My boyfriend and I have a cousin

After we celebrated with earrings birthday, and he gave me a wonderful gift depriving my virginity, I became almost a sexual maniac ..
We made love with me, with him, if it was not possible for this House that we had a special place, the roof of a neighboring house.
But is not the point, I would like to talk about a certain case, as you probably guessed it ..
It happened about 2-3 weeks after my 16th birthday. While I was visiting a cousin, her name Valley and it was a year younger than me. From our conversations it became clear that the guy she does not have and was not ..
On that day, the mother went to the day, and was supposed to return only the next morning. I badly wanted to my boy, but Valya leave home alone, I could not .. so decided as follows: call Kolyanu, send him for a walk with the Valley and let it at least be the first guy, well, tell that to me to come visit - though not prevent ..
And so it came. At about 10 pm on my door called Serge, I ran to open.
-Hey, baby
-Hey, listen, let's not only a long time, and then I walk Valya sent, no one knows when it will come back ..
-Well, then let's get to the point?
In his words I said a passionate kiss, it lasted a couple of minutes .. Not looking up from each other, we went to my room, undressed in passing. I've just ran and wanted him, and through his jeans felt excited member Sergei. Only we got to my room, he put me on the bed began to descend jeans .. I was full of anticipation: removing everything that was superfluous to me, he began to caress my schelochku. It was simply divine, after the debt is excited to receive such a gentle and passionate at the same time a portion of caresses. .
His tongue penetrated inside me, caressing my clitoris so greedy and pleasant. After a few minutes of fondling I finished with a shout, almost losing consciousness. . Slowly Serge raised his face to my lips and started kissing me until I come to the end in itself.
While we Lisa opened her eyes, I could not help notice the movement of the door, and then what happened was afraid. . We caught Val ... Seeing that I look at her she is not thinking long came to us, that I was quite impressed. .
- For you it was nice to watch, I do not want to stay Tselkov, help me? you do not mind this, Leer?
In my mind the picture of what is happening evolved vague, and my answer was yes. Sergey glancing at me and nodded silently thinking.
To start with chevoto I sat in front of Seryozha, and began to take off his pants, realizing that it is necessary to join Valya sat down .. he appeared vozbuzhёnny member before us, and we went to work. I started sucking penis, Valya - yaichiki .. then she moved over and joined me.
During those minutes, we blow job with Valka starts sucking a couple of times, it seemed so exciting passionately kissing his cousin.
A few minutes passed, and I said that perhaps should fulfill the request of the girl and her trahnuv depriving of virginity. Twice it was not necessary to repeat both of them, and on the floor, he began to enter into it. For a moment, her face depicted the pain, but gradually she relaxed. . "That's all " - I thought.
And Sergei, meanwhile, began to fuck Valya, boiled in me two different senses: a hell of jealousy and highly excited. Then, having decided not to sit around, I started to caress my nipples sisters. . In the beginning she modestly moaned about but in the end she began to moan loudly.
For all the time she had finished three times, and soon the boy abruptly went out of her and began to finish, the Gulf sperm of her pubis and abdomen. But in fact I did not have only oral sex, she wanted to feel his cock inside. To initiate a fighter my boyfriend, I slowly began to lick the sperm from tummy Wali. Especially not have to wait long, and soon Seryozhka was in full combat readiness.
Beckoning finger on his bed, I gently lay down, going to bed, he immediately went to me. Always gets frantic excitement, pleasure in it hews me. I love hard sex. At the same time, Valya woke up and crawled over to us, she started to caress my klitorok and lick my nipples. . Honestly that was on the verge of the most powerful orgasm, as my thoughts excited me to the limit. A couple of minutes was enough for me, and I had finished behind me Sergei. . it was something ...
Thinking that leave it no longer necessary today, we have three of them fell asleep on the bed ... Just remember that past my thoughts before I passed out was "How could this happen ??? tale kakayato ёpta. . "
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