Interesting opening

Once, traveling on the Internet, I came across a swingers site. We can not say that I have never liked group sex. Just like he could not imagine, or say, my wife Anna, to do something similar. The maximum that we could afford in relation to others - it's a flirtation in a conversation partner the freedom to dance or even talk to a drunken company indecent themes if they do not touch our family.
But the nature of man (and as I understood recently and women) is that he always wants diversity in sexual relations, that is, to put it simply - the more women, the better. And I am not an exception. For example, I have always valued the reaction to pretty girls strolling in the summer in miniskirts or without a bra. Because of this fact, I married a second time. My first wife Natasha was terribly jealous and could not forgive even the fact that I gently patted on the ass of her friends, when I had to dance with them. Being educated (both actual and Anya) in Puritanism, Natasha once and could not forgive me harmless flirting.
Then we walked in the company of acquaintances little boys and girls, and in the evening, after returning home, I was asked to leave. I then took to it pretty lightly, and only a year later began to regret that he had lost her. Anya everything was easier. There were no scenes of jealousy nor dispute, nor suspicion ... But there was no such passion as Natasha, who went somewhere to the south, and delivered me from the torment seeing her chiseled figure and surprisingly beautiful blue eyes. But after ...
So, on this site free sex, I learned that in the South there are even hotels where specially come men and women in order to try to have sex with each other. When I read the reviews of the participants of these meetings, I do not believe that everything is so simple and so exciting. Under an assumed name I managed to get in touch with a married couple, and even learn how you can get into one of these "corner of love". I still did not realize what it's all I need, but became interested in this subject seriously, and decided to try once a holiday.
Not only wanted to implicate Anyuta. I specifically podgadat your vacation so that in the summer to leave the south without it. To my surprise, the wife did not object and now the train carries me Novorossiysk, from which to ... ti kilometers was the village ... However, I will not mention - though it is believed that all my fiction ... In a word, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the private hotel and reasonable prices. The first thing I saw in the lobby was a naked couple passionately kissing in the hallway.
Solid uncle shamelessly paw young girl, and she caressed his hand and a member at the end, dragged into one of the rooms, not even bothering to close the door before the end. And while I'm made out to settle, I listened to the music sighs and moans of the couple, and then looked to him affable guy from the next room and I heard him speak to them in the room: "Oksanka! Let today finish in you! I want to lick your "girl" after different men "Then he went out and looked knowingly at the hill, my bulging trousers:" Good uncle! You, too, will have to try my wife! Only tomorrow - today it is completely "painted"!
It is better to throw things and go to the 12th room - there's an old woman waiting for! I'm her yesterday "pyalil" - stunned! True, it is one arrived, and even in my opinion it does not have a husband, but this insatiable - five men a night "skips" between the legs "" Got it, - not a fool! I am on my way! And how it to call it? "- I blurted out, heading into his 13th number, and rejoicing that I live very close to this slut. "What's the difference! The main thing is all the "give"! At any time and in any position! Come boldly - this whore loves to let down into it! "- Said the guy again and disappeared into the room where his wife fucked.
I went to her, turned on the light and found that my little room, though small, but has two indisputable advantages that distinguishes it from similar premises in the normal private sector for holidaymakers. Firstly, it is a huge double bed, almost completely block the room, leaving only a narrow passage to the pedestal with the TV. But the most original walls of the room were, or rather the lack of them as such. From floor to ceiling were stretched pieces of translucent fabric, sometimes carefully cut along the seam, making passage in the adjacent room from the corridor through the door looked simple props.
And if the other rooms have the same wall, then any of their residents could freely go to the neighbors to visit at any time. What probably happened, because they do not have time to close the door behind me, and from the 12-th issue of a woman's voice sounded excited: "Oh-oh-oh .. new! Great! .. Come to me darling! .. Come to me! .. I'm ready ... my legs spread apart for you! .. Well ... quickly undressed! I'm waiting! .. "The voice was oddly familiar. He attracted me like a magnet, and I immediately undressed, turned out the light and went through this remarkable "wall" for the woman, unable to contain my excitement engulfed.
In the dim light of her room, I made out a silhouette of her beautiful figure and what it really lies on the bed, legs apart hospitality. As an animal for meat, I pounced on her body, and not being distracted by some foreplay, once powerfully entered her womb. We fuck in silence, leering like body absorbing other arcs. She moaned when I especially deeply penetrated dick in her womb. Finally, there was a discharge of my seed, and filled to the brim with this wonderful vagina of the female. Waiting for the last splash of my sperm, she slowly got out from under me, and turned on the light. What I saw with him, it puts me in a great shock! Before me stood naked Natasha and with no less stunned staring at her ex-husband.
We were silent - she looked at me, and I stupidly watched from the wide-open vagina my recent partner and my ex-wife follows the sperm and transparent drops down on all the same shapely legs. "You ?!" - and said only Natasha and sank helplessly nearby, his face buried in my chest. "And you ... It's you .. But ... But what ... with your views ... Why, then ... It's not fair !!!" - I muttered, suddenly realizing that, in spite of everything still I love this beautiful woman. And although it is now a completely different, has changed beyond recognition in the behavior, her body, her eyes and hair were again mine, and I stroked and kissed them dreaming only about making these moments become eternity ... We talked and caressed each other.
In her eyes, instead of a stun recent passion, I saw only tenderness and realized that my Natasha has not stopped loving her ne'er-do ex-husband. It turns out that she is very sorry that at the time left me. Problems with the men she had never been, but a meeting with them, it would meet only a body - soul like me. From these words, I felt in seventh heaven, and again began to be excited, more boldly caressing her "charms" of the hand and lips. She immediately responded to my call to the new copulation, and soon our bodies again merged into one, only now we have enjoyed each other not as a male and a female, and a gourmet restaurant in an expensive, better feeling than absorbing.
When in the room looked to us all the same guy and asked me "how I liked the bitch?", Natalia, looking at me, said, "Great!" I said: "Let her enjoy all .. But! ... leave it here just me! "the guy immediately undressed and lay down on Natasha, she threw her legs over his shoulders and thriftily" planted on the eggs. " I stood by and watched with a strange pleasure to fuck her, but after this trahalschik poured into it his sperm, he began to kiss her vagina licking good whipped cocktail of at least two kinds of sperm ...
The remaining nine days passed in a blur. All (and there have been 12 people) with all fucked. It has become so familiar ... I had no idea how he could live when the fresh sex life. When I left there, we Natasha agreed that she would return to me in any case. And as soon as I divorce Anka, I send her a telegram with just one word, "Waiting ...". All the way home I thought of Natasha and how bad do to Anna. Well at least we did not have children. Find the reason for divorce is always easy. Home I have not called even once, and the date of my arrival was Anka unknown.
I timidly hoped that "I will kindle a" her with any man, if I come home without warning. But it was only a dream, because the second and my wife, never gave me a reason to be jealous. I could only honestly confess everything to her, and on the spot to decide how we live.
When late in the evening, I went to my apartment, my nose immediately hit the smell of male sweat and on the verge I saw Sergei shoes, my long-time friend who once in 2 years came to me from Kamchatka, where he worked in a terrible secret part. Sometimes he came without warning, especially if it was a business trip. Instead of joy, this time I felt a strange tension.
I noticed that the apartment is quiet, and only from behind a closed bedroom door heard a strange noise, reminiscent of ... yes, sure! .. Creaking bed! .. In the tumult, I crept on tiptoe to the door, and slightly open it froze, the spectacle of what he saw there. In a brightly lit room, on a vast marital bed, my Annie, my friend dick riding, galloping furiously on him totally naked. They moaned with passion, and only stopped to kiss passionately. In me rose the same feeling I had in the South is a wonderful hotel. I was all eyes watched Annie intercourse with Sergei, and when he began to impregnate her with his seed, and quietly went to the kitchen.
Seeing at the festively laid table a bottle of cognac, I poured half a glass and drank it at once, and then stripped naked and went into the bedroom and said, "No, I hope not mind if I join you for a holiday ?! Annie! Enough to be embarrassed! I do not have more than one "stick," you give up, and then he can ride Serega! By the way, hello Grey! How are you? "Ofigev from such a reaction, these lovers shied away from each other, and I slowly laid his dissolute little wife and fuck her slowly added his seed in the womb fertilized. Then, with the words "Go boys! And Dad will drink cognac! "Shook the last drops of sperm on the face Anuta not devayas, I went to the kitchen.
They went behind me and now watched in silence as I sip cognac and a snack with a good appetite. Then I calmly explained what changes await us in the near future. They were silent, not trying to defend himself, and only towards the end of my story at Anyutka mischievous eyes sparkled. She forcibly earrings sat on a chair and sat down on top of him, brought him a member of a starting shamelessly fuck me. And when my friend got a taste himself, Annie grabbed my newly rebellious member, whispered: "Why should we divorce? In my opinion everything is fine! Natalia arrives and we all live together! All sex diversity! Everybody is happy! And I have not tried to be a lesbian - that your little wife and try it! Well ??? "
She sucked my "bolt" to the base and was now planted all the way to our members. I grabbed her head and just fucked her mouth, and when we began to pour sperm from two sides, gasped in ecstasy "Tomorrow I'll go to the post office! .." WAIT! .. "More specifically ... WAITING !!!