Sweet languor

At the time of repair in our apartment, my husband and I to her parents invited him to live and we are happy to agree. Hospitable svёkry gave us a spacious room in which we are located.
My husband occasionally goes on business trips, in-law works in the hospital and in-law, with his small company is constantly lost in the office.
The day after returning from work, I felt tired, exhausted and decided to go to bed early, especially since her husband went back to work in another city, and the evening was going to be boring.
Because of covered me tired I fell asleep very quickly ... I was dreaming, as some clearing in the forest I had sex with her husband, and not controlling myself, I shoved his hand between the legs and began to fondle himself a finger, from which my girl much moistened. Through the voluptuous dream, I felt like someone's strong hands confidently pushing my feet as my hand take away from my girls and begin to lick my fingers, licking them with my wine desires. Then, gentle light showered kisses on the inside of the thighs.
Outside the window it was already late at night and in the room - the outer darkness. I decided that the trip was canceled my husband and I relaxed, still staying in a sweet half-sleep, half in reality ...
His cool wet tongue began to caress my long been wet girl polizyvat busy and suck the clitoris, tongue dive into the hole again to lick again in the hole.
Ah ... how well ... I could not keep quiet moans, hands I caressed her large breasts, rubbing and squeezing her nipples between fingers and moved toward the playful tongue. He began to cover my body with kisses, climbing higher. Kissed tummy tickled tongue navel, he began passionately licking his chest, while he wielded his finger between my legs, feeling them vaginal wall and thumb noticeably massaged my clitoris rather big. All the weight falls on me and puts a member of my wet hole. At last! I'm sick of desire and I can not help myself:
- Come to me, fuck! I finally want to feel your thick cock in itself! ...
Slowly, he held a wet thick head on the lips, pressed down, and began to enter into me and squeezed my fingers wet klitorok. I felt his thick trunk parted the narrow stenochki my vagina and this feeling start to finish, frantically clutching a girl his penis. He put his hands under my ass hoarse voice excitation whispered in my ear:
- I recently wanted to fuck you, baby ... And abruptly pushed me his friend on the eggs and aggressively moved his butt between my legs, pushing my ass to meet the language fluttered around excited nipples, sucking and biting him.
These words said, no one else like my father in law! The man, who was lying on me and vigorously fucking wet crack is not her husband, and my 56 year old father in law!
Oh my God! - I tried to push, stretch your hands on his hairy chest.
- Uncle Mike ... - I barely squeezed out of myself ... But then it even more nalёg at me, her lips clung to mine, his tongue in my mouth and began to kiss passionately, with rapid jerky movements began even faster to drive me your number, "kissing" me its end in the womb from which I started, simply leave. In-law began to make sounds similar to the male growl. Squish this wild jumps and slaps his powerful egg on my ass filled the room, and I'm loud groan start to finish, shaking and writhing beneath him. Wave after wave covered me, exploding in the abdomen, spreading throughout the body to the fingertips. My stormy orgasm sperm caused a splash and a loud groan svёkra low. From bright orgasm I lost consciousness, fell into a deep abyss of sweet.
To be continued...
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