Adventures of my priests and lamentable conclusions ..

After my wonderful sex with Artem I felt at 100. On my intention to go to the doctor at the time, I prefer to forget. Less than 2 days as I (or rather my ass) again wanted man. Attempts to satisfy sexual hunger vibrator were empty. I closed the bathroom, washed his ass, smeared with grease and her anal vibrator fucked himself to exhaustion. But anal orgasm I could not experience without someone - that caresses the penis and live the pope. One day when I slept with a cork in the priest my mobile rang.
-Alo ... .kto it? ... You're clueless at what time you call?
-Hello my sweetie Cockerel. I see you asleep? I'm sorry if razbudil.- in my head swept a storm of memories of the evil voices and huge penis with stitched balls. Doubts could be, it is called Oleg.
-Oleg is that you? Why are you calling me.
-And you guess why ..- he said, and grinned - My dick again wants your sweet ass .Hochet immediately.
-What are you getting at? - I asked, mocking, and meanwhile, the pope suddenly arose desire, I began to remove and insert the plug back.
-Do not break tapetka.! You know what I can do to you.
I do not care you vytseplyu and fuck I want. So the substitution of the ass, put your little white panties (remember, I mean they are not dressed in vain)) and come in a gay club. The car is waiting for you, right under the window - and suddenly I heard a horn outside the entrance.
Well, what could I do ?! I got up, went to the bath, washed ass, heavily greased her (she now who one night a hell of bashing) nadёl "happy" little white panties Throw tits and legs and make up (all the same, I went to where the makeup is welcome). I was very excited, as a premonition, though coarse but cool sex. Later, I saw a black Mercedes. I opened the door and saw a healthy bald guy who greeted me by saying - "Here's our girl, cool looks tapetochka" I'm all flushed and he began unceremoniously to touch my boobs. I do not mind. Then he stopped and we went to the club. There was a party.
It turned out that Oleg was DR. so he wanted to give himself a gift - that is me. When we entered, he stood on stage drunk and said something. Then I picked up on the stage and turned to music. All Gays started dancing and kissing. Among them I saw Cyril !!!!! He held what the guy and kiss him on the ear, like me when it. I was ready to cry. I was rushed to a favorite but then I grabbed Oleg and began brazenly matzo boobs slap on the ass. Cyril saw me and opened her mouth in amazement and went to the scene. But Oleg has led me to fuck. The club were rooms and Oleg decided to part with my ass in one of them. In the corridor we ran into Cyril ... I wish there was a rush to it but Oleg was holding me tight and his hand was on my ass. Cyril looked at it, and in his eyes was jealousy. I could not argue with Oleg. Suddenly Cyril said:
-What does it mean ??!!! I have made you a woman and you fell lower and now with this fucking convict. !!! - Oleg turned and furiously began to prepare a response. I was both scared and glad at heart. So my dear Cyril all still cherishes his nuzhen..a mnoy..znachit I can not ya..a my ass.!
-You Th drilling fag !!! This is my woman, my tapetka and my anal hole !!! I already fucked up and now I want to fuck so that his ass was broken !!! Come on dick !!!! And that I will not have seen more !!!!
-Sam went to dick !! ! It's me fag?)) Yes, we're here for pederasts !!!!
-Speak for yourself, schmuck! I'm a decent boy !! A fag the one I currently have bent! You say you're his anal virginity robbed ?! And where are you then it was ?! I do it for the second time will fuck - I was desperate and at the same time glad that in my ass Borja such males today. I'd give them both!
- None of your business where I was a bastard. Since it comes with you that it is his right, but I do not give up! Remember!
- Good riddance loser - said Oleg and more and tightened his grip on my ass. I only with a sense of pride and fear wandered with him in the room and went to Cyril out of the closet of his lover, and he gently hugged him and started kissing. I was ready to cry. Oleg also harbored me in the room where the burning was an intimate light and a huge bed. In a corner lay a lot of vibrators and jars with a lubricant. Oleg began to literally tear off my clothes and when I was in some little white panties, he took off his pants and looked at me with his huge cock irregular shape.
- Suck Hole! - He said, and started to pull my head to his penis. I did not argue (myself would be more left) and took in the mouth of this monster. He just started to fuck me and my saliva was on everywhere. The room could be heard moaning and smacking of lips. Then he put me cancer and pushing the strap panties began violently spank my ass. From such "fondling" I began to cry softly. Then he stuck me in the ass just 3 fingers and rather said: - Umnichka, zhopku grease, it is clear that I know it will. With that, he started putting me your number, I began to struggle and was hit by the pope.
-Olezhek ask not so much ... it hurts me.
But it is a special thrust his penis into me until the end under the pressure of a wild .. Then he began to fuck me. Each thrust was strong and his hands squeezed my boobs. I just groaned and my eyes streamed with tears (though I still liked it, I was very excited), and then he began to thrust his fingers in my mouth and I was moaning and choking them was given to him. He fucked me almost all night. Of the priests only heard squelch.
His balls were fighting on my own and I managed to finish as much as 4 times. All the time my ass was beginning to throb and abdominal flocked heat. This sex I had with anyone, even with Cyril. Oleg biting my ears and beat me on the ass, I raped my mouth with your fingers. My boobs on his "caresses" were red-blue. I groaned and came, podmahivat my man ass and tried to make it so that his penis would be most deeply entered into me. He fucked and fucked me in the ass. Then I passed out and woke up only when he was gone. I lay alone in the room and from the priests and sperm flowed ichor, on the floor and there was already a whole puddle. I tried to get up but could not! He fucked me that all the anus just burned and I could not sit or walk. I am the last effort washed in the shower. He dressed and tried to leave. But outside the room I was met by a drunken Kirill.
-So What are you ... .- he said to me in the first raz.- I look good you fuck it? Many times finished !? Whore anal !!!!!
I did not say anything and just started crying quietly.
-Cyril ... I do not ... like ... I've been looking tak..dolgo ...... whew ... ..
In response, he grabbed me and dragged me into the room, put on his stomach on the bed and began to enter into my ass.
- Cyril is not necessary ... .I am tired ... I can no longer ....
But he did not care ...
- Zack gave you mean but I do not ?! No dick! Sam will take you!
He fucked me greatly 2:00 ... of any affection and speech could not be! He never touched my belly, never kissed me in the eye. Just fucked and fucked me in the ass, as did Oleg night. From these adventures I passed out again and could not do anything.
I woke up at the time when he came to my long-suffering ass. He lay down next to me and did not let sleep. I felt like a urinal in which cast and gone away like that shit in the toilet, washed crap and forgotten.
I could not more so. At that moment I realized that the role of Gaia liability - it is not my role, it is unnatural when a big guy in the ass of another hammer. What power in that love ?! When a man loves a woman, something of their feelings and sex is born something new, this is called creation. What is born of just such fuck in the ass as it was with me ?! Nothing!!! Just emptiness and pain in the ass from which it follows and follows somebody's sperm! Someone get gay from birth. I read that these men violated ... number of chromosomes and any of them are missing. Who then raped and because of the trauma they can not have sex with women.
And who are just too sensitive and full of sex with a woman, that breaks the natural way. I started to feel ass and fingers felt some - the cloth sticking out of my priests. I pulled her and okazalos..bozhe..etot moron stuck me in the ass of my "happy pants." Now they were all in blood, semen and lubricant. The fact that same-sex love exists, I admit it, but I realized that morning, so it is something that is not always gay ... they are born and become more !!! And though not always by choice !! Look at how many funds are now to engage ordinary boys and young men into the ranks of gay !!! A pile of her clubs, sex -shopy and vibrators of various sizes !!! Even the doctors say that it is supposedly normal. Let it be so. I do not deny.
Someone lifetime engaged in anal sex and enjoys it, changing partners and enduring pain of the pope and fecal incontinence. But I no longer wanted. I got dressed, I drank aspirin bartender. He winked at me and said,
-Wow!!!! These guys from - almost came to blows over you, you're probably really cool .. or cool)) - he said, and laughed.
I did not answer him and just put the money on the bar and its stained lubrication, semen and blood "happy" white (although they could not be so described) panties. I firmly know what I need to do. I decided to once again become what I have always been. My way was not home and did not even doctor Selivanov ... he was in a brothel.

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I was 15 ...

That summer, when I was sent to the country to his aunt's parents I just turned 15 years old. All my thoughts at that time were around sex: I bought a calendar with naked women, went to the video parlor on pornushnye sessions if there were money, sex! Spied on the beach and her sister in the bathroom (it was almost 17). While I was riding on a bus in the direction of cottages all my thoughts were about how great it will be to turn around: it was full of wild beaches where they like to swim beggar and there is a bath with a window and bushes around - what could be better!
In the country was my 32 year old aunt and her children: Dimka 12 years and Lena my age. I have long not seen them, and therefore very surprised how great it has changed my cousin - she was awesome figure, discernible wonderful breasts under the shirt, and when she squatted the bulging ass so that my cock almost tore the buttons on the fly.
Aunt looked remarkably well and while we greet, I realized that I would have two main object for observation. Dima, though it was 12 years old but he is also vymahal good so I did not recognize him at first. It turned out that my uncle went to work in the city and come back in 3 days.
The first thing that we have done so with Dima is rushed to the river, Lena went with us and prevented me to discuss with them urgent problems. But when she undressed on the beach, I realized that this is a good thing that she went. Her swimsuit was so small as if it did not exist. Dimka told me that she already bears his third year and during that time her breasts increased so that it barely covered the nipples. Panties is almost completely bared buttocks that had great from burning in the sun. Seeing as I stare at her, she immediately ran to the water.
Dima was a strange and not really want to talk with me all sorts of topics. Well, to hell with it, I decided - even conversations.
After the river we had lunch, and I began to wander around the garden. I wanted to apples from the tree and I climbed to the very large and thick apple. What I saw there just was not the cause of my fall: on the balcony lay Lena in shorts from the swimsuit and to substitute his bare chest to the sun. I held my breath and watched my fellow has almost no fit in shorts. Her chest was the most beautiful in the world for me, and then it was obvious that she did not sunbathe for the first time since tan smooth. She stirred and opened her legs, her panties almost strayed into a single string, and it was seen as the sun shines on rare hairs. More I could not help, I took my friend and began to masturbate furiously. But the finish I was not destiny - right beneath me was my aunt, looking up at me. Startled, I nearly fell over and hid a member of the fast.
She ordered to get off, when I went down it was all red as a lobster. I tried to apologize but she told me to go for it.
We came into my room.
- Aunt ask, do not repeat - I was trying to justify himself.
- Stop - to my surprise she said quite calmly. - At this age, you boys just think about it.
I followed her gaze and almost fell through the ground - my cock was sticking like Leaning Tower of Pisa in shorts.
- I do not tell your mother if you do everything as I say, - she said.
- Yes, I promise - I was ready for anything.
- You see your coming few changes our way of life, - she said. - We used to not be shy of each other and there is always sunbathe naked, not ashamed of each other.
- And Dimka with you? - I blurted out.
- And he, too, so at least we got rid of the neighbors complaints for which he is spying. Now a woman's body is not so great is the mystery of his eye - the answer that surprised me even more. - Therefore, from now on you should not be surprised if you see me, and Lena naked and he can quite easily walk there naked. I got it?
- Y ... yes, - I barely uttered.
- Well, that's fine - she said. - Take off the shorts.
- N-no, - I mumbled, Ninny by this turn.
- We agreed - she raised her eyebrows in surprise. - Or do you want to have an unpleasant conversation with his mother.
Here it's worth noting that my mother was very strict and never anything like this could not wait.
- But I can not - I squeezed out of myself again. - I am ashamed.
- Are you ashamed of me? - She asked.
- Yes.
- But how is it ... we are with you, and then you have agreed that no one here is not shy.
- But ... it's worth - I tried to fight back again.
- So what - she smiled. - Soon you will get used to us, and will not react violently. Take off and today I send you back !!!
- Well, - I said.
Trying not to look at her, I pulled the shorts and covered himself with his hands.
- Get hands - she ordered.
- Hmm .... Yes, you really perevozbudilsya - she smiled when he saw my cock with a red head sticking out 17 centimeters forward. - So you can not go scare Lena. Finish what you were doing on the tree.
- No! - I cried.
- Do you want me to help you? - She asked suddenly.
- Ka-ah-to? - I was shocked.
She walked over to me and knelt. I almost went crazy with happiness when her hand touched my penis - it was very nice, but at the same time I was terribly ashamed.
- Do not be afraid - she said quietly.
Her languid eyes rapidly leaped to my imagination and to his own surprise, I said that would never have said, had I not been so discouraged and nervous.
- Remove swimsuit .... please.
- Hmm ... - to my surprise, she smiled. - You quickly get used to the new environment.
- But you said that you would walk naked - I was justified, blissfully happy from a sense of her warm fingers on his penis.
- Well - to my surprise, she agreed (!!!).
She got up from her knees, undid the bra and swung it just as I did not hesitate, as if she were alone in the room. Then when I thought about it I thought that here the situation was if someone came into the room, I stand naked with protruding quivering member and aunt standing in front of me some batches. But then I was not before.
I devoured her eyes developed breasts and dark nipples and my dick twitched involuntarily. She put her bra on the bed and stared questioningly at me smiling.
- Do you want me to continue, - she smiled.
- D..d..da - I barely audible sigh.
- Well, - she said, and quite naturally pulled down her panties down.
I nearly fainted with excitement, I was just shaking and she caught my mood. Carefully I sat on the bed in front of me and spread her legs. God !!! I dreamed about it all my life - I've seen this female flesh. And then something happened that was going to happen for a long time. My cock jerked and pulled away from his jet of sperm. Then another and another - I smeared floor. Horrified, I grabbed a towel and began to close them. She was laughing and looking at my confused manipulation. All red with shame I pulled the shower and stood under the warm water, which is heated for a day in the tank on the roof.
I bathed and dumbfounded recalled what had just happened.
Suddenly the door opened and entered a naked aunt with a bathing suit in his hands, I immediately closed hands.
- Come, - she said. - After all, we like you agreed on everything.
I reluctantly removed his hands, my cock wilted and hanging down.
- Well, - she smiled. - Now, you're okay.
She was wearing swimming trunks and bra hung on the rope and left without looking back. "Now she will go to testify without a bra"- I guess that's why she has such tanned chest.
I went down to the kitchen after 15 minutes, when calmed down and put on shorts. Towards I came Lena, she was in some batches, which lay at the top of the sun. Her breasts were so close to me that I could safely touch their hand .... She calmly walked past and it seemed to me, smiled slightly. The kitchen Dimka eating soup, and aunt stood at the stove, she was in shorts.
- Will you have dinner, - she asked me, as if nothing had happened.
The entire second half of the day for me was like a fairy tale. After dinner we all gathered at the top of Dimka lay in the shade of vines that twined balcony and Aunt Lena and I were lying in the sun completely naked. My shorts just bursting in all directions as I stared at the little covered with sparse hairs pubis his cousin and half an hour later, I ran a bullet to his room because he could not tolerate. I finished instantly, and throwing shorts on the bed slouched in a shower of peace and quiet. There's something me and found my aunt when I was washing my dick.
- Again accident - she smiled.
- I'm sorry - I mumbled.
- Come, - she said. - Do not worry, you get used to it. Come to sunbathe only mind you do not take shorts.
- I can not.
- You embarrass Lenya?
- Yes.
- You're too shy about her when she lies naked and you sit in shorts and staring at her. Come hang back and go as is. You can not even wipe - vysohnesh the sun.
I trailed behind her watching her cheeks. Lena lay and read a magazine.
- Well, here we nudists was more - said the aunt.
Lena raised her head and looked at me. I involuntarily recoiled, but the aunt pushed me back and said:
- Lie down and sunbathe it will walk all winter with white ass.
- Ma and his more than dimkin, - had no qualms Lena said. - Do not be afraid to sit next to.
From such a turn in the end, I was blown away and flopped down beside her on the blanket.
We sat there for 2 hours, until the sun we have not got. All this time my cock then got up, the force of will, I forced him to settle down. Then came Dimka and we all went to the river to bathe. When approaching the river, I noticed that my aunt turned to the side and not headed to the beach. A vague hunch made my dick twitch up again.
We walked through the woods for about 10 minutes and went on a little deserted place by the river on all sides were the bushes and only where it was possible to stay as it is on a small island of sand that borders the river. Aunt a bed quilt, Dima had no qualms pulled the shorts and ran to the water. When Lena with her mother pulled her sundresses, I realized that was the only one who pinned here in batches.
Not paying attention to me, they also went to the water.
We swam there naked, sunbathing and swimming again. I'm completely used to this unusual society and sometimes only when I saw Lena and her mother lying on the sun legs spread wide my cock started to get up, then I saved the river.
When we came home we Dimka priparili sink bath. It was made by my uncle tasteful and reminiscent of a good Finnish sauna in that I like it went with his father. For two hours she warmed up and you could bathe in it. Dima began to moan the mother to wash in the evening as it did not like the heat in the bath and also agreed with the guys to drive football. As a result of 10 minutes of whining, he was released on the half hour.
- Go wash up while you while there is fever, - said Aunt and added. - Lena and now also come and how to hover.
I forced myself not to beg and undressed immediately climbed on the farthest shelf sauna. A few minutes later the door opened and the steam room completely naked Lenka appeared in the doorway. She rested and whined that she was fed up with a sauna and she wants to watch KVN. Behind her aunt she was pushed without clothes too.
- Come on - she said sternly daughter. - Propoteesh almost anything you would not and then go watch a KVN.
Aunt of the village is also on the top and I had to move. Lenka sat still at the bottom with an injured views. I longingly looked from her naked crotch that her virgin breasts. My cock began to brawl again. Lena jumped a minute later, it was heard as she quickly rinsed in the shower and turned on the TV in the room.
Meanwhile, my dick completely stopped me to obey and become quite noticeable bulge forward. My aunt noticed it and to my surprise she smiled.
- Problems again? - She asked.
- No, - I mumbled, and went down to the lower shelf.
Now I was sitting across from her, and my eyes were right in front of her feet spaced. It was visible through the hair of her flesh, and I realized my mistake "nothing moved" - My cock immediately shot up and I covered it with his hands.
- Get your hands - I heard the voice of Aunt.
- What for? - I asked, but the hand removed. My cock was sticking like a huge cucumber.
- It will be so stuck will then get sick - instructive she said, smiling, and suddenly, quite unexpectedly proposed - Make yourself cum.
From this offer I almost stunned and desperately shook his head in protest. She smiled again and slowly spread her legs so that was clearly visible pink bud of her labia. It was just fantastic, my penis has reached its maximum size and began to shake. I wanted to get up and get out but she caught my movement.
- Wait - I heard.
- Come on come on, - she said.
- I can not - I choked.
- Do you want me to do with his hand - whether suddenly suggested that if she asked, and without waiting downstairs.
I sat on the middle shelf, and my cock was right in front of her chest. She gently took his two hands, and I twitched nervously ran through the body of the discharge.
- Quiet, do not worry - she said and began to gently stroke my dick.
Given the fact that on that day I have been masturbating 3 times, I realized that the harsh isolation as the last time in the bedroom is not. I looked at her breasts and enjoy her gentle fingers slowly caressed my cock. She caught my eye and said:
- Touch, well, do not be afraid because you want to touch them.
- Yes - I said, and held out his hand touched her breast. You can not experience what I felt at that moment!
She gently stroked my testicles with his left hand and caressed the right barrel member not rush things, and I gently touched her nipple and began to crumple. Her chest was heaving, and then I realized that she too can see excited (!!!). I did not care that she was my aunt - she was just a woman who caressed my cock and I realized that I wanted it.
- You're good, - she said, pulling back a little from me.
- Yes, - I whispered.
- You never no one is caressed, - she smiled stroking my trunk.
- Yes - I felt that a little, and I finish it, but I would like to extend this torture longer.
- Do you want me to continue to caress you, - she went on smiling.
- Yes! - I groaned.
- Then close your eyes - she ordered. - Come on!
I immediately complied with her request, fearing that she would stop stroking my dick. Sitting with my eyes closed, I felt The as her hands caress my cock my balls, run through the crotch. Decoupling was close. Suddenly I felt her caresses became more tender and moist that it touched my penis start to lay it on top, causing a storm of emotions in me. I opened my eyes and was stunned by what he saw. Aunt bowed her head to me and my cock was almost entirely in her mouth. From the thrills, I almost fainted, and I would like to make it absorbed me as far as possible. It was enough to swallow me twice myself and I understand that the cry began to finish.
She firmly holding my buttocks and did not allow to move away. Such feelings I had never experienced orgasm lasted a minute and it seemed to me that I poured into it a whole bucket of sperm. When I calmed down she gently released my cock, her lips were my sperm, her eyes shone, and she smiled at me.
- You are very pleasant to the taste. Did you like it? - She asked.
- Yes, - I breathed, feeling on top of the world.
- Will you ... now I always listen, understand?
- Yes.
- You promise?
- Yes - I was ready to do anything for her.
- That's good, - she said, and slipped into the shower.
I spent a few more minutes, coming to himself, and then went out, too. In the shower there was no one and I quietly having washed, came into the room. Aunt Lena talked about something, but when I came in, they were silent and aunt smiled at me.
I have had no qualms Lenka went and sat down on the sofa next to her - went on TV KVN. Came Dimka, football was canceled, he began to undress, intending to go warm up. Lena followed him to the sauna. I gratefully looked at her aunt. She smiled at me and said:
- What you now hear should not learn from you one, okay?
- Yes - I said in surprise, what I thought I was still waiting.
- The fact that your mother and I are somewhat different, and our family is brought up in a different spirit as you understand. My husband as you know the doctor-sexologist and scholar, he learned a lot, and insisted that we had children not as accepted, as well as will be useful to them. When Lena was 13 years old he became once a week on the weekends to caress her vagina language, thus developing her genitals and allowing to remove the sexual tension.
Yes, do not be surprised, this is a mystery in our family so keep your mouth shut.
I nodded my head and immediately felt that my penis started to come alive again. Damn, well, how can. And she continued:
- A year later, Dima was 11 years old and already felt that he is interested in sex. Here already I had to get over the prejudices and I began to caress it just like you today. But I do it 2 times a week, and six months later Lena also began to demand to and she did it 2 times a week. You know that my husband is a busy man, I also often work until midnight and here we had him step over the taboo again. We began to fondle Dima and Lena at the same time in the same room so that they can learn to caress each other. A week later, they were already doing it to each other do under our supervision. Since my husband and I rarely caress them - they are quite satisfied with each other, but we strictly forbade them to do it more than 3 times a week.
I sat and listened to it with wide staring eyes, my cock reared up, but I did not notice it. I could not believe what he heard, but what I saw there told me that's how it was.
- I'll explain later why I told you, and yet went to the steam room, - she said, looking at my protruding member. - Do not worry about anything and do not be surprised.
I got up and followed her own staring look in her buttocks. The door to the steam room was ajar, and there it was not hot, Lena argued about something with Dima. When we entered it with interest looked at my standing member, in Dima is also a member of the standing and was clearly more than the average 12-year-old boy, were clearly lessons for him.
- What is it, - said my aunt. My daughter looked at me, then at his mother. - Do not be afraid to say, - soothed her aunt.
- He does not want me to do this, I first wanted to do to him, and now it is his turn to do the first, - said Lena, and I suddenly realized what is there to it.
- Dima stop to argue and then I'll make you herself - aunt said.
We see Dima liked it better when I did blow his mother and so he immediately got down from the middle shelf. Aunt sat down and sat next to me, I was fascinated watching for those that happened a meter away from me. Lena lay down on the middle shelf and widely spread her legs and Dima began to caress her tongue. I watched his every move and trying to remember how to make a woman nice, my dick twitching from the ensuing action. Lena opened her legs wider and began to move her hips, letting out soft moans. It was clear that Dima knew well how to bring my sister and at the same time he did it with obvious pleasure he incensed.
Finally came the denouement, Lena shuddered several times gave out a low moan and suddenly huddled in hysterics screaming and pulling his hips. Dima pulled away from her, his lips were in the lubricant, which flowed abundantly from the womb of his sister, and a member of the protruded almost like mine. He went into the shower, Lena was still lying legs wide apart and moaning softly, I madly wanted priniknut to its disclosure as a rosebud bosom and aunt knew it in my view. She complimentary nodded to me and I do not wait for the repeat lunged forward and plunged his tongue gently in the bosom of her cousin, inhaling her intoxicating scent. Lena shuddered and raised her head and met my gaze longingly she suddenly smiled and leaned back again. I've never done it and so stupidly poked tongue, licking the grease.
My aunt came up to us and gently pushed me. I regretfully got up and saw that Lena is also not particularly pleased mother intervention.
- Enough is today, - said my aunt. - All in the shower.
Lena and I stood under the shower, and Dima again went to the steam room. Through the open door I saw as he sat on the middle shelf, came up to him and his mother to say something, he leaned against the wall and she leaned over him. My cock was almost snikshy shower immediately he took firing position and I timidly walked into the steam room. I climbed to the opposite middle shelf and legs dangling looked at what was happening in front of me. Mother swallowing a member of his son and again released him, then he licked, down to the testicles and gently took them into his mouth. Dimka was moaning with pleasure. Aunt ass sticking out back and I could see her crotch.
I looked into my eyes and my cock trembled at the sight. In the steam room Lena came, looked at her mother and brother, she stared at my cock and came close to me. I turned up at her and realized that now is. Without waiting for an invitation she gently took my cock and began to stroke. At this time in front of Dima she jerked and groaned began to lower sperm in the mouth of his mother they were both shaking and I realized that my aunt was excited not less than it. We're all already received a discharge and she is not. Lena heard his brother scream even ear does not lead, it sank finally my cock into his mouth and began to lick, I was on the verge of bliss - her little mouth zyal my penis in a tight ring, and she began to move her head rhythmically did not conceding in this art to his mother. Dima and aunt looked at us, and I saw that the eyes of my aunt lit the fire of passion, on the contrary, Dima was relaxed. Less than half a minute Lena has made her, and I began to violently finish in her mouth. It is contrary to my expectations are not pulled and sucked me until I stopped twitching.
- Are you a completely different taste, - she said with a smile. - Not like Dima.
I stood under the shower stunned and devastated, standing next to almost the same state Dimka.
- I like when my mom does, - he said. - Lenka Philo frequently.
- I honestly on the drum, - I replied. - Do it all for the first time for me. And you do not accidentally with the Lena fucked?
- No, you - he grinned. - We do this strictly. It is generally still virgin, and I was quite satisfied with the blowjob.
- And Mom did you do since Helen, - I did not let up.
- No - they are a father yourself doing this without us. - I just peeped a couple of times they fucked all.
We went into the room, Lena somewhere washed off and aunt sat alone in front of industry, one leg bent so that it was clear disclosure womb, which glistened with moisture. Dima picked up his things and went upstairs.
- Well, did you like? - Smiling aunt asked.
- Yes - I said, and sat down opposite her. - Lenka so sweet there, I never thought that the girls are in the taste.
- All tastes are different - she smiled. - It is obvious that you are doing it for the first time.
- Well, yes - I said sadly. - How am I able to like Dimka?
- Do you want I'll teach you? - She asked.
- Yes - I said, realizing that she was excited for all this time ... and now wants to get me to discharge.
- Come to my upstairs - she said, getting up.
In the room she lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide.
- Well, do not be afraid - she invited me. - Begin to gently caress the edges first, then plunging tongue in me and do not forget to caress the clitoris.
I placed between her legs and inhaled her scent plunged into her womb. She immediately moaned affected excitement accumulated during the day. Sometimes she told me how best to caress her, I was quite capable and within five minutes she began to moan louder and voluptuous, she began to move her hips to meet me. My cock began to rise again, and I fixed his lips to her clitoris.
She jerked and writhed in ecstasy. The grease splattered from it into my mouth and I swallowed it much thought. Her orgasm was violent and prolonged, she moaned and cried out bouncing, rotating buttocks. When she calmed down a bit, I left her alone in the bosom rose and she looked at me with gratitude and love. "Come here" - She whispered. I lay down on her and she began to lick my face with grease leaked out of her womb. I felt like my rampant dick rested against her damp crotch and pleasure closed his eyes. She kissed me passionately and then I felt her hand took my penis and sent directly to the fold. I jerked forward and fell into her flushed wet womb.
She cried not expecting such a hurried from me, and in me as a demon possessed, I sit down it faster and deeper, and felt that is about to faint at the thought only about what finally mastered the woman. She lifted her legs allowing me to get into it as far as possible and dug into my neck with his lips. We are mad for three or four minutes until finally my haggard today is not a member twitched inside her and began spewing semen. I cried, embraced the wave of orgasm and felt that her vagina is also shaking orgasm. Soon it was all over and I fell exhausted on her luxurious body. She hugged me and said:
- I never thought that young body can deliver so much fun.
- I shall go mad, - I said. - Most of all I am afraid that this is just a dream and I was about to wake up.
- Do not worry it's not a dream - she reassured me. - But remember, all this no one word.
- Yes, I'm the enemy of yourself or what? - I was offended and clinging to her asked. - Aunt and you and Dima do not do it?
- No, - she laughed. - He was actually a bit early even though he had already told me a couple of times that it wants it to me and asked me not to give it to his father.
- And you'll do it with him? - Trembling with emotion, I asked.
- You're too curious - she said with a smile. - Let's see, at least not inconsistent with my principles as you can see we have a kind of family, but he was still too young. It's late so that the march to him, while the 11th hour of the night.
- I leave? - Sorry I asked.
- Yes, - she said. - And do not order me here orphan Kazan today so you have overdone it.
- And we will be more .... Well, it's .... - I asked.
- Wow some - she laughed. - We'll see, most importantly do not talk about this with Dima realized? Well, let's all go to sleep.

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Parenting Alesha - 3

Hello, I decided to publish part of the diary.
July 16.
Mom told me to get on my knees and to write about today. I am very guilty at the cottage. There of course I always go naked and barefoot, as befits a boy. And I am a pussy was strong, and I was ashamed to go, because you can not hide behind. And to my mother's nieces came two more friends, the first time they have seen me and a lot of fun, that I go naked and bald entire bottom, little sister also tried to show power over me, by fiat tone Vel do one or the other.
Girlfriends them very amused that I listen to them without question, they even forced me to tell them where and for what I have scars on the priest and legs. I obediently stood there at attention, hands at his sides, and told who and what I punished. And they are very amused my pussy constantly standing.
When I asked to use the toilet, I dare not make good that would reassure pussy. Toilet at the cottage on the street, door forbid me to lock the hook, but I thought that have time to masturbate, and just then a younger girlfriend, too, went to the bathroom, opened the door, she saw that I was in the first place do not sit (and me and pisit also put just sitting that would not touch the segment), and here I have a pussy in his hand and I rub it.
She laughed at the entire cottage, and called rather rest and told me not to move and to stay as it is. I was very ashamed, but I listened to the girl, because I need to listen to all the girls. So, come the rest, plenty to laugh at me, but of course it's not over.
They have 5 minutes to decide how to punish me, and have decided that now punish my pussy and Krapivko testicles, and then when he comes mom, flogged with rods by the pope and the legs properly. They told me to bring the rod, I quickly ran, flashing bare ass. And we nettle grows only near the road at the gate already, so that I had not seen naked and striped, barefoot, I have tried to tell a lie faster nettle.
When brought, she said that girls are not happy with me and that we should bring further nettle. I was upset and ran even faster through the gate to gain more, of course with their bare hands, all hands tore immediately. Pussy at me all the same, and stood, and it was from this more embarrassing, especially to go to the road. Bringing them more nettles, they have long chastised me for what I dared to do, and ordered that I understood more guilt, masturbate right in front of them on the table, topped with plastic. The first time I masturbate in front of others, and even girls, who will punish me for it. With some difficulty, but I still finished. I was very ashamed.
They made me part of the sperm in the face to smear themselves and backward lick clean the table. I obeyed without question, even though the first time tasted the taste of semen on her, and even smeared all over his face, they said - this is something that would be all that you have seen drochunishka. I burned with shame. Then they put me on the grass, was ordered to put his feet up and to the sides, and very long and whipped my pussy and testicles Krapivko. It was very painful, and prickly, and I cried like a little boy, and it amused them even more, and my face smeared with semen.
Pussy and testicles, legs and crotch of course all swollen from the nettle and very scratched, but the girls told me not to touch and scratch their course, and ordered to kneel in front of a gazebo where they played, and keep your hands behind your head.
An hour probably came back my mother, not particularly surprised that I'm on my knees, because the girls quite often I punished, but it is very surprised and upset my pussy swollen and his face smeared girls immediately ran to her mother and began to outage to tell what happened.
But my mother told me to tell me everything. Then she scolded me for a long time and said that very upset and did not expect this from me, even said that now in the toilet, I'll go only under the supervision of the girls, and pisit and crap that I did not dare to engage in unseemly things. Then she told me to get up off your knees and bring home bench for flogging and rods .. When I carried out the order, she put me on the bench, and very ripped, each rod pronouncing with notation.
I tried on the crease under the ass to get as much as possible, and not a few got legs. At first I cried, trying to endure, especially since there watching almost unknown girl, but still then I forgot about it and started screaming and asking for forgiveness, hail the tears flowed, but the mother herself knows when to finish whipping.
Deciding that enough, my mother told me to say thank you for spanking (although I do not always do this reminder), and ask for forgiveness from the girls, kissing them all legs, dropping to his knees. Then, like in this form and send smeared face of the store, but I regretted then not sent, not a little upset than girls who were about to accompany me. Mom said that next time I will not spare, and will order that the girl asked.
Then the evening I played with girls, fulfilling all of their orders, and they slapped my palms on the wounded pope if necessary. And then my mother allowed me to wash, right here in the yard under the supervision of the girls, and wash finally sperm from her face, which was held all day. I'll try harder not to upset my mother and the girls never masturbate pussy.
To write is interesting to qwert[email protected], you can indicate in your letter and ICQ, communicate.

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Short stories: I, two members are cleaned with a neighbor, three boys and a girl for one day

I have two members.
Author: Dual Reception
Since birth. My parents were with me the problem. The first problem is that I was born with two members. When my mother told about it. She fainted. Then he called his father. It is, for me, is turned on signs. And when the doctors told me that the one cut off. He was against it. I Said I was a child of the new generation "Indigo".
I, until now, thought he was crazy. But, as the time. I have read on this site, a story about the guardians. I was shocked. So, my father was right.
In general, I was left alone with my members. There have been many incidents with me.
For example, when I, as an infant urinated. Mom, changing panties, did not even know that I'm not totally pissed. And I had to write on her hand, with the second term. When his father died. Mommy, I saw this as a sign and ran away with what that guy in another country. Me, she left with my grandparents. I, as a child hurt her, for this act. Now she is grateful. Since the apartment in Moscow, he left me. My first orgasm, as well as at all the boys went into the bathroom, with a magazine naked girls. But, unlike the others. I was two orgasms in a row. Initially, he finished the first term, then the second.
At school, in our class were two idiot. Bob and Peter. They scoffed at all. Including home-based (it's good that they did not know that I have two members), and that in any way is to increase their self-esteem. I called their members, their names. Bob first, the second, which is four centimeters below Petya.
My first experience with a woman, was in the hallway, her home. She is from a neighboring class. I happened to meet her in the park. We walked and I offered to accompany her home. I was shy, and yet thought that I spend and go home. But it was not there. At the entrance, I hugged her. I kiss on the cheek. She, as she reached out to my lips, and her hands went down. By the way, I forgot to say that I look, beautiful. Tall, broad-shouldered, dark-haired, but with green eyes.
A sort of green-haired green-eyed glazik or black hair.
Her hand went down. I stopped the movement of her hands.
- It may not have to - I said.
- Why? - She asked.
And really, why?
- Simply, I do not like everything - I said, and immediately added - I have two members.
She paused for a few seconds. But, then he laughed and said:
- Well, then I have two pussy.
- I'm not kidding - I said.
- I, too, - she said, still laughing.
And it is not noticeable to me sharply, stuck his hand in my pants.
Kick-Ass, you should have seen her face. She, at first blush. Then, the eyes, and her lips widened.
She pulled her hand. And she began to run from one wall to another.
Then, abruptly stopped and said:
- Show.
This I did not expect. And as I stood uncertainly, she undid the belt and pulled off her pants and underwear.
She sat down and began to look at Vasya and Petya.
Sponges she were in the form of "ABOUT". - Do you, or anyone not told about this? - She asked.
- No, - I said - Oh, what?
- Do not say, but the fact of you will scoff.
I liked her concern, but I realized eventually. It was greed. She did not want to share, it is good with others.
- I'm not going to - I said.
She touched her hand to Vasya, and before and after Petit.
- 3nachit, you end at the same time?
- No, in turn.
- Class - she said.
He reached out and licked Petya. Then, the same thing done, and Vasya.
This was my first experience. I can tell you that it is much better than jerking off in the bathroom.
Gradually, she began to behave more boldly.
She sucked it in full Vasya, the Petya. Holding in one hand a member, the second in the other hand. She moaned, enjoying two hot clubs. By the way, my testicles are not four, but two. However, they are larger than. When she licked them, I was in seventh heaven.
Her tongue was doing such magical pas that I could hardly contain myself, so as not to come. At some point, she tried to take by mouth, just two members. Her mouth was small, and I have a good-sized members. So that it did not work. Reluctantly broke away, she rose. He took off his pants. Leaned on the banister, she lifted her skirt.
- Come with me or I'm going to die.
I stood like a statue. In porn films, I know what and where to poke. But I somehow confused.
And therefore, she took up Petya (lower member) and slipped into his peep.
There, it was so crowded and hot.
I began to move as if, from that solved my life.
All my life I jerked off, but here is hot and wet silk. One can not help thinking, as I do not sleep .li.
Vasya, top my cock rested in her ass. When driving, bridle, rubbed against it.
Just a couple of movements. And Peter, began to fill her pussy, a powerful stream of semen.
- Oh, yes - she moaned - You're a monster.
Move your ass, she asked:
- You only finished one?
- Yes - I replied.
Immediately, she dropped to her knees and took in his mouth Vasya.
She is so fast and with such skill sucked my upper member, and soon her mouth, filled with sperm. And at this moment. Me dawned. I suddenly realized what kind of power over the woman, gave me the Most High. With two members, I could put any old woman in bed.
Could, destroy the city, being a lover of the Queen of England. For seventeen year old boy, it was a great discovery. But, in reality, it was much more difficult. And as it turned out, not all women is important, what is your cock and in what quantities. Some, like ears.
Here, there is something and helped me file my father. By studying it, I understood more and more. How and what to say to women. And finally convinced. As far as my father was sober. Me, confused, sometimes talking and belief in the mystical.
But the story about the keepers, reading me on this site. Everything in its place.
But more on that another time. . .
Cleaning with a neighbor
Story Author: Damon
I xx years ... this time in front of the apartment next door to instill young couple. Aunt Jack quickly became pregnant by Uncle Adar, and after 9 months they had a son Alex.
I'm often at night to masturbate pictures of Aunt Jenny, made the holidays at home even when I was still 13. Now her baby Alex grew up, he was 8 months and I often I go to nurse him.
One day I went to visit my aunt wife and saw her changing diapers Alik. A young mother in the bathroom and washed away her son brought a baby into the bedroom to wipe. Aunt Zhenya why then knelt down by the bed, which put Alik, and began to suck him a small tip, wherein when it is good to have bulked up and was like a small stick, she asked me - I do not know why her son and so everything fell, and smiled. I shrugged and left the room, because my dick was already hard.
I am a long time did not go to visit her, I felt ashamed. And Adar uncle was not at home for 4 months - he flew abroad. But she came to us like that and asked my mother to give me what it is to help. Of course, I went. Aunt and Uncle Eugene divorced Adar, and decided to take my sorrow cleaning. We have removed and cleaned the entire apartment. But left to wash the air vents in the bathroom and I climbed up to remove them. Aunt Zhenya decided to wash them in the bathtub and began their drait.Ona bent over the tub so that I was barely seen her narrow white stripes pants ... and I realized that resigned to their oppression. My friend bulge in your pants very much, and I waited for Aunt Zhenya turn and accidentally see it .. but it is carefully rubbed vents. I stood and watched her for a short T-shirt five minutes, and then suddenly, she turned to me and asked me to hang the washed air vent in place. I got to the bath, and Aunt Jack took me to hold. I hung up the vent, but Aunt Zhenya how it has changed in their behavior. She became terse and quiet. I was taken aback, and realized that she noticed ....
I have not been with a woman at that time, never, but I like all potsanov was a collection of different porn which I masturbate. I myself could have any woman to talk about any position and whatnot.
Aunt Zhenya had a very nice body and nice face. I often masturbate, recalling her image.
At this time a neighbor was dressed very easy: T-shirt and thong - summer yet. And I stood in the bathroom and stared at her ass - I really liked it.
Suddenly Aunt Zhenya stopped to wash the air vent and went to the bathroom, then came back with even greater force continued to wash the air vent. She stood at the side of the bathroom, then bent more, leaning on the bottom of the tub by hand, and slightly spread her legs. and then I saw that the strap panties between her legs shifted to the left, I see I forgot to correct after urinated. My cock was already sticking to the pain, and the eggs can be inserted into the cell instead of the vibrator. I thought that I fancy buggy and went to the kitchen to drink water, sat for a while and went back to the bathroom. I had not even noticed that the door to the bathroom was closed and went in. It turned out that Aunt Eugene was already in the bathroom and washed.
Through the transparent plastic curtain, I saw her body sideways ... I did not even notice how dropped his pants and began to masturbate on her neighbor. Suddenly she pushed the curtain and stood in front of me with a question in his eyes, and I finished it this time on foot. We have long stood facing each other, she looked at me, and I watched as my sperm flowed down her legs. My cock was still standing like crazy and Aunt Jack said:"Did you like it?" I answered yes. She sat down suddenly took my hand cock and sucked all remnants of sperm from him. Then she said that I took off his clothes and climbed into the tub, then turned his back to me, bent down and sat my penis to her vagina, it was not necessary to teach dalsche me. I finished it, and she was at the last moment zahlyupala some very warm liquid ...
To be continued....
Three guys and a girl for one day
Story Author: Trymka
E-mail the author: [email protected]
Personal story - a short story about the adventures of the day.
I was one day three guys ebalo, and then a neighbor reassured
Che-I felt sad and I went to the ex-husband to visit. We divorced a long time, but still fuck with pleasure. He is a master in this case.
Beauty - and fuck jock quality. And me, a beautiful, slender, but with the usual by a pussy fucking loves. Boring, of course, but skillfully brings to orgasm. However, when met at this time to talk is not reached - not bent undressing right in the hallway and vdul so that did not seem enough. Only when he had finished - I sent in the shower. Once I knocked on his back and licked all. I love it when tongue caress pussy. And he has a magic tongue and in a minute I started to cry and asks him to me fucked doggy style. Arched cat pussy and offered under his clever dick.
Banged by her ex-husband to take me to a colleague arrived. Boy with arthritis, but with a huge by a dick. With him, we too often fuck. Right on the job - in the hallway or on the stairs or in his car. At this time fucked in the back seat. But before I took the trachea into his mouth. But his dick is so big that the head barely fit my cheek. But I have a sip of a trained - not the first time and I almost eggs in her mouth sucked with the member. However, in his mouth, he did not want to stop - parted my thighs, slapped his hand on the pussy and put on the most nebaluysya. I do slap on some finished - so was a wound, and while he tore my pussy his huge member just writhing in the throes of orgasm. And when his sperm into me I ebnulas bumped his head on the glass, and lost consciousness. So, scantily clad, izebannuyu and semi-consciousness he had me up and drove home.
This concludes my sex Today is not over - only pomylas-spoofing both the flowers and Champagne said the new fancy man. He was with me spud week and then I have decided to bestow on him, too - to give. This dog however, was sophisticated. First, long milking my breasts, and then while I licked his ass thrust his fingers into my pussy. First one, then three, and then the whole fist - as much as I howled. But my hole was thoroughly razebana per day and I asked more and more. As a result, he fucked me a bottle of champagne which we drank at that time. And to finish himself - and even in the ass fuck me. Cancer, so deep, so my second hole was not hurt. As the door closed behind him - I do not remember.
Later in the afternoon I looked neighbor - blond girl with a third the size of boobs. When she went - me already smelled of sex. So she became jealous. It was necessary to appease the girlfriend - the shower looked away, her pussy tongue caressed - the magical lumps walked hundreds of times, so it came.

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Simply massage

She leaned forward to pour tea, and a sharp pain in his back forced her wrinkled and freeze.
- Again? - Maxim said.
The question did not require a response, she stood in an uncomfortable position and waited for the pain would go.
- So you can not anymore. Come on, I'll give you a massage. I learned. His wife is constantly doing. Come on. What are you stubborn?
She wanted to be a permanent guest, a longtime friend of the family, examined her body, caressed and squeezed back. From this innocent pleasure of anticipation bacon warm and fun.
- Well, let's see. Now, probably already depart.
She looked at his hands. That would really lie down and let yourself cuddle. For he raised a T-shirt, pulled the elastic pants, stroked and massaged. She loved when she massaged his back and shoulders. Maybe T zaderetsya well, and some will be visible chest. And on the lower back - a trace of gum. The decision was made as soon as the pain has departed. Talking over tea, she looked at him open, happy face, watched his hands, saw him watching her. Sniffs to the air waves of her gestures. He was in love and was not ashamed of it. As fleeting kiss on the cheek goodbye, she knew how gentle he can be and how nice it would be to touch her.
...And then, while explaining, very struck trembling hands. He went to massage aching spine forever when she was sitting at the computer - it was allowed - and could not hold hands. Fingers nervously scratched the neck to the chin. So gentle and warm that it was impossible to swear or drive. He changed his mind and tried to turn into a tickle. She played along, but he did not leave. I could not tear myself away and continued to twirl her hair and neck.
- Want to talk?
- Uh-huh.
By allowing him to kiss her face and a hug, she asked him a delicate passion.
…The decision was taken. Spine not let sit in a natural position, and Maxim has once again reminded about the massage.
- Yeah, I guess you have to still ask for a little massage. Come into the office.
She was curious as to how it will behave. Will a massage or go all-the same boundaries and, for example, gently pat or kiss her. What to do then? Ryknut or ignore?
- Lie down - gently and slyly he said.
She obediently lay down on his stomach and buried his head in the pillow to hide his laughter and fun. What will I do? Curious.
- Where exactly do you hurt?
On second thought, to spare or not. I decided not to spare.
- The neck, between the shoulder blades, and here - eye hand showed lumbar point very close to the buttocks. How will he massaged? Through the clothes or not?
- Clear.
He as something touched her back in indecision. She physically feel his tenderness and joy. Hands is convulsive movements chaotically crawling on clothes. Suddenly he began to gently straightening the shirt out of his pants, strongly raised it to his shoulder blades. Detainees.
- Raise-ka hands - a second shot t-shirt. - The clothes do not make a massage.
Before she could digest his decision is like crawling down pants and panties. He abruptly pulled something, and more. But how do masseurs and knees. At the moment, she was in front of him naked.
It was necessary to show that it would lie, and so infinitely happy to be overturned if she was asked. She shivered with pleasure when presented as he would be delighted if it is, naked, pat him between the legs and cling. He touches her with his tenderness, and she wanted him, wanted to make him happy and to make happy.
He massaged and caressed her, and could not hide the trembling. Hands could not get warm, and movements were confused and energetic. He has repeatedly touched her breasts but did not dare to touch the buttocks.
- Just not fast - she thought. - Stroke me yet.
- This is where it hurts? - He began to travel to the most painful point.
- No, closer to the spine, - she said quietly.
From her voice, he winced. He leaned over her back, she felt his breath. I kissed between the shoulder blades. The hands slipped on the buttocks, legs.
- I love you.
- I know.
- I am dreaming of you. I dream, I see you. Thank you.
- Thank you for the massage.
- But I'm not all.
- Massage, massage.
He really knew how to massage, he was prevented only tenderness. He was not embarrassed by stroking the buttocks. He kissed her neck, her back. She waited for him to kiss her ass, but he hesitated for a long time. Suddenly he completely removed her panties and pants.
- You're naked in front of me. I would have sat there and stroked your life. I love you.
He put his face on her back and lay exhausted, stroking the ass. God, Natasha, what you are. I can not live without you.
He was ten years older, and his emotion gave rise to her body in her thirty years, agility imp. She waited.
He kissed the top of his head and whispered:
- Sit on my handles well. Give me a hug. Turn around.
She turned, pulled his head movements and tried not to give out what decided. She sat on the couch, he stared into her eyes, well-groomed, nalaskannoe, slender body. It will allow him to enjoy himself and to lose consideration.
He hugged her and pressed to her, pressed her cheek to her body. At the same time the usual men's movement has moved apart her legs. But he still did not understand that this is possible.
He pulled her into his arms, she felt him shudder and felt like he was trying to calm down. She liked to be naked with him, sitting on his hands and teasing, to enjoy its warmth and tenderness.
- If you knew how much I want you.
- How?
He habitually tried to laugh, but instead he tears.
- You dream about me in bed? - She turned and stared into his eyes.
- Yes - he nodded obediently.
She liked that his movements were habitually rude.
- And what are you doing with me?
He was speechless and barely uttered:
- I undress you and take it.
- How?
Well, he was not in a daze. She would not have liked his indecision.
- I take you everywhere.
- Where first?
- First, in the mouth.
- Already naked?
- Yes.
- Do you often take in his mouth?
- Never ever.
- And I, therefore, take?
- Yes.
Finally, she did what she wanted. His legs were spread apart for a long time, and it was easy to squeeze in between the palm. She touched him and looked him in the eye. She clung to him.
- Good mine. Natasha. My naked. Darling.
- Come to me. Come to me, my good - she felt a surge of tenderness, I kissed him and felt his fingers already confident Teasing her clit. He laid her on the couch, one hand caressing her between the legs, and the other hand, tried to remove the pants.
- Come, I'll help you. She pulled down his pants, took off her sweater, and only when he was in shorts, began stroking his penis, feeling what it solid, wide and not very long. He thrusts his hand into her panties and took it in his hand.
The smell of clean laundry and deodorant granted her.
- So where do you get me first?
- In the mouth.
- You say something to me?
- Yes.
- What?
He was silent.
- What.
- Suck me.
She touched his lips with hot head, and he is spacey and it inflames it, he introduced a member of her mouth, gasped and resolutely began to move. She understood what he really does not fall, stroking the eggs, threw her arms, caressed and parted the buttocks. She got on her knees and lifted her face. The thought that her fuck in her mouth, she, as always, greatly excited and relaxed. Realizing that he is now over and guessing his desire to take out a member of her mouth, she hugged him so that he finished in the mouth. Judging by the groans, he has never finished in the woman's mouth. She did not know whether he will be able to continue, and so I just lay down on the sofa, corner of my eye looking at his penis. I gave him a little break and asked:
- What do you want?
- ...To fuck you.
- It's clear. And what else?
- That you fondled himself in front of me. I want to watch you onaniruesh.
He lost time and themselves and reality. He did not believe her and wanted.
- I want you.
- What to do? - She gladly opened her legs and masturbate. Member raised, she made it clear that looking at him. It is true that now it would prefer that it not be disturbed.
- You still suck?
- I want to fuck you.
- Fuck me.
He is now in no hurry.
- How long have I wanted to pull your pants and fuck.
He fucked her, and she liked that his movement powerful and gentle hands and lips.
- Natasha, I love you.
- You are my good. Love me.
He finished and lying on her cheek pressed against the barbed.
- How I feel good with you. You did not hurt that I said?
- And what did you say? - It felt like he was again shifted to it.
- I'm sorry, what…
- So what you said, she jerked against him.
- What I've been wanting to remove from your pants and fuck ...
- Yes?
- Yes.
- I liked it when you profile me today. I wanted you. I want you to lay down on me.
He fucked her again. Less powerful but quicker.
- Fuck me. Later in me - it felt like helping him in words.
Having waited until he rested, she asked him to sit next to the couch on her knees, turned on his stomach, arched, indecent stuck her ass, spread her legs and began to masturbate. I heard how he sniffs and felt his rhythmic movements. I thought that the woman and masturbate in front of it for the first time.
- What more do you want?
- Sit on my handles. Give me a hug.
Sitting in his arms, she stroked his hair and cheeks.
- You were okay? What more do you want?
- I want to live with you.
- You know it is wrong.
He nodded bitterly.
- You want me to walk you to the gate naked? And you once again take me on the street?
He perked up.
- Can I still come to you?
- You've already come to us. You mean, if you can to fuck me?
- Do not get me started. I can not do that from you unstick.
- I want you to fuck me. I feel good with you. You are very tender. You have soft hands. I want to do as you has never been done. More I can not do anything for you. You know. How do you want next?
- What does anything?
- So, within the course of some. And do you doubt? Do not be afraid, speak.
- ... I want you to meet me in trusikahh, I took them with me and got cancer. Without words. Con me ...
- 's Fuck me yet.
- And you pososesh me? Suck me again.
- Fuck me in the mouth.
She liked to feel what he is happy and exhausted. She really wanted him. He swallowed his semen, nice and deep cum several times, and he, as a boy, he could not believe his luck, and stroked her hair straightened, peridicheski making big eyes in surprise that all this is really happening.

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The meeting of the new year. Part one

In this story, I will tell how I was able to meet new, 2002nd year.
Brother fucked my ass with powerful thrusts. I lay there and moaned under him. My breasts were shaking in time with his strokes. I bit her lip, imagine how I have a lot of guys at the same time. But, alas, it was only a fantasy. My brother was one and approaching the climax.
Snatching a member, he held it to my face. But, before I get into the mouth, as the first drops of watered my cheeks.
Another moment and the head of the penis was already in my mouth, spewing sweet liquid. Although I am today, and sucked his brother in the morning, but he did not finish, saying that he wanted to feed me good night. And he kept his word. I swallowed a couple of minutes and was glad such a large quantity of sperm.
When he finished, brother collapsed on the couch and pressed me to her, began by farming stroking my ass.
- Dash, you did not forget that a week later the new year?
- No, brother, do not forgotten.
- I have guys in the new year promised you.
- Good. I'll do everything.
- You remember Pete?
- Um, no.
- Well, of course. He is the last six months you have a very active couple fucked with my brother. Do you remember?
- And, I remember. I just did not know his name.
- Now you know - brother grinned.
- So what?
- Let's at his apartment. His ancestors blamed for the new year to relatives in another city. The apartment is at his disposal.
- And a lot of people will?
- He invited a total of ten people. Including me. You will be the eleventh.
- And all the guys?
- Of course.
- Good…
- Initially we wanted to rent a prostitute for the night. But why spend the money if I have such a juicy whore like you?
- Yes, brother, you're right. I'm all serviced and not once.
- I did not doubt it.
With these words the brother drove his fingers into my pussy.
- ABOUT! I see my sister a whore has flowed from the idea that it will have ten guys. Yes?
- Of course, brother.
- What, you want their hard dicks in their juicy holes?
- Yes, you do want.
Brother pushed my head down.
- Suck me, bitch. And you can go to sleep,
I leaned over to his cock and took his mouth ...
There was December 31 - New Year's Eve. All day I was running, making the pre-New Year shopping. I bought a locking nail for his future hair. A new set of cosmetics, for my evening makeup. The varnish, perfume, powder well, and other women's a little thing that makes any girl beautiful, sexy and desirable. I bought a new bra in red fishnet and new leather mini skirt that does not hide anything and even, as they say, on the contrary.
In the evening, a brother gave me in the mouth and forced him to suck. Every time when it was approaching its climax, he pushed me, then I again sucked. Giving instructions to me to come to the eleven nights at this location, he was gone.
I could not wait in anticipation of the holiday, and lounging on the couch, took off all my clothes. Legs apart as wide as possible, I took out tables vibrator, turned on the average power and began to masturbate slowly, caressing fingers clit and fucking herself vibrator. I did not want to stop. I just wanted to lie down, to think about anything. Tossing aside the vibrator soon, I put one hand on his chest, the other on the clitoris and continued to fondle himself. When the orgasm has not been possible to restrain, I stopped the movement and breath, went into the bathroom. I had to put himself in order not to embarrass myself in front of the guys that I was destined to serve at night.
Taking the bathroom, I started to dress. I was not wearing panties at all. Then I put on a mini skirt I bought.
As I said, it is absolutely nothing to hide. Ended skirt on the most ass, opening my little mouth-watering muffins. Then I wore black stockings and high-heeled shoes. After that I bought today I put a bra. On top of his chosen short red latex jacket with a zipper. Her half, I zipped up, so as not to hide the form on my chest.
Then came the turn of hairstyles. I decided that I will this evening curly. No sooner said than done. And an hour later with my head hanging down to the blades of a beautiful black curls. I recorded them with varnish, so they held out for the night and began to apply makeup. Make up for ever bright green, black eyelashes summarized. On the lips left a thin layer of bright - pink gloss. After finishing the last chord, I looked at myself in the mirror.
"Beauty - I thought - it is impossible not to fuck."
The time was half past ten, when I vyporhnuv home, caught a car and arrived at the address.
Climbing the stairs, I stopped at this apartment and pressed the call button. The apartment could hear the music and laughter of men.
The door was opened by a brother.
- Oh, hey, bitch, come, - he told me.
I walked into the apartment. Reset coat in the hall, I walked into the room. On the sofas, chairs and armchairs seated nine people.
- Say hello to the guys that you will fuck tonight.
I went to the first one and knelt down. He took out his penis out of his pants and kissed his head.
- Very nice, Dasha.
- Sergei.
I went clockwise and fell in the second leg. Lightning his pants produces a characteristic sound. I kiss the penis.
- Dasha, glad you fuck me today.
- Anton.
I go further. Another member, for the welcome, for my lips.
- Dasha. Tonight I will fulfill all your fantasies.
- Denis.
The whole fourth term.
- Dasha, glad that today you will be with me.
- Kirill.
I kneel before the fifth.
- Dasha.
- Andrei.
I'm going to the sixth. His cock too for my lips.
- Dasha is pleased to your penis.
- Dima.
I kneel before the seventh man.
- Dasha, today I'll give you a fabulous blowjob.
- Alexey.
As for the eight members of my lips.
- Dasha.
- Sasha, brother Petit.
The ninth member of that touched my lips, belonged to the owner of the apartment.
- Dasha.
- Peter, I'm glad that we will fuck you today.
- Well, that's how we met, - said the brother, - Dasha, how you guys?
- Very popular. Guys, I'm really glad that you fuck me on this night.
- Dasha, go so far into the kitchen, drink tea, warm. Meanwhile, we prepare gifts for you.
Want to know what I have received in the New Year gifts? Write to feedback and raise the rating. Continue - in the following stories.

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Autumn is always a little passengers in trains. Therefore, in the compartment №7, which drove a friend of Light and Karina were the only ones. Anticipation of a good holiday trip stained in the joyful tone. They incessantly talking and laughing. Expanding the things the Light went for linens.
- Karina, we have such a conductor something .. - she rolled her eyes.
- Handsome - slyly she asked a friend, taking jumper.
- Vice versa. Ugly, angular, big nose and long arms. More and jokes: "The girls, you're up to the second shelf pulls out? I can help"
- Conky - so passionate - Karina shot sweater and began to pull out of duffle bags, back turned to the light.
- That's tan! That's ass! - Light elastic strings pulled and released. Gum clicked on a round popke.- you that naked sunbathing - Light stared at her friend as if she saw it for the first time.
- So what? - Slyly said Karina. - Look how sexy - she lowered her bra straps and two round as pumpkins, breasts jumped, once free. Smooth white circles around the nipples only emphasized ripeness.
- Um .. let ponosit- Light took her breast as if weighing.
- Bury. I do not feel sorry - proudly said Karina, sticking out his chest. And they laughed.
Suddenly the door of the compartment opened.
- Cooking ...
On the threshold he stood still .He conductor wanted to say something, but I forgot. Without taking his eyes off her breasts, which keep the lights on.
- You probably ischete- tickets levies embarrassment, he said.
- Uh-huh. The man, close the door - Karina said or slightly embarrassed and turned her back.
The conductor slammed the door with a smile.
After some time on the car began to distribute tea.
- We were somehow not carried away. Shy or what? - Karina said, pulling food out of the bag.
- No. He will bring us coffee. Your Tits it directly on smert.- Light took a small bottle of cognac.
There was a cultural knock, the door opened
- Can - said a smiling conductor.
- If carefully. - Karina playfully retorted.
The conductor brought tea and coffee. And do not leave. Girls invited him to the table.
We talked. His name was Karen. Once identified, they Karina namesake. We drank for friendship. Then for the meeting was over and cognac. Karen invited the girls in the restaurant car.
Karen and Karina sat down together, and Light sat opposite. Drank "for the good."
And a good start for Karina. The conductor under the table, put his hand on her knee. In response, Karina smiled. Karen grew bolder and fumbled in the legs and crotch of the girl. Light osolovelo peered under the table, made big eyes. Karina, laughing with his foot, taking off his sneakers, began to drive on light feet. She threw a leg under the table. Everyone laughed.
- Let's go have a smoke? - Suggested the conductor.
- I do not smoke. I think I said poydu- Light and walk unsteadily walked to his car.
-I'll be right back, light. Smoke and pridu- purred Karina.
Explore settled, and they went out into the hallway.
As soon as the door closed, Karen hugged Karina back and hugged her.
She felt hard cock rested against her buttocks.
- Do not, Karen- sluggishly resisted Karina.
- My girl. Do not be afraid . Karen will make you priyatno.- conductor muttered, kissing his neck. Hand quickly climbed into his pants for the girl and gripped wet lubricant buttocks.
Suddenly the door opened. It seemed a fat woman with a child.
- ..- Ashamed to loud rock and she disappeared into the car.
Lovers disengage. Karina hurried to his car. The conductor did not lag behind.
Going into his car, Karen opened the toilet, which was extremely clean and the Karina drew for themselves.
Closed, they embraced again. The guy with the girl began pulling off his pants.
- I myself. Do not rush. - Kareena took off his pants, and wet panties hung on a hook.
Karen did the same, but much faster.
Member Karen stood invitingly, proudly raised his thick head with a drop of grease on the end. They began to kiss. The conductor paste became front girl spread her legs and he entered into it. In a furious pace, they knocked together against each other.
The conductor tried to sink deeper into his penis, and, bending his knees, strung girl.
- Get up to the sink, in a trembling voice he milaya-. She stood up, spread her legs sticking out the ass.
- This work of art. This ass ... - said the conductor, and eagerly kissing the buttocks, thighs licked. His hands tugged at Clitheroe and thrust his fingers into the vagina wet with desire. Then he inserted the member gripping the chest, and again in the crazy pace began to poke between Kareena legs.
She covered the first orgasm. - Oh, blyaaa- she breathed.
- Cut it out, honey, stop, - whispered to Karen, the cut in Karinu.Pomogaya penetrate deeper, she moved to meet him, podmahivala while wagging his back from side to side.
Karina crotch was covered with grease, vagina opened and each time entering the member heard the squish.
- Let's try so, - said the girl smiling and resting his hands on the wall, he raised his right leg and caught on the bars on the window. Scarlet gap framed, curly, wet curls invitingly opened. Karen bent over and licked.
Limp dick easily slipped into the hole, and after a few thrusts become hard and elastic. The pace is speeding up, then slowing down. Explore delayed their orgasm, but long it could not last. Karen jerked, groaned and spray a thick, hot sperm watered battlefield ...
Karina quietly opened the door coupe. Light like sleeping. She took off her shirt and pants. Light came on at the bottom.
- Natrahalsya - Light whispered.
- Yeah ..- languidly breathed Karina.
- All thighs in semen. Unconscionable. Let's wipe. - I took a napkin from the table she began to rub her thighs and buttocks.
- Can I go to bed, and then languidly upadu- Karina said.
She was pleased to show a friend how to love her man, and she saw that the light excited by her appearance. She lay on her back with legs apart. Light knelt and almost nuzzling in wet bosom, gently picking the white drops. The smell was intoxicating her.
- Wow! Rozochka razdolbana.Iz so you still come out. That let in, bastard! - Said Light and pulled the crotch. It rolled out a sperm drop, rolled on the anus. Leaning forward, she sniffed. Her nose touched the labia Karina. To which she responded, raising his ass higher, exposing her pussy.
-Scrub Sveta, all cleanse ... - Karina whispered.
View of the sperm tanned body odor and alcohol took their toll - Light licked her vagina. She shivered with excitement. Karina deep breathing ..
- There still remains - she said. - Lie down on your back. Light fell. Karina sat down on her face, as if about to pee and started to push. From it flowed the last straw directly into the open mouth newfound lesbian.

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How fucked lion lamb

To begin to tell about themselves. I am 17 years old, I have a beautiful athletic body, 4 breast size, full lips and huge round eyes. This happened recently. I rested in a club, everything was as usual until I saw him.
It was a very (190 is) a tall young man of 25 years, with a beautiful manly face. He was a big, broad, square chin, a very smooth face of regular shape, beautiful blue eyes, light brown thick hair of medium length stood on end. In general, these beauties I have not seen him very sexy stood podkachenny torso, and sinewy arms. He, too, saw me, he was a self-confident, powerful, manly look ... I felt exhilaration her pussy.
I decided to act, came to him and offered a drink, he smiled back at me, and I took him to the table. We were drinking pink wine, I tried to have a conversation with him about the club, something about music, and he was silent and watched me as if knows everything about me. But then he asked me to dance, during the dance, he strongly pressed me to her, his strong, big hands on my buttocks, fingers, he gently lifted my short skirt ... at this moment, my pussy very wet, I was ready to fall on his knees in front of him right seychas.Tut kissed me, squeezed my ass even more, his tongue deep into me, it was such a long kiss, I felt like my swollen clit, I'm really like it. And then he said to me, "go, then on the other hand there is a stunning hotel." And he took me to this hotel, so I wanted something he would have fucked me in the mouth, I was ready to do everything for him, I just could not wait.
He took off for the night room, they gave us the keys and we went to the elevator to the 15th floor in the elevator, he again kissed me strongly biting my lip, and turned back to her, bent down and lifted my skirt, put in my pussy soaked to the skin pussy their two fingers, and then the elevator doors opened, and he went ahead of me, I was brutalized with excitement, pulled her skirt and went after him, the door was already open, he stood in the middle of the bedroom and looked at me, chewing gum and rastёgival his belt, then he beckoned me, took off my jacket and unleashed my big round tits tightened, then he lifted my skirt that impact my ass and pulled the string to the middle of ass. Then he pressed the hands brazenly put my head on my knees, and looked at my ass protruding under which expires pussy juices.
I started to pull off his pants, and then freed his cock hit my nose on the raising of. It was incredible chto-to, it was a good 23 centimeters, very similar to a sausage member, all sinewy tense released with a huge red head, I immediately took this miracle in my mouth and sucked him as hard as she could, under it hung heavy huge eggs, which I also really wanted to sucked. I pulled the head of his cock from her mouth and began kissing passionately his pubis, trunk, trying not to miss a millimeter. Then he pulled me out of his cock and thrust it in my nose, then began breathing heavily rub it on my face, pushing her lips, shoved it down my throat with all the dope, and started to ride so my face, his dick was so wide that I could not get into my throat but he still pressed and squeezed to breaking.
I gasped but I liked it, my eyes terribly watered, hands I caressed his lovely testicles, he gave me poschёchenu and this greatly excited me, I began to suck his huge cock ebya himself to them in his mouth, then it is strongly shook he wrapped in his fist my hair started to fuck my mouth faster and faster, until the sperm filled me ... it so much that I ended underachieving swallow the sperm of the merged namoyu chest, he had a very tasty salty cum, I swallowed it greedily gulps, sucking his dick a little, and then he took it out of my mouth and smeared them cum on my face and then he wiped it with my hair. I smeared his semen on her standing tits, wanting more, I began to lick the inside of his trunk, closer to the eggs, which he had a huge egg, I sucked every centimeter of his eggs in itself, especially, I sucked the part between his by a dick and eggs.
He is so cute groaned, took off his shirt and lay in pastel, I continued passionately kissing his dick and balls. I sucked his dick dumped her tits on his balls. Then he put me on my back and sat on me, started vyёbyvat my tits, I squeezed his dick tits that he ate of them broke ... fucking mouth, how nice to feel his hot Bulo eggs on his stomach, he fucked as the horse my tits, I was in pain but pleasure was stronger. Then he finished a long time on my face and hair, and in his mouth. I took him another half-hour blowjob. Then he gently turned me put it under my pillow pussy widely spread my legs pussy so swollen that I almost squeaked thirst hard fucked. He lay on top of me, his dick ridges on my ass that once clung to him, he began to kiss my neck, then the shoulders, forearms, back, he then passionately kissed my tailbone turned me on even more and began kissing my buttocks, caressing fingers my clit, and licking the entire section of my elastic lush popochki, sucking my anus, licking the anus to the sides, as it were tongue fucked me in the ass, my ass enjoyed rubbing his stubble warm on my delicate skin.
And then he began to smear my ass grease, gentle fingers smeared all my hole under my ass sticking iztekayuschy bump pussy, and then he pressed his head on my anus and slowly insert it, I've never had sex in the ass, and my hole was very narrow, especially for such a baggy dick. But, but pressed so hard that hole beginning to give in, but it was so painful that I screamed but he pressed his hand to my face pastel and continued to push his dick into my busy anusik the most eggs ... I gasped a recessed face in pastel and felt that my ass is about to be broken off, dick entered so deeply that I felt it in his stomach, and his hairy balls clung to reveal my swollen pussy. He ruthlessly began to fuck me in the ass, began a wild leap he drilled his dick my rectum which dragged him and slapped me on the eggs Mande, I started to get to enjoy it, even the pain was pleasant to me, gradually took place. He let go of my head continuing rapidly with all the dope to fuck me, I began to move toward him in rhythm, I so much screaming and moaning, he could not contain his delight and gratitude ...
sex was fantastic, I did not feel any pain, only a huge baggy dick on which I sit down, he fucked me faster and faster, and the bed writhing against the wall loudly knocking, I cried the mad buzz, felt that I would die, and then he grabbing my hair and lifted so I knelt strongly sticking to his ass beat her about it in tact, it must be mounted on my dick pulling by the hair, I felt a lot of pain and pleasure, then he let go of my hair, and I fell caved face down on the bed, and he frantically shaking finished right in my ass ... he filled me with his hot cum, and pulled out of my anus his dick, and poured out the rest of a semen on my buttocks, I wiped his dick on my ass and made the cut wiping his dick with eggs by sperm, I gladly complied with the order. His sperm flowed out of my ass on a cut to my unbuttoned Mande, I experienced a double pleasure, licking his balls and sperm merge my pussy.
Then he put the cancer me and rudely drove his dick started hard to fuck my pussy, hit his head on my uterus, such a thrill, it is impossible to describe, he beat my pussy every tolchek as stroke, dick so wide that I very well feel his on the sides, how can I then screamed, and he ruthlessly naёbyval me as a horse. After that filled me with sperm that flowed down my thighs down .... I was not able to get up ..., all hurt, but such a thrill that you can not hold out, even though he had wiped his dick on my hair, I continued to moan. I would like to thank him and began to lick his balls and asshole dick, I licked and sucked as hard as she could, he Konchin me a part in the mouth part of the face and hair. Then he got up and started to get dressed and left. I was lying under a huge buzz for another hour, when she left his card found on his bra. Since then, we ebёmsya regularly, going to live together and ebatsya clock, love group sex. On the other stories will write later, soon he will come to me and I'll have to suck it at the entrance.

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My love for the mother died nine years after her death. Dirty spring 198- I felt a strong feeling of indifference, scarcely I happened to think of the one that filled my life for eighteen years, and now buried under a two-meter layer of soil. I went to visit her grave without experiencing during these bleak visit anything but dull pain and aversion to death. Couple sluggish tulips on shiny from the rain tomb remained a symbol of my anguish. I blamed himself for feeling, trying unsuccessfully to cause the familiar longing for the gentle, smelling washing hands, for a knowing look and a low, husky voice. Shtudiruya Freud and Berne, I searched in vain for a new quality, which could go in my love. I still believe that only in a distant country, where there is no light, and where I still have to get there, I'll get the answers to their questions.
At the time it seemed to me that his father was plagued by similar meal. In the evening when he came home from work and laid out on the table a pack of assorted abstracts, I caught a strange sadness in his eyes, in his movements. Silently sitting in his chair, he sometimes trembled he extraneous sounds. He waited to hear the muffled clang of pots in the kitchen. We're both tired of endless anxiety for what has already happened. And I was not surprised when I heard these words from him: "Son, we decided to get married."
She was sitting in his chair with his legs crossed. I just came home from work, even without having had time to wash stubborn dirt in the palm of your hand, and foolishly hid his hands behind his back, standing on the threshold of the living room. Father got up from the sofa, or with her knees - I did not see it - to tell me the news. I mumbled greetings, and went to the bathroom, without stopping. Skoblya hand, I despised myself for not having expressed the least particle of what occurred to me as I watched her there in the living room. But posvetlevshee father's face made me think that everything in this world is justified - only to find a suitable target.
The purpose of studying in a group, he oversaw - such Tonkonog studentochki. I do not know how long have they had it started, but since the beginning of the semester father visibly perked up, and on the shelf in the bathroom appeared not cheap toilet set. Several times I have to notice that the father's gait has changed, often smacked him good wine. Obviously, he took her to a restaurant. O Lord, my father was glued to the student - a year ago, and it was difficult to imagine such a passage.
Weddings were not just at one point I put before the fact, that from now on I have to cook for three, because Tatiana - so her name - had no free time for cooking. However, this was only the dinner, breakfast in our family has not happened since ten years, and we always had dinner separately. This additional load is dumped me down, of course. At first, I quietly took her constant presence in our apartment. Probably because he was rarely at home - at the time I was a hell of extracting the concerned rather large sum of money for one ensign in the military. When my debt has been paid off, and I took a deep breath, I knocked down the disease, which was to keep me in bed for almost a month - it would seem very long, but it happened a lot during this time.
I should describe my stepmother. Short, discreet, slim girl with clear eyes. Always half-open mouth hurt a little, as if it unbearable to speak, but no one gives. Bright red thin lips. Slender graceful legs, which she did not show off above the knee, always in a black translucent stockings. Very small, almost flat chest - on this I pay attention immediately after the knees ... It's hard to say what she seduced his father. She looked up to the limit of the innocent, as if no one has climbed under her skirt - perhaps it is.
Almost all day, not counting the couple of morning lectures, she sat out the house where paced in a short blue robe, occupying adjoining room to my father's study, which was called in the family library. Father visited the Institute all day, until late at night. Sometimes they choose somewhere to be aired, I think that in a restaurant, or to a friend's father. When she was home, her college boy visited her friends and students. I they are not particularly distinguished. This scholastic fraternity at that time, I weighed.
I remained calm, until there was a fucking disease. I can not say that I relish it. Besides, I at that time had its own girl with whom I slept, though irregularly, but desperately, feasting every third night, when her mother was on duty at the hospital. As soon as I came down, our meeting ended, and a week later my flesh began to torment me.
I lay in bed for long hours, listening to the hum bitterly hormones in the blood. At night I pursued insomnia. I took valerian, passion for cognac, which is dragged from his father's bar. Somehow unnoticed worry me was this skinny bare knees. With incomprehensible speed excitement I turned into an obsession, and then it happened.
I listened to the voices behind the wall, massaging the penis and the foreskin pinching. Sometimes I got out to the kitchen, and for a long time was sitting at the table, waiting for her to take in head to look, and I will get me the necessary dose of female company. As soon as I was able to catch a glimpse of her bare calves smooth and gentle milk toes (she always went barefoot), I returned to my apartment, and rapidly released from the seed. My torment lasted for two weeks. As an addict, I was forced to increase the dose every day, trying to spy for Tatiana in the bathroom (with a disgusting sight), inadvertently become delirious in the cabinet for allegedly book and so delee. And when it became absolutely unbearable, I realized that I need a drill.
When Tatiana excused myself to the lecture, I began to drill the well. Saving power, I had enough hours to ensure that fences off in our room there was the wall with a hole a centimeter in diameter. In the library of this rather frank slit hide bookshelves. I did a little rearrangement volume and everything you need for camouflage, and finally got a window into the world of my innocent stepmother. In my room, the hole was hidden under a wall calendar. I thought of everything. I was cunning. And most importantly, I was able to do everything for her arrival.
On hearing the sound of a door opening, I lay down on the bed. My heart trembled, but it was not driving. There was a children's fear that all my tricks will be opened, and I was caught red-handed.
She came alone, took off her cloak (I heard him rustling), and went to the bathroom. The sound of running water. She took a shower. Trembling, I waited half an hour long, while she was busy in the kitchen, banging on the glass bottle (passionately fond of yogurt), slamming the door of the refrigerator. Then, finally, she left the office. Zamir delight, I clung to the secret opening. The review was lovely - a couch, chair, carpet on the floor - I had access to all the places where one could stand, sit, or lie down. She appeared in the field of view in his blue robe, wandered around the room, fumbled in her purse, pulled out a beautician. Sitting on the couch, long he painted while I devoured the eyes of her legs and neck. Then, taking off from a shelf the book and the abstract, it had fallen on the couch.
For a while I fumbled helplessly head until he ran out of gas. Nothing interesting happened. Once she reached for the handset, answering the phone, and I pulled at the sight of the pale parted thighs. But that was all. In the evening my father came, and I left the office, down the calendar in place.
At night, they made love with my father - definitely, I heard the sounds behind the wall, lying in a cold sweat, but ... could not bring myself to pry. It was a line beyond which I could not cross - I think that I can never be - this is my boundary post colored our blood - and my father.
But be that as it may, the following morning I woke up with a strained member. Behind the wall were heard noises. I pressed my ear to the wallpaper - the sounds became more distinct, but nothing definite could not catch, and I turned to the secret eye immediately.
My innocent stepmother stood in the middle of the room. She was dressed - blouse, jeans - apparently just returned from the first and last lecture. She was barefoot. Her right leg was in the hands of her guest, a friend of students, imposingly sprawled on the couch. She filed her foot like a lady pen for a kiss. Student holding a narrow white foot in one hand, it seemed, curiously looking at her, touching her fingers, stroking marble ankle. Tacky, in the morning a thick juice spilled out of me, obgazhivaya blanket inside. Before abominations pleased, I leaned back on the pillow. My body was full, but in my heart ached from the sweet pain. What was it?
Intoxicated vision white-skinned feet, I vbrel the bathroom. Rinsed his hairy crotch. Washed with a surgeon's care. Bubbles black glass glittered on the shelf, jars of cream, moisturizers with fatty ointments, deodorants - its weapon. Brushes for coloring her pale portrait. I squeezed a drop of cream on your nipple that for a moment to feel it. It does not seem to work out. Only suddenly risen member pulled the panty elastic. Well, Well, go ahead, to the greater glory.
I strode into the kitchen. Gentle wave of the hand, and a cup of coffee with his father's unfinished flying to the floor. Smithereens. The door slams, and this sweet girl is here. Alarmed eyes.
- What happened?
I devour the eyes of her baby's chin. Still look terrible in the eyes. She was in her dressing gown kindergarten. When I managed? And I have not seen - what a shame. I lead the eye down. My favorite Knees with a capital letter. I polished my view - it seems from Nabokov, a great lover of these allusions. Pozoloschenny morning sun from the window down. Maiden tender calf - my obscene Sandman.
- That's bad luck - she mutters, and funny running out toes.
Member voltage increases, and I smile.
- What are you? - Asks Tatiana, and her gaze falls on my alpenstock. - Do not break?
Her voice girlish malice. I continue to smile.
- For this you will clean itself.
She goes on a boyish, almost shaking her hips. How strange.
I'm going back to my room, and quietly, as if starting the routine work, apply to the home periscope. Detects another's dignity. Something heard from conversations, if it is good to listen. In particular, kissing sounds.
I see him kissing her neck. Such banal guy that her boyfriend. Mutters something unintelligible. Probably the vows of eternal love, damn greenhorn. I am seized by the offense. She sits next to him, touching substituting the neck, with a thoughtful looking somewhere up. He touched her breasts under the robe. She frowns. Ah, traitor. "Enough". Gets up, shakes her hair. I am a member of the fierce caress his hand, waiting for the continuation. But in vain. Something happens between them - his fierce whisper interrupted her staccato interjections. I'm not in a hurry to finish, I want to watch the movie until the end.
Doorbell. She is hiding out of sight, and it remains for me to watch the grim face of the student. It is a long time does not appear. My phallic symbol frozen in anticipation. Returned. Short altercation with a grim, and he leaves.
And here we are alone.
I lie in my bed smelling of drugs, lifeless. I decided to rest, as the neck ache from the inconvenience. From the desire ache eggs. It is behind the wall, quiet as a mouse. An hour passes. This can not go, I tell myself. But I can not do anything. My members froze, I sweat. I somehow scary and disgusting, as if in anticipation of what will happen soon.
I do not know how much time passed before I felt the movement of air. Draught cooled my heated brow. Now I knew that the door to the library opened, and Tatiana was not there. I breathe in the air, unable to move. Something has to happen.
She opened the door without knocking, and sets. Probably a long time she stood in front of the door, thinking and struggling with doubts. I do not know what prompted her then.
Her sad face. Quizzically looking at me. I lay under a blanket, without panties, my phallus emaciated uptight little pokes up, trying to lift a light blanket.
Tanya slowly, hesitantly approaches, tuck the sheets, and sits on the edge of the bed. Strange. Her reddened eyes, as if she had just been crying. Naked knee straight at my nose. Gentle feminine smell in the room. It stupefies me, as her vicious golokozhest.
- Hard for you? - She asks. Her hand on my thigh.
I do not know what to say. I can feel my eyes welling with tears. I'm twenty-two man, crying in front of a slender girl in a blue robe, my father's wife. The same invisible world tears. Tatiana takes my hand in his soft hands, gently, as if any hedgehog, and covers it with kisses. Warm lips caressing my skin. Her eyelashes the dew of tears - she, too, was crying.
- What we Reva, - she says quietly. Her eyes shining with tears, close to the mine. Her pupils are dilated. She sighs heavily, as if deciding definitively and licks my nostrils, like a dog. Then, cheeks, cheekbones, eyelids - my face is burning under her wet tongue. I breathe a faint, sour, almost lost the flavor of yogurt on her breath. Finally, she pulls away from me, but the thread between us is not cut off. We did not take his eyes from each other.
- You seriously without it, - said Tanya affirmative. She talks about my mother. She had never met.
- Now it is not - I say, morosely, weighed down by his betrayal.
It is strange sobs.
- What do you want? What?
She asked me, her voice desperate. I can not say a word, just feel out of tears century crawl. Awful - and in fact, I thought that had forgotten how to cry still in adolescence.
- Do ... do what you want, and I'm gone.
Tanya's voice becomes the hardness. She gets up and slides down robe, hiding from me her fine foot, but the alarming opening up the world of candid fainting girl's body. What, however, her thin thighs, I thought then with some detachment. Flat as cakes, chest, bulging with rosy nipples excite me as much as splashed on the pubis strip of dark fur.
Women's secret knowledge she knows what I want, and timidly approached me closer, shielding them all that I previously surroundings, enveloping me feminine odor. I take her buttocks - they are unusually resilient, like oranges - and I feel dizzy with desire to crush them in their hands until the ache in his fingers. I press my face to her belly, feeling the pulsing muscles under thin, not burdened with fat skin. "Mama"... - I'm talking about, himself without realizing it, as if in a dream. My face and her belly wet with tears. "I am your mother"- I hear it at the same time with a whimper, because she, too, was crying. As an obedient puppy, I take lick Tanya from head to toe - eagerly, panting, wiping salt, mixed with tears saliva all over her slim body - getting to gentle dimples under the knees, nude fragrant underarms, strong, tart taste of fingers on her feet. She lies down on the bed, belly down, I'm covering it from above Spreading her buttocks and sends defiant spring term in it. She screams from the sweets, and lifts the ass, so I went a little deeper. I accept the swing, arrhythmic, hard, hammering member deep as possible, holding her by the shoulders.
When I was a woman, my senses sharpened to the limit. Perhaps that is why a wild orgasmic scream my stepmother, I heard the noise of the door opening into the apartment, and then very quickly the sharp to the pain in the eyes pictures succeeded each other - Tanya, curving in languor beneath me, Tanya, in a hurry sprinkles gown, Tanya slipped out of my room in time to meet my father in the doorway, as befits a faithful wife.
But the last frame - I remember it to this day - a slim girl with wet face kissing me on the lips - soft, easy, and this is no longer the kiss of passion. And a couple of words at parting. "Until tomorrow, my son".

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Dima was my brother. Tall brunette with gray eyes, charming smile and two lovely dimples. However, we had been completely different from each other. I am of average height with straight red hair and bright green eyes, due to the thin body seem small and defenseless. None of the friends never gave me my age, say that I look at 15-17 years, although I had already at that time was 20. Dimka was older than me for 4 years.
At that time, he bought a car, a new "Mazda 6" It seemed like a dream come off the poster. From it immediately received a proposal to gather the people and go to the country to wash the purchase, since the idea was sound, we phoned some friends and invited them to this little party. The invitations were accepted with pleasure. After brother hung up the phone after talking with my friend, I grinned and said:
- Smoke, native, you have not noticed the trend, we have just been invited to his dacha four pairs, mind you, they have already found davolno long.
My brother smiled and jokingly said:
- And I, do not need anyone Koroma you.
Then, a couple weeks ago, I broke up with her boyfriend, and he was with his girlfriend, so that these words seemed a simple joke.
By the second half of the day we were all gathered and perched on two cars sent iron horses to our dacha.
By the way, my brother and I, we live separately from their parents, because they are constantly on the move and we see each other rarely davolno.
I left before anyone else, because for the last day and was very tired body demanded rest. After copious libations others went from room to room to sleep. I always sleep sensitively and in spite of the fatigue consciousness automatically observes what is happening around. I woke up on the door to the room quietly creaked and the room someone came. I opened my eyes and on the other hand, in the moonlight, saw his brother, he stood and looked out the window.
- Dime that you do not sleep?
- You know ... the night is so beautiful ...
- Brother, what are you doing, what happened?
- I'm sorry little sister, pulled on romance ... would now be somewhere to go, just go.
- So what's the problem, dear?
- Yes, everyone is sleeping, one we're awake.
I smiled.
- So what's the problem? I'll get dressed and we'll go.
- No, honey, I have drunk and behind the wheel will not sit ...
- And I tell you what is needed? Or we are not together right received?
- That's the idea, well dressed, I'm waiting in the yard.
- Well, - I said, and slipped out from under the blanket. I basically do not wear underwear when I sleep and Dima knew it, but then he paused, looked around my figure, whistled in surprise and said in a low voice:
- Your guy an idiot, that cast you from such bodies refuse to tear your head Vadim.
I snorted in annoyance.
- That's right, him I had only a body and nothing else ... Anyway, Olga your too stupid to throw such a treasure as you wait, the girls learn, with arms and legs torn off.
Brother shivered and left the room. I quickly wore a skirt and blouse, underwear, I decided not to wear. I pulled the shoes and ran to the verndu. Brother stood beside the car and smoked. I carefully approached him and vytashiv cigarette from his fingers made tightness while Swipe your hand down his neck. He winced, as if his current hit.
I thought it was funny, and I continued to touch his hair on his head, while dokurivaya cigarette. According to his body ran goose. I moved his hand lower and began to stroke his collarbone, the very neck, chin and lips. Dima looked at me in surprise.
- Face, what's wrong?
- And that? You do not like? - I reached out, slowly putting his hand on his stomach, making a circular motion, getting closer and closer to the edge priblezhayas pants.
- Lika, stop what you're doing!
- Just - there plunged my hand into his pants pocket, - take out the car keys! - I laughed.
- Devil - wheezed brother and quickly got into the car.
I walked around the car and when I sat down, my brother stared spellbound under my skirt.
- Lika, do not you wore underwear?
- And why do I need it - I reached out - and I so well.
- Crazy, though I am your brother, but I primarily muzhchiiina!
- You I still will not touch ...
- I'll think about it. Make and drove off.
Turning the key in the ignition, we drove out of the garage, and I sent the car to the track. Who is not drunk need for speed? when he wants to press the gas pedal to the floor and carried with all, the speed of which can give a car? Probably no such people ... I was no exception, night road, the steering wheel in his hands, no machinery, all intoxicating is not worse fortified wine caresses hot body. Dima saw my condition, I saw my shining eyes, bluzhdayuschuschyu smile on his face, and the speedometer was showing greater and greater speed.
- Lika, hush, dear, hush, you do not want to kill us?
- Dim, you do not understand, I'm drunk! For me it's like a drug!
- Lika, this is not the last time, to slow down a little speed!
- Smoke, give me your hand ...
- What?
- Hand forbid!
He gave me his hand and I sent the one hand it down ... where all the juices flowed. I was all wet.
Brother was surprised to look at me. His fingers gently walked through the crotch, made a circle around the clitoris and gently plunged into my pussy. I sobbed from the waves came at me fun and thrills of his fingers wander there. I was drawn to his own brother! But then, it seemed very important.
- Face, Slow down - gruffly probormatal brother.
- You chuvstvesh? Do you feel? - As I said hoarsely.
- Give me your palm, little sister.
I handed it to him alright without forgetting to keep his wheel and eyes on the road. Slightly leaned to the side to reach him and Kemeny felt the hardness of his flesh.
- And you chuvstvesh? If you do not stop the car you can lose a lot!
- You are my brother ... - I said in the same hoarse voice, trembling from the movements of his fingers on my holmikke.
- And you're my sister, and see what you have brought to me! - He began Gauvreau louder - stop the car, to whom I said!
I slowly began to slow down sliding down on obochiinu. The car stopped. Dima exhaled sharply and pulled me over ... I was uncomfortable to climb from the driver's seat to him, but he insisted overtighten me to his side. Pushing the seat and throwing it back, he pulled me down.
I understood his intentions, but I struggled in nursing blood and excitement of the March cats that want to have sex.
- Come on, Face, my girl, you know what I want ...- his deep voice fascinated - I have long dreamed about it ... for a long time, looking at your house when you go naked, you did not hold on to Man ... for you, I've always been brother, dear brother, come on, baby, my, you can, but I see that you still want to, she madly want it!
He was telling the truth, I wanted to take wildly in her mouth his cock. I knew that he was not a small size, and 18-19 centimeters davolno large.
In the mind flashed images of our past with him, everything quickly fell into place. I pulled his pants down. Member jumped like a spring.
- Brother, and in honor of what are we without panties?
- I forgot to put on ...
I slowly took his penis in his hand, gently held the tongue on the head. In the light of the moon flashed silver barbell my tongue. Brother moaned softly. I gradually began to immerse himself his cock in her mouth so big and hot, I madly wanted to take him completely. In millimeter, I began to swallow it. Yes! There is! I got it! I swallowed it completely and slowly began to pull back, creating the effect of full lips fit. He repeated several times I began to lick it.
Brother quietly moaned a little podvavayas forward with every movement of my tongue.
- Lika, my girl, come here, come here ... I can not anymore.
Dima potash me in and I was sitting not his instrument that throbbed incessantly. Sit on it, my lustful bitch, sit down.
From these words it, dizzy and breath away, I could not control whether their emotions. I thought at that moment why this has not happened before.
Sitting up, I began to sit down on his cock, which stood stake.
Dima moaned softly, I vskhlinula from coasting at me chills, muscle vlagalisha fell, clutching his penis a dense ring. I began to move slowly up and down, trying to deliver maximum enjoyment and him and myself.
Gradually speeding up the pace, I could hear his rapid breathing muffled, nasazhivayas stronger and stronger, and I delivered him myself and nemyslemmoe pleasure. Then he abruptly pushed on my shoulders, forcing zemedlit movement of the hips.
- Lika, and in the back you tried?
I grinned:
- Duamesh if I'm 20, I do not know how?
- Now, I doubt it! - He groaned, when I again took his dick muscles - then substitute the hole here, cup your ...
I began to carefully sit down on his cock anus, he came tight, then brother spat on his hand and smeared his saliva piston, again began to stick me on it. I diligently helped him in this. Planted on his number, I began to get used to his size. The anus is a little sore from the unaccustomed. After a few minutes, I began to slowly move there - here, forcing his brother to close his eyes in pleasure, then the speed was increased again and now I cry in an incredible orgasm, a second for me to be a brother. I clenched painfully, he twitched his shoulders and he moaned with pleasure.
I felt his sperm derived from me, it's dizzy.
we arrived at the cottage in the morning, tired and happy with each other. According to our satisfied persons nothing could be understood only fleeting strokes and brilliant views, reminiscent of the events of the night ... proshedshshey

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