Diary of the clitoris

January 30, 2006 How I hate these Her accrued nails. Again he touched. Everything hurts.
February 3rd. This looked lesbian porn. I saw a lot of our own. That's really good for them there ... Twice finished. Good. For the second time on jealousy.
February 5th. This gulnula. Some drunk guy with a two-day stubble long breathing fumes at me, then just scratched cheeks and forehead crushing asleep. Until the language so it never came. This cry, I too would like, but I can not.
February 6. This treated me in the bathroom mirror. She said that I was very small. Bitch.
February 10th. A neighbor from the bottom flowing again. This bought some new pads. Stink chamomile. I choke.
The 14th of February. Hoo! Wow! This girlfriend gave vibrator. I think I finally will love life. I shudder with anticipation!
February, 15. He is much better than her fingers with artificial nails, but certainly inferior language. Although maybe it's a matter of practice. In general, it is very sweet, so touching tremble .. We agreed to talk sometime when this falls asleep.
February 20th. As I was tired. Why I can not control myself? Why it is totally dependent on her insatiable libido? Tired of ending with a wave of her hand. I want independence. He spoke with a neighbor, promised to help - to work on vaginal orgasm, if possible - Take a vacation.
February 23. This again gulnula. At this time a lot more successful. MUCH !!! At first thought, that all get a neighbor. But on the second pass I nearly licked to death. Until now, my head is spinning.
25 February. I am thinking about what I actually lucky. Take for example a neighbor - it always something to shove, I would not stand ..
February 27. There were at the gynecologist. I no attention. Begin slowly hating neighbor - well, why all the attention only to her, but the fun of me anymore ???
28th of February. Still angry with a neighbor, and do not speak This stop on giving.
March 1. Ah, spring .. The mood is romantic, that while this slept finished just out of some existential delight. It thinks that's because she dreamed of Brad Pitt. You fool! Yes, I do like Sean Penn.
March, 3rd. On the morning of the soul shouts with distant neighbors. He, too, unsweetened. His life in general - shit ...
March 8. At the head of a corporate party pulled it into the corner in the bathroom, rubbed my finger, all to no avail. Maybe I'm frigid? This truth is still pretended to be finished, but I can not be hypocritical!
9th of March. A neighbor below flood again. How annoying. Really it will last a lifetime? I was started to scold her, but she called me zadrotom, and I have nothing to object. He left himself.
10th of March. Due to flood a neighbor agreed to put this to the chief only distant neighbors. How can one then indignant. He does not like this thing. But is there, she asked, selfish damn ... And the chief - asshole, do not pay attention to me.
March 13. This whole day crying because of the gap with the boss. And I'm glad. In the evening comforted by the vibrator. It feels better.
March 25. This seems to be in love. I feel it. They have so far only kiss, but I have everything inside freezes. How is it nice.
30th of March. Everything was!!! He is very attentive and sensitive, did everything as it should, I already flushed with pleasure! Said neighbor that pace cunnilingus should be renamed in klitorlingus! Envy me. Apparently vaginal orgasm does not work.
on 17 April. The progress is evident. About me not forget, neighbor too happy, says that to this could be found in her a strange point. Optimistic about the prospects of a vaginal orgasm. Somehow, I also set up positive. Apparently when this happy, I automatically good.
May 30. Dear Diary, I'm sorry that for a long time did not write. A month later, these wedding. I do not know how I will benefit from it, but rejoice in all - and the neighbor below, and a distant neighbor. I heard a rumor that there will be internal changes in this. A neighbor said that she would have a hard time. But we all hope for the best together.
And what remains? ...