Their eyes met in the crowd in the subway. a flirtation between them arose.
She eyes asked him to sit down beside him and put her finger to her lips, with a request to keep quiet. She was wearing a skirt and a light jacket. One she put her hand on his knee. He understood and accepted her game. He put his hand on her knee. She went out at the last stop, he went for it. She walked in front and he was able to see her figure. "The beauty! - He thought. " She looked around with a finger at lips. "Shut up!" He was unable to resist it.
She went to the bus, he followed her. He sat in front of her eyes and moved apart her legs. I must say that she always wore stockings, and never wore panties. Thunder and lightning ran between them. Not a single word was said! She went out at the last stop and walked forward. He followed her. As before, she asked him to keep quiet. Finger near lips. He was subject to it. She walked into the woods. Silence greeted them, and only birds singing sounded in their ears. She stopped, so did he. She asked only one. Shut up! Her mouth was still closed.
She carefully rastyagnula zipper on the skirt that fell to the ground. Upskirt stockings were great, no panties. He took off in silence trousers and underpants. She asked not to remove his shirt and tie. He obeyed. She took off her blouse, beneath it was nothing ... .. On her neck was a silk scarf. Eyes asked him to raise his hands up, came up behind him, untied the scarf and tied them to his hands and tied to a tree.
She excitedly looked at their work. "It is lovely! - Said her eyes. " She ran her hands over his body, arousing her nipples, slid lower, spreading the legs apart. One hand caressed his chest, the other a clitoris. He stared and stared at his charming stranger. He began to be excited by her game. It was all there! "This is a real woman - he thought."
She began to moan softly, her pussy was wet and excited. Quiet orgasm shook her body emancipation. His eyes shone with pleasure.
She tore off a branch and began to gently touch and stroke it, without touching hands. His cock was ready to attack. But he did not know it until the end of the game! She knelt before him and opened her mouth for the first time, carefully licked his cock. Softly and gently swallowed his lips fluttered like moths up and down the penis. He understood and was ready for anything. She drank every last droplet and rather smiled at him. "Thank you! - Said her eyes. " Cry of the wild beast shook all the forest, breaking the silence. For a long time to come to his senses.
She dressed, straightened hair, approached him from behind, cut the scarf. When he opened his eyes and turned to hug her, then no one saw only a scarf and said that it was all true. He dressed, took the scarf and went to look for her ....
It did not say a single word