getter. I do not take into account all kinds of pi ..., we are tolerant and we call them, "The representatives of the LGBT community" in which X chromosome is not properly formed and became similar to «Y». What to do ... On the "Underwood" Lord God, too, sink letters. )))

So, even me, a purely human and civil peace. (In the army I served almost a month after the oath slёg with appendicitis, and was the reserve). This gene is forced to buy in the store a new "Saiga-12 030 ks." And every six months pulls on the hunt.

In late August, my friends and I went to the lake for a duck. At this time, young stands on the wing. Therefore, you can beat the bird with the approach. And the beauty of the weather, it was still very warm, even hot.

We go, we usually three:

- Our mastermind Alex Garmoshkin, he is much older than his forty-three. I became acquainted with him in his first work after the army before the Institute. So and I have been friends for almost 8 years.

- Max Altukhov - my classmate's son hunters. Tough guy this year to exchange a quarter century.

- Vyacheslav Evdokimov - the humble author of these lines. Razdobrevshy in recent years as sedentary work. Twenty-six single, sophisticated, but not gray.

Alas. On the hunt, we, of course, go with tents, with vodka, with a guitar, and without women. In this - there is no secret. This is a tradition.

Here we only drink after the hunt - it's not against the law. When fried snack on a spit, fire dancing reflections on the gentle tents and trees. Campfire sit healthy men tell stories and anecdotes. Tired of the day the body relaxes under the influence of alcohol. And there comes a moment of oneness with nature, with the spirits of their ancestors, with the cosmos. Around there is no one, just you and the boundless starry sky overhead.

It happened many years, as was bound to happen and this time, but ...

I went to the bank "Comtal" lake, Max walked fifty yards to the right, to the left as much Lyoshka. Making duck noises semolina. I sat down in the reeds, stems parted in front of me swam a female with a brood, farther from shore circled three drake. He raised his trunk, took aim, pulled the trigger smoothly. Thundered a shot near to me the male and left lying on the surface of the water, the other two flapped their wings in the water, and went to take off. Second, I took off at the time of its separation from the water.

Left slammed another shot if the shot hit the duck, I did not understand, but from the other side there was a loud cry of women and the crunch of breaking branches. Someone ran through the reeds.

- Fuck! Stop shooting! - I shouted, snatched pistol, ran a red light (in all appearances cease fire zone).

Creek trailed off, but said "Kenwood" in the pocket of his waistcoat:

- Slava, Maxim, I, I think, in someone hit, Reception.

- I have heard. - Responded Max. - Reception.

I threw a glance at the water shore and saw the 3rd drake, podranok floundering in the middle of the lake. He raised his gun, but he did not shoot.

- Max, stamp to the place from whence the yelling, Lesch in my room zaberesh trunk and catch up Max. I swam for a bird. And right on the beach. Admission.

- Got it! Admission! - Double radio croaked.

I took off my clothes, remaining in bathing suit, put on a neck-nepromokayku bag, took out PPI unloading and radio, put it in a bag and got into the water.

Two dead birds, I put it in the bag, swam to the third, she turned her head, and also put it in a bag, and then swam to shore.

The reeds and sedges, I saw the gap, with the excavated earth in stages. To shore, he looked around.

Not far from the shore were two tents, and "Sandera stepvey". Near the fire was burning, lay covered. All told, that recently there were people, and they left ... They ran away.

- Hey! People! Ay-oo-oo-oo !!! - I cried. And slowly walked around the parking lot. Blood could not be seen. He pulled out a walkie-talkie.

- Do not you got Lesch, - I said. - Admission.

- Are you sure? Reception.

- Almost 100%. Blood is not. Admission.

- It pleases. - From the speaker came a lightweight breath. - Admission.

I went from the coast to the forest. And soon I saw the trench during the war, in which sat, leaning to each other, three young girls.

- Hi beauties! - I tried to start a dialogue. - With so tremble?

In response, the silence, and only three pairs of eyes without blinking, looking at me.

- Devchy-of-the-NKI! - Again spoke to them!

Then happened something strange for me. One of them jumped sharply at me, grabbed my hand and fell to the bottom of the trench. I fell on top of her and her friends.

- Get down there shooting. - Whispered in my ear.

- Yeah, I know, and I can tell anyone. - I tried to get up.

- And who?

- I...

At this point, I rustled "Kenwood":

- Slavik, where are you? Admission.

- In the trench, 25 meters to the north-west. Admission.

- Who are you? - Plump brunette asked me 20 years to look at.

- The terrorists, shit! - I said, pulling my hand out of her sweaty palms. - You are what you are doing? This is the territory of state hunting-economy. Opening of duck hunting. Cordon everywhere.

- We are here on-m-m-holidaymakers sunbathing pp dec ... we decided. - Stuttering and stammering, slalom explain the red-haired girl with beautiful big breasts and amazing skin pain.

- She went to bathe, and then began to shoot directly into it. - Said the brunette.

- Y-yes! D-e-even bullets by flight-m-Teli. And we are n-UE ... we ran into the woods.

Then out of the bushes were my friends. With guns blazing look no very threatening.

- Hang up the guys. Do not scare the girls and so they have suffered. - I climbed out of the trench. Then he helped the ladies out.

- What happened? - Said Lech.

- Safeguarding nakosyachil. Not follow, here come the girls sunbathe. - I said. - It is necessary to give a yellow rocket.

- Let's go to the beach. - Max put his arm around the redhead, and went back to where you came from.

They were gone, and all the rest.

Lesch changed frequency to the radio on a common channel and made louder. The air was srach. Someone foul, giving unclear orders. Someone shouted that he had a license and he did not come here for that he was not allowed to shoot.

I'm twisting the yellow signal, climb up the river with a rocket launcher, bahnul shot. The girls screamed and fell down to the ground.

The air came a voice: "Square B; 7, see the "yellow" rocket "

- I 'harmony', I "harmony". All-everything. The box B; 7 found three civilians. Reception. - Said Lyoshka.

- I "duct", "harmony" as you accept? Admission.

- Agree clean. "Duct" reception!

"Why I ask? They've got an army radio almost "Severok" he heard on the moon. Etiquette shit. " - I thought.

- Give the exact coordinates of "harmony". Reception. - Lech handed.

We all somehow during this time gathered at the dying fire.

- I propose to meet you, I'm Max, it's Fame and Alexey Anatolievich. - He took on the role of a diplomat, my classmate.

Red-haired girl looked around us attentive gaze. He looked at me. And she said:

- You wait ... I can not say ... I am Olga, this is my sister, Tanya, and her friend and classmate Ingretta.

- When"vet, you can simply Inga. - Announced blonde with a tan color of coffee with milk, a miniature, a little baby face. Holding out his hand to me for a kiss.

This was not expected, even me. I had to kiss.

- Madame, and where such an interesting accent? - Lech asked, and he answered - whether Transnistrian republic?

- Uga"I am given. - Stated Ingretta.

- Olga, what do you say we do not? - I ask the question.

- What's my pleasure. I had suffered.

Then the conversation turned in the direction normal idle talk on general topics from which we learned that: Olya older sister Tanya graduated last year, Institute of Management and Advertising, and now the first in his life on vacation. Tanya and Inga attend to the social psychology department in GIFP and switched to 3 course, but Ingretta older Thani for 2 years and she 21.

we would wag longer, but after 10 minutes we heard the sound of quad, which went into the clearing and stood at its center.

With tears ATV grizzled strong man, and walked towards us.

- Hello, Stepan - Lech held out his hand, - how are you here? Launches us like Anton.

- Hello everybody. Synische in the 30 sectors of the controls, and I'm here.

Stepan Mikhailovich blaze - the local forest ranger and our old friend.

- How to himself Mihalich? - I asked, holding out his hand.

- Yes, your prayers, thank. What happened?

- Who escorted? - Got max.

- As always, "Python", "Fly", "Ripple" and "Tula".

I took the card and went to the car. By deploying it on the go.

- Olga, where you are out of town?

She thought for a long time, then, in silence, took his finger on the map and pointed at from the road.

- Who?

- "Swell."

- Called by the way that you "Severok 'worth. - I ask the question, spinning in my head.

- Yeah. Radar S-300 - forester laughed, - the usual P-105m. "Swell," "Ripple," I "duct" as the hearing. Admission.

- "Swell" in touch. I agree clean! Reception.

- Smeared with Vaseline to prepare to take over the entire depth, Kolya! Reception!

- You Th Stepan Mikhailovich? Reception!

- We have three three hundredth and one two hundredth! Who let the civilians in the hunting area? Admission!

"Swell," paused, and for a long time. Tanya pulled my sleeve.

- And what do they say?

- Mihalich scolds as his subordinate and scares him a little ... - I Thought.

- Two hundred, three hundred who is this, and why only four of us the three? - Inga asked.

- Thin-Russian army humor.

At this time Stepan radio spoke again.

- Normal is a joke - the body and three wounded - intervened Olga - I would have died a hearing.

- These are their problems. - I said. - Load "200" - a dead soldier, the weight "300" - wounded. Kohl Zubykin every year something will otmochite.

Then Mikhailovich turned to us and said:

- Guys I'm sorry, and thank you that were not included, but you girls have to leave the territory of the hunting-economy.

- Stepan Mikhailovich consider that they are our guests, took them to the camp. - Maxim climbed. - And ... yes, you still have forms of licenses.

- Well, there is.

- Add three more. In the camp, I'll give you the money.

- Okay.

Soon they have collected tents, poured fire and left, and we went along the coast further.

I stayed 1 more Unclosed license from Lёshki - 2, and Maxim - as much as 6.

For three hours we have closed all of the licenses and returned to base. Near our machines we were already familiar tent. There was a BBQ, and it roasted kebabs.

Unload the rifle and put it away in the car in storage, as expected, we went to the extraction to the huntsman.

In return I started campfire. Leszek gutting and plucked bird. Max singeing her at the stake. And the girls we have provided the obligation to cover the clearing of our and their products.

They quickly cut salads, poured into a dish of ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, and a glass of vodka.

Approached kebabs, and we come to the table. And he sounded the most important toast in the hunt:

- With the field !!! URA-AA-A !!!

Shortly on fire from the very fatty duck was cooked an amazing soup that was eaten in one sitting. The truth is shared with the neighbors who have joined our company with a guitar and a duck roasted on a spit ...

Around midnight I was drunk and went to bed cheerful us with Lesco tent. And I found that it's not there.

Thank Olga went into the tent to Slava another two hours ago, and there were heard specific, but all clear sounds. Tanya and Ingretta, sat on either side of me, "mouth open" and listened fascinated hunting stories. And Lech disappeared - without telling anyone about eleven. I thought I went to bed.

He climbed into a sleeping bag, buttoned and closed his eyes. At this point, the tent swayed, and her blond head peeked Inga.

- Thank you sleep?

- No, something happened?

- Actually, no, we just scared Tanya.

- Why be afraid protected area, there are so many people with weapons.

- This is terrible. Can we come to you?

I thought, presenting a strong chest Inga second size.

- Well, I think Alex will come here to sleep, it seemed to someone go on a visit. So we get uncomfortable.

- Then come to us. - She said, and gently pulled the sleeping bag in a place with me on. - You have no right to deny the girls that you offer ... Perez to sleep.

- So PERE¬ - or Therefore? You define.

- A child soldier will not offend. - Categorically stated Inga - Come on!

I unbuttoned his sleeping bag, got out of it, rolled up, grabbed under my arm and crawled out of the tent.

The fire burned out the last embers, there was no one with him.

I crawled into the tent, which invited me Inga. He stuck his head and was stunned. Under the ceiling hung a camp lamp, and its light I saw sleeping bags laid out stark naked Tanya. In the hollow between her legs sticking out a neat triangle of hair. I was about to climb back, but Inga who climbed behind me pushed me into the tent with such force that I only managed to slightly adjust its decline and fell a few millimeters from Tanya.

Rolling over on his back, I saw Inga sitting at our feet and the closing out of the tent.

- Well, what's up to? - I asked.

- Tanya is still a girl. We must help.

- I thought deflowering - more intimate process.

- Xs, I was different, but this just is not one ... so I decided to take it.

- Tan, and how are you?

- Inga said, it's cool. Need to try.

Well, it is necessary it should be, as they say here, "our job is not to give birth, shoved, pulled and run"

- Inga, honey, come here. Undress.

She took off her blouse and bared her breast, I took off his shirt, unbuttoned her jeans, and took them with shorts. I spent a finger on her pisichke. She shivered slightly. And he fell down on his back, unbuttoned camouflage, pants removed them, then pants and said:

- Learn a great teacher. Tanya, and you helped - and pointed to his penis.

Inge deftly brushed her hair from her face to the back and to the side to see all giving us their movements with Tatiana, I took my penis in his hand and gently start to touch the tip of the tip of tongue. Then he plunged it in her mouth, sucked in her breath sharply spat several times vzdrochnul, almost the entire length swallowed dick, so I felt like he ran into her throat. She continued to suck and podrachivat hand.

I reached out and stroked Tanya on her bare back and ass.

- Do not be afraid, try, - I said, prodding her in the back.

She leaned closer, and Inga pulled Tanya took his hand in his own, showed how to bow and become a member in two hands slowly stroking it. After a minute Tanya grew bolder and Inga removed his hand and slightly tilted-Thani, head to my dick.

Tanya leaned further forward and blocked my view, then I took everything only tactile.

She started easily, lightly touched the tip of my penis, as if tasting it, then licked a lollipop again and then awkwardly put him in the mouth, slightly touching the head teeth. And it is beginning to suck, like candy, gently and carefully.

I was felt a wave a wave of orgasm. And a strong jet of sperm hit Tanya in her mouth. At the very moment when she wanted to release a member of the lips. She was a little frightened and even wanted to spit, but Inga said:

- Swallow. - And I kissed her lips, licked them with Cum residues, and then licked my penis.

It seemed to me that these feelings I experienced for the first time in my life.

More half a minute I was lying motionless, then raised himself on his elbows and kissed on the cheek and lips Tatyana Inga. Overturned tanned blonde

On the back again I kissed her on the lips, but for real, passionate language.

- Well, that, too, learn, look, come in handy. - I said Tatiana.

He picked up the chest Inga began to massage them and took turns licking nipples. Gently down to the stomach, he kissed her navel, tongue led to lower ... lower than most house. He kissed her on the lips sex, licked from the bottom up, yet again venturing into and trying to find the clitoris.

Yes, that's it, Inga shuddered, and slightly squeezed my head with her hands. I finger of his left hand parted lips and purposefully buried his tongue in her clitoris. And he began to pull it, shake it became attracted waves of orgasm, I gently put it into the vagina, first finger of his right hand and then with the middle ring in place. Inga moaned.

I sat up, shifted left hand on her pubis, lightly pressing his index finger clitoris and slightly pressing on the abdomen. Moisten the middle and index fingers of the right hand with his saliva and put them in her pussy and a rapid vibrating movement began to massage her point «G».

Poor girl wave of orgasm, like a tsunami engulfing Japanese islands. Stone moved to the high-frequency squeal. One hand gripped the edge of the sleeping bag, the second in my ankle, and by the way hard and painful, but I did not stop. Ingretta finished, dripping juices.

Tatiana was just sitting, looking at his girlfriend.

I stopped treacherously bring Inga to inkjet orgasms, at a time when I felt that my phallus begins to rise slowly.

I have already removed his hands, and it continued to be afraid ungraciously.

- Now, you - I said to Tatiana. - It was a hard version, you also waiting for light version. So do not be afraid.

- I hope so.

- Then go to bed. - I said, and turned to Inge, who is just trying to, again, make contact with your body. - Napkins are?

- D-Slav e da. Xie"ychas n-by-n"ladies.

Rising over Tatiana, she grabbed her nipples, then very gently, afraid of hurting his fingers began to pull labia. She became excited, it pisechka began to unfold like a flower, which I tear soon. I parted the lips and fingers to put a finger shallow just a little to knead. He raised his head, eyes found Inga.

She nodded and opened a packet of wet wipes for personal hygiene.

I twitched a couple of times a "shotgun" until he moved to the "combat" position. Slowly she bent over the body of Tanya. I fell below one hand tucked member in her vagina, and slowly began to move back and forth in her plunging deeper and deeper until it touched the hymen.

- Oh! It hurts. - She said.

- I'm sorry, I accidentally.

He continued to move the penis in her womb without touching the hymen. Then, abruptly, I almost fell on her, breaking the hymen. Did the two amplitude motion, the entire depth, took out a member.

Waited when Inga gets wet pussy of his girlfriend, and wipe the blood from my penis. Then again I introduced Tatiana dick.

Twenty minutes of tedious work in the missionary position and it brought me to orgasm.

Then we lay down to sleep. In the morning the three of us continued our orgy.

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The madness of the plan

That is to say, having a bad day. Although until recently everything seemed to be well: favorite guy, plans for the evening, weekend plans, plans for a month ... Yes, I like to plan, not in me impulsiveness, carelessness or "craziness." That doplanirovalas - night stand at the bus stop, swallow unbidden tears.

And how can we not cry when the sight face Olezhka is already ex-boyfriend: "Look, Lena, are you - good, smart, correct, but ... I do not even know what to say. Here we're just half a year together, and if ten years married. You're cute, home girl, but right now I need more ... "Yeah, I know what he needs. More precisely, who need.

Olka, my best friend. Well, too - the former. Girl with the appearance of angels, capable of a smell of alcohol to lose all the "brakes" and go to White Castle. Striptease on the table in the club - was wormed to the company "persons of Caucasian nationality", narazdavat advances, and then call a plaintive whisper ask "Helen, please, get me out of here" - easily. And who will save the damsel dissolute? That's right, clever, practical girlfriend with her boyfriend. So I saved until dospasalas.

And what he see in her? I am, among other things, nicer! Raven hair, dark eyes, a figure god forbid anyone normal third breast size, and not faint hints as some. Extreme, he was something missing in my life? So I have jumped with a parachute. Not only him, goat, those Caucasians face beaten. Although Olezhka eventually won. It is my strong ... that's just now - not me. So, do not cry, and so people mown ...

- Beauty, on an hour of happiness?

I emerge from the memoirs and bewildered look on the road. What kind of phenomenon is a brazen questions? No, I am also aware that it is often moths are gained on this street, and just on this and adjacent stations, but I have something to do with it ?! Dressed well, made up barely. A phenomenon - nothing so-so, whether it confused - have jumped for joy. Expensive car, behind the wheel - a guy with a stone-faced, or the driver, or the guard in the back seat got himself a curious citizen. Forty years, not handsome, but his face pleasant, manly such eyes - gray, attentive. He treats me with lazy curiosity, as if already pulls clothes. The owner of life, damn it.

I opened my mouth to send the amateur "sweet" to hell ... but politely, and with all the tact. Roughly send the owner an expensive car is better when most in friends and patrons have the same, and you can not easily find a trouble at the bottom ninety. That's just as soon as I took a deep breath as the sight swept the picture tonight: dial ice cream, and in the arms of her best friend all night to weep and complain to each other, some men goats.

Although the stop - the girlfriend of the cross out of the evening: she is now engaged, my last kid blessed, terrible bitch. Even better, crying, jammed stress cream in splendid isolation. Oil Painting - "The right girl Lena experiencing separation from loved ones." And that was suddenly so sad that wanted to prove to the world "I'm not boring! I can also be ... well ... wrong, that "Therefore, instead of a polite refusal to give out suddenly:

- Five thousand - hour, handsome. A thirty - a whole night of happiness.

Judging by the surprise on her face - too far with the price. Well, okay. Undress eyes stopped, stared at the face in bewilderment, and it seems even a little angry. I smile in response to the most charming (charming, not sarcastically, pancake) and meet eyes with a challenge: "What, did not expect? And like this! And in general, pay - or do not keep all ". Oh, it seems I wonder: did not have to play a staring. The anger was gone from sight, on the contrary - in the eyes there was an interest, and some excitement. And the smile on the lips drawn, viper such as much advance scary.

- Okay, beautiful, jump.

Heck! No, you can just turn around and quickly jerk away from the stop. It is unlikely that he will run for me, I told him nafig surrendered. On the other hand, she also wanted to do something crazy? And the crazier it is hard to find: ordered - get and sign. So decide, Lenok.

The car sat trembling at the knees. Scared Yet, and strange: I have experience in my nineteen years, just a little, and the whole with Olezhka received, so as itself should lead confused represent mainly theoretically. On films.

- What's your name? - A nice voice, too, such confident. And the most I can get a better look - strong, thick, but not thick. Strong, I guess.

- Lena, - said, and mentally gave myself a slap. Well, that's why real name, it was called? Although, no matter whether Len little else.

- Lena, then - again smiling sitting - And call me Yura.

- As you say, Jura - something my heroic ardor began to slowly evaporate. A car is already going somewhere. And I said to him "you" address. It should be something like, maybe ponaglee? And this ... Jura even wider smile. He took my chin and looks like estimates. And now - let go and ran his fingers over her lips, slipped around his neck, strokes, so that shivers all over my body went. I sit dead than alive, afraid to horror ... but at the same time - moisture between the legs appeared, and breathing quickened.

And he apparently seen enough, and gently but firmly put his hand on my neck and groin declines.

- Come on, Lena, to work mouth until we go.

A hand in his soft, but like steel - I feel that twitch useless. I just squeak and ventured:

- Not if the driver is ...

A man I did not even answer, just snorted. Naughty fingers unzipped his pants, freed from the laundry is already hardening cock and froze. And by this I will be today ... will have ?! Oh Momma, so much space there is in me!

- What, like him? - In the voice of a man downright abyss of self-satisfaction, clearly proud. Even his grip loosened, given time to consider, but here again, pulled my head down.

- Come on, beauty, caress it.

Gently touched already fully risen member of the palm, gently passed along the entire length ... and gently took in the tongue swollen head. The man sighed loudly, his hand strengthened pressure, hurrying. I obediently pulled an excited flesh, trying to take in her mouth as much as possible. Step back, releasing his mouth zablestevshy from saliva member, he held a tongue along the entire length, from the scrotum to the tip, and then again let the mighty machine between his wide-open mouth, plunging him deeper, and more from this very agitated. Strangely, I had expected to do blowjob completely unknown man is disgusting, or just to be unpleasant, but instead felt that without my mouth busy, I would have already started to moan with excitement overwhelmed.

At some point in the Jura is no longer just a hand stroking my hair, but the beginning set the pace, forcing the mouth to sit down on the penis deeper, sharper. Now a man just fucked me in the mouth, or not caring enough about my comfort, imperiously, in a businesslike way. However, the pain is not caused, on the contrary - an event turns me on more and more, making feel weak-willed toy, but the word of unraveling some invisible nodes in the mind. It was so easy, just relax, surrender - and give pleasure at the same time the most receiving no less. So I made no attempt to be freed, and only tried as best as possible to caress the tongue member and master of my mouth.

I do not know how much time passed, but a few times especially entering a deep, man began to finish. Wide hand would not let me step back and my mouth was filled with salty and spicy taste of his semen. Olezhka I went down into his mouth never allowed, but now I just do not have a choice. And for some reason it did not become nasty, just the taste adding some special flavor to the incident. I slowly swallowed the sperm, and then carefully walked his lips and tongue on the man of the flesh, removing traces.
- Clever girl - now Jura arm is not pressed, and again patted me on the head like an obedient child - Do you tender lips and magic mouth.

Stupid, maybe, but the praise was surprisingly pleasant. In the meantime, we have arrived - literally ten minutes later Yuri politely but firmly ushered me into a small, well-furnished apartment in a luxury house. Such things love nest. While it is clear that for this stork nest platted and why: a ring on the finger of the Jura there, and traces of his wife in the apartment - is not observed. It is clear: my dear wife dogging family home, waiting for her husband, who works overtime, multiplying family well-being. Still, all men - bastards. True, some bastards - a pretty nice ...

From the soul come out with some apprehension: what if he is still a maniac? And if not manic - its dimensions are much greater too familiar to me, as it did not hurt. Jura was waiting for me, lying on the bed.

- Lie down here, - pointed out the place next to him.

I lay down on his back, waiting for what would happen next. And scared again, and excitement flooded - feel again moistened. And he did not hurry: I feel his hands on my body. The palms wide, hot, finger - like, affectionate, but felt that if he wanted it - a wink of steel tongs. Again started with little face: held gently on the cheeks, lips outlined, and put two fingers in my mouth.

- Suck.

Obediently suck, still caressing the tongue, as if in her mouth again, his penis. For a long time it can not be extended: man pulls his fingers, and leads them wet from my saliva, on the chin, on the neck, chest. Wetting the nipple and begins to play with them, gently stroking, pinching it lightly.

I am so happy that the pleasure I start to sob a little, and could not help but start to fondle himself between the legs. Carried away, I miss a moment when his fingers moved further down, and they were replaced by men's lips, which absorbed the hardened nipple. And when Yura his bit, gently but perceptibly, if I discharge current ask. I was so close to the top, it seems a little more - and ... But then my hand, pat "pussy" has covered the man's hand and forced to stop.

In place of my fingers came strangers, rougher, but tender and skillful. That's just to let me finish the intention of the Jura was not every time, when I was very little, he stopped. And that's when I decided that now rush to the remnants of pride and begin to beg to let me ... the man moved away, and I saw him wear a condom.

"Yes, and you, Lena, completely lost his head ... Well, at least someone of you brain is not disabled, and the only aerial and you do not have enough. That too would be an adventure all adventure ... "

At this point, Jura leaned over me and I felt the head of his penis touches the entrance to my"pussy "sweaty petting and has long been thirsty invasion. And again he was in no hurry, just teasing, holding head on the petals covered with moisture. And just when I could not stand, grabbed his hand and tried planted itself on the penis, the man moved forward, again coming at me with one powerful thrust.

I gasped. No, it did not hurt - rather unusual. For a moment I thought entered my "pussy" dick filled me all without the rest, so that I can not even breathe. Jura stopped, letting me get used to his size, but he felt that I relaxed a little - moved on, plunging deeper. From bliss flooded the Gornaya Saniba me, I moaned and held his palms on the covered me strong, roast the body, from the shoulders to the buttocks, at the same time and thanks, and encouraging continued.

And the man realized began to move, slowly at first, gently, but every time - stronger, sharper. And soon it is already almost completely out of me, and then he sank to the end of one mighty push, pulling me into a scream. Pressed me to the bed, Jura literally hammering his cock into my "pussy" porykivaya pleasure, like a mighty predator. ... And I was flying.

The first orgasm blew me ringing gave almost immediately - so great was my excitement for it soon came the second ... I think I was screaming, yelling with pleasure, forgetting all restraint, forgetting that I was brought here as a whore, and it I should be fun and not get it ... I do not know how long it lasted - I lost track of time, but, emerging once again from the pool of blissful, I realized that I no longer member Yurina in me as well as do not have his lips on my nipples and goody. But it was so good, that it was neither the desire nor the strength to move. I lay still - widely legs apart, putting all of herself on display, still poorly wondering where I was and what I ...

- You - not a prostitute.

As the voice of the Jura, I realized that he does not ask, and claims. And here I was suddenly, for the first night, was ashamed of this. Until then, I like wearing an invisible mask: Well suck, well, fuck - so in fact it is normal for the confused, this - work. But now the man just three words tore her from me, instantly turning back to Lena, clever, nice girl, who decided that she was under the power of do a little bit of nonsense and not get caught.

I pushed her legs and turned away from the man lying beside, feeling even in my ears become scarlet with embarrassment. I wanted something to hide behind, that's just no sheets or blankets were not at hand. I even resisted slightly when strong arms unfolded my face to a man, but only so long, until I realized that he hardly even notice my protest. Steel fingers grasped my chin and forced to raise his face and his eyes meet with Yuri. Surprisingly, in the eyes of the men had no malice, no mockery, no, what I'm most afraid of contempt. Only a strange, sympathetic interest.

- What a bad day turned out to be?

His throat suddenly caught on the outskirts of tears, so I just nodded at the same time he realized that he no longer holds me. The man sighed, and again as recently in a car, clearly not stroked my hair, only this time through, and calming.

- That's my day ... one more. I wanted to unwind, do something stupid ... or something. I decided to rent a prostitute on the street ... And then - you.

- I'm sorry - I blurted out before I had time to think.

- For what? - I think I was able to surprise him. Although I myself am surprised.

- Well ... for what prevented your plans. He himself said: I am - not a prostitute.

The man leaned back on the pillow and his powerful body shook. First he flashed a stupid idea that he cried (heart ached in sympathy), but a second later it dawned on me that he silently laughing. All sympathy instantly evaporated. I wonder if I'll set his face pillow and in bulk around the calf -'ll be able to strangle it or not?

- And ... and ... I'm sorry - Jura wiped the tears came running - Helen, you - the charm. You just made my day is not so bleak.

The desire to strangle the man vanished after sympathy, and I shyly smiled back. In the meantime, he again pulled me to him and nod indicated at the beginning to revive member. Briefly a desire poupiratsya: all the same, he now knows that I'm not confused. But, on the other hand, after what has been - it would look silly. And I could not help but acknowledge that Yura I was good, much better than Olezhka. It seems to be a favorite guy, but he's in bed, I felt like it once. And if so ...

I willingly took got stronger dick in her mouth and began to suck slowly, caressing and stroking his wet tongue on my own secretions scrotum. Do not resist, licked the testicles. The taste turned out weird, but I liked it. I was so absorbed that Yura had to literally take my favorite "toy": his hands gently pushed me from groin and forced to stand in the "Bozeman". Again, me sliding member, first deceptively unhurried, but the more - the more powerful, dramatic, coarse.

Strong tremors, muscular body slapping against my buttocks, hands supporting me, giving the exhausted fall on the bed, a bright flash of orgasm ... another ... Here he suddenly slips out of me, and with a hoarse roar ends, splashing cum ass and sweaty back. Restraining my hands, finally, allow to fall on the sheets and escape from the infinite, almost painful pleasure in the arms of sleep.

Jura woke me before dawn and silently sent a shower. Dressed we too in silence. And what to say to each other? Something brought us for one night, a vivid, memorable, at least to me, but - it is unlikely to be repeated.

- My driver will take you home. Do not even think - he is my attempt to argue - even buses do not go. And so.

The man handed me a few notes.

- Cost per night. You are their honestly earned.

Silently I accept money. The soul is so much mixed up: and resentment, and anger, and sadness ... and understanding, so that would probably be better. No extra hope, no extra illusions.

Home rode in silence. One can not help waiting for the driver's snide comments, obscene proposals, even disparaging views - but not sitting still with the same straight face, taxis. Maybe he dumb? Only in the house he helped out of the car and walked resolutely to follow me to the entrance. On questioning look said:

- Chief ordered - up to the apartment door. Provide security.

Wow, I can speak. And Jura - is worried out ... So, dismiss it quickly.

Next week flashed as one day. The incident has forbidden to even catch a thought: put all the memories in the most distant corner of memory, locked up and throw away the key. It seems to have worked. Long I thought what to do with money: it was their desire and tear, and burn, and give to the first comer beggar ... In the end - left itself. In some Olezhek right: I'm too rational and practical, and the money - it's money. Let us assume that I found them on the street. When the company where I worked Secretary, kicked the bucket and put all workers on the street even without severance pay after a couple of days - once again made sure that was right.

Here are just a long time this money is not enough - it is necessary to look for a job. Without much hope (hello, crisis), I resume has scattered and turned into a couple of recruitment agencies. And what was my surprise when the next day received a message that I was waiting for an interview at a large firm. No, the black stripe is definitely ends, it remains clear that the beginning: a white stripe, zebra or ass.

In the place I came in advance and prepared to wait. But miracles continued protection just hearing my name immediately literally dragged me off to the upper floors. It turned out, the reception CEO. How is thought Alice ... "All countries and economies."

The reception also did not stay: I immediately said that Yuri Sergeyevich ready to receive me. At the sound of the name of heart skipped a beat: no, nonsense because such coincidence - does not happen. But when I entered the spacious office and locked eyes with the man sitting at the table, I realized - happens. Apparently, admiring my astonishment attractive face stretched out, Jura smiled and waved his hand:

- Come on, Helena Petrovna, sit down ... So, looking for a place the Secretary?

- But ... - I finally found her voice, - It does not happen! It can not be ...

- Come on, - in the eyes of the men flashed crafty sparkle - not yet it happens. And so now, and nothing at all unusual.

And seeing my disbelief, he said:

- My chauffeur you to the apartment carried out, so that your address I had. And so on to know everything about you - a trick. Especially with my some possibilities. So, once you're out of a job - I'm a little warning in advance, and here you are.

- Why am I here?

- What do you mean why? - Now I could not understand, he plays or serious - You, girl, looking for a job, right? I have a vacant position of personal assistant. Recommendations have different work experience there. In addition, two thirds of the interviews you've ... gone. There was one third more.

- One third?

Something I now pondering slowly. What is he talking about? However, it is now, I will explain everything. No wonder that rose from his chair and slowly, as if afraid to frighten off, approaches me. And now the man's hands gently forced me to get up from his chair and pushed closer to the table. Another moment, and I was flattened, pressed to the polished surface. Everything happens too fast and his arrogant, confident such actions, and my excitement that makes podkashivatsya feet. Do not lie I am now on the table - would start to crawl on the floor. Yura has also quickly and confidently saves me from pantyhose and panties. Please let the office no one will go, and will not find me there's such a battened down the skirt and protruding bare ass, which strokes the man with whom we meet for the second time in his life.

But the owner's office do not care about the little things: either waits for no one, not the first time either. A wide palm rests on my back, preventing any attempt to get up, and, in general, to resist, the second - with confidence covering my "pussy" and begins to caress, then playing with the clitoris, it penetrates deeper. Biting his lips, trying to keep rushing out moans.

- Hush, girl, quiet ... Do not cry, we do not want the extra viewers?

In contrast to the soothing words, his caresses become more insistent, sophisticated. Jura has literally fucked my fingers, causing moisture to expire. Again, I can not understand why he was so drawn, why, finally, did not come into me. The first guess there when I feel wet with secretions fingers between his buttocks. He spreads my juices on the anus, ass preparing for an invasion. Its member - my ass ?! This ... this monster - where I even Olezhka for months relations have never allowed ?! No really! I'm trying to get up, but his hand Yurina already accustomed to holding me in place.

- Hush, little patience ...

Fingers changed the head of the penis, is still only touch the huddled fearfully ring. I tried to protest, but the Jura already leaned on me, pressed to the table. Palm has disappeared from my back and gently but ruthlessly clamped my mouth.

- Relax ...

His cock plunged into my ass slowly, but firmly, gently but inexorably. It seems, Jurassic gentle with me ... still it hurts! I shout in his hand covering his mouth, but sees only the blind will moo. Here he came - and stopped, giving me time to adjust to the intruder, then, feeling that I relaxed a little - moved on, became even stronger, deeper. And he stopped again, allowing me to get used to.

One of its okay still clamped my mouth, while the second ... The second - again fell on my wet with excitement, "pussy" and affection, skillful, if not forcing to forget about the pain in the ass stretched, you start getting weird on her painful pleasure continued. And at the same time a member of the Jura began to move in me, slowly at first, as if mastering new territory, but with each thrust sharper, stronger. And now, from the sweeping jerks it seems startled heavy desk. Pain in the recently virgin ass is gone, but merged into a single entity with feelings of battering my "pussy" fingers ", it turned into a new chto-to makes me incoherently and beg for mercy, and, at the same time, begging not to stop, to continue, ... continue ...

My moans fill the room, and the man's hand ... She no longer grips my mouth, on the contrary - I clung to it with both hands held her with his face, sometimes holding tongue on rough skin, as if tasting it. A couple of shocks, especially strong, sharp, and both of us slipping back somewhere beyond reality. The last thing I feel like pulsing of his cock, throwing on my sperm jet ass.

I think I lost consciousness for a short while, because when once again began to perceive the world, Jura already out of me and slowly buttoning his pants. And I'm still lying flat on the table, only now also I felt the fire of a burning ass oozing something sticky trickling down her thighs. Noticing my gaze became meaningful, Jura smiled and gently slapped me on the buttocks.

- All get up, brush up. Over there behind the door - a relaxation room. With a shower.

When I, after a while, was back in the office, the man has not how it reminded himself recently, wearing a mask of strict boss.

- Well, Helena Petrovna, an interview you have gone brilliantly. So if you want - your place. Your salary ...

Jura wrote digit, forcing my eyes in amazement widened. Generously.

- There will also be awards for performance .... You will have to accompany me on business trips. And yet, you will be provided with housing at the expense of the company .... You seem to have it inspected once.

Shut up, and in my head, pushing and overtaking each other, rushing thoughts. After such an "interview" and do not have to guess who he hires me. It should be proudly refuse, that's just ... money I have left - a couple of months to pay for housing, and that thanks to the previous ... "undermining". So what is next?

And, most importantly, whether I liked the fact that Yura did to me? Well ... what could be there, really enjoyed it. And even then, he did just that in his office. No, it could, this reptile, first ask permission, but ... I would then necessarily declined. And so it happened ... but to hell with it, amazing work! Resolved: I agree - come what may. Am I entitled to one more crazy thing?

- That's good, that's nice - read on my pensive attractive face consent, the man grinned, - I knew right away that you're sensible and practical girl, so we understand each other.

And immediately I wanted to correct him face nails: that's because the bastard, I've been mad act committed, and he - "a sensible, practical" ... Conspired they are, or what?

- Well, well, do not take offense - that is after all a psychologist homegrown - What to do, you and I - are similar, and even madness we are here with you ... deliberate.

He said and smiled widely as, without his usual malice. And I could not help catch myself on that smile back.

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The boy who dreamed of becoming a girl. Part 1

- I would like to lose all body hair, except eyebrows and hairstyles, - said the young man, waiting for the woman falls into a trance.

However, the woman did not even raised an eyebrow, she just called and the amount and offered to go into the shower.

- What is your name? - I asked the man weirdo.

He felt very uncomfortable, because his penis took a fighting stance when deprived of his mistress hair environment. As much as she tried not to get a natural obstacle, but he prevented her professionalism. So she had to reject it aside, gentle touching handles, shod in plastic gloves. Igor was the name of my character, I suspect that with the female genitalia, mistress dispensed much easier.

- Madeleine, - said the nice girl, continuing to work.

- Is that your real name or a stage persona? And my name is Igor.

- Lord, Igor! - Madeleine laughed, - cease to amuse me. There is not a theater, but we are not actors. Real ... - becoming serious, continued its work.

- Why not theater? - Marveled at the guy - This is worthy of a little theater little pieces ... First woman shaves a man in all places, and then they ...

- What then? - Giving sensual look on the client side, the actress asked.

- There is a rough sex. As you are such an extension? - Igor lyapnuv without thinking much worried over the continued flowing in a different direction.

For example, a woman insulted her feelings, gives him a slap.

- I do not mind, - said the woman - customer desire - the law.

- How many? - I asked the buyer.

Seller designated amount. When the work was finished, Igor took the money:

- Surrender yourself leave.

- ABOUT! Darling! Let's start with a blowjob - said Madeleine, and immediately became a member of the award kissing men.

To kiss it from the bottom to the head, she began to suck it with all the passion for what she could. It was felt that sex hairdresser, was a professional in related fields. Igor had only moan overwhelmed by his feelings. He gently stroked my hair woman. His other hand, made its way to the depths of his robe, to get acquainted with the coolness and smoothness breasts mistress. No longer suck, Madeleine quickly took off all my clothes, and let the lucky, without the tissue barriers do caressing his nipples. It was obvious that the man is not often able to touch the divine. Or maybe it happened to him the first time? However, noting that it suffered a love vibrating conveyor, Madeleine, has decided to accelerate the process of revelation of love. Taking the hand of the men in his hand and put it on your abdomen, close to the clitoris, she said:

- Strokes here, but not rough, but gently and affectionately, - uttering these words, she loaded her raging passions crater of the volcano, the imperial scepter men, giving him the right to do, and their souls flew to Paradise ...

It is necessary to pay tribute to the justice that is my hero, though long since exchanged three dozen of his career, but the love of a woman not yet tasted. No, he was neither a freak nor flawed. The paradox of his protracted virginity, was the fact that having a male body, in his heart he always thought of himself as a woman, though never overemphasizing it in public. And even now, when a beautiful woman rode on his cock tightly lapping his trained vagina, Igor imagined myself Irina. And if it is not he was a member, as a woman, fucks him in his female cavity. And even toying gently and tenderly with the clitoris mistress, fulfilling her wish, he represented the opposite. Frankly, he did it. In his mind, the way it happened. "Woman," surrender to the will of orgasm, which was also similar to the female. He seems to be stemmed from the depths of his stomach and began even before it began ejaculation, and once over, and even for some time, his body throbbed in sweet convulsions. Interestingly, the sperm, leaving his balls, though it imbues the female cavity.

Actually his arrival in the sex shop, it was in order to give your skin smoothness feminine. It should be noted that the master was not difficult to fulfill his request, neither under the armpits or on the face of hair was observed. This was due to an excess of female hormones. Kiss and say goodbye to his first mistress, Igor rushed home, where he was waiting for the mass of women's veshchichek that he bought the other day, having decided, finally, to try them in secret and fulfill one of its secret desires. His secret wish was that he wanted to arrange an erotic show in front of a web cam on the Internet. Of course, as the half-naked beauty But his chest was not even a size zero. He will tell anyone and everyone. A few things stick out between the legs. And it is something that will likely stick out even more during a session eksgibiotsionizma. My hero or heroine is still long thought out how to solve this problem.

Bust with silicone inserts in the form of breasts all sizes and shapes, too, were purchased in advance. Panty liners with special lining, occupied an entire shelf chiffonier.

In the box on Multivarki in the far corner of the wardrobe, rested a variety of artificial limbs. They were of different lengths and a variety of colors from white or natural color blacks, to a fantastic blue, pink or yellow. Some were alive, due to internal power supply. Some were charged "sperm." As that have been used: condensed milk, sour cream or mayonnaise.

"Ira" minetirovatsya tried them, tuck them into his anus, pre-lubricated with grease liquid, sexy but the effect was more negative than positive. Pope was sick, and the next day there was a severe diarrhea. Shoved in his mouth a variety of products, it seemed more silly than sexy.

But women's clothes, everything was different. When she put on black stockings and bra pautinchatye with breasts the size of the second, as "girl", looked at himself in the mirror this way and that, finished right in the pants with inserts, practically touching himself, imagining how she has a man. But a woman can not be a hairy ass and hairy chest, so Ira made a trip to the salon. Her body had to be absolutely smooth, pleasant to the fabric slid down her silky, soft skin.

Here home sweet home! Ira threw the keys on the bedside table and went into her room. Flash of bright light. Her favorite chair sat a man in a strange costume dark gray color.

- Who you are?! And we entered the locked door? - Frightened girl-boy.

- Ira, do not be afraid of me! - The man smiled gently, calling Igor name, never uttered them aloud.

- How did you know? And who are you? - Afraid of sliding along the wall to the floor, she said, which is in the body of Man.

- Work this - a little smile touched his lips strange stranger.

- This is not an answer! - Get out of the bag and a penknife, opened it, ready to sell his life dearly, Igor said.

He was very angry. His male essence prevailed over the female mind. The man was ready to defend ... but this was not necessary.

- I offer a deal - said the creature in the male form, - Half a day you will be a man, half woman.

- Clearly, - calmed down, said Igor - as well as a payment, I must give my soul?

- Why do I need your soul? - Grinned the stranger - this energy substance, can not remember who she is and that she, having a capacity of penlight batteries, in return for the transformation of the seventh order? No really, thank you!

- To dismiss, - said Igor.

- Stop, stop! - I made a statement devil or some other impostor, buying up human souls - two options you have. Or you say, "Begone Soton" or "I agree, and am ready to sign a contract with their blood!". In the first version, I Begone, you and I'll never see, in the second, I execute your wish, but I will drink your emotions in an amount of 10% of the time.

- And what's the catch? - Interested in a woman in a man's body.

- You decide - said Soton, getting agreement from the depths of his robes.

The agreement means that the person named Igor, for half a day is still a man, and for the next half a day, starting from 12 o'clock or zero-zero in the morning becomes a woman. As payment, he agrees to share 10% of emotion receives from sexual and other perturbations to the employer, who in turn, undertakes to provide humility and desire of clients, as well as full protection from inappropriate situations.

Contract liked how Igor and Ira. Without thinking ado, he or she is still signed with his own blood. At exactly 12 o'clock at night a wild scream announced neighborhood. Becomes a woman, it was very painful! Bones cracked, increasing in size. It concerned the hips. At that time, as the priest was becoming more waist decreased. The growth of the breasts to the third dimension, too, was not pleasant. These things lasted for three minutes. Then, a real woman, looking at himself in the mirror this way and that, finally, dressed in purple pants, purple the bra without silicone inserts. She put on a lilac dress and purple shoes, and went out, sending their beautiful female legs in their first sexual adventure.

Continued: The boy who dreamed of becoming a girl. Part 2

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Divorced fool. Part 5

Everything always ends badly.

It was five in the morning. Ira Teryasheva sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, imagine shining gas hob; usually when attacked insomnia, it was the most enjoyable time and place in life, but not this time.

"Was the network yesterday at 22:17" - is still read Anyuta page "VKontakte". Phone it was not - Ira there are no draws phones, even Mr. Fedorenko; somehow it did not become a habit. The worst catastrophe - one that has not yet happened, but you can not prevent it. Even worse - when theoretically you can. But how? Its ability to brazen theatrical improvisation completely stopped working when we had something planned in advance, in addition, not imagining who would have to deal with. Something to tell lies to the guard at the entrance, which yesterday looked something to her, and Stepankova with some suspicion nedooformivshimsya; and then ... Who do there appear first in the morning? Ira did not understand the details of everyday, and from thinking about them now fell into a stupor, close to panic. There was some gnawing hope that everything will cost, and the additional fear that frantic attempts to fix it just spoil everything completely.

Such a small thing. Such stupidity. And these consequences.

Stepankova hell, wake up. Who would have though with something figured out.

Although, of course, it was difficult to separate what yesterday was all over, and that the IRA with horror remembered already in the midst of insomnia, for which the first reason enough. Everything always ends badly. Now Ira the one who lives for all her fears and weaknesses mercilessly applies. By adjusting everything for this intolerable foolishly, it does not happen in normal people.

The world still makes it clear that it is not for such as Ira Teryasheva. There is always something lurking and nothing is ever simple and straightforward. Ira is plenty inhabitants troll the forums, but still it would seem that this belief in their quack drugs and secret power - something like a rite, a tribute to the gods of stupidity to the rest live a fairly reasonable and practical. Ira is a long wave of inspiration to make a classmate something lesbian slave to do with it completely unheard of things, locked in fedorenkovskom office, but in the end it Annie primitive images all return and will leave a rather scary, it first; and second, middle of the night and then remembered that they forgot ...

Everything always ends badly. Although Annie, probably think that they now have a relationship. And, perhaps, so be it: now the IRA itself clearly felt in the same situation, which explains to Anyuta yesterday. Nowhere to go. The show must go on, and will only be buried in the pillow and howl. Not bad, in general, show, against which the IRA had nothing but the remaining sludge, for which blame could probably only himself. With her manners and it is necessary to be able to play. Learning to simply think better of people.

It may not be necessary if all end very badly today. Worst of all, the problem will be Mr. Fedorenko - only, perhaps, a man about whom she thought unconditionally good. And (although it is difficult to assume that Aniuta calculate) in only one of whom she is nothing wrong no longer want to think seriously. At least, so they do not want to think about the shortcomings of things when she became yours.

"Was the network yesterday, 22: 17" - ravnodushnichal phone.

Ironically, in actual fact not Anuta chatting is not enough to feverishly together to think, it is still possible to correct something. It is not enough here in the dark kitchen, at his feet, to do what, what is needed, preferably in silence. Then Ira and without her something would come up.

It's a shame it was for that moment. This moment. For the fact that he was buried under this pile of filth immediately pulled hard. The moment Annie dorezvilas before that smacked in the face - and spontaneously, without the theatrics of those slaps and slaps, Ira grabbed her by the hair - thought vyderet tuft - and ...

And nothing. And the dark flash of something present among this farce - that feeling when a girl with annoyingly naive person, all in the pimple and completely naked, really afraid of you.

Ishtar and I ... no, fuck Venus. Horn. Babylon. That antiquity, when the statue was kind of rough and menacing. I Ishtar, a death you naked girl. It can not be with me.

How well do something, damn how shamelessly shamelessly well. No pointer of you do not dobudesh. You are too much. Tineydzherki for debauchery, Veselukha in fucking pioneer camp. In past times, in astartinovuyu era, and it was more for something similar.

Anything further, Ira done deliberately slowly and carefully. Scared view Anuta quickly fell off - but she did not say anything else until fits nicely on the table, and then, and could not speak. The first time it was without her chatter, forcing Ira remain in the role, keep alert own sharp word, when he wanted to, hell, silence, without which no pleasure is impossible.

Ira lacked tranquility in life that sexual nedovletvorennost was against this background that the tenth case. What kind of life is when you love the school because there are not shouting at you. And you still for some horseradish in the medical post, a coward.

I wanted something really VGIK. But this belief in their abilities was not the slightest.

Do not hurry, do not fill his lumps early, then I told Mom. In Moscow obosnueshsya - will understand. Here's a mom - hundreds of others have screwed up, "but where do you" or felt for betraying the family craft. But five minutes later she was back at Il for something screaming.

This is her moment, then I thought grimly Il. Swearing - from the heart. A sensitivity to the concerns Irina - professional, pediatric, and that's all. At least so it appeared to judge by yourself. Well the truth is, in kindness Ira any penny. Just throw out his nature was no one - all his life until this Tuesday.

All his life, which today can perekorezhivshey.

But even though the time was worth it - and let the memory of it was spoiled. Enough to know that he was. The moment when Ira Teryashevu seems the first time someone figured out and took what is, what is more: wanted - for the only thing she could share real. Not at all, arrogant secretly Nonsimplicity not for an ingenious effrontery - they were only learned the laws of the genre. For her family, witches, ancient anger with horns.

And to give in return, in addition to all that, as it is difficult to think - calm.


First Teryaha just sat and sat.

The ideal female figure - a thing still something weighing when lying underneath. Especially on a hard table, substituting greasy stigma. Is that Teryahiny physical training pants under the back of his head, but this is again a concern for purity fedorenkovskogo cabinet, so even some no pillow did not work out, but on the contrary, that if to dripping, then on them, not on the table. What only Teryaha thinking does not stop to think, even when naked, docile, deceived and still allowed myself to fuck pointer Annie also gives reason to be honest to punish her, that everyone should be better than just taking impudence.

But she had something Annie is thinking about? It is strange, intrusive and out of place, remember the phrase "legs from ears" when the noise in the ears, thighs clamped Teryahinymi. Badly scratched the tip of the nose, to which gets Teryahina wild hair, climbs into his nostrils a little - not that that's not going to it or to the figure or to the habits and the desire to scratch or sneeze only distract from this new, heavy, incredibly wet of belonging Teryahe all mouth to the chin, so that the sense of some kind of an emergency, afraid to stick out the tongue, where every now and then with a deep, humiliating bodily sound-swallowing their own saliva and natekshee Teryahino. What here still scratching your nose - and than when Teryaha, trailing arms back, presses of your forearm.

Annie was lying motionless - looks interesting, perhaps, are two completely frozen girl on the teacher's desk, one under the other; just drop slowly and tickled dripping from the corner of his lips and pansies on her cheek. Do not tear. It contains astartina. You just nra-and-avishsya Teryahe, at least enough to sit on it. Sadistically like you. At other times, it would be a joke, I guess. Now - some extra, painful garbage in your head, like those legs from the ears. Even forget that you participate in something sexual. She just saved you - one way or another, not to the details, when everything is so beautifully simplified - from razdevalochnyh mockery, izdevalochnyh razdёvok, razdevok, razdevits (what is it, in kisdu, with the words going on something), but saved for their own use , that's the whole story.
It's not astartin, and vice versa - from Anuta should be something to release. That prompted then compressed lips, and almost choke Vasin pleasure of never suck girls that blushing risky flirted with complacent centimeters boy, too muscular, smiling and with this lock of hair, no strength, would have eaten all - become just a girl, which ended in his mouth, and threw the next week; what else it incites mentally divide Avilova, Komsomol mare, and hate only to the waist, and below - possible options. What, I would like it if today Avilova so sat on it?

Actually, yes. Well, or at least I like to think about it. Yes, let them all here - crowding, swearing, sweating, all those bras and panties on the tile background - is the picture, for which it would be desirable to hold on now and get out to enjoy the process. In a figurative sense, of course: to get out from under the thighs Teryahinyh was absolutely no hurry. Hard, hard, wet, flowing already on both cheeks, and ears tight hum - but it must be taken in full, but then something will be slightly different.

Tile, bras, underwear - and legs, legs. The picture became brighter and more intrusive, forcing the head of all these verbal affectation. What is "out of his ears," legs - they are from the pussy, like the one that you pritisnulas to his lips. For example, here's a locker room learns about them from Teryahoy. And let's fizruk disappears - shipwrecked, is captured, and a half hours, you can not go out of the dressing room, where no one peep. In general, everything is possible.

be surrounded, took turns to lean his mares bottoms, first Avilova, followed by another turn, shaven and unshaven, up rasposledny Belyavskaya nicknamed "The Hobbit" - flapping in the wet from their predecessors person, squish, pull hair in earnest as soon as that Teryaha, moan, executing, emphasizing as it is good and it is important that they are well. Anyuta would flow already in the neck, shoulders, chest, one drop would have sunk to the navel as if sperm Vitkova, the fan between the boobs, but that one turns when ivy on the face of the seventh, eighth pussy, you can not lick, just give them masturbate on her lips and chin, and only after all the following five Avilova namyvali clitoris like a bitch, more angry than they are worse, someone fuck your fatigue. All slightly different tastes all blended into one on you - such a concentration of sex "fuck Stepankov" that look, vtechet between your legs - will fly, paunchy come to the prom, and each will know that it is from her too. We talked to that way even more fun than Stepankova a big pimple; and that's probably an interesting Experience will again all he borrowed her mouth while she is giving birth.

Come on, Teryah, do not sit, do have something, and then go out any twists.

But no, not your I komsomolochki. All is well, Teryaha psihanula not at all, though his face was in it - right now, in fact kill, but it was as I had requested, and, now as safe, comfortable, wet to imagine what you do to me will never do. Stepankova not burst. It is, if you would bring, you spit in the faces Teryashevoy mucus.

I wonder if here right now burst technicals, will the Teryaha Aniuta heroically defend? Well, the only possible way: to continue to sit on it and not to succumb to any threat. Do not give to find out who this, hides her face by a pussy hereditary goddess ... hell, even I want to technicals here. By the way, do not forget to pick up a condom on the floor.

First Teryaha just sat and sat.

Then, moving his hips a few times, immediately he came.

- Well, you're just like a virgin boy - meticulously said Annie, his hands behind his head and his breath until Teryaha towered over her, propped on his knees. - Another good thing that you do not need to be recharged.

Again, somehow everything went wrong. Although, of course, even this short, but the real delight of a shameful slippery utyuzhaschey weight of female pleasure was worth all the mental changes, which she had just indulged. Next - and ischesavshimsya nose finally poke directly into the wet, back - Teryahiny springy buttocks shake your chest; and more ahead, and once back, and another, and Teryah, please, I'm a living person, do not break my neck, not swamps in astartine I Kalinnikov merciful in his mouth came, I imagined the whole dressing room is not so without love motherfuckers ... ffuh, everything. It was a pretty good feeling brought that little numb lips did not obey, and it was inconvenient to flow directly to fedorenkovsky table, but it seems too late.

Only now could be considered as the Annie what waited on the last days. Wow how hairy, pink and wet. Another extraneous thoughts when you sit on the tree, does not seem high, then slezesh, bottom look and think - where there already climbed. Teryaha probably climb trees can not.

- A little of your nose ... you know, - said Teryaha like osekshis.

Wet nose, yes. Wet everything has come back feeling of staleness. Well, the dirtier and body Now, the will in every respect delightful. Do not flush out, in any case does not startle. To get out from under it, jump off the table, start to move, as if expecting her to even say something.

Nothing she can say she is now clear that in my head.

- Remember - Annie said, when silence was already visibly awkward - you said that I should not get pleasure?

- It was the day before yesterday, I was young and naive - Teryaha replied, without turning around.

- But no, you were very right, - said Annie, sitting back on the table. - Well I'll start to have fun - I'll not let go.

One leg between her hands on his shoulders, a little more physical strength.


- You ohuel, but okay, I have a good mood, - muttered Teryaha. - Smoking is harmful. Do not start.

- I know, I know - Annie tried to giggle, but came out a moan. Shaggy felt in the usual place as a boy, always on this pussy (pussy, here!) Seemed gentle-gentle - as wet and as strange to notice again that you have larger thighs when they hauled obliquely to Teryahinym and kak then walk briskly unsuitable for girls, which all face in Teryahinom evil pleasure.

But that's the point right now. It's all just boys. They injure thought, how can all like when you fuck, so it's even gallantly - to protect their psyche, suggesting that they are doing something selfish, nasty and very guilty in front of you. Well, except for those which are issued once or twice per life.

Interestingly, the need for the boy to Teryahu to fuck with some benefits for mankind? Like Evgeny Vitalicha? Not a fucking smart and spoil each other. Someone such who lie useless, rude and dangerous. CID investigator, for example. When Teryaha will work in the morgue, because where else.

- Tell me about the girls - Annie said.

- What about the girls?

- The complex is. What is.

- A. Well ... - Teryaha closed her eyes, spoke quickly and sluggish as under some hypnosis, and something was retaliatory hypnotic to watch as her breasts under an unbuttoned blue form fast, random rhythm of woven foot is raised and lowered. - Well, here today. They are obedient. Fizre - there is dominance. Herded them into a closet, and they're scurrying around, pull together yourself with everything, trying in bras, panties do independent look, then run, jump for some by a dick through the bandura, they are released back bras, panties ... I do not I know what I want with them. I want to imagine such. These living dolls, which fucking important that you play with them.
What a different view of the same locker room. How I chose the right.

- There will be what to do with them. We descend from the mountains and slowly cover the entire herd.

- Shit, the girl Anya. - Teryaha tilted her head, down her arms back and started pushing her hips harder. - The third by a pussy and tells jokes. Leave yourself pimples, they make you the person.

- Blyadevochka Anya. - Jokes and puns; it seemed too late to the General Meeting. - I'm not very ohuel same mouth you kiss in the neck? Here, I ask permission.

Could not quite ohuet and neck, but why make sure that does not know how to kiss Teryaha. And all this deceit, given what will happen next.

- An if you do it more quietly and I ... shit, think of me so good words shorter.

Where in the neck and chest there. From mature individuals hear. Blue physical training, perhaps nafig. Oh, Teryahiny shoulders - lesbianism worse than her tummy. Only now at full tilt, as it turned out, is not particularly something ponezhnichaesh. Generally deal with this oblique, mare's love for the first time proved more difficult than imagined Annie, but when she looked up from last Teryahinyh pointy nipples and began again to press the bottom, Teryaha already like poobvyklas and started regaining his usual supremacy. Now it seemed as if this is not the Annie ventured and started from the slap on the panties now reaching the hot, wet, pulsating final. Annie lay on his elbows, - barely enough room, hair overhangs the edge of the table down, but it is much more convenient; It could really open your legs and have no reason not to answer. Teryaha again climbed once on horseback, almost jumping - Annie not only frightened of their own too loud groans, but feared that remain bruises. Indecent squelch female on female, shaggy about naked, and some like a puppy joy tryasshiesya Teryahiny chest - all this is completely contrary to pornographically her graceful figure and sweet and languid expression on his face, making it more beautiful.

We are two good-looking, witty and brave girls; we ebemsya dirty, a little sweaty and still hate each other; We have one of the spots, and the other facilities, but also for some reason we so fucking that even a pity to hide. That is, in the words of someone, the reality of the situation.

And now, when it is not worried over how clumsy girl Anya, if it something insidious intentions, by a pussy rubs (kiskoy!!), She was glad that Teryahi - after that cramps in the foot, then an orgasm from one seat on the pansy little face - the first time in the evening is something even impossible. And Annie caught the idea that the desired picture within which all sex became a promise that the very, very, what ever she happens to a man dreams, and then calmly can bear children, cook soup, cursing because the curtains and wind lovers, just to be. And sometimes mistresses.

She thought that here and now, on this table, on it, starts at Teryahi appear that nice lady agility in the possession of his body, which Annie could have, an abscess in the "whore", boasting - all right, sure, sinful movements are smooth hips that Teryaha in life will make on whether the girl, a boy, on his own hand a dream about something already familiar to her - will rise, traced back to the fact that she is doing right now. Even more viciously than lascivious - but something has its way, somehow a little girl Ira already corrupted, and it would be nice to let her go to Moscow party capable of something more than ...

The grabbing at his chest, seeing that you end. It hurts, bitch miss bitch, bitch zavralsya helpless in love - will still hate. Each slop cat goddess, too, if you look closely. Why the heck, bitch, then I looked closer? I'm almost afraid to do something that I should be right now. Yet leave.

Teryaha, true to himself, continued to press his hips roughly, ignoring the fact that Annie was trying to catch my breath, stretched languidly hug, frowned a bit - too many feelings, I want to handle before you take revenge for everything.

- Er, let go, I'll die right now - asked Annie passionate voice.

- Your was a whim. All right, go three boobs board - said Teryaha tears.

It did not seem dumb Anyuta perversion after revelations about the locker room and the living dolls. Even it became clear as she sees it: just Annie jumped through the goat, as in the ancient rubbish udominirovannaya kretinka, now and for Teryahi must do something stupid and corporal. The logic of the category of "wearing a mini skirt - provoked," but okay, now it will work properly, it is necessary to stop being nervous and a little angry. All is well thought out. All well done. There was the easy part.

Somehow, even the most unpleasant process was that the board is nothing particularly not erased - the handwriting of Mr. Fedorenko only pale, settling on the flattened breast chalk dust. Teryaha perched behind, pulled her hips Pansy (rubbing was still inconvenient) and wet-villous scratched on the buttock, and why Anyuta desire slowly blednevshee as these English words on the board, was chosen again.

- Nuisance - melodious, fastidiously said Annie.

- I like - cold purred Teryaha,

- Kiss, - said Annie, chuckle.

- Wash.

Hygiene forever. At the sink with cold water, which was moistened cloth to the board, I had to stand in a very inviting position, and Teryaha again emerged from behind dochesalas finally to her second orgasm, circling her hips and touching sometimes gentle. Annie tried not to pay attention, washed with cold water to the face Teryahino previous, snorting and trembling, rinse your mouth ( "astartinovaya whore" - how long has it been, like last fall). It is necessary to wash the breasts and of the English words, but the cold is something does not pull. Teryaha this time it did not miss for anything, not even a slap on the ass and then (maybe she thinks it's "stupid philistinism"); I think she also really fed up, and that she had something like kurilschitskoy greed: everything to the end, to the filter, lighting one from another orgasm. The life you walk around instead fizre.

With some agility, donating embarrassment Teryaha was already in jeans and bra while Annie stood at the heap of his clothes on the desk, unsure what to start.

- At least put on panties - Teryaha said. - For romance. And another put on what chalk dirty - she threw his blue Anyuta a sports top. - I do not need.

- Just never? And the tests?

- Oh, yeah. Well, fuck, I will come in a bikini.

Blue was not enough, and Annie just zipped up the middle. She was very careful. It turned out gently, long movements, as if they were before long, timidly clung to the handle on the bench. Hopefully, though she did this before, I thought Annie, because this does not deserve even Teryaha - cold tongue, with a sort of half-worn taste of its own, when the first kiss at all, perhaps, is not what it seemed.

- Invented by my good word? - I whispered Teryaha.

- N-not-a.

- Then I will think about it. - Teryaha slipped from the embrace, and again began rastoropnichat - got some bottle out of the bag and the spray on their physical training pants. Smell bitter hospital cleanliness. Holy smoke, it's going to wipe this fedorenkovsky table - yes, we like it flowed quite ohuevshie, but ... Holy smoke. Above it is fun ever be worse than the ... However, some professor, smart and fucked in fedorenkovski, certainly praise. And this will be enough.

Enough. His pimples enough to even worry about you. You can wait until the street - but you never know, will be even a scene in public. And just this topic.

- Pancake! - Exclaimed Annie, for about the same poluodevshis and picturesque clutched her head. - Well, we did.

- What, now suddenly you woke up in these very traditional? - I responded to rub Teryaha table, without looking up.

- Well no. Brains awake. I really did not think of it as sex, protupila, as I said last time somehow betwixt ...

Teryaha turned. Guard.

- Well I is ... - continued Annie - well, maybe it is not transmitted, so I do not know, I'm not a doctor. Although garbage - of course, passed. Well, but you will know how to communicate with all kinds of whores.

Annie was proud of herself. All this time she was able to think about a simple female revenge set aside, wholly devoted to pleasure, to love and to give ourselves Teryahu it quite sincerely, and if everything goes - not for the last time, this is the first. None of this made her change her mind, finally forgive - is second.

And she guessed that Teryaha will not be in a rage. Pale is Teryaha, with such a person, though now it is straight out of the cabinet lead shot; pull out of the bag a pack of cigarettes (frightening impotence that was somehow particularly colorful), out of it in his hands and put it back after all, and then sit down as it is, in a bra and jeans, on the edge of the front row and say:

- Do you have any idea what I have to endure?

- Nothing that I did not have. And nothing, live.

- Oh, damn, nothing - Teryaha said, clasping the shoulders themselves. - My mother's cousin in the ARC works. It will be unforgettable - to explain his own aunt, what's your reward, not tearing the hymen. Okay, do not panic. Maybe she somehow. You will say though, that I picked up from you?

Tree sticks. Annie has long understood, of course, but when you hear from itself, it is still something imperceptible changes, and look a little different.

That's all one to one, thought Annie - and all the nervousness disappeared, and it was quite good. And the one-one in my favor. It is one thing - the story on something abstruse, especially when someone's knowledge, trust, and have the most trouble, and another thing - to buy into this nonsense, and in addition because of Anyuta was on the move ready to believe in such nonsense.

- Kiskotin, - she said, triumphantly lybyas.

- What?

- Kiskotin you picked. Or kiskorod, I do not know, I'm not a doctor. It is not treated any. In short, now you do not no pussy and pussy, too, and I have it always be so called, as if you from this or mangle.

Teryaha came closer. Annie continued heroically lybitsya, ready to get the biggest slap in the face of all the largest in life, the biggest in the world - or just a fist, and not as herself, but really; Teryaha but only waved: "Do not be ridiculous. Although there is ridiculous. Haha "- and vzhiknula lightning on a dark blue, which proved to be even more closely with pansies breast size.

- Or I will, until the shave - added Annie conciliatory.

Something else had to remember to clean ... but do not care. Oh, at least here on Teryahinu care you can rely on.


Cautious Evgenij - not for a minute do not cherish the illusion that the two secondary school students with their experiments can be touching any trust with regard to sweeping tracks and elimination of consequences - the next day came to school early, very early, sleepy and sad and angry. Overtaking thick technicals cornering stairs, he opened the office - and even more delighted, immediately finding evidence on the floor completely ridiculous distraction. He grinned, remembering the anecdote about Malvina and splinters, and wondered what it is now one of his own little quirk have utterly welcome.

Eugene Fedorenko even from an early age was a cautious man - but, to tell the truth, lay it to look more and more and more serious reasons to be cautious. Therefore, for example, he had a child out of the window did not throw condoms, pouring water there. But in Maurice torezovskoy youth used essentially threw out the window; and always that way away, sideways, sideways, with a negative adjustment for the wind, it was impossible to determine even approximately, from which flew out the window.

And after a while, when the technicals died down and already beginning to dawn, he saw through the window, as a school fits with Ira ... well it is necessary. ( "I never thought," here sounds out of tune: all the real life of the people is the fact that about them never think of.)

In their mind, one funeral gait was clear remembered. Even it is a pity that have thrown, and that working in the school, late to start throwing filled with water at thirty-two years.

Continued: divorced fool. Part 4

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Seven orgasms Emilia Clarke. Fifth

Emilia Vladimirovna was busy working in the morning. Reports, accounts, banks. The usual routine accountant. Her colleagues Olya and Katya too engrossed in work.

The study included Arina. Heart Emily sank. Every time you meet a girl at work, she felt uncomfortable. After all, just consider them colleagues. And only they Arina know that Emily Vladimirovna obedient slut this girl.

Today Arina was all in light. The narrow skirt just above the knee and a white blouse. Emilia Vladimirovna was on contrast: black skirt and a dark blue shirt. On top of a woman was black lingerie and stockings.

- Emilia Vladimirovna, I will immediately bring the promised documents - the girl went to the table and handed it to the paper.

The woman raised an eyebrow. Which paper? Arina because nothing had promised to bring. Handing the paper, the girl smiled and left the office.

Emilia Vladimirovna has viewed documents. It was unnecessary old accounts. But why Arina brought them? The answer was hidden among the sheets of paper.

"I have a gift for whores - wrote Arina - Today at one o'clock waiting for you in the parking lot in his car"

The woman gasped. Just like that whore brought order. Emilia looked at her friends. They're nothing guess. Think Arina brought documents. If they only knew.

Below was a postscript to the order to send Arina a phone the size of women's underwear. Why she is and what a gift prepared for her girl? The woman sent the SMS. Then she folded the paper and put into the bag.

The time was ten in the morning. Another three hours until they meet. But Emily Vladimirovna could not work. All her thoughts were about the upcoming meeting. Soon it will once again be a whore. Right in the middle of the day. So I wanted to Arina. Her owner, this little Mean Girls. The woman felt warmer at the bottom. She brought her feet. Lacked pre-wet the panties.

- Mil, something to think about? - Kate asked.

- Yes so - he smiled at the woman. If they only knew ...

A quarter to one woman left the room. It literally flew out of the building. Who is she now? Quiet family mom turned into obedient whore, which manages the young girl.

Arina was sitting in his red "Mazda". Emilia V. sat in the front seat. Handbag rested on his knees.

- I like what my obedient slut - she smiled.

The woman smiled. It Arina made her so.

- Lift up her skirt to her waist - she ordered. Emilia V. opened her mouth to protest. But she said nothing. He examined. Nearby, two men were talking. V. Emilia took her bag into the back seat. Rising slightly, she lifted her skirt.

Arina unceremoniously parted Emilia feet.

- A whore in stockings today - she smiled - is commendable. And the flows whore in the morning? - She asked, pushing aside her panties.

How well Arina learned his whore. Emilia V. looked at the men. She was incredibly ashamed. Her cheeks were burning. If they only knew what to do now with her in the car.

Arina. introduced into the woman's two fingers.

- Like, how much flows Emilia V.

Yes, it flowed again, being next to the hostess. The girl pulled from the back seat a paper bag.

- I gave a friend a toy. I would like to try it. Emilia Vladimirovna do not mind?

The woman looked at Arina's eyes. Is whores can be against it?

Arina pulled out of the bag a little red box. She opened it. She saw a small red egg. About eight centimeters in length and four in width. At the end hung a small postings.

- It vibroyaytso with remote control. I want to see how it works.

Emilia V. smiled. She's a whore. It is a toy that girl. And with it you can do anything.

- Do not worry, I washed it beforehand - calmed Arina.

A woman madly like taking care of a whore. Anything that is not done safely and Arina was unknown to anyone.

- Do you think I can take it? - Said V. Emilia.

- I'm sure of it - smiled the girl - because she gave birth to a whore. Or cut?

- Herself

Arina gently introduced egg in a woman. Corrected panties. Emilia Vladimirovna getting used to new sensations. A little uncomfortable, but quite bearable. The feeling of fullness, as if it is a member.

- Put a skirt - she ordered. The woman obeyed.

Arina pulled out of the box a little remote. I click on the button.

- Oh - Emily Vladimirovna like an electric shock. Below went vibration. Woman badly brought up. How it was unusual and exciting. Emilia V. moaned softly.

Arina turned off the console.

- I see a whore kicks - she laughed. - We went to lunch?

- With that thing? - A woman's voice trembled.

- Do you want me to wet the new cases?

In Emilia Vladimirovna had no choice. After a couple of kilometers there was a small cafe. Arina parked at the entrance. V. Emilia took her purse and got out of the car. She took apart my bag paper bag. I put the car on the alarm. And in that moment, in Emilia Vladimirovna knees buckled. Inside her toy vibrated again. The woman almost fell. Leaning on the car, she could hardly stand upright. The breath quickened. Heart pounding. Near the entrance smoking guy with a girl. They threw a curious glance.

Arina turned off the egg.

- Are you all right, Emily V.? - With a smile she asked.

What a bitch her mistress. What if the couple would guess about something? What a shame. But she likes it. Whore.

They went into a cafe. there was virtually no people. In the far corner sat a pair. At the window drinking coffee girl. Women took a table by the wall. Emilia V. sat with his back to the wall on the couch.

- A decent place to cum whore - she smiled. A woman was bitten lip. In the cafe, among people in the middle of the working day. The girl came up to her new humiliation. How did she like it.

To the table the waitress came. Young slim brunette with badges "Karina". Lay out the menu by women, I put the ashtray and left.

- Shawl a whore with you? - Said Arina. The woman flew away from this treatment. Especially here in the cafe. They called her a whore.

- Oh sure.

- I Do not want to be a slut soaked skirt - Arina lit a cigarette - Pick her up and put it under her shawl, and then who knows what.

Emilia V. smiled. She has a caring hostess. The woman looked around. He pulled out a handkerchief. Rising lifted her skirt and sat down on a handkerchief. The whore was ready to finish.

Women have chosen that would have. To the table approached Kareena. First order made Arina. Karina turned to Emily Vladimirovna. The woman opened her mouth, but instead of the order she issued a moan. Arina egg on again.

Karina with interest looked at the woman. Emilia Vladimirovna was ready to burn with shame. The woman clasped her hands into fists, she was breathing hard. Egg vibrated inside her desperately.

- Everything is fine? - Karina said. At this point, Arina turned off the egg.

- Yes - she gasped. She brushed a curl from his forehead. Placed an order.

Taking menu Karina retired. Emilia looked at Arina Vladimirovna eyes. She released the smoke from his mouth. She smiled. Mean Girls, which she did with a woman.

- I see my toy like a whore.

Emilia Vladimirovna did not answer. Depraved toy and depraved slut. It's a shame, humiliation. And so wonderful.

- Whore fucked in any interesting places?

- Yes, and more than once.

- You tell us?

Here, now? Emilia looked Vladimirovna. They could hear. The cafe has gone another couple. They sat close to the women. Emilia V. Arina looked back in his eyes. The girl was waiting for a story. The woman thought about what to tell her story.

- Whore fucked in the forest - she began.

- Who, when, and more - she put out the cigarette.

It was her husband Emily Vladimirovna was then little more than twenty. He and his friends were resting on the lake in the woods.

To the table approached Kareena. She brought order. I began to put the plates on the table. Emilia V. stopped.

- What happened? - Said Arina. V. Emilia stared at the girl. Really, she wants to continue the story of the woman at the waitress? Karina graduated and left.

- I am ashamed to talk about it in front of the waitress - she admitted honestly.

- Whore Is shy? - Arina smiled. It included remote.

Emilia V. moaned softly. Cramped legs. No, do not hesitate to personal whore. Especially like it. She turned off the console. They started eating.

Emilia Vladimirovna continued the story. Soon she stopped thinking at all about shame. She honestly and in detail told another story. To learn how to fuck her classmate in a corridor dorm. Emilia V. flowed enjoyed. In the cafe, among people she talked about her personal sex life.

Periodically Arina discreetly included remote. Emilia V. froze, lost the gift of speech. Egg gave her great pleasure. The woman could not speak. They just panting and moaning softly.

The women finished with dinner. Arina called the waitress. I ask for the bill. Karina went to the bar.

Arina included remote control and then lit a cigarette. Emilia V. moaned softly.

- Good I have a toy - she smiled. The woman smiled. What is she now had in mind? Egg, which vibrates in Emilia Vladimirovna or herself? Inside, everything was burning. Vibration is a great pleasure. V. Emilia felt the approach of orgasm.

By Karina table returned. He lays out Arina with a check book. I got ready to leave.

- Wait Girl - it stopped Arina, opening a book - I will pay you directly.

Karina has remained in place. For Emily Vladimirovna, it was torture. She did not pretend to be. But she struggled to hold back the moans.

As if on purpose, Arina long searched for his wallet in the bag. Emilia was going crazy. Her left hand had long been under the table, sandwiched between his legs. She was tense, breathing heavily.

She saw that Karina throwing curious glances at her. Had she guessed? What a shame to finish before the eyes of a very young girl unfamiliar.

Arina found the purse. Reckoning. Karina retired.

And at this moment, Emily V. start to finish. A wave, a huge wave went to the bottom. The woman with the strength of bite his lower lip. Leaning back she closed her eyes and froze. The world stopped.

Emilia Vladimirovna came to soon.

- Whore just gorgeous finishes - Arina smiled. The woman looked around. It seemed that everyone saw her orgasm. But in the hall they were busy with their chores. Only Karina glanced at Emily Vladimirovna. Apparently the girl about something yet guessed.

Arina woman handed a paper bag.

- I'm a whore for another gift. I want to be dressed him. Come bring myself up.

Emilia V. difficulty arose. Scarf underneath was wet from her selections. The woman slowly went to the ladies' room. The package was lying on the egg box and a set of red lacy underwear. Emilia V. understood why Arina needed its size. The woman took off her wet panties, pulled out of the toy itself. After washing the egg under warm water and put in a box. Dressed new set. He was unusual. In the midst of her panties was cut. A bodice cups were made of fine mesh through which freely protruding nipples. Shameless whore outfit. And as such she needed to fulfill the second part of the day. Another humiliation by Arina. The woman removed her old underwear and a handkerchief in the pack. She returned to the hall.

- A whore like a set? - Said Arina.

- Very - he smiled V. Emilia.

- My gift to Andrei - she smiled - a whore task now is not to give him a home.

How Emily Vladimirovna liked this girl. Young, depraved, cheeky. Her owner. And she had her whore. Obedient adult educated whore. The woman loved her.

In the car, V. Emilia clung to Arina. She kissed her. As a woman loved those lips. She just flew away.

In the evening, Andrew was very surprised by the new wife's underwear. However, it is much liked. Making love with her husband, Emilia thought about Arina Vladimirovna. It was she dressed in this set a whore. It is a full-fledged mistress.

Several days later, Andrew fucked his wife in his car near the river. The woman moaned loudly and I thought what a pleasure it will be to talk about it Arina. V. Emilia was happy.

Follow-up: Seven orgasms Emilia Clarke. Fourth

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Reports from Africa. Part 1

Huge. It is unexplored. The cradle of our civilization. Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa.
Where I am now, a special savagery is not observed. Although, it is very unusual for many Europeans. And clothes are modern. Only, of course, light. Hot. And we understand English. But between them they speak their dialect. And people are nice. Women folded proportionally. All slim. Probably due to the fact that luggage is worn on the head. That's why they have a beautiful posture. And muzzles found in his own pleasant. Just another color.

I've been to many countries in the continent. And always struck by the freedom of manners. But what I've learned here, I was very interested.

He told me that one local official. Not that I did not believe him. Just I began to question other natives. And when a week the number of my interlocutors has exceeded a dozen, I have no doubt it was not. The more they talked, as if for them it is quite a common thing. It remained only to clarify details.

And the story, that's what. So she married. More often than not out of love. Although, like all peoples, different happens. Weddings are played once a year. For this purpose there is a special day. Having fun the whole village, propivaya all brides at once. The following year, on the appointed day before the start of each new wedding husband obzavedshiysya family last year, leads his wife to the central square. Where a woman has to show the public their small child. Son or daughter. Or, in extreme cases, your stomach, confirming that it will soon be a mother.

And from that point on it becomes a full-fledged lady, by the way, enjoys considerable privileges.

And if a woman who has lived legally married for a year, there is nothing to show? Here also occur zingy events.
Then her husband invites all the neighbors. To help eliminate the unfortunate wife may come across the problem of the village.
And the worst thing begins. The unfortunate woman, one after another, will force many hours in a row without giving it a second of respite. What has made it public. Immediately song and dance. And every woman who came with her husband, will keep an eye to her husband rose to the occasion and did everything as it should. Otherwise, shame on the whole family.

A year later, the woman's husband to present a public again. If everything is in order, and no one will remember how she had become a mother. But, again if anything, the man has the right to get married again. However, his ex-wife automatically becomes the slave of his new wife. And she can do with it whatever he wants. Though sell, though present.
That's the concern about demography it turns out!

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The new work ...

Hello dear readers, my name is Irina I am 37 years old and I want to share a story that happened to me and it is true to my great regret ... I write briefly and without poetic digressions, since it is so fast and rough uncontested events described below were developed ...

With my husband we have lived in a happy marriage of 16 years raised 2 children, I was engaged exclusively in housekeeping, good husband earned, we almost did not sorilis, Gleb and Marina grew umnichka, studied perfectly well, and it seemed it would be forever. Family idyll thoroughly disrupted with the coming crisis of 2008 ... my husband was fired, and although he soon found another job but they pay three times less ... after much thought and family councils, we decided I employ ... the education I'm an accountant, but because has not worked in the specialty a day, the choice fell on our supermarket known retail chain, which was across the road, where the seller is required cashier.

After a short interview, I was enrolled vendor-trainee on probation ... at first it was very hard but one gets used to everything, and soon I was doing well and firmly joined the team, which I like everything except the big arrogant and nasty guard Valery Sergeyevich ... with the first days of this unshaven and unkempt style gypsy appearance did not give me the passage ... first sitting behind the counter, I began to notice him staring sebaceous views, then he began to wink and smile ... I blatantly ignored until gradually it is not turned into a real problem ...

whenever possible, he tried to grab me, and pressed Fingered, rubbing only near my offices and showered primitive jokes and vulgar jokes scary ... well won the hearts of the lady as I could and was able .. I do no longer go into the storage room, as there had generally disconnected any brakes, and frenzied brilliance of his eyes I was clear that here no one and nothing will deter from achieving its objectives ... in three words Ouzel, that is me, I lean natural blonde with a very proportionate figure and big green eyes on this in other all the advantages and end ...

why his choice fell, I I do not understand, the store operated as for me a lot of a lot of cute and younger girls, although I beauty is not deprived, on the street often try to meet all the friends of her husband from me crazy, escorted look around the apartment and controversial look at each other that terribly annoying Kohl, and even peers son distracted from their computer games and zyrkaet furtively over his shoulder ... until he passed all limits ...

once in the night shift, I was arranging products on the shelves, which is also the responsibility of the seller if a few people ... substituting the ladder, I put in neat rows zguschenki banks and reached to fix the price list and to my horror suddenly felt that my buttocks tightened like a vise. I screamed in surprise and whirled, throwing off huge paws with his body.

At the bottom of the monster stood and smiled brazenly ... in a wild fit of anger, I slapped him a resounding slap and pushed at his massive chest rushed to escape along the shelves ... to my utter dismay in the audience viewing the mirror, I saw that the animal catches me !! I was terrified the whole shrank and huddled in a corner of the impending massacre ... then I saved a senior dealer Galina Ivanovna, he ran to the cries and loud otmateril and threatened that all tell the headmistress, barely pulled dwells in the wild fury of the guard from me ...

From despair wanted to howl ... I did not know what to do and who to contact ... headmistress complaining was useless, she treasured big and strict guard who porozgonyal all local punks who drank beer at the entrance and lifts up buyers to find a replacement for the money it would be difficult easier to fire me ... I asked her husband to meet a couple of times after work, but that made it worse, my unsightly and lean Kohl in his intellectual glasses caused a new wave podkolok anecdotes from Valery Sergeyevich.

My husband said something, and behind him is a primitive animal stared into my eyes and stroked his groin ... when my husband and I together came out of the store, he was in a brazen stood in the doorway, forcing Kohl Shoal, and when it took place, I he pressed himself into the wall, and I did a few quick movements pushing hips .... through the thin fabric light summer sundress I felt it excited indignation ... I cramped cheekbones, eyes Nakata tears and I stormed out into the street! My husband even did not notice anything, and what he would do with this big man ...
- Tomorrow Irina A. raced after me ... buketno candy period ended abruptly and tragically forever ... after working shift I went to change clothes in the storeroom, as soon as I took off her blouse and left in a bra and jeans, the door quickly opened from the blow and little room burst Valery ... it the condition is difficult to describe in simple words, eyes burning fire of madness and lust .... I can only say that this beast instantly gripped my throat with his hand that could not do and hissed with a terrible and distorted face, bitch, one word, and you f .... u !! ...

for some reason I did not doubt the sincerity and truthfulness of his words ... my jeans were out with plaintive crash, a narrow strip of panties he just pushed aside ... pushed me on the table, he hastily pulled down pants ... something that fell out of them instantly brought me from the stupor I issued a -That faint squeak but then two terrible slap vybpili remnants of my dazed consciousness of my head ... my husband and I once watched a porn movie and there I saw something like that, is more like a ... like two white straw tightly clenched my legs flew apart and he with all the fluff brought me this ... and then I yelled !!

Wild pain shot through the whole body, and I was sure that he had me pierced ... recently my husband and I rarely had sex, my already narrow and small vagina has become a girl's view ... and meanwhile, this animal drives the and drives the a huge dick to me where sometime before the middle of the abdomen, completely oblivious to my sobs ... thought it will never end but then to my dismay and utter self-disgust, I began to feel weak but sure signs of arousal ... clenching his teeth so as not to give yourself and do not moan I silently Stukalo head against the wall, together with a table in time with his movements ... but the body can not be fooled ... I quickly moistened !!!

and it did not escape his attention ... He guffawed and turned me on my stomach and instantly went back ... because he could not see my face, I could relax and all the forces began to fight with nakatyyuvaschimi waves of orgasm ... I have no sound ... but my rapidly shrinking vagina and the hot liquid flows speak for themselves .... one touch of put me on my knees and I was in front of his huge purple head ... I've done a few times my husband a blowjob but then my head wrapped around two huge sweaty palms and a furious pace and with terrible force began to stick my mouth on this count ... As if sensing that I throw up on pulled out his penis and threw me back on the table ... the one hand he was holding my feet up high in the ankle area, while the other drove his billet on my wet and red lips ...
- flowed bitch !! flowed - I told you what you like, with these words, he and all the fluff again entered me and began to stick on the entire length of his cock head ... like a giant piston went in me, the most enveloping walls of my vagina ... through tears I saw a wave of my stomach heaves as he walked to and fro ...

And then his cock stiffened and became more solid ... drove him on the very foundation of it, howling and closed eyes began to finish straight at me, splashed a stream of jet ...
- not so long ago finished, he croaked, and you're kind of came twice he whinnied and slowly pulled his limp but it does not become smaller member. Vagina spent his squish interlocking jaws ... - Well, bitch ... I fucked you. be at any time of the day, firing can not find a profit, and you and your stupid ass husband and with precious dotsey do the same thing as you, truncated -? give me will be on the first request, and stop going to the robot in jeans, just the skirt! All clean and pi. Dui home, waiting for tomorrow.

Pinching goodbye for the ass, he walked out, leaving me on the table with widely outstretched legs and ensuing vaginal discharge mixed with his cum ... I do not remember how dressed as ran out of the store, I was almost hit by a car when I was in prostration and wailing ran across. road .... getting up in the elevator to the 11th floor, I saw in the mirror a large wet spot on the jeans ...

The benefit was almost morning, everyone was asleep, he ran to the bathroom, I stripped off all my clothes, turned stiralku and got into the shower, where stayed for nearly an hour, as if trying to wash away all the dirt of the night ... donning the gown, as if the robot went into the bedroom and lay down near husband ... he sleepily mumbled something and put his hand on my leg ... I shivered, I again began to sob quietly ...

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The night in a dorm room

In the factory dormitory I lived with my friend Zhenya almost three years. During this time, occurred we have different stories, but the memory of a still care, as if it happened recently. We have with him, as usual was at her friend and we regularly spend time in the evenings in the room is small but friendly company. Of course all the usual ended with good sex, I have on my bed in his Eugene on. My friend called Anna, she was not very pretty, but smart, energetic and a little depraved. So far I have plans in respect of it is not built, but the friendship was, and common interests, too. I thought she was more depraved after she told me the details of his sex with some guy in a bathroom. I was not clear why she is telling me. I always thought it was men tend to boast of their exploits, and why she needed it remained unclear today.

This unusual evening began and lasted quite usual. Music, wine, some sort of appetizer. The only downside delivered from somewhere to call in guests Zhenya's army friend, who, after the army entered the military school. He went on vacation and dropped in to visit for a day or two. Around 12 am Jack brought him from the next room with a bed mattress, which we lay on the floor near the window. Our beds stood along one wall, my window, and in the opposite corner. Across from me hung bookshelves, kitchen table and stood in front of Zhenya's bed. Thus the guest lay down on the floor right next to my bed. All lay, Jack poskripel familiar with Katka springs bed and sniffed noses. We are about something talked Anka, when she whispered to me, I will not if I mind if she goes and a little lie down with the guy on the floor because she felt sorry for him, and it promises that nothing will happen, she just lie down and all . I allowed her and she got up from the bed. She was wearing my great for her plaid shirt. She stood for a moment staring at the face a guest, and then sat down beside him on his knees. I heard her whisper:
- Why are you so sorrowful, then - no one awaken all asleep.

For half an hour she stood in front of him on his knees, then giggled, then leaned over him, then again unbent. Finally she said she went to bed and leaned over him to kiss. The sound of the kiss turned out loud, Anne laughed and stood up. I pretended to be asleep, closed his eyes and began to prihrapyvat, expecting that she is now lie next to me. Thought to myself, strangely, I protorchala with a man, and in fact nothing had happened. But then I heard her say:
- Let me go, I'm frozen.

I opened my eyes and saw in the light came from under the curtains streetlights standing near the Anna guest. But he held her by the ankle-foot. At the same moment, she sat down and slipped to him in a blanket. I completely froze she said. The room fell silent. I gently opened his eyes and began to get accustomed. After some time, saw that Anja is lying on his side with his back to me, covered with a blanket up to her neck, she did a guest has closed them. Her neck swayed in the darkness, then up and down, to the right to the left. They kissed, but it was silent. Blanket lifted up and I realized that she put her foot on his thigh. She always did that when she wanted to, I could easily get to her bosom and caress it. Now the blanket was a little bit to move rhythmically. Then he found his way to her place mokrenkaya. The silence became interrupted by intermittent breath partners. Suddenly Anya sat up.

I closed my eyes and sniffed loudly. Two minutes but my wheezing nothing was heard. Then I heard some rustling, and something rustled at least a minute. Then all was quiet. I opened my eyes again. Anna lay on her back, under the covers, but it hung over the men's head. The guy was kissing her on the lips and neck and then dropped below the blanket and jumped out of his swollen nipples that immediately disappeared in the mouth a guest. So and where her shirt, I began to think. And I saw her on the floor, not only on top of her and lay her panties. Immediately I began to hear her whisper:
- Do not pull on, come quickly, suddenly he wakes up, let's sleep, I'll look after him.

I closed my eyes almost completely, but he saw how she turned to face me, and offered him the ass. I closed my eyes again and heard her loud sigh, then spanking new and sighs. All it included can now be enjoyed. The fact that she does not think anything when a member enters into it, and you can even shoot next. I opened my eyes I saw Anna lying on its side in 2 meters away from me and behind it surely was our guest. One leg she took the side and the guy behind her was held with the other hand he held her by the neck and drew his head to her, kissing her lips twisted with passion. He introduced her to a member, and she fed it to meet all of the pelvis. They did not change the posture and three minutes later he finished it. They lay there for another five minutes without moving and pulled Anya lying cowards, then wore a shirt and went to bed without washing me.

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The boy who dreamed of becoming a girl. Part 3

Up to 12 night friends, a good friend decided to sleep off the night planning to continue their education and, if everything goes smoothly, go together in an erotic journey, abundant sexual adventures. But first, Madeleine decided to continue teaching women's self. Call in and asked there for a few days off, it is a firm determination to make a real woman out of Irina decided to drive on some of the topics to Igor, making sure that consciousness belongs to the same person.

Forcing young man put on his clothes and donated her watch meticulously examined, he said:

- You did not color purple is coming! Otherwise you will have to repaint the hair in the dark or even black color. But then you have to change the eye color with contact lenses. In addition, you have pale skin, and clothing should be with her or contrast, or underline. And with a hangover, you got on purple lilac shoes and took the bag? She does not fit the cut of the dress - no color, no shape.

- These are the times? - Sitting on a chair and putting the right leg, already automatically girl boy I said - I think everything should be the same color.

- Not at all - fingering various sewing supplies said teacher - shoes must be silver, the same applies to the color of a handbag, but the form must be different. And by the way watch does not fit into the ensemble. What do you think why?

- They are the gold, and all should be silver - figured woman.

- It's true - Madeleine smiled sweetly, and now Establishments hands behind your head and try to catch a thimble feet.

Having said this, she threw the object at his feet. Igor immediately tried to catch his knees.

- Wrong! - Raising his eyebrows slightly up, - said the teacher - she push the legs, even if it is in jeans. For centuries they walked in dresses, they had developed a persistent corresponding reflex. Let's try again. Little practice, Ira soon moved apart her knees, she seems to have absorbed the female feature of mother's milk.

- And finally - feeding needle and thread, I asked the teacher, - the day of it.

Seeing that makes her pupil, she immediately stopped her.

- Stop! You do it like a man. In your imagination thread - a penis, and the eye of a needle - Snatch. That is, you strive zasandalit her, and the woman on the contrary tends's hope their vagina over the penis. The thread must be fixed - it is put on the needle.

After several attempts, the girl in the body of a man could do it, though she always did. Pick up at the student tools for sewing, Madeleine, suddenly made a frightening move toward the crotch Igor. He responded, closing his nature both hands, frightened glance at her friend.

- Natural Male defensive reaction, he protects his testicles. She always closes his chest, down there to protect her anything unnecessarily, - the teacher laughed.

- Lord, I am so happy that I have such a clever teacher! - Hugging and gently kiss his teacher, said the schoolgirl - sure, many people are not aware of these differences.

- Of course, not all women are the subject of catch, pushing the knees, if they were all his life in the pants or shorts. Some very rarely had to hold a needle, so they will vdevat thread manly. But you have to learn it thoroughly. This will form your female psycho.

- Yes, I already knew - Ira said - by contradiction. Putting a needle on a string, I'm mentally prepared for the fact that I have a vagina instead of a penis.

Well, what with the clothes? What color is for me more preferable?

- Red, burgundy, scarlet possible - immediately said Madeleine.

- And the shoes?

- Black and bag too, but not the form. I there exists an appropriate dress, shoes and stockings, but the clothes have to leave yours. Now makeup. Woman, not made up, in the light does not go out. It was another of your oversight. I propose to go to you, I will take with them, all you need to make, and there will pick up something else, if you do not find me. Still, the shape and size of your breasts is different, different from mine.

Wearing jeans and a shirt unisex, from the Madeleine, Igor and his girlfriend went to his home. There's a variety of outfits for postponing the subsequent fitting already a woman, they decided to take a bath, but together again. Gently stroking the back of a sponge with fragrant foam, Igor suddenly said:

- I have a thread, and the eye of the needle before me. Now I'll try to charge it for sewing.

From the first time he did not succeed. "Needle" at the last minute to move the pelvis and its "thread" could only pat "eye." However, it was nice. Grabbing hips his beloved man again tried to stick to it, but that, while continuing to play again strayed off course. He only managed to rub again. From this Igor inflamed even more. But the third attempt fails. This time he did not miss, but the woman, beautifully owns his muscles girls, do not let him inside.

- Are you playing with me? - Surprised lover.

- Aha, - has confirmed mistress - be careful! Do not forget that I have today is not an auspicious day. Do not you dare stop me!

- I remember - he said - and began to stroke her lips with his cock.

He did it quite cleverly, sometimes strongly pressed, and where necessary, stroking gently and kindly. Sometimes poking, as if blind kutёnok teat in his Mom. Madeline caught a huge buzz from it. At some point, she relaxed and her passion gates parted. Mouse, was waiting for a long time point, immediately dived into the sweet hole. Realizing that hold the door shut is not given the opportunity, it is fully dressed their "needle's eye" on petrified "thread" lover. They first laid flat stitches, but soon she began tugging his ass up and down. Then from right to left, allowing the lover free.

Her movements are speeding up and speeding up, she moaned and gasped each time, working his way to the extraordinary pleasure. Man, on the contrary relaxed, just helping her in her mad love dance. Soon, Madeleine, became a force to sit down on his cock and screaming with pleasure. According to her orgasm wave passed the body. Zatihnuv it a few more times and rocked slowly as if sad. Very snizavshis, the woman turned around and, clutching her lovely lips, begin to lose a member of rock hardness lover, played on it erotic symphony of passion and love, helping her gentle handles. She was able to remove the sounds of love, though not from the instrument, and from the lips of a lover, and she removed from the tool so loved by her man's milk. Swallowing and its obliznuvshis like a sly puss, nakushalsya delicious sour cream, she got up from his knees and stuck to the man's lips. Slipping his tongue into his mouth, she shared a small modicum of male nectar.

- Hmm! - Said the man - and it is sweet, has been thought ...

- It's just you - admitted Madeleine, others bitter or salty or tasteless.

- And you have a lot of them ... it was the other? - Asked the guy.

- Do not you care? - Knitting fine edge, the woman said, - what are you jealous?

- Not at all, she smiled Igor - just ask ... And you there too sweet.

- Oh, well, since lying to the same ?!

- Come into the room, I'll give you a try.

The room boy put on a condom, explaining that he does not want to dirty linens. Then he began to gently kiss his beloved flower, which was still warm and soft after a bath and romantic revelations. Beloved moaned and fingered his hair and ears. Properly licked delicious cavity kunochki, he stuck his tongue inside and gently potrahival them it there. Quickly charter unaccustomed, the lover made as to blow a sweet tubercle her girls. He sucked and licked him until then, until she was writhing beneath him by burning her passion. At some point, she began to shake in convulsions orgazmiruet and again cried with delight.
Typing in her mouth a little juice, Igor gave Madeleine try it through a kiss.

- Well, how? - He asked - what was I saying?

- Sweet, but sweeter than you! - Happily laughed his passion.

Soon, little to eat and take a shower, the couple fell asleep. They had a good sleep that night to go to a sexually erotic adventure.

Igor dreamed a terrible dream. As if someone invisible tore his thighs apart and twisted his chest. Waking up screaming, he saw that one bed. From the kitchen getting any smell of freshly brewed coffee and the rustling of clothes. Madeleine ran into the room. Her face clearly reflected fear.

- You screamed ... la - seeing lovely creature, vyprastyvayuscheesya of blankets, she corrected herself.

- Yes, I woke up from this ... familiarize - also got better lovely creature, grabbing myself for pretty breasts, she would have lifted them up and shook her, I admire in the mirror opposite, newfound, - it was painful, but it seemed to me not so much as the last time ...

After showering quickly, but tightly supper, the girls set about fitting, which was more like a fashion show. Finally, focusing on the dark red dress and black accessories, after applying a little makeup causes two little slutty girls, one in red and one in bright blue, moved to the side of his erotic adventures. Flaniruya on "Broadway" they do not have to wait long for adventure on their lovely popochki. Near them sharply braked the car, in no way observed two nice men's faces. Sheared under a zero individuals, however, were dressed in stylish costumes, which suggests they are not bandits and rapists. By offering the girls, ride through the city, followed by going to the restaurant, the young men introduced himself as Sergei and Anatoly.

Girls slightly broken, checking on the unsuitability of future manic lover, then do not find in them even a hint (the guys were very gallant) vsharashilis in cars. As it turned out, those on a business trip, staying at the hotel, in no way was a good restaurant. Driving through the city was not long, soon Mercedes stopped in front of the hotel and the proverbial two couples marched inside. I will not bore the reader with descriptions, what they ate and drank, he let himself think up, especially Ira did not remember what she was devoured She trembled with lust loss of virginity. She wanted something solid, sweet and hot in their newly-found a cavity. So she then blushed, then turned pale and answered not vpopad. After drinking with her friend quite a drop, they are expected to continue the feast. Boys Knock thoroughly Russian vodka, soon invited girls in the numbering.

Numbered they filmed communicating and separate. Once in the room, her future lover, she looked around. Her attention was drawn to the door connecting the adjoining rooms. The decoration was not on the highest level, but it is quite cute. Closer to the window was a double bed, on which sat a man, opera back hands. Jacket and tie, had already been dropped and rested on a chair. Having head movement in the direction of his trousers, he smiled wondered if Ira did not want to meet his boyfriend.

- Suck it, I think you are a pro in this business? - Smiled again, he said.

To be honest, the girl is not so represented his first fall. She envisioned it romantic. Let no candles and flowers, but first kisses, hugs. Man tenderly undressing her ...

And then he did not even bother to unbutton his pants ... "Do nothing. Itself asked for. Who am I to him? Regular whore with which he was not accustomed to stand on ceremony, "- she thought, and took off the dress, stood in front of a man on his knees. Pulling into the daylight male combat weapon, the girl he seemed not too long, but very thick. Having succeeded in the field of cunnilingus, Ira did not have sufficient experience in the blowjob. But, as it turned out, I did not have a lover at all. No sooner had his gun to take a fighting stance, he decided to stop this occupation, sprawled across the bed, asked the girl to jump on him, after having protected him from any insinuations.

Virgin, completely exposed, readily granted his request. Carefully strung their narrow slits on the right standing post, yet he was a great in diameter and barely fits inside her. By the way, there was no blood, though it was a little painful. Man hug her sweet breasts and squeezed a bit in anticipation of the continuation. Woman jump start. She felt a strong moisturizing at it inside and out. Now her mind is not perevёrtyvalos everything was really like in her dreams. She began to move all the fiercer and faster, almost leaping from the member. Ira just warmed up. Prior to completion was still a long way, as the man began to tremble, from his mouth came a groan of pleasure. The woman felt in his cave of love, as it is a member, cutting, spit out the sperm inside the condom. Soon his kid went limp, and her lover rudely asked her to stop racing.

- But I have only just started to heat up - offended lover.

- Shut up, whore! I do not care! I got his, and you get your piss and - thrusting her money, correct situation evil man.

It should be noted that he was almost dressed, so buttoned his pants, turned ass to the world and began to snore loudly - likely soporific effect has a huge amount of vodka, drunk it before, in the restaurant.

Ira is not the way it is imagined. They are not only offended, but also very angry. But what could she do with a sleeping man? Knock strongly wanted him, but knowing that it hardly feels immediately rejected the idea.

Soon her attention was attracted by the noise behind the wall with a secret door. The voice of her friend about something man begged. He did not listen to it completely, and said loudly:

- Dash, where you get away! Now I'll tear your ass all the German mark, bitch!

There was a sound of ringing slap in the face and the subsequent mourning women, that hurt. Wild rage swept unsatisfied woman, feeling guilty that for what happens to her friend, she does not care about the dress, in two bounds was at the door, ready to save her friend from the perpetrator claims. The door did not yield to her furious onslaught. Open it is not possible. Painted in his own helplessness, she almost cried. However, remembering something, I cried in his mind: "Soton! You promised to protect me from inappropriate situations! In the name of saving my friend ... "- a familiar voice broke into consciousness:" Done! You possess superhuman strength "- and then disappeared.

The similarity of the lion roar will cast a woman's throat. Her hand slapped on the door. Castle left his now precarious nest. From wide open is not the sanctuary door was visible battered Madeleine and rapist tried to contact the victim, so as not to rock the boat her own stockings. On the face and chest apoplectic man bands from the claws of rabid cats. Perhaps the cat is not going to easy to say goodbye to my honor and rebuffed rapist. However, her left cheek was purple, and delicate hands and feet were burning scrapes and bruises will appear shortly. How much would it still lasted it is unknown, and what would it ended too.

- Come on let her go! - A little calmer, he said swept completely naked woman.

In her anger, she was beautiful. Burning eyes and small jaws without a doubt anybody would not be afraid, but to cope with two weak, delicate creatures man was much more cumbersome. So he just decided to cut down break into naked fury. Throwing his prey big man took a few steps towards the defender.

Protector without waiting for when it will approach, he heard a voice in his mind: "You know Kara Te and Kung Fu" - has performed a graceful technique referred to as Eastern philosophy, "the dragon wags its tail," and to put it simply, a reversal of his right foot in the region belly offender of his girlfriend. The blow was so strong that the big man nearly doubled over and flew like a cannonball ago. Sharahnuvshis against the wall, he straightened up and hung like a fly, pinned to the surface of the hand holding the sneakers Radivoje mistress. It then sat a few seconds of his limp body slowly slid along the wall.

- But he's not dead? - Afraid looking at his girlfriend asked Madeleine - that is tremendous strength! I've never seen anything in my life! Who is he, and who are you? - She chattered incessantly, ready to fall into hysterics on the effects of stress recently adjourned

- Madeleine, pull yourself together! All over! With him it's all right - he was unconscious, but a long time will remember how to stick to defenseless girls get dressed, we go, - Irina said.

Approaching the man, convinced that he was alive, she pulled out of his pocket and purse, taking out a certain amount, I put it back.

- What is this for? - I surprised Madeleine.

- But he's fucked you before the attempt on your ass? Let pay!

- Well ... ... itself is finished and I ...

- Two of a kind - my same - moving to another room, Il clarified the situation.

Rapid-lover went to bed as if nothing had happened, and probably did not wake up from the loud noise. It was surprising that the administration and the ear did not lead, as a body hit the wall was so strong that it could be heard almost all over the building. Yet girlfriend, decided not to wait until they do not need a development, Madeleine quickly plastered and beatings, they hastily left the inhospitable host.

- Adventurous enough for today, Ira said - we go home. To you or me? - Waving a pen, calling a taxi stop

- To me, I have a first-aid required.

At home they do treatment girlfriend. Ira inflicted various medicinal ointments in places inaccessible handles girlfriend lying on his stomach. Suddenly guided momentary impulse, it is quite sensitive soft ass kissed Madeleine, while smacking loudly.

- Hey! What are you doing!? - Starting to get angry, she said.

- You've got such a pretty, so sweet, a sin not to kiss - apologetically, but at the same time gently, Irina explained.

- Stop it, please! - Turning over on his back, he asked a fanatical opponent of pink love - you know, that I do not like it. One attempt on my ass to break it to the German mark, the other kisses her. In both cases, I do not like.

- Well, if you had no choice? - Taking stem sweet Madeleine to their gentle handles, Ira asked - that you choose?

- Of course the kiss in the ass - it does not hurt, and even ...

- What even? - Gently stroking her fingers, she asked the girl-boy - agreed.

- Even nice, but so what. It is only in the case if I had no choice - and let go of my leg! What are you doing now? Is not it?

- Of course not, it's just a friendly massage. And besides, you owe me for saving your popochki, allow me a little bit naughty. Allow me my little prank, - saying this she began to lick the fingers on his leg friends, sometimes sucking them.

- Ira! Are not you ashamed at all! - Outraged Madeleine, biting his lips. Her lovely face was flushed, her pretensions girlfriend liked, but it sickened her morals - it's just blackmail some!

- Yes, blackmail! - Taking the second leg of a woman in his arms again and Being accepted to lick her sweet fingers, - a few hours ago, you'd be happy to let me do it and allowed, and now what? What's the matter? What's the difference?

- But you are now a girl, and the boy was. With the boy I'll do that with pleasure, and the girl can not, please let me go. I confess I'm very pleased, I flow the whole, but it should not be.

- I see you wish to oppose this and do not know why - look featuring a small puddle of love juice on the sheet came running out of the slits sweet friend, you must not resist, I'm an unusual woman. I agree, if you have to pull up with the vile suggestion ordinary woman, I would support you, but to me it's different, and you know it - saying these words, yet she became passionately licking foot girlfriend

She flinched from the tickling and pleasure. Her breathing quickened. She again piteously asked her friend to stop it, but it looks like a white flag will soon be thrown out.

- Madeleine give away! I beg you! - Passionately kissing and biting the ankles of a girl - I would like you to give me the love oral as well, but after a few hours, and I do not want to wait that long. That man, a rabbit, in its sexual nature, but provoke me. I want love, affection. Caressing you, I dopoluchu, what I now do not have enough. I did get it anyway, but later on, and I want it now, this minute - gently kissing knees Madeleine, incessantly cracked temptress.

Taking a different position on the bed, turned almost 180 degrees to seduce, Ira continued:

- Now, if you right now vzbrendilos pat my chest, ass and even play fingers with my recordkeeping, it would look like a pink love, and what I want to lick your pussy, just at it does not look like - kissing the inner side hips, waiting for Madeleine reaction, slowly moved it to the desired mistress now, not a few hours.

- I give up! You won, blackmailer unhappy. Do with me whatever you want, - saying this, Madeleine suddenly poked his stick sweet kitties Intermedia legs, pleasuring her and began stroking her pussy, trying to stick to your finger. Soon she succeeded.

- Ah! How cute! - How do you do it sweetly, Madeleine - Ira moaned, gently licking the eve of recording his girlfriend.

Not stopping there, the mistress has already played two fingers there, sometimes pulling them in ecstasy licking.

- What are you sweet! My God, it's so nice!

She flushed in anticipation of sensual touch. At this time, Ira held his tongue circle where there was a cave woman of passion. Then she passionately kissed her outer lips, they began to move, revealing - a lover parted legs in anticipation of sensuality. The mistress was not in debt, it is bent in an incredible attitude and grasping for the ass girlfriend, pulled her close to kissing her pussy. Ira shuddered from each kiss. Its juice is a torrent left bosom. But not a drop fell on the sheets. A friend saw the divine nectar, not letting slip any of them. Madeleine flower bloomed. Her mistress again committed blowjob with lovely pestle, show of love subsoil.

The girlfriend did not remain in debt, she also liked to do blowjob with a worm lover. Licking him with sweet nectar, she was shaking with love goryachek oral and vaginal love. The same thing happened with her partner. Orgasm swept both bodies, they were lowing, without releasing other delights, fearing that he would lose at least another bit of enjoyment. Soon, their limp bodies: they have broken up, but then joined again, kissing passionately on the lips, thrusting their tongues, sharing the nectar obtained.

- Are you going to argue over whose juice is sweeter? - Madeleine asked.

- No, I will not, my friend rosy, of course, yours! - Laughing, said Ira.

- Here is a bitch! All the same, seduced! Where blackmail where cunning - happily frowned newly appeared rosy.

- Bitch! More what, - laughing girlfriend - but the favorite.

- My favorite, favorite. Don `t doubt! - Impulsively hugging her friend and gently kissing her hair, whispered Madeleine - a favorite ... my favorite ... my ...

Continued: The boy who dreamed of becoming a girl. Part 2

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