On the beach

One of the most vivid of my sexual experiences - sex on the beach. At the time, we Zhenya girlfriend went to a regular beach near the house, sunbathing, swimming, fooling around in the water, and I stood up. The beach, as I said, was the usual, people were uncounted, and do vzaimorazryadkoy right in the water was not very good idea. We came out of the water and departed for the locker room in the bushes. Zhenya I planted a giant spool of cable lying on the grass, took off her pants and lowered his and we got down to business.
This went on for about 5 minutes, when he became a friend of his eyes make me signs pointing to something behind my left shoulder. Slightly turning his head, I saw that we were out of the locker room a few meters from us is closely watching a girl of about 12, and (I was 24, a friend 19). I pretended that nothing had noticed his eyes and showed her friend to behave the same way. I kept stared her eyes glancing sideways at the edge of the girl. After a further 10 minutes later, she was still there. I turned my head toward her and said, "Do you want to take a closer look?". Girl instantly disappeared.
However, after a couple of minutes her head again appeared due to the locker room. By the time I had finished and sat on his haunches beside the reel, and Eugene was lying sprawled on the reel. "Do not be afraid, little fool"She said the girl, raising herself on her elbow and turned in her direction. "Come to us, we will not hurt, I promise". Ponder a minute, the girl approached. It was a small separate crimson leotard. "I wonder were you?". The girl nodded. "Want to see more?". The girl looked from my girlfriend. I was silent, realizing that I had better not interfere. "We will just do their job, and you can watch", She urged her friend.
Watching all this, I felt an erection again. I went up to the grass, the girl pulled away, but stopped when he realized that I was not going to touch her. I approached Zhenya, she rose to her reel and pushed her ass to the edge, legs spread. I stood between them and began to drive head on her crotch member flattening labia and sometimes slightly penetrating between them. The girl was completely crimson, but nevertheless slowly pulls us until he finally came close and sat down on her knees at my feet. She looked so closely that I thought she was a friend scan a hole between the third leg.
I became increasingly penetrate the head under the sponge, and then did it dive into the vagina girlfriend. At first, only one head, and then deeper. Girl stroking himself in his underwear, and I really wanted to ask her to touch my dick, but I was afraid to startle her, so I continued to do through the eyes of signs girlfriend until she finally realized what I want from her. "Reach us" - She said to the girl. "Well bolder same". The girl slowly pulled his hand out of her panties and touched by Zhenya's crotch. We stopped their movements, and both watched the actions of the girl. She took her fingertips on Zhenya's lips, carefully avoiding touching my half-submerged in Zhenya member. We did not push her and she finally decided, first touching it, and then slightly cupped. Now she took his hand in both of our bodies, feeling the place of their connection. I bit my lip not to moan with pleasure, and Zhenya's face, I could see that she feels the same. Consciousness is an unusual situation has brought us to the limit, Eugene flowed like never before.
I again began to sink slightly in and out, and the girl stopped her palm on Zhenya's vulva around my trunk and listened to my every movement. So we moved a few minutes, I felt that is about to finish, it seemed interesting to remove the cock and cum on her stomach Zhenya and see the reaction of the girl, but hated to be removed and never forcing himself to do it, I began to cum inside. Girl, judging by the expression on her face all well understood, but the hand is not cleaned. When frozen cuts last I slowly pulled out a member of the Eugene and followed him into the hands of the girls ran down our abundant selection. This is for the girls were too much, so she withdrew her hand and shook it in the air, spraying drops of semen and lubricant in different directions. "Fool, it's not scary"Laughed girlfriend and holding out his hand patted her on the head. Then she looked up from the grass and began to pull on his pants and the same after it engaged me.
Having acquired more or less a decent view, we Zhenya got up and walked toward the beach with a plan to cool their bodies in the water, and the girl was standing near the spool holding shed his soiled hand and looked after us. Her name, we have not asked.

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Ay Lav Yu, Sister

What thinks the boy in the ninth grade? Only one thing about girls, sex and everything connected with it. This thought and I zasmatrivayas at the feet of his classmates, visualizing them naked. And in my heart I wanted to sleep with every pretty girl in our school. That's only on dreams is not going away. The yard was already spring girls maddening their revealing clothes, causing excitement and an overwhelming desire in me.
It was Saturday. There was a day off. In the evening we would gather our small all-male company and do something interesting. However, nothing interesting in our meetings never came out. They gathered in the square playing cards, drinking beer, although already addicted to vodka and sometimes smoked marijuana, talking, dreaming, everything is simple, that's just boring us never had. This I thought sitting in his room.
The doorbell rang. I never thought that came to me because remained motionless.
- To you came - Sveta cried.
I went to see who it was. It turned out that came to Leh, in fact, it was my best friend, with whom we have got through life in different life situations. We knew each other since sandbox. A friend of a friend we trust all my secrets.
After greeting each other, we went to my room.
- Well, cool as you have a sister, I wish to sleep with her.
- I'll ask her, maybe she'll give you. She asks, can I see you for a minute?
I saw Lech strained see it really thought that I ask Svetka that she granted his wish.
- You Th persecute? - Lech began fearfully.
The room looked Sveta.
- Well, it is necessary to Che?
- Sveta, whether good, make me and my friend whiskey with ice.
- Go to hell, asshole, - said Sveta. I went out and slammed the door.
- Do not you really a moron - began Lech - you would have asked her to sleep with me?
- Maybe I would ask you just break off.
- Have you seen her naked?
- I do not look for his sister. In general, as a woman she did not care.
Then I thought it's true is not interested, but because she asks, beautiful cool girl, she had a cool figure, great legs and breasts, and spit, which is four years older. But not only do not care about what she sister.
In the evening we gathered at our usual place, there was nothing interesting, only Sasha told him in a village on spring break fucked a girl two years older than him. All listened to him and everyone knew that he was frankly snitch.
At about eight, I decided to go home and get some money to continue the evening. I was already a little drunk, but went home without fear, because their parents were at a party, and Sveta, do not care about my business. I rang her door, but no one opened, it is clear she asks where that went. I opened with his key and disappeared into the apartment. The light was burning in the room and the bathroom shower was turned on, so she asks there. Suddenly, I remembered the words of Lehi ... And you saw her naked ?. In the toilet, we were under the ceiling glass window, I do not know why it was so, and it was not only us but the entire house, it has been conceived builders. In my mind I said thank you to the builders and went to the toilet. Standing on the toilet, I glanced out the window, I saw something that struck me. Sveta was in the bathroom and shower jet directed himself between her legs, her eyes were closed, his face red, his mouth slightly open, I almost feel her rapid breathing. My cock instantly rose. I sat up on tiptoes to see better picture of the situation, but did not calculate the movement, and slid his foot into the toilet and hit the wall, while producing a loud noise. Sveta guessed exactly where the noise came from. I flew out of the closet and ran to his room. I changed clothes socks, wanted to take the money and go back to the street. But then came out of the bath she asks. Interestingly she says anything or not.
Parents just do not say anything here, we always cover each other, and each had left dirt on the other, that is, we had a mutual silence. Sveta went to my room. She was in a bathrobe, she walked very wet hair. I knew that under the robe she had no clothes. In my mind again I flashed the picture that I saw in the bathroom and again very excited.
- Jack you know that bad pry the girls, especially her sister.
- Masturbation is also not promote health, - I joked.
Sveta flushed though the joke came to her liking, she even smiled.
- Have you ever made love to a woman?
- Constantly - I lied.
- True? You're already quite large.
Following what she had done struck me to the core. His lips she touched my lips, her tongue entered my mouth.
I wanted to push her away and shout that she was mad, but I did not. Instead, I responded to her kisses. Her hot breath burned my face, my breathing quickened, too. I've already forgotten what she sister. She broke away from my lips, I looked into her eyes, they were shining, she untied the belt on the robe and took off to the floor. It was the shock. She stood before me completely naked. Only now I realized how much she was beautiful, her high breasts swollen with dark pink nipples, great legs thin waist, I'm not talking about the triangle of hair below the abdomen, which could simply be a maddening. She just spread her legs, took my hand, pulled her to him, my hand was between her legs. Finger, I instantly got into her blissful hole, feeling its warmth. I began to introduce the mute finger inside the hole, Sveta closed her eyes and began to softly moan. She put her hands on my shoulders and started pushing me toward the bed. I easily resisted. I lay down on the sofa, she climbed reconciliation kneeling at my feet. She quickly pulled up my shirt and started kissing my stomach and chest. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them a little with the cowards. My penis has resurfaced, I think it was a very decent size for my age, so that the complexes of this about the size I had not. She asks me to lay down on the easy to send members into his crotch. And I started to move on the first movement was quiet, a member of the first was hard but after a few rhythmic movements. He felt at home with moisture to moisten her labia and the process has begun. When she asks movements almost touched his chest to my breasts. I liked it, I do it all like it, I felt a wild pleasure. Sveta moaned and moved faster, I felt that I was about to explode. I grabbed her hand and pressed it to her, to feel her breasts her completely, she made a few more thrusts and I exploded. I felt like a member of the powerful jet burst seed can be a moment I even disconnected from the pleasure.
She asks loudly wailed over her body trembling and took it froze on me. A few minutes later we were well. Then she asks me got out and lay down. My sagged cock was wet with semen.
- Light, as you did me at first? - I broke the silence.
- ...We had to fuck with you, so that you call me started so I hate when you call me Svetka - she laughed out loud, - now there is another secret that we would be together to hide from mom and dad.
I, too, was funny to me now nothing existed in this world, I had forgotten that she was a sister, though there about it, I remembered, only I did not care, I do not care. I forgot that I have on the street waiting for friends. I was happy at that moment. I felt like a small child who is engaged in things for adults.
- And I you the truth first? - Sveta continued.
- In principle, yes, but was still unsuccessful attempt to Marinko, I was drunk, and she did not realize anything, I did something like trying to hit a section member between her legs, I poked and is finished. Marinka not even thought about this case, at least I did not say anything. Probably not remember anything.
Sveta laughing.
- Well, you give the hero - lover. Well get up soon the parents return, I do not want that they saw us in this form.
She laughed again. I myself was funny. Yes, parents were told to see us in this position. It would be a huge scandal. I missed the first Svetku in the shower. And he lay there and thought about what had happened, and the more I thought the more I did not like it. She asks out of the shower, and I went, rinsed and looked at myself in the mirror, I do not really like what I saw, I felt myself lousy. I got dressed and went out into the street, it was already dark, though usually we sat late into the night, but this place I did not find anyone, I ran to the stall bought a bottle of port sat on a plastic box and drank alone. Emptied the bottle about three quarters I dropped it and went home. House has all asleep. I undressed and went to bed. At night, I awakened by retching. It has been to the toilet easier and lay back on the bed. In the morning it was terribly bad. I did not know how to live. I had breakfast, I go for a walk, but my room went Sveta.
- Jack, what happened yesterday is - the greatest mistake of our lives, I want us to forget about it and never remembered, let it be just a dream.
- Yes Light, we have done very foolishly. All this is wrong. And I'll try to forget about it.
As time went on, would have to be all on the places, but nothing worked My sister and I began to avoid each other, trying not to stay at home alone, and even did not talk much, I'm a thousand times sorry about that night that we spent together. Out of my ninth grade, summer came. Although I have great joy on this occasion I did not feel I became a self-contained, even friends have noticed that with me that something had happened. June 21 was nearing my birthday. I is not too special pleasure. Birthday celebrated in the family circle, I did not want to convene his friends. That day I got drunk for the first time officially the parent table. At eight o'clock the parents went to the father's brother, just so happens that I and my uncle's birthday in one day. And my sister and I were home alone. I went into the room to Svetka.
- Light, I want to talk to you. I do not like our relationship, we become like strangers, we almost do not talk to each other. We're brother and sister, the closest people. Why is everyone so come out.
- Jack did not know, probably has as before will never be. We made a mistake for which is now paying. Let's try to forget everything. Let's hug start all over again.
Sveta was quite drunk as well, and I but we talked seriously. We embraced.
- Eugene, I love you so much, I want that all you have in life was good, heartily congratulate you with your birthday.
We strongly tightly pressed against each other through the clothes, I felt her firmer breasts. I instantly excited. Sveta probably felt it. He began to caress her neck, I thought it immediately begins to fight but I was wrong. She was ready to surrender to me again. And again, I forgot about everything. Now I have taken an active role. I stared at her mouth, our tongues merged in a long and sweet kiss. On the floor he flew clothes, and I again saw her perfect body. I laid her down on the bed and knelt between her legs have moved apart. I started one by one to kiss the nipples, which instantly becomes firm. I kissed her belly, and then entered the language in her womb. Slightly biting her lips to her clitoris, I heard she moaned softly, she almost brought his legs tightly wrapped around my head. I continued to please the language of her crotch. She was moaning loudly. I felt that she was about to finish, I was too close to it as I was very excited. I quickly put the member between her legs, and began to fast rhythmic movements. Her moan gradually escalated into a scream. She was beautiful. These moans in the room, her face flushed, I think at this point she was in heaven. She let out a loud groan, grabbed me and hugged her. We finished at the same time. I lay on it and could not recover. Consciousness is turned off, all except for that moment of bliss was unimportant to us. Gradually, I came back to earth. I was lying next to her and said nothing. But now I did not think it was a mistake. She stroked my body, I was very pleased. Her hand touched my limp dick.
- Light, please take it into his mouth.
She did not try to argue with me, she just obeyed. She took my cock in hand and began to kiss and lick the head slightly, from these caresses my cock got hard again, she gave me real pleasure. Dense ring of her lips rhythmically glided over my head, sometimes it is swallowing it almost completely, I stroked her head to me anybody did not need right now. I felt that I finish, I did not want to Sveta swallowed my seed, so told her about it, but that it did not stop, she continued to caress the head, I had finished she swallowed my seed and sucking dick until he started to lose elasticity. Sveta lay down, I hugged her and closed my eyes as I feel good with it, I needed no one in this world, if only to be near her. With that thought I fell asleep. I woke up from that that the doorbell rang. It is the parents returned. I quickly jumped up, assessed the situation, took all his clothes, carried her to her room. He pulled pants and opened the door.
- You that the keys could not take? - I said, pretending that they woke me up - already one in the morning.
- Well, we have forgotten the keys. Uncle Sasha passed greetings and asked to convey to you an envelope.
I took the envelope in which, of course, were the money. The best gift for me. I was happy that the parents have forgotten the keys, this fact has saved our relationship.
- Light sleeping? - I asked the father.
- Yes, for a long time, is that you walk as if you eighteen.
- And to us, and so eighteen - joked the father.
My parents were in a good mood. Slightly drunk, so we went straight to bed. I quietly walked into Svetka's room, kissed her and covered with a blanket. She had not even heard parents came. Back in the room, I looked out the window and looked at the moon. How cruel and beautiful world, I thought. Lying in bed, I recalled recent events, from this I felt so good in my soul, and I immediately fell asleep like a baby.
The morning was good, I woke up with a smile on his face ... pleased with himself. I was glad of life. At breakfast she asks to see me smile as his brother did not smile. From that smile, I do blossomed. Although we are not able to speak that day, we did not need words. I was sure that Sveta does not regret what happened. And I think she feels the same as I do. The whole day spent outdoors with friends they have noticed a change in me, I'd be glad to tell them everything, but I could not, would our relationship no one understood. I returned home late, when all were asleep. He passed into the room and fell asleep. I woke up at night from the caresses and kisses. This was Sveta she came into my room. At first I was scared, because their parents were at home, but I did not dare and could not resist it. She lay on top of me so that her bosom has appeared in front of my mouth, I immediately began to penetrate his tongue, slightly biting her clitoris, she asks without thinking started to suck my cock, I liked to feel her firmer breasts on her belly. Sveta got up with me and took the top position, it is easy to send members between her legs began to slowly move up and down on my cock gradually gaining momentum. I looked up nor began to kiss and fondle her breasts. His chest was magnificent Svetka. We finished rapidly and loudly, while I was afraid that they could wake up the parents, but nothing happened. And after a while I was back between the legs of Svetka.
Next month was like a delirium. We ran through the night alternately to each other in the room, despite the fear, the extreme leads us even more, and every night we were attached to love. It was the best summer of my life. This summer I tried on the paradise. But he could not, was to go on forever.
One day after returning from the street in the evening I found the parents gazed for a movie, they are often at the weekend were attached to this pastime. Sveta washed in a bath. I did not want to disturb her because he washed his hands in the kitchen, but there were no towels in the bath because I went. He wiped his hands and wanted vyti. But something came over me, whether Svetkin view, home gown, no makeup. She washed his face and was just leaning against the sink. Without hesitation, I closed the door. Lifted her robe, quick movement pulled her lace panties. Slightly I pushed her so she put her hands on the sink and quickly drove to her term. Svetku apparently also very rampant has got my idea, she immediately surrendered to me. I saw the whole picture of our relations in the large mirror which was just above the sink. How I liked it, I liked it, I liked to see in the mirror Svetka. A couple of quick movements and loud Sveta finished strongly leaned against the sink and almost turned it. A moment later, and I followed her example gave a sigh of relief and happiness. I put my head on her back, wrapped his arms around her chest and we have some time to arrive at this position. From the bath we were able to jump out unnoticed. At night she asks me to come to the room. We like to know on a subconscious level that this last night, and were therefore absolutely insatiable, we changed one position after another, screaming in pleasure and bliss, I can not even count how many times that night I was part of it. In the morning, it was a cruel retribution. Sveta went to sleep in my bed.
We have been deprived of paradise. It was like a delirium. Shouts parents, swearing, tantrums. It was all over. Parents all over the Svetku accused of all sins that she seduced and spoiled child. All my arguments about what I myself wanted that I could not have been heard not live without Svetka. In the morning, I was sent to his grandmother in the suburbs where I had to stay until the end of the summer. Parents have to learn Svetku transferred to another city. At the end of the summer, I returned to my house, which was completely alien to me. Again started studying again back in my life, which is now hated, I stopped to chat with friends, not where not to go. Once even I tried to slit my wrists, but did not. Tenth grade flew like delirium empty and monotonous life. In the summer I was hoping to go to Svetka, but I was not allowed to do this. Next fall, I learned that she was married.
Started my last year at school, I began to return to normal life, I even came a friend with whom I was not quite bad, but I still was a changed man, in my life taken away the most expensive, took a piece of me. In the summer after graduation I went to class, I Svetka. I did not know how she will meet me, whether I'm glad to see that she was thinking about our relationship. I thought about this while standing at the door of her apartment. I did not dare to call. A few more minutes of hesitation and I rang the bell twice. The door swung open.
- Zhenya!
She ran out into the corridor and threw me on the neck. All became again like before, I once again felt her breasts through clothes, and again began to be excited. I kissed her on the lips, it was a long kiss, do not kiss each other brother and sister who have long not seen each other. I took Svetka in his arms and carried her into the apartment. I put on the first comer sofa. She quickly began to unbutton my shirt, I pulled off her bathrobe, she was without underwear, and again in front of me opened her beautiful body. It seems to me, Sveta became even better. After a while we were again near tired and happy from the pleasure.
- Light, how could I feel bad without you, it seemed that the world collapsed, that life has lost its meaning.
- Jack, I love you too sorely missed, as you all this time?
- In principle, nothing. Nothing good has not been in my life. He graduated from the school. He went to college at the Faculty of Economics. That's all it was.
- And you were a girl?
- There was but we had parted, I too often left her to sleep in a dream called her Light. She for some reason did not like it, she assumed that I was unfaithful, perhaps even changed but only in thought. Every time spending the night with her, I imagined it was you, even though he knew that all this is just a hoax. I did not have it so easy and so good as you.
And how do you that you have happened in my life.
- Well, perhaps the most significant is the fact that today for the first time her husband has changed, and yet I'm waiting for the baby. My husband is a very good man, he loves me, I'm with him quietly, but I do not much missing, Eugene I often miss you. Sometimes I sit alone at home and I think that this is our flat, that at any moment you can call out that I went to your room, how can I now do not have enough of what you called me Svetka.
- Sveta, Sveta my dear. We know that our relationship is no lead to nothing good. Suppose it was the last time when we had intimacy. Sveta ironed my body, I again felt like a little kid, but I was already, in principle, almost an adult.
- Well said Sveta, just let it was our penultimate closeness. She got up from the bed sat at my feet and took the dick in your mouth ...
It took another two years. Svetka have a son, I was terribly pleased that she called him Zhenya, perhaps many years later, he learns the secret of our relations. During this time Svetka we saw only once in his parents' house. Again, we were sleeping in their rooms, I was hoping that at night she would go to my room, but she did not, though I very much wanted to go to her, too, but he restrained himself. Maybe it's all for the best. In these respects, it was necessary to put an end. And we put it. Only all the same after all this time I wake up at night and try to find beside my Svetka, my only and beloved, my crazy love ...

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After the next increase of the prices for railway tickets who want to ride in the coupe was little. Only the need for business trips or allowed such a luxury. Here and now, I was sent on a business trip to Moscow, it is not asking me. Joy from such travel was not enough.
By purchasing a ticket in a compartment, I was hoping that a good company to sweeten the bitterness of road trips on official business. On the train I boarded the intermediate station and going into the compartment, very happy. There's quite a pretty girl sitting. She was about 20 years old, brunette with a good figure and comely face. In general, a dream companion. She was glad that there was a company, and soon we were talking quite animatedly.
Train tapped evenly. Slowly I began to ask about it. She was married for the second year, no children, lives in Moscow, and is now returning from their parents, who came to visit. Time passed quickly. We both wanted to have, and by expanding the provisions, I took a bottle of cognac. Marina (the name of the girl) at first refused, but I was very convincing, and soon we are fully persuaded bottle. As the train came to Moscow the next morning and was grow dark, I suggested to dismantle the bed and ulegshis continue our conversation.
Having dealt with the laundry, I offered to change clothes Marina, and he left the compartment. After going to the compartment of the conductor, I found out that the car is nearly empty, and asked the conductor, so that it is not tucked over to our fellow travelers. The car was quite hot, and when I came back in the compartment, Marina sat on the bottom shelf in a white T-shirt, her legs covered sheet. Through the translucent shirt her nipples. I began to undress and peripheral vision saw how interested treats me Marina. Lying on the shelf, we again led the conversation about our life.
Slowly our conversation began to move into intimate direction. And the blue light nightlight contributed to this. Activated "companion effect"When you can tell quite a stranger some intimate details, knowing that tomorrow we leave and may never meet again.
Marina told me about how she met her husband, kissed them both and how they began their sexual life. My cautious probing questions kept the conversation in the right direction, and soon I already knew a lot. I knew how Marina was deprived of virginity, she fucks with her husband and in what positions, what affection she prefers, and that she had never done in bed. All this talk we strongly aroused. I saw his eyes sparkled Marinkin as further tightened her nipples. And my dick too tense and started to take his fighting stance. This, of course, did not escape her eyes.
It was time to do some steps to develop the situation. I got up off the shelf and began to pretend that I want to get something out of a suitcase lying on the top shelf of Marinka. My penis is now stuck under cowards 4 hours and was directed at her. I thought that something might happen, but I still shuddered at the touch of Marina. She reached out and stroked my cock through the panties. Then he suddenly sat down on the shelf and hooking your fingers elastic underpants pulled them down. My cock was glad freedom and still climbed upward. Before I knew it, my cock head was in the mouth of the Marina.
She began to actively lick and suck dick, smacking funny. Then she bared head and began to lick it like a popsicle. Member finally took a fighting stance and looked straight up. Plunging head into his mouth, Marina began to caress her tongue and suck a little. It felt awesome. I wanted more and I'm putting one hand on the back of the head Marinkin, she began to move her head. Now I fucked her in the mouth. She smacked her lips, tongue licking the head. Soon my amplitude of movements increased, and head began to penetrate into her mouth deeper and deeper. She tried to swallow it whole, but that it has not always worked.
For a long time it could not last and I told Marina that is now finished. She nodded her head and began to gain more caressing my cock. Orgasm rolled a huge wave. I strongly pressed on the Marina's head, the head slipped down her throat and splashed out of it. Cum jerks poured into the throat of a girl and she must pay tribute, as it could quickly swallow and trying not to choke. Swallowing her throat spasms massaged my head, which caused even more fun.
Finally, I dried and extracted member and Marina's mouth. She breathed noisily, his eyes were the plague, but the tongue was covered with the remnants of sperm. When Marina caught her breath, she said that it was the first time fucked in the mouth, but she liked it. Now, I offered to caress her. She smiled and got up off the shelf, quickly pulled her shirt over her head. It turns out that under the T-shirt she had no panties and she appeared before me in all its feminine beauty.
The blue color of a lamp I saw a beautiful woman's body. Heavy breasts with brown nipples, narrow waist, wide hips. Her pubic area was shaved and it was only a narrow rim of short hair. At the bottom was visible wrinkle lip sticking out between the clitoris.
-Like me? - She said, sitting on the shelf.
-Still would! Spread your legs wider.
-Turn off the light, I'm embarrassed.
-And when sucked, I did not hesitate? Come spread your legs wider. Still wider!
Marina meekly obeyed. North buttocks on my shelf, it is widely spread her legs and rested them in the opposite direction. I sat down on the floor and began to examine her innermost. Her crotch was clean-shaven, stood out the grease between the thick lips. I clung to this flower lips and started caressing it. Very soon, Marina began to sigh heavily, and her pelvis began prodelyvat up and down movement of the tryas my crotch. She was very sensitive and very quickly finished.
When orgasm convulsions left her, and she relaxed collapsed on the shelf, I pulled her mouth from her crotch and put the insurgent member. Before she knew it, I burst into her vagina to its full length. Marina gasped, and I by holding member in the depth, I began to make a reciprocating motion. Excitation Marina was high and she immediately became podmahivat me backwards, trying as far as possible to spread on my cock. Lubricants in the vagina was a lot and very soon, the entire sheet under her ass was wet and my cock began to squish. Marina was not "loudmouth"And expressed its approval of the deaf moans and sighs.
My excitement was growing rapidly, movements were rapid and frequent. Feeling that I am close to the end of the marina, said: "Not me! I have dangerous days!". I nodded, but did not see how I can manage to pull out his penis. Marina suddenly much tensed and began to cum again. I felt like a vagina squeezed my stake standing, cock and could not resist. Drove into a member of the most eggs, I began to finish. Marinka felt blows sperm inside and arched, compression force of my penis. We are entwined in a tangle of bodies, and do not let go of each other until the end of orgasm spasms.
Marina relaxed collapsed on the shelf, and I helped her get comfortable, and then he collapsed on a nearby shelf. The body was a pleasant languor and relaxation. I was brought to life the voice of Marina.
-I asked you not to cum in me. I have the same dangerous days.
-Nothing wrong. After all, you like inside, how could I ruin this moment, - I said, sitting on a shelf.
-And suddenly ... I heal?
-So in fact you're a married woman and pregnancy normal component of family life.
I did not have long to persuade Marina that does not happen do not worry. Soon, she had forgotten about it and began to compare how it was with her husband. While this discussion was not very nice to me (I do not like when I was with someone else compared in bed), but the comparison was still in my favor. During her talk, I parted the Marina's legs and gently wiped her crotch towel as vaginal leaking my sperm. She was surprised by my gallantry.
For this I have again earned the blow with her hand. But I'm not allowed to bring it to the end, and, spreading it on the shelf, I began to fuck again. Now Marina was breathing heavily and moaning beneath me. Her body was covered with sweat, vagina squelched again, but inside it was nice to close. Slipping his hand under her buttocks, I felt a finger ring anus. He was well lubricated vaginal juices, so I can easily put his index finger to. Marina has become actively podmahivat backwards and soon finished.
I kept his movements. After the previous attacks the excitement grew very slowly. The head member is half lost sensitivity. Now, I helped myself and hands. With one hand I grabbed her left breast and bit her nipple, a finger of the other hand I massaged her anus. Marina tossed on a shelf, sighing, moaning. All my actions quite soon led to its re-orgasm.
Now I had to take care of themselves. I got out of the marina, and lifting her relaxed body, put it on his stomach on a table. Example, I again went inside and began to fuck Marina cancer. Slipping his right thumb between me and Marina, I felt the anus, and then put your finger in there. Through the wall I felt like walking into the vagina a member. How could I began to move a finger. Marina again quietly moaned and sighed. Orgasms absolutely starved her body was like a rag and everything glistened with sweat darkened her hair spread out on the table and stuck to his face.
Then I decided to take a desperate step. After removing the penis from the vagina, I put his head to the anus and pressed. It is fairly easy slipped inside. Marina stiffened and moaned, but the member as soon as the train drove into her ass.
-Do not go there! Please - she moaned.
-Lie down and do not twitch. You will like it, just relax.
Marina tried to relax, but I put in the trunk of even deeper. So she got used to my presence, I did not move a member, and, putting his hand between her legs, she began to pull at the clitoris. Gradually accustomed to Marina and I became a member of the move. At first she lay quiet, but then began to moan at first, and then even podmahivat backwards. Slippery member of a well-gliding in the narrow ringlet anus, inside was hot and narrow. Gut tight cover member. The amplitude of my movements increased. Now I'm doing three deep thrust, then he took out a full member with the force drove him back and repeat all over again.
Marina softly howled and moved toward the backside member. To enhance her pleasure, I put two fingers in the vagina and began to move them. From it flowed from both the knots. My hand immediately became wet. Now I changed tactics and began to alternately stick a member of the vagina, the anus. He worked as a member of the dagger: stuck in the vagina, twice pushed deeper, pulled, thrust into the anus, pushed twice, etc. Marina sighed and asked me: "Yet! Still, my dear!".
So go on for a long time and we could not have both finished with Marina. Although I had finished first, staying in the vagina, and then Marina. Exhausted, I fell on the shelf. A little breath, I stood up and looked at her. Marina was still lying on the table. The body glistening with sweat, his chest flattened on the table, his face plastered hair was red and she was breathing heavily.
Taking hold of the buttocks, I spread them apart and looked at the ruin, which I perpetrate. And the vagina and anus looked like two large red hole. The anus is stretched so much that has not had time to shrink, its walls were red and clenched convulsively. The vagina opened up even wider, small lips were swollen and almost black. Big lips were form letters "ABOUT" and red as the anus. leaking my sperm and dripping on the clitoris to the floor from the very insides Marina's body. Carefully I put the Marina on the shelf and covered it with a sheet. On further conversation could be no question. I also went to the shelf and quickly fell asleep.
In the morning I woke up first. Looking up, I looked at Marina. She lay on her stomach, throwing a sheet on the floor. Carefully I stood in front of her shelf on his knees and kissed her on the buttocks. Marina immediately woke up and put the ass in my direction. I spread her buttocks apart and started to lick her crotch. Marina can be seen at night go to the toilet and substitution, as her crotch no longer smell my cum. Her vagina quickly moisturize, but she pushed me, jumped off the shelf.
-Enough! Quite what you did to me last night.
-But you liked it!
-Frankly, I liked it. I must try to bring her husband to ensure that he fucked me in the ass. He's not as big as yours, so it will not hurt.
-You flatter me.
-You almost broke me, but it was cool! - She said, putting on his shirt.
-Marina! Let me take a picture of you naked.
-What for? Here's another.
-I even left the memory of you.
She sighed and took off her shirt again. Then I took out the camera. Put her in a pose a big problem, I decided to success. As a result, she first appeared sitting on the shelf legs wide apart and bent their knees, and then standing cancer is widely spreading buttocks with his hands. These lewd poses it aroused again, but she would not let me. I love to see how she dresses and sadly, now that I no longer see this beautiful body.
We have gathered together the bed, and I took them to the conductor. From him I learned that the train is late by 30 minutes. After reporting the news to Marina, I began to woo her again. At first she was not given, but then still allowed to take off her panties. We were sitting on the shelf, I kissed and caressed her between her legs. Marina excited, flowed out of it, like last night.
-Do you want I'll give you one interesting little thing?
-I want, - she said with a gasp.
I put it at the table and leaned toward him.
-I hope you're not going to fuck me?
-No, I'll do something else. Spread the buttocks wide.
With these words, I took her panties and began to slowly push into the vagina. First they climbed with difficulty, but then things went smoothly. Marina began to moan softly and strongly bent at the waist. So step by step, I am completely stuck her panties into her vagina, leaving only a small tip of the outside. After this, taking for this tip, I slowly began to pull the pants back. Marina moaned and pushed his fingers between her legs began to caress her clitoris. Completely removing the panties, I again began to thrust them back. I had done this operation three times before Marina had finished. Her panties were wet and looked like wet cloth.
Marina slid off the table and closed his eyes while sitting on the shelf. Then he asked: "What did you do to me?".... I silently showed her panties and she understood.
-Well, you and a pervert! I'd never been able to imagine that this can be done and that I like it.
-I tried to please you.
-Come now I will deliver you pleasure and let's hurry, and it will soon come.
Indeed, Moscow was not far off. I sat back and Marina, unbuttoned my pants, pulled out a member and immediately proceeded to the point. She thrust her dick deep down his throat, that I thought she had swallowed. Marina was able to caress a man, and pretty soon I was pulling her head to him, had finished. She quickly swallows sperm, but it was so much that she still did not have time. Several streams flowed on her blouse. Marina for a long time did not release member, trying to suck up to the end.
At this time, I noticed that the window is already visible station. Marina quickly got up from his knees, shook drops of sperm with blouses and wiped her mouth with a handkerchief. Then she pulled out a bottle of mineral water, and made of it a couple of sips.
-Well, that's all, - she said, all packed in a bag. - I hope we never see each other again.
-And you all the best. I hope I gave you pleasure and little changed your sex life monotonous.
-There is no doubt - she said, and flew out of the compartment.
Taking my bag, I slowly came out of the car. On the table were left lying in the compartment Marinkin wet panties. Just after going 5 meters, I saw a sweet couple. Marina and her husband had seen passionately kissing on the platform. "Come on - I thought - Kiss it where I finished two minutes ago. If you knew what I was doing to your wife, you would not be so happy. You have to check where her panties. Advice to you but sex". With these thoughts, I went his way, and they are his.

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Third, rape my wife

I like the long preliminaries. Moreover, they usually are standard. The company, booze, music, dancing. This was the case at this time.
In a room crammed fifteen. Tables laden with alcohol. Snacks, by the way, it was much smaller. Usually, in such companies, the nation is divided into pairs. Not immediately, of course. At first, the couple sit decent lives within couples, but gradually - with the growth of intoxication - are apart.
We have already been in similar situations. The case ended with a slight flirtation, in a pinch, kiss. No one is jealous. And everyone had fun.
At this same time, we were in a company of unfamiliar people. And yet, in the beginning there were no signs of trouble. True, I immediately noticed that two guys paid attention to my wife. I noticed how they looked at each other. As Natasha undressed eyes. It was really good. For a long time sitting on a diet - he lost weight and looked very impressive. Short dress, short hair, straight, candid look - sometimes he seemed to me to limit corrupt, word tidbit.
All were quite drunk when the landlady announced dances. I did not have time to recover, as my wife has already lost among the writhing bodies. Quick was replaced by slow dance. Nobody thought again sits at the table. I also had to dance with some stout lady in a red dress provocatively. I'm not fond on obese women, but the lady was very insistent. Passionately clinging to me during a slow dance, she was tormented by my sense of smell is the smell of French perfume and female sweat. One can not help being raised from the vicinity of the female body, I tried to find in the crowd dancing his wife. Sometimes it was possible to detect it in the arms of a partner - one of those guys that were staring at her from the beginning.
Deciding to look for them, I almost did not hear languid babble of his partner. However, Natasha soon came out of the crowd - flushed and embarrassed - heading, apparently, to the toilet.
I was just in the next slow dance, crumpling a stout lady. By the way, her name I never learned. This time, she openly rubbed the belly of my rebellious member.
Interestingly, while my wife - not as if she was dancing? No, nonsense. It's not her, it's her Jell guy: But in fact, who knows them as they danced :. Something in the toilet ran, flowed, perhaps with excitement.
I immediately felt ashamed of his own suspicions. Climbs in the head: Jealousy leaped! Natasha has always been faithful to me, as far as I know. She, however, was raped twice, but it's not she herself :. Woman not guilty in such cases, and that experienced an orgasm at the same time, is not it, try not to experience when you're hammering and hammering :. Memories:. How much can you make excuses ?!
That was - that passed! But still: those feelings :. Nothing is more powerful, and I did not feel I was worth, during lovemaking, remember how Natasha belonged to others :. In short, I became superzherebtsom and two - three orgasm
for me, and four - five for his wife, it has been provided. Just remember it followed in detail to re-experience the humiliation and unhealthy excitement, pity tormented wife and sweet feeling sexually flight. Freedom. Yes, paradoxically, it is freedom! I was free in their feelings, since I was not able to help.
She was not suspicious for a long time. And her partner, by the way, too. Crimped in the hallway? Or in the bathroom? Another stab of jealousy. To hell with them! Nazhrus now, let drags me home - and I'll puke on the way! A pair of wine glasses of vodka, but drink beer: And here is my lady in red - red death, ha ha: we had a drink brotherhood: .. kiss:
Next vague passages. Deep kissing. Someone, it seems once again it puts me in the bed, lay down beside him and pressed a hot body. The head is spinning wildly. It's hard to breathe - it is on top. Do I still standing? I shall never finish :.
Then darkness. I woke up from a wild headache. There are no forces to move. Where I am?
On the bed. Creaks wild! But I am lying motionless ?! Moans, sighs. The head is cast iron boiler. Hot breath felt on my cheek. Who is it? With barely open my eyes. All floats. Before me Natasha's face. Sweaty, exhausted. She breathes intermittently. What is it? What's the matter? Hairy hands grabbed her by the whiskey, and turn someone's face, fat, sweaty, nasty, bites her lips. Long sucks rhythmically trembling. Then wheezing and struggling in convulsions.
Bed froze. I'm getting better. I can see how thick the figure moving away from the bed. Immediately someone else falls next to me. Falling, I guess, at Natasha. Fuss, a whisper.
"No ... I can not ... stop ... I can not more ...."
Skip the bed, slobbery kisses sounds. Quick-fast movements at the end. Wheezing - and all from the beginning. How many of them? All the male population of a party fucks my wife today? Long time creaks and groans ....
In the morning, my head is not. Beer, water, juices, hangover. I sit on the couch, give me juice. Sick. All izmochaleny. Natasha, in a rumpled dress, sitting next to blame. Face puffy. From the kitchen, the men burst of laughter. Already a hangover, fun, apparently, to remember yesterday.
-How are you? - Silence. And what she says? As raped her all night and all night? What can I say?
After some time - fun again. Only, this time, languid, lifeless. Women otpaivat me a beer. Ruining people is not beer:
Flowing into a stupor. What is there in the other room? Cries? An effort of will try to get out. That gave me a beer ?! Drug? The feeling of unreality. Someone stroking between my legs, caresses member. He does not think up. Take in the mouth.
- No, do not .... I can not ... everything hurts .... enough ... - this is Natasha! It is necessary to it ... Damn, I'm coming! In the brain explodes orgasm fireworks. sperm fountain! Relaxation.
Everything is quiet. How much time had passed? Hour? Day? Nobody here. Ida, swaying to the kitchen. Everywhere empty bottles and syringes. Well, we hit the company!
Where is my faithful wife? Staggering, I trudge into the bedroom. She is here. Unconscious or asleep? Completely naked she was stretched on the bed. On the floor, in the mucus are panties and dress. The body is covered in bruises. The chest was swollen from biting lips blue blood. But the worst thing - between her legs. Swollen, red, polished labia all in the semen and ichor, inner thighs - solid blue and mucus. The abdomen and pubic area wet. Hit by a sheet under it - just a lump of reddish mucus. My God! What then was that ?! What's was until I took his mouth in all these the women? How many men have walked on it?
Then I often tried to hold an inquest - that was there? How it was? What did she feel? It comes to an end it? The very sweet-painful feeling caused me to reopen this wound. However, if the wound? Natasha, terribly slow shared details. Yes, she went to dance, thinking nothing will not. I felt like he rubs. I wanted to go, and you're drunk :. Dragged into the bedroom :.
You, by the way, there fucked some fat bitch. They put me next.
Next - a nightmare! All night ... I men - you slept beside him and while I was raped, I was holding your hand. All night ... probably every man five times. Solid orgasms ....... they ... well, yes, and I have ... several times ... maybe more ... I do not remember how much. In the morning again .... hot, red-hot right members, slavering lips, wheezing in the face ... hot jets inside. I never will not be able to forget. One always forced to raise the legs to penetrate deeper. Iskovyryal me everything ... In general, then all long ached. And it was particularly nasty when kissing. One always sucked, did not give breathing. However, underneath it I have experienced multiple orgasms, and he, when you go down, kissed, not looking up and bellowed like a bull.
After each of these stories, I rushed to her and my dick was a member, as in oil in a hot, moist flesh. She was ready. She remembered how she had been raped and, judging by the way she, in these stories, flowed - remember all the details. I wish it repetition? No, certainly not violence: .. Or maybe it is violence? When he does not depend on anything, because you are powerless because everything is decided for you, and can only obey, to endure and to experience endless orgasms? I would like to?

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State husband

Yes, England is certainly a country of contrasts. The customs and manners of Old England and the family gossip over a cup of good ale beer in the tavern "Three piglets" somewhere on Prikadilii, or betting on horse races.
Some old customs are not potyaryali still matter. Alive, for example, a by which any married couple living together for 4 years and has no children, is entitled to certain payments to invite statesman, to provide practical assistance in such a difficult and delicate matter.
And so, being in such a position, one couple decided to exercise his right. Of course, a frustrated husband, going to work, reminded his wife that he should come today State male and that he would ask her to be benevolent and behave.
By pure coincidence the same day a happy father with many children the family living in the neighborhood, invited to the house photographer, a specialist in children taking to zavpechatlit family having many children. But as a man distracted, up the stairwell, photographer census tal door and rang the childless family apartment. The door opened a hostess.
Good afternoon, Mrs.. Hello. I . . .
I ask you! For God's sake do not need words. I know everything.
Your husband said that I should come today?
Yes I'm ready.
Well, if so, before getting down to business, I would like to offer you all the options, in which we will work.
I listen to you.
Among the most effective positions, as experience has shown, these improvisations are the most best: standing, lying on the floor in the bathroom.
ABOUT!!!. . . . . Well, I'm ready, if so needed.
About the meme, no doubt in my experience, allow me to show you the album with my work. That this child I did on the roof of the bus.
On the roof of the bus? When all the people !!! Oh my God!
Yes, the meme is a whim of his mother. But this child is sewn elk done in Vetrino store.
In the eyes of all the public ?!
What to do, meme, but his mother was a movie star, it is passed around for a film advertising.
He showed several works with the same and kommentariemi As a result we, by the end of the album, it did not feel the legs under him.
So start with the bathroom.
She took off her robe and mechanically, exposing headed for the bathroom.
One moment, meme, I have to take a stand.
What for???
You see, meme, my machine is so heavy that it is difficult to keep it in your hands.
After these words she fainted. Terrified photographer IZUM lenii jumped out of the apartment and took to their heels.
And after a while in the stairwell there was an elegant gentleman type. This time, a genuine statesman, faced with a happy mother of many children of the family, was waiting photographer.
Good day, meme! You made a one-off challenge?
Yes, sir.
I must say that in spite of all my effort and Masters TVO, as experience shows, a single call is small, since your resovannost The interested not in doubt, I suggest you repeat the call after not divide.
Well sir, I will follow your advice, but where is your unit?
Oh, meme you are the most clever woman in London. Of course with me!
Oh, sorry, I did not notice the lens. Usually people about your profession, he immediately catches the eye.
You insult me, meme, here take my data "lens"Certified by the example of, but I assure you it is quite telephoto.
Oh, I'm sorry sir, I'm a little versed in the art, my husband, too.
How how? For fans in our case prosecuted by law. But do not worry, like I'm in no competition, and of course I'll prove it to you.
I am very grateful to you. Let us waste no time, let's start. If I like your effort, I'll be your constant client.
Do not worry, meme, ability to a great experience. In my clientele list over two hundred people, and not a single complaint.
I very much hope for you. We'll start with perhaps the bathroom. I have to prepare the water when it seemed.
You do intriguete meme.
Then continue in the child on the bed, on a small train, on the pot, and finally in the Sandpiper at the window.
At least three call meme. More than three times for a call I can not.
Yes you? I first heard about it. My friend you are a complete master of all orders in a single call. She had 15 positions
I'm sorry, but you have the wrong information. In our case there were no such cases. Even if I give up the other call, even then I will be able to provide a maximum of 6 positions. But this is the limit of my ability.
The trouble is that you come up with one device. The master, to tory was my friend. two phones dangling from the front.
You were misled, meme, unknown to science such phenomena.
Stop joking, get better your unit and start work.
Well, meme, - he said, and a professional gesture threw his clothes. Mem fainted.

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Roman letters 2

Hello Irina! Ask well on the Internet and - not red. Although I think that if you and I met in my life, I at least would not have to blush. And I doubt I'll suddenly still misunderstood: You want me to confine what some general words, and I start to tell all about it. Sorry if that.
Still, I hope that the answer to your question you will find both a (preferably without my help).
First I was a woman three years older. We met by chance you can tell even at work. She came to Kiev from another city, rented an apartment here and it turned out that she told me that the hostess in her relationship strained and her back is not very desirable. My parents just left for vacation for two weeks. I asked her to stay a little away from me. She agreed. I secretly, of course, thought about it, but when she came to live with me, could not decide to do anything. We have two rooms, so we split. Perhaps it was a bit silly. One evening came some guests (I do not remember much). When they left, we were still dancing, and then began to wash the dishes. Then, as always, went from room to room. Then I decided that if not now, then never, and brought her a pillow. For a while we just lie there. Then I turned to her, perhaps, to ask something, and she put my hand on ... Of course, then it was more experienced. However, I tried very hard, and she even asked if there was any at me this before. The first time I was ecstatic. I have long wanted to see what there is in women between the legs. And I not only looked, but also sniffed and licked it with my tongue. I really liked it. Then it's even become a habit, and now, when I have no one, I suffer very much because of the lack of sex, and even think that if I had not tried it at all, I would now be easier.
In women, all slightly different. Apart from the purely physiological sensations, which I can not judge the first experience without a proper psychological preparation can bring even disgust. It very much depends on what kind of a man next to you, what kind of feelings you feel for him, how he is selfish, etc. Sorry to say banal truth, but as it turns out. I do not think that the first time it should be only from the great love, but if a man can not (or will not) how to take care of you, this may be a great psychological trauma for a very long time for you. Discarding false modesty, expressing the hope that I would have all turned out as needed. A relative age - just recently had a conversation about it in FidoNet. The people believed that 12-14 years - this is normal. My own view is much more difficult. Sorry, if I say something wrong. I think that for a woman it is very important to engage in masturbation to know your body. It depends on how it is prepared for YOU. And the age ... There are girls (who all shy, and therefore can not do anything) in 30 years. In general, I think the sooner the better. In any event, you choose. And do not think about anyone but yourself! Remember: the most important thing in sex - is a woman. If he does not bring the satisfaction of a woman, then it is no use to anyone, and even harmful. I'm happy for you, if you are standing on the threshold of this amazing discovery. Just look do not be mistaken in its decision!
Really attentive men, unfortunately, rare. Then to not be excruciatingly painful ...
Here we had our first conversation on "outright" theme. I do not hurt you with something? Will you be as honest with me? I look forward to your letters. I keep them all, very pleased with our correspondence. Once again, I'm sorry if you felt something unpleasant. Write to me as soon as possible! Kisses

Dear Irina! Stop embarrassed! I am comfortable that you wrote this pisio. It's just great. Once again, thank you very much.
See, you say you can not think of what to write about. It turns out you can! Well done. There is in fact something to talk about! My answer, most likely, will consist of two parts - so much want to say to you. It is a pity that we are so far from each other ...
As you get used to the fact that the children did not hesitate to parents? Listen to the word: naturism. It is natural for them. They often see the parents and all of their friends naked themselves go without clothes: they have the appropriate training. This is their way of life, it is natural for them, so what is there to be ashamed of? I think that we would have much less of a problem if we brought naturists. After all, much depends on education. Naturism - it is a culture in many respects superior to our own, based on violence and hypocrisy. By the way, we have almost answered your second question. I must say that he is very pleased with me, however, as a pleasant surprise. The fact that an involuntary reaction to nudity in men manifests itself only in a few cases. Of course, if a man is young (green, inexperienced). When it comes to sexual contact (for example, during the so-called pre-games). Sometimes just when dealing with a loved one, if long time no see. Normal people engaged in sex, or after work, or even at night. Usually they go dressed, for their nakedness - a taboo. And if the form of a naked body is available at almost any time of the day, a lot of it, and no one stops anything such spontaneous reactions gradually come to naught. Do you know that in France, for example, there are whole villages on the sea, good climate allows year-round people walking around without clothes? On the roads leading to these settlements are usually warning signs such as: appearance in public places is banned in clothing. Can you imagine? And on the other hand, I can say that when a long time is from personal experience, then even longer hurt eggs. The whole day walking slightly bent or even limping. Very unpleasant sensation.
It's not even in the habit (although it, too - expect the following letters). For example, I like most women caress the tongue and lips. It's nice in itself (nice! - Understatement), but the greatest pleasure I have, for example, get on what pleasure for the one next to me. It is in this sense and talk about love in bed. As if it's important. It is important of course, but it is not obligatory. Just without love is harder to feel, I do not enjoy from their sensations and feelings of my partner. Do you understand? The better it is, the better I do. It is very difficult to describe, unfortunately. That's why I say that sex has meaning only woman. Man gets satisfaction automatically - and the more, the more completely he was able to satisfy his partner. But, unfortunately, not all men understand it (and even more able). Usually they only care about their satisfaction, and their wives have to settle for a small (at best).
So it may be frigidity and a host of various gynecological diseases. God forbid you such a man! Speaking of women's diseases. The best cure for them - having sex. This well-known opinion, and I on the basis of personal experience I can only confirm it. Generally it is useful for everyone, but for women - especially. And abstinence, on the contrary, harmful. Especially in your situation. You, as I understand it, sometimes the desire arises. Of course, the shower - it's some sort of solution, but the solution is only a short-term! I will not even describe the possible consequences of unsatisfied desires. Desire in general, and especially in sex. Still, it is the most powerful inkstinkt.
Letter and so is long enough, so ... about their problems - very brief. Onanism I started about 12 years. If you have not tried a woman, it brings some kind of satisfaction. And now, there is even tension does not remove.
All the same it would be desirable. With a woman I was not more than a year. At first, something somehow could stand ... On the other hand, again, it depends on the person. My friend is also a problem with the girls, but he likes to masturbate. It also helps him. And I'm just tired. Even just getting nasty in some situations. I want a woman! Because there is no masturbation (and the male and female, by the way) with real sex simply incomparable. As my girlfriend said (she liked to watch me wank), the body, learn more, starting to give up less. It is in this sense, I said that it was better not to engage in sex - problems would be less.
The next letter I intend to devote to the discussion of women's psychology and physiology. Remember when you asked, as the girls?
I'm certainly no expert, but I'll try to describe what I know. If you at least a little help ... Wait for the next letter. greetings

Dear Irina! I have already written that I am not an expert, so do not take, please, my words as the ultimate truth. Actually, you can even forget about them. However, just in case you would be interested, I want to share with you some observations.
At first. I do not know what there is now you guys (I doubt that something special), but I remember that I was in that age did not cost anything at all. On the one hand, and the interests of something a little different, and the style of behavior, and the concept of integrity, honesty, etc. Sex in this age boys still not interested. The best romantic love. I, for example, the subject of his passion was writing poetry, than the subject of it has exhausted completely. Maybe if I act a little differently ... On the other hand, the use of them is really small (there would be no harm!). Probably, when the first time and even at that age, become concerned only about themselves, to finish as soon as possible, and do only what you want. No care and sensitivity, I believe, be even simply can not. Well, they are still not ripe for it!
Secondly. It is very important. You write that you would like to only affection, but to more is not ready yet. A really friendly and gentle man should feel it and not insist on what girl does not want or afraid. However, the majority of men, as I have said, are only thinking about how to finish necessarily up to the present violence. They do not understand what the consequences for a woman can have this behavior. My ex odnogruppnitsa (now, of course, married) once said that it is very important that the man knew all the items listed in "Kama Sutra". I argued with her, then, I do not agree now. In my opinion, a bare knowledge will not bring success. A man should be able to feel.
And the last. What about female sexuality. The thing is very complicated. There are many different types of women, and yet each of them individually. For example, a friend of mine, which I have already written, came to the conclusion that all women in the same bed. Indeed, it is possible to trace some common line of conduct, and yet ... Okay, enough empty theorizing. I would like to tell you a little bit, as the girls. With examples from the life course.
In women, it seems to me, faster and easier to the habit. Is there any certain rhythm. For example, my favorite for a long time lived in the apartment of his friend. When I found the address, then I began to come every day while he was at work. We have a lot of sex. So, one day I called and said that he will come. But something did not work, and I came the next day. So she told me, as she could not bear to take a shower and had to queue outside. Then, when she lived with her parents, we have closed in her room when the house were her sister and brother, and went "relax". And when, on the contrary, for a long time is not a man, a woman gets used to it and it is quite difficult "persuade the". Disappears need, you know? I note parenthetically that women desire also depend on the hormone, which is the male sperm. Hence a direct connection: no sex - no desire. However, this applies only to adult women (I do not want to hurt you). It is still very important to feel like a woman. And, apparently, in this sense you have awakened. I am very happy for you! But a friend of mine soon 30, and she still did not feel like a woman. It's hard for her, and for others. And another friend of mine, only one (!) Time in my life tried to masturbate, and does not want to, she says she disgusting. But to live with men, she began at age 14. Once hired, even for the money out of curiosity of a youngster.
On the other hand, in women (as seems) relatively less trouble finding a sexual partner. The very understand: the girls are introduced not only in the discos, the cinema or a cafe, but also on the streets or in the subway. So the problem to find a friend on vecherochek ... And then all depends on the girl, by her character and desire. Solve it. I even think that it's easy, even spontaneity in communication lead to a detachment of women. In bed - yes, a woman should think only about themselves. But in life ... Some have a husband or steady boyfriend, they are people too, and they also have some feelings. My girlfriend and I have been together for four years. Some will say - time. I still can not come to his senses, but it seems, do not care. Men tend to experience deeper and more dramatic than women. I do not know whether this is good or bad, but, at least, is what I'm here you wrote, I did not read anywhere in the books, it's life. It is a pain. This is happiness. Be happy, Ira! I am very happy for you, I'm glad you're there, I'm happy with you. I wish you happiness. However, we will talk about happiness somehow another time. And without this letter in any box will not fit. Write to me as soon as possible. Good luck! Yours faithfully

P.S. It is said here that the woman always comes back to the person with whom it was good (I prefer it). But, as you know, any rule there are exceptions. But here's a rule, exceptions to which I have not (yet) know that if a woman wants to leave - it will go away. What would you have had any relationship, to say nothing about love ...

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Let's go, iskupnemsya - rang out golosochek my girlfriend
Until another visit with his wife was still about two hours, everything was cooked (and it is especially necessary to prepare for a real friend), and the sun beat down mercilessly simply. Why not go to the nearby river and relax a little bit? Of course, let's go. She was legenkom summer short dress, under which was illuminated blue leotard. Her bare feet smartly paced along the path that led us to a quiet little town on the river, where almost never was nobody. I followed her, admiring her hips exciting movements. As we walked, I ran different pictures in my head: here it is tilted, exposing his ass to me for review; Here I sat down, exposing thighs; here comes in a dress without a bathing suit under the bottom ... Pictures flashed in my mind, one after another, I have several times mentally undressed her, and she in the meantime calmly walked in front, drove me crazy by his gait ...
Finally we come to the river. My trunks were too small for my raging member, and she could not help but notice it. But a mysterious smile flitted across her lips. She quickly took off her dress and a run plunged into the cooling water. I admired the spectacle as she swam gracefully, sometimes disappearing from the surface and then slowly floated upward. Finally, I also get rid of extra clothes and dived into the water. Cool it affected me a bit sobering, but fantasy did not leave my head. Then she swam up to me and began our usual water sports ... It seems so innocent childish pranks, but they always made me a storm of excitement. When my body touches her body under the water, or when I feel it is only by streams of water, but I know that her flesh somewhere in millimeters from me ... We were already full of desire, our bodies are like caresses, and the like only the occasional touch of passion warmed up more and more ...
Finally, we got out on the sand and splashed on the cover. She lay down on my stomach, and I sat beside him, staring at her flawless body. Droplets of water glistened in the sun, some slid down, making her an avalanche of sensations. My fingers had already traveled through her body, and she indulged in the sun, trying not to show his excitement. A blade of grass that grew near my efforts sometimes touched her body, tickling and exciting at the same time. It might seem that she did not respond to my feeble efforts, but her breath gave out all her wishes.
- You do not want me pozagadyvat words? - Is its proposal was similar to the last barrier that Stvilia in front of me on the road to vospylaniyu our passion. And my finger began to gently bring to her back: "I WANT YOU". Of course, she knew, and turned over, stuck his hot hand into my swimming trunks. I almost shot their charge from such pressure. But he restrained himself and pulled her to him. Our lips have long wanted to each other, and their touch was searing. My tongue rapidly peodoleval her attempts to defense, and soon he reigned supreme in our kiss.
I laid her down on the blanket and holding her hands began to travel through her body language. Her hands and feet could not move, because it turned out to be in my captivity. Her body writhed as if did not know what to choose - whether to reach for my affection, or trying to escape from this painful debt pleasure.
Her swimsuit is no longer covered sweet portions of her body. The chest has been completely opened my eyes and caresses. The language I brought her nipples to pedelnogo voltage. These elastic bumps protruded, raising his view me even more. Wet panties strip has been shifted to the side, revealing a hot pussy to my caresses. Her lower jaw were discovered and attracted its humidity. I have long been pulled tight swimming trunks, and began to drive forward Moved strained his member over her body. She could only stare watch him and drag him all over. So he turns on her breasts, sliding head by an elastic nipples, here concerns neck, rises to her mouth ... She wants to catch it with his lips, but it tightens even more excitement, and her lips just catch his scent. That he hung on her face, she could not take her eyes off of the power, which is located directly in front of her eyes. I lower a little lower, so that my balls touch her lips.
His tongue she caresses them and the bottom of my thick cannon. Even a little bit and it shoots ... Today I too overexcited. But I still have to posit one place. Slipping down, I stop at the entrance to her hole. My head is touching her hot petals. She was trembling with desire to feel my cock inside. And so he begins his penetration. Groans of lust break from her lips, she greedily gasping, not to suffocate from absorbing her pleasure. My cock is moving in a damp cave hot, I can see how he comes out of the holes, all covered with her juice, and how he comes inside, pushing her flesh. Her legs were lying on my shoulders, her whole cave was the most open my onslaught. I was part of a deep and strong, so that her body felt the power of my punches. And when almost incoherent words began to break away from her lips: "Yeah, yeah ... stick it ... ... fuck me harder, stronger ...."I quickened the pace, and her body tensed in anticipation of an orgasm ... "Stop me"Only I had time she moaned and the waves of pleasure rolled from the lower abdomen over her body. I continued the motion, and her moans interspersed with almost a cry of pleasure. So I fired their charge into her flesh. My dick, strong pulsating, threw a jet of jet, and it echoed in her body. Finally, we calmed down and I lay down, without removing a member of her hot holes ...
But it was time to go. Reluctantly pulling clothes, we went upstairs. And here we meet is the same one, with his wife. They arrived early and, not finding us at home, we decided to take a stroll. And then we met by chance. Just look embarrassed his wife constantly tried to sneak down or side, and her cheeks were unusually red. And then I saw a drop of semen running down her knee ...

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Office. Cutting ear and gives focus of the supplier's voice broke the silence again. Pounding his fingers on the computer keyboard:
Something strange is happening to me today. I do not feel anything. I smile, trying to hide inner emptiness, trying to remember the state in which I was good, or at least bad: do not care anymore. I want to sensations, feelings, passions ,: nothing. Rolled horror. Lord, anything! And suddenly again? Once in this state of emptiness and stagnation, I spent a few months. Fearfully. I am trying to analyze. Maybe I think too much how to behave and how not right. Maybe, for some reason, I stopped to put pressure on me, gray ghost, lean loneliness. Where are you soul, if you are, you should feel something! Quiet and empty:
Work can not. I remember:
I open the door with fear look in the corridor. Neighbors do not. What a luck! Quickly I take off boots, slippers and a climb in a hurry to the room, while there is no one in the hallway. Leszek catching up when I opened the door and entered the room. On the face of insult.
He's an amazing person alive. Black with a greenish tint big eyes, always expressive, always profound. If you look closely into his eyes, it becomes scary,: lips stretched themselves in a protective smile. Really I want to freeze, to join in this black-and-green abyss, to dissolve it. To his sensations, feelings, thoughts become mine.
"You forgot to give me slippers !?"
" I was in a hurry, and you already know where they are"
Some time bicker. But feelings about something else. I need a bath, because I do not give him to take possession of his body escaping, running away: Just ran out monthly, it is necessary to check if everything is in order. I went into the room with bare feet, did not pull the tights again. Stupid Vidocq. Skirt, sweater and the bare legs. He does not care, even, it seems, on the contrary.
It puts me on the sofa, pulls her panties, unfolds across. Sam is on his knees in front of a sofa. I hesitate - light from a computer monitor illuminates the most intimate places. His tongue touches the abdomen, hands, he spreads my legs. I still resist, but most want to spread out widely. The tongue slides down concerns clitoris. It's always a surprise. I shudder. Desire rolls hot wave. And he teases, kisses there. During my growing rage. I want to go there. Already I do not notice the monitor light. The whole body is shaking. I grab his legs and draws closer. Finally, his tongue gently touches my tubercle, vibrate, bringing me to insanity. His fingers that penetrate into the vagina and the anus: My favorite, cute kitten: I want you. Now. I'm dying to you: Waves relaxed bliss replaced inhuman muscle tension seems to burst the eardrums of the blood blasts, raging in the vessels. He continues ... almost lose consciousness. Falls into some kind of space-time hole - do not know where I am, I can not determine how much time has passed, I want more and more.
Finally, he does not stand up, pulls off his clothes and enters me. As always I'm waiting for this moment. My body is revealed towards new sensations. The vagina pulsing. I dissolve in orgasm. I try to cling to his entire body. I feel better. In addition to their feelings only I start to feel his desire. My fingers gently run down his spine.
Unconsciously, waiting for my touch will cause a new reaction. I want to, and he felt deeper and sharper. My fingers get to the trough, where the back goes into the buttocks. Wow! He winces and starts muttering, moaning.
Fingering lower and lower: Damn! Stupid sweater, skirt. He became entangled in his pants is not fully removed. Getting in a hurry to rip off her clothes. We skirt stuck zipper. For a while I am struggling with a skirt. Partially I losing my excitement. It's not scary.
I know that as soon as I feel it inside myself, I find myself again in a semiconscious state.
He tries to introduce a member of my anus. Do not: It's better when I get exhausted and can not resist. anus muscles to contract.
Continuing interrupted strip process. Just insert your fingers between his buttocks, his arches. Forbidden, of a sweet pleasure flooded me. The most unusual that you can feel - as the other drags. Our bodies merge in ecstasy. I enter fingers deeper and begin rhythmic movements. He can not resist his desires.
Rises above, so I can go into it deeper. The head is on fire. Two bodies pulsate in rhythm. Each cell is trembling with bliss. The spasm of pleasure even tighter twists us with each other. I try to seize the vagina his cock deeper, handed him his surge. His cock was huge, completely fills me. Consciousness does not stand on or off.
At some point I emerge from oblivion. Understands where I am, what's going on with me. I clung to him flushed body, trying to pour it their bliss, their tenderness. His every movement spreads inside me, filling warmth and cramp abdomen, then the body, restricting the legs, stretching the spine. Hands spread out. I can not move. Nerve cells are crazy. Under the mad stress they passed through the body of bliss waterfalls.
He decided that I was ready to introduce a member of my anus. Like a flower to blossom amidst the raging lava flows - tender: to a close, the native creature. I want to be even closer, to become part of it. Something babbling, trying to convey the inexpressible words. God, how I love him. I do not want to be separate. I went into his thoughts, his feelings. We are one. At the moment, that maybe he does not have time to realize that something is happening, and we cease to be separate creations of nature. These moments are ALL. They will not forget. They - the main thing in life.
It seems that the last minute, and passed hours:
The body trembling. I can not calm down. Smoke. He will soon leave. Again grows isolation wall. I try not to say anything superfluous. And so many unpleasant and unnecessary has talked before. He kept the same. Only his eyes, huge, smiling sparkle gems. They can not hide.
Leszek, I love you!

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"So I take her legs on his shoulders ..."
(From a joke)
I love women. I like a woman's body. Not a model, not a sport - an ordinary woman's body, it does not matter how tall, no matter what the weight, the more it does not matter what size of the bust. I like to see how a woman gets pleasure. I love to watch a woman delivers indulge herself. I do not like to pry, and never do. I love it when a woman knows that her look, and this even more excited. Love samoudovletvoryaetsya under cloudy and close female gaze. I like to masturbate with a woman, when we control his excitement, touching, perhaps, with his lips. But what I love most - a lustful female mind, talking about her burning desire to fall into the whirlpool of lust and debauchery, animal pleasures and carnal pleasures. Such desires are usually kept secret. But if such a demure manages to declassify, and if you manage to convince such sladostnitsu meet and forget about the bounds of decency and conventions - these are the best moments! Why minutes? Because every minute spent with the baby, pulsating heartbeat in her temples, eyes veiled sweet veil and etched in my memory for a lifetime ...
I will not tell how, but one thing is a miracle 22 years wandered up to me at the light recently. I'd like to tell the world about this, slightly shy and silent home baby-honors pupil, was one of the most lascivious sluts who met in my life. Describing all that we did, I will be able, perhaps, to go through it again, and to me that oh, how I would like to ...
I do not know, I drew attention to it in a different situation, or not, but when you know that she is the proximity of a strange man with pleasure, if you want it a hundred times more. So, clearly, I found it cute. She was wearing a pink opaque blouse and long white-to-light flowers skirt. All spacious, nothing slim. On the feet - elegant sandals without heels. It was impossible to make out whether there is her bra, and the size of her breasts. Blond, not reaching to the shoulders, hair, ear-studs in his ears, the lack of any kind was the paint and the presence of small pimples on the face of the summer - nothing, including the bag on a long strap, not hinted at bezshabashnuyu proximity. Except, of course, about our meeting. She seemed raskrasneetsya as soon as I touch her hand. Somewhere it was. I wanted to start to caress her back in the taxi on the way to the apartment, but it was limited to only a hand on her shoulder and a light kiss on the cheek. She was curled into a ball, without a sound.
Did not get to the right address, we stopped at a stall to buy "intoxicating". She asked to take her "Longer" (That's the power of advertising!). In a small, but cozy "safe house" I asked her to be placed flat, while he'll go to the bathroom, heat something incredible on the street. I thought I'd go out to her advantage shaking, but somehow kompleksanul. And when he came out, he saw that none of buttons on her blouse was not undone. Here, I think, would be shaken by a dick before shackled baby, she would run away. Crouched beside Longer pulled out of her hand, one arm round her waist, the other - turned her face toward him and kissed her passionately.
Happened. Obtselovyval face, licking her neck and ears without touching either breast or under-shorts, not even rubbing his feet. She sat near the log, her hands are not walked on me that I was somewhat depressed. But it was clear in the quiet puffing and chugging that the ice was broken. I pulled away from her, to see the excitement in her eyes and was pleased .... Unbuttoned her blouse half, I freed her from the bra rolls, proved to be very appetizing, with a fairly large pink nipples, like pears. Then I pulled her to the sofa plump legs, rolled up her skirt and gently pushed aside her panties, revealing look wet bosom covered with dark hairs. I did it very slowly, and the whole time she dutifully followed my actions, half-closed his eyes and groaning whisper. I enjoy this view. The girl seemed to be dressed, but its charms are available!
I took her hand and led her to her pubis - pomasturbiruy. Tanya (well, it is not actually named Tania) smiled and began barely caressing her clitoris with your fingers. I sat opposite, stroking her knees and calves, and enjoyed looking at her legs, breasts, erect nipples, her fingers caressing the crotch, and, of course, face a bit flushed and perspiring, with parched lips thin and hooded eyes.
I have often witnessed these beauties. Once, in a drunken stupor, to the apartment of my friend I was far, bukralno, surrounded by the bodies licking and sucking girls terebyaschih themselves. I occupied myself landlady and writhing and jumping on top, trying to restore life to my half-dead member, they crawl across the plane of her crotch. The remaining (there were three of them, all in the same bed, all in the body, even a little full of - a dream) only deal with them, not even each other, putting me unless the tongues and lips. Room softly moaned loudly and nozzles. What's over I do not remember, can not remember even the details - was drunk as a lord ... One remember exactly - I have not finished. Born to drink, can not finish. But I have since corrected.
However, it was a digression ...
It seemed to me that a member in my pants getting bigger than I am. I bent down and whispered in her ear, - do not stop ... She opened her eyes and moaning softly, watching as I stood up and took off his T-shirt and jeans with shorts. Member of the spring broke out and her eyes seemed riveted to it.
I started to masturbate in front of her face slowly, arching to member touched her lovely lips. With his free hand she stroked even longer held on to my hairy legs, and when a member of the lips and touching, I moved away and cleaned it. After several "deceptive maneuvers"That ended with smiles, moans and excited giggles, I rolled a skin head and lowered her mouth. Kaif - unearthly. Never before ispyiyval similar sensations during a blow job. She gently caressed my head tongue, and I, one arm round her head, stroking like a kitten, behind the ear, and the other holding his oblizany member, drove them on her lips, cheeks, nose, dropping in her mouth, then a little bit, it almost entirely. Her fingers caressed the clitoris faster and faster, her moans grew louder. I bent down and kissed her on the lips and started to drive a member of her breasts, occasionally shaking him, touching the nipple to the current penetrated her body from all sides. Until that moment she sat with her legs on the couch, and I was standing over her, spreading her legs and throwing one on the couch, and now I turned her legs so that they overhang off the couch, and that I could be in front of her flat. She said that her clothes can become wrinkled, stood up and began to undress. I did not help her. I looked at her hand and squeezed his erection. At two moments Tanya was completely naked. I took her hand and drew to itself. She was a half times lower than me, naked, looked even smaller and defenseless. We hugged each other and started kissing and undead standing of each other. I squeezed her buttocks, breasts, fondled and pinched her nipples, and she tried to pat the surface of all my skinny figure, playing with eggs and podupavshim member.
Again I sat her down on the sofa, her legs wide apart, and sat on the floor in front of her. It was my turn to do her fluffy flower.
I was licking it and biting and sucking, and thrust his fingers into the vagina and the anus. I confess, in the ass entered as many as three fingers! Thrusting his fingers deep into her burning bosom, I moved his fingers, trying to ... to hurt the uterus. I think she liked it - she just moaned and clutched, clutched blanket on the couch. It seemed, from the bedspreads pour the water. She is loud, then soft moans and sobs I could not figure out whether or not it ends. But her body was covered with sweat, his face was red and excited, and perineum, as my hands were covered with passionate juices. She said quietly, - "Yes"And I did not specify details. She stood up and reached out to me with his lips, hugged and hugged me.
And I have not finished yet, and did not think to stop. While licking and obnezhivaya her holes, I was a little podrachival, supporting himself on the peak of orgasm feelings at the gate, then one, then the other hand, wet with my beloved juices.
Now, it could see everything, she was emaciated. Insert your into it, if not a giant, but a red-hot bolt meant to hurt her. I parted her gentle halves and after spending a wet finger on the anus, and asked - can here? Under my strict guidance she became cancer on the couch with his head resting on the pillow, and caved in, lifted her ass. Then I exploded! View this plump little white ass wet and excited pink holes, exposed me to show, juices, which I, cooking, oiled cock did the trick. I had to stick to the coveted hole only the head, and the sperm is from branzboyda rushed inside. I began to move out of the last forces, Tanya fucking ass spewing sperm head and squeezed her thigh, that is urine, podrachivaya trunk ...
And not just with her tears. He took a member here and there, until it turned into a pod. And then I grabbed the lovely hips, and kissed her on the ass. The aspirated. Dream, not a girl. Sorry, not a local ...

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A game?

-Syad Right here in the chair ... I shall take you shoes ... And your favorite white stockings ... How nice to touch your thighs!
You roll down stockings rings ... First left. Then right. You get up in front of me on my knees. You take my left foot for shin ...
-How tender your skin! You're shaking?
-Yes, and certainly not from the cold ...
I just drowned in the chair, but it does not matter ... I'm looking for your hand ... Strong hands, big fingers ... I'm a little pull the leg, but it's not nerves ... I'm a little ticklish, but it's nice to feel the warmth of your hand ... I myself want to touch you, but I force myself not to do that, at least for now!
I dug my nails into the upholstery of the chair, so that there are prints of the nails, but I swear, I'll leave them on your back today!
You smile looking at my face. So many emotions on it! But now all of your attention is still on my left hand nozhke.Ty adhere to my leg for the ankle, and the right to caress her top, gently running his fingers from the knee to the rise. The skin like velvet. You lips comes to lifting, lips parted, his tongue protrudes ...
I shivered!
-I'm sorry, I did not want this to scare you ...
Now I smile, but the smile off when I see your eyes. Tremors in the body, like sharp arrows ... It seems that I just enveloped tremors and now it's all on my chest, just there all the accumulated and the desire to pressure on the nipples, causing them to rise, it must be seen as a stick through blouse ... Hand tighten the upholstery, how do I want to see you, even if kasnutsya! You burns the skin with his breath.
Your hands ! Magic Hands! Eyes want to cover up, I want to melt in your hands ... Language caresses your skin ...
-Like my nail polish on fingers - I'm very surprised at how calm my voice sounds - Dark cherry ... I began to paint her toenails. You're right! It's very sexy!
-Very like! And your fingers too! - You easily barely touching, you start to kiss my toes ...
From big to little finger and back. Taking the foot with both hands you an exciting lips three middle fingers. And when they are in your mouth, you start teasing them with his tongue.
My fingers as three small segment in your mouth, and you try to repeat what I do when I take in my mouth.
"You know what it is? Watch now on you? Now I know what a man feels when I caress his cock! This warmth and tenderness!" I can not take my eyes off you, I move my fingers a little, very easily, and then you catch them with his tongue ...
And your lips, gently lick your fingers ... Damn! Well, to what do nice! I have not tickled, not at all, on the contrary, I want it! Your touch! It turns me on! Highly! You're doing something that no one else I did. I was not enough just to sit and be pressed into this chair, I start a little crawl on him his ass, I try to do it discreetly to you, and between the legs to become hot, now it seems my heart is beating there.
-What happened to you? I was promised a promiscuous suchku.- you for a moment to break away from menya.- Are you the girl from school.
I immediately returned to reality ...
-Bitch? You want to bitch - my face is changing dramatically. Lost pensive expression, relaxation, tenderness disappeared. With eyes blurred sleeping pleasure, giving way to anger.
I get out of the leg of your hands. Her eyes shoot lightning, and excitement still shakes ... or is it still the same anger?
-Do not you dare interrupt me - I abruptly get up from his chair, - You do not know WHAT subscribed!

Leg put you on the shoulder, the same foot that you kissed me just a second ago. The second ... and so much has changed ...
You're in a daze looking at me.
I force crush foot on your shoulder.

-How good are you at this burst of angry!
-Look! Look! Here's a me you just do not see!

I stand foot on the chest, with the force pushing you back, without moving his feet, held her to your chest, and your back to the floor, a thick soft carpet.
I get up at you.
Shirt ...
I wonder who Iron-on transfer?
Neatly so all ...
To hell with it!
Tips and capturing arms shelves shirts, ditch it for you.

-Do not zhalet- is only the fabric! Pugovichek, by the way, is no longer, scattered on the floor!

Aha! Here's what I need ... Your breasts ... Great. On the caress touch it ... This skin ... Warm and tender nipples ... like drops of pink, including a slightly curly dark hair ... I spend the most on the chest with his finger and slowly wind the hair on one finger, a kind of curls ... He caught her fingers, look at your face ...

-I am in awe - your voice ... you just devour me with his eyes.

Head slightly to the side, eyes shining, a smile on my lips ...

-Girls can be very cruel - with these words with force ditch hair on you.
- Bitch - you flinched, but I will not let you get up.
- Yet what a bitch! - I smile.
-I would dearly like to do to you ... nice ... I did what nobody else did to you .. and you like that ?! So after all I've been told the truth - you are promiscuous bitch! Come march on the sofa! Cancer!
" Do not you see? Promiscuous? Well, well .... you will remember for a long time this bitch ..."
I yield to you, with a smile on his lips go to the couch.
Playfully jumps up on the couch, on the move to unbutton her blouse, take off her and turned to you with a smile on his face, throw you a blouse.
Left in a bodice, I get up with his back to you, legs wide, as wide as possible. Ass up. Here the fold! Hands on the back of the sofa, back bend over backwards kneeling. Butt disclosed, dark star anus, full lips, dark at the edges and pale pink in the open slot. Not a single hair. Clitoris stands, it is still not visible under the skin crease, but I feel like it is swollen as nalilsya blood.
Virtue ass in front of you. I look at you, turning. You mnesh shirt in his hand, looking at me.
Very throws blouse aside and go to the couch ...

-You bitch made me sick! You'll get full! To substitute your ass alive!

I have to bend more.

-Oh! Yes, with whom you fucked while I was gone? - Look, all holes have grown together! Here you ... I knead today ....

Your hands fall on my ass, I do not see the face, but I feel that you consider me.

-Well ka, girl, work handles razebi himself for me. And I'll see.

I put my hand on the buttock, hand slides over the body, palm fall on pussy, gently I spend on it, because I love her. Two fingers like scissors clamp clit, just rub it teased. And you look. You did not do that. But you think I feel the whole skin. The hand moves up. Freezing at the parted lips. Thumb barely touches the hot flesh, chut very little, as if trying for a second ... immersed in the hot wet pussy. Disappeared only a fingernail. The second hand and up. Again the track. That's a trace of grease. And a finger on the anus.
I spend a little tight around the ring. One circle, slightly press on the center of the anus, the other kruzhok- crush stronger. Another circular finger went to the phalanx. He is biting his lip. I do not want you to know that I want to start a fingers at once ...

-Eka, mother! Dai ka opinion incompetent - your hot hand on my ass.

Do not you see, and I turned and smiled triumphantly. " That bitch! Sad sack? Slavnenko ...."
Your hand is large, strong fingers, you easily enter one finger at me. Not just vvodish- is screwed. The muscles are relaxed, you know, I can relax. Finger to the end. Without lubrication, but as a matter! I can not remain silent, just gut-wrenching groan for your hand.
-Another finger! I beg...
-Yes Plug same!
I do not give you to think again, take your hand, set aside the finger and fold it together with the fact that times have warmed in my ass.
I press itself on your fingers, showing as it should.
-This is not well boysya- not be sorry bitch! I missed half fingers. I took his hand ...
I lean back on the couch with his hands. I inhaled deeply and dramatically .... until the end of your fingers on. Hips twitched. You slowly pull out his hand.

-Another finger ..
-Here you suffered ... - you still do as I ask three fingers in front of a hole ... Fast or slow?

I just screamed silently, zzhala teeth as pain shot through me, a hot wave. Sweet pain. Once again, I sit down on a hand it is already easier, the pain subsided, giving way to pleasure ... almost animal pleasure .. eyes zakryty- shepchat lips " ... Tear Tear me ..."

-Yes you techesh - you put your other hand on the pussy.

" Heck! well, how to hide, when everything and rushing to the outside!"

Fingers go slowly in the ass. Hole burning under the pressure paltsev- sweet meal! Ring muscles perfectly stretched, I almost did not feel it. You pull out ruku- I razocharovanna- empty dyrka- is not for me! I can not take this! And you silently spend on clean-shaven lips, I am ass after your hand trying to catch her- it's hard to come to terms with the void! " Pancake! Have I lost, and today will come in my?" I can not see your face, but I heard it hear your smile.
Immediately three fingers in the pussy! Startled, I jumped, feet twitched.

-Tyachesh, baby!

" I know!" So easily entered fingers dripping grease on them, I can hear everything inside squelching.

-I miss your smell, the smell of pussy! your pussy!

You pull out a hand. The fingers are wet, shiny with grease. You're rubbing together two fingers, just touching the pads, you try me. Immediately you smear my juices on my own zadnitse.Moi buttocks feel the warmth of your fingers and the moisture. After a moment your fingers in the pussy again, already nezhnee.kak all the same they are easy to enter, these big fingers ... You're leaning on my ass Tongue licks my whole juice. Wide tongue touches the skin. Grease my mixes with your saliva. Your tongue is almost dry, but you're not stopping me lick.

-Mmm, delicious!

I arch to back pain. I throw his head back, nails digging into the upholstery of the sofa. Breast coward on the back, nipples tightened, the seam on the bodice of their torment (before I did not notice the laundry) nipples protrude through the fabric.
I lick my lips, I want more. I will omit, then again lift the ass, to feel your fingers. Your tongue licks your buttocks, you sniff my scent. MY! The one that you love so much. This disturbing fragrance, this juice on your lips, I know you're licking your lips, you are savoring me!
Your hand goes in the pussy, you're still there and fingers fingering. You want to pinch me there, or what? You thrash about stenochki fingers, dripping grease on his fingers. Tek as a whore! I miss you! You're makin 'me three fingers so deeply that I was suffocating. And you stop only when the other two hit the clitoris.
God, the clitoris!
The center of the universe!
I'm waiting for when your fingers again and again kasnutsya it when your fingers to dive to the inside! I sit down on a hand to feel it again and again. You lick the buttocks and goes down the language to the anus, razebannomu by your own fingers, and the same for you. You lick it. Gently touching the edge of the hole. And my anus like breathing, it seems a little hole shrinks and opens immediately. Sure if you see prismotrishsya- stenochki anus, because your fingers so skillfully conjured over it! You groan, and it seemed to me, you let your tongue in my ass. "I can not! I have been without you for too long!"

- Yet! Do not stop! - I am begging you. and interrupts breathing a word.

You do the impossible! Leaves three fingers in the pussy, and two, the thumb and the little finger, you clamp the clitoris. You're rubbing it with pressure, rolling between his fingers. Language ass fucks, hard, imperious, is taken in all the folds, which can get up to.
In my belly spreads warmth. I was bitten all lips, body tensed. And you still dissolve the fingers inside me, it's like this palitsa- fan. I'm all stretched inside a keen sense of everything. You are pressed together tightly three fingers when you walk into the oozing pussy, and advancing in the maximum depth to which you dissolve the fingers wide and with force, opening me more ... I want to touch the nipple. But if I only rely on legs- Ruhnu on the sofa.

-Are you bored? - You looked up for a moment from me.

I only enough to crawl ass on your hand.

-I missed?! - Free ... you lozhish hand on my back. Twisted his finger in my pussy, goading the clitoris, you're the other hand deftly to hook the strap bodice, where the clasp. Slowly pulls her, pulling strongly and abruptly let go.
Slap! Such calls and savory! On the back of a red polosa- ozhog- everything burns. I swore.

-I missed !! - your fingers in me, just as the mace with thorns, so much you have laid your fingers, rub the clitoris with two fingers, burning my back.
-Yes!!! I miss you! Wanted! Dreamed!

Immediately your hand at farming climbs into my ass, and the other did not let go of any clitoris or sweaty pussy.

-Do you want to finish?
- Madly! I'm ready to kill you for what you waiting for! Fuck hole! I do not think straight right now! Fuck! Fuck this shit!
-Take that! This is for what you did hurt me - your hands, go to the piston holes, giving breath, clenched inside, I'm all in yourself, in those movements and feelings. Orgasm has Shchekotov me a couple of movements and I finish!
-Fuck! Come on! Yet! Stronger! I was waiting for! Fuck! Do not Miss .....

Everything swam before my eyes, inside everything ached all released, the blood pounding in his head, his lips dry, the breath in the throat, both nozhdaku hands remained tightly compress the back of the couch, his chest pressed into the couch, my teeth biting cloth upholstery, not to suppress animal roar.
You take out hands- they are wet. I settled on the couch, I turn to you. I see you bring your hands to his lips and inhale the smell and lick your fingers. Your lips are sucked each finger, carefully you do it, afraid of losing even a drop of water. I see you like it.

-And you're really bored, so quickly konchila- run wild without me?
- Yes! I was weak busi- ulybnulas- if the trachea could umeret- I would choose this way ...
-Yes tarry still ...- you smile.

I'm looking at you, beautiful and desires. Smile suits you. " So ... the first round I lost to shame .. but this is not the end of the game ..."
-Your friend in the pants ... I do not tesno- nod to an impressive bump in your pants.
-Bullied? Well-chamber justice.
I immediately licked greedy lips, his eyes came the fire, I know what awaits me.
I kneel before you, poor koleni- passion erase their skin today ...
I undo the belt on your trousers and get down to work them with your hips. The fact that so obviously to ask out. I want it! Yet I not even see it, but I want to! And you spend gently on my back and unbuttoned bodice, throw it away.
I stand naked in front of you, on your knees. Right in front of my face that so want to see. I even now torturing herself! I want to lash out, but sterplyu. Although it is not easy! Oh, it is not easy!
Only one kind of wet, dark spot on the already released grease on the trunks - I just crazy driving! I'm leaning on you slowly, I want to remember every moment. My hands fall on your hips, fingers touch only leather pads, and how you want in this one`s flesh nails!
The first time I touch you ... For the first time! I dreamed about it, so dreamed of ... and here you are in front of me. The person below ... I feel your smell. It excites me! Your smell! Teases! I do not hold back, groaning, pressing her face to your groin, hand covers the buttocks ... " What the hell game ?! What is the score! I lost!"- Thoughts confused ...
Your hands stroking my hair, you run your fingers in the fluffy hair. To compress a fist at the very roots of the hair, and pressed me to her even more.
Your dick sticks out. Swim seems to burst soon! And judging by the way bulged edge of the cut-outs on the trunks you barely contained inside the beder-.
And I? My pussy is now pulsing, now lives his life! Life whore, which is always waiting for you! You, your dick, which you will torment her, to torment, to peck until the last breath! But this slut loves to torment! I drive by this huge nose Mount, which is almost the entire straightened. Fabric prevents me and your dick moved higher, it has a massive head rests in the gum melts.

-What are you waiting for?! - The voice hoarse, your hands are shaking, giving your excitement.

You massiruesh my head with your fingers, chaotic, disorderly, but I do know ... I know! What now you're all here! Before my face! Your brain! Your heart! Your soul! Everyone is here! And you want me!
I engages the gum melts back fingers, and slowly drag it down, shake hands, body batters, nipples filled with the weight. For your buttocks were bare. I press my nose to the dick through the fabric heats ... ... lips mouthed, biting dick. I can easily do it with no hands. After dick still hinder melting ... Curb! I myself do not believe it!

-Damn what! Bitch - you just spat the words at me.

Your lips pressed tight, nostrils flaring on how you draw the air.
And I let go of the brakes ... the teeth of the panty elastic, jerk melting down, helping himself with his hands ... your dick just jumped out of the heats. Here he is! Dick, created to to fuck! To fuck these sluts like me!
I am delighted! Eyes shining, I was in a trance ... Now! Now I get this dick in your mouth insatiable!
Your legs are shaking with excitement .. My hands almost kasnulis dick. You hold me by the Bolivian volosy.Ya do not feel I'm all there is, this satin big head, which is not hidden foreskin. From it stretches transparent thread lubricant, so reaching that I can not let her abyss, fall to the floor. And you look at me, I do not care what you think! "Give me ... well, Give it to me!" I'm trying to reach my goal, this dickhead, that as a small ball, looms before my eyes ..
But it is!
You're strong, abruptly suspend me from my dick!
I can not believe it!
I switch look at you vaguely soobrozhayu now, I do not understand why ?! single- How many now on my face! Anger, surprise, lack of understanding, a desire, a mad desire, passion ... a hungry mouth open, full lips ... brilliant, seemingly wet eyes ... You hold me by the hair, as a last whore at her feet. You're like a king now!

-Your mouth is not for my dick - you enjoy the way my face is changing.

My eyebrows in surprise creeping up, eyes widen by what he heard.
I can not believe, how can you now!
I look at the dick, he is good! Strong, big, purple head bloodshot ... Looking down to the thread that here-here ... will be broken under the weight of already accumulated grease. I lick his lips twitching his head, trying to break free from your grip.
I have to go!
Well, you do not understand!
You want me! WANT! And do not give!
My nails dig into your buttocks, I try to reach at least a centimeter for you.

-Back - another breakthrough, the head follows your hand, leaning back.

I am ready to burst into tears!

-For a whore, your mouth is not so good! Cover the mouth, baby! Heavily covered, bright lipstick! For my dick I need a beautiful mouth!

I'm surprised your exposure! I flow like the last bitch! Thigh flows seems to have sat on anything now! Though on a mop, only to run into yourself something! Nipples become chuvstvitelnymi- kazhetsya- dotronsya- and I finish. And I did not touch them!
For a moment just looking at you, trying to understand- it true what you said. You drill me with his eyes. I translate an eye on your dick. The head turned purple, dick swinging like Minty in front of me, a big, bouncy ...
I immediately takes off, running to his things. With trembling hands, looking in the bag beautician ... Aha! Here it is, where is the tongue of lightning? Here! The sound of lightning and I rummage in the contents. Lipstick ... Well, where is it ... I can not find any of the four ... I was almost in hysterics! Flips makeup, and all the contents on the table fray. Shadows, mascara, pencils, lipstick perfume bottle ... ... LIPSTICK! HERE! Fingers do not listen! Barely otkryla- cap flew off to the side. Fast on her lips, and fast! Strokes do not lie exactly, try rovno- does not go! Fingers derevyannye- I'll conquer the insult! So! Another circle of lips, you look at me.

-On knees!

At last! O Lord, to me, it seems I die now.
As in a dream before you go down on your knees. Eyes glued to your dick, and another second thread breaks, a lot of grease ... I sit back on his knees, his head slightly forward ... opens his lips, thickly painted dark cherry lipstick ... between dark lips appear pink, wet tongue. I lean out not only the tip of the tongue ... the whole ... ... slowly I pile up his boat and cant even lower ... but not tight velvet head, not at all ... I have to hook the thread transparent viscous grease. I just held up the tab, " boat" both under the vessel " stream"... Drop kasnulis rough surface of the tongue and then a bunch of dope followed this drop into my " cup"... A thread could not stand tyazhesti- broken. I lift my face up, in the language in this "cup"- Nectar that I would immediately swallowed in a different situation .. but not now ... My lips quivering in front of your head, this close up, which seems to be swollen by pressure became crimson, even slightly bluish from accumulated stress. Large, wet from the lubricant of your head ... smooth skin is delicate ... I gently touch the base of the lower lip of the head, there where the tonyusenkoy obodochek little crease ending natyanuvsheysya bridle.
Then I press my tongue to the head so that the foreskin has laid down on the language in the " cup" in case ... You shudder when soft lip concerns delicate skin of the head, giving way to a language that is forcefully pressing on bezel twist around the head ... From stress your legs are shaking. Hands clenched into fists you, even though you want to insert me in the throat, but you're holding back, because you can not utupat bitch!
My tongue warm with its warmth of the head and squeezes it, as far as possible the language on three sides ... On three, because I do most of the braided prick his tongue. Your lubricant on my tongue with yours mixed as lubricant, but just showed a bit of rasshirevsheysya holes, hateful little eyelet. Even I feel like a little cooled down grease on my tongue, mixed with my saliva and warm your new batch ...
I do ... I'm the last envelops the remaining uncovered portion of the head upper lip. You see how your velvet, skolzskaya head is completely hidden behind my dark cherry lips. And those lips, lips greedy, insatiable whore, came together on your dick tight, tight ring, having only a head ...
My tongue begins its dance around his prisoner. Lips descend lower than the second without weakening his grip a little deeper ... suck the head tongue caressed the surface, savoring every move ... every jerk, licking a new portion of the lubricant ...
My hands drozhat.Mezhdu feet flood, otherwise I can not tell what's going on ... Pussy pulsating, whining and needs to fill it. I'm ready to start a fingers to ease the aching dull pain, but I can not do this now- I need my hands for you ...
I miss you even deeper into the mouth, tongue sucking each millimeter, then gently tickles, then with force presses ... I leaned back, but only to take you back a little deeper ... his lips, like a ribbon as a mark on as far as I can take you ...
Lozhatsja Hands on your knees. One nails I'm a track from the knees to the thigh, slowly, though my hands are shaking. I continue my way on the inside of the thigh to the groin, as marigolds. Fingers found at the bottom of dick and I immediately lodge their eggs on your shaved ... I squeeze them slightly, but enough to know what you're feeling and how much you have to wait ... your balls and soft and hard simultaneously. Their silky skin and clings to my fingers between her legs hot, you cover yourself with perspiration. I Tereblya eggs in their hands, move their fingers, rolled, squeeze a little bit and I delay vniz.No's delay is not coming out, they are so tight getting to the top, just shrank into you, they bursting with sperm accumulated in them.
I'm just back fingers. According to the most gentle little town ... From eggs to the anus ... Am I right? ABOUT! Judging by how you jerk, he leaned back and he drove dick in me, although still not all the way .. I'm on the right track. One more time! Head back, strong suction, fingers on the track, with the other hand squeeze the egg. Yes! Do you like! Once more, her fingers over a gentle peel, return coach from the anus to the eggs, back again, and here I linger ... Your tight hole ... Not really zazhmesh it for me?
I was shaking itself, but I do because I want to ... head back, sniffed the air and abruptly forward until it stops .. The head slipped in language, licked silk surface cheeks burned reed in front of the throat and put her in the throat. .. I knew it, I choke on it. There is a desire to push your tongue, but you will not let me and jerk, and the tongue firmly pressed by a dick. So I do not breathe right now, I miss you in the throat ... more ... you just rend me, I feel like resisting his throat as convulsively compressed, when you work your way ... more
My fingers for a second freeze to dick carefully done this way in most of my insides ... But again, I caress you, lie down on the finger ass, finger pad slightly massaging it, rasstyagivaya slowly claw his way into ...
I took a deep breathe nose, this way too heavy for me, you're all the same great .. Your hands ... they are wet, you're rubbing his hands on his hips, occasionally you throws his head back ... and cover your eyes, your breathing heavy ...
I pulled back, another breath, and again this vertel..Esche little bit ... that's it! Happened! I touch your lips, groin ... then sharply back, and you mark of lipstick, smooth circle, bold dark cherry trail ... You're perspiring with excitement .. pubic hair matted, and lay on the skin in a strange curly pattern .. Now I feel better, though his throat and tears up again ... well, a little deeper, and all the way ... and a finger in your gorgeous ass!
Like this!
It hurts opinion you hurt!
Dick in my gorlo- finger in your ass ...
Tasty otsos- finger a little deeper ...
Cherry mark on your finger out of your ass lobke- ago ...
Free gorlo- empty hole ...
One more time!
And further!
-Promiscuous bitch - you just push me away from him, knocking back on the sofa ...
I lean on his elbows, his head rested against the back of the sofa. You're goin 'down on her knees in front of me. Very grab for schikolodki and lift the legs up. Your hands move rapidly from schikolodki knees, you're a jerk with the force you push on them, forcing me to stretch the legs and press them to the couch. I just gasped quietly. Dick like a candle, smooth, thick, shiny, slightly wincing ... It is a way that is almost touching your navel. You can not hold him, he pakachivaetsya slightly from side to side. You did not stick it in me! This stick can not be bent!
But you're dexterous movement pulled back, just change the posture, and with just one finger of the hand you're cleverly pushes the barrel dick, guiding it between the lips of my wet pussy.
As the current first touch. This touch ... Spreading the lips and a hole to release the asylum ... In both body and cramp .. Thick head pokes me, working his way into the hot pussy, oozing and still go hungry today. And you fill me to overflowing vsyu- .. I half-close your eyes and groan clench their fists in the fabric upholstery. You move me so skillfully ... you do not even end up makin this stick to me .. It is part of the entire length, but only then to poschekatit and teasing blows my uterus ... I podmahivat you backwards, trying to feel the blows of the eggs open your anus. But it is not! NO! You are so skilfully teasing me .. you are standing on the ground, on his knees, your back does not move, but I will explain works as a pump, driving your dick in me, buttocks sodragayutsya from fast movements, but you do not touch the groin my pubes ...
I can not wait, these strikes .... I have to finish ... NOT! I'm doing the last thing .. I hand her with force press on your belly. Soft tummy can be easily and I press my hand to the stronger your dick that I feel through the muscles. One of your hand and is pressed against my knee to the couch, and you put the other on my neck ... your fingers you do not strongly contracting the throat, translating the fingers on his chin. Thumb you touch the lower lip and one motion erase dark lipstick ..
I'm trying to catch your finger mouth, but do not you let me ..

-Tell me .... tell me ...
-Later in this blyadischu ...

You catch my wrists hands deftly compress fingers in the lock, so that the white-knuckled hands on both ... With force to lean heavily on me, I think you're ready to crush me ... And then you let yourself .. You pecked me greatly deeper and deeper every time ... from every blow your balls lozhatsja the wet slit and it seems that you are ready and in the ass to me to start .. I tensed, taut as a string, nails digging into your fingers. I do not breathe, and you vibivaesh these blows from my last air.
Strike of the uterus ...
Another one...

-I can not !!! - I scream it, and gets just a wheeze!
-Ends BITCH!

The final blow is faded and we ... Cramps pass through the body. Pussy filled with hot semen ... enveloping her warm and soothing devour flesh ... You're goin 'down on me, hiding the face on my shoulder, and I let go of your hand .. you put them on the sweaty back and gently, until all the echoes of orgasm , drive a nail on your back ..
You raise your face to me ...
-I miss you too ...

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