The first orgasm onanist

Lived - was a kid 17ti years. His name was Igor. I grew up in a typical Russian family. He finished school, went to college, no matter what.
By nature was shy, even timid, and apparently this when communicating, sometimes seemed inadequate insolent and tactless. for it girls did not complain and vtihorya fun of him.
Sexual life before that age there was no way. Of course, at age 16, during a regular drinking, it was possible "prisunut" girl from the class of younger, but felts from overstimulation, or omitted from alcohol, finished, barely touched dickhead entrance to the vagina. Orgasm practically experienced. It was more like a nocturnal emissions. Later, it was not possible on the laziness and timidity to find the girl.
Onanism in the classical sense is not engaged than ever. Of course, he stroked and fondled his penis, sometimes even improvised means such as a toothbrush or a pen for writing, but never finished this ejaculation exercises like - do not even think about it. Perhaps because he did not see porn, but his boyish company was not customary to talk about masturbation (it was considered a disgrace). More boasted "victories" most of the girls, of course, fictitious.
Igor was another feature - narcissism. He liked to stand naked in front of full-length mirror. In full face, in profile - all his suit! Member with rose, and he flipped them pulling dick hand down and hold. The hard flesh with a whistle flew up and flapped in the stomach. That was great! And the sound, and touch sensation, and reflection in a mirror excited incredible! He sat down on a chair, stood up, arching backward, leaning forward, while not forgetting to play with her "baby".
Occasionally manifested mazohizskie inclinations ... and took the lace tight overtighten member at the base. Looked like the swells, the veins swell and the head seems about to burst from the strain. At this time, gently stroked the trunk of your fingertips, waiting for the pain intensified so much that can not be tolerated. Then quickly untied lace and ... a-buzz !!! Tension rolled down a pleasant wave of genitals, cover your head and flows down to the tips of the toes. All it relaxed as after a good sauna. A pleasant languor was spreading throughout the body. Of course this is not brought satisfaction.
So he could turn around an hour before the mirror - two, until the house was empty.
Once, after the next party with friends, where someone is picturesque and in detail described his next "fuck"Igor came home. I took a shower and as there was no one went to the mirror and decided, as usual, to play with her "boyfriend".In The meantime head floated bright buddy story about what is "mokroschelki" has a narrow pussy as she tightly crimped member and how "Soul Plane" He therefore finished. From such thoughts "boyfriend" quickly took a fighting stance. He began, as usual, to stroke, squeeze, etc. Everything as usual. But today it seemed small. Just as in reality there were fantasies about how beautiful women pleasuring him, caress and kiss on the lips, and right in the dick. Then one of them (the most beautiful!) With mind-boggling figure, lush and resilient bust, lies on the bed, spreads her legs and is calling ... "Take me! I can no more! I want you!" The feel of kissing and touching presented easy - he had this experience, but as soon as it came to what would "insert" - The fantasy faded. I could not imagine what feelings it causes! Then he put his dick all the fist and began to move along the trunk, mimicking frictions, but after a moment stopped. He was hurt! Here we want to explain a little dick feature of our friend. Size Medium - 15 cm in length and 4 in diameter, but the foreskin is very short, so that the head is fully opened at the slightest swelling of the penis. In addition, very sensitive. Thus, when "kid" up under the clothes, Igor was unpleasant, even painful. Partly because of this, he still remained "virgin" in masturbation (one drop of grease, which stood out, certainly not enough).
We continue. Suddenly the eyes fell on the mirror and saw a tube of Vaseline, apparently left by parents. "Need to try"- Once he thought. Took the tube, he squeezed his fingers nezhaleya and became abundantly lubricated standing member. Occupation was very enjoyable. Thoughts again filled with erotic fantasies and presentiment that this hour must be that - that to happen. Tightly clenched fist slippery head, and waved his hand along the member ... What happened! Breathing suddenly caught. Unexplained razilos bliss throughout the body ... even sat down in surprise. Wow! I did not know that this is sooo nice. In total it was necessary to simply lubricate prick cream! How had not guessed! Meanwhile frictions continued. With each thrust excitement grew. Gradually, all the senses sharpened and focused on the same sweet feeling coming from a busy term. Hand up - down, up - down ... Cam - the highly compressed, then relax ... At the head of any thoughts.
Now from all over the world there is only He - a huge dick and balls. There - here, there - here ... Breathing shallow, breathy ... "Ah's, ah's" - Heard faintly from the depths of his chest. His face reddened, her lips dry. My God! So glad! Always it has lasted so blissful! But not all! Excitation grows. I want more and more! Suddenly a spasm reduces the stomach ... "Eh!" - A sharp exhalation. The body is slightly bent in half and release. "Not so fast!" - Thinking mind and the hand slows down the pace ... But this is useless! The body does not listen to reason more will be paralyzed instincts. Despite the slow movement of the hand, he feels the desire to finish as soon as possible! Again sweet cramp in my stomach ... " Come on in, now ..." - Toli thought Tolley said, almost aloud. But no, let go. "Hurry, hurry!" - Knocks on the head and the hand again accelerates the movement ...
Vaseline is hot and dripping to the floor. Member became hot and red, swollen head. It appears and disappears again in his fist. "When ..." - Eating just impatient ..!
So something is not clear, it appears in eggs. There is a growing tension throughout the body. Finally, clearly defined sense of warmth in the testes, and they soon become very hot. A spasm tightens them almost in the stomach, scrotum shrinks. Throughout the body pours itchy voltage. Chest binds. And as you exhale, with what - something deep and dull roar, breathing stops. Something tickling - hot formed in the abdomen flows into the penis and quickly, it seems incredible force moves through the urethra. The head is empty, before the eyes of all spreads ... yikes! Ecstasy insane force covers Igor legs give way ... shoots the first portion of sperm, a second second, third ... At the push of a sixth liquid is already thick and just gravity flows along the bottom surface of the dick, on the fingers and dripping. A wave of bliss, from the peak of ecstasy, gradually, in the same jerky, spreads on every cell, is gradually dropping. After a huge muscle tension relaxed, and it's so sweet! Igor sits. At the heart so calm. So sleepy. Feeling "of deep satisfaction".
A minute jumps, as if stung. It is necessary to wipe obspuschennoe mirror, dressing table and floor, to wash and dress, so parents do not notice anything. While engaged in these affairs was ashamed. "Am I - masturbator? I will not do this anymore, I'm - I can not find a woman. All tied up!" - Igor tried to convince himself. How he wanted to believe it! But well understood at heart - or a "ties" will not be. After this the buzz!
Experience has shown ... the shower was right; -) ...