Sex on the Beach

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Whether you've ever in your life enjoy the evening sunset, sitting on the beach?

The sun, warming themselves all day long coast, completing his day's work, go beyond the horizon, sinking slowly into the sea water. Waves slowly with ease and grace washed sands "wild coast". Wild. Here people rarely appear. Nature here is still retains a virgin, are not damaged beauty, untouched by man.

But this primitive savage, not submissive to people the beauty is broken. It violates the appearance on the beach two young men. Men and women. Yes, men and women. Although even the very young.

The girl wearing a light summer dress, emphasizing the beauty and grace of her delicate female body. Her hair, obeying the breath of the wind, developing from side to side, adding a picture of the kind of elegance and elegance. Hands of two young people are connected to each other, indicating that the man and woman do not want for a moment to part with each other. One moment, and their lips are entwined in a kiss. Their tongues intertwined in contact with each other, bringing both enjoyment.

Clyde, was the name of our main character picks up a girl on his hands, still hot and passionate kiss, it carries on a sandy beach, is getting closer and closer to approaching the sea. And now, having overcome a certain distance, their bodies sink to the hot sands of the coast. Another second, and her dress is somewhere in the side, and a beautiful alluring for its beauty and tenderness of the body is covered with kisses. Every millimeter of the body as if waiting for his lips hot kisses will walk, leaving wet footprints. He thirst. But wait, when it will be filled with excitement and she asks him about it ...

Clyde, looking up from her sweet honey lips, begins to go down lower and lower. Pausing a few seconds at the neck, he unbuttoned her bra and abruptly falls to her hot alluring breasts. His tongue begins his play with her nipples, while massaging his hand and stroking her breasts. And so, looking up from a nipple, it goes to the next. Julie, our heroine, eyes closed, is given to prisoners of his sweet caresses and pleasure. Finished fondle her breasts, Clyde continues its journey over her body, covering his way hot kisses. By reducing the distance to the cherished goal, going down lower and lower, he holds his tongue from her belly button to continue. Finally he got to where he wanted! One moment and abruptly he picks his teeth with her last barrier that separates it from her flowing juice crotch. And it has nothing could restrain. Gentle silky fabric that once was her panties, now lies somewhere in the side. He crouches in her slit and began to play it with his lips and tongue, then painting a circle, then penetrates into the tongue, just kissing and licking her already wet pussy before. (Yes, our hero knows how to please his companion.)

After a few minutes of this game with the body of Julia, Clyde begins to suck her clit and penetrates one with his finger in her slit. That was the last straw. More she could not restrain himself. And inside it starts to overflow, and increase enjoyment wave, penetrating, like electrical impulses and bringing to seizures. In a fit of passion Julia shouts - "Come with me!"

Only this Clyde and waited. He lifted one motion, kissing his companion on the lips and begins to penetrate into it ...
Finally, their bodies joined. Now they have become a single entity. And Clyde begins to make a reciprocating motion to meet his beloved, each time penetrating deeper and deeper. They are interwoven and intertwined, pulled and connected to each other like a magnet. For they did not exist. Only they. Between them, the raging fire. The fire of passion burns all existing reality in its path. At one point, a spark of excitement broke out, and raised them with this warm sea coast up to heaven ... They are only two of us. Flying, lifted up on the wings of pleasure and bliss. No longer able to restrain himself Julie given a flame of fire, and it comes to the final point of bliss - orgasm. And at the same moment Clyde issues like animal roar and he throws it in his sperm. To the last drop…

They came together. They succumbed to the natural feelings, entered the picture of "wild coast" without breaking it, and adding. Two people - a boy and a girl, lie side by side, embracing each other. Man and nature become one ...

So they do not know how long it had lain. They were good together. And time is not important to them ...
And later, when they came back to reality, Clyde and Julia swim in the refreshing waters of the sea, and coming on the sandy beach together, arm in arm met the evening sunset. And if you've ever in your life enjoy the evening sunset, sitting on the beach, arm in arm with your loved one?

(P.S. All that is described in this story -. Real and actually happened names of the heroes of history were replaced by the author)

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What's New? (Part 2)

Masha swept through the city in his convertible, ignoring the speed limit signs and gestures traffic police ministers. She had only one place where she'd tucked them this striped wand.

Once she had a good time with one inspector and real whipped his way with his own wand. She'd been so sure in my life, and its financial position was not as strong as it is today, so often had to pay for their mistakes the body. True to her, it was hard to call the board, so it was natural "seksomankoy" - so she called herself - she could not live without sex for a few hours (luckily she was lucky with her husband, who was not only a real sexual giant and ace "this" case, but turned a blind eye to some of the antics of his wife, as well, and it is).

"Ah, Gia! How am I with you luck, "- he flashed a pleasant thought in your head, Masha. Only one thought about her husband's body ran a sexual charge and the daily strip began to get wet. "If not for the seals, I would have had to carry in a purse with ten spare panties" - Masha thought and severing his right hand from the steering wheel, launched her panties. "And what if she and her husband are still experiencing a wild attraction to each other - and that after 5 years of marriage?"

Each of the meeting, if they previously were not together at least 15 minutes, whether it's coming from work or returning from the club, or even rarely go to the store, if the maid forgot to buy something, always ended the same way - wild sex. And it is not hateful married - a position once a week for all occasions - and the most natural, the most savage explosion of passion. "

Masha was familiar with every step in their house from the porch and attic finishing. Do not be neglected by any windowsill, desk or chair, we can not speak about the chairs and sofas. Bath, toilet, pantry, a floor in the hallway, everything familiar, and still, every time Giya invents something new.

"I still wonder how I managed to seduce him?" - The young rich and successful businessman, with whom she met at the negotiations, where she participated as a deputy head of a department is now her firm (well, almost her - still no -That a 20% stake, which keeps all current executive director, while it is the commercial director). To break out of her deputies have passed more than once or twice and substitute the front and back seat. The way she started a simple secretary, without the knowledge, education and even a mediocre body. But the hunger to move up the career ladder outshone all of these disadvantages. She dressed effectively and efficiently, to work it took virtually the streets - without advice and experience.

The head of the personnel department kept secret from all, why he agreed to take her on probation, the only reason he still has his job, less silent, or even just zabyvshiesya who is who, have long been dismissed. The device to work cost her 5 minutes of blowjob, and promise to go to the head of personnel at least once a week for something "more sweet." This promise she kept until his marriage, for which it is the head of personnel has prompted her department, where the chief was blunt, and very lazy bludliv (he held in the company, just because his father was one, and the co-founders). He took it as his secretary. But not for working with documents as well as the flow of documents in his department was so small that the coping and one main secretary (sensible woman, strict rules and customs, which is now her first deputy and personal attorney in all of its workers and not only issues ), and he took it to his secretary, "coffee-tea-B" grade.

She remembers his acquaintance with him, did not manage to enter the room and shut the door behind him as he gave a grin:

"On your knees and crawl under my desk."

He thought her surprise, but not a bit of it - she gracefully sank to her knees and, holding the ass, began with a promising and lascivious smile moved over to his desk. She's on the move got rid of blouses, which she had to do graceful somersault on the floor, which also showed that there is no panties on. Then get rid of the bra and skirt, so she was under the table only in stockings with elastic bands and high heels.

From what the chief even stopped breathing, such representation he obviously had never in my life seen. When she literally ripped off his trousers, then his dick was ready to fight. She even gave no sign that disappointed by its small size (not the amount of happiness, and in skill - the truth and the chief master also has not appeared), and whispered: "How beautiful it is ..." - from this view as Head wound that Mary had not yet fully absorb dick in his mouth, he discharged a considerable number of sperm, which she swallowed to the last drop.

"Poor thing, overworked due to a nervous work unless you can keep for a long time", - the head of Masha whispered, kissing and licking his cock. "Well, never mind, we now raise it, and he knows what true pleasure."

The head gleamed in the chair, and she carefully licked his cock and balls. But the effect of her actions was minimal. "No, I can not lose on the first day. Commercials me exactly the work to be seen, "- thought Masha and walked tongue anus chief. He first twitched, tightened, but when followed by a second stroke tongue, followed by the third and the fourth language began to penetrate into the rectum, head relaxed, and with a groan rolled his eyes. A few minutes of licking the anus and soften, then gentle penetration and prostate finger fumble. Head back stiffened, but it was too late - Masha managed to find the prostate before and began to knead it, still sucking exercise with a member. Member of gradually returning to the state of combat and when the boss was ready to be discharged for the second time, Mary gently pulled his finger, stood up, and scattered papers on the table, lay down on his chest, putting on display their gladkovybrituyu crotch.

"Oh, that's what you like me" - said with a grin languid chief. "I was there so no one caressed, now get me the same thing" - with these words he put a member of the anus to the car and pressed.

"Goosey," - Masha thought - "I was ready for anything, not for nothing that the pre-greased anus expansion gel. True overdone, who knew that the chief will be a fine. Well, not terrible - to work the muscles. "

Straining ass Masha created the effect hindered the penetration, from which came the chief even more fun. When finally a member penetrated into the entire depth, all the same gel made his case and no "pinching" it is not prevented, it served as a trigger, so that the chief had finished at the same time when his crotch for the first time came into contact with the coccyx Masha .

"You are accepted, you will receive a standard salary plus a bonus from me personally," - not yet fully recovered his breath, and literally collapsed into a chair, the chief wheezed. "Go to Angela Lvovna, let her tell you where that is, if need be, I'll call."

Angela L. adopted a new secretary as a temporary, but not a long-term burden (up to Masha in this position has already been more than a dozen girls, yet none of them more than 2 months is not delayed). The secretary explained everything kept and popular, for the most stupid. But after a few days, Masha when in between the trachea (fortunately they were few, the Chief rarely enough for more than 5 attacks on the day, and were no longer than 10 minutes, except that Mary applied some miracles of ingenuity) I offered to help her to understand the documentation. Angela L. looked at her like an idiot, but still trusted to deal with minor correspondence. Mary coped with this work in less than an hour. Later, she confided more complicated documents that finally allowed Masha understand what is actually involved in the department in which she works. By the end of the month she was herself not just assorted documents, but also on stickers comment to them or just the decisions that had to be for him to take it pleased the boss because now he did could in no way be engaged in the work, except that the signature set and clumsy handwriting "visa" to rewrite the stickers.
Parallel to this and developed "core" activities of Masha. In the first week the chief personally enjoyed it. They tried all kinds of poses and sex (as it turned out, the chief was susceptible to anal intercourse, often played not only active but also passive role, for which Mary brought to work a set of dildos from the personal collection). A week later, he bragged to his new secretary in front of her boyfriend - the deputy of the same department, and now they enjoyed it together. But when the end of the month, the chief wanted to attach a few of his friends Masha stood in a pose and popularly explained that if his back will start to gossip that his secretary whore, then about his opinion will be low, while it said that it each sleeps and sees unseat his trusting friend and take his place. This completely enough not only to stop any suggestions about group sex, but also the chief quarrel with his friend.

A 2 months Mary became deputy head of that was made possible after the dismissal of former friend. Of course, this was not done with a pure heart, and after Mary has threatened the head of his pictures with a dildo in the anus will become available throughout the company.

At the time of her appointment to the new post of a sexual relationship with the chief was discontinued, as he regretted not for a long time, and instead took Masha's new girl, and a month later it changed to a new one, and then again and again. Because now he's got a lot of free time, as in the department it nothing at all had to be done, all the responsibilities assumed Masha.

And then in the life of Masha appeared Gia. He struck her his temperament and originality, and she had her mind multiplied by sexuality. By the time the Machines Division started publishing a leading position in the company, and the view to the car began to listen (long 3 months she got rid of cliches former "litter-sekreturka") and invite it to all major meetings or external negotiations. A considerable role in its formation played the head of personnel, with whom she still meets once a week, do not forget about his promise. It was he who reported to her colleagues weaknesses, brought to its knowledge of certain secrets about the external activities of the company and that he gave it into the hands of the documents that allowed her to shine in front of Gia.

Gia was the owner of the group that was going to absorb the car company. And then she knew him as George Vahtangovich Paratsishvili - millionaire businessman with Georgian roots, a success career as a professional boxer and unproven links with the underworld. He brought with him a number of disappointing market forecasts and information about the car company that is clearly going with the "mole" more than one month. The administration was suppressed and prepare documents about complete surrender when the battle came Masha. She laid on the table a number of alternative projections, calculations and documents that it was able to obtain on the basis of timely tips Chief of Staff, and back them up several lucrative contracts with foreign investors that it could conclude its own. After recent talks with foreign investors - twin brothers from Norway - she went vraskaryachku week and could not normally get to with the vagina and anus not responded to pain. Encouraged by the authorities rejected the proposal Gia and Masha offered the post of chief of its department (most interestingly - a proposal it made the father of her immediate superior, as his son, he sent out of sight, manage some branch in the periphery).

Then Gia and the eye is not led. Milo smiled Masha and complained that Mary does not work on him.

A few days later Mary received his invitation to hold a friendly dinner, as it was then called - the evening former adversaries - he pays, as the lost the first battle. She agreed on the condition that they pay equally as respects his former opponent and will not tolerate gaps in its budget - at the time when their new salary and the percentage of successful contracts she could afford it, although any comparison with the earnings Gia it did not go.

It was this dinner was a turning point in their relationship, they talked until the restaurant closed, and after the closure has visited several bars until 3 o'clock in the night not Guia has delivered Masha home. Particularly noteworthy was the fact that Mary does not give Gia on the same evening, although she really wanted to, but she decided to play with it a bit.

Gia liked this game, so he woke her up at 7 am a huge bouquet of roses, and the proposal to prepare a refreshing breakfast, everything you need, he brought with him, pointing to a basket of exotic fruits.

Breakfast of course he had prepared, but this was already hours in 12 days, after they had a sexual marathon that started in the hallway, move to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, but in view of the inappropriateness of wasting time on preparation, when in the same room are two overexcited individuals, who went into the bedroom.

Six months later they were married and that money Gia, she began to conquer his company, surviving former owners until only one remains and that with nothing insignificant percentage of shares.

"Fuuuh!" - Broke from Masha, because it managed to finish at the very moment when pulled up to the house of Alina (she managed to smash his car and asked to take her on the road). Thoughts about his career Masha wound up as much as about sex, so she was not surprised such a rapid orgasm, and simply wiped his fingers on his napkin, which have always been under her hand gently propped on the seat, he changed the gasket and the horn twice, caused girlfriend.

A few minutes from the entrance ran haired beauty in a short skirt and colorful blouse wide.

"Good! Sorry - friendships not spoil the hunt "- Masha thought and opened the front door for a friend car.

(to be continued)

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First time

I was awakened by a strong groan. She lay motionless afraid to impersonate. Neighboring bed my neighbor creaked and rocked the room, Natasha was making loud moans. The day before asked not mind if I, if we spend the night with a guy I did not mind, and I would not dream of that they will be engaged in what is in front of me. I turned slightly and saw in the moonlight their figures. Natasha was on all fours, and Alex entered her from behind. I first saw the male member. He came out of Natasha, solid, big, how I wanted to be in her place! Natasha's face radiated so much fun. I felt moisture between her legs. Guys overturned, became about something whispered and giggled. Suddenly Natasha got up and walked over to my bed, stood behind her and Alex. Natasha quietly took off my blanket, exposing my naked body, I pretended to be asleep.

- Like? She asked Lesha.

- Good! He said he did not hide his desire to see me.

- Do you want it? Ozorlivo asked Natasha.

- Aha! He replied.

- See what sisechki, Natasha said, touching my chest.

- Let's give it suck? she suggested. Lena we really virgin, the guys have not seen. But she will not give up.

Lesha did not have to ask twice. A moment later, his cock was about my lips. He began to drive them on my face. I instinctively opened my eyes.

- Awoke? Cheerfully asked Natasha. See how! She exclaimed. Do you want to suck? Agree, is offering it says, laughing.

Carefully, I began to take cock in her mouth. He was hot and hard. It tastes salty.

- Deeper take it! Exclaimed Natasha, and hand podrachivat.

I tried, but Natasha vyhvvatila my dick hand.

- Look! She became a member of the swallow deftly, while making gesture.

- He's still in love with when he was just drochat laughing she said, quickly masturbating Lesha.

He was smiling.

- Would you like it fuck you? Natasha asked me.

- But I've never had a boyfriend. Timidly I answered.

- Who will be laughing relationship.

Alex took my legs, razdviul them and fell in between.

- And it does not hurt? I asked.

- Not really. Natasha assured. Then he have an experienced, not one already hymen tore.

Alex skillfully razdvivinul my labia and brought it to him a member. In sharp deft movement, he entered me. I felt pain, but Alex did not stop. He just stepped up the pace, going into my strong shocks. The pain passed in pleasure.

- Narrow what! Vskhripel Lesch

- Now I finish it!

- Davavy obkonchalsya it! Exclaimed Natasha.

Lesch wildly increased the tempo and became literally peck me. I screamed lunging moaned. Finally he grunted, took a cock and pour me a strong jet of hot cum. Natasha began to wipe it on me.

- Well, you became the woman she said, smiling.

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It was at the cottage

My story took place when I was 16 years old. Then in the summer I came to the village where my cousin lived. Summer day already on the wane when I went to the outside shower. It consists of a small closed booth, on top of which stood a tank, when one day the water was heated, it was possible to wash. I must say that while I have not yet had sex, but I always masturbated. So on that day looked at the various magazines, I stroked my pussy and represented several men fuck me.
Going into the shower, he undressed and began to wash, under the jets touched his already swollen breasts, stroking pussy. And then there was that moment. The shower went brother. It smelled stale and I did not understand specifically whether he went or accidentally. However, he saw everything. What did I do. I must say that at the time he was 21 years old. He smiled and walked into the cabin. "What are you doing here" - he said. I did not know what to answer. He held out his hand and began to touch my breasts. All my erotic fantasies immediately awoke in me, and I was unable to resist. When he pulled out his cock, I did not hesitate, took his hand, he began dochit him. He leaned against the wall of the half closed his eyes and groaned. I wanted to take his penis into her mouth, to feel its taste. I knelt down, licked his head first, and then completely took it into his mouth. I was then inexperienced and poorly done blowjob, but he came after some time. ABOUT! As it was a pleasure when his sperm flows erupted in my mouth. It was so delicious and unusual, I swallowed all of it, smeared lips.
After that, my brother and I, for a long time did not communicate, perhaps shy with each other, but then our relationship restored. But that is another story.
For those who like it, and want to talk, write. I apologize in advance, but the boy did not answer.

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Appointment of two lovers

I could not hide the strength of his arousal and desire, my "pussy" betrayed me, she was treacherously wet, but we're kind of just started and I was not quite naked, but he was so good I felt that the touch of his hands on my body were is akin to playing guitar, he seemed to know where and how to press to squeeze out of my chest melody of passion where all the notes were mixed ....

It was a game, and I liked it.

Next to him, I turned into a lustful bitch with endless heat, and that waiting to crack quickly pulled on a solid as a rock cock and hollowed them for a long time, getting them as far as possible. During this wild sex akin to primitive I can not nothing else to think about except the enjoyment that I give in such moments, it is a pity that men have two members does not happen, because my ass, too, wanted to feel ... ..

- Can we have coffee with brandy, I suggested hoping that he would agree, and I have time a little cool and the sound is not so concerned about, I was so afraid that he will climb up your hand into my panties touches my "girls" and his hand there simply just drown in the moisture and which pours out of me, "I need to urgently take a shower," I thought "cool" that's for sure help me.

- Coffee? - It is good, but not now, later might be it and I will drink with you, my sweet. And now I want a little bit different ...

He put his arm around my waist and pressed my lips, burning them with his hot kiss.

- You're really sweet, so tasty, my girl ...

I felt the force of his excitement his body betrayed him, just think we are familiar with them from school everyone has their own family children, and attraction to each other we felt when we thirties. "Oh, God!" What I'm thinking? What nonsense. " At this very moment, I felt his hand on her back unbutton my bra, some a couple of seconds and I was in front of him in some trusikah.Pervy time in my life I have not experienced any discomfort remained naked in front of a man. As if reading my thoughts, he took me in his arms and carried her into the shower, not to mention a word to me and not letting me say anything, began to kiss me without giving me time to recover: lips, eyes, cheeks, earlobes, I did not even have time to respond to his kisses, as if he did not want to, I gave him his caresses. Kissing her neck, then chest, slightly biting my nipples, he sank lower and lower. I did not notice how he took off my panties, I completely disappeared into his feelings. Kneeling in front of me, he threw his arm over his shoulder my leg, buried his head between my thighs and began to tongue to polish my wet cunt, penetrating his tongue deeper, licking each stenochku my "pussy", and then, as if reading my thoughts, he put me in my hole his fingers, do not know what it is they do there but it was such a thrill that my body was just a cotton ... I'm so much excited that she could not hold back the moans that escaped from my chest.

- Tell me, sweetie, what do you want me

- I want you

- Tell me again and again these words I want to hear and know it

- I want you ......... if my "pearl" please write a continuation forward comments.

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Vaska fucked on the couch

I constantly get into situations where I have a good fuck. This week, for example, I seduced his subordinate Vaska. I work as a private lawyer, but he kept running through my assignments. He is 19, he is still studying in college, that does not prevent me to exploit it. On Monday, I slapped him orders and after allowed to go home. The staff went to six, if not run away. I stayed for an hour - other. And my, now I climbed into the joy of your beloved daddy for a strong password. So, with the exciting video, I, as it turned out, spent a few hours maturbiruya his fingers, tugging sponge. In the end I was so tired that your fingers are numb, and kisunya juices flowed on my leather couch on which I spread wide legs to fondle himself in the hope of getting an orgasm.

- Can I help you? - I heard a hesitant voice Vasey.

I looked at him and said:

- How long are you standing there? - My eyes were so clouded that I barely saw him.

Instead of words Vasya quietly went over to the sofa, knelt down, and so passionately stared into my flesh burning lips, that I screamed. His fingers immediately were inside my vagina, mouth and sucking my rather big lips sex. From time to time he raised his wet face and looked at me. His eyes were black and his hands so skillful. When I finished with a shout for the first time from me on his tongue I splashed my juice stream, from which Vasya roared and began to take off my blouse. Buttons flew in hand bra was frustrated with my teeth, nipples immediately appeared at his mercy. He tugged at them, sucking, licking and biting, and I could only that scream and tremble beneath him.

He looked up for a moment from my red nipples, and at that moment I could see the wet head of his huge cock. He pulled it out of his pants, intending to immediately insert into me, but I'm unsure exclamation tried to crawl to the side.

And Vaska grabbed my thigh and pulled back. You should have seen his eyes at that moment. They were wild, burning, promises even more fun. When he parted with the roar of my hips and drove his noodle to me, I almost fainted. Start ringing in the ears, the body would not obey and pleasure like waves in a storm falls on my body.

He drives the his penis into me, holding his shoulders, then cling to my mouth trembling body, then furiously biting my chest.

I have not tried anything to stop it or to understand. I spread my legs wider and leaned slightly toward him. Fills it with pleasure burst out. Member swelled inside me, causing my orgasm covered me with a new wave.

Bob looked into my eyes, when a member of his sperm splashed on me. My chest, neck and chin were in it. Much as it was. Viscous and, as it turned out sweet. He rubbed it on my body, touched his cheek and stood

- I have to go home, she is waiting for me.

I just nodded and closed her eyes blissfully. Today, more than any porn.

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Not handed over credit

There was this story with me in the days of study at the university. An elderly professor of physiology flunked me standings. He has appointed me to resit for some reason at home. Guys, there was talk that he had 30-year-old sexy little wife. And in broad daylight, I came to the professor's house. He opened the professor's wife. If ever there were beautiful women it is about her. Before me appeared a pretty woman of thirty years. She was beautiful in the simplicity of their clothes. The brunette of medium height. A minimum of makeup. Lilac blouse was stretched pretty tight chest. Between the skirt and jacket looks through an open navel. The gray short little skirt successfully emphasized the slenderness of her lovely legs. She was a charming smile invited to go into the room. From it came a welcoming and comfortable housewives. You do not mind waiting a professor in the kitchen. I'm there now finished cleaning.

I walked into a spacious modern kitchen. Sit down! The phone rang. She said only one word in a tube. Clear!!! I put her displeasure. Well, here again, it's too late. And you tell me until it hurts you cool? I posted something but could not take his eyes off her figure perfectly folded. After graduating from the cleaning sat opposite. Taking a cup of coffee sat sexy throwing foot to foot, revealing a beautiful sexy female legs covered with black fishnet stockings. Lightly rubbing their manicured hand to continue the conversation. As if oblivious he pulled both legs to the chest sitting on a chair, and they came to me in all its splendor. The professor had a great taste. Not for nothing has taught physiology. Involuntarily I felt that men's flesh rises in me. Of course she understood everything and invited to go to the bathroom to wash his hands. I told you is coffee cook. Once in the bathroom, I immediately went over and opened the valve tripped his risen member has a small stick-like under the stream of water. I bare his head, and washed my hand involuntarily reached for the stick to masturbate. And oh! The door opened and she came in with a towel. With a smile, looking at me said. Do not worry boy, I'll help you kid! She knelt before me and took the dick in both hands gentle tongue movements of the past from my hard testicles until his head reared monster. Tongue invitingly, circular movements of the carrier on the head and sweet, like a sweet candy sucking it.

It lasted long enough. It seemed she was insatiable. Sit here! And she pushed me to the table. Jeans later, my white panties and again wrapped around its base with both hands with the feeling began to pass along the tongue member of the rare swallowing eggs and again, again up the trunk to the head not forgetting knead and podrachivat. Movement of these were repeated again and again. That looked up at me with lust and reading in my eyes pleading not stop continued. Passionately. Violently. The tempo increased. I absorb it each time deeper and deeper! Steep sandpaper on it. It was a genuine passion. I sit down on it with all the passion. Fully surrendered his passion. Sometimes it seemed to me that the head rests against her tonsils. I stood and admired her beautiful face. It was fine at this point. It shone with happiness! With both hands stroking my stomach. Gentle hands caressed my body is very nice and skillfully. Here she released it from his mouth. Past the tongue from the testicles to the head. Kissed. Lilac blouse lifted up and my eyes opened a snow-white bra, which immediately proved to be deflated by the breast from what they got up and stood as the pinnacle. Exposing the large papillae and she clasped his hand was the head of my dick monster drive them round, rousing himself. Here again the head disappears in the mouth. Again tab under the testicles. Lips kiss and grab them. Again, the language is moving up the trunk. Everything is repeated again and again. That took their hands clamped over their breasts my trunk and it slid smoothly between her breasts. The head rested in her blouse and my feelings on this were some sort of special, unusual. He slipped and squeezed her breasts chic at its output met the girl's soft wet lips, giving a passionate kiss. It lasted but a short time movement speed is increased and increased. She moaned slightly erotic. Zvonko kissed the head. Again and again he fell to a testicles tongue, absorbing them. Obviously this sated, looking me in the eye and a sly look finally loudly smacking the head of the monster stood up and took the hand withdrew from the bathroom.

We were in the office of professor. Massive table. Leather wide sofa. The rich decoration. Gently pressed against me. Kissed. Her hair came lovely and the fresh smell of lilacs. This sneak when you break its flowering branches. She was sexy! Gorgeous! Feminine! From it came the fragrance of love! Every cell in the body and delightful said. Touch me!. Dissolve in me without a trace! Love! Caress and receive an indescribable pleasure! then pushed him back again raised blouse, bra dangling under his chest and began stroking ostentatiously gorgeous and compress so exciting my nipples. Then so I saw everything coyly passed her hand over rounded hips, teasing my imagination, and in the next moment, lifting her skirt at the waist level effectively took off her panties, so I could watch it all held his hand over his lips sex spreading them. Teasing me, she drew him to her and glared lingering kiss on my lips.

At that moment I felt it all. All in itself. It has become for me the only desirable. With the eagerly began to kiss chic breast. Tongue trace around the nipples, sucking on them. She, meanwhile, caressed and stroked her sex lips and the other grabbing my dick massaged it and how to knead it in a special way. He bares his head. Stretching in the middle. Wearing took the testicles, playing them as balls. And taking my weighty elephant sent to their rosy and such friendly lips sex. My monster was a member of the mighty confident gait pushing inside the cave tesnenkoy all folds. He was the only and full-blooded host. The mistress of this longing pussy obviously did not expect such a strong penetration and cried clutched both hands to my strong neck. I wasted no time raising her hips firmly planted on his huge cock. Heavily she cried furiously passionate kiss bit my lip. For a while I just stood still. While she was getting used to my powerful penetration. Here she came to life and opened my eyes, tearing his lips said. I'll do it myself! Looking languidly into my eyes began to lick his lips. I felt as her hips began slowly rocking out with my monster. Slowly, as if reluctantly. Here he almost went out. Again, I feel it strongly pushes inside her flesh. Tightly as if resisting but she admits that a mace. An additional lubrication and now, after the time it is already included in the butter knife. Gently kissing me hanging around my neck, holding her left hand squeezed her right breast and resting sharp rigid papilla in my chest begins to increase the speed of movement of its broad basin. God, she is fluent in your body.

Flashes thought that I got on the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics. That movement become so frequent that I almost have time for it. I stood and helped her get into itself. He helped to sit down on his cock. If in the beginning with each entry is delayed, twirling on the mace as if kissing and caressing her inside while not forgetting to kiss me on the lips, then now it is a crazy leap of love. Groans and straightening moved into a soft cry. She fucked me in the full sense of the word! There was a mad passionate sex furious gallop. Her breasts loudly applauded each other and my strong young chest! Keeping it cool elastic buttocks pulled and pulled over. And now, emitting a loud cry of despair and delight, and it seemed to me biting my lips she pulled away from me all over. Leaning back her beautiful gorgeous body seemed to just hang on my trunk. I put it back on the table. Lowering her one leg on the floor, the other taking the ankle raised up high.
My eyes appeared again her pussy in all its glory. She told me, as if begging calling. Take care of me! So I pay little attention to the man and give affection! I pulled her slender legs to the floor and took apart their tongue labia majora. They reminded me of red and ripe peaches. Fingers spread them wider, became pleasing small. My tongue worked as a bee. She purred and arched involuntarily as a cat. Hand caressing the breast nipple, the other hair on my head. Language as a proboscis bees drank and drank wonderful nectar of her discharge. These odors drove me crazy. Awakened my imagination. Gradually he introduced a finger. Behind him a second and here they are already performing a sexual act filtering and fermenting it incredibly. Once again we hear the sweet moans. Having reached the peak of pleasure brought together legs and climbed silently took my hand and put in another room. It was a spacious room professorial apartment. Hospitable hostess again raised her violet-lilac blouse showing chic breast. Later bra under the breast showing them the beauty. Effectively he shot over the head jacket. I began to compress her beautiful big breasts, effectively getting rid of the bra. Then her beautiful legs fell skirt.

I could not take my eyes off her beautiful young body. Meanwhile, my deception did not stop. Effectively throwing her hair over her shoulder began to perform a striptease. Cutesy hands stroking the shoulders of their maiden brings together breast showing all their beauty. Indeed it was a great, beautiful and fascinating action. Drove round its wide hips and narrow at her waist, he seemed visually wider and more desirable. That hand touched her thin neck invitingly gentle stroking the chest falls to plump rounded hips. Another impressive from the inside of the thigh is moving on the tummy chest rising up caressing nipples. Fulfilling this erotic dance sits down at the table and continues the fascinating caresses. Gently stroking sexy shoulders, chest, nipples, tummy, thighs. Pushing and sliding legs caresses beautiful manicured hand inside the thighs touching the palm longing for love and caresses her pussy.

Clutching his shoulders her breasts seem even more visually. Their dark nipples attract my eyes. At the same time spread wide legs nicely caresses the clitoris. Thin fingers pushing pink lips opened flower. Caressing it shows all its charms. I stand silently and watching it fascinates with its beauty all the action proceed from eager to join these erotic caresses. But it continues and continues to tease my eyes. This is a beautiful well-groomed handle rose up and as a conductor waves his baton ably led by my eyes. It takes a beautiful symphony of love. That's beautiful finger disappear in your mouth. Poslyunyavil it brings to its kisonke and he disappears into the gaping bell her pink labia. Pats skillfully, beautiful, spectacular. This is a very exciting and I get very excited by this wonderful spectacle. So welcome the body perfectly. From it come the love vibes. All its cells glow and called for tenderness. I passionately want to have this treasure. It continues and continues to tease me. I'm a boiling ocean of passion in me. Storm of emotions overflowed my imagination.

Oh, how I want to give her the same affection! Those whom it endows itself! Here again and again caress her slender fingers manicured, effectively demonstrating its charms. Clicks on the pubis. He looks gently and exhale languid whispers. Come to me darling! Pushing her white legs beckoning his shoulders literally dug into her lips. They were uncovered and want passionate and fiery penetration. Warm lovely legs warmed my broad shoulders, his face fell at the pussy. I feel like a bee smells of nectar and they felt it beckoned and called for an early copulation. Lang worked as a proboscis bees Drinkers divine nectar. Hands just below the hip hugging clicked pubis caressing the clitoris. She began to moan and squirm on my shoulders. I went long and hard to give these sweet kisses. And moans turned into unbridled scream. Go on! Yes! Yes! Yes! She screams, moans !!! Her hands squeeze and twist sharp hardened erect nipples. Once again, I hear. Go on! Yes! Yes! Yes! She screams and moans again !!! Her hands caress the pubis. She wants to get out as though at the same time close to me. Die, and then comes to life. Screams. No! No! And the next. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yet she made herself broke and immediately grabbed the hand carried me away in bed. To lay on his back and gave the burning mad eyes immediately swallowed the penis. Taking both hands my trunk oslyunyaviv introduced deep into her mouth, nasazhivayas him passionately, with a mad frenzy. Leaving deep in his mouth, his head swayed on it from side to side. Releasing full mouth kissing loudly and with relish. At times it seemed that she was mad with passion. Gradually, her fervor subsides. Movements become slower and slower. Mymmm, heard noises and she broke away from the sweet kisses with interest considering my monster. It seems to her an enormous lighthouse standing alone on the beach. Wet your hands palms open his head, he admits in her mouth. Tongue is passed around the circle.

Kisses. Zvonko. Significantly. Ladoshki with huge head monster sink to the testicles. One hand rolls them. Another squeezes herself kissing her head. Skillfully presents delightful caresses of which the dream of every real man. I'm starting to moan languidly. My buttocks involuntarily compressed and the trunk rises perpendicular to the body. Her breathing almost completely restore seeing this wonderful picture again quickens. In the eyes of flame appears passionate and violent agitation, finally ringing kiss and gave his head ringing farewell kiss, it is easy as a professional gymnast she fluttered at me. Glanced playfully at my brown eyes, clutching swollen, ready to burst with excitement member of a very cleverly directed his testicles in her wet pussy. It came easily. Soft! It is full of grease.

Hands lay on my sturdy breast stroking nice nipples. Tomio eyes clouded eyes staring into my glowing with happiness glided smoothly on my mighty penis. And only move her hips. He slowly rising quickly fell down with some sort of incredible smacking. If in the beginning there was a sensual penetration and slow nasazhivayas she twisted her hips and leaving her pussy as it stretched and gently hugged the trunk did not want to part with him, but now she is trying to drive it into itself. She hammered hard. It is driven as a hammer driving a nail. In the professor's apartment heard a loud bang and two beautiful young body began to emit the sweet moans. Gradually they grew into a shout. And now we are in a mad and shake sweet jump and do not stop her frenzied gallop. This long race does not stop for a second. It seems that every minute is increased and is increasing its pace. We lose track of time and fall into only one we know where the measurement of singing birds of paradise. Sing just for us. Sing passionate melody of love. There comes a time of sweet dreams. Reality disappears for our young and beautiful bodies. Our souls are in the Garden of Eden from which you do not want to go back. Losing track of time we do not notice how in this tale of the divine, our bodies change poses numerous singing passionate love dancing. Our souls were in a fairy tale and the body are woven into some incredibly-unthinkable ecstasy. Performed by the slow waltz that fiery tango. That quickly moving towards each other, then fade listening to new sensations. They feel each of their cell and these feelings become so warm and pleasant that it seems there is no force in the world able to break the divine liturgy. We dissolve in each other, we feel and guessing each subsequent desire. We do not have a Ya Our souls and bodies merged into a single whole, total.

This is a common way in common that we allow ourselves to be liberated completely and have a truly heavenly delights. But the tale ever ends and we come out of this wonderful magical sleep find that our bodies are relaxed tenderly embracing each other. Her left leg gently grabs my right hip and the lips in the opposite sweet kiss to thank me for this wonderful and magnificent fairy tale in which way we want it to never end.

A week has passed. And near the face of the Department of Physiology-to-face encounter with the professor. He hands me a business card with the words. The wife said that you are not completely hopeless student and offers to advise you on the subject. By the way, it is also my former students. So do not be shy young man, call! So she said. I'll wait for his call!

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Light one at home or torn ass sex (part 1)

This is my first story, so do not judge strictly. All that is written here is true.

A little about myself, I am now 19, I 172 small stature, thin, with narrow shoulders and a beautiful ass, which feels great in tight dresses.

So ... Since 15 years I was pulling to the entire female, especially clothing, in particular stockings. I lived in a happy family, mom, dad and sister, sister at that time was 23. Each time going to the bathroom, I closed, comprised water to suppress my moans, and dressed in clothes sisters (size by the time we had the same, only she had a third breast size, and I as you understand zero) and so wearing panties and stockings sister a long time I sat and stroked her legs, then liberally moistened his hole and took his toothbrush, pen she had thick for me at the time, 3 centimeters in diameter, it was electric, and when you turn on vibrate, so I used it as a vibrator. To be honest the first few times I did not work very long masturbation since my ass was beginning designed not hurt badly, so I lay down on his back, opened her mouth, a little frig and received a dose of semen in her mouth. I almost forgot to tell a little about his sister, in her 23 years she was very corrupt and it was a plus for me, in her wardrobe was full of sexy dresses, skirts, especially a lot of it was sexual Belle: corsets, stockings, panties, garters, gloves. Since she was very fond of sex, then it I found a lot of condoms, which I often stole from her when she wanted to indulge his ass cucumbers, carrots and so on. On her computer, I somehow found a hidden folder with her intimate photos and videos. The video was very much pieces 50. I carefully studied all this, and realized my sister real slut, these videos have been removed from all parties, a kind of reports, there was a video of almost any genre and anal and blow job, and the group was even where it serves one fifth of men and lesbians, fisting, and, and as she masturbates, and even some video style of BDSM. As it turned out, it was one of the best porn actresses Minsk.

Here I was 16, and six months after the date of birth, I realized that I was just a little frig her ass, I wanted to try this man's flesh. Just parents left Poland for processing some documents, and sister immediately after the county took several sets of sexy lingerie, moved in with her boyfriend, by the way, after what I have seen enough "video reports". So I was left alone at home, she took sick leave, not to go to school and not to waste time, and decided that this week will live fully as a woman. I slept in the silk robes of his sister, paced around the house in light robes, and always be sure I have stockings, a week before the County parents I ordered on the Internet itself anal lubricant, cream for hair removal and anal plug, which I had long dreamed of. On the second day of my single housing parcel I arrived, but not home, but the post office, since I was not 18, I ordered her sister, her passport was at home. And then I realized that I vlipla. Face with the sister we like, and I hoped that I was not at the post expose. It was winter and it was played by me on the arm. In the evening I set myself the goal to tomorrow morning, I pick it up, wore a dress sisters to sleep, change the black stockings of corporal and went to sleep. I woke up early, had breakfast, and quickly began to gather. F or the first time I chose black lace panties, black stockings, wore a bra sister and put her in his condoms filled with lukewarm water, wore jeans and a sweater sister, boots a small stud, jacket and her hat, to tear down the length of hair, left a little makeup, He gathered his thoughts went. Prior mail was not far away, 7 minutes on foot, and some men went straight to undress me eyes, I was very excited. I came to the post office, the most crucial moment, I took her passport, made his voice softer and ... FWF had passed ... I'm going home happy, and in my hand bag with the parcel. When I got home, I took off all my clothes, went into the shower and picked up with a parcel. I painted the legs, crotch and her crotch cream washed off, a little pinched in three minutes, but it was a very pleasant feeling of lightness, after that, I dry wiped, has caused a bit of grease on the fingers and slightly developed the ass, then I lubed anal plug and insert it. I have come it is not the first time, the first 5 minutes hurt, but then nice. With her I was going through until the evening.

The next morning I was sitting as usual in stockings and dressing gown in front of a computer soc. network. And then I wrote my very good friend, Maxim. It turned out he also mowed the school. I knew that he sometimes masturbates on trance, they are attracted to him, but not as much as me. I decided to invite him to her, with an overnight stay. My goal was to dilute it to sex, I was waiting for this man's penis. I told him that he would come to three, I remained one hour. I made a pretty enema, the hair I have not had since yesterday, dressed in a men's clothing, and buying clothes and sisters, I hid in the closet. Here it came. The first two Ches conversation flagged, and I realized that because I do not get sex. Then I took out my father's brandy and poured his first 100, then another, then another 100 ... When I realized that he was already blown, I began to act. I offered him to play cards, to desire. Naturally, I did so that I was losing at first desire was not something like a crow, but the fourth time he asked me to permit him to masturbate, I realized this was my chance, of course, I allowed. They opened a porn site, and he was flipping the category on the category "transvestites" I suggested to him to stop. He happily agreed to my proposal and started watching porn with beautiful Thai transvestite, his pants bulged he undid the belt and pants and then I saw his cock, it was big enough for a 15 year old boy, I can safely say that not every adult man such a big penis. In firing position its length is somewhere 23 cm in width somewhere 6 cm. To be honest I'm a bit scared of this size, despite the fact that my crotch was sufficiently developed. Maxim little jerk, and sat, and all burning with impatience, in spite of its powerful device. Maxim's eyes lit up, and I felt it. Another batch of lost. And then he says:

- Lech, once you lose, prepare to shovel. I want you to put on the garments sister and make up like a girl. In this form, you will be with me and continue to play.

I first build of a touchy, but then agreed. I went to my room to the closet where I hid clothes. I decided to slay him on the spot. I began with lingerie. I wore one of the sexiest sets of sisters, black and blue panties, bra and garter. By garter I wore black stockings. Accumulated water in condoms, to my breast can be touched and how to mash, for the strength of the condom with water t put in two more, all, breasts are not broken. The following were slinky blue dress sleeveless dress barely covered the bottom of elastic stockings, but if you sit down or bend over, you could see all the stockings above the edge. Black patent leather shoes Strip on 12 centimeter heels lengthened and ustroynili my feet. I make up lips bright red lipstick and walked along the contour pencil, make up eyelashes, a little shadow and tonic and makeup was ready. Wig I took my sister, it was her white wig for the filming, it was expensive, and so it was not distinguished from real hair. Costume jewelry, I decided not to wear, because I thought that it would interfere during sex. All my way.

- Lech are you ?! You do not know! You're a real girl!

- Well, yes, I am. Like?

- Highly! You could not stay in the role until the end of the evening the girls?

- Well ... only if you really want it so.

I sat on the couch, and his eyes stared at my feet, his eyes were filled with lust and debauchery. Another batch of cards, of course, I lose again.
- Well, Lech, everything. I will be more convenient to call you Sveta, do you mind?

- No, Max.

- Now listen to my desire. You have to spend the night with me how her boyfriend, vplane sex.

I was on cloud nine, tried to fight a little bit, for decency, but then, of course, agreed. I turned on the TV, we had a satellite, so there was a lot of porn channels. He lay on the couch, I went to him. He gingerly put his arm around my waist, a wave of inexplicable sense of satisfaction ran through me, his hand began to descend slowly to my ass, it began to crush her. Then he wanted to smoke, he stood up, walked to the window, took a cigarette and lit it in his teeth. While I knelt in front of him, because at such a heel I was not very familiar, and I do not think I would have kept on his heels. He undid his belt, his pants. Its floor standing member stared me in the face, he looked at me, pausing only to shake off the ashes out the window. I took the base member in the hand, kissed the head, then began to lick from the base to the head, making for a head rotational movements of the tongue. I could no longer tease him and took him into her mouth, it was salty grease, the taste blew me away, it was so delicious that I could not tear myself away, I was sucking, swallowing nearly half of the members. I decided to check how deep my mouth, I wrapped her arms around his hips and pressed, as she could, was three centimeters, but I could not. I became nauseated, so I stopped, but Max liked it, he grabbed my head with his hand and he began to set the pace, as it was on TV, I was already breathing heavily. But I liked the fact that I have in my mouth, that's why I waited so long, here it is, my vocation. The pace was so fast that I began to feel dizzy from the speed, Maxim strained became slower I have pressed the back of his head so hard that his cock went into my mouth full, I could not breathe, I was sick, but it was worth it. Hot stream flowed down my throat, it was so much semen that filled my mouth, she began to pour t drip on the stockings and the dress. He pulled out his penis, and I drank until the last drop. His sperm was not the same as mine, it was so tasty that I was ready to drink at all times. I carefully licked his cock, ridding it of sperm. His legs buckled, and he lay on the couch exhausted. But it was not enough. I said that in five minutes we will continue, she went and cleaned the dress and stockings from the sperm, capturing grease.

He greeted me with the words:

- Sveta, well you give, if things go well, then I feel we do not fall asleep tonight.

- Look at your behavior, sweet.

I said. And then he came up to me, turned his back and put the cancer. I put her hands on the table. He lifted the top of the dress on my back and pulled the elastic pants, pulled out his penis, but I stopped him.

- Stop, use it.

And handed him the lubricant. He paid a little grease on my hole and smeared his trunk. When his warm head touched my ass, I shivered, he pressed it hurt, because his penis was really great, again he pressed his head began to go. I screamed in pain, that's already inside the head and he slowly has me in my crotch, the pain began to subside, and the pleasure began to increase. I began to move her hips to the beat of his movements to enhance the sensations, I moan from the buzz, I'm on cloud nine. Suddenly, I felt something strange in the abdominal area, and from my stream blowers member poured semen. Right on my stockings, I no longer feel his feet, fell on the table. It felt as if the millions of tiny hammers gently beat me if I dived into the sea filled with diamonds. I lay there and could not do anything, did not have the strength. Then he jerked and filled me with sperm and fell on the sofa, I was all in the semen, it flowed from the ass and running down the legs, the dress in the clothes, everywhere, I barely alive came up to her boyfriend fell on his chest and fell asleep ... .

To be continued….

That ended my first story, or rather, an excerpt from my mind, I hope you enjoyed my strength spent, please write to me and tell me whether I should continue to write the history of his life. Waiting for your advice and letters.

Write here:

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My tender and gentle man (part 2)

I do not know how much time we kissed Maxim. He stroked my ass gently squeezing it, I grabbed his hand already relaxed his cock and gently podrachivala. I want to say that the thickness of it is not particularly changed just became softer. Max said that waiting for this all day, making a few complements about my priests, he squeezed her. Excitation and has not yet cooled new to me feeling waves spilled over my body giving a light tremor in the hands and feet. I kissed and stroked his neck, shoulders, while not letting go of his masculinity of the other hand while continuing to drive it along the barrel of his penis. Presenting that my man will do to me next, I was excited even more, Maxim saw it and I felt like it started to grow stronger penis.

- I see you want to continue - he asked.

- Really want to! - Trembling from excitement narostaet I said.

Max smiled and called me her baby again kissed me on the lips. I knelt down and took his cock in her mouth started to suck. My storaniya were not lost in a couple of minutes a member of the stake was standing triumphantly zadraty to the top. It was a very beautiful sight. Max's eyes burned with the fire of an excited male, the male who was preparing to fuck him conquer the female.

I'm trying not to make noise naked out of the room feverishly in anticipation of the upcoming fucking found some mothers cream. Vernuvshiss the room I gave Maxim cream. Max turned my back to him and cream on hand vydoviv initial lubricate my hole. From pleasure I slightly bent and legs wide rastavit, brushing me out abundantly, Maxim began to gently introduce me to finger them making a circular motion. After some time, two fingers moved confidently in me. I received kolosalnoe pleasure from what appeared weak in the knees trembling.

Being yourself is not the pleasure and excitement I had not noticed how Max pulling out my fingers began to lubricate his penis cream. I woke up when she felt that rested on me and began to penetrate something more than the fingers.

Honest first impressions were not entirely pleasant. I leaned forward hole start reflexively shrink trying to get rid of a member. Maxim grabbed me by the hips and slightly razchitav abruptly pulled over. At this point, I could barely keep from that in order not to scream, a member went into me to the ground. Max grabbed my breasts and pulling her to him pinned to the cupboard in which I rested her hands. We paused for a while. I was breathing hard through clenched teeth:

- Try to relax - said Maxim gently stroking my ass.

When reducing ringlet stretched to the limit of my hole became much rarer, Maxim slowly began to get used to letting me make a reciprocating motion back and forth. Soon I began to get used to the feeling of excitement began to grow again. My head was filled with thoughts again about what is happening to me something about Chom I dreamed of for so long. My male pulls my ass on his penis and began to notice that I am a submissive, a lustful female prognuv back and invitingly exposed to the top of your ass, podmahivat to meet them to move me like a piston, a member of the Max.

Sometimes forgetting we accelerated his movements and loud shlёpayuschie sounds filled the room, coming to himself, we were trying to be quiet, but every now and then forgotten again. We went to the floor, standing on knees and bending your elbows, I pressed my face to the carpet. Before my man appeared his ass woman. I lustfully vilyalya hips inviting enter into me and Max did not wait long. This time he went easy on my ass already developed, his movements were sharp and hard. Loboc rested in my firm buttocks. I felt like Maxim barely restrained, I felt that he would now like to furiously fuck me, I felt like he wanted to relish slap me on the ass. From all this, I was dizzy crazy delight and excitement came over me, I, too, as it could itself zderzhivala trying to muffle the moans and yelps fly from my lips. Behaving like a lustful wench I vilyalya and podmahala ass:

- Fuck, fuck me as you like, I whispered to Maxim.

I felt that Max was slightly tired and asked him to lie (though rather I just wanted to try a pose rider), he came out of me and lay down. My little man asked to turn her back on him, it's not quite what I wanted, but it was a reasonable explanation for how Max then said, "There is nothing better to contemplate your delicious ass bounce on my cock." I turned back and squatted down, picking up a member sent him in the ass. When the head is completely immersed in my hips, I slumped rigidly impose their ass on a stake standing member. I grabbed a shiver this time it was deeper and brighter, I started to move in a crazy pace Max grabbed my buttocks and squeezed them. Suddenly I felt like I fail somewhere, and I covered the indescribable pleasure, dips ucheschalis not yet evolved into a powerful orgasm. I Slash tional about orgasm but never received it when messing with his popochkoy.

My long-standing member of the already nachag nizvegat jet of sperm on the carpet and legs Maxim from this asshole again began to decline. I felt the stress wave swept over the body of my male fingers firmly dug into my buttocks Max as it is bent and force pressed my ass to him began to finish powerfully in me. At this point, not having to get out of the first orgasm, I fell in the second. Max panting filled my ass with his sperm in me is overflowing warmth just overthrown me in the ocean of pleasure.

I stood up, limp member slipped out of me and the jet of sperm running down the inside of my thighs. Obterevshis his shirt and wiped her as a member of Maxim who stood behind me, I collapsed on the bed, turned her face to the wall. With my face I did not leave a smile of happiness. Max lay behind embracing and pressed me to her, I felt his cock which is slightly squeezed between my buttocks, uniform rostitelnos on breast and pubic hair gently tickled my back and ass. From all this and thinking that my man next to the man who gave me pleasure ocean well otrahav me from thinking that I was his woman gave herself to him and allowed to do whatever he wants and let him cum in me, on me again surged wave of pleasure. Few rested so we slept
In the morning I was awakened by the fact that someone is gently stroked me. Pulling odyalo Max looked at me:

- Who gave you such an ass - he said. I smiled and kissed him.

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Light one at home or torn ass sex (Part 2)

In the morning I woke up earlier than my male carefully I stood up, so as not to wake him up, and went into the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I was horrified, ink flowed, the shadows were smeared lipstick was smeared all it covers a sufficiently thick layer of dried semen. All clothing was white divorces, absolutely everything. I undressed, took an enema, took tepid shower, washed off cosmetics and semen. Then, he brushed white wig. I went to the sister's room to choose something new. I stopped at the white lace panties, a corset with access to the breast, where I put the condom with water, again in triple layer rubber. White stockings nice complement my Gorny legs. From corset pulling back harness for attaching the stocking. By attaching stockings I wore a robe nurse costume from her role. White lacquered shoes Strip on 15-centimeter heels and the same white wig. He passed to the make-up. Bright red lipstick perfectly lay on my plump lips enough, to make up the eyelashes, a little shadow, tonic, and I was ready. I went to her boyfriend, walking the corridor, where there was a large full-length mirror, I stopped to watch. Robe was so short that the edge of the stocking, I liked was visible. Arriving at the room, Max was still asleep. I decided to wake him oral sex. She got to her knees, pulled his penis out of his pants, he was covered in his yesterday's semen, I was even more excited. I licked it, played with it tongue. When I took his head in his mouth, Max woke up. It pleased my appearance, he took me by the neck and began to fuck me in the throat. A member was, as you know, is very large, have become to hurt cheekbones, I gasped, but I loved it. He quickly finished filling out my mouth with sperm. It was again a lot, but this time I did not lose anything. She got up from her knees, told him to go into the kitchen and put the kettle on, he obeyed. And this time I went to the bathroom to fix make-up and clothes. He made us toast and tea. I sat across from him and began to eat breakfast. We struck up an interesting conversation that you all understand I will say that Maxim, or rather his parents were very rich.

- Sveta, I have a suggestion ...

- What, dear?

-I Was recently at one site for a trance, there was a job offer ...

- I'm not a whore you!

-I Had wanted to apply for the job, but one was scared, I need a second, I want this to be you, you prove to me you're doing great with manhood, plus you're beautiful.

- And what will you do?

-All! If we accept their offer, we will work for them, in our city, as the city of Minsk is not small, then we will demand, plus we have virtually no trans. And here we are, we will have a lot of money.

-So You're saying, that too will become a girl like me?

- Yes, you know, that I was attracted to.

Okay, I agree.

- Our first job will be a photo session. There we have to be seen in all its glory, to have taken on.

- But we have to normal trance is still far, we even do not have breasts.

- We'll go today and buy everything. Cosmetics, lingerie, stockings, costumes for role playing, toys, kits, wigs and breast we will invoice. I already know where it is, we can buy, it is expensive, $ 300, but it is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

-Excellent, But I have no money.

- Sveta, I'm your man, make a present for his little girl.

- Do not worry, I have worked with her body. What you're looking at something to you right now to put clothes and my sister's have sex now as two transika?

- I agree, now I'm Katya.

I took his new girlfriend by the arm and led him into the bathroom. I made her an enema. Then we went to the sister's room. If I was all in white, she chose all black. Black stockings with garters, black SRING, black bodice. She wore a black top, a very short tight dress without sleeves. I found a black wig with straight, somewhere to his chest hair. Now to face. Make-up was the same as mine. Black patent-leather shoes for high heels striptease finished her image. We walked to the mirror. We looked like sisters. We do even more has brought. I pulled her into the bedroom of parents to do the dirty sex, but she stopped and said.

Stowe, we do not distinguish between the girls, let us directly so let's go shopping, then we can all measure. Plus, now my ass is not developed, and I can not play with you.

- You what ?! And if anyone sees ?!

-Who? Everyone at school! Even if you see, it just does not learn. Take it or I will not buy you anything!

-Okay. Only for you, my dear. What would you develop the ass hike with the anal plug, which I recently purchased.

Katya was the cancer is widely spread her legs and hands half their round asses. I picked up the grease, first relax a little ass with a finger, then two, three. When the four fingers were free, I greased stopper and introduced her. Slowly she came into her ass. Kate screamed, she was very painful, I understand it, this plug in the ass, and she adjusted her dress and began to wait for me. I changed the dressing gown on a white dress, the same length. We left home. Quickly passed the entrance, they see neighbors and went. We looked like two whores, because the dress was very short stockings were visible. But it's only us even more excited. Katya and I were heading in the direction of the shopping center "Capital", to almost about it, we turned into a courtyard. It was not terrible, as it was 2 pm, no one would have not iznosiloval, plus Katie 4 OLC in jiu-jitsu. Here we came, it was some kind of basement. Going into it, I saw that it was a sex shop, it is big enough. The selection was very large. The first thing we put in the basket, two pairs of consignment breast size 3, it was set in some cream or something. Then he took a special corset for members who would have hindered him, and hid, so that in his shorts to be seen. Now, to toys for ass. We took the anal beads, three vibrator different lengths and widths, four anal plugs of different thickness, two prostate massager and a special reamer, generally it to the vagina, but we decided to try. Katenke liked the one set for the BDSM, we also put in the cart. It included: whip, handcuffs, chains to shackle people, two gag, one with a ball for the mouth, and the other with a hole and a blindfold. Moved to clothing. I took her short latex dress with sleeves, chest and closes at 7 centimeters below the waist, this dress I took latex stockings with high heel and a platform on the foot, everything was black. I also took the maid and a nurse costume. Katya took, latex skirt, also at 7 cm from the waist down and latex strip covering the breasts, the same socks as me, only it was all white. The other she did not take itself. We all go to the checkout, we still thought, then asked a passport, he worked in the store a man of 25. It was then we realized that not everything went smoothly. I tried to get out.

- Beau, what if we have forgotten?

-Then Have to prove that you're a big girl for such toys.

I consulted with Kate and she agreed.

- Good. - I said. - Only you're a little shocked to learn who we are.

- Do not worry, I already knew your purchases. Only you forgot something to buy. - He handed us a bottle of the most expensive, flavored lubricant. The seller pointed to the door and told to go and get ready. We took our purchases and quickly went to the door. Entering, we were a little shocked. It was a room with a bed, as in a normal house. The bed was just for three. Next to the bed, against the wall, there were some strange chain and a rope attached to the ceiling. We decided to immediately try on our chest. Taking them out of the package and read the instructions. We have our little smeared the cream chest, removed the film from the note and pinned to our, smeared with cream.

This chest was like a real, cream laced our breasts so that they would not tear. Not knowing that this is not a real breast, it could easily pass off as his own. I decided slightly prepare your ass. I got a new anal plug and smeared me and Kate introduced her to me in the ass. Immediately after that, we put our segments corsets, corset squeezed it tightly, not allowing him to get up, and hid it with the eggs between the legs. Then came the seller. He came up to me and kissed me. Then he told me to take off the dress. While I was filming it, it is full-kissed Katya and paw her ass. Seeing that I was ready, he came up to me, grabbed me and led to the chains. I knew immediately what they were. In general, I was assigned so that the hands are at the ceiling, his legs wide apart, farther my hands too near the ceiling. That is my ass hole amusing directly at Seller belt. Similarly, the consolidated beside Katya. The seller said that now it will be sweet, and put in the mouth by a gag, so we can not scream, the maximum we could only hum and not loud. Sold in a strange smile and left the room. A minute later the room had gone eight healthy men. All were completely naked. The first two came up to our ass, pulled strip our panties to the side and saw the traffic jams they said.
- Wow! Yes, there are the real whores, be prepared, the next three hours, you then sagged.

We were horrified and looked at each other in front of our eyes was both fear and excitement. Guys got the cork, we greased and steel insert. First we fucked for a long time, somewhere in half an hour, Katka very much moaning, it was obvious that she was very sick. And the first finished, the sperm was very much below us put some bowls, to go out of our asses dripping sperm. Bowls were somewhere in the 3 liters each. First we were told that we would dryuchit as long as the sperm of the bowls do not pour over the edge. We realized that it needs at least 10 men that have so much nakonchal. We started to hollow, long, three hours exactly, I just hung a lifeless piece of flesh, I did not feel anything, and Katya was still very cheerful, she was rocking, helping the peasants and wagging his ass. I decided to prove to everyone that I am better than her, and with great difficulty become prodelyvat too, only much faster and more intense. After another hour somewhere. All sperm is poured over the edge. I was happy, very. We were gently removed and said.

- Good whores, but we have just not let go.

- That we should still be done? Are you a little ?! - Asked Kate.

Nothing, just drink all the sperm. - They said, laughing, and handed us a bowl with the sperm.

There was no way, we have to swallow the sperm liters. Vypel somewhere one-third more than just physically not climbed.

- What can no longer ?! - I asked one of the men.

We nodded in agreement.

- You will still remain at the sperm. - Again, all said the same man.

We Katya put on the bed in the abdomen, our ass was so big that a fist entered without any obstacles. We began to pour it into the rectum. In came all to the last drop. The men ordered us not to get up and called the seller. He brought the biggest anal plug, wide, probably 9 centimeters, we stuffed them in the ass and told to not reach. We were allowed to get dressed and leave. On leaving, we went to the seller and gave us a huge, rubber phallus, probably long 50 cm and a width of 15-20cm. We took them and went. We were very tired, but tomorrow shooting and we had to buy some clothes for the street and the laundry. We went for the first hyper-market and bought it all. On the way home sperm gurgling in us. We came home and decided that it is impossible to welcome disappeared, and all was poured into a bottle of champagne. Then he showered, changed into new stockings, linen and silk robes, chest and did not shoot. We went to the room on the couch, watched porn on TV and drinking sperm and kissing. All semen we drank quickly, it was very tasty, and then we were embracing and talking. We decided that it was our best day in my life, at least a little ass and hurt, but still is a nice feeling when you are against the will fuck a bunch of strange men, we were pleased. We went to sleep early to catch the morning to come to the shooting ...

All the stories are not invented, I'll wait for your letters. If anyone is interested, I can say the address of the store.

Write here:

I would be very happy to talk.

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