Thirty-five tall, broad-shouldered, masculine, no-nonsense dressed, smiling eyes, the look has to communicate. In the first five minutes of acquaintance Ivan managed to please me. He called me on the announcement of the meeting with a man that I recently posted in the newspaper, it was presented as a beginner, rather like showing interest, but has not yet decided on their dreams.

He asked and asked questions ...

I was interested to respond. It was the first man showed genuine interest in my secret past. That had always hide from relatives, friends and colleagues, I am pleased to tell him. He started asking questions about my homosexual experience: what I like, do not like it, as I give pleasure to men. In short, I told him a little over an hour's all about his secret past rather poor. Then he asked where I learn what I want to be. We talked for about an hour.

A long conversation completely fascinated me. I did not feel sexual interest on his part and it just drew me to him. We continued to talk, but now I behaved quite differently. I started to make advances to him. Ivan noticed this, but ignored. I definitely sexually aroused - what a man !!!

- Okay, well communicated, it's time to master. I think I came up with something. Walk, - he said.

We walked into the night in the district. Ivan has led me to some park people was no longer there. I know why we came here ... My cock stood like a pillar, the lubricant is already soaked panties, I could not wait for the desired minutes. He led me to the bench, he told to sit down, stroked my face. His impatience I expressed the fact that he began to kiss his hand - his hand was broad and strong. All it excites my impatient desire ...

Ivan once again looked around, saw that people in night park anymore:

- Undo himself, - he said at last, and walked right up to me.

Snake on the fly is easy to succumb. My fingers penetrated under the elastic of his underpants, stroked the pubic hair, touched the penis. Finally, I took it and began to caress the hand. Solid size.

I touched his lips swollen head, caressed her tongue underneath. Then saliva moistened his lips and very gently relaxed lips started to do blowjob. I enjoyed a beautiful body excited. I tried to give maximum pleasure to its owner.

It did not last long. Ivan stopped me, refueled, offered to walk again. We walked around the area again. He began to question whether I liked what happened, I felt like I did. I replied that I was very pleased that he has a beautiful and fragrant member, spoke about his lust for him.

- So, you bitch? - He stopped and looked me in the eye.

Being taller than I by ten centimeters, Ivan loomed over me.

- You can probably say that, - I replied.

- Not possible, and it is. You're my bitch - his voice ceased to be charming - you understand? You'll come to me when I tell you. Otherwise, it will be bad.

Such words are not like me, I'm confused, I did not know how to behave. The sharp change in Ivan knocked me out of the rut. He went on to say strong loud voice:

- Everything you told me today, was recorded on tape. There pedrilsky all your experience, place of study, home phone, and so I know. Can you tomorrow punished for all your floss. I will send mom kassetki listen or give the homeless the top five, so he personally give her a hand. I think it would not be funny. Then the boys and girls in college. You will continue to study there? Two years in the hell, you can let go of life. And then, with his connections, you'll find the city is always, and will surprise again. There is no way, no choice, I'm nothing not going to ask. You - a bitch. And now - you're my bitch. Let's go to.

Ivan quickly without waiting for me somewhere to go. Still it was late at night.

Damn, I was scared! It was fucked up! I realized at once that came under his power completely. Obediently, without sentiment, I trudged after him.

- What is sour, which are silent? - Ironically he said - and well, more cheerful, so I like.

- I Thought - I muttered.

Again, he stopped abruptly and looked at me again gone.

- I can make you be more fun.

Quick stops, and a severe blow to his chest. I froze, not even thinking to resist. Fear ate me completely.

- Now you have to admit that you're my bitch. Say it - Ivan stared at me.

I did not raise his eyes and said nothing.

The next blow to the neck side open hand almost knocked me off my feet. Very painful, it dimmed in the eyes, but quickly released.

- I'm your bitch - fear me nauseated.

- Now what are you gonna do?

- Go home, too late, the parents must have worried - the last hope to break even at the time of his paws.

I did not say - I mumbled barely audible and almost inaudible.

- And when you're sucking me in the morning, parents are not worried? - Ivan Ivanovich almost shouted.

The attempt failed. I'm not much hoped.

- Come, I will teach you to excite men.

We went into the stair staircase nearest high-rise building. Stank of urine and shit.

"Lousy conditions for excitation" - I thought.

They went up a couple of floors above. From the stench is not saved, but there was a little cleaner than the first floor.

- Take off your pants and shorts - he ordered - hang on the railing and turns his back to me.

Greater humiliation at the time was not yet in my life. Being naked to the waist for me is no longer a male concept. I was below the goal, like a girl! In addition, bending, standing cancer. Lean on a railing, he forbade me.

- Better to expose ass whore. Spread your legs and ass.

I obeyed. I wanted to howl from his weakness, cowardice, helplessness, humiliation and fear.

- Now tell me who are you with me? Only clearly and colorfully. - Ivan Ivanovich got excited member, and began to masturbate.

I already knew what he wanted to hear, and fear of change posture, said:

- I'm your bitch.

- Will you do what I say?

- Yes.

- Who are you?

- Bitch.

- Says "bitch" and not a "bitch."

- Bitch.

- Now, damn, you will receive.

He brought the member to my priest, found the entrance and abruptly pushed me head. The pain ... the tears gushed from my eyes, but I did not dare try to pull away, and continued to push his ass for him. It was very painful and humiliating.

- Turn imagination and tell us what you like a bitch going to do to please me?

Ivan Ivanovich, not fucking me, thoroughly enjoyed his power over me - I stood in a humiliating posture simply worn on his penis. Probably, some have begun to include the protective properties of the mind, I slowly calmed down from stress - I was disgusted at the same time I started to get small drops of pleasure from its subordination to another's will.

- All I would do. Sucking dick, licking the head, testicles. Whatever you say.

- Ass will substitute, prick sucking, tongue where work will say knew damn. I - your buck, you - my property. Rotate, tongue lick my prick.

Turning back, I tried to sit down, but he told me to stay in position and did not dare to straighten the back.

- Alone, always be right to take such a position, running after me and lick my hand.

I began to lick the language of his head. Without physical violence on his part this attitude has even excited me. I started again to try to please him.

- So, now: tongue in the mouth is not shove, you understand? Licking moving his head like a bitch. Whines, do not swallow the saliva to flow out of your mouth, okay? Calling me will Ivanovich. I am now your buck, you understand? - It is easily poked me with his fist in the side, podhlestyvaya to action.

I did as I was told - quietly whined, sticking his tongue out at the maximum length, moved his head, licking the head of his penis. Saliva flowed to his cock and dripped onto the floor. I started to excite my submission.

Several sugary fagots that were to Ivanovich, fawn fawning and get to my priests to fuck young, almost innocent body. Ivanovich was different. He forced me to obey, did not leave me no choice, really made me his bitch.

- On his knees, crawled under me. Come quickly, damn - he would still somehow show their dominance.

Clutching my knees under him, Ivanovich slipped me his thumb deep into the throat:

- Now suck it - and put his finger in my tonsils.

I sucked and licked his finger, while his other hand, he continued to masturbate over my face.

- You will not behave themselves, make, eat shit at the entrances and suck at the homeless! Got it, damn, say, who am I to you?

With a finger in his mouth, I mumbled:

- My male, and I'm your bitch.

- Get out bitch, bent over cancer!

Ivanovich abruptly introduced deep into my ass finger and pulled his hand up. The pain tears flowed again, that was just a little better, had a little bounce. He liked it very much.

- While I masturbate, lick and try to get one somewhere, damn, - again jerk your hand up and another portion of tears.

I tried to tongue licking the head with his fist under his members who are stronger and sharper received on the lips and the nose of his masturbating motions.

- Zasosesh everything and swallow now, damn, anyway you fucking understand? Come on, bitch, swallow, whore, you ...

He drove up to the throat in my mouth cock and stopped. Holding me by the neck and pushed me not to because of the gag reflex, and stopped me. A moment later, his cock began to throb, and throw in my throat cum. I could not swallow it, interfere deeply planted member.

- So I should stop self-respecting male - rather, he said, - like a bitch?

I nodded. He continued to hold my neck, until finally his body went limp. I stepped back and swallowed, finally, his sperm. It began the dawn.

The pain and the humiliation was hard to breathe.

- Vylizhesh my balls and go home - Ivanovich spoke calmly, screwing up his eyes in satisfaction.

I had to try a few more minutes before you are fully satisfied with their male instincts allowed me to get dressed and go home.

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