So I wanted to feel close to a woman. Touch it, hug. I do not support the corrupt sex, but he did have to think about "campaign money". And in the summer, as it was then, in the subway ride it was just hard - there are so many girls, slender legs, hair, smell when they are standing next to ... is a lot of control, as did everything else in life :). I have not seen her until she stalaprobiratsya to the exit - blonde, with a good figure, nearly full, but not even that: it was not just thin. I stood in front of her on the road with his backpack and moved a little to give her a pass and squeezing it past me somehow sbivchivo began to explain that goes not now but in the next, but just in case ... closer to the exit. ..
- On the next? As bad as I had hoped to spend the rest of the way with you - I was joking.
She smiled.
- If not for the work, I would -otshutilas she went with you.
- And I would go out with you.
- But .. Head strict, then do not let on the doorstep - verses answered the stranger.
- Hmm ... - I thought. We were silent, it seemed only a few seconds.
And then the door opened. She nodded at me, pursing his lips, raised her eyebrows, as if apologizing eyes and came out, immediately hiding in the flow of people, and as soon as she disappeared out of sight, I immediately sensed the anger at himself."Well, you, hell, and well, let's Move," - I said to myself and kerf in the stream of people. I have not seen it on the platform, did not see the escalators, but pushing the crowd and climbed to the exit. Breaking out into the street, I looked around. Vaughn bright head of hair - if you're lucky, it was lucky ... :)
I caught up with her and just went next glancing in her direction. Seeing me, she's funny smorshilas and closed her eyes, then opened them carefully one by one, as if checking - whether she thought.
- Do not disappear, not even ask - I grinned.
- But who do you allow.
- Yeah, even so? It seems I was more fortunate than the owner of a lottery ticket in a million.
- Million? If I'm so expensive, can I get out of this amount, a little cash to buy a kitten? - She said, mimicking the Kid from Carlson.
- Though the two, only the call to work, warn, and then fired, and even one is not enough.
I rang work and said that to feel like the road is so bad that even the back and in general in the coming week is not exactly show up, even if lucky enough to stay alive :). Turning to her he saw that she, too, with someone talking on the phone, I heard only "..da yes Anh yet."
She turned and looked me straight in the eye - "I also decided to walk, but somehow not fair".
I remember that in my mind raced: "Otherwise as a miracle, it is not called".
We met, and wandered around the park for half a day, then dined at some pizza, and then he walked.
In the evening, when I brought it to the house and asked for the phone, she said:
- So you need my phone?
- No, I do not need a hundred years ....
- And why .. - she began.
- I need you, and even if you do not give the phone - I will still come here and hang around on the street, unless you obratisch attention to me.
- You mania to hang around under the windows? And you do not come into the house?
- Are you inviting?
- And what you will pay for the roof over your head? - In her eyes darted sparks.
- I cooked you dinner - I smiled.
- And you're done, I thought immediately begin to offer your body.
- This is optional - I smiled again.
- Let's go, the chef, try your cooking.
But dinner is not reached.
When she took off her shoes, I held the waist:
- In order not to fall - I explained, in answer to her raised eyebrows.
She turned to face me, and I kissed her gently, almost pulling his lips to her lower lip. She closed her eyes and we kissed as if we were kissing except Forbidden to everything else, it lasted until I became a little bite her tongue. She grabbed me by the neck and pressed my lips to his, she pulled that we both nearly collapsed. I pressed her against the wall, her fingers digging into my back, my hands are like a drug addict wandered over her body, I enjoyed her skin, gently kneading her and stroked again. One button, zipper - skirt slid down. Rose pressed her hands with one hand at the top and raised his other hand on chin kissing her neck. I was like a fever, I could not tear myself away from her neck, almost touched his lips, biting and held his tongue. Took off her T-shirt up and immediately opened it, continuing to caress her neck took off her bra and began kissing the back going down, kissing thighs pulled her panties. When I began to gently knead the thigh hands she softly moaned, I continued to knead them and kissed legs, back, she began to moan more and more, while I kiss up and again kissed her neck, at the same time took a condom out of his pocket, rassteglul pants without removing pants not to break away from her and pulling member put a condom on it. She has got his hands back and put her arms around my neck. Unfolding I picked her up - she hugged me with her shapely legs and put his hands on her shoulders. I lifted her higher and began to kiss his chest, enjoying the little slonovatym flavor and softness, the fingers of the right hand, I gently stroked her lips, rubbing the moisture from her pussy. Her head was thrown back so that rested against the wall, occasionally she shook her head, as in a trance, and groaned. Kitty was already very wet and I penetrated her finger inside her making a circular motion, she immediately pressed me to her breast, hard, even breathing became difficult, I wanted her madly, but I tried not to lose control. He pressed her against the wall and the fingers parted her lips as much as possible I slowly lowered her onto his cock. She tried to move it myself, but I'm hard pressed to her lips caressing the wall of her ear.
- Ummmmm - zhaalusta .... please - she breathed.
Continuing to press it against the wall, I slowly put the member and then again gently into her, again gently, but quickly, even more quickly, as I accelerated it ceased to moan, only breathing heavily and clung to me, I pulled it from the wall girl immediately began to help lifting his body with his hands and feet, which she did twine. It is placed on a member at a pace that she needed, like dancing the dance, more and more, she finally cried, I felt like reduced her vagina, but she did not stop, but now it has ceased to rise, but only fidgeted on it trying to sit deeper and moaned. Her weak hands and I pulled her back to the wall. Making a few members of the movement, I leaned toward her and stopped listening to her breathing, and feeling both her and me trickles of sweat trickle. Then I sat down carefully, put it on the floor, holding, and came out of it.
My girl wrapped my hands and wanted to say something, but it seems perdumala or just could not.
- Where's the bed? - I asked.
It is slightly ... gestured toward one of the open doors in the hallway. I raised my hands on his precious burden, and carefully carried into the room, laying on the bed. Sitting beside her, stroking her hair, her eyes were closed, his mouth was slightly open and she periodically licked droplets, who spoke on the upper lip. Just a fairy tale. According to her body ran echoes lights Pass somewhere machines, like her skin flashed and played, it attracted more than hypnosis. I reached for her again, but she stopped me.
- Wait a minute.
With a sigh, he pulled off the condom and went to wash. The splash of water in a person thought that the lottery a million, perhaps turned into a five :) When I came back she was sitting in the dark on the bed cross-legged and smiling.
- Do not waste far away from me, - she said, and patted the bed beside him.
- I'm not going.
She began to undress me dodging my kisses, unbuttoned his shirt, pants and pulled them along with shorts, and then threw me on the bed and pulled all with me, then I sat on my hip. Throwing off his shirt, I finally caught her.
Kissing her lips began to stroke her breasts running his fingers through her nipples, she dug into my mouth and tried to move closer, to cuddle me. Running his hands through her hair, I kissed the face of sometimes returning to his lips, then back down to her chest and became the right hand stroking the nipple, pulling the left from his trouser pocket condom.
- Wait with him - she looked up from my lips.
It took me a condom and put on a veil, and she kissed my chest and stomach dropped to her knees beside the bed. Gently, with your fingertips of both hands she dropped member who was standing almost vertically and also holding sent it into his mouth. This was done so gently that took my breath before her lips wrapped around dick. She slid her lips forward - back, then took out a member of his mouth licked the head, gently at first, then her tongue stiffen and become acute, he touched the tip of the member, I like all the blood out of the body pulled back, I had a feeling that the term has become a stone . She fingers again sent it into his mouth, I watched her lips slide over the penis and could not look away from her lips. She put her head tongue and began to suck harder head, I could no longer stand just like that, I slowly began to descend leaning a hand on the floor and she fell with mo me not letting a member out of his mouth, until I lay down on the head side to her feet. Tepr she just lay there, and I'm a shallow entered her mouth and hand kneaded her ass after a while I lifted her leg and placed it on his forearm, opening access to the tender pussy. At first, I barely touching kissed her lips, then began to pull their tongue, and then began to hold his tongue over the entire pussy, she pressed my head to her the hole and when I took his hand squeezed my legs down. She began to suck intermittently, and then released the cock and moaned. I lifted her leg again and apart, stretching her lips began to lick the clitoris and his tongue around and sometimes penetrating vlagasche. A minute passed, she was already moving towards my tongue continued to press my head to him. She moaned incessantly, and whispered something. Two minutes later she pulled my hand by the hair and pulled him to her.
- I want to - she breathed - I want your cock, I want it.
I turned around, kissed her neck, then leaning on his hands sharply into her, my girl skhatila my hands and barely audibly gasped. Her vagina was wet I just began to enter rapidly and deeply.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes .. - she burst prikazhdom jerk, I began to push after each stay there a few times and pushing member, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible, we have not made love, I fucked her so much and quickly as he could, she did not move, just moved apart legs wider and wider, opening to meet my cock, gasping for air and the soft moans, interrupted my movements, excited me crazy, I continued to fuck her hole with long movements, so it went until it not reached out his arms and pressed my ass to him groaned, her stomach muscles clenched, and my cock squeezed her vagina. I kissed her breasts, until she opened her eyes.
- M-mmmmmmm - she licked her lips.
- So you want more?
She did not have time to answer. I lifted her hands and placed them on the bed into her from behind. She lowered her head between hands, her body is tired, but the vagina was wet and very hot. I grabbed her ass and pushed onto the penis, moving to a meeting, enjoying her moans became deeply and began to make a circular motion member. She pulled herself with one hand on his chest, pulling the nipple, then I decided to add a sensation and became bent to massage her clit, she moaned.
- Stronger, stronger same - she demanded.
I began to go to its full length, continuing to massage her clit with the thumb of the other hand began to caress her other hole. She bent and releasing the chest with both hands put her to bed.
- Stronger ... stronger ... well ... more
I grabbed her hips and began to literally pull on his penis, then one arm on the buttock perdvinul and squeezing it and pulling intesivnost continued to rush into it.
- Uh, yeah, stronger, I proshuu ...
She began to rise slightly on tiptoes to penetrate the bottom member in the up, I sat down a little bit and became a member of the rub on the clitoris with every movement, and I massaged her anus with a finger gently hung it. She moaned loudly, I just could not fucking her faster, but she asked:
- Faster ... silneee-ah-ah-ah ...
Then I began to straighten slightly pulling it upwards with a finger in her ass, it got to be her on tiptoes as high as she could, continuing to enter it from the bottom up, I was one foot on the bed, and quickened the pace, she barely stayed but the tension only closer her orgasm, she fell on the bed, slipping from my penis, I sat down behind her, pressing her body, made some strong moves and finished in her vagina contracting.
- It was unusual - I do not remember who said it - me or her.
The next evening, I called at her door. When she opened it, I was happy, because she was happy.
I gave her a kitten.