About Natasha and Lena

This happened a few years ago. We then went to the eleventh grade. Well, everything is clear, and the boys and girls who want sex, and perhaps someone, love.
However, no such manifestations of desire, except it was not easy flirt. Strange of course, but no one in the class "befriended", Well, or just did not show it.
I myself was a crazy one soklassnitsy, it seemed to love, but to report it was in no hurry, even though by soklassnikov heard that and she showed me some interest. Subsequently, after a couple of years, I wrote her a letter in which he told of his feelings quite clearly, and maybe not very true (it was dictated by the fact that I just devoured curiosity, because I did not find out what she thinks about me and whether it thinks). In general, I wrote that I love her (she went to another city, wrote the poet), she said she does not feel anything. Then I called as I was writing a letter it is not entirely clear (so here I am stupid). She said that "Let's be friends" etc., although friends we have never been. How can there be friendship between people of different sexes?
She came to our school class in the eighth or ninth. Somehow I was all on the drum.
Then by chance it happened that we had, and even a pair of soklassnikov left the school in the same direction. And she took me by the arm. I totally did not expect this. I can say, did not know her. In short, I do not handsome or rich, What made it so, I did not understand until now. Well, in general, I liked it. I tried hugged her waist. I thought I made it quite gently, but she abruptly pulled away, and nothing else this has never been between us.
And my passion for it since. Just remember, it was the tenth grade. The first lesson of chemistry on the third floor. I sat in the front row staring at the floor. Suddenly I see is two lovely pretty simply gorgeous legs. I raised my eyes. Ha. Yes, I know her!
Pleasant face, we can say beautiful, intelligent beyond his years, pleasant to talk to. In general, I'm an old soldier, and not for me to say what he wants every man after the teen years of abstinence and the lack of a simple family happiness. I guess I fell in love.
There was an incident. I met her in the hallway of the school. It is something I have said, and looked into her eyes for an answer and just excited. That's how it is sexually aroused when watching a beautiful naked body of a young nymphet, so I was excited from her eyes. This never happened to me, neither before nor after. So. Relationship no we did not work out. I just did not know how to approach her. I wanted her. But I could not imagine how it can be such a beautiful, delicate and fragile just go and fuck. I realized that I could not do it.
Therefore, the point in the development of such a relationship was not simple. Forgive me if you can. It seems that you are bored with the saliva. Now, for those who like it hot. Now I tell how it was (or could be) with another girl in our class. Where does the truth and fantasy begins, guess yourself. So. It was in our class, another (generally there were many, but I will tell you about this) the girl. Her name (and the name is well so far) Elena.
A bit strange. It could be called light sweet brakes, but it is not. She was mentally healthy, just terribly, obscenely shy. It looked all very strange, and she stood out from the rest is that their quality. Nothing else. On the face - well, nothing more. The figure - the main thing is, that is, about breasts and ass, I keep silence.
So. We sit on some settling lesson (incidentally, this is the eleventh class, at recess, I like my pogladyvayu "beloved" spreads her legs while sitting on a chair facing me, just shows his underwear, though it may not just me). The lesson seems to be literature, stupid teacher put me in their subjects three, but it is irrelevant.
A colleague and discuss the latest developments in nanotechnology, well, or is likely to retell anecdotes heard recently. And then I heard a quiet voice interrupted from behind:
- I love you...
Agree, you can not used to and ohrenet. I turn around. I understand someone is. And behave quite like a pig (in ohrenevshy state - can be forgiven). I am a silly grin, mumble something, like you are not the right girl, I'm an old cowboy who rode all the old prairie teepee to the Chinese border, I do not go up. In short I do not remember exactly what, but the rejection is final and irrevocable. Type - sleep it off girl.
A few days later, I realized everything. But it was possible to love, carrots twist, feelings-machustva. Well, it started to drive up (after so many years is not fully restored dialogue and not quite correctly):
- Hi ... I'm sorry that I ...
- What are you talking about?
- Well ... you said ... you know, I, too, something about you think.
It is slightly tense and tells his special way, such as intermittently:
- Do you like me?
- Well yes. Only you're so shy.
She lowered his eyes.
- I like you too. ("That's just what ?!")
Next tedious and uninteresting conversation, in which the end of this "shy" girl is calling me to tea. Tonight after school.
- Come ... parents will not ...
But it does not sound like a hint. It's that I did not hesitate and went. Of course I went.
- Hey.
- Here I am.
Shyness she gradually disappears. She invites me to come. On the table is really tea and sweets. But all this does not seem to be true. No reason. Like, do lessons together, fish feed. And since there is no reason, then one occasion.
She also wants. But she hesitates. I'm asking:
- Are not you afraid?
- What?
- Well ... me.
- And what you fear?
- What if I throw myself on you right now, and rape, we're alone.
- Oh ... I ... maybe ... she want.
I collected and snapped it to me.
Uh-uh. So it will not work. It is very, very shy, but he wants.
- You're so shy. I'm afraid so no one will get pleasure. It is necessary to reduce shyness.
It relaxes:
- But as?
- Well, for starters undress. Absolutely. And put on some robe or something similar.
She goes into the other room. Returns a T-shirt, which almost covers the pubis.
- Well, how? Will?
- Will, climb up on the sofa.
Class. She sits mess of me (I'm on the couch). And not his legs, no. She sits legs apart, and as the tank is very short, I can see everything. Between the legs of hair is not very much. A thin strip of light delicate hairs. But it's still very, very shy. ...
Now something for the final overcoming stiffness. I say:
- Who is going to do everything I tell you. To begin with I want to fuck, and I will do it when I want and with whom they want.
It varies a little bit, then even a little solemn voice said:
- I want to fuck. I'm going to fuck when I want and with whom they want.
I have, as you know, everything is worth it, face red, his ears melted, but I continue to verbal gymnastics:
- Now tell me: I'll take you for a dick, because I like it.
She had said without hesitation:
- I'll take you for a dick, because I like it.
And it begins to rise from the couch. Likely to come to me and do what is just said.
- Wait, is not all - hard to me were given these words, but started to finish.
- Now tell me: caressed my pussy ... So tell me.
She has become like this:
- Caressing my pussy ... language ... lick my pussy.
That's just cool. Where do Miss shyness and modesty. She begins to stroke her hand between her legs. Well, that's a good thing.
- Do you often do that? - I show her hand, which she touches the hair.
- Happenes.
- Tell me ... Do not be shy. In detail.
- I love to do it in the bathtub. First underwater arm stroke pussy. Normally if I shall speak?
- Yes. So be it.
- First underwater stroke. Then one finger pokes a little deeper. Then lift the ass to pussy was above the water and arrange draft, opens the door when no one is home to the breeze blew it. Well ... stroke yourself.
She was a little embarrassed, and so it is quickly finished.
I sat her on the bed and kissed her. She answered. I began stroking her leg, slowly moving his hand up her thigh. Leisurely reached slits. What a pleasant feeling. Soft, warm flesh under your fingers. She slowly melts.
It invites me to undress. He bows hand my penis gently but firmly. Gently stroking, touching his fingers.
All this time our kiss continues. She gets her tongue in my mouth.
Suddenly pulls away and says:
- You could not ... ... lick me.
I put her on the couch, I push the legs. As she is beautiful, fresh, still quite young body. Easy light fuzz covers the sponge.
I clings to her cunt. I caress the tongue. She begins to moan. All ... more
It looks like she enjoyed.
But! She was still shy, who would have thought. And now to the embarrassment, it seems, has increased a sense of guilt:
- What do you, you feel good?
- Yeah, cool. Only you know, I do not have a condom ... You want to ... so ...
- And if anything, I love you too ... tongue ... just do not have a condom ...
God, what a fine fellow. Still, there are still smart girl.
- Of course - I say anticipation.
She leans over me. Take in the arm member, slightly licks the tip. Divinely. Then, apparently emboldened, licking the head. Then he licks the bottom up.
I am quite hoarse voice say:
- Uh-uh ... but where ... then ...
She understands everything:
- Can you right in the mouth.
Ieeee !!! She's a virgin. Or on his brother trained, or what. Where our society is heading. For some time she was doing me a pleasure. Then he went to the bathroom seems to rinse your mouth. This is quite normal, I understand.
Then we were together for a long time caressing each other. Then he went to the shower together. In the shower it was also very nice. I stroked her soapy ass. Penetrating fingers in the crack. He kissed on the lips. I used to love her. As you can imagine sex in the conventional sense, we did not. But she and I were satisfied. We got a little bit of happiness and pleasure. And what you want. Naplyuyte on modesty and fun. After all, life is so little happiness.
Monk Evlampy 2004
If someone recognized himself, do not rush to throw stones at me and hit in the face. I just wanted to figure out that I'm very curious? and I still do not know the answer. Forgive me some details.
I still remember ...