ICQ: true story

PUSHINKA (12:56 AM): where are you gone greeting GORA (12:57 AM):? Yes Us something knocks ... now here the picture is not loaded, your eyes are not pretty vizhuPUSHINKA (12:58 AM): what a pancake should be the do you save a guy nadoGORA (12:58 AM): please save me! I implore! ;-) PUSHINKA (12:59 AM): so where to start ?? perhaps with artificial dyhaniyaGORA (01:00 AM): Well, of course, mouth-to-mouth? : -PPUSHINKA (01:01 AM): So the patient something to hurt you talkative. So breath * pressing his lips to the lips of the dying * GORA (01:02 AM): dying feels a new surge of forces but not in a hurry vyzdoravlivatGORA (01:03 AM): tuk tuk tuk ... heart rhythmically knock .... PUSHINKA (01: 03 AM): We're losing him frantically * rastegivaya pugavitsi on his robe * Here is a pancake with excitement all pereputalaGORA (01:04 AM): from bonogo heartbeat quickens, he quietly opens one eye and peeking in halataPUSHINKA slot (01:05 AM): the nurse begins to make a direct massage serdtsaGORA (01:06 AM): yeah .... direct cardiac massage beautiful breasts elastic 0 is that it is necessary to bolnomuPUSHINKA (01:06 AM): And again eagerly bites into the patient's mouth. Since the patient is not dvigaytesGORA (01:08 AM): Of course not ... move ... why only one small hand cramp and she is a cute ass medsestryPUSHINKA (01:09 AM): pancake do not like me this game. I'm working a funeral agent ;-) GORA (01:09 AM): so what? oposhalit not hurt a bit ... We have not detiGORA (01:10 AM): and the patient - is more alive than dead, and is ready to proceed to a more active deystviyamGORA (01:10 AM):: - [PUSHINKA (01:12 AM) : Wow, well, that's our patient doing ;-) GORA (01:14 AM):? the patient opens his eyes, pulls a sister closer, kissing her tenderly and passionately, his lips do not find a place for himself and leave traces everywhere. his strong hands fall to her hips and n slightly pushing down pressed to his zhivotuPUSHINKA (01:15 AM): at the same time the nurse slips out strong hands and dropping slightly below rastegivat dzhinsyGORA (01:16 AM): ooo .... interesting course .... the patient does not keep sozhet passion, he took a deep breath and leaning on otkidyvatsya nazat rukiPUSHINKA (01:17 AM): nurse rastegnuv slowly pulls the zipper jeans ... and his tongue around pupka..GORA (01:19 AM) : El! Your nurse hot girl. I already have all the shaking, not that of the patient ... Nevertheless - the patient puts his right hand on her head and pawing beautiful red volosyGORA (01:21 AM): a hot tongue !!! PUSHINKA (01:21 AM): reed then down below ... and the nurse pulls prevent it melting .. and she is holding tongue excited flesh ... GORA (01:24 AM): I second that, and I want to say - I ... you .. ., you're so exciting .... his breathing quickens, he leans forward and puts his hand on her gorgeous ass. He squeezes his buttocks and spreads to the sides. view of a beautiful red head on his penis excites neveroyatnoPUSHINKA (01:27 AM): It covers much dick .. lips and begins to gently caress him .. her movements are smooth but at the same time they have a lot of passion .. it releases member and throws her head with mop of long red hair nazadGORA (01:29 AM): he lets her ass. takes two hands lice attracts and kissing passionately. one hand it down Nida - on the chest, stomach, according to the navel, and a small hole. OOOO !!!!! WHAT IT IS WET! My girl PUSHINKA (01:31 AM):! Yeah .... from her breasts moan escapes bliss ... she turns her back on him and gets on koleni..GORA (01:35 AM): Oh, you're my little bitch pohotdiva ... Her ass vypayatilas to meet me, back arched, lips blossomed to meet me. He missed her legs between his hand and stroked zhiaotik, and then began medloenno as if oblivious to the wet and inviting holes Lasa inside her legs. he was like a dog - shaking all over and was ready to leap to it at any time, but the fun is still stretched moment vozyuuzhdalo bolshePUSHINKA (01:36 AM): she could not wait any longer and closer pressed against the erection "Come into me" He said quietly onaGORA (01:39 AM): He put one hand on her back, bent down low to her bed, and the other hand on her beautiful ass. member himself has found his favorite hole .... He did not need outside help. He slid into her pussy softly and gently, moved the second hand on my ass and started to fuck her deeply zachazhivaya dick in her lustful dyrkuPUSHINKA (01:42 AM): she felt a powerful force inside .. felt that is about to explode, he naporaGORA (01 : 44 AM): mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm ........ he planted it at the most .... froze ..... issued a muffled groan ..... finished strongly and violently ... it ass blushed matter how hard he squeezed her ... PUSHINKA (01:45 AM): and she felt such an orgasm if she pierced a number of small needles and her brain just ripped from kayfaGORA (01:46 AM): @} --- * THUMBS UP * ;-) here and so little pampered: -PPUSHINKA (01:46 AM): are you alive ?? GORA (01:47 AM): alive alive !!! and how are you?
: .. Cut (personal communication) ::
GORA (02:12 AM): Patient Ally kissed on the lips, stroked her head, turned and slowly moved away towards the light of the doorway .... PUSHINKA (02:13 AM): I will you all night not to be missed. Nurse kissing client below pupochkaGORA (02:14 AM): At the door he turned and said - you are the most sexy, sweet, seductive and affectionate girl in the world, I will miss you ... it Dorothy povrnulsya door closed THE END