The meeting of the new year. Part one

In this story, I will tell how I was able to meet new, 2002nd year.
Brother fucked my ass with powerful thrusts. I lay there and moaned under him. My breasts were shaking in time with his strokes. I bit her lip, imagine how I have a lot of guys at the same time. But, alas, it was only a fantasy. My brother was one and approaching the climax.
Snatching a member, he held it to my face. But, before I get into the mouth, as the first drops of watered my cheeks.
Another moment and the head of the penis was already in my mouth, spewing sweet liquid. Although I am today, and sucked his brother in the morning, but he did not finish, saying that he wanted to feed me good night. And he kept his word. I swallowed a couple of minutes and was glad such a large quantity of sperm.
When he finished, brother collapsed on the couch and pressed me to her, began by farming stroking my ass.
- Dash, you did not forget that a week later the new year?
- No, brother, do not forgotten.
- I have guys in the new year promised you.
- Good. I'll do everything.
- You remember Pete?
- Um, no.
- Well, of course. He is the last six months you have a very active couple fucked with my brother. Do you remember?
- And, I remember. I just did not know his name.
- Now you know - brother grinned.
- So what?
- Let's at his apartment. His ancestors blamed for the new year to relatives in another city. The apartment is at his disposal.
- And a lot of people will?
- He invited a total of ten people. Including me. You will be the eleventh.
- And all the guys?
- Of course.
- Good…
- Initially we wanted to rent a prostitute for the night. But why spend the money if I have such a juicy whore like you?
- Yes, brother, you're right. I'm all serviced and not once.
- I did not doubt it.
With these words the brother drove his fingers into my pussy.
- ABOUT! I see my sister a whore has flowed from the idea that it will have ten guys. Yes?
- Of course, brother.
- What, you want their hard dicks in their juicy holes?
- Yes, you do want.
Brother pushed my head down.
- Suck me, bitch. And you can go to sleep,
I leaned over to his cock and took his mouth ...
There was December 31 - New Year's Eve. All day I was running, making the pre-New Year shopping. I bought a locking nail for his future hair. A new set of cosmetics, for my evening makeup. The varnish, perfume, powder well, and other women's a little thing that makes any girl beautiful, sexy and desirable. I bought a new bra in red fishnet and new leather mini skirt that does not hide anything and even, as they say, on the contrary.
In the evening, a brother gave me in the mouth and forced him to suck. Every time when it was approaching its climax, he pushed me, then I again sucked. Giving instructions to me to come to the eleven nights at this location, he was gone.
I could not wait in anticipation of the holiday, and lounging on the couch, took off all my clothes. Legs apart as wide as possible, I took out tables vibrator, turned on the average power and began to masturbate slowly, caressing fingers clit and fucking herself vibrator. I did not want to stop. I just wanted to lie down, to think about anything. Tossing aside the vibrator soon, I put one hand on his chest, the other on the clitoris and continued to fondle himself. When the orgasm has not been possible to restrain, I stopped the movement and breath, went into the bathroom. I had to put himself in order not to embarrass myself in front of the guys that I was destined to serve at night.
Taking the bathroom, I started to dress. I was not wearing panties at all. Then I put on a mini skirt I bought.
As I said, it is absolutely nothing to hide. Ended skirt on the most ass, opening my little mouth-watering muffins. Then I wore black stockings and high-heeled shoes. After that I bought today I put a bra. On top of his chosen short red latex jacket with a zipper. Her half, I zipped up, so as not to hide the form on my chest.
Then came the turn of hairstyles. I decided that I will this evening curly. No sooner said than done. And an hour later with my head hanging down to the blades of a beautiful black curls. I recorded them with varnish, so they held out for the night and began to apply makeup. Make up for ever bright green, black eyelashes summarized. On the lips left a thin layer of bright - pink gloss. After finishing the last chord, I looked at myself in the mirror.
"Beauty - I thought - it is impossible not to fuck."
The time was half past ten, when I vyporhnuv home, caught a car and arrived at the address.
Climbing the stairs, I stopped at this apartment and pressed the call button. The apartment could hear the music and laughter of men.
The door was opened by a brother.
- Oh, hey, bitch, come, - he told me.
I walked into the apartment. Reset coat in the hall, I walked into the room. On the sofas, chairs and armchairs seated nine people.
- Say hello to the guys that you will fuck tonight.
I went to the first one and knelt down. He took out his penis out of his pants and kissed his head.
- Very nice, Dasha.
- Sergei.
I went clockwise and fell in the second leg. Lightning his pants produces a characteristic sound. I kiss the penis.
- Dasha, glad you fuck me today.
- Anton.
I go further. Another member, for the welcome, for my lips.
- Dasha. Tonight I will fulfill all your fantasies.
- Denis.
The whole fourth term.
- Dasha, glad that today you will be with me.
- Kirill.
I kneel before the fifth.
- Dasha.
- Andrei.
I'm going to the sixth. His cock too for my lips.
- Dasha is pleased to your penis.
- Dima.
I kneel before the seventh man.
- Dasha, today I'll give you a fabulous blowjob.
- Alexey.
As for the eight members of my lips.
- Dasha.
- Sasha, brother Petit.
The ninth member of that touched my lips, belonged to the owner of the apartment.
- Dasha.
- Peter, I'm glad that we will fuck you today.
- Well, that's how we met, - said the brother, - Dasha, how you guys?
- Very popular. Guys, I'm really glad that you fuck me on this night.
- Dasha, go so far into the kitchen, drink tea, warm. Meanwhile, we prepare gifts for you.
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