DuckTales. Part 2

School Saint Konar. 16.55. Dead silence. 16.57. Silence. 16.59. Silence. 17.00. Call. 17.01. The door swings open well-aimed kick. From school bullet imposed Goosen skateboarding. Behind her, behind five meters (fifteen seconds) flies Goga.- Come quickly! - Shouts Goosen, picking up speed and making a wild spurt on the garden bench, and alternately on both sides dorozhki.Goga clearly wants to answer, but he was not out of breath he could barely keep up with Goosen in a straight line. Suddenly Goosen brakes with such force that it knocks the board with stones sparkle track. Gogh, respectively, by inertia flies past another ten meters. Goosen carefully sneaks into the bushes, gently pushing them. Behind the bushes, a small lawn, Zigzag, lifted up her skirt and exposing her ass fucked a young girl, without even taking off his pants. He quickly moved his hips, hands on hidden under light blouse young duck breast, with the usual silly expression on his face. She stood polusognuvshis with information knees, open-mouthed a silent scream. Zigzag Movement slowed, and he finished, repeatedly drove his cock so deep in the vagina close girl that made her moan. Goosen on their bellies crawled out of the bushes. Joined her Gogh said: - What did you see, Goosen - Zigzag - handed Goosen, snatched from the hands of Gogi your board?. - Let's go, Herbert drove past the house, Goosen throws an instant view of the window, and then dives for the bench, catching the collar with Gog and zataskivaya it too!. Pulling from his briefcase a huge pair of binoculars, apply to the eyes. She presses a few buttons, and binoculars produces peak sounds, automatically adjusting to the distance to obekta.- Papin binoculars - Yeah. He now it is still not necessary, it has a date with his lover - Goosen says with undisguised longing, not looking up from the binoculars and inducing it on the window doma.Iz sound-amplifying devices start came the groans, sighs and shouts of familiar voices: - Herbert, faster ! - Honey, do you remember what happened last time - Oh, what a difference! - what happened last time? - Gusena.Goga asked responds adjusting his glasses: - Mama Do not sit two dnya.- Cool - Goosen removed the binoculars back into the bag. - Okay, let's go to my house domoy.Podehav, Goosen opens the door and, without reducing speed, takes off the ladder and dives into his room. Gogh, losing sight of it, too, comes into the room. The door slams shut behind him with such force that he jumps. Goosen with a bang and slam latch catches on krovat.- Come on, get, - says she trebovatelno.Goga opens his briefcase and pulls out a worn voluminous book in red cover with the title "Sex Guide". They sit side by side, Goosen selects the book from Gogi, opens her somewhere, reads: - Phase excitation - a gentle mutual training. At this time, the main significance of touch. In men, the penis is increased and ...- Gogh rectified, and there you have - Sometimes Gusena.A Now you can - Well ... probably net.Gusena browses several pages, viewing images, and, catching the book left hand, right hand holding his stomach, down to the bottom. Under her fingers there is a small red stick. Gogh krasneet.- Well, as you said - not looking up from the book, Goosen said removing ruku.- Look Goosen - Gogh takes the book, opening it in the diagram genitals zhenschiny.- Nothing interesting - Goosen slams the book, prischemlyaya palets.Tut his voice is heard at the bottom of the Black Cloak: - Goosen, you're home Goosen instantly grasps the beak Goge.- probably went for a walk with Goga after school - he says someone to.Dvoe pass from the hallway into the living room, close the door. Goosen made a sign Gogh, and both go down on his toes. Goosen leans to the keyhole. She sees Marisha, beloved black cloak, the great black magician. To her surprise, she was standing in the same pose as the young girl with zigzag. She did not dress, blouse covered only her small breasts. And behind her was a black raincoat, completely naked, and, judging by the vibrations of her body, making love to her. Goosen looked without looking. It seemed that Lady Makabr knows that she spies on her. Suddenly her eyes flashed two stars, and Goosen felt affectionate teplotu.- Gogh - quietly said Goosen, suddenly hoarse voice. - You want me Gogh stopped?. Goosen felt his silent then the reply Zaderey me sviter.Goga slowly performed it, revealing the two hemispheres of her beautiful ass, covered with short soft feathers, and, on its own initiative, began to stroke them gently. Eyes Lady Makabr razgoralis.- now enter into menya.Goga took his segment in the hand and brought him into the pussy Guseny, slowly began to move back and forth faster and faster. Finally, when Goosen felt that he no longer stand the torture hot heat inside, white flame burst from Marisha eye, and the world for Guseny flared and died. When she came to, Marisha already dressed, and a black cloak with a beatific smile lying on divanchike.Gusena approached the Gog and quietly, but audibly, said: - No one slova.- As you say, Goosen, - said Goga.