My father has long been a hero of my most secret erotic fantasies. I always dreamed about how to take his cock in my mouth and sucked it up to the last drop, as it were, I took it into his anus flushed.
One day we came away with an overnight stay and to get a little more comfortable to place them, it was decided to put me on a bed with a parent father. The mother was not going to sleep, she had to put things in order, to wash dishes, and so on. D., And so on. N. In the night I was awakened by the fact that my bladder was full and required him to empty.
I moved and I realized that his father's embrace. And not just a hug, hand on his groin. The need to urinate immediately retreated into the background, the main feeling was my excitement. Carefully I began to stroke member list through the blanket, but it was not enough, and I put my hand under the blanket. On my happiness, he drank with the guests and did not respond to my overtures. The longer I was stroking his cock, the more excited. My pants were soaked in front of grease. At some point my father still woke up, found my hand on his penis and asked: "And what are you doing?".
A little frightened at first, I was silent for a while, but pulled himself together and said: "Do yourself a pleasure and trying to do good for you!". Dad chuckled, then turned to face me and pulled back the covers. Seeing my wet pants, he asked, "Nocturnal enuresis or you were so nice to hold on to papkinu toy." I smiled and continued to massage his instrument. The father lay on his back and spread his legs wider. Standing between his legs at the knees, I put his hand in his pants from the bottom and began to stroke his large testicles. Papkin member became quickly grow in size, so he no longer fit in his pants and looks out over the gums, and on the head of the holes began to flow lubrication. I teased finger grease drop, and sent it into his mouth, um, taste of her stunning.
Leaning against a member of his father's, I began to lick all inbound grease from his penis and the more I licked her, the more she stood. Soon, I just drank his grease. But his father that was not enough, and took me by the back of his head, he began to stick me on his penis. Dad was in a hurry too, and first began to choke on his dick cut off my access to the air. But gradually I got used to and gradually began to stick your mouth on the penis of my beloved papulki. I sucked already 10 minutes and mouth became numb already from habit, and his father still could not finish, probably suffered from alcohol, drunk earlier. Suddenly we heard footsteps approaching the room and interrupted our such a pleasant activity for both of us, we lay down a blanket and hid.
It was a mother, she entered the room, turned on the bedside lamp and began to dig into his things. We were with my father had no choice but to go to sleep. The next day I woke up alone, my father probably got up early to entertain guests again. Dressed in order not to confuse the guests, I went to the bathroom to take a shower and there remembered the incident the night of the soul masturbate. The whole day I was assailed by a thought that thinks about everything what happened during the night folder. And he seized the moment, whispered in my ear: "You have not we somehow continue begun!". I calmed down.
Once the mother early in the morning went to another city, ponyanchitsya with newborn grandson. There was a day off, and my father stayed at home. I slept and went to the bathroom to wash up. There is at this time the father was taking a shower. I finished brushing your teeth, when he noticed that his father looks at me and podrachivaet member. Putting in place a toothbrush, I pulled the curtain covering the bath and took his penis in his hand. Dad smiled and took me by the head, became pododvigat my head to the head of the penis. I opened my mouth wide and gradually swallowed dick all the way, a little used to it, I began to make reciprocating movements of the head. I jumped at the hands of his hairy buttocks and finger of one hand began to massage his anus.
Not pulling papkinogo member of his mouth, I put there finger and moistened with saliva, I began to push it deeper into the Pope. He liked it, he groaned, took me by the ears and began to actively stick my mouth on your cock. As a result, the impact on papkinu prostate, he quickly approached orgasm. Father growled, "Well, son, right now, you try papkinogo" honey "!". I'm a little pulled his penis out of his mouth, so that the semen does not hit directly into the esophagus, and to her I could rasprobovat. So, I cry and trembling all over, Dad began to cum in my mouth. The shots were so strong that I almost choked on the habit, but gradually became accustomed and swallow papkin juice, from which once I turned.
Sperm was peculiar little sweet taste, I liked it very much. It was a lot, and even though I, and tried to swallow everything, but some still flowed through the corners of my mouth. When a member has ceased to erupt, "honey," I sucked the remaining amount, licked him clean and pulling it out of his mouth, moved the spirit. His father smiled and said: "Not bad suck son. If you're going to train often, you'll soon be making it even better! Well, I'll help you to practice! "He laughed patted my hair and continued his water treatments. A little after watching it, I was reminded that he has not yet finished, and a member of me after all this simply by ringing voltage. I went into the room, turned on his favorite gay porn and masturbate for him abundantly Cum on belly.