Temptation. Episode III.

On the day that I described in the episode event, Vick came to work in half the ninth. Having made the necessary arrangements, she sat down in his office and climbed into the Internet. Suddenly, the phone rang.
- Hello.
- Hello, my love, - on the other end was Julia - my afternoon goes on a business trip. Come and have some fun.
- With pleasure, - said Vick and felt a pleasant heaviness in the groin.
Julia's husband was a prominent official and often left a wife, leaving for the different trips. These absences girls enjoyed it very successfully. Their sexual encounters took place 3-5 times a week, and Victor was the name of her husband, coming home, rested and relaxed about what did not even know. The wife was satisfied and calm.
At 13.45 Vick stood in front of Julia's apartment door and pressed the call button. Behind the door the sound of footsteps, and it swung open. Julia stood there in a short robe which opened exciting view of her shapely legs.
- Come soon, my left, and I have been waiting for you, - she said and the girls merged in a kiss as soon as the door shut behind them.
- Let's go to the bedroom - excitedly whispered owner of the apartment, breaking the kiss and pulled for a guest - I want you.
In the bedroom, the girl began to impatiently pulling off each other's clothes, and when she left, rushed a huge, standing in the middle of the bed. Julia immediately grabbed the already erect penis of his girlfriend, and plunged it into his mouth.
Vick sat on the pillow and groaned. What's that, and blow her friend was doing great. Meanwhile, Julia, without removing a member from the mouth, fell on his mistress in position 69, substituting her his oozing pussy. Wick glared at her and began to lick carefully, trying not to miss a single millimeter. Both moaned, agitation covered them with his head.
- Come to me - interrupting affection, said Yuliya and lay on her back, legs spread wide.
Taking the hand of a member of Vick sweeping movements began to drive his girlfriend's vagina trickling, gradually pushing the flap. And now he was inside. Julia closed her eyes in anticipation of pleasure, and her friend slowly introduced into it his cock, teasing his mistress. And now he was completely inside the head touched the uterus, and a pleasant feeling ran all over the body of Julia. Here he began to move it gradually accelerating pace.
For three years, Julia lived these meetings. The husband could not give her any pleasure, and every time Vick gave her multiple orgasms, from which she was ready to get crazy.
Arousing more and more, Vic quick jerky movements to drive your pin in the bosom of a friend who is no longer in control, approaching orgasm. Vic knew that it is necessary to work on the first orgasm, the remaining part of the wave will be rolled on Julia, that will end without stopping.
Julia's body began to buckle in predorgazmennogo convulsions.
- More ... more ... ah-ah-ah-ah ..., - panting, she whispered, and her body pierced strong orgasm.
Vic pulled out a member, to then continue with renewed vigor started.
- Cool was - moving away from orgasm, Julia said - will continue.
But it was not possible to continue, as the doorbell rang. Jumping out of bed, as if on cue, the girls began to dress hurriedly.
- Is my back - with indignation in his voice said Julia, and ran to open the door.
That's right, it was Victor. Business trip was postponed and instead of his boss arranged a banquet on the occasion of his birthday. He and his wife were waiting to 17.00.
So it is not finished, with another member of excited Vick came from his girlfriend and went to the nearby located park. Sitting on a bench, she thought. Suddenly the past it was very beautiful blond girl with jeans covered with embossed ass and long legs. Vick seemed that she was concerned about something. The girl passed by and sat down on a nearby bench. She was very beautiful, and Vic decided to act.
- You do something wrong, - she said.
The girl turned around and, looking around the spoke with the head to the feet, apparently was satisfied by what he saw.
- No.
- Then why are you so sad?
- The husband on a business trip, and very nasty mood.
- Then let us be bored together. My mood is not better. What is your name?
- Sveta.
- And Vick me.
- Very nice.
- Me too.
Acquainted girls after a few minutes of fun chatting like old friends. On this day, they were walking, sitting in a cafe, and agreed to meet at 20.00 in the same square, and then to go to a nightclub.
Exactly at the appointed time Vic was standing at the appointed place, waiting for a new girlfriend. After 10 minutes, it appeared. Seeing her, Vic felt the excitement rising within. Light was short, much above the knee dress, opening her gorgeous legs. The deep neckline emphasized her small but very beautiful breasts. She was just delightful.
"What a fool her husband," - thought Vick. The girl wanted to keep this beauty belonged only to her and no one else.
And then there was that episode described in I.
After rough sex in the meadow girl went to Vicki giving. The most interesting thing was that the excitement of just what happened in less than even intensified. Walking through the park, girls kissing, and Vick noted with satisfaction what loving eyes looking at her Light.
"She was my" - thought Vick and wanted as quickly as possible to get home, to continue to torment the delightful body, which has just become hers.
Her friends did not know that Amy's husband Andrew followed them.
After a brief stand in the yard, the girls went into the room. Light immediately went into the bath to have a little come to himself. Vick went to disassemble the bed. Then, taking off all, she lay down under a blanket, waiting for the light. Twenty minutes later came a friend, shook her in a towel and sat on the edge of the bed.
- You think I'm a whore? - She asked.
- No.
- I want to go home - back said light and tried to get out of bed.
Without giving to do, Vick grabbed her by the arm and pulled him to her. Light fell on the bed, and towel swung open, revealing a beautiful body. Transsexual impatiently rushed at her and began to cover the face, neck and chest with kisses, gradually sinking lower and lower. First Light tried to pull away, but then gave up. Meanwhile Vikin tongue, surveying her navel, marched straight to the flower of pleasure, which was already covered with moisture. And as soon as he touched his petals as Svetlana lips broke moan.
For Vicki it was a signal.
- Now you're just mine. Only with me you will have fun. And more than anyone. Your husband will no longer be able to meet you, - she said.
Its member eager to fight. Taking his hand, Vic sent him to crack oozing and introduced to the stop. Amy's body trembled.
- Do you want me? - Introducing the term transsexual asked.
- Yes ... yes ... I want ... I love you, - a broken voice shouted Light - fuck me soon.
Back Vicki started moving up and down, pumping light. The walls of the vagina squeezed nice cock and brought both an unforgettable experience. Light, closing his eyes and taking his hands chest, moaning loudly. Vick is trying to deliver maximum enjoyment girlfriend, changed the rhythm, direction and force of the blows, bringing it to a frenzy. Light poor already knew what she was doing, her friend and then ... What is something extraordinarily keen sense began to grow somewhere in the depths, gradually filling her body. Groans merged into one zing, the girl's body up over the bed and the brightest orgasm pierced her.
At some point, consciousness left her, and when she returned, the world seemed upside down. She felt good and love the one that brought her back to life swept Light. She grabbed her friend by the neck and began to cover her face with kisses ... a token of his gratitude. Vic falling chest on his mistress, she puts her hands under her ass and squeezing the buttocks, continued his sexual torture.
Lips girls merged in a passionate kiss, body rub against each other, bringing them heavenly pleasure. Ass Wick rose and fell between the legs of light, and cock deep inside her womb caressed her uterus.
Suddenly Light felt the approach of a new orgasm. Her vagina began to decline. Sensing this, Vic pulled out a member and began to hand rub the clitoris. Light arched upward and out of the spray hit her juices, hitting at her friend. Stirred up even more of it, Vic turned his mistress on his stomach, spread her legs and in this position has introduced his penis into her. The vagina has declined and enveloping member, bringing great pleasure transsexual. She began at a furious pace to drive it in the light and in a few minutes it covered a new orgasm. Feeling new vaginal contractions, pleasant caressing member Vic start rapidly to finish inside of her friend, not caring that she can become pregnant.
Pouring his seed, Vick lay down beside the light.
- How are you, - she said.
- Hello, - said a friend.
- Stay with me. Why did your husband to you? I'll be you instead.
The next morning, Andrew woke to the sound of a door opening. Running out into the hall, he saw his wife.
- Where have you been? I saw everything, and I know.
- I'm leaving you, - said Light.
Not realizing that he was doing, Andrew grabbed his wife and dragged her into the bedroom she did not resist. Lifted her dress and tore her panties, he yanked one entered it. He came in and stopped. This was not the vagina of his wife brings him so much pleasure. It was a bottomless vagina, which is no longer enveloped his cock. He simply did not feel. It belongs to another member. Shocked, Andrei tears with his wife and sat down on a chair.
Light stood silently packed up and left, leaving Andrew alone with his thoughts.