My mommy

It was a long time ago, when I was 16 years old. The parents gave birth to me early, mother was 17.5 years old when I was born. Calculate not hard, that when I was 16, my mother was 33. She's very beautiful and advanced in life. Large standing chest big nipples, long legs and long black hair. In short, the dream of a woman. All my friends admired her. But it turned out the following.
Father left for long trips abroad, as well as the school was not there I was with my mother stayed at home. I'm just a month after the departure of his father noticed that she goes, it does not own, you need a man! She began to walk home in the robe through which all can be seen, naturally did not dress pants. And in general it has become to me a different attitude. That pat once again, the kiss and pressed his whole body so that my breath away, and in his pants was scrap.
One evening, when I went to bed, she came to me to say goodnight. She leaned over me to kiss, but from her dressing gown fell naked chest. Do not pay attention to it, she kissed me on the cheek. I touched his hand on her breast and kissed her nipple. A member of my literally bursting. She opened her robe and ran her breasts in my face. I began with gusto to kiss this beautiful chest. Her nipples become softer not my penis. She pulled the sheet with me and began to stroke my dick hand. Briefs weighed themselves and a couple of minutes I had finished. But the term is not even thought to decline. And then my mother took it into his mouth. God, what a thrill it was! She sucked as if the last time in his life. I, too, grew bolder, more precisely about what I thought, the brain is completely disconnected. There was only a buzz! And I began to stroke his hand on her vagina, it was all wet, just flowed! Mom moaned and continued to suck my cock. I finished again already in her mouth. And then I saw that when a woman commit. It was not a groan, just howling! She sat down so that the vagina has appeared on my face, in short 69. And we continued to fondle each other. When she began to once again stop, she jumped up and swung sat on my cock. It was a shock !!! I do not understand when I finish, and when she finished. It was just super! and continued all night. In the morning, I did not go to school! We slept till noon, and when woke up it decided to repeat.
To me came the sweet life, I threw my girlfriend. Compared with her mother she was just stupid! And sex with her was such that it is better to masturbate hand.
We went with my mother everywhere. She took me to the restaurant, and I dragged her to concerts "Dynamics". Hardly anyone else around thought we were mother and son.
She taught me all the tricks of sex, it was not forbidden for us. And for that I am grateful to her.
Through the half-year he came to his father and it was over. Mom me and said that more will not. Yes, I actually did not mind, I began to teach the mind to reason their young girlfriends, and then his wife.
That's the story has been in my life.
I love you, mommy!