Anal masturbation

I'm 16 years Max.
Once I was sitting near the monitor and masturbate. Accidentally touching his anus, I felt extremely pleasant sensation.
And suddenly it struck in the head crazy idea: what if you fuck yourself than or whether in the ass.
I was not gay, so he decided not to seek the active fagot (that he fucked me), and fuck yourself how or whether the subject. My ass has not yet been developed, and I took note. From the beginning, I smeared finger cream and introduced him to the inside. Next came a pen then a pencil for a nose. But I wanted more. Oil cream two fingers, I put them to him in the ass. In the rectum, I felt a piece of feces. We have to do an enema - I thought.
After washing your hands and boil water, I pulled out of the closet the green mug Esmark. After two enemas feces came out almost all. I took a syringe and made two more enemas. Bowel Clean to clean water.
After all this, I stumbled upon the case for a toothbrush. Red, oval, it consisted of two parts are connected in the middle. Just right - I thought. Taking the case and cream, I went to my room. Entering the room, I lay down on the maiden, on her back. Legs wide apart and buttocks, I started to rub his anus cream. My first hole narrowed, but then he relaxed and became general.
Taking a tube of cream I put it to myself in the ass and began to squeeze the contents into the rectum. Pulling the tube I put there first one finger, then two and finally three. After sufficient expansion anus hurt, I smeared cream case and began to slowly enter. It was a little painful. Thrusting his case before the half, I decided to wait until the pain passes. After she passed, I started to drive the subject of nutria in their priests.
The feeling was amazing. My anus was bursting. And when driving case presses against the prostate area, forcing a member to shake. I was lying on his back with his eyes closed and his left hand moved the case. Unable to withstand the strain excitement I grabbed his penis and began to masturbate. I finished three seconds (so I thought). When you orgasm, I closed my eyes and opened his mouth for some reason.
The first jet of sperm hit right there.
Swallowing semen, and she seemed to me nice, I pulled the box out of the anus, and went into the shower.