You pyshesh flame As the blast furnace, with you in prikideYa and I'm afraid to lie down -You razorveshMoyu shirt and pants, dropped to tlaNavrode nuclear war!
You ass dvigaeshSo speed of the machine, I podletayuAzh, up to the ceiling! Raging vodopadMezh slender legs, but my wife a jackhammer!
Love Machine, Which is rare, you do not care who I am, You're a muzheedka -Kosmicheskaya Black Hole -You devour the body and soul!
Before you tonkosteyZnakoma with debauchery, you know the body, as a skilled anatomist, one tap you rukiKrivye erectile bayonets!
Your soul chernaOt evil and filth, you are destroying all spolnaV weary ecstasy And you izgadilaTak many bright souls Although postoyannoPrinimaesh shower!
So why Joth light feelings of love, Again beguV embrace your ?! -To Re popastsyaV fatal network, to fly over adskoyPropastyu!