My sexual experience

It was two years ago. In the country. I had just turned 17 and I loved 18yu Alina. We have already had sex.
Once she stopped me for the night, she lived far enough, and it was already past midnight, I slept in the guest house and we were left alone, of course, that we slept in the same bed.
We had a great night and in the morning, when we were already asleep in the house burst father tore us a blanket, with a cry of:
- What is it?
- Dad, - I said - decent people knocking!
- What? - Angrily he hissed.
- Valery Karlovich, Valentin is not a child, - Alina said.
- That we now have a look ... - said the father.
He brought me out into the garden and led to the barn.
- Be a man, because in the bed, it was you! - Said the father.
With a straight face on it all looked Alina, and then she rushed to me, but my father pushed her with force, she fell.
- Well, get ready! - He said - take your pants off!
- I do not take off! - I said proudly.
- Ah well! Well, hold on!
He grabbed a pile of freshly cut nettle and paved with her bench in the barn, he ripped off my pants and tied me to the bench. In the barn we had a whip for horses. He grabbed the whip and began to whip them to me. With words:
- Be a man, son, receive for their actions!
He made me a blow, all attempts to save me Alina ended with the fact that he hit her whip! He struck with force with force, saying:
- Take that!
On my back and buttocks with a trickle of scarlet blood flowed, he unleashed on me 50 strokes.
After the flogging, I could barely stand on his feet, Alina went with me to the river, but there in the icy water, I have come to his senses!
Mom has developed with his father, and took me to an apartment, this was the price to pay for flogging my first sex. Scars from the whip did not heal for a long time.