Through the Looking Glass

Beautiful country, which like almost paradise. It's all there, no worries and concerns, no explosions and no sickness and death. There is anything soul ... everything you might need, all that pleases the eye, all that brings joy, pleasure and fun.
She lived in this country.
She got into it, like all the others ... by a large mirror.
Not seeing herself in the mirror, she was one person ... ordinary and simple, like all mortals, no one would ever look down on it in the street, no one would have looked, no one would have noticed. Just an ordinary person like everyone else.
But when she approached the mirror, everything changes ... ordinary person acquired traits ... lovely eyes shone delight and anticipation, his head spinning strange thoughts.
The body is stretched to the cold mirror glass. Hands lovingly stroked so like reflection, leaving the subtle imprints of fingers on the smooth surface of the glass.
Eyes looked at the stranger's eyes, crossed eyes in a silent battle.
Some asked ... "Let me go! I have to go, there are better! They love me and waiting".
But the icy stare of cold reflection dark gray eyes relentlessly repeated ... " You can not be here. You're a stranger here. You then will be bad, live in your world, you're here there is no way".
She wanted to get there!
I wanted to be there. The unknown always beckons.
And she stepped forward.
For a moment, all is lost. Before my eyes ran fireworks lights, which then sounds ... And immediately subsided.
She opened her eyes.
She was there, in a good and colorful country. It seemed mysterious hand of the artist depicted by the world in the colorful and beautiful color. How much joy, how much happiness.
People here are really happy and they welcome everyone.
She turned. Dark glass glittered in the sun. Behind him stood a lonely girl. Something familiar about it.
She almost went to the window, driven by some unknown how her feelings, but someone grabbed her hand and a pleasant voice said ... "Come with me".
She turned to the voice. Man. With good looks and beautiful smile.
She hesitated.
"Let's go to".
His strong hand seemed very gentle. The warmth of his palms warmed her cold toes with excitement. Smile fascinated. Eyes beckoned, something promising.
She turned to reflection. She said something to her, but the words could not be heard.
"Come back!"
The man smiled and gently pulled her hand to him.
She looked at the reflection.
Then the man.
Again on the smooth cold reflection.
Again, her gaze returned to her new friend a smile.
"Let's go to", - She said quietly, her fingers squeezed tighter big strong arm men.
They walked hand in hand along the most beautiful place in the world.
She never ceased to be surprised the variety and brilliance of this world.
Her new friend showed her the country, answered her questions.
All the people in this country were strange, sometimes funny names.
As it turned out, and her companion also had an unusual name.
But most of all she was surprised that those surrounding people in this country looking-glass as well called it, a strange and false name.
She settled in a comfortable house on a street in the world. Her companion became a frequent guest in her home. And soon it became the most near and dear to her man. She went to bed with thoughts about it and woke up with his name on the lips.
It is with regret and walked with him in the evening with a sincere smile and open arms greeted him every morning.
She did not understand what was happening to her.
She lived for him, she lived it.
She dreamed about it, thought about it.
She idolized him.
It seemed that when he was not, she gasped, her not even happy with a colorful country.
She zahleb like a sponge absorbed every moment spent with him.
She was ready for days to be in his arms, inhaling his scent, enjoying his magical voice.
He was the one without which it could not.
He was a drug.
She could no longer without a regular dose, knowing that start breaking.
But, having received a new batch, it still was not enough.
She very rarely remembered his former world.
Her friend overshadowed everything. It was the first place for it.
One day, she passed a large mirror.
She just wandered through the Looking Glass, thinking of his men, and the legs themselves have led it to a smooth glass.
She looked in the mirror.
There was nobody there. The mirror did not show her reflection.
She came closer.
His forehead touched the cold glass and peered into the darkness.
Bright sunshine poured through the mirror on a dark glass, not allowed to see anything beyond the glass.
She folded palms boat and held her hands to her temples, trying to shut out the glare, and peered into the darkness again.
And then she saw it. This stranger. Even he saw and felt.
Cold hands stranger stranglehold closed around her wrists, and a mysterious force began to drag her in the old world.
Two girls grabbed a silent standoff.
Began a wild fight in the ring of life, the judge was indifferent mirror.
The soul and the heart of defending the world through the mirror.
A cold mind and judiciously dragged into their world.
Play Wonderland.
It inevitably lose ground under the onslaught of reason.
It was an amazing feeling - she knew everything.
In those moments, when she was almost touching the glass, and the cost to make a move to return to his former world, she struggled in silent hysteria, and this force is enough to stay in the mirror.
Then the mind intelligibly and understandably, with the arrangement, for a small child began to lead a reasonable conclusions.
She agreed with them. She knew that all true, but something kept her in the mirror, pulled something that is not released.
And she did not want to leave.
But the mind won.
He pulled ... force her in her old world.
Everything flashed before his eyes - a series of lights which it sounds.
And here she stood before the mirror, like the very first time.
Seeing a stranger on the other side of brilliant glass.
laughed the stranger's eyes, her lips curved in a smile.
But she knew that the relentless reflection is not laughing at her.
It spared her.
She stood in front of the glass, her hands balled into fists, and his eyes were fixed in a mysterious glass.
" Let me go!" He demanded the girl.
" We warned you". - Quiet reflection replied.
" I need to go there! Let me go! Please, let me go".. - Words switched to a whisper.
Reflection only shook his head in response, and the stranger, taking a few steps back, began to disappear in the darkness of a cold glass.
"No!" she cried.
Her hands flew up and she began to beat the hated barrier, attacking the glass blow after blow.
In fragile glass like a spider web crack ran, and shards of glass fell to the floor.
With broken glass where the fragments fell into the void of her soul.
She remembered his words ... " Girl, you are my happiness! And the worst thing! My pain and my pleasure! This I have never been! And if we ever parted, this will be no more! Then zazerkalny world disappears for me".
Everything else is meaningless.
She stared blankly into the fascinating flickering of broken glass. She wanted to go back through the looking glass, mad wanted to come back to him.
But she could not do it. One, even a very great desire here is not enough.
Through the Looking Glass did not take it.
She was staring at his own reflection in the glass split.
The look was cold and seemed to penetrate into the soul, and the soul - the emptiness, pain and powerlessness, in the eyes flashed anger at myself and understanding that it should have been. Responsibility for two.
For the pain of two hearts ..
For the offense.
For misunderstanding.
She had to go back and get used to his real world.
She was returning to her world.
She took a step back.
Glass seemed to scoff at her, knocking her glare and blinding light. It shone in his eyes. It is impossible to know whether it was calling a mirror or drove her away.
Another step back.
Heart ached painfully. And heartache passed into the physical.
Slowly back ..
Another step.
Nerves have passed, and beautiful eyes filled with tears.
Another step is uncertain, but back.
She covered her mouth to keep from screaming.
His eyes dimmed with tears. They did not fall on her cheeks, she did not allow herself to blink.
All the while she stared at the cold dark glass.
She stopped.
Hot tears fell on the pale cheek. Her body was pulled forward ..
She blinked. Very he spun around and quickly ran away from the mirror.
Her tears choked. The heart and soul were torn in the mirror, and the reason to say that there is no road.
She was returning to her world.
But she took it with him.
She took with them the one who stayed in the mirror.

She was walking on wet asphalt. Around the bustling people. Strong wind and light rain were playing with people in the nursery, a tempting game .. Umbrellas and then breaks wriggle inside out and slip out of hand. It seemed that the street sounds are amplified. Around was vanity, the sound of rain, thunder, snatches of conversation, music pieces.
Suddenly, someone called out to her.
The name was not her, but she had no doubt that it is called.
There was something painfully familiar in a strange voice, and the name by which the voice calling her. She turned to the voice and peered into the crowd of people.
She immediately saw him. She recognized him.
He confidently and quickly walked towards her. His eyes sparkled, his face was a smile. She did not notice outside noise. All is lost around ..
There were only he and she
Her heart seemed to be beating so fast that it thud echoed in his ears. Her hands trembled from the shallow tremor, and she automatically clutched an umbrella to keep the elusive pen. By the lump in his throat, and dry mouth.
A couple more steps and he stopped in front of her.
For a moment, everything changed.
Shine in his eyes dimmed and disappeared. A smile slowly slipped from his lips.
"I'm sorry I was wrong ..". - Said the native voice.
She looked at him a moment, she would have recognized him among a thousand.
"Nothing happens .... ..."- Lifeless voice, she said.
It seemed like an eternity, they were looking into each other's eyes.
"excuse me". - With regret, he said, and walked slowly away.
She remained standing still, watching his gaze in the rain.

Wonderland .... beautiful country ...