Spring kiss

One day, sitting in the evening, I thought - why do not I write a story, why not tell the world the story of what happened not so long ago. But while I would very surprised if any of my friends or acquaintances have told me that I would write this story. And now I am happy to tell her. But we will not keep you in anticipation, and I open the page of his diary.
Where are you?
In the neighboring house in the village across the river, in another country, on another planet?
How do I know you? I dont know...
Who are you?
A student of my faculty, work, the singer - the idol from the TV screen, the star of the sport?
How do I know you? I dont know...
But I know exactly what you are looking for me and that we will be together, when and where - it does not matter, but close, happy and loved
Find me, then a miracle happens.
Winter 1999
Girls nineteen already married, have children - adults - this strange word is spinning in his mind. And I - a girl, a student, dreams, romance and children's stories in my head. So I wrote in my blog a couple of days ago. Every day at the institute, in the street, in the dream, I see the image - the image of your boyfriend, husband, lover, whom yet. But in fairy tales and dream it alive and real as in the real world ...
Spring 1999
That spring has come. Outside the bright sun, the birds are singing, all the walking couples, but I'm single again, but this is not important, I remember his dream, I'm waiting for him - only. That is approaching in May, and one day a letter arrived - his letter. I knew it as soon as my computer is written "letter for you". The heart beats of his name, his lips whispered - I love you. Every day at the computer every day new messages each day of the meeting at the institute every day double life. From the morning to the computer - a new letter in the afternoon - Institute and we are just friends again. And so for nearly a month of waiting, dreams that are about to come true:
In St. Petersburg, a lot of places for lovers, but it is better Peterhof in summer, when work fountains, when the Gulf of small waves, the code in the water reflects the sun's rays when you loved one - to find exactly what happened to me, what happened in the May. All doubts were forgotten in that moment, when I saw him at the station, the station walls, the crowds moved far, everything seemed free and just for us, for our love:
The wind blows my hair, with the Gulf of flying droplets of water, turning his head to the right you can see a large oak tree on the field. He is one, and the two of us. I feel his eyes, lift my head a little, and that's the first kiss - a shy and timid, but the best, gentle, giving love?"
Spring 2000
Since that time, almost a year, but I still remember the Peterhof and fountains, and a warm breeze from the Gulf. I meet with my favorite and I still dream, believe in fairy tales, and I know exactly what they are executed. I know what happened to us a miracle - we are together, and a small accident disagreements - is nothing compared to our love. I wanted to tell everyone. I just want everyone to know - dreams come true, there is a love in this world. I love it and I'm happy.