The first experience of "Jeanne"

Last summer, the Pope came to the birthday brother, whom
name is Eugene. He was 32 years old, he is a bachelor. Handsome, athletic, cheerful. On the occasion of the birthday gala dinner was organized.
It all ended in the late evening. The guests dispersed, and brother of Pope asked to remain, they say, have not seen, and all that. It was two in the morning, we began to go to sleep. For uncle sleeper was organized in my room, so as much as there was nowhere. I was restless excitement.
Why? Because in the 14 years I have been in the south. My parents lived in a small private house. In another room lived a guy with a girl. The fact that in the south of the problems with housing for tourists, so the owners rent a house for several families. In principle, we do not interfere with the neighbors, and we do not interfere with them, especially since our room was on the second floor and a neighbor on the ground.
I could not sleep that night (as if on purpose!). I lay there and could not
fall asleep. "It seems that the dream has decided not to visit me today" - I thought, and
I went to get some fresh air on the balcony. I must say that in this house had a balcony in each room. It was warm, even hot, so at night all the windows and doors were open. I was watching the city at night, when he heard some groans came from the first floor. These sounds are initiated me because I have been very similar to the girls from the moans porn. Honestly, I've never seen how they make love live only in the movies. I was curious to watch it, and I left the room and went to the next door.
A latch was hard to see what is happening inside. I put on his boots and went outside. All windows, which were on the first floor, were discovered. Near one of them were some boxes. I climbed up on them, so was able to pry the scene. Since the southern night is very dark, then I noticed it was almost impossible.
And I saw the following: The inside of the room night lamp was burning on the floor lay clothes: skirt, bra, T-shirt, high-heeled shoes. On the bed lay a man, and on top, in a pose rider, his girlfriend. She rhythmically skewer her ass on his cock. Each entry was accompanied by a slap: this girl buttocks strike the guy hip. When a member is fully entered into, the girl began to moan. Bed rhythmically swaying. From everything seen so I was excited that I wanted right in front of the window to start masturbating. But I decided to wait until the end. A few minutes later she stopped.
-Fuck me, I'm a cancer - she said and got off the bed. When
she stood up to his full height, I was finally able to see her. The figure was
matchless, firm buttocks, slender legs, which is very good
looking flesh-colored stockings. The only thing she had was a small
chest, or rather it is generally absent. Still, she looked very beautiful. The guy got out of bed and walked over to her. They kissed.
She knelt down and put the ass, and here I saw that it was
not a girl. She was a member between his legs. From surprise I almost
I cried, but stopped in time. The guy came back and stuck a member of her anus. She sighed contentedly. He began to fuck her every
push accelerating pace. This went on for several minutes. Then he
has stopped. After removing the condom, he took a small glass and began to
finish. "Girl," at this time masturbating. The boy gave her a glass,
inside of which it has been his sperm, and "she" is also to finished. As a result, the glass was filled almost to the top with sperm.
The guy took the camera and said: "Come on, Olga, do it!". "Girl" taking a very erotic posture, slowly began to drink the contents. And she drank! After that she went to the bathroom. She returned already dressed. She was beautiful thong panties and bra. They kissed, turned off the light and went to sleep. It was two o'clock in the morning.
What I saw shocked me. I heard about gays, but they were not
like them. So who are they? In the morning I went to the beach with their parents. While I was sunbathing in the summer sun, I thought about what she feels when her fuck? Once the guy (or girl?) So satisfied sigh and groan even when he thrust member in the rear opening of a full-length, then apparently it was very nice.
I decided that this special night will not sleep, but see to them. In the evening, at eleven o'clock, we went to bed. Ten minutes later, the parents slept. I quietly got up and went into the corridor. There have already been pre-prepared clothes and shoes. Going down the stairs, I went to a neighbor's door. It was locked. Once outside, I began to prepare a place from which it would be possible to spy. I put the boxes next to all windows, including near the shower, although put a box there was not easy. It only remained to wait. I walked over to the fence and started to watch the gate.
We had to wait for long. The gate opened and a guy came to the familiar "girl." They entered the house, and after a few minutes of light light up in their room. I went to the window, but saw only a Man and his "woman", apparently, was in the bathroom. I had a look and there. In fact, she was there. There I saw a man reincarnated in a woman. Before him were neatly laid out stockings, panties, cosmetics. I watched as he dresses in the clothes, how does a lipstick. Then she stepped back from the window and were heard postanyvaniya that just drove me crazy.
At this point, the first time I wanted to change into a woman. The next day, telling parents that I'm tired of sunbathing, I went
home. There I got from my mother's linen bag and began to try it. Me
I am very excited. I wanted to masturbate. When he had finished, I was dressed in a man's
clothes. I went to the balcony. On the neighboring dried malyusinkie Thong,
bras, skirt. It made me excited again. I wanted to try these, pink panties. We left two days later. I promised myself that if possible, it will certainly take these panties. And so it happened.
Even at home, standing in front of a mirror, I tried it on clothes. Fair
said it looked to me very well. By nature I
little hair on the legs and arms, and as for the waist, it was quite
female. So from - quite sexy girl. seen on
south, pushed me to anal sex. I deprived myself anal
virginity handle of a screwdriver. After that, I can only call
feminine. So my name is Mike, but it would be more accurate to call me Joan.
In just a few months, I remeasure all the things my mother and I bought myself
several sets of his own underwear and a wig. When parents are absent, I put on all the female things slowly began to be taken away, gradually raised, and then took a screwdriver (the same one that has deprived himself "virginity") and, at the same time masturbating and fucking herself in the ass for 10 minutes finished, spraying sperm itself. It's just great!
Now you should be clear why I'm so worried when my uncle went to sleep in my room. From the moment when I otimeli itself, I dreamed about this cock. But I did not know how to say this about him. He could not understand me and tell all parents. Then I decided to do this: I turned on porn, which was on my
computer. Noticing this, he asked:
-You parents are allowed to watch this?
-I look at it a long time ago, but the opinion of the parents does not bother me.
At this time, the on-screen guy fucked the girl in the ass. Uncle sat down.
A few minutes we stared at what is happening on the screen.
-You are what is included? - he asked. - You know, I have not had
women. So switch off and do not turn me on it.
-Have you ever seen it? - I said, and showed him the photo
transsexual. The first image was, apparently, ordinary girl ...,
that is, with each new image, gradually being revealed. When it
panties were alone, I asked, "Well, what do you say?"
-Ordinary girl - he said.
And then I turn on the next photo, where it is known that the between the legs. Uncle was surprised.
-What is it? - Hardly he said.
-It trances. - I replied. Then I began to twist him all his
gallery, where shemales are in the mouth and ass in every conceivable
poses. These pictures I downloaded a long time, every week I
there were new.
-Why do you need it?
-Then what I do is the same. Yes, I mean the boy, but I want to be a woman. I want to experience it. I know that you have not had a girlfriend.
You need to be discharged. And I will not rest until you try it. I do not know what happened to him, but he agreed.
-If you want it, then I'll be satisfied. Only we will need
- I have everything.
I went to prepare. The first thing I washed the anus. After I took a shower.
It was late, everything in the house was asleep, except for me and uncle. Using the fact that my mother sleeping in a completely different part of the apartment, I make up lipstick, powder, wearing a wig made in advance. The door leading into my room, I closed on the lock. While Jack watched porn transsexuals, I wore stockings with elastic bands, thongs, bras (although breast-what not), a skirt, not reaching to the knees.
-I'm ready, Genia. - I whispered. When he saw me, it was clear that I had made on him very good impression. He came to me, but did not know how to start. Then I began to stroke it in his pants area. His cock grew in size, I myself was also very excited. He grabbed me by the waist and began to stroke the pope. Slowly I began to take off my skirt.
When she heard a little hit the floor, I moved away from him to
he could see me. I even turned in front of him, showing his
slim figure and very delicious ass. My cock every second
increasingly strained, but he was pinned down, so it was not
markedly. I looked at her lover. My eyes seemed to say:
"Come on! take me!". I went up to him and turned and leaned against
his cock booty.
-Call me Jeanne - I said, and slipped his hand into his pants. Then I
knelt down and began to unbutton his fly on his jeans. Later with his pants, his "fun gun" turned out to be at the level of my mouth. I grabbed his hand and began to slowly poddrachivat it. The language began to
lick the head. Then I plunged it into his mouth. Finally came true
dream! I suck as a slut! I satisfy a man! I sit down my mouth on his trunk. Nothing pleasant I have not experienced. I felt the taste of his body.
Ten minutes seemed one moment.
-I want to fuck you in the ass. - Eugene said.
I got up. At this time he became bolder. Eugene took me by the waist and held her close. We kissed. At this time, he undid her bra. For me there were only a thong and stockings. He carefully took off my panties,
freeing my erection.
-Lie down on the bed and spread your legs.
I obediently lay down and spread her legs. It would be desirable that it is not obstructed. He began to lick my ass. He worked not only language, but also a finger,
he sometimes stuck in me. It was very nice. He developed my hole. This was important, because his penis was a lot more of those things that I had myself. Jack put my legs on his shoulders and brought member. At first it was painful, but after a minute the pain subsided.
Amazing ease filled body. Member moving in me, bringing
great pleasure. When he fucked me, I remembered that night,
that changed me. I just wanted to try a pose rider. I offered him. He lay on his back, and I'm giving him the dignity of my ass, I sat on top, pressing her hips to him. I
He became a "jump" on the penis. It was just crazy! He held my
buttocks, and I clung to his hairy chest. My cock was so
stress that the slightest touch would lead to ejaculation. I told my wife about it.
-Go Stop, then continue. - He said.
But I did not go anywhere. I picked up the cup, which accidentally
Once inside the room, and I finished it.
-Since I got up, then let's try a different pose - I said,
cancer bent. He got out of bed and grabbed my waist abruptly
planted on his dick. And we started to fuck again. My ass is already accustomed to the size of its "hammer", so I'm moving to the beat of his movements. When Jack entered into me, he almost growled with pleasure, in other matters as I do. We were very pleased.
Next position was this: he sat down on a chair, I sat down on it,
more precisely on his cock. Eugene left hand pulled me to him, and took the right
the buttocks. I began to raise his body to Zhenya member entered the
full length. This position I liked the most.
Soon came the least pleasant moment: he must finish at me. I
kneeling. Again suck his cock. At any time he can finish.
While I do blow, how often I feel his heart beating. Eugene sharply
He takes the dick out of my mouth and very quickly starts to masturbate. I open
mouth and sticks out his tongue. Five hot jets erupt from it. Three of them fall on the tongue, two lips. Here it is the most difficult moment. I
I swallow his semen. The strange taste of semen. She is sweet and bitter, and viscous. But I liked it. I contentedly licked her leftovers.
Uncle picked up a glass, which I had finished, and said:
-Open your mouth.
I opened it, and all the contents, he began to pour into the language. But I did not want her to swallow my sperm because I did not like. I spit it and began to spread throughout the body.
-Well, Joan, you liked it?
-That was awesome! - I said, continuing to spread the sperm on
We fell asleep. What happened was unforgettable!