You ring a door to the apartment and asked the woman to let her call from your phone you let her into the apartment and while she calls you that I saw on TV and turned away.
At this point, the woman closes the door of the castle.
Here she opens his coat and rushes toward you with handcuffs at the same time closing your mouth with his mouth in a moment your hands behind your back in bracelets and at the mouth already pasted adhesive tape.
Under the coat was a man of his penis was not great but dry, he came at you with the power and love manaka of these mixed feelings for your vagina has become very narrow on many woman-man is not able to flick it to keep the vaginal trap but your orgasm slow to come from the depths of the uterus ripple flowed together with a stunning heat from which you led in the ax.

Orgasm lasted about three minutes and you want more and more ...