The story of the passenger

We are pressed on the subway on the stretch between the Taganka and China Town. I was driving to work. In his right hand I had a case, and the left habitually protects the solar plexus. You, like all of my women were forty years (28-55). ...-))). It was hot and you were in a light dress, far from plush. You had some flat bag that you held with both hands, bowed before him. Clenched fists defended pubis and bag - knees. Both of us looked like football players lined up in front of the wall breaks free kick, but we somehow turned to face each other. Whistle! Rather knock-closing doors. The train went!
The game has begun. The first thing I felt the smell of sweat. Not selёdochny disgusting smell of unwashed and exhilarating smell of female armpits, for which I am ready to flee, losing his head, as ochumely deer. What there SHaneli and Roshi! Well, I'm sick of them! There is nothing better that natural pheromone. The memory pops Crimea ... I lay on my back under the more gentle and not hot morning sun, I feel your warm hip hip, hand holding your hand, touching and caressing fingers, and the mother, maddening smell ...
The car jerked, I looked up. It seems not a shuttle, - why not pomylas something - I thought? The head bury thoughts of lovers, orgies, hastily escape to work ... the outskirts of this disgusting doggy lust, snapping when they run for one and whining impatiently, waiting to finish another favorite. I drove myself this feeling, but the member is a little strained. I looked up again. View fresh, probably from the country, - I reassured myself. According to easy-shake your fists, involuntarily upёrshihsya me just to fig leaf, I realized that you noticed ... I was overcome by a feeling of unease, you felt it, unclasped his hands and pulled them together with a bag somewhere "into touch". So what? Oh, it's an innocent feminine coquetry!
I began to feel almost all of you. Your breasts lay on my arm, and then it gets merged into delightful touch up to the knees.
The train jerked and rattled at the joints ...
What to do? I barely extricated his left arm and felt a sigh of relief, the wave swept, from the chest to the abdomen. "Full Contact!"
- Are you in Odessa of the breasts does not happen, even bringing, not to mention the beaches and the Opera House! This I said to myself, with a distinctive accent, speaking with his mind's opponent.
We looked in different directions, feeling awkward with each other, and for fear of attracting the attention of others. I looked up again slightly. You, with the indifferent view, looking to the side. Great Neck, a thin gold chain with a cross, a normal summer recess light dresses, almost untouched by last year's tan beautiful, slightly fading skin, perfect shaped valley between her breasts, ending at the top of a small fork, like the letter Y, unobtrusive perfume smell of sweat ... disappeared. You are his "turned off"? He is no longer needed? Mousetrap shut! Or the new formula worked REXON'y? Finally the chest itself is not very big, but this, "how to". Sufficient as Maupassant said to fill a single decent gentleman both hands. And all this to me ?! On it was impossible to watch. I was dizzy, fig leaf would have been out of place ...
The train was rushing too fast ...
I chuvstvvoval each izvilinku your body pressed against me and that's kind of creeps or thrill you covered. What could I do in this distress? I gently pulled the stomach, but you clung to me even stronger. I moved my foot and felt his knee both your legs. Tremors gradually subsided and I felt grateful warmth at the bottom of your stomach ... I felt the gaze and turned your head. Our eyes met for a moment. I do not know, really, what I'm expressed my face, but you're looking at me seriously and, at the same time, gently. I looked away, and suddenly, at the next push of the train, your cheeky round knee, penetrated between my legs, and stayed there, swaying motion. I'm stunned! I wanted to throw this stupid case, hug your ass with both hands, one `hot kiss on your lips ... Sweet mist stirred up my mind, I have no idea where I was and what happened to me, I "floated". Things took a bad turn, this could result in embarrassment for me. I'm twitching like a rabbit caught in the trap, but there it was! You seem enveloped me all over and from all sides, silently moving his hips, and her feet touching nowhere holding hands. As your body stray electrical currents that flowed into me, filling the ineffable bliss. I felt that you drink from me some energy. I wanted it to last forever. But alas - it's impossible!
Now it seemed to me that the train dragged too slow, and I can no longer stand. I looked at you. I think it was a rabbit look at the boa. You smiled, and it seemed to me - something clicked inside of you! It seems nothing has changed. We also were tightly pressed against each other, only slightly changed posture, slowed heart rate, lost heat and electricity ...
"Well, you, Chubais, you give" - I thought I was relieved and felt a thrill for your stomach to laugh. Carried ...
The train slowed down and began to slow down. Instant spark again slipped between us. I realized that "departed" and I was ready to once again plunge into bliss.
"China town"- The right platform. You made her way to the exit. I pleadingly looked into your eyes and for a moment drowned in them. It is sometimes possible, but not all. It is necessary to submit to that dive. And there, or in water, or by, or in the concrete floor. Most often, however, in a haystack or in an empty cardboard box ... But it does not hurt! But when, in fact, drown - nearly orgasmic state!
You turned your back on me. I devoured the eyes of you all! To describe it is impossible, you need to pick up and run! It's not taken away. Ass ideal shape in the form of an inverted heart, slightly "otklyachennaya" ago. Eluding me you playfully pressed her to me. I was again engulfed in a hot wave. Consciousness dizzy again. So we and catch! You do not think I'm a sex maniac or erotomaniac. This happens very rarely. That women are sometimes caught. I told myself to concentrate, had to pull out of the breast pocket of a business card and drop it in your bag unnoticed.
All. We are separated! What can I hope for? Maybe tomorrow, at the same place ...? Or phone? Or E-mail? Oh well! Dreaming is not vredno- you say. And will, as always, right.
I anxiously looked around. Nobody noticed anything. Someone left, someone came. It became a little freer.
"Be careful, the doors are closing. The next station Kuznetsky Most"- he said "iron-aunt Ledyaev"
And you say, a taxi .... There, one's, and is possible to obtain a blowjob! And what is it? -Otstan, Then talk! I now only on the subway and go, the main thing is inexpensive, such as whether Mademoiselle know across ... where there "Moulin rouge" theirs!