Chocolate Bunny: the first time with Olga

I was always interesting to listen to stories, my friends have lost their innocence and they robbed of their innocence someone. Today I will tell you a story that happened to my brother.
I have a brother Ruslan, he ... black, or rather half-breed. My parents could not get to conceive a child. I do not know the reason for this, but it is not so important. My mother Svetlana working in the orphanage head. Then one day they received a child. Beautiful a baby - a half-breed. About him we know only that his mother was studying with his dad in the Peoples' Friendship University. My mother was Russian and lived in Moscow, and my father was a Negro-African and only studied in Moscow. The story is banal. African seduced girl, gave her the child, and not survival rates, rushed to him to Africa. Well, in general, the girl gave birth to a boy, and handed over to the orphanage - did not want to burden themselves nothing more, and even more so a little negro. The boy was named Ruslan, and he stayed in the orphanage. My mother somehow become attached to this boy, and when he first said the word "Mama", It is my mother stood before him. Svetlana decided that it was God's sign and, after consulting with his father, adopted baby. Relatives for such an eventuality treated with understanding, and friends were a little bit shocked, well, nothing, are accustomed. A year later, a miracle happened, and I was born. We Ruslan were more than brothers, we were best friends. He told me all your secrets, and I told him, too. In elementary school, we had to endure a lot of questions from classmates, like why I'm white, and it chocolate? Some of us simply exasperated, and later, when my brother and I began to visit the karate section and simultaneously swing - all the questions at once ceased. Teachers were very fond of my brother, because he was always polite and was a good student, I however, also graduated from high school without a triple, but my behavior is forced to be desired. When there was a story that I tell you, my brother Ruslan was nineteen years old. My brother was already under two meters tall with a pile of muscles, it was never as black as ebony, and he had some brownish, like strong tanned in the sun, in general, as they say chocolate, beautiful couple faces.
One day my grandmother with a neighbor - Aunt Oksana went to a sanatorium. Grandma asked to stay with her until she returns Ruslana. He agreed, all - still 24 days home in his disposal. As time was July and go to university it was not necessary. He moved to the private house to his grandmother. He has been an important reason to move there. He loved the daughter of Aunt Olga Oksana.
Olga was a brown-haired fifteen with curly hair and large, expressive brown eyes. This ball is very thin, a little girl rising darn cute in the face, on the face near the nose were a little freckles, and even she had full lips and began "fill"Like fruit chest.
She also liked Ruslan, whom she often saw the grandmother, but to deal with him as a closer ... "Hi Bye" not necessary. It seemed he by some miracle, because it is for his life, had never seen a Negro "live". Ruslan went to live with his grandmother and grandmother also gave Ole a spare key to the house because I was afraid - suddenly it Rusik forget to feed the fish (for old women were as wealth). Olenka at any time come home to her grandmother, of course, there was always Rusya. They become better acquainted. Olga brought Ruslan various goodies, which he did itself. Ruslan took various comedies at the box office and watched them with a girl. She began visiting him frequently, and what to do - best friend had gone to rest at sea, and the house lay constantly drunk father.
"God knows how I like it" - Ruslan told me, and she was behaving childishly. That will take and begin to correct their panties through dress that "climbed" between the buttocks, then he sits with legs apart, shining their panties in flower. It could be assumed that the girl is doing specifically to "make" it, but it was vryat. She probably does not know that it is almost ripe body can do with a man. Ruslan believed that matured only the body, but at heart she is still a child. He was sure that she did not know what lust, excitement, but Olga had already experienced similar feelings for him. She wanted to be standing next to him, and when she was near, it attracted the smell coming from the big, strong body of Ruslan. This smell is caused in it, not driven before feeling some - it is not clear the heat began to spread at the bottom of her stomach. She wanted to kiss him, both in the Brazilian and Argentine television series that she did not miss.
One day, Ruslan has luxuriated in bed when he heard the door open. He threw off his blanket and pretended to be asleep. Olga came in, she brought a cake that speckle. Olga was in a light, yellow, very brief sarafan, which is so cool sitting on it. By putting the cake in the kitchen, she went into the room where the phone was. She had to call her friend, find another recipe. The room is not free Olya looked into the bedroom where he slept Ruslan. Because there was no room in the room door. Olga saw that Ruslan asleep, came closer. She began to consider it. Before her lay Ruslan. She looked at his body. It was huge and it was absent scalp, only the navel was a path of black hair under the elastic of his underpants. Swim Ruslan snug something big that frightened Olga, but she continued to stare curiously at the mound. Olga, for some strange reason, she, gripped the heat in the lower abdomen. From the beginning of her virgin pussy oozing moisture directly in the panties. Olga was afraid that departed from Rusik and started trying to call friends, nervously pulling a pen in their hands. Suddenly she dropped it under the bed, standing in the hall. Ruslan meanwhile, opening his eyes, watching the girl who crawled under the bed for the handle. He saw that the girl crawled under the bed to half of his back, sarafanchik rode up, caught in the wall of the bed, and gaze guy appeared a little ass, covered with cloth panties. One side got off panties "in a heap" and I ran between the buttocks girls, thereby exposing one of the buttock of Olga and the other buttock remained covered with a cloth. On the bare buttock Ruslan saw a small birthmark spot, which was in the shape of a heart.
Just below the buttocks, he saw that the girl's panties moistened cloth. She could not get his pen, appetizing buttocks wiggling from side to side. Looking incredibly excited this picture - its chocolate body has never been such a long and thick. The skin on the head for a long time had rolled under it. The head of the flesh beginning to exude cloudy lubricant drops. In general, my friend Russ has long pushed the panty elastic and rushed outside to re-enter somewhere inside. Ruslan, lost his head and without thinking about the consequences, took off his pants, walked up to the girl, knelt down and pulled off her panties. Now Ruslan saw completely naked ass and pink folds of the vagina girl. Olga, not knowing what was happening, began moving backwards, trying to get out from under the bed, but Ruslan would not let her do it. He threw up his hand and folds her womb, putting them head began to enter the body of the girl. The vagina is incredibly widened, rather, it has expanded a powerful battering ram boys.
"What are you doing Ruslan? Do not!!!" - I cried the girl, not knowing anything of her wish.
"Be patient, Zainka !!! Soon you will be pleased" - Ruslan Woman soothed.
And a member of Russia rested on the hymen Olenka. Ruslan was incredibly proud that he will be the first man from Oli and it was his, it will remember for a lifetime, it is well known that ... his first man, a girl never forgets.
"Olenka, now I'll make you a little sick" - Said the girl Ruslan and his head touching the inside plenochki girls like to kiss her with his tip, he rushed into previously impenetrable depths.
"Ah-ah-ah-ah !!!" - Olga cried, felt pain in his body.
Ruslan continued to enter the girl while his penis is not reached the limit. Then he started to leave, and then again push into the heart of Olenka. Ruslan Gradually increase the pace of his thrusts. Olga insides literally everything burned, burning the flesh of Man. Olenka at this time for the first time felt a something big and solid, which delivered her first pain, and now gradually beginning to cause pleasant sensations. And only the inconvenience of the fact that it rested against the back wall of the bed, which she pressed a little upset girl. Soon she began to groan under the caresses of Man. A Ruslan also not restrain their moaning and groaning with every movement inside Olga.
How many girls Ruslan pereimel for their years - of different nationalities and ages, count them was impossible. Many ladies like to try the black guy, and he, a black guy, in turn, wanted to try many ladies. Rusya was sure tried everything in sex and nothing will surprise you, but this young nymphet, Olga, has turned the whole of his life with her, he felt such a sensation that felt not once in my life. She brought him to mind. And only on this he took it without permission, he never afraid to try the young flesh Olenka. Now their love making beats, Ruslan was horrified, thinking that his place could be another man.
"But before I've never been the owner" - I thought, wondering to himself Rusya.
Ruslan felt that girls vagina pulsed, Olga all shuddered and moaned. It flowed abundantly. She first experienced in the life of your orgasm. Her knees buckled and Olga almost fell to the floor, but strong hands held her guy. Ruslan realized that he held back any longer. He came out with one hand and Olenka began to furiously masturbate his penis with the other hand supporting the girl. And then the first milk-white jet flew out of the penis on the wall bed, running down on the girl's back. The second stream watered the back of a girl next jet Ruslan sent between the buttocks of the girl and the subsequent streams watered themselves buttocks Olga. The boy was breathing hard, recovering after an orgasm, a stream running down on him sweat. He kept one hand to support the girl, while the other hand rubbed my semen on the back of Olga. Olga, meanwhile, was lying and did not understand what happened, why Ruslan rubs it, and that it runs hot on the buttocks and between dampening ring anus.
Ruslan gave the girl to get out from under the bed. Olga got out there, and the young man immediately took it and sat on his lap. Ruslan sat completely naked and bare ass Oli felt on itself, but Olga was in a sundress that Ruslan has not been removed. She hugged Rusyu and rested her head on his chest. All this they did in silence, they seemed to understand each other without words. The boy felt that his legs, which sits Olya, was wet from sperm, in which the whole ass girl was smeared. Just to the womb of a girl bleeding first love. Ruslan Olga kissed and laid her on the bed. They both wanted tenderness. Rusya decided to correct his mistake that so rudely fucked virgin girl. After removing sundress, he began to kiss her all as a child. Kiss on the lips, neck, chest, belly, and even pussy.
"My little" - Whispered Olenka Ruslan.
A member of his back stood up and went to Rusik between widely spaced legs of a girl and gently entered her womb. This time, his frictions were slow and gentle, he drove Olga crazy. They finished at the same time. Ruslan watched the expression on the face of Olga in the moment of orgasm - her eyes were almost closed, and her mouth is open and vice versa published the soft moans of love. Ruslan pressed his lips to her lips and kissed the girl. Ruslan finished with a girl, because all the same it was a member in the semen from the previous stand. Olya asleep on a large body of Ruslan. There were too many feelings for a girl of fifteen years on this day. Ruslan long admired the young woman, now lay on him, and he soon fell asleep.
Olga dreamed all night lyrics of Pierre Narcisse "Star Factory 2"...
I am a chocolate bunny
I am affectionate bastard
I am a sweet one hundred-oh-oh-oh ...
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