Sevastopol - the city of stray dogs. It is known to all. Over-hearted residents of the city-hero and an abundance of food waste in underdeveloped street cleaning system have created an excellent environment for homeless dogs.
Voiced night barking and howling dogs dozen securely entrenched in every yard, became a familiar reality of life and no longer anyone to disturb or annoy. In the end, people get used to everything. A four-legged invasion, dirty, but incredibly charming when soliciting food occupiers, not too excited about the city, remembered the invasion of two-legged animals in Nazi uniform.
...Silence of the night quiet, deserted streets on the coastal edge of the city, bordering the military part, penetrated the car growl. The car stopped, pulling out of the darkness by the headlights of a pack of dogs, is located in a quiet little square. Disturbed animals dissatisfied grumbled, and disappeared in the darkness of the night streets.
He slammed the door. Out of the car came out a slender girl.
- Anya! Wait! - I leaned out the door short-haired head. - Well, where are you, eh?
- Fuck you ...
She did not look back, only added step.
- Idiot.
The car roared again, took off and disappeared. Anya paused and looked plaintively after her. Having provoked the quarrel, she did not count on such an outcome.
- Okay…
On the palate, fortunately, a full moon, silvery light that beautifully lighted road. The house is old and the apartment was close to the parents here. After standing a moment in the hope that the machine will return, Anne sighed and went through the familiar since childhood, deserted streets. Somewhere just hanging out a young company. Were heard cries of children under strum guitars, loud cries and laughter of girls. She belatedly wondered what happened to her anything now - hardly the residents of neighboring houses, accustomed to the excesses of the night young, come to the aid of the police, or even cause ...
And she had a strong feeling that she was being followed. As if someone snuck in the surrounding thick bush, peering closely to the lonely girl. Anne shivered and quickened his pace. Strong young breasts bouncing with every step - as luck would have under the white blouse she's not wearing a bra. Long blond hair evolved and glistened in the moonlight ...
The last phase of the road she almost ran. But - street near her home, a small park at a distance and direct path right through it to the dark (no windows glowing at midnight!) Home. Anya sighed with relief and walked under the canopy of trees ...
... At this point, a strong blow knocked her down. She screamed and tried to crawl away and to get up, but was worth it to climb on all fours as she pulled hard on top of something warm and heavy. Strong, hairy legs tightly wrapped around the sides of Ani and lock curled on the soft breasts, glaring nails into the soft white skin. Blood pounded with breakneck speed Ani in the head, she took a deep breath and tried to escape. Stronger claws scraped skin and ear sounded menacing growl. Anya rushed struggling - torn blouse buttons sprayed in all directions, pounding on the pavement.
The girl managed to escape from the strong grip and run a few steps to the door before the dog caught up grabbed her leg. The fall knocked the air from her lungs and almost make a girl to lose consciousness. The teeth of the animal, leaving the ankle bleeding furrows, closed on the pant leg. The dog is not going so easy to retreat from his victim, he dragged the unfortunate girl to the bushes.
Anya tried to scream, but his throat burst only a thin wheeze. Hands powerless zaskrebli the warm asphalt. Feeling that the victim resists again, the dog growled and shook his head, not letting leg. When he dragged the dazed girl to the bushes, a few dogs came to the sounds of a struggle. Anna saw their dark shadows, glided to her from the depths of the grove. With trembling hands, she found the waist belt, somehow loosened and slipped out of his jeans, to escape from this pack. This was her last mistake.
Strong canine teeth closed on her waist, leaving a bruise, we picked up the gum panties and jerk flayed them. In the next moment Anna put her hands on the ground, and came over the top once again a heavy dog's body. This time she felt each of his hairs belly of his naked back. Under his weight she almost fell, but the firm grip of the front paws of a dog fixed position bitches ready for mating. Anya twitched again trying to break free, even at the cost of his own skin.
Being raped by a dog! This could not have dreamed it, even in the most terrible nightmare.
Tired of trying to girls is free - dog sank his teeth into her neck. He previously had to take recalcitrant females. He clenched his jaw, until the girl fell silent. She just fine sobbed, while the three other dog sniffed her hips, touching the cold wet noses to the silky skin.
Feeling the hardness of their position, the dog decided to proceed with the long-awaited process for him.
Anya in horror felt something warm and solid rests on her leg.
- No ... - she managed to whisper before a member of the dog found its way into her womb.
More than ten centimeters feverish crimson flesh dug into it, from the mouth of the girl istorgnuv deep groan. The dog continued to dent his cock until he put his groin in her juicy buttocks. Anya cried again. One of the dogs scurrying around saw brilliant streams of water on her face and licked the girl's face. His breath it almost puked. At this time he saddled her leader of the pack began to make rhythmic thrusts, forcing delicate, young body shake from each impact. Her breasts lifted by tempting, and hips, clenched mighty seizure paws swelled by heavy, irregular breathing.
Nude girl of sixteen, raped large black dog with shining in the moonlight, thick hair, was a spectacle as obscene, grotesque as it is beautiful.
Anya regained the strength to scream, but worth it to open his mouth as it slid rough tongue to lick her dog. From horror and disgust she froze, and the dog tongue, feeling the sweet taste of a girl's mouth, he continued to explore it from the inside. dog eyes appeared in front of her. They burned lustful fire of anticipation.
"He is waiting for their turn - rather felt than understood Anya, below which the stomach pushes against the pack leader has poured a pleasant warmth. - Wait, like all the other dogs gathered here ... "
Contrary to the disgust and pain that brought the whole belly scratched claws, she began to receive strange pleasure from fucking furious, which gave her a black dog. He felt his strong legs, curled her tender body weight, fell on his back and powerful aftershocks of his penis inside her. Heard squish with which his cock moving in her and panting in his ear. Animal instinct began to take up over her mind. Before tense and frozen, it slowly melted and excited, prognuv thin back and sticking out above the sacrum to allow her lover the most convenient angle of penetration. The leader felt that bitch succumbed to his onslaught, enthusiastically growled and began to move harder, while its gray counterpart continued to lick the face lustfully moaning girl. The third dog came and began to gently nibble on my ear but demanded the girl.
- Take me, - he whispered the girl. - Fuck! Deeper! I'm your bitch, take me!
When the leader trembled, ready to throw in the prepared bitch reserve your seed face and blonde hair matted with Ani dog saliva. The leader jerked the last time, leaning forward, and his tongue, saliva dripped from which to Ani ankle. She felt the heat fills it from the inside, she took a deep breath ... and gives a strong orgasm. Finished spewing his seed, male deftly turned, resting his hairy ass in dairy buttocks girls. Anya was relieved of her rape, finally came to an end, when suddenly the dog, with such zeal to lick her face, I saw that the back bitches freed. Prompted by a blind instinct rather than the desires of the other, he jumped onto the front Anya, and his keen member poked her closed lips.
Anya's eyes widened in amazement, wondering how the dog could think up such a sophisticated way of violence. At this point, her black lover eagerly moved, and his bloated body was still pinned down with his bitch, she made Anna opened her mouth and moan. Next gray jump laid his long term in the curve adorable, sweet sixteen two-legged bitch mouth. Anna tried to spit member, gray is already firmly grabbed her back and ready to fuck the unfortunate girl in the mouth. She moaned, but it was too late. Hot dog dick slid between the lips, and a dirty, matted hair on the dog's groin got into his eyes and nose. Anja nearly choked until her mouth is not the first jet hit the dog sperm. At that moment the gray abruptly leaned back, his cock slipped out of Anya's mouth, and the flow of thick white liquid poured on the face.
At the same time he released the leader of the pack deciduous member of the girl's womb. Deprived of support, she almost fell. Heart pounding in his chest from the experienced stress. Anya tried to crawl away, but her dog leaped again. It was the third dog, the existence of which she had already forgotten. Look experienced breeder would have recognized a huge freak bastard Newfoundland and yard mongrel.
Waiting for his turn, the bastard decided to fully exercise its right to complete the rape of a girl opening the last of her holes.
A big, fat cock dog stared at the wrinkled ring anus of Ani.
- Do not! - Shouted the girl, vainly breaking out cuddle her rapist. - Please do not! Aah ...
Pathetic resistance offered bitch even more provoke the already longing for love "Neuf". Sitting back, he squeezed even tighter legs of the victim side and had begun to push in a thick dick in her anus. The girl's eyes widened in pain, and she stifled scream. Hands Ani weakened, and she fell with her face in the autumn grass. Dog to the limit imposed his spear in its narrow rectum, enjoying the way his cock tightly covers the body of the girl. Lascivious tongue hanging out, he began to take his bitch sharp, violent jerks each of which tore a painful moan of wet lips raped the girl. He continued to maintain the weakened body skillfully girl hugging her legs around her chest. Two supple soft mound tickled reddish hair.
It seemed that this torture never end. In the end, hoping to quickly appease his demanding lover Anya start podmahivat him ass, dog trembled and soon erupting into her stream of hot semen. Fortunately, she was able to avoid painful anal lock with the dog, and slip out of its grip weakened, the whole body collapsed on the warm earth. Disappointed "Neuf" brutally bitten his mistress's shoulder and walked away, giving way to the last place of the dog in the pack.
Close-eared yard dog tried to raise the power of lying on the ground unconscious body, but not having the power and the bastard black leader, was only able to turn back to Anya. Standing over her, he barked a few times, and again began to tear claws girl's body, trying in vain to lift it. Without wishing to be mutilated brazen of dog, and gave a strange madness of the night the girl herself lifted from the ground and wrapped her thin arms dog's neck, clinging to him. The dog was not going to miss such a good opportunity, and immediately got into her vagina. Unusual position prevented him somewhat, but delivered Anya genuine pleasure. After the brutal "Neuf" Fold seemed like the perfect lover. She gently drove her hands down his back, stuck out her tongue and touched the cold wet nose.
- I'm yours, doggie. - I whispered in the ear of the tyrant girl. - Take me gently.
Who stood, tense nipples of her breasts rubbing on his hard wool, knees bent slender legs and then touch the hind legs and a long tail, which excited male waving from side to side. The dog did not waste time, his tongue slid across the face of Ani, and then falling into her open mouth. From engulfed her ecstasy she rolled Discard cloudy blue eyes and gave herself completely to his feelings. The world has shrunk to the size of it for a pleasant, languid gravity demanding the perpetrator, which she now belonged. She frantically worked his hips, trying to get at a furious pace to fuck her dog. White skin, covered with bruises and bleeding scratches, gleamed from the beads of sweat oozed. Anne caught her mouth dog tongue, kissing his face and caressed the back of strong slender fingers.
Madness of the full moon began to make it.
Tired of unusual items, Anna released the dog and rolled over on his stomach, substituting him her seductive ass. Completely crazed animal gladly accepted the position shift and saddled ready for fucking bitch. His elbows into the ground, Anya free hand to send members of your dog in the developed anus.
- Make me! - She demanded. - Come on!
And deep moan, strong dog podmahivaya booty. The dog growled and twitched, hammering second hole gave him a girl.
When he finished, Anne caught her breath and looked at the black leader, has had time to rest after the first act. He saw her eyes, got up and slowly approached and jumped on suppressed subordinate pack bitch started to take it slowly, almost lazily, but carefully ...
The sky was beginning to lighten when Anna finally climbed back into his torn jeans. Limping (pain in a torn anus made itself felt), she headed toward the door. Black dog followed her. She did not chase him. Together, they climbed to the fifth floor, she opened the door to his apartment and went - dog came after him.
As soon closed the front door, he pushed the girl demanded in the back paws. Anya exhausted leaned back against the wall and slid to the floor. Dog paws grabbed her head and pressed it to his furry stomach. Anna opened her mouth, letting member covered secretions into it ...
Her life as a bitch had just begun.