Maybe someday

I read your story "In the marital bed". Briefly ... and just in "bull's-eye".
My wife and I have been married for 10 years. It is difficult to say exactly when I had fantasies in which my wife fuck with other men. Probably about 3 years ago. I tell her about my dream came about six years ago. Dreams we have with you almost completely coincide. I very much want to make my wife having sex with another man, and even better - men. I, my wife, was the first man, and yet, to my great regret, the only one.
I do not even have to see how my wife cheating on me (although, of course, would not mind), just enough to know. Know that at this moment, his lips, which registry office swore allegiance, and last night in bed talking about love, and that you are only an hour ago, kiss, kiss the lips of another man. What is native to your body, caressing the wrong hands. I want to her lips bowed thick embossed member of another man, and tongue caressed the crimson, tense head of his penis, his testicles. Would not mind if she kissed him on the ass, caress the tongue anus hole itself. I want to see his wife lying at the other men. Her legs slightly pursed and divorced in hand, and all of it is shaken by its aftershocks. She moans feeling pleasant fullness at the bottom of his stomach and sobbed when he comes out of it. It is at this time kissing her chest, neck and face. Fingers caressed nipple. I want a man ends up in her, a home for me, pussy. See how it follows from the sperm of other males and dripping onto the white sheet brook flowing between its halves popochki. Sheets impregnated with their juices in our room will stand the smell of sex. Her sex with another man. My dream is to see her lips shiny from a foreign sperm. I want to kiss them. Feel unknown to me, and this exciting new taste (although I'm not gay) My dream is to see the sperm splashing on her breasts. I want it rubbed their hands. Her breast will be shiny and skolzenkoy. And I'll kiss and suck on her nipples, licking breasts. I dream that someday, she would come to work unusually late for her. The child will have to sleep, and no one will stop us. All my questions about the reasons for its late arrival so it will meet a silent enigmatic smile. And then it just will press me hard all over and kiss me ... and I all will become clear. I think that inside me all cut short, and then take off. Ups unimaginably high. Then she tells me to lie on the floor. Put their beautiful legs, shod in shoes with high heels, on either side of my head, zaderёt skirt, and he says: - "Brush your me". Then slowly sit her neatly shaved pussy on my face. Her sex lips come close to my lips and they frustrate viscous drop its juice and mix with the sperm of her lover ... I am sure that at this moment I'm happy. I would love and desire his wife as probably no one man, the whole of our sinful world, I did not like his woman. When it will be neat pisechka we will have great sex, time she tells me about her first sex with another man, and promised me that now it will always be. Falling asleep, embracing together, she whispers in my ear that I was her only and beloved man.
This is my dream. And unfortunately, I doubt very much that it is destined ever to incarnate. My favorite is aware of my desires, but on imaginary stories during our sex with her, did not get. Although, no wonder they say that hope dies last. Maybe someday you will hear later the doorbell rang and she crosses the threshold to ...