My mommy

It was a long time ago, when I was 16 years old. The parents gave birth to me early, mother was 17.5 years old when I was born. Calculate not hard, that when I was 16, my mother was 33. She's very beautiful and advanced in life. Large standing chest big nipples, long legs and long black hair. In short, the dream of a woman. All my friends admired her. But it turned out the following.
Father left for long trips abroad, as well as the school was not there I was with my mother stayed at home. I'm just a month after the departure of his father noticed that she goes, it does not own, you need a man! She began to walk home in the robe through which all can be seen, naturally did not dress pants. And in general it has become to me a different attitude. That pat once again, the kiss and pressed his whole body so that my breath away, and in his pants was scrap.
One evening, when I went to bed, she came to me to say goodnight. She leaned over me to kiss, but from her dressing gown fell naked chest. Do not pay attention to it, she kissed me on the cheek. I touched his hand on her breast and kissed her nipple. A member of my literally bursting. She opened her robe and ran her breasts in my face. I began with gusto to kiss this beautiful chest. Her nipples become softer not my penis. She pulled the sheet with me and began to stroke my dick hand. Briefs weighed themselves and a couple of minutes I had finished. But the term is not even thought to decline. And then my mother took it into his mouth. God, what a thrill it was! She sucked as if the last time in his life. I, too, grew bolder, more precisely about what I thought, the brain is completely disconnected. There was only a buzz! And I began to stroke his hand on her vagina, it was all wet, just flowed! Mom moaned and continued to suck my cock. I finished again already in her mouth. And then I saw that when a woman commit. It was not a groan, just howling! She sat down so that the vagina has appeared on my face, in short 69. And we continued to fondle each other. When she began to once again stop, she jumped up and swung sat on my cock. It was a shock !!! I do not understand when I finish, and when she finished. It was just super! and continued all night. In the morning, I did not go to school! We slept till noon, and when woke up it decided to repeat.
To me came the sweet life, I threw my girlfriend. Compared with her mother she was just stupid! And sex with her was such that it is better to masturbate hand.
We went with my mother everywhere. She took me to the restaurant, and I dragged her to concerts "Dynamics". Hardly anyone else around thought we were mother and son.
She taught me all the tricks of sex, it was not forbidden for us. And for that I am grateful to her.
Through the half-year he came to his father and it was over. Mom me and said that more will not. Yes, I actually did not mind, I began to teach the mind to reason their young girlfriends, and then his wife.
That's the story has been in my life.
I love you, mommy!

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Started only from the fact that the presented 3

Two weeks after our contract, to say what he said sometimes will happen that he fucked me every day. I'm not angry, I started to like it and I began to take pleasure even already finished it, I was with him at the top. Before it lost all shame when he had finished his stomach while sometime after this second not per se but rather it was passed. By the way, I finished the first time the life and not from the fact that the jerk off or fuck someone that well from what I had that fucked me but when you consider that I have been to the top and doing all I do not know who will win.
Then I completely felt like a girl. And here again I undress me well but it proposes to take in her mouth, I refused to say that do not want to be thought that he would insist but he said then lie down when you want to say. When he had finished the doorbell rang, I did not have time to wear shorts and pants just threw it quickly put on pants and went to open the door. There was his friend and classmate from the neighboring Valery - entrance. He came at home, their friendship must allow such behavior.
I was sitting on the sofa but nothing had happened Valery sat in a chair greeted me and I decided to go to the toilet because it felt that the priests flowed sperm that I have just received. When I was almost out of the room then Valery shouted to - choose the rear, stop! that you have in the back pants wet priests like semen, I blushed and did not know what to do, he called me to ask what we were doing until now. And then he said that Oleg and wet after the heavy-th physical truda.Tak you guy here Oleg ass expose I poured thirty to say that's not what he thinks, but he then when the panel has not persuaded that his Oleg asked that he not who, not what is not said Valery agreed but on the condition that he gave me, too, will be in the ass, Oleg looked at me and said that I had no way out I myself understood but I was ready for all the main thing that my secret was left in the room, and I agreed only asked Oleg that he left the room so that did not look like I'll have Valera ibat.
Before Valery and I again began to hesitate to lay down on the sofa and section pants with shorts just so his knees and lay down even though there is behind. He climbed on me joyful to unbutton pants said that I have to choose a good ass like a girl, and he understands why it ibat Oleg decided not to someone does not share. Since I only Oleg raped and not even all with fine ass emerged Valery did not smear something and immediately started having fun. But then I felt that my ass was not a member of Oleg and almost my fist and when he put his head I have more pain than when I had the first time with Oleg, remembering how I taught Oleg expand legs I would like -Make but prevented pants and when he was still a little stuck ja began to cry and took his hand to his penis and he was afraid that I will break everything asked so he pulled out. He pulled out and said that in any case I do not want this someone knew I had to do it so that he finished and offered me to take by mouth.
Nowhere was no where and have his cock was in my face, he grabbed me by the ears brought me to the penis so that he leaned into my mouth and when I opened the little mouth he himself made a road in the mouth Here Oleg belatedly came in and having to ask why I I cry after seeing this presentation Valery asked how he succeeded so quickly and that he tried, and I refused to Valera jokingly said to the girls must have a campaign ,. Oleg likely that from what he saw was excited because it offered me a lift the ass because he is behind me, I dutifully did so. And I ibut rhythmically in both holes I choke member Valera himself stronger punches way to my throat and behind me skewer Oleg because he wants on his penis. And Valera keeps me even more by the ears shoving it ends I do not what is in the mouth and throat so that even a surge of sperm I can not so all went into the stomach and out of the mouth flowing down his chin and the other portion of the flow of vitamins in the ass. Valera removing my head from its members saw that my face all in the semen gave my panties reminded Oleg then wiped take maces and wiped his face-in, and I congratulate you with a new name Vafler. Though it pleases that I was the first in the mouth instead of Oleg. I got up and ran to the toilet when he returned Valera said that this will not work, Oleg had me in the ass and he did not say that I completely undressed and got cancer. Nowhere it was not much and not for longer than lose any that was not other than to let us know in the Throne, and all let them do what they want but that is not who did not speak. But worried as a club can not be called otherwise would go into my ass. I got cancer and Valera when pushed into the interior of a pain it was no longer probably because standing and Oleg said that the long waits that I made him a blowjob.
I became interested in sucking did not notice when and Valeryn cock was already fully in my ass. Valera kept his word but was constantly in our entertainment with Oleg and his cock was not for me so scary as before the only thing they are constantly arguing who would be the first in my ass because if it happens Valera after this second Oleg said that his penis I have the pope as a pencil in stakane.A me it was good that one that with a second so I did not climb the conversation, even when saying something they were saying that I should shut his mouth because the word did not allow roosters. When we visited three of them called me as they wanted but when somewhere else and if there is someone visited only by name and still in school support were given, took care of his little girl.

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Their names Sergei and Vladimir, two twin brother. Their mother died when they were 8 years old, she was hit by a car. His father left the family soon after the birth. Further education of boys, took the uncle and aunt. Since their family was far from prosperous, the boys were most of their time on their own. Their childhood passed in the working colony on the outskirts of the city, where he lived contingent akin to their aunt and uncle. The boys were almost all the time on the street, fighting with "enemies" from other quarters, to earn their livelihood fishing uncomplicated.
In a short time, life became unbearable. Uncle constantly beat them, my aunt was always drunk, the guys decided to leave the family waiting room. It is said, done, and the two brothers left the village. For a while they lived on the streets, then they are lucky, and they were able to get to the construction worker. Gradually they began to mend. They helped to acquire a good specialty, their bodies become stronger and overgrown muscles. Not a single droplet of excess weight. Soon both brothers enrolled in vocational schools, study at builders, working in the construction crew, received a good allowance from the state, able to rent a two-bedroom apartment.
Both slept in one bedroom, there was a double bed. Once, when the two brothers went to bed, Sergei suddenly felt tingling in eggs, more than a month he could not masturbate because they Volodya were together almost all the time almost no parting. Ever since that time, they lived with his uncle and aunt, both brothers several times fucked with the girls in their backyard. it was now seventeen years old and had sex with them fifteen years. Both of them masturbate in secret from each other, because they considered it a shameful occupation. But now Sergei could no longer tolerate eggs just started to ache a bit, it was necessary to urgently masturbate. As luck would have Volodya long sleep and turned on the spot. Gradually, Sergey and not waiting until fall asleep brother suddenly fell asleep himself. Two brothers slept without underwear, because it was summer and the weather was quite hot. He woke up from the creaking bed and noisy breathing Volodya. Lifting her head, Sergei saw that Vladimir closed his eyes furiously jerking his 17 inch cock. Its large eggs were pulled to the base member, and perhaps he would soon finish, especially since all his movements were accelerated. Sergey has decided not to interfere with his brother. After twenty seconds, Vladimir grunted and finished rapidly. Since his blanket was put back as it was hot, there is nothing to prevent sprayed his sperm. Volodya so violently pulled his penis and sperm spray whipped so hard that few were Sergei chest, causing his cock started to get up suddenly just jumped and just froze. Volodya, still with his eyes closed, breathing heavily lying on her back. His muscular chest heaving up and down. Sergei wanted to improve his penis, which prevented him from stealthily watch Volodya, but from an unexpected touch to his overexcited body finished himself, not less rapidly than Volodya. But as he was under the covers, his semen remained within his side of the bed. But it has spread a blanket on a large wet spot. But Sergei did not care, he slept like a log.
In the morning, the room smelled of sperm. Waking Volodya thought it traces its "work"But looking at the sleeping brother, he saw traces of stain on the bed. He'd guessed that Sergei is also fingering, but first got solid evidence of this, as well as Sergei. Soon woke Sergei, washed two brothers had breakfast and went to work.
All day before the eyes of Sergei was a picture of his brother furiously fingering. By the end of the day, he realized that he wanted this term, he wants to masturbate him, to suck, to be fucked them. These thoughts terrified him, Sergey tried to drive them away, but they chased him into the night.
In the evening, Sergei quickly undressed and went to bed. Behind him lay Volodya. Sergei woke in the night before from the creaking of the bed. Volodya was just beginning to masturbate, but his penis was the most intense. Sergei member immediately jumped all its 18 cm For a while he watched as Vladimir fingering, and then deciding to suddenly put his hand on him and said Volodin.:
- I want to suck you!
Volodya at that time did not care who is in front of him. The main thing - he was offered sex, and he immediately agreed.
Sergei leaned toward his swollen head, a few seconds he saw Volodin, a member, then took his hand and slightly pulling the skin with head wrapped his lips. Volodya groaned and sat up on his back made his hips moving forward forcing his big dick in her mouth to his brother. Sergei knew what wants from him, Volodya, and began to suck his cock deep. Volodya only moaned, enjoying the. that his brother had done to him. After a while, he groaned slightly stronger and arched arc began to finish his brother right in his mouth, deep thrusting his penis. Sergei swallowed whip in his mouth sperm from a member of his brother, it was a lot of first time Volodya did blow, and not with someone and brother, so that his excitement was several times stronger than usual. Volodya had finished, but his cock was not a bit lost its hardness. Volodya wanted something else. The solution came by itself.
- I want to fuck you!
- What, I do not fagot!
- You just sucked for me, and even swallowed all the sperm, so that you are the natural fagot! In general so, cup your ass, and I'm with you all stop talking, and even lo tell you that my brother and pidaras cocksucker.
Sergei nothing to do, especially since he himself wanted to try a whole range of sensations. He silently rose to his knees and turned to Volodya back, resting his hands on the bed. Volodya stood up from behind and put his dick in the ass brother gently pressed on her. member head start push through forward delivering the most unbearable pain Sergey, from which he groaned:
- It hurts, damn, pulled dick!
Volodya pulled his body excited, but did not give up the idea, he took the nightstand cream, finger struck him on the anus brother and made a second attempt to get inside, this time successful. A member of a well-oiled jerks flew Sergei ass forcing him to gasp painfully. Volodia embraced an incredible feeling - his penis from all sides hugged hot slippery flesh, which is hugged him, then let go, and there was much more closely than at any pussy girls. From engulfed his pleasure he could only smateritsya:
- Blyayaaaad! You are not an ass and pussy is the best !!!
And with the force began to fuck brother, from which he only moaned. After a few minutes an intense sex, he finished right in the ass, Sergei, not removing his penis. Sergei felt as he shoots in the intestinal wall tight jet of sperm, from thick and long member brother, who is also still massaging his prostate. From these experiences, he could not resist much finished without touching his penis. The muscles of the anus involuntarily began to decline, helping to push out the sperm and thus give a lot of pleasure to Volodya, who had not yet pulled out of his brother's cock. Then Volodya pulled her to him and kissed him Sergei passionately on the lips, running it with one hand in her hair and stroking them. They kissed for about five minutes, after which both fell asleep hugging. The morning began with both hot and passionate sex. Volodya is so fucking Sergei liked that in the morning he came to him in the ass ... about three times, and the fourth, Sergey he sucked.
On this day children do not go to work immediately after school they went home and fucked up as long as Sergei did not start whining ass. In total, it took them about five hours ...

And in front of them waiting for unforgettable moments of pleasure ...

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And this is my story I was 16, he 36, he was a director in the theater where they played the boys at the age of 11 to the army itself.
Well, now I will not talk about their creative talents.
Quite simply the fall it's time to accompany the boys to the army well, as usual in such cases, indoor theater drink began to have fun well and so I certainly do not lag behind the other I also had to grow up quickly and of matured alcohol gave me in the head so I do not remembered and I woke up in bed just did not understand began to think what had happened and immediately noticed that I was not alone and someone is trying something in my groin do I let the brains include my hand as I realized on someone is a member who was a stake his hand he held my fist that I did not let him pepper well, and led them up and down the second hand he had to support his mouth, and he was trying to put my pepper.
All this to me lightning struck in the head at first I was scared, and lay like lying but my end I gave it let up, and now I have the full program riser he realized that I woke up turned to face me smile so cleverly and what it zavoroshilsya and then I saw in front of a spectacle huge blue smooth head and everything else I must say impressed me is all surprisingly contradictory I both admired and feared in all of this but it was probably experienced in these matters so that he took his end and stared me in the mouth and then rolled his head on his lips are parted then he twitched on the serried teeth as well as it has been accompanied by a blow job for me, I was so excited that the resistance could not have a general, my mouth opened and his cock entered me by the throat and he began carefully they drive in my mouth I'll put my hand on his penis and began to help him though he twitched a couple of times because I suck and clumsily touched his head teeth.
It lasted less than a minute I had finished rapidly and much he drank, and when I tried to get it out of his mouth his dick, he did not give me to do this and just started to accelerate the movement I had to learn to control his tremors so as not to choke and he finished in my mouth, I do not doubt I need to swallow or not, I just swallowed a few mouthfuls.
This is my first experience so I remember that after a runoff years, I remember everything as if it happened yesterday.

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Infernal Slumber Party

Igor studied at the Institute of Humanities and was an ordinary, simple man, who loved devushek.Chestno speaking, this was the main reason for his admission to the institution (and its a tragedy, probably), because as an institution was 80% of the girls. And in the group, he was the one to seventeen devchenok.
Each time, coming home from the institute, Igor masturbate, posing as a girl from his group are making love with each other and with the teacher. His excited every girl from the group, but he was indifferent to them, they do not even notice it. How - that once, after zdachi summer session, girls have decided to throw a party at the home of Larissa, and Igor was invited to it. At the party, he ran his eyes on the beautiful legs in a mini - skirts and heels. After the feast all went dancing. Vick put the disc "TATTOO"And girls in each other's arms, began erotic dancing. Igor was boiling, with excitement and resentment. He wanted all peretrahat devchenok, but they did not pay attention to him. Masha and Oksana have merged in a kiss, Lola sat on the lap of Kathy and caressed her breasts, kissing Mila Irina. Unseasoned, this erotic lesbian - show, Igor pounced on Vick, which is closely embraced, kissed Larochka. Vic screamed and struggled struck pin him in the shin. He cringed, and Vic Lara nachili beating him, summoning other devchenok help them defuse the rapist. After beating him, the girls began to decide what to do with it. Vick offered to piss him to throw into the street. The girls smiled enthusiastically and began to kiss Vick as a sign of female solidarity. The girls dragged him into the bathroom, and started flogging, the essence of which was that the girls took turns urinating on Igor. Then Mila all pleasantly surprised, telling the girls that Igor has a large amount of money from the sale of the apartment, after which they demanded that the accident, each of them thousands of dollars immediately, and sent it for the money. Returning to the party, the girls shared his money, but instead of gratitude, knocking him to the floor, and was told that he would be their dance floor.
The scene was indescribable. Loud music, dancing girls - lesbian, and under their beautiful legs, writhing in pain and humiliation muzhik.Posle this party for a long time Igor was lying in blnitse, then took the documents from the institute and went to the army. And the girls continue to love one another, for humiliating - the possibility of goats (men).

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Donkey with a baseball bat

I have long thought to go to the party with the intriguing title "zooorgazm". Finally I decided to take it. I casually threw the tiger's skin and went. When I entered, I saw him, he was standing naked and slowly chewed hay in a haystack.
When you first look at it, I experienced an orgasm. He felt it, and rode up to me. Licking my rough tongue, he playfully growled, and then I saw something resembling a baseball bat. The thought of that "this" I will go into my nipples so reared tiger skin came off with me. And my friend uidel my whole body in a negligee. from this it "baseball-bat" She trembled and exploded in orgasm.
Spray flew in all directions, splashing my body and my friend embarrassed began to lick them. It has brought me so chtoya took his mane with all the tenderness, he kissed his warm, wet nose. It has brought us both. We came out of the barn and went to the river, it was winter. We fell to the snow, and he came with all the greed in me. This was spectacular! He moved with such speed and force that orgasm overtook us through the stand of a second. on what was the orgasm! The whole world sowed in bright colors. I woke up on my friend snickered and it was the best expression of his satisfaction.

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So in 1992 the eve of the May holidays. I sit on the train, and there is not more than 10 people (most likely, all sitting at home and celebrated great zdnik. I went into the compartment at the table sits a pretty lady for 10 years older than I am slim, nice-dressed, generally attractive, the train starts to move and we Left alone in the compartment. I was with a bottle of homemade liquor 20 degrees sweet, tasty, strawberry-but to explore and conversations need to organize the table. The first toast to the acquaintance, Luda she introduced herself. The second toast to the beautiful ladies, etc. So we get to know, and the time to midnight, the bed and lay down on the lower shelves at each other. Easy lighting, we were looking at each other I am timid but felt in her eyes, she likes me, I had to take the first step, and I took her hand dangling c shelves under the table and began to stroke his fingers inside of her palm, then began stroking rising higher and higher to the shoulder, and she was halfway svisala off the shelf and wanted to me.
So I quickly moved on her shelf, and here are my hands stroked her neck, the skin silky soft, my boyfriend is about to sever heat. But you can not rush and now my lips stick into her delicate neck, and his hands caress his chest through clothing, gradually penetrating beneath it. Her eyes closed and she was moaning with pleasure. I take her soft little hand and admit to his pants, she begins to fondle my penis handle and hand stroking her pussy is already wet. Unable to restrain myself take off her panties with tights, she does the same with me. And now my friend is part of her womb, unable to restrain myself we end.
Leaning we lie, experiencing pleasure. It takes no more than 10 minutes, and her lips and mouth require continued glaring at my boyfriend and sucking his balls and my boyfriend loves this attention and is already in full readiness. Only now I was in control of the situation, setting the pace, then increasing, then decreasing. It comes, I do not give her a break n we end together. I had to go back to the table. The body requires calories compensation, it is necessary to get a second bubble. We are sitting naked, turn on the light, and I see her great tan with white stripes on a bathing suit. We hug each other. It takes 15 minutes, and my boyfriend is ready to fight. I really liked her mouth, but I want the top, and she agreed, lies on his back, and I get up on her knees, in giving her mouth his cock. Her soft sponge make my boyfriend solidify. And I start to motion them in her mouth, she quickly swallows every drop and lick the head. Even without a break, I go to the bottom, and she nasazhyvaetsya on my boyfriend. My hands caress her breasts and belly, get to her clitoris and start to masturbate, which leads her to the insane pleasure. Half an hour of racing, for which she cums several times, and the final finish me. Now I needed a break. It would be desirable at least for a moment to relax. She was sympathetic to this. Villages at my bedside, and laid on his lap my head, and I fell into a pleasant dream. I woke up from that one hand stroked his head, and the second dealt with my member, become a stake. I gently sent its head of his friend, and she seemed to be only waiting for this. She quickly took my cock and caressed it with all the tenderness, and again she wiped everything down to the bottom. After a small break (from my mouth was dry), my noble friend was in it, bringing her pleasure. And so we fell asleep exhausted in each other's arms.
Wake up an hour before the arrival in Minsk. She wears a skin-tight skirt and sweater, which underlines its awesome figure, and as it conducts nechayno hand, and my friend in full combat readiness. I close the door of the castle. I unbutton his trousers and pants, and now he was on the outside. I sit on the shelf to turn it back to him, takes off her panties, and in that position, sit down her pussy on my cock, and she closed his eyes, he starts to move. It is already starting to moan as the lock clicks and the compartment enters the conductor, (she thought that no one in the compartment as the passengers descended, not reaching to Minsk, and she decided to change clothes quickly put things in order). You should have seen her face, at first staring eyes, then paint on the face, and at that moment, Luda violently ends, the conductor, recovering from the embarrassment, pops up and closes the door from the outside with his own key again. But most importantly, my Ludmila finished and got great pleasure. Luda went to Minsk, on a business trip, ostanailas in the hotel where we lunch until the evening continued our studies. But that is another story as well as our meetings in the hotel already in Moscow, she herself hails from the Ukraine.

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Natasha: My dear Natasha: Student Punch's time: How long has it been!
We were in one group, and it's me. She was one of the girls, which can not be called beautiful, but which at the same time manages to be surprisingly nice. Butch, hidden behind wide lens glasses huge luminous eyes, nose a button, a little gentle mouth, just the beginning rounded angular figure of a teenager: in her appearance was not unusual, the girl like a girl, but at the same time it is you want - you do not want, and attracted the eye. Her whole being radiated some touching naivety and helplessness, before which it was impossible to resist. I look at her for a long time, but I have in mind was not to try to fit in with her better or worse, make vulgar affair. Her childlike appearance was so bright and clear, that the usual carnal love towards her seemed almost sacrilegious.
It all started with the fact that after a not very nice stories to college came to me "cart". Drew proceedings: In the end, who played in the lofty ideals YCL raised the question of whether such a person may, like me, to be a member of the Komsomol. This I did not expect. The punishment for those times was clearly too harsh, but to my great surprise, the group voted "behind". She raised her hand and Natasha:
Some days I could not get over it, but even then, already cooled down, a long walk is not himself, tried to stay aloof, to no one came, no one was talking. It is unknown how much would it lasted, if not Natasha. One day, going home after school, I ran into her at the entrance of the nose-to-nose. Usually in such situations, I would add a step. He wanted to do so at this time, but already ahead of her, suddenly heard:
- Wait for me please.
It was like a bolt from the blue. She and before me is not often addressed it, and now I slowed down and in silence, not looking at her, went next.
- You're somewhere in a hurry? - Natasha asked hesitantly.
- Well no.
- In general, do you busy today? - After a pause she continued timidly.
- Yeah, like, nothing special.
- And now you're back home?
- Where else would? - I smiled so much puzzled barrage of questions.
- Can I travel: with you?
- To me?! - I stopped in surprise. Natasha, too.
- Yes - blushing deeply and trying not to look me in the eye, she forced a.
We were standing in the middle of a narrow track on which a dense flow, one home, one in the institute, the students hurried. We have every now and then someone came across. could be heard "helpful" advice and shouts of righteous indignation.
- Well, if you want - completely taken aback, I stammered. - Only my parents house.
- Come to me. I now have one - finally relegating eyes from the asphalt, Natasha looked pleadingly at me.
Little by little I came to and now stared curiously at her. At this moment she looked like a child nashkodivshego. I wonder what she was? Ask me about it, of course, could not.
- Well, go, if you so wish - strained smile, I walked up the path. Natasha went silently nearby.
Feeling some uneasiness, we tried all the way not to look at each other and did not speak. Upon arrival, Natasha immediately took me into a room and apologized, had disappeared by itself. While waiting for her, I dropped into one of the chairs and looked at the poster hanging on the wall with Ornella Muti:
Suddenly my neck wound affectionate girl's hands. I turned around and froze, stricken. Really, it was by then. Natasha was standing in front of me only in panties and bra, more on it was nothing! She was trembling, her quickened heaving breasts, chubby baby cheeks glowed. Stunned and has absolutely nothing to understand, I stared stupidly eyes in the place where, under the thin silk panties were showing lush pile of dark brown hair, if it is capable of piquant spectacle was any way to clarify the situation.
Natasha, my stupid opinion clearly hit the spot, but nevertheless she continued resolutely begun. He snapped the bra clasp, and a second later he was lying on the floor, revealing the quivering breasts. More instant - and Natasha froze in front of me already completely naked. Her cheeks glowed more than ever, my eyes were burning.
- Listen - do not think of anything more intelligent, mentor tone I said, - you give yourself a report:
I wanted to say something else in the same spirit, but Natasha interrupted me.
- It is not necessary, - almost inaudibly she whispered. - I beg you, do not be so:
Our embrace was passionate and chaste. My hands slid along her covered with a golden fuzz young body, my lips gently and tenderly entwined with her lips. These were beautiful moments, we were good as ever. Fully themselves at my disposal, Natasha, her eyes closed, silently listened to my caresses:
Time passed, and I still could not decide on the most important, delayed, delayed. It may seem ridiculous, but I was overcome by remorse. In the end, Natasha took the initiative in their hands. Her hand was closed in circle round my penis. A moment later, leaning against my lips, as a source of healing, it is one impulse drove him into tight moved apart slit her virginal womb. At the same time Natasha did not even cry, even though the way involuntarily shook her whole body, I realized that it was very painful:
Unfortunately, I was not up to par and, unable to control himself, he immediately had finished, completely forgetting about Natasha. But it is nevertheless just glowed with happiness and frozen on her cheeks, tears shone illumined smile, just like a puddle in the rising sun:
Our relationship did not last long. Very soon she realized that my sense of it is quite different in character than her to me, but continued to hope for something, until I found one in the arms of her best friend. Since then, I have not seen her again. The Institute is occurring, the calls are not answered. Several times I went to her home, but I always said that it does not exist. But I soon learned that she married some nerd, ten years older than her. Seven months later she had a son. Healthy a toddler. His name is also like me.
May - June 1984
Edit: August 1985 - October 1990

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The story of the passenger

We are pressed on the subway on the stretch between the Taganka and China Town. I was driving to work. In his right hand I had a case, and the left habitually protects the solar plexus. You, like all of my women were forty years (28-55). ...-))). It was hot and you were in a light dress, far from plush. You had some flat bag that you held with both hands, bowed before him. Clenched fists defended pubis and bag - knees. Both of us looked like football players lined up in front of the wall breaks free kick, but we somehow turned to face each other. Whistle! Rather knock-closing doors. The train went!
The game has begun. The first thing I felt the smell of sweat. Not selёdochny disgusting smell of unwashed and exhilarating smell of female armpits, for which I am ready to flee, losing his head, as ochumely deer. What there SHaneli and Roshi! Well, I'm sick of them! There is nothing better that natural pheromone. The memory pops Crimea ... I lay on my back under the more gentle and not hot morning sun, I feel your warm hip hip, hand holding your hand, touching and caressing fingers, and the mother, maddening smell ...
The car jerked, I looked up. It seems not a shuttle, - why not pomylas something - I thought? The head bury thoughts of lovers, orgies, hastily escape to work ... the outskirts of this disgusting doggy lust, snapping when they run for one and whining impatiently, waiting to finish another favorite. I drove myself this feeling, but the member is a little strained. I looked up again. View fresh, probably from the country, - I reassured myself. According to easy-shake your fists, involuntarily upёrshihsya me just to fig leaf, I realized that you noticed ... I was overcome by a feeling of unease, you felt it, unclasped his hands and pulled them together with a bag somewhere "into touch". So what? Oh, it's an innocent feminine coquetry!
I began to feel almost all of you. Your breasts lay on my arm, and then it gets merged into delightful touch up to the knees.
The train jerked and rattled at the joints ...
What to do? I barely extricated his left arm and felt a sigh of relief, the wave swept, from the chest to the abdomen. "Full Contact!"
- Are you in Odessa of the breasts does not happen, even bringing, not to mention the beaches and the Opera House! This I said to myself, with a distinctive accent, speaking with his mind's opponent.
We looked in different directions, feeling awkward with each other, and for fear of attracting the attention of others. I looked up again slightly. You, with the indifferent view, looking to the side. Great Neck, a thin gold chain with a cross, a normal summer recess light dresses, almost untouched by last year's tan beautiful, slightly fading skin, perfect shaped valley between her breasts, ending at the top of a small fork, like the letter Y, unobtrusive perfume smell of sweat ... disappeared. You are his "turned off"? He is no longer needed? Mousetrap shut! Or the new formula worked REXON'y? Finally the chest itself is not very big, but this, "how to". Sufficient as Maupassant said to fill a single decent gentleman both hands. And all this to me ?! On it was impossible to watch. I was dizzy, fig leaf would have been out of place ...
The train was rushing too fast ...
I chuvstvvoval each izvilinku your body pressed against me and that's kind of creeps or thrill you covered. What could I do in this distress? I gently pulled the stomach, but you clung to me even stronger. I moved my foot and felt his knee both your legs. Tremors gradually subsided and I felt grateful warmth at the bottom of your stomach ... I felt the gaze and turned your head. Our eyes met for a moment. I do not know, really, what I'm expressed my face, but you're looking at me seriously and, at the same time, gently. I looked away, and suddenly, at the next push of the train, your cheeky round knee, penetrated between my legs, and stayed there, swaying motion. I'm stunned! I wanted to throw this stupid case, hug your ass with both hands, one `hot kiss on your lips ... Sweet mist stirred up my mind, I have no idea where I was and what happened to me, I "floated". Things took a bad turn, this could result in embarrassment for me. I'm twitching like a rabbit caught in the trap, but there it was! You seem enveloped me all over and from all sides, silently moving his hips, and her feet touching nowhere holding hands. As your body stray electrical currents that flowed into me, filling the ineffable bliss. I felt that you drink from me some energy. I wanted it to last forever. But alas - it's impossible!
Now it seemed to me that the train dragged too slow, and I can no longer stand. I looked at you. I think it was a rabbit look at the boa. You smiled, and it seemed to me - something clicked inside of you! It seems nothing has changed. We also were tightly pressed against each other, only slightly changed posture, slowed heart rate, lost heat and electricity ...
"Well, you, Chubais, you give" - I thought I was relieved and felt a thrill for your stomach to laugh. Carried ...
The train slowed down and began to slow down. Instant spark again slipped between us. I realized that "departed" and I was ready to once again plunge into bliss.
"China town"- The right platform. You made her way to the exit. I pleadingly looked into your eyes and for a moment drowned in them. It is sometimes possible, but not all. It is necessary to submit to that dive. And there, or in water, or by, or in the concrete floor. Most often, however, in a haystack or in an empty cardboard box ... But it does not hurt! But when, in fact, drown - nearly orgasmic state!
You turned your back on me. I devoured the eyes of you all! To describe it is impossible, you need to pick up and run! It's not taken away. Ass ideal shape in the form of an inverted heart, slightly "otklyachennaya" ago. Eluding me you playfully pressed her to me. I was again engulfed in a hot wave. Consciousness dizzy again. So we and catch! You do not think I'm a sex maniac or erotomaniac. This happens very rarely. That women are sometimes caught. I told myself to concentrate, had to pull out of the breast pocket of a business card and drop it in your bag unnoticed.
All. We are separated! What can I hope for? Maybe tomorrow, at the same place ...? Or phone? Or E-mail? Oh well! Dreaming is not vredno- you say. And will, as always, right.
I anxiously looked around. Nobody noticed anything. Someone left, someone came. It became a little freer.
"Be careful, the doors are closing. The next station Kuznetsky Most"- he said "iron-aunt Ledyaev"
And you say, a taxi .... There, one's, and is possible to obtain a blowjob! And what is it? -Otstan, Then talk! I now only on the subway and go, the main thing is inexpensive, such as whether Mademoiselle know across ... where there "Moulin rouge" theirs!

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Through the Looking Glass

Beautiful country, which like almost paradise. It's all there, no worries and concerns, no explosions and no sickness and death. There is anything soul ... everything you might need, all that pleases the eye, all that brings joy, pleasure and fun.
She lived in this country.
She got into it, like all the others ... by a large mirror.
Not seeing herself in the mirror, she was one person ... ordinary and simple, like all mortals, no one would ever look down on it in the street, no one would have looked, no one would have noticed. Just an ordinary person like everyone else.
But when she approached the mirror, everything changes ... ordinary person acquired traits ... lovely eyes shone delight and anticipation, his head spinning strange thoughts.
The body is stretched to the cold mirror glass. Hands lovingly stroked so like reflection, leaving the subtle imprints of fingers on the smooth surface of the glass.
Eyes looked at the stranger's eyes, crossed eyes in a silent battle.
Some asked ... "Let me go! I have to go, there are better! They love me and waiting".
But the icy stare of cold reflection dark gray eyes relentlessly repeated ... " You can not be here. You're a stranger here. You then will be bad, live in your world, you're here there is no way".
She wanted to get there!
I wanted to be there. The unknown always beckons.
And she stepped forward.
For a moment, all is lost. Before my eyes ran fireworks lights, which then sounds ... And immediately subsided.
She opened her eyes.
She was there, in a good and colorful country. It seemed mysterious hand of the artist depicted by the world in the colorful and beautiful color. How much joy, how much happiness.
People here are really happy and they welcome everyone.
She turned. Dark glass glittered in the sun. Behind him stood a lonely girl. Something familiar about it.
She almost went to the window, driven by some unknown how her feelings, but someone grabbed her hand and a pleasant voice said ... "Come with me".
She turned to the voice. Man. With good looks and beautiful smile.
She hesitated.
"Let's go to".
His strong hand seemed very gentle. The warmth of his palms warmed her cold toes with excitement. Smile fascinated. Eyes beckoned, something promising.
She turned to reflection. She said something to her, but the words could not be heard.
"Come back!"
The man smiled and gently pulled her hand to him.
She looked at the reflection.
Then the man.
Again on the smooth cold reflection.
Again, her gaze returned to her new friend a smile.
"Let's go to", - She said quietly, her fingers squeezed tighter big strong arm men.
They walked hand in hand along the most beautiful place in the world.
She never ceased to be surprised the variety and brilliance of this world.
Her new friend showed her the country, answered her questions.
All the people in this country were strange, sometimes funny names.
As it turned out, and her companion also had an unusual name.
But most of all she was surprised that those surrounding people in this country looking-glass as well called it, a strange and false name.
She settled in a comfortable house on a street in the world. Her companion became a frequent guest in her home. And soon it became the most near and dear to her man. She went to bed with thoughts about it and woke up with his name on the lips.
It is with regret and walked with him in the evening with a sincere smile and open arms greeted him every morning.
She did not understand what was happening to her.
She lived for him, she lived it.
She dreamed about it, thought about it.
She idolized him.
It seemed that when he was not, she gasped, her not even happy with a colorful country.
She zahleb like a sponge absorbed every moment spent with him.
She was ready for days to be in his arms, inhaling his scent, enjoying his magical voice.
He was the one without which it could not.
He was a drug.
She could no longer without a regular dose, knowing that start breaking.
But, having received a new batch, it still was not enough.
She very rarely remembered his former world.
Her friend overshadowed everything. It was the first place for it.
One day, she passed a large mirror.
She just wandered through the Looking Glass, thinking of his men, and the legs themselves have led it to a smooth glass.
She looked in the mirror.
There was nobody there. The mirror did not show her reflection.
She came closer.
His forehead touched the cold glass and peered into the darkness.
Bright sunshine poured through the mirror on a dark glass, not allowed to see anything beyond the glass.
She folded palms boat and held her hands to her temples, trying to shut out the glare, and peered into the darkness again.
And then she saw it. This stranger. Even he saw and felt.
Cold hands stranger stranglehold closed around her wrists, and a mysterious force began to drag her in the old world.
Two girls grabbed a silent standoff.
Began a wild fight in the ring of life, the judge was indifferent mirror.
The soul and the heart of defending the world through the mirror.
A cold mind and judiciously dragged into their world.
Play Wonderland.
It inevitably lose ground under the onslaught of reason.
It was an amazing feeling - she knew everything.
In those moments, when she was almost touching the glass, and the cost to make a move to return to his former world, she struggled in silent hysteria, and this force is enough to stay in the mirror.
Then the mind intelligibly and understandably, with the arrangement, for a small child began to lead a reasonable conclusions.
She agreed with them. She knew that all true, but something kept her in the mirror, pulled something that is not released.
And she did not want to leave.
But the mind won.
He pulled ... force her in her old world.
Everything flashed before his eyes - a series of lights which it sounds.
And here she stood before the mirror, like the very first time.
Seeing a stranger on the other side of brilliant glass.
laughed the stranger's eyes, her lips curved in a smile.
But she knew that the relentless reflection is not laughing at her.
It spared her.
She stood in front of the glass, her hands balled into fists, and his eyes were fixed in a mysterious glass.
" Let me go!" He demanded the girl.
" We warned you". - Quiet reflection replied.
" I need to go there! Let me go! Please, let me go".. - Words switched to a whisper.
Reflection only shook his head in response, and the stranger, taking a few steps back, began to disappear in the darkness of a cold glass.
"No!" she cried.
Her hands flew up and she began to beat the hated barrier, attacking the glass blow after blow.
In fragile glass like a spider web crack ran, and shards of glass fell to the floor.
With broken glass where the fragments fell into the void of her soul.
She remembered his words ... " Girl, you are my happiness! And the worst thing! My pain and my pleasure! This I have never been! And if we ever parted, this will be no more! Then zazerkalny world disappears for me".
Everything else is meaningless.
She stared blankly into the fascinating flickering of broken glass. She wanted to go back through the looking glass, mad wanted to come back to him.
But she could not do it. One, even a very great desire here is not enough.
Through the Looking Glass did not take it.
She was staring at his own reflection in the glass split.
The look was cold and seemed to penetrate into the soul, and the soul - the emptiness, pain and powerlessness, in the eyes flashed anger at myself and understanding that it should have been. Responsibility for two.
For the pain of two hearts ..
For the offense.
For misunderstanding.
She had to go back and get used to his real world.
She was returning to her world.
She took a step back.
Glass seemed to scoff at her, knocking her glare and blinding light. It shone in his eyes. It is impossible to know whether it was calling a mirror or drove her away.
Another step back.
Heart ached painfully. And heartache passed into the physical.
Slowly back ..
Another step.
Nerves have passed, and beautiful eyes filled with tears.
Another step is uncertain, but back.
She covered her mouth to keep from screaming.
His eyes dimmed with tears. They did not fall on her cheeks, she did not allow herself to blink.
All the while she stared at the cold dark glass.
She stopped.
Hot tears fell on the pale cheek. Her body was pulled forward ..
She blinked. Very he spun around and quickly ran away from the mirror.
Her tears choked. The heart and soul were torn in the mirror, and the reason to say that there is no road.
She was returning to her world.
But she took it with him.
She took with them the one who stayed in the mirror.

She was walking on wet asphalt. Around the bustling people. Strong wind and light rain were playing with people in the nursery, a tempting game .. Umbrellas and then breaks wriggle inside out and slip out of hand. It seemed that the street sounds are amplified. Around was vanity, the sound of rain, thunder, snatches of conversation, music pieces.
Suddenly, someone called out to her.
The name was not her, but she had no doubt that it is called.
There was something painfully familiar in a strange voice, and the name by which the voice calling her. She turned to the voice and peered into the crowd of people.
She immediately saw him. She recognized him.
He confidently and quickly walked towards her. His eyes sparkled, his face was a smile. She did not notice outside noise. All is lost around ..
There were only he and she
Her heart seemed to be beating so fast that it thud echoed in his ears. Her hands trembled from the shallow tremor, and she automatically clutched an umbrella to keep the elusive pen. By the lump in his throat, and dry mouth.
A couple more steps and he stopped in front of her.
For a moment, everything changed.
Shine in his eyes dimmed and disappeared. A smile slowly slipped from his lips.
"I'm sorry I was wrong ..". - Said the native voice.
She looked at him a moment, she would have recognized him among a thousand.
"Nothing happens .... ..."- Lifeless voice, she said.
It seemed like an eternity, they were looking into each other's eyes.
"excuse me". - With regret, he said, and walked slowly away.
She remained standing still, watching his gaze in the rain.

Wonderland .... beautiful country ...

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