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Two weeks after our contract, to say what he said sometimes will happen that he fucked me every day. I'm not angry, I started to like it and I began to take pleasure even already finished it, I was with him at the top. Before it lost all shame when he had finished his stomach while sometime after this second not per se but rather it was passed. By the way, I finished the first time the life and not from the fact that the jerk off or fuck someone that well from what I had that fucked me but when you consider that I have been to the top and doing all I do not know who will win.
Then I completely felt like a girl. And here again I undress me well but it proposes to take in her mouth, I refused to say that do not want to be thought that he would insist but he said then lie down when you want to say. When he had finished the doorbell rang, I did not have time to wear shorts and pants just threw it quickly put on pants and went to open the door. There was his friend and classmate from the neighboring Valery - entrance. He came at home, their friendship must allow such behavior.
I was sitting on the sofa but nothing had happened Valery sat in a chair greeted me and I decided to go to the toilet because it felt that the priests flowed sperm that I have just received. When I was almost out of the room then Valery shouted to - choose the rear, stop! that you have in the back pants wet priests like semen, I blushed and did not know what to do, he called me to ask what we were doing until now. And then he said that Oleg and wet after the heavy-th physical truda.Tak you guy here Oleg ass expose I poured thirty to say that's not what he thinks, but he then when the panel has not persuaded that his Oleg asked that he not who, not what is not said Valery agreed but on the condition that he gave me, too, will be in the ass, Oleg looked at me and said that I had no way out I myself understood but I was ready for all the main thing that my secret was left in the room, and I agreed only asked Oleg that he left the room so that did not look like I'll have Valera ibat.
Before Valery and I again began to hesitate to lay down on the sofa and section pants with shorts just so his knees and lay down even though there is behind. He climbed on me joyful to unbutton pants said that I have to choose a good ass like a girl, and he understands why it ibat Oleg decided not to someone does not share. Since I only Oleg raped and not even all with fine ass emerged Valery did not smear something and immediately started having fun. But then I felt that my ass was not a member of Oleg and almost my fist and when he put his head I have more pain than when I had the first time with Oleg, remembering how I taught Oleg expand legs I would like -Make but prevented pants and when he was still a little stuck ja began to cry and took his hand to his penis and he was afraid that I will break everything asked so he pulled out. He pulled out and said that in any case I do not want this someone knew I had to do it so that he finished and offered me to take by mouth.
Nowhere was no where and have his cock was in my face, he grabbed me by the ears brought me to the penis so that he leaned into my mouth and when I opened the little mouth he himself made a road in the mouth Here Oleg belatedly came in and having to ask why I I cry after seeing this presentation Valery asked how he succeeded so quickly and that he tried, and I refused to Valera jokingly said to the girls must have a campaign ,. Oleg likely that from what he saw was excited because it offered me a lift the ass because he is behind me, I dutifully did so. And I ibut rhythmically in both holes I choke member Valera himself stronger punches way to my throat and behind me skewer Oleg because he wants on his penis. And Valera keeps me even more by the ears shoving it ends I do not what is in the mouth and throat so that even a surge of sperm I can not so all went into the stomach and out of the mouth flowing down his chin and the other portion of the flow of vitamins in the ass. Valera removing my head from its members saw that my face all in the semen gave my panties reminded Oleg then wiped take maces and wiped his face-in, and I congratulate you with a new name Vafler. Though it pleases that I was the first in the mouth instead of Oleg. I got up and ran to the toilet when he returned Valera said that this will not work, Oleg had me in the ass and he did not say that I completely undressed and got cancer. Nowhere it was not much and not for longer than lose any that was not other than to let us know in the Throne, and all let them do what they want but that is not who did not speak. But worried as a club can not be called otherwise would go into my ass. I got cancer and Valera when pushed into the interior of a pain it was no longer probably because standing and Oleg said that the long waits that I made him a blowjob.
I became interested in sucking did not notice when and Valeryn cock was already fully in my ass. Valera kept his word but was constantly in our entertainment with Oleg and his cock was not for me so scary as before the only thing they are constantly arguing who would be the first in my ass because if it happens Valera after this second Oleg said that his penis I have the pope as a pencil in stakane.A me it was good that one that with a second so I did not climb the conversation, even when saying something they were saying that I should shut his mouth because the word did not allow roosters. When we visited three of them called me as they wanted but when somewhere else and if there is someone visited only by name and still in school support were given, took care of his little girl.