Their names Sergei and Vladimir, two twin brother. Their mother died when they were 8 years old, she was hit by a car. His father left the family soon after the birth. Further education of boys, took the uncle and aunt. Since their family was far from prosperous, the boys were most of their time on their own. Their childhood passed in the working colony on the outskirts of the city, where he lived contingent akin to their aunt and uncle. The boys were almost all the time on the street, fighting with "enemies" from other quarters, to earn their livelihood fishing uncomplicated.
In a short time, life became unbearable. Uncle constantly beat them, my aunt was always drunk, the guys decided to leave the family waiting room. It is said, done, and the two brothers left the village. For a while they lived on the streets, then they are lucky, and they were able to get to the construction worker. Gradually they began to mend. They helped to acquire a good specialty, their bodies become stronger and overgrown muscles. Not a single droplet of excess weight. Soon both brothers enrolled in vocational schools, study at builders, working in the construction crew, received a good allowance from the state, able to rent a two-bedroom apartment.
Both slept in one bedroom, there was a double bed. Once, when the two brothers went to bed, Sergei suddenly felt tingling in eggs, more than a month he could not masturbate because they Volodya were together almost all the time almost no parting. Ever since that time, they lived with his uncle and aunt, both brothers several times fucked with the girls in their backyard. it was now seventeen years old and had sex with them fifteen years. Both of them masturbate in secret from each other, because they considered it a shameful occupation. But now Sergei could no longer tolerate eggs just started to ache a bit, it was necessary to urgently masturbate. As luck would have Volodya long sleep and turned on the spot. Gradually, Sergey and not waiting until fall asleep brother suddenly fell asleep himself. Two brothers slept without underwear, because it was summer and the weather was quite hot. He woke up from the creaking bed and noisy breathing Volodya. Lifting her head, Sergei saw that Vladimir closed his eyes furiously jerking his 17 inch cock. Its large eggs were pulled to the base member, and perhaps he would soon finish, especially since all his movements were accelerated. Sergey has decided not to interfere with his brother. After twenty seconds, Vladimir grunted and finished rapidly. Since his blanket was put back as it was hot, there is nothing to prevent sprayed his sperm. Volodya so violently pulled his penis and sperm spray whipped so hard that few were Sergei chest, causing his cock started to get up suddenly just jumped and just froze. Volodya, still with his eyes closed, breathing heavily lying on her back. His muscular chest heaving up and down. Sergei wanted to improve his penis, which prevented him from stealthily watch Volodya, but from an unexpected touch to his overexcited body finished himself, not less rapidly than Volodya. But as he was under the covers, his semen remained within his side of the bed. But it has spread a blanket on a large wet spot. But Sergei did not care, he slept like a log.
In the morning, the room smelled of sperm. Waking Volodya thought it traces its "work"But looking at the sleeping brother, he saw traces of stain on the bed. He'd guessed that Sergei is also fingering, but first got solid evidence of this, as well as Sergei. Soon woke Sergei, washed two brothers had breakfast and went to work.
All day before the eyes of Sergei was a picture of his brother furiously fingering. By the end of the day, he realized that he wanted this term, he wants to masturbate him, to suck, to be fucked them. These thoughts terrified him, Sergey tried to drive them away, but they chased him into the night.
In the evening, Sergei quickly undressed and went to bed. Behind him lay Volodya. Sergei woke in the night before from the creaking of the bed. Volodya was just beginning to masturbate, but his penis was the most intense. Sergei member immediately jumped all its 18 cm For a while he watched as Vladimir fingering, and then deciding to suddenly put his hand on him and said Volodin.:
- I want to suck you!
Volodya at that time did not care who is in front of him. The main thing - he was offered sex, and he immediately agreed.
Sergei leaned toward his swollen head, a few seconds he saw Volodin, a member, then took his hand and slightly pulling the skin with head wrapped his lips. Volodya groaned and sat up on his back made his hips moving forward forcing his big dick in her mouth to his brother. Sergei knew what wants from him, Volodya, and began to suck his cock deep. Volodya only moaned, enjoying the. that his brother had done to him. After a while, he groaned slightly stronger and arched arc began to finish his brother right in his mouth, deep thrusting his penis. Sergei swallowed whip in his mouth sperm from a member of his brother, it was a lot of first time Volodya did blow, and not with someone and brother, so that his excitement was several times stronger than usual. Volodya had finished, but his cock was not a bit lost its hardness. Volodya wanted something else. The solution came by itself.
- I want to fuck you!
- What, I do not fagot!
- You just sucked for me, and even swallowed all the sperm, so that you are the natural fagot! In general so, cup your ass, and I'm with you all stop talking, and even lo tell you that my brother and pidaras cocksucker.
Sergei nothing to do, especially since he himself wanted to try a whole range of sensations. He silently rose to his knees and turned to Volodya back, resting his hands on the bed. Volodya stood up from behind and put his dick in the ass brother gently pressed on her. member head start push through forward delivering the most unbearable pain Sergey, from which he groaned:
- It hurts, damn, pulled dick!
Volodya pulled his body excited, but did not give up the idea, he took the nightstand cream, finger struck him on the anus brother and made a second attempt to get inside, this time successful. A member of a well-oiled jerks flew Sergei ass forcing him to gasp painfully. Volodia embraced an incredible feeling - his penis from all sides hugged hot slippery flesh, which is hugged him, then let go, and there was much more closely than at any pussy girls. From engulfed his pleasure he could only smateritsya:
- Blyayaaaad! You are not an ass and pussy is the best !!!
And with the force began to fuck brother, from which he only moaned. After a few minutes an intense sex, he finished right in the ass, Sergei, not removing his penis. Sergei felt as he shoots in the intestinal wall tight jet of sperm, from thick and long member brother, who is also still massaging his prostate. From these experiences, he could not resist much finished without touching his penis. The muscles of the anus involuntarily began to decline, helping to push out the sperm and thus give a lot of pleasure to Volodya, who had not yet pulled out of his brother's cock. Then Volodya pulled her to him and kissed him Sergei passionately on the lips, running it with one hand in her hair and stroking them. They kissed for about five minutes, after which both fell asleep hugging. The morning began with both hot and passionate sex. Volodya is so fucking Sergei liked that in the morning he came to him in the ass ... about three times, and the fourth, Sergey he sucked.
On this day children do not go to work immediately after school they went home and fucked up as long as Sergei did not start whining ass. In total, it took them about five hours ...

And in front of them waiting for unforgettable moments of pleasure ...