My love

The lesbian club I brought my friend Sveta. While I'm still going through a break with her ex-boyfriend, whom I found in a bad moment with snub-nosed girl.
Sveta somehow always sitting in my kitchen, smoking one cigarette after another and randomly questioned everything happened with my ex. I sat in front of her with a lowered nose, a cigarette in his hand and a semi-coffee mug. Sveta was delayed, dreamy puffed smoke at the ceiling and podhripovatym voice hissed through his teeth - "All men - kozzzly". She sipped her candle in the ashtray, and with a playful look on her face suggested:
-And now let's go with me to the club?
-What the fuck club, light, I'll slaughter - I looked at the expression of a kitchen knife on the table.
-What, what ... lesbian! - She said recently done with a clever kind and lifted up a finger - there hde devushek hachyut.
-Hachyut? Or hochut?
-Watching hde ....
I was delayed.
-Let's go! It's not just ... well, I mean, there are in fact normal people - potantsuesh beer popesh.
Once again, I dragged loudly sipped warm coffee.
-She asks, I'm not-coh-so I will not go to a lesbian club ...
After 3 an hour we were standing in line at the club. "As for the sausage in the USSR", I said angrily. She asks encouragingly danced. I must say, we looked strange. She - 27 year-old adult, dancing as a child at the zoo, and I, 17-year-old The girl in a man's shirt and jeans, seriously looking to the asphalt.
-Who knew that today only the VIP-persons.
-And you are there, you think?
-Yeah. The owner - my former classmate, I am often here. It seems to me called and prepudprezhdala - Sveta tried to hush up the last phrase ...
-Well ... Well you give. And me-t be allowed or will be taken to the parking lot, so I was waiting for you?
-Empty. And do not start up, climb out the window ...
-...toilet window ...
-...and grohnu on tiled floor ...
-...and feet, fuck, broken ...
-...sad ...
We laughed, but then it came to us. The guard checked Svetka - she was on the list, but the bait "Type we lesbians with her and love each other all zhist" not caught. She asks, as a person and penetrating hardened, called vladeilitsu.
A few minutes later we stood beside giddy woman Svetkin age. "There are women in Russia," - I thought, and looked with interest at the passing by men, to look at all at this beauty. The owner and her name was Lena, I looked around and said vzlyad Svetke: "I miss you, but on one condition: today it will be my night". Frozen lump in my throat and I could not immediately objected. And Lena just told Svetka about with whom I will spend tonight ... I opened my mouth to say something, but she asks pushed me and made a sign that I was silent. A moment later, we went to the club. The owner Svetku kissed on the cheek, and said that she had a lot to do and evaporated. If I had until then been with his mouth open, it would be the coolest time to close it. Light turned to me and winked:
-Not ssy, prorvёmsya..ona aunt cool - forget ... a lot of cases, and drinking.
-I'm sure?
-No. But all the same, do not be afraid.
The next 15 minutes, I did not know what to do. Probably, it was necessary to get away, close to the apartment and somehow start masturbating furiously - all this I was a little excited. On the other hand, the situation is interesting, all the more, and suddenly I did not have sex with that Lena? Suddenly it was a joke.
The next hour razomlyayuschim under the influence of alcohol and dancing, I was calm like a boa constrictor. Sometimes I notice the curious glances of girls on itself, often to me on the dance floor to dance approached and offered what I was shaking her head in surprise and my girls back away Sveta. During the ballad I sat at the table and sipped Martini - everything went on as usual, so by midnight, I saw with some bisexual and in detail told her about my ex-boyfriend. He nodded, smoking, laughing ... we exchanged phone numbers.
At the end of the holiday I was sitting at the bar with a completely drunk Svetka.
-How are we going to get home?
-Pehom - she said heroically. Not that heroically because that was not afraid to walk, but because it was really hard after drinking.
I decided not to ask more than her and sipping a cocktail. There appeared Lena looked at us with a smile and offered:
-A ride?
I froze. All around it stood. She had not forgotten ... but maybe she just wants to throw us home an old friend Svetka. My friend nodded again heroically and in a few moments we were at the rear exit to the machine.
Lena and I helped Svetka Pick up at the back seat, and I have the same Lena gently sat in the front. Excitement more and more grew in me.
Lena drove quietly, humming to itself something under his breath. She asks quietly cursing himself for a drink in the backseat and I, frankly, awful drift. Seemed Svetkin house - we threw her in her apartment, laid on the bed. "I'll stay here Svetka," - Flashed through my head. When she asks peacefully snoring in his bedroom, I told Lena that probably will stay. Lena smiled Satan smile (oh, my friend, I got serious) did not say anything, took my hand and led her to his car. Again, the front seat and I nervously ёrzayu on it. Lena is silent. She obviously carries me to fuck myself, otherwise, she would have asked me. "If only I fainted".
Her apartment has been stylishly furnished - four spacious rooms with comfortable furnishings and nice decor. Perhaps designers are panting for a long time. But I do not see it all. As soon as Lena pulled me to her, she furiously dug into my mouth and began to torment me tongue. A minute or two, my lips on her driving maneuvers, her hands found the buttons on my shirt and starting to unbutton her. For a second I in a stupor, but then horror and paint on his face know that I want it. I undertake the bottom of her blouse and pull up, she turns the hands and standing in front of me in her bra and skirt. Her slender fingers mop buttons, hands slide up the gap between the sexes shirt and bred around the neck, exposing my shoulders and part of the breast in a bra. She looks at me, caressing hands collarbone, while I stroked her back. Her next kiss bolzhe similar to amusements - she fervently dotragovaetsya to IIR lips, but then disappears, dragging me with him to the bedroom. Then she emphatically easily pushes me on the shoulder and forcing lie. Lena was standing before me, one knee down on the bed next to me. I raise and spend a hand on her leg in a stocking, from the knees. She smiles and reaches into my short hair. I applied for it, missing his hands on his back and slowly opsukayu them down. She eagerly she takes my hands in his and puts on a clasp skirt, but ... I'm not in a hurry to expose it. Circular motion and stroking her, from which she looks at me fiercely, but does nothing. I get up, my hand falls on her leg just above the knee and I kiss her neck. One hand unbuttons buckle on the skirt and pull together her with it is not to late. Lena breaks away from me, he puts his foot on the floor and completely removes her skirt.
-My good girl, - I whisper it - you can even wear underwear.
-Sorry, I did not know that you would come - she says, and puts her panties. My hand slides down her back, on the thigh wraps and falls on the pubis. My fingers feel her velvet skin and moistened pussy. I decide to provoke a bit of it and immediately run a finger in it, from which it is losing control, and with a deep breath almost falls on me. I smile, I catch the moment and liberate her from her bra. Her beautiful breasts with bright contrasting protruding nipples are pulled out and quickly grab one nipple. My finger slips out of Lena and I feel her hand on the reflex level, strives to bring me back to the place, but I do not give it to her, holding her hand to her hip. I'm biting her nipple and ptakticheski hold her in her arms, she lowers her head thrown back closer to me and biting my shoulder. I smile to myself and suddenly run into her three fingers and begin to slowly introduce them to the full length of the inside and completely pull them. It is placed on me, she nods her head, lips randomly touch my neck and shoulders. I am working hard on her nipple, it is quite hardened and a stone strike sharply on my tongue. I keep on Visu Lena, run in her fourth finger and accelerate. A minute or two, it begins to breathe loudly, and I hear her heart beating fast. She stops, her hand rests on the back of my head, the vaginal muscles grip my fingers ... more moment and it completely loses his balance and hangs on me. I hold her and kiss on the forehead. Lena's out, apparently, that all happened almost on weight very excited her. I lay down on the bed and placed it beside him. Her forehead was covered with cold sweat, I wipe it and the whole, leans back strands of hair from her face. On my fingers her juice, I'm the foot of them to face and lick, noting that I like. Lena seems to wake up tomorrow. I gently take off with her stockings, I undressed herself and lay down on the bed. Falling asleep under her quiet purr.
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