Well enough idle wander, - said the mother, unloading bags. -Let's Take a trip to Donetsk, visit his sister, city look. And the holidays are, it is warm outside, and you're still in the house toil. I thought it was really possible to go, hot spring, do our Pupyrovke nothing, and in Donetsk at least take a look as there Alenka studying at music college. Finishes fourth year, and I'm there never was. We decided that in the morning and go, his mother says, I can manage, after all, already knocked fourteen. We Alenka three days and six years difference and celebrate together often. That was the last time she came and we carefully noted. I was then even allowed to drink 100 grams of vodka. Now the mother has collected goodies for Alenka. Baked pies, pickles, and put two large bottles of Pervak. Arriving in Donetsk, I found a hostel quickly, Alenka gave details on what tram to go, where to go and where to pick up the key to the room, if it is not. And it certainly was not. I went into the room adjacent to it, knocked several times. The door was opened explicitly zaspanaya girl in a short rather rumpled shirt.
-You Slavik, Alena brother? 'I asked she. I said yes, just arrived. Where he had put the key? -razmyshlyala it aloud.
-Who is he? 'I asked. Yes Bear, my husband is fast asleep now, not razbudesh, and here it is! -uvidela key on the shelf for shoes and leaned over him. At this point, her shirt rode up and I saw that there was no panties on her. Clearly it was evident a few moles on her ass. The pants pleasantly tickled, but she immediately got up and my facial expression apparently realized that something I parted, but she is not a bit embarrassed handed me the key and said that a half-hour should come neighbor Alenka the room Oxana and Ira , and she would come in about two hours. Once in the room, I looked around and saw a bed Alenkina jacket, thought it was her, and began to lay out his belongings. For doing this, and I caught Oksana Ira. Oksana was of medium height, quite a pretty blonde with big breasts, which was noticeable even under the cloak, and Ira lower Cute brunette with a cheerful face and a strand-kucheryashkoy, going down on his forehead.
They immediately zatarotorili that, as well as the time I arrived, the weather is so good and so on. I showed them that he had brought, told how to get and asked if he could-if anywhere obmytsya. They explained to me how to find the shower and I went, taking Alenkina towel and soap. In the shower cubicles were five and only one lamp. In the farthest stall, according to the splash of water, someone has showered. I am located in the middle of the cabin, a little after standing under the water began to lather his hair. Suddenly I heard
-What are you doing here? He opened his eyes and saw that same girl who gave me the key. She stood completely naked in front of me, a little akimbo and no hiding behind. -I, Me, me Oksana Ira was sent here. Well prikolistka themselves are clean and kid here is sent. I had never seen a naked woman in front of him but still so beautiful and uncomplexed, my dick immediately rose, and I have tried to cover up his hand. She laughed and said that since it happened Do not be embarrassed. -How old are you? she asked in amazement looking at my cock. -Fourteen. Well now it's time to grooms, she -uhmylnulas and removing my hand gently ran her hand along the trunk strained. Yes you have to run out, take my breast, try. -And What about your husband? I -vydohnul. Yes husband, he hryapnul glass hangover and now not until the evening came to, you do not hesitate, touch, pleasant to women when they are petted, 'she said, and slowly became my podrachivat pisyun. I, in turn, began to gently stroke her breasts, then moved on to the ass, belly. It strengthened his hand movement, I felt the approach of detente emboldened and began fingering her crotch. I see she rolled her eyes and began to moan, I took it and put his other hand on her shoulder. -E Is not present, it is too early to you, 'she said, apparently as that of their having regarded my movement. -No, I do, -only and I was able to squeeze out as an orgasm washed over and out of the palm of her right on the belly spilled some hot heavy jets. At this point it also peaked, her body quivered once and because I did not stop slowly massaging her crotch she let out a sensual moan and probably too much finished.
-Class! -All that she could say at the moment. I was dumbfounded at all. She took my soap, cleaned with belly sperm, kissed me on the cheek and went to the door a smooth gait. I woke up just a couple of minutes, as a drunken man wiped, got dressed and went to the top of the room Alenka. To be continued

  • 80


God, how you were right, my dear girl, my little kitty! Do you really feel so good people ... and me? Where did you come from in my rhythm, life? Why do I only look at my photos and your mind all the time going back to a time when you could see so often? Where are you, witch? ...
Several meetings months ago, tea party together, laughing and talking ... Then, it seems, after an eternity of silence - a couple of phone calls and finally ... meeting. It seems to be in the circle of friends, and it seemed to me, I feel your skin every look, I feel gestures, catching silver overflows with laughter and magic hair swaying overhead. Red and pale at the same time, I froze at the meeting, at the sound of unearthly voices ... Palm ledeneyut and moisturizes lips for some reason - the glow in my head - the fog. Why is this? I do not know .... Although, no, I know. Lying to myself - what could be worse? All I know and understand, but ...
I had to, you had to tell you about it back then, in the summer ... I realized this long ago. But time does not return.
Scattered look at the dusty glass and do not understand how can burn on a white, a red-hot day white star sky ?! As birds chirping can drown out the noise of cars, breaking into the open window? I do not understand!! For I understand that if someone does not tell you right now - or whether, even the casual passer or driveway bench, I miss you, and how often do I miss you, will happen - something irreparable. I go blind, go deaf, go crazy!
How crazy, I look in the eyes of the people running toward me. But they turn away, afraid of direct, point-blank look.
They are not wounded tenderness. They are normal, tortured life ...
...This night seems endless to me. I will only see and hear you in my dreams. Already, I ask ... I'm sorry, my little white star - for dark circles, painted watercolors of insomnia and anguish under my eyes. As much as I wanted you to kiss them ... then when - or whether, allowing to take the kiss and made me such a gift. Knowing that this will never happen and that my feeling is lonely and poor - an undivided forever, I do beg your pardon. For some reason it seems that you would not like that I miss you ...

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Virtuoso kunniling

Late in the evening a security officer suddenly looked Merkulov Lavrentiy Beria.
- Do not bother, Merkulov - he reassured - I was just smoking a cigarette.
Beria lit, sat backwards on the table and absently staring at the ceiling asked:
- Merkulov, have you ever done kunniling?
And not once did Merkulov kunniling, but did not know that it is so called, and so stupidly asked:
- What?
- I too did not know - sigh Beria. - It is, Hear, Baba language - well, it's - Muska ... Understood, yes? Do you want to tell you how I learned these things?
Merkulov depicted on the face of attention. And Lavrenty Pavlovich, his glittering pince-nez and a cigarette for smoking a cigarette, told him the story of the intimate, or rather - intimate-public content.
- Listen, Merkulov, only swear that nobody will tell, - it is the greatest of secrecy. The atomic bomb next to it - ugh, seeds. And talk, listen, too, someone wants to, not yet in itself such a weight to carry, right? Well, listen, it was a few years ago, Koba said the Politburo:
- I propose to discuss the additional item. What? - Ask. And Koba, look, one word - a genius of all time - that he says: We must, they say, to take seriously the fact that the creators of light memorialize socialism. Well - all for unanimously. Koba was like the office and goes on offer, said the capture of each of our statesmen in some monumental canvas. According to the approved list and approved subject. Well, again golosnuli for. I suggest, says Coba, for comrade Voroshilov this story: "Commissar Voroshilov checks oholoschennost stallions in the Armed Forces entrusted to him". Voroshilov, listen, hurt something, tried to prove that he, they say, this story does not fit - but you know Koba? He just flashed eyes and asks you what, Klim, going against the party line? Put to the vote - all of Voroshilov abstained. Then the leader of the plot for Molotov presented - I would listen, never guessed - "Comrade Molotov explains factory worker "Red Dawn" CC decision on the inadmissibility of flatulence during the political studies". All over again, Molotov - abstained. And Koba like more about the study and says predalagayu start monumental painting with the People's Commissar Comrade Beria. Why with me? - I say. But Stalin and joked, suddenly says, you'll die soon - how then to convey to posterity the image of your light? A plot what? - I ask.
- Do you think what? - Suddenly I asked Merkulov legendary Commissar.
Merkulov only spread his hands. Beria sighed, shook his head and continued:
- "Academician Lepeshinskaya accuses Commissar Beria in nevladenie basics kunniling". I have something, listen, and did not know about any such kunniling - I think it is something of biology experiments Michurin any. He took, you know, and all voted in favor. Well, I come to the office and asked for someone - listen - well, on the back opened his cold. This is what I think this old fools I will n ... suck? And to me in this way for posterity exposed? Say, well, shame is, eh? He began to call Kobe: so and so, Comrade Stalin, misunderstanding happened because of personal modesty can not perpetuate itself. Koba not hear anything - do not argue with the party line. And then I say, after he voted, and now refuse to - stupid, listen. Well, come to me with a personal escort prescription to start full-scale sketches. Horseradish whether to do - go. I say - let's get to Nalbandian on the way wrap, let him draw, I do not recognize the other portrait. We called Kobe, agreed - he did not mind. They took Nalbandian - Merkulov, a strange man he is, eh? - Familiarized him a receipt with a secret decision of the Politburo and so - no, it is not believed. Before Lepeshinskaya all with his mouth open and his eyes bulged driving, yes - probably thought his play.
Entering, Lepeshinskaya already negligee, was covered with a blanket, well, established easel Nalbandian. I asked comrade Lepeshinskaya, you realize that the plot involves the separate location you and me? A Lepeshinskaya, bitch, nothing, perhaps, the most Lysenko glasses rubbed immediately and snapped: that's seen, Comrade Beria, that you really have not mastered the basics kunniling because when it separate location entirely possible, I say, once again convinced in the brilliant foresight leader, Comrade Stalin, that he wisely chose the theme for the beautiful masterpiece! Yes, Merkulov was not a room - I had to listen, get on all fours and the ... you know, what you feel? Do you want to tell?
Merkulov again moved his hands vaguely. Beria smacked his lips, his face assumed a dreamy expression, and he plunged into the sweet memories.
- Not thinking, listen ... My tongue melted in bliss ... Grey coarse hair comrade Lepeshinskaya nice tingled my gums ... Her breathy moans of sweet wave hit me straight in the brain ... "Here it is, happiness, enjoying what the righteous in paradise"- I thought, almost losing consciousness from complete ecstasy.
Lawrence P. paused again, smacked his lips, sighed again, and lit a cigarette and began to talk further.
- Yes, Merkulov, who ever it is experiencing - blessed mortal ... One, you know, I did not like - could not this teaching grymza leave their manners, listen, uh, totally unresponsive woman. She would have something kind to say, and it is all on the story: how do you keep the language, Comrade Commissar Beria, deeper, deeper ... in short, all unhappy with something, yes. I have really nothing to the Chinese Communists, I asked one book translated, presented - "Tao of love" - Well, listen, I do everything by the book - and still she did not please everyone. And, listen, what is bad - Nalbandian could not stand - the Armenians, that they are all that there are nervous, what do you think? - It is necessary to draw, and he will let fall to the floor. I tell him: you can, eats bad? - He says - no, Comrade Commissar, I'm with emotion.
Well, then, Merkulov - and then it came over me? - I made a mistake. I think: how can that be, since I have a wife, it is necessary to explain to her, ashamed, hear - it turns out, I change, huh? That somehow summoned the courage to say: Listen, my wife, a serious conversation with you. Now I've to go to someone Academician Lepeshinskaya, clit her designs, but you do not think I told you I do not change, we had Nalbandian posing for a picture, this is our party a mandate. Well, you know after all - a woman, she suffered at me, ah, Merkulov - ever, this was not. I say: Call Kobe, if you do not believe. She calls: so and so, Comrade Stalin, my ... well, she called me wrong - says that Lepeshinskaya clit sucks that it is the party requested. And Stalin to her, and why Comrade Beria reveals to his wife, an important party and state secrets? In short, Merkulov, she understood everything, but you know? - I demanded that we Lepeshinskaya Nalbandian posed with her. And that, says, I know you - you're on kunniling not stop, but about something else in the story is not, so I keep an eye on you itself to debauchery was not.
And she began to make sketches with me to go - you know, Merkulov, well, not in a rush, not what was, eh? Lepeshinskaya your pointer gives his wife immediately upon the soul is, Nalbandian sniffs as makers, inspectors from the CCC go - well, intimate the same thing, eh? I do speak Nalbandian - you round off with his sketches - well, a couple of times he said that ... he sketches enough.
Lawrence P. paused, a sly gleam pince-nez and said:
- How do you think, Merkulov, that out of all this happen? From our, you know, tao of love with Lepeshinskaya?
- The picture probably - Merkulov replied cautiously.
- Listen, it is clear that the picture ... I'm talking about the other - would never guess ... Merkulov know that Lepeshinskaya grown? Do you know how much? Ten centimeters, in both, you understand? And I, you see ...
And Comrade Beria opened his mouth wide. Disbelief Merkulov saw pops out - no, not the language, but ... a real phallus! Wow!
And Beria proudly moved to and fro by the fact that before he had language, and confided Merkulov:
- Now I indulge myself, okay? No girls do not, huh? What's that, Merkulov! I'll show you now is ... Listen, close your eyes for a moment.
Merkulov closed her eyes heard the ringing of the belt buckle, and then something hot wet licked his ear. Moving away involuntarily, Merkulov opened his eyes - and was stunned. In his chair with his pants down standing triumphantly smirking, Lavrenty Beria, and between his feet, before the face of Merkulova, hung down a wide, red and slobbering tongue ... !!! And Merkulov, like a nervous Nalbandian, hiccup and a bag fell to the floor.
P.S. At a secret meeting of the Political Bureau of the People's Commissar Beria locked State Prize was awarded for the development of the clitoris friend Lepeshinskaya.

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How to run a year! I remember Alain. So good I remember it as if parted last summer. When I met her, she was exactly eighteen. We lived together for two years. It turns out that she was not with me for about three years!
Alyona! Often recalling the details of our meetings, I continued to wonder - how could it be given me so devotedly and enthusiastically, without loving? Within two years, she wanted to see me, she called me when she was issued a free evening. All the free time we spent together and most of it in bed. How uninhibited and voluptuously she satisfied my bizarre desires. Rationality in those days, melted in my head, like wax in the fire, and her calling to weakness, submissiveness raznezhennaya awakened the beast in me. I took it devoutly, and came to the delight of her languid postanyvaniya, from the consciousness that she was fine with me.
"I do not love you. Why continue?" - She said, after two years of our life together. Wounded pride threw me blood in my head: "Well, let us part!" Strange, but her eyes still filled with tears. Perhaps she hoped that I, as before, will begin to convince her of his love. Her eyes were swollen from crying, she took off with my finger donated gold ring. And we went in different directions.
In the bustle of everyday life, including everyday worries do not notice the time .. Um, physical forces are directed to the achievement of various objectives. But so cleverly arranged the brain that the pain - the pain of loneliness - it can expose the heart at any moment. Sometimes, you go to the tram, sitting at the window, looked at passers-by and all of a sudden ...
Alyona! Did I not see thee among the passers-by! After all, we live in the same city. Well, what would you tell her? I would ... I would have looked into the eyes: Alain, be mine again. I need you! After all, you were so good to me!
And obliging memory begins to scroll through the scene as if I had seen once in a movie - in color, with the voices. That summer's day and two young men ride the bus to the outskirts of the city. People sweat, Alena on the forehead sweat. I hold on to the handrail, she held my hand. The sun bakes through the windows, people succumb heroically and nauseating smell of human crowding dense mass hanging in the air. We are going to the empty apartment to make love. I stole a glance at Alain - beads of sweat running down his forehead to the temples, blouse from heavy breathing rises abruptly - and strangely, instead of disgust I feel lust and feel like in swimming trunks hid elastic force my friend.
Here we enter the apartment. Remove shoes. Cool, twilight. Alain in the hallway at the mirror straightens hair. I went back, tightly pressed against her cool buttocks, dug his lips in the neck. My hands, breaking her little resistance, climbed under her skirt and began to rapidly remove the panties. "Well, if you say so ..." - She whispered softly, and, resting his hands on the wall, supple legs apart. I pulled the pants, slightly bent legs, perched and plunged into a hot boyfriend depth. Noisy breathing, both of us were given once messy and disorderly. Oh, moment of bliss! As if in a spasm arched my body, somewhere in the depths of her womb I hit my jet and brushed off ... numb. I pulled out a friend and realized that I could not get into the bathroom, as on his feet, as if shackled, hung twisted trousers - had to jump. Alena, shoulder obolokotivshis on the corridor wall, laughing. Yes, the view was really fun - a young man in a shirt and tie, lowered his trousers with boyfriend standing at 19.00, jumping down the hall to the bathroom.
One day, I took her to the car out of the city. On a warm summer evening, we walked along the beach, breathing in the scent of iodide. She clung to me, her hot body. Large pine trees in the flickering light cast eerie shadows and seaside frightened her desolate silence. We got back in the car. I sat behind the wheel and merged with Alena hot kiss, arched awkwardly to one side. My position does not give space for the manifestation of desires. Pal nalilsya weight and ran into his trouser fabric. His little hands she stroked my torso, leg, and finally found the boyfriend. In the darkness I could not see her eyes, but felt the hot breath ragged. She undid my pants, pulled melting and boyfriend jumped out. She groaned and bent and pressed her glowing face to the friend elastic. I leaned back in the seat and felt the sweet tingling as she caressed my boyfriend eyelashes tickling, touching velvet in leather hot cheeks and lips. When I groaned with emotion, she opened her mouth and grabbed two fists boyfriend, became his noisy suck. She turned the rough tongue, pushes deep into the throat boyfriend, then clenched his lips. My hand was on her, trembling with excitement, her friend. Immeasurable tenderness and joy swept over me from head to toe. Push. Alain leaned to one side and adhesive droplets hit the dashboard.
Alyona! When we spent time together, walking through the streets of the city, the reason quarrel over trifles. You're so irritated quickly! I also did not concede. Why do I have caused irritation in you? You did me a lot of the comments - do not say so, do not look, do not go. You wanted me to become better? So that I become what you wanted to see me? But I was not able to remake ourselves. And you could not forgive me this.
One day, when her parents left for a few days, she invited me to stay with her for three days. We are located in the general parental couch. "I love to play", - She told me to lay down and diagonally. Whether native walls so encouraged it, whether it pleased vozvozhnost live family life almost without a break almost as much as three days, but she glowed with joy. We were playing all night. After breakfast, a walk in the park. Lunch with wine. And again in the bed. Later in the afternoon we are still engaged in this business. To tell the truth, my friend was still fine, but as it was under anesthesia - that is, do not feel anything. But once favorite lifts his legs up, a sin to refuse. She was lying on his back, his feet resting on my shoulders, and I stood in front of her on his lap and rocked rhythmically, like a shuttle. Lack already passionate pressure, phlegm, my friend has often fall out of the cave. The cave entrance was now a spacious, and because I do not help him hands whenever he could push to shove it back into a blessed hole. Here we go again. Example, stabbed girlfriend ... and a cry, she jumped out of bed. "What?" - I did not feel anything, and therefore did not understand. She looked at me with embarrassment and reproach. "You can not hit the hole. Specially?" I swore that no purpose.
We got dressed and went to the restaurant. We returned closer to one in the morning. The ventilated bedroom was fresh. We were placed in vases of flowers, and as if there was vpomine and intense days. To my great surprise, my friend again nalilsya elastic force. Standing close to me for a kiss, Alain felt it through his clothes. She began to undress, turning back to me. I also undressed, throwing clothes on the floor. He stepped toward her, pressed against her back. He held out his hands, took a chest hands and tried to turn her on. She did not turn. Again, I tried to turn. Standing still back to me, she pressed her buttocks to my pal and groaning, began to rub against him. "She wants me to take her back ..."- Struck me tremendous hunch. From strangeness I myself tremble quiver, but he did fit in. Bursting in, my friend felt the dry heat and began to swell rapidly. Allen moaned. Feeling the bottom of gut-wrenching force, I cried out and squeezed her breasts. Tremors passed warm wave.
Odnazhdny, nearly a year after our parting, I gave up and called her at work and arranged a meeting. There was a ... a cold, windy night, and as luck would have it, we long could not get into any cafe. We walked around the city for about an hour in search of shelter, shivering, and she tore several times already to go. I explained that I needed to tell her something important, but I can not do it on the street. Silly situations! She descended to the patient. Finally, we jumped in the cafe, ordered coffee and cognac.
I looked at her and did not recognize. The figure became even better, but the eyes - already disingenuous, shifty eyes. It's not her, not my Allen. We drank hot coffee. I began to ask her about her life. With whom she lives now? "With no one". Were she a man lately? Ugly smile disfigured her mouth: "Yes. Was alone". So how is it? "I was happy with him". Jealousy steel claws pinned my heart. "Why now you're alone? Why do not you live with him?" "Life - a complicated thing"- And she laughed again so nasty insincere laughter. I saw in front of a stranger, but, hoping to convince the reality, made another attempt: "Come back to me! I need you!" She looked coldly at me and said: "What for? I never loved you. A live close, do not love, perhaps could, but do not want". "Not loved, I never loved"- I repeated both stunned and drank his cognac in one gulp. She said in surprise: "Oh, you're so pale!" And hurried exit, afraid to see that I venture at the table row. But I was just stunned, contused. I would not make sense to conceive a scandal, because it was not possible to return it to him, to return our past.
I'm not an angel. What I have been women? Once, in a drunken company, when men began to boast of his conquests over women, I, too, his memory and tried to count. At the end of the second ten it became repetitive and confused. And the older I get, the more I was oppressed by remorse. I have always considered myself a one-woman man, but for some reason could not stay close to one woman for a long time. From a few days to several months, and then I was looking for an excuse to break. I found every time a good reason. But the older I get, the more I remember a dream familiar tear-stained women's faces.
Perhaps it would be fair to every man had at least once in a lifetime opportunity to experience how the girl loses virginity to be her first and favorite man. But once the men and women in this world about equally, it means that every man, once having received such a possibility, should refrain from further such attempts. Because each new successful attempt - a hijacking law, hijacking unique happiness. And I'm guilty. Three times, if you do not recall Alain, I passed the Rubicon. What could I say in your defense?
The first time was when I was 23 years old. I was fresh, cheerful and energetic. I walked through the city in the spring leather coat and with a solid diplomat - was in a hurry on business. And suddenly I saw a charming storefront decently dressed blonde. Moon face, small mouth and huge blue eyes. I could not pass up. I walked over to her. In those years, I was energetic and charming. In short casual conversation, I learned that she was from the Crimea, came on vacation to see our city, staying at a hotel "Intourist". I expressed my desire to be in the evening of her guide. We agreed that I would go to 19.00 to her room, and we're going to wander around the city.
Wander we did not have. I really came in the evening to her room. But a diplomat I have laid a good bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. The same evening I had to overcome her constant resistance. At first she refused to stay in the room, they say, better to go for a walk; then she did not want to drink wine; later she objected, so I stayed with her for the night. But I was persistent - no offense to the failures, urged her gentle speech and wise arguments. I read poems to her, saying all sorts of vsyakosti. And when tapped on the clock at midnight, I asked permission to lie down on the bed next to the morning.
By itself, it formed the clothes, without undressing. I lay on my couch for about fifteen minutes, pondering where to begin "aggression". I do not think of anything clever, just walked up to her and lay down next to the couch. She really liked me, and I with genuine affection kissed her slightly swollen lips. Gradually, more and more agitated, I undressed her and covered with kisses all the new parts of her body - neck, forearms, chest. She did not resist - lying in a relaxed exhaustion. I undressed her completely, quickly threw off his clothes and parted her legs, sat down on top. My friend poked in the search entry. I helped him to his fingers and jerked his body, planted inside. She screamed. "Was she ... was?" - I thought burned. Why not say anything before? "What happened? Are you hurt?" - I asked her anxiously. "No ... It is not hurt"- Quietly she whispered, threw her arms around my neck and began to cover the hot kisses my face. "She would not so easily transferred this"- I reassured myself, and continued his work with sufficient diligence. Then we take turns running to the bathroom. The light did not light the room. Again and again the bed caresses of love - on the 3rd or 4th time she came to talk and has surrendered with pleasure. Oh, youth! Where were taken power?
Falling asleep early in the morning, badly dented, but funny ,. we got closer to noon. And here I saw a crumpled sheet. It stood out a few dried blood spots. "So you were a girl?" "Now it is not important. I'm happy"- And she clung to me, kissed long and tender kiss.
What I was familiar with it? She stayed in my town for four days, all nights were the holidays of our love. Then she wrote me a letter, I answered her shorter, but also regular. She did not put me to the question of marriage. And I could not decide on it. His property I had (he lived with his parents), engineer salary is not enough even for me. I was an adult, had a profession and a job, but could not consider themselves independent. Gradually our correspondence fell silent. Her last letter was dripped. She wrote that she was crying and did not see any possibility izbzhat gap, it is bitter, because I was indecisive, but she does not blame anyone.
Alyona! Maybe my meal for you this is my cross for women, which I left once.
The second time it happened by means of relatives. "Enough of you to run a bachelor, marry!" - I was told acquaintances relatives. "I do not mind, get the bride"- I answered calmly and sincerely believed that I wanted to marry. Odnazhny one family night I pointed to the 18-year-old girl. After dinner, I asked her to take a walk in the park. During the walk, it was found out that she was already narasskazali about me a lot of good things and recommended as a future husband. We have discussed this topic fun and walk to the end of already kissed several times. I offered her the next day to come to my home to continue to put the groom grooming. She was a student and fleeing with the latest studies, came to me in the afternoon. My parents worked till evening. At that time I had a change of job and so was the house.
So, she came to my house. Recommendations relatives did their job - she already considered herself mentally and my fiancee because almost soprotivalyalas my persistence. To kiss her to dizziness, I took off her panties, she lowered its Brooke and took his hands in her buttocks, planted a secret place to your count. She cried aloud in pain, and I felt the wet on my neck weeping, and on the legs with blood. The fragile female creature trembled in my hands. "My favorite!" - I gasped from the immense gratitude. Then we drank champagne, which turned out to be in my fridge ....
I lived with her for almost six months. We met, hiding from their parents, in fits and starts. In bed we reigned complete satisfaction - we went through a phase, having tried a lot of poses. But as life together, the more I got to know her, the harder it became to me the thought that I have to marry her. No, it was a nice, respectable young woman. But it was some sort of dull-willed character. I felt that I could not long be next to her - her pessimism oppressed. I have long suffered, feeling remorse for having deprived her virginity before marriage. It is for this to be taken seriously, and repeated several times that he gave me just because we're married. Then one day I decided - told her that we part. She wept bitterly. I tried to convince her that our separation will benefit both of us. She did not answer, and wept bitterly.
Then he told me that for a year she lived as in a dream. A year later, a classmate made her an offer. It has become another man's wife, and the more I have not heard anything about it.
At night I often pursue the same dream. I see a line up of women with whom I lived. They lined up in chronological order, and follow from one to another, I peered into their tear-stained faces, trying to remember their names, remember something good in our relationship - that would be a consolation to them, but I forgiveness.
The third time I have broken devtsvennost not accidental, but succumbed to his weakness. At the time I was in a long business trip in another city, and rented a room in a 2-room apartment. The second room occupied girl. Almost two weeks we were not familiar with it. They worked in different shifts. If both happened to be in the apartment during the day, every muffled closed the door of his room. One weekend I have strongly got drunk in the same company. After returning home, I went to bed. Morning woke up a little earlier due to strong thirst (the day before drinking vodka). Pal stood at 11.00 as iron stake - it happens from vodka. Reeling, I went to the kitchen door to the girl's room was open. Having had a drink of water, I walked back and stopped near her room. He stuck his head over the door jamb. Her bed was against the wall, she lay with her eyes open. "Good morning" - I said. She smiled graciously. So I did not hesitate, he took a step toward her bed and quickly got under the blanket. "I want to warm you" - I muttered, not too clearly, and clung to her body. She lay motionless, while I stroked her belly, arms, neck and chest. But when I started pulling off her panties, she clenched her legs and began to howl. I embraced, and bound her, murmuring something soothing, toe contrived to cling to the elastic of her panties and pulled them one jerk. She calmed down and lost the last barrier saying: "All the same, it would have to happen", Opened her legs. When I satisfied her passion, she busily crumpled bloodstained sheets, lay a fresh and went to wash. "Well, well - I thought - ever have to marry. She seems a nice girl". Until the end of my trip, we lived together. But I did not feel admired or at least the state of amorousness. Everything was once commonplace. In bed, she gets cold - bent under my whim, but without a spark. In everyday life - the same complaisance and mediocrity. "As my whole remaining life now suffer with it? Due to the moment of weakness?" - I thought with fear. And she had grown accustomed to me for two months, counting on something that may even be loved. We never talked about it. And I have lost heart. When the end of my trip, I packed up and went to her room to say goodbye. She knew already a few days ago - went angry, his eyes were swollen (seen crying at night) to see me with things loud cry and fell on the bed, shaking with sobs all over. How could I comfort her? I left the room and flew away from this city.
One day, when I again saw in a dream line up acquaintances women, I thought: "Why are they all in the ranks placed equal? I meet here those who lived months. Let those with whom you have lived longer arm and take great places". And here I am again going down the line - many standing with his hands down, the other pulled them to shoulder level ... Alena! You're here too! How much space you took my wounded memory? No, you do not have enough arm's length? But I love you! Still. I love ... knowing that he would never be able to bring you back.
In the same breath, I wrote a confession. I tried several times to distort, embellish their actions - even before the conscience is sometimes sad to confess to the crime. But I frankly laid out here the innermost part of his life. So if I am a scoundrel? There were also many women are happy with me? But the Scarecrow I get, the more I dream of familiar tear-stained women's faces.

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Wedding preparations

With Marina we live for about a month. When we met her, she weighed some 90 kilograms during the growth of 165 centimeters. When he learned that Marina is not averse stout again, I put her condition, we write out when it will weigh 120 kilograms.
Marina agreed, and in addition to their normal diet became hard devour all sorts of chocolates and cakes, but the process was too slow.
- Total 300 grams! - Disappointed he exclaimed Marina, climbing down from the scales. - And this week! So we did not get married in a year!
- Well, well, I'll help you, - I said - at night you will be drinking half a liter a special blend of my cooking.
- And what of the mixture?
- Nothing special: sugar, milk, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Plus natural supplements that are commonly prescribed to improve digestion.
Marina agreed, and the first night I cooked her a cocktail, do, however, not a half-liter, and a little more somewhere 0.7.
My beloved, who shortly before the good supper, after drinking half, panting, he said:
- Oh, something I have not calculated. Belly - like a drum, see.
I started stroking swollen belly Marina, and she meanwhile finished off the second half.
Collapsed on the sofa, Marina languidly moaned. I continued to stroke her taut belly, enjoying its elasticity. Marina lifted his thick, stubby legs, all his views expressing readiness for sex. I took her by the heels and spread his legs apart, pushing his penis into her vagina from the desire to moisten. The feeling was just indescribable, I was able to enjoy the fact that Marina drink tablets, and do not need to use a condom. First, very, very slowly, but gradually increasing the pace, I began to have a marina. Marina, groaning with excitement, her hands began to knead her big breasts. Its crowded stomach swayed, entering into resonance with the movement of our bodies.
- Oh, how good! - Marina moaned, Oh, more, more quickly!
I gradually increased the pace, setting the stage for Marina stronger and stronger. The speed of all increased, Marina screams grew louder and louder, finally she cried out:
- Ah, I'm coming! Cumming !!!
Suddenly, I too felt the impending orgasm. Not slowing the frantic pace, I finished right in Marina, experienced a truly extraterrestrial pleasure.
In the body of Marina held a cramp that made the cry go to the sweet moan.
- Wow, all night prokuvyrkalis, - said Marina in the morning when we were having breakfast - I feel I agreed knowingly getting fat.
* * *
A week later, I quietly increased the amount of up to a liter. While Marina gulps saw his evening dose, I was watching her, feeling some excitement it gives me. Another would be: right in front of me in the stomach of my beloved disappeared liter mixture, which is almost unchanged turn into fat!
- Oh, I can not - all drunk to the dregs rygnuv and loudly moaned Marina - now bursting!
I helped her to undress and neatly laid on the bed. Lying side by side, I put my hand on his stomach tight Marina, which slightly raise and fall of her breath. Gentle massage of the abdomen Marina helped to absorb the mixture.
It took another two weeks, and I have increased the daily dose of the marina.
- Are you poured me more? - Finally, she said.
- A little bit. (In fact, it was one and a half liters of oily cocktail)!
After drinking, Marina put her belly with hands and closed his eyes and groaned.
- Darling, do you wrong?
- One awkward movement and I'm sure going to explode ... But I do like to feel the pressure inside! It literally (Marina then belched loudly) excites me!
Needless to say, that this night is over rough sex. Marina only asked not to put pressure on the stomach, fearing that would not properdetsya.
* * *
In a few weeks, I brought the volume of the drink up to two liters. It was the right thing, and according to my calculations, this was worth to stay. Marina is an increase in volume, I explained that to the required weight of the left quite a bit, and you need to overcome this boundary accelerated pace.
Surprising was that glut oneself, Marina excessively excited. Her orgasms are much more rugged than without overfeeding.
Every morning, I could enjoy the view of his beloved, which is standing on the scales strokes his growing by leaps and bounds stomach.
Other parts of the body is also not left behind: Marinin ass and fatter, his chest rose and became more weighty.
In fact, Marina weighed 115 kilograms not been shown scales, and all 125. I just adjusted the chut-chut them, thinking that the ideal weight for my wife - 130 kilograms.
Marina just finished off almost 2 liters of pure fat, and panting, lying on the couch.
Her cheeks were flushed, and his forehead glistening beads of sweat. If now Marina needed to get up, then without assistance, it would cost almost. My hands gently stroked the immense belly Marina, helping it to absorb the contents.
- And after the wedding, we did not stop to feed me?
- Well, there's the way you want. On the one hand, and to you, and I like it, but on the other - whether it is necessary to go too far?
- Then do this: reduce the amount of shake four times, and I'll drink it, just not to lose shape.
With these words, Marina turned on her side, opening my eyes a huge, delicious, like buns, ass. A moment later she was standing on his knees, his immense otklyachila ass.
- Darling, come into me from behind! Feel what the general became my ass!
Twice do not need to ask me. Clasping hands baggy perdilnik Marina, I put his penis in her sweaty wet pussy excited moans his beefy partner. In the fast pace I began to fuck Marina, enjoying the view of the waves running up on her ass with every movement.
Preparations for the wedding was not in vain, Marina really has become the embodiment of my dreams.

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Feminine Genia. Part 3

- "Come on, babe, you need to bring in order and dress up for dinner. "- Said my mother and we went to the room from which she came. It was a bedroom with a double bed, dressing table and a shower, I lay on the bed and Dad gently snoring. Seeing him, I stood, rooted to the spot, as he could at any moment to wake up and see me like this. The view I had another one - not a single piece of cloth on my new feminine body protruding from the excitation segment, disheveled hair and his face in sperm. - "Hmm, dad to a little surprised to see you in this way" - said mother sarcastic tone - "But you are lucky, he pumped up and sleeps like a log. I think even if we do it right now will dance the rumba, it still did not wake up. " Mom sat on the edge of the bed, pushing father's leg and gestured for me to sit beside him. I walked over and sat down quietly "girly" closed their knees and put the stick on them. Mom looked at me approvingly. - "It's amazing how much you changed for the last night and today. "- She said, took a towel and wiped the cum from my face. - "You were always so neat, neat, obedient boy, but that you are so quickly vtyaneshsya, become a feminine and attractive, I did not expect".

I was silent, letting her speak, I felt that it was important to her. "You know, Eugene, I was not sure that doing the right thing when leaving the pill in your room. But now I clearly understand what you did and many other big favor. ". - "What?! The tablet - is your doing? "- I was dumbfounded. - "Ha-ha-ha! And you thought her guardian angel for you from the sky lowered? "-" But why did you do that? ". - "Look, Jack, let's not build yourself innocent lambs. I raised you almost single-handedly, t. To. Dad was always working. From this you grew Cute sissy and you it was difficult to get along with the other boys. "- She said absolutely calm, continuing to wipe my face. "I thought you pererastesh, but this did not happen. One day when I came across your laptop, I have seen websites that you visit, videos that you watch and understand what you dream. "- Here she finished with my face, gently stroked my cheek and kissed him on the lips.

I continued to sit, listening to her, as if spellbound. - "At first I was very worried, but then I realized that it would be easier to help you become the person you want to be, than to try to convert you. To help you, I turned to a familiar therapist. He confirmed your diagnosis and said that now it is a very common problem and solve it quite difficult. After he called me back and said that, as part of the experiment, he suggested me to test the action of an entirely new product that can help. He warned that the risk is, ie. To. An experimental drug. I thought long and decided later, I was given medication and instructions. It was written that after the adoption of the tablet gradually take effect, changing your hormone balance in favor of women and to you will happen, both physical and psychological changes. What happened next, you know. "

I sat and looked at her mother with an open-mouthed. I could not believe that his own mother could do this to me, but then I realized that it makes no sense to deceive themselves. Because I wanted to know what it means to be a girl and my mother helped me in this ... Confidence that I want to stay so it was not good, but it's too late to retreat. "And this is all?" - I asked the first thing that came to mind. "I do not know, honey, you and a few others - the first who took the drug. The whole point lies in the fact that until the end to find out its effect. You do feel that somehow started to see the world? "- She said it so casually, and I sat there and still did not believe her ears. After thinking, I realized that I really felt completely different - "Yes, things have changed ... I was pleased to note eeemmm ... Yegor". "Haha, yeah, you know, I have noticed, when entered))))" - my mother said, and laughed. - "And you clearly gave him to understand it!" - Laughing, continued to mock mother.

- "Okay, no offense!" - Stroking my thigh, my mother said. - "He was just so gentle and champagne turn my head" - I tried to justify. "Yes, that is usually the case, welcome to the female world, my dear!" - Fun, my mother said with a smile. I relaxed a little - "Apparently, I still have a lot to learn" - "That's right!". - "And what will happen next? I will have the chest like you? ". - "Not certainly in that way. The doctor said that this tablet you much change, but will not make a full-fledged woman. Your physique change on the female type, but breast size will depend entirely on your genetics. "-" My nipples are swollen and become very sensitive. " - "I noticed it yet this morning, you are shining through t-shirt. Do not worry, because all the girls. He also said that you have a voice break. " - "The Voice?" - I said, and closed her hands over her mouth in surprise. Mom started to laugh and I'm with her. My laughter was new, that is, it was like it is mine, but at the same time, much more sonorous and high.

Mom got up and opened the cupboard, in which we found in the morning my swimsuit. "So, let's see what's in it for the two beauties who want to find adventure on his ass" - I liked my mother's playful tone, I never seen it like this. I went and looked in the closet, too. There was a whole pile of belongings: dresses, shoes, underwear. "What about this here?" - My mother said, taking out a black lace mini dress, belted beautiful leather bow. "I do not know, Mom, it's so small. "-" Try! "- Mom did not pay any attention to my objection. "And all this will also not be superfluous" - she added, throwing on the bed socks, sandals and a necklace with a stone in the color of the dress. Dressed in all of this, I felt half naked, I had open arms, and her dress barely covered her ass. "Simply yum!" - Mom's delight knew no bounds, she closed the closet door and I could see myself in a full-length mirror doors. I was watching the girl, she was not twenty, sitting on her dress perfectly, showing off her long legs, clothed in stockings, shiny straps on sandals emphasized her elegant calf leather belt and a bow - a thin waist.

"Did I ?!" - flashed through my head. "Well, now it's time to do your little face" - the mother said, taking beautician. Causing me to light make-up and straighten your hair ironing, she was satisfied with the result. "Young girls indecently much much painted." She herself has caused a fairly bright make-up, finished his bright red lipstick. "Mom, I've never seen you so handsome!" - I looked at her with interest. "You know, Zhenya, to tell you honestly, since we are friends, and you should already understand such things. We have with your dad for a long time no normal sex, since he had left with his head in work. And today I have some plans, "- she said conspiratorially -" You're not alone on this boat must have fun "- she giggled. I smiled and started going over in his mind, one of the men liked her mother. Meanwhile, she was wearing an almost transparent white dress and began to spin in the mirror. Her large breasts, flat tummy and smooth pisichka shines through the dress, giving the opportunity for everyone to enjoy these beauties. The dress does not hide absolutely nothing and made it clear what he wants his bearer.

At his feet she wore light white sandals. "Well, Eugene, it's time!". I turned and looked at my father. "Do not worry, he will not soon wake up!" - My mother said, and we went out of the bedroom. The room was empty, and my mother and I went up the stairs, tsokaya heels.

Before we go on deck, the men have met with enthusiastic cheers. "Two angels - white and black" - Zaur commented - "And Serge lives and do not even know what the cat live in his house!". We went and sat down on a soft rattan sofa next to each other holding hands. "What will you drink, girls? Wine or we, the whiskey? "-" Wine "- answered quickly mum for both of us. While Zaur poured us wine, I noticed how the other men stared at my legs, then my mother's breasts. After drinking some wine, I again felt quickly hops. Men began to tell jokes, we laughed. Zaur kept looking at me and smiled maliciously, apparently he was very proud that he was my first. Suddenly, I wanted to use the toilet while I was there and back, I felt in my head nice mist. "How HEALTHCENTER be a girl wagging her ass, mad men and do not decide anything" - these thoughts and a light step from the hip, I go back. When I returned to the table, what he saw made me open-mouthed. Mom's transparent dress lay on the floor, and she was lying on a rattan couch, legs spread wide beautiful.

Attach between them, Vladimir began to lick her pussy and Zaur unceremoniously wielded his cock in her mouth. Mom arched back and moaning with pleasure. For a moment our eyes met and she smiled at me slyly, without removing a member from the mouth. Her brightly painted lips gave that smile especially whorish expression. From what he saw, I was excited and my stiffened segment, starting to bulge slightly hem of her dress. "What, Genia, unusual to see my mother in this role?" - I almost jumped in surprise, it was Yegor. "Yes, I did not think that everything will start so quickly." "I look at this situation excites you" - he said, looking at the bump on my dress. "Do you remember that agreed to be my girlfriend?" - With these words he put his hand under my dress and began stroking my buttocks. I obediently nodded. "Do you know what it means to be a girl of such a powerful man like me?" - He looked me in the eyes, not looking up. "I thought that you give me this feeling" - I flirted back. "Yes, do not doubt it!" - After these words, he strongly grabbed my panties sticking out of their segment, bringing unbearable pain.

"This means that now you belong to me and do everything I tell you, understand, bitch?" - His tone was unquestionable. "Yes, yes, I agree on everything" - I murmured plaintively. "Very good!" - He said, and let go of my cock. It was painful and unpleasant to such treatment. "Do not worry, little one, we have the same party" - with these words he brought it to my nose a little bit of white powder on the tip of a finger and said, "Breathe, quickly!". I inhaled and a second later felt much better, the mood was even better than it was, and there was a pleasant lightness in the body. I looked at my mother, and now she was on her knees all around the same couch and sucked both men in turn. This sight again aroused in me a surge of excitement. "Genia, listen to me carefully!" - Said Yegor, and took me by the chin and turned my face to him. I dutifully looked at him. "As long as you are with my mother preened, we played cards. Mohammed was very lucky, and I'm not one of those people who do not pay their debts. "- I knew where he was going, and looked askance at Muhammad.

Stocky, big Caucasian watched with interest for us. I do not know whether it was the influence of powder, whether he really looked attractive, but at this point I instantly imagined the Moor roughly pulls me your number. From this, my segment even stronger tensed. "What slut, already dreaming of his penis?" - Said Yegor, podrachivaya my segment through thin panties. "Come, come to it!" - And he pushed me in the direction of Muhammad, slapped on the ass. At this point, Mohammed grinned, realizing that Yegor already "poreshat" all the questions with me. It Turns Me On the way he looked at me, anticipating. I understand that the choice I had too much no, shaking his ass to tease Egor moved to Muhammad. "Hi handsome! I heard you today the winner. "- I said in a playful tone. For some reason I wanted to Egor I see me have fun with this gorilla, and he will regret that he gave me to him. Hands Muhammad abruptly grabbed my tongue burst into my mouth, we have merged in a kiss, if you could call it that ...

In fact, this strong Caucasian took me roughly, his stiff bristles rubbed against my tender skin, and hands paw ass, he bared the joy of others. I tried to cool his ardor, with his hands at his chest and gently pushing him away, but realized it was useless. Every cell, I felt his strong muscles throughout the body, to break their embrace of steel was not possible. Feeling his hands on his pants jeans I felt solid as a rock number, large size, and started to move it up and down by hand. This slightly relaxed him and tried slipping away from him, I was right in front of the place. He roughly pulled off my dress, leaving some shoes and stockings. A second later I, too, had unbuttoned his pants, in anticipation to see his penis. When it was finally done, Muhammad, to prevent this kind of enjoy roughly stuck it in my mouth. Again feel the dick in her mouth was an incredibly cool and I tried to make it nice, how could completely surrendering to these sensations.

"Look, Zaur, well, pure girl, already purring with pleasure when sucks!" - Said Yegor Zaur until mom made him a blowjob. Meanwhile, Mohammed abruptly taken away from me and raised his toy, leaning back on the couch, so that one half was on my couch and ass sticking out on the other side of it. I felt some strong slaps his huge palm, and then again a hard bristle and tab between the buns. At this point, Zaur raised mother and put her back on the sofa so that her face was right next to mine. My mother smiled at me again, but the smile quickly turned into an unexpected grimace when Zaur dramatically and the entire length entered her oozing pussy. Suddenly I felt in my hole rested a hot number Muhammad. I prizyvayusche shook her ass, letting him know that I wanted. He unexpectedly entered into me, causing a sharp pain, from what I screamed. But he did not care, and again slamming my ass, he continued to fight their way into the depths of me. "Hey, Muhammad! You be more careful, I like it even tselenkoy need! "- A formidable voice Yegor slowed his steps, he stopped me giving accustomed.

Ten centimeters from me, Zaur continued furiously to fuck my mother, and he pyhcheniyu I knew that soon it would end. At some point my mother arched and they finished at the same time. Without giving mum a break, Vova immediately started to drive a member of her vagina, from which flowed the sperm Zaur. Mom Banged lay with the greased lipstick, and her view of me so excited that I, from myself without waiting, hugged her face and put her tongue in her fucking mouth. Mom said, and we merged in a kiss. "Wow, guys, we've got a lesbian show" - Vova screamed and went into the mother's vagina rastrahannuyu. Zaur came to us and stuck his cock between our lips. It smelled of sperm and my mother's discharge, and my mother and I began alternately kissing and licking poluobmyakshy member Zaur. Mohammed, meanwhile, seeing that I'm not hurt, continued to push his penis into me. From kisses and excitement, I completely relaxed and pain gave way to pleasure. Mohammed, this time not in a hurry, and I could enjoy the incredible feeling, when his hard cock slides slowly inside my ass is devastating, then filling it.

After several frictions, I let out a groan. Mohammed grabbed me by the hair began as a piston to tear my blyudskuyu, round ass. I moaned and screamed in pleasure and pain, which are merged together. At some point, Zaur drowned out my cries his already embarked member. From that moment I felt the beauty of what it is when you fuck at the same time on both sides. In such a furious pace we have with mom fucked five minutes. Sofa shaking went from constant shock and Vova Muhammad, and the atmosphere is filled with the sounds of squelching fuck and our mother with a loud groan. At some point, I felt the whole body struck an electrical discharge, legs began to shake, and drip segment. I do not know how long this lasted an orgasm, but after I went limp, exhausted. Through the mist, and my mother moaning, I heard the voice of Egor - "Hey there, my dear, so it will not work! The party is not over yet! "I just looked at him wearily. "Come on, cheer up!" - And he again raised a finger to powder my nose. I breathed in and felt a surge of strength, and at the same time as falls somewhere ...

Suddenly regained consciousness, I opened my eyes, but there was dark. After a while my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I realized that I was in the bedroom, where my mother dressed. Terrible headache and terribly thirsty. Turning, I felt that the whole body was sticky from the semen, and I was still in stockings and shoes. Mom slept like a log. For elastic stockings, I found a piece of paper and money by highlighting the phone itself, I began to understand the text, "Eugene, you just Freaky slut, know that I am very pleased with you. I'll give you time to recover, and then call. We were on the boat anymore, but do not worry, in the morning the captain will take you to the shore. It's money for a taxi. Mom hi, it also applies to all of the above. Kisses, Yegor. "

"Hell, the morning soon, you need to tidy himself up until he woke up Dad ..."

To be continued...

Continued: Feminine Genia. Part 2

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Conveyor in an adult

Sergei and I rarely go out on vacation, but when it happens - seek to relax in every sense, including from each other, deliberately oblivious "casual dating" flirtations and every one of us.
Together we carried out usually only evening zaburivayas in some provincial disco or drinking establishment ...
This true story happened just in one of those sultry and boring "resort" evenings.
We sat in the farthest corner of the half-empty disco. We can not say to my husband so clearly disapproved of my adventures, rather he simply knew that without such a "discharge" our life with him would be nervousness and scandalous, and was forced to accept it, give me the opportunity to lower the sexual energy. Anyway, my stories always he listened with patience and understanding, depriving me of the right to a girlfriend, gossip ... And listen to was that this time! Me "shot" as many as five youngsters.
Cheerful company of local teenagers, endowed with, in spite of their youth well-folded bodies, stained tan to dark-olive tones, and ... excellent erections, as I found out a little later. In general, I was not bored with these boobies - their behavior was no rule or order, and it is turning into sex in the most unlikely places - a roadside eatery in the toilet, in the water in the middle of crowded beach in the city park ... Everything Else while they were merry, constantly joking and pin up each other so much that I did not even know that the aches I have more - my pussy from sex, or the stomach from laughing.
It happened just at the moment when I was almost finished telling her husband about her "feats". The door suddenly burst into my disco "funny company". Mirthless was only one thing - I did not tell them that no one had come to rest ... Fortunately, my darkness "youngsters" just do not notice me, and the hubbub of loud, went to the bar. Such a meeting could end up not in favor of Sergei. Who knows the mores of provincial youngsters, understand that I was afraid of that! We had to act first. "I soon" - With these words, I slipped from the table before discouraged change my mood, Sergei, had to react somehow.
- Hi guys! - I got a little worried, whether iz-za experiences, whether iz-za exciting view Sergey, I felt at his round ass all the time on the way to the bar.
The guys were very happy about this surprise, it definitely liked me. This clearly meant that they desire in my address has not yet been extinguished. A moment later I was sitting among them at the bar and sipped "Martini" with an olive. I had the opportunity to explain to them the presence of a man (Sergei), and I did not hesitate to use it - said she met a classmate at the institute. "To hell with them, forget" - Polupyano smiling, responded to this news Dzhonik. What was I right! No one else showed interest in the Sergei person!
- By the way, we have already three o'clock do not fuck! Commercials, honey, you've got it all overgrown can! - I heard the voice of the young and frisky.
- Yeah, and the climax will be covered, hell-on-VAL-on! - A mock-threateningly added another.
The matter is inexorably going to have sex, and they loved - in another unexpected place, that is ... right here and now. Pretty little business! - In front of Sergei. But it was too late to make excuses, in the eyes of the youngsters have lit the flame, and before I knew it, somebody's hand gently but firmly pulled me behind the bar. "Do not break a virgin, the bartender - a boy" - With these words, I was pushed over the bar and sat with his back to her in a box so that I was not visible from the hall. After another moment, swaying in front of my face first appeared swollen member, and began demanding poke me in the mouth. All I had to - give up, and try to perform "required" faster until now not committed follies Sergei.
The first finished really quickly, throwing a number of sperm that I almost choked. The growing excitement alternated in my mind with the thought of how these youngsters manage to produce seed so much and so quickly?
In general, I did not have time to look round, I fucked in the mouth not only all "five cheerful"But also the bartender, for the company.
Six young irrepressible members (the bartender was also very yong), unceremoniously molested my rotika; inject into me, as it seemed, a good dense tart liter of fluid; absurdity of the situation itself; the proximity of her husband, and violence committed almost before his eyes ... I was so aroused that I myself had time to experience a sharp double orgasm.
Vytershis some bartender with a napkin, and my burknuv "partners" something like "see you later"I returned to the table to Sergei. My face flushed slightly podpuhshie lips and stains on a blouse said more than any words about what happened. But, as my expression most talked about recently to experience the fun, Sergei sighed and waved his hand.
As soon as we overturn a glass, like a table rose a figure of one of my new friends, politely addressed to Sergey: "Excuse me, may I invite your lady to dance?". Tonight I will not rest - and only I had time to think.
- Here is the deal, you know, the boys approached the familiar. They are normal men, serious grandmother twist, hold everything, well short roof ... like ... Here, Dzhonik they said about you, and now they want to meet you. Well you will not fail us, right? - Voice and his looks were no longer so carefree as usual. He seems even a little worried. - You do not worry, they are normal sidekick, decent. And two of them all ...
I just shrugged her shoulders - but what could I do ?! No, of course I love sex, but not in doses and not with just anyone! However, it was obvious that the choice I did not have on the behavior of my friend. I went back for a moment at the table, to warn
Sergey, I have to absent himself again and asked him not to go, you never know what ...
The guy led me into the street, where it was quite dark and the sea began to roll the cool night breeze. To which I, incidentally, is now did not care, as well as before a romantic rustling foliage, piercingly pure starry sky .... Just in
one side stood a great big black jeep mersedess with black glasses. I'm not strong in the models, but it definitely was the last word in fashion gangster! As we walked, he opened the door and got out of it casually, and something huge ape, besides also "person of Caucasian nationality". Leisurely reaching, and as if by chance noticed us, man picturesquely spread his arms, and drawing a smile skableznuyu, promurchal "Islands, kakye Luda! But mi have already zazhdalys, Daraga". "Otari, pryyatno pazanakomytsa!" - I could see him better, he was not so bad ... Tarry black hair trimmed at poluboks, crowned with a mighty short neck that grew from the shoulders of incredible magnitude, if the two anvils in general be called a shrug. Elderly and manly face, wrinkles speaking of the frequent gloom, powerful and tough look. "Bax, that vie with sdelali The girls, huh?" - He was awarded a light slap my young friend - "she is already swollen mouth! Savsem from atbylys hands bespredel here tvoryte"And he has added referring to me "izvyny Dagar, we tebe on lekarstva dadym, ne Valnet". The joke has turned out a failure, and only ... more frightened me.
Then he cursed long at some unknown language and sent the guy home. "Mylosty ask" - Once a picturesque, with smirk, I twisted it, inviting me into the jeep. Losing had nothing - I climbed. No sooner had the door slammed shut as his hand was on my thigh and began to aggressively climb higher under her skirt, and the second began confidently to fumble under a blouse, trying to free from the shackles of chest bra. Here is a "romance"Without much ado ...
- Be A lovely, yes, - he nashoptyval - tebe panravytsya ...
After another minute of his hefty and solid as a rock sticking out of the pipe already unbuttoned his pants, and my hand is controlled and adheres to its claws, already drove over the penis back and forth.
- and then, esli ne MNE ponravytsa itself znaesh that byvaet - kept saying he was quite excited voice.
The next moment, he, like a toy, I turned his back to him and began his trumpet vstramlyat me ... in the anus! From the unexpected and sharp pain, I screamed and immediately regretted it. My reaction is even more excited and podzadorilo him, and he "planted" in my member to its full length. Up to this point, I believe that the phrase "Eyes on the forehead" It has a figurative meaning ...
He fucked somehow in a special way, in brutal, to the full extent without mercy to my poor little hole. And the pace! At times it seemed to me that I have inserted a jackhammer! Nevertheless, the pain almost immediately mixed with other enjoyable
and thrills. I do not like and wanted this hefty pipe at the same time ... And soon a powerful tsunami orgasm overwhelmed me and carried somewhere up, I think I even lost consciousness.
I do not remember how it ended. When I regained consciousness, I saw his grinning face: "Maladets, devachka". He buttoned up his pants and tucked shirt. Something else caught my attention, something which is outside of the jeep. Exactly! A terrible thought flashed in my mind, was confirmed - I could hear someone else's voice and cheerful laughter behind the glass of the machine, and these votes were many. As if reading my gloomy thoughts, he laughed: "minute, I think I adyn dzhygyt this, huh? Nah, I adyn ne ezhzhu, apasna"- And throwing open the door of the jeep he added "Prussia, Madame is ready!". Only now I noticed that I was lying completely naked ...
There were five or six of them, all Caucasians, and all healthy. They climbed on the stage for me, while the others stood around the jeep, smoking and having fun excitedly discussing the details and letting go, of course, in my address, vulgar jokes in their incomprehensible language. From time to time we heard bursts of laughter. Sometimes, kto-to who have fucked me in the ass, sit down again on the other side and force thrust his cock in my mouth. It was not a blow job, and did not even fuck - my head just drove as they wanted until my poor mouth is not filled with thick cum - "glatay, glatay come, pa-ro-ha-Shem!".
I do not remember how it went "conveyor". Snatches I saw a jeep approached Sergei, trying to find out whether not seen such a girl. He politely replied that of course did not see, but if all of a sudden - it will give at once, they say do not let
worried, then the city calm. In the meantime, they say, it is better to wait inside - but then can a girl already and came back, and it is not present. Value for Sergei to come in the door of the club, how about another jeep came a burst of laughter.
In the end, they let me go. It is difficult to imagine that it was a sight. Blouse and skirt hung wet somehow, panties and bra was not, on the legs trickled muddy liquid. It seemed to me that my gait is more like a cavalryman rode tirelessly for three days ...
To my luck, Sergei really waiting for me at the table, even though he was a little drunk. Explain to him that something was meaningless in such a state - most importantly, he was very glad that I "was found". And, as it turned out, it was not me only forty minutes. Crouch was worth some effort - not only because of the "sloshing" rear skirt, but also because of the ass, which now gave pain at every touch. How much would not like to take a shower, I just do not have the strength to do the movements, somewhere to go - the body is not heard me, and unceasing waves of orgasms that unwittingly I have experienced in the Jeep. We had to get over it, and I have not found anything better than to pour yourself a big glass of vodka and drink it in one gulp. From the bitterness and strength of the drink is really head a little clearer. I even thought that I was a woman, and tried to take its proper position and look.
Sergei looked a little confused and frustrated. Though it, too, were carried out for different "sins", Play games, but so brazenly flirting and disappear in the middle of our evening with him was on my side brute force - it spoke his mind. Oh, he knew! We sat in a little more and were about to leave when I noticed several men on their way to our table.
Medium was fit Hoosier gray-haired, athletic body outline preserved in spite of the elderly age. He was clearly the main, the other looks like his bodyguards. Without asking and without seeming to, he sat us at a table.
The two left standing a little way off.
- What does that mean ?, - he said, referring to nowhere. - She then walks in my territory, handing over the right and left, and I mean to go himself to masturbate? A poor Rizo and need to something - a trifle, a small sign of respect ...
His voice was playfully.
- In short, a goat - intonation has changed dramatically, the phrase was already specifically addressed to Sergey. - Or I'll draw you a big problem, and give your kid a woman on a break, or she to me now quietly sucks and we like old friends, parted peacefully. Note, you get out of here safe and sound, both. And your babe, I see still do not get used ...
Sergei was taken aback, and opened his mouth by this turn of events. And before he could say something, I leaned over the pants "boss" - Navryadli someone genuinely loving wives, would have done differently to save her husband! Unzipped his expensive suit trousers (thank God that our table was in the far corner and on what is happening, no one paid attention), I ran a hand inside. What was waiting for me there - except the shock name was not! This was not a member, and not even chlenische - it was a giant, able to beat the Guinness record! And this monster, hitting me in the arm, began threatening to grow in size. My mouth, and so nyvshemu and swollen, he had to swallow the head that at first glance could just break it! Nevertheless, I am very tried and pushed her inside. Then went baggy, but not such a huge stalk, and his lips became a little easier.
- What a bitch, a healthy canoe? - mocked "boss"Seeing my problems - rejoice that I can not point you pushed her. And thou shalt suck the bad - and get a point - he said already softened the tone, because it was at this point I became furiously trying to suck and lick the language of this monster. I was scared to think about what will happen when this branzboyta begin to spew sperm!
While I selflessly sucked and licked the giant "Baidu", Her boss encouraged me sometimes, and sometimes even threw my husband some laudatory phrases - cool, they say, you have a nipple! This was a mockery! I was ready to bite off this thing, for the insults and humiliation, which worried me ... Sergey. And yet, some devil made me still softly and passionately play with these giant member of the tongue and lips. And my exhausted body, more and more of the rolls vstrepenalos excitation. Just a little bit, and I seem to have loved this great and naughty toy, but the body was difficult to restrain the jerking pleasure every time you touch the sky or the larynx. No matter how ashamed myself to admit it, but I even began to communicate with her: "Come on, darling, let my big boy! Well, let me taste you!". What a blessing that "boss" I did not care about my pleasure and not dissolved their hands - perhaps it was beneath his dignity. After all, he had only accidentally touch my clitoris ... and I would have never been able to explain Sergei everything would ensued. I was at the limit of strength and outside the field ...
Before I rejoice at the thought as "boss" suddenly stiffened chlenische became more and seemed to occupy all the space of my mouth. He gave a loud throaty moan and at the same moment, my mouth began to fill with warm thick liquid.
Chlenische reduced and inflate, inflating my mouth like a balloon. As if I was not ashamed to remember this later, but at that moment I was one with this monster spitting, reaching a peak of bliss at the same time with him! I greedily swallowing all that shoots out of it with incredible force! And even when the flow is weakened, I persevered tongue to lick the last drops that definitely liked my great and loved the officer ...
"Boss" I was pleased with my work, and we really have no one else to linger.
All the rest of the evening, on the way to the hotel we spent in silence, trying not to meet with her husband eyes.
And when I finally got out of the shower, he was already asleep. I quietly lay down side by side, trying not to wake him up, gently hugged and kissed in the back. "I love you very much, and that feeling I will not take one and no one else will get even a small part of it" - Was the last thought before I fell asleep.
Ahead were two more weeks of rest, sun and sea, fabulous new and exciting adventure. Ahead was a stormy month and obsessive sex with Sergei, who happened influenced very peculiar - he seems "He broke loose" bed and now he had no equal!
Thus ended that night, the best night of my life, no more ... the best night of the year. And it can only be a month ...

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Panties "Milavitsa"

Sometimes the circumstances are not in your favor ... though, can add up all the way, it may have been boring and, well history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood!

In general, after the strange and playful cork, I went to work. Panties on I did not have any of my "friends", after our adventure, dragged them along. I remember, not far from the work we had a shop of underwear. There is what I was sent, it is a job for an hour is already late.

Parked at the convenience store "Milavitsa", I got out of the car and adjusting dress, went to the store. Shop assistant was one and delayed maintenance. The people, as specifically reached out to her all the time and that was asking. Poor girl fought back as best she could, yuloy rushed out of the room in the back room and back. A young, 18-20 years old, tall, slim, in uniform miniskirt and white blouse. Blouse was unbuttoned the top button on the 3, because of the heat, resulting in an excellent overview on her considerable chest. This chest at her waist, then looked stunning. I love beautiful women's bodies, so do not rush into buying and watched from a distance, carefully looking for the bustle of an unhappy girl.

Finally, the buyer began to wane, I kind of picked itself panties, and decided to have otovaritsya claws and tear on the job, but here ... the store doors opened blurted bell. The girl, barely catching his breath, recorded in book sales. She raised her head to the new buyer. Man, 25-30 years old, 185-190 cm, Defined, so that through the T-shirt could be seen as the roll tight muscles ropes. I froze in awe. The guy went to the bar to the girl and said something. I stood on the side and a little way off, so did not hear. Naturally, I was filled with curiosity, and I stepped closer, trying not to make noise, but not hiding.

- What is the bra size you are interested in? - She asked.

- Who would know! And you what? It seems that you have with my wife these dimensions are the same!

- In this case, we can only choose the model, your size, I know. - The girl behaved impregnable, but the blush on the cheeks, it was evident that she liked and the boy and his attention - Come here, here we have the lace, then quieter model, then there are sports options. Look yet choose. Girl, you have what?

This is me. Oh, hell, I came close.

- I have it here. - I held the panties - can I use the dressing room, and will wear them all at once?

- of course! - The girl said, and blushed, apparently presenting me with no clothes - pass!

I went into the fitting room. Just at that moment, and the guy came back to the counter. After seeing my eyes so that I physically felt the warmth of his interest in his ass, covered with short dresses. A wave of excitement immediately felt a wave not me. Panties have dropped out of the weaker fingers. Fog in the head with excitement, rapid breathing. Ass itself became vzdergivatsya and bend back. Yes, the guy is good and smells fresh. My body reacted to the very young male, in every way trying to attract him. All civility flew under the onslaught of nature. I leaned over the panties. Judging by the breeze of freshness and coughed guy my pussy, he cast a spell. Deflection counted. The entire body in a pleasant languor. I went on the way to the dressing room. Returning to the place blind, I took out of her purse napkins and wiped sweaty pussy. Wear on a wet her panties did not want to. She sat on a stool. Still, such a wave of excitement and bliss sharply weakened legs. And as an independent body's reaction to the male struck me even infinitely. I never thought that I as a female. While I was resting, the guy at all flirted with the shop assistant.

- Girl, but these have on you?

- Yes, it will take?

- I do not know, something like this once ... It is possible then to see them in action? Do not try them on for me?

- I do not know how it is not well, or something.

- What do you mean, it is all innocent! I just see how the model looks "alive". Well it's like a shirt or jacket: on a hanger smartly, and will dress himself, and all at once it is not so.

- Okay, one minute, I'll put it in the dressing room.

Rustling curtains. Girl changing her clothes in the next booth with me. I could not resist and peeked through a crack in the process. Lapushka hurry and a flurry of activity. She obviously felt at ease. This happens when a guy like you, too, want to like him, but can not show it. Wearing a bra, which she gave the young man, she would just wear and blouse, but the time has come round. I pulled back the curtain and appeared before a grateful audience in all its glory. The boy gasped.

- You are gorgeous!

- Oh, well, you, thank you! Will you take?

And then it began. The guy said "YES!" And picked up. I Took Lapushka waist with one hand and the other breast. The girl raised her hand and put her in his very broad shoulders. She resisted so picturesque that even he realized that it was only a formality. Man fixed his lips to her lips, and her hands no longer rested on his chest, and hugged for a huge bull neck. He unbuttoned the bodice on her back, she pulled off his T-shirt. I again began to flow, the mighty male pushing health and desire to fertilize the female, evoked in me a burning desire to be the very female, but, alas, the place was busy. A female jumped on him and wrapped her long legs around his waist and legs crossed. He reached for the zipper on her skirt, she resisted with difficulty, and the boy could not resist. Crack fabric merged with the roar of his laughter and the girls. Torn skirt was thrown aside. Lapushka jumped from a male and let down his sweat pants guy. Kneeling in front of hero, it smartly and without the constraint pulled his erection and kissed. Headers head, she gently licked her. Incorporating cock deep, so that nearly choked the girl began to suck vigorously and enthusiastically. The guy put both hands on her head, setting the rhythm. Under his palms head almost disappeared. I caught myself on the fact that already in full finger caress yourself, and the body responds to the waves of pleasure.

The girl began to get involved in blowjob she sucked, licked like ice cream, separately sucked eggs, swallowing deeply, as far as the pharynx. Guy began to blush more than ever. I realized that the guy orgasm close. Girl drowned in surprise, seed discharge beat her in the throat, face, hair. The girl smiled at her athlete, and from the corners of his mouth made him a drop of seed. The boy, without hesitation, took her wasp waist and lifted like a feather. She crossed her legs on his shoulders, almost sitting pussy on his face. I heard the characteristic smacking of lips during cunnilingus. Apparently, the guy is not bad coped as Lapushka groaned and spun it like a snake. She bends and doubles over. Groans resounded throughout the store, good, buyers are still did not come. I enjoyed themselves, helping to keep a finger on the girl. Teasing my pea, I felt a rush of orgasm. I plunged a finger and wiggled them in yourself. My movements became more aggressive and sharp. The wave covered us with the girl at the same time and our moans merged into one. Maybe that's why attention to me, no one drew. I went back to his observation post.

The guy took off his limp pretty teenage girl and forcefully kissed her on the lips. Then he turned and bent. Lapushka put her hands on the wall and shouted, groaning call it was impossible. Devonki cried so much that I was afraid that passers-by come running from the street. Muscled pecked his drin so that rocked the wall fitting. Strong and persistent guy thrusts his friend into it at full length, and every thrust accompanied by her cries. I jumped out of the dressing room and rushed to the door. Closing it on the lock and turning the sign "open / closed" I went back to the nice young couple. I noticed. Man for a moment or knocked rhythm. He held Lapushka waist and literally skewer it on his trunk. Lapushka no longer screaming, light moans escaped from it all. And apparently it no longer looked like a young tigress. Limp in his arms, she somehow podmahivala his pelvis, but the energy in it no longer exists. It was evident as break under long beautiful legs. After a couple of seconds, it seemed to have included. She bent stronger roared, very quickly podmahnula and shook his hand.

Orgasm in girly been a long and strong. Athlete put Lapushka flutter. That is already on what does not react, and just lay on the mat. Naked, with the resulting sperm from the vagina, still reeling from the orgasm that did not stop even for 15-20 minutes. Man raised his head and looked at me. I even shivered, but my pisechka told me, "The Fight". And I jerked. I jumped on it immediately. Clasping his hands a powerful neck and legs ovivshis around the waist, I rashly planted on his dick. At this time, a cry burst from me! I understood why so devonka screaming. The trunk of the guy was just a stone, it rolls over to the dimensions of a simple Moscow vulva. Maybe for porn or prostitutes, and this thing is, but it was too much for me. He tore me all the inside. But stop and I could not, I jumped on it like mad, first orgasm came at me at once after the second of the third jump. But do not stop the same! I spun and spun on his Coke until he became tired, he realized this and some changed positions, pinning me to the wall. Now the initiative from him. His thrusts were much stronger than my lungs nozzles. Again, I felt a wave of pain and orgasm. Legs began to disperse, and he grabbed me by the hips. Swotting for his part did not stop for a second. I felt flattened against the wall, and when I broke it in a huge jackhammer male. Suddenly inside me blossomed fiery explosion. The seed of his beat with the force of a fire engine. The boy growled, spitted me stronger and deeper. I thought he had me, or I will tear bursting like a frog ...

Then he let me go. He took off with him, and made his feet. I immediately fell down beside the girl, legs did not obey at all. The guy looked at us with tenderness and love, smiled.

- I'm on the course! Thank you, birdie! - He said, pulled his pants and left.

In myself, I came after 10 minutes when stirred beside a young, but already exhausted, a female. Quickly got up, she straightened her dress and jumped. Let herself ochuhivaetsya and disassembled, its store, and I got everything I could only wish him ... except her panties ... damn, damn, damn.

And, here is my salvation! Sex-shop! And I went in his direction.

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I'll tell you later all ... Part 1

I'm standing near the shop nervously smoke a cigarette. Summer sun gently caresses the skin, eyes schuryu. Very hot. And in the heat of cold vodka has nice bitterness to the throat, dissolving like nectar to my feelings. More and more I am looking for some. Sick imagination draws a picture of a picture.

- Forget it ... Why do you need to find another ...!?! - Where the voices of friends - some near and at the same time far away. I can not hear the essence of words, only nodding his head in time with their thoughts.

She did not return phone calls for the fifth day. Gone on Friday, when I was at work. One unfinished SMS, «... I'll tell you later ..." and the caller out of reach. But on Friday, we had to go for my birthday to her sister. This is a significant event. What could happen, for which she refused it?

My sister told me that my friend Masha went to the capital. Last works there and his wife invited for an interview. By hook or by crook, but I pulled this phone a friend, plucked up courage and rang the bell. That, for a long time did not understand the essence of my questions, eventually told that Mary was not going to her in Moscow, but about the interview had not even heard.

It was a dead end, and at the same time a clue. Moscow. Four days in a row, I have come to a stop and waited for the bus to arrive from Moscow. Six times during the day I was looking for it among the human mass. But she was not there.

I always called her phone number. Kuriles three packs a day, skipped work on Monday, and finally asked to go for the whole week. I WAS VERY ILL. Resentment mingled with a sense of impending doom. I was betrayed, chose another.

And the fifth day. My car is in the garage, the mother took her keys from seeing what state I am in. With me are two of my friends. We drink in broad daylight, near the shop, almost in the center of the city. Thoughts on the police do not bother me. Thoughts about themselves less.

In the evenings, I'm really masturbate; imagining what it is doing now with the other, or with others. As pushed onto the end of my little girl. And it is rushing around that. Seen sperm flows on her girlish face, and filled to the brim with anal.

But getting an orgasm, I pour anger, smoking run, I want to break his face. I can feel how much expanded my brain like weak character and spirit is broken.

- The trip will cost two thousand rubles, - the dispatcher's voice in the handset price has pleased me.

- Are you with me? - I asked the boys. They replied in the affirmative. Still, after all they are my closest friends. I need their company today. Because I was going to go to the village, where her mother lives, and where possible, she went after Moscow. Today, I need support, I do not know who she was, and when I know if I can resist the temptation to polish their faces?

The taxi arrived almost immediately. We have given up even on the stack, and, catching a snack and sat down in the Hyundai accent. I sat in the front, the guys have settled down in the back seat.

The ill-fated Friday I was with her sister at a birthday party one. All were pairs, and I am one. Her sister, Lila my ears some nonsense about working in the capital as well I will walk all week, while his wife at work. Bitch! I harbored feelings of resentment and hide from everyone. I smiled and played the role of emotional guy who sort of did not notice the loss of his wife. "... I'll tell you later ... all»

All is well. Party worked. Her sister suit contests, played, danced, everything ... Except for me. I did not drink, he pretended to me where you need to go. With all great and I'm not worried. But as soon as there was a good time, I knocked. I jumped in the car and Khrystyna dialed number.

The taxi was hot, the driver flatly refused to open the windows, so we often did stop. To lose the extra fluid and introduce new ones. The mood of the guys were fighting, I do too. I wanted to fight. Real men fight. The taxi driver is felt and feared. His fear fed me, but I did not abuse them.

Almost all the rest of the way I had to show him the way, because the village where I came from my missus is in such distant expanses, "that is not just something and you reach."

When we arrived, the clock showed exactly ten o'clock. The working day for the workaholic in the village was long over, and for alkotrutney and youth has just begun. We were dropped off at the bus stop, close to where the store is located. In it, we bought more vodka, and a friend told the saleswoman that she had seen my Masha ... this morning. Bitch!

On my call Kristinka I did not answer immediately, but when he heard my excited voice, I understood for what it call. Half an hour later we were alone in my car, on an abandoned airfield.

She was trying to pull me from the truth. It makes fun of me. After all, the last time I almost stopped calling, focused on the family and decided to stop. And now she is here with me, I caress her breasts, her favorite pink word about what never was, and could not be. But she pushes me to the revelation. She does not want to have sex with me, as long as she does not say what is the cause of our quarrel with Masha.

I tear off her clothes, undress himself. Again, the issue of it! I'm naked, she was completely naked, but me it is no longer necessary, the thought of his wife pisses me off balance, do not allow to come. "... I'll tell you later ..." Kristinka lying on the back seat of his feet up to the ceiling, I was exactly between them, watching as she caresses my cock his manicured hand ...

In summer the village. Many vacationers, many people I know. Shortly after arrival, we settled down at a table on the remains of the former school. The sun roasted us back, and lapped stacks pure vodka. I did not know where to start looking. Since her home was not his mother. Bitch! Where are you shlyaeshsya?

For us to sit down a couple of guys, local, my friends. I told them not call the reason for our appearance here. As outlined, we briefly so decided to take a break from city life. They do not care, extra stack, and together.

By the afternoon catching up girl. Our table as a magnet for all the passing. I was pretty drunk, my city friends too. I still hope that the same approach here and Masha - my wife, but no. Its not.

- Hello !, Mish - a marina with her friends, she came to our table and gracefully like a cat, in a pointed arched. When I fucked this bitch the capital. Once upon a time, she confessed to me in love. But I'm sober. A long time ago. For me, the priority of Masha - wife. We wanted children. Bitch!

- Come on, Marina ...

My car is like a traffic police patrol was in the parking lot near the store, it was my observation post. With me was my friend Alexander, with whom in the end we went to the village. He drank beer, I kept. He always something plied the spaceship, and I counted the minutes.

11 in the morning, I jump out of the car and ran to the bus, which brought passengers from Moscow. Drove, devil already knows me, and slyly smiles when he sees me next. Spit.

Here is a woman with children, some men with bags, boys, young students. Maybe she? No, like a dress or not. Yes, I do not even know what the left is my favorite. We came all. He drove closes the luggage compartment, looking at me, and disappeared in the cabin of his NeoPlan.

I look at the clock. Next arrives at two o'clock. Sasha continues to pump myself a beer, and I continue to inflate itself bad thoughts ...

In the bushes, near the monument to Soviet soldiers, I section Marinka. She was muttering something about an apology, lamented about our last meeting, when she refused to have sex, and granted I only blowjob. I forced her to undress completely.

And this metropolitan woman standing before me in all its glory. Bare breasts third size, round ass, wishing me a look. Yes, you're attractive, and I'm damn attractive. I took out my phone and took a picture, she did not mind. Still, that bitch loves me, this I felt.

She again apologized silly, for that blow. Her words seemed to me ridiculous. But to make amends she was ready to give me everything. Through the bushes, I saw on the way people are walking, outlines of the ruined school. Where there drinking my friends, perhaps, came Masha. And I'll punish her for her "... I'll tell you later ... everything." Bitch!

From the vagina, I came to the metropolitan ass. It was narrow and not as wet as in the vagina. I made a couple of fictions and pulled Marinka shoulder. She understood what I want from it, and sank to his knees in front of me. Let us sex was short, and I obviously did not satisfy her, but I imagine these goals and not set. I wanted to pull the banal, and did not play the role of a means ...

On Monday, I was very pumped up alcohol. In the evening, after seeing the last bus, I was with Alexander and Anton, the second my friend who went to the village, I decided to drink. Near the hostel, on a hockey rink, we drank spirits with local punks. I was really do not care what people think about me. I wanted only one not to think about it. Only the alcohol helped me a part in this. The company appeared, some women, bottles alternated.

At some point we have to shout loudly. I sang and forgot. With that cry out of my demon that gnawed at me the first day. I became easily. Lighter wind, until I heard the howl of police duty machines.

Four police officers have received a serious rebuff from a drunk guy almost no one helped me then. In an instant I scattered them on the team site. I would be sober, I would have run away, but his legs betrayed me and buckled, I collapsed on the wet asphalt ...

Already getting dark when it came to the table - Masha. All the hatred, which I saved up, and that filled me, disappeared without a trace. Drunken eyes, I looked at his lost treasure. She shied aside. Spectators tightened. I smiled sweetly and called her to him.

My favorite, all swam before my eyes, a night, how I want to live. I was so pumped up alcohol that I was hard even to lift. Here it is, and with it my five alkomarafon coming to an end.

And now she leads me to her home to sleep. Guys went by taxi to the city. Nobody was hurt, no one broke the face, all intact, drunk and happy.

- What did you want to tell me dear? - I purred, enjoying her company.

Not knowing myself, I walked forward, stumbling over the potholes and feeling the support from her side ...

The judge has written me two days. The first of which I spent in kamatoze partially regained consciousness, his body deduced from hibernation. The second day lasted a month, I suffered terribly.

Bullpen - nasty barn unworthy to be called a hut, sheltered me for a couple of days. Thieves, drunkards, drunks drove - that contingent of the territory. Fortunately, there were checkers and chess. I played with some felon, reading the newspaper. When I am lying on a dirty shkonke thought about it. Bitch!

Closing my eyes, I saw her nasasyvayut a foreign member, as the smell of sperm hit her in the nose and it burns with excitement. As someone else's hand rests on his chest, and they strongly pulls the nipples, making moan blissful pain.

Her lust ran through me as through a repeater, I'm really wanted to come but could not afford it. Since the light in our kennel is not turned off at night, and I was always in sight. It remained only to torture yourself and build guesses crazy fantasy. Thrice a bitch! ...

And here again it is with me in the same bed. Some kind of nervous, all on pins and needles. I want to touch her, but she is not given. I am trying to climb between her legs. I get on her hands, and rude "Sleep." Maybe she knows?

Yes, I feel sorry for her. I had sex with Marina, almost with Christina. Cable! Kabelina! As I was ashamed at the moment for themselves and for their actions committed in the heat of passion. I once again twisting in the memory of events of the last five days. Yeah, I walked.

But it's not my fault. I reached for her, and realized that she was already asleep. Her hands were cotton and the body relaxed curled. How I love you! Probably because there was nothing you did could not afford to change me?

I put my hand on her shoulder, then trying to go to sleep and in the search for a more comfortable posture, my hand was between her legs. Affectionately embracing her hole, my favorite cave. Suddenly, I realized that she's wet. Once again, looking at his wife, I was convinced that she was asleep, so why is it flowing? Sleep?

I pulled his hand out of her crotch, brought to face ... The smell is familiar to hit in the nose! Each day of the five I felt it on my fist. Doubts should not be, the sperm! Bitch!

"... I'll tell you later ... all»

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Zimm Letta


Hi, my name is Igor. This story happened when I was only 18 years old. I grew tall, awkward boy, and Coming of Age in me has been the growth of 190 cm, weight of 76 kg and a pound of youthful acne. I do not celebrate its majority with a pomp as many of my friends liked. We noted modestly, with my family and my friend Vasya. Yes, his name was John, so funny sometimes seemed, and no one took seriously. Although then it grew and made everyone believe that the name of Basil, especially when it is constantly on hearing sounds from all the radio channels and TV when the name is said after the magic words of the Russian Federation President, it is not funny, and it must be respected, although least for the fact that the holder of that name has done for the country. However, it's not about him. And how we had together we understand themselves and their place in life.

So we poprazdnovali, after sitting in the cafe, the parents had gone home early, and we rushed to the Vaska klubёshnik. It was in our city only one, well, that if prostyatsky where allowed only young, under 30 and 16. But on certain days. But today was the day to 18 years. And we went there as well I just turned and Vaska was already 18. I must say - this is important - we met him at the judo section. I have come to do in the first grade, and Basil has worked with three years or even earlier, because his father was a world champion in judo in the heavyweight division. And three-time. Well, we made friends with Vaska, I Judo was easy, and I soon caught up with him, but could not overtake, and we were on a par. Of course, we fought, we reconciled, alternately defeated, but friends hard.

And here are ten and forty nights, we have a dance floor in the hall, there is little people, the vast majority of children, girls unit. But we have so always. Up to 12 nights in a room doing nothing, some guys-regulars. And all the people a little bit, people out of a total of 50-60 typically 200-300. But after 12 the night the people coming down the shaft, and the female sex - the majority.

My friend and I went to the bar, missed a cocktail. I must say that I have not wanted to get drunk again I can now. And Vasyatka my habits was indifferent. So we sat at the bar, quietly tsedili of his glasses and bulling not what. From our seats could be seen in the main entrance hall and we glanced back curiously. Noted incoming girls talked of as the inveterate gossip, in general, the pleasant time.

Suddenly they came. Two ladies of indeterminate age, since accuracy could only be in daylight, but at first glance age from 18 to 22. I saw like Vasyatka jaw dropped, and I probably did not look better. It was from what I can tell you. Imagine two princesses, dressed the same, looking the same, and the former the same !!! Yes, guessed, the twins entered. Differ only in the color of hair - right - purple falls to the priests, the left - pale green. The ladies were two pale cream dress to mid-thigh, emphasized simple, that cost for the rather big amount. On high heels, hands twined lots of bracelets, glittering in the light of the light-music, on the legs from the ankles up anklets were in the form of spirals with diamonds. From the girls directly carried a lot of money, and one is frightened of them a mile away. At least we have a Vasyatka. But that we do have withered, just behind the remarkable pair of girls entered two more. But they were not twins, and bodyguard. Two ogromadnyh aunt, not thick, but it is large, increasing by 180-185 cm bugryaschiesya muscles and intertwined strands, I say this in detail, because all of this could be seen, they were dressed in very small pieces of tissue, called a dress that reached just before the hips, left bare backs and abdomens and arms. It was easier to just come in shorts and bra. But, at the same time, they have not left indifferent my sexual instincts. Rather big breasts, perfect shape made to move my nature. Vasyatka also marveled at these women and threw me

- Striking ladies, right? I mean all of them!

- Ah, - I said, unable to utter a word, as all four of these women came to the bar where we sat.

They ordered a cocktail and sat down on a chair next to us! We are numb. She turned to us - and a miracle happened! - First started talking with us themselves.

They met, green-haired name Zimm, sirenevolosuyu - Letta, was asked about the club and explained why they chose us. It turns out, we noticed they even earlier, when we were sitting in the VIP room on the second floor, they saw us out of the room window overlooking the hall. We seemed the most decent guys in the clubhouse. We Vasyatka a little recovered from the shock that such dazzling girl chose us and began to talk quietly. They were prostyatsky, girls my own way, and after 15 minutes we were laughing at the jokes in full Vasey, the jokes from me, whom I knew, and I know innumerable. A bodyguard bdili. We took it as the, and now scanned the room.

Behind the scenes it took three hours, we were dancing, fast, and, what is especially nice, slow dancing. I was quietly approached the twins, but the more I appealed Green. A Vasyatka attracted - lilac. And we danced ballads have only them. I must say that the girls attracted the attention, and they are almost all guys lupilis the dance floor, but, seeing that they are with us, they rolled.

Toward the close, at three o'clock, we zasobiralis home. Offered to accompany ladies to the house, we Vasyatka led them to the exit. They drove a black Gelendvagen, and they got into it, and inviting us. Irma and Ingrid - the so-called bodyguard - sat in front of the driver's seat and the next, and we squeezed back. The girls sat down to our knees, and we went. Police, apparently, they were not afraid.

We drove a short time, five minutes. They went out. And dumbfounded. Not far flaunted Castle, home of the local nouveau riche, living permanently in Moscow, but here there are once again on. House, of course, makes an impression. A large area, a lot of tall towers, the highest - five floors of the height of the house, everything is admired for its beauty, some delicate, and at the sight of the castle, I wanted to say - the palace. Girls invited us inside. Interior We also admired. The abundance of glass, weightless thin metal structures gave the impression of the fantastic interior of the palace. Everywhere was furnished in the form of musical gadgets, huge TV screens and things like that. The truth on the living room we were not invited. Girls is located next to the luxurious couch, inviting us to sit down on standing in front of the chairs. They played with us. Innocent flirting casually shown hips, a little vulgar jokes with them, and as soon as we realized that it is possible, and from our side, it's all we have inflamed in earnest. But nothing we have not shine. We communicated very well and talked with the girls in the glory, but they shoved us gently at four o'clock in the morning, but with the promise to meet tomorrow. They asked Irma and Ingrid to see us, kissed us goodbye cheek and left.

Irma and Ingrid immediately appeared at the door and took us to the exit. To go from the house to the gate was not far, but the bodyguard took us for some reason not to. We walked a short time, and come to the tennis court.

- Why are we here? - I asked, puzzled.

- So, boys, now listen to me, - "iron" Ingrid is shut out of the fenced-mesh netting court area. - Today we have a long time looked like you're having fun with our Trust. And we want to tell you that offend them, we will not allow. And you his dirty paws do not touch the it ever clear to you?

- Why is this? - Bob has not sustained, and wound up. - They like us! Why can not we communicate with them? And, in my opinion - we liked them, too!

- Because you do not like us! - Rapped "steel" Irma. And you better not go to them never not show up here at all, understand? And do not we have otmudohaem on the first number!

- Oh, how! Let me know if we do not want to listen to you? And we arrive? - I asked, after letting in the voice of sarcasm.

- Then it will be this, - with these words, Irma hit me in the chest.

Rather, I try to do it, because I was not there. Her hand whistled very close to my body, but touched his. However, this did not stop the bodyguard. She tried the other hand slap me on the cheek, which I framed his elbow and got on it a telling blow. So far, we stopped looking at each other, I fear the next step, Irma - proklёvyvayuschimsya with respect. And next to Basil also strayed from Ingrid, but poured cheek redness, and Ingrid - their holding.

In general, they were not satisfied. We have a little go crazy, women attacked us, we fought with varying success, as long as it has not bothered us. At one point, he caught sight of my friend, I went into a clinch, and had a good shot, beaten out of a spirit of Irma, Vasyatka laid near his opponent.

- All right, good. We have agreed to? - I asked, holding fluttering Irma in captivity. At this point, I swept the wild excitement. It was good! More youngish aunt, muscular, without a single drop of fat, with short hair white, with regular features, it makes an impression. Thin lips compressed stripes, eyes sparkling - great! In a fight she broke her top and her left breast was barely covered. It tore me away. I clung to her lips with a kiss. Of course, they were compressed, but when I stuck out his tongue, suddenly opened. Towards popped her brisk and sharp tongue. She answered! Irma noticeably relaxed and I loosened control. We kissed passionately, tongues fighting, it was sweet. I finally let go of her, not expecting a dirty trick. Suddenly, she twisted and turned me riding, pinning my arms at the top. My cock was at her hips, she actually sat on was carrying his crotch. It seemed that my penis is now burst from the overflowing of his blood. Irma smiled and said:

- Well, the puppy, beat me? - I shrugged, surrendering to the flow. - Yes, of course, I win! - With these words, she again clung to my lips. Her hips began to crawl on me, rubbing member up and down. I could no longer tolerate, and finished, trembling thighs, finished right on the pants as a teenager! Irma looked up from my lips and looked at me in surprise:

- What, you have? Damn, malyshnya - disappointed she handed. - And so I ...

- Wait, I'll be - I cried.

- Shut up, let's see - and Irma pointed to other fighting, about five meters away from us.

A look at what. Basil was in a torn shirt, which he ripped off before our eyes, and leaned to one side. In front of him stood in a fighting pose topless Ingrid, flashing bare breasts. They were small, but strong and bloodshot, as large apples. Brookie it too was broken, and she's got rid of them, using a small respite. But she took them off and turned in some pink thong does not hide anything voobe. Bob was stunned, but did not lose focus. Because Ingrid threw herself at him, jumping on top of the hips, waist, feet clasping my friend and this felling him to the ground. I gasped, worrying about him. But it turns out there was no need to worry. Ingrid Vasya knocking on the grass, leaned a kiss to his lips and wrapped his arms around Vasya her breasts and began to fondle them. Then his hands moved to the bared buttocks Ingrid, squeezed, potorebili, Paley Vaska hooked elastic pants and pulled them down. Ingrid, helped legs dropping them altogether. She, not looking up from Vasyatka lips, hands undid his jeans and they got rid of them, while remaining completely naked. I saw, as a member of Vasi rested in the bosom of the expiring juices Ingrid and easily slipped in there. They began to move, Ingorid broke away from the lips of my friend and sat very top, jumping on it up and down. They had enough time to enjoy a short, first Ingrid screamed drawl, and then silently zasodrogalsya Vaska.

This so excited me that I looked at Irma. She stared at the lovers and fingering herself in the womb. I did not see how she undressed. Naked, Irma was great, and I jumped on it. Together, we have removed from me all hinders us, and I began to caress her body violently. I kissed her breasts, sucking nipples, pinched them with his knee, I rubbed her womb, she began to moan ye, that has brought me even more. She scratched my chest, her hand grabbed my cock and began nadrachivat it, but I pulled away, whispering that she does not want to break again. I fulfilled finally his dream, he touched the tongue of female perineum, felt her taste, triggering a loud shout from the Irma. The language I brought it to the top, naslyunyaviv before the expiry of the grass. Only then did I put dick inside. It was perfect! Warm, moist and sweet! Inserting, I realized that we must do something, and began to move. This time I did not finished quickly. Having to again bring Irma to orgasm, I was determined to get a member, but Irma whispered, do not, I will take the medicine.

I came inside, and it was, I tell you, is delicious. No masturbation with this can not be compared. Acute, see short but searing pleasure penetrated me from head to toe. I went down to Irma, she, however, did not protest.

It took some time. We climbed, somehow dressed in the remnants of our clothes and began to decide slozhivschuyusya situation. Ak appeared and Irma, and Ingrid liked what happened. But they just said that it will not be repeated, that they realized they were wrong, that we are, it turns out the guys that we should, and bodyguard give us your permission to communicate with the girls. They led us to Gelendvagen, deigned razvezti us home.

With Vastyakoy we lived nearby, so still have five minutes to speak. After discussing the situation, we decided that what happened - well, we agree, no longer need to subside with the bodyguard, and the need to continue the acquaintance with the girls. On this we parted.


Zimm Geledvagena came out and stood aside, letting pass Lette. Holding hands, they walked into the club. The club owned by their daddy, and he gave them control. Just today they turned 18 years old, and they come into the full possession of the institution. The girls went inside, got to his room, glass walls overlooking the dance floor. The room they worked a little, reviewing all current affairs. Gradually three hours have passed. The girls got bored, they wanted somehow to celebrate your birthday, and they began to think that this would be done.

- It is necessary to remove someone, - said sirenevolosaya Letta. - I want to finally lose that virginity!

- Yes, I agree - Simma dreamily stretched, causing her mini dress seductively pulled on all convex and vpuklosti. Letta noticed it and said:

- Yes, sister, if not members, and we have enough of each other!

- Yeah, - Simma stroked his chest and moved to her hips, suddenly were spread widely, making the dress wrapped prior to the hips, revealing tiny white panties. She ran her hands up the inside of the thighs and touched her panties and pushed aside. Letta watched spellbound. Left handle Simma slid into his mouth, saliva has received portion and dived down again. Right handle even more pushed her panties and penetrated the left inside the womb. Zimm closed her eyes. Her fingers were active in the womb, bringing her pleasure. Suddenly she felt something else wet joined to the hand, arm and was thrown once it was wet out there hosting. It was a sister language. She licked, stung through the heart his burning tongue, clumsily, but diligently bringing pleasure to his sister. And the fun is bound to appear. It grew, grew and broke the fiery cloud, cover your head with Zimm ...

- Wow - after some time Simma said, looking round the serene ak if nothing had been sitting Lett. - What was it?

- It has long wanted to try - calmly said Letta.

- So how is it?

- Delicious. Wow, so smooth, so sweet, um-m, - Letta rolled her eyes. - I like it. Want more. But after.

- Can i? - Simma pleadingly looked at his sister.

- I told you, then. - Come on, let's see.

And they came closer to the glass wall.

They chose their guys. But no one was there. Finally, desperate to today to find someone they noticed two guys, it was at this time entering the room. One high and one low, they gave the impression of not spoiled thugs, not Gopnik, and normal guys.

Sisters a little more to watch them, and then discussed the action plan and called Igrid and Irma. They are told their roles. Only after that they went down into the hall.

The story of the meeting, we already know what happened with the guys - too. But what happened when the twin boys were released home, you have to tell.

The sisters said goodbye to friends, went to a special room that housed the monitors observe the territory. Sitting behind the monitor, after expelling the guard, telling him about the break, the girls began to observe. And we saw everything that unfolded on the tennis court. This is so excited them that they are not usideli for screens, called the guard and ran to him.

They slept in the same room, on the bed, facing each other. The girls ran to the shower, which had two heads. Contrary to expectation, excitement like that quickly subsided, leaving any sediment. The sisters were the same all over, in tastes, in physiology, in fact - it was as if one person, but with two minds, which, however, worked in unison. Therefore, I felt alone, I felt another. What one I liked, something like another.

And what they saw little upset them. The boys liked it, and they wanted them, so to speak, to make friends, but it happened a bit jarred their mood. Despite the fact that the bodyguard did exactly that, what they were asked. Oh, and sex on the court also needed. Sisters need to see how the boys can have sex. They liked what they saw, but with some sediment in my soul.

Twins agreed to their undertakings not to leave, to meet with the guys and be - that would be.

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